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1,205 Days,of WWIII



The LAST Update of 2004!

1 hour to the NEW YEAR here in ARIZONA, Art Bell about to start, BEER, Smokes, Pizza on hand and ready to go!

I just want to take a moment and wish you the best and most wonderful 2005! Thank you for sharing the last year with me. I look forward to a terrific year with you!

Smoker Dave

Well let's see what to end the year with????? How about this, the epic devastation of the past week is.......THE UNITED STATES FAULT!!!! See the Story HERE!!!

But no, I am not going to end the year with that story. But I will end with a College Football Sun Bowl story, it fits very well with "The Valley of the Sun".See the Story HERE!!!

So with this finished, Art Bell is now ON! See you next year!!! (Remember, on Monday 01/03/05, this page will be moved to the ARCHIVES, and I will be starting 2005 with a clean page.)

1,203 Days,of WWIII


Well soon after the last posted Update, I DID GET MY NEW LAP TOP PC!!!! And it is as pictured in the last update, but looks better to me since IT'S MINE!!! REAL NICE! Leaves my Desktop PC in "The DUST!". Currently I am switching back and forth between the 2 PC's, as I set up the Lap Top. Takes LOT'S of Time to download all the protections, etc from a Dial-Up Connection, that I need before I go BROADBAND and WIRELESS in 2 weeks or so.

Well there will be at least 1 more Update this year. The New Year will start with a Fresh "Daily" Page, the current will go to Archive, but still available to see on line. I may "Clean" it up a bit. I.E. Not displaying some of the current photos and Graphics that come up that are Months old now. Start the New Year on a Clean Slate, that's what I want to do in more ways than one!

Well just IN CASE! I should tell you my NEW YEARS RESOLUTIONS

#1 Get all my stuff out of from Off site Storage and to my Armed SECRET COMPOUND
#2 Make My DEN more like a DEN, instead of Storage area
#3 Get Garage in order, i.e. get rid of JUNK and crap I'll never use.
#4 Start making plans for a Bookshelf to fit where the closet is in the Den, With a "HIDDEN SPACE the capacity of the closet" to be concealed by Bookshelf. Smoker Dave's SECRET ARMORY and Supplies.
#5 Try to keep improving myself as a person, rather disappointing year this year on this point, so I VOW to do BETTER!!!

SO, Just in Case,,,, HAPPY NEW YEAR 2005!!!! But I should be back 1 MORE TIME before then!

1,201 Days,of WWIII


Well I hope you all had a very nice Christmas!!! I did very well. Of coarse my Mom had more food ready than we could possibly eat! Means I have enjoyable leftovers. Well, I have Cell Phone Service for Free for another year, and basically 1/2 a Lap Top PC. Plus some clothes, smaller items, and a few Beers. So VERY SOON I will have a Brand New Lap Top PC, that will kick this desk top PC ASS!!! And I will be going Wireless. BYE BYE Dial-up connection, Bye Bye Phone Line. This is going to be GREAT! Upgrade my TV Cable Service, go to High Speed Internet access, get rid of the land line phone that I only used for Dial-Up Internet Connection,($40 per month), and recieve Telemarketers Hang-Ups, rid myself of the $20 per month Dial-Up fee. Basically UPGRADE EVERYTHING and have it cost less than before!!!

Of coarse my Email Address will change when this happens, but I will make sure the "EMAIL ME" Button on the website is fixed 1st!

This change of coarse is going to take some time from me. For Example I am currently eyeing a nice TOSHIBA Lap Top PC, with $200 worth of Rebates for this week only. I am having my Computer Expert checking into it, my brother. When I do get the Lap Top PC, then it's time to choose between the 2 Cable TV/ High Speed Broadband Providers. And get the SECRET & Armed Smoker Dave Compound WIRELESS. This could all happen within 2 weeks, and certainly before the SUPER BOWL. Remember last year my goal was to have the Widescreen HDTV before the Super Bowl, and that Goal was accomplished.

So why do I want a Lap Top PC instead of a Desk Top PC that would be cheaper? Well a few reasons. I would like to get or be Online anywhere in the COMPOUND, and outside on the nice comfortable Friday Nights on my Park Bench. Sure I will always have a Desk Top PC in my Den, but I don't want to be stuck there. Also when I do go on trips, I want a PC with me, so I can Always update, get Email etc from my room. And the other thing....I promised myself I would not go high speed or wireless until I got a Lap Top PC. Now I will be upgrading TV Cable and Internet all at once. Also most cost effective.

I BOUGHT MY LAP TOP PC!!!! This is a few hrs later than my initial "Writing of an update, that was still un-updated". To see what I bought click HERE!!!

All I need to do now is get the Cable Internet Access and then I am home Free!

I need to post a CORRECTION to a Prior Update. To my 12/20/04 update. It was not the son of an AZ Congressman who was shot by an illegal alien, it was the son of a AZ State Representative in the AZ Legislature.


Mother Nature reminds us who is in charge, over 24,000 DEAD from the deep sea Christmas Earthquake......I bet the total exceeds over 50,000 in the end. So what about what us HUMANS Supposedly cause? GLOBAL WARMING? Tell that to Houston who had their 1st WHITE CHRISTMAS in 86 years!!! Did this EARTHQUAKE do an ENVIRONMENTAL IMPACT STUDY????? If this WRATH OF NATURE was Politically Correct, the TIDAL WVES, would have hit New York City and Los Angeles, where the RICH PEOPLE LIVE, not in Sri Lanka,ETC. where the POOR and uneducated Peoples reside. Seems that the Environmentalists and the ACLU should be filing Suit against MOTHER NATURE. After all the BIGGEST POLLUTER in North America Today is Mount St. Helens!!! Puts all the exhaust our cars and SUVS make to shame. We cannot pollute as much as an un-erupted volcano!

Well unfortunately My AZ Cardinals were eliminated from the playoffs yesterday, losing to Seattle 24-21. DAMN! Oh Well, they are playing much better, Dennis Green is putting a winner together, I have High Hopes for next year! We are 5 - 10 this year right now. I expect a year from now we are 9 - 6 and in the hunt for a Division Championship or a Solid Wild Card birth.

Well Like I said, my time may be very limited this week to update, upgrading Cable, etc. But I can tell you this much. I am OFF from Work New Years EVE, and I ain't going anywhere! I will just listen to George Noory Coast To Coast AM here and listen the the Drunken Carnage on the Roads on my Scanner.

Well I have got to go, lots of regular Work to do this week, and Work for the Secret Armed Compound!

1,196 Days,of WWIII


I can almost hear those Sleigh Bells jingling!!!! For sure Santa is starting his pre-flight checks. Yes this is The Official Last Posting until after Christmas. So I hope you all have a Great and Very Merry Christmas with Family and Friends!

So let's end with Space type News.

Hmmm....Another near miss, unknown until after it went by....seems like the Earth is getting closer and closer shaves lately. See the Story

Here's a Story on MARS, Still Geologically Active? Active Volcanos? Water? Life? See the Story HERE!!!

OK, now I wetted your interest....Hmmmm.... A little Martian following the Opportunity Rover on Mars, and dusting the Solar Panels???? See the STORY HERE!!!

Does Mars have a "woody"? or LUMBER? This is the CLOSE up HERE!!!

To see the NASA JPL full Image go HERE!!!

Now for the Grand Finish of this update! For your viewing ease I post the following photo taken by Mars Rover Opportunity, taken on 12/19/04. Let it Load, then look at the lower right hand corner. Well to me it looks like a Mud Puddle. And I tested this amoung a lot of people, what they think it is, all Water related they admit, except for one who tends to over analyze like it's a trick Question. In any Case, here is the Photo from Mars Rover Opportunity.

1,194 Days,of WWIII


Well yesterday was a lot of FUN! My Cardinals destroyed the St. Louis Rams 37 - 07. And the game wasn't even as close as the score. It's been a LONG TIME since the Cardinals dominated from the opening kickoff to the Final Gun. AND! Believe it or not, the Cardinals with a 5 - 9 Record still have a shot at the PLAYOFFS!!!! Is Hell Freezing over? (Cardinals in the playoffs) Maybe, NYC today 14 degrees, 30 degrees below normal. My hometown's LOW last night was -25 F, (38 degrees below normal) with a -38 F Wind Chill.

Another good thing. Gas is down to $1.85 a gallon here now. About a 25 cent drop from a couple of months ago. However I will never be happy about the price of Gas until it drops below $1 a gallon. Yeah I know.... a pipe dream.

Tomorrow is the 1st Day of Winter, the Winter Solstice, the shortest day of the year. I suppose A Great Day for someone like myself, a night person!

Let's get back to calling things what they are, for example, the PROPER Greeting right now is, "MERRY CHRISTMAS! Happy New Year!". NOT "Happy Holildays". ALSO it is "ILLEGAL ALIENS", NOT "UnDocumented Immigrants". And just the other day, less than 5 miles away from my Secret Armed Compound, an AZ Congressman's Son was Shot by an ILLEGAL ALIEN. See the STORY HERE!!!

Well the End of the Year is rapidly approaching, so let's end with a Story on the END OF THE WORLD. See the Story HERE!!!

I will try my best to post 1 more update before Christmas. But just in case.


1,191 Days,of WWIII


Sorry I've been away for a week, but busy time of year. Speaking of this year, it has been a Bummer for me since August, with the exception being Election Day. So I am VERY READY to end the Year 2004, and begin with a new slate for 2005. That being said, I try to remind myself that no matter what happens there are many people Worse Off than I. AND every so often comes a Story, that makes nearly everyone realize no matter your current troubles or issues, etc. you still have it good. Take for example this story HERE!!!I rarely do this, but I'm going to send a Donation for this little girl.

Just doing the CHRISTMAS, (NOT HOLIDAY or SEASONS GREETINGS), SPIRIT thing. Christmas is a time for GIVING, and I'll give what I can.

Just remember this. I will update as I can, but this time of year is busy for me at,and outside of work. Regular "Programming" will resume after January 8th. Why Janurary 8th? That is my Birthday, I'll be 42. I don't feel like 42.... I feel more like, 30??? I don't know, I just know that it doesn't seem right I'll be 42 in about 3 weeks. Which in case you don't know, I moved to AZ from Northern NY where they will have another WHITE CHRISTMAS this year, 21 yrs ago, and this will be my 20th AZ Christmas. I'll tell you this much the 1st 21 yrs seems to have lasted longer than the past 20 yrs. I know as a kid time goes slow, and as an Adult time speeds by. But Damn! I didn't think TIME would go this fast!

I don't know how busy I will be next week, but I will be busy. So just in case, there will be at LEAST 1 More UpDate before Christmas Eve. But I know people are travelling, busy also, So...


1,184 Days,of WWIII


Well actually I didn't think I would be updating today. But TOO MUCH WEIRD NEWS to not report on.

Let's start with Subject #1 : FOOD RAGE! Yes we have a rave of food rage today. Let's begin with the 1st of 3 stories. I call this one, "Attack on a Store Clerk with a Nuked Hamburger". See the Story HERE!!!

2nd Story, "Attack with a luke warm Sandwich". See the Story HERE!!!

Now for the 3rd and Final Food Rage incident in today's News is, "Assualt with a Pork Chop".See the Story HERE!!!

Well let's keep the weird News going. Check out this Story! Russian 7 yr old Boy,,, a Martian reincarnate? True or False the kid has an amazing knowledge, or is a fantastic story teller. See the Story HERE!!!

Now to regular News.

Well the FAA is considering dropping the ban on the use of Cell Phones on commercial Airlines in Flight, this will still take at least a year. But I never really understood WHY. Interfering with Navigation???? Give me a break! I think maybe AIRPHONE's Contract is up in a year or so, and the Airlines want to entice customers to FLY. And I bet the Airlines would gain in ratings. I know I never used that stupid AIRPHONE Service, but if I could have used my Cell Phone, I would have. See the Story HERE!!!

Now for a "Christmas, or GOD Update". Seems that a Leading Life Long Atheist...(Atheist, No Such Thing as GOD) (Agnostic, just can't decide one way or another). Well this Atheist now believes there is a GOD. Here is what I think. It takes a LOT MORE FAITH that there is NOTHING after you physically Die, than to believe that you just move on to whatever is next. The near Death Experiances, Ghosts, or other "Paranormal Type" stuff which I have experianced myself. Think about the Atheistic belief system. When you are DEAD, YOU, Spirit, Intellect, Conciousness, is HISTORY! Not Lights Out in a Theater, but like you never existed.I believe that if I do Die, I am Immortal until Proven Wrong, but IF I do Die, it IS NOT THE END of ME. Well back to the Atheist, see the Story HERE!!!

Well this guy was obviously a good Talk Show Host. Gave his last "Show" this past Wednesday. See the Story HERE!!!He DIED on THURSDAY

NEWS: Longtime WBZ-A/BOSTON evening talk host DAVID BRUDNOY has lost his battle with cancer. The legendary talker died THURSDAY after a long battle with a rare form of cancer, merkel-cell carcinoma; he was 64 and had been battling AIDS for a decade, but was diagnosed with the skin cancer last year and spent four months off the air being treated for it. The cancer was found to have spread to his liver and kidneys after he checked into MASSACHUSETTS GENERAL HOSPITAL last FRIDAY, and he gave a farewell interview to WBZ on WEDNESDAY.


Have a Great Weekend!!!

1,183 Days,of WWIII


Hi folks! Well I have time time enough today to give you a few stories you probably won't see elsewhere.

The 1st Story happened right here in Arizona last night, under 30 miles away from my Secret Armed Compound. The latest from this story I just heard on the local radio is that a few years back he contracted a "Parasitic Tropical Disease" in Mexico, and recently had a relapse. Apparently whatever this "Parasitic Tropical Disease" is, causes behavior problems....according to the latest news reports. GOOD GRIEF!!!! You can get this Disease in MEXICO???!!! He WAS the City of Phoenix, AZ. Financial Director. See this Life is Stranger than Fiction News Story HERE!!!

I have no other way of describing this as anything but,,,, must have been a hell of a drinking binge!!! See the STORY HERE!!!

Well some Friends are better not having, leave you for Dead in hopes of not getting in trouble. See the Story HERE!!!

I hate Soccer, it is even MORE BORING than GOLF to me. But here is a STUPID SOCCER STORY HERE!!!

This is all for now, see you next time!!!

1,182 Days,of WWIII


BREAKING NEWS!!! Dick Clark, (American Bandstand) and foreverlooking young has suffered a stroke. See the Story HERE!!!

Busy time of year, Christmas, NOT HOLIDAYS! Shopping, and juggling a couple of other things besides work that take up time, I update as I am able to.

Let's start today with some uplifting News that will drive the, get Christianity Symbols, etc out of view of the public, advocates. A small but very vocal and somehow powerful group of anti Christians has been and is attempting to STEAL Christmas away. You have seen the evidence. Christmas Carols are out, WINTER TREES are IN. ETC. ETC. ETC.... Well you know the old saying, "You can't keep a good man down...". It holds even more True as the majority of American citizens are being beaten down by the mainstream Media. You've heard that it was religious people who gave Bush his second term, The RED STATES are HOSTILE TERRITORY, ETC. ETC. ETC...

Well I say these stories, some might call it, "The Season of Giving", but I call it for what it is, THE CHRISTMAS SPIRIT. 1 Story each of a sign from above, and from an action of one of us. Lottery Winner see the Story HERE!!!

AND $40 GRAND, see the Story HERE!!!

You see? No matter how much They beat down the Meaning of Christmas, the True Spirit of Christmas always wins, maybe not publicly, but always exists, and more meaningful, more important than any Media outlet can use in their boiler plate secularization, anti Christian themed news reports.

INSTEAD, the NEWS is more likely to defend a TEACHER such as this!!! REMEMBER.....DIVERSITY!!!! IF I EVER wear Black Panties, earrings, lipstick, rouge and eyeshadow.... JUST SHOOT ME!!! But this guy is a teacher,,,STILL!!! See the Story HERE!!!

You know, some things are just ALWAYS WRONG! Granted I can see an Emergency situation requiring using a bush or tree, but in an ELEVATOR TIME AFTER TIME??? See the Story HERE!!!

This will do it for today, I'll do my best to be here tomorrow!

1,177 Days,of WWIII



Well folks, today we have an updated Story on PEST, (Post Election Selection Trauma). Read this Story, these people for the most part are Anti-Religion, they same people who took Christmas Carols out of Schools, now gives us the Holiday Tree or Winter Tree,(Just in this past week's Sunday Newspaper, from WALGREENS. Do you keep it up from December 21st thru March 21st???) And have had prior MENTAL PROBLEMS. See the STORY HERE!!!

Hmmm.... Let me take a shot in the Dark, I bet these same PEST People would really get along with this group in Italy. See the Story, and see if you agree with me, HERE!!!

I am going to be 42 yrs old in just over a month, how things have changed. Teenagers don't want to get a Drivers License????? See the Story HERE!!!

TOO BAD these High Cheerleaders got busted just before the football playoff game. I would have paid to see Drunk Cheerleaders on the sidelines, you never know what might have happened. See the Story HERE!!!

OK, now to my "other" Hobby. Hmmm. seems to me that many said including scientists, "Don't go to Mars, nothing there, waste of $$$". Now all of a sudden, it's ,"Might be LIFE THERE!!! Don't GO There!!!". Seems to me, the Anti exploring Mars people are now starting to say, "There is Life on Mars, be Fearful". I say, There is Life on Mars be Joyful! Let's GO!!! And see what's out there. See the Story HERE!!!

And here is another Story related to Life outside of Earth, The DRAKE EQUATION. Being reformulated due to where Life lives here on Earth in Nuclear Reactors, Fungus outside of the former MIR Space Station, many planets now being found, etc. See the Story HERE!!!

Christmas Eve 3 weeks away, time flies. And I haven't a CLUE what to buy for presents. But I will let you all in the know on what I would like, just a bit of help in getting a nice Lap top PC, setting up a Wireless Network at Home, a Cable Modem to take better advantage of my 48 inch Widescreen HDTV and Internet Access. This will eliminate my $21 per month 56K Dial-Up Connection Charge over the phone line, eliminate the phone line, $40 per month. And Basic Cable $40 per month. If I get a bit of help from Christmas and my B-Day presents towards the new Lap Top PC, I can do the rest. And combining the bills, (I have a Cell Phone, the only reason I have a regular phone is to get on-line on a 56K Dial-Up Modem), will be cheaper with better service and options.

I'll let you know if Santa comes thru after Christmas.

See you Monday 12/06/04!!

1,175 Days,of WWIII


Commenting further on what I posted at the beginning of the last update....WELL!!! Seems that more than likely I have been enduring Colder Temperatures than most of you across the country the past couple of days. This would be GREAT NEWS! If it were during the SUMMER! And I work 11PM - 9:30AM, smoke breaks OUTSIDE. Read the Newspaper outside at 6AM, the coldest time of Day. Well anyway just so you know I am saying the Truth, see the Story HERE!!!

Now I don't like this at all!!! To damn close to my Secret Armed Compound! About 3 miles away. See the Story HERE!!!

Now I like this! Get rid of the IRS, Tax Returns, and just have a National Sales Tax. This eliminates the time of filling out Tax Returns, or paying to do so, you only get Taxed on what you spend, not what you Earn. The Wealthy inheriters who pay no Tax on the inheritence, will be taxed in spending it. AND the biggest Reason why this would be a Great Thing is: Try this test. Ask those who you work with, or know if they know what they pay in Taxes. Odds are they will say something like, "Well I get a Refund every year..." or what they pay extra..... Here is the POINT. On your paycheck, GROSS EARNINGS is what you EARNED. NET PAY is what you got after your Employer witheld the TAXES. In my case well over 35% of my Earned Income is gone because of State, Federal, Social Security, and Medicare before I even get my Pay Check. This will wake up Americans to ACTUALLY SEE what they PAY in TAXES. It was a slick idea of WITHOLDING TAXES, so everyday no-nothing working stiffs wouldn't really realize how much they pay in Taxes. Look at this another way, if you contribute to a 401K or other Retirement Savings Plan and have the $ deducted from your check before you get your "NET PAY", eventually you don't realize the Amt. And Surprise Surprise, that few $'s over time makes a nice tidy nest egg towards Retirement. See the Story HERE!!!

PETA on the Rampage again. I can only say, guess what? In a slaughterhouse, animals are killed, SO WE CAN EAT THEM! I find no deliberate torture of animals that are slaughtered, in fact if in the wild, their predators would, if the animal actually knows/feels this FEAR, the way WE DO, inflict a more brutal, torturous death than the "slaughtered" animal. See the Story HERE!!!

A Stupid Law about to be overturned. What Law? Cats and Dogs living in the same home. See the Story HERE!!!

Stupid Idiot of the Day. Why would someone put a LAVA LAMP on a HOT STOVE? Well we don't have an answer, because the result was FATAL. See the Story HERE!!!

Now this politically based Web Site does Parady, funny Stories. But to be funny they have to have a bit of Truth or possibility to them. Well on the following LINK, scroll down to the Story, ACLU Wants School Bus to Stop Driving by so Many Churches. Last I saw it is the 2nd Story down on the page. See the Story HERE!!! Don't you think this could very well happen in the Near Future???

Time for me to go eat, and get my Beauty Sleep before work tonight.

1,173 Days,of WWIII


Hi All! Well it's getting pretty chilly here in Arizona. It got down to 37 degrees here at The Secret Compound last night, tonight it's supposed to be colder. OK, OK, I hear some of you....playing the world's smallest violin for me. But remember I left Northern NY over 20 years ago. I can handle the 115 degree days easily now. It's the cold that I hate. You can always tell the vacationers here. Shorts, t-shirt, sandals. Residents at the same time wearing jackets. In the summer it easy to tell who the residents are. EVERYONE here in the summer is a resident! Because the heat might kill the unwary non-resident.

Well to get to the point... I finally turned my heat on this morning at The Compound. Consider this, 10AM and it is still only 63 degrees in my bedroom. I'm in Arizona! I should not be cold inside my own place. I set the Thermostat to 69 degrees. In the Summer, the LOWEST I set my A/C to was 84 degrees. That's a difference of temperature inside the house of 25 degrees.

My Az. Cardinals..... COACHING MISTAKE! Quarterback change should have been made at Halftime, not in the last few minutes of the Game!!!! Well anyway, one thing that always makes me feel warmer is watching NFL Football being played in a semi-blizzard like last night's ESPN Sunday Night Game between the Oakland Raiders and Denver Broncos. You would think the Home Team in these weather conditions would win easily, not the case.

Well let's see what we have in the NEWS Today.

This just in! Japan Rocking and Rolling again with a big Earthquake. See the Story HERE!!!

Is this just the start? Christmas Decoration WAR.See the Story HERE!!!

Little People speak up against lying Liberals, and what happens to them? Their Life gets destroyed by the Liberal Elitists. See the Story HERE!!!

Hmmm....I'll just call this, "The Stupid Crook of the Day". See the Story HERE!!!

Here is the PCN WIRE, (Politically Correct News Wire). Check it out HERE!!!

Be Aware!!! NO SMILING!!!! See the Story HERE!!!

In case you are interested, The 12 Days of Christmas this year will cost you $66,334, up from $65,264 last year. See the Story HERE!!!

I have no idea how to title this next Story except as, "????!!!!!". YOU HAVE to read it for yourself. See the Story HERE!!! Major Ed Dames is a "Remote Viewer" and a frequent guest on the Radio Show, Coast To Coast AM that I listen to at night at work.

Well it's time for me to recreate another mini Thanksgiving Meal from the plentiful leftovers I got from my Mom before I freeze the rest for future Turkey Sandwiches.

1,170 Days,of WWIII


Well I hope all of you enjoyed a Happy Thanksgiving with family and friends. Certainly the football games left much to be desired.

Today is known as "Black Friday". The so called busiest shopping day of the year. I think it is mostly the busiest window shopping day of the year. Here most stores opened at 5AM, and there were lines outside the door. Not for me! I'll just stay right here and watch "The Duel in the Desert" Arizona State vs University of Arizona while enjoying some adult type beverages.

Now here is a funny story about Liberals fleeing to Canada. See the Story HERE!!!

How about this? A Meteorite photographed striking the Earth? See the Story and Phot HERE!!!

Now for the typical news of the day.

Of coarse, students can thank anybody, or anything, except God. See the Story HERE!!!

Declaration of Independence BANNED at a California School. See the Story HERE!!!

1,168 Days,of WWIII


Annual Thanksgiving Day Update

I WILL give an update on Friday 11/26/04.

Now continuing my Traditional Thanksgiving Day Post for the 8th consecutive year, from the earliest days of my website:


Happy Thanksgiving!!!

Being Thanksgiving Day, and about to stuff myself with turkey in a few short hours, I got to thinking....(Oh No!! not again!!!) you say to yourself. I got to thinking what kind of turkey most of us will be eating is. Is it a Conservative turkey? Or is it a Liberal turkey?

After serious smoke filled thinking, I have concluded most of us will be eating Liberal Turkies. And here is my reasoning why.


  • Welfare : subsidized housing, food, and healthcare
  • Lack of : individuality, dissent, and ability to think clearly
  • Considers living at the farmer's ie gov't expense "a job"
  • No individual responsibilty, everyone is a victim
  • It "Takes A Village"
  • If released to the real world, would not survive
  • When heading to the slaughterhouse, blames the Conservative Turkies


  • Provides for it's own housing, food, and health
  • Individuality is a must
  • Always questioning of it's surroundings
  • Smart enough not to look up in the rain and drown
  • Does not live at the expense of a farmer ie gov't handouts
  • Individual responsibilty for it's own survival
  • Knows life isn't fair
  • Does live and survive in the real world
  • When hunted depends on it's own skills to survive or perish


1,167 Days,of WWIII


MMMM!!!! I can almost smell the TURKEY!!!!

ANCHORS AWAY!!!! Well Dan Rather of CBS is leaving as I predicted, in March, and I also believe Peter Jennings is gone in a week or two. The Death Bell is ringing for old network TV NEWSCASTS. I never before had an opportunity to use this before, and I know these ANCHORS would HATE it!!! How so Politically Incorrect and Insensitive I am. And I am NOT SORRY!!!!


Stand Navy out to sea

Fight our battle cry

We’ll never change our course

So vicious foe steer shy-y-y-y

Roll out the T.N.T.

Anchors Aweigh

Sail on to victory and

Sink their bones to Davy Jones hooray!

Yo ho there shipmate

Take the fighting to the far off sea

Hear the wailing of the wild banshees

All hands, fire brands Let’s blast them as we go, so

Anchors Aweigh my boys

Anchors Aweigh

Farewell to college joys

We sail at break of day day day day

Through our last night on shore

Drink to the foam

Until we meet once more

Here’s wishing you a happy voyage home!

Heave a ho there sailor

Everybody drink up while you may

Heave a ho there sailor

For your gonna sail a break of day

Drink away, Drink away,

For you sail at break of day, hey!

Anchors Aweigh my boys

Anchors Aweigh

Farewell to college joys

We sail at break of day day day day

Through our last night on shore

Drink to the foam

Until we meet once more

Here’s wishing you a happy voyage home!


REMINDER, tomorrow a Re-Posting of my ALLTIME Most Famous, most used internet posting.

Well let's take care of some NEWS

Do you use a LASER PRINTER at Work or at Home? Well it is basically a Tracking Device. Anything you print on a LASER PRINTER can be traced back to you. I never considered this, and if I didn't, I bet most of you haven't either! See the STORY HERE!!!

It seems as though Britian has thwarted a 9/11 of it's own. Thank God. See the STORY HERE!!!

Well, I will just call this, What a Loving Mother Does.....See the Story HERE!!!

Well being SO CLOSE to THANKSGIVING, I need to end with a "GOOD" STORY. One that most of you will not know, so you keep coming back to find out about these other Stories you don't hear about. Well I think I got one. A Wish from a little Boy. "To fill boy's wish, it's wiener takes all." See the Story HERE!!!

1,162 Days,of WWIII


NATIONAL SMOKE-OUT DAY!!! I am doing my best to smoke twice as much as normal. This is my reaction to Do-Gooders who want to control every individual's right as adults. You can rest assure that these nutty anti-smokers who want me to change, have something in their own lives that I would think best if they stopped. But I AM NOT TELLING THEM TO DO SO! See the STORY HERE!!!

Well let's continue on this format for now. PETA won't like this, FUR SALES are going...UP!!! See the STORY HERE!!!

Still going on PETA. According to PETA, Fish are SMART! We should not EAT THEM!!! Now to dive back to my opening comment, I don't like SEAFOOD. If it was as banned in Public Places, Like Restuarants and Bars like they, THE ANTI-SMOKERS want to do with cigarettes, I have no problem with it. The smell of a Tuna Fish sandwich makes me sick. But I don't want to make every restuarant SEAFOOD FREE, I just don't go to SEAFOOD Restuarants!!!! SIMPLE!!!! See the FISH STORY HERE!!!

AND, we ALL know PETA will be doing their Annual Anti-Turkey Thanksgiving News Release either tomorrow or early next week.

Clinton Presidential Library Opened Today, I didn't get an Invitation.... Go figure.

This IS NOT GOOD NEWS to us in ARIZONA. As if not enough of these Liberal people haven't already moved here from California, it looks as though more are going to come. And also people from Florida tired of Humidity and Hurricanes. See the Story HERE!!!

Well, let's end today with a bit of a humorous story, the King of Nathan's 4th of July Hot Dog Eating contest claims another Prize. See the Story HERE!!!

Well it's Great to be connected again. The reason I didn't update yesterday was because I was getting a replacement Cell Phone. I lost mine sometime during the 4th Quarter of the Cardinals win over the NY Giants game, or on the way back to my car. I hoped whoever found it would call the home # listed, or turn it in to Lost & Found. Neither happened. Maybe it fell of my outside pocket in the parking lot and got smushed by traffic. Or maybe, I have a 3 hr. call to Pakistan now on the Bill. Well anyways, I have a smaller Cell Phone now, one that will fit INSIDE my pocket. So that issue is solved once and for all.

I have to go now, get more familiar with the new cell phone and enter in some more ph #'s in My Address Book.

1,161 Days,of WWIII


Hey Hey!!! My Az. Cardinals beat the NY Giants Sunday, we are now 4-5. ONE Game out of 1st place in the Division.

Well let's see, White House Cabinet Posts changing, but we all knew this was coming, so really no unexpected news there. Here's a good one. Beavers use stolen CASH to help build their dam. See the Story HERE!!!

Now this just figures, and of coarse it is FRANCE! Planning to rename Streets for Arafat. See the Story HERE!!!

Did you see the BURIAL for Arafat? Near RIOT, Guns Firing. But I suppose by their terms, rather peaceful, only 9 deaths. Have you heard the growing speculation that Arafat's Blood Disorder, was AIDS? And that is why he went to France, (Cause of Death not needed to be released under French Law). I don't know if this is the case or not, but it seems to have merit. And a fitting tribute to the Father of Modern Terrorism, the YASSER-1 Rocket. See the Story HERE!!!

Oh No! The Vampire Butcher is found DEAD in Prison!!! Do you feel bad? I don't SICKO.... See the Story HERE!!!

Hmmm....Violence and stabbing occurs when RAP Singers are present...go figure. See the Story HERE!!!

Limbaugh blasted by the "MENTAL HEALTH" Proffesionals over people being traumatized and seeking Psycho help from the election loss by Kerry. Psycho is psyco in my book. How anyone could be TRAMAUTIZED by losing an election is beyond me. But here is the Story HERE!!!

Now to the Marine VIDEO, that Michael Moore will surely use in his next fake-umentery. It IS COMBAT, in a fast moving WAR ZONE. Kill or be killed. War is Hell on Earth. You/We either support Our Troops in this conflict, or You/We don't. I SUPPORT THEM 100%!!!! In COMBAT, I FULLY support the adage of, "SHOOT 1st, ask QUESTIONS LATER!!!" Much later. And, I will see you Later!

1,156 Days,of WWIII



1st a bit of NEWS.

Yes Sir! Yasser is DEAD!!!! I hope he likes his place in HELL.

Now to the weido Flee the Country because Bush Won News.

STAR ACTOR for,"Law & Order: Criminal Intent," GOES NUTZOID since Kerry Lost the ELECTION. See the STORY HERE!!!

OH WOE IS WE!!! Bush is Re-Elected, and WE HAVE TO FLEE!!! Go AHEAD you sorry assed bastards and bitches. You never heard any of us normal thinking people saying this when Clinton was elected and then re-elected. BUT YOU PEOPLE, lose an election or 2 and it's the signs popping up all over, "DEMOCRACY DOESN'T WORK!!!", etc. Well I hope you all get your wish and leave the USA, and Renounce your Citizenship. Just to seal the deal that you can never come back, because we, while able to tolerate the Hate Speech you plaster all over the place, in the 1st Ammendment Rights. LEaving and going to other Country's like Italy, (a lot of Catholics there), Brazil(same thing, different language), or Canada (you will WISH you were here if you need any sort of Health Care because you have a YEAR Wait for Emergency Heart Surgeries, etc). BUT IT's FREE!!!! Mexico???? HA!!! Lots of luck to you there. foriengers are not allowed to OWN Property, sure you may pay a hefty price for the home, but the Gov't can end your LEASE at any time, you have no property rights. Or how about Australia? Sure a Western type Country, but to become a permanent resident will cost you about $200,000 up front, to get the equilevent of a GREEN CARD HERE in the USA. In the USA, if you do it the right way, the GREEN CARD is basically FREE.

SORRY, but 99.99% of those who say they will leave the USA, are going to stay here in the USA. Because to their HORROR, the USA is still the best place to be. But here is a STORY of some who say they are LEAVING. See the STORY HERE!!!

One more NOTE: Fat Ass Slob Michael Moore will be back. Plans on a Film called, "Fahrenheit 9/11½". You can see this STORY HERE!!!

Now for my annual Tribute to The Veterans

Originally Posted on my Web Site with Permission in 2001.


(A Soldier Died Today)
by A. Lawrence Vaincourt

He was getting old and paunchy and his hair was falling fast,
And he sat around the Legion, telling stories of the past
Of a war that he had fought in and the deeds that he had done,
In his exploits with his buddies; they were heroes, every one.

And tho' sometimes, to his neighbors, his tales became a joke,
All his Legion buddies listened, for they knew whereof he spoke.
But we'll hear his tales no longer for old Bill has passed away,
And the world's a little poorer, for a soldier died today.

He will not be mourned by many, just his children and his wife,
For he lived an ordinary and quite uneventful life.
Held a job and raised a family, quietly going his own way,
And the world won't note his passing, though a soldier died today.

When politicians leave this earth, their bodies lie in state,
While thousands note their passing and proclaim that they were great.
Papers tell their whole life stories, from the time that they were young,
But the passing of a soldier goes unnoticed and unsung.

Is the greatest contribution to the welfare of our land
A guy who breaks his promises and cons his fellow man?
Or the ordinary fellow who, in times of war and strife,
Goes off to serve his Country and offers up his life?

A politician's stipend and the style in which he lives
Are sometimes disproportionate to the service that he gives.
While the ordinary soldier, who offered up his all,
Is paid off with a medal and perhaps, a pension small.

It's so easy to forget them for it was so long ago
That the old Bills of our Country went to battle, but we know
It was not the politicians, with their compromise and ploys,
Who won for us the freedom that our Country now enjoys.

Should you find yourself in danger, with your enemies at hand,
Would you want a politician with his ever-shifting stand?
Or would you prefer a soldier, who has sworn to defend
His home, his kin and Country and would fight until the end?

He was just a common soldier and his ranks are growing thin,
But his presence should remind us we may need his like again.
For when countries are in conflict, then we find the soldier's part
Is to clean up all the troubles that the politicians start.

If we cannot do him honor while he's here to hear the praise,
Then at least let's give him homage at the ending of his days.
Perhaps just a simple headline in a paper that would say,
Our Country is in mourning, for a soldier died today.

© 1985 A. Lawrence Vaincourt

1,155 Days,of WWIII


UNITED STATES MARINE CORPS.... 229 Years and still Kicking Ass!!!!

Today The US Marine Corps is Kicking Ass in Fallujah, on the Marine Corps Birthday.


Photo from AP

A member of Charlie Company of the U.S. Marines First Division, Eighth regiment, smokes a cigarette in Fallujah, Iraq, Tuesday, Nov. 9, 2004.

Yasser TERRORFAT, The Palestinian LIBERAL Organization President. (PLO) Is either already DEAD or near dead. This would be a great cause for celebration. 1 More Terrorist Leader DEAD. The Father of Air Plane Hijackings, suicide bombers, the biggest obstacle to Peace between Israel and the Palestinians.Now with leadership to change, hopes for Peace, a Settlement, and a Palestinian State without a mantra of the Destuction of Israel is now about to be possible.

Hmmm.... Do you think G. W. Bush will TRUMP Bill Clinton's last ditch Efforts for a Legacy that he FAILED in trying to get this done too? You know, The 1st World Trade Center Bombing in 1993, The Embassy Bombings in Africa, the USS COLE, etc. etc. tied to Bin Laden. The same Bin Laden Clinton had at least 3 chances to KILL, and at least 2 chances to take Custudy of him. But did NOTHING! But gave G.W. Bush a warning that Bin Laden was a threat as Clinton walked out of The White House. But to Liberals, 9-11 was all Bush's FAULT.

Let me see,,,, we lost the 1992 Presidential Election, and again in 1996. How many Republicans, or Conservatives did you see complaining about voter fraud, saying they were going to flee the USA to Canada, Mexico, or New Zealand, etc.? The Liberals are going MENTAL CASE, some are seeking treatment from Psycho Therapists, in a new condition called Post Election Depression, or something like that. A NEW MENTAL ILLNESS!!! Because Liberals can't handle LOSING an ELECTION. They post SIGNS that, "DEMOCRACY DOESN'T WORK!!!", etc.

Red and Blue States, well that paints 1 picture, showing how much Bush Won. But let's go a little deeper, like County by County, (or Parish).

Notice how the Kerry BLUE STATES are a lot More RED, than Bush's RED STATES are Blue.

And to just disect a comment I heard on the Radio by a Liberal Pundit, "That All the Moral Values and Religious People voted for Bush....". Doesn't that actually mean by his own definition,,,,, everyone who Voted for Kerry is, "IMMORAL and Anti-Religion"????? I doubt that! But these are the Extremes the Far Left are harping about post election.

Well when you lose you need to retool and get active if you support your own views. My website is one way I do it myself. But if you just like to think things will happen your way without any work on your part, FORGET IT! See how big Michael Moore's "SLACKER TOUR" did? Big Crowds, but none of them showed up at the VOTING BOOTH. Well,,, those that did show up, VOTED for Bush by over 3%, the under 25 yrs old crowd. I guess that "ROCK THE VOTE" Crowd didn't get the results they wanted.....

Well finally my Unexpected Expenses, My Dad Passing, and my car's transmission, Rental Car, are finally OFFICALLY done and PAID FOR. And all my BILLS are paid thru mid Jan except for Electric and Mortgage. Had to sell some Stock to pull it off, but at least I am as cash liquid as I was 2 months ago now. Life finally back to normal. Awkward times await though for Thanksgiving Day, the 1st time my Family gets together on Thanksgiving Day since we moved to Arizona from Northern NY 21 years ago. We usually had Thanksgiving on the following Sat or Sun. I always used to say at Work that I am having Spaghetti O'S (With Meatballs) on Thanksgiving. Because my Mom and I always had to work. It is the nature of where we work, different fields of work, but end result the same.

Christmas may still be a bit troublesome, you know, just remembering my Dad was still Alive last Christmas.

Losing a Parent, now matter how removed, is a very tough thing to go thru.

See you Tomorrow!!!

1,148 Days,of WWIII



Just like I told you all! A great DAY! Mid week BBQ and extra Beer Special celebration here. The Sun is Shining here in AZ. Not a cloud in the sky. Bush won in this former Battleground State by 11%. G.W. Bush is the 1st Winner to capture over 50% of the poular vote since his dad in 1988. Clinton never got 50% of the popular vote. The highest vote total ever for a Presidential Candidate, even beating Ronald Reagan's victory landslide Victory in 1984. For "Whom the Bell Tolls", it tolls the Death Gasps of the 3 (FORMER) major news networks, CBS, NBC, ABC, and very possibly CNN. They don't matter anymore. The 6PM news at night is now an anachronism, Dan Rather's Career is Destroyed, Catie Curic DRESSED in BLACK Today on The Today Show.

Well the Far Leftist Liberal Democrats need to be replaced by the more Moderate members of their Party. Can't let the likes of a George Soros, Michael Moore, Dan Rather, etc. control the Party Line. The Democrats need to very seriously rethink and re-do their Mission Statement if they whis to remain a Party in a 2 Party System. If they don't fix it soon. Another Party will form outside of Conservative and Moderate Republicans, and outside of the Democratic Party. The old Democratic Party will be as relevant as the TORIES were during the American Revoltutionary War in 1776-1781. The Tories fled back to either England or to Canada. Where will the Michael Moores and Tom Daschle's and Al Gore's, and John Kerry's go? Argentina?????

Well I just watched LIVE John Kerry's Concession Speech..... Probably the most notable and honest thing Kerry has done politically in his life, Kerry being a Liberal, did the correct thing. Sure there was a bit of Liberalism in his Speech. But acknowledged the inevitable. At least he, GROOMED as President as a Child, had to finally admit and come to terms with himself, it is not to be. I am glad he chose the path that Al Gore did not. Kerry will be heard from again in politacal circles, unlike the Death trap Al Gore put himself in. I respect Kerry more today than I have ever did in the past year. Because he took a different path today, pro America, Pro Americans. So I thank John Kerry for not making the Lawyers and Courts Decide when it is decided. 2 Days ago I very much disliked Kerry.

But now in the end when it all counts, the final tally. I still don't like him or his views, and as much as I disagree with him. He is as American as I. And I commend him for not dragging this out in the Courts. Even in the End, a Flaming Liberal, is still an American..... Though I am not so sure about Michael Moore......Is somebody standing by? To prevent a Cardiac Arrest or Suicide by Michael Moore? Will Farenhieght 911 go to Room Temperature? I bet it Does. I will tell you this, the Days of Michael Moore are OVER, and so is everyother Extreme Liberal viewpoint. Liberals LOST BAD, so bad they don't have a game plan to recover. Turns out Religion, Integrity, Honesty, Morals, is what made the Conservative Ticket, Republicans. The Winner in this National Election.

1,147 Days,of WWIII



It is going to be a GREAT DAY! Bush will win by 4 to 6% of the Popular Vote, and by 5% or more of the ELECTORAL COLLEGE VOTE. Trust me, I am VERY OPTIMISTIC!!! JUST MAKE SURE YOU VOTE TODAY!!! You can't just say to yourself that "My 1 Vote doesn't amount to much..." To Prevent the Liberal Trial Lawyers getting a say, we need to make this as 1 sided as possible! I wish to wake up at 9PM Mountain Time tonight to FOX NEWS CHANNEL, announcing that President Bush has won Re-Election.

From what I see a very large turnout for the Election. In my Precinct, I waited a 1/2 hr at 10:30AM. I never had to wait before. And the Vast Majority in line with me seemed rather intelligent, which means VOTES FOR BUSH!!!

Yes it is going to be a very good Day, and OUR Country will be Protected and Defended the best possible way, in the way we do things. We everyday Citizens will have another 4 yrs of NOT being subjected to "THE WORLD COURT". Our Troops will not be under the U.N. Flag. Our Country will stay INDEPENDANT. And REFUSE to be put under U.N. as overseerers.

GOD BLESS AMERICA, I truly Believe the AMERICAN Populace will do the right thing today.

Well, we will see how correct or wrong I am tomorrow. But I would bet 6 months pay that I am Correct.

1,146 Days,of WWIII



Too Late to tell you all anything else, but to:


1,133 Days,of WWIII



Well I am OFFICIALLY COMMITTED to going to Florida Early Friday AM. What made it "OFFICIAL"? Me giving AWAY my AZ CARDINALS TICKET and Parking PAss. I want to thank all of you for the sympathy emails on the Family Business my Brother and I have to deal with this coming weekend.

And yes my Nightmare Schedule of work and Training yesterday is now Completed, except I am VERY TIRED. 17 hrs of work in less than 24hrs. 7 1/2 hrs of a training class, a 6hr break before my shift where I got 90 mins. of sleep, followed by working 9 1/2 hrs. ALL between 9:30AM Monday and 9:00AM Tuesday.

Well I expect to catch up on needed SLEEP TODAY, and hopefully post an update Tomorrow.

Otherwise it might just be a Quick Update Late Thurs night or Early Fri AM before I leave for Florida. I should Return LATE Monday Night 10/25/04.

REGULAR UPDATES SHOULD RESUME no later than Wednesday 10/27/04, and resume the schedule I have had prir to late September.

Thank you for your understanding and patience.


1,127 Days,of WWIII


Yes I am BACK!!! Don't want to talk about the Cardinals Debacle in the last 1/2 of the 4th Quarter in the Game against the 49'ers.

But Tonight is the 3rd and FINAL DEBATE between Bush and Kerry, right HERE! about 15 miles from me. Last Night though I saw Sean Hannity, at the Insannity whith Sean Hannity a few miles down the road. That was a BLAST! It was also neat to be recognized as Smoker Dave by the KFYI's Afternoon Talk Show Hosts at the pre Hannity Party. I had a Great Seat, because I can afford it, thanks to G.W. Bush's Tax Cuts. I was in Row 3 12 ft from the Stage, slightly to the RIGHT.....As it should be!!!! I have some Photo's, I may post a couple later this week, but not today. I have to re-orient myself to night shift today to be at work bright eyed and ready to roll at 11PM.

But yesterday I thought I might have to change my Vote of 11/02/04 When Sen John Edwards, the VP Candidate with Kerry, said that if Kerry is Elected PRESIDENT, Everyone in Wheelchairs will WALK!!! Diabetes will be Cured, Alzhiemers will be Cured, Parkinsons Disease will be Cured.....

PRAISE THE LORD!!!! The SECOND COMING OF JESUS HAS COME in the form of John Kerry.............

Not the Case, I'm sure Kerry will work out a FLIP FLOP on this PROMISE of his VP Candidate. I AM VERY SURE That JESUS would not make his Second Coming in the physical Form of "LURCH, from the ADAM'S Family".

Watch the Debate Tonight from Tempe, AZ, a 15 minute Drive from my SECRET COMPOUND. Bush is up in most polls, Electoral and Popular Vote. If Bush does well, that NBC, CBS, ABC, CNN, call it a DRAW AGAIN, Means BUSH WON!!! For a more definitive answer go to FOX NEWS CHANNEL.

Bush is a sure WIN if we do what we should. VOTE!!!! Everyday Americans are a hell of a lot Smarter than the Michael Moore's Etc. BUT IF YOU REALLY BELIEVE THAT KERRY will make the LAME WALK, THE DIABETIC CURED, PARKINSONS CURED, ALZHIEMERS CURED, etc.... I think they left out Making The Blind SEE!!! Are they against Blind People???? And how would you vote in 2008? If these CAMPAIGN PROMISES are not met? In my own opinion. Kerry and Edwards will not cure a DAMN THING, But we will all pay a lot of $$$ for ZERO RESULTS!!!

Let me use John Kerry's Wife's own words.... SHOVE IT!!!,,, IDIOT!!!! LET THEM GO NAKED!!!. The potential 1st LADY, Pays less than 13% in TAXES on her 1 BILLION $$$ + EMPIRE. Well I make under $50,000, my Federal Tax is just Under 20%. See Something WRONG HERE!!!????

So Kerry and Edwards can go to Hell, and also LOSE on Nov. 2nd. UNLESS they CURE EVERYONE before ELECTION DAY. But I don't believe either one of them is THE SECOND COMING.....

I think I will be able to give a couple of more updates this week, and a couple at the begining of next week, then there will be a week between updates as we take care of things in Florida. After that The Regular Updates will Resume.

1,118 Days,of WWIII



Well yes thanks to my Cardinals, yesterday was the best day I've had in a week, and I needed a Good Day....

So my "mood" and outlook is back on the way up, though my brother and I, a couple of others, still have to finalize the bad news I recieved last Monday, go to Florida, that I told you about earlier. Hopefully I have another couple of "Good Days" starting next Sunday when the Cardinals defeat the 49'ers, and then 3rd Row for Sean Hannity on Tuesday Evening the night before the 3rd and final Presidential Debate.

Well let's see what else is going on. Well Mt. St. Helens is Erupting Again, you can view it HERE ON VOLCANO CAM!!!!

SpaceShipOne has Won the X-PRIZE of $10,000,000 by going into space twice in less than 2 weeks. CONGRATS!!!! Maybe I and many others will also beable to do so, I am only 41, hopes are going up. See the Story HERE!!!

400 RICHEST American's, I will give a LINK to the List, but from the State of Pennsylvania is : #389. Kerry, Teresa F. Heinz, 66, $750 million, Fox Chapel, inheritance

Do you have to ASK WHO???? John F. Kerry's WIFE!!!!

Well here is the link to the Story Listing all 400. HERE!!!

Well, that's it for today. See you the next time I am able....

1,116 Days,of WWIII


Well, it's been a very tough week as you all probably already know. Progress has been made in arranging the final details, thanks to my younger brother Jeff, who has a bit more flexible work environment than I, as he can work from home at times, and has a wireless Broadband Internet connection. Myself, still on Dial-Up. And very difficult to do Lab Testing at home.

I also want to express Special Thanks to STEVE B., who, as near as I can tell, went AGAINST my Dad's wishes and notified me of the NEWS.

Well sometime this month my brother Jeff and I will be going to Florida to finalize and wrap things up. This is all sort of like a twisted Greek Tragedy Tale for us. Now to the mystery on how I was notified in the 1st place.

Well a few years ago, like 6 or 7 yrs. My best friend Bill and I went to New Mexico. We stopped at Meteor Crator in Northern Arizona on the way, took a photo with our local hometome paper between us. A Small local weekly paper. Well they have a Section on the Back Page called, "WHERE IN THE WORLD ARE YOU TAKING US". Well it was published there, with a brief discription and bio, etc. But I included my web site address, this was when I still had it on geocities. I figure my Dad must have been getting that paper, because it was shortly after that, that I got 2, maybe 3 Emails from him. He never responded to my Emails or my brother's after that.

Well, now back to Steve B. this is a portion of the Email I recieved that I wish to share........


Why my Dad never hit the big "EMAIL ME!!!" Button, I don't know... maybe I will get some answers when We get to Florida.

Well this one sentance in the Email, really hit me hard in the chest. At least I know he knew sort of what was going on with me by what I put here in the Web Site. But unfortunately, my website is News, Politics, etc. etc. I don't bring up my brother, or my Mom here. I feel sad that he as I know of, doesn't know what my brother has been doing. It seems he held a false premise, that we were busy and he didn't want to interfere.

A Tragic End and circumstance, that I hope nobody else has to deal with. EMAIL....with all the SPAM we get, what interference in life is getting an Email from your Mom or Dad?????

Well Forget regular Updates here for October. THERE WILL BE UPDATES! But on an irregular basis as I can do them. Don't worry, I am OK, just down in the Dumps a bit still. But I have the Home Cardinals Game Sunday against the New Orleans Saints to look forward to, and a Win would certainly cheer me up. Also I have great tickets to Sean Hannity on October 12th, the night before the 3rd and Final Presidential Debate that is here a few miles from me.

So after everything is taken care of, regular updates will resume.....After All, I know my Dad checks out my web site to see what I am up to, and if he could it here, he can do it better where he is now.

Until next Time, sometime Later, Date and Time Unknown, Check back often!


1,113 Days,of WWIII


Well sorry folks. But I have to deal with the Bad News of 2 days ago, make arrangements, decide what to do. And Trust me, it is not as easy as you may think, EVEN if you have been thru this circumstance. Last Time I saw or Spoke to my Dad was over 20 yrs ago, I am 41 now, the 1st News I get about him is that he died. Try to do Funeral prep etc, from 2,000 miles away based on this info. And your only on scene source of info doesn't have a phone, probably uses the Library to get on-line. And now you see the difficulties.

I will TRY to Update as time allows, but don't expect much.


1,112 Days,of WWIII


Well I'm doing my best to rebound from yesterday's BAD NEWS. What I did is get a PRIME FRONT ROW TICKET to Sean Hannity for Oct. 12th. See the PROMO HERE!!!

I should be about 30 or 40 ft away from the Stage, just to the Right..... As it should be....

What in the World is Going on???? ATTACK of the GIANT UMPA LUMPA'S???? (Remember Willy Wonka?). Or maybe it's PUMPKIN HEAD!!!. Whatever the case we should ALL BE ON ORANGE ALERT!!!

Bad enough Kerry is a BOTOX Person, now he is an Experimental TANNING PILL person.

But we shouldn't be RACIST against ORANGE People...... I bet in this week's debate, Kerry will turn into More Colors, just as easily as he has changed positions on EVERY ISSUE. What would he look like in the End? Maybe like the depiction of the DEAD GREY ALIENS in ROSWELL, NEW MEXICO in 1947....

1,111 Days,of WWIII


Well it's been bad news from Florida since I was last here, in more ways than most of you could possibly know. My Dad DIED last Thursday in St. Petersburg, Florida...

1,108 Days,of WWIII


Damn!!! Long couple of days, work and things to do and take care of. So I will attempt to post an update this weekend, no promises though. The Only promise I can give is I will be here on Monday!!! One tid-bit, We all have 3 months of Christmas Shopping left.

Well the only thing I want is a good Lap-Top PC, make my home Wireless for Internet Service, and have it done not by Christmas, but by April. Sooner is of coarse Better. At least I will beable to terminate the Land Line Phone Line which costs about $45 a month, that I basically only use to get On-Line via Dial-Up. My Cell Phone is much CHEAPER. And by April 2005, my Desk Top PC will be 3 yrs old, or otherwise....obsolete. I am going to try to judge the best time to BUY after Christmas, just like my Widescreen HDTV that I got before the Super Bowl....I saved a bunch of $ on my timing and choice, hopefully I can do it again.

See you Monday,,,, Or EARLIER!!!!!


1,106 Days,of WWIII


SORRY, I've been running Late this week. Update TOMORROW!!!


1,104 Days,of WWIII


Hi all!

Well according to Teresa Heinz KETCHUP Kerry, I am an IDIOT, and a SCUMBAG. Here is a quote from the following linked Story.

“There are these bizarre moments that make you shudder,” the Kerry adviser said. “Like calling herself African-American to black audiences.” She dismissed voters skeptical of her husband’s health-care proposals as “idiots,” and, in a television interview with a Pittsburgh anchorwoman, employed the word “scumbags” to describe some of her detractors.

And remember the "SHOVE IT!!!" to a reporter before this? This Story is very lengthly, but here it is HERE!!!

Isn't this a SAD STORY!!! Saddam is Distraught and Depressed. Well if Al Gore had been Elected, he would probably still be in Power and NOT Distraught and Depressed, still would have FAMILY, and IRAQ would still be the PARADISE it was before the EVIL AMERICANS and the Coalition invaded. Yeah I about choked my self writing the last part. See the STORY HERE!!!

CBS...."Central Bull SHIT", is now trying to save it's ass. But I think the Ratings have already cost them BIG$$$$. You watch, I bet we will soon learn, but NOT from CBS, that the Original SOURCE of the FAKE MEMO's, are linked to Dan Rather, or his daughter, from somebody high up in the Kerry Campaign in Texas.

"OPPS, I Did IT Again", Britney Spears MARRIED Again after 9 months since her 1st Marriage. See the Story, if you care, I don't, HERE!!!

A NEW JANE FONDA, who is it? John Kerry's Sister!!! See the STORY HERE!!!

Possible Saddam-Al Qaeda Link Seen in U.N. Oil-for-Food Program, or can you possibly say the UN was also responsible for 09/11???? See the Story HERE!!!

LESSON: On an JETLINER, don't get too drunk, or touchy feely, or political, or argue with someone supporting the other candidate. AIR RAGE will get you BUSTED EVERY TIME! See the STORY HERE!!!

I LOVE BEER! But even I cannot top this!!! See the Story, but I am still ALIVE!!! HERE!!!

I have a Co-Worker that I work with on Thursday Nights, who is now becoming, "Very Pregnant". I find myself looking forward to Thurs Night not only because it is my last night at work for the week, but also because I can see the "BULGE" in a week to week timeframe. I am going to have to ask her about her CRAVINGS. See the STORY HERE!!!

See you Tomorrow!!!


1,100 Days,of WWIII


The work week has sucked for me this week, but at least the weather's is nice as opposed to Mobile, Alabams, etc. So I shouldn't Complain, 1 more night until the weekend.

Speaking of the weekend, Sunday is the AZ. Cardinals Home Opener VS the New England Patriots, i.e. John Kerry's TEAM. It also happens to be the weekend the NFL Honors Pat Tillman. See the STORIES HERE!!!, Scroll down a bit.

And HERE!!!


OK to other NEWS.

Hmmm..... Wants to be "1st LADY"???? You all should know the the wife of the President is an automatic Humanitarian Ambassador, well besides her past quips to a reorter to "SHOVE IT". and the Recent, "Anyone who disagrees with John Kerry's Health Plan is an Idiot...". And the Health Plan is Hillary Clinton's Socialistic plan from 1993. Now Yesterday she SAYS THIS About Hurricane Survivors Relief Efforts!!! See the STORY HERE!!!

Now for a brief update on "Rather-Gate". Apparently the Ratings are "RATHER" Poor,,,,well actually they couldn't get much Lower. Finishing in last place is only slightly better than not showing up. This is going to cost CBS a bunch of advertisement $$$$. And the Parent Company, VIACOM won't put up with it for too long. Just a hunch... I think CBS may be the 1st "OLD SCHOOL NETWORK" to dump it's Network Newscasts and surrender to Cable Outlets. A Major Worldwide Corporation will not let a BLEEDING Division last long when it is costing them $$$$, and also draining revenue from it's other Programs. See the Story from MATT DRUDGE HERE!!!

Last Story for Today...

Ever wanted to make EASY $$$$? Well here is an Idea, you just need stupid People! And I think if this is re-worked a bit it would be profitable. For EX. Make paying the fine by mail a lot cheaper than contesting it, using a similar facsimili of a real Ticket, with a Real Court Address. Ticket Stupid People in your subdivision, obvious Idiots you see in town, etc. This could work!!! But I won't do it, I'm too honest, and also don't want the risk of getting caught!!!! See the Story HERE!!!

If all goes well, I will see you Tomorrow!!!


1,099 Days,of WWIII


Hi All!! Had to deal with home computer troubles yesterday, I still don't know if they are fixed yet, will soon find out.

Kerry Campaign imploding, CBS and Dan Rather imploding, still awaiting the NEWS CONFERENCE from CBS over "Rather-Gate, or Memo-Gate" Schuedled for 4 hrs ago. Well as I wait for Their NEWS (CBS). I raise the Question 1st:..... What will happen 1st? Someone LOSES a Prestigious JOB? (Dan Rather), or someone is DENIED A POWERFULL JOB ( KERRY ) in the ELECTION????? A Race too close to call in my opinion!

Well in lack of this BREAKING NEWS, le't get to some Stories of the Day!

Now this is GREAT NEWS!!! BEER in Moderation,,,, (And I only drink 1 at a time), could be GOOD FOR ME!!!! YEE HAAWW!!!! I NEVER have 3 BEERS at the sametime! See the STORY HERE!!!

I find this a bit INSULTING and creating a Bigger divide.... EXAMPLE:.... When is CATHOLIC DAY, When is JEWISH DAY, when is Protestant DAY, When is MORMON DAY, When is it Republican DAY, When is it Democrat DAY, When is it I DON'T GIVE A DAMN DAY,.....When is it just plain old AMERICAN FAMILY DAY????? What am I talking about? See the STORY HERE!!!

NEW SUPER SECRET AIRCRAFT? The F-19? The AURORA??? I don't know, but I found this interesting and very plausible. See the STORY HERE!!!

Well CBS NEWS has announced it will make it's announcement at 5PM Eastern or 2 PM my time, 5 hours LATE! WHY??? Was it so the RUSH LIMBAUGH SHOW would be OVER?

Well I need to get the Snail Mail, EAT, and get some sleep before the Alarm Clock goes off in 7 hours. So you will have to get this NEWS Yourself. See you Tomorrow!


1,097 Days,of WWIII


Well my AZ. Cardinals lost the Opener against the Rams 10-17. But I am encouraged. A new attitude was evident by the Cardinals, and they could have won the game. The Defense played great, the Offense needs a bit of work, but Fitzgerald the rookie was awesome, Emmit Smith showed he still has some fuel in the tank, though I find it hard to root for him by being a former Cowboy. When Anquan Boldin comes back from injury, the recieving corps will be very impressive. Next Game is Sunday, the HOME OPENER against John Kerry's Team the New England Patriots. This Game will also honor the Mememory of Pat Tillman, and across the League.

Overall Week #1 of the NFL was very good with a lot of close and entertaining games. Football Season! Life is GOOD!!!

Well the CBS Fraudulent Memo's Scandal, has "cooked" for another 2 days, and seems even more Likely they are forgeries. CBS hunkered down in their modern version of a Bomb Shelter. It won't work, this is the Network NEWS Organizations equivalent of WATERGATE, except reversed. Dan Rather will not Retire with the prestige of Walter Cronkite, but more like Richard Nixon. Will CBS, or for that matter, Network Evening News and News Programs, (Not counting the Sunday AM Meet The Press, etc Shows), Survive? See the Story HERE!!!

Think if a storm is coming and evacuations are ordered, do you think you STILL have the right to refuse the ORDER? Maybe NOT!!! HEy, if something is about to happen at my home, I will only leave it on my own Decision, not a Gov't Decision. See the Story HERE!!!

For this Story let me ask a few other possibilties. Suppose She follows the Taliban form of Islam, should she be allowed to wear a BURKA when playing????? She would probably not make the Team in Fast Pitch Women's College Softball, and lose the scholarship. Etc, Etc. See the Story HERE!!!

Tipping.... I will tell you this, if I get BAD SERVICE, I still leave a tip.... an INSULT TIP of 1 Penny. If I get normal or satisfactory Service, I tip 13 to 15%. If I get Great Service, I'll tip up to 20%. I don't CARE what the Issue is, bad service or whatever, NOBODY should ever be ARRESTED for not tipping ENOUGH!!!! See the STORY HERE!!!

I don't know what to say about this story. So I will just let you read it. See the STORY HERE!!!

See you next time! More than likely, Tomorrow!!!

1,095 Days,of WWIII

09/11/04 LATE PM: PART 2

TODAY 09/11/04

3 Years ago....


O say, can you see, by the dawn's early light,
What so proudly we hail'd at the twilight's last gleaming?
Whose broad stripes and bright stars, thro' the perilous fight,
O'er the ramparts we watch'd, were so gallantly streaming?
And the rockets' red glare, the bombs bursting in air

Gave proof thro' the night that our flag was still there.
O say, does that star-spangled banner yet wave
O'er the land of the free and the home of the brave?

On the shore dimly seen thro' the mists of the deep,
Where the foe's haughty host in dread silence reposes,
What is that which the breeze, o'er the towering steep,
As it fitfully blows, half conceals, half discloses?
Now it catches the gleam of the morning's first beam,
In full glory reflected, now shines on the stream:
'Tis the star-spangled banner: O, long may it wave
O'er the land of the free and the home of the brave!

And where is that band who so vauntingly swore
That the havoc of war and the battle's confusion,
A home and a country should leave us no more?
Their blood has wash'd out their foul footsteps' pollution.
No refuge could save the hireling and slave
From the terror of flight or the gloom of the grave:
And the star-spangled banner in triumph doth wave
O'er the land of the free and the home of the brave.

O thus be it ever when free-men shall stand
Between their lov'd home and the war's desolation;
Blest with vict'ry and peace, may the heav'n-rescued land
Praise the Pow'r that hath made and preserv'd us a nation!
Then conquer we must, when our cause it is just,
And this be our motto: “In God is our trust!”
And the star-spangled banner in triumph shall wave
O'er the land of the free and the home of the brave!

1,095 Days,of WWIII

09/11/04 Early AM: PART 1

Is Dan Rather and CBS putting another NAIL IN THE COFFIN for Network NEWS? CBS STANDS ALONE on it's claim of the "MEMO'S", supposedly "Typed" in the early 1970's, using a font not used until Microsoft came to be. See this Story HERE!!!

Well the Democrats, or the Liberals, or the Kerry campaign, or just plain BUSH HATERS are concentrating on 5 months of Bush's Service in the Guard, or lack of Service. Now remember this is a longer period of time than Kerry's time in Viet Nam, a claimed 3 Purple Hearts, and a Claimed 2 tours of Duty. But also remember HE NEVER VOLUNTEERED!!! He was in the NAVAL RESERVE, and was called up. Bush was in the Guard, but was not called up. Now also remember Bush has released all his records, and now forgeries are being touted as truth and NEWS by CBS and Dan Rather.

If you examine Kerry's Reserve actions post Viet Nam, he has not released the records. And it appears HE NEVER fullfilled his commitment to the Naval Reserve, but in fact in testimony to Congress gave "AID and Comfort" to the enemy. While still in the Military.... sound treasonous? Yes it is.

Why is all this crap from the Viet Nam era relevant? Because Kerry made it his main point on why he should be President Now. He had nothing to run on as a Senator for 20 yrs. Unless you want the USA to unilaterally DisArm and arm the remaining miltary with straws and spitballs. Intelligence gathering? Think of the 3 Orangatanes in the Original "PLANET OF THE APES", See NO EVIL, HEAR NO EVIL, SPEAK NO EVIL.... Kerry PLEDGED that if he were to become PRESIDENT, and we were attacked, a strong response would follow.... I prefer Bush's plan to PREVENT an ATTACK by pre-emption.

OK let's go back to G.W. Bush's record from the Air National Guard. Now remember each Guard Member has to accumulate at least 50 points for 1 year of Service. Which means Bush needed 300 points in total, and remember he was a Pilot, that towards the end of the Viet Nam War, were no longer needed. TOTAL POINTS G.W. Bush accumulated....954!!!! NOW! Read this story, HERE!!!

So 5 Months AWOL???? I DON'T THINK SO!!!!

Bush, our current President has risen to the challenge as PRESIDENT. Kerry hasn't done a DAMN THING as a Senator in 20 yrs. If the Election for President were held in France and Germany, Kerry would win by a landslide. Isn't that enough for you to at least NOT VOTE FOR KERRY????? I will NOT BE SUBSERVIENT to TERRORISTIC RELIGIOUS FANATICAL WHACKO'S. Kill them before they try again to Kill US! The Bush Plan. I don't like the Kerry Plan which is: Kill some of us, and if the UN and France and Germany says it's OK, we will strike back. KERRY SAID, "IF WE ARE ATTCKED...." We have ALREADY BEEN ATTACKED!!!! 3 Yrs ago TODAY!!! And KERRY Admitted sitting in a room with other Senators for over 40 minutes, not knowing what to do. But yet they attack Bush for not panic-ing the school children for 5 minutes as they prepared AIR FORCE 1 for EMERGENCY TAKEOFF.

PART II of Update Later Today...

1,094 Days,of WWIII


Big Update Tomorrow, 09/11..... Probably a 2 part update, one Early, one Late in the day. Don't Miss!!!

1,092 Days,of WWIII


GHOUL DAY for the Media and Leftist Democrats. Celebrating the 1,000th Death of US Military servicemen/women and Civilian Contractors (1,003) in the war in IRAQ. Why isn't Afghanistan counted towards this? Because the Leftists HAVE to support this "War". Well that "War" total is now 135. But I count a different way, from when it WAS ZERO Less than 3 YEARS AGO! When on 09/11/01 in less than 3 hours... 3,063 INNOCENT CIVILIANS, without Warning, were MURDERED on OUR OWN SOIL. KERRY and the Media have convienently forgotten this, and the devastating effects it had on the economy. REMEMBER THOSE DAYS???? And Our Voluntary Military Personell, were afraid that AMERICAN CIVILIAN DEATHS on the WAR on TERROR would surpass the Military Deaths? NEARLY 3 years later this fact still holds true. EXAMPLE Last week in the span of LESS than 4 Days, Russia has lost nearly 400 Civilians, most of whom were CHILDREN to the same people who ATTACKED US!!! And I hear on the radio, the great loss of our youth and future. Please understand, EVERY DEATH in the War against Terror is TRAGIC and a TERRIBLE LOSS to the Family. But we are a Big Country, and more populus than ever. To see the morbid DEATH COUNTS of past Wars,(501,702 for the past 53 Years) see the STORY HERE!!!

Also Remember the CIVIL WAR, not included in my count, but 53,000 American Soldiers, both North (YANKEES) and South (Confederates) DIED in the BATTLE AT GETTYSBURG IN ONE DAY!!!! The Public needs perspective, and reminder of what happen nearly 3 years ago.

OK NOW to the FREEDOM OF SPEECH!!! Remember that KERRY'S Lawyers were running around to the TV Stations threatening LAWSUITS of LIBEL and SLANDER if they Broadcast the SWIFT BOAT VETERANS TV AD? Well they are at it AGAIN!!! This Time against the Cable TV CHANNEL "THE HISTORY CHANNEL" which plans to AIR The History of the World Trade Center, ETC. Well so far "The HISTORY CHANNEL" hasn't buckled to KERRY'S Demands. See the current line-up of tonights schedule HERE!!!

So the Question is..... Are you an AMERICAN / USA CITIZEN? GOD, Family and Country? Or are you a "GLOBAL Citizen". Well if you are a GLOBAL CITIZEN, thankfully most of you can't vote in AMERICAN ELECTIONS. See the STORY, "KERRY WINS IN A LANDSLIDE IN A WORLDWIDE VOTE FOR PRESIDENT OF THE UNITED STATES OF AMERICA". Of coarse FRANCE and GERMANY LOVE HIM..... Russia would have too, except for what happened last week. HERE!!!

Hmmm.... What GREAT Things is Socialist Europe about to do? Well how about THIS!!!! See the STORY HERE!!!

I say GOD, Family, and Country 1st in that order, the rest of the WORLD doesn't even make it to the MEDAL ROUND!!! And to those who disagree, fine HERE in AMERICA you can, but I can also tell you to GO TO HELL and stay off my Web Site!!!!

Well this is the end of Today's friendly, politically and socially correct update.


1,091 Days,of WWIII


I'm Back! Sorry about the long dry spell. But I was busy watching the convention, and a Holiday snuck up on me. Speaking of which, as a kid growing up in Northern New York State, seeing the Jerry Lewis Labor Day Telethon only meant 1 thing.... School starts Tuesday! It was the final nail in the coffin of summer vacation. But also the start of the NFL Regular Season, and my AZ. Cardinals are still tied for 1st!

Bill Clinton had successful quadruple by-pass surgery yesterday. Get well soon. I only hated him as President, not as a person. Probably a good guy to go to the ball game with and have a few beers, supersize Fries, and greasy double cheeseburgers, heh heh!Anyways...he was supposed to only have a triple by-pass, until he learned that his sympathy rating shot up to 87% if he had a quadruple by-pass....

Just in case anyone has forgotten, these are the same kind of "people" we are fighting. See the Stories HERE!!!and HERE!!!and HERE!!!

On to other News

Tip Jars....I don't know about you, but if I go to a store, or a Fast Food joint, and they have these tip jars, that will be the Last time they will see me! See the Story HERE!!!

Radical VEGAN Kid-Napper!!! How would you like thes idiots as your parent? See the Story HERE!!!

Now this would be neat to see, but I am too far south. See the Story HERE!!!

1,083 Days,of WWIII


Hey, I bet nobody expected this!!! John F****** Kerry's Daughters being BOOED at that MTV MUSIC AWARDS! See the Story HERE!!!

Real BAD WEEKEND for the Phoenix Police Dept. 2 Officers shot Dead, 3rd wounded. See the Story HERE!!!

Drunken man drives home after passenger decapitated, this is amazing and sickening that this could and does happen. See the Story HERE!!!

Did you know that in 3 DAYS, is the INTERNET'S 35th BIRTHDAY? See the Story HERE!!!

In a related News article, i.e. Want to FEEL OLD???? Here is a story on the incoming college freshmen. Mindset List -- Class of 2008. See the Story HERE!!!

OK, let's switch gears...

Do You Want A Talking Toilet???!!!

I certainly DON'T!!!! Already this one "...Could suddenly start coughing and warn you about the dangers of cigarettes..." Can you Imagin...."OH BOY!!! Big DUMP!!! BETTER DOUBLE FLUSH!!!!" OR "EEEWWWW!!!!! WHAT DID YOU EAT!!!?????? Please HIT the AIR FRESHNER BUTTON!!!". ETC. ETC. I prefer my Toilet NOT TALK TO ME!!! See the STORY HERE!!!

YOU can BET there will be a LOT MORE NEWS about this before the End of September. LIKE I HAVE TOLD YOU!!!! LIFE ON MARS,,,,TODAY! No need for me to say anything, these 2 Stories will do it all. 1st STORY HERE!!!

2nd Story , HERE!!!

Maybe not "Little Green Men", but more than likely, "Little Green BUGS!!!" See you Tommorrow!!!!

1,080 Days,of WWIII


Finally the WEEKEND!!! Well Tomorrow, I have another Pre-Season NFL Football Game to see between my AZ. Cardinals and the "RAIDER NATION". It will be a double header. Because whenever the Cowboys or the Raiders come here there are MANY FIGHTS in the stands, and it doesn't matter if it is Pre-Season or not. So the whole scene should be Entertaining. I sit in an area that is over 95% Cardinals Fans, so I am Safe.

Canada, or at least one of her Parliment Members , verbally attacks US again! My Question is "What irritant has she up her skirt?", because this is not the 1st time. And what is this About? OUR, the USA's Planned Missile Defense System that would include Canada. Canada's PRIME MINISTER Calls it IMPORTANT. SHE doesn't give a DAMN! See the STORY HERE!!!

HOW ABOUT THIS!!! Weeks before the 3rd Anniversary of 09/11/01. A company has produced Candy Depicting the TERRORISTS ATTACKS!! And sees no problem with this. The Product Code is 9011. See the STORY

The BIGGEST DISGRACE in the OLYMPICS? The USA's MEN'S BASKETBALL TEAM. SHAMEFUL. EGOS of entitlement caused this Country's greatest Embarrassment in an OLYMPIC EVENT. SHAME, SHAME, SHAME!!! This Team is an equivalent to the "BLACK SOX". They all including the Coaches should be BANNED from Professional Sports, FOREVER!!!

BEATEN By Argentina!!! THE "DREAM TEAM"!!! Well it looks like a NIGHTMARE TO ME!!! See the STORY HERE!!!

Well until MONDAY!!!

Unless I post a Surprise Weekend Update, no promises......

1,079 Days,of WWIII


Ok, now "It's Next Time".

Well let's see, John Kerry and his supporters are still unraveling at the seems. Grasping at any Defense against the "Swifter's". And now in the NEWS is that the Keryy Campaign, or the Campaign was sent the info, on the personal Lives of the "Swifter's". In order to discredit them. like Bill Clinton did with the "TRAILER TRASH BIMBO'S" who accused him of sexual inpropriety. The LIBERAL MANTRA, if you can't refute the Charge/Allegation. Discredit the people making the Charge/Allegation by revealing everything they ever did in their personal lives.

Kerry is falling as fast as a dust particle in the sky at night, you know Meteor. A bright brief Flash.....And that's it. TOASTED in other words.

Well let's see what we have in other NEWS Today.

Well how about the OLD SHOCK ROCKER ALICE COOPER? Well read here what his take is on all this B.S. HERE!!!

This is somewhat Related, good grief we have the "OLD LIBERAL GROUPS" springing up again from the 1960's and early 1970's. Groups like the WEATHER UNDERGROUND, THE BLACK PANTHERS, See the STORY HERE!!!

As much as the Russians don't want to admit, like we still have NOT over TWA Flight 800, the recent Crashes or BLOWINGS UPS of the RUSSIAN AIRLINERS are most likely TERROR RELATED. See the Story HERE!!!

Lokks like the FLU could be VERY BAD THIS YEAR! But I will still refuse to get a FLU SHOT. NO MORE SHOTS FOR ME!!!! See the Story HERE!!!Most of you know that I have negligible absense from work, and next to nothing in the past 18 yrs due to actually being SICK. Shots and Pills are not the way to go. Fight off illness with your own Immune System, BUILD UP THEM ANTIBODIES. Be healthy the natural way. OH!!!! Did you know that if you smoke, you won't catch a COLD!!!! Seems that COLD VIRUSES are Politically Correct, and won't come near a SMOKER, and looks like the FLU does the same thing. OR maybe it's my Diet Cokes, or Beers.....

I don't know about you, but I would be Missed a hell of a lot sooner than this guy, DEAD for 2 yrs, before he is found DEAD in his BED... See the STORY HERE!!!

Well this will do it for today.... See you Tomorrow!!!

1,078 Days,of WWIII


You know, a Late Night Phone call from the Eastern Time Zone to the West Coast Time Zone, from a Family Member (Aunt, Uncle, etc) That you haven't heard from in many YEARS, leaving a Ph Message of "FAMILY EMERGENCY"....Is never a good sign. And it still holds True. I'll see you,,,,, NEXT TIME...

1,077 Days,of WWIII


I will spare you the details of the Meltdown of the Kerry Presidential Campaign. If you can get here, you can easily find these big News Stories, even though they won't be on Broadcast TV (ABC, CBS, NBC) News segments. Bush is going to roll over Kerry as bad or worse, than Clinton did over Dole in 1996.

So let's get to the interesting News that you may not have Heard about.

If you are LUCKY ENOUGH to win MAJOR $$$$ in a LOTTERY, say more than $1 Million,,, A poor prospect of it happening, but I admit to spending RELIGIOUSLY $4 a week on 1 set of #'s for the State Lottery and POWERBALL. I've been playing them so LONG, I have to keep doing it, because if they ever come up as a big WINNER, and I didn't Play, I don't know what I would do. I came REAL Close in my mind to $100,000 once, missed it by 1 digit, got $100 instead. I know it's a Losing effort, but for years I've played these #'s. I can't stop now! Besides it's only $4 a week.

Back to the ORIGINAL STORY!!! If you DO WIN! Don't promise anything to anyone!!! Because if you fail to follow thru, you will be SUED!!!! See the STORY HERE!!!

I tossed my baby who has Down Syndrome, off the bridge. She is suing the BRIDGE...... Or at least those who own and operate the BRIDGE. For inabilty to hold a JOB, Flashbacks, Emotional Distress, you name it!!!! See the STORY HERE!!!

You know, when I was in High School, the drug of Choice besides Beer was POT, and yes I did both. I graduated in 1981. there was some speed, and some downers around. But nothing like Cocaine, or Meth. Now HERE!!! a 1/2 hr drive from me is a big drug bust involving Illegal Immigrant Dealers, and High School Students and Middle School Students. The DRUG? HEROIN!!!!! See the STORY HERE!!! Things sure have changed since I was in High School!!!

ROCK AND ROLL at the OLYMPICS in ATHENS, GREECE! EARTHQUAKE!!!! A small one but probably more than enough to RATTLE Visitors and Athletes! See the STORY HERE!!!

4 1/2 months ago the EARTH had a CLOSE SHAVE with an ASTEROID, only being reported TODAY! Missed us by 4,000 miles, remember the MOON is about 250,000 miles away. See the STORY HERE!!!

GIVE ME A BREAK!!! The COLOR RED is now Politically INCORRECT to Correct Homework and Tests for Students. Black and Blue is now the Choice, I mean PURPLE.... Well how about a HIGHLIGHTER YELLOW? It stands out, possibly nobody else knows if it is a mark Pro or Con, or something you want to study more, most college students HIGHLIGHT in YELLOW in important topics etc. in their text books. But Yellow also has a Negative connotation, "Chicken". You know... "YOU'RE YELLOW", meant you were a Coward. And Yellow being associated with CHICKEN, which is a STUPID BIRD or FOWL. But don't you agree Corrections on TESTS and HOMEWORK should stay RED???? See the Story HERE!!!

Well this will do it for Today, See you Tomorrow!!!

1,076 Days,of WWIII


Spent most of the day doing domestic work. Laundry, etc... I don't have a Maid or Housekeeping Staff. But all my Clothes are CLEAN!


Grandma wants to pull into her driveway, blocked by a COP CAR, she blows her car horn at it. She ends up TASERED and arrested for car horn abuse. See the Story HERE!!!

Remember CHERNOBYL the NUCLEAR DISASTER IN RUSSIA? See a Story of a worker who still survives. See the STORY HERE!!!

Hmmm.... Another NOAH'S ARK STORY. See the STORY HERE!!!

I'll tell you this much, I WILL NEVER have a Computer Chip or anything similar inserted into my body. ID CHIPS. See the STORY HERE!!!

Let's end on a WHACKO JACKO Story. He has a new Nose to replace the one that kept falling off. It's made from his EAR. See the Story HERE!!!

See you Tomorrow!!!

1,074 Days,of WWIII


Here I am! Well the Men's Olympic basketball team is sure stinking up the place, they LOSE AGAIN! See the Story HERE!!!

Did you here about this? A woman gets hit by a meteorite! See the Story HERE!!!

Well this happened just a few miles from me, construction worker falls and is impaled on a pipe. See the Story HERE!!!

Guess who wants to TAX us now? The U.N.! Global Taxes, on things like EMAIL, FUEL, etc.See the Story HERE!!!

Well this will do it for now, time for me to get ready for the football game, see you Monday!

1,073 Days,of WWIII


I KNOW! And I am Sorry for lack of Updates. I've been Busy. Here is the DEAL, I an free until about 4 PM or so Tommorrow, Saturday, before I go to my Cardinals Preseason Football Home Opener. Before I go I will have 2 hrs or so to update. AND I WILL DO SO!!!!

1,069 Days,of WWIII


I decided to keep that link I posted yesterday at the top of the Update!

Well I am back, even though we had a storm last evening that delivered 1/6th of our annual rainfall here in under an hour, lots of lightning Too! I saw much of it, it woke me up actually, and thats tough to do. Minimal Damage around the subdivision, The Smoker Dave Secret Compound Undamaged.

OK... Now to the NEWS!!!

Well since I had a BIBLICAL TYPE Update yesterday, let's continue.... This makes at LEAST 2 Expeditions to Mount Ararat that I know of going on this summer and Early Fall. See the STORY HERE!!!

OK... You are sick, in need of MEDICAL CARE. Why the FUSS over the Hospital Gowns????? For crying out loud is the Future going to be 1 type of Gown for MUSLIMS, 1 type of Gown for Roman Catholics, 1 type of Gown for Baptists, 1 type of Gown for Lutherans, 1 type of Gown for Jews, 1 type of gown for Pagans, 1 type of gown for atheists, etc. etc. and other types of gowns for every subdivision of the above listed religions, and the many I didn't list..... Give me a BREAK!!! If you are sick, and or need Medical Attention in a Hospital......Expect to be BARE-ASSED or TITTED at some point!!! Trust me, Hospital Workers have seen more TITS, ASSES, and DICKS than you could possibly believe. It's like going thru a STOP SIGN... You Stop, and move on. and never even remember stopping. See the STORY HERE!!!

HEY!!! You want to know who is going to get a BOAT LOAD OF $$$$ in a Lawsuit? And FRANCE is going to have to PAY, and PAY DEARLY they WILL!!! See the STORY HERE!!!

Now this Story, 1st look where the STORY is from, the part of the Country where Getting Married to your Sister still might be Legal for all I know....... TOO YOUNG!!!! See the STORY HERE!!!

SPACE NEWS!!! Cassini has detected 2 new MOONS for SATURN! See the STORY HERE!!!

NAKED BOATERS CAUSING TRAFFIC JAMS.... Too Bad, so Sad, I don't have a front row seat for this. See the STORY HERE!!!

Now to End Today's Update on a more SERIOUS NOTE.... NATIONAL I.D. CARDS are coming soon. This started shortly after 09/11/01, and has gained slow and steady speed since then, now it is about to be put in our Face. It was unavoidable, as most Americans don't pay attention to what the Gov't is up to. But I know most will blame BUSH, when in fact this ability to track everyone is the Liberal Democrats Dream Come True. DON'T BLAME BUSH!!! Blame your incompetance of following legislation and the Representatives YOU ELECTED to represent YOU!!! See the STORY HERE!!!

Now to REFUTE some things. 1ST off, don't Complain to me that the Stories I list take a couple of minutes to LOAD!!!! I am on a DIAL-UP TOO!!!! Takes me just as long!!!

If you are a Blinded Kerry Supporter, ANYBODY BUT BUSH TYPE, this is the last place you want to visit. If you don't like it oh well, log off NOW!!!

Otherwise Shove the FAKE KERRY WAR STORIES up your,,,,,, where chickens expell EGGS.

CHICKEN FUCKERS! YOU had to READ IT DIDN'T YOU???!!!! I AWAIT YOUR HATE EMAILS!!! Let me just give you my Reply in advance.....SAME TO YOU.....

KERRY Campaign IMPLODING, Leftists Democrats in Turmoil, Bush headed for a major WIN in NOVEMEMBER!!!! And the STUPID PEOPLE CAN'T HANDLE IT!!!!

Well today has been FUN! See you Tomorrow!!!!

1,069 Days,of WWIII


The above is an Advertisement.... But I gotta get one of these T-Shirts!!!! I am not getting any $ from posting the link here, I found it on the Matt Drudge Website. But I will get this T-Shirt, and look thru what else they have.

This is troubling... the POPE isn't doing well.... From what I have read and heard, we all would be much better off if Pope John Paul II makes a pilgrimage to Russia before he goes to the next life. See the Story HERE!!!

For now lt's stay on the Religious Path. John the Baptist Cave FOUND? Looks pretty promising... See the story HERE!!!

Saddam moved WMD's to SYRIA, just like I said MONTHS AGO!!!! See the Story HERE!!!

Now to regular NEWS!


Maybe in the future, I will have to move to New Hampshire. The LIVE FREE OR DIE! State. Might be the last place where I could Legally SMOKE!!! See the STORY HERE!!!

I DON'T GIVE A DAMN!!!! I don't care if I end up BEING CONSIDERED RICH because I EAT MEAT! If I have to EAT RABBIT FOOD 9 days out of 10, I will soon leave for the next Life, because staying here without MEAT wouldn't be worth it. I also need my Smokes, Diet Cokes, and Beers, otherwise I am OUT OF HERE!!! See the STORY HERE!!!

Well it is late for me, and I have to work tonight, so I end the Update Here. I plan on Updating again Tomorrow!!!

1,066 Days,of WWIII


It's my Mom's Birthday Tomorrow.... I hope she likes what I got her...

Well it appears my intention from yesterday is being fulfilled, since I am here today.

I have the bulk of my grocery and other home items shopping done. Except what I decide to eat during Saturday's Cardinals VS Vikings Pre-Season NFL Football Game. I am already getting out my FOOTBALL STUFF stored since the SUPER BOWL.

OK, now to the NEWS

Think back, those of you over 40 yrs old.... Can you IMAGINE your parents losing Custady of You because you smoke? Well it is now happening.... See the STORY HERE!!!

Hmmm..... Over 4,000 GAY COUPLES Married in San Francisco have their MARRIAGE LICENCES VOIDED. I guess they are now "LIVING IN SIN", like they weren't BEFORE! Well in MY View, I don't understand why the Gov't is involved in MARRIAGE in the 1st place. Marriage is a Religious Practice. I can only assume that this was done to raise $$$ for the Gov't via MARRIAGE LICENSE. MARRIAGE IS NOT A CONSTITUTIONAL RIGHT! If you want to get MARRIED and go to a PRIEST, but you are Jewish or Muslim or whatever, he doesn't HAVE TO MARRY YOU. IF this IS A RIGHT, you would be able to sue him for VIOLATING YOUR CONSTITUTIONAL RIGHTS. Well you can't sue, because it IS A RELIGIOUS RITE. I don't give a damn on who or what people are in their own personal lives, I have my morals, they have theirs. It will be sorted out in the end. See the Story HERE!!!

Now to more ET or UFO type NEWS

Have we duplicated or come close to what artifacts were in the ROSWELL Crash? You know the "TIN FOIL that when crushed, resumed it's original shape, etc..."? Well CHECK OUT THIS STORY!!!!HERE!!!!

The UFO Story recovered piece from Russia still is alive. Here is the Latest, See the Story HERE!!!

Now to Terrorism.... Remember the recent Story that the next time Osama Bin Laden releases a statement will be the GO SIGNAL to assasinate a high level political figure? Well is a STORY I found today. See the STORY HERE!!!

NFL FOOTBALL!!!! The Best 5 Months of the YEAR!!!!

Have a Great Weekend!!! I'll See you MONDAY 08/16/04.

1,065 Days,of WWIII


Ahhh!!! I have a long Weekend!!! But I have things to do, homewise, carwise, and Saturday is my Mom's Birthday. So this Extra Night off from work works out well.

MY INTENTION IS TO POST ANOTHER UPDATE TOMORROW. But you know that doesn't always happen.

For Today's Update, Let's start in the E.T.Mode....

Like I posted earlier this week, this Story is gaining ground in the regular Media. See these stories:STORY #1




I have More Stuff, I will save it and use it if still applicable for NEW NEWS. But I am Tired Now, time to Eat and Sleep for a few hours, and then begin my 4 day/Night Weekend.

1,063 Days,of WWIII


Been HOT HERE!!! Yesterday's HIGH TEMP.at PHOENIX SKYHARBOR INTL' AIRPORT, 3 miles from my work, about 25 or so from My Compound, was 109 at the Airport, 105 here at home. But that new gigundous Transformer is now up and running, we need no longer FEAR ROLLING BLACKOUTS. Just big Electric bills.... See the STORY HERE!!!

Supposed to be HOTTER TODAY. But it is a DRY HEAT though. I just called my younger brother, he is in NYC right now doing the tourist thing, right now on the Aircraft Carrier Museum USS INTREPID that Robby Kneviel just had a Motorcycle Jump less than 2 weeks ago on Cable Channel WTBS. Well its around 84 in NYC and he is dying in the humididty. He is on a week long trek to NORTHERN NY for his 20th High School Reunion, where SNOW may still be on the Ground, and Temps in the 50's.....

It's Tuesday, unless you are totally into politics, a slow News Day. So let's keep this Update on the "Lighter Side"....

Remember ? In 1908 a small Asteroid or Comet EXPLODED above the RUSSIAN Frontier, Flattening Hundreds of Square Miles of Forests????? And THEY NEVER FOUND ANY PIECES OF IT??? Well check out this STORY from PRAVDA. See the STORY HERE!!!

WORLD'S DEEPEST HOLE!!!! No, unfortunately for me and ART BELL and Coast To Coast AM Listeners Late Night Talk Show Fans..... It is NOT "MEL'S HOLE. It is also not the FAMED HOLE that reportably had SCREAMS FROM HELL when the Russians dropped down into the HOLE a Microphone. Also it is NOT Curt Cobain's Widow, Courtney Love. She Dug her own LEGAL DEEP HOLE..... The OFFICAIL DEEPEST HOLE is full of LEECHES!!!! See the STORY HERE!!!HEY! Remember when womankind wanted EQUALITY? And it is getting More and More Equal. EVEN to the TEENAGE DRIVERS!!! See the STORY HERE!!!

DON'T LIGHT A MATCH!!!! This is one CONTEST I want to AVOID!!! Probably has enough Flamamble GAS to bring down whole villages and towns!!!! See the STORY HERE!!!!

Well this is enough for Today, I'll be BACK!!!

1,062 Days,of WWIII


It's a Monday, But PRESEASON FOOTBALL is about to START!!!! OH HAPPY TIME OF YEAR!!!!

Well just a Quick update today, I want to BBQ a BRAT, not a kid kind....

What should I start with??? Well how about.... I hope my younger brother is enjoying his time in NYC before he heads up north to his 20th Class Reunion.

Now to a bit of MARS NEWS. Why don't they just come out and admit it. That there is NOW currently and in the Past. LIFE on MARS???? See the latest STORY HERE!!!

OH GREAT!!! the Presidential Election is going to be monitored like we are a 3rd World Country. I'll tell you this much, if there is a Monitor at my Polling place, they very least he/she will get from me is the 1 Finger Salute, and GET THE HELL OUT OF MY COUNTRY!!!! If it happens to be a Frenchman/woman, A "BITCH SLAP" will also be included. And I will tell the ARRESTING OFFICERS and the COURTS, that the FRENCH INSPECTOR was demanding I VOTE for the FRENCH CANDIDATE KERRY inside the Polling Place, and they were trying to prevent my vote. See the STORY HERE!!!

GREAT SCHOOL!!!! Did you know there are 53 STATES????? The FLAG just hasn't been updated yet. SEE what this SCHOOL has been Teaching HERE!!!

Discoveries being made in the Ocean's Depths. New Life Forms, Etc. See the Story HERE!!!

Chupacabra? GOAT SUCKER of LEGEND? TESTING is being done right now! See the STORY HERE!!!

Now let's end today's update on a lighter Hairy Note. The World's HAIREST MAN has SURGERY to regain HEARING. See the STORY HERE!!!

1,059 Days,of WWIII




IT'S FRIDAY!!!! Sorry I didn't update yesterday, but I ran out of Time. I need a few Hours of sleep before my 10 hr Graveyard Shift.

So let's see,,,,What do we have??? Hmmm. Muslims Pissed off at Charlie Daniels.... You know his hit...."The DEVIL WENT DOWN TO Georgia".... Well another song he wrote and performs has the MUSLIMS all pissed Off. Go figure...I am a White Guy, the RAPPERS say a lot worse about what I am. Anyway here is their BEEF.... (I guess that may be politically incorrect for MUSLIMS.... But just in case it isn't....Here is the PORK of the Matter....)HERE!!!

OK.....That's WHAT YOU THINK!!!!

So YOU MUSLIMS think you know EVERYTHING! Including trying to prevent Freedom of RELIGION in the Workplace! When it comes to your beliefs, they are sacrosanct, EXAMPLE PORK. Your Belief supercedes the USA CONSTITUTION. Because of your Belief that PORK is UNCLEAN. The Jewish Faith believes the SAME, I bet YOU MUSLIMS hate this LINKAGE, but the JEWS Never IMPOSED their Beliefs on Others in the Workplace here in the USA. See the STORY HERE!!!

Here is a Part of the STORY

The Koran forbids Muslims from eating pork. And according to Kweli, Morales and every employee at the company is advised of the no pork policy.

"Our point of view is to respect the laws of the land and the laws of the land as I understand it is to the accommodate people's right to practice their religions if you can," Kweli said.

"Even if it impacts other people?" Holfeld asked.

"Well, it always impacts other people," Kweli replied.

Orlando attorney Mark Nejame is close to the Muslim community, Local 6 News reported. He said Kweli's intentions may cross constitutional parameters, according to the report.

Well it seems that to MUSLIMS, Islamic LAW RIVALS all LAWS. Can you Imagin a CATHOLIC HOSPITAL FIRING anyone who EATS MEAT on Fridays during LENT?????

OK let's Escalate this a bit. Can you IMAGIN a CATHOLIC PRIEST or BISHOP, Or any Leader in a Christian Church pursing Money Laundering to be able to BUY a Shoulder Launch Missle????

Well check this Out!

By the way, there is no word on what this Mosque will do for weekend Services..... See the STORY HERE!!!

Let's end with a MARS STORY. I will be back Monday. Subject MARS LIFE! HERE!!!

I am on Richard Hoagland's and Arthur C. Clarke's Side in this argument.

1,057 Days,of WWIII


I am back!!! A bit of being Busy and Bored, and the DNC Convention boondoggle.

Well this "Sabbatical" Started Thursday Night last week when I ATTEMPTED to go to Work, and a Short staffed night to begin with. It Amazes me still to this day being in AX for nearly 20 yrs on how suddenly, without Warning Car Batteries go DEAD with no Hope of Jump Starting them. This 5 YR Battery Tested just Fine a month ago when I had my Brakes Done, it is just over 1 YR Old.....TOASTED!!!! Well I have a New Battery and a BETTER ONE, Supposedly. I will be trading in the DEAD Battery for a New one, since I only have to pay 25% of the cost of a new one,,,, you know Pro-Rated. This will be my Emergency Car Battery Back up. I just need to get a trickle charger to keep it charged up. BECAUSE I was told THAT THIS NEW BATTERY IN MY CAR NOW WILL BE GOOD FOR AT LEAST 3 YEARS..... We'll see about that. Meanwhile I am taking additional measures besides what is listed, and would also give me some extra available Power if I lose Power at Home. 1st time in OVER 3 YRS I can't get to Work, not sick, Car won't Start. I am Too far away from work for someone to go get me. About 23 miles. And though co-workers live nearby, they are not on my Shift. YEP,,,Dave doesn't call in sick, he calls in with Car Trouble. And what a wasted use of Vacation/Personal Time. I kept my regular schedule as if at work, tried to drink some BEERS as a BONUS NIGHT OFF. But I was in WORK MODE, I had 1 Beer. I wasn't in a BEER MOOD.

Well since I've been gone from here for a bit, let me EASE into the FLOW....

WELL,,, Since I have been basically working this "GRAVEYARD SHIFT" for 18 years, 11PM - 9:30AM. Let me REFUTE some of these Claims in the following Article. HEALTHY DIET. To me that is about 9 Cans of Diet Cokes, 2 to 6 BEERS, MEAT, and more MEAT. CHIPS. I switch my schedule of sleep times to a large degree every weekend, then switch back to "WORK MODE". I am the Longest Living Survivor of the "GRAVEYARD SHIFT", and combined with ALL SHIFTS, in the top 3 of never calling in Sick, and Remember I call in with Car Trouble!!! See the STORY HERE, that My habits REFUTE every Premise described!!! HERE!!! US NIGHT PEOPLE will soon BURY YOU DAYSHIFTERS!!!!

I have to EAT SOON! So it is best that I support what I can. I will be having a Cheapo "RED BARRON FROZEN PEPPERONI & SAUSAGE PIZZA". I Checked... It has PORK IN IT!!! Why does any of this Info Matter???? See the STORY HERE!!!

FAT LAZY PEOPLE UNITED!!! I don't Really Care about this except for one thing. When I Fly, I don't want to sit next to your sweatty Ass, underarms, etc.... Buy the Tickets for the whole 1/2 Isle for yourself. Don't you EVEN DARE have your FAT ROLLS lapping into my SEAT. Am I unfeeling...Uncaring about the Fat Slobs????? YES!!! AND I DON'T GIVE A FLYING F**K, SHOVE IT, OR HELL.... Just using Theresa Hienz Kerry's and her Hubby's John's Nomenclature. See the Story HERE!!!

LIFE ON MARS!!! I told you about this WEEKS, and MONTHS, and even YEARS AGO!!! Well now for a bit more EVIDENCE. See the STORY HERE!!!

Well I think I will end this for Today, I will be back Tomorrow!!!

1,056 Days,of WWIII


Sorry! I have been BUSY. Commentary and NEWS will resume Tomorrow!

1,050 Days,of WWIII


Damn It! I somehow caught a "Summer Cold". Either that or it's The West Nile Virus. But I have been bitten by a mosquito, so rule that out. What A PAIN!!! Past day my ears seem to be inside a seashell, always hearing the Ocean. And Every couple of hours the faucet turns in in my nose, whith sneezes, etc. Well enough about me....I was STILL at work, performing to my own high standards despite this annoyance. After All,,, I am Smoker Dave. My biggest complaint is that my Smokes don't deliver or smell the same

Let's get to the NEWS!

The DNC Convention..... BORING!!!! I tried my best to watch, couldn't do it. Did have it on the Radio, a bit more entertaining imaging the speakers in Clown Suits....HA HA!!!

OK, let's hit the Convention type News 1st!

Remember Teresa Hienz Ketchup' Kerry's outburst at a reporter the other day,,,, "SHOVE IT!!!!"? Well I guess she has changed since she was widowed from her previuos Husband. Who is now spinning in his Grave. See what she USED TO SAY about DEMOCRATS before she married John F****** Kerry. See the STORY HERE!!!

I have a LINK to a TRANSCRIPT of LARD - ASS Michael MOORE on the FOX NEWS NETWORK!!!!



Want to see what happens to a good Work Force when, "Things are TOO GOOD!!!"? Here the story. A hard working people now SLACKERS!!!! SOCIALISM AT WORK!!!! READ this ARTICLE!!! I cannot BELIEVE that us Americans even with the same circumstances would get to this level of SLACKISM. 1st see the STORY HERE!!!

Americans in General, with even less free time than WE HAVE compared to NORWAY, would be spending some of that time thinking of what NEAT STUFF we could try to do. AFTER ALL!!! What the HELL have the Nowegians Invented besides SNOWSHOES??????

Well, I need turn at least stay on time as far as my sleep is concerned, to try to get rid of this STUPID COLD before the Weekend! I've been here almost 20 yrs in AZ, a SUMMER COLD still doesn't register with me, Colds were a WINTER THING! I think they suck even more in the Summer! In the Winter, at least the "COLD" could be equated to the weather. NOT hotter than Hell, but have a COLD!!!! In my BRAIN, this is like trying to bring 2 MAGNETS together, NORTH-NORTH or SOUTH-SOUTH POLES. AIN'T Going to happen!!!!

I'll be back soon, probably tomorrow, at least on Friday, all depends on a number of factors, INCLUDING THIS STUPID COLD!!!!

1,048 Days,of WWIII


Hi All! Well here at the Armed Secret Compound at an undisclosed Location in East Mesa, AZ. Saturday night We had a Whizz BANG of a Monsoon Storm! 60mph winds, heavy downpours, spectacular lightning show. The outside Temperature dropped from 91 to 71 in less time than it takes me to smoke a cigarette. Compound undamaged. However throughout the immediate area there are trees down or bent over, broken branches, etc. I LOVE these Storms! I just wish they were all timed to my days off from work so I can enjoy them with a Beer or 2 or 3.... I am a bit selfish though... The Storms can go ahead and damage whatever....as long as it's not my HOUSE!

Well the Electric Grid here in the Phoenix area is still in critical condition, and the news doesn't get better, it gets worse. We already know it will be a YEAR before the Power Capacity returns to pre JULY 4th Levels. Well this GIGUNDOUS Transformer on the way from the northwest, overturned this weekend, delaying the arrival by nearly a WEEK, and the Power Company is ASSUMING it is undamaged. This 400,000 POUND Transformer will replace 1 of 5 that BURNT UP on July 4th representing 20% of the Metro Area's Power Supply. See the STORY HERE!!!

This is going to be an interesting week with the Democratic Convention in Boston. It hasn't EVEN STARTED YET, and we have John F****** Kerry throwing a DIRT BALL as the 1st Pitch at Sunday's Yankee's VS Red Sox baseball game, and he wasn't even at the Pitcher's Mound! Then we have his wife Teresa Hienz Kerry......1st I want to disclose that I may have been a factor in this. You see, Saturday I needed to buy some Ketchup. 1 Bottle lasts me 6 months. So I switched from Hienz to HUNTS. Well immediately after her Speech to the Penn Delegation she told a reporter to "SHOVE IT!!!" See the Story HERE!!!

And Hubby John defends her,,,see the Story HERE!!!

And we have this tid bit! Iowa first lady slammed blacks, Easterners and Southerners as bad speakers. See the Story HERE!!!


1,044 Days,of WWIII


If you ONLY have time for 1 STORY, this is the One! I call it a FOLLOW-Up to Dry Run Attacks via Jet Planes. This one is on Today's Front Page of the Washington Times Newspaper.So for tose of you short on time here is the Link. HERE!!!

Now for some other News.

I still can't understand WHY I find it Easier to get NEWS from Places Like the BBC, etc. Of Cool or neat Science Stuff etc. etc. But here, from the BBC, Pristine and Spectacular Photo's of the 1st MOON LANDING 35 yrs. ago. 9 Photo's available from this BBC Web Site, and a LINK to More at NASA. See the PICTURES HERE!!!

Well I'll call this next Story,,, MONKEY SEE,,,MONKEY DO,,,, after a Near Death Experience. What I find interesting is the Comment that maybe BRAIN DAMAGE occured causing this, so,,,, does that mean All HUMANS are basically BRAIN DAMAGED???? See the STORY HERE!!!

Well I have a couple of things to do and it's getting late for me. So I have to go, tonight at work will be very busy, at laest the 1st 2 hrs. But when I get done.... IT'S THE WEEKEND!!! So before I eat and Sleep, I still pray for No BLACKOUTS here in Central AZ!!!!

See ya TOMORROW!!!

1,043 Days,of WWIII


OK! You know How I have been spewing about the Power situation here in AZ, from the EMERGENCY SHUTDOWN of the FREE WORLD'S Largest NUCLEAR POWER PLANT FACILITY, to these UNKNOWN Causes of SPONTANEOUS COMBUSTION OF VERY LARGE TRANSFORMERS that now threaten 3 MILLION PEOPLE to be without POWER in 114 degree weather. Well in the PALO VERDE Case, (THE NUKE PLANT NEAR PHOENIX) the "OFFICIAL CAUSE IS....... BIRD SHIT on a POWER LINE!!!! I SAY,,, BULLSHIT!!! LIES!!!! Oh and they have "Witnesses". Heat induced Braindamaged people. A BIRD SHITS ON A POWER LINE And shuts Down the Biggest Nuclear Facility in the FREE-WORLD. I don't believe it for a second. But here is the STORY HERE!!!

This is as PISS POOR an explanation as July 4ths Substation Fire that reduced the available Power Capacity by 20% AND WON'T BE FULLY RESTORED UNTIL NEXT SUMMER!!! This was "SUPPOSEDLY" caused by a lightning Strike on the Facility, on July 4th. EVEN THOUGH THOUGH there were no Storms within 100 Miles of Phoenix!!! Were heading to 114 degrees Today, and they are trying to give us a SNOW JOB!!!! They are just trying to sell us on this, EX last Night on the NEWS I heard that the Massive Wildfires in California was caused by a HAWK landing on a Power Line, Got ELECTICUTED, Burning Carcass started the WILDFIRE when it landed DEAD on the Ground. This is just like the FARCE a few years ago when most of the Western USA BLACKED OUT. A TREE LIMB hit a power Line..... I DON'T BUY IT!!!! I grew up in Northern NY State, we had SNOW BANKS over the top of POWER POLES, this crap NEVER HAPPENED in even the Biggest of STORMS and where I grew up we averaged over 300 inches of SNOW EVERY WINTER!!! YET.....The POWER STAYED ON.... In a RURAL AREA, not a city that has HIGH PRIORITY. The PHONES ALWAYS WORKED, and then it was ROTARY PHONES. The TV CABLE stayed on. I lived there for 21 yrs, now 20 yrs here in AZ. Guess What, not much Rain or Snow here!!!! SO WHAT THE HELL IS THE PROBLEM!!!!????

Pisses me off when we are not told the Truth, and I do believe the Truth is being Buried here in AZ.

Well I'll Just End today's Posting with me RANTING, I'll give you regular update and News Tomorrow. But I will continue to Rant today even if nobody hears it. It will make me Feel Better. But you know when Gov't and Public Utilities FLAT OUT LIE to the Public, and 60 or more % Believe it because "IT's IN THE PAPER!!!" It really pisses me off on how blind the General Public is not only on National Issues, but Local Issues. THE, "If it's in the Local NewsPaper, It Must Be True..." Doctrine is at very least FLAWED.

1,042 Days,of WWIII


Well Today is the 35th Anniversary of US landing on the MOON!!! "ONE SMALL STEP FOR MAN, ONE GIANT LEAP FOR MANKIND..." Hard to believe it is now over 35 years since we have been there, and WE CAN'T get there TODAY if we wanted Too!!!!

Are you Old enough to remember this? I am, I was 6 1/2 yrs old. I saw the early coverage with Walter Cronkite at a friend's House (his name is Mick) still live in my hometown area, and we get together everytime I get back there, about twice every 20 yrs since High School Graduation. But you know there is a Bond formed between Early friends begining in Kindergarten that lasts thru High School Graduation. The Time Post Graduation doesn't really Matter, you are always friends.,,, and the actual Man setting footprints on the Moon back at my House.

OK, Now I have 2 IMPORTANT STORIES, one that could affect me very soon, and already has affected some of my co-workers, or the National Story.... Hmmmm.... Well I will stir my spaghetti sauce and flip a Coin.....


Now those of you who follow this web site regularly know that here, in "The Valley Of the Sun", are into our HOTTEST WEEK of the Summer, even Hotter than Last Week. And we have a reduced ELECTRICITY CAPACITY because of a MAJOR TRANSFORMER FIRE on July 4th, that they blame on LIGHTNING, even though the Weather was clear at the Time. This Follows the MYSTERIOUS SHUTDOWN of the Biggest NUCLEAR POWER PLANT IN THE USA, PALO VERDE outside of PHOENIX, and the subsequent massive influx of NRC, (Nuclear Regulatory Inspectors) before the Nuclear Plant was brought back On-Line. WE still don't know WHY it shut down in the 1st place!!!!

Well the Nuclear Plant shut down again when the July 4th Incident happened, supposedly an automatic thing, triggered by a Lightning strike on a Electric Substation in CLEAR WEATHER that reduced this HUGE METRO AREA'S Electric Capacity by 20%, And won't be back to Full Power until NEXT SUMMER!

NOW THIS MORNING..... ANOTHER FIRE/EXPLOSION at another Major Substation!!! Over 50,000 without Power on one of the HOTTEST DAYS of the YEAR! The Power Company does not know what happened, but have NOTIFIED THE DEPT. OF HOMELAND SECURITY, and have DRASTICALLY increased SECURITY at the Remaining Sub-Stations.....Temps Today are expected to reach 112 degrees, and tomorrow 114. I don't buy these lame excuses, especially when now they call on Homeland Security. Rolling Blackouts are now expected in parts of the Metro Area, We are not like the French who die by the THOUSANDS at 90 degrees like last summer. But at 110 to 115, many will die, the elderly, infirm etc. I know DAMN WELL something is up! Remember it USED to be the 30SECOND RULE after 09/11. IMMEDIATELY DENY it was TERRORIST RELATED for ANY INCIDENT. THIS TIME IT CHANGED.... It was Immediately ASSUMED it was done on Purpose.....

See the STORY here!!!

We have been instructed to reduce Energy usage for the past 2 weeks, and today is even worse! The most crucial Conservation time is between 3 and 6PM.... Well Guess What???!!! I go to bed between 2PM and 3PM and get up at 9PM! If the POWER goes OUT,,,Guess what??? I will be the NASTIEST PISSED OFF BASTARD WORK has EVER SEEN!!! Green Monster? No. GLOWING RED EYES SWEATY SMELLY BASTARD, with Language that would would make George Carlin BLUSH!

OK, Now that I have my disclaimer to Work posted,,, now to the NATIONAL NEWS!!!

SANDY BURGLAR, I mean Sandy Berger.... Former President Clinton's National Security Adviser. STOLE CLASSIFIED DOCUMENTS, by stuffing them in his pants and SOCKS!!! He says he was SLOOPY. Well I guess the WATERGATE BURGLARS would say the SAME THING!!!Then here is HIS QUOTE: "When I was informed by the Archives that there were documents missing, I immediately returned everything I had except for a few documents that I apparently had accidentally discarded.".....


HOW CAN YOU ACCIDENTLY SMUGGLE OUT CLASSIFIED INFO FROM THE NATIONAL ARCHIVES in YOUR PANTS, SOCKS, and JACKET without DOING IT ON PURPOSE???!!!! IS the DEFENSE,,,, Oh I was reading the Documents and absent mindedly stuffed these documents into hidden portions of my clothing without knowing it.....GIVE ME A DAMN BREAK!!!! THIS IS A BUNCH OF BULLSHIT!!! This was DONE ON PURPOSE to Protect the CLINTON's from any link that they knew about AL-QUIDA being HERE in the USA in 1999, and FAILING to inform in total all they knew to the incoming G.W. Bush Administration, thus less than 9 months later....9/11... And Remember due to the Vote Count, and the delays by Congress to Confirm the Appointments set back the Bush Administration by at least 6 months. AND! It is the RESPONSIBILITY to INFORM the NEW ADMINISTRATION of ALL THREATS and NATIONAL SECURITY ISSUES that are KNOWN!!! THIS WAS NOT DONE. 9/11 BILL CLINTON'S FAULT!!!! Former President CLINTON and some of his former administration OFFICIALS should now be CHARGED as TRAITORS. THEY LEFT US KNOWINGLY TO IMMINENT ATTACK!!!! DAMN BASTARD!!!

See the STORY HERE!!!

OK, Now to leave you all with Funny or amusing or weird stories so you leave this web site in a good mood...Here we Go!

Let's Call this the STUPID CRIMINALs of the WEEK.

If at 1st you don't succeed..... See the Story HERE!!! Try Out for the Sequal to DUMB AND DUMBER!!!!

HAPPY BIRTHDAY TO ME!!!, NACHO CHEESE AND ME!!! NEED SOME FRITO'S TOO!!! HAPPY #23 TO ME!!! See the STORY HERE!!! How much you want to Bet that his 24th B-Day is less spectacular as far as a NEWS ITEM?

Some of you know I Love the Cartoon SPONGEBOB SQUAREPANTS. I watch every Saturday and Sunday. BUT A CHURCH?????? This is TOO way TOOO MUCH!!! Just more proof that IDIOTS are taking entertainment above and beyound. 50 yrs years ago these idiot would be worshipping BUGS BUNNY, or 25 yrs ago E.T. IDIOTS!!! See the Story HERE!!!



Well I tried to be FAIR and BALANCED, but I am opinionated. If you don't think I was FAIR and BALANCED Today, to HELL with You, Go AWAY and Don't come back. If you liked it or thought it interesting, come VISIT AGAIN! I am a creature of Habit, I change slowly if at all.

See you Tomorrow!!! If the POWER IS ON!!!

1,041 Days,of WWIII


Well, Well, Well!!!! The Governator has the Dems shorts, (maybe PANTIES?), all riding up! This from the same group who compares Bush to Hitler, supporters of Bush to Brown Shirts and other modern day reinvented comparisons that Republicans are the Modern Day NAZIS. But when a JOKE that they are "Girlie-Men" upsets them so, makes you think..... Now if people say absurd falsehoods about you, you just move on, ignoring it/them. But when a reaction to a Joke generates so much outrage, by the same people who made absurd accusations and basically got a free PASS that IT IS FREE SPEECH! Apparently can't take it. THOU PROTEST TOO MUCH!!!! Maybe what they are Upset about, is THAT THEY ARE GIRLIE-MEN!!!! And don't like the Fact somebody is pointing it out! After all Arnold the Governator was Elected to Fix the Budget Problems, and these Legislators are delaying the Budget Vote because they are married to Special Interest Groups, like UNIONS, WHACKO ENVIRONMENTALISTS, TRIAL LAWYERS....(Hmmm.... Think think VP nominee John Edwards....), etc. I think Arnold called it Right! The Liberal Dems, their Masgot is not a Donkey, but a GIRLIE-MAN. Need to find the New Masgot. If you have suggestions, send them my way. I am thinking of some sort of mix of Mardi-Gras and the Do-Da Parade.

See the STORY HERE!!!

Here is another Story. I don't begrudge Families for trying to eat a more healthy Diet. But part of Life is having Fun and Enjoying Life, which includes FOOD! These kids have NEVER had Red Meat, Meaning NO STEAKS, BURGERS,etc. I assume the same for Chips of any kind. I am all for, for everyone to live life as they see fit, but going to Extremes is Pointless. Why deprive yourself totally of life's simple pleasures when there is NO GUARENTEE you have a tomorrow! See the Story HERE!!!

GOODBYE YELLOW BRICK ROAD!!!! Elton John is an IDIOT! He thinks censorship is running rampant in the USA! Well guess What JOHNNY! Look at all the Anti- Bush Books in Print, Fahrenheit 9/11, the LIBERAL MEDIA! DIXIE CHICKS???? Guess what the consumer can choose to buy and support he/she wants. If a Hollywood figure wants to make political statements, they should realize that there could be a backlash. It is NOT an infringement of FREE SPEECH, you can still say it. But you DO NOT HAVE THE RIGHT to assume people will continue supporting your career when they don't like your politics. EACH and EVERY INDIVIDUAL has the right to eithe buy the CD or not, See the MOVIE or NOT! So SHUT UP ELTON,,, sir!!!! The SUN HAS GONE DOWN ON YOU!!!! See the STORY HERE!!!

Want another Example? Well if your main job is Entertainment, stick to Entertainment. You mix Politics into your Job and you risk Trouble like Linda Rondstadt recently. See the STORY HERE!!!

Well I'll end today's update, minutes before possible ROLLING BLACKOUTS here, with a STORY, to keep Close Guard of the "Family Jewels".... Slice and Dice is not was supposed to be done!!!! See the STORY HERE!!!

1,038 Days,of WWIII




OH.... OK... I see that using "WHOOPI" might confuse some people. Well let me put it this way. YES EVERYONE has the RIGHT TO FREE SPEECH. But Private Industry, or Employers also have the Right to HIRE, AND FIRE. Exercising your RIGHT to FREE SPEECH can Cost You! If you Embarrass, or cause discomfort or the Employer Decides it's in the Best Interest to cease employment, they have every right to do so. The Company or Employer can't shut you up, but the company or employer CAN cease your Employment. So WHOOPI Is crying SOUR GRAPES. For some REASON the Hollywood ELITES, and Far Left Liberals think that whatever they say is protected, AND IT IS!!! But they FAIL to understand it goes both ways. The DIXIE CHICKS Claiming their Free Speech was being VIOLATED when People Boycotted them and smashed their CD's, and now WHOOPI! Remember YES there is FREE SPEECH, and REMEMBER EVERYONE ELSE including EMPLOYERS have the same RIGHT. So WHOOPI did a WHOOPS and lost a bunch of Endorsement $$$ by being DRUNK and OBSCENE in a Public or semi public Function. So to put it Bluntly, Whoopi can just spew her indignation over this to whatever IDIOT will Listen.

See the STORY HERE!!!

Well let's head into the weekend on a lighter Note. The McDonalds HAPPY MEAL is 25 yrs OLD!!! I Never had One, I was 16 and more than 1/2 way to 17 yrs. old. HAPPY MEAL wasn't enough for a growing boy like Me. The 1st McDonalds was Built in my Hometown County in Northern NY State in 1980, I Graduated from High School in 1981, I went to a nearby city going to Junior College in a nearby City, that had McDonalds and a Burger King. I loved them Both! But since I have been here in my OWNER Owned "SECRET ARMED COMPOUND", and before that, Counting my Airline Flights, and an occaisional stop or drive-by. I think the # of times I have gone to Fast Food Burgers is under double digits in the past 3 yrs. See the STORY HERE!!!

Enjoy the WEEKEND!!! Because I sure will!!! See ya Monday!!!!

1,037 Days,of WWIII


Well we had Big STORMS here the other night 07/13 -07/14, but missed my House by about 1 Mile. LOTs of LIGHTNING and BOOMING THUNDER, that's what my house got. 1 mile North, included HEAVY DOWNPOURS. I hope I was to be included as a TEST on my ROOF since it has been so long since it really Rained Here.

Well I have some important Stories, but there is ONLY ONE I want you all to, see, read, THE WHOLE ARTICLE! I follow it with a short Story of the totally opposite. But if you take the Time to Visit HERE, then take the TIME to read this WHOLE STORY, at the END of Each Page, HIT, "MORE"!

Here it is... See the STORY HERE!!!

Well after your done Reading this, I do have 1 Story that is uplifting, Strangely Air Travel Related, and Americans being Americans. See the Story HERE!!!When Possible, I try to leave the end of the Update, being UPBEAT / Positive.

1,035 Days,of WWIII


HOT HERE!!! And MUGGY!!! Yesterday we nearly Reached THE ALL TIME HIGH TEMP. at my new SECRET ARMED COMPOUND. It was 108.3 here, 112 at SKY HARBOR INTERNATIONAL AIRPORT. 1.1 degrees lower than the ALL TIME TEMP of 109.4 recorded last 08/10/03. PLUS we are running on a DAMAGED and Under Powered POWER GRID, ROLLING BLACKOUTS Could happen at anytime. I am doing my part, My LOW TEMP yesterday was 86 with the A/C ON, don't worry, webcam NOT ON Har Har!!! But Smoker Dave Sleeping NAKED in saving POWER! Because I will be REALLY PISSED OFF if the BLACKOUTS HAPPEN!!! WHY??? Because they would happen when I am TRYING TO SLEEP!!! I doubt the Inside Temp dropped below 85 yesterday. The LOW was 93 at SKY HARBOR, means it was around 87 or 88 here.

It sucks that we are so short of POWER at this time.See the TROUBLE WE HAVE by Reading this STORY HERE!!!

Now to OTHER NEWS....

OH GREAT!!!! The "WALKMAN" is older than some of my Co-Workers!!! See the Story HERE!!!

PLAY IT LOUD!!! Well you'll just have to see the STORY HERE!!!

Well.... Apparently this is a True Story as far as I researched it. I just will call it "CLUCK CLUCK", and be Happy you didn't become part of KJFC's MENUE..... See the STORY HERE!!!

HIGH COST of PARKING in NEW YORK CITY. Don't I know it from my vacation there 2 years ago.... Well it's WORSE NOW!!! SEE THE STORY HERE!!!

Well I need to save ELECTRIC POWER NOW. See you next Time....

1,034 Days,of WWIII


Starting with a CLEAN SLATE TODAY! The previous File is availble just above, and HERE!!! A direct link to the most recent HERE!!! 02/20/04 - 07/08/04

3 1/2 months until the National Election, file getting FULL, figured it was a good time to start Fresh.

Well TODAY Phoenix should hit the HIGH TEMP for the YEAR, along with Higher HUMIDITY... 112 degrees, and the Electric Companies want us to conserve even more than last week. Sorry, I am not going to set my Thermostat any higher, I sleep during the Afternoon, I work NIGHTS! Here in AZ, we STILL don't know why the biggest Nuclear Power Station in the FREE WORLD Shut down 3 weeks ago, and STILL don't know why we lost ONE SUBSTATION TO A FIRE SUPPOSEDLY CAUSED BY LIGHTNING, when there were NO STORMS NEARBY, CAUSING a 20% LOSS of POWER AVAILABLE, and that it would take weeks and months to get it partially on-line, and a YEAR to 100%. See the STORY HERE!!!

We are about to enter the MONSOON SEASON, A Summertime Period of lots of Lightning, Dust Storms,High Winds, Brief HEAVY RAINS, that always bring down Power Lines.


AND NOW Chicago's Airport has a POWER FAILURE!!! See the STORY HERE!!!

"WEEZIE" Died Today. You Remember "ALL IN THE FAMILY", and "THE JEFFERSONS". I still Love seeing the reruns.... See the Story HERE!!!Is She the 1st of 2 more? These things tend to come in 3's.

Well I need to finish some chores, and eat and sleep, hopefully with the A/C working the whole time. Dammit! I need to somehow figure out what kind of generator I need to have to keep the A/C ON and power to my 2 refridgerators, and still have a little leftover to run a couple of Fans, and keep my future wireless connection to the Internet working. Well I have a bunch of stuff to take care of after work this week. I will update as I can, but there will be at least 2 more updates this week!