I brought this up in the recent past, and now that School is back in Session in AZ, (Go figure in mid AUG Temps in the 100's +). THE NEW LAWS AGAINST SMOKING. ACTUALLY Possession of TOBACCO on SCHOOL GROUNDS (droping off, or picking up your child up at School, or School functions, ie football, basketball games, etc.) This is from "THE ARIZONA REPUBLIC"

Smokers fired up over ban at schools Tobacco outlawed on state's campuses
By Lori Baker,
Jennifer Barrett and Kelly Pearce
The Arizona Republic Aug. 19, 1999
School employees who smoke were fuming this week. A newly amended law makes it a petty offense to carry cigarettes onto school campuses -- even if they aren't lighted and are hidden away in a pocket, a purse or a parked car.
The law, which went into effect this summer, bans tobacco products in school buses and buildings, parking lots and playing fields, and at school-sponsored events off campus.
"It's an infringement on a lot of people," said Judith Elreedy, a crossing guard who also works in the Red Mountain Ranch Elementary School media center in Mesa. "As long as you're not doing it in front of the kids, then it's not anyone's business," she added.
School employees or parents caught with cigarettes on campus or at school-sponsored events will likely escape with a warning the first time, district officials said. But repeated offenses could mean a ticket, and disciplinary action for district employees.
"If a faculty member is caught smoking, they'll be talked to," said Pam Miranda, a spokeswoman for the Peoria Unified School District. "Further occurrences will be dealt with by the district."
How? She's not sure yet. That's the case with most districts, which are scrambling to shut down remaining smoking lounges, send out memos to staff and parents about the ban, and adopt school policies that conform to the state law.
Districts are also offering help to smokers who want to quit. Many have sent out information about smoking hotlines and are providing free smoking-cessation classes for employees. Some board members even have suggested their districts purchase nicotine patches to help employees quit smoking.
"The idea is to not send a double message to kids: "Do as I say and don't do as I do,' " said the bill's sponsor, Rep. Jeff Groscost, R-Mesa-. "The law is an enforce-able way to keep tobacco products off campus for students, teachers and parents." Supporters of the new amendment argue that without a strict provision like this, schools would have a hard time preventing smoking around kids.
A University of Arizona study found that, as recently as the 1997-98 school year, nearly 40 percent of Arizona public schools still allowed some form of tobacco use by staff, students and visitors on school property or at off-campus, school-sponsored events.
"Tobacco is Arizona's Number 1 killer. Teachers are role models and shouldn't be modeling this behavior," said Brad Christensen, spokesman for the state Department of Health Services. "It's the height of hypocrisy for a teacher to teach health and then go trotting off to a lounge somewhere and light up."
Few dispute the merits of a smoke-free school, but some wonder whether the law goes a little too far. "If a parent drives on the school grounds to drop a kid off and has any kind of tobacco products in the car, they are in violation of the law," said Mary Kay Haviland, a lobbyist for the Arizona Education Association. "What about the dad who has cigarettes in his pocket while attending a football game?"
District officials Valley-wide said they would likely warn parents to put out lighted cigarettes and keep the rest out of sight. Though officials might confiscate employees' cigarettes if they saw them, they have no plans to search cars.
YET!!! (Smoker Dave Comment)
"Sometimes, laws are well-intentioned but cause problems," Mike Hughes, a member of the Mesa School Board, said during a recent meeting in which district policy was aligned with the new law.
Groscost said he expects districts to use common sense in enforcing the law. "We're not going to draw the guns and make you empty out the contents of the glove box." YET!!! (Smoker Dave Comment).
Still, some are concerned about potential conflicts with personal rights. "I know of no constitutional right to smoke, but we would be concerned about issues of search and seizure," said Eleanor Eisenberg, executive director of the Arizona Civil Liberties Union.
Tom Pickrell, director of legal services for the Arizona School Boards Association, called the new provision banning cigarettes an extreme measure. He said it was inserted at the "eleventh hour," so there was no opportunity for anyone to comment on the provision.
"I hope the Legislature might go back and reconsider if they haven't gone a bit too far," Pickrell added.
Haviland said the AEA is also likely to ask the Legislature in the next session to amend the law so it's more reasonable.
Although the National PTA issued a statement supporting tobacco-free environments at schools, members acknowledge that parents may be a little resentful. "I think you might have some hostile parents; you're getting real personal," said Terrie Minnick, president of the Arizona PTA. "But if you look at it from the standpoint that it will benefit the children, we do want a healthy environment for the kids."
*** Lori Baker can be reached at lori.baker@pni.com via e-mail or at 1-602-444-7120. Jennifer Barrett can be reached at jennifer.barrett@pni.com via e-mail or at 1-602-444-7113.


Mesa police suspend 7 suspected of sex in patrol cars
By Christina Leonard The Arizona Republic Aug. 19, 1999
Six Mesa police officers and one civilian crime-scene technician have been suspended with pay, reportedly for having sex in patrol cars while on duty.
It may be the second sex scandal to rock the Mesa police in a decade.
Officials confirmed Wednesday that the officers and technician are being investigated over accusations of misconduct and dereliction of duty.
Sgt. Earle Lloyd, a police spokesman, said the department launched the investigation six weeks ago, and the report likely won't be completed until mid-September. Police would not identify the officers or say when each was suspended.
Lloyd also could not say whether the report contained criminal allegations.
"Nobody has been cleared yet, nobody has been disciplined, either," he said, adding that the officers were suspended with pay.
Mike Hutchinson, a Mesa assistant city manager, and other Mesa officials said late Wednesday that they were unaware of the investigation.
Although police would not specify what initiated the investigation, Channel 15 News reported that the officers were "allegedly having sex with each other in the back of patrol cars" while on duty.
Lloyd would not confirm or deny that report, calling it "speculation at this point."
In July 1991, Mesa police fired three officers for their involvement in a sex scandal.
Richard Elliget, an ex-Mesa officer, kept index cards on his wife's purported liaisons. The couple's diary listed the names of 12 current and former Mesa officers who had sex with Laurie Elliget in the 1980s.
Seven officers in all quit or were disciplined for having sex with Richard or Laurie.
The couple were arrested on charges of sexually exploiting two minors.
An investigation showed that Elliget took nude photos of a 16-year-old girl and arranged for a 14-year-old boy to have sex with his wife.
Elliget, once one of Mesa's most decorated officers, was convicted of sexual exploitation of a minor and sentenced to 14 1/2 years in prison.
Laurie Elliget pleaded guilty to child abuse, admitting that she failed to stop a photo session with the teen girl.
*** Christina Leonard can be reached at christina.leonard@pni.com via e-mail or at 1-602-444-8995.



First Things First. I would like you all to take a look at this WHACKO Web Site by a vocal member of PETA (People for the Ethical Treatment of Animals). This person was a Guest on the ART BELL SHOW last night. VERY FUNNY!!!! If you didn't know, ART BELL is an avowed MEAT EATER, like myself. So I provide this link in the spirit of "to defeat your enemy, you must know your ENEMY". MeatStinks, HERE!!!

OK, now for what I want to bring up today. Sometimes it is good to revisit the past, in this case 1 year ago. 8/17 was the 1 yr anniversary of Slick Willy's deposition to the Grand Jury, and then that night his Prime Time "Address".

What follows next is from my ARCHIVES, kept on this web pg, from 8/19, 8/18. 8/17, 1998. Which I posted ORIGINALLY on my Geocities web site, before I got my own domain name and server last Sept.




I'm all choked up about this. Please join me in a rendition of "STAND BY YOUR MAN" by Tammy Wynette, (Or the Blues Brothers).

Stand By Your Man...Tell The World You LOVE HIM..AND Give HIM ALL The LOVE You CAAAAAAN!!!... STAND BYYY YOUR MAAAANNNN!!!!

I am all emotional over this, please pardon me...sniff, sniff, tearing up.

And Today is Slick Willy's 52nd Birthday!!! Later today, Hillary will put on a sleak nightgown in Martha's Vineyards' seclusion, Chelsea spending night with friends, and sing like Marilynn Monroe did to JFK, HAPPY BIRHTDAY...MR. PRESIDENT in a sultry inviting voice.

Do you think Slick Willy is going to get "any" for his Birthday???? I think not, or maybe the LEFT HAND will suffice for the JOB...

And have you heard the TIES THAT BIND Story coming out? That Slick wore a TIE that Monica gave him during his EXECUTIVE ABSOLUTION SPEECH? Seems to me like he was giving STARR and the American Public a bold face "Finger" or "Bird" or "1/2 peace sign", however you look at it. This is as bold as his denial in January, but a little more subtle.

But let's hold back and not shove this down his throat, and wait for STARR'S report to Congress for any move, since it is obvious he won't step down, but has to be forced out. Only this report, if enough evidence is there will impeachment begin.

Heard some talk in the news that Janet Reno may be ready to Appoint a Special Prosecuter on the Campaign Finance Issue/Scandal. FINALLY!!! IF IT is True.


Clinton's Executive Absolution Speech.

I read the transcript 3 times, NOT ONCE did I see "I am Sorry". He was more angry at being caught than remorsefull. Then he attacked Starr at the length, innocent people hurt, and the cost of the investigation.

  • Length : Delaying tactics, invoking every concievable Priviledge Real or Imagined
  • Innocent people hurt : Aides, Cabinet Officials, Supporters , HE LIED TO to defend him,(OR maybe they all are co-conspiraters), (And)The American Public
  • COST : $40 Million in 4 yrs. Let's cut Slick some slack in the Lewinsky Scandal and call it 7 months. 7 divided by 48 = 14.6% X $40 Million = $5.8 Million. Ever hear of paying "Court Costs"???
  • Most Ethical Administration in this Country's History!!!???

    Why is the Office of President being held to a lower MORAL STANDARD than any other high position in virtually any industry/field???

    For a facinating look check out MY Web Site of the Week. Click on "What's New" and then Click on "8/17/98 More Monica Lewinsky Reversals". Sometimes my timing on these things is SCARY. For a DIRECT LINK to this CLICK HERE.


    At this moment Slick Willy is testifying to the Grand Jury. Already word that Slick will address the American Public at 10 PM Eastern, 7 PM Pacific Time.

    So since I can't comment on what I don't know, I will bring up another issue

    The Mexican Government has announced that it WILL NOT participate in the reduction of the flow of ILLEGAL ALIENS migrating to the U.S.A. The Reason given by the Mexican Government is : It is a right of their civilian population to try to improve their lives. The government of Mexico also announce plans to inform these ILLEGAL ALIENS on the need for enough provisions, water, etc. to cross the border successfully. What is not clear is weather the Mexican Government itself will provide the necessary provisions.

    Now I know most of you have not heard the current difficulties we have with the Mexican Gov. ex US citizens being held in terrible conditions for inadvertantly crossing the border with a box of target ammo. Even if you declare it. Or the lawsuits supported by the Mexican Gov. brought by ILLEGAL ALIENS when they are injured trying to flee the U.S. Immigration / Custom Service in High Speed Chases. There is much more on this. The SouthWest is truly bordered by a renegade 3rd world country. A border parol agent in Tucson, AZ was on local talk radio last week saying, "Do not go to Mexico if you expect to be safe, U.S. Citizens are targets for kidnapping, robbery, and rape. The U.S. Gov has issued travel warnings on going to Mexico. The Wetbacks are unhappy about this.




    First the BAD NEWS, Ernest Dye's football career is over. Best hope is, is that his arm is salvaged.


    Now for the STUPID NEWS. Humans no longer "PET OWNERS" but Pet Guardians. Of coarse this comes from California and the "Animal Rights" Whacko's. The following from "SIGHTINGS"


    Now for the Good News.

    A co-worker in "The Secret Lab" is IMPROVING!!! A biopsy was finally able to be done on her Liver, which is now starting to function again to some extant. Apparently this was caused by a "TOXIN" so far unknown. Permanent or temporary dysfunction of the Liver at this point unknown. Even with these "unknowns" a Great Turnaround from the news I recieved yesterday. Did prayer help? I prefer to believe so. It Certainly didn't hurt! I thank all of you who took the time. I pray for a continued recovery.

    I really Love ending on positive NEWS, especially on something important such as this. I also hope Ernest Dye the Cardinal's Football player is able to keep his arm. And find another fulfilling line of work to replace his NFL career.

    Until Tommorrow......


    Smoker Dave EXCLUSIVE!!!

    The Source of Clinton's Budget SURPLUS. IT IS FAKE MONEY $$$!!!

    BREAKING NEWS!!!! I just heard on the Radio that 3 TEAMMEMBERS of the AZ CARDINALS NFL FOOTBALL TEAM were involved in a SERIOUS AUTO Accident near FLAGSTAFF, AZ where they train. One has been AIRLIFTED by Helicopter to Flagstaff Medical Center. Practice today for the AZ Cardinals Team apparently has been CANCELLED TODAY because of this.

    I want to thank you ALL who have EMAILED me on the Health Crisis a co-worker in "The Secret Lab" is going thru. I have some NEW INFO today.... Unfortunately it doesent look like "good" news in my book.
    I ask all of you to keep Brenda K. in your prayers
    Here is the latest NEWS I have about her condition via EMAIL by a co-worker.

            good morning
            Mon, 16 Aug 1999 12:00:04 EDT
    Hey Dave, I like what you wrote about Brenda.  Hopefully it does some good.  
    Last I heard, She refused the transplant, signed a DNR, and gave Power of 
    Attorney to her daughter.  I don't understand any of these actions, but she 
    must have her reasons.  Rita and Diane were supposed to go visit her on 
    Friday, but I haven't heard any details about their visit.  If you hear 
    anything will you keep me posted?  Thanks.  Also if you need anyone to work 
    this week, please call  Edited Out.  Thanks.  Have a good week.  See you 

    FRIDAY the 13th! The last day in the Indian AZTEC Calander. Will the 14th come? I bet it will, after all it's mt Mom's Birthday, # 60.

    Now I have a question for all of you. READ this whole story, and remember that a vehicle is a neccessary means of life here in AZ that has very limited Public Transportation, only operates 5 AM - 10PM at best. As most of you know I work from 11PM to 9:30 AM. Plus on the buses you CANNOT SMOKE, or have a WEAPON. So obviously Public Transportation is out, for me. This makes your personal vehical a primary means of getting to work, to pay the bills and provide sustinence. The story, linked below shows the contrast of the criminals, here in AZ you cannot use a gun to defend property, even if that PROPERTY is your means of self sufficientcy. Even if you've been burgalarized 3 X in a week. HERE IS HERE!!! From THE ARIZONA REPUBLIC.

    I have 1 CAR. If I saw it being stolen, I would shoot the SOB. As it THREATENS my ability to keep my job. I live about 10 MILES from WORK, public transportation is UNAVAILABLE at that time, 11 PM. If my car was stolen I HAVE ABSOLUTELY NO MEANS OF GETTING TO WORK AT MY SCHEDULED START TIME. That is grounds for being FIRED at my work. ARE THE LIBERALS SAYING I NEED TO LET the CRIMINAL GO???? TO HELL with that!!! I believe anyone committing a FELONY is open to an Immediate act of Justice, THE DEATH PENALTY. And the LAW ABIDING CITIZEN is hailed as a HERO, instead of being labeled as a HATE MONGER.

    I tell you this, if someone breaks into my APT when I am in the APT, They are dead. If they take my car in my presence, I will try to stop them, if that Fails I will also try to KILL them. As they Threaten my Livlihood as A LAW ABIDING CITIZEN. And I don't care if you are Black, Yellow, Red, Abused as a child, or White, or if you are Stupid, or Smart. STEAL FROM ME VIOLENCE WILL HAPPEN! I WILL HUNT YOU DOWN, Pray I kill you outright, because I will TORTURE YOU the rest of your life. While I believe in GOD, and GOD says VENGENCE IS MINE. I plan on leaving this World even or better as a law abiding citizen. And I hope I extract more suffering of the crimminal element than that has been done to me. DOES THAT MAKE ME EVIL????

    Remember, "people" were HUNG here in AZ for Stealing Horses, at the time their main means of transportation.


    Is "Slick Willy" trying to "KISS and makeup" with Hillary by getting her more votes in NY? Check out this story, remember NY City has a large Puerto Rican minority.

    *** Clinton offers clemency in bombings
    WASHINGTON (AP) - President Clinton offered Wednesday to commute the
    sentences of 16 members of a Puerto Rican independence group if they
    sign agreements renouncing the use of violence. Their group staged
    some 130 bomb attacks on political and military targets in the U.S.
    from 1974 to 1983. One administration official said the prisoners
    were not involved in any deaths. Eleven members of the group would be
    released immediately from prison if they agreed to Clinton's
    conditions; two others would have to serve additional prison time
    before release; and three would have the unpaid balance of their
    criminal fines canceled, according to the Justice Department. See
    *** Also: Activists condemn Clinton offer, see

    And remember this Administration is still fighting for Hinckley's release from the PSYCHO WARD. Remember him? He shot President Reagan and Brady. Well the former Pres suffers from Alzhiemers. And Brady suffers from the effects of the shooting and his WHACKO LIBERAL ANTI-GUN wife. So there is no opposition from here. ONLY us who oppose letting out into SOCIETY an ASSASIN. If Hinkley is now "WELL ENOUGH" to be released for weekend visits, then I think it is time for him to serve out his sentence. He goes from the PSYCO WARD to, start serving a sentence of LIFE IMPRISONMENT W/O the possibility of PAROLE. And I feel I am being compassionate.

    Now a personal request: A co-worker of mine is in Serious trouble Health-Wise. Apparently her Liver has shutdown or in any case has ceased to function. A young woman, now possibly to be put on a transplant list. Her Medical Team now has a transplant Surgen. She was ill the past couple of months, But still was working, her Doctor initially thought it was ULCERS, or something like that. She was Helicoptered to the Univ. of AZ. Medical Center in Tucson, soon after she went to the ER here in Phoenix, AZ.

    Her name is Brenda K. I ask all of you who visit here to pray, or send good thoughts, however you do it, for her.

    I thank all of you, One thing I know, is the power of Prayer. And if this little Web Site is the venue that turns a miracle or successfull recovery, then it is money and time VERY WELL SPENT! Politics and Opinions always come 2nd to Life and Health in my book.

    I am an organ donor, I hope all of you are too.



    Still haven't found a good on-line story/link on the proposed Mesa, AZ MOVIE CENSORSHIP LAW. Strange.

    Now to yesterday's shootings in California, the Jewish Community Center. I will tell you this. No matter what LAW'S are passed, (even if they are enforced) even including gun bans, this sort of CRIME could not be prevented, these self-rightious HATE MONGERS will always have access to guns, or the ability to make them, or another destructive device.

    Remember it is just a feel good policy to say "BAN GUNS". Groups like this WILL ALWAYS HAVE THE ABILITY to CAUSE DEATH & DESTUCTION made from common household items that could never be banned, if for some reason all the GUNS were Eliminated in the WORLD. YES, WORLD. Because if we as a Country BAN GUNS, from CITIZENS, POLICE, and the MILITARY. GUNS WOULD STILL BE HERE!!!! In the BLACKMARKET (is this a racial slur?) The Crimminal Element will ALWAYS HAVE ACCESS TO GUNS. And do you think the Gov't will allow the DISARMENENT of the MILITARY FROM GUNS? THE POLICE? I think NOT! How safe do you think it is, to allow EVERY MILITARY recruit age 18 to have an AUTOMATIC WEAPON and WE DON"T, except for Criminals. Right now us LAW ABIDING CITIZENS can have a SEMI-AUTOMATIC GUN. But the LIBERALS want this RIGHT taken away from us for our own SAFETY.

    I ask this Question : Where would you rather be, in a room of 100 people all with a handgun, or a room of 100 people who 99 don't have a handgun? I'd rather be in the ARMED ROOM.


    I still have not found a good article on the 'NET about the proposed MOVIE THEATRE CENSORSHIP in Mesa, AZ. I did find on KFYI's web site a poll be taken, KFYI does a daily poll, so this will disappear from the front pg, but there is a link to see the results of Past Polls there. This issue has been a Hot Topic on bothh the Major Talk Radio Stations here today in the Phoenix Metro Area. Here is what KFYI had on their web page.

    NOTE: The VOTE BUTTONS DO NOT WORK HERE ON THIS WEB PG. To actually vote in this poll

    KFYI Note: this poll changes every day at about 7AM AZ time.

    Mesa takes on Hollywood

    Mesa City Council has proposed an ordinance that would require "R" rated movies and other movies which are determined to be "too sexually explicit" to be viewed only in specific "Adult Motion Picture Theaters" in industrial parks. Do you think itís a good idea?

    I am having other webmasters(mistresses) looking for on-line news stories on this for me to be able to refer to, trust me, this is a TRUE STORY IN Mesa, AZ. I will post the stories etc. as I get them.

    Now as I log off..... I am hearing on the NEWS another MASS SHOOTING, I think they said California this time. Can you believe it? the Damn guns going around and shooting innocent people again. If this is the case then I think this LAW BREAKING GUN should get at least 25yrs with a TRIGGER LOCK. But of coarse we must be HUMANE about this. After ALL the GUN is "THE" VICTIM in this. Mishandled, improperly used by a HUMAN, unable to act on it's own, unable to call a CRISIS CENTER, had no choice but to do whatever the HUMAN with a Thinking Brain MADE IT DO!!!!

    Let's see if this logic works: GUNS are ABUSED, GET RID OF ALL GUNS. DRUGS both LEGAL and Illegal are ABUSED: Get rid of ALL DRUGS. CHILDREN ARE ABUSED: Get rid of ALL CHILDREN. ABUSIVE SEX: Get rid of ALL SEX. ETC. ETC. ETC. AM I NOW POLITICALLY CORRECT???!!!!

    PROBABLY NOT!!!! And I am Glad!!!


    Revisiting yesterday's posting. Mesa, AZ has the strictest anti-smoking LAWS in the country. That is how I became Smoker Dave. My mom, brief news reports on the radio, along with a couple of people I asked in a store today confirms..... That the MESA CITY COUNCIL wants a NEW LAW, BANNING ALL MOVIES in theatres that has a rating higher than "PG-13". My mom likes MOVIES, and has seen plenty of MOVIES rated "R", "NC-17", that she liked. These would be BANNED in MESA. Also my mom, NOT a gun supporter, has joined the NRA because of the LIBERAL SPIN, the threat to OUR Constitutional RIGHTS. And while she doesn't smoke now, and doesn't approve of my smoking, realizes the path this city, the 46th largest in the country, is taking.

    The "OLD STORY", They came for the Jews, I am not Jewish, so I did nothing. They came for the invalid, I have no disabilities, so I did nothing......When they came for me, nobody left to defend ME.

    This city MESA, 46th largest in the country, about to be the 2nd largest in AZ, surpassing Tucson any day now. Is STILL controlled by a Religious CULT. They are now outnumbered in MESA, but they ALL vote, and vote what their CULT tells them to.

    Who, or what is this CULT? You might ask? THE MORMONS. Church of HATE'er Day AINT's. The MORMONS are a "Church" closer to a White Supremecist group definition, than a "Religious Church". The best that could be said is that it is a Pagan Religion.

    Think about it, somebody named "SMITH" near my hometown in NY finds GOLD TABLETS from GOD? And GOD only gave the 10 Commandments to MOSES on STONE TABLETS? POLYGAMY OK? RACIST OK? (how many Black MORMONS are there?) ZERO. Discrimination of employment based on Religion? Happens all the time here. Until recently many local businesses had a Question: What WARD to you belong to? A WARD is a MORMON "CHURCH". Like a Catholic "PARISH". But you do not see a Question of: What PARISH do you belong to?


    Previous listings now in ARCHIVES 11/3/97 thru 8/6/99 all indexed

    Today and tommorrow, I know where I was 25 years ago. I was 11 yrs old, and I watched on TV NIXON'S resignation Speech, and watched him leave the WHITE HOUSE on the Helicopter the next day. I was also AWARE as an 11 yr old, that during NIXON'S flight on AIR FORCE 1, it became an ordinary airliner at NOON. And we had a NEW PRESIDENT, Gerald Ford. At the time I didn't really know what was going on, like I do now, But to my Parents' credit, and the schooling I had at that time, I knew more THEN than most people know today, about politics, policy, etc.

    SAD FACT. And now another comfirmatory thought. I am 36 yrs old. I have been at times entertaining thoughts of running for Mesa City Council from time to time. Due to some things going on here, in the same genre of the Anti-Smoking Laws here, now my MOM thinks I should consider running for office.

    I may, who knows??? 5 yrs ago I never dreamed of having a web pg. Who is to say what I'll be doing 5 yrs from now????

    This "fantasy" will wait until I buy a home, instead of renting a cheap Apt in Mesa, AZ. Who knows what may happen in the future. I am more inclined to try, than not try. Most of you know me, I don't shut up. I speak my mind like Barry Goldwater.

    See you all tommorrow!!!