Sorry I've been away, lots of work at the Secret Lab especially with the FDA Inspecting, what a pain!!!

While I do have comments on the news etc. I need to defer for now. However I have something that might be interesting for you. I picked up a Connectrix QuickCam, Black and White for REAL CHEAP. If my brother can get it hooked up and running on my 486, SmokerCam will debut on the web pg. Won't be a continuous feed, I don't even know if it will work, if I am limited to one picture at a time, or if it will update when I am on-line. But SmokerCam is a possibility in the next month, maybe it will debut the day my Visitor Count hits 10,000. Maybe my 486 can't handle it, and the debut will be delayed a few months. But either in the next month, or by the end of the year, SmokerCam will exist on this Web pg.

To make up for lack of updates the past 2 days, I am currently formulating in my mind a Commencement Speech to the High School Class of '99. I should have it up Sat or Sun. My apologies, I've been up for over 18 hrs with little sleep.


Approximately 500 KOSOVO REFUGEES are to arrive here in the Phoenix,AZ. area anytime now. Most don't speak ENGLISH, NEVER LIVED IN A DESERT CLIMATE, and,,, this one is good. MOST ARE SMOKERS!!!

Now if WE relocate THOUSANDS of REFUGEES to the USA, and they spend any period of time here,,, DO YOU THINK THEY WOULD WANT TO LEAVE???? Refugees that worked as HARD as THEY could in KOSOVO and got NOWHERE!!! Now in the USA no work at all, Refugee Status, and live better than they EVER DREAMED if they stayed in KOSOVO. DO YOU THINK THESE PEOPLE WILL WANT TO LEAVE???? I think NOT! Go back to BOMBED out home's, BURNED out Home's, ETC. Won't happen, the Refugees we take in will be permanent!!! /they could be homeless and on the streets here and consider themselves better off than if they stayed in their OWN Country. All I can say is that these Refugees are entering this Country Legally, as opposed to what happens on the Border States of MEXICO.

And today I heard a SENATOR, don't know from where, saying that it is time to REALIZE that People don't KILL People, GUNS KILL People. I have yet to see a GUN go off by itself and shoot someone. Every Article I have read has someone pulling the TRIGGER. The GUN DIDN'T DO IT!!!! The person handling the GUN did it.


It is 12:15PM now. I just found out that the FDA is now inspecting my SECRET LAB. We Expected the FDA back in FEB. So there is no excuse if we are unprepared. Because we are so large I expect some citations or 483's as it is called. But I believe we will come thru this inspection better than any other Large SECRET LAB doing similar work. I do wonder what other lab they have been thru, called to, because of problems, to delay their visit to my lab by over 3 months. My guess is falsification of results or data. Or a report by an employee of UNETHICAL PRACTICES, etc. I don't see that problem in my lab. Actually I believe the only things they will find are possibly some minor documentation problems the FDA doesn't like, but would be offset by the improvements we have done since their last visit. The FDA realizes some of these things take time, as resources are committed to more important Regulatory Issues. Overall I am not concerned by the FDA being there in my lab. Stress level goes up for some of MY Bosses, Some of my Techs. But not really for me. Sure when the FDA questions me, my stress level will be higher justifying some of my decisions to them, but it's like going to a doctor's office heart rate up, blood pressure up, etc. Because you are in a Doctor's Office.

What I am waiting for is a link from friends in AZ. REPORTS are that a new LAW is ready to be signed by the Governor. A $300 to $500 fine for having a TOBACCO PRODUCT on school grounds by teachers and employees and visitors. EVEN if you keep the cigarettes in your LOCKED CAR. My voting place is an Elementary School. I vote again on 5/18/99. If I park my car there at the polling place, and this LAW is signed, I could be fined. Even though the only the underage students could get to the cigarettes in my car is by "BREAKING AND ENTERING". I hope to have the actuall bill on this web site SOON.


Well folks, there are some things said or written by others that are better than I can do. AMAZING isn't it? Ha Ha! Well the following link was sent to me by a friend and co-worker of mine (NoRoos). This link kind of mirrors what was on the local talk radio today. Which was the Costa Mesa, CA. KILLINGS of toddlers by an angry CAR OWNER. He was so upset with his EX-WIFE he wanted the WORLD to know it. So he decided to try and KILL as many INNOCENT CHILDREN he could with his CADILLAC. So he drove it at HIGH SPEED into a DAY-CARE PLAYGROUND. Killed 2 or more toddlers and injured many others. Where is the OUTCRY for more STRINGENT CAR LAWS!!!! Like the call for more gun control laws, why is nobody calling for more LAWS on the purchase of PROPANE, PIPE, Things that could be used as SHRAPNEL in a PIPE BOMB? Or a PROPANE BOMB? It is the SAME argument the gun control whacko's are trying to use. OK enough of this... here is the link. HERE!!!!


Today I want to comment on an article in the Local Section Of The Arizona Republic. This story is not on their web site, not a critizism, since they don't put all the local news story on the 'net. I will do my best to paraphrase it. It is related to last weeks' shootings/bombings in Littleton CO.

In Mesa, AZ. where Smoker Dave lives, a new (large) High School is nearing completion in the eastern part of this large city (and suburb of 400,000 residents bordering PHX. AZ.).

This new High School WAS called Superstition Skyline High School. And it is displayed as such on the front of the school. The sports moniker for the school is/was either The Storm, or just, Storm. The High School was named as such because of its close proximity to SUPERSTION MOUNTAIN, picture HERE!.

Well since the tragedy in Littleton, CO. they, whoever that is decided that someone may refer to the school as "SS High School" for short. VISIONS OF NAZISM!!! and the moniker STORM!!!! They are afraid that the students may refer to themselves as "THE "SS STORM" TROOPERS.... NAZISM!!!

SO...now the TAXPAYERS of Mesa, AZ. now have to pay for the renaming of the school, which is ALREADY on the building, some new Sports jerseys which are already printed, NEW stationary that is already printed. Total Cost has not yet been disclosed, and I bet it won't be.I AM SO SICK AND TIRED OF ALL THIS EFFORT MADE TO AVOID OFFENDING/GIVING AN "OPPORTUNITY" TO USE A NAME OR WHATEVER, THAT COULD BE TWISTED IN A TWISTED MIND, TO MEAN SOMETHING IT DOESN'T

What's NEXT???? a protest by PETA (People for the Ethical Treatment of Animals) against PIZZA HUT because they have a "MEAT EATERS SPECIAL"???? Silly me, probably has already happened. What a bunch of CRAPOLA all this is. It is like having one of those "POSITIVE ATTITUDE/THINKERS", in your face. I want to BEAT them badly and tell them to live in the real world, where LIFE isn't FAIR, and you better LEARN on how to DEAL with it!!!! Oh BOO WHOOO!!!! I applied for this job and I didn't get it, UNFAIR UNFAIR!!!! GET OVER IT!!! ALL YOU cry baby Generation X'ers, this IS NOT SCHOOL anymore, where TEACHER'S MAIN JOB is to BUILD YOUR SELF-ESTEEM!!! In the REAL WORLD YOU HAVE TO EARN SELF-ESTEEM and SELF-RESPECT on YOUR OWN thru WORK ETHIC and PERFORMANCE. And guess WHAT??? You COULD still LOSE, to the Bosses son, daughter, brown noser, or because they (bosses) don't like you. Been there, seen it, had it happen to me. Choose your BATTLES WISELY in the workplace. And to all those that are slightly STUPID. When you send out resume's, don't list MOM as a referance, don't scribble, have obliterations on the application, if you EVER want a job that starts above the minimum wage. Just a helpful tip from Smoker Dave who is a "boss".


Finally! After all this time an EMPLOYER of ILLEGAL IMMIGRANTS gets FINED BIG TIME!. A big Mexican Fast Food Chain, open 24 hrs has finally been given it's due on the EMPLOYMENT of UNDOCUMENTED ILLEGAL ALIENS. The Question on whether they serve DOG MEAT is still unanswered, LOL a joke at work. Read the Story from the AZ REPUBLIC HERE!!!

I took a vacation day yesterday, from "THE SECRET LAB", need to use up some hrs before 6/2/99, before I lose it. My SCHEDULED SHIFT IS 10 hrs long, I WORKED 10.5 hrs ON MY VACATION DAY!!!! SOME DAY OFF!!! FEEL MY PAIN???

Sometimes, a lot of times, it sucks to be a "boss". The rest of this month is also going to be LONG WEEKS AND HRS. Finishing VALIDATION and IMPLEMENTING "SECRET NEW LAB EQUIPMENT". See picture of it HERE!!!

Vacations like this make me think I will put in FEWER HRS at work, working Regular Shift(10 hrs) Than if I try to take a day off!!!! I have an opportunity to sell back vacation time at a 60% return. HOWEVER using my time is a 13% deduction to begin with, since VACATION TIME is paid at BASE SALARY, ie: I don't get my 3rd (GRAVEYARD) Shift Differential when I use VACATION TIME. It's a 13% PAYCUT using VACATION TIME and NOT WORKING DURING THE VACATION. I want the TIME OFF anyways. DO YOU THINK I WOULD SELL THE TIME BACK AT A 60% return rate, PLUS TAXES??????

I was born at NIGHT. BUT NOT LAST NIGHT!!!! I want the time off.


Some more observations: Do you think copycat actions by school students would have happened if the media DIDN'T Play the tapes of Columbine KILLINGS OVER AND OVER for OVER A WEEK? Here in AZ we had numerous threats at school's, Sheriff Dept. at the the shools with METAL DETECTORS and BOMB SNIFFING dogs. Absentee rate on Fri. when the threats were supposed to be carried out (Anniversary of Hitler's SUICIDE) was over 80%.

Do you REALLY BELIEVE Jesse Jackson went to Belgrade Yugoslavia WITHOUT WHITE HOUSE SUPPORT????? Do YOU REALLY BELEIVE that the Administration CAN'T stop an INDIVIDUAL from going to a "WAR ZONE"??? Do you really believe that CLINTON won't find a way to use this to his political advantage?? Do you think Jesse Jackson wants to make CLINTON look bad??

Do You think it's wise to give the impression to Yugoslavia that the mere fact they have 3 POW's causes supposed so much concern in the USA? Even General Collin Powell, former Chief of Staff (during the "GULF WAR"), has said this "WAR" is NONE OF OUR BUSINESS. Do you know what all this is??? ALL "FLUFF", for ingestion by the great masses of the US PUBLIC who DON'T follow the news, or only see what the main Networks allow them to see. Do you REALLY think the people of KOSOVO will go back? After their husbands and sons have already been killed? The only ones left are OLD MEN, young widows with small children, and NO means of making a living, let alone rebuilding what the Serbs burnt and destroyed during the past 2 months. Yugoslavia more than happy to let other countries take these refugees permanently. they WIN!!!. KOSOVO cleaned out ethically, so to speak.


Observations: Since this great country of ours became INDEPENDANT over 200 yrs ago, there have allways been guns around. In my HIGH SCHOOL we had a RIFLE TEAM and a shooting range in the basement of the school. During HUNTING SEASON you could look in the parking lot and see GUN RACKS in many of the student vehicals, AND LOADED WITH RIFLES FOR AFTER SCHOOL HUNTING!!!. DID ANYONE EVER GET SHOT.... NO!!!!

The WHACKO's in Littleton CO. No problem with them worshiping HITLER, No Problem with their class project video of shooting sport oriented individuals. BUT I BET, if this so called TRENCHCOAT MAFIA, was into RELIGION and the BIBLE, THEY would be hauled before counselers etc. faster than you can say, OH SHIT!!!

Schools now endorse open prayer to GOD during a tragedy like this. Otherwise it is forbidden. While under seige students may PRAY, otherwise it is a violation of the separation of Church and State.

However if a group of students decide to dress in BLACK, revere HITLER, etc. IT IS PROTECTED. Can't interfere with the way they build their self esteem.

The protests against the NRA in Denver. Well all you anti-gun, anti 2nd ammendment people, put your $$$ where your mouth is. Plaster your car with bumper stickers that say you are unarmed, drive thru the WORST AREAS in your CITY. Put a placemat in front of YOUR HOME stating that there are no guns inside.

You go do that, you DAMN IDIOTS!!!! I will drive my car with an NRA sticker and live a lot longer than you anti gun idiots. If you feel that only the Gov't and criminals should have guns, you are a FOOL. The Gov't wants MORE GUN CONTROL LAWS. Well these DEMONIC KIDS in Littleton BROKE AT LEAST 22 STATE AND FEDERAL GUN LAWS. Do you think it would have stopped them if they knew they would break any new LAWS???? Do you think they said to each other, "We will break 22 LAWS", And decide not to do what they did if it WAS 25 LAWS????!!!!


This I got from KFYI and Barry YoungUPDATED 4/28/99

Barry Young's 10 Manifestations of Evil in America in the Late 20th Century Updated

1. Unparalleled Prosperity - Our success has produced an "ease of living" that has bread a general complacency on the part of each individual. This is especially true with regard to parenting.
2. Self - Instead of weighing all that we see and experience against absolutes such as Truth, Honor, and Integrity - we now concentrate on "feelings." Instead of teaching our children that self respect is a natural by-product of doing what is right and living life truthfully and fully, we instead teach them that they are nothing without "self-esteem" and that they are to get it at any cost.
3. Greed - Our greed has caused an unquenchable thirsting for material items to the exclusion of life's most important pursuits - Integrity and Truth.
4. Money - Our unbridled pursuit of money to the exclusion of all else.
5. Pleasure - Our endless pursuit of it at the exclusion of all else.
6. Sex - Our lust for it to the exclusion of all else.
7. Entertainment - Our pursuit of mindless and violent entertainment in movies, television and video games.
8. Vicarious Living - Our fascination with vicarious living (the living of our lives through others) exemplified by People Magazine, Entertainment Tonight, etc..
9. Pride - Pride has led to a Moral Blindness so that, as a society, we no longer have the ability to see or feel or in any way detect the Evil that has washed over us.
10. Moral Anarchy - Our creation of a life absent of God - One who provides the Human race with an external and objective set of values and rules to live by, has led us to an endless and fruitless internal search of what we "feel" to be right, using our own set of self-created values. If everyone does what he "feels" is right, then who is to prevail when there are two or more mutually exclusive possible solutions to a dilemma? If everyone is in charge, then no one is in charge.

And finally - If we rear our children in a valueless society without morals, should we really be surprised that we should end up with children who are without values and morals?


Another police related shooting at an after hours party in a local hotel here in Phoenix area. Where were the parents!!! Who allowed this to happen? A party by High School Students, with Alcohol(UNDERAGE) DRUGS(ILLEGAL). This so soon after the EVIL in Littleton CO. And Everyone here in the PHOENIX area knows the POLICE have been targeted. That is why this student was accidently shot. Jumping out of windows when the police are raiding the party is a BAD MOVE, bad things could happen, or accidents will happen. The fault of this is the individual STUDENT and His Parents, and also the other 50 students and Their parents. Everyone needs to take responsibility for this. The EXCUSE that, "HEY it was an after PROM PARTY!!!! The kids will drink and do drugs is a given." What is supposed to happen? OK....After PROM PARTIES IN HOTELS the LAWS AGAINST UNDERAGE DRINKING, and use of ILLEGAL DRUGS are SUSPENDED??? FLEEING POLICE IS A RIGHT IF THEY COME???? See the ARIZONA REPUBLIC STORY HERE!!!


To the One's who have been sending the HATE EMAIL and DEATH Threats to me, One Suggestion, though I don't use SPELL CHECK myself when updating the Web PG, I at Least get over 99% spelled right. I would have thought you could at least spell your favoeite adjectives correctly.

As much our Federal Govt has tried to diminish, to DESECRATE, etc. WHERE DID THE VICTIMS AND SURVIVORS GO? (DENVER SCHOOL MASSACRE)

TO CHURCH!!!, OR A TEMPLE ETC. To Pray, For solace etc. I am VERY GLAD that our YOUNG People still have the ROOTS of RELIGION. While the scenes from Colorado are TRAGIC, and sorrorfull. At LEAST our young people still have RELIGION. This is the only way to save us and our way of Life. If ANYTHING GOOD can be had from the School Massacre, is the RE-ACCEPTANCE of MORALS, be it Religion Based or whatever..... We still have HOPE. Prayer in School, NO. But a MORAL CODE yes. Thinking HARD, who is worse....Clinton, or undisciplinrd CHILDREN? Clinton is an ADULT and should know better. Who do you blame for misguided CHILDREN?


I believe that the 2 students in CO. had help, there is no way they could have transported by themselves all of what is now public. The Liberals demanding stricter GUN CONTROL LAWS. Well I belive PIPE BOMBS etc. were NEVER LEGAL, did that stop them???? What makes you think more GUN CONTROL LAWS would have stopped them???? It is being reported that at least some of the GUNS used were STOLEN..... Isn't STEALING against the LAW???? If you want to go on in this,,,,, don't you think registration and a waiting period be REQUIRED for buying sections of pipe? A similar LAW on the purchase of PROPANE for your GAS GRILL? (That would certainly cause revolution here in AZ where nearly everyone has an outdoor GAS GRILL BBQ). Don't forget NAILS!!! popular ingredient in a Pipe Bomb.

Oh the LIBERAL line, "If 1 Life could be saved...." Well let's ban Cars, Planes, PEANUT BUTTER.

Let's go to the ultimate LOGIC. In every evidence of life, death happens to all life. In AZ we have a HIGH incidence of DROWNINGS, should POOLS and LAKES, RIVERS be banned, to SAVE 1 LIFE???? People DIE ALL THE TIME IN HOSPITALS, ban hospitals???? Little CHILDREN sometimes choke and DIE from eating HOTDOGS,,,BAN HOTDOGS???? Some children are STILLBORN, BAN SEX????? People were in the past, and occasionally now "stoned" to DEATH, BAN ROCKS!!!????

I think you get the idea. The ONLY way to solve this sort of problem is for parents to take responsibility for being parents, raise THEIR own kids right, with respect for others etc. The end of public education putting the self ESTEEM of the child above all else. Need to have a FIRM definition of Right and Wrong. A MORAL COMPASS AS A COUNTRY. The acceptance of abberant/dysfunctional behaviour by children and adults needs to be stopped. We have brought this on ourselves, examples of which are the Jerry Springer, Sally Jesse R shows etc. Making deviant behaviour simple entertainment for the couch potato public. I bet the likes of Jerry Springer etc. are kicking themselves that they didn't know about the "Trench-Coat Mafia" and their hatred of minorites and jocks before this TRAGEDY on Tuesday, would have made great ratings. Sally Jesse R not happy that Smits killed his homosexual admirer before the show AIRED!!! And she thinks she's being persecuted!!!! I guess ALL'S FAIR IN LOVE AND RATINGS. If you read between the lines of the LIBERALS, I am the WORST, I EAT MEAT, I DRINK BEER, I SMOKE CIGARETTES!!!! I AM CONSERVATIVE, I OWN GUNS!!! I AM RELIGIOUS, I AM RESPONSIBLE.

KILL HIM!!! Smoker Dave is a POOR example of present SOCIETY. Well THEY are going to have to kill me, because I'm NOT CHANGING!!!


Oh Great! now my commentary is prophetic. See yesterday's posting below on description of the gunmen. This was not prophecy, just a logical view of the world now around us pertaining to this tragedy near Denver. The gun control whacko's including Sarah Brady, countries that banned guns are already flowing in. Even Editorial Cartoonists taking their shots, (so to speak) at the NRA HERE!!!

Since when did the NRA advocate this sort of action, since when did the NRA advocate the building of bombs? Over 30 unexploded bomds found at the school and in the homes of these 2 Soul-Less VICTIMS OF SOCIETY. The Liberals would have you believe it is OUR FAULT that these 2 "students" were victims because they were unpopular, disliked jocks and minorities. Well in High School there is always the in crowd, the "wannabees", the outcasts, etc. Should a LAW be made against this? A Government MANDATE that ALL after school Activities between friends at school include everyone? Everyone must attend the Photography Club, Everyone has to be on a Sport Team, Everyone must participate ib GOTHIC NIGHT, Everyone must attend each and every Church and activity. Everyone must participate in Band, Thearter, Science Clubs, Computer Clubs, Boy Scouts, Girl Scouts, etc. etc. etc. just to enforce the lone whakos to join in.

I don't think so! I believe it is the ultimate RESPONSIBILITY of the PARENTS to monitor and keep track of what their OWN kids are doing. There is a RESPONSIBILITY to being a parent! These 2 Soul-Less students lived in comfortable homes, managed to have a web pg, did a video at school on guns and what they wanted to do with them. Dressed in black and black trenchcoats, White and Black makeup daily. Didn't the parents HAVE A CLUE that SOMETHINGS WRONG HERE??? Able to build dozens of BOMBS, get GUNS and the PARENTS DON'T KNOW????

Liberals say we need more LAWS!!! Well how many LAWS do they need to break??? They broke FELONY FEDERAL, STATE, and LOCAL LAWS by their actions yesterday. What are we going to do? Make it DOUBLY ILLEGAL? LIKE that would have stopped this. How were these 2 kids able to bring in the guns, let alone the all the BOMBS they had. Guess what? It is ILLEGAL to bring a bomb to school too. MORE LAWS MORE LAWS!!! Well lets see..... It is easy to make a MOLOTOV COCKTAIL out of a little GASOLINE, a bottle, a rag, and a match. Are we to regulate the sale of these items too? Can you see it? DO YOU HAVE A PERMIT TO GAS UP YOUR CAR? DO YOU HAVE A PERMIT to purchase tis FOOD item in a PLASTIC, Glass Container, DO YOU HAVE A PERMIT TO HAVE A BOOK OF MATCHES? BECAUSE these ITEMS can be used to make a BOMB!!!!!!

The LIBERALS said we must be SENSITIVE to the Needs of other CULTURES. Well does other CULTURES include the GOTHICS, the unpopular, the paranoid, the upset teenager rebuffed by a girlfriend? Or is it a problem that IS SUPPOSED TO BE ADDRESSED BY THE PARENTS? VALUES, ETHICS, are supposed to be taught by PARENTS and enforced by PARENTS while they minors and in control of their kids.

I would like to see the expaination from the parents of these 2 Soul-Less Killers, may they and their parents ROT IN HELL! Ignorance of your own minor child's activities does NOT absolve the parent of responsibility for their child's actions.

When I grew up, if I broke a neighbor's window with a baseball, football, whatever. MY PARENTS paid for it. How do you pay for this???

And TODAY, the FUNERAL of the latest Policeman killed in the line of duty here in Phx, AZ. BAD DAY any way you look at it.

A tid bit of advice..... Don't go to SLEEP with CNN on the TV when tragedies like yesterday are on-going. The DREAMS you have/Remember are not good.


Oh God, another school shooting in Denver. At least 14 students shot by 2 gunmen. Don't know if the gunmen are students or not. I bet they are students, or recent students. Undoubtably if this is so, the parents of the gunmen will blame and sue, the TV Networks, the Internet, the Record Companies, and blame society as a whole, because these kids were outcasts, not accepted by their peers, were TORMENTED by the school system and fellow students, etc. etc.

This in cross reference to KOSOVO. The Reason the Ethnic Albanians are being slaughtered by the Serbs, is because the Soviet Union banned religion and took the guns away from the public. The Serbs got the guns, the Albanions don't. Guess who is getting killed? 100,000 to 500,000 Albanion men executed in KOSOVO the past month? KOSOVO is smaller than Maricopa County in AZ!!!! REMEMBER those who want you to have no GUNS either are out to make you comply with LIBERAL THINKING or want only the GOVERNMENT and the CRIMINALS to have GUNS.

The SUPREME COURT has ALREADY RULED that a police dept, can't be sued for a delayed response to a life and death situation 911 CALL. The police are to PROTECT THE SOCIETY IN GENERAL, not INDIVIDUALS!!! So if you cannot protect yourself from a home invasion, armed robbery, etc. The POLICE can only GUARANTEE to chalk line your DEAD BODY for photo's and then TRY to catch who killed you. And depending on their ethnic background, their childhood, their DENIED OPORTUNITIES, etc. etc. The Court may justify the MURDER OF YOU, because to the killer you were a SYMBOL of his/her REPRESSION!!!!

Tommorrow We in AZ bury another POLICEMAN KILLED in the LINE OF DUTY. Shot by a member of a MEXICAN MAFIA. See the Latest Story From THE ARIZONA REPUBLIC HERE!!!


I have added on the MAIN pg articles. Charlton Heston Speech, Clinton's Letter to the ROTC in 12/69, and NAME THAT COUNTRY.

Recently I've been hearing from congressmen and senators, who were INITIALLY against this STUPID WAR in KOSOVO now saying, that since we are there, we need to see it thru, for the prestige of NATO and the USA. I say it was a BIG MISTAKE to get involved in a civil war that started CENTURIES before AMERICA was "Discovered", and a VERY BAD IDEA to throw away more $$$ and risk of American Causulties in a "WAR" that can't be won. WHY THROW GOOD $$$ after a bad choice??? Clinton wants to spend $6 BILLION between now and June on this "war". What price are we to pay so Clinton has a LEGACY? Is this war to preserve the flow of YUGO CAR PARTS? I don't think so since we bombed that factory. I wonder what our interest is there.

OH!!! preventing ETHNIC CLEANSING!!! Well WE didn't go to AFRICA when the Huto's and Tutsies were killing each other with swords and knives!!!

As far as saying we need to make sure NATO and the USA keep their credibility, I say it is already lost. NATO is falling apart as I write this, Germany wants out, Spain already left, Portugal wants out, Italy, where we launch most of the missions from, is wavering.

Think about this, with all the ILLEGAL IMMIGRANTS coming into California and Arizona, if they make up a majority in these states and want to be part of MEXICO, what would the US Government do? The same as YUGOSLAVIA in KOSOVO!!!! The Border Patrol in AZ DEPORTED 250,000 ILLEGAL IMMIGRANTS THIS YEAR!!! And that's what they caught!!!! Estimates are we catch 1 in 10. AND WE PAY for their Emergency Health Care, Educate their kids, ( (Most illegal immigrant families have 5 or more kids).


Another Tragedy in the "Valley of the Sun", the Phoenix, AZ area. Another shooting of a police officer in less than a month (5 so far) and a second fatality in 3 weeks. What is going on? Why is it now "open Season" on Police here by ILLEGAL ALIENS, DRUNKS, ARMED ROBBERS, Homeless Rights people,? Has everyone gone MAD? If these people are willing to shoot Police Officers without remorse, think how easy it is for them to shoot the rest of us. Now for the gun control freaks, well the LAWS didn't work, more laws won't work either. The only thing laws do is restrict the LAW ABIDING citizens. The LAWLESS will always get guns. What I wonder about is these shootings of Police here in the past month, and the continueing rash of children getting guns and using them at school. Are we in a moral decline? Brought about by the likes of Leaders like Clinton?

I wish I knew. For the news stories on the latest Police Killing, from the Arizona Republic, Click HERE!


I hope you all got your TAXES esent in on time, bad enough paying them, let alone the penalties and intrest they charge!

33,000 Reserve's are going to be called for active duty. Is this to protect our southern boder from the INVASION FORCE of ILLEGAL MEXICANS? NOPE, to fight over KOSOVO. I understand if you don't follow my line of thinking on this. You need to read this news story from today's ARIZONA REPUBLIC HERE!

NASA all bent out of shape that this story was leaked, ASTEROID HIT POSSIBLE IN 2039. Story HERE! From "SIGHTINGS" Web Page.

Short update, long week at work, long night at work. Knee still bothersome but getting better.


File ran out of space, for entries 3/17/99 thru 4/13/99, (AND before) use The ARCHIVES LINK above.

Here is a letter by CLINTON in 1969, that was never RECANTED, apologized for, or that he has SINCE had a CHANGE OF HEART. Remember this fact when reading it. I got this copy from KFYI 910AM in Phoenix, AZ(www.kfyi.com).

Clinton Letter When Facing the Draft

As a Rhodes scholar, Bill Clinton wrote this letter, dated December 3, 1969, to Colonel Eugene J. Holmes, Commandant of the ROTC program at the University of Arkansas. Transcribed from The Congressional Record-House, July 30, 1993, p. H5550.

Dear Colonel Holmes,

I am sorry to be so long in writing. I know I promised to let you hear from me at least once a month, and from now on you will, but I have had to have some time to think about this first letter. Almost daily since my return to England I have thought about writing, about what I want to and ought to say.

First, I want to thank you, not just for saving me from the draft, but for being so kind and decent to me last summer, when I was as low as I have ever been. One thing which made the bond we struck in good faith somewhat palatable to me was my high regard for you personally. In retrospect, it seems that the admiration might not have been mutual had you known a little more about me, about my political beliefs and activities. At least you might have thought me more fit for the draft than for ROTC.

Let me try to explain. As you know, I worked for two years in a very minor position on the Senate Foreign Relations Committee. I did it for the expedience and the salary but also for the opportunity, however small, of working every day against a war I opposed and despised with a depth of feeling I had reserved solely for racism in America before Vietnam. I did not take the matter lightly but studied it carefully, and there was a time when not many people had more information about Vietnam at hand than I did.

I have written and spoken and marched against the war. One of the national organizers of the Vietnam Moratorium is a close friend of mine. After I left Arkansas last summer, I went to Washington to work in the national headquarters of the Moratorium, then to England to organize the Americans here for demonstrations Oct. 15 and Nov. 16.

Interlock with the war is the draft issue, which I did not begin to consider separately until early 1968. For a law seminar at Georgetown I wrote a paper on the legal arguments for and against allowing, within the Selective Service System, the classification of selective conscientious objection for those opposed to participation in a particular war, not simply to "participation in war in any form."

From my work I came to believe that the draft system itself is illegitimate. No government really rooted in limited, parliamentary democracy should have the power to make its citizens fight and kill and die in a war they may oppose, a war which even possibly may be wrong, a war which, in any case, does not involve immediately the peace and freedom of the nation.

The draft was justified in World War 11 because the life of the people collectively was at stake. Individuals had to fight, if the nation was to survivie, for the lives of their countrymen and their way of life. Vietnam is no such case. Nor was Korea an example where, in my opinion, certain military action was justified but the draft was not, for the reasons stated above.

Because of my opposition to the draft and the war, I am in great sympathy with those who are not willing to fight, kill and maybe die for their country (i.e. the particular policy of a particular government) right or wrong. Two of my friends at Oxford are conscientious objectors. I wrote a letter of recommendation for one of them to his Mississippi draft board, a letter which I am more proud of than anything else I wrote at Oxford last year. One of my roommates is a draft resister who is possibly under indictment and may never be able to go home again. He is one of the bravest, best men I know. His country needs men like him more than they know. That he is considered a criminal is an obscenity.

The decision not to be a resister and the related subsequent decisions were the most difficult of my life. I decided to accept the draft in spite of my beliefs for one reason: to maintain my political viability within the system. For years I have worked to prepare myself for a political life characterized by both practical political ability and concern for rapid social progress. It is a life I still feel compelled to try to lead. I do not think our system of government is by definition corrupt, however dangerous and inadequate it has been in recent years. (The society may be corrupt, but that is not the same thing, and if that is true, we are all finished anyway.)

When the draft came, despite political convictions, I was having a hard time facing the prospect of fighting a war I had been fighting against, and that is why I contacted you. ROTC was the one way left in which I could possibly, but not positively, avoid both Vietnam and resistance. Going on with my education, even coming back to England, played no part in my decision to join ROTC. I am back here, and would have been at Arkansas Law School because there is nothing else I can do. In fact, I would like to have been able to take a year out perhaps to teach in a small college or work on some community action project and in the process to decide whether to attend law school or graduate school and how to begin putting what I have learned to use.

But the particulars of my personal life are not nearly as important to me as the principles involved. After I signed the ROTC letter of intent, I began to wonder whether the compromise I had made with myself was not more objectionable than the draft would have been, because I had no interest in the ROTC program in itself and all I seemed to have done was to protect myself from physical harm. Also, I began to think I had deceived you, not by lies-there were none-but by failing to tell you all the things I'm writing now. I doubt that I had the mental coherence to articulate them then.

At that time, after we had made our agreement and you had sent my 1-D deferment to my draft board, the anguish and loss of my self-regard and self-confidence really set in. I hardly slept for weeks and kept going by eating compulsively and reading until exhaustion brought sleep. Finally, on Sept. 12 I stayed up all night writing a letter to the chairman of my draft board, saying basically what is in the preceding paragraph, thanking him for trying to help in a case where he really couldn't, and stating that I couldn't do the ROTC after all and would he please draft me as soon as possible.

I never mailed the letter, but I did carry it on me every day until I got on the plane to return to England. I didn't mail the letter because I didn't see, in the end, how my going in the Army and maybe going to Vietnam would achieve anything except a feeling that I had punished myself and gotten what I deserved. So I came back to England to try to make something of this second year of my Rhodes scholarship.

And that is where I am now, writing to you because you have been good to me and have a night to know what I think and feel. I am writing too in the hope that my telling this one story will help you to understand more clearly how so many fine people have come to find themselves still loving their country but loathing the military, to which you and other good men have devoted years, lifetimes, of the best service you could give. To many of us, it is no longer clear what is service and what is disservice, or if it is clear, the conclusion is likely to be illegal.

Forgive the length of this letter. There was much to say. There is still a lot to be said, but it can wait. Please say hello to Col. Jones for me.

Merry Chirstmas.

Bill Clinton

NOW do YOU want your children to be possibly drafted by this Administration because of OUR commitment to KOSOVO????

2nd news item. Clinton will not contest the Civil Contempt of Court charges, or fines that would entail. UNLESS it looks like he might be DISBARRED as a LAWYER. Let's see.... what was that song???? It goes,"What The HELL ARE WE FIGHTING FOR.... I DON'T KNOW, AND DON't GIVE A DAMN... I'M GOING TO VIET NAMN!!!.

3rd Item. ROCKET BOY gets to go back to school!!! Thank YOU to all who sent EMAIL about this, I'm sure it had influence!!! Here is the Story from the AZ Republic HERE!

Smoker Dave's Knee Update: Getting better, SLOWLY, another 4 or 5 days I should be able to walk NORMALLY again. But you can forget about me kneeling at Church this weekend.