1,974 Days of WWIII


02/08/07 UpDate Below

Well folks...... Big Changes!!! No I havent't converted to Liberalism, but without knowing it, I nearly assumed Room Temperature, LITERALLY!!!

CHF. CONGESTIVE HEART FAILURE. When I was admitted to the Hospital I weighed 193.3 lbs. 11PM 01/30/07. When I was Discharged 6 days later 0n 02/05/07 I weighed 162.5 lbs. 31 lbs weight loss in water/Liquids in 6 days! If I was any worse I would have dropped Dead where I stood never knowing what hit me.

So what does this all mean? No more SMOKING! Though I will still be Smoker Dave. No more BEER, No more SALT, No more 10 Diet Cokes a Day, No more only 1 "Meal" a Day. My medicine Cabinet will never again have only Aspirin as the only drug in it. I am now on 7 different Prescription Medications. Well everyone has Life Changes, ranging from Moving, to New Job, Marriage, Children, etc. etc. All fall somewhere on the 1 to 10 Scale. Once in awhile and by near total surprise, a 10+ hits. Lucky me for getting the 10+. At least the Fuse was cut just before it dropped me Dead. I'm Lucky enough to get a Second Chance. Smoker Dave now following Dr. Orders!

What I am going to do next, and over the coarse of the next few Days is a review in retrospect of the past 2 + Months.

1,977 Days of WWIII

02/08/07 Late PM

Well here I am, let's get started. 1st off, I had to get rid of about 1/2 of the food I did have. Too much Salt. I have to stay below 2,000mg or less a day. Some of the stuff I had, had more than that in 1 Serving. Now in my 10th day without a Smoke, and 12th day without a beer. That's the latest news as of now. Now let's go back to the beginings of this crisis.

Back in June 1986.... OK we won't go back that far for now, but it will tie-in.

This starts back around Thanksgiving Time. Towards the end of my shift, I would begin to lose my voice. There were colds and other "bugs" going around, but my voice would clear right up as soon as I left the Work building. The building being Humidity and Temp controlled for the Labs, I suspected something about or in the building itself. At this time I still had Cardinals home NFL Games, everything still fine. Thanksgiving come and gone, so has Christmas, and New Years. The only change is that my voice is "gone" for increasingly long, and longer time while I am at work.