This File is getting full, may be moved to the Archives soon. Just so you all know.

A Hot and Humid weekend here in the Phoenix, AZ. area. I had a dust storm on Saturday, and some rain Sunday night here in Mesa, AZ. If we average a 55 degree, or higher, dewpoint today. The Monsoon Season will have Officially arrived here 3 weeks early. Which would be a good thing, the rainy season. However if it is a "dry" Monsoon, it would be trouble. Lightning and no rain in the parched desert is a recipe for wildfires, which is a VERY BAD Thing.

Tiger Woods, blowing away the competition. If Tiger Woods was a company, "he" would be in Federal Court, for being a Monopoly. And the FEDS would demand Tiger Woods be cut in 1/2 to facilitate free market competition. All his competition are so freaked out by him that even 2nd place can't break PAR. Seems to me that the competition psyched themselves out mentally. Well success is 90% mental, overcoming obstacles and succeeding is a confidence builder. If you whine and say how unfair your predicament is, and cut and run because you can't take it. Then you don't have the drive to succeed. Ahem.... And to a particular individual, and I know who you are....There was Never a chance you could be my "boss". And your postings on my BBS will be short lived. What you demonstrate is PURE IMMATURITY, this site is rated PG. Obviously you need an Adult to guide you thru everyday life. 2nd Shift has never run better since you QUIT! OH THE STRESS YOU HAD..... I am ALWAYS GLAD when an INCOMPETENT Supervisor leaves. It let's someone responsible to take over.

You all can probably see the rantings of "The Village Idiot", on my BBS from time to time, before I delete them. I get a good laugh at the posts, but not appropriate for this web site. And J. if you feel so strongly about this, why not start your own Anti-Smoker Dave web site? ARE YOU A COWARD? As you accused me of being? I put my opinions on-line. Why don't you do the same yourself? A web page is easy, Start one, I will post a link to it here on my web site. You can do a web page for free.

Normally I would ignore this sort of Immaturity. But it came from someone I know. And even with the staffing shortages at work right now, we are better off WITHOUT HIM.

Sorry about the above "commentary" for those of you out of the loop.


The Hard Drives Found by a copy machine.... A subtle HINT???? Bill Richardson, the Energy Secretary responsible said in yesterday's Sunday News Shows..... "Never considered the HUMAN ELEMENT,,,,,Can't get into THEIR HEADS,,,,,"

Seems to me that "The Human Element" is the 1st thing you consider in SECURITY. Why would you SECURE anything if "The HUMAN ELEMENT" was not considered? I doubt RATS, BUGS, FLYS, would have any motivation to take SECRET INFORMATION. We probably would use screen doors to prevent BUGS from getting into our Homes. But would we use Dead-Bolt Locks to keep them out? I don't think so. How about Car-Alarms, ETC.? If it wasn't for "The HUMAN ELEMENT", we wouldn't need to lock our doors to protect our property, after all how many bugs, rabbits, etc. want to steal your TV, VCR, Cash, ETC....?

Well apparently Bill Richardson never considered "PEOPLE" might want to steal our Nuclear Secrets and use them against us. What a SHOCK this must be to Bill Richardson!!! See the LATEST STORY HERE!!!


Hmmm..... Seems I must have neglected to post the new file for this page on Friday. That is the simplest answer, however with what's happened the past couple of weekends, I am a bit paranoid about it.

Now for some news. Isn't it nice that Elian sent Fidel Castro a Father's Day Card????

AOL hacked, credit card #'s stolen, etc. See the STORY HERE!!!

And this one's interesting, RadioShack wants to put a robotic rover on the Moon. See the STORY HERE!!!

The missing Hard Drives have been FOUND!!! I guess it's safe to sleep again...... And Bill Richardson is a lock to be Gore's V.P.


You will not believe how much I am Thankful that the weekend is FINALLY HERE!!! The Equipment problems at work, etc. have put a damper on my usually positive attitude. I truly HATE these THINGS!!! Techs are even making poems and stories on the equipment, usually ending with getting home and kicking the dog, or beating the wife. In otherwords, kind of like a Country Song or Tune. Well at least until Monday Night, these machines can't infuriate me anymore. 3 days of HEAVEN!!! To be followed by 4 nights in HELL. And this doesn't even address our staffing crisis. OK, I got that out,,,,I feel better now.

NOW to some BREAKING NEWS, no link, But is Reported that another F-16 from Luke AFB here near Phoenix, AZ. Has crashed, pilot ejected safely. This has been happening A LOT in the past few yrs. Luke AFB is the biggest trainer base for F-16's, etc. Most crashes were due to the problem of lack of PARTS, mechanical failure, or inadequate maintenance. All due to the budget cuts done by Clinton the past 7 1/2 yrs. He inherited a STRONG MILITARY, (that he loathes) and now has driven it into the ground. Read this, available on my OPENING PAGE for those of you who cheat my web site of clicking up my VISITOR COUNT. NAME THAT COUNTRY HERE!!! And remember this info is over a year old.

Now to News Of The Day

RATS!!! PETA is all upset that Rats were hunted and eaten on the SURVIVORS SHOW on CBS. RAT-RIGHTS!!!! Now PETA is having a PRO-RAT RALLY!!! RATS have RIGHTS!!! EAT VEGGIES!!! Let me tell you this, if I had to choose between lima beans and rat meat, I would eat a roasted rat every time. Because I always had gastro-upheaveal every time I had lima beans. BUT go and Read the STORY HERE!!!!

1st they went after SMOKING in Restuarants, to protect the HEALTH of the workers there. Doesn't matter that many Restuarants went out of business because of No-Smoking Laws like here in Mesa, AZ. Now there is a NEW twist: Too much NOISE in Restuarants, might cause workers in restuarants to have Hearing loss.......What did you say???..... Hmmm.... maybe HOMETOWN CROWD NOISE at FOOTBALL GAMES, etc could be included. HOSTILE WORK ENVIRONMENT, you can SUE under this. Now you know that at times CROWD NOISE sometimes causes the visiting team to lose timeouts, or get a penalty at crucial points in the game. Imagin the Dallas Cowboys suing the Arizona Cardinals for losing a game because of the crowd noise in the Cardinals Home Stadium, and putting the employees of the Dallas Cowboys, i.e. the players and coaches, in an unhealthful "Ear Environment". This Bull all started with the assault against SMOKERS. See the STORY HERE!!!!

It's been a LONG WEEK for me, I will have another update this weekend though. However I do hope you have better security at your home than the National Nuclear Labs. A simple LOCK on your Front Door will do it....


Here is the Newstory in regards to yesterday's opening comments about Our Nuclear Secrets being ungarded. Even the Liberals in Congress are upset. But you know, Gore needs $$$ for the coming ELECTION.....


Today, the local newspaper, The Arizona Republic, published the story I had posted HERE on this website on Monday. (I win by 3 days on informing you). The Story was about D.B. Cooper and the Grandmother who may have found his SKULL in the early 80's. Well today there is another article about this, it isn't in the Arizona Republic today, I win again! See the latest STORY HERE!!!

This Story was a bit disappointing to me. I thought Phoenix would be at the top of the list. Giving the fact that today's forcast high is 112, you would think that with all the people moving here, and a lot without AIRCONDITIONING in their vehicals, that we would be #1 in running over pedestrians. We are only #6. See the Story HERE

This Story, I know, will not win me many friends here in ARIZONA, or at work. Never has stopped me before, and it won't now. To reiterate, I consider MORMONS a CULT. I mean, who in their right mind would follow someone named SMITH who claimed to have found GOLDEN TABLETS near my hometown in the 1800's? Their main powerbase is in UTAH, but Mesa, AZ. must be a close second. After all the 4TH of July Fireworks in Mesa last year were delayed a day because the 4TH was a Sunday. A good lead into the next story... Anyway, the Mormon Church is very restrictive and controlling of it's members, Socially, Personally, and Monetarily. What Church do you know of requires you to produce your W-2's to make sure you donate at least 10% of your income to the CHURCH? Well now this 20 yr. old student is facing expulsion from BYU for being on a MTV Show. SEE THE STORY HERE!!!

Now INSURANCE COMPANIES, never liked them, never will. And I bet this guy, even though he did recieve an apology, and that he did not have to pay. Probably will always hate in all his being Insurance Companies and what they TRY to do. See the STORY HERE!!!!

You know all the moronic warning labels, like getting a cup of coffee at McDonalds, and the container saying, "Warning, HOT LIQUID", or a Hair Dryer, Do Not Use in Shower/Bathtub,,,ETC.???? Well I guess a Warning Label needs to go on the "PORTA POTTIES". I got to end the comment here. SEE THE STORY HERE!!!

Now for a now former employee of mine at "The Secret Lab", TD, Good luck and wishes in your new endeavours, you will be missed. If it doesn't work out, I will be glad to take you back on the next possible opening. But I do hope that where you are going is better than where you were at. Pursue the Dream, and greater success. I hope I was a good "Boss" at "The Secret Lab". I guess I will find out if you return and do the "EXIT INTERVIEW". But I wish all the success to you in whatever you do. Remember to recruit new Visitors to my web page, you will remain on both Email Lists, and I will keep in touch thru Email.

Now to another employee, RH, A HAPPY belated B-Day!!! Sorry I wasn't able to do more. But you are moving up on the Seniority List at the "Lab". I told you it wouldn't take long. And even more changes happening soon, and more at the end of the year, ie people leaving. That will bump you up on Senority. I'm a "Boss", can't give you anymore details here, you probably have heard some, but definetly not all. (Smoker Dave's attempt at trying to keep good employees, but NO false info, All is True). All I'm saying is, stick around, took me 11 years to be where I'm at now at work. 14 yrs ago I started at $5.50/hr at "THE SECRET LAB", 4 yrs ago I was still under $10/hr. I now make more than that, after working there for 14 yrs, but not nearly as much as some think. In Fact the "NEW" Sups in ACC, who spin the tubes, make more than I do, and as much as the night manager. If I knew that I would be running that Dept., Spin Tubes and send them on, no Equipment problems (OSP, Summits, ETC.) EASY $$$$. I better end it here, that's about all I can disclose here or at work. I have a lot more to say about this, but it's mostly profanity laced, and I will keep this website rated, "PG". And not "R".

Until Tommorrow!!!!



Fly it Proudly while there is still some reason and hope to do so.

Bill Richardson, Department of Energy, (DOE) FAILED to appear before Congress today to ANSWER QUESTIONS about the missing Computer Hard Drives from Los Alamos National Laboratory containing NUCLEAR SECRETS, and if they were simply misplaced, and not given to China, or whoever. Why are all the Directors of the Lab on Administrative Leave, the FBI conducting interviews and LIE DETECTOR TESTS???? Another Question. There was not even a SIMPLE SIGN IN/OUT SHEET at this vault containing these SECRETS. A small local Library has better security than Our National Labs. That Richardson said back in March, that ALL the Security Issues have been remedied at the National Labs. In response to China's "stealing" of Nuclear Secrets from the Labs, that the Clinton/Gore Ticket in 1996 recieved a hefty $$$$ ILLEGAL contribution to their "PARTY" for Re-election. FROM RED CHINA!!! Something STINKS REAL BAD HERE!!! Why else do I see ANGELS plugging their noses. STINKS TO HIGH HEAVEN!!!! MAYBE the FIRE in New Mexico WAS a Coverstory to be able to displace BLAME and RESPONSIBILTY. The "LEGACY BUILDING" goes on, it appears to be a FIRE SALE by the DEMOCRATS and LIBERALS.

This IS WHY your VOTE in NOVEMBER is SO IMPORTANT. Do YOU want Al Gore to continue to abrigate Our Rights, and sell Our Strengths to ENEMIES of Our way of Life????

I say, "HELL NO!!!"

Now let's get to some News of the day.

Let's continue with Al Gore. This time once again, portrayed as a "SLUMLORD" by those he tries to portray himself as Representing. The earlier story WAS covered in a previous posting here a couple weeks back. Here is the LATEST news. HERE!!!!

The Offended Indians are at it again, this time in Florida. I expect them back soon in AZ. This time it's Mascot Names in Schools. I guess since they have FAILED at the Proffesional Level, i.e. NFL and MLB. And have seen some success at the State and Local Level. They are now starting to target Elementary and High Schools. See the STORY HERE!!!

SEX, LIES, and getting out of SPEEDING TICKETS. See this STORY HERE!!!

The guy who came up with the name, "ETCH-A-SKETCH" has died. Another person gone who's products influenced my chilhood. See the STORY HERE!!!

This one from ARIZONA. "DIRTY FLYING" It appears now that Patrick Swayze landed 1 State Short of his destination, possible due to 10 BEERS and a bottle of Wine. WHAT TO DO???? Bribe your rescuers with BEER. Actually it works in ARIZONA, for awhile. I ought to know, I've been here 15 yrs. See the STORY HERE!!!

Somehow, I think, If I, or anybody in "The Secret Lab" screwed up like this, that cost a person their LIFE, would no longer have a job. But maybe because of LOW UNEMPLOYMENT, people incompetant for the job, nevertheless have the job. The 1st FATALITY due to this person's incompetance is forgiven, maybe a note put in your file,,,, like, "KILLED 1 from incompetance". NEXT KILLING is grounds for Dismissal from the "JOB". See the STORY HERE!!!

My "NEW LAB EQUIPMENT",,,, I have a LOT of things to say about this issue. I can sum it up in 1 WORD.... JUNK!!!! The Vendor Reps, now outnumbering my staff, giving me B.S. answers on the ERRORS that on a whim, the Equipment "TOASTS" hours of WORK encompassing Thousands of Samples. And Their Final answer is,,, "Hmmm, Don't Know Why...." We'll have to investigate that. Well they better "investigate" QUICK!!! Before my whole Lab goes POSTAL. Right now I have barely enough staff to run the tests ONCE, and later this week I lose another staff member, I DON'T HAVE THE STAFF TO RUN TESTS 3 or 4 TIMES!!!!!

Well the Lottery Drawings are tonight, maybe My #'s will come up!!!

Gotta go, need to eat and sleep. See you Tommorrow!!!


Hi all!!!

First I must apologize, for the foreseeable next couple of months I will be unable to directly answer your emails, this is due in part to the current and foreseen employee crunch, i.e lack of employees. And other things I need to do this summer. It will be challenging enough to keep updating this site during the week, but is a Main Priority in any case. I hope when Staffing levels return to normal, and I get done what I want to get done during this time. I will be able to respond in a timely manner to the emails I recieve. Untill then, don't expect a reply to your email until the following weekend.

Is Al Gore asking for $$$ from China from 2 Computer Hard Drives now Missing from Los Alamos? Was the Fire in New Mexico that burned an unbelievable amount of territory a cover for this theft and transfer of Nuclear Secrets? SOME Think so. Some also think that these Hard Drives were taken to PREVENT them from being sold to a potential enemy by the Current Administration of Clinton/Gore. I either case, it is Amazing what everyday people consider possible by this Administration, "The Most Ethical Administration" in the History of this Country.... What do I think? I don't know yet... But I find it very curious that the Lab that contains Our Country's Nuclear Secrets, in a SECURE VAULT, doesn't even have a list of people who signed in and out of the VAULT. Apparently your home town Bank has better Security than our Nuclear Labs do, when getting into the VAULT where your Safe Deposit Box is. And the fact it is basically proven that this administration gave Secrets for $$$ from China. O.J. Simpson had a better Defense than this Administration in this Area. And then everytime there is good news, whatever it is, High Level Personel come on TV to brag about it. Something Bad, like the FIRES in New Mexico, Stolen Lap-Top Computers, Stolen Nuclear Secrets, etc... They bring out a buracratic STOOGE to deliver the NEWS and take the HEAT. And remember, the Clintons' have a very disproportionment of "friends" that disappear or end up DEAD. Being a "FRIEND" of the CLINTON'S can be FATAL. And NO MATTER HOW DESPERATE YOU ARE,,,,, NEVER HAVE SEX WITH A CLINTON!!!! An IRS AUDIT at the VERY LEAST!!!! Well anyways, SEE THE STORY HERE!!!

Now on the Lighter Side, So to speak. Remember the Story I had here last week on the Woman suing because her "BUTT" implants, were actually "TIT" Implants? The Verdict is in.... $15,000 per "Cheek",,, or is it a "TIT"???? VANITY has it's drawbacks. Sit on it, them and think about your choices... I wonder,,,, if you rub her "BUTT",,, do you get 2 points.......????? I couldn't resist. See the STORY HERE!!!

Now I find this story personally interesting. Why? in JR and SR High School in Northern NEW YORK, my High School's biggest Rival was and is BRCS. (BEAVER RIVER CENTRAL SCHOOL) A HEATED RIVALRY thru Generations in all High School Sports that continues to this day. Both Schools are consistantly in the top 10 in NYS in H.S. Wrestling. Farm Boys, you know. The Annual Beaver River VS Lowville(my home town) Wrestling Match is the Hottest ticket around. And I KNOW FOR A FACT that PARENTS would skip FREE SUPER BOWL TICKETS, if it meant they would MISS this Annual Showdown. See here the story that spawned this COMMENTARY HERE!!!

This is it for today, see you Tommorrow!!!!


After this posting, I am going to refrain from any more comments about the attacks against my web site. But it is still this posting. So here is the latest.

From Keith Rowland, Art Bell's former webmaster and now Premire Radio's webmaster is the following.

He didn't do anything wrong yet, he only asked for a password. Your tech did not give it to him. If they do, the ISP is the one to question.

And until you get his identity, you can only file complaints with the source ISP. And only complain if he break their rules.

That is one of the EMAILS. Here is another.

He didn't try to hack, he tried to con a tech support person out of a password.

And now here are snippets of Emails from my Host Provider.

[Tech: Tim Woodcock]

I wasn't about to let him in. I couldn't dismiss the thread without proof that it wasn't you, though it was quite obvious that it was someone trying to 'break in' using tech stupidity.

Keep a watch on your site though; you should probably change the password at least once a month for the next couple of months just to be sure. If you notice anything weird, let us know.

And here is the VERY LAST EMAIL about the ordeal over the past 2 weekends.

[Tech: Tim Woodcock] I am changing my password Frequently. Is there any way you could FLAG my account so that other Techs at Baremetal know of the attempts?

I will make sure they are aware.

I think probably it was a Baremetal Tech that gave out my password last week. Maybe with the same simple request of "I forgot my password". I think it is also possible the same thing would have happened again this weekend, EXCEPT the Email went to you from this person, and you knew the situation from last week.

Why do you think that it was a BareMetal Tech that gave out your password? I resent the acusation that I would have given the password to this person. There are ways to fool a BareMetal Tech into giving out a password to someone who should not have it, but most, if not all, involve aquiring the owner's email password somewhere else and listening in on the correct email conversation.

Your password was comprimised in some manner. Probably through login via an untrusted network, or a comprimised machine. I cannot find any evidence that a BareMetal tech was involved.

There isn't much that we can do to find out WHO did it. The only information I have is the IP address that connected via FTP, which is nearly guarenteed to be a hacked box or account, and an email account and delivery IP which could easily be a different attempt to break in.

Am I the only one being hacked at Baremetal, by this person or others?

You are not the only one. A frontpage account was defaced a year or so ago. There have probably been a few other incidents, but you are the only one who's had it done twice to my knowlege. However, given the nature of your site, I do not find it overly surprising.

If your password is comprimised, there is nothing we can do to stopsomeone from logging in to your account. I have found no evidence of tampering on any other site, or that the machine its self was comprimsed.

If you log in using an FTP or POP client through any network that is not guarenteed to be secure, you are at risk of losing your password to a sniffer. Once packets get out onto the internet, they are generally relatively safe. If you log in from a cybercafe or through a cable modem or any through an access provider who's machines have been comprimised (or who is directly hostile), etc, your password can be stolen.

This is the current normal state of affairs on the internet. It has nothing whatsoever to do with BareMetal or the way we run our operations.

The only protection you can use is changing your password every time you log in through an untrusted network.

Do you know if this latest attempt is from the same of last weeks successful Hacking?

As I said before, there is absolutely no way to tell.

So by all the info I was able to gather, it appears this web site was DIRECTLY TARGETED. Maybe I should feel Honored. That my small web site upsets LIBERALS, and all those in Power who wish to make Everyone Conformists to HATE my itty bitty web site SO MUCH, they take the time to try to shut it down. If that is the case, then my MOM is right. I DO HAVE A BIG MOUTH. Always got me in trouble as a kid, and still gets me in trouble as an adult, both here and at work and in life. But I wouldn't have it any other way. It's my nature, my calling, me being me. SHUTUP! has always meant to me, Speak More and LOUDER!!!

I'll admit when I'm Wrong, or out of line. I know I upset or tick-off every visitor to my web site at some point. And I could very well be wrong. I post here my views on News, Politics, Issues, etc. And I am not perfect. Even with family and friends we disagree on things like this. However even if you disagree with me on some or most things I say or link to. Does not mean we can't learn from each other. After all, we all have to live together. And that includes whether we remain free or not. We will always have neighbors to get along with.

But trying to silence an individual, is counterproductive. For I am even more determined to keep this website up and do what I do.

Now for some NEWS

OH, and you thought that after all these years, having 1 or 2 Credit Cards was enough to get you by, well the Federal Gov't after beating down Microsoft, is now going after VISA and MASTERCARD. They are a MONOPOLY like Microsoft. So if this LAWSUIT pans out you will needs TENS of Credit Cards, multiple Bills just so you can shop where you want with a CARD. See the STORY HERE!!!

Want a Health Tip? Don't try to fix your own Microwave Oven....Could Be Shocking!!!! See the STORY HERE!!!

ANOTHER ASTRONAUT comes forward about a UFO ENCOUNTER!!! See the STORY HERE!!!

BUMMER!!! It looks like an urban myth is about to bite the dust, or dirt, so to speak. D.B. Cooper who hijacked a plane and parachuted out with Hundreds of Thousands of $$$, well possibly his SKULL has been found. See the STORY HERE!!!

Just Remember, if you see this or other websites like this disappear....It means we as a PEOPLE have lost the FREEDOM OF SPEECH. And George ORWELL's novel 1984 has become true. You may Hate me for what I say, but I hope you will defend my right to say it, as I VOW to defend your right to say what you want....


Update on the latest HACKING ATTEMPT at the end of this posting.

Now President Clinton is proposing PAID LEAVE from work, 12 weeks, i.e. 3 Months for childbirth, taking care of an elderly parent, etc. Just Like I said, The Original Legislation was for employees to take up to 12 weeks off work UNPAID. I said this is just incremental. Soon it will be PAID TIME OFF WORK. WHO PAYS??? EVERYONE. But who pays the MOST? Those who choose to be single, have no kids, and healthy parents. Just think, have a new baby, a happy family life, 12 weeks off work PAID. And who pays the most for it? Those who are single, have to take up the SLACK from the absense of these employees. What equal benefits are given to the employees who are single, and at no risk of having to care for elderly parents? NOTHING!!! Except mandatory Overtime. And I am in the position of LOSING hundreds of hours of accrued vacation time, because of policies like these. Getting Married and having children is a choice YOU make, caring for your parents in old age is your choice. IT IS NOT A FREE THING!!!! There are Monetary Sacrifices to be made by YOUR CHOICE. It is not a FREE RIDE to have Children, even though we all pay for Schools in TAXES, nor is it a FREE RIDE to care for your parents. But the LIBERALS want everyone to pay for it, whether you benefit from it or not. Those of us who are still single, whether we chose to be or not, are the 1st to be abused in the workplace by demands by the employer to cover for everyone who has taken time off by this proposed act of CLINTON. I get 4 weeks off a year from my employer, and I can't schedule the time off. Imagin how difficult it would be if 12 weeks off are given to new parents, and caregivers of elderly parents. Why should I be discriminated against because I am single, unable to use vacation time I earned of 4 weeks per year, and have to fill in for those with NO VACATION TIME for 12 weeks who are procreating without means of providing for their offspring? It looks like those who are responsible, are REQUIRED to PAY for the irresponsibilties of others. AND THIS IS NOT RIGHT!!!!

Here is the latest on the Attempted Hack Attempt yesterday.

[Tech: Tim Woodcock]

I wasn't about to let him in. I couldn't dismiss the thread without proof that it wasn't you, though it was quite obvious that it was someone trying to 'break in' using tech stupidity.

Keep a watch on your site though; you should probably change the password at least once a month for the next couple of months just to be sure. If you notice anything weird, let us know.


Can you believe it!!! My website was attacked once again, 1 week after the 1st attack. Fortunately my Host Provider was able to terminate the attempt before it affected my website.

And now I have additional information, from an EMAIL sent to my Host, saying, "FORGOT PASSWORD", this person's Email Address is now being investigated by My Host. It turns out the Tech at my Host recieved this EMAIL Today, is the SAME TECH who helped me last week. I've had the same EMAIL ADDRESS for over 3 yrs. And my Host has it. So this from "JOHN DOE" raised a RED FLAG at my HOST. Here are the Emails.

From: Tech Support To: john doe "computerdude2000_at_altavista.com@support.baremetal.com" Sent: Saturday, June 10, 2000 12:14 PM Subject: Re: [BM-23955] FTP account.. smokerdave.com > [Tech: Tim Woodcock]You are going to have to do much better than that. I have no idea who this really is; I just sent a password recently to an email address I recognize. You are going to have to prove your identity if you are going to use this address for this purpose.

DO YOU SEE IT???? The EMAIL ADDRESS of the HACKER is listed in this EMAIL!!!!


Well there is a Big downside to the low Unemployment rate in this country. We LIVE in a 24 HOUR SOCIETY. That means some people need to work overnight during the week, weekends, and overnight on the weekends. The hoopla the LIBERALS are giving to the increase in minimun wage is a farce. We can't keep entry level people making nearly twice the minimum wage, plus shift differential, and benefits. One borderline lowlife QUIT because he didn't want to work Friday nights. He was on the job less than a month and expected to leapfrog over others who have put in More time at the company and proved themselves as good workers. Plus the fact that he supposedly "injured" himself on the job with a handcart, claimed a broken foot that X-RAYS disproved, and a lack of any bruising of the foot. He did manage to get a DOCTOR to give him a week off from work. When the week ended he QUIT. Probably will try to sue also. This guy, in his early 20's at the most. Looks like "The Pillsbury Dough Boy" carrying around 400lbs of uncontrolled bouncing body FAT. And He is as WHITE AS A GHOST!!!! A hard thing to do in ARIZONA even if you work nights. He actually looks more like "The Michelin Man", but nobody would actually accuse "him" of being a "Man". We don't know what "he" is. "Pillsbury Dough Boy" fits best.

Although at the moment in my Dept at "The Secret Lab" we have good competant Techs, things are in a desperate mode. We have one Tech recovering from Open Heart Surgery and will be out up to 12 weeks, glad she made it thru. We have another High level tech leaving within 2 months, a Supervisor leaving next week, another Tech leaving in less than 2 weeks, besides the ones we know who plan to leave before the end of the year. Boils down to this, (BOILS an appropriate term right now). We are basically down by 1/3rd of the staff we need, this DOES NOT INCLUDE the EXTRA WORK for validations that need to be done RIGHT NOW. AND PLUS we lose another Supervisor for a month because of RESERVE DUTY and his Vacation. I have over 400 hours of time off available to me right now, but CAN'T use it. I have less than 12 months to bring it down to 160 hours or less, or I lose it. It doesn't look like I can use my time anytime soon.

The fact is, I am getting stressed at work right now, not normal for me. I could use a few days off, but it won't happen. So I guess I have to just push on. Trust me, Work will never put me over the brink. I will do what I have to do at work, looking forward to extensive time off at the end of the year. But if I happen to win the Lottery before then, I am out of there!!!!

Now to the NEWS

I say, "GO GIRLS GO!!!", a sexist comment from me, but what the hell. See the STORY HERE!!!

PETA and the Gov't must HATE this GUY, throwing all their Health Care Warnings into dispute. GIVE ME MEAT, GIVE ME CHEESE, GIVE ME McDONALDS FOOD!!! The only food this 68 yr old man has eaten for 12 yrs. And he is healthier and more active than a lot of 20 somethings I know. See the STORY HERE!!!

Now for a more Serious note. Rosie 2-Faced Liar O'Donnell defends HER right to protect her Children with ARMED GUARDS at School, but NOT PEOPLE like US. LIBERALS live by this mantra. ONE set of LAWS for YOU, A DIFFERENT SET OF LAWS FOR US. Because WE are SO IMPORTANT. REMEMBER THE CONSTITUTION,,,NOBODY is ABOVE the LAW, there is NO SUCH THING AS ROYALTY in the USA. That is one of the reasons for the REVOLUTION in 1775. But as AL GORE would call it,,,, A RISKY SCHEME.....SEE the STORY HERE!!!


And now to END todays posting. Since WHEN does a private enterprise, a GAME SHOW, have to conform to the ludicous "Americans With Disabilities Act"? Can you IMAGIN a game show going silent while the Question is given to a Contestant in SIGN LANGUAGE???? I bet the Ratings go into the TOILET, Bankrupts the SHOW. All because of the initial Warm and Fuzzy Feelings people have for the disabled, wanting to do all we can for them to "BE NORMAL". WELL SOME CAN'T!!! It's A FACT OF LIFE!!! NO matter what we do, there will ALWAYS be things people with disabilities can't DO!!!. A blind person can never be a driving instructer, A Quadrapeligic can never be a gymnist instructer, a deaf person can't use a regular phone. Sorry!!! I have Rambled on... See the STORY HERE!!!


Sorry a short update today, had to update Anti-Virus Software, etc. But here is something for you to read thru, I wish I wrote it, but I didn't. But I do agree with it, and the Lesson it shows. Here is the "STORY".

Wild Hogs

(The Wild and Free Pigs of the Okefenokee Swamp)

Some years ago, about 1900, an old trapper from North Dakota hitched up some horses to his Studebaker wagon, packed a few possessions -- especially his traps -- and drove south. Several weeks later he stopped in a small town just north of the Okefenokee Swamp in Georgia. It was a Saturday morning -- a lazy day -- when he walked into the general store. Sitting around the pot-bellied stove were seven or eight of the town's local citizens.

The traveler spoke. "Gentlemen, could you direct me to the Okefenokee Swamp?" Some of the oldtimers looked at him like he was crazy. "You must be a stranger in these parts," they said. "I am. I'm from North Dakota," said the stranger. "In the Okefenokee Swamp are thousands of wild hogs." one old man explained. "A man who goes into the swamp by himself asks to die!" He lifted up his leg. "I lost half my leg here, to the pigs of the swamp." Another old fellow said, "Look at the cuts on me; look at my arm bit off! Those pigs have been free since the Revolution, eating snakes and rooting out roots and fending for themselves for over a hundred years. They're wild and they're dangerous. You can't trap them. No man dare go into the swamp by himself. "Every man nodded his head in agreement.

The old trapper said, "Thank you so much for the warning. Now could you direct me to the swamp?" They said, "Well, yeah, it's due south -- straight down the road." But they begged the stranger not to go, because they knew he'd meet a terrible fate. He said, "Sell me ten sacks of corn, and help me load it in the wagon." And they did. Then the old trapper bid them farewell and drove on down the road. The townsfolk thought they'd never see him again. Two weeks later the man came back. He pulled up to the general store, got down off the wagon, walked in and bought ten more sacks of corn. After loading it up he went back down the road toward the swamp.

Two weeks later he returned and again bought ten sacks of corn. This went on for a month. And then two months, and three. Every week or two the old trapper would come into town on a Saturday morning, load up ten sacks of corn, and drive off south into the swamp. The stranger soon became a legend in the little village and the subject of much speculation. People wondered what kind of devil had possessed this man, that he could go into the Okefenokee by himself and not be consumed by the wild and free hogs.

One morning the man came into town as usual. Everyone thought he wanted more corn. He got off the wagon and went into the store where the usual group of men were gathered around the stove. He took off his gloves."Gentlemen,"he said, "I need to hire about ten or fifteen wagons. I need twenty, thirty men. I have six thousand hogs out in the swamp, penned up, and they're all hungry. I've got to get them to market right away." "You've WHAT in the swamp?" asked the storekeeper, incredulously. "I have six thousand hogs penned up. They haven't eaten for two or three days, and they'll starve if I don't get back there to feed and take care of them."

One of the oldtimers said, "You mean you've captured the wild hogs of the Okefenokee?" "That's right." "How did you do that? What did you do?" themen urged, breathlessly. One of them exclaimed, "But I lost my arm!" "I lost my brother!" cried another. "I lost my leg to those wild boars!" chimed a third. The trapper said, "Well, the first week I went in there they were wild all right. They hid in the undergrowth and wouldn't come out. I dared not get off the wagon. So I spread corn along behind the wagon. Every day I'd spread a sack of corn. The old pigs would have nothing to do with it."

"But the younger pigs decided that it was easier to eat free corn than it was to root out roots and catch snakes. So the very young began to eat the corn first. I did this every day. Pretty soon, even the old pigs decided that it was easier to eat free corn. After all, they were all free; they were not penned up. They could run off in any direction they wanted at any time."

"The next thing was to get them used to eating in the same place all the time. So I selected a clearing, and I started putting the corn in the clearing. At first they wouldn't come to the clearing. It was too far. It was too open. It was a nuisance to them." "But the very young decided that it was easier to take the corn in the clearing than it was to root out roots and catch their own snakes. And not long thereafter, the older pigs also decided that it was easier to come to the clearing every day."

"And so the pigs learned to come to the clearing every day to gettheir free corn. They could still subsidize their diet with roots and snakes and whatever else they wanted. After all, they were all free. They could run in any direction at any time. There were no bounds upon them." "The next step was to get them used to fence posts. So I put fence posts all the way around the clearing. I put them in the underbrush so that they wouldn't get suspicious or upset. After all, they were just sticks sticking up out of the ground, like the trees and the brush. The corn was there every day. It was easy to walk in between the posts, get the corn, and walk back out."

"This went on for a week or two. Shortly they became very used to walking into the clearing, getting the free corn, and walking back out through the fence posts."

"The next step was to put one rail down at the bottom. I also left a few openings, so that the older, fatter pigs could walk through the openings and the younger pigs could easily jump over just one rail. After all, it was no real threat to their freedom or independence. They could always jump over the rail and flee in any direction at any time."

"Now I decided that I wouldn't feed them every day. I began to feed them every other day. On the days I didn't feed them the pigs still gathered in the clearing. They squealed, and they grunted, and they begged and pleaded with me to feed them. But I only fed them every other day. And I put a second rail around the posts."

"Now the pigs became more and more desperate for food. Because now they were no longer used to going out and digging their own roots and finding their own food. They now needed me. They needed my corn every other day. So I trained them that I would feed them every day if they came in through a gate. And I put up a third rail around the fence. But it was still no great threat to their freedom, because there were several gates and they could run in and out at will."

"Finally I put up the fourth rail. Then I closed all the gates but one, and I fed them very, very well. Yesterday I closed the last gate. And today I need you to help me take these pigs to market."

-- end of story --

The price of free corn.

The allegory of the pigs has a serious moral lesson. This story is about federal money being used to bait, trap and enslave a once free and independent people.

Federal welfare, in its myriad forms, has reduced not only individuals to a state of dependency. State and local governments are also on the fast track to elimination, due to their functions being subverted by the command and control structures of federal "revenue sharing"programs.

The Moral of the story is: "Just say NO to free corn." The bacon you save may be your own.



A light commentary day, but I have some interesting things today for you nonetheless.

1st is another translation, a bit more complete and understandable of the Hacking I took this past weekend. To see the result of the attack CLICK HERE!!!SMOKER DAVE HACKED!!!

And now here is the latest Translation from a visitor to this web site.

Smoker Dave:

Just in case you wanted to know, here's the (very rough) translation of the hacked page from Babel Fish. I Don't know anyone who speaks Portuguese to get a better translation. FYI puta=whore.

h4ck3d by h4ckw1z ]

Agressive boyz

Kra I t puto that they had cancelled my dominio now www.submundo.org and have that to survive with www.zipado.com.br/users/submundo these bandos of capitalist children of puta, they go everything to take in c! My page tava bacaninha now and... a trash of visits! Porra! I t irado!

I also find that this my attitude will not go to advance in nothing but fuck!

CAPITALIST CHILDREN OF THE PUTA!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

Brasilian Hackers Rulez


End of Translation

Now to some interesting NEWS of the DAY.

I bet every guy who reads this article really is glad this never happened to him. Kids do the Darndest things, BUT this had to hurt. See the STORY HERE!!!

Don't you think the school intercome could have played "JailHouse Rock" for this kid? See the STORY HERE!!!

How about, "BANG YOUR HEAD!!!!" or "HEADBANGER'S BALL on MTV"? This sort of reminds me of an old Flinstones Cartoon. See the STORY HERE!!!

Here's a new twist for suing over coffee. Remember the little old lady who wom Millions of $$$$ from McDonald's because of the Hot Coffee she spilled on herself? Well now one lawyer is suing another, ASSAULT WITH A CUP OF COFFEE. See the STORY HERE!!!

How about a couple of nice fuzzy animal stories? A Deer, wanting to keep clean and avoid the USA'S equivalent of "MAD COW DISEASE", takes a BUBBLE BATH. See the STORY HERE!!!


I hope you enjoyed, or found these stories today interesting. I will see you tommorrow, unless the Brazilian Hackers Attack once again.


56th Aniversary of D-Day. I wonder how many of our children know this. I bet not many.

for the infrequent visitors here, a LINK to the saved file of the HACK JOB done by Brazilian Cyber-Terrorists is available in the previous posting.

Before I move on to the NEWS ETC. I ask all who visit here, to keep in your thoughts and prayers, a co-worker of mine who is undergoing open heart surgery today to repair 2 holes in her heart. She is a real trooper, basically working to the last minute. I don't think I could do the same.

Sorry about the long delay in regular postings, but the HACK ATTACK on my site Sat AM, had me spending as much time as I normally do in a week on this site, just to get it up and as secure as I can make it. If Gov't or Large Corporations get HACKED on their SECURE SERVERS, you can imagine the added risk of small web sites like mine on UNSECURED SERVERS.

Now to the NEWS!!!

AL GORE A SLUMLORD!!!! My bet is that this woman will be attacked by the DEMOCRATIC PARTY REGIME, as unable to maintain the upkeep of the APT. ETC. Probably be found to be in possesion of A GUN!!!. But while AL GORE REFUSES to use any of the RENT $$$$ to maintain the SLUM, HE ADVOCATES ALL OF US to pay for INTERNET ACCESS for people like his TENANTS. I bet this family would rather have a WORKING TOILET!!!! SEE THE STORY HERE!!!!!

This STORY, very poingnant to the Border States. This kind of threat either by a Gov't or it's citizenry would in the recent past constitute an act of WAR. There is a BOUNTY placed on the HEADS of the BORDER PATROL AGENTS. See the STORY and denial by the Mexican Gov't HERE!!!!

Now to PETA, eating meat makes MEN IMPOTENT. Another SCARE TACTIC by this WHAKO group that tried recently to convince college students that BEER was better than Milk, even though 3/4ths of the college population were too young to BUY BEER!!! Never Mind that for THOUSANDS of years MEN ate MEAT and well, I don't think we are going to be EXTINCT anytime soon. But here is the STORY from the ANIMAL RIGHTS WHACKO'S HERE!!!

And now this,,,, High School age Boys suspended for eating burgers at HOOTERS. Seems to me the teachers are RESPONSIBLE on a Field Trip. Plus any boy can see more "FLESH" at a PUBLIC BEACH. See the STORY HERE!!!!

And Finally this Story, I don't know what to say about this one. You just have to read the STORY HERE!!!!

Until Tommorrow, unless the DAMN BRAZILIANS Hit Again, Later!!!!



Well for those of you not on the "Smoker Dave Email List", you may not know that this site was "HACKED" by some group in Brazil. The site was defaced for only a few hours on Saturday before being restored by my web host. But here is what the Opening Page of my website looked like, if anyone can translate it, please do so and email me what it actually says.


UPDATE!!! A partial "Literal" Translation

Here's what could be translated. Keep in mind this is a literal translation, so doesn't completely make sense. Warning there is offensive language used. Kra I t puto that they had cancelled my dominio now www.submundo.org and have that to survive with www.zipado.com.br/users/submundo these bandos of capitalist children of puta, they go everything to take in c! My page tava bacaninha now and... a trash of visits! Porra! I t irado! I also find that this my attitude will not go to advance in nothing but fuck! CAPITALIST CHILDREN OF THE PUTA!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

As you can imagin, this took many hours to correct. Here are the related Emails. The 1st one was my initial notification.

Subject: URGENT!!! Security Incident on your machine www.smokerdave.com


You are being contacted because you are listed as an Internic contact for the domain referred to.

Attrition.org monitors computer crime on the internet. In the past few minutes, we have been notified that your domain was hacked, and your web page defaced. This means that the intruder has edited your web page in some way. Due to this, it is quite likely that one or all of the machines on your network are compromised. You may wish to take immediate action to correct this problem and respond to the intrusion.

One of the services attrition.org offers is mirroring defaced pages to aid in statistics on computer crime. The various archives of information we maintain is used by security professionals and law enforcement every day. We comply with all law enforcement subpoenas for information related to the intrusion; however, for the purposes of fairness in reporting, we do not reveal the identities of defacers other than as shown on the defaced web page.

Attrition offers free security advice and assistance to sites experiencing trouble. We can also recommend unaffiliated security companies should you feel the need for more extensive analysis; please mail staff@attrition.org, and we'll be happy to help.

We'd also like to assure you that we had no advanced knowledge of the intrusion. Any reference to attrition.org in your logs is due to our mirroring utility. Any greeting or reference toAttrition on the actual web page is beyond our control.

Please feel free to mail us if you have any questions or would like assistance.

For more on security and incident response:


For more on computer forensics and preservation of evidence:



For the latest on vulnerabilities and good security practice:


The Attrition Mirror:


Security Advisory Archive:


For the latest on computer crime and news:


Contacting us:


And here are the texts of some of the emails I recieved from my host provider.

[Tech: Tim Woodcock]


I have reset the password. I will send it to you shortly. I need to do some security checks first. If you can send something to prove to me that you are the owner, it will help.

My first priority is to try to restore your site from backup.

Here is some information about the last logins on your userid. I assume the first 3 are the hack job.

smokerda ftp Sat Jun 3 12:20 - 12:21 (00:01) gas22.solar.com.br

smokerda ftp Sat Jun 3 11:57 - 12:01 (00:04) gas22.solar.com.br

smokerda ftp Sat Jun 3 11:45 - 11:54 (00:08) gas22.solar.com.br

smokerda ftp Thu Jun 1 13:15 - 13:21 (00:05) .phoenix-05-10rs.az.dial-access.

smokerda ftp Thu Jun 1 12:34 - 12:40 (00:05) .phoenix-05-10rs.az.dial-access.

smokerda ftp Thu Jun 1 11:53 - 11:59 (00:05) .phoenix-05-10rs.az.dial-access.

smokerda ftp Thu Jun 1 11:37 - 11:52 (00:15) .phoenix-05-10rs.az.dial-access.

And here is the next email

[Tech: Tim Woodcock]

Ok. Your website has been restored and (assuming your email account has not been hacked) this email address is legitimately the webmaster.

(The email configuration was hacked too.)

Here is the current password: ********

I suggest you change this password to another secure one as soon as you get this message just in case your email account has been hacked too.

To keep the password secure, mix upper and lower case, punctuation, and numbers, and do not use words in any language.

The password change script is at ****************

You might consider changing your other passwords too (email for example) just to be sure they have not got in there. Either that or check with your email provider to see that there haven't been any logins from the address I gave you.

We were lucky this time; they hacked the site after last night's backup was already complete. It would be a good idea to check through the site to make sure all the expected pages are there, and that there are not extra files; just to be sure.


Nice clean file to start with. Previous postings in the ARCHIVES now, link is above.

I am off work until Monday, Thurs, (today/tonight) is my Memorial Day Holiday. Tommorrow is my 14th Anniversary at "The Secret Lab". If anyone had told me 14 yrs. ago that the new job I was about to start, I would still be there. I would have told them they were crazy. I originally went in thinking I would be there a year or so. Time goes by, and now I've been working ther for over 1/3rd of my life. Most of it on "The Graveyard Shift" too!!! I find it hard to believe myself.

Well it's a heavy NEWS Day. Let's start with the topic of the day. ELIAN, his "dad" wins today. Clinton, Reno, etc. are all happy with the decision for Elian to be with his "dad" and possibly soon to be taken back to Cuba. FATHER'S RIGHTS!!! According to Clinton and Reno, it is better for Elian to be taken away from freedom, and caring relatives. To be reunited with a "dad" he hardly knows, taken to a Communist Country where he will be taken away by the Gov't from the "family", to a "school" where he will be "educated" into believing he is a "cog" in the "Gov't Machine". Think what you want, you know my views on this subject. Taking all that into account, how DO YOU RESPOND TO THIS STORY!!!???? See Story HERE!!! ARE YOU STILL SCREAMING "FATHER'S RIGHTS????

And now to 2 FACED Al Gore. He says he doesn't want to ban cigarettes. (At least until his family can get out of tobacco farming profitably). See the Story HERE!!!

Does the workload at work ever make you crazy? You know, the STRESS, the demand for performance, etc.??? While most "intelligent" people will give the extra effort, increased teamwork, etc.... WELL...this worker had another idea...AND I stress this to "The Secret Lab Employees", LOCKING the DOORS is UNACCEPTABLE!!!! But also remember this worker is (maybe WAS) a "TACO BELL" worker. And won't be hired at "The Secret Lab". But you could probably understand the thinking, maybe even thought about it. But this worker did it. See the STORY HERE!!!

If you steal something, and hide, the "victim" or "family" should not complain about now taking care of the dead woman's kids. After all, how smart are you if you decide to hide in a TRASH COMPACTER???? You know, this things COMPACT on a regular basis!!! Just stamp "STUPID" on the tombstone. See the STORY HERE!!!

I have more "stuff" but need a nap before going to the Diamondbacks/Cardinals Baseball game tonight. Will continue early AM. Means another big update tommorrow.