Sunday is the 364th Final Farewell to Princess Diana. Because of this fact, today I am leaving for Tucson for a grief filled weekend in sorrow for Diana and her Arab. I hope I can pull myself back together before returning to work on Monday.

Actually I am going to see some old friends and their 8 week old boy. Do you think he can say "Uncle Smoker" yet?


I want to make this VERY CLEAR!!! This Web Site has STANDARDS OF ACCEPTABLE CONDUCT!!!

Unfortunately The BOARD (ME!!!) has determined that the latest news about the Slick/Monica Affair Regarding Safe Sex practices, and a new use for Tobacco (CIGARS), that will NOT cause LUNG CANCER. Gives a whole new meaning to a Nice Fat "Juicy" Cigar.


But knowing it is my DUTY TO INFORM, I will give you the DRUDGE REPORT LINK: MON. 8/24/98


Even though we here in AZ have had a summer of below normal temperatures, the constant onslaught of +100 Deg days does fry some minds one way or the other.

What has a certian segment of the state population all FREAKED OUT, is the approval of teaching the THEORY of EVOLUTION in the State's High Schools along with Creation. Some whackos are saying that it is a "GOD"less theory. Well I don't think that if we evolved from lesser lifeforms that God is not present in the direction of this "evolution". I know as a fact that this evolution has been unequal. I know people who look "HUMAN" but are no brighter than a "chimp". They run SCREAMING IN THE NIGHT when confronted with facts. I Broadly Label this Group "LIBERALS". Who Defend WELFARE, Gov't Subsidies, Animal Rights, Abortion, Conformity, and whatever BULLSHIT Cause. (I can use that word on MY OWN WEB SITE!!!).

I pesonally believe that Creation is On-Going. Fact- The Evidence provided by the Hubble Telescope, and the fact that I Create everyday in life and on this WEB SITE!!!

Here is a little joke for ya. I have a certain piece of equipment at work that I have renamed as Monica, Why? Because it SUCKS!!! Keeps giving "HOLDER ERORRS" on the CONTROLS. My guess is that's how it got on the DRESS!!! A lack of CONTROL, and "A HOLDER ERROR"!!! If you work in a LAB environment you will get this pun, others will not, but too good to pass up today.


Well now it is the DAY AFTER of the attacks on Sudan and Afghanistan. Reading and listenening to the news reports, I have come to a conclusion.

It appears that for the 1st time we have identified the source of the Terrorism, and had an ability to strike. Plus there were more credible threats of future attacks. This use of our Military Capability was justified.

Problem: In the past we as Americans have always stood behind the President lock, stock, and barrel in situations such as these. However for the 1st time the majority of Americans had a thought, a double think, about this action. Even when Slick does the Right Thing, we as a Whole do not take him at his word. Because of this lack of trust and credibility, Clinton should RESIGN. Even though that means we get Al Gore. There are many other sub-stories to this, but the fact remains, for the 1st time in a Military Action, the American People thought twice about approving the President's action in a situation that no other President would have had any measurable negative comment. All this because Clinton has no character, and is a known liar.


QUOTE: "If a President of the United States ever lied to the American people, he should resign."

Bill Clinton, July 1974

Al Gore appears to be in trouble too. A Memo has turned up and found by the Justice Dept. regarding Al Gore asking a Senoir Advisor how the "SOFT $$" could be transferred to the reelection Campaign, "Hard $$$".

Monica Lewinsky back in front of The Grand Jury, and is Very Angry at Slick Willy and his Executive Absolution Speech. A "GROUPIE" Scorned, after all Monica is nothing but a Political Groupie, no different than the groupies that follow Music and Sports Stars. Slick Willy had a convienent in "House SUCKER", and took advantage of it. Over the coarse of 18 months Monica thought it was more than just getting her "Presidential Kneepads", because of all the sweet nothings' Slick told her as she "lapped it up", so to speak.

Is this behind us? I think not, as Lewinsky is only a minor player in Starr's report soon forthcoming to Congress. Even Senior Democrats in Congress are starting to call for Slick's Resignation. Now don't think this is a moralist view on their part. They see the Headlines in Nov. after the General Election. Time to distant themselves from Slick, no telling what else he lied about in regards to campaign finance(RED CHINA), TREASON - Giving RED CHINA technology to target the West Coast of the U.S. with nuclear weapons. FBI FileGate, TravelGate Etc etc.

Plus the Democrats feel it has a better chance of keeping the White House if it is an INCUMBANT Al Gore as President at Election Time, than a VP to a Disgraced President running in the Primaries for President, against a Republican without baggage of Disgrace.


According to Slick Willy, We (The U.S.) Have attacked targets in Afghanistan and Sudan in response to the Embassy bombings last week. Is this a reaction that is justified, or a more militant response to offset the damage done to him earlier this week? Who knows? Maybe it is justified, or maybe he is trying to orchastrate a crisis to deflect attention from the current scandal. I bet we as a People never find out.




I'm all choked up about this. Please join me in a rendition of "STAND BY YOUR MAN" by Tammy Wynette, (Or the Blues Brothers).

Stand By Your Man...Tell The World You LOVE HIM..AND Give HIM ALL The LOVE You CAAAAAAN!!!... STAND BYYY YOUR MAAAANNNN!!!!

I am all emotional over this, please pardon me...sniff, sniff, tearing up.

And Today is Slick Willy's 52nd Birthday!!! Later today, Hillary will put on a sleak nightgown in Martha's Vineyards' seclusion, Chelsea spending night with friends, and sing like Marilynn Monroe did to JFK, HAPPY BIRHTDAY...MR. PRESIDENT in a sultry inviting voice.

Do you think Slick Willy is going to get "any" for his Birthday???? I think not, or maybe the LEFT HAND will suffice for the JOB...

And have you heard the TIES THAT BIND Story coming out? That Slick wore a TIE that Monica gave him during his EXECUTIVE ABSOLUTION SPEECH? Seems to me like he was giving STARR and the American Public a bold face "Finger" or "Bird" or "1/2 peace sign", however you look at it. This is as bold as his denial in January, but a little more subtle.

But let's hold back and not shove this down his throat, and wait for STARR'S report to Congress for any move, since it is obvious he won't step down, but has to be forced out. Only this report, if enough evidence is there will impeachment begin.

Heard some talk in the news that Janet Reno may be ready to Appoint a Special Prosecuter on the Campaign Finance Issue/Scandal. FINALLY!!! IF IT is True.


Clinton's Executive Absolution Speech.

I read the transcript 3 times, NOT ONCE did I see "I am Sorry". He was more angry at being caught than remorsefull. Then he attacked Starr at the length, innocent people hurt, and the cost of the investigation.

  • Length : Delaying tactics, invoking every concievable Priviledge Real or Imagined
  • Innocent people hurt : Aides, Cabinet Officials, Supporters , HE LIED TO to defend him,(OR maybe they all are co-conspiraters), (And)The American Public
  • COST : $40 Million in 4 yrs. Let's cut Slick some slack in the Lewinsky Scandal and call it 7 months. 7 divided by 48 = 14.6% X $40 Million = $5.8 Million. Ever hear of paying "Court Costs"???
  • Most Ethical Administration in this Country's History!!!???

    Why is the Office of President being held to a lower MORAL STANDARD than any other high position in virtually any industry/field???

    For a facinating look check out MY Web Site of the Week. Click on "What's New" and then Click on "8/17/98 More Monica Lewinsky Reversals". Sometimes my timing on these things is SCARY. For a DIRECT LINK to this CLICK HERE.


    At this moment Slick Willy is testifying to the Grand Jury. Already word that Slick will address the American Public at 10 PM Eastern, 7 PM Pacific Time.

    So since I can't comment on what I don't know, I will bring up another issue

    The Mexican Government has announced that it WILL NOT participate in the reduction of the flow of ILLEGAL ALIENS migrating to the U.S.A. The Reason given by the Mexican Government is : It is a right of their civilian population to try to improve their lives. The government of Mexico also announce plans to inform these ILLEGAL ALIENS on the need for enough provisions, water, etc. to cross the border successfully. What is not clear is weather the Mexican Government itself will provide the necessary provisions.

    Now I know most of you have not heard the current difficulties we have with the Mexican Gov. ex US citizens being held in terrible conditions for inadvertantly crossing the border with a box of target ammo. Even if you declare it. Or the lawsuits supported by the Mexican Gov. brought by ILLEGAL ALIENS when they are injured trying to flee the U.S. Immigration / Custom Service in High Speed Chases. There is much more on this. The SouthWest is truly bordered by a renegade 3rd world country. A border parol agent in Tucson, AZ was on local talk radio last week saying, "Do not go to Mexico if you expect to be safe, U.S. Citizens are targets for kidnapping, robbery, and rape. The U.S. Gov has issued travel warnings on going to Mexico. The Wetbacks are unhappy about this.


    Sorry for not updating more freguently the past few days. A couple of factors played into this.

  • The calm before the storm on Clinton's Testimony on 8/17
  • The 1st preseason Home NFL game of Cardinals vs Bears
  • And My diligent work on the BIG surprise for the web pg in Sept.

    The Clinton Testimony before the Grand Jury via Closed Circuit TV. Will he answer truthfully? After decades of speaking "Legalese" does he even know what "TRUTH" is? Will he do in an Address to the American audience, "A Southern Baptist ie Jimmy Swaggert" apology? I HAVE SINNED AGAINST YOU!!! Will he do the Honorable Resignation? Apologize to all the parents of CHILDREN who have been forced by his actions to explain Oral SEX to young children ecause of what's been in the mainstream newscasts?

    Will he also acknowledge the incident with Paula Jones that is the ROOT CAUSE of this whole SCANDAL? Will he Admit contact with drug and arms dealers for Campaign $$$? Will he admit to selling out OUR NATION'S DEFENSE by approving sale of MISSILE and TARGETING TECHNOLOGY to CHINA who now has at least 13 missiles targeted on 13 West Coast Cities for Campaign $$$? The list goes on...FBI FILEGATE, TRAVELGATE, WHITEWATER, VINCENT FOSTER, Etc Etc.

    Stay tuned. Less than 24 hrs 'till the Testimony.


    A Very Special Update for those of you who have been invited by me, or figured out the Surprise (This Web Site).

    In the news today: GEOCITIES the biggest provider of FREE web pages, (I really can't say bad things about them, since it is FREE), Where my Web Pg currently resides untill I move Most of my files over to this Site.

    Is from what I heard on the news, being sued for disclosure of personal INFO to advertisers on the INFO taken/given to GEOCITIES from the people who have gotten their web pages at GEOCITIES, when their agreement was non-discloser. I don't know all the details of this, just heard 1 report of it in the news.

    While I have not been subject to spams for the most part email or otherwise. It may cause some of you to think twice about launching a controversial web site like mine on Geocities. I am not naive enough to believe that this site or my GEOCITIES Site, or my ph line is not being monitored in some way. I hear enough "WEIRD" clicks, crossover on my ph line. Plus I have a Police Scanner, I can figure out what goes on, on the surface, I bet it is more than that.

    EX:The 1.3 BILLION $ satellite that BLEW UP yesterday off the coast of Florida was a SPY satellite designed to MONITOR Phone Conversations. Supposedly for terrorists communicating in the "ROGUE" Countries like Libya, Iraq, etc. I bet it is more than that!!! It may be detrimental to myself, But in this case, I'd rather be Dead than "UNREAD", or shut up'ed by FEAR of Gov't. I was born with a BIG MOUTH, I know how to use it. SURE it has gotten me into trouble in the past, and will again in the future, But this is me!!!

    Smoker Dave!!!


    To little time for much today, you know how it goes when a 10 hr worksfift is followed by a 3 hr High Level meeting at The Secret Lab.

    So let's see what is new quickly. California shakes, rattles and rolls with a 5.4 earthquake, no damage. The Air Force has a $1 BILLION satellite blow up after lift off. The hottest July ever recorded worldwide, those of us in AZ thank whoever took our heat, AZ below normal for July.

    And the BIG NEWS of the day IS:

    Straight from Hillary Rodham Clinton's lips, (so to speak). No longer blaming the "Vast Right Wing Conspiracy" for all the investigations on her husband Slick Willy. It is the BIAS AGAINST ARKANSAS that is behind all these allegations and investigations.

    I must admit, I didn't see this angle coming. What will the SpinMiesters think of next??? Good Grief!!! and Good Night.


    Quick note today.

    There is a new entry in The Visitors Email".8/11/98 Entry. On this site. From old cyber bud SgtBBQ

    Make a mental note of the candidate I am supporting in the primary next month, Obvious on the opening pg of this web site. Then go check the latest entry in the GuestBook.


    Question for you all.

    Do you know where you were 24 years ago today?

    I do. I was 11 years old, watching on the TV Richard Nixon resigning from Office. Watche him climb aboard Air Force 1 for the last time, Ford being sworn in. Will history repeat itself? This whole scandal has paralleled WaterGate to a T. If so then Gore will not win the Presidentcy in 2000. But a new R. Reagan, something to hope for.


    If you read yesterdays ' Thoughts, you will see that I predicted trouble on the International scene, in regards to Clinton's "Domestic" trouble. 2 U.S. Embassies BOMBED, with LOSS of LIFE, and over 1,000 injured in Africa. There are 3 explanations to this:

  • Coincidence
  • Rouge Nations, or Groups decided now was the time because of the "trouble" Clinton is in domesticly
  • A Crisis orchastrated by Clinton and HIS Admin. To put the Scandal OFF the Front Page.

    I'm sorry to say, I have become so cynical of Clinton that I believe the 3 choices above, in my opinion, have an equal chance of being true. And this being the case in my mind, even if Clinton is innocent of EVERY CHARGE (FBI File Gate, Travel Gate, Whitewater, Paula Jones, Jennifer Flowers, Kathleen Willey, Campaign Finance-RED CHINA $, etc. etc.) He should step down as President for the good of this country.

    And yes that means Al Gore will take charge. I know, a nightmare that is even worse.

    But we as a country must suffer thru this debacle, since he, they were legally elected. We must start to fix this in the upcoming Primaries, and this NOV General Election. VOTE CONSERVATIVE!!! vote for people with CHARACTER and VALUES!!! DO NOT VOTE for those who in the recent past abandoned these 2 very simple FACTS OF LIFE!!!

    Remember the Liberal Democrats who said CHARACTER DIDN'T MATTER, REMEMBER THE FEMINISTS WHO IGNORED the multiple actions of CLINTON that was sexual HARRASSMENT, because HE was their biggest political supporter. FORGET the fact HE VETOED, The PARTIAL BIRTH ABORTION BAN, and at the same time putting out all these insane bills and rhetoric, IT'S FOR THE CHILDREN!!!

    For all these deceptions, etc etc. In my book of President's, Clinton is not on the Information Highway, But on the "HIGHWAY TO HELL" (AC/DC). I only hope that before he dies he realizes his wrongs, and makes attempts for restitution for his failings. This is the only way to save his own soul from eternal damnation. No Clinton is not the Anti-Christ. But he may have struck a deal with him....


    What does Snap, Crackle, Pop, and Monica Lewinsky have in common?

    They all speak when covered in a "white, milky, substance".

    Monica is speaking AT THIS VERY MOMENT!!! to the GRAND JURY. Latest news "leak" from ABC. The "LOVE DRESS" has been determined to contain the "type" of bodily fluid stain as reported. The only question remaining is: Whose ]is it????

    Statement from the "White" House regarding Monica testifying today is: "We are relieved that she is finally testifying...". If you believe that, I got some Ocean Front Property to sell you here in Arizona.

    However there are new worries associated with this. Do you think that maybe Saddam in Iraq has decided to challenge again because of the problems facing Clinton now? The news reports that North Korea has nuclear weapons developed in underground facilities so it would not be seen by satalites, and missiles capable of hitting South Korea and Tokyo Japan? Oh also the underground tunnels that South Korea is searching for dug by North Korea under the border. But you won't hear anything from the Administration, too busy with the scandal. Today is the anniversary of the nuclear bomb dropped on Hiroshima in 1945. Is Slick Willy the Hiroshima of 1998 and Monica Lewinsky "the Enola Gay"? Will Slick Willy do a "Jimmy Swaggart"? I HAVE SINNED AGAINST YOU!!!!(tears dripping) and Slick Willy on HIS knees for a change....Who knows.


    OK, I gotta get this out first... Latest Clinton Joke. If the dress is "messed", you must confess!!! Another unfortunate parallelism to the O.J. Trial.

    Now to the topic of the Day: A state Senator from Mesa,Az has today launched an attack on the "Drive Thru Liquor Stores". Blaming them for the DEATHS from DUI's or DWI's blah blah blah. What this is, is a copycat bill that was brely passed in New Mexico last week that was featured in the local Sunday Paper here on 8/2/98. What this is, is simple "feel good" proposition designed for the upcoming primary in Sept. and the General Election in Nov. I live in Mesa, and I know of only 1 drive thru Liquor store in Mesa. My guess is, is that this state senator is also Mormon (a RELIGIOUS CULT!!!). I believe this is a backhanded attack on SMOKERS!!!! Most people who pull into the Drive thru will buy a pack of cigarrettes and possibly a 6-pack, 0r 12 pack of BEER. (Lottery Tickets not far behind). While MOST won't immediately open a BEER while driving, You can bet your life that they will most likely open the pack of cigarrettes and have a SMOKE. Remember Mesa, AZ has the Strictest Anti-Smoking laws in the Country.

    Believe Me, I was Labeled Smoker Dave the day(7/1/96) the Anti-Smoking Laws went into effect in Mesa, on Talk Radio .(This was 7 months before I got on the "net", and 16 months before I started this web pg).

    1st hint to the big surprise by Sept. on the web site. If I had my own domain name, what would it be?????



    A local topic today, since I've been working on the BIG SURPRISE coming in Sept.

    Today Sheriff Joe's TENT CITY is 5 years old. Sheriff Joe is known as The Toughest Sheriff in America. Pink Underware, no Playboy, no cable, inmates fed on 90 cents a day. Green Bologna etc.

    Well Tent City that the Liberals said would never work is 5 years old today. The inmates get cake today. Frosting is Black and White Stripes!!!!.

    Liberals continue to say that it is cruel and unusual punishment. OK limited TV (Weather Channel, Disney Channel, C-SPAN), No AC only Swamp Coolers, Cheap Food, No Porno Magazines, No coffee, No Smoking (Enough to keep me on the straight and narrow).

    5 YEARS OLD TODAY!!! and nobody has died there!!! Most prisons can't boast that fact.