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1,573 Days of WWIII

12/31/05 Saturday Very Early AM


Now for this week's Review and next week's Preview of everything that is Coast To Coast AM, MY RADIO SHOW at work in "The Secret Lab". Smoker Dave is glad to provide to you, my new friend from the X-Conference in Washington D.C., Tim Binnall.

the binnall report

binnallofamerica.com is a collection of researchers, writers and philosophers with a keen eye for the absurd in everything, especially the world of the paranormal and new age (i.e. esoterica). We are a stand-alone entity, and impartial observer, serving as a beacon in the night among a sea of voices.

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1,571 Days of WWIII


Well I have ONE MORE 10 HR SHIFT to work for this Year. Yip-Yip-YAHOO!!! Funny how a simple change in the Date marks how we see things in perspective looking back. Our Brains are wired to break up major and minor events during our lifetimes by the YEAR. So the New Year is like erasing the Chalkboard, or starting a New File. What Special SPELL does that silly Ball in Times Square in New York City have on all of us? It doesn't matter what Time Zone you are in, the Chalkboard is erased as the Ball falls.

Still a fairly slow work week, only made sorta normal because we are short staffed due to vacations and such, but still mostly silent on the News Front. Most of my Sources for info are on vacation, Washington, DC still empty of Politicians and such. But I do have a couple of tid-bits for you.

NEW TV CHANNEL!!! ARIZONA WEATHER CHANNEL!!! Let me see.... HOTTER THAN HELL 100 days a year, Cool and Cloudy 30 days a year, Rains 20 days a year, COLD 20 days a year, AND 195 DAYS of Absolutely PERFECT Weather a YEAR!!! We need a STUPID ARIZONA WEATHER CHANNEL??? See the STORY HERE!!!

This is UGLY! A few Years back, here in Arizona a guy decided to commit Suicide by diving HEAD FIRST into a Wood Chipper.... What was left was red stained Mulch.... Well it is extra tragic when it is an accident! See the STORY HERE!!!

Well since it is nearly the End of the Year, time to review those who have past onto the next Life this past Year. See the STORY HERE!!!

Well, I can only PROMISE 1 more update for this Year, Friday Night's Weekender Edition! I will update before that if I have anything else to say or post as News. I don't want to promise any more than I know I Will deliver.

TIP: If you want to save 50%, wait until NEXT WEEK to buy your 2006 CALANDER!!!

1,570 Days of WWIII


Well Regarding yesterday's RANT, FEDEX Delivered my mis-directed package with the Correct Address and Zip Code today, 24 hrs after I called. So what was it? Just a watch, that keeps it's Time via Radio from the Atomic Clock in Colorado. I like keep perfect Time. Plus relying on my Cell Phone, taking it in and out of my Pocket to see the Time during my Smoke Breaks were a Hassle. I let you know if the "LEAP SECOND" puts it on the fritz on New Years Eve.

Speaking of New Years Eve, I will be staying RIGHT HERE! I am not Driving anywhere on "AMATURE DRUNK DRIVER NIGHT"! Plus ART BELL is on FRIDAY and SATURDAY NIGHT this week. Last time I was on the Radio with ART was New Years Eve 2000-2001 when my Desk Top PC Monitor BLEW UP!, Smoke and everything! Maybe I will be on again.... There is ONLY 1 SMOKER DAVE in MESA, AZ.! And if I get through, ART will Remember Me when I remind him of the PC Monitor Blowing Up 5 yrs ago.

Still a real Slow Work Week for me so far, Kind of boring, but at least George Noory is doing LIVE Coast To Coast Shows this week.

Well, we do have a few News Stories to cover today.

CANADA is Blaming the USA on it's recent GUN VIOLENCE! OK! FINE!!! Canada, BUILD A WALL!!! That will save us in the USA from building the Northern One!!! See the STORY HERE!!!

OK, now why to not believe the POLLS. This one says we are all MISERABLE, DEPRESSED, STRESSED OUT, without HEALTH CARE, and UnEmployed. See the STORY HERE!!! But from the SAME NEWS SERVICE, and on the SAME DAY, CONSUMER CONFIDENCE SOARS! Most everyone looking up and for a better year ahead. See the STORY HERE!!! So which is TRUE? BOTH? NEITHER? Or might it be the difference between Good workers who want to do better, to slackers and non-workers who like freebie handouts from the rest of us????

OK.... How do you like this!!!! Terrorist Suspects' DEFENSE LAWYERS are going to try to use the "Illegal Wiretap/Eavesdropping" Charge to spring FREE these TERRORISTS on a Technicality that doesn't EXIST except in Far Left Liberal Minds!!! LET THEM FREE!!! So they can plan the Next Terrorist Attack without the GOV'T SPYING ON THEM TO PREVENT IT!!!! NO FAIR we are not giving the TERRORISTS a FAIR SHOT, not giving them a SECURE Communication Line inside the USA to their Operatives to carry out such Attacks!!! GIVE ME A DAMN BREAK!!!! See the STORY HERE!!!

Well that's all I have for today, I will be back before the Weekend, and of coarse the WEEKENDER EDITION on FRIDAY NIGHT.

1,569 Days of WWIII


Well for sure it is a HOLIDAY WEEK. Not much going on, work is slow, the only places busy are the Stores and Malls on their After Christmas Sales. Today marks the start of the no-name College Football Games. Well it's a Football Game anyway, better than nothing. The TV generally sucks right now. All the Movies in the Theatre's suck right now, and nearly All of the Talk Radio Industry has a week off, either last week or this week.

How about this little tid-bit. The NY JETS Lost the very 1st ABC Monday Night Football Game 31-21. And also Lose the very LAST ABC Monday Night Football Game 31-21. I'm sure you could have made this BET in Las Vegas 36 yrs ago, or even yesterday. But if you could have predicted 36 yrs ago it would be the JETS in the last Game and Losing by the Same Score in the last Game, probably you would have made a BUNDLE OF $$$$$!!!!

I have one irritant or burr in my Ass. All from a ZIP CODE CHANGE from July. You see, this area is growing so Fast that they had to make a new ZIP CODE. I used to be one Zip Code, now I am an new one. I had issues with missed mail, ie. Bills whith the US POSTAL SERVICE earlier this year after THEY made the Change. Granted the Old ZIP CODE is supposed to work Until July 2006. But now the US POSTAL SERVICE gets the Mail Here with the new ZIP CODE, and so does UPS. But not FEDEX. A Present I bought for myself was real Close by, about 5 miles away from me when I was at work.....Then went onto Tucson!!!! 100 miles Away!!!! Currently sitting in LIMBO somewhere between Tucson and New Mexico. My new Zip Code FEDEX did not have ant idea where it was for. Even though the Street Address, STATE, and CITY was also in the Address. What were they thinking???? That maybe there is a Mesa, AK instead of AZ with a Zip Code like mine? Even with the Technology we have now, always a glitch somewhere!!! Well I should have my package within 48 hrs.

Speaking of GLITCHES, is this Y2K Revisted 2006 style???? The LEAP SECOND! Will this screw up all the Clocks, ETC. And be a revenge for Y2K Tragedy that never appeared? Well I am sure the LEAP SECOND will do no Harm, but there are Stories that suggest Problems! See the STORY HERE!!!

I don't buy this, Meds, or no Meds! If you Rob a Store don't blame it on Medication or lack of medication. Even if you are Famous, and a 4 Time ALL STAR in MLB. See the STORY HERE!!!

Take a Stroll down Memory Lane with the 50 Greatest Gadgets of the past 50 Years! See the STORY HERE!!!

Remember, If I have time, and something worthwhile to Post I will, but this is a SLOW NEWS WEEK. It is the Holiday Season, New Years next, followed a week later with my Birthday and the Start of the NFL Playoffs!!!!

1,568 Days of WWIII


Well I hope you all had a Very Merry Christmas with friends and Family!

Well Christmas began for me on Saturday at the Arizona Cardinals vs the Eagles in the Cards last home Game at ASU's SUN DEVIL STADIUM. We got a STRONG WIN, and it was the Last Game in this OLD sub-PAR stadium, one of the worst in the NFL. Next Home Game in The Crown JEWEL of NFL STADIUMS!!! I am still sorting thru on my seat selection, from where I want to sit, to what I can afford, to how much I am willing to Pay. Being a Season Ticket Holder for 16 yrs. I basically am amoung the 1st in line to choose.

Well I have already started upgrading the NFL Experience. For the past 15 yrs or so I have been Tailgating with a Radio Shack 5 inch Portable B&W TV with AM?FM Radio. Cost $50 back then. Well if you Shop the On-Line Stores like Sharper Image, and look at the "ORPHANS" some great Deals can be had. So I now have Color TV, DVD, Radio, and a more easy to see Screen outside. It will also double as a travel Companion on Flights for watching DVD's as the Battery lasts longer than my Lap Top PC. Got it for less than 1/3rd of the Original Cost, but still have the Warranties, etc. as if it was purchased Brand New. I gave it a test run on Saturday at the Game, worked Like a Charm!

Sharper Image is a Great Store, lot's of neat Stuff. The Ionic Breeze (s) I have allow me to smoke inside without making it seem like a Smoking House.

So for Christmas, what did I get? Well my Cell Phone Service Paid for another year. I don't need much, no Camera-Phone, Tunes, etc. I got this from my Brother. And my Mom is getting me SUN SCREENS! You see Most of my windows face South, where thay get all the SUN, Especially in SUMMER! I have a Lot of Windows. SUN SCREENS reduce the heat of the SUN getting inside by over 30% And since I sleep during the day and need it cool during the hottest part of the day, this will save a lot of $$$ on Electric Bills from using the A/C so much. So I did well.

Besides the Den I want to get 1 of 2 things before next Christmas. A Security Screen Front Door (METAL), or a Very Nice La-Z-Boy Recliner. A sort of "HOLY" Chair. Nobody sits there even if I am away on Vacation. So my "BUTT" Imprint for a perfect fit remains "PURE". I would be even more Militant on this than Archie Bunker was on "His" Chair.

Tonight is the Last MONDAY NIGHT FOOTBALL GAME for ABC. The NY JETS finish being the 1st and Last Game. 35 yrs. End of an ERA.

Seems weird, most people not working this week, roads around here are basically empty except near the Shopping Malls. Washington and Politics gone and no news. And Basically a non-News Day. Yes last year was the TSUNAMI that made big News. But now a year later, it can get no more than a mere mention even on this Slow News Week.

If you are a Talk Radio Fan like I am, Last and this week is a tough time of Guest Hosts, Replays, Etc. That's how it goes. But this/er next Year Starting on my 43rd B-Day are the NFL PLAYOFFS!!!!

Well I don't have anymore news, just the fact I do work all this week, and I do have Leftover HAM from my Mom to EAT! Yum Yum!!!

Should be a light week at work and in the NEWS. I will update when there is something while to update on.

FYI, I will close this FILE and put it in the ACRHIVES and start 2006 with a clean slate. Until Next TIME!!!!

1,566 Days of WWIII

12/24/05 Saturday Very LATE PM

SANTA IS IN FLIGHT!!! And my CARDINALS WIN their Final Game at Sun Devil Stadium!!!!

As a little boy, tonight was the most stressful night of the year. Anticipation, and also forbidden, Anticipation of the Toys, etc. But can't to try to catch Santa Claus in the Act. But if you ask any child what Christmass is, the 1st answer is JESUS's Birthday. The 2nd Answer is Santa Claus and PRESENTS. The children are smarter than we think they are,

I do not believe in the EASTER BUNNY. I am going to be 43 in 2 weeks. And I still belive in SANTA CLAUS. I got a lot of Great Stuff as a Kid from Santa, and help as I was starting out on my own. But to be TRULY in the Christmass Spirit you have to go to CHURCH TOO!

Why is that? To us adults to be Reminded of the true Meaning of CHRISTMASS. CHARLIE BROWN got the Answer from LINUS

A Charlie Brown Christmas

Charlie Brown finds himself depressed at Christmas time, searching for the true meaning of the holiday amidst the glitz and commercialism of the modern age. He finds his answer in the passage below:

"And there were in the same country shepherds, abiding in the field, keeping watch over their flock by night. And, lo, the angel of the Lord came upon them, and the glory of the Lord shone round about them! And they were sore afraid ... And the angel said unto them, "Fear not! For, behold, I bring you tidings o great joy, which shall be to all my people. For unto you is born this day in the city of David a Saviour, which is Christ, the Lord."

"And this shall be a sign unto you: Ye shall find the babe wrapped in swaddling clothes, lying in a manger." And suddenly, there was with the angel a multitude of the Heavenly Host praising God, and saying, "Glory to God in the Highest, and on Earth peace, and good will toward men."

"That's what Christmas is all about, Charlie Brown." - Linus Van Pelt

GOD BLESS and MERRY CHRISTMAS!!!! To you and all your Famlies and Friends

1,566 Days of WWIII

12/24/05 Saturday Very Early AM


Now for this week's Review and next week's Preview of everything that is Coast To Coast AM, MY RADIO SHOW at work in "The Secret Lab". Smoker Dave is glad to provide to you, my new friend from the X-Conference in Washington D.C., Tim Binnall.

the binnall report

binnallofamerica.com is a collection of researchers, writers and philosophers with a keen eye for the absurd in everything, especially the world of the paranormal and new age (i.e. esoterica). We are a stand-alone entity, and impartial observer, serving as a beacon in the night among a sea of voices.

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1,564 Days of WWIII


CRUNCH TIME for CHRISTMAS! Hope you are doing well, remember to BREATHE! One more Night of work for me before Christmas, and a busy Weekend. Of coarse I'll do my best for a posting tomorrow, and tomorrow night of coarse "The Weekender Edition!". I plan on before Sunday to also post a short Christmass(y) Update.

Sad News to start of with today. Tony Dungy, Head Coach of the 13-1 Indianapolis Colts, his 18 yr old Son unexpectedly died. This is a very tough thing, especially this time of year. See the STORY HERE!!!

A Sign of things to come? A Robot that is demonstrating to a degree, "Self-Awareness"? That would be Conciousness. A, I am ME, that is Not ME.... followed by the very next conclusion of... "I"!!! I'll tell you this much, I won't get one named "HAL"! Remember the Movie 2001 A SPACE ODESSY? "HAL" Tells Dave, I can't do that..... See the STORY HERE!!!

Another Sign of things to come? Well in Britain you may want to think twice of where you drive to!!!! See the STORY HERE!!!


On this NEWS, I implore President Bush to Issue the EXECUTIVE ORDER in regards to this. See the STORY HERE!!!

"President" Of the World so to speak, lost his TEMPER!!!I can only assume he is still mad we got rid of Saddam, and his Kick-Backs from the UN OIL for FOOD Program was ended. See the STORY HERE!!!

SANTA UPDATE!!! Rudolph now Listing as STARTING! Leading the Way with the still Extra RED NOSE. And Donner has been Upgraded to PROBABLE after recieving treatment for a Hoof Injury suffered during Practice Earlier this week. So it looks like SANTA will be going with a full Starting Lineup!!! Pass this GOOD NEWS to your KIDS!!! Delays if any should be minimal. Amazing that SANTA is able to somehow pull this off year after year. I bet the Heartfelt Dreams and Wishes of Innocent Children has a lot to do with it. As Tiny Tim once said, "God Bless Us... EVERYONE!!!" Words that melted the Heart of even Mr. Scrooge....

1,562 Days of WWIII


Last day of Fall, tomorrow 1st Day of Winter. The Shortest Day of the Year. For Night Owls like myself, technically the Longest Day of the Year. Winter Solstice 2005. 7 yrs until the End of the Mayan Calender, which Ends on Dec. 21st 2012. What will happen then? End of the World? End of an Era? End of an Age? A Spiritual Awakening? Or go by just like 01/01/2000 Y2K did? We will find out in 7 years!

Well there are basically 2 Days of the Year I miss the Snow from my hometown. That Would be Christmas Eve Day and Christmas Day. You see where I'm from We Get A LOT OF SNOW. and I lived thru it for nearly 21 yrs. It's great stuff as a kid, but then there is the shoveling, the cold, etc. And gets more troublesome when you have to drive in it. Long Underware, Boots, Gloves, etc. a perpetual stuffy nose for 6 months. You might find this odd, but I am now wearing my last Winter Coat in Northern NY to work here at night in ARIZONA! It does get down to the low 30's and lower at times here, but I used this coat in -20 degree Temps!!! By the way, the forcast here for Christmas Day is a High of 78..... Now here is a Story Today of a town closer to my Hometown than I am here to work. I'll just stay here, Thank You Very Much! See the STORY HERE!!! OVER 100 inches of SNOW SO FAR

I usually don't get Joy from anothers personal troubles, except when it comes to WHACKO JACKO! I say, TOO BAD, SO SAD, and it couldn't happen to a more deserving FREAK! See the STORY HERE!!!

How about this? SNOOPY'S DOG HOUSE does not meet the Dog House Housing Standards in,,,, guess where Else? CALIFORNIA!!! Berkeley to be Specific. Sorry Snoopy, but your Dog House does not meet Housing Standards. The City of Berkeley, CA. will use the Expanded Powers of Emminent Domain to take your Home away, to use for a better TAX Generating Purpose. See the STORY HERE!!!

How about this Story? JOURNEY to The CENTER of the EARTH???? Well it gets real close to it, a lot closer than anyone has ever attempted. See the STORY HERE!!!

Another 1st hand witness to ROSWELL has died. An Important Witness. See the STORY HERE!!!

AHHH Look! A positive non-Political update that I wanted to do until at least Christmas. Trying to be as positive and upbeat as possible here. OH BREAKING NEWS!!! SANTA'S SLEIGH is now being loaded! Estimated time to filling Santa's Sleigh - 4 Days. Rudolph has a Cold, listed as "PROBABLE" for a Christmas Eve Start leading the Reindeer Team. NOSE is Extra RED!!!! Donner had a injury during practice to his left hoof, currenetly listed as Day to Day. But overall looks like Santa will be ready to go! Ain't this GREAT!!!!

1,559 Days of WWIII

12/17/05 Saturday Very Early AM


Now for this week's Review and next week's Preview of everything that is Coast To Coast AM, MY RADIO SHOW at work in "The Secret Lab". Smoker Dave is glad to provide to you, my new friend from the X-Conference in Washington D.C., Tim Binnall.

the binnall report

binnallofamerica.com is a collection of researchers, writers and philosophers with a keen eye for the absurd in everything, especially the world of the paranormal and new age (i.e. esoterica). We are a stand-alone entity, and impartial observer, serving as a beacon in the night among a sea of voices.

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1,558 Days of WWIII


Remember The Weekender Edition Late Tonight.

New Attacks against SMOKERS! At this rate we will still beable to buy cigarettes, but have no place to LEGALLY SMOKE Them!!! See the STORY HERE!!!

Illegal Immigrants, Children of.... Federal Judge Orders the State of Arizona to pay for Educating non-English Speaking students. Most of whom are the Children of ILLEGAL IMMIGRANTS who should be DEPORTED. The FINES would start at $500,000 a day and rise to $2 Million per day. Because we do not want to pay to teach English to the children of Parents who are here ILLEGALLY!!!! Get rid of the DAMNED ILLEGAL ALIENS and their kids and there would be NO NEED to teach children English who speak a different (Spanish) Language. The Feds still not compensate Border States for the Costs of Medical Treatment, Social Services, and imprisoning Illegals who commit crimes here. You can drive thru downtown Mesa, AZ. and a lot of Home Depot Stores, any gathering of 10 or more MEXICANS, out of 100 of these so called "DAY-LABORERS" 99 are here ILLEGALLY. And they are having kids. The Fines the State of Arizona faces could rise to nearly 3/4 of a $ BILLION per Year!!!! Is this not Outragous and wrong for a Federal Judge to order the State of Arizona to do such a thing? All this will do is give an even greater incentive for people to come here ILLEGALLY. See the STORY HERE!!!

So that's the NEWS I have for today, very troubling and anti-freedom, personal Liberty, for American LEGAL Citzens. I don't want 1 Damn $1 to go to Medical Care, Social Services, Education, etc. to those here ILLEGALLY!!! We need to change the LAW of Citizenship by Birthrite. Mexican Women cross the Border Illegally to give Birth here, so the child is a US Citizen. These are called "ANCHOR BABIES". Once the child turns 18, they can basically bring into this Country their whole Family Clan Legally. We need to change the Law that at least 1 Parent be a US Citizen for the child to be a Citizen of the USA as a birthrite. And I mean a US Citizen, not 1 Parent being here LEGALLY but still a non-Citizen. Think "GREEN CARD", or a future proposed "GUEST WORKER PROGRAM".

It just figures, when I am wanting to be positive on the updates here in the Christmas Season, NEWS prevents me from doing so. Then there is this DISGRACEFUL AZ SEN John McCaine slipping in the Al-Quida "BILL OF RIGHTS" in the defense budget. And the Democrats and some weak knee Republicans Filibustering the Extension of the Patriot Act. So come January 1st 2006 we go back to the Pre-9-11 rules for the Intelligence Community. These Pre-9-11 Rules stopped us from Connecting the DOTS that would have PREVENTED 9-11 from ever happening. We have too many people in the Gov't wanting Power at any cost and willing to risk American Lives and Cities to have that Power. Instead of making National Security #1 Priority. These are the people who want Failure in Iraq, Our Economy in a depression, and the Republicans out of Power. Just so they can be in Power. Pretending to be for the POOR and Working Class and bring them up. But actually trying to bring every else DOWN to the POOR so they have complete control, because most will be dependant on Gov't handouts and Social Services. And to QUALIFY you need to meet Standards. Like you have to be a non-smoker, non-drinker, non-religous unless you are an Extremist Muslim, celebrate around the HOLIDAY TREE and go to WINTER PARTIES. The Holy Cross is banned and having a BIBLE is ILLEGAL. Saying the name JESUS, especially in a prayer is worse than using the word NIGGER. Will we allow this to happen? Well I am going to do all I can to prevent this from happening. You need to also.

1,557 Days of WWIII


Bad day for the Liberal Left, lost another election, this time in Iraq. Turnout estimated between 67-73%!!! Can you imagine that? Especially with real threats of being BOMBED or SHOT? Long walks to, and long waits at the polling places. Remeber it was DNC Chairman Howard "Screaming" Dean who said just last week that we cannot win this war...

Open the Door for a chance at Liberty, Freedom, and Self Rule and a People will flock to it every time. My Congratulations to the People of Iraq for taking this opportunity of Democracy and running with it. Of coarse I expect the Liberal Left to find some way to blame George W. Bush for stealing this election. Maybe they will say...."While the turnout seems impressive, remember Saddam was Re-Elected Dictator with 100% voter turnout and recieved 100% of the Vote. So it is actually a Huge drop in voter participation..."

Just over a week to go before Christmas, don't stess out too much! I am currently relaxing here tonight, my last night off from work (of regular work week) of the year. Listening to my favorite radio show Coast To Coast AM with George Noory. Christmas Tree and Christmas Lights lit up, peaceful and silent with just my radio and my Lap Top PC. Some Beers and Smokes. All good, Very Good...

Well I may as well admit it, I too am in the busy frantic time of yaer, so many things to do, not enough time, and wanting to take it slow and enjoy the Christmas Season as much as possible. So for the next week or so it will be Smoker Dave light. Shorter updates, and trying to be more on the good news and uplifting side, with not so much on politics. That is the goal anyway.

1,555 Days of WWIII


ATTENTION!!! If any of you who come Here ACTUALLY Believe "Tookie" Williams was INNOCENT to ANY DEGREE, just STOP coming here. I respect those who believe that the DEATH PENALTY is wrong, Murder by the STATE so to SPEAK. But I find it OFFENSIVE that the Hollywood left and Other Leftists support giving this PROVEN KILLER, and it was PROVEN, the NEWS you have read in the last few weeks spout QUESTIONS, and not one iota of what was brought into trial that were FACTUAL!!!That even the WHACKO 9th Circus, I meam 9th CIRCUIT Court would not issue a STAY. I would bet my WHOLE Paycheck that ALL those protesting the EXECUTION of this KILLER of 4 INNOCENT PEOPLE, co-Founder of the "CRIPS" that have killed hundreds and Destroyed inner City neighorhoods, I bet they support Abortion ON DEMAND, and Partial Birth ABORTION. KILLING of INNOCENT LIFE on a WHIM, but ULTIMATE DEFENDERS of ADULT KILLERS of the WORST KIND. The Governator ARNOLD, it took more guts to follow thru with all the LEFTIST Pressure against EXECUTION. And the ACTOR who played B.J. Honnicutt on M*A*S*H, well he has turned so far left, that watching reruns of M*A*S*H will have a Bitter After taste.


Despite of all the Gloom and Doom of the major media press. RECRUITMENT GOALS ARE BEING MET!!! In the ALL VOLUNTEER MILITARY OF THE USA!!! See the STORY HERE!!!

THE RELIGION OF PEACE???? Islamists Call for Elimination of Christians

See the STORY HERE!!!

1,554 Days of WWIII


Yes folks Christmas is less than 2 weeks Away! And I wish all the luck to the Moms and Dads who buy gifts for their Kids, that have on the Packaging....SOME ASSEMBLY REQUIRED.... OH!!! And Buy BATTERIES!!! LOTS AND LOTS Of THEM!!! Just a Christmas Tip from Smoker Dave.

Speaking of Christmas, Christmas is coming BACK!!! A grass roots REVOLT against Holiday Trees, Holiday School Programs, Winter Break, etc. See the STORY HERE!!!

Yes I know my Cardinals Lost to the Washington Redskins in a Game Dominated by the Cardinals in every way except the Score. I was THERE!!! Well I have just 1 more Home Game on Christmas EVE in the aging Sun Devil Stadium before the next Game is in the State of the Art, the JEWELL of NFL Stadiums. So I already have 1 Christmas Wish fulfilled.

Now I need to try to fill most Christmas Shopping completed by Saturday. I have a Christmas Secret Lab Work Dept. Party on Sunday that I need to go to, and I don't want to have to fit in Christmas Shopping with less than a week to go.

The people of IRAQ Elect a Parliment this Thursday. The Terroist Extremists call this a SATANIC PROJECT. Like twice before, the Iraqi people will defy them and VOTE. Americans forget, when WWII ended there was still violence in Japan and Germany and Italy and it took years for Democracy to take hold. This is called Stabilization. And we can't leave until the process is done. Compared to previous actions, Iraq is moving along at the quickest pace. This is the 3rd Election this YEAR!!! We have already WON the WAR in IRAQ. Can't have ELECTIONS in a place where WAR is still going on. What we have is a messy mop-up situation fueled by Enemy Neighbors like IRAN and Syria Hell bent on trying to make the New Democracy Fail. Because success will only threaten their Dictatorial or Theocratic RULE. See the STORY HERE!!!

IRAN.... Well like in the past ISRAEL will not allow like Iraq in 1980 or IRAN Now to become NUCLEAR. Unless things change in a hurry, Israel will ATTACK Iran before TAX DAY in the USA. I have known this for a long while, finally there is a STORY about it. See the STORY HERE!!!

Well like most of you, I will also be short on Time these next 2 weeks or so. So let's make an agreement. I will Update as I can, and you checkin and read when you can. In any case, MERRY CHRISTMAS!!!!

1,552 Days of WWIII

12/10/05 Saturday Very Early AM


s Night Off Now for this week's Review and next week's Preview of everything that is Coast To Coast AM, MY RADIO SHOW at work in "The Secret Lab". Smoker Dave is glad to provide to you, my new friend from the X-Conference in Washington D.C., Tim Binnall.

the binnall report

binnallofamerica.com is a collection of researchers, writers and philosophers with a keen eye for the absurd in everything, especially the world of the paranormal and new age (i.e. esoterica). We are a stand-alone entity, and impartial observer, serving as a beacon in the night among a sea of voices.

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1,550 Days of WWIII


Just in case you didn't know.... Don't go running thru a Passenger Jetliner saying you have a BOMB. It will get you Killed. Surprised???? By the way... If you take MEDS to keep yourself Sane, ot in REALITY... Don't go off them before going on Public Transportation of ANY SORT, Busses, Trains, Subways, Etc. Sure on a Plane you may face a US Air Marshal, but in other modes of Public Transportation, One and probably more of the Passengers will take you out. What happened yesterday to this guy,,, ending up DEAD is the right thing. PERIOD!!!

We have the weekend almost HERE!!! I have a Home AZ. Cardinals Game on Sunday VS the Washington Redskins. My 2nd to last Game at the aging Sun Devil Stadium on the ASU Campus in Tempe, AZ. Then on to STATE of the ART STADIUM next year in Glendale, AZ. I have a short week next week, Thurs Night Off. but I will be fighting in the Malls which I Hate, I don't like Shopping, but I have to get some Christmas Presents bought, and some people are difficult to buy for. Sorry I need to keep this Short Today, but as you all know things come up you have to take care of, and working 10 Hr Graveyard Shift Hours during the week, with a 1/2 Hr commute time Minimum each way, plus the regular Chores of life, and Eating and Sleeping, you can see how Time becomes Short. NOT TO WORRY!!! I will be back with a lot of NEWS Tomorrow!!!

or me

1,548 Days of WWIII


FDR (President Franklin Deleno Roosevelt for you youngsters and Victims of Modern Public School Educations) Is spinning in his grave today after what the Chairman of the Democratic National Committee said yesterday. Yes 'Screamin' Howard Dean! Basically said WE can't win the War in IRAQ. Gives a cut and run plan. See the STORY and if you want, HEAR it also, HERE!!!

And LOSER! Democratic Presidential Nominee Sen. John F***ING Kerry said that OUR TROOPS are TERRORIZING IRAQI's!!! And it's time to let the Iraqi's Terrorize themselves! See the STORY HERE!!!

The Democratic Party is falling apart before our eyes as they try to cowtow to the Extrmist Left Groups like MoveOn.org, and the Cindy Sheehanigans. OH!!! Here is a STORY of Cindy Shi.... I mean Sheehan going against Hillary!!! See the STORY HERE!!!

Here's A Good ONE! The Local Paper here, THE ARIZONA REPUBLIC came out so strong against Prop. 200 requiring a PHOTO ID to VOTE, because so many people do not have a PHOTO ID. I guess these people NEVER GET A COLD!!! Because this SAME NEWSPAPER a year Later is HEAVILY ENDORSING the NEW LAW in the City of PHOENIX that you have to show PHOTO ID and sign a LOG BOOK to get OVER THE COUNTER COLD MEDICINE. What the hell happened??? Did all these people without PHOTO ID a year ago get Photo ID since then? I can't make sense of it, it's not Logical, but then again we are dealing with a LIBERAL PRO-ILLEGAL ALIEN, open BORDERS NEWSPAPER that has decided being FOR this helps the LIBERAL CAUSE. See the STORY HERE!!!

SADDAM TRIAL: Saddam: "GO TO HELL!!!" See the update to the Trial HERE!!


On Thursday, December 9, 1965, A Charlie Brown Christmas was seen in more than 15 million homes, capturing nearly half of the possible audience. That week it was number two in the ratings, after Bonanza. It won critical acclaim as well as an Emmy Award for Outstanding Children's Program and a Peabody Award for excellence in programming.

In case you need to be reminded from days long ago on what the TRUE MEANING of CHRISTMAS IS... Go HERE!!! Charlie Brown! Smoker "Linus" Dave

It's not the Characters that are important, it is the Meaning of Christmas. Hope and Joy... isn't that what Life is all about?


1,547 Days of WWIII


Well my Cardinals Won yesterday so the week is off to a good start. Still have a chance to end the season 8-8. Better than my best friend's prediction of the NY JETS winning the Super Bowl over Atlanta 27-24. Jets are currently 2-10. Plus I only have 2 more Games at the ancient Sun Devil Stadium before the brand new State of the Art Football Stadium that will be the Cardinals New Home, Retractable Roof, Field Rolls in and Out. I am a Die Hard Cardinals Fan, so I may have jumped the Gun by predicting a Wild Card Playoff Birth this season, but who knows if we didn't have so many Injuries, and stupid mental lapses penalties that killed Drives.

An added benefit of the New Stadium is that we will no longer have the NFL Schedule 3 out of the 1st 4 Games AWAY because of the ARIZONA HEAT. But the NFL has no problem with having Games in the Cold and Snow, I guess it makes for better TV playing in a snowstorm, than having the visiting team in ARIZONA dropping from Heat Stroke.

But there are 20 to 30 thousand die hard Cardinals fans here, and we will relish the time when we finally shine. How will you tell who they are? Whatever the Section and the Pricing, the Die Hard Fans will have the BEST SEATS in each. For Example: I like the upper level, but very low row #. I am currently on the 35yrd line near the 50yrd line TV Camera. Row 2 Seat 4. Also near the Beer Vendor. What I would like to have in the New Stadium is upper Level Row 1 Seat 1 on the 50 yrd line.

On to other NEWS

Did you see the Video from Australia of the Meteor? I saw the Video of it on the FOX NEWS CHANNEL on Sunday. 1st here is the STORY HERE!!! Now you still have a chance to see the Video of it from the FOX NEWS CHANNEL Web Site HERE!!! On the Upper TOOLBAR on the RIGHT is "VIDEO". CLICK on that and then choose"Caught on Tape Meteor blazes through the skies of Australia".

Now just to forewarn you, there may be a day or 2 this week of only a brief update, or possibly nothing at all. I have some personal business to finish off this week. 'Tis the Season! Everyone is busy with the CHRISTMAS SEASON and as always when you are the busiest, other things pop up also.

Assault on "MERRY CHRISTMAS". The way to fight this from the big Retailers, is to say forcefully "MERRY CHRISTMAS!" to the employee(s) who dare say "happy holidays". Go to the Stores like WalGreens and whatever Stores advertising "HOLIDAY TREES". Ask for Help finding a CHRISTMAS TREE. When taken to the display of "holiday trees" be forceful that you can't buy it because it is not a CHRISTMAS TREE!!! And you will go elsewhere to buy one. Do the same with LIGHTS, and DECORATIONS! If the RETAILERS want to make BIG $$$$ of the SEASON, at least make them call it for what it is, CHRISTMAS SEASON!!! It is Time to put a Stop to this Political and Social Correctness run amuck.

We know this CASE well here in ARIZONA. FACT 1 HE KILLED!!! Fact 2 I don't give a DAMN if they are SANE or INSANE! Murders, Rapists, those who Victimize Children.... All fall into 1 of 2 lists. DEATH, or LIFE in PRISON w/out parole.

What a Big Meanie I am!!!! Oh well.... I can live with that. The SADDAM Trial got pretty wild Today. Wish it was on COURT TV!!!! Former President Carter's Attourney General is now Saddam's chief Lawyer. LIBERALS!!! The 1st to take away OUR FREEDOMS and makes us all FEED off the GOV'T "TIT", Now they DEFEND IN COURT BRUTAL DICTATORS!!!! Put RAMSEY CLARK on the top of your TRAITOR LIST!!! Only a LAWYER Could STOOP so LOW.

Well a Short day for me, and probably a short week as far as updating, but I did what I could! I have all my meals (Spaghetti) already cooked and ready to go. I will do what I can for updates this week!

1,545 Days of WWIII

12/03/05 Saturday Very Early AM


s Night Off Now for this week's Review and next week's Preview of everything that is Coast To Coast AM, MY RADIO SHOW at work in "The Secret Lab". Smoker Dave is glad to provide to you, my new friend from the X-Conference in Washington D.C., Tim Binnall.

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1,544 Days of WWIII


FRIDAY!!! Welcome to the weekend where I assume many of you will be spending at the Big Box Stores and Malls. Wives dragging reluctant husbands who would rather be watching the College and NFL Football Games then seeing Credit Card Bills escalate. I have it easier than most. I have to get presents for 5 people. 3 are really easy to do and least expensive. The other 2 are much more difficult since I don't have much to go on, and more is expected. Oh well I guess everyone has these difficulties. Except I have no Wife, so I will be watching Football!!!!

What's New? Well the Economy is still going Strong, Gas prices continue to Fall, and despite what the major media and democrats say, we are still kicking Ass in the War on Terror. There are trouble spots of course, and still real threats. I will list one here that I know more than the story says. See the STORY HERE!!!And HERE!!! The Passenger Jetliner was about 5,000 ft up in the air. It could not be a "Bottle Rocket" or a "Flare", or a "Model Rocket".

Other than this, this rest of the News is nondescript. A good thing for the CHRISTMAS SHOPPING SEASON. Yes it is the Christmas Season, it is a CHRISTMAS TREE, not a Holiday Tree. What other Holidays do you put up a Tree in your Home? ARBOR DAY????? It is NOT SEASON'S GREETINGS or HAPPY HOLIDAYS. It is MERRY CHRISTMAS and a HAPPY NEW YEAR!!! Then 1 week after New Years is HAPPY B-DAY SMOKER DAVE!

Remember late tonight is The WEEKENDER EDITION. Other than that I will see you Monday!!!

1,542 Days of WWIII


President Bush's Speech Today: A HOME RUN! I just wish he did the same on Illegal Immigration Issues here in ARIZONA earlier this week.

I am happy, short work week for me. I work tonight and have Thurs night off, my Thanksgiving Holiday. Also, I am at the Upper Limit on Vacation and Personal time, so I have to start using it them soon. Closer to 400 hrs than 375 hrs!!! That's nearly 10 weeks worth of time off!!! Plus since Christmas and New Years are on Sunday's this year, that's another 2 days off!!! So I will be having a lot of short weeks in the short term, time off in MARCH for "MARCH MADNESS", a possible week off in April, and this summer a probable ALASKAN CRUISE!!! Now I just have to get the finances together to pull all of this off, I think it is all possible, the Question is the week off in April if I can pull off what I have done the previous 2 years, and still have the $$ for the Alaskan Cruise. And DAMNIT!!! I want to make my DEN from 1/2 Storage to a DEN!!!

Now for some NEWS!!!

Well I am a damn handsome guy as you know and would never have a Face Transplant. But the 1st one has happened!!! In France! Well that figures since all Frenchmen are whimps, and all French Women STINK! Why else did the French invent PERFUME? To avoid taking baths!!!! See the STORY HERE!!!

GOOD NEWS! and we did it! The 9-11 MEMORIAL to FLIGHT 93 will no longer be a Crescent an ISLAMIC RELIGIOUS SYMBOL. See the STORY HERE!!!

HOO RAH!!! for the Pizza Place Owner. Beating the robbers with his Pizza Pans!!! See the Story HERE!!!

OH!!! Good Thing my Garage Door is locked and Secure. I do have an Extra Refridgerator mainly for Beers and Soda's in my Garage. See the STORY HERE!!!

Judge for yourself..... HORSE PLAY????? See the STORY HERE!!!

That's it for Today! See you Tomorrow, the start of my "forced 4 day weekend", and I am so unhappy about it.... YEAH RIGHT!

1,541 Days of WWIII


Not much warmer than yesterday Here! What made it worse though was that I was at work and had to take my Smoke Breaks and Newspaper break Outside in under 40 degree Temps!

Well we have STUPID People in the NEWS Today. Let me start with one from right near me. This 13yr old kid, in trouble and with issues, escaped from a juvy detention facility. Then Stole a Mesa AZ Police Car! OK so he had 2nd thoughts.... But if he had ANY BRAINS AT ALL he would have done his best to abandon the Police Car, and try to wipe and Erase all his fingerprints so he wouldn't get Grand Theft Auto, and other crimminal charges. Well he wasn't that smart. He called 911 using the Cell Phone in the Police Car to give himself up. Then again why couldn't the Police find their Stolen Police Car???? Yep! This is ARIZONA, full of BRAIN DAMAGED PEOPLE!!! But give the kid credit! He didn't Damage the Police Car!!!See the STORY HERE!!!

I am so sick and tired of these McDonalds' Hot Coffee Burn copycat lawsuits!!! Can we pass a LAW for HUNTING SEASON on these types of plaintiffs and their Lawyers???? You order HOT COFFEE, and it's HOT! You spill it on your Lap, you get BURNED!!! Simple lesson every kid learns at some point, touch a hot stove, you get burned, etc!!! Well in this Case PIZZA HUT should not cave into a settlement. In fact they should defend themselves all the way, and also sue for Attourney Fees for this frivalous Lawsuit. See the STORY HERE!!!

Now to Politics. Well California Rep. Randy "Duke" Cunningham, R-Calif. Has resigned in SHAME. You see the Liberals clamoring on saying on how corrupt the Republican Party is..... Just Research all the indictments, convictions of Democrats during Clintons Term!!!! NEARLY Triple Digits. Bush Administratration still in the single digits. See the STORY HERE!!! I won't make any apalogies for him, he should be tossed out of the Congress and serve Prison Time. But also Realize that if the Republicans and Bush have "Dirty Fingernails" The Democrats and Bill Clinton's hands are covered in MUD!!! Sure you keep hearing about how President Bush's Polls are LOW, the Media LOVES to bring this up. What The MEDIA Doesn't Bring up is that the Democrats are polling EVEN LOWER!!!

This is not hard to figure out. When 1 Party is trying to do something good and keep moving forward and being positive about the future, and the other is ALL DOOM and GLOOM people will rally around the Optimistic Party.

Well this will do it for today, see you Tomorrow!!!

1,540 Days of WWIII


Well Winter sure shows up quickly here! Friday Night, Early Saturday Morning it was warm enough outside (mid 50's) to listen to my Radio Show and be online. By Sunday at the Cardinals Game, high Low 60's, Strong Cold Wind. Monday morning Low here, 36!!!

Cindy Shithead, I mean Sheehan had a book signing. Hundreds of EMPTY CHAIRS, 3 photagraphers including the one who took the photo.Not 1 person buying her book and wanting it signed. See the STORYHERE!!!

Former Dallas CrackBoyz Michael Irvin BUSTED for DRUG paraphernalia. Well if ESPN is consistant, Irvin will be gone from ESPN. If not, then it's probably only because he is BLACK! Yep!!! I throw out the RACE CARD!!!! See the STORY HERE!!!If you believe Michael Irvin's Story... I have some BEACH FRONT PROPERTY for SALE here in ARIZONA!!!! Yep!!! Irvin is BLACK, and gets another FREE PASS!!!!

KISS OF DEATH! I'll tell you what I think. I believe all these Food Allergy Deaths are just being better diagnosed today, and that they have always happened in the past. That these children, young adults always died young. I am sorry if you have such a bad allergic reaction to common foods that it could be FATAL! But these are common foods, staples! I lived on Peanut Butter and Ramen Pride Noodles loaded with MSG in college and my 1st yrs working providing for myself. I am not allergic to anything, I just HATE/can't stand certain foods. Go ahead call me elitist for not having to worry about food allergies. See the STORY HERE!!!

SUPER MANLY "MEMBER"!!! Man of STEEL???? A Role Model for young Boys????? I'll just call him for what he is, A FREAK!!!! See the STORY HERE!!!

SLEEP TIGHT! DON'T LET THE BEDBUGS BITE!!!! Well NEW YORK CITY, you have 15 yrs to solve this problem before my next Visit. See the STORY HERE!!!

WHAKO JACKO Michael Jackson converting to ISLAM and Building a MOSQUE???? See the STORY HERE!!!

HEY!!! All you FAT ASSED GIRLS!!!! Longer NEEDLES FOR YOU!!! Sorry you can't claim discrimination, scientific study proves that longer needles are needed to get through your FAT ASS!!! See the STORY HERE!!!

I guess today being a teenager, it is better to Risk your Life, than face being Grounded and yelled at by a girls parents. After all it is the 21st Century, the Girl's Daddy can't just shoot you anymore..... See the STORY HERE!!!

Time to finish the laundry, and make a meal out of some Thanksgiving leftovers.

1,538 Days of WWIII

11/26/05 Saturday Very Early AM


Now for this week's Review and next week's Preview of everything that is Coast To Coast AM, MY RADIO SHOW at work in "The Secret Lab". Smoker Dave is glad to provide to you, my new friend from the X-Conference in Washington D.C., Tim Binnall.

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binnallofamerica.com is a collection of researchers, writers and philosophers with a keen eye for the absurd in everything, especially the world of the paranormal and new age (i.e. esoterica). We are a stand-alone entity, and impartial observer, serving as a beacon in the night among a sea of voices.

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1,537 Days of WWIII


Well I finally got Mine!

Well at work on Thanksgiving morning I had a little treat. 550-KFYI AM the #1 radio station in AZ.,on the Bruce Jacobs Show, my Classic piece on what kind of Turkey we would be eating was read on The Air, word for word with proper credit given, to who else but Smoker Dave! My co-workers were impressed.

How about this? A former Canadien Minister of Defense says UFO's are REAL! See the Story HERE!!!

Earlier today was "The Game", "The Duel in the Desert". ASU vs UA. Always a big deal here. Well ASU won 23-20 on a last second Field Goal. A very good game to watch. With sunny skies, mid 70's temps, I just know a lot of people were wishing they were here. Ex. my hometown in NNY has about 2 feet of snow right now, single digit temps. etc. I know this much, Heat is a lot easier to shovel than Snow!Well I got a bonus Friday night outside here, still warm enough Late night, Early AM to be outside. Next week they say we will be in the 40's at night.

Well time to turn aound and now get ready fo the Weekender Edition Post! s Pizza Pans!!!

1,536 Days of WWIII


Now continuing my Traditional Thanksgiving Day Post for the 9th consecutive year, from the earliest days of my website:


Happy Thanksgiving!!!

Being Thanksgiving Day, and about to stuff myself with turkey in a few short hours, I got to thinking....(Oh No!! not again!!!) you say to yourself. I got to thinking what kind of turkey most of us will be eating is. Is it a Conservative turkey? Or is it a Liberal turkey?

After serious smoke filled thinking, I have concluded most of us will be eating Liberal Turkies. And here is my reasoning why.


  • Welfare : subsidized housing, food, and healthcare
  • Lack of : individuality, dissent, and ability to think clearly
  • Considers living at the farmer's ie gov't expense "a job"
  • No individual responsibilty, everyone is a victim
  • It "Takes A Village"
  • If released to the real world, would not survive
  • When heading to the slaughterhouse, blames the Conservative Turkies


  • Provides for it's own housing, food, and health
  • Individuality is a must
  • Always questioning of it's surroundings
  • Smart enough not to look up in the rain and drown
  • Does not live at the expense of a farmer ie gov't handouts
  • Individual responsibilty for it's own survival
  • Knows life isn't fair
  • Does live and survive in the real world
  • When hunted depends on it's own skills to survive or perish


1,535 Days of WWIII


OH MY GOD!!! JOHN KERRY WAS ELECTED!!!! I thought for a moment I woke up in a weird reality, a year behind, but not sleeping, AWAKE! A TWILIGHT ZONE MOMENT, or maybe OUTER LIMITS. But then I read the Rest of the Headline..... FOR JURY FOREMAN. WHEW!!!! As I wipe the Cold Sweat off my forehead.... Now watch, I just jinxed myself into getting another JURY DUTY Summons in the Mail next week. See the Story HERE!!!

Thanksgiving Eve Day. Can you imagin how many parents travelling with their kids either by car, plane, or train... are hearing this short sentence? "ARE WE THERE YET???"

Well to all, I truly wish a great time and a plentiful feast tommorrow with family and friends wherever you are. Just keep in mind a bit of Thanks to those of us that keeps the infrstucture functioning. Hospital workers, Police, Firemen, Utility workers, Grocery and Convienence Store workers, all the way to the TV Cable Guys, the Emergency Plumbers, and Heating people, and the Truckers who keep on hauling ASS to keep our economy growing. We, the skeleton crews, the graveyard shift workers, those who work the Holidays. So few of us to allow so many to celebrate the Holidays on the actual Day OF. Sure we get little thanks for it, but we are A SPECIAL BREED, a brotherhood all it's own. So to US HAPPY THANKSGIVING!!! Whenever you get to celebrate it, be it Friday, or next week. I know we have the THANKS of those who know there are a few of us keeping ALL SYSTEMS GO! By the way , my Thanksgiving Day Feast of Spaghetti O's With Meatballs, yes it is the BIG 1 LB. 10 1/4 OZ. Can is already to go tommorrow, probably during the 3rd or 4th Quarter of the 1st NFL GAME, as I have to go to work Thanksgiving night also.

I get the Real thing on Friday after work. I will try to share a Photo of the REAL Thanksgiving Feast I get to have.

Holy Cow! Or Turkey.... Have you seen the weather forcasts for the Great Lakes? My 'ole hometown in NNY could get 1 to 4 FEET OF SNOW by Late Saturday!!! I think I will stay here in ARIZONA, I don't have Snow Tires, or my own Snow Plow!!!

When I was in High School back in Northern New York, some friends and I skipped school one day, went driving around the woods in the Adirondacks... Stopped for a "break", when one of my friends had the bad luck of thru a small bush, hitting the Electric Fence in mid-stream... so to speak.... One of the funniest things I ever witnessed!!! Call it a shock to the central nervous system. Well this guy took it a bit further, by commiting crimes, naked, and TASERS have more voltage and the Shock doesn't have to flow "UpStream..." See the STORY HERE!!!

Now for this next Story, DO NOT READ THIS just before, or just After Thanksgiving Feast. Think of All the Gross and Disgusting Jobs that need to be done. Some people think collecting Garbarge is gross, because it's trash and it Smells. Then there are the Water Treatment / Sewage line workers. And to just give you what I know myself, a walk-in refridgerator full of BLOOD, has it's own distintive smell you, er, I have to get used to. So how about having this JOB? See the STORY AT YOU OWN RISK HERE!!!

Well Late Tonight, before I go to work, I will Re-Post my Thanksgiving Short Essay, just so it is available to all of you before the FEAST. Could make for an interesting discussion at the Lavish Dinning Table. But don't blame me if Fights break out!!!

1,533 Days of WWIII


Yes, it is TRUE! My Cardinals Won an AWAY GAME! Beating the St. Louis Rams 38-28. So the week begins with an excellent start.

However MEXICO has committed an ACT OF WAR on the USA! OH! you didn't hear about this INVASION? With ARMED MEXICAN TROOPS? Not surprising since the major media refuses to cover it. See the STORY HERE!!!

We have had ZERO TOLERANCE Policies in Schools, now it is spreading to the shopping world. I have Shopped at Home Depot before, and owned Stock in it until about a year ago. I think I will just shop at LOWES now. See the STORY HERE!!!

The "Bottomless Pit" JAP wins another EATING COMPETITION! How can we keep losing to this 172 lb waif? I think it is because our BEST never enters the competition. We are the biggest Consumers of EVERYTHING in the World. Time to reclaim the CHAMPIONSHIP of GLUTTONY! See the STORY HERE!!!

TEEN has SEX with a DUMMY. True she had no mental activity, and more than likely was NOT anatomically correct for SEX. So what was the turn-on? The way the DUMMY was dressed???? See the STORY HERE!!!

Brent Musberger, the ABC Network PLAY BY PLAY MAN. Is just a regular Beer Drinking Red-Neck. BUSTED FOR OPEN CONTAINER in a CAR, Consuming BEER in a car. Now that may happen to the Average JOE-6-PACK. But what happened to Musberger's LIMO????? See the STORY HERE!!!

Christmas Season almost upon us. I wish I had a Clue on what to get for who.

I'll be back Tomorrow!!!

1,532 Days of WWIII



But 1st a quick update.

Regarding immediate pullout from Iraq: Republicans to Democrats....Put up, or SHUT UP! Finally the Republicans getting a spine, making all House Memebers show if they are Cindy Sheehanigans, or if they know we have to win in Iraq. Final Vote Tally: 403-3. I am proud to say that this was led by My Congressman J.D. Hayworth R-AZ. See the STORY HERE! And HERE!!!

Now for this week's Review and next week's Preview of everything that is Coast To Coast AM, MY RADIO SHOW at work in "The Secret Lab". Smoker Dave is glad to provide to you, my new friend from the X-Conference in Washington D.C., Tim Binnall.

the binnall report

binnallofamerica.com is a collection of researchers, writers and philosophers with a keen eye for the absurd in everything, especially the world of the paranormal and new age (i.e. esoterica). We are a stand-alone entity, and impartial observer, serving as a beacon in the night among a sea of voices.

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1,531 Days of WWIII



Either all the trees were waving me into my Secret Armed Compound, or it is windy outside. I think it is windy outside.

Well I accomplished my goals/mission yesterday, these things will happen from time to time. Remember tonight is the Weekender Edition, probably the last one for 3 months or so that I will be able to post from outside on my park bench, as it is getting colder here at night. From then on it will be from my incomplete "Den" that is more 1/2 storage plus a computer station/desk, than a Den. My goal by next year at this time is to have the Den a Den, and not 1/2 storage. We shall see how I do on this Goal. I will take a couple of Photo's this weekend as a before Shot, and take a couple year from now as a post Shot if I am successful on my Goal and post them on the web site.

My weekend plans, a normal weekend, College Football on Saturday, BBQ STEAK Saturday night. Sunday, NFL Football with my falling apart Cardinals, followed by the 2nd NFL Game. Then BBQ Burgers and the ESPN NFL Game. Besides whatever else I decide to do on a Whim.

Now to the NEWS

Did you know in the Boston area yesterday they had a 2.9 Earthquake? I wonder if my friend and Author of the Weekender Edition Tim Binnall felt it. I bet we will find out in the Weekender Edition Late Tonight!

Despite what the Leftist Libarals on the Democrat Party say, the Insurgency in IRAQ and the Region is fading FAST! In it's DEATH THroes, they ATTACKED in JORDAN last Week against American Based HOTELS, mostly killing fellow/other Muslims. Al-Zarqawi now basically says, "OPPS!!!" Didn't mean to BOMB a MUSLIM WEDDING! I thought there were JEWS and AMERICANS THERE!!!! Say hey Al-Shithead Zarqawi!!! You are as Demented as Cindy Shithead Sheehan!!! Now he wants to KILL the King of Jordan for some reason, and warns JORDANIANS to stay away from so many places in JORDAN that I think you have to leave the Country to be SAFE. See the STORY HERE!!!

So what does Al-Shithead Zarqawi come up with to make WAR against the so called AMERICAN OCCUPIERS? LET's BOMB Other MUSLIMS during PRAYER in the Mosques!!!! That will hurt the AMERICANS and bring RESOLVE to the populice to fight against the American Occupiers...... Al-Shithead Zarquawi actually thinks that his group of Terrorists attacking fellow Countrymen to get the American's to Surrender will work!!! Is this a WAR PLAN????? Kill your own people? Before your read this next STORY, remember the OUTCRY by Muslims on possible Desecration of the KORAN in the AMERICAN PRISONS. WELL..... How many KORANS were DESECRATED in the MOSQUES that were BOMBED????? ANSWER that Question AL!!! You are even more Idiotic than the dumbest REDNECK here in the USA!!! Feel welcome to Recruit any Leftist or Liberal Democrats to your side. See the STORY HERE!!!

Next Update Monday!

1,529 Days of WWIII


Sorry for the delay, things happen, might miss tomorrow also.

Well I am going to have to start bringing my jacket to work with me now, it got darn chilly reading the newspaper at work with my cold Diet Coke at 6AM. And it looks like after this Friday Night, I will be posting the Weekender Edition from indoors, in my Den for the next 3 months or so. And I know I won't get any sympathy from any of you on Arizona weather. Highs only in the mid 70's to low 80's...BRRR!!!! Yes I did grow up in Northern NY, that's why I know I won't get any sympathy.

Holy Cow! or Turkey. Thanksgiving is next week! I will be re-posting for the 10th time my Famous "Are we Eating Liberal or Conservative Turkies?" Posting from the very beginnings of this web site. A CLASSIC! Of Coarse since as usual I will be having my Tradional Thanksgiving Meal of Spaghetti 'O's with MEATBALLS! While watching as much Football as I can before going back to work Thanksgiving Night. Don't fret, I will be having the traditional Turkey, Dressing and all the fixins' at my Mom's Friday after Thanksgiving night's work shift. And I do have Christmas Eve and Christmas Off, New Years Eve and New Years Day off, only because they fall on the weekend. So there is a built in 3 days off between Thanksgiving and Febuary, plus whatever Vacation Time I have to use.

Well we have a bunch of news to get thru, so let's begin

Well WE invented it! So we still get to keep it, for now.... But you know they will try again. See the STORY HERE!!!

ACTIVIST LIBERAL JUDGE in NY orders the FREEDOM of CONVICTED SEX PERVERTS! You have to read the STORY! Don't give me they served the time BS! Just imagine you and you kids having one of these move in next DOOR!!! See the STORY HERE!!!

Bill Clinton says Today that Invading Iraq was a BIG MISTAKE, but removing Saddam was a good thing..... HUH???? Well this is what he said Today HERE!!! Here is what he said in 1998 HERE!!! WOW! he called for a REGIME CHANGE in 1998!!! Isn't that what we have done and are sheparding along?????

Good Lord! This idiot needs a new hobby! Remember Michael Newdow, the anti-"Under God" Atheist for the Pledge of Allegiance? Well he's at it again. Now going after Our National Motto and what is printed on all our paper $ Bills and Coinage, "IN GOD WE TRUST". See the STORY HERE!!!

I suggest Michael Newdow go to the Temple Mount and advocate for the total separation of Church and State. To see what I mean, see the STORY HERE!!!

Finally we get to the more lighthearted so to speak, Weird NEWS!

It takes BALLS to do this..... But you can ONLY DO IT ONCE!!! Claims he was SOBER at the time. Must have seemed like a good idea anyway.......Well we need to thin out the gene pool of idiots, mental people, etc anyway. At leas he saved us the trouble... See the STORY, and hold on to your Family Jewels, HERE!!!

Tip of the Day! Don't ever go to INDIA for EYE SURGERY, or anyother Surgery for that matter!!! See the STORY HERE!!!

I will definetly be back on Friday, and of coarse the Friday Night posting of the Weekender Edition Too. See you then!

1,524 Days of WWIII



Now for this week's Review and next week's Preview of everything that is Coast To Coast AM, MY RADIO SHOW at work in "The Secret Lab". Smoker Dave is glad to provide to you, my new friend from the X-Conference in Washington D.C., Tim Binnall.

the binnall report

binnallofamerica.com is a collection of researchers, writers and philosophers with a keen eye for the absurd in everything, especially the world of the paranormal and new age (i.e. esoterica). We are a stand-alone entity, and impartial observer, serving as a beacon in the night among a sea of voices.

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1,524 Days of WWIII


News that Al-Qaida has obtained Surface to Air Missles. See the STORY HERE!!!


Originally Posted on my Web Site with Permission in 2001.


(A Soldier Died Today)
by A. Lawrence Vaincourt

He was getting old and paunchy and his hair was falling fast,
And he sat around the Legion, telling stories of the past
Of a war that he had fought in and the deeds that he had done,
In his exploits with his buddies; they were h And tho' sometimes, to his neighbors, his tales became a joke,
r own peopl All his Legion buddies listened, for they knew whereof he spoke.
But we'll hear his tales no longer for old Bill has passed away,
And the world's a little poorer, for a soldier died today.

He will not be mourned by many, just his children and his wife,
For he lived an ordinary and quite uneventful life.
Held a job and raised a family, quietly going his own way,
And the world won't note his passing, though a soldier died today.

When politicians leave this earth, their bodies lie in state,
While thousands note their passing and proclaim that they were great.
Papers tell their whole life stories, from the time that they were young,
But the passing of a soldier goes unnoticed and unsung.

Is the greatest contribution to the welfare of our land
A guy who breaks his promises and cons his fellow man?
Or the ordinary fellow who, in times of war and strife,
Goes off to serve his Country and offers up his life?

A politician's stipend and the style in which he lives
Are sometimes disproportionate to the service that he gives.
While the ordinary soldier, who offered up his all,
Is paid off with a medal and perhaps, a pension small.

It's so easy to forget them for it was so long ago
That the old Bills of our Country went to battle, but we know
It was not the politicians, with their compromise and ploys,
Who won for us the freedom that our Country now enjoys.

Should you find yourself in danger, with your enemies at hand,
Would you want a politician with his ever-shifting stand?
Or would you prefer a soldier, who has sworn to defend
His home, his kin and Country and would fight until the end?

He was just a common soldier and his ranks are growing thin,
But his presence should remind us we may need his like again.
For when countries are in conflict, then we find the soldier's part
Is to clean up all the troubles that the politicians start.

If we cannot do him honor while he's here to hear the praise,
Then at least let's give him homage at the ending of his days.
Perhaps just a simple headline in a paper that would say,
Our Country is in mourning, for a soldier died today.

1985 A. Lawrence Vaincourt

1,523 Days of WWIII


Sorry Folks, but I have started a 5 - Day/Night weekend off from Work at "The Secret Lab". I HAVE to take Thursday and Monday Night off. You see my work only lets me carry a Maximun of 320 hrs of vacation time. Any hours I go above that I basically forfeit back to work. And earning over 6 hrs of vacation time every 2 weeks, and now at nearly 320 hrs already, I am forced to take a couple of nights off. A very useful tactical use of vacation time on my part. This time of year more often than not my work is usually a bit shorthanded on the weekend graveyard shifts and beg for the wweday graveyard workers to work some OT on the weekend. Puts me out of that pool of people to ask to work extra nights! A Very good thing during college and NFL Football season!!!!

30 years ago today, I was only 12 years old. I was still growing up in Northern NY, not far from Lake Ontario. I remember this Story as it were yesterday. Singer / Songwriter Gordon Lightfoot had one of his biggest hits on this Ballad. Here are the Lyrics. Credit to: http://www.corfid.com/gl/Albums/Songbook/The_Wreck_Of_the_Edmund_Fitzgerald.htm

The Wreck Of the Edmund Fitzgerald (Songbook) 6:28 1x1.gif (807 Byte)
The legend lives on from the Chippewa on down
Of the big lake they called 'Gitche Gumee'
The lake, it is said, never gives up her dead
When the skies of November turn gloomy
With a load of iron ore twenty-six thousand tons more
Than the Edmund Fitzgerald weighed empty.
That good ship and true was a bone to be chewed
When the gales of November came early.

The ship was the pride of the American side
Coming back from some mill in Wisconsin
As the big freighters go, it was bigger than most
With a crew and good captain well seasoned
Concluding some terms with a couple of steel firms
When they left fully loaded for Cleveland
And later that night when the ship's bell rang
Could it be the north wind they'd been feelin'?

The wind in the wires made a tattle-tale sound
And a wave broke over the railing
And every man knew, as the captain did too,
T'was the witch of November come stealin'.
The dawn came late and the breakfast had to wait
When the Gales of November came slashin'.
When afternoon came it was freezin' rain
In the face of a hurricane west wind.

When suppertime came, the old cook came on deck sayin'.
Fellas, it's too rough to feed ya.
At Seven P.M. a main hatchway caved in, he said
Fellas, it's been good t'know ya
The captain wired in he had water comin' in
And the good ship and crew was in peril.
And later that night when his lights went outta sight
Came the wreck of the Edmund Fitzgerald.

Does any one know where the love of God goes
When the waves turn the minutes to hours?
The searches all say they'd have made Whitefish Bay
If they'd put fifteen more miles behind her.
They might have split up or they might have capsized;
May have broke deep and took water.
And all that remains is the faces and the names
Of the wives and the sons and the daughters.

Lake Huron rolls, Superior sings
In the rooms of her ice-water mansion.
Old Michigan steams like a young man's dreams;
The islands and bays are for sportsmen.
And farther below Lake Ontario
Takes in what Lake Erie can send her,
And the iron boats go as the mariners all know
With the Gales of November remembered.

In a musty old hall in Detroit they prayed,
In the Maritime Sailors' Cathedral.
The church bell chimed till it rang twenty-nine times
For each man on the Edmund Fitzgerald.
The legend lives on from the Chippewa on down
Of the big lake they call 'Gitche Gumee'.
Superior, they said, never gives up her dead
When the gales of November come early! 1x1.gif (807 Byte)

See related News STORY HERE!!!

Also tonight on COAST TO COAST AM with GEORGE NOORY Starting at 2 AM Eastern Time, a 3 hr Interview on The Edmund Fitzgerald, other Great Lake ship wrecks, etc. with Documentarian and maritime historian Mark Gumbinger.


Here in the USA we list the DATE as MM/DD/YY like today is 11/10/05. Well in Europe and the Middle East they list the DATE as DD/MM/YY. Well in the European Format, yesterday was 09/11/05.... 9-11!!! And what happened? The Terrorist Bombings of Hotels in JORDAN!!!At LEAST some Arabs are getting pissed off against the Terrorists! See the STORY HERE!!!

Not to worry, I will update tomorrow and tomorrow night, and on Monday. Sure 5 days off, but no plans set in stone, I will just do what I want to do as allways, but with the added luxuary of not having to go to work. So I WILL SEE YOU TOMORROW!!!!

1,522 Days of WWIII


HOLY COW! San Francisco, of coarse in the Granola Bar State, (Land of Fruits and Nuts), and the "Unofficial Capitol of the GAY Movement" The City devasted by HIV / AIDS in the early 1980's. Has the HIV Virus mutated from attacking the Immune System, to attacking the intellect? Yesterday San Francisco passed by 58% to 42% to ban all Citizens from owning / having a handgun. Be it real, a relic, a museum quality family heirloom, etc. ONLY the POLICE, Security Guards, and Crimminals / law breakers will be allowed to have hand guns. Here is the what passed ysterday in San Francisco from a STORY in DECEMBER 2004 HERE!!! If this policy works so well, that also takes away Our 2nd Ammendment Right, Washington D.C. has the same restrictions on LAW ABIDING CITIZENS. So it should be a MODEL on how this works. WASHINGTON D.C. is the MURDER CAPITAL for the USA. Follow the LOGIC.... If Most people are Law abiding citizens, then the Violent Criminals know nearly every potential victim is unarmed. Or do you actually believe that violent criminals are saying, "DAMN!!! I have to turn in my handguns!!!"????? At best this levels the playing field in the eyes of the LAW. Because if you ARE Attacked in San Francisco and you protect yourself with a handgun you are as guilty or possibly MORE GUILTY of a Crime than the ATTACKER!!! If he only wanted to brutally RAPE You, and you kill him, or wound him with an illeagal gun, SURE you might make out OK in a CRIMMINAL TRIAL. But guess what, CIVIL COURTS! Where the Jury needs not to be unanimous. So if a Welfare Mom's 17 yr old "Child" tries to RAPE You, and you shoot him. They can Collect basically everything you own. Just like a Court Case I referenced a couple of months ago, where ILLEGAL ALIENS trespassing across the Border Assaulted the Home Owner and he shot them. He was cleared in Crimminal Court, what he did was LEGAL in protecting his LIFE and Property. But LOST in the CIVIL COURT, LOST HIS RANCH to the ATTACKERS!!! Well at least the NRA is going to fight this with all they got! See the STORY HERE!!!

SMOKING under ATTACK AGAIN! This time in the State of Washington. You Stupid LEMMINGS who support all this crap. Don't you see what is coming? Soon enough most of the States will have extravagant TAXES on SMOKES, bans everywhere. Possibly even in your Home and Car if you have Children or Pets. Well what's next? The Do-Gooders for HEALTH REASONS will start ATTACKING what you buy in GROCERY STORES! MARK MY WORDS!!! In 10 yrs you will go back in my ARCHIVES and see for yourself.....SMOKER DAVE was RIGHT!


LEsbian NFL CHEERLEADERS GONE WILD UpDate! Despite the screams and Moans of sexual gratification, 1 Cheerleader now says she was just DRUNK and all the Women who were witnesses are mistaken..... YEAH RIGHT!!! Then why are you both waiting out HOWARD STERN, PENTHOUSE MAGAZINE, etc. for the price you want???? The Cheerleaders WERE NOT CHARGED with "CARPET MUNCHING" in a bar Bathroom . They were charged with BATTERY, and Disorderly Conduct. And Possible Identity Theft, giving False Information to Police. Lesbian "CARPET MUNCHING" is apparently LEGAL in a bar's Public Restroom. But don't you think in a Bar the Carpet may pick up a lot of crumbs you wouldn't want to munch on? ESPECIALLY in a Bar Bathroom????.... See the Update HERE!!!

I am noticing more people where I work either Calling in Sick, or just being somewhat sick this week. If I remember coreectly, all or nearly all recieved the FLU SHOT last week! (I have Never, and never will get a FLU SHOT).

WELL LUCKY ME!!! It took me since APRIL to build up my Vacation Hours at work, and now during the Holiday Rush period at work, I HAVE to take Time OFF. Prevents my Bosses for even asking me to Work OT on the Weekends. I work tonight but then have Thursday night and Monday night off. A 5 day WEEKEND. Sure I work Thanksgiving Eve and Night, that's a bonus day off in the next 30 days. Christmas and New Years are on Sundays. That's 2 more days off to use in 30 days. So more often than not, besides Thanksgiving Week, I will be having 30 hr work weeks thru the Super Bowl, and still have a Healthy 7 week Vacation time Buffer left over, which I will use some during MARCH MADNESS. I don't know about you, but I worked enough damn OT in my twenties and thirties. And working the Graveyard Shift is hard enough. I don't want to work more than my scheduled shift, I prefer to use the Time Off I have Earned, for nights off now and then, and at least one week to 1 1/2 week Vacation a year as I can Afford it. Don't grt me wrong, I like my Job, I just don't want to do it more than 40 hrs a week, I want my weekends to be as close to NORMAL HOURS as I can, especially during Football Season!!!

Well Tomorrow at this time will be the start of my 5 Day Weekend, do not worry, updates will continue as Normal.>

1,521 Days of WWIII


Brilliant piece from RUSH LIMBAUGH yesterday. Outlining what SADDAM should use as a DEFENSE in TRIAL and be put back in POWER. Basically it is everything the Liberal Democrat Senators have said and the Cindy Shitheads, I mean Sheehans', in the past year or so. I cannot do the TRANSCRIPT JUSTICE myself, you will have to go and read it, or hear it for yourself HERE!!! And then Click ON Rush Monologue...Saddam Hussein's Defense Speech:"Bush Lied and I Want My Country Back."

So how is FRANCE DOING? Let me check the satallite photo's.... YEP! Still ON FIRE! Isn't it TERRIBLE that FRANCE'S PRIDE has been HURT by the news coverage of now 13 nights or rioting???? See the STORY HERE!!!

Now if you have read that 1st Story, you will note that OFFICIALLY in FRANCE there are no "Minority Communities". Now in this 2nd STORY, the FRENCH PRIME MINISTER acknowledges, "...racial discrimination that has inflamed tempers in suburbs with large immigrant populations...." See the STORY HERE!!!

The Brilliant FRENCHMEN have come up with a SOLUTION!!! CURFEWS!!! Yeah,,,,sure.... Like that will work. Why don't they use the military to stop the rioting in 300 cities and towns????? OH I FORGOT!!! The FRENCH MILTARY knows how to do only ONE THING in the past 100 years.... SURRENDER!!! Germans, NAZIS, ISLAMICS, don't matter. The good 'OLE USA will eventually come and save their sorry ASSES, and then the FRENCH can resume hating us once again. I say to Hell with them. OK, sure the have the AWFULL TOWER, whatever.... But if you really want to see it and have a better and SAFER TIME, just go to LAS VEGAS! See the STORY HERE!!!

Now back to an earlier related STORY. The CRUISE SHIP ATTACED BY ISLAMIC PIRATES. Well we knew the CRUISE SHIP fought them off with WATER CANNONS, SPEED and Manuvers. What I wasn't sure about was the Acoustic or SONIC Weapons also used. Well we now have info on this. See the STORY HERE!!!

There is another development on this story also, concerning an embedded MISSILE in the CRUISE SHIP. See the STORY HERE!!!


What else is going on? Well the BREAST Thing Continues here with TEMPE, AZ now considering City Ordinances to allow Breast Feeding Topless MOM's to whip it out wherever. Tempe is home to Arizona State University (ASU) and the NFL AZ. CARDINALS. Well the Cardinals move a few miles West next season to their own Stadium. But if this Ordinance Passes, then Breast Feeding Mom's attending ASU Football Games, and other Sporting Events will be allowed to be TOPLESS if they are Breast Feeding, in the stands. But today a couple of Protestors in California got busted for going TOPLESS, and may have to register as a SEX OFFENDERS. The Group they represent is "BREASTS NOT BOMBS" I guess it's Tit for Tat..... See the STORY HERE!!!


1,520 Days of WWIII


Well, Well, Well! Is France burned to the ground yet? By the disgruntled Rioting Youths of France. (By the way, the are Muslim Youths). I guess this will the teach the French for supporting the war in Iraq.... Oh wait a minute.... they didn't support the war.... Let's see, 5,000 cars torched, buildings torched. France now worried that it's economic rebound in the 4th Quarter could be in jeapordy, and a robust economic growth rate of a whopping 1.5% for 2006 could be in trouble. And the Tourism Industry may suffer....YA THINK???!!!! Now the unrest / riots are spreading to other European Countries. If you plan on a Vacation in Europe any time soon you are NUTS! See the STORIES HERE!!! And HERE!!! And HERE!!!

I am sure you heard about the Cruise Ship Attacked by "Pirates". OK, call them Pirates. But to be more accurate they are MUSLIM PRATES! See the STORY HERE!!!

On Tour with Cindy Shithead, I mean Sheehan. A former Marine talking about the War Crimes, he himself and his unit committed in IRAQ. Except he never actually did them, his Unit did, but his Unit didn't either. Even the Liberal Media Press embedded with the Unit could not support his claims. His own Stories and Recollections that are seared into his memory, has multiple versions. So see the Story on one of the Celebrity STARS of the Cindy Pacifist Sheehan Tour HERE!!!


1st Man on the MOON. NEIL ARMSTRONG finally speaks. See the STORY HERE!!! (3 Pages)

Astronauts demand Asteroid collision Plan. See the STORY HERE!!!

You know the guy who has made so much$$$$ making the "GIRLS GONE WILD" DVD's? I bet you could make a lot of $$$ with a DVD called. "LESBIAN NFL Cheerleaders GONE WILD". See the STORY HERE!!!

1,517 Days of WWIII



Now for this week's Review and next week's Preview of everything that is Coast To Coast AM, MY RADIO SHOW at work in "The Secret Lab". Smoker Dave is glad to provide to you, my new friend from the X-Conference in Washington D.C., Tim Binnall.

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1,517 Days of WWIII



As always, the weekend is the Best part of the week. The Work is done $Money has been made, time to relax and do what you enjoy doing. Well Sunday I have the AZ Cardinals Home Game VS Seattle. I will BOO!!! my own TEAM as they take the Field because of their disgrace outing in DALLAS. I can do that! I am a 14 yr Season Ticket holder. Saturday will be shopping for Eats and College Football day, ending with a BBQ'd STEAK. Tonight, well the posting of my WEEKENDER EDITION, and listening to my Radio Show Coast To Coast AM with George Noory, uninterrupted because of work. One of these days I will be a caller on the Show again, depends on the Friday Night's open lines Topic. But I will be outside my front door, with the dark AZ Sky, a few Beers and my Smokes with the Radio on.

Well there is some NEWS Today!

Well the Republicans say they have a way to LEGISLATE instead of a CONSTITUTINAL AMMENDMENT to end USA Citizenship by being born here if born to an ILLEGAL ALIEN(s). This would be a GREAT HELP!!! It would stop the ILLEGAL PREGGO's from slipping across the Border to have their kid born here, so they can stay in the USA and have a means to bring all the other Brothers and Sisters and etc. etc. Also the FENCE IDEA. Wellcalling it a FENCE is a misnomer. It would be a BARRIER streching from the Pacific Ocean in California, to the Gulf of Mexico in Texas. 2 barriers with like a 50ft NO-MANS LAND riddled with electronic and Video surveilence. Always LIGHTED. And this is being proposed by Congressmen! So things are looking up on the Illegal Immigration and the Border Issue. Remember it is NOT A BARRIER TO KEEP PEOPLE IN like the BERLIN WALL! It is to keep PEOPLE OUT from getting here until they get in line to emmigrate here. The Local Paper, the Paper of Record for ARIZONA did not run this STORY, instead, since they support totally OPEN BORDERS, actually no Borders at all, Said a CRACKDOWN on ILLEGAL ALEINS will lead to crops rotting in the fields, like lettuce, chiles, tomatoes, etc. And it would lead to a shortage of PRODUCE in the USA! CAUSING STARVATION amoung the POOR!!! Because these Jobs, working in the FIELDS is below what AMERICANS will do. Well that is the SPIN the NEWSPAPER OF RECORD HERE is taking. So tell me this.... Do you REALLY THINK that a FARMER will let his CROPS ROT in the FIELD because there are no Illegal Aliens to pick them, when hiring them is a FELONY in the 1st Place? PEOPLE WILL STARVE because of this????? NO FOOD! NO FOOD!!! But it is right outside you door almost, and you will get paid for Harvesting some. What happens if we do stop ILLEGAL IMMIGRATION? SCHOOL Costs will go down, Medical Bills billed to the County(s) will go Down. Car Insurance Rates will go down, because ILLEGALS NEVER HAVE CAR INSURANCE! And take a WILD GUESS on who STEALS CARS and drives them to MEXICO???? DAY LABOR WORKERS, you know who these ARE! ILLEGALS!!! Standing in Central Mesa,AZ. looking for work to be paid in CASH$ You can see them by the 10's outside on busy central Mesa Corners usually near a convienence Store. Go to a HOME DEPOT STORE, and you will see even more!!! Before I bought my new "SECRET ARMED COMPOUND" I was living in Central Mesa, in "LITTLE MEXICO", I had a 400 sq ft Studio APT. Basically TOO SMALL for even 1 person, granted everything was close by. BUT I Witnessed MYSELF 8 to 10 ILLEGALS living in the same size APT as mine. They Worked as DAY LABOR, or actually had a job at a CAR WASH across the STREET. OK, I rambled on enough on this, HERE IS THE STORY HERE!!!


HOW the HELL does this HAPPEN???? A DEATH ROW INMATE ESCAPES???? EVERYONE involved, and or RESPONSIBLE as like being a BOSS or in Charge, if this GUY Kills someone else while "FREE", All should be convicted of at LEAST INVOLUNTARY MANSLAUGHTER!!! See the STORY HERE!!!

I was never an ALI FAN, I was usually rooting for George Foreman etc. But I never rooted for SPINKS. But ALI is a CLASS ACT in the BOXING REALM. I now have a sad and possibly Terminal Report, to Report. It Seems ALI is in his last days, weeks, months, of battling Parkinson's Disease. A Cruel Disease that leaves the mind intact, but robs you of every other funtcion including speech. It won't be long, ALI will be soon Gone. And as a Non-Fan I have the Greatest Respect for ALI, After ALI Proffesional Boxing has become almost like Proffesional Wrestling. When Cassiaus CLAY dies, it will truly be the end of BOXING as a true SPORT. Because everything since has been OVERHYPED and a FARCE. See the STORY HERE!!!

Crimminals are not the Sharpest Tool in the Shed, so to speak. If you are going to play a deception, at least make it believable to the PIZZA DELIVERY PERSON! See the STORY HERE!!

Well after Tonight's WEEKENDER EDITION, it may be the Last Update until Tuesday Morning. I have a TRAINING CLASS at Work on MONDAY MORNING that may delay my update until TUESDAY. Just want to let you all know ahead of time.

1,514 Days of WWIII


HOLY ALL SAINTS DAY!!! November Already! Soon in quick order is THANKSGIVING and CHRISTMAS, and NEW YEARS. Then My Birthday. Time Flies whether you are having FUN or not! DAMN!!! It doesn't look like I'll beable to RETIRE at age 42...

Well the NEWS is Sparce today unless you think Prince Charles is Newsworthy and Exciting. I see it as a total dud....Who Really cares about this so-called ROYAL FAMILY who all have DUMBO EARS??? And no real POWER except because of outdated social positions that the Brits still hold onto in some sort of Fantasy of a Return to KING ARTHUR, the Search for the HOLY GRAIL.... Monty Python has a lot of influence in England.

Well it is the so-called quite before the storm. Both Liberals and Conservatives are currently loading their ammunition for the FIRE FIGHT of the Supreme Court Nomination. So far it appears the Conservatives have the Liberals Outgunned, and winning the support of the remainder or the non-commited to either side of the populace. Are the Democrats willing to fall on the political Sword to oppose this nomination that TWICE in the past 15 yrs they voted 100% to confirm, and now say he is bad????? No I don't think the Democrats will go to the Firing Wall over this. Just lash out once again because the supposed IDIOT PRESIDENT BUSH has outsmarted them once again. Just like Pres Nominee Kerry was bewildered that he was LOSING To Bush in the Presidential Election, stating.... "How can I be Losing to this IDIOT????" I'll tell you why, the Democratic Party has been Hijacked by Extreme Leftist Groups like MOVE ON, the NAGS or NOW, etc. etc. Just like mainstream ISLAM has been HIJACKED by FUNDAMENTALIST TERRORISTS. The BASE of the DEMOCRATIC PARTY is now so FAR LEFT, the have lost most of their support in a national Election, a great deal of support in a STATE WIDE ELECTION. They may be able to hold onto local positions because the community knows them. But as a viable National Party, the Democrats are sinking fast. Something needs to fill in the vacumn.

1,513 Days of WWIII


HALLOWEEN!!! The Leftists and Liberals are Scared to Death, the Conservatives and Bush's Republican Base gets a TREAT!!! The Leftist and Liberal DREAMS from a Smoke Filled BONG were deflated on Friday with only 1 Indictment, and not for the supposed original crime, because the original crime did not exist. The Dreams of Rove, Cheney, and Bush being indicted leading to Impeachment went up in a puff of Smoke. Now with the new Supreme Court Nominee, with 2 succesive 100-0 confirmation votes, 15 yrs on the Federal Bench, a true Constitutionalist. Has the Liberals and Leftists and every whacko left wing group and the major media throwing public coniption fits! Holy Cow!!! Imagine a Judge supporting the idea that a 12 yr old girl should have to notify her parents before getting an abortion. Left and Libs do not think so. But bring an ASPIRIN to SCHOOL and you are EXPELLED as a drug dealer. We will see who the Liberals and Leftists are and where the really stand. Protection of TERRORISTS RIGHTS, All Christianiaty is Extremist. Islam is a Religion of Peace, just look at the NEWS!!!! 3 Girls Be-headed in Indonesia for being Christian. Prince Charles coming over here to tell us we are too intolerant after 9-11 of Islam, even though many therories exist that Princess Diana was killed by the Royal Family before she could marry a Muslim Arab, who would be stepfather to the 2nd in line for KING OF ENGLAND.

So the WAR is on for the Confirmation Process of Sam Alito Jr. Bring it on you Leftists and Liberals and Whackos! Show you TRUE FACE and Beliefs to the American Public on what you stand for. You will Lose! Try the Filibuster! You will LOSE!!! The FUR will fly in this fight but we will WIN! We're having a PARTY! We are getting from Bush what we voted him to do! Sen Shumer D-NY says this will divide the Country. What have THEY DONE to Unite the Country???? Gay Marriage, 12 yr olds getting abortins without parental notification? Banning of Christmas Displays? In Favor of Taking of Private Property just to increase TAX REVENUE? In Favor of Dis-Arming the Law abiding Americans of the Right to Bear Arms? Calls any criticism of what they say as intolerence hate speech. Regular Church goers are all Religious Extremists, unless they are Muslim, then it's OK.

I am sure you have heard by now the Iranian President's Call for ISRAEL to be wiped off the MAP. Stangely all other Arab Gov'ts are SILENT on this. Lack of Objection is an acceptance. Now Syria has the UN SECURITY COUNCIL RESOLUTION against it. They Don't Care!!! They know the UN is an impotent Body that can't do a damn thing. IRAQ had at least 17 Resolutions it was in violation. And still the UN would not seek to thru FORCE COMPLIANCE! The UN is as usefull in World Affairs as a pair of top of the line Running Sneakers are to a brain dead quadrapalegic, only alive because of donated $$$ to keep the respirator on and intavenous feedings. The UN is only alive because of OUR$$$ DUES!!!! The Western World needs to seriosly consider leaving the UN. Kicking them the Hell out of NEW YOrK CITY. HIGH PRICED REAL ESTATE they are sitting on, plus an avenue of TERRORISTS and WEAPONS to get here via Diplomatic Curriers etc. Move the UN to the Middle East. After All, most of the Member States are ruled by Tyrants, Despots, and Dictators.

See the STORY HERE!!!

Hey PRINCE CHARLES!!!! Are the BRITISH intolerant of the FRENCH???? See the STORY HERE!!!

Local NEWS

Well My Cardinals fell to the EVIL DALLAS CRACKBOYZ yesterday. Evil only won a Battle, not the WAR. The BREAST FEEDING ORDINANCE. It passed in the City of Chandler, AZ. So you Breast Feeding Mom's can WHIP it OUT ANYWHERE!!! An Open House for SALE, yep, you can go in take your top/shirt off and Breast feed to your hearts desire. I f asked to cover up or leave, you have a lucrative Lawsuit, maybe get the House for Sale for FREE IN DAMAGES!!!! There are NO GUIDLINES in this. Which basically means a Breast Feeding Mom can be topless from the waist up EVERYWHERE! If you complain or object, you can be sued in COURT! Yes the Radical Breast Feeders have Won over the Summer induced Brain Damage caused by +100 degree temps over 4 months of the City Council. Now these Radical Breast Feeders want to make the LAW STATE WIDE. UDDERLY DISGRACEFUL!!!

Yes it is Halloween, Sorry kids, no candy from me, I will still be asleep before going to work. But Last night on Coast to Coast AM was a replay of ART BELL'S 1993 Ghost to Ghost Show. I remember it, So I have listened to the Show for at least 13 yrs. TONIGHT IS ART BELL LIVE!!! GHOST TO GHOST SHOW! Since I could not get the night off from Work at the Secret Lab, I will dress up as an ART BELL FAN! ART BELL T-SHIRT and ART BELL HAT.

So did all of you enjoy your extra hour of sleep Sunday? And have Fun changing all of your clocks? My work had to shutdown for hours because of the time change, it didn't matter if the time changed here or not. If Production was validated by computer scheduele. All Production Everywhere was affected if regulated by State or Federal Gov'ts. I wonder how much this costs the Economy?

Wouldn't it be easier to keep the TIME the Same, and if it is for the CHILDREN GOING TO SCHOOL, or certain businesses, etc. To just pick the 1st School Day in November To go to School or to work 1 hr later???? And in the Spring to reverse it and say the 1st School Day in April to go to School or work 1 Hr earlier? Or is this just too hard to ost of the World doesn't give a DAMN because they don't even have a clock, major Cities, and Business operates on a Clock. Why a disruption in the smooth flow of time. It only costs $$$ and who gets the LOST $$$? As far as I can Tell NOBODY!!! It is just a business Loss. A built in artificial, man made Business Loss for no real reason. Except for the anachronistic of Dinner for the Family at 5:30PM. What we need is WORLK TIME. Base it on Greenich Mean Time. The Whole World is on the same time. Sure it screws up NEW YEARS EVE PARTIES, and when SANTA COMES. But shouldn't Adults have grown up since then? You can always do a little dancing to convince your little kids when SANTA COMES!!!! I'll see you tomorrow!!!

1,510 Days of WWIII



Now for this week's Review and next week's Preview of everything that is Coast To Coast AM, MY RADIO SHOW at work in "The Secret Lab". Smoker Dave is glad to provide to you, my new friend from the X-Conference in Washington D.C., Tim Binnall.

the binnall report

binnallofamerica.com is a collection of researchers, writers and philosophers with a keen eye for the absurd in everything, especially the world of the paranormal and new age (i.e. esoterica). We are a stand-alone entity, and impartial observer, serving as a beacon in the night among a sea of voices.

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1,509 Days of WWIII


I TOLD YOU SO!!! Harriet Miers has withdrawn her nomination to The SUPREME COURT. Just like I PREDICTED 13 DAYS AGO! Scroll down to my UPDATE of 10/14/05 and see it for yourself. I Beat RUSH LIMBAUGH by a Full 7 Days on this. Granted the STATED REASON isn't what was given, they found a little more "Dignified Excuse". No you do not need to refer to me as Maha Rushie, I mean Maha Smoker. But I do have a good record of NAILING the big ones before Rush, Rush NAILS More, because it is his full time Job, but more often than not I beat Rush on the really big ones.

Now there are Questions about all of this. And I believe most if not All will never be Answered. Let me start this way. Was this nomination of Harriet Meirs a sacrificial Lamb to get the Conservatives, the Base of the Republican Party renewed in nified and Active Role again? Using a divisive nominee who is the President's Lawyer as the Trigger? Like Rush Limbaugh said, this is not a CRACK-UP of the Republican Party, but a Crack-Down of the Republican Party to hold Bush to his Platform for Election and Re-Election. I always knew Bush was a Lot Smarter than the Liberals gave him Credit for. Remember John "F******" Kerry's Quote, "I CAN'T BELIEVE I AM LOSING TO THIS IDIOT!!!" Well maybe Bush is even more of a CHESS Player than even Republican Conservatives have thought.

Now I know most of you think of me as a Political Right mouthpiece, but I do know this, nearly All Politicians a GENE that makes them different from us. The Politicians all are RATS. But they are the ones who run for Office. They will destroy most Honest People. But they live in the Dirt they accumulate. We choose in Elections which RAT to be Elected. So was Harriet Meirs a Ploy, a Sacrificial Lamb to the Left Wing? To open up with a Unified Conservative/Republican Base an Avenue to put on The SUPREME COURT a TRUE Constitutionalist Conservative, with the So-Called "NUCLUEAR OPTION" on the Table, to return the VOTE on NOMINATIONS to a SIMPLE MAJORITY like it always used to be. If this was the plan from the Beginning, it is BRILLIANT!!! Even Bill Clinton would be in AWE of this accomplishment. Or maybe it was just Dumb Luck. Certainly We will never know for sure. But the naming of the next Supreme Court Nominee will give us a Clue. You know G.W. Bush can FLY a JET FIGHTER, I have a decent Brain, but I can't Fly a Jet Fighter. So no matter how Dumb or Smart G.W. Bush is, I am not as accomplished or Smart. Maybe CLEANER not being an Elected Politician, just one who Comments on them.

1,507 Days of WWIII


The Iraqi Vote on the Draft CONSTITUTION PASSED with something like 78% Approval. A LANDSLIDE VICTORY for the March towards Democracy Arab/Muslim/Islam Style. Like ours is European/Jewish/Christian Style. And did you detect a change in WIND? YES! Finally there is ACTUAL EVIDENCE of a wind shift in Saudi Arabia. The WINDS of CHANGE have grown big enough to be in the MEDIA, IN SAUDI ARABIA!!!! If this takes ROOT, and spreads, it is the Best NEWS the WORLD as a whole could have. See the STORY HERE!!!

While I always would have, and still leave the Plane in this circumstance. It also appears the WINDS of CHANGE have reached the Muslim/Islamic Communities here as well. See the STORY HERE!!!

So in a MACRO, or "Big Picture" Scale, things are moving in a positive Direction. I am very sure you will not see much of this News on Major Media, perhaps FOXNEWS CHANNEL will have it, but that would be it.

This sort NEWS just Spirals right down to the Local Level here in the Phoenix, AZ. Metro Area. It was Barry Young on KFYI who gave me my "Handle" Smoker Dave in Mesa back on July 1st 1996. Finally a somewhat positive Article from the Liberal Newspaper here about my Radio Station of Choice. (If you ever Listen to the Kim Komando Show, the Computer Goddess, that's Barry Young's Wife.) See the STORY HERE!!!


Of COARSE WE NEED a BFTF UPDATE from the City of Chandler, AZ. (BFTF = Breast Feeding Task Force). Well the RADICAL Breastfeeders I guess have made some inroads now that the City Council is leaning towards "Flopping it out ANYWHERE! I predict UDDER CHAOS whatever ends up happening. In the weird AZ Political stream, this is UDDERLY Predicatable..... See the STORY HERE!!!

Of coarse I will keep you UDDERLY Informed on What happens!!!!



What SANE GUY would ever consider living with TONYA HARDING???? A BOBBITT Reject? See the STORY HERE!!!

Well that will do it for today, but I bet you found the NEWS Here more Positive and more Entertaining than anything you will get on the TV!!!! See you Tomorrow!!!

1,506 Days of WWIII


Well for me the Week is off to a Good Start. My Cardinals Won a Game, a very ugly Game that they should have lost, 180 degree turn from 2 weeks ago a Game they should have Won but lost. But this time the Tenn. Titans made Errors that the Cardinals normally make. A "W" is a "W". See the Story HERE!!!

The BFTF reports tonight in neighboring City of Chandler, AZ. (BreastFeeding Task Force). The Radical BreatFeeders demand basically a new CIVIL RIGHT To "whip it out anytime, anyplace". No rules on covering with a towel or anything. Be it at a Fine Retuarante, or in the Grocery Store in the Produce section as she is picking a head of lettuce, or choosing tomatoes. I guess this would even include in a Court Room on the Witness Stand. Like I said, these are RADICAL BREASTFEEDERS. Even on a plane, they want the "RIGHT" to hang their tit over your Lap Top PC to Breastfeed. All this info isn't in this article, but that is their Agenda. See the STORY

Cindy Shithead, I mean Sheehan is awaiting the 2,000th Deat of an American Soldier in Iraq so she can tie herself up on the Outside Fence of the White House. Do not think for a minute that she is giving a Speech from the White House, it is well Outside from the White House. Sheehan and the Radical BreastFeeders have similar traits and Tactics. So far the War against Terror fewer Soldiers have died in over 4 yrs than the # of AMERICAN CIVILLIANS on 09/11/01. See the STORY HERE!!!

HALLOWEEN COSTUME ALERT!!!! Don't let your kid wear a "PENIS" Costume! It will only bring troube. See the STORY HERE!!!

Let me see... If a Glacier is thinning it is because of Global Warming, it is Thickening, it is because of Global Warming, if it stays the same, it is because of Global Warming..... So I guess whatever happens it is because of GLOBAL WARMING!!! My question is, that is not addressed is: Why is Venus, Mars, Jupitor and Saturn Heating up????? Surely it can't be the SUV's here on Earth! MARS, blame it on the Solar Powered ROVERS?????? We have nothing on Venus, Jupitor or Saturn. So how can it be OUR FAULT? See the STORY HERE!!!

ABLE DANGER Cover-Up Continues. Probably to Protect Bill Clinton and his Administration, and Hillary's Chances for a Presidential Run in 2008. See the STORY HERE!!!

Until Tomorrow.....

1,503 Days of WWIII



Now for this week's Review and next week's Preview of everything that is Coast To Coast AM, MY RADIO SHOW at work in "The Secret Lab". Smoker Dave is glad to provide to you, my new friend from the X-Conference in Washington D.C., Tim Binnall.

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1,503 Days of WWIII


Well I have to admit,I needed to post with little New for the most part, the News I post here has been on the "LAME" Side since everything I would bring up is on a LOW SIMMER right now, I expect it to HEAT UP next week. Call this week a "BYE WEEK" in NFL Schedule Terms. A lot of items, but none raising above more than Medium Simmer. They will BOIL OVER NEXT WEEK!


Well the weather here the past couple of days has been GREAT! Highs in the mid 70's to mid 80's, Lows around 60. Can't beat that!!! And It's PAYDAY FRIDAY!!! I have a few $$ in my pocket again. Sunday I have a HOME GAME NFL CARDINALS GAME vs the TITANS. So Tailgate PARTY Pre-Game, etc. ALWAYS a Highlight of my Weekend off from Work. Saturday is my day of rest, followed by College Football and restocking via the Grocery Store of most everything I will need for the next 2 weeks. This is so I don't get tempted to pay ahead of my Bills before having most everything I need. Plus I need to remember my 6 month Car Insurance Premium is due next month.

I know this is boring for most of you, but I needed to Update. Tonight at 10PM West Coast Time I will go out to my "BENCH" outside my Front Door, turn on COAST TO COAST AM with George NOORY with my Lap Top Wireless PC, some SMOKES, and some BEER! My favorite night of my weekend! A relaxing time just outside my House, not a care until Monday Night at Work, just what I want to do-see, College and NFL FOOTBALL. But FRIDAY NIGHT listening to my Radio Show, the way I want to, not like at Work during the Week, on my BENCH. Is probably my most relaxing time, still a whole weekend off from Work ahead, plans are made. But Friday Night is my no agenda night except for the Show. Hell, I know this would confuse friends-Family and Co-Workers seeing me on a Friday Night busily going thru the Internet, updating my website with the WEEKENDER EDITION, and Listening Intently to a Radio Show.... But that is I, totally RELAXED. For Stress and Deep Disappointment on the Weekends, I am a 15 yr AZ Cardinals Season Ticket Holder. Need I say MORE???

1,502 Days of WWIII


Almost FRIDAY!

Hmm...What's NEW? Not much, Earthquakes, Hurricanes, Bird FLU, End of the WORLD. Same old stuff. Mother throwing her 3 Kids into San Francisco Bay. "VOICES". Republicans and Democrats, Conservatives and Liberals at each other's Throats. Same old News as before. So for the most part, things are normal. Just the Media Hype to fill the constant 24 hr Newscycle.

So let's see what I can dig up for you today.

WHACKO JACKO For JURY DUTY???? Well I'll bet the defendant in whatever Court Case wishes he would be on the Jury! But it looks like Jackson will not have to show. See the STORY HERE!!!

High School Cheerleaders trying to get people to their CAR WASH Fund Raising Activity Violates anti-prostitution Laws???? Give me a BREAK! This looks to me like another ZERO TOLERANCE POLICY, this time based on a LAW to reduce PROSTITUTION. What are the Cheerleaders Doing???? Doing Cheers Like, "We will do a Hummer for every Hummer (HUMV) we do!!! Good Grief! See the STORY HERE!!!2nd STORY HERE!!!

STUDENT ATTACKS TEACHER WITH A BASEBALL BAT! Because his grade was a "D" which made him ineligible for the SOCCER TEAM. Well if this student was so good at Soccer, why did he resort to a BASEBALL BAT???? Couldn't he, if he was so good, just drop kicked the Teacher? See the STORY HERE!!!

Here is what I think of this next STORY. 1ST the basic FACTS: Boy is ONLY 10 yrs old. 2nd HONORS STUDENT. 3rd ATHLETE... (AT 10YRS OLD???). I truly believe that this little Boy is a single Child pressured by his Parents to over achieve at everything. Not letting him be a little boy. Well I suppose he had FAILED his Parents DREAMS and he knew the expectations of his Parents. Probably got a "B" in a Class, instead of getting STRAIGHT "A's". So in FEAR of his Parents for letting them down so much he ran away. I bet that is what is behind this STORY. Thank God my Parents allowed me to just do the best I can, and still just have FUN as a kid. See the STORY HERE!!!

Just in case you were wondering on the $340 Million POWERBALL DRAWING, 1 Winning Ticket in Oregon. I'm in Arizona, never been to Oregon. So it's not me. Well I will be back tomorrow!

1,501 Days of WWIII


Storms over, wind calm. I am back today.

Well the Left is having a Party! Thinking the CIA Leak Case will bring down the White House and the Republican Leadership. This will be nothing, or next to nothing. You have a better chance of Winning tonight's $340 Million POWERBALL LOTTERY.

DARN IT! SADDAM'S TRIAL Delayed for nearly 6 weeks! I was hoping to watch this after work on COURT TV! See the STORY HERE!!!

Cindy SHITHEAD, I mean Sheehan is traversing DANGEROUS WATERS! Coming out publicly against a CLINTON! Does she know how many of Clinton's friends, and then critics have turned up DEAD over the YEARS???? Be on the lookout for a Strange Suicide or Car Accident to happen to her. See the STORY HERE!!!


INNOCENT OF RAPE Because of CULTURAL VIEWS???? Well this puts a wrench into the lifelong dream of multi-culturalists..... See the STORY HERE!!!

It was a long and Busy night at the SECRET LAB last night, 1/3rd of the staff on vacation or whatever. Tonight looks about the same. So I need my 6 hr Beauty Sleep. See you tomorrow!!!

1,500 Days of WWIII


Sorry, No Update Today. Having high wind at times and Rain, still need to pick stuff up inside, and besides I enjoy watching this kind of weather since it doesn't happen often here.

1,499 Days of WWIII


Sorry about no update on Sunday, Football and BBQ plus visiting my mom took up time.

How about those Iraqis? Voting in even Greater #'s than in January! Some walking for MILES to a polling place, under threat of insurgent attacks, and 61% voting. That's a lot higher than HERE!!! Still a FAILURE according to the Major Liberal Media. I guess they still hold onto the STORY that 100% of the Iraqi People Voted in the Pesidential race where Saddam had no opponents. Saddam with 100% of the VOTE. So I guess unless 100% of Voters VOTE, and 100% agree on the item or person(s) being Voted on, then it is a FAILURE.

Druken Ted Kennedy tried to rescue 6 stranded fishermen, fortunately they were able to fight him off, because they knew when it comes to Water, only Teddy Survives!!! See the STORY HERE!!!

POWERBALL FEVER here in a big way. JACKPOT of $340 MILLION. I play my 1 set of #'s every Wed and Sat for POWERBALL and the AZ STATE LOTTERY "The PICK" at a cost of $4 a week. Maybe I will buy 1 extra ticket for POWERBALL this week. Not like people who will pour in $100's, if where I work has a pool going I may join it, only because work at the Secret LAb will REALLY SUCK if a whole bunch of people quit at the same time. See the STORY HERE!!!

LUNCHROOM MICROWAVE RAGE!!!! At a Walgreens Store! You'd think with all the drugs there thay could keep the Employees from stabbing each other. See the STORY HERE!!!


I warned you about this in the past couple of weeks, and now it is starting to happen at, guess what? A Liberal News Media Company. See the STORY HERE!!!

I'll see you Tomorrow!!!

1,496 Days of WWIII



Now for this week's Review and next week's Preview of everything that is Coast To Coast AM, MY RADIO SHOW at work in "The Secret Lab". Smoker Dave is glad to provide to you, my new friend from the X-Conference in Washington D.C., Tim Binnall.

the binnall report

binnallofamerica.com is a collection of researchers, writers and philosophers with a keen eye for the absurd in everything, especially the world of the paranormal and new age (i.e. esoterica). We are a stand-alone entity, and impartial observer, serving as a beacon in the night among a sea of voices.

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1,496 Days of WWIII


Remember Late Tonight.... The Weekender Edition!

Well yesterday I spent all my time learning all I could on President Bush's Supreme Court Nominee Harriet Miers. I did this because I was getting concerned and a rift has developed between normally step in step factions of the Republican Party and Conservatives. While President Bush's past nominees to Federal Court, and Roberts to Chief Justice of the Supreme Court I totally agree with. This time I will have to slap the President, and this time it is actually My President also. ( I also slap Bush on immigration and Border Security, and the SPENDING). But one of the main reasons Bush was re-elected was to put true Constitutionalists on the Supreme Court. I initially supported Bush in this nominee Harriet Meirs. However what I have learned is she is more like a finger in the wind. Plays both sides of the aisle so to speak. In judging if a LAW is Constitutional or not the Justice should NEVER consider what the popular vote would be. The LAW is to be judged against the Constitution. If a change needs to be made there is a PROCESS to Do IT! Called a CONSTITUTIONAL AMMENDMENT. This is done by Legislatures of all 50 STATES and needs 2/3rds approval. We do not want any more dictates from the Supreme Court that circumvent the process. The Damn Liberals think the CONSTITUTION is a "LIVING DOCUMENT"! HOGWASH!!! It is a FINISHED DOCUMENT!!! We have ways to modify or "TWEAK IT" called a Constitutional Ammendment. This is where All the Citizens Represented by the State Legislatures get to give a thumbs up or down on the proposed Ammendment. The Supreme Court does not have this Authority in the Constitution. But have for the past 30 yrs or so claimed it.

So I withdraw my initial support of Harriet Meirs, there are better and proven candidates. Sorry President Bush, but I do not support you on this nomination.

PREDICTION: Nominee Harriet Miers will withdraw her nomination within 2 weeks. Citing most the rift it has caused in the Republican Party and Conservatives. FYI I am a Conservative 1st. A Republican 2nd.


A design Flaw unnoticed for 2 DECADES??? The Nations' Largest Nuclear Power Plant was completely Shutdown this week after SAFETY CONCERNS. See the STORY HERE!!!

OK, that's a Story of Interest especially for those of us in Phoenix, AZ. There is MORE! Heh, Heh, you knew this was cominig didn't you???? Well at least it is a little Better Than what New Orleans Mayor and the Governor of LA. Did. At least we are being told to walk away..... From the Biological, Chemical, Nuclear Disaster. That is the EVACUATION PLAN OF THE NATION'S 5th LARGEST METRO AREA!!!! To hell with that PLAN! I live on the outer fringes of the METRO AREA. IF the Roads are Clogged I will make my own thru the Desert!!! See the STORY HERE!!!

It's been a long couple of days, Weekender Edition Tonight, and I plan on an update most likely on Sunday.

1,494 Days of WWIII


On Major NEWS, today is a slow day for the most part. However today is an Important Anniversary of an Act of War by radical Islamists on this Country, which we never responded to and barely acknowleged. Can you think of what it was? The USS COLE BOMBING. See the STORY HERE!!!


China Launches a 2 Man crew into Orbit for a 5 Day Mission. See the STORY HERE!!!

YOU JUST WATCH!!! I bet in less than 5 years, unless you have a "BLACK BOX" in your car you Car Insurance Rates will be PREMIUM, meaning most Expensive. Like Going to a Grocery Store without a Discount Card. Well I bet you won't be able to Lie about your address or name on this oy Grocery Discount Cards are under a false name at a false address, but I still get the Discounted Prices. See the STORY HERE!!!

Let's End Today with a good Note: A 10 yr old Interviews the INVENTOR OF THE BIG MAC! Sorry no revelation on the Ingredients of "SPECIAL SAUCE", I always prefered Ketchup, and skip the pickles. I'd rather have a whole Pickle on the side. And if it's the weekend and I have nowhere else to go, I can Pickle myself! Ha, Ha!But this is a good Story, the 10 yr old kid did a good job, a lot of interestings things about the INVENTOR of the BIG MAC, and it's History. Only a bright eyed youngster in America can get more info than any so-called Journalist. See the STORY HERE!!!

OOPPS!!! Here is a Good One! So you STILL THINK the NEWS you hear is REAL. A lot of it is just RUMOR, and never checked out or Verified. Even the small local NEWS. This is actually Funny on how stupid and idiotic this so called Reporter was.... SEE THE STORY HERE!!!

See you TOMORROW!!!

1,493 Days of WWIII


Like I told you yesterday, the weather changes quickly here. Less than 2 weeks ago, the morning Lows were in the mid 80's. This morning the Low here at The Secret Armed Compound was 61!.

It looks a slow News Day Nationally. But I do have 1 update of the Georgia Tech BOMBS from yesterday. See the STORY HERE!!!

Now for NEWS on the WEIRDER SIDE

Convicted Felon, apparently Homeless, getting his Rocks Off in a school using their Computers to get On-Line PORN. But HEY! at least he was considerate enough to use a bucket to take a "leak" in instead of right on the floor......It looks like he will be seeing "Bubba" again and calling him,,,, "DADDY!!!" See the STORY HERE!!!

Kitty, Kitty? NOPE! The Snake ATE HIM! Well at least this Python was smarter than last weeks'. The Python who tried to eat a 6 ft. Gator and Exploded. (SEARCH FOX NEWS). This one only decided to Eat a FAT CAT. CAT LOST. See the STORY HERE!!!

FYI I grew up when you turned 18 you could have all the Beer and Booze you wanted, POT was no big DEAL. COKE, PILLS, etc were a big deal. I also grew up in a rural area, biggest town in the County had less than 3,500 people. We never had cops at school, no such thing as an attendance officer, or whateverI guess I grew up in a different time and place, possibly a different planet the way things have changed so much in the past 25 years. But here is what is going on in California. The Students are already planning on how to circumvent it, by using Drugs besides Alcohol that the Police can't detect. OK I know that today the Legal Drinking Age in most places is 21, but announcing this policy, don't you think it may turn some away from Partying with BOOZE, and these kids go Sober. But might it also make some other Students to go beyond ALCOHOL for the 1st time??? I don't have an answer, do you? See the STORY HERE!!!

CHINA set for it's 2nd Manned Space Launch. See the STORY HERE!!!

I have some BREAKING NEWS!!!


AGAIN???? This is the 3rd TIME!!! See the STORY HERE!!!

Out of News for Today, gives me more time to cook my dinner, relax, a little TV. See you tomorrow!

1,492 Days of WWIII


Happy Columbus Day! Just don't say it to a Native American Indian or you might be charged with a Hate Crime. Weird though that today is the 1,492 day of WWIII....You know... in 1492 Columbus Sailed the Ocean Blue.... My AZ. Cardinals dominated every aspect of the game yesterday, and still found a way to LOSE THE GAME!!! I can't figure it out..... Maybe it is because of the mix of Cardinals, think Rome and the Catholic Church, whose Homefield is Sun Devil Stadium. Maybe next year in the New Cardinals Stadium the "curse" will be lifted.

It looks like we have finally kicked the 100 degree temps out for the year. But things happen so sudden, in less than a week a 15 degree lowering of high temps? Can't we do this a little more slowly? The Low temps have dropped the same in the same timeframe.

Now for the Religion of PEACE: ISLAM Update. Read the Story and take a look at the log of Terror Atacks since 09/11/01 HERE!!!

Of coarse the Regular News is not covering this.... But there has been ANOTHER BOMBING at a College Campus!This one at Georgia Tech in Atlanta. Hmmm. Seems CNN is based there. I haven't seen any coverage. See the STORY HERE!!!

To keep updated on the BOMBING at OSU keep tabs on the LINK HERE!!!

How about this! ALIEN SKULLS that look like the "GREYS"? See the STORY HERE!!!

NUKE NEWS! The FDA has recently approved Drugs to treat Nuclear Contamination either from Nuclear Accident or Terrorist Attack(s). See the STORY HERE!!!

Who is Shopping on the "NUCLEAR SUPERMARKET"? Well here are a few. See the STORY HERE!!!

Something NEW!!!! Riding Lawnmower WARS!!!! Riding Lawnmower RAGE!!!! See the STORY HERE!!!

Now just Remember this STORY is from the STATE of OHIO, a LONG way from the Southern USA - MEXICAN Border States. A sign at a Private Business says, "FOR SERVICE SPEAK ENGLISH". Well the business owner is in a heap of trouble now! His Employees will now have to go to Cultural and Diversity training. I guess the next step will be forced 2nd, 3rd and 4th language abilities. OHIO is a lot closer to QUEBEC, French Speaking Province of Canada. China Town in NYC. So I guess WE ALL NEED TO EVENTUALLY LEARN SPANISH, FRENCH, and CHINESE, and whatever else so we don't discriminate against immigrants, legal or illegal. But not a damn thing done to have the immigrants learn ENGLISH!!!! See the STORY HERE!!!

PRISON INMATE WINS LAWSUIT over 2nd hand Smoke!!!!! I am so sick and tired of murders and rapists, child abusers, getting free 3 meals a day, free health care, etc. etc. I believe that civilians who are poor be moved up to get what the prisoners get to eat. Let the prisons feed those imprisoned from the leftovers of the innocent, that the inmates eat what is leftover from the masses. I think the only liberties they should have is a radio, access to books, and 1 bare light bulb in their cell. I also believe the Health Care they get should be less than what Unemployed, homeless, innocent people have. Let's turn the areas below Sea-Level in New Orleans into a HUGE PRISON COMPLEX to house and contain this Nation's 1 Million worst Criminals. And if another Hurricane level 5 comes, they don't get to evacuate. This will end the Medias' portrayal of INNOCENT VICTIMS who died in the Hurricane. See the STORY HERE!!!

Maybe they just wanted to lighten their workload......After all who really gives a damn if an 87 yr old dies in a Nursing Home? Real Bad news if you get caught in the Act! See the STORY HERE!!!


3 BOMB Incidents at 3 seperate Colleges in less than 2 weeks!!!! SOMETHING IS DEFINATELY UP!!!!

Getting Late, see you Tomorrow!!!

1,490 Days of WWIII



Now for this week's Review and next week's Preview of everything that is Coast To Coast AM, MY RADIO SHOW at work in "The Secret Lab". Smoker Dave is glad to provide to you, my new friend from the X-Conference in Washington D.C., Tim Binnall.

the binnall report

binnallofamerica.com is a collection of researchers, writers and philosophers with a keen eye for the absurd in everything, especially the world of the paranormal and new age (i.e. esoterica). We are a stand-alone entity, and impartial observer, serving as a beacon in the night among a sea of voices.

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1,489 Days of WWIII



So what is my agenda? Well, Late Tonight West Coast Time will be "THE WEEKENDER EDITION" posting. Saturday, errands, grocery shopping, etc. ending with the AUS College Football game and BBQ'ing a nice juicy STEAK. Sunday - FOOTBALL!!! I have a Real HOME GAME this week against the Carolina Panthers. Tailgating, etc. I need to win to get to 2-3. But for now, this early Friday Afternoon, some NEWS!

Parents are upset about Military Recruiters contacting their Children who are about to graduate from High School. The Parents do have an opt-out option but I guess that is not good enough. You see one of the REASONS Stated was these young immature people (18 yrs old) could make a decision that may cost them their LIFE!!! Can you imagine this: Senior in High School gets material in the mail from the Marines, Army, Air Force, whatever.... Says sounds good! Sends form back in, and suddenly he/she is in Iraq immediately after Graduation????? Give me a break. Let's see what else, hmmm when I was in High Schrityol we all took an apptitude Test run by the MILITARY seeking recruits. Results of the test were given back to the Student outlining Carrer Choices/Options available in the Military. This was nearly 25 yrs ago!!!! I graduated from High School in 1981. Today the H.S. Seniors are recieving Credit Card Offers, College Offers, even Telemarketing Job offers at the Graduation Ceremony! Car Dealerships are sending fliers to Seniors for a new or used car. CAR.... Let's discuss THAT! In most States you can get a DRIVER'S LICENSE at age 16. Well Parents, that is certainly setting your child to make potentially LIFE CHANGING Decisions, including DEATH. I don't know this, but I am willing to bet that more teenagers age 16-18 have died because of car crashes since the WAR ON TERROR, than the # of 18-21 yr old who have died in the Military in the same time period. How about this solution PARENTS? 18 is to young to make ADULT DECISIONS. OK, raise it to 21. This MEANS your are Financialy Responsible for your child until he/she turn 21, forget STUDENT LOANS for College, the child is a minor until 21. You will have to get the Loans, not just possibly co-sign for them. By the way you can't send your kid off to College at 18. Kid will still have to live at home. Of coarse the age to get a Driver's License will have to be upped to 21 because Driving is a Dangerous thing, and Statistics Show that the youngest Drivers have the highest accident rates. And, we can't let these immature people VOTE!!!! So the Voting Age will have to be raised back to 21. These 18 yr olds, so immature the Smoking age should be raised from 18 to 21. I have read some Articles elsewhere that wants to raise the AGE OF MAJORITY up to 25!!! Take everything I just listed changing from 18 to 21 and change it to 18 to 25!!! What could happen next? Well young Adults, still immature MARRY TO YOUNG! Reason why we have the high divorce rate. Imagin Age of Majority at 25, well Now you are an ADULT!!! But you can't get Married until you have been seasoned on ADULTHOOD RESPONSIBILITIES! 5 yrs minimum. The Earliest you can get Married is at age 30.

I am just taking the argument raised on the Military Recruitment of Seniors in High School, and using the Offended's concerns, going to it's Logical Conclusions of their Fearful Concerns. See the STORY HERE!!!

1,488 Days of WWIII



Well President Bush has ANSWERED ALL YOUR QUESTIONS today. And also to all your so-called followers and Leftists who want to destroy Bush at any cost, even if it costs the loss of our Country as we know it, and be under an ISLAMIC FUNDAMENTALIST FLAG and Government. Cindy, last week, YOU called Sen McCain of AZ, the DARLING of the left, a WARMONGER! I bet that convinced a lot of people you are even more mentally deranged than the EXTEME LEFTISTS who give you your "TALKING POINTS". Well you did get answers TODAY from President Bush. He is just smart enough to decide NOT TO MEET 1 on 1 with a NUTCASE like yourself. But you should take a bit of solace that your idiocy and those on the Extreme Left gave President Bush the fodder to give his Best Speech since just after 9-11. So Cindy, if you REALLY LOVE YOUR SON, stop what you are doing in HIS NAME!!! Remember Your SON RE-ENLISTED after 9-11!!! Stop the torture you are giving Your Son in the AFTERLIFE. I amk sure he is tired of Turning Over In His Gravwe OVER and OVER the past few Months Because of YOU, his MOM!!! Oh, Cindy you did not hear the Speech that gave you answers you wanted, because the Exteme Left has left you for other Avenues and you are now back on the West Coast, with, no longer a Husband, no longer a Family, no longer a job, and soon or even now, without a Home. The Answer was LIVE ON RADIO, TV, and the INTERNET. In case you missed it Ms. Shithead, I mean Sheehan.... Here is the Transcript. SEE IT HERE!!!

Well folks, I am still behind schedule, but I had to send a Message and a Link to Cindy Shithead..... I mean Sheehan and all the Extreme Leftists and Anti-War in any circumstance idiots. Tomorrow is FRIDAY!!! So I should be able to catch you all up on other News I have Found.

1,486 Days of WWIII


Still running late, unexpected Training Class at the Secret Lab that went past my scheduled go Home Time. But the New Page is Mostly Empty! I need to be filling it up!

So here I am.

Let's start with FEMA. It is TOO BIG to be effective. You have mini-bosses and unchanging rules, and Zero Tolerance. Remember Hurricane Katrina? Well the Phoenix Fire Department's Urban Search and Rescue team has been suspended from the Federal Emergency Management Agency for deploying armed police officers to protect firefighters in violation of the agency's rules. These Officers were DEPUTIZED FEDERAL MARSHALS! Remember the reports of Looting, murder and rape going on there? Sure turns out inaccurate because of the Media. But don't you think that Rescuers and Volunteers should have some protection when going into areas where violence is being reported? The PHX Team was the 1st out of State Team (There are only 28 in the Country) to respond to the OK. Federal Building Bombing. Went to Ground Zero after 9-11, Rescued over 400 people victimized by Katrina. Then got kicked out. How many more could they have SAVED if not for the overblown FEMA? The bigger a program or Agency is, the more combersome and less efficient it becomes. See the STORY HERE!!!

Next Item.

Which is the Racist, anti-woman Political Party? If you go by mainstream Media, it is the Republicans. Who named the 1st woman, and 1st Black to the Supreme Court? A Republican President. Which Party had the 1st Joint Chiefs of Staff headed by a Black? The 1st Black Man Secretary of State? The 1st Black Woman as National Security Advisor? The 1st Black Woman Secretary of State? The 1st Hispanic Attourney General? All appointed by Republican President(s). Who had the WHITEST Presidential Campaign in over 50 yrs and is now Chairman of the Party? HOWARD "SCREAMING" DEAN Chairman of The Democratic National Committee. So the news now is Tom Delay, all these indictments coming from TRAVIS COUNTY in TEXAS, home of Dan Rather, Burkett Author of the fraudulent AWOL MEMOS that brought Dan Rather into Early Retirement. But what is REALLY GOING ON? The Mainstream, Liberal Media is ignoring actuall committed CRIMES based on RACE by a Liberal Senator's Staff members. SEN. D-NY Charles Shumer. Oh he is so BIG ABOUT PRIVACY!!! I call him a DAMN F*****G LIAR!!!! See the STORY HERE!!!

A New CONSTITUTIONAL RIGHT???? Well I have just re-read the U.S Constitution. I cannot find this ANYWHERE!!!! AHHH!!! But only California, especially San Francisco is smart enough to see this as plain as the nose on your face in the Constitution. I don't see guarenteed Health Care in the Constitution, or Housing, or a whole bunch of things that the Feds /WE are paying for. I do see 1 GLARING THING in the CONSTITUTION that the FEDS are Responsible for and are not DOING!!!! DEFENDING OUR BORDERS!!!! And George Bush is AS GUILTY as EVERY OTHER PRESIDENT in the past 35-40 years for this. See the STORY HERE!!!

For this Story, I have now 3 seperate Sources. Remember the Student Suicide outside the Stadium of the OK Vs Kansas Football Game this past Saturday? Mainstream Media is saying he was "Emotionally Disturbed". It is the Same immediate Reaction since 9-11, IT WASN'T TERRORISM!!! See the STORY HERE!!! AND HERE!!! STORIES Dated 10/02/05 - 10/14/05 HERE is what the Mainstream News is Reporting. See the STORY HERE!!!

WAITED TOO LONG! Brett Favre and the Green Bay Packers are 0 - 4 for the 1st time since 1988. 17 yrs. Farve waited too long to hank up his cleats, should have done it a year or 2 ago. It's sad to see a Great One go like this, the Star Power Fading, the Supporting Cast non-Existant. Green Bay will be VERY LUCKY to finish at .500 this year. If you think Green Bay can turn it around Now, a bet in Las Vegas would net a good Profit if Green Bay gets into the Playoffs. But it's a Pipe Dream. I can't damn him too much, many Greats played beyond their Time. It's Human Nature to think you can do it ONE MORE TIME!

Well this will do it for today, I should get out of work ontime tomorrow, I will still be behind some, but should catch up by Friday, which overall will put me a little ahead, Nevermind! LATERZS!!!!

1,485 Days of WWIII


Link to previous updates now in the Archives, see Link Above.

Started new File starting with October 1st Weekender Edition. You have to admit, the file was getting big. I am going to try to keep the files in 3 month segments. Ex. Next new file to begin on 01/01/06.

A Short update today and possibly tomorrow also as I had additional things that needed to be done today, and bumps 'till tomorrow what I would have finished today. We'll see what happens.

Anyway My CARDINALS WON IN MEXICO VS the San Francisco 49'ers. 31 - 14. It looked bad in the 1st Quarter for me, but thankfully the Cardinals have gotten on the winning tract. See the STORY HERE!!!

Now we need to beat the Carolina Panthers here at HOME, ARIZONA this Sunday.

Sadly Arizona State University Sun Devils, after having a big lead at 1/2 time on Saturday, lost to #1 USC. No Moral Victory. The Goal is to WIN!

The AIR was bad here today, I couldn't figure out why. Smelled of sewage.... Then I learned Cindy Shithead, I mean Sheehan, was in town. She drew a small crowd according to the local News. What is a small crowd? 10, 20 people? Well here is the Story from the Very Liberal Arizona Republic. See the STORY HERE!!!

Well I gotta go now, will listen to RUSH and HANNITY on the latest Supreme Court Nominee. An Unknown. Remember Bush has outsmarted the Liberals the past 4 1/2 yrs. Maybe he is now even outsmarting the Conservatives who have come out protesting this pick. Unless President Bush has turned into a Social Liberal over the weekend, I will place my bets on Bush.

Well I have to go now, last thing to do, driving to the other end of the Valley of the Sun, and back, but that's what friends do. Then Eat and Sleep before Work Tonight. See you Tomorrow!!!

1,483 Days of WWIII



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