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1,937 Days of WWIII

12/30/06 Saturday Very Early AM


Now for this week's Review and next week's Preview of everything that is Coast To Coast AM, MY RADIO SHOW at work in "The Secret Lab". Smoker Dave is glad to provide to you, my new friend from the X-Conference in Washington D.C., Tim Binnall.

the binnall report

12.29.6 : Thursday's episode was highlighted by the surprise that Art Bell was back in the US. For those of you obsessed with Art Bell minutiae, he also said his new wife is now an official immigrant to America. Art is also apparently having his cats shipped to America, so I presume this means that he is moving back to America, not just on vacation.

Poor Premiere Radio must be wondering why they bothered setting up a whole new studio in Asia for Art, but that's what they get when dealing with an esoteric eccentric.

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1,936 Days of WWIII


It is FRIDAY!!! and Every Friday Night you can find me HERE

Click On LIVE ZONE, then Click on the Current Date of the SHOW!

I will be here EVERY FRIDAY NIGHT, and Most Night's I get off from Working. I am Easy to spot, as I am Smoker Dave!!! 10PM-2AM Pacific Time. 1AM-5AM Eastern Time

No more work until NEXT YEAR! And it is looking like Saddam will NOT be joining us in the coming year! He could be hanged in the Gallows in a few hours, or more likely tomorrow. But it appears he will not make it to Monday. Big Bummer for him if he is a Fan of watching the Ball Fall in Times Square on New Years Eve!

So how was your Year? I made 1 resolution YEARS ago I have managed to keep. No more New Years Resolutions! But I did make a couple of Goals. To keep my Credit Card Debt at ZERO. To increase the Value of my Retirement Accounts. I have made both Goals. Other than that things are about the same, no Deaths of note of Family or Friends, car has more miles on it, I'm a little older, but also a little wiser. Biggest accomplishment for the year? It would have to be my Seat Selection in the New AZ. Cardinals Stadium. Biggest disappointment: The Cardinals 1st half of the football Season 1-8. What is the next thing I am looking forward to: My NEW LA-Z-BOY!!!

Well our resident Thug here, Mike Tyson... Arrested Again! See the STORY HERE!!!

Here is One List of Celebrity Deaths in 2006. See the LIST HERE!!!

Well 1 more Post to go for the YEAR! Late tonight: The WEEKENDER EDITION! Then we will start anew on a brand new file on Jan 1st or 2nd.

For those of you going out New Years Eve, BE CAREFUL!!! Better yet have a Party of your own, guests invited to a Party-Sleepover-Hangover get together. Get Mother in Law or similar to come in to whip up breakfast and Bloody Mary's or hangover treatment of choice! Charge some to cover the cost of a home cleaning service to put your home back in order. Just an idea.

1,935 Days of WWIII


Just a note: This whole File will be moved to the Archives on Jan 1st so we start on a new slate for the year.

Well in the Secret Lab starting Jan 2nd we are going to New and Different Technology on my Depts 2 of 8 different tests we perform. Well lucky me, looks like I will be the 1st one to run it on 3rd Shift, with no help for the first 3 or 4 hrs from anyone who went to Vendor Training school for a week. I finished my training today while also running my normal testing.... So I am good to go! Probably know just enough to really screw things up... I up for it, I prefer Baptism by Fire so to speak! I am sure there will be a few "Damn Its", "shit!", "opps!", and "Ummms" uttered by me during this time, but it is entertaining and a bit of a challenge every time. This is by far not the 1st time I am the Guinea Pig! 1st Live Run and solo is a great screw up with no consequences Card.

1 more night to work this Year, then a weekend filled with College and NFL Football. Perfect couch potatoe Time! Cold, Damp, and Dreary here today. That's fine, we don't get many of these days in AZ.

Former President Ford died the other day. Remember a couple of weeks ago I posted a Story on that he wasn't doing too well. But hey! He made it to 93, not bad. Latest News frenzy is another storm coming into Denver. Give me a break! Rockie Mountains, Winter, SNOW HAPPENS!!! It's absurd, just like the Local News here, if we have a drizzle of Rain, it is the top local News Story with Live Camera Crews covering the sprinkle. More often than not we get, it is not raining now, but here is tape from earlier!

Well I looked, but there really isn't any other News of note to report. That's generally how the week between Christmas and New Years goes. Well I do have to work tonight, last work shift of the Year for me, at least I get to wear my Art Bell Shirt and Hat as Art is guest hosting for George Noory tonight. Always good to work with my longest co-worker!

Not sure what I will beable to Post tomorrow, but it will be the Final Entry for 2006. I will come up with something!

1,933 Days of WWIII


Well I hope you all had a MERRY CHRISTMAS with friends and Family yesterday and this past weekend. How many of you are actually going SHOPPING TODAY, returning gifts, spending Gift Cards, and getting Christmas Decorations at reduced prices? Not ME!!! Even if I had Gift Cards, etc. I'd wait 'till the Rush was over! All I am waiting for is my LA-Z-BOY. About 4 more weeks....

SWING!!! Saddam!!! Execution coming soon via the HANGMAN! See the Story HERE!!!

This is supposed to be NEWS???? Iraq War: US Military Deaths now exceed the totals of 9-11 (Which occured in about 2 hrs!) See the Story HERE!!!

FYI: You want to pick a PEFECT TIme NOT TO DRIVE? This Weekend! Basically Fri, Sat, and Sun Nights are all NEW YEARS EVE! I bet there are going to be Record # of Arrests for Drunk Driving! You want to be out there???? Not Me! Plenty of College Football Bowl Games, Final weekend of Regular Season NFL Games to see who is in the Playoffs, playing who, when, where, etc. I won't need to leave to get Beer, Smokers, or Diet Cokes. And if I tire of what I have to eat here, I can always order for Delivery, and plenty more than just Pizza! So my butt will be in my couch, wish it was my LA-Z-BOY! I'd rather take my chances on the road at night on the weekends with the regular Drunks who do it all the time (at least they know when to zig and when to zag as they weave), not with a 3 Night Special Engagement of Amature Drunk Driver Nights!

Well we have this week of Holiday Interuptus as far as normal News and everyday life. The routine begins again soon.

1,930 Days of WWIII

12/23/06 Saturday Very Early AM


Now for this week's Review and next week's Preview of everything that is Coast To Coast AM, MY RADIO SHOW at work in "The Secret Lab". Smoker Dave is glad to provide to you, my new friend from the X-Conference in Washington D.C., Tim Binnall.

the binnall report

12.22.6 : As I was teasing in our last edition, this past Saturday the long awaited Noory - binnall summit, did indeed happen. Yes, my friends, I have met The Noor.

Suffice it to say, Noory was cool as hell, he knew who I was (making it even more bizarre) and I've a feeling it was only the beginning of a long and interesting friendship.

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1,929 Days of WWIII


It is FRIDAY!!! and Every Friday Night you can find me HERE

Click On LIVE ZONE, then Click on the Current Date of the SHOW!

I will be here EVERY FRIDAY NIGHT, and Most Night's I get off from Working. I am Easy to spot, as I am Smoker Dave!!! 10PM-2AM Pacific Time. 1AM-5AM Eastern Time

Well it's Christmas Eve, Eve, Eve!!! I guess that works for most since Christmas is on a Monday this year. But while I have the chance.... MERRY CHRISTMAS!!!!

Not much news today, except Denver, including Airport about to re-open. The Space Shuttle, Where will it Land?

Hispanic Groups demand end to workplace Raids! Reminds them of Hitler and NAZI's rounding up JEWS for no reason. See the STORY HERE!!! But remember these Illegal Immigrants are ONLY doing the Jobs AMERICANS won't do! Oh Yeah??? Well here is the STORY DIRECTLY Related to the previous Story!!! See the STORY HERE!!! APPLICANTS, LEGAL RESIDENTS Line up out the DOOR to replace the Illegal Workers!!!

Here is an issue that Congress may have to take up, POTTY PARITY! See the STORY HERE!!!

I will be posting the WEEKENDER EDITION late tonight if it is available. I am unsure if there will be a Christmas Day Monday update as besides being Christmas Day, it is a normal back to work night for me. So stay SAFE, stay WARM, and MERRY CHRISTMAS!!!!

1,927 Days of WWIII


Well the HEAT is ON! With Highs only in the mid to upper 50's, and LOWS down to the mid-30's, who blames me!

I did manage to snare Jan 8th, my 44th B-Day and the Day of the BCS NAtional Championship at Cardinals Stadium off from work. Will be great to watch on Widescreen HDTV how the Stadium looks from my Cardinals Seat on TV!

Nuked BABY! Well I guess a 1 month old baby IS carry-on "luggage"!!!! See the STORY HERE!!!

What do you mean there is No Santa, or Father Christmas!!!! Haven't you ever seen the Movie, "Miracle on 34th Street"? Don't nearly all of us in some way also become Santa because of the Christmas Spirit? What right does any one individual, especially a teacher have to try to destroy the childhood image of Santa. Yes Virginia, THERE IS a SANTA CLAUS! See the STORY HERE!!!

So when are WE going to stop this foolishness of being TOLERANT of every Culture but OUR OWN? I bet if this School Bus Driver was wearing a Turbin the child would be in a SENSITIVITY CLASS! But since it was a SANTA HAT, stop wearing it or be FIRED!!! Looks like our counter-attack has started in this PC Bullshit! See the STORY HERE!!!

Well the rest of the News is the same 'ole, same 'ole. President of Iran saying US, Britain, and Israel will be gone, this time like the Pharaohs of Egypt, etc. etc. etc. While it is great we are in the HOLIDAY TIMES, it will also be nice to get back to normal after New Years. Less costly $$$ and less busy, means more time for UPDATES!

1,925 Days of WWIII


Well my Final HOME AZ. Cardinals Game started bad in more ways than 1. My Cell Phone couldn't get a signal so I missed the Tailgate Party with Friends. Then the Team played like it did in the 1st 1/2 of the Season. Result: Cardinals lose to Denver 37-20. Sad to say, it is going to be 8 months before the next Home Game in Pre-Season!

I think tonight when I get into work I'll see if I can finangle a way to get Jan 8th Off for the BCD College Championship Game at Cardinals Stadium. Would like to see a good Game on TV from my Seat at the Stadium. Besides! Jan 8th is my 44th B-Day! Bringing in a Popcorn Christmas Tin, you know with Butter, Cheese, and Carmel Popcorn tonight for co-workers for Christmas to munch on to butter up my request some....

I saw this Story and said "HOLY COW!" The Vatican is going to have a NFL TEAM??? Already basically have a College Team Notre Dame. But alas, where the Story said FOOTBALL, it meant Soccer! See the STORY HERE!!!

I may have to turn my heat on soon, high today only 60 and rain showers tonight. Sure my place heats up during the day via solar heating, but I need it at least 70 at night when I shower for work. Yeah I'm in AZ where summer temps hit 115+, so I should never shiver getting out of the shower! At least I have POWER here unlike many in the NorthWest!

Well that's all for today, little time, and fortunately, little news!

1,923 Days of WWIII

12/16/06 Saturday Very Early AM


Now for this week's Review and next week's Preview of everything that is Coast To Coast AM, MY RADIO SHOW at work in "The Secret Lab". Smoker Dave is glad to provide to you, my new friend from the X-Conference in Washington D.C., Tim Binnall.

the binnall report

12.15.6 : Coming at you later than usual and on-location in San Diego, it's an abbreviated version of your weekly jaunt through the world of the esoteric, the binnall report. I'm fairly pressed for time here and writing on a laptop computer (a much different experience from our normal operation), so we're not going to go in-depth on C2C's offerings from this past week.

The exciting news is that guess who will be in San Diego tomorrow ... none other than George "The Noor" Noory, signing copies of his book. I will be in attendance and will finally have a chance to meet the man, himself. What will become of the binnall / Noory summit ? Stay tuned.

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1,922 Days of WWIII


It is FRIDAY!!! and Every Friday Night you can find me HERE

Click On LIVE ZONE, then Click on the Current Date of the SHOW!

I will be here EVERY FRIDAY NIGHT, and Most Night's I get off from Working. I am Easy to spot, as I am Smoker Dave!!! 10PM-2AM Pacific Time. 1AM-5AM Eastern Time

Thank God it's Friday!!!! I'm not sure who is busier, the cashiers at the Malls, or my Dept. at work! Well Sunday is my last AZ. Cardinals Home NFL Game of the Season. It will be August 'till I go back. At least I get the chance to see how the Stadium looks on TV for the college Fiesta Bowl and the BCS Championship Game.

How's your Christmas Shopping ging? I hope to basically start and finish tomorrow! This should be Fun.....

Let's get to some NEWS!

The Busiest Construction Site in the World, and about TIME!!! See the STORY HERE!!!

Defense Attorneys, anti-Death Penalty Advocates OUTRAGED over a 34 minute Execution!!! Well they have it WRONG! I am OUTRAGED the EXECUTION took 27 YEARS!!! # Meals a Day, free private living space, though small. Free health Care, only need to follow a schedule of Lights Off, when to Shower, Rec Time, etc. All at Taxpayers Expense!!! A hell of a Lot better Deal than the Victim and the Victim's Family had!!! See the STORY HERE!!!

Return of "WAR of the WORLDS" hoax type thing. And People still fall for it! See the STORY HERE!!!

The man with no PULSE! But he is ALIVE! Makes me wonder what other Strange Medical Breakthroughs or temporary "Bridges" will be coming in the next few years! See the STORY HERE!!!

FEDERAL JUDGE RULES that San Francisco's Labeling of CATHOLICS as HATEFUL by the Board of Supervisors is CONSTITUTIONAL!!!! See the STORY HERE!!!

Well that's all I have to end the Week. Unsure if The Weekender Edition is on Holiday yet or not.

1,920 Days of WWIII


Well work has remained at "Extra Busy Level", but I am thinking this will lessen by next week as people are more short on time and need to get Christmas Shopping done, get ready for travel, or for incoming family, etc.

Well for most of you, you never heard the news that in the past few days to a week there has been Major Solar Storms, X-Flares, etc. These are the things that can cause problems here. Remember about 10 yrs ago, when all the Phone Pages didn't work, some ATMS, Power Failure in the Northeast USA and Southeast Canada? Caused by a Solar Flare. While most of you may be hearing about the Spacewalks the Shuttle Astronauts are doing, I bet you didn't hear about this. See the STORY HERE!!!

A Message In A Bottle? Probably spells LAWSUIT in todays Society. We never had this problem when I was in school, if anything you arrived a little late for the next class. See the STORY HERE!!!

Need another Reason to not have a Pit Bull dog? See the STORY HERE!!!

Well that's all I have for Today, like everyone else I have plenty of everything but Time!

1,918 Days of WWIII


Well Friday I did get out of work a little early, not as early as I hoped to get my LA-Z-BOY. Well I will get my LA-Z-BOY, but not until the end of January when the next shipment comes in, what was in Stock was sold before I got there. At least it is promised I will have it before the Super Bowl!

Speaking of Football, my Cardinals have Won 3 out 4, beating the Seattle Seahawks yesterday 27-21. Too bad we started getting our act together too late in the Season.

Looks like we will have, thanks to the Democrats a Chief IDIOT in Charge of the Intelligence Committee. Think of it this way: You are named the new NFL Commissioner, 2 teams in NYC The Giants and the Jets. If the only answer to what they are is that they are both NFL Football Teams, then you have as much knowledge to be NFL Commissioner as Rep. Silvestre Reyes of Texas has to be Chairman of the House Intelligence Committee!!!! See the STORY HERE!!!

COW FARTS the cause of Global Warming! Not the Sun, not our Cars! You HAVE to believe the UN!!!! See the STORY HERE!!!

Do you have a 401k Plan at work, and your work has fewer than 100 Employees? HEADS UP!!!! Especially if the business is having hard times! Though you may see deductions for it on your paystub, or even get reports from a reputable source, does not mean you have ANYTHING SAVED!!!! See the STORY HERE!!! So if you work for a small Company, be VERY VERY CAREFULL!!!!

Remember the Imam's who were taken off a US Aiways Jet last month? Well the Case is NOT IN COURT because there is no lawsuit. But they want an "OUT OF COURT SETTLEMENT"!. Well since 4 independant Investigations by US AIRWAYS, FBI, HomeLand Security, and Pilots Association have CLEARED and said USAIRWAYS did the right thing including it's Corporate Office, The Pilots and Crew, and the Passengers. See the STORY HERE!!! Well I think a FAIR Settlement would be for the Imam's to PAY USAIRWAYS the OT, Extra Fuel Costs, reimbursement for the passengers' flight delay, The costs of the USAIRWAYS, FBI's and HomeLand Security Investigations. Call it the STUPID AIRLINE PASSENGER LAW. Here in Arizona we have the STUPID MOTORIST LAW, where if you go around barricades in your car and get stuck in flood waters from a Monsoon Storm you pay all the costs of Rescue and recovery, OT, Helicopter, etc. This would be a FAIR, "OUT OF COURT SETTLEMENT"! The 6 Imam's can split the cost however they choose to.

1,916 Days of WWIII

12/09/06 Saturday Very Early AM


Now for this week's Review and next week's Preview of everything that is Coast To Coast AM, MY RADIO SHOW at work in "The Secret Lab". Smoker Dave is glad to provide to you, my new friend from the X-Conference in Washington D.C., Tim Binnall.

the binnall report

12.8.6 : I'd be remiss if I didn't mention the week-long Hoagland fest that went on the past few days. Sir Hoags showed up at the beginning of the week to talk about the impending water on Mars announcement, and it shockingly actually happened the next day, which allowed him to keep coming back to both discuss the news and pat himself on the back.

Hoagaphiles and Nooryites will surely use this news to justify RCH's place as C2C's science advisor and overall "great thinker", but I wasn't too impressed.

Prove the "Robot Panda Head" theory and then I'll get started on the Nobel paperwork, Hoagie.

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1,914 Days of WWIII



Iran's SUPREME LEADER in GRAVE CONDITION! One could only Hope! But here is the report I have. See the STORY HERE!!!

Well tomorrow at this time I hope to be making my final selection of the LA-Z-BOY Recliner I want, a Throne fit for a "HOLY SMOKER". LA-Z-BOY is having a 12 hr SALE tomorrow, Time to BUY!!! My mom and younger Brother have committed $ for it, I pay for the rest since I am getting Top of the Line. It is the 1 thing I want for Christmas and my B-Day (01-08), so my gifts are usually combined. I know what I want, now to find it. So I am unsure of an update tomorrow, but the Weekender Edition Friday Night will be posted in either case.

Russia wants to join in NASA's back to the Moon Program and onto Mars program. That's fine with me, we stated from the get-go we wanted international partners in this endeavor. See the STORY HERE!!!

SILLY STRING!!! Modern Day Defense WEAPON! Made less than 30 miles from my old hometown in Northern New York. See the STORY HERE!!!

Even with Technology to replace them and make them disappear from TV. The "Good 'Ole Days" of TV Christmas Specials still hold their own! And I bet this drives the Liberals and secularists NUTS!!! No matter how hard they try, they can't keep Christmas out of Christmas! They can't Stop "A Charlie Brown Christmas" with Linus reading from the Bible. Little Drummer Boy will play on. Rudolf and Santa even in 40+ yr out of date animation will Play on Live Network TV! Notice how the Cream of our Culture even in all of today's distractions, still rises to the top? There will NEVER be a Ramadan Special of Osama bin Laden searching for the True meaning of Ramadan and Jihad!!! See the STORY HERE!!!

Well that's all I have for Today! See you next Time!

1,913 Days of WWIII


Sorry for the long interlude between updates! Busy time of year, and I am also looking at the possibility of Mandatory OT at Work coming soon and lasting for sometime. Let me say it NOW! I AM NOT WORKING SUPER BOWL WEEKEND!!!!

NASA having a big NEWS Conference right now on MARS. I bet it is about Liquid Water on MARS! Well for those who have followed my favorite Radio Show, and Richard C. Hoagland we all knew of this 6 or 7 years ago! See the pre News Confersnce Story HERE!!! If I get anything Post News Conference before I update, I will post that Story Too.

Flatulance brings Passenger Airliner to an Emergency Landing! Technically it wasn't the flatulance, but the attempt to cover the ORDER with struck matches. But don't you think that if a Medical Condition causes Excesive Flatulance that Striking Matches might NOT be a good IDEA???? See the STORY HERE!!!

The proper Headline for this Story should be: Convert to ISLAM or Vanish. Iran's President at it once again! See the STORY HERE!!!

PRAY OR BE BEHEADED!!!! ISLAM the Religion of PEACE. This is in Somalia. See the STORY HERE!!!

All I can say is I will update when I can!

1,909 Days of WWIII

12/02/06 Saturday Very Early AM


Now for this week's Review and next week's Preview of everything that is Coast To Coast AM, MY RADIO SHOW at work in "The Secret Lab". Smoker Dave is glad to provide to you, my new friend from the X-Conference in Washington D.C., Tim Binnall.

the binnall report

12.1.6 : Sunday on Coast, Jim Bell brought a lot of interesting information about the Mars Rovers that normally would be clouded in rumour and innuendo, if presented by some of C2C's more dubious guests.

Speaking of which, halfway through the show, Art said he'd gotten a bunch of questions from '"Big" Dick Hoagland' (Art's words, not mine) So my wish for a throwdown between Hoagland and Jim only occurred in a virtual sense, but it was good enough for me.

Art also, later on, asked about the now-infamous "Robot Panda Head" (my words, not his).

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1,907 Days of WWIII


Sure did get chilly here last night, down to 36 here at my place. Just as well....

We must expand Human-Kind to other planets for Survival! Modern Day Succcusor to Albert Einstein, Stephen Hawking. See the Story HERE!!!

Hi Honey! What PLANET are you from??? Woman is suing Kraft because its Guacamole Dip has only 2% Guacamole in it!!! Hmmm. Well when you buy Pancake syrup at the Grocery Store, ie. Maple Syrup it's about the same %. I should know! I grew up in Maple Syrup Country! And I actually have a jug of the REAL STUFF in my 'Fridge! Butter, Ice Cream, Milk, Plain Hot Dogs see how much is "Filler". Want to buy something that lives up to its' name. Limits it to SALT but may be Iodized. And Surgar, and Flour. Anything else will be a lower %, sometimes down to 2% or less.... just FLAVORED!!!! See the Story HERE!!!

Need another Reason NOT TO Smoke Crack Cocaine? Less chance of being Eaten-Alive by an Alligator!!! My guess is Alligators leave the Meth Addicts alone because they are so skinny and sickly. See the Story HERE!!!

The Religion of PEACE and Tolerance...ON THEIR TERMS!!! You REALLY want to know why we must WIN the War in IRAQ and Afghanistan, and the War on Terror in General? So this DOES NOT HAPPEN HERE!!! See the STORY HERE!!!

But for GOD, go I.... if I ever LOSE Everything, there is is one I will not lose, that is GOD. See the current Court Fight HERE!!!

IT HAS STARTED! Off Work Smoker FIRED for testing POSITIVE on a Nicotene Urine Test!!! See the STORY HERE!!!

1,905 Days of WWIII


In 2 weeks, highs from 89 now down to low 60's. Low temps soon to be in the upper 30's, near, or below freezing where I am in a couple of days. Gee! couldn't we have 2 or 3 weeks of Temps in the mid 70's first????

Remember last week the Story of the 6 Imams removed from a USAIRWAYS Flight for only "PRAYING"? I am sure you have seen it in the NEWS besides here. But I bet you don't hear about what the Real Story of this incident is on the NEWS!!!! See the STORY (be sure to Read both Pages!) HERE!!!

Yes WAR is never a good thing, nor are the causualties we take. But think for a moment.... who kills more Americans? The War in Iraq and Afghanistan, or Illegal Aliens? Since 9-11-01 about 3,100 US Troop Deaths in Afghanistan and Iraq. Estimated American DEATHS here in the HOMELAND caused by Illegal Aliens since 9-11-01...: OVER 45,000!!!! Even if the Troop Deaths are underestimated, and the Illegal Alien caused Deaths are Overestimated, it will not come close to reversing a factor of 15X!!!! But let's just take this general estimate. For Every American Soldier Killed in the WAR ON TERROR, 15 American Civillians are killed by Illegal Aliens!!! See the STORY HERE!!!

About 10 yrs ago I lived in this Apt. Complex. Here is the NEWS from there Today! See the STORY HERE!!!

Well, here you go! A list of the top 100 TV Catchphrases of all-time! Which one will be #1? Somehow, "NO WHAMMIES!!!" Didn't make it from the Game Show "Press Your Luck!". See the STORY HERE!!! This is worth looking at for some of the 'ole TV Catchphrases, a Nostalgic Read.

It's time to hit once again, the LEFTOVERS!!!

1,902 Days of WWIII

11/25/06 Saturday Very Early AM


Now for this week's Review and next week's Preview of everything that is Coast To Coast AM, MY RADIO SHOW at work in "The Secret Lab". Smoker Dave is glad to provide to you, my new friend from the X-Conference in Washington D.C., Tim Binnall.

the binnall report

11.24.6 : Noory brought back Bruce Goldberg, past / future life expert and hypnotist to discuss psychic attacks. Usually I'm no fan of Goldberg, but this episode was surprisingly good.

Regarding the subject matter at hand, it sounded more like general "being positive" type stuffs and personality traits of negative people, instead of the hocus pocus hypnosis garbage that Goldberg is more famous for (see Dexter Monterrey).

I couldn't help but laugh when Goldberg said that C2C's quasi mascot (the shadow person) was actually a mischievous demon. In that vein, Goldy was cracking jokes throughout the episode, so much so that even Noory was cracking jokes after a while. I'd call this episode the pleasant surprise of the week.

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1,899 Days of WWIII


Well last night was the busiest night of the year at work. Traditionally TONIGHT would be the busiest, based on 18 of the past 20 yrs. I think it will be about the same, probably a little less, but I am going in expecting it to be busier.

Well what will be the Death Toll over fights for White or Dark Meat, the Drumstick, etc. Or how many Garages, Porches, Homes will be singed or burnt down from Deep Frying Turkies? We will find out soon enough!

Now continuing my Traditional Thanksgiving Day Post for the 10th consecutive year, from the earliest days of my website:


Happy Thanksgiving!!!

Being Thanksgiving Day, and about to stuff myself with turkey in a few short hours, I got to thinking....(Oh No!! not again!!!) you say to yourself. I got to thinking what kind of turkey most of us will be eating is. Is it a Conservative turkey? Or is it a Liberal turkey?

After serious smoke filled thinking, I have concluded most of us will be eating Liberal Turkies. And here is my reasoning why.


  • Welfare : subsidized housing, food, and healthcare
  • Lack of : individuality, dissent, and ability to think clearly
  • Considers living at the farmer's ie gov't expense "a job"
  • No individual responsibilty, everyone is a victim
  • It "Takes A Village"
  • If released to the real world, would not survive
  • When heading to the slaughterhouse, blames the Conservative Turkies


  • Provides for it's own housing, food, and health
  • Individuality is a must
  • Always questioning of it's surroundings
  • Smart enough not to look up in the rain and drown
  • Does not live at the expense of a farmer ie gov't handouts
  • Individual responsibilty for it's own survival
  • Knows life isn't fair
  • Does live and survive in the real world
  • When hunted depends on it's own skills to survive or perish


Well tomorrow I will actually be having after work my AZ Traditional Thanksgiving Meal while watching the NFL Football Games as long as I can

But Friday will be more Like THIS!!!

This Thursday Night (Thanksgiving Night) and Friday Night I will be HERE! I will drop in an update for the WEEKENDER EDITION on Friday Night. But that might be it until Monday.

Click On LIVE ZONE, then Click on the Current Date of the SHOW!

I will be here EVERY FRIDAY NIGHT, and Most Night's I get off from Working. I am Easy to spot, as I am Smoker Dave!!! 10PM-2AM Pacific Time. 1AM-5AM Eastern Time

1,898 Days of WWIII


The Muslims are pissed off again! 6 Imams heading to Phoenix from Minnesota caused a "Disturbance". Apparently there was an IMAM Conference there with BBQ YAK, and dancing girls in Burkas. While waiting on the taxiway, I guess it became "Evening Prayer Time". How they knew which way was MECCA, after the plane made turns, etc. heading to the runway is anybody's guess. Maybe 1 Imam is assigned to carry the Compass that points to True Mecca.... Well all 6 of them stand up at once and start Praying in Arabic. I'm sure there's an "allah" in there and probably an "allah akbar" TOO!!! Now hearing "allah akbar" in the confines of a crowded jetliner would make anyone nervous! I am sure many Muslims have flown before, and during evening prayer time. I bet they did it silently without causing a disturbance. Causing a Disturbance and not following instructions of the Flight Crew are Federal Felonies. These are Imams, supposedly religious leaders and should Lead their Flock by Example..... This is the EXAMPLE????? Meanwhile Muslim Groups are demanding the American Public be educated on Muslim ways. I say to hell with that. Muslims, especially their Leaders need to be educated in American ways! I wonder about 1 thing. I wonder what would have happened if the other passengers joined in Song to, "Onward Christian Soldiers".......... See the STORY HERE!!!

PARTY 'TILL YOU PUKE!!! On Stage! Paris Hilton Style! I suppose the Lip-Sync-ing didn't match up well.... See the STORY HERE!!!

They're BACK!!! WHO? The breastfeeding NAZIS! I look at it this way, so to speak... If you are sitting next to a breastfeeder, who also lashes out, "How would YOu like to Eat with a towel over your head?". (I would say Arabs do it Everyday and they don't seem to mind....). But if you are sitting next to one, what are you to do? They don't want you to watch, you don't want to watch. So what's the choice? Stare straight ahead for the whole flight? What if I had work that needed to be done on my Lap-Top PC? Why are some minority groups being given extra rights, while the one I am in is condemned? Kill the Smoker! Long Lactate the Breastfeeders of the WORLD!!!! TWINS!!!! GREAT!!! Take the middle seat, flop one to the left, flop the other to the right! Bonus Points if your added weight gain from pregnancy overlaps the adjoining seats, but not enough to be charged into buying 2 seats. See the STORY HERE!!!

And what GREAT Timing that these stories come out just before the biggest travel Holiday of the Year!!!! Enjoy your FLIGHT! Nevermind the visions of Roseanne Barr in the middle seat with twins and you scrunched against the window.....

1,897 Days of WWIII


HEY!!!! My Cardinals WON Yesterday!!! Sure it was against the Detroit Lions in the /nfl equivalent of "The Toilet Bowl", but a Win is a Win! Especially after 8 consequtive Losses. However Head Coach Dennis Green remarks that the losing stretch was like a slump for a baseball team during a season doesn't wash with me. Baseball has 162 Regular Season Games. NFL has 16. So my Cardinals just ended their 80 game losing streak in baseball terms.

Eagles QB McNabb out for the season with a torn ACL. Seems to me it has been a long time since he's lasted a full season without injury.

Thursday is Thanksgiving Day. I have my traditional Thanksgiving Day meal ready to go. A can of Spaghetti O's w/MeatBalls. Traditional as it has been the last 22 of 23 yrs. Don't worry, we are having Thanksgiving Turkey, etc on Friday. Wednesday I will post my Traditional Thanksgiving Day Posting.

Well let's see what's going on.

Rep. Charles Rangel, D-N.Y, incoming chairman of the House Ways and Means Committee, wants to start up the Military DRAFT again! This is in addition to rolling back all the Tax Cuts. This will never fly, but let the Liberals keep putting out these hair brained ideas and in 2008 they will all be gone. See the STORY HERE!!!

3rd try a Charm? Not likely! The Feds and the US Mint is going to give the $1 Coin another shot. This time with Presidents on the coin. Not going to work. Just like the Susan B. Anthony $1 Coin, the Sacagawea $1 Coin. And let's not forget the $2 Bill! See the STORY HERE!!!

Sometimes, coincidences are just that. But this is a bit weird. See the STORY HERE!!!

1,895 Days of WWIII

11/18/06 Saturday Very Early AM


Now for this week's Review and next week's Preview of everything that is Coast To Coast AM, MY RADIO SHOW at work in "The Secret Lab". Smoker Dave is glad to provide to you, my new friend from the X-Conference in Washington D.C., Tim Binnall.

the binnall report

11.17.6 : I was in Las Vegas and managed to find C2C on the clock radio next to my bed in the hotel room, so I caught the bulk of Steve Quayle's appearance while I tried to adjust to listening to Coast three hours earlier than in Boston. Very good episode that may have salvaged an otherwise lackluster year from Quayle on Coast.

SQ was all about giants and aliens, including some kind of little alien picture he had posted to the C2C website. I'm not sure what to make of it other than it looked pretty freaky. Quayle was really fired up during this episode, including lashing out at his critics and just ranting left and right, which made for an entertaining evening.

For a complete look at binallofamerica Click on the Banner below

Don't forget to check out the Audio Interviews!!!

1,894 Days of WWIII


It is FRIDAY!!! and Every Friday Night you can find me HERE

Click On LIVE ZONE, then Click on the Current Date of the SHOW!

I will be here EVERY FRIDAY NIGHT, and Most Night's I get off from Working. I am Easy to spot, as I am Smoker Dave!!! 10PM-2AM Pacific Time. 1AM-5AM Eastern Time

Well Attacks on Smokers continue. Here's an HOA STORY HERE!!!

So who is more charitable, generous, across all income levels? Liberals, or Conservatives. Well we already know the answer to this! But in case you're unsure. See this STORY HERE!!!

Well it was another barn burner week at work. Happens this time of year. Trying to build up the Blood Supply before the Thanksgiving - Christmas - New Years Holidays. People are busy, Travelling, Shopping, getting colds, Finals at Colleges, Holiday Office and Home Parties, etc. Thanksgiving Eve (Wed) is normally our busiest night at work for the Year. New Years Eve is #2. People like to donate Blood before the big New Years Eve Party so the Alcohol has a bigger effect.... Go figure! Especially if you are driving!!! Anyway after next week for the most part Work will be a little less hectic than it has been. Good thing too! Keeping up this pace for a month or 2 would burn us out. 1st 3 hrs in HIGH GEAR, 4 hrs in 3rd Gear, last 3 hrs in HIGH GEAR for a 10 hr shift eventually takes it's toll on you.

Well this Sunday my Cardinals have a HOME GAME VS the Detroit Lions. Well, we have a chance to win this one! Not many of you will see it, It is the Toilet Bowl of the NFL this weekend! But I will be there, as always!

Tonight is the Return of the WEEKENDER EDITION after a 1 week lapse due to ASSIGNMENT.

1,893 Days of WWIII


New Even Tougher ANTI-SMOKING LAW PASSED! If this goes nationwide and most are barred from smoking outside, in their car, Public Places, and at HOME I forsee the Democrats being correct. We do not need to fear Terrorists. But add in this LINE.... But Fear the SMOKERS!!!! I have what is called a "Twin Home" technically a Condo. I share a Firewall with my neighbor, this building has 2 residences in it. Technically "Multi-Housing". With this new Law that passed, if it were here, I couldn't even Smoke in my own HOME!!! Can't Smoke in my car, Can't Smoke outside at Work. Can't Smoke ANYWHERE!!! Do you realize what could happen with a Smoker who OWNS GUNS!!!! See the STORY HERE!!!

Nuclear and Cyanide Info on LapTop, $78,000 in CASH. Heading for PHOENIX! GREAT! See the STORY HERE!!!

IRANIAN MEDIA: Great War to wipe out ISRAEL COMING!!! See the STORY HERE!!!

Here's a STORY! As I told you OVER and OVER, it is NOT GLOBAL WARMING! It is SOLAR SYSTEM WARMING!!!! For crying out Loud! Do you REALLY BELIEVE the SUV's are heating up even PLUTO????? See the STORY HERE!!!

China in preparation for takeover of TAIWAN and More. See the STORY HERE!!!Skeptical? Here's a very RECENT STORY HERE!!!

Well there's the NEWS for TODAY! At LEAST Tomorrow is FRIDAY!!!!

1,892 Days of WWIII


Congressional Leaderships being set in Place. Well I only want to comment on the House of Representatives new Minority Leader Election. I support John Shadegg R-AZ to replace Dennis Hastert. It's not because I live in AZ. Maybe I know about him more because I am in AZ. In my view Senator John Kyl R-AZ represents AZ in a true conservatism of the Western USA without becoming a, "BeltWay Native" DC'er by serving in the SENATE. I feel the same way about John Shadegg as AZ and the Western USA's Representative in the House. I felt the same way of JD Hayworth R-AZ in the House, but it appears he lost his re-election bid to former Tempe, AZ mayor Harry Mitchell. JD Hayworth's Distric also included Tempe, and ASU one of the largest Universities in the USA. and you know how kids tend to Vote! This Fact has been proven True in general terms. As people become more mature, (Teens to Twenties, to Thirties in age) or older, they tend to become more Conservative in politics and social issues. It is a rare case that a Conservative becomes more Liberal. Well here is the STORY on the Congressional Leadership Votes. House and Shadegg are on PG 2. HERE!!!

Sorry about lack of update yesterday, but another week like last week at work, and the week before, etc. It's that time of year and we are shorthanded to begin with. In fact I have an HOA meeting here I hoped to attend, was hoping to leave work early so I could get some sleep before going to it, and then for a 10+ hr Shift at work. Well I knew 1/2 way during my shift last night that wasn't going to happen, and ended up working overtime. Been here almost 4 yrs and because of my work schedule and night hours, I have yet to attend a Single HOA Meeting!

Here comes CUT and RUN Policy from the Democrats! This is absurd!!! But if we are going to Cut and Run, then it is IMMORAL to wait 4 to 6 months and put our troops at risk. If we are going to quit IRAQ, do it in 4 to 6 WEEKS! Why add to the Totals of killed and wounded in VAIN???? If winning is not an Option, and only a situation to be solved. Let's get the Hell Out of TOWN!!! Here you go Al-Quaida, Iran and Syria, do with Iraq what you want!!! See the STORY HERE!!!

OK, how MANY TIMES must it be said, that there are things you do not do on a AIRLINER since 9-11??? Do not try to Enter the "MILE HIGH CLUB" in your seat with your girlfriend. NEVER! EVER!! Threaten a Flight Attendant!!!! See the STORY HERE!!!Here is another Case of a Passenger saying a 4-Letter Word. Charged under UN Anti-Terrorism Regulations! See the STORY HERE!!!

So keep in mind this: When Flying, do not try to enter the "Mile High Club". Do not Threaten Flight Attendants. Do not say BOMB!!!!

1,890 Days of WWIII


Sad to say.... My Cardinals Lost to the Dallas CrackBoyz, South America's Team yesterday. We have the BEST Stadium in the NFL, and my Team has the WORST Record in the NFL (1-8). How this happens I don't know, I do know 1 thing, no playoffs for my Team this Year!

There's been a change in the weather here in the past few days. Cooler High Temps, cooler Low Temps, not by much really, but enough where I have fewer Windows open, fewer fans blowin', and it looks like I will be taking a light jacket to work work with me tonight for the 1st time since April. Plus we have only 1 1/2 weeks 'till Thanksgiving!!! Then Christmas Season will begin in High Gear!

A brief Political update. Like I told you Ind Senator Joe Lieberman will be sitting on the Democrat side of the aisle, but does not say he will stay there!!! See the STORY HERE!!!

Oh isn't this nice, a new UN Children's Book on Global Warming. See the STORY HERE!!!

Well that's All I have for today. But I know if it is getting chillier here, I know it is getting COLD where most of you are! Stay Warm. Start hunkering down for the Winter Months!

1,887 Days of WWIII


It is FRIDAY!!! and Every Friday Night you can find me HERE

Click On LIVE ZONE, then Click on the Current Date of the SHOW!

I will be here EVERY FRIDAY NIGHT, and Most Night's I get off from Working. I am Easy to spot, as I am Smoker Dave!!! 10PM-2AM Pacific Time. 1AM-5AM Eastern Time

'Tis the end of a rather long and trying Work week for me, not even counting Election Day! Thank God it's Friday!!!

There will be no Weekender Edition this week late tonight. Author and Web Site Administrator on Assignment in Las Vegas this weekend at the Annual UFO CRASH RETRIEVAL CONFERENECE. Have Fun Tim 'ole Bud!

This Sunday the HATED Dallas Cowboys come to town to play against my AZ. Cardinals. Well at 1-7 this is a BIG GAME FOR ME. A WIN over my most HATED TEAM will put this derailed season so far in a more Positive Perspective!

Remember tomorrow is VETERAN'S DAY! Spend a moment, say thanks to the Veterans all around us who protected the freedoms we enjoy today. At the AZ. Cardinals - Dallas Cowboys Football Game on Sunday. former Cardinal Safety and Arizona State University Football player, turned USA ARMY RANGER, Pat Tillman will be placed in the RING OF HONOR in the New Cardinals Stadium. Statue and naming of the tree lined walk-way around the Stadium will be named in his Honor. Forever remembered #40 AZ. Cardinal!!! See the STORY HERE!!!

Post Election Comments from Foriegn Gov'ts

President Of Venezuela Hugo Chavez (Bush is the DEVIL at the UN) Has called for the DEATH PENALTY for President Bush! See the STORY HERE!!!

IRAN'S top Leader hails the Democrats Win as a VICTORY for IRAN!!! See the STORY HERE!!!

Will Not Rest until the WHITE HOUSE IS BLOWN UP! See the STORY HERE!!!

Let's see what's happening here.... Of Coarse in California. No More God and Country! See the STORY HERE!!!

Well I thought this would have happened by now. But now Israel is publically saying it may launch a pre-emptive Strike on Iran's Nuclear capabilities. See the STORY HERE!!!

Germany wants to bring Charges against Donald Rumsfeld and other USA OFFICAILS for WAR CRIMES!!! SCREW YOU GERMANY!!! We fought you twice, and protected you from the SOVIETS afterward!!! See the STORY HERE!!!Notice how the Damn Germans don't bring any WAR CRIME Charges against those who behead and REALLY TORTURE their prisoners!!!! This is a Leftist Cause Celeb to SCARE any future American President in using OUR MILITARY to DEFEND OURSELVES from Aggression!!!

Well folks, I didn't make the NEWS, I'm just reporting some of what I find. Have a Great Weekend!

1,886 Days of WWIII


Remember how I was saying that House Minority Leader Nancy Pelosi and Senate Minority Leader Harry Reid were "Missing" in the final 2 weeks before the Election? Well in Nancy Pelosi's case, it looks to me some Plastic Surgery, or BOTOX, something was going on. Her recent Photo's Post-Election seems to show it! Makes me wonder if you rub her cheek with your finger, if it will humm like a Lead Crystal Champagne Glass.... And BOY! Does she have big full lips now! All in all though it's still like putting Lipstick on a Pig! I wonder if Senate Minority Leader Harry Reid had some "re-surfacing" done also....?

Well all we can do is track what the Democratic Control of Congress does in the next 2 yrs. Let's set a couple of Benchmarks. No Terrorist Attack in the USA in over 5 yrs. Gas Price National Average at $2.08 a Gallon. Stock Market at about 12,100. UnEmployment at 4.4%. Interest Rates to be holding steady, or possibly trend downward. And remember there has not been 1 Court Challenge over the Results of the Election by the Republicans. Sure there are a few races to be decided yet by counting up the Early Mail-In Ballots and Provisional Ballots. Like 1 Congressiona Race here R-J.D. Hayworth and D-Harry Mitchell National News reports that Mitchell WON. By 6,000 Votes. However there are still about 100,000 Early Mail-In and Provisional Ballots to Tally for this Race! And Neither Candidate has conceeded or declared Victory. Also remember the Pre-Elelection and Election Day Stories put out by the Democrats of Voting inconsistancies. Many races were decided by a very narrow margin. Republicans are not going to Court. But if it were the other way around, and the Democrats lost many Races by a narrow Margin, the Courts would be clogged now with Challenges to the Election Results! Just like they have since 2000.

Nancy Pelosi says the Democrats are going to take us in a NEW DIRECTION. Well there are 360 degrees on a Compass. What Direction she did not say. Could be the WRONG DIRECTION!!! Another thing Nancy Pelosi said was: We will solve the problem of Iraq. Victory is however we decide to define it..... That's Scary! Terror Organizations are hoping the Democrats live up to their Pre-Election Promises and policy. That's even SCARIER!!!!

All we can do now is wait and see what happens.

Let's see what else I can dig up today as we start getting away from the supersaturated coverage of the Elections.

Suffering from the Post-Election BLUES? Satisfy yourself with an 8,000 Calorie Burger! This is GREAT! It is near ME!!!! I wish they could deliver 1 me at AZ. Cardinals Home Games! It would take me the Whole Game to Eat it, and I may still have leftovers!!! See the STORY HERE!!!

Well I found 1 Story anyway.... See you tomorrow FRIDAY!!!!

1,885 Days of WWIII



Well I had a 10 yr record of calling the Elections correctly.... No More!

Holy Cow! We lost both the House and Senate to the Robber Barons!!! President Bush already running around like a Lame Duck, replacing Secretary of Defense Donald Rumsfeld. Question is NOT how did the Democrats STOLE the Election. WE LOST!!! The Question is: Are there enough Conservative Republicans left in the House and Senate to at least cause some Grid-Lock? We already know the TAX Cuts we have enjoyed and spurred this Economy to new Stock Market Highs, and record Low Unemployment will go away. Always remember it is the RICH People who CREATE JOBS, not Gov't. Generally a Family of 4 household income of $50,000 to $70,000 saved $3,000 or more in the Tax Cuts that WILL DISAPPEAR. This is before the increased revenue that incoming Ways & Means Chairman Charlie Rengal who said 2 weeks ago that there is not 1 Tax Cut he Favors. He said himself that increased Revenue to the Federal Gov't is needed. Increased Revenue only means 1 thing, HIGHER TAXES!!!

Oh sure they will cut some programs, like the Missile Defense Shield, Defense Spending. FORGET any hope of reform of Social Security, or privatization of a small portion of it!

Forget the 700 miles of Border Fence to keep Illegals out, it will not be funded.

Next time Gas Prices spike Higher, a different Story will be told by the Media. No longer, "What is BUSH and the Republicans doing about this???!!! This is HURTING the POOR!!!!" Story will change to: On how this helps us to focus in on Conservation Efforts!!!

Now remember the Democrats believe anyone making $30,000 or more a year to be part of "THE RICH"! 3 Groups are rejocing in the Results of yesterday's Elections. Democrats/Liberals, Those who hate America and wants to see it Fall, and the TERRORISTS!!!

It's been over 5 years since we were ATTACKED on 9-11. When is the next GO SIGNAL? Anytime after Late January, why? Because the TERRORISTS Believe any retribution will be less severe with Democrats in Control. So the Generic Terror Alert of Yellow we have been under for so long should automatically be elevated to ORANGE when the Democrats take Power. I will be acting as if it was Orange-Red.

Locally here in AZ. Propositions PASSED in the continued WAR against Smokers! Now all BARS, Restuarants, Bowling Alleys, All public Places. To be Smoke FREE. ALSO an added 82 cent per pack TAX for Smoke Police and childrens education and health care they say. Smokers here already pay for a health program for the Poor and Children. Guess we need to pay MORE because we are an easy target. I can't wait for my opportunity for retribution to those who always voted to increase SIN TAXES on me! Because the time will come, something I don't like or use very little of will be targeted. When normally I would go against it, I will be FOR IT! Why because after 20 yrs of increasing TAXES and Restricions on Smoking, I am looking forward to another group to be ATTACKED instead! What could that be????? How about a BAN on children under 13 to go in, even with their PARENT'S into a Fast Food Resturant, like McDonalds or Burger KING! That FOOD is UNHEALTHY!!! Especially for CHILDREN!!! OH! there this!!! YOU Must F ILL in your Swimming Pool if you have Children under 18 in the residence! Big Drowning problem of Children Drowning here in AZ in Swimming Pools!!! Children under 16 driving ATV's, Dirt Bikes, SnowMobiles,,, VERY Dangerous. Should be BANNED! OH! you have a Family Farm!!!???? Dangerous area!!! Plus Children might see Farm animals having SEX!!!! You have to send your children to live somewhere else until age 18. Need to STOP CHILDREN BEING EXPOSED TO PORNAGRAPHY!!!!

See how this WORKS!!! I don't have any kids, so anything that raises Taxes or issues to those who do have kids.....ESPECIALLY those who have so JOYFULLY Voted to ATTACK SMOKERS the past 20 yrs. This is what I WILL DO! If I am being more and more Restricted, I will VOTE FOR more and more RESTRICTIONS on others!!!! It's the same saying, with a twist. Instead of: SPREADING the WEALTH, it is now: SPREADING THE MISERY!!!! You Reap what you SOW. And after 20 yrs the Crop is about to be HARVESTED!!!

Call this "The REVENGE OF THE SMOKERS!!!!"

Well let's hang on and GIRD our LOINS the Next 2 yrs and hope for the best!

1,883 Days of WWIII


HOO RAH! My AZ. Cardinals didn't Lose this weekend....Then again hard to lose in a BYE WEEK!

Disgraced Bigfoot Hunter re-surfaces in Arizona! Tom Biscardi, revealed as a fraud on my favorite Radio Show Coast To Coast AM w/ George Noory over a year ago has turned up 150 miles from me, looking for BigFoot! See the STORY HERE!!!

Doesn't EVERYBODY know that Trailer Parks attract Tornado's? Doesn't Everybody know what a Weather Radio is??? Apparently NOT! Especially some people living in TRAILER PARKS!!! See the Story HERE!!!

Well isn't this nice.... Iran wants to share it's Missile Systems with others. See the Story HERE!!!

Well you know what the rest of the News is. Elections.....

I'll see you tomorrow if there is any other news...

1,881 Days of WWIII

11/04/06 Saturday Very Early AM


Now for this week's Review and next week's Preview of everything that is Coast To Coast AM, MY RADIO SHOW at work in "The Secret Lab". Smoker Dave is glad to provide to you, my new friend from the X-Conference in Washington D.C., Tim Binnall.

the binnall report

11.3.6 : Sunday night was an episode for the books, as "alien hunter" Darrel Sims was the guest and he was talking about the UFO phenomenon. Sims was really fantastic and he brought his unique charisma to the interview that often left you glued to the radio. He'd make bold assertions left and right and tease information like it was going out of style.

It actually got to the point that Art seemed to get kind of annoyed over Sims teasing stuff, but not following through on the tease. Art seemed to sense what a lot of us did about this interview, that it seemed like a lot of smoke and not much fire. Interesting, entertaining episode, for the wild wild west feel to it.

For a complete look at binallofamerica Click on the Banner below

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1,880 Days of WWIII


It is FRIDAY!!! and Every Friday Night you can find me HERE

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I will be here EVERY FRIDAY NIGHT, and Most Night's I get off from Working. I am Easy to spot, as I am Smoker Dave!!! 10PM-2AM Pacific Time. 1AM-5AM Eastern Time

Well it is the FINAL WEEKEND before Tuesday's Mid-Term Elections. So if you watch ANY TV, you will be seeing Political Ads. I am standing by my Prediction. The Democrats/Liberals will pick up some Seats in both the House and the Senate, but Both Houses will remain in Republican Control.

I heard this today. Former Senate Democrat, thrown out of his Party because the only thing he disagreed with the Liberals was the War Policy. Joe Lieberman, Vice Presidential Nominee with Al Gore. Has been approached by Senate Minority Leader Harry Reid on giving him some "Cushy" Chairmanships if the Democrats take Control and Lieberman is an independant but sits on the Democrats Side of the Senate. This after the Democrats Replacement is running 12+% points BEHIND Lieberman. Would you go back into their Arms after they spat at you, kicked you, and threw dirt in your Face? Joe Lieberman is a Liberal Democrat. But at least he's honest about it, and actually has a Brain. I know he won't join the Republican side of the aisle. But maybe he should hold a Seat right between the Republicans and the Democrats. A seat on the Fence. A good guy going from the Democrat Liberal Dark Side, towards looking at the Light. Somehow I don't think Lieberman will be as Liberal as he has been in the past. Not a victory for Republicans, but certainly a big self imposed Loss on the Liberal Democrats.

Verdict on Saddam may come as soon as this Sunday. How long 'till the HangMan? I bet it is not 20+ yrs!!! Maybe 2 weeks?

Remember Late Tonight, or taking into consideration the Time Change Most of you did last Sunday, EARLY Saturday Morning, The WEEKENDER EDITION!!!

1,879 Days of WWIII


Do you need more help or guidence on how to Vote this coming Tuesday? Well I am here to HELP! More Endorsements to Vote Democrat! This Time from Middle Eastern Terrorist Leaders!!! See the Story HERE!!!

Are you Christian? And only 14 yrs old? Don't Matter! OFF WITH YOUR HEAD!!! By Muslim Islamic Radicals, the Religion of Peace and Tolerance. See the STORY HERE!!!

John Kerry was For his Joke, until he Voted against it!!! Too bad it was 3 days too Late!

Well I don't have too much else today, but I did get something intersting in the Snail Mail. My Annual Social Security Statement..... Now 1st remember, realize, that whatever anything COSTS Today, in 18 -20 yrs will Cost TWICE as Much just on Approx. 3% annual Inflation.

If the Social Security System remains unchanged, in 18 1/2 yrs at Age 62 I would get about $1,200 a month if my current Salary Increases remain the same. This is the equivalent of $600 a month in Today's $$$

If I work 'till my full retirement age of 67, 23 1/2 yrs from now and everything remains the same, I would get about $1,700 a month. Or about $750 to $800 in Today's $$$.

If I work 'till age 70, 26 1/2 yrs from now, and everything stays the same, I would get about $2,150 a month, or about $850 to $900 a month in Today's $$$.

And that's if Social Security Still EXISTS and remains unchanged!!!! Oh Yeah! I am counting on SOCIAL SECURITY!!! NOT! Take my advice, save and prepare now for Retirement without Social Security!!!

Well at Least Tomorrow is FRIDAY!!!! And it's PAYDAY FRIDAY! And this weekend my NFL AZ. Cardinals CAN'T LOSE!!!! (Bye Week)

1,878 Days of WWIII


Well OUR USA MILITARY TROOPS in IRAQ have responded to John "F******" Kerry. A photo Essay that basically give's the 1/2 Peace Sign to Kerry.

1,877 Days of WWIII


Tonight on Coast To Coast AM: Ghost-to-Ghost w/Art Bell

Halloween Night: Art Bell conducts his annual Ghost-to-Ghost Show, with callers sharing their spookiest stories.

Well since I have to work, I will dress up for Halloween, and this is a bit Far-Fetched.... As an Art Bell Fan!!! In my Art Bell Hat and T-Shirt. Always a SPECIAL NIGHT at WORK when my Longest co-worker on 3rd Shift joins me once again! Especially for "GHOST TO GHOST!" If Halloween were a Monday night or Thursday Night, I would have taken the night off from work. Taking a Tues or Weds Night off from work when you work Mon Night-Thurs Night is rather pointless and wastefull way to use Vacation or Personal Time.

Well, Well, Well!!!! John "F******" Kerry didn't get the Liberal Talking Points Memo!!!! LIBERAL DEMOCRATS KEEP YOUR MOUTHS SHUT during the last 2 weeks before the ELECTION!!! Why else haven't we seen Senate Minority Leader Harry Ried, or House Minority Leader Nancy Pelosi lately???? Here is a YOUTUBE VIDEO of Kerry HERE!!!WHITE HOUSE RESPONCE HERE!!!

Star NFL Quarterback's Mom using Son as Cindy ShitHead, I mean SheeHan did with her Son..... Except the Star NFL Quarterback is not DEAD!!! Drew Brees had to resort to threatening LEGAL ACTION against his Mother to stop the Ads!!! I bet Casey Sheehan, Cindy Sheehan's SON wishes he were still alive to just shut his mother up using him this way too. See the STORY HERE!!!

Want another Prediction on the Elections. Democrats don't get control of the House or Senate. Immediately File LAWSUITS in all the close losses!!!

The funniest part of today's Political NEws is that John Kerry SWIFT BOAT SUNK his Presidential Hopes in 2008 in a 10 second video-soundbite!!! Talk about shooting yourself in the Ass!!!! Well come to think of it, he may have, in Viet Nam!!!! How can you possibly hope to be Commander in Chief after saying such Garbage and Insults at Our Military????

Now for the BEST NEWS OF THE DAY: The Space Telescope HUBBLE will be SAVED!!!! And I know DAMN Well that my favorite Radio Show Coast To Coast AM with George Norry and Art Bell played a big part in this! All the replacement Parts are already made and sitting on the shelf. All that was needed was a Mission to be scheduled! Original Mission Cancelled right after the Columbia Accident. Fortunately with a new NASA Administrator and an EMAIL and Fax campaign by my Radio Show. HUBBLE will be SAVED!!! See the STORY HERE!!!

Enforced LAWS against Illegal Immigrants WORK! Too bad the Illegals make Life difficult for the Legal Immigrants, but PROOF is in the Pudding, so to speak! See the STORY HERE!!!

Well this is Interesting and kinda Neat. The Poop on Poop exhibit at a Zoo. There is Bull Shit, Horse Shit, Full of Crap, etc. The Study of Shit, more interesting than you would think! See the STORY HERE!!!

OOPPPSS!!! Landed on the TAXI-WAY instead of the RUNWAY!!!! What to do????? RUN AWAY!!! RUN AWAY!!! I wonder what their BAC's were (BLOOD ALCOHOL CONTENT). See the STORY HERE!!!

See you Tomorrow!!!

1,876 Days of WWIII


Yep, My AZ Cardinals lost their 7th straight NFL Game to Green Bay yesterday. But WE CAN'T LOSE NEXT WEEK!!! (Bye Week)

Well I hope by now you have all moved all your Clocks back 1 hr! Glad I didn't need to waste my weekend off time to do it.

Well we have 1 more Week of Political Ads, all the Time on Radio and TV. Maybe newspapers too, but not many people buying them anymore. If you are a prepared Knowledgeable VOTER, you knew a MONTH ago how you are going to VOTE. If you are just now trying to decide now based on Political Ads, you should NOT have the Right to VOTE! Maybe we should go back in time.... to only those who DO PAY TAXES, and/or own property to be able to VOTE! ie. If you are a Renter and pay $0 in taxes and actually get $$$ from Tax Credits, or the Gov't pays your way. You don't get to VOTE. If you can't Read, or can't read ENGLISH or Braille, NO VOTE FOR YOU! As Sienfeld's Soup Nazi would say. And maybe a Simple TEST. Just be able to answer 1 Question on who or what is on the Ballot. Any State or Congressional Race and who is running. Or any Ballot initiative. An answer of Democrat or Republican is NOT AN ANSWER!

I suppose some people would say I am BARBARIC on VOTING RIGHTS ISSUES. I just want EDUCATED VOTERS to VOTE! If Idiots are allowed to Vote en masse, than we will have an idiotic Gov't. And if that happens, prepare to lose a few American Cities to NUKES, and all of us forced to become Muslim, or be BE-HEADED!!! If we lose the WAR against the Muslim Extremists, this is exactly what is in our Future!!!

Well the Liberals and Democrats think they have this Election WON! They are SPIKING the FOOTBALL on the 5 yard Line! They are going to be EVEN MORE SHOCKED than I WAS when My AZ. CARDINALS Lost the Monday Night Football Game to Chicago Bears 2 weeks ago!!! MARK MY WORDS!

1,874 Days of WWIII

10/28/06 Saturday Very Early AM


Now for this week's Review and next week's Preview of everything that is Coast To Coast AM, MY RADIO SHOW at work in "The Secret Lab". Smoker Dave is glad to provide to you, my new friend from the X-Conference in Washington D.C., Tim Binnall.

the binnall report

10.27.6 : Noory then invoked "Operation Floating Noory" to bring in Hoagland to talk about the Robot Panda Head on the Moon. (I just re-read that last sentence and am beginning to wonder what I'm doing with my life.)

Kind of scary that Noory felt that the Robot Panda Head story warranted invoking the presumably wartime necessitated "floating schedule", but really, it's perfectly natural for Coast.

As a special treat (or trick, perhaps) for those of you who couldn't picture it last week, we made this graphic to illustrate the "binnall Robot Panda Head Theory" (copyright BoA)

For a complete look at binallofamerica Click on the Banner below

Don't forget to check out the Audio Interviews!!!

1,873 Days of WWIII


It is FRIDAY!!! and Every Friday Night you can find me HERE

Click On LIVE ZONE, then Click on the Current Date of the SHOW!

I will be here EVERY FRIDAY NIGHT, and Most Night's I get off from Working. I am Easy to spot, as I am Smoker Dave!!! 10PM-2AM Pacific Time. 1AM-5AM Eastern Time

This may be my last night outside on my "Park Bench" for the Show as next week, the time changes for everyone else but us here, means the Show starts at 11PM instead of 10PM and ends at 3AM instead of 2AM. Already getting chilly here at night, an extra hour later end time will be on the verge of COLD! Last Friday night when the Show ended at 2AM it was 61 degrees here! When it drops to the mid 50's here I wear a jacket to work, and this is not sitting outside listeniening to a radio Show and on the internet for 4 hrs! Probably going to be stuck in my Den after tonight until about TAX Time!

Remember Late Tonight: THE WEEKENDER EDITION!!!

Middle East on ALERT for Terror Attacks on OIL from seaborne Threats. See the STORY HERE!!!

Yesterday's "Uncovered Meat" Sermon by Muslim Cleric UPDATED Today! See the STORY HERE!!!

US-MEXICO BORDER FENCE.... I don't care if 527 Nations are against it!!!! I want this BUILT!!! And another point, why has nobody complained about Saudi Arabia building a BORDER FENCE between them and IRAQ, that started about a Year Ago? Or CHINA now building a BORDER FENCE along the North Korean Border since the Nuke Test? But if WE build a Border Fence we are the most Evil Country in the WORLD!!! I would like to build one Fence or Wall to keep PEOPLE IN! Like the BERLIN WALL! Right around the Damn UN BUILDING in NYC!!! Until they agree to leave for some neutral Country like North Korea or IRAN as their new Home!!! See the STORY HERE!!!

Hey! I'm in ARIZONA, recently named the Dumbest State in the Union! But we have 1 thing RIGHT! We don't do the fallback or springforward BS with our Clocks!!! So as a Service, REMEMBER to move your ALARM CLOCK Back 1 hr Saturday Night, or you will be 1 Hour Early for wherever you go on Sunday! What to do with Hour of BONUS TIME? Change the rest of your CLOCKS. B ut remember in the Spring it will be a lot harder, LOSE an Hour and have to change all the Clocks. And also risk being an Hour Late for Everything.

See you all on MONDAY!

1,872 Days of WWIII


OH! We got a Good One from the "RELIGION OF PEACE" Today!!! Women without VEILS are like "Uncovered MEAT".... "Women are weapons used by SATAN to control Men".... This message brought to you by, in a Sermon by Australia's most Senior Muslim Cleric. Now remember recently CAIR, (Council of American Islamic Relations) Director stated that the Koreans... I mean the KORAN should be the Highest Authority in the USA, superceding the US Constitution!!!! Well here is the STORY of Women as uncovered Meat, and weapons of SATAN against Men. See the STORY HERE!!!



OPPS!!! Wait!!! This is from Al Gore. Cancel Emergency!

Yep, Al Gore on another Global Warming Rampage. See his latest Rantings HERE!!!

Captain UnderPants!!! Not acceptable at School on "SUPERHERO DAY".... See the STORY HERE!!!

600 lbs Dead Guy being CREMATED leaked Flammable Bodily Fluids..... like GREASE, causing a FIRE!!! Don't worry though, fire was contained. And Family notified that, "No harm was done" to the Dead Dude! See the STORY HERE!!!

Well at least I found some Stories today to post not related to politics! It wasn't Easy! Hope you enjoyed them for what it's worth.

Meanwhile the sick-ness continues at my work. Everyone getting something or another over these past 2 weeks.

At least it is NEARLY FRIDAY!!! 1 more night shift to go!

See you Tomorrow!!!

1,871 Days of WWIII


Less than 2 MONTHS of Christmas Shopping Left!!! That's the BIG NEWS ITEM for Today.

Looks like it is Official, as far as news the next 2 weeks, all Politics, Polls, Voter Turnout, etc. etc. etc. And yes I do a Lot of Politics here on my web site. But why do it when EVERYONE ELSE Is? You already know where I stand, and what I think will happen. But now as the Election Pre-Game gets in full gear, it is hard to find anything but Politics in the News!!!

So let's go in a different direction. As I mentioned last week, I was sick which rarely happens since I am a SMOKER! What good upright Politically Correct Virus would go anywhere near a SMOKER??? What I have noticed at Work is a lot of people calling in Sick in the past 2 1/2 weeks. Ranging from Head and Chest Respiratory illness, to lower Digestive etc issues..... Neither reaches the FLU Model. So is it just Bad Colds etc. going around at just my work? Or is it more widespread? The one thing that is common to all both to upper (Head and Chest) and Lower (Digestive, etc.) All end up with a lingering Heavy Cough at the end that lasts 4 days to a week after the initial illness.

Well I hope I am not jumping the Gun as a topic for Friday, but most of you will undergo the folly of FALLING BACK this Sunday morning, moving all your clocks back 1 Hour. Like I have said for YEARS this is a waste of Time in a 24 hr. Society. Maybe it is time to go GLOBAL, Not a one World Gov't, Not Global Warming, Not Global Cooling. But a WORLD TIME. USe the 24 hr. Clock Format 00:00 is midnight in Greenich England, but it is also 00:00 in Dallas, TX. That way you know when you hear the NEWS a BIG EARTHQUAKE hit Los Angeles, CA. at 17:05, Everyone Everywhere will know how long ago it happened when they heard the NEWS. And if they have a working Brain will be able to determine that it was around LUNCH TIME in LA when the Earthquake hit. I know myself that this costs a lot of you time to move your clocks just at home! Probably as much time as you gain by falling back. But come Spring, Fall Forward, you lose an Hour, plus the time it takes to reset your clocks! Well think about your place of work if it is a 24-7 operation like mine is. Our Sunday night Staff has to make SURE EVERYTHING is SHUTDOWN, no testing going on, etc. For an Hour before and After the Time CHANGE! An Automatic 2 hr mandatory Shutdown of the Business. You know this Costs $$$!!! And everything built into the Cost of Business is $$$ taken away from the Employees and Stockholders!

OK, I know the Argument. Changing the Time saves $$ in Electric use. HOGWASH! Simple Solution! Winter Hours and Summer Hours!!! For Business in local area, including Schools, etc. If Summer Hours start time is 9AM April-October. Then Winter Hours Start Time is 8AM November-March. Much cheaper and easier to deal with it on a local level.

Let's see.... OH! It looks like sometime next Week GAS here will be under $2 a Gallon!!! WOO HOOO!!!

I did manage to find one thing interesting in the NEWS Today, and it seems like a rerun from a year or 2 ago, but it isn't! In a Vending Machine (Crane Toy Retrieval Type) you could have WON a TODDLER for 50 Cents!!! All for the LOVE of SPONGEBOB SQUAREPANTS!!! I have to admit, I love that Show Too! See the STORY HERE!!!

Hopefully this kid grows up to be a Running Back for the AZ. Cardinals!!! We need someone who knows how to find and hit the Holes!!!

Well I hope I am able to find more NEWS other than Election Stuff for tomorrow's update! I will do the best I can!

1,870 Days of WWIII


Phoenix, AZ. Maricopa County. Home of "The Toughest Sheriff in the Country". Joe Arpio. Pink Underware, Tent City, Chain Gangs, No Smoking, Green Bolgna Sandwiches, C-SPAN and WEATHER CHANNEL the only TV, No Coffee, etc. NOW ENGLISH ONLY!!!! Way to go Sheriff Joe!!! See the STORY HERE!!!

If they were wrong then, what makes them so damn sure they are correct NOW???? Global Cooling, Global Warming..... Are we coming or going???? Not by Ice But by FIRE, or is it, Not by FIRE But by Ice????? I put my $$$ on they really don't have a DAMN CLUE!!! See the STORY HERE!!!

From the looks of this Cindy ShitHead, I mean Sheehan, just stepped into something rather smelly and comes out the back-end of Cows. But if this is TRUE as the Authors' seem to be confident in. Then the Liberals will RISE to Sheehan's Defense. Saying things like her Husband disowned and divorced her when she turned Peace Activist, and Alienated her other children from her and the rest of her Family! She had no other recoarse but to go into Pornographic Chatrooms, etc. See the STORY HERE!!!

Well the Mid-Term Elections are 2 weeks away, there is no way to aviod Political ADS on TV, Radio, or Newspapers between now and then. And they are all going to get nasty! 1/2 Truths, Smears, outright Lies, deceptive Ads, etc. It would be Best if you stayed informed and have now basically made up your mind what who you are voting for or against. Because Right now both the Republicans and Democratics have their Base lined up, including folks on the moderate fringes of each Party. The Fight is now on for the Voters who say, "HMMMM. Election is only 2 or less weeks away, time to watch and pay attention to the Political Ads!!!" Well if you just pay attention to this now, you will reach this conclusion. Republicans want all the Poor People Dead, and the Democrats want Terrorists to kill all the Rich people. Leaving the Middle Class to decide who is in power. Everyone, every Party has it's own Spin to convince others to join their cause. Some are more honest about than others. Others try to hide their true agenda. For those of you following this web site for a long time, years... you know what I am. I post what and how I see things in my own eyes. It is my, and mine alone. Just an average middle class American posting his 2 cents worth out on the Internet. It is not any more, or any less Valid than anyone else's. Other than the fact I care enough about it to make it available to others who cannot hear the sound of my Voice. It is the fact I care about these topics I feel it is Important to raise my Voice to enlist others to my side, still not any more Valid than 1 who keeps their views/opinions to themselves, but if you believe in you cause, you cannot stay silent about it. And most of you know, I Will Not Go Quitely Into the Night! My Voice Will be Heard! I will Fight For what I Believe In!!!

It is my self pre-scribed punishment for a stupid thing I did 14 yrs ago.... I voted against George Bush the 1st in his re-election for President because of his flip flop on "NO NEW TAXES" and Voted for Ross Perot..... Gave this Country 8 Years of Clinton! MY FAULT!!!! The Deaths of overseas Terrorist Attacks on Americans, Original WTC Bombing, Embassy Bombings in Africa, the USS COLE, 9-11 ( Clinton Failure that happened after he left Office), etc. etc. are also on my Hands!

Never Again will I contribute to my own Guilt of American Deaths because of a BAD VOTE on my own Part!!!

Yes this Web Site is an after work "Hobby", but also for atonement.

1,869 Days of WWIII


Well less than 1 Week since the Biggest Monday Night Football COLLAPSE vs the Chicago Bears, My AZ. Cardinals LOST to the WORST NFL TEAM in the League yesterday!!!! To the Oakland Raiders 22-9!!! This is ABSOLUTELY SHAMEFULL!!!! Well the Dennis Green (AZ. Cards Head Coach) Beheading, I mean TERMINATION watch is now on! In my opinion, it won't happen this week. It will be next week after the Game VS Green Bay, an AWAY Game. Then it is the BYE WEEK. I will bet by next Monday a new or Interim Coach will be named, and they are already well underway in the process.

There is NO JOY in being the BEST 1-6 Team in the NFL!!!! I would rather be the Worst 6-1 Team in the NFL!!!

Here is the Last Post I made in the Chatroom I am in every Friday Night.

Near the End of the SHOW! Let's see how my AZ Cardinals find another new way to lose a Football Game, this time to the Win-Less Oakland Raiders!!!

Well I work another full Mon Night - Thurs Night work week next week. I will be listening to Art in bed Sat & Sun. And of coarse checking on the posts here after the Shows, or LURKING from Work.

I will see you all next Friday Night here LIVE!

Smoker Dave


Michael J. Fox playing Partisan and Decietful Politics? I have seen Michal J. Fox on recent Interviews. Sure he has shakes from the Parkinson's Disease he unfortunately has. But did he purposely NOT Take his Medications, or EXAGERATE the Shakes in this Political Campaign Ad? I must say one or the other must be TRUE! Or his disease has progressed 100 fold in under 2 months! See the VIDEO HERE!!!

Latest Attacks on SMOKERS!

See a SMOKER in OMAHA NEBRASKA, CALL 911!!!! Remember to please not clog up the 911 lines with simple Armed Robberies, hostage situations, FIRES, or medical emergencies!!!! See the STORY HERE!!!

Elementary School cuts off Student access to NEWSPAPERS! Because of 1 Parent's Emailed Complaint! Sure children are in Schools to LEARN. But not about what is going on in the REAL WORLD TODAY!!! See the STORY HERE!!!

The BBC (British Broadcasting Company) ADMITS it is Anti-Christian, Pro-Muslim, Anti-American, and Pro Multi-Culturalism! Anti-Right, PRO-LeftWing!

Well there it is! A MAJOR MEDIA NEWS SOURCE ADMITS it is BIASED on the NEWS! So much for Objective reporting!!!! And you KNOW DAMN WELL NBC, ABC, CBS, CNN, MSNBC is the Same way!!! See the STORY HERE!!!

Well here is GOOD NEWS! Stock Market at NEW ALL TIME HIGH of 12,116+. Up over 114 Points Today!

Well time for me to get ready for the new Work Week, with a hearty meal, and a few hours of Sleep as I re-adjust to Graveyard Shift Hours, like I have done every week for the past 20+ years.

See you Tomorrow!!!

1,867 Days of WWIII

10/21/05 Saturday Very Early AM


Now for this week's Review and next week's Preview of everything that is Coast To Coast AM, MY RADIO SHOW at work in "The Secret Lab". Smoker Dave is glad to provide to you, my new friend from the X-Conference in Washington D.C., Tim Binnall.

the binnall report

10.20.6 : Monday, The Noor had a simply majic first hour with Richard C. Hoagland that totally have changed my mind about all that stuff from this Summer. Yes, kids, the Hoagie that we know and love was back, with his discovery of a "robot head on the moon". I crap you not. This, my friends, is exactly why Hoagland became one of my all time favorite esoteric names out there. Hoags ... all is forgiven. It's good to have you back.

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1,866 Days of WWIII


Darn it All, I am always running LATE on Fridays! I will try to adjust my schedule ome soon. The Time Change at the End of the this Month will help! It will give me an Extra Hour on Fridays after work. Why? Well most of you will fall Back an hour. I will not. So my Show that now starts at 10PM will Start at 11PM. Just like the NFL Games, Starting at 11AM instead of 10AM, Late Games starting at 2PM instead of 1PM. Arizona doesn't move it Time, or Clocks. We just switch Time Zones. Right now we are Pacific Time, come Sunday OCTOBER 29th we will be Mountain Time Zone.

I will make it up to you all on Monday!

Well tonight as always you know where I'll be.... But TONIGHT ART BELL is HOSTING Friday Night Open LINES while George Norry is Traveling. And later Tonight -Early Saturday AM is the WEEKENDER EDITION!

Click On LIVE ZONE, then Click on the Current Date of the SHOW!

I will be here EVERY FRIDAY NIGHT, and Most Night's I get off from Working. I am Easy to spot, as I am Smoker Dave!!! 10PM-2AM Pacific Time. 1AM-5AM Eastern Time

1,865 Days of WWIII


Well I am better today, back to 75-80%. Hopefully tomorrow at 95+% Just being Friday should add an automatic 10% upsurge!

Well the news hasn't changed much, North Korea preparing for more Nuke Tests? Iran says again Israel must go, and we are keeping our Nuclear Program! Political Election Ads getting more and more virulent. More Mud Slinging. Will only escalate in the next 18 days.

The "Dirty Bomb" Threats against 7 NFL Stadiums this Sunday, "Forget about it!" Just an idiot making baseless threats that will probably cost him many years in Prison. 15 mins of FAME, 15 Years in Shackles! See the STORY HERE!!!

WHO? The WHO, the rock band. 1st new Album in 24 yrs coming out.Take it for what it's worth, I have my doubts. See the STORY HERE!!!

Well isn't this nice.... My Cardinals Nuclear MeltDown in Monday Night Football against the Chicago Bears has apparently rocketed the plight of the Cardinals Fans to the equivalent of MLB Chicago Cubs Fans in the Nation's Eyes. Maybe this is a good thing? If we WIN the Nation as a whole feels Happier that the Underdog has won. If they Lose, it was to be expected so no real downturn in the NAtion's Mood. Myself, I believe at the Start of every Game that we will WIN! Sure we are 1 and 5 right now. The Best 1 and 5 Team in the League! 11-5 will get us in the PLAYOFFS!!! See the STORY HERE!!!

You know, there are some Crimes where it is not Pre-Meditated Murder, that the DEATH Penalty should come into play also. Sexual Abuse against Children, and Sadistic Crimes-Acts such as this. See the STORY HERE!!!


DOW CLOSES ABOVE 12,000 FOR THE 1ST TIME!!! 12,011.73.


1,864 Days of WWIII


I'm a bit "under the weather today". Maybe lingering Effects of the Monday night Football Game? Maybe, but probably not as these things take about 3 days to affect you. So work for me last night was rough. I would have stayed home but another Family Trait. I only get sick when I HAVE TO BE AT WORK. 1 Supervisor scheduled off. Another sick, and the one other person who could run the place after I would have been there for 4 hrs. On her HoneyMoon!!! So I had to last until one who could take charge showed up at 6:30AM, 7 1/2 hrs after my Start Shift Time. Normally this is a 24 hr thing for me. I should be back to 70 or 80% tonight. But it's WEIRD! Last Time I was sick was about 6 yrs ago, and the circumstances overall, for different reasons, were the SAME! I had to be at WORK!!! There are 5 to 15 Nights I have to be at work a year. Normaly no problem. But this is the 2nd Time in 6 yrs I am Sick, and BOTH Times When I have to be at Work! Well I guess it's Chicken Soup Day for Supper! At least it's cool enough here where Soup is a viable Option! Hopefully this stays where it's supposed too! And if it does, I will need to bring something to Eat at work tonight also, since I have had little nutrition since my last post yesterday, if you know what I mean...... An Ice Cube Enema right now sounds Tempting..... Pardon the Details!

North Korea informs CHINA it plans on 3 MORE NUKE TESTS! Do you know what Holy Hell this is going to Raise???? Before I saw this Story I saw Reports that CHINA was considering Assassinating Kim Jong Ill because of the 1st Nuke Test, and just earlier Missile Tests! And if these planned Tests take Place, you will see Japan, South Korea, Taiwan, go NUTS!!! Just Today we had to tell and Remind Japan that we (The USA) will defend Japan with all our might against North Korea as per TREATY. See the STORY HERE!!!

Here is ONE STORY I am Referring to:

Nuclear Threats : The North Korean Nuclear Gambit

Posted by Sean Osborne on 2006/10/17 9:23:17 (276 reads)

*by Sean Osborne, Associate Director, Senior Analyst, Military Affairs sosborne@homelandsecurityus.com 17 October 2006: Over the course of the past week there have been enough reports and credible rumors circulating just below the surface to make the following assessment and forecast of near-term possibilities or probabilities:

1.) The now offically acknowledged nuclear test conducted by North Korea a week ago yesterday was actually a test of the first-stage of a two stage hydrogen bomb. The sub-kiloton blast is assessed to have been a complete success.

2.) The much-rumored upcoming test is expected or anticipated in US military cirlces to be a test of both stages of a hydrogen warhead. The consensus is that North Korea plans to test its hydrogen bomb as soon as possible, possibly sometime this week.

One military source has stated the possibility that a combined missile test and h-bomb test might occur, with the warhead detonating in the upper regions of the atmosphere over the Pacific Ocean. The same source also suggests that Red China has been very embarrassed by the first North Korean nuclear test. To mitigate or prevent further embarrassment the Red Chinese are rumored to be covertly seeking the assassination or overthrow of North Korean dictator Kim Jong-Il.

Additional details will be provided as they are developed.

We see this EVERY YEAR! Being a kid these Days is Less and Less FUN!!! See the STORY HERE!!!

How LOW can you Go? Well for Mike Tyson, Boxing Fights with Women to make a $ or 2. Well Mike Tyson does now Live in ARIZONA, just re-inforces that we are the Dumbest State!!! See the Story HERE!!!

ECONOMY: The Good 'Ole Days???? Now that we hve Officially broke thru the 300,000 Million mark in Population, how do we compare to when we hit 200,000 Million in Population 39 yrs ago? Joe Average American doing much better TODAY than in 1967!!! See the STORY HERE!!!And this doesn't take into account the Technological advancements in the past 39 yrs!!!! In 1967 my Family (of 4) had 1 Black and White TV. 1 Rotary Phone, but we were UPSCALE on this! A Private Line! Not a Party Line! (Party line you shared the line with others, each home had a different Ring sequence, so you had to listen to the Rings to know if the Call was for you) And others on your PARTY LINE could Listen In on your Phone Conversations!!!!

Radio, FM was just Starting. 8 Track Tapes were State of the Art. 5 Years 'till the VERY 1st Monday Night NFL FOOTBALL GAME!!! 2 years before we landed on the MOON! Cable TV? What's THAT!!!! Dick Traceys Wrist Watch Phone and NEW TV Premire TV SERIES STARTREK'S Communicators just Sci-Fi Wishfull thinking!!!! (I think they are now called CELL PHONES! Even Homeless People have them!!!). Latest Fast Food in the HOME.... TV DINNERS!!! READY in 45 MINUTES!!!

So just chew on that awhile!!!

Pizza Delivery? In 1967? Yeah SURE!!!! Dominos Pizza hasn't even been thought of yet!

So look at it this way, here in AMERICA even the the POOR are much better off than the Average Joe American in 1967. What other COUNTRY could possibly say THIS!!!????

Well time to start my Chicken Soup Medicine, see you Tomorrow!!!

1,863 Days of WWIII


Believe it or Not, I was attending a LIVE BROADCAST of a NEW Episode of "The TWILIGHT ZONE" last night. The Monday Night NFL FOotball Game between the Chicago Bears and AZ Cardinals. It has to be a TWILIGHT ZONE Episode, or a Dream I had. This couldn't have been REALITY!!!!

ARIZONA: Dumbest State in the Union!!!! Don't you think it could be that the Illegals from Mexico getting here and reproducing like Rabbits may be the REASON???? After all if you are a Smart Mexican, making a decent living in Mexico, would you come here Illegaly with just the clothes on your back to work in farm fields or as janitors, fast food workers, ditch diggers????? So we get STUPID MExicans coming here and having Stupid children here. No wonder we are the Dumbest State!!! See the STORY HERE!!!

USA Population now at 300 Million+, but how many of this are LEGAL?? See the Story HERE!!!

Cue up Lynard Skynrd's Free Bird. If I leave here tomorrow, would you still remember me...... Well if We ALL left Tomorrow, how long would evidence of Human Kind Last? Not Very Long. See the STORY HERE!!!

Well it is 3 weeks 'till the mid-term Elections. Drive By Media says the Democrats will win back contol of the House and Senate. I wouldn't bet on it! Their Polling is flawed. The are taking polls as a whole of the Country where this Election is mostly Local for House of Representatives. Most disapprove of Congress as a whole, but like their own Representative. The Democrats may gain 4 to 6 Seats in the House, but nowhere near enough to take over as the Majority. The Senate may tighten by 1 seat, but will still be Republican Controlled. This is how the Media is spinning it. 1 Example. AZ Senate Seat currently held by John Kyl is leanining Republican (Kyl). Kyl has a 16 point lead!!!! So I guess the Democrats still think they have a good shot of taking this Seat..... Yeah Right!!! His opponent Jim Pederson has spent over $9 Million of his OWN $$$ the past year, and has managed to get about 4% more to vote for him according to polling data. Besides, people Vote based on Economy (Which is booming) and Security, Democrats want to give Terrorists Rights!!! Have you noticed that Nancy Pelosi has been hard to find lately? They are keeping her shut-upped or she could derail any Democratic Hopes of taking the House. Harry Ried Senate Minority Leader, Real Estate Scandal, not being covered by the Media. New PAGE Allegations on other members of Congress. Congressional Members not Being NAMED! Maybe because they are DEMOCRATS???? They ousted Foley, and now going after AZ Rep Jim Kolbe. But now with additional allegations, lips are shut!!!

In 3 weeks from tomorrow will be the charges of Voter Fraud, Voter Disenchisement, etc when the Democrats LOSE!You see Democrats and Liberals have a Mental Disorder. They think because they are Liberals it is their BIRTHRITE to be in Charge. And whenever they LOSE it is because it was STOLEN from them!

2nd Nuke Test by North Korea coming soon? See the STORY HERE!!!

Food Festival gets to keeps it's Name! See the STORY HERE!!!

Hmm. I'd like to start a Festival. The Wetback Fence Toss. Toss an Illegal Alien over the "Border Fence" and win a Meal! It would be easy to do here. I'm not sure what the actual #'s are if we have more Grains of Sand here in the Desert, or Illegal Aliens!!!! In my opinion, the Turkeys have more right to protest having their Testicles being chopped off, since I am assuming these are Legal American Turkeys. Than the Illegal Aliens have a right to protest being tossed over a Border Fence!

Call me Cold and Insensitive, but I am HERE in the HEART of Illegal Immigration! And Paying $$$ out of my pocket thru TAXES, not Federal but State and Local for their Welfare, Healthcare, Schooling, and imprisonment. Yes besides the Stupid Mexicans getting here Illegaly, are the Criminals!!!! If the Illegals were Gone, our Crime Rate would drop GREATER than 50%. Our State and Local Taxes would drop by 70+%. We NEED the BORDER WALL/FENCE!!!!

Well I'll see you Tomorrow, hopefully when I awake tonght before Work, The Monday Night NFL Football Game Result will just be a bad Dream!

1,860 Days of WWIII

10/14/05 Saturday Very Early AM


Now for this week's Review and next week's Preview of everything that is Coast To Coast AM, MY RADIO SHOW at work in "The Secret Lab". Smoker Dave is glad to provide to you, my new friend from the X-Conference in Washington D.C., Tim Binnall.

the binnall report

10.13.6 : C2C finally had Royce Myers, the UFO Watchdog and friend of BoA, on the show. Royce has been exposing the hoaxers and liars of Ufology for years, so it's about time he got some recognition for his work.

It seemed like Noory was actually surprised by how cool Royce was and probably was shocked to realize that he agrees with Royce more than he thought he would. Noory even invited Royce back to be a part of a future "Skeptics Cage" episode of Coast. One can only hope we'll finally see the Royce Myers v. Sean David Morton slobberknocker we've been waiting years for.

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1,859 Days of WWIII


It is FRIDAY!!! and Every Friday Night you can find me HERE

Click On LIVE ZONE, then Click on the Current Date of the SHOW!

I will be here EVERY FRIDAY NIGHT, and Most Night's I get off from Working. I am Easy to spot, as I am Smoker Dave!!! 10PM-2AM Pacific Time. 1AM-5AM Eastern Time

And it's FRIDAY THE 13TH TOO!!!

Sorry about yesterday, was catching up on overdue Computer Maintenence on 2 PC's.

Well it's the Start of a 4 Day/Night Weekend for me as I have Monday Night OFF from Work for the AZ. Cardinals Home NFL Game vs the Chicago Bears. Monday Night Football is now on ESPN 8:30PM EST, 5:30PM West. If you haven't seen our NEW STADIUM, check it OUT! My Seat is on the 48 YRD Line right above the 50YRD TV CAMERAS! Also this should be the 1st Game with the ROOF OPEN!

Quick Plug-Reminder: Late tonight Early Saturday AM is "THE WEEKENDER EDITION"!!!

Boy I'm Glad I'm not in Northern NY anymore!!! Sure all the SNOW is in the Buffalo Area, western NY. But my part of NY has been COLD, without the moisture. Global Warming rearing it's ugly head!!! Well this Global Warming is going to be sending many Buffalonians to AZ!!!! OK, OK! I restate this.... It is not GLOBAL WARMING! It is SOLAR SYSTEM WARMING. Venus, Mars, Jupitor, and Saturn are ALL HEATING UP! I am very sure we are not causing WARMING on these other Planets. So what is it? Just a natural Solar Cycle that lasts 100,000 of years! You can tell by the NEWS. Earth is the WARMEST it has been in 250,000 YEARS!!! WELLL How Many CARS did we have back then???? Maybe it is when we discovered how to use FIRE!!!!

Kim Jong Ill of North Korea may have the BOMB, but his Country has NO ELECTRICITY! The Lone Speck of White in this Photo is over Kim Jong Ill's and North Korea's Gov't complexes!!! Talk about living in the Dark Ages!!! And the ISLAMIC RADICALS want to put US even further back if any of US is Alive if we don't CONVERT To ISLAM. See the STORY and Night Time Photo HERE!!!

Signs of the Times..... I wonder how long it will be before I lose my Job because I don't understand Spanish that the Cleaning People Speak... Who I don't even know if they are here LEGALLY!!! See the STORY HERE!!!


1,857 Days of WWIII


Maybe I am "Old School". But Christmas Season used to Start on Thanksgiving Day at the end of NYC's MACY'S ThanksGiving Day Parade when Santa Claus ended the stellar Parade. That's when, or after if you had Family and friends over for ThanksGiving Dinner and NFL Football left, that you started putting up the CHRISTMAS DECORATIONS! Well going to work 10:30PM last night (10/10/06) as I reached the end of my Driveway what did I see? Across the Street and a few houses down, a house Decorated for CHRISTMAS! 2 1/2 months AWAY from NOW! Can't people wait until at LEAST AFTER HALLOWEEN????? And NO, these are NOT Halloween and/or ThanksGiving Decorations! And definately not Veterans Day Decorations!


Small Plane or Helicopter CRASHES into 19th and 20th Floors of Apartment Building in NYC- Initial Report

I need to monitor

See you Tomorrow!

1,856 Days of WWIII


Hmm... Seems likely that North Korea's Nuke Test went "pop" intead of "BOOM!!! A DUD! Timing of the High Explosives to start a nuclear reaction apparently off. ie: What went off was the equivalent of a New Years EVE popper that spews out streamers. When they expected a Fireworks Shell Exploding like you see at a Fireworks Show! China is not Happy at ALL! Even suggesting joining in on the Sanctions. Kim Jong Ill should fear China trying to kill him more than US! I think he went way out of bounds for the Chinese! China does NOT want Japan, and ESPECIALLY TAIWAN to be even considering builing their own NUKES! They can do it in less than a year and be better than the Chinese NUKES!!! So the situation as of Sunday night is not as perilous as it appeared. North Korea doesn't have it right yet, and China is totally pissed off at them!

But sine North Korea puts up for Sale all of it's military technology who would like to buy it? You know who! And they want to be on the Roof of the WHITE HOUSE! See the STORY HERE!!!

Mexico wants to take US to Court over the Border FENCE!!! That's a HOOT!!!! How about this for a short term Solution.... We use the Same LAWS and PRACTICES MEXICO uses on it's Own Southern Border and Illegal Immigrants, same Holding Facilities, Jails, Medical Care, Nutrition, access to Lawyers, etc. etc. ON OUR SOUTHERN BORDER!!!! Then we need MORE GUNS and MILITARY on OUR SOUTHERN BORDER as Mexico's Southern Border is Patrolled by their ARMED MILITARY!!! See the STORY HERE!!!

Showing her TRUE COLORS.... Barbara STRIESAND!!! Didn't she PROMISE TO LEAVE the COUNTRY if BUSH won in 2004???? Why hasn't she left yet???? She cursed out Fans who came to see her SING, not listen to her Politics! See the STORY HERE!!!

We also have a couple of Ted Turner Stories. The Founder of the TNT TV NETWORK and CNN. Ted Turner can't decide whose side he's on in the War on Terror!!! See the VIDEO HERE!!! And the MEDIA has NO BUSINESS SHOWING THE AMERICAN FLAG!!! See the VIDEO HERE!!!


Sure HOT going down-In, but worse coming out-Exit!!! $2,000 Prize.... Not NEARLY ENOUGH!!! See the STORY HERE!!!

Well that's all I have for Today Folks! See you Tomorrow!!!

1,855 Days of WWIII


Well North Korea went and did a NUKE TEST! And they feel they should be CONGRATULATED by the UN SECURITY COUNCIL, and not be given what amounts to Nasty Emails. See the STORY HERE!!!

The UN isn't going to do a Damn thing!!! But I'll tell what will happen. Japan and Taiwan and possibly South Korea are going to seek their Own NUKES! And you know Damn well that Japan and Taiwan can have them in less than a year with no outside help!

Well there is one piece of good News. The Temps here are supposed to below 90 all week. License Plate colors are changing, and Out of State RV's are showing up. The Snowbird Season has begun! Happy Days again for Buffet Places, Garage Sales, and Bingo Parlors!!!

Sorry for the Short update, but I am manually transfering Email Addresses to my new though I hate it ISP Provider.

1,853 Days of WWIII

10/07/05 Saturday Very Early AM


Now for this week's Review and next week's Preview of everything that is Coast To Coast AM, MY RADIO SHOW at work in "The Secret Lab". Smoker Dave is glad to provide to you, my new friend from the X-Conference in Washington D.C., Tim Binnall.

the binnall report

10.6.6 : Sunday night on Coast, Art had Roger Tolces on the show to talk about electronic surveillance. I tuned in to hear what Tolces had to say, but was more surprised, and a tad put off, by Art's endless justifying for insane government spying. He kept saying he was playing Devil's Advocate, but it got ridiculous more often than not and even Tolces seemed bewildered and practically snapped towards the end of the 1st hour of the interview. It started out funny at first, but got kind of annoying after a while, as Art kept saying terrorists were out to get us. Puhleeze.

Decent episode. Interesting to hear the back and forth between Tolces and Art.

For a complete look at binallofamerica Click on the Banner below

Don't forget to check out the Audio Interviews!!!

1,852 Days of WWIII


It is FRIDAY!!! and Every Friday Night you can find me HERE

Click On LIVE ZONE, then Click on the Current Date of the SHOW!

I will be here EVERY FRIDAY NIGHT, and Most Night's I get off from Working. I am Easy to spot, as I am Smoker Dave!!! 10PM-2AM Pacific Time. 1AM-5AM Eastern Time


Well it looks like the EMAIL is working to a degree now. I can recieve Email from the ISP's Site. Next hurdle is getting this to work with my Email Program!

Well we got a bunch of Rain and Thunderstorms since I ended yesterday's post. That's fine, just don't Rain between 10PM and 2AM Tonight while I am outside listening to my Radio Show C2C, and don't Rain during my Tailgate Party at the Cardinals Game Sunday, 9AM - 1PM. Rain all you want anyother Time!

There is speculation that North Korea may Test a NUKE as early as this Sunday! This will NOT BE GOOD NEWS! See the STORY HERE!!!

Secret Rooms! We have wanted one at one time or another, didn't we? Well here is a Story about them. I think I could have a Secret "Nook" for Valuables, a Safe, etc. And maybe a small area, enough for a sleeping cot, and some storage or extra space. It's larger than a regular Closet, but Smaller than a Walk-In Closet. See the STORY HERE!!!

Yeah, it's a Friday Lite Update Today. I always try to end upbeat at the end of the Work Week to leave in a good Mood for the Weekend!

Remember, Late Tonight, THE WEEKENDER EDITION!!!

1,851 Days of WWIII


Email Change attempt DAY #2. I'm just waiting to see if it works now. Just in case if I suddenly disappear on October 17th or 18th, I did not Die! It's just my Cable Modem changeover where I should have to do NOTHING! Yeah, Right! I'll believe that when I see it!!!!

I don't know about the rest of you, but I have almost zero interst in this Years MLB Baseball Playoffs/Post-Season. Usually in the past few years I am at least interested in the Post Season, but for some reason not this year. Now I am mostly interested in the NFL, and College Football. NBA, I no longer Care. NHL I lost interest in it before I moved to Arizona 22 yrs ago. College Basketball, March Madness I am interested in. Means once again April thru August will be a very dry period except for the Indy 500.


Is the INSTANT MESSAGES that forced a Congressman to Resign last Week a Page Prank gone wrong???? If any of this turns out to be accurate, the NEWS Tomorrow will be VERY INTERESTING!!!! Read the BREAKING NEWS STORY from THE DRUDGE REPORT HERE!!!

Radical Muslim Youths waging WAR against the French Police!!! There you have it! If even the ALWAYS SURRENDER FRENCH can't be friends with these Radicals, nobody can! There is no way we cannot OFFEND THEM! Just being who we are is OFFENSIVE to them! And their Solution is to make us ALL Convert to Islam, or DIE! See the STORY HERE!!!

Islamic LAW during Rama-Rama-Ding-Dong! Warning!!! This Story is Rated "R"!!! This is what the Terrorists and Radicals want US to Convert to, and adhere to! I saw Screw That.... (literally???) and I will drink my BEER Sitting DOWN! Thank you very much! Put that in your Turbin and Smoke It!!! See the STORY HERE!!!

Illegal Aleins and their Supporters are calling for a Boycott of Applebees and Dunkin' Donuts!!!! Why? Because they do not Hire Workers whose name does not match their (FAKE) Social Security #. What WE NEED is for EVERY EMPLOYER to do this very same thing!!! See the STORY HERE!!!

Cue up the sit-com's "The Jeffersons" Theme Music!!! "Movin' On UP!" For the 3rd Day in a ROW! A NEW ALL TIME HIGH FOR THE STOCK MARKET!!! Up 16+ Points Today to 11,866+ If the Liberals and Democrats say we are in a BAD ECONOMY, I'll take ALL THE BAD I CAN GET!!!! Very Tempting for me to check out my Personal Retirement Holdings, but I try my Best to limit it to checking once a Month (4 Weeks). Friday Night is when I check next. I anticipate more Gains in the month on my investments, than I earn in 2 weeks from Work. You see once my gains in my Investments outgain my paycheck on a consistant basis, it is called "CRITICAL MASS". ie Financially Secure no matter what. The Work Paycheck is just Gravy on the Top. A time you could Retire, work Part-Time, try something new. Dreams, reachable Dreams. That is what makes us do what we do!

Well tomorrow is FULL MOON FRIDAY! So who knows what the News will be like Tomorrow!!! But I will be here to tell you about it!


1,850 Days of WWIII


Currently going thru Email, Internet Access Change from HELL!!! Damn good thing I have 2 weeks to get this to work! Sure changed my Email Address, supposed to be a 10 minute ordeal..... 2hrs later, sure it's changed! But I can only EMAIL MYSELF!!! Well I suppose it will be worth it in the End, fewer Cable TV Channels, Slower Cable Modem Speeds, for only $13 more a MONTH!!!! Sounds like a GREAT DEAL TO ME!!!!! Damn Bastards!!!

Baby Boomer Retirements Will Strain the US... (I am at the end of the Baby Boom Generation) Read between the Lines of this Article and you will know that what Retirees get today, will be less than 1/2 that when I retire at age 67, in Social Security, Medicade, Medicare, Prescription Drugs, etc. etc. etc!!! Like I have said HERE! Many times in the Past, don't count on outside help, like Social Security, Pensions, etc when you and I retire! Better to have it Pre-Paid and Saved in advance!!! Or you could be 65 or 70, living out of a Grocery Cart with All of Your Belongings, buying DOG FOOD to Eat on a GOOD DAY! Especially if Democrats Run the Country!!! Sadly to say, I know some people who more than Likely will end up in this predicament in the future. I try to tell them to SAVE Something for Retirement, but the answer is ALWAYS the SAME! I need every penny I make NOW and it's still isn't ENOUGH!!! Trust me, if you are in your 30's or 40's and think like this, your are going to need EVERY PENNY MORE in 30 yrs than you do NOW! And you won't be able to work in the future, 30 yrs+, like you do NOW! So if you can't SAVE a little bit now, When will you be able to SAVE????

Oh sure, I am saving 25% + of my Pay for Retirement. Well I realized a Lesson. Don't Live beyond your means, and SAVE for the Future. I learned the Lesson late in Life, in my mid 30's. Re-Inforced 2 yrs ago when my Dad died. I will not end up living in Retirement like my Dad did, WITH SOCIAL SECURITY, MEDICARE, MEDICADE and the SOCIAL PROGRAMS or the elderly!!! I just say, don't come to me in 30 yrs for hand-outs! I tried my best, I prepared for ME and sacrificed $$$ I could splurge with in the past. I lived within my means, Credit Card Debt ZERO, and saving for MY Retirement. Not to Share it with anyone who never had the forsight to plan for themselves! But here is the other answer.... I would have to work 2 JOBS to Save any $$$..... My Answer: Would you rather work 2 JOBS NOW... Or when you are 65 or 70 to just keep a Cheap Mobile Home Roof over your Head to avoid the Grocery Cart Home????

I have given up on a few people I know, a few I might get to do something themselves. The Smoker Dave Limited Bank has been CLOSED for a long Time! And there are only 2 people who even have a chance for anything! And Trust me! It is none of you reading this today!

Well I am short of time Today because of the Internet-Email Switch I need to complete in 2 weeks.


And I don't want to hear the, POOR, Uneducated, unprepared RANTS! If you can't be successful in AMERICA, where else can you???? We are ALL priviledged to be BORN HERE!!! Even the Poorest here have a better living than Many of the Industrialized Countries, ie the 1st World. And All of you know how the 3rd World Poor Live. So give it a rest on how you didn't have opportunities to succeed.

Well at least I got a decent RANT out Today! Maybe it will wake some people up. I did what I could. I will never accept accusations that I got RICH because of the Stock Market. I was there Before, During, and Recovery to new Highs. It is a Long Term Investment, in my case 30+ yrs. You just got LUCKY!!! Screw that! I PLANNED!!!! I urged you to do so also. NO SOUP FOR YOU!!!! As on SEINFELD..... The SOUP NAZI. Well at least you got Raw Commentary today from me.

I will be Back Tomorrow!!!

1,849 Days of WWIII


In Peaceful Celebration of Rama-Rama-Ding-Dong what is a Turkish Islamofacist to do? HIJACK A Commercial Jetliner and say you're mad at the POPE!!! See the STORY HERE!!! HAPPY RAMADAN from your local Muslim Community! Now Remember.... CONVERT OR DIE!!!

I can't say I would sign this petition because I am Dis-Qualified. But some of you are NOT! Would you be PROUD to sign this Petition???? If I were NOT Dis-Qualified, I can't see myself ever doing this, or accepting of others who do without judgement. See the STORY HERE!!!

Well here is ONE Reason not to pay your Bills Automatically from your Bank Account! If you DIED nobody may realize it for YEARS!!! No matter HOW BIG the JUNK MAIL PILE GOT!!! See the STORY HERE!!!

HOO RAH!!! 100 Degree Temps are over according to the Weather People! See the STORY HERE!!! Now here come the SNOWBIRDS!!!

NEW HIGH!!! Stocks Closed at it's ALL TIME HIGH TODAY! 11,727+ Higher than the Previous High of Jan. 14th 2000 of 11,722+. WOO HOO!!!! The Glass Ceiling has been broken through! I hope the Stocks do a 2-Step Dance. 2 steps Higher, 1 Step Back. REPEAT OVER AND OVER!!! Then MAYBE I can RETIRE in less than 12 yrs. Instead of 23+ yrs! Retiring at 55 sounds a lot better than 67!!!! I have a lot of things I'd like to do that working interferes with.

That's All For Today! See you Tomorrow!!!

1,848 Days of WWIII


After 4 Games, it seems like my AZ. Cardinals have thrown in the towel for the season by replacing Kurt Warner (Week #1 NFC Player of the week) with Rookie QB Matt Lienart in the 4th Quarter of yesterday's disasterous game and naming Lienart the Starter for next week. DAMN! Well you know I will be attending Every Home Game as I have for the past 15 yrs, and I will renew my Season Ticket next year. It is the NFL, and this is my Team in good times and Bad.

Al-Qaida No. 2 Ayman al-Zawahri agains tells us all to Convert to Islam or be beheaded with a sword. I guess this is Islam's Peace MEssage for their Holy Month of Rama-Rama Ding-Dong! See the STORY HERE!!!

Remember the Art Teacher suspended after taking her Class to an ART MUSEUM and a child saw NUDITY????? Well she has now been FIRED! And from what I see in this STORY, the School District is going to LOSE a Very Expensive LAWSUIT! See the STORY HERE!!!

The Florida Congressman, a Republican that resigned on Friday. It appears Members of Both Democratic and Republican Parties knew something about this for 1 to maybe as long as 3 yrs! So why does it make NEWS Now? 5 weeks to ELECTION DAY! Here is a Blast from the recent Past. See the STORY HERE!!!

WEIRD NEWS, and from right here in AZ! Man killed at 6:30AM at a Swingers Club, (Not a DANCE Club!) during a Craps Game. 90 shots fired, 100 people nearby.... nobody saw a THING! See the STORY HERE!!!

Great Ball a'fire in the night Sky. Yep, Phoenix area again! See the STORY HERE!!!

Can someone tell me why there are so many School Shootings in the past couple of weeks?

That's all I have for Today, see you Tomorrow!

1,846 Days of WWIII

09/30/05 Saturday Very Early AM


Now for this week's Review and next week's Preview of everything that is Coast To Coast AM, MY RADIO SHOW at work in "The Secret Lab". Smoker Dave is glad to provide to you, my new friend from the X-Conference in Washington D.C., Tim Binnall.

the binnall report

9.29.6 : The Noor was back in full force, with the beginning of a loaded week. It all started with Philip Carlo talking about serial killers and the like. Carlo is hardcore and has charisma by the boatload. He did sound kind of tired or worn out and his voice reminded me of Peter Lorre, but his stuff was still top notch. He pretty much ran the gamut of different serial killers and had a ton of info on them and what may make them tick. He also estimated that there are 500 serial killers on the loose in America today. Yikes.

For a complete look at binallofamerica Click on the Banner below

Don't forget to check out the Audio Interviews!!!

1,845 Days of WWIII


It is FRIDAY!!! and Every Friday Night you can find me HERE

Click On LIVE ZONE, then Click on the Current Date of the SHOW!

I will be here EVERY FRIDAY NIGHT, and Most Night's I get off from Working. I am Easy to spot, as I am Smoker Dave!!! 10PM-2AM Pacific Time. 1AM-5AM Eastern Time

Yes it is GREAT for FRIDAY Once Again! Stocks flirting with All Time Highs, GAS down to $2.16 a gallon around here. College Football tomorrow, NFL on Sunday! Tonight my Regular ChartRoom on C2C w/ George Noory, and late Tonight THE WEEKENDER EDITION!

Well after a week or so of below normal Temps we returned to near and just above 100 degree Temps. This is the DESERT SOUTHWEST, so not surprising. I just had my hopes up that I could leave the A/C Off. Now remember we have TOO MANY People Moving HERE! And then Late Fall/Winter comes and the SNOWBIRDS COME! (RETIREES). For those of you thinking of moving here, WE have SCORPIONS! Black Widow Spiders! TARANTULAS! AND RATTLESNAKES!!!! Oh, by the way, we also have over 100 DAYS of 100+ degree Temps! See the STORY HERE!!!

It looks like the Republicans have just LOST a sure Seat in the House of Representatives. You can't send apparent suggestive EMAILS to a Page, a MINOR, be it Gay or Not. I for one am glad we - Conservatives have cleaned out some hideous TRASH from the Ranks! See the STORY HERE!!!

Hmmm.... North Korea has prepared an underground Nuclear Test Site? See the STORY HERE!!!

You should Check This Out! This is pretty COOL! The Space Shuttle and the International Space Station Photographed with the SUN as the Background! Be Sure to CLICK ENLARGE of the Photo in the ARTICLE! See the STORY and PHOTO HERE!!!

To the IDIOT Named AL GORE! Cigarette Smoke is a SIGNIFICANT CONTRIBUTOR to GLOBAL WARMING?????? What the Hell are you talking about??? I bet I know! Another way for MORE TAXES on Tobacco!!! See the Update HERE!!!

Well that's All I have for now, until Tonight's WEEKENDER UPDATE! Enjoy the Fall Weekend!!! College and NFL Football GAMES, Important Playoff determining MLB Games. Fire Up that BBQ Grill one more Time for those of you in the Northern States, before it gets too cold. It is the last 1/2 Weekend of September, Work Day Monday we already will be in OCTOBER!!! That means CHRISTMAS MASS MARKETING SHOPPING SEASON is about to Start!

What do I want for Christmas and my B-Day? (My B-Day is 01/08). I don't care if everyone goes in on this, but like I said early this year, I want a TOP OF THE LINE LA-Z-BOY Recliner! I don't need the HEATER! (I'm in ARIZONA!) and I don't need the MASSAGE! But otherwise Top of The Line. Not LEATHER though! Summertime Sweat and Leather don't make a good Mix. I need to do some Internet Window shopping for the LA-Z-BOY I want! This would be My 1st Sitting thing brand new! Sure my old Waterbed, Computer pressboard Desks, and my Select Comfort Bed were all brand new, but most of my other furniture is used to some degree. This means that nobody EVER sits in my new LA-Z-BOY! I have 40 - 50 yrs to mold my butt cheeks contours into it!!! YES! The Smoker Dave Recliner!! As Holy as Archie Bunker's Chair in the 1970's Sit-Com ALL IN THE FAMILY! Do you know that CHAIR is in the SMITHSONIAN INSTITUTE? However MEATHEAD would be sitting in it at times, and once in awhile Edith. There were a few episodes of Guests Stars sitting in it too. Archie would usually say, "Get the Hell Out of my Chair!!!". The ONE Time Archie never said a word about somebody sitting in his CHAIR was when SAMMY DAVIS JR was on the Show. Well besides my Mom, I can think of 3 people who I would not kick out of my LA-Z-BOY. Joe Namath my long time QB HERO. ART BELL and George Noory of my favorite Radio Show that has kept me able to work the Graveyard Shift all these Years!!! Best Friend, Lone Brother, NOPE! No Way! OK, sure, I am overly Protective of what I get NEW.... So be it, live with it, and Abide by it! Everybody has some inane obscure FAUX PAS they don't wnat violated. This is mine.

Well I guess I at least gave you some Entertaining Commentary to end this Posting!

1,844 Days of WWIII


China is using LASERS to Blind our Satellites! Is this supposed to be seen as a "FRIENDLY ACTION" by a Major Trading Partner???? We already know by their own "White Paper" that in 20 or 25 yrs they plan on a WAR against US! So China is the only remaining Superpower. See the STORY HERE!!!

Terrell Owens.... Despite the Conclusions of this Story by his long time live-in Trainer, the beginnings of this Story Validates a Suicide Attempt, while under the influence of medication and emotional turmoil. See the STORY HERE!!!

In and around my old hometown in Northern New York is Moose Rutting Season. All the male Moose are HORNY, and the "Moosettes" are flirting and playing the field.... so to Speak!!! I'll title this Photo, "HEY BABE!!! WHAT'S YOUR SIGN?" See the PHOTO HERE!!!

If I had a spare $200,000 in MAD $$$ You bet I would be in line for this! I just hope it gets cheaper faster than I get too old to take this flight if and when I do have the $$$!!! See the STORY HERE!!!

How about this? Earth as Seen from Cassini Spacecraft Orbiting from SATURN! Earth is the Bright Bluish DOT!!! Credit to: Image credit: Cassini Imaging Team, SSI, JPL, ESA, NASA.

NASA: "The robotic Cassini spacecraft looked back toward its old home world earlier this month as it orbited Saturn. Using Saturn itself to block the bright Sun, Cassini imaged Earth as a faint dot in the above photograph. Vast water oceans make Earth's reflection of sunlight somewhat blue."

Now IMAGIN yourself as on-in Cassini. Could you imagin all the turmoil going on this small bluish DOT in the Saturn Sky????

A Country is building a Border Fence to keep out Illegal Aleins and Terrorists! And recieving One Word of PROTEST! Of coarse it is not US! It is Saudi Arabia!!!! See the STORY HERE!!!

Well the DOW JONES INDUSTRIAL AVERAGE (STOCK MARKET) fell just less than 5 points Short of it's ALL TIME CLOSE RECORD! Today was 11,718.45 Record from January 14th 2000 is 11,722.98.

Notice THE DATES!!! The HIGH was more than a year before Clinton left OFFICE!!! We were in a minor Recession! Then 9-11 hit! We have REBOUNDED from the Recession, and the Terrorist Attacks of 9-11 and the Cost of WAR AGAINST TERRORISM!!! HOO RAH!!! FOR AMERICA!!!! I PRAY To GOD EVERY DAY! Thanking HIM that G.W.Bush was Elected over AL GORE and John F****** KERRY!!!! If it were not for G.W. all the women here now would be in BURKAS, can't Drive, have to a MALE Family Member to Escort Her outside the Home. School Age Girls could not go to School, and we all would have to kneel towards Mecca UMPTEEN TIMES A DAY in prayer to a FALSE god. This god of islam, called allah.... Satan in human disguise, and the idiot uneducated Arabs fall for it!!!!

Nearly FRIDAY!!! 1 More night of Work until the GLORIOUS WEEKEND!!!

I will see you all Tomorrow!!!

1,843 Days of WWIII


Whoever placed wagers that Terrell Owens Wide Reciever now for the Dallas Cowboys could go thru a Whole NFL Season without a major incident, just lost their $$$. It appears, despite the denials, he attempted Suicide by taking 35 pain pills because of depression. Is it, "NOBODY LIKES ME!!!" or what??? See the STORIES HERE And HERE!!!

Well, Venezuelan President Hugo Chavez Speech at the UN has cost him a paying customer. 7-11. It's nice to see a Corporate Boycott, a lot easier to send the message in my opinion! See the STORY HERE!!!

ATTENTION!!! New York City Residents!!!!

The FOOD POLICE is COMI NG!!!! Will KFC, McDonalds, Dunkin' Donuts be forced to close? Or will they CHANGE to the FOOD POLICE Wishes. And when you travel outside of NYC, wonder why these things TASTE SO MUCH BETTER than in NYC.... Think about it.... The NEW KFC ORIGINAL RECIPE CHICKEN. Remember how well NEW COKE did????? See the STORY HERE!!!

Well I don't have any weird or strange stories to end today's update, but how about a little news blurb from Bill Cosby? See the STORY HERE!!! And you know the Jesse Jacksons', etc. will condemn him for this.

I'll see you Tomorrow!!!

1,842 Days of WWIII


Well Monday Night's NFL Football game was in the newly refurbished SuperDome. Much criticism has been said of the $184 Million to get it reopened for Football. But New Orleans depends on Tourism for it's Lifeblood. The French Quarter, and the NFL are the biggest draws. Sure some shoreside Casinos, etc. Mardi Gras.... But the people of New Orleans WANT their Football Team BACK HOME! How else do you explain their 1st ever Full Season Home Sellout? See the STORY HERE!!! Granted areas like the 9th ward etc. should never be rebuilt because of the risk. Should be turned into Parks and Recreation Areas, Greenbelts, etc. There are some areas where it is just too expensive and risky to protect as residential or industrial areas.

Class Trip to an ART MUSEUM..... Don't you think there WILL Be some NUDE ART THERE?????? Has not ART CLASSES always taken trips to ART MUSEUMS in the PAST???? I think there are People Here who wish for a Taliban type Gov't HERE!!!! All you women and Girls, put those BURKA's on! No more Music for ANYBODY. No more TV. No school for Girls. Etc. Etc. See the STORY HERE!!!

To the Senate of the USA: BUILD THE FENCE!!!! See latest STORY HERE!!! How many more of us will be victimized by Illegals?

I would like to post more NEWS on the Strange, Weird, and Unusual, but I am out of time. I should have more Time the next couple of days though!

See you Tomorrow!!!

1,841 Days of WWIII


Darn It! Looks like I have to get the A/C back on this week. Highs in the upper 90's. I sleep during the day and I need it a little cooler than that!

My Cardinals.... Damn them! They FOUND a NEW Way to LOSE!!! I don't want to even discuss it!!!!

Former President Bill Clinton. ACTING JOB? Was he was waiting for this opportunity especially since ABC's Path To 9-11 Docudrama? I think this was Bill Clinton unhinged like all Liberals get when trapped. Remember whenever Clinton is wagging or pointing his Finger, he is Lieing! EX. I wanted to give the Middle Class a Tax Cut, but I had no idea how bad the budget is.... I did NOT Have Sex with That Woman! And Sunday's FOX NEWS CHANNEL Interview with Chris Wallace. Oh the Liberals can make the absurd accusations, ask pointed Questions, of Republicans. But when the tables are turned, can't handle their own tactics used against them.

Hmm... Well you know there are not all that many places of Employment without Drug Testing, unless you want to do landscaping... ie. mowing lawns, etc. or harvesting crops in the fields, or changing sheets in a resort. But you would be fighting for these jobs with illegal immigrants/aliens. So maybe it's time for a bit of The REAL WORLD to get into High Schools. See the STORY HERE!!!

I lost some time today hooking up a new cheapo printer. Not nearly as much time as I lost installing a new Cable TV Box because my Cable Company was bought out by COX Communications. A\nd I am going to be forced to change my Email Address by the same Company in 3 weeks. What a nightmare that is going to be! But It is a Great DEAL! Fewer TV Cable Channels, and Slower Cable Internet Speeds for more $$$. That's what you can do when you monopolize a whole Metro Area!

Well that's all I have for today, I'll be back Tomorrow!!!

1,839 Days of WWIII

09/23/05 Saturday Very Early AM


Now for this week's Review and next week's Preview of everything that is Coast To Coast AM, MY RADIO SHOW at work in "The Secret Lab". Smoker Dave is glad to provide to you, my new friend from the X-Conference in Washington D.C., Tim Binnall.

the binnall report

9.22.6 : Monday, The Noor was back in action and the show was fraught with terror and hilarity. He began by going ape poop over some dude, Hamid Mir, who talked to Bin Laden and said that an attack was eminent. The Noor managed to find this guy and had him on for the first half hour. Interesting stuff, kinda spooky. Noory trumpeted it like he'd just discovered the cure for Polio.

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1,838 Days of WWIII


It is FRIDAY!!! and Every Friday Night you can find me HERE

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I will be here EVERY FRIDAY NIGHT, and Most Night's I get off from Working. I am Easy to spot, as I am Smoker Dave!!! 10PM-2AM Pacific Time. 1AM-5AM Eastern Time

Ah Friday!!!! A New MOON! Fall starts later Tonight!!! All Good Things. However Ramadan starts at Sunset today also! And we all know how the Muslims Celebrate this! By Killing non-Muslims!!! I guess these days they want to actually Celebrate Ramadan All Year LONG!!!

Well I believe we have seen our 100+ degree day here in AZ. Temps, mid 90's, humidity nearly zero, night time mid 60's to low 70's. Yesterday I clicked my A/C OFF. And it may stay OFF for the next 7 1/2 months!!! WOO HOO!!! $200+ Electric Bills dropping to the $70's, or LOWER!!!!

I also have a Home NFL Game Sunday. My Cardinals VS The St. Louis Rams. GO CARDS!!!

So Hugo Chavez wants to move the UN to Venezuela? Fine with ME!!! and about time we got out of this Farce of an International Institution! As far as I am concerned, Chavez can take his OIL and give himself an Enema!!! If he needs Extra Sulfer, President Bush can send him Some!!!! Here is some News on Chavez, by no means Complete! HERE!!!

A Strange Sound From The ENGINES????? Probably the thing that broke the Pilot's Back! He may have SAVED Many LIVES! See the STORY HERE!!!

GoodBye F-14 Tomcat! You have served us Well! May your Parts NEVER Fall into Iranian Hands!!! See the STORY HERE!!!

I hope the Courts throw the BOOK at this idiot "MOMMY"!!! This is about as irresponsible as it gets! See the STORY HERE!!!

Well I have no kids, and my Garage Door is CLOSED ALL The TIME, except when I am BBQ'ing. So I think my BEER and Diet Coke Fridge in the Garage is SAFE. See the STORY HERE!!!

Just over a Year since Hurricane Katrina, The SUPERDOME in New ORLEANS is SOLD OUT for the Season of Home NFL SAINT'S GAMES! See the STORY HERE!!!

Well that's all I have for Today! Remember Late Tonight, The WEEKENDER EDITION!

Now to leave you all in a good Mood to enjoy the Weekend, a Very Recent Photo from near my old Home Town in Northern New York. Here is the LINK HERE!!!

1,836 Days of WWIII


AH! President of Venezuela Hugo Chavez called President Bush "THE DEVIL" and the Podium still smelled of Sulfer!!! Holy Cow!!! What has this guy been SMOKIN'!!!! See the STORY HERE!!!

There are a LOT of WHAKO National Leaders out there now like Chavez, there is the END of the World 12th IMAM, the Iranian President wants to come within 2 yrs, Then you have the PORNO KING, Kim Jong Ill of North Korea who already has Nuclear Weapons thanks to Clinton and Madelin Albright!! Friday starts Rama Rama Ding Dong, the Holy Month of Islam Celebrated..... by KILLING!!! STILL! Not a WORD in protest from the so-called "Moderate Muslims" against this! What this means... is there are not ANY Moderate Muslims. and like a Virus that infects Humanity, needs to be Wiped Out like SmallPOX and Polio!!! Yes I am issuing an equivalent to an islamic FATWA. I call it a Smoke Ring. Total Elimination of Islam! Sounds EXTEME???? Well that's EXACTLLY what they WANT us TO DO! CONVERT OR DIE!!! I say HELL NO!!! and turn the Tables!!! You just Shut the Hell UP until You DIE!!! I don't want to Kill them outright, just DIE off like the DRUIDS DID!!!!

Atlantis Space Shuttle Debris: WHO LITTERED!!!! Looks like it is just Trash, like from a Grocery Store! Who smuggled BEER, Smokes, and munchies into Space? A Bonus Day in Space without much to do, Time for Beer, Smokes, and Munchies!!! The Shuttle Astonauts planned this very Well!!! See the STORY HERE!!!

NBC still undecided about Showing Concert Film of Madonna Mock Crucifixion. Well NBC should judge this against of showing the VIDEOS of what ISLAMOFACISTS do to their Prisoners!!!! It's all Available!!! Show the beheadings of Nick Berg and other Westerners at the hands of these sub-humans!!! If you cannot SHOW BOTH ON PRIME TIME TV, then you can SHOW NEITHER!!! See the STORY HERE!!!


Well to END Todays Update.... I give you.... Anything for $20!!! See the Story HERE!!!

See you Tomorrow!!!

1,835 Days of WWIII


Well GAS Prices continue to fall here in the Phoenix area, I saw $2.29 a Gallon on the way home from work this morning.

President Bush let the UN General Assembly have it today! Calling the UN in general out, and also listing Country by Country the Issues and Problems! In my Book, G.W.'s Speech to the UN General Assembly was a hit out of the Ballpark! This IS the President Bush I VOTED FOR!!!

I wonder what the Whacked Out president of iran will say later today to the UN General Assembly.... I am sure it will be "PURE, Outrageous GARBAGE!!!"

Space Shuttle Atlantis Landing DELAYED after MYSTERY OBJECT seen behind it. See the STORY HERE!!!

Thailand's Military Launches Coup Attempt. I am not sure what this means for us, if anything. If it were in North Korea, or Pakistan, that would be a lot different. But Thailand? I just don't know. See the STORY HERE!!!

Looks like there may be a Civilian Uprising in HUNGARY, and no Soviet Troops and Tanks to stop it like in 1956!!! See the STORY HERE!!!

Kinda of like "Rumors of War" in the Bible, Book of Revelations.....

We HAVE a CHANCE! To get the 700 Miles of Secure Border Fencing!!!! We will just have to wait and see! It won't stop Illegals from Crossing Illegally into this Country, but it will sure slow the fire hose to a garden hose See the STORY HERE!!!

Well the way the local weather is starting to play out here, I believe in 2, maybe 3 weeks I can TURN OFF the A/C for the Year! Go from $200+ Electric Bills to about $70 per Month.

Well that is all I have for Today! I will see you Tomorrow!!!

1,834 Days of WWIII


I may as well formally throw my hat into the ring on the Pope's Side. His MESSAGE WAS in a nutshell: Violence in the Name of Religion is itself EVIL and condemmened by God. Well the Muslims were Angered over the WORDS and Reponded with Violence, Church Bombings, and murder of a Nun working in a Children's Hospital. Now a Call for the Execution of the Pope. ALL THOSE who INSULT ISLAM will be subject to Capitol Punishment. This is from "The Religion of Peace"! Well I say all the followers of extremist Islam are backward idiots who may not even really be human, but sub-human. After all they behave in a CATTLE LIKE HERD Mob! If I had a koran, I would have it my bathroom as back-up if I run out of Toilet Paper! After taking a big "dump" I see the face of mohammed, and say "May the Sewer be with you" as I flush the toilet!

THERE!!! I chose sides! See the STORY HERE!!!

Religion of Peace......: CONVERT TO ISLAM OR DIE!!! See the STORY HERE!!!

Well I had this initial Story about 2 weeks ago. Charges dismissed on attempted Sexual Assualt, because Wisconsin doesn't have a Law against Necrophilia....See the STORY HERE!!!

Ah Yes, my AZ Cardinals Lost to the Seattle Seahawks yesterday 21-10. That's what happens when the Offensive Line doesn't open up holes for the running back, or Protect the QB. Hard to score many points that way. No apologies from me, we LOST. But at least it was to last years NFC Champions and the NFC Representative in the Super Bowl. So though we lost, on paper playing AWAY against the Defending NFC Champs was the most assured loss we could have. If a trivia Question was. If the 2006 Cards only lost 1 Game during the Regular Season, what Game would that be? Answer: This One.

So while I am disappointed, I am still optimistic for a Wild Card (Home Game) Playoff Spot this year!

Hey! I filled up my Car for $2.35 a Gallon! If this keeps up I may be under $2.00 before Thanksgiving! That will be nice, unless some Muslim Extremist gets me 1st.... But they need to have more than a Sword! Never bring a knife to a Gun Fight!

How about this! My old Hometown in Northern New York had a Big Cream Cheese Festival, Featuring the WORLD'S LARGEST CHEESECAKE!!! See it HERE!!!

Well that's all I have for Today! See you Tomorrow!

1,832 Days of WWIII

09/16/05 Saturday Very Early AM


Now for this week's Review and next week's Preview of everything that is Coast To Coast AM, MY RADIO SHOW at work in "The Secret Lab". Smoker Dave is glad to provide to you, my new friend from the X-Conference in Washington D.C., Tim Binnall.

the binnall report

9.15.6 : Sunday on Coast, Art had Dr. Steven Greer on the show as the full show guest. Great stuff from Greer, who seemed to focus on astronauts and UFOs and teased a lot of information regarding alleged astronaut UFO sightings. The usual stuff, with Greer speaking in clues, dropping names left and right, and teasing tantalizing information that probably only like 5 people can verify as true or not.

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1,831 Days of WWIII


It is FRIDAY!!! and Every Friday Night you can find me HERE

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I will be here EVERY FRIDAY NIGHT, and Most Night's I get off from Working. I am Easy to spot, as I am Smoker Dave!!! 10PM-2AM Pacific Time. 1AM-5AM Eastern Time

Muslims still all pissed Off at the Pope for quoting a reference to Jihad, to force Conversion to ISLAM at the Point of the sword as Evil. This is viewed by Muslims as intolerance, and the Pope is like Hitler! Didn't the last Al-Quaida Video say to us: CONVERT TO ISLAM or DIE! And their GOAL was One World, under the Islamic Flag under Islamic LAW! I think G.W. Bush had it correct Originally, when he called the War Against TERROR a CRUSADE! No I don't want to eliminate all Muslims, or convert them. I want all these Radical Islamofacsits DEAD, who want US DEAD! There is no Central Authority on Islam, basically any Imam can go and preach his own views of the Stupid KORAN as the correct View. Islam has not undergone ANY Reformations from hearsy, heretics, etc. So all small but significant percentage of Muslims are by ignorance falling for these false interpertations of Islam. But UNTIL the Majority of Muslims shut this Perversion of their Religion Down themselves, all they are giving the rest of us is LIP SERVICE. Until I see an ACTIVE REBUTTAL to the Extremist Islamofacists, I consider all Muslims an Active or Silent Partner with them.

I never thought I could really be Racist or use profiling as an active consideration in my day to day dealings. But I am increasingly Anti-Arab, and Anti-Muslim..... And that is a DAMN SHAME!!! But it is not my DOING! It is the not Doing of the Arabs and Muslim Communities to take action against the Extremists. SILENCE is AGREEMENT! The Lip Service from the American Muslim Community of: "We condem all acts of violence and Terrorism...." IS NOT ENOUGH!!!! NOT NEARLY ENOUGH!!! It is to the Point NOW if I see an Arab, or someone who is Muslim, my 1st thought is they probably want me DEAD! I didn't do this, it is people in their own RELIGION who have, and they have DONE NOTHING themselves to fix it on their own!

So a NOTE to the Muslim Community in the USA: Clean up your act quickly, Or if you think the innocent Japanesse Americans here In DETAINMENT CAMPS were HARSH in WORLD WAR II, you've seen nothing YET! All it takes is another successful ATTACK on the Scale of 9-11, and your life here will turn very sharply for the worse!!! If I now feel this way, there are MILLIONS of AMERICANS feeling the SAME WAY!

Remember Late Tonght: The WEEKENDER EDITION!!!

1,830 Days of WWIII


Well I'll tell you this, it takes some time to get an older PC ready Security-Wise as a Back-Up. Just updating and scanning Ad-Aware, Spyware, is taking HOURS! Still need to do the Anti-Virus download and Full Scan. When that is done I need to Download my preferred Browser and set up Email, etc. NOTE TO SELF: When this Back-Up Desk Top PC starts to wear out, FORGET about getting someone else's Old Desk Top for Cheap! BETTER to Buy a Cheap Desk Top PC being sold in Stores now! The Old Hardware has a tough time working with new Technology.

Locally here in AZ the weathermen say this weekend will mark the end of our Summer Monsoon. Which means after today or tomorrow, no RAIN until at least November. That means I can spend a few $$$ soon to have my Car Washed by illegal aleins hired by the Owners of the Car Wash. Don't worry I play the Gringo Card and do not tip the Attendants!!! No problem since I only show up there 2 or 3 times a year! And when I do go I have the Full Service short of DETAILING.

Did you see the News? My QB Kurt Warner of the AZ CARDINALS was named NFC OFFENSIVE PLAYER of the WEEK!!!! See the STORY HERE!!!

Well the Space Shuttle Astronaughts got the Huge Solar Panel to deploy today. This is going to make the International Space Stace even EASIER to see at early evening/dawn! Sure to have UFO Reports Generated from the uninformed people who happen to see it. As you know, even the Planet VENUS still draws UFO Sighting Reports from stupid people!!!

PC UpDate! The Ad-Aware and Spyware is complete now. Downloading Anti-Virus program. Still need to do the Microoft UpDates. And then download my Browser and Email prefered Programs. Maybe tomorrow I will have this PC secured to hook up to the Internet Full time. But once this is done I still have additional Computer things to do wirelessly. Plus get my stuff off the Previous Back-Up. PC. So besides Work and NFL Football, this whole process may take another week or 2.

What's after that? Resumption of long planned Projects for my Den and Garage.

Well you know things ARE NOT GOOD when the POPE Pisses off the Stupid backward Muslims!!! See the STORY HERE!!!

How about this? IRAN: The NEW WORLD LEADER!!! I don't THINK SO!!! I remember the BEACH BOYS SONG...... BOMB, BOMB, BOMB,,,,BOMB BOMB IRAN!!! Even resurrect TWISTED SISTER! We're Not Gonna Take IT!!! Oh what else? How about The Beastie Boys! You got a Right! To PARTY!!! That will Piss off the Muslims Too!!! MANY more TUNES to Piss off Muslims. EX: Rock and Roll Ain't Noise Pollution AC/DC. DETROIT ROCK CITY: KISS. Excluding Movies with ANY Religious Content: You can be sure the MUSLIMS HATE: Cheech & Chong's movie "UP IN SMOKE"!!! The good 'ole days when work didn't do random drug testing!!!! How I miss smokin' a good joint!

Well I need to continue updating new Back-Up Desk Top PC, while doing some chores, getting Snail Mail, etc. But REMEMBER!!! Tomorrow is FRIDAY!!!

1,829 Days of WWIII


Surprise! SURPRISE!!! Update to the TITTY BAR VOTE yesterday in Scottsdale (Snobsdale), AZ. It seems assured the TITTY BARS WIll REMAIN!!!! Well it's been awhile, a few days anyway (Kidding!), But I think with all this TITTY Bar talk recently I will have to go have a few beers and Smokes there again. See the STORY HERE!!!

Well This may be in the stupid Koran, "Thou Shalt NOT Violate the Dress Code..." But I am sure it is not in the Bible, or Tora. I am sure the Tora, and the Bible both have only 10 Commandments. Could be that Stupid Allah dude inserted an 11th one on Dress Codes. Oh! Am I insulting islam? (Note: NOT Capitolized). Well ain't that a DAMN Shame!!! Especially since I AM NOT SORRY about IT! See the STORY HERE!!!

Q: What Political Party has the 1st Muslim as it's Candidate in a Crongressional Election? A: Democratic Party When? NOW! See the STORY HERE!!!

This should be good to keep track of! A New ALL WOMAN TALK RADIO NETWORK is about to be Launched! Don't put this Investment in your Retirement Account! See the STORY HERE!!! We have a Model to judge it's potential success on. It is, or will be soon known as, the Bankrupt "AIR AMERICA" The All Liberal Talk Radio Network. See the STORY HERE!!! These will be as popular as old Lawrence Welk Shows on PBS during the SUPER BOWL!!!

Surviving on Donors, and old rich benefactors. You only get to hear or see good stuff during "PLEDGE WEEK!"

Well things are looking good here in ARIZONA, the next 7 days of High Temps forcasted below 100, Gas at $2.45 and heading DOWN! The Work Week is 1/2 over, THE WEEKEND is Coming!!! I'll be back Tomorrow!!!

1,828 Days of WWIII


Well yesterday was the 5th Anniversary of 9-11. I am sure you got enough coverage of it without me adding to it. I WILL remind during the "off" years since I believe we are currently in "Remembering every 5 yrs" Mode. We will all mark it again for the 10th, 15th, and 20th. But after that I bet it is the 30th, 40th, 50th, etc. I may be retired by the 50th since I will be 88 then.

Well ABC Aired the mini-series "Path To 9-11". Let's see if the Liberal Democrats try to Revoke ABC's Broadcast License.....

Well the Cardinals Home Opener Regular Season NFL Game in the New CARDINALS STADIUM was a WIN for US! But MUCH Closer than it should have been. Need to work on a few things before we play Away in Seattle next Sunday! Cards WIN, Dallas LOSES!!! So a great opening Season Weekend in any case!!!

Well here in The Valley of the Sun, these are the last 2 or 3 weeks before the SNOWBIRDS start trickling in. (SNOWBIRDS + Retired Winter Residents arriving by RV's, etc.). When you all watch for the Leaves to Change Colors as a sure sign of FALL, we look to Licence Plates Changing Colors! Can't avoid it. But with Schools and Colleges all back in session, add the slow Snowbirds with the Left Turn Blinker on for MILES in Rush hour, etc. The Highways, Interstates and City Streets get Clogged up. Nothing can be done about it, and it starts SOON, and doesn't end until just before Easter.

Well it is PRIMARY ELECTION DAY for most. I, on the otherhand don't have much to vote on. Howerver nearby Scottsdale, AZ. Has the BOOBY Proposition, or Anti-Titty Bar Law. Their City Council is doing all it can to shutdown 2 Nudie Bars in SNOBSDALE even though they have been in Business for 30+yrs with few problems. But if I had to bet, I bet my left TIT the voters of Snobsdale virtually vote the Nudie Bars out of Existance. I will let you know the Results tomorrow.

IDIOCY Gaining Momentum!!!! This should not be worth mentioning, but more and more Americans and others are giving it CREDIBILITY! It is Shameful this even sees the Light of Day. But this Country is full of Dumb People, and there are EVEN MORE Elsewhere! See the STORY HERE!!!

SPACE NEWS!!! When an Astronaut says, "NOT A GOOD THING", you know it isn't a Good Thing! See the STORY HERE!!!

OIL Prices and GAS Prices Falling Fast! Will the Media now go out and Ask People what they plan to do with the extra $$$ they don't spend on GAS????? I bet NOT! Will the Media Mention that OPEC is considering REDUCING PRODUCTION to maintain Price LEVELS???? I bet not!!! Because Americans will then know PRICES are Artificially High because of OPEC, ie. Mostly Arabs and OUR ENEMIES!!! And ALL we have to do...IS open ALASKA to Drilling and the Gulf Coast, to minimize our Imports to under 15%. Then they will no longer hold us on our Oil Addiction for BlackMail!!! See the STORY HERE!!!

Well to end Today's Update, some Bad NEws! Another new member born to White Trailer Trash, ie. Britney Spears. See the STORY HERE!!!

Have to End this here for Today. But I will be back Tomorrow!!!

1,825 Days of WWIII

09/09/05 Saturday Very Early AM


Now for this week's Review and next week's Preview of everything that is Coast To Coast AM, MY RADIO SHOW at work in "The Secret Lab". Smoker Dave is glad to provide to you, my new friend from the X-Conference in Washington D.C., Tim Binnall.

the binnall report

9.8.6 : Sunday night on Coast, Art brought back another C2C staple, the notorious Ed Dames, "remote viewer". It never ceases to amaze me that every time Dames shows up on Coast, he claims to have had some "breakthrough" with his remote viewing, but it never ends up producing anything tangible to prove it. Yet, he comes back and does it again every time. Unlike many who just get infuriated that he does it, I can't help but laugh at the entire thing. Good episode if you don't take Dames seriously anymore (which ought to be 99% of the C2C audience, but is probably only like 33% sadly).

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1,824 Days of WWIII


It is FRIDAY!!! and Every Friday Night you can find me HERE

Click On LIVE ZONE, then Click on the Current Date of the SHOW!

I will be here EVERY FRIDAY NIGHT, and Most Night's I get off from Working. I am Easy to spot, as I am Smoker Dave!!! 10PM-2AM Pacific Time. 1AM-5AM Eastern Time

Now for the Final Installment of the 2 big Time Frame Dates

A B-Day TODAY! The day after I arrived in Mesa, AZ. After a 20 hr sleep since I was basically Awake the whole GreyHound Bus Trip from Northern New York. I bought my VERY 1st Thing in Arizona with the $100 I had. I spent about $2 on a Cheapo, Tourist type ASHTRAY! Had AZ Tourist Scenes on it like Grand Canyon, etc. The bottom of the Ashtray is now just the silver, Paint gone long ago! But this is the Ashtray I Exclusively use Daily! How many SMOKES have been thu it???? Rough Guess is about 200,000!!!! I just gave it a Special Bubble Bath in the kitchen Sink for it's B-Day Present, it never asks for much!

So nice it is FRIDAY AGAIN!!! PLUS the NFL SEASON has Begun!!! The BEST 5 Months of the YEAR!!! You bet I will be in my Seat in CARDINALS STADIUM when we play the 49'ers on Sunday, sitting overlooking the 48 yrd line....

Also things are Cooling Down here! May have LOW Temps in the 60's this Weekend! See the STORY HERE!!!

Reminder: My EMAIL LINK still is Not Functioning from this Web Site because of my Lap Top PC Dying 3 or 4 Weeks ago, and now with my Cable TV and Cable Internet being switched over to COX Communications who will give me Slower Cable Internet Speeds, and Fewer TV Channels and have to pay More for it, and in 2 months they just announced another PRICE INCREASE. COX now has a Virtual Monopoly on Cable TV and Cable Internet in Arizona. Could someone Please pull this Cattle Prod out of my BUTT!!!

Well I had hope I would have Time Today to copy, download, and Delete stuff from my Old Back-Up Desk Top PC, but as usual last day at work during the week, with Extra Stops for Chores on the way Home, etc. makes me Late. Hopefully I can spend a couple of Hours on this tomorrow, and on Monday. I do have about 7 yrs worth of stuff to Sort thru!

Well I have to post at LEAST this 1 STORY!!! Former Clinton Administration and Democratic Leadership in Washington DC THREATENING ABC, to revoke their LICENSES to BROADCAST!!! Because of the Docu-Drama "PATH TO 9-11". See the STORY HERE!!! And HERE!!

So it is a demand by a Former Administration, and Leaders of a Political Party TO ORDER CENSORSHIP of a Docu-Drama!!! OR WE MAY PULL YOUR BROADCAST LICENSE!!! I think the Liberals and Democrats want TOTAL POWER, and the Same ability of Kim Jong-Il of North KOREA to CONTROL the NEWS and MEDIA!!! For those of you who follow this news, you KNOW WHY China and North Korea could or can HIT the USA with Missles!!! They got the TECHNOLOGY from the Clinton Administration!!! CHINA would NOT have a Human SPACE PROGRAM right now. North Korea would not have NUCLEAR WEAPONS! But Bill Clinton got a Lot of $$$ for Re-Election fron the Communist "RED" Chinese. If only the Clinton Administration, the Liberals , the Democrats DEFENDED AMERICA like they are trying to Defend themselves From a Docu-Drama MOVIE, 9-11 would NEVER HAVE HAPPENED!!!! Osama Bin Laden would have been ELIMINATED soon after the 1st World Trade Center Attack in 1993!!!! There is ONLY 1 REASON why CLINTON is Not the WORST PRESIDENT we ever had. That is because we had Jimmy Carter. But by FAR Clinton is the VERY WORST 2 TERM President we ever had!!!! And now he has become the Worst most Destructive to American Liberties and the American Way as an Ex-President!!!! Even Surpassed Jimmy Carter on this one! Carter Brokered the Deal with North KOREA to accept FREEBIES under Clinton to NOT PRODUCE NUCLEAR WEAPONS!!!! Well we know how well THAT WORKED OUT!!! Their DEFENSE: THEY LIED TO US!!! North Korea didn't even make the TRUST LEVEL in "TRUST, BUT VERIFY!!!" Reagan's MANTRA!!! I would on a rough sketch, estimate the 8 years of Clinton is causing 60 to 70% of our Global International Problems that HAVE TO BE SOLVED!!!

Well even if it is just Sheer INCOMPETENCE of the CLinton Administration, Bill Clinton will be sharing a Cell in a Special Place in HELL with Lydon Johnson!!! I hope he takes his BITCH Hillary with him!!! I am SICK and TIRED of these TRAITORS defending TERRORISTS and EXPOSING More AMERICANS TO DIE for Political CORRECTNESS. HOW badly must AMERICA be HIT, or How many AMERICANS must DIE to regain PRESTIGE in the WORLD by Liberal or Democratic or World Standards???? I say ZERO!!! I don't give a DAMN what Country or Faction thinks of US! We are AMERICA! AMERICANS!!! FEAR US!!! PISS us OFF, YOU are ELIMINATED!!! CARRY the BIG STICK and USE IT!!! If another 9-11 happens, GOODBYE MECCA, Saudi Arabia, IRAN, Syria, Lebennon, And Pakistan!!! LOOK out CHINA and Indonesia!!! I have HAD IT with the TERRORISTS, the MUSLIM Countries, and those who oppose us! Including Demented Liberals and Democrats who think Talking is all that needs to be Done!!!


ISLAM: Convert Or DIE!

US: WE can't do that! how about an ARM?

ISLAM: OK! But you still must Convert or Die!

US: How about a LEG too?

ISLAM: OK! But you must still Convert or Die!

US: Anything we can do besides Converting?


These are the negotiations, Liberals and Democrats would eventually AGREE to it, and KILL all of us who do not Comply!!! I am SURE OF IT!!!

Well Remember Late Tonight is "THE WEEKENDER EDITION"!!!

1,823 Days of WWIII


OK to to Answer the 1st Question from yesterday. What is TODAY? Today is an Important but little know fact in Arizona History! It has been 22 years years since Smoker Dave arrived via a 3 day Greyhound Bus Trip from Northern New York to Mesa, Arizona. With 2 suitcases, $100, and a place to stay. So basically 99% of my material goods I now have, started with those 2 suitcases, and $100, and a place to stay. Proving the 'ole saying, "Go West Young Man!" Still holds true today. I have seen how things may have turned out for me if I stayed in Northern New York. I have seen how some of my old classmates have managed. And it isn't anywhere near as well as I am doing here in Arizona!

Tomorrow, an "ole "Friend" been here with me since Nearly the 1st Day I was in Arizona! Thru the good times, and bad, always there to do it's job, with hardly a word or complaint.


2 FACED!!! The former Clinton Administration and it's supporting Liberals. Following all the Anti-Bush Books, including how to Assissinate him, Michael Moore's Film "Farenhiet 911" wich gave him a seat next to former President Jimmy Carter in the 2004 Democratic Convention, and now the latest "DOCUDRAMA" SHOWING President Bush being Assissinated in Chicago in Oct 2007. He is BUBBA!!! And all his Liberal and Democratic Cronies DEMANDING ABC Pull the miniseries "The Path to 9-11". Is this NOT CENSORSHIP by a former President trying to protect his Image and flimsy attempts to have a LEGACY???? Me Thinks, Thou PROTEST TOO MUCH!!! Must Hit too close to HOME!!! Too Close to the TRUTH! Someone tell ME! When is the last time, or ANY TIME a Former President, Administration, or POLITICAL PARTY Demanded a MOVIE to NOT BE SHOWN????? Well in this case it Is a Former President, and his Former Administration, and his POLITICAL PARTY (ALL 3) doing it NOW!!! See the STORY HERE!!! A MUST READ!!!

Well let me see, 1993 Original Bombing of the World Trade Center, Clinton let Osama Bin Laden go FREE many times, the Kobar Towers in Saudi Arabia were bombed, The African Embassies BOMBED, Mogodishu, ie. BlackHawk Down, the USS COLE BOMBED, ALL WITHOUT A RESPONSE by the USA!!! All under Clinton's WATCH!!!

OK, since 9-11 what has the Bush Administration done that is publically disclosed? See the Stories HERE!!! And HERE!!! So someone tell me what did the Clinton Administration do about Terrorism and Attack on Americans abroad besides BOMBING an ASPIRIN Factory during the Monica Lewinski Mess???? Well there was also Yasser Arafat, the Palestinian Terrorist the most frequent "Leader" to Visit the White House during the Clinton Administration..... But even he was stood up for awhile, in the Rose Garden, while Monica Lewinski was performing Intern Duties On the President....

Well time is getting short for me, but I have 1 more thing. I forgot to mention yesterday I have a New Defender of "The Secret Armed Compound"! It is a LIZARD I saw scurrying outside my front door. This is no Little Gecko like on the Gieco Insurance Commercials! This was, and I don't know if a he or a she, was about 8 inches long! LIVE LONG and PROSPER on those ANNOYING CRICKETS!!! In HONOR of the CROCODILE HUNTER, Steve IRWIN who tragically Died this past Weekend, I have named this LIZARD: IRWIN!

Now all I need is a big OWL to take up Residence to get rid of these Damn Pigeons!!!

PLUS Tonight, is the START of the NFL REGULAR SEASON!!! HOO-RAH!!!!

Tomorrow is Friday, and I will be Back!!!

1,822 Days of WWIII


A couple of big TIME FRAME Dates coming up for me Tomorrow and Friday! I won't tell you 'till then! A TEASER to make you come back!


Big MISTAKE Giving Prisoner of WAR Rights under the Geneva Convention to those who do not follow these Agreements amoung COUNTRYS! The Terrorists do not wear a UNIFORM, and use the civillian populations as cover/shields. They BeHead their Prisoners! But now we are going to give the captured POW Status!!! See the STORY HERE!!!and HERE!!!Gee if USA Soldiers are Captured by the IslamoFacists will they get the same Treatment? Bibles, Medical Care, ETC!!! Hell NO!!! You know DAMN WELL more than Likely they will be forced under GunPoint to convert to ISLAM or be BEHEADED!!!! Prior to that you know they will be TORTURED, bound 24 hrs a day, ETC!!! I hope there is a NEW DIRECTIVE unpublished. TAKE NO PRISONERS!!!! KILL the IslamoFacsists on the Field of Battle and send them on their way to the FAKE 72 Virgins they want!!! Let GOD sort it out! We already know what Their ALLAH will do!!! If you Ever HEAR "ALLAH ACKBAR!!!" in a Public Place, you better use every means you have to prevent What's next!!!! AND FAST!!!

Everything You Know Is Wrong!!!

MAn Lives to 112 despite Junk Food Diet!!! See the STORY HERE!!!



If you Believe THIS! I have OCEAN Front PRoperty for SALE in MESA, AZ, Also A Safe and Wonderfull Summer Home in GAZA, you know what I mean!!! Well to read the STORY of these brilliant Iranian Researchers who are NOT Working on the Nuclear Program..... See the STORY HERE!!!

Que up Willy Nelson's, "You were Always On My Mind". I want to have you before you get.... TOO Stale.... Or FRIGID.... or ...... SMELLY?????? But it will be SAFE SEX, just in CASE!!! I can't make this stuff up! See the STORY HERE!!!

Well, it's getting Late for me, but I Will be Back Tomorrow!!!

1,821 Days of WWIII


Well Jerry Lewis Raised a Record $61 Million+ during his Annual Labor Day MDA Telethon. Good for him! He sure looked a lot better than he did 2 yrs ago!

So the Summer Season (Memorial Day - Labor Day) is Over. Back where I grew up Today is the 1st day of School! I would be in the 38th Grade.....Or if I failed 2X every Grade K-12 before Passing, this year would be the 2nd time I fail as a Senior in High School, after next School Year I will finally Graduate.

Well I do have my New Lap Top PC as planned, and it is operational, still need to get a bunch of stuff from my old back-up Desk Top PC, and figure out what to do with Dead Lap Top PC. I may be able to get it fixed for about $300 doing the EBAY thing. Setting up the New back-up Desk Top PC may be a week or 2 away as I want to get the new Lap Top loaded up like the Dead one was, plus clean my Den of Dust Bunnies, untangle wires and cables etc. But at least I am MOBILE Again! If you are interested on what I got, See the LINK HERE!!! Sorry Folks, they are all Sold Out! I had to show up at opening Time on Sunday to get it as each Store was only Guarenteed to have 3 on hand.

What did I do with my old 7 yr old Pentium IV Desk Top Back-up PC? Gave it to a friend, I am still Administrator until I get all my Stuff Off. With the help of my brother, made it Wireless so it can get on the Internet thru my Secure Wireless Network. In all honesty, the New Wireless Card is probably worth more than the PC itself.

The soon to be hooked up Back-Up Desktop PC is newer, probably only about 4 yrs old, and has a TV Tuner Card. What is Amazing to me is that the Old Desk Top PC 7 yrs old, cost more than my new Lap Top PC! And my Lap Top has 8X the RAM, 4X the Hard Disc Space, plus DVD, etc. etc. I wonder what I could get for the same price 7 yrs from now????

Sad News over the Weekend, Steve Irwin the Crocodile Hunter was killed. I'm sure you all know all about it.

Katie Curic makes her Debut as AnchorWoman for CBS Evening News. You watch, I'll be sleeping before going to Work. I haven't watched Network Evening News in 20 yrs! Sort of matches up with how Long I've been working the Graveyard Shift!

Well I don't have all my News Sources available yet on my new Lap Top PC, soon though. The next week or so will be a transitional time with things getting a little better everyday if all goes well. And Remember though Summer is OVER! NFL Regular SEASON is about to START!!! I know most of you in the Northern and Middle States are Saddened with Labor Day passing marking the End Of Summer, Those of us in the Southwestern Deserts are REJOICING!!! For the Next 8 1/2 Months you will Whish you were HERE instead of Where you are with a few notable Exceptions. Like a cool Fall Day for Halloween, a brisk Thanksgiving Day with some Snow Flurries, A White Christmas and, New Years Day when you see the College Football Bowl Games and see the Beautiful Weather, then you are really Whishing you were here! If it were not for the 3 1/2 months of HOTTER THAN HELL, the Phoenix Metro Area would have more people here than LA and NYC Combined!!!

That's all I have for Today, got to finish chores and get some sleep before work tonight!

1,818 Days of WWIII

09/02/05 Saturday Very Early AM


Now for this week's Review and next week's Preview of everything that is Coast To Coast AM, MY RADIO SHOW at work in "The Secret Lab". Smoker Dave is glad to provide to you, my new friend from the X-Conference in Washington D.C., Tim Binnall.

the binnall report

9.1.6 : The Noor confirmed that it was, indeed, Back to School time on Monday night as he welcomed the vivacious Alexandra Robbins to the show to discuss her book on students titled The Overachievers. Thankfully, Noory didn't dwell on Alex's previous book "Secrets of the Tomb" for too long and allowed almost the full interview to be devoted to the new book. Sadly, that didn't allow for discussion of her other book, "Pledged", and the naked pillow fights contained therein.

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1,817 Days of WWIII


It is FRIDAY!!! and Every Friday Night you can find me HERE

Click On LIVE ZONE, then Click on the Current Date of the SHOW!

I will be here EVERY FRIDAY NIGHT, and Most Night's I get off from Working. I am Easy to spot, as I am Smoker Dave!!! 10PM-2AM Pacific Time. 1AM-5AM Eastern Time

Well I had a good time at the Cardinals Game last night, sure we lost 23 - 29 to the Bronco's, but Starting Team only played the 1st Quarter. Rest of the Game were 3rd and 4th string trying to secure a roster spot on the Team. Sure I live in the East Valley of The Sun and Cardinals Stadium is in the West Valley of the Sun, 47 miles from Garage to Parking Spot. But even during Rush Hour it took only a little over an hr to get there. 2 Diet Cokes and I'm there! A bit longer getting home, harder to get out of the Parking Lot when everyone is leaving at once. Pre-Season is like Foreplay, the real thing starts next weekend!

OK, a DocuDrama of President Bush being Assassinated in Chicago Oct 2007. OK, Fine! How about a DocuDrama of Former President Clinton being kidnapped and beheaded by IslamicFacists, video posted on the Internet? Hmmm????

Al Gore has the Best Line at the MTV Video Music Awards.... On a Global Warming Lecture, showing Slides of Glaciers Melting????? Glad I missed it! See the STORY HERE!!!

Have a Great End of Summer Holiday Weekend!!!!

Well you know the routine. Late Tonight the WEEKENDER EDITION!!!!

1,815 Days of WWIII


It is a Special Edition!

Click On LIVE ZONE, then Click on the Current Date of the SHOW!

I will be here I am off from Working. I am Easy to spot, as I am Smoker Dave!!! 10PM-2AM Pacific Time. 1AM-5AM Eastern Time

The Start of a nice Long 6 Day/Night Labor Day Weekend!!!I have a number of Priorities.

#1 The Cardinals Home Game VS Denver Bronco's Thurs Night.

#2 Finding my papaerwork for the Wireless Router that I have Written my 20+ Alpha-Numeric Passcode on.

#3 Getting new Lap Top PC, and this Emergency Back-up Desktop PC Wireless and a working CD Reader/Player/Recordable for a friend, and getting a slightly newer Desktop PC set up as my new Backup PC.

#4 Getting all of this to work by Labor Day Monday!

#5 Copying/then Deleting all personal Files from old Desktop PC, and Copying some Programs I still like to use before the Official Start of the NFL Season on Sept. 10th.

I do hope I can get this All completed in this TimeFrame. Then other Projects can begin, not as time deoendant as I have classified this Current Project. But a 1 to 16 month long Project for my Den, Living Room or Great Room. After that, the last Room, to be my Game Room, and the Garage, Cabinets, Floor Coating, etc. Been here for 3 1/2 yrs, time to get these Projects MOVING FORWARD! Kick My Own ASS in GEAR! Hope to complete it in less than 2 1/2 yrs. Because if Liberals take Control of Congress in Jan 2007 and the PRESIDENCY in Jan 2009, I won't be able to afford to do it!!! Gotta BUY the GOOD STUFF NOW! As a HEDGE, Plan for the Worst Case, Hope for the BEST! Once you have the Mortgage taken care of Financially, and your HOME is totally Furnished the way you like it, in Reality, you don't need all that much $ to continue your Lifestyle. Pay for Car and Food, Utility Bills, Etc. Standard of Living may not go up.... But it will not go down. There are Many Senior Citizens still living in the same house, same Furniture, same everything for 20+ yrs. Is that so bad? My Mom's 1st Micowave Oven lasted Over 20 yrs. She still has a Toaster older than I (43). And many Kitchen Ultensils older than I.

What doesn't last as Long are Electronics. The Big TV's, Computers, I still have STEROES that Still work, Pre-CD's. It is the NEW Stuff, which is NEW STUFF every 6 Months!!! EX: My Lap Top that DIED, $1500 19 months ago, $850 to FIX! Buy a new one for the SAME PRICE of REPAIR ($850) that can do TWICE as MUCH!!! It's like my updating on this old 1st generation Pentium IV, what is it 6 or 8 yrs old? CD don't work, etc. But I can still do what I want to do for the most part.

And you know my most Important form of Media..... AM RADIO!!!! How Expensive is That???!!!!

So you see, Once you Feather your NEST, and insure it's Financial Stability, you have most of it covered, even if you become POOR again. Get thru this Hump on the Positive Side, then you think of Vacation Home, or Travel, etc. without Fear of being left CASH POOR!

Hmmm. didn't start out intending an Economics Lesson for late BabyBoomers. But that's how it goes sometimes, when I get ROLLING on a Subject!

I will probably skip Updating Tomorrow as I have many things to do, and a Cardinals Game.

But I will do my Best to be here Friday! I will Definetly Post the Weekender Edition Late Friday Night!

1,814 Days of WWIII


Well just 1 more night of Work and a 6 Day/Night Weekend for me! WOO HOO!!! To be Highlighted by my Home Cardinals Game VS Denver Bronco's Thursday Night, and getting a New Lap Top PCProbably will have to waut until Fri or Sat to catch the Labor Day Weekend Sales. Also in a way enjoy the last Official Week of Summer that ends on Labor Day.

As I have said before, the Start of the Jerry Lewis MDA Telethon Sunday afternoon of Labor Day Weekend always represented to me, the end of Summer Vacation when I was going to school. Tuesday 8:30AM was the Start of School. This time was always to me, sort of Limbo between Vacation and School...A, DAMN! Vacation is Over! And, I wonder what this school year will be like.... It was always a very strange time frame as a kid growing up.

I think we are going through the last Heat Blast of the Summer here this week. 106 to 108 degrees. After this week I don't think we will see any more Days of 105+ this year. We may have a couple of Monsoon Storms left, but that's it. Until the Winter Rains return in Nov & Dec. Do you know what that MEANS???? About 2 weeks to go before PERFECT WEATHER RETURNS HERE that YOU are all Jealous of 8 months of the year!

Be sure to wish Whacko Jacko Michael Jackson a Happy 48th B-Day. I wonder if he has a little boy to fondle....OH! and Also US Senator John McCain AZ has his 70th B-Day Today....Don't blame me he shares a B-Day with Whacko Jacko!!!! True Republicans, Conservative Reagan Republicans here in AZ consider McCain a RINO! (Republican In Name Only).

Well the Whacko President of IRAN is still pissed off and vows to continue Iran's Nuclear Program. He even calls for a Televised TV Debate with President Bush! Yeah, SURE..... Name the Time and Place so we know when and where to send a Few CRUISE MISSILES!!! See the STORY HERE!!!

BORDER SECURITY PROBLEMS! This guy tried 4 times in 10 days to get into the USA, got caught 3 times by the border patrol, and returned to Mexico. 4th Time, he Entered Maricopa County where the LAW is ENFORCED! He now faces 8 years in PRISON! HOO RAH!!! For Sheriff JOE!!! See the STORY HERE!!!

Another ATTACK on SMOKERS!!!See the STORY HERE!!!

What about us 3rd Shift Working People, who may be SMOKING only because of the Reason they cannot File a Noise Complaint during Day-Time Hours when they (I) are trying to SLEEP! This should be an ISSUE! Last STATS I remember seeing is that over 1/3rd of the Work-Force do not Work the Traditonal 9AM - 5PM Mon - Fri Work Shifts anymore. There is nobody more creative than a pissed off Smoker seeking REVENGE!!!!

Well time to Window Shop again for a New Lap Top PC! See you Tomorrow!!!

1,813 Days of WWIII


Tragic Errors made that led to the ComAir Flight Disaster in Lexington KY yesterday. But how is it possible that NBC goes ahead with their Skit of a Plane Crash opening the EMMYs last night????

The UN Secretary General Annan the biggest Profiteer in the Iraqi "Oil for Food Program" Demands the Hezbo's release the 2 Israeli Soldiers, and Israel to lift the Air and Sea Blockade. Think anything will happen? NO! The UN is so flaccid on it's enforcement and credibility that Iran has even open up another Nuclear Facility this weekend with TV Cameras Etc.! See the STORY HERE!!!

A PARKING TICKET carries more Credibility and threat of Enforcement than anything the UN does!!!! See the STORY HERE!!!



News says they are FINE! But we know they ARE NOT FINE! Imagin facing a Life and Death Decision. Convert to ISLAM and REJECT your Own Religion, just to Live. If you do not Convert, You DIE!!

Well I do Not know what Religion these 2 Journalists had, surely it was Not ISLAM! But they now face the internal struggle of knowing when it came time for their Faith and Belief, they chose to reject their Faith, knowing that Millions before them were Killed and Martyrd for their Belief they REFUSED TO DENY OR REJECT in the FACE of DEATH!

They are FINE? I think not! They now each know they have a SELL point in their FAITH, in the Face of DEATH, they will sell out their Beliefs!!!!

Personally, I don't think I could do it. But one never really knows until you face those situatations. But I don't believe I could deny what I have believed All my Life, to change to something I do not Believe, to save my own Life. It would mean My Very Core Of what is ME has a PRICE! To ME, what I am is PRICELESS!!! Dying or being Killed for what you believe in is High Honor, Our Founding Father's, our Religious Beliefs, etc.

Trust me, these 2 Journalists ARE NOT FINE! Remember it is not how you Convert to ISLAM, but once you Do, you cannot UNCONVERT under ISLAMIC LAW! See the STORY HERE!!!

Israel Considering a Big Increase In Defense Spending..... Are you SURPRISED????? See the STORYHERE!!!

Well I need to go now, Doing some more On-Line Window Shopping for a New Lap Top PC. Which I know this time next Week will be in my Hands!

I will see you all again Tomorrow!!!

1,811 Days of WWIII

08/26/05 Saturday Very Early AM


Now for this week's Review and next week's Preview of everything that is Coast To Coast AM, MY RADIO SHOW at work in "The Secret Lab". Smoker Dave is glad to provide to you, my new friend from the X-Conference in Washington D.C., Tim Binnall.

the binnall report

8.25.6 : The full show guest was Tom Van Flandern, discussing exploding planet theory and cosmology in general. I'm a big Van Flandern fan and he was on point during the first half of this episode and the stuff he brought to the table was fascinating as usual. I'll admit to being naive about the science involved in Van Flandern's theories, but I enjoy hearing about them, because they sound fairly plausible and interesting.

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1,810 Days of WWIII


It is FRIDAY!!! and Every Friday Night you can find me HERE

Click On LIVE ZONE, then Click on the Current Date of the SHOW!

I will be here EVERY FRIDAY NIGHT, and Most Night's I get off from Working. I am Easy to spot, as I am Smoker Dave!!! 10PM-2AM Pacific Time. 1AM-5AM Eastern Time

Remember late Tonight "THE WEEKENDER EDITION"!!!

It very nice to reach Friday again! But we all have less than 4 Months of Christmas Shopping Time Left!!!

THE SAVE PLUTO Effort had begun! This is now Officially a MESS! And it could have been avoided oh so easily! All that should have been done, since PLUTO has been called a PLANET for over 75 yrs was to "grandfather" PLUTO in as the 9th Planet, or just set the rules for New Planets further out than PLUTO, ie. The Classic Model of the Solar System we all know, to whatever definitions the International Astronomical Union decides on. See the Story HERE!!!

Staying on Space Related News, A Lunar Probe is set to CRASH into the MOON on 09/03/06. See the Story HERE!!!

Now this is REAL SAD! Question: Can a Liberal News Network basically RAPE ON-AIR an Old Moderate, ICON of NEWS ANCHOMEN? The ANSWER IS YES. CBS is going to TARNISH Walter Cronkite's Legacy by convincing him to record Katie "Nobody is Perkier or more Liberal than I" Curic's Debut as the AnchorWoman for CBS. Sorry Walter, you have been duped, taken advantaged of, RAPED, by the Former Employer that you helped make. While you reported the NEWS your whole Career, your successor Dan Rather is known now for MAKING UP NEWS! You should have done what Johnny Carson did. Once you leave the AIR, stay off the AIR!!! The CBS News you retired From is now opposite of what it is NOW! EX: NOV 1962 You Read On-Air that President Kennedy has Died, with a Choking Voice and Tears in your Eye's. Today's CBS NEWS, GLADLY Reporting the DEATH of a Conservative President by an AMERICAN FREEDOM LOVER. You have to admit JFK would be considered FAR RIGHT TODAY!!! See the STORY HERE!!!

Well my ARIZONA CARDINALS are playing a Pre-Season Game AWAY VS Chicago BEARS in a couple of hours, so I need to Eat and take a nap to catch at least the 1st Half, then another Short Nap before my usual Friday Night Activities.

1,809 Days of WWIII


Holy Cow! We LOST A PLANET TODAY!!! PLUTO IS GONE, Finished! Pluto must have been Racist, or a Sexual Harrasser, or something! To be DEMOTED to a DWARF! And here I thought using the word DWARF in any way was POLITICALLY INCORRECT! Well in my mind, there will always be 9 planets, and Pluto is one of them. See the STORY HERE!!!

ISRAEL Might Go It ALONE Against IRAN! I hope they DO! And do to IRAN what ISRAEL did to Saddam and IRAQ 25-26 yrs ago, eliminating their Nuclear Weapons Potential! Sure we will be implicated also, anything Israel does the World Community assumes we gave the Go-Ahead. So it may as well be done. We can help Israel a lot in this by letting them FLY over IRAQ on their way to IRAN and Back. And if Israel is only partially successful, it also helps US out a great deal! See the STORY HERE!!!

Retirement Planning and 401(k). It Pays Off! In this article I am in the Ballpark for my age range. I do not want to be a 70 yr old WalMart Greeter, unless I need something to do to kill a few hours a week. Not because I need the $$ for some more Ramen Noodles and Generic Tomato Soup! See the STORY HERE!!!

FYI: If I ever get held as a Hostage by an Islamic Group. DO NOT Send the Rev. Jesse Jackson to secure my Release! I will not be "Rescued" by a Black RACSIST!!! See the STORY HERE!!!

Bad Idea, showing up at your Court Hearing for a DUI, and being DRUNK! See the STORY HERE!!!

HMMM! All of a Sudden, no mention that the BOY SCOUTS are Homophobes and Politically Incorrect! Gender and Sexual Orintation BIGOTS! This is left out of the STORY where Boy Scouts SAVE a LIFE!!! See the STORY HERE!!!

ALIEN!!!! See the STORY HERE!!!

Well that's All I have for Today! I should be back Here Tomorrow!!!

1,807 Days of WWIII


We had a big Monsoon Storm here early last evening! Many Trees in my subdivision. But only a couple of bent ones, savable near my SECRET ARMED COMPOUND! I got nearly 2 1/2 inches of Heavy Rain with 60MPH Winds. As far as I can tell with no Roof Tiles on the Ground, and what I can see of My Roof, I survived the Storm well. Lost Power for about an hour. But I was Lucky, about 5 miles North of here people are still without Power, possibly until Tomorrow! See the STORY HERE!!!

Update to yesterday's "PAINS".... Well my wrist continued to hurt like hell the rest of the Day and night. If it wasn't the Storm waking my ass up, it was when I moved and my wrist woke me up. Then as strangely as it began around 4AM this morning I noticed it wasn't so bad, and by 6 - 6:30AM was back to a minor inconvience like it started the day before. And now barely noticeable. Don't know what to think, maybe a pinched nerve????

Russian Airline with at least 170 on-board BLEW UP at 32,800 feet. Terrorism is immediately said to be not suspected. I wonder with yesterdays mysterious Date and Threat, I wonder if this is more like TWA 800 that Blew Up 10 yrs ago. And OUR GOV'T did everything they could to blame it on Mechanical Failure and came up with the CENTER FUEL TANK Explosion from a SHORT! Hard to buy THIS! Safest part of the Flight is CRUISING at ALTITUDE. Airliners just don't BLOW UP!!! I need more INFO on this, but I am highly Suspicous. Especially when within minutes or Hours, Terrorism is ruled out. See the STORY HERE!!!

Israel preparing for Missile Attacks from Syran (Syria / Iran) The Cease Fire with the HEZBO's is a FARCE, the UN is a FARCE!!! The French were supposed to be the MAIN COMPONENT of the PEACE-KEEPING FORCE. France has pledged 200 soldiers..... (of the 15,000 requested). Now Syria, Iran and the HEZBO's feel EMBOLDEN! The Hezbo's are being RE-ARMED, Syria came out of this latest Conflict without being attacked, now they view Israel as WEAK and Vulnerable! This is the FAULT of the Liberal Gov't of ISRAEL! I believe WE, the USA gave ISRAEL the go ahead to take the Hezbo's out, etc. But the Civilian Gov't couldn't "Pull the Trigger"!! That's why WE, the USA had to finally side with a UN Cease FIRE. See the STORY HERE!!!

And this Responce from IRAN is just a Delaying Tactic Ploy, to delay the UN Security Council from Doing Anything! And we all KNOW that when the UN SECURITY COUNCIL Agrees to do Something, that Something NEVER GETS DONE!!! Iran is buying Time and Points. Time to wait until G.W. Bush is out of Office and replaced by a Democrat who will not do anything. They Probably Want HILLARY! After all It was Bill who allowed North Korea to get nukes with the USA's HELP!!!! Score POINTS by pretending to accept Negotiations on THEIR TERMS so if ISRAEL ATTACKS 1st, the Whole World except the USA and possibly Britain would condemn it............

This whole scenario reads TOO much like the Last Book in the BIBLE!!! And ALSO TOO much like what the WHACKED President of IRAN wants to bring about, the Koran's Return of the 12th IMAM, also means End of the World.

So what is this? Looks like, THE ONE TRUE GOD, of the civilized VS the FALSE god of the uncivilized islamists radicals, allah, may HELL ETERNAL BE UPON YOU!

Hope I was not too subtle where my allegience lies!

Think I may be TOO BOLD? I have LOT's Of Pig Fat to use along with Normal Armament.....To Defend. Hmm maybe I should give my Bullets a thin coating of PIG FAT, just so they don't get their whatever # Virgins in La-La Land.... I mean allah Land.........

I mean, don't you know, WHY is it when the Extemist Radical Muslims Attack, you never hear Condemnation of their acts, just a Wimpy "We are against Terrorism in all it's Forms".... They Mainstream Muslims, Islamists, never outwardly are critical of those who have hijacked their Religion. COULD the REASON BE, they AGREE, but don't wish to participate to that extent, just support them silently and monetarial, in the background? Like a Silent Majority?????

If someone has a better Answer, I'd LOVE to HEAR IT!!!

I'll see you Tomorrow, unless I get overpowered by Extremist Militant Radical Facsist Islamics!!!

1,806 Days of WWIII


Tomorrow is an important and possibly dangerous Day. It is the Day the Whacked President of Iran was to announce Iran's Decision on the incentives for Iran to give up it's Nuclear Program. Well I think we already have that answer in today's NEWS HERE!!! Now for more on the significance of the Date. Was it the Chosen Date of the 9 to 12 USA Bound Airliners to be BLOWN UP? Is it the Date for a Nuclear or All Out Attack by Iran on Jerusalem? See the STOR HERE!!! Well we should soon find Out!

My Cardinals didn't do very well Saturday VS New England on Saturday, at least QB Matt Lienart looked pretty good after only 3 practices. But if we are to have Bad Games, better to have them in Pre-season and AWAY from Home!

I did some On-Line Window Shopping for a new Lap Top PC I will have before the end of Labor Day Weekend. It looks like I will be able to get one of the New Dual Processor Chips, and other goodies for about $1,100. I just need to get a CD working and Wireless Capable on this 8 yr old Desk Top that is a Pentium IV with Windows XP. Then I can give this one to a Friend to use, and I put in a Better Back-Up Desk Top PC in my Den.

Ever get Mysterious Pains? My right wrist hurts like hell, and I know I haven't Punched anyone or anything! Is this the start of Aches and Pains when you get close to your mid 40's???? Maybe I punched somebody REAL GOOD in a DREAM I don't Remember, and it is a PHANTOM PAIN.....????

Going to Eat That? A Rule of Thumb suggestions. Wished they did More on Canned Products. See the STORY HERE!!!

Well that's all I have to start the Week off. This is a Jon Benet Ramsey FREE ZONE!!!

1,804 Days of WWIII

08/19/05 Saturday Very Early AM


Now for this week's Review and next week's Preview of everything that is Coast To Coast AM, MY RADIO SHOW at work in "The Secret Lab". Smoker Dave is glad to provide to you, my new friend from the X-Conference in Washington D.C., Tim Binnall.

the binnall report

8.18.6 : Saturday, on "Ian", IP welcomed the infamous "Simon" to talk about the necronomicon. All the hype about Ian was quite true, as he put together an outstanding episode here, helped by the ultra mysterious Simon, who used a voice distorter to give it an extra air of bizarre intrigue. Ian knew his stuff going into the interview and asked all the right questions and focusing on a lot of moral paradoxes to Simon's story. Interesting side discussion on whether or not Simon is Peter Lavenda, as well. Excellent episode and it seems like Ian is really "in the zone" right now.

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1,803 Days of WWIII


It is FRIDAY!!! and Every Friday Night you can find me HERE

Click On LIVE ZONE, then Click on the Current Date of the SHOW!

I will be here EVERY FRIDAY NIGHT, and Most Night's I get off from Working. I am Easy to spot, as I am Smoker Dave!!! 10PM-2AM Pacific Time. 1AM-5AM Eastern Time

Remember late Tonight "THE WEEKENDER EDITION"!!!

However I will be doing this from my Den INSIDE the Secret Armed Compound on a Back-Up PC until I replace my Dead Lap Top PC! But I will have a New Lap Top PC before Jerry Lewis ends his MDA Telethon Labor Day Evening!

Well tomorrow is the Cardinals 2nd Pre-Season Game at New England ( 8PM Eastern, 5PM my time ). QB Kurt Warner will play the 1st Quarter and newly signed #1 Draft Choice ( #10 Overall ) Matt Lienhart QB-USC will play the 2nd Quarter. After that it will be no-names basically fighting for a spot on the Team as backups to backups. You know how Pre-Season Goes! But at Least NFL FootBall is BACK!!!

But you know I have to watch My Cardinals for the whole Game, to make my own judgements on who is worth keeping etc. I also did manage to secure the time off from work to be able to go to the Cardinals 2nd Pre-Season Home Game against the Denver Broncos Thursday Night August 31st. I wonder what kind of reception former AZ STATE University and Cardinals Starting QB will recieve. Probably an overall Positive response. But with a Smirk..... Don't you wish this was HOME!!!

Well besides the NEWS you hear, read, or see on TV. A rather Boring Day on anything else I can bring up. Summertime Dog Days. So let's Enjoy the Weekend! Pre-Season NFL FootBall, MLB Baseball Races heating up, many States, this is the last couple of weekends of Summer Vacation for the Kids! But AZ. this is still strange to me, School has already STARTED!!! To Me growing up in Northern NY, When Jerry Lewis came on TV for his Annual MDA Telethon, meant SUMMER VACATION WAS OVER! Tuesday Morning was the 1st Day Of the School Year!

Here in AZ. Some Schools started 2 weeks ago. A lot of Schools this week, I think All Schools in AZ. are open now. Plus we have a sizable # of Schools that are YEAR 'Round! This is all Foreign to ME! You Graduate from Elementary School on Saturday, and Start High School on Monday! I don't get it, glad I never Lived it!!!

Tonight I will be in the Chat-Room, Link above, and will also be posting the WEEKENDER EDITION!

I will be back after that on MONDAY!!!

1,802 Days of WWIII


To the Future Terrorist Planers! Plan your ATTACKS HERE!!! Not in England! See the STORY HERE!!!

Work Places with Sensitive or Confidential Data can easily prevent this risk from "THUMB DRIVES". There are Software and Hardware solutions to this issue. It's only that Places of Work do not spend the time or resources to Protect their DATA! Supergluing the USB PORT "DOOR" Shut is only an Insult to Employees, and may even Encourage Purposeful, against POLICY Downloads of such Information! See the STORY HERE!!!

Just Posting a Quick Update, getting Late for Me. House checking my brother's House while he is on Vacation, getting my Dead Lap Top PC from the Shop, Bank Stop, a few Emails, etc.

Well just ONE More night of Work before the Weekend Begins Once MORE!!! Then I will start my Internet Window Shopping for a new Lap Top PC!

Never Fear, I will update again Tomorrow!

1,801 Days of WWIII


I discussed this STORY Before, about the Teenage who already went tru ChemoTherapy and does NOT WANT to do it again. Initialy the COURT was going to force him to, after Appeal, the Teenager gets his way!!! Parental Rights and Minor's wishes were Victorious in the end! See the STORY HERE!!!

SNIFF! SNIFF!! A test of a new detection system in an open Air Ballpark. See the STORY HERE!!!

Well this is one Hell of a Fisherman's Tale, or worse than the WORST POSSIBLE BAD LSD TRIP! Can you Imagin being adrift at SEA for 11 months???? Gilligan's Island would have been PARADISE for these guys!!! See the STORY

If AL GORE had WOn the Contested Presidential Election of 2000, and won Re-Election Joe Lieberman the Vice Presidential Candidate would be the PRESUMPTIVE DEMOCRATIC NOMINEE in the 2008 Election. Just Look how things have Changed with the Radical Left taking over the Democratic Party. See the STORY HERE!!!

Well this certainly reminds me of the 'ole McDonalds' Coffee Lawsuit. Damn! If I drank Coffee instead of Diet Cokes, I could make a bunch of $$$ See the STORY HERE!!!

CAN YOU SAY LAWSUIT!!! Unless they can prove the Dog pictured in this STORY as being DANGEROUS, the taxpayers of this School District are going to PAY BIG $$$!!! And from what is refernced in the STORY, the TAXPAYERS are in TROUBLE! And so is Re-Election of the School Board Members!!! SEE the STORY HERE!!!

A WHACKO JACKO UPDATE! OH THE POOR FREAK!!! Nearly Homeless!!! Only $10 or 12 MILLION available!!! I have a 5 Cent Bullet, someone want to put it in his BRAIN to remove this FREAK from the EARTH? Humanity will be better off, and Children, especially Little Boys will be Safer!!! See the STORY HERE!!!

Lap Top Update. STILL DEAD! My plan is to research for the best Quality, most Extra's, for under $1,000. It will be better than I had, And I think I will wait until Labor Day Weekend, where I anticipate Big Sales, for Back To School Last Minute Specials, and being driven by the coming new Proccessor Chip that will be Heavily Marketed during the Christmas Shopping Season. I figure this will be the Best Time, unless I wanted to hold out for the new Chip, and New Windows VISTA, and pay Premium Price. I don't need that, my DEAD Lap Top was good enough. But getting a little more like a DVD Recordable instead of CD Recordable-DVD Player is an upgrade I would Like. My back-Up Desk Top PC is doing the needed Job now, just not portable, and 6 to 8 yrs old. Original Pentium IV Desk Top PC. 3.5 inch Floppy Disc Drive, not working, CD Reader not Working, only 1 USB Port Working.

And there is another interesting twist. My Work (The Secret LAb) is going to be doing a Silent Auction for 7 Desk Top PC's a lot newer than the 1 I am on right now. Sold as IS, is the catch. But the minimum bid is $75, if I go a little Higher I may Snare one to replace this one. And give this 1 to a friend of mine. He'll just need to get a Wireless Internet Card for $50-75, or about the worth of this PC. But a Bonus, if this happens, I regain my Den as only Mine, like my Master Bedroom is. My Den was until his PC DIED quite awhile ago! (He uses this same PC I use as Backup as his Primary PC, no backup).

So I think I will put in an $85 Bid and see if I get one up for Auction!

Well this will do it for Today. I know you want more, but on back-up systems this is the Best I can do right now! See you Tomorrow!!!

1,800 Days of WWIII


Let Us All Bow Our Heads in Silent Prayer for the premature Death of my Lap Top PC...........

Unlike the $6 Million Man, while it could be Rebuilt, but $750 to return it to it's status as of last Saturday, is not cost effective! This probably the ONE Time the Extended Warranty would have worked in my Favor! No sence in crying over spilt milk! Just Move On! But I do get to let off some Steam!

SHIT!!! DAMNIT!!! What ROTTEN LUCK!!! Some Damn LIBERAL must be behind this!!!

OK! I feel Better now. I will work with the Back-Up System in "The Secret Armed Compound". I do have back-ups for most things, just leave my A/C Alone! I plan that before the end of Labor Day Weekend, I will be off the Back-UP PC. But it is real Handy to have a back-up plan and capability! Smoker Dave used to be a Boy Scout! Always Prepared!!!

Scratch DELL off the List as Lap Top PC Contenders! See the STORY HERE!!!

Hmmm.... What is the equivalent of the ACLU (American Civil Liberties Union), or CAIR (Council on American Islamic Relations), in ENGLAND? Well we should find out SOON!!! WHY? Because they are going to be VERY PISSED OFF!!! See the STORY HERE!!!


Well it has taken some time to get some of my News Sources quickly Available, still need to work on some more. I do have my private Email Acount Working, but unsure if the Account from this Web Site is working yet. These are the problems that arise when having to suddenly go to a back-up system.

I will be Back Tomorrow!!!

1,799 Days of WWIII


Bummer DEAL! My Lap Top Died! I am working on back-up Desk Top PC. Lap Top in the SHOP, may be the Mother Board. Repairable, or needs a new Mother Board I don't know yet. Either case I am tied to the Desk Top for awhile. This also means things like posting new photo's is more time consuming, but as PROMISED! I do have a couple of Photo's from the Brand New Cardinal's Stadium.I just couldn't edit them as well as I would have liked.

This was during the National Anthem, my seat is on the right, 2nd Level, Row 1, 48 Yard Line.

Now this Photo is from my Seat, about 10 ft below is where NFL FILMS, Network TV, and Local or Cardinals Film crew have their 50 Yard Line Camera Positions.

Going to the Game, rounding the corner on the Loop 101 N. and seeing the Stadium for the 1st time, would make any long-time Cardinals Fan get misty eyed. We now have A HOME!!! We moved from the Ghetto of Sun Devil Stadium, to the most spectacular JEWEL of the NFL and the Western Hemisphere. Feeling the Blast of A/C 50 feet from the Entrance of the Stadium was something to behold!

There are a few issues to work out though. The Concessions Stands, while there were MANY, all were VERY SLOW! Like it was thier 1st Day on the Job.... Then again it Was their 1st Day on the Job! There were also complaints on traffic and Parking, but I had no problem. The Stadium is nearly 50 miles away from me, I drove and was in my Seat in 90 minutes, and I got there 30 minutes before Kick-Off. Future Games, eliminating Freeway Construction Delays, and going hours earlier to Tail-Gate, it should take me less than 1 hour to get there.

Now for the Spilt Milk sob Story from East Valley Newspapers. I LIVE in the East Valley. We had at LEAST 3 VOTES on having the STADIUM HERE!!! All lost by a 3-2 margin or MORE!!! The Story Line from these Newspapers was: GREAT STADIUM! But Built in the wrong Place!!! WE HAD OUR CHANCES!!! The Stupid people who live around me kept voting against it, now they are Mad the West Valley has it! That's what happens when you are surrounded by idiots, Mormons, and Illegals!!!!

Time to END the CEASE FIRE!!!! Hezbollah CLAIMS VICTORY Over ISRAEL! End the CEASE FIRE, pound these Animals until they PUBLICALLY ADMIT TOTAL DEFEAT!!! See the STORIES HERE!!!AND HERE!!!

This is a start! Cities Passing Laws to get rid of Illegal Immigrants! See the STORY HERE!!!

NEW Attack on SMOKERS!!! You can Lose your JOB even if you only Smoke at HOME!!! This is Europe only, so far.... See the STORY HERE!!!

Think you are getting ripped off by paying $3.50 for a HOT DOG at a Sports or Concert Venue/Stadium? How about a $25 HOT DOG? Actually $32.16 with Taxes and Tip! See the STORY HERE!!!

Well I'm going to end it here for today, But I kept my Promise even using my back up PC!

And I Will be back Tomorrow!!!

1,797 Days of WWIII

08/12/05 Saturday Very Early AM


Now for this week's Review and next week's Preview of everything that is Coast To Coast AM, MY RADIO SHOW at work in "The Secret Lab". Smoker Dave is glad to provide to you, my new friend from the X-Conference in Washington D.C., Tim Binnall.

the binnall report

After quite a few requests from binnall report readers, I decided to make time in my schedule to check out "Ian", after missing it for quite a few weeks. This past week's "Ian" featured Dr. Steven Miles talking about the ethics of torture. And, I must say, the hype surrounding Ian's performance lately has been justified. He is in the zone. Miles brought a lot of good insight to the table and Ian had a lot of excellent questions for him, including an interesting discussion on how doctors fit into the chain of command in the military and also why Miles didn't go to Iraq to check out the prisons there. After this showing, I'll have to make more time for Ian, because he is doing top notch work right now.

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Don't forget to check out the Audio Interviews!!!

1,796 Days of WWIII


It is FRIDAY!!! and Every Friday Night you can find me HERE

Click On LIVE ZONE, then Click on the Current Date of the SHOW!

I will be here EVERY FRIDAY NIGHT, and Most Night's I get off from Working. I am Easy to spot, as I am Smoker Dave!!! 10PM-2AM Pacific Time. 1AM-5AM Eastern Time

Remember late Tonight "THE WEEKENDER EDITION"!!!

I am only going to say this ONE MORE TIME!

Not All Muslims are TERRORISTS, but in general All TERRORISTS are Muslims! Especially Young Arab Males.

Just like in the mid 1930's to the mid 1940's, Not All Germans were NAZI'S, but ALL NAZI'S were German!!! Get the POINT!!!???? So let's END this POLITICAL CORRECTNESS BULLSHIT of subjugating EVERYONE to the same SCREENING Process! We Americans are not the Enemy, nor the Enemy who will carry out ATTACKS such as these. The Attacks on AIRLINES since the 1990's have been by Young Male Muslims, nearly All of them ARAB! Come on now! It is Not Grandma with her Make-Up Case going to visit her Daughter and Grandkids conspiring with 22 yr old Billy-Bob from Arkansas to mix together in-Flight an EXPLOSIVE! But if you see 3 young Arab men going to the Restroom one right after another, that is the Time to Protest and let the Flight Attendants KNOW!!!

I will no longer take the time to say not All Muslims are Terrorists. WHY? Well the Muslims here in the USA have not taken the effort to retake their Religion from the Radical Wing. Silence is agreement! So the Muslims here in the USA since 9-11, their only concern is about being targeted for abuse or discrimination, but they NEVER have CONDEMNED any of the Muslim Terrorist Attacks and I am Speaking about C.A.I.R. (Council on American Islamic Relations). They have their own problems, Board Members in PRISON for supporting via $$$ Terrorist Orgainizations, etc. Well CAIR is only upset that MUSLIMS will be looked at with a Critical EYE by other Americans! Well what the HELL do you EXPECT???? The Muslim Cummunity of the USA has the BEST Opportunity to take back ISLAM from the RADICALS! What have they done in almost 5 years since 9-11???? Absolutely NOTHING!!! All they have Done is say "HEY!! It is not US!!!" But do they condenm it, take action to get rid of it from their Congregation-Community-Mosque? NOPE!!! Yes I do know it was a TIP from a Muslim in England that uncovered this latest Plot. But when President Bush says we Are in a WAR against Islamic Fascists, Why does C.A.I.R. believe it targets them and and of Muslim-Hood? Unless they ARE ISLAMIC FASCISTS!!!! There is no demonstrable PROOF Otherwise! As far as I know in the nearly 5 yrs since 9-11, everytime a Muslim Attacks, Kills a Jew, or an Infidel (That's the rest of us who are not Jewish, but also NOT MUSLIM!). The Muslims in the comfort of their Homes, not seen by co-workers, friends, or public, HIGH 5 themselves in Celebration! Just like the Palestinians were caught on FILM Celebrating the ATTACKS on the USA on 9-11 by a Parade, throwing Candy to Children, etc.

I remember the OLYMPICS in Munich in 1972, I was 9 yrs old. And Ever Since I have never accused a whole class of people by Religion or Race with a Wide Brush! It has been 34 ys now. I cannot THINK of 1 DAMN THING GOOD ISLAM has done since! So, as I see it, ISLAM is the MORTAL ENEMY, even MORE SO than NAZI GERMANY in WWII. Because the Islamic Extemists want us to return to The Dark Ages! The Card Carrying Muslim Believers, will not act, and if accused of CRIMES AGAINST HUMANITY, will do what the NAZI WAR CRIMES DEFENDANTS did..... They were only following ORDERS, or their RELIGION! So Until I see a change, consider me a IslamiPhobe! I will look at these people as people who want to KILL ME, or end my way of LIFE, and to live being forced to Convert to ISLAM! Otherwise it is the Be-Heading, The Commercial WOOD-CHIPPER, or if your LUCKY, a BULLET in the HEAD!

So UNTIL I see the Muslims refuting ACTIVELY the ISLAMIC TERRORISTS, I consider them ALL in the Same CAMP! And this is the Camp that needs to be WIPED OFF THE MAP! Not ISRAEL!

Now I bet the Christians, Hindus, Buddaists, Jews, etc. Have not recieved an ORDER to Kill all non-Whaterver your RELIGION IS, like the Islamic Extremists have against ALL OF US!!!

Know what I need to do? BUY a KORAN! So I can use it as TOILET PAPER! 1 Page AT A TIME!!!

Well I hope I got my POINT ACROSS!

AHHH!!! Less than 24 hrs to go before my 1st Cardinals Home Game in the NEW STADIUM!!! I will get some Photo's up in Monday's Update!!!


1,795 Days of WWIII



As you ALL know by NOW, something on this SCALE or BIGGER was barely AVERTED!!!



1,794 Days of WWIII


I have NOT found any Mention of this ON-LINE, But I heard a VERY BRIEF REPORT on the RADIO that CUBA was preparing for a SMOOTH TRANSITION....I can't VERIFY this with other Sources Yet. But TO ME, Means FIDEL CASTRO is ALREADY DEAD! And working fervently on how to tell the Populace that FIDEL is DEAD, when he was supposed to LIVE another 80 YEARS! I bet the Reuters Photo Fakes and now AP Photo Fakes have made NEWS Organisations very jittery on reporting ANYTHING that is BREAKING NEWS! Their ASSES are already in the SLING and in BAD NEED of PREPERATION H!!!! So if I could BET, I bet that FIDEL CASTRO is DEAD and HAS been DEAD for a least ONE DAY!

This is NOT Abraham and he did not KILL his SON as an "ACT OF LOVE"!!! Started taking Anti-Deppressant Prescription Drugs without a Doctors Prescription! NOW BLAMES THE PRESCRIPTION DRUGS NOT PRESCRIBED TO HIM!!!! He DID NOT KILL his SON out of LOVE, but KILLED His SON because of his OWN Irresponsibility!!! See the STORY HERE!!!

WHAT DREAMS MAY COME.... Or What BLACKOUTS have ERASED! Robin Williams Enters ReHab! See the STORY HERE!!!

FAKE NEWS UPDATE!!! Now AP and NYT Photo's are facing scutiny!!! Traffic so heavy right now to these Sites I can't even get a LINK! I'm sure I can say more Tomorrow on this.

FYI: If You PASS OUT in a DRIVE THRU at McDonalds, or DRIVE with no plates, you can get in TROUBLE!!! See the STORY HERE!!!

DOCTORED PHOTO'S: News Agencies in CYA-M (COVER YOUR ASS-MODE). Short Staffed, Junior Editor, etc. etc.!!! Don't BUY their EXCUSES!!! IF it LOOKS BAD for the USA, or ISRAEL, or G.W. Bush, IT HAD 'till now a VIRTUAL GREEN LIGHT TO PRINT!!! All of the MAJOR NEWS AGENCIES, AP, REUTERS, NYT, ABC, NBC, CBS, CNN, MSNBC, etc. In their Blantant HATRED of the USA, Bush, FOX NEWS, will PRINT ANYTHING! 'Till now. Apparently they never learned from Dan Rather's MISTAKEN ATTEMPTED ATTACK with FAKE DOCUMENTS, and the "STORY IS TRUE, Just the Documents are FAKE!!" The BLOGGERS claimed by Major NEWS MEDIA, or as RUSH LIMBAUGH Calls them, "THE DRIVE BY MEDIA". AS UNWORTHY of hearing From. ARE displaying Major Media's OUTRIGHT FRAUDULENT MANIPULATION OF THE NEWS in BOTH PHOTO and PRINT!!! SEE THE STORY HERE!!!

Well this will do it for Today! See you Tomorrow!!!

1,793 Days of WWIII


UpDate to the SERIAL SHOOTERS Story here in AZ. In an IDIOTIC MOVE, one of the Accused Held a JailHouse NewsConference, before having a Public Defender assigned! Describing his Apt. A 1 Bedroom, (Rents from $400 to $530 for the largest 1 Bedroom). Described his "Little Kitchen, and Little Bathroom" near the front Door. How it is not against the Law to drive late at night/early in the morning passing by spots where the Serial Shooter claimed victims, when he/they couldn't sleep.... There was a Movie a few months back, maybe a year, called something like "BROKE-BACK MOUNTAIN" about Gay Cowboys. I think maybe these 2 were playing, "BROKE-BACK SERIAL SHOOTER"! The one accused who did not give a NewsConference said they both did it, and took turns..... Driving and Shooting. Could also refer to something else....Or BOTH???? Well you can HEAR The AUDIO of the NewsConference until the Public Defender arrived and told him to shut up! See and HEAR it HERE!!!

UpDate to Reuters News Photo Manipulation from yesterday's FAKE NEWS! ANOTHER PHOTO proven FAKE!!! See the Photo HERE!!! They brought this on themselves!!!!

Meanwhile is the WHACKED GOV'T of IRAN believing the End of the WORLD, Armageddon, Destruction Of ISRAEL, Return of the IMAM is THIS AUGUST 22ND???? See the STORY HERE!!!

This is NOT GOOD NEWS! 11 Egyptian Students who just arrived have FAILED to show where they are supposed to be taking Classes. Visas have been Revoked, and a Nationwide alert has been issued! See the STORY HERE!!!

Well I can see why a city would like such a LAW, but other than the SCHOOL part of it, I think the rest of the banned Public Places would be UnConstitutional. No way to deny the Fact that Dregs of Society for the most part Eventually are Released from Prison, and into Society. I don't think there is a CONSTITUTIONAL Way to ban them from Public Places, like Parks, etc. Schools are different because even the Parents need to sign in to get into a SCHOOL. See the STORY HERE!!!

ISRAEL TARGETING INNOCENT CIVILLIANS????? Gee..... If you, or are suspected of hiding Weapons for the HEZBOWS and get Phone Calls warning you that your building was going to go BOOM!!! Wouldn't YOU LEAVE????? See the STORY HERE!!! I don't see the HEZBOWS doing the same thing!

Meanwhile a Massive Recue Effort is underway in downtown Phoenix for a Construction Worker. See the STORY HERE!!!


The UNIVERSE may be a lot Bigger and Older than previously believed! See the STORY HERE!!!

Is This For REAL???? What UNIVERSE is this kid Living In? WHAT SCHOOL? This Girl must be living in a Very Small Town in a Very Rural Area, and also have VERY OVERPROTECTIVE PARENTS for this to be a possibility!!! Someone better give her an education of the REAL WORLD outside of a County with a population of 500 before she goes to College!!!! See this Absurd and unbelievable STORY HERE!!!

Well this will do it for Today! A well balanced report on NEWS you may have MISSED!

See you Tomorrow!!!

1,792 Days of WWIII



Looks like the Major News Media and Sources still think they can pull one over on us! Even after Dan Rather and his FAKE Documents on G. W. Bush. OK Sure Dan Rather Admitted the Documents were FAKE, but the STORY was TRUE!

Well now we go the WAR between ISRAEL and IRAN/Syria via HezBows. 40 INNOCENTS KILLED BY JEWS! Maybe as many as 60! INCLUDING MANY CHILDREN!!! See the STORY HERE!!! NOTICE the TIME STAMP on the STORY. NOW, less than 3 hours later (Time Stamp on STORY) 1 person Killed in a very Brief update. See the STORY HERE!!!

It's not just Text Stories being made up, but also PHOTO'S being Altered! BESIDES BEING STAGED!!! See Story #1 HERE!!!

And, gee.... Can you believe it? I HAPPENS AGAIN!!!! See the STORY HERE!!!

I have also heard the Original Blogger who discovered the 1st Doctored Photo posted by Reuters, Charles Johnson, of the Little Green Footballs blog. Has recieved DEATH THREATS in EMAILS from a Reuters Email Address.

I am NOT Surprised at the Media Manipulation of the NEWS! For Example they labeled the Phoenix Area as PARALYZED BY FEAR from the "SERIAL SHOOTER & BASELINE KILLER". Well I am HERE!!! I certainly didn't see a Metro Area PARALYZED BY FEAR!!!! AND HELL!!! I work less than 1 mile from one of the KILLINGS!!! Even the 3AM Gals,(Start work at 3AM in The Secret Lab), never gave all this a second thought!

20, 30 years ago, the MEDIA could get away with these LIES, but not anymore! Thanks to the Personal Computer and the Internet, big Media better learn FAST they can't maniplate STORIES anymore for their own personal Agenda!!!

AND, I know you will not HEAR a WORD of this on the Major TV NETWORK NEWSCASTS!

Well let's See, What else is NEW? NFL FOOTBALL RETURNS!!! Hall Of Fame Game last night! My 1st Home Game in the Brand New STATE OF THE ART STADIUM this SATURDAY VS Pittsburgh! And I just recieved my Season Parking Passes! LOT W,(WEST), right next to the "GREAT LAWN" Perfect for Tailgating! See it HERE!!!

Here is a STORY on JURORS, that banning Smoking by Jurors makes for quicker Guilty Convictions! I would agree with that! If I wasn't allowed Smoke Breaks during Trial or Deliberations, I am assuming that these JURORS were NOT ALLOWED to Smoke during the Breaks in the TRIAL and Deliberations, I would vote quickly to send the Bastard or Bitch that snared me into being a JUROR QUICKLY for sentencing!!! See the STORY HERE!!!

Well The Mad Eating Jap, Multiple Winner on July 4th's Nathan's Hot Dog Eating Contest at Coney Island has another Title. Bratwurst Eating Champion! Well that's how it goes when someone turns a fun contest into a Profession. How many Professional EATERS do you know? I don't mean Fat-Asses!!! See the STORY HERE!!!

How about this STORY? I live in the SAFEST BIG CITY From MOTHER NATURE'S FURY!!! MESA, ARIZONA. Wait a Minute!!!! That is just going to have more Left Wing Liberal Californian IDIOTS MOVING HERE!!! DAMN!!! See the STORY HERE!!!Maybe that we are all ARMED, and Serial Killers, etc running around, SCORPIONS, RATTLESNAKES, BACK WIDOW and TARANTULA SPIDERS, TEMPS above 110 degrees, etc will keep these idiot leftists moving EAST!

Too bad we had the Serial Shooter and Baseline Killer here. Serial Shooters have been Arrested. But I think it would have been better, so to speak, to have the CALIFORNIAN KILLER, and Serial Illegal Immigrant Shooter! At least then it is the UNDESIRABLES in AZ. Being shot and Killed. I'm not Serious! But these NAMES would have worked out better for AZ!!! Would cut down on Californians moving here, and Illegals trying to get here! That would have been a SILVER LINING to the SERIAL KILLER CLOUD!!!

Well that's all I have for Today, but a Good Start for the WEEK!

1,790 Days of WWIII

08/05/05 Saturday Very Early AM


Now for this week's Review and next week's Preview of everything that is Coast To Coast AM, MY RADIO SHOW at work in "The Secret Lab". Smoker Dave is glad to provide to you, my new friend from the X-Conference in Washington D.C., Tim Binnall.

the binnall report

Here's a guy, Noory, who claims to be all about seeking the truth and all that esoteric mumbo jumbo we all know so well. He spends countless hours talking to some of the top names in the field of Ufology. The show he hosts, Coast to Coast AM, was built on a foundation of Ufology. So it goes without saying that without Ufology, he wouldn't have had his fancy pay-per-view special, his overhyped book, his impending basic cable TV show, or his six figure job. He'd just be some guy in St. Louis that no one had ever heard of. But in one fell swoop, he undercuts the entire field, and in some ways the legacy of C2C, to put over a huckster like Hoagland.

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It is FRIDAY!!! and Every Friday Night you can find me HERE

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I will be here EVERY FRIDAY NIGHT, and Most Night's I get off from Working. I am Easy to spot, as I am Smoker Dave!!! 10PM-2AM Pacific Time. 1AM-5AM Eastern Time

1,789 Days of WWIII


AHHHH....FRIDAY!!! Doesn't those words sound like Heaven! Plus the Global Cooling here in Arizona, I have my Windows open! mid 80's and Noon-Time! Great opportunity to AIR - Out the "Secret Armed Compound". And Tonight as I listen to my Radio Show, see Chat Link above, the Temps will probably start in the mid or Low 80's and then dip down to the upper 70's! Oh that's going to be NICE!!!

Well by now you probably heard the NEWS that the SERIAL KILLER(s) here have been caught. The weird part is, 13 yrs ago I nearly moved into that same Apt. Complex before deciding on a different one a few miles away. I also drive by it about 3 times a week. See the STORY HERE!!! Now we have just the Baseline Killer/Rapist to catch.

Don't buy the Media Spin that Phoenix, etc. is/was living in FEAR! Simply not the case.

Have a Bad Day/Fishing Trip? And be LUCKY TOO? When the Hunted FISH ATTACKS the HUNTER!!! This HAD TO HURT!! Plus nearly Drowning too!!! But the guy Lived! Hell of a FISH STORY of the ONE that GOT AWAY!!! See the STORY HERE!!!

FIREBALL Seen Over TEXAS, Turned Night into DAY! Police Dash Cam Video captured it and can be viewed HERE!!!

Well, I have a few things to do before eating and nap time. Remember Late Tonight "THE WEEKENDER EDITION!!!"

1,788 Days of WWIII


My Fault yesterday! Laptop PC went into "HIBERNATION", and I missed the warning to plug it in before the PC Shut Down. So I Lost yesterday's update. That's why this is an after work Hobby and not my NIGHT JOB!

Well this is Funny! Most of the Country is now looking at Phoenix, AZ as a cool spot right now!!! That's OK! When night time Temps dip into the LOW 50's here you can say how nice it is where you are!!! ..... OH! Wait a Minute!!! You will be at 10 BELOW ZERO!!! Guess that ain't going to work. Sure I had a week this summer of 109+..... But I will KEEP THAT than having 100 in NYC with the Humidity ANYTIME!!! Even when it is HUMID HERE, it is NOT EAST COAST HUMID!!! And this HEAT INDEX THING, or FEELS LIKE Thermometer. Trust me, a HEAT INDEX Reading of 110 in NY, cooler Temp, but Higher Humidity, is a LOT DIFFERENT than a HEAT INDEX of 110 in Phoenix! It does NOT Feel the SAME!!! In Phoenix you would actually be Cooler! I know this by living in NY 1/2 of my Life, and concurred with a co-worker who has recently travelled back and forth from Phoenix to NYC. She, if all Heat Indexes were the Same would want to be here in ARIZONA!!! There is Validity to: "It's A DRY HEAT!" Even when it is HUMID HERE, it is DRY or not Humid by East Coast Standards! Besides we are used to the Heat, that's why we put on the Winter Coats when it gets down to the 50's. And we have A/C Everywhere! So this is a good Year for Bragging Rights! Everyone jealous that AZ is cooler than you, and come Winter....Jealous of the Warm Weather in Arizona, while you are Freezing your tootsies Off!!! Want a SCAPEGOAT? Blame AL GORE!!! He is the Big GLOBAL WARMING CRUSADER! So 49 STATES BAKE in the Summer, and FREEZE in the Winter. While Arizona is, and becomes more of a PARADISE!!!! No Hurricanes, No Tornados, No Earthquakes! And if the REAL BIG ONE HITS, Western Arizona is the new West Coast! YUMA BEACH! Archie Bunker did say, that : "God is just Waiting for all the Whacko's and Fruit Loops to move to California before he drops it into the Ocean...." Hmmm..... Northern California just had an Earthquake last Night! And then there are the VOLCANOES!!!

Yep! Arizona is a GREAT PLACE TO BE!!!!


Can you tell, that Life is GOOD for me HERE?


The only SOLUTION to the Middle East Crisis is for ISRAEL to no longer EXIST! ie: You give up ALL your LAND for PEACE, and also ALL JEWS DIE!!!! Then there WILL BE PEACE in the MIDDLE EAST! Major Media is Surprised by the Anti-Semiticsm by the HEZBOWS, and IRAN. Where have they Been the past 35 yrs+??? And now the Equilaventcy. Since the Leader of the HEZBOWS is so honest and Plain Speaking on his Rhetoric, it CAN'T possibly be HATE Fueling this!!! And the Same of the President of IRAN! Who maintains the Destruction and Existance of ISRAEL, and Endores HITLER'S Ultimate SOLUTION, KILL ALL THE JEWS. Liberal Major Media is giving this creedence, only because it is what these EXTREME WHACKED MUSLIMS BELIEVE! And the Liberal MAjor MEdia will only Attack Christians and JEWS on their Beliefs!

But if a Mel Gibson-Esque anti-Semite thing happens HERE, with only Drunken Words, the Major Liberal Media will "CRUCIFY" him. But Whole Organizations, or Soveriegn Countries go even futher than that, then we need to try to understand them, and see why they are so mad at US and Israel.

Why do thaey HATE US and want the USA and ISRAEL, and the Whole Western WORLD DEAD? Because We are not ISLAMIC, NOT living under ISLAMIC LAW. In their Whacked Opinion, we are no better than PIGS and should be SLAUGHTERED! Their Interpertation of their Religion DEMANDS that they KILL US by ANY MEANS! How do you negociate THAT!!!! CEASE FIRE, or TRUCE, is acceptable to them.... TO RE-ARM!!! Not for PEACE! They look at Cease Fire, Truce, Land For Peace, as Victories.

I say it is Time for ISRAEL UNLEASHED by USA Restrictions! Time to WIPE OUT the HEZBOWS, and send a VER CLEAR MESSAGE to IRAN!!! I would Vote For the USA To ALLOW ISRAELI JETS Overflights over IRAQ to ATTACK KEY NUCLEAR FACILITIES IN IRAN ALSO!!!

Oh sure, you have the Liberals and Media wondering how to WIN the HEARTS and Minds of these Radical Islamist Terrorists Groups. The Thing is YOU CAN'T!!!! What it breaks down to, is: The Way You, and I Live our Lives here in the USA, doesn't matter if you are Liberal, Moderate, or Conservative. They WANT US ALL DEAD and living under the ISLAMIC FLAG! You can't change their minds with Economic Help, Food, Technology. Especially Technology! They Want Everyone back into the 14th Century!!!

That Leaves only 1 OPTION! KILL THEM BEFORE THEY KILL US!!! And We better stop PUSSYFOOTING around this TOO! WAR IS WAR! TARGETING CIVILIANS was justified in WWII: ie London, Dresden GR, Hiroshima, Nagasaki, et al.

I do NOT Buy the mindset that since we SIGNED the GENEVA CONVENTION ACCORDS we are HELD BY THEM, when the ENEMY is not a signatory to the GENEVA ACCORDS and continues to VIOLATE EVERYTHING Covered in the ACCORDS! They Don't Follow the Geneva Convention Accords in ATTACKING US, We should Not FOLLOW the Geneva Accords in FIGHTING BACK!!!! They BE-HEAD their PRISONERS OF WAR, We should do the Same, and to their FAMLIES!!! People have no CLUE to what is at STAKE! OH MY GOD!!! Over 2,000 USA Military DEATHS since 9-11..... 3,000 Civilians WERE KILLED on 9-11!!!! In WWII the # of USA DEATHS would be listed as just a BLOODY BATTLE in WWII. This was back when we had a significantly smaller Population!!!! HELL!!! We lost over 4,000 Soldiers in a D-DAY REHERSAL!!!

IF the CURRENT MEDIA TODAY Covered the D-DAY Invasion, they would be saying it was a TOTAL FAILURE, not the Ultimate End of Hitler's NAZI GERMANY 3rd REICH!

If WE don't STOP these RADICALS over "THERE", they WILL BE HERE!!! Do you want SUICIDE BOMBERS blowing up cafe's and Pizza Places here in the USA???? An Occaisional Big City being hit with a Crude NUKE ie: Hiroshima Type???? You know, only big enough to destroy TOTALLY a few City Blocks, but KILL overall 500,000 to over 5 MILLION!!!???? IS THIS ENOUGH TO MAKE YOU THINK? They WANT US DEAD!!! RADICAL MUSLIM ISLAMICIST OR NOTHING! OH sure they will give you a chance to CONVERT before they BE-HEAD YOU. BUT they BE-HEAD YOU ANYWAY!!! They just think in the end you will be "SAVED". But even though you Converted at the LAST Minute, you STILL HAD TO DIE!!!


AND YOU WANT TO NEGOCIATE WITH THEM???? Then you are as STUPID as a COCKROACH that stays on the Kitchen Counter when the LIGHTS COME ON!!!

COCKROACH: I know you want to KILL me, but let me go, with a piece of BREAD, and I and my whole Colony of COCKROACHES will LEAVE..... You KNOW DAMN WELL in this DEAL you will HAVE EVEN MORE COCKROACHES!!!

This is what we are up against, Extreme Islamicist/Muslims. They are CockRoaches!!! With Pig Blood running in Their Veins! We need to KILL THEM, Before they KILL US!

Well I hope I made my Position CLEAR on this ISSUE! GO ISRAEL!!! KICK HEZBOW BUTT!!!!

Well it has been a LONG NIGHT and DAY for me. Sorry if I was Resevered in stating my Heart Felt Feelings on what is Going On!

Don't Bother EMAILING ME if you disagree, my Position is so SOLID on this, I won't even bother to take the Time to read your EMAIL, DELETE BUTTON WORKS! and I would just say to you in an EMAIL Back, "*UCK YOU!!!"

AHHHH!!! NEARLY the WEEKEND!!!! I can almost FEEL IT!!! See you Tomorrow!!!

1,786 Days of WWIII


Pain in the butt! work was extra shorthanded last night, but at least I knew that beforehand! It's just the other things that 9 times out of 10 will go without any trouble or delays that always snare me! It's a Gift I have, like no matter what Line I go to in a Store, it will turn out to be the Slowest!!! OH! there was ONE thing at work that added to my aggravation.... My Smoking Area where I could sit was roped off, awning seperating from the Building. The only other place I could readily have a place to Smoke, is Standing, leaning against a trash barrel! That probably added to my impatience after work.

There is GOOD NEWS however! CASTRO SICK! Or you know how Communist Regimes work, possibly DEAD! EX: USSR Yuri Andropov had a cold, 3 days later he was DEAD! So younger brother Raul Castro has Presidential Powers right now (75). It has been widely speculated that if Fidel were to Die, Raul wouldn't last much more than a week. A smooth transition to Fidel's choice of successor seems not to be written in stone. Time will tell.

Doctor removes Kidney instead of gallbladder, patient had "Unusual Internal Anatomy..." WHAT??? Is he an ALEIN???? See the STORY HERE!!!

If your Plastic Surgeon operates on you in his basement, you could have an even WORSE Outcome!!! See the STORY HERE!!!

Toilet Paper Caper SOLVED by MOM!!! Warning to Teenagers! You can't get away with this as easily as it used to be! See the STORY HERE!!!

Hey FAT-ASSES!!! A Vaccine may help you stop gaining WEIGHT! So maybe one day a Barrel of KFC Chicken is 1 Serving.... 1 pound bag of Chips is a single serving, could come true. But somehow, I wouldn't bet on it! See the STORY HERE!!!

OK, Great! An INK display on the Shell will let you know when you have the Perfect, Soft, Medium, or Hard Bolied EGG! What about me! When I have the Pefrect Scrambled EGGS??? I don't count the RONCO Inside The Shell EGG Scrambler that came out in the 1970's!!! Remember? Basically a Bent Needle you insert through the bottom of the Egg and then Spun by a small electric motor. About as good as the Pocketfisherman, or the SPRAY ON HAIR!!! Well, see the STORY HERE!!!

Hitler's Aircraft Carrier has been Found. See the STORY HERE!!!

Well that's all I have for Today, except for 1 thing.... Why has Mel Gibson said he's SORRY to the Jews for what he said, but hasn't said he's SORRY to everyone else for Driving like a MANIAC while DRUNK? His drunken verbal outbursts might offend some, but it won't Kill them. His Maniac Drunken Driving CAN!!! Hasn't said he's Sorry about that!!!! Well I'll see you all Tomorrow!!!

1,783 Days of WWIII

07/29/05 Saturday Very Early AM


Now for this week's Review and next week's Preview of everything that is Coast To Coast AM, MY RADIO SHOW at work in "The Secret Lab". Smoker Dave is glad to provide to you, my new friend from the X-Conference in Washington D.C., Tim Binnall.

the binnall report

SETI Makes Contact ? This week's Special Report follows Dr. Steven Greer's claim that SETI has discovered multiple alien signals coming in from deep space. Reported by Art Bell on his first night back to Coast to Coast AM in a while, its a story that certainly has the potential to change the world as we know it. Could it be that SETI is keeping us in the dark about extraterrestrial transmissions? And what does SETI astronomer Seth Shostak have to say about this?

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1,782 Days of WWIII


Sorry about a lack of Update Yesterday, not much News to report. Today more NEWS, but I had to work late, and then resolve an issue that first arose better than 15 yrs ago. Someone with the Same Name as I, same B-Day, living in the Same State. Apparently like 15+ yrs ago, has a big overdue Bill, this time to a Credit Card, last time was to FORD Car Loans. Databases! Bill Collectors will search every one and call anyone who may be related to Collect. Well they started calling my Brother, and he didn't think it was for me a couple of months ago, I got the # but never Called because I KNEW I was paid up on EVERYTHING. So now 2 or so months later and called again, leaving a Message that included a B-Day. So now my brother think it is for ME! Even though I had paid off my Credit Cards last December. Turns out, same Name, Same B-Day. But different Social Security #, and different Credit Card #'s as I do have a Visa & Mastercard with this place. Well at least they know once again it is not Me they are Looking for, besides I am single and this guy is Married, or now 15 yrs later from the inital problem, possibly Divorced!

The 1st time they were coming after me for a $15,000 FORD CAR LOAN. That was 15+ yrs ago. Now it is over a Credit Card Bill! Must be a Hefty One!!! Well I am Cleared up, and my brother shouldn't get any more phone calls looking for someone with my name but not me. I don't believe it is Identity Theft because this happened before many years before the Internet, etc. I think it is the Fact of Same Name and Same B-day, and in the Same STATE. Well there's a Wasted Hour of my Weekend clearing this up. At least my brother won't be getting anymore annoying Phone Calls and think they Really might be For ME!

That's all I have Time for today. Remember Tonight! THE WEEKENDER EDITION!!!

It is FRIDAY!!! and Every Friday Night you can find me HERE


Click On LIVE ZONE, then Click on the Current Date of the SHOW!

I will be here EVERY FRIDAY NIGHT, and Most Night's I get off from Working. I am Easy to spot, as I am Smoker Dave!!! 10PM-2AM Pacific Time. 1AM-5AM Eastern Time

1,780 Days of WWIII


We had a hell of a Storm here last night! Made my trip to work a bit more Entertaining than usual. People here Do Not Know how to DRIVE in the RAIN! Thank God I never had these Drivers around when I drove in the Snow 6 months a year in Northern New York!!! 23 miles to Work and I saw 5 Wrecks, and witnessed at least 3 near misses I saw coming and made sure I was out of the WAY!!! Well you know here in the Desert, a 1/4 inch of Rain, as dry as it is, can, and will cause Flooding. Well most of the VALLEY of the SUN got at least that much. And it is a rarity that because of all the Rain, when I went outside for my Smoke Breaks at Work, my Glasses Fogged UP! Because of the HUMIDIDTY! See the STORY HERE!!!

Let's see what's going on today.

Some ACTRESS, is calling for a BOYCOTT of UNITED AIRLINES because of RACISM! I have no idea who she is, but she is big and FAT! Apparently not that well known, since I've Never heard of her. Probably using this as a PUBLICITY STUNT. Well looking at her SIZE I wouldn't even want to be seated next to her in 1st CLASS!!! Her FAT would still OOZE into YOUR SEAT, smelly sweaty FAT!! With FOLDS holding ripening FOOD!!! As you can see, I have NO FEAR of a Mo'Nique backlash! See the STORY HERE!!!

This is Related! Journalists and News Anchors are ALL Hell bent to EXPOSE EVERY DETAIL of someones PRIVATE LIFE when that person is in the NEWS.... BUT HELL NO!!! If your are part of the News Industry, especially While Being Black, raising the RACE CARD ISSUE, in COURT, and wanting the RECORDS SEALED because the PUBLIC does Not have the Right to Know EVERYTHING about them!!! If it were US, it would be a DIFFERENT STORY To Be SURE!!! So here is the POT calling the KETTLE RASCIST! See the STORY HERE!!!

GRANTED! Man TITTIES, and Huge HAIRY BEER BELLIES, are something you don't want to look at, but so are Fat Women in Spandex, are in Cut-Offs and Tube Tops! Is this really a Problem to Legislate? Whatever happened to the STORES Displaying a SIGN: NO SHIRT, NO SHOES, NO SERVICE!!! That should be enough I think. And isn't Europe the Home of Bare BREASTED WOMEN!!! HOO RAH!!! But I bet there are MANY FLOPPY TITTIES hanging to the Waistline also!!! You know, when GRAVITY TAKES OVER.... See the STORY HERE!!!

HOLY COW!!! The SUN KILLS 60,000 a YEAR!!! The Sun needs to pay Sin Taxes like people who buy Cigarettes!!! The Sun needs to be resticted in SHINNING in Public Places! If the SUN refuses to co-operate VOTERS may decide to STOP the SUN from SHINNING!!! This is how the Anti-Smoking Bans began YEARS AGO! Nobody ever thought at the time it would go to the EXTREME it has today. Well Mr. SUNSHINE, your DAYS are NUMBERED! If Liberals, and Stupid, and Whacky People can do this to Smokers, they can certainly do it to the SUN! But then they have a NEW PROBLEM! From GLOBAL WARMING to Immediate GLOBAL DEEP FREEZE!!! But Sunburns would cease!!! See the STORY HERE!!!

Yes it is a NUTTY World we live in today. Best we can do is take Note of it, and do the Best We can for ourselves and ignore the stupid and idiotic people!

That's All I have for Today! See you Tomorrow!!!

1,779 Days of WWIII


We now have less than 5 Months of Christmas Shopping Time left! I haven't a clue what to Buy Anyone!!! I want a Top of the Line LAY-Z-BOY Recliner, LEATHER! Don't need the Heater or Massage Features. But if there is a COOLING one, I'll take That!

Let's see what's in the NEWS Today!

I CUT OFF MY HAND FOR ALLAH!!! This had to be a Messy scene and Traumatic for the Son! Story says Mental problems, but with this Religion who can tell? See the STORY HERE!!!

Note To Law Enforcement Officials! This is NOT the way to React to KIDS in a PARADE!!! See the STORY HERE!!!

Staying on TOPIC.... Another Severed Hand Story! Hmm... Any of you Guys out there want to Date Her???? Certainly not ME!!! See the STORY HERE!!!

Well that's all I have for Today! See you Tomorrow!!!

1,778 Days of WWIII


Yeah, it was a toasty weekend here, but California gets all the coverage. With possible rolling Blackouts, etc. See the STORY HERE!!! Well it's their own damn fault for not building a Power Plant since 1972!!!!

I recieved my AZ. Cardinals Season Tickets Saturday! Less than 3 weeks away from the 1st Home Pre-Season Game in the New Stadium, and I get to check out my Seat, Row 1, 2nd Level, 48 yrd line!

Do anyone one of you know Anyone who is vacationing in the Middle East right now? Believe it or not, I Do! Don't ask me to explain, but she is in Jordan. At least she said she cancelled her visit to Beirut!

We did it again! Made France UNHAPPY!!! An American won the Tour Of France bicycle race. Sacre Bleau!!!

Today is Day 1 of Drilling for OIL 60 miles off the coast of Florida, not by US! But by Cuba, China, Spain, and Canada. SURE we could be drilling there also! But ENVIRONMENTALIST WHACKO'S won't let us!!!!

Philadelphia is in Mourning, the Inventor of the Steak Sandwich, which became the Philly CheeseSteak has died. See the STORY HERE!!!

Buzz Aldrin, the 2nd man to walk on the Moon. We saw a UFO! See the STORY HERE!!!

Nobel PEACE Prize Winner: "I Would LOVE to KILL George Bush" in an address to CHILDREN!!! See the STORY HERE!!!

That's all for today.

1,776 Days of WWIII

07/22/05 Saturday Very Early AM

Sorry for lack of update Friday, PC Maint. issues, plus it was Hot 118 in Phoenix, 111.9 here at, "The Secret Armed Compound", for a new All ( 3-1/2 yrs.) Time High. 4th Hottest Day ( Tied with 7 with same Temp.) recorded in Phoenix. At least I am about 25 miles East of Phoenix, away from the Heat Island in East Mesa so I stay a bit Cooler!


Now for this week's Review and next week's Preview of everything that is Coast To Coast AM, MY RADIO SHOW at work in "The Secret Lab". Smoker Dave is glad to provide to you, my new friend from the X-Conference in Washington D.C., Tim Binnall.

the binnall report

Just when I thought C2C couldn't get more bizarre, who shows up on Thursday as the first hour pop-in ? None other than Gary Busey, of all people. Outstanding ! There goes Dan Aykroyd's shot at Coastie greatness. Busey rambled, ranted, preached and sang and I loved every minute of it. He threw in a few great "Busey-isms" that Noory didn't seem to know how to react to. Then Noory goaded him into singing some songs and it was amazing. The only thing missing was Noory with a tambourine.

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1,774 Days of WWIII



Every Action Israel takes against Hezbullah and Hammas, saves AMERICAN LIVES! Disproportinate Response by ISRAEL????? Give me a BREAK!!! The waging of WAR is WON by who kills more than it's own are Killed, who Damages or Destroys more Infrastucture, than your own, to the POINT the ENEMY is TOTALLY DEFEATED!!! ISRAEL is WINNING this WAR!!! It is doing the USA, Western Europe, and Western Civilazation a GREAT FAVOR!

For the Liberal Anti-Americans and Anti-Semites. WWII USA in the Pacific War against JAPAN: USA Militay Killed - 92,000. Japan Military Killed - 1.9 MILLION!!!! WAS That a Disproptional response????? And this DOES NOT INCLUDE the Victims of Hiroshima and Nagasaki in the Atomic Blasts, on CIVILLIANS!!! To WIN a WAR, You KILL MORE and DESTROY MORE!!! No such thing as a Standing 8-Count like in BOXING, in a WAR!!! Proportional Respones! What a bunch of SHIT! If this is what is to believed, then the American Colonies could never WIN INDEPENDANCE from ENGLAND!!!! To WIN you have to do like the NY JETS did in 1969, against ALL ODDS Win the SUPER BOWL! Well ISRAEL is SMALL! But their Military is 1969 Quarterback JOE NAMATH!!! Emerson Boozer Running Back, Don Maynard Reciever. Head Coach Weeb Ewbank (USA). End Result? AFL and NFL Merged....

What could happen here? Israel Namath Maynard Boozer forces the Arabs and extreme Islamists to accept the AFL, I mean ISRAEL!!! And then the co-existance begins, AFC, NFC. Do you see in a simple Pro Football Analogy, is the Solution to this stupid Problem!!! What is going on now is SUPER BOWL III, and ISRAEL has Won the 1st 2!!! The LITTLE GUY! What is going on now is Super Bowl III, and the World will be the better off when ISRAEL Kicks their DAMN ASS!!!

1,773 Days of WWIII


Attention FOOD NAZI'S!!!! ( Those who want to IMPOSE "HEALTHY" Changes to Food ). We don't LIKE Your DAMN bland replacements to Our favorite SNACKS!!! Proof is always in the $$$!!! People will not BUY HEALTHY Snack Foods when they taste like flavored carddboard, regular or extra crispy. So take your reduced Fat, salt free, Trans Fatty Acid Free garbage, and stick it up your.......!!!! The Consumers have SPOKEN! See the STORY HERE!!!

Are you SURPRISED???? Hundreds of IRANIAN TROOPS fighting along Hezzbullah against ISRAEL! Hezzbullah is the Iranian Military Arm in Lebanon, financed by IRAN! Syria is Iran's Weapons Depot! See the STORY HERE!!!

Mainstream Media Cover-UP: The Southern USA-Mexican Border. See the STORY HERE!!!

Domestic VIOLENCE with a CARROT!!! See the STORY HERE!!!

Staying on the "Vegetable" topic, like the old phrase when visiting Countries like Mexico,, etc. "Don't DRINK THE WATER!!" Well maybe we should add for the Olympics in CHINA in 2008, "Don't EAT the VEGGIES!!!" SEE the STORY HERE!!!

Robber chooses wrong Victim. But I wonder, with things the way they are today, can the Robber SUE the Family and WIN???? See the STORY HERE!!!

It doesn't say so in this Story, but the Cruise Ship that rolled unexpectedly, injuring many, rolled to THE LEFT!!! From what I heard from other Stories.... I suspect the Cruise Ship just added Leftist Liberal AIR-AMERICA to the Audio Lineup!!! See the STORY HERE!!!

ISRAEL Winning the WAR on Hezzbullah, Stocks up 2% + !!!

Well that's all I have today, there is a story here though, at least 90 Illegal Aliens found hiding in the Desert near Phoenix, that's how many were CAUGHT! Possibly 100+ more still out in the Desert, dehydrating and starving, but still hiding.... We Arrest them and send them back Home at OUT EXPENSE! It would be Cheaper to just let them DIE out there! But We get criticized for SAVING their LIVES, and sending them back. What the Hell are WE supposed to do????? Reward Criminal Activity with a FREE PASS on ILLEGAL ENTRY into the USA????? Isn't SAVING their LIVES for FREE ENOUGH???? The Estimated Count has gone Up since this Story was Printed HERE!!!

See ya Tomorrow!!!

1,772 Days of WWIII


Heh, Heh! Looks like most of the Country is in a HEATWAVE!!!! Don't blame it on Global Warming! This happens every few years like clockwork! It makes me feel Cooler knowing the Northern States aren't much cooler than here in ARIZONA!!! All it means is that those folks can't laugh at me on how HOT it is Here, and I STILL get to call them in the Winter on how NICE it is HERE!!!! As wives make husbands shovel SNOW during the FOOTBALL GAMES!!!! And then there is Smoker Dave 1st Row, 2nd Level 48 yrd line, in a T-Shirt in a Brand NEW STATE of the ART STADIUM, Loving every Minute of it!!!

I do know where to stick Needles, don't I?

OK, let's hit the NEWS!

Well it doesn't look like Most Americans just want to WELCOME Illegal Immigrants in like the LIBERALS want us to think!!! The Liberals actually want to give Illegals more RIGHTS than LEGAL AMERICANS!!! Well State by State, American's are saying HELL NO!!! thru their State Legislatures. Sure some get VETOED by Liberal Governor's like my Governor Janet Napolitano in AZ. But she did learn 1 Lesson! Never Ever advocate for Driver's Licenses for Illegals in AZ.!!!! See the STORY HERE!!!

Now this is Strange! 18 Ex-Pittsburgh Steeler Football Players have died since 2000.... They may have prospered, but did not Live Long!!!! See the STORY HERE!!!

Getting Late....Gotta Go!

1,771 Days of WWIII


This is my old House I grew up in in Northern New York, ( Lowville, Lewis County ) as it looked less than 2 weeks ago. I haven't seen it 4 yrs. Basically before that it was 20 yrs since I saw it in person. Lived there from age 3 to nearly 21, but now 22 yrs has past by since I've been inside the house. Strange feeling looking at it. Thanks to my friend Bill who took the Photo while on vacation.

Well Friday I was telling you how hot it was here, Saturday I came within 1/10th of a Degree of tying my ALL TIME HIGH TEMP.! Hit 109.8, all time High is 109.9. More Humid Air has moved in since, lowering Temps, but increases the chances of Thunderstorms.

Oh, I left a Question Hanging? Well the Earliest I plan to go back to Northern New York is in 5 years for my 30th High School Re-Union. The Latest is in 15 years for my 40th High School Re-Union. I did Promise I would be there for the 40th, like I promised I would be for the 20th.

It would be VERY NICE if I can work it out that I RETIRE with enough $$$$ when I go to my 40th Re-Union!!!!

Well you all know what the big NEWS is, unless you live in a CAVE! The War in the Middle East. Time to let ISRAEL Raise HOLY HELL!

Meanwhile Space Shuttle Discovery landed safely in Florida today, I was a bit nervous on this with all the inspections of the Heat Tiles, etc.

Iranian President: ISRAEL ACTING LIKE HITLER!!!! HOLY COW!!!! Have the JEWS GASSED to DEATH ARABS in the past WEEK????? See the STORY HERE!!!

That's all I have for Today, I have Emails to go thru, Laundry, etc. See you Tomorrow!!!

1,769 Days of WWIII

07/15/05 Saturday Very Early AM


Now for this week's Review and next week's Preview of everything that is Coast To Coast AM, MY RADIO SHOW at work in "The Secret Lab". Smoker Dave is glad to provide to you, my new friend from the X-Conference in Washington D.C., Tim Binnall.

the binnall report

Monday, The Noor returned to the helm and, thankfully, so did I. The guest was Brother Michael Dimond and the episode was one for the books. I couldn't have chosen a better Coast episode to rejoin the listening public than this one. Dimond was a super strict Benedictine Monk, who pretty much told everyone that they are damned to hell. It was hilarious.

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1,768 Days of WWIII


It is FRIDAY!!! and Every Friday Night you can find me HERE

Click On LIVE ZONE, then Click on the Current Date of the SHOW!

I will be here EVERY FRIDAY NIGHT, and Most Night's I get off from Working. I am Easy to spot, as I am Smoker Dave!!! 10PM-2AM Pacific Time. 1AM-5AM Eastern Time

At Least it's FRIDAY!!!!

Toasty here yesterday, I set at the "Secret Armed Compound" the 3rd highest recorded outdoor Temp. since I moved here nearly 3 1/2 years ago, 109.0 Degrees. The Official HIGH TEMP. in Phoenix yesterday was 113 degrees. My ALL TIME HIGHT TEMP. Here was back on 06/21/05 of 109.9 degrees. Had a 109.4 Degree day back on 08/10/03. Since I went this far, may as well tell that my ALL TIME LOW TEMP. Here at the "Secret Armed Compound" was on 12/29/03 a TEMP. of 31.3 Degrees.

Well as Hot as it is Here in AZ. Things are even HOTTER in the Middle East. You all know the News, no sence in me re-displaying it.

Remember the Building that just recently BLEW-UP in NYC? We now have Security Camera Video of it. See the STORY and VIDEO HERE!!!

The SubWay and Tunnel Terror Plotters also were targeting "The Bath Tub" of the World Trade Center Site to Flood Manhattan! See the STORY HERE!!!

POLLS say Most Americans plan on Voting DEMOCRAT this coming Election. Though some RHINO ( Republican In Name Only ) Congressmen deserve to Lose, this is the same 'ole Story we have been getting every 2 years. The Democrats/Liberals keep winning the Pre-Election POLLS, but LOSE in the ELECTION! This is like NFL FOOTBALL! WIN all your Pre-Season Games, and then in the Regular Season where it COUNTS, you go 4-12. The AZ. Cardinals have done this many TIMES!!! I SHOULD KNOW!!! See the STORY HERE!!!

Here's a switch.... GAY INTOLERANCE! It's not what you THINK! See the STORY HERE!!!

ISLAM: Religion of PEACE and TOLERANCE???? How would you like Your Wedding Plans end up like this???? SEE the STORY HERE!!!

Well that's all I have for now, Have a Great Weekend and remember Late Tonight, THE WEEKENDER EDITION!!!!

1,767 Days of WWIII


1st off, an update to yesterday's 1st Story. HERE!!!

Well there is only one big Story Today, the Middle East! About to erupt into all out WAR! This is scary, Hizbullah who has 2 Israeli Soldiers as Hostages, wants to give them to the Military and Financial Supportor, IRAN!!!! Who wants to Wipe ISRAEL OFF THE FACE OF THE MAP and is developing Nuclear Technology!!! See the STORY HERE!!!

I think Israel has finally learned the ONLY way to Win a WAR against your Enemies, is to beat your Enemies into Total Submission, and DEFEAT. No more "MEASURED RESPONSE..." I bet Israel is already in a "Just in Case" Mode, unburying their NUKES. BeWare Beruit, Damascus, Tehran......If you think the Attack on Beruit's only International Airport Runways, and a Sea Blockade on it's Ports is only the beginning, you are most likely Correct!

Well it is hard, and Pointless to follow up such Serious News like All Out War about to break out in the Middle East with Regular Sories, or weird/strange News. So I am going to hang it up for Today and Hope for the Best tomorrow!

At Least it Will Be FRIDAY!!!

1,766 Days of WWIII


Well look what I got to see at work this morning before Dawn! This happens a couple of times a year, if it's in the early morning it is from White Sands New Mexico. And Visible from Phoenix.

If something like this is seen in the West just after Sunset, then it's from California. See the STORY HERE!!!

Well my best friend flys back into Phoenix later today from his Northern New York Vacation, after spending 11 days where the High Temps were in the mid 70's.... He is going to know VACATION OVER when he gets out of the Plane for 115 degree Temps!!! Welcome Back!!! I'm such a bastard aren't I?

HOUSE FOR SALE! however, it is a bit out of my Price Range even if I was considering moving. See the STORY HERE!!!

OH Poor Saddam has been on a Hunger Strike for 5 Days!!! Don't Worry! he is a Beefy Fellow! Besides he will not Starve to Death before his Death Sentence is carried out! See the STORY HERE!!!

More STUFF From the SKY FALLING!!! See the STORY HERE!!!

That's all for Today, see you Tomorrow!!!

1,765 Days of WWIII


A Rock and Roll LEGEND has Died. One of the Original and Most Reclusive founding members of Pink Floyd. Syd Barrett. Wish You Were Here, you, Crazy Diamond.... I bet only long time Pink Floyd Fans understand the previous sentence. See the STORY HERE!!! Que up Instrumental "COMFORTABLY NUMB"!!! The Greatest Super Rock Group Guitar Rift-Laser-and Light Show in History!

I have seen Pink Floyd in Concert 3 times here in Phoenix. The one at Phoenix Municipal Stadium, an intimate venue of just under 9,000 was the best. The instrumental of "Comfortably Numb" lasted nearly 30 mins to end the Concert, I'll never Forget it. Sure the Super Show in Sun Devil Stadium with about 55-60,000 there o few years later was Louder, overall, but not as intimate, there is a big difference from a Football Stadium sized Concert to a smaller Baseball Stadium size. Don't need large Screen Projections to see the Band. The Good 'ole Days! I think the Concert I refer to is from about 1985, 21 yrs ago.....

MLB NEWS!!! (Baseball) No it isn't about the ALL-STAR Game per-se, but BARRY BONDS! Looks like he may face an Indictment SOON! See the STORY HERE!!!

TERRORISTS Set off 8 BOMBS on INDIA's MASS TRANSIT SYSTEM Killing and Wounding HUNDREDS! A Terrorist is a Terrorist, is a Terrorist... Whatever the Motive. That is why we are in a GLOBAL WAR on TERRORISM! See the STORY HERE!!!

Well today is the FULL MOON! Who can tell what strange things will happen????

See 'ya Tomorrow!!!

1,764 Days of WWIII


Bummer! Start of a full work week for most of us, next Holiday is Labor Day the traditional End of Summer. Which also means the next weekend is the Start of The NFL Regular Season!(And the BEST WEATHER HERE IN ARIZONA for the next 9 MONTHS!!!)

Well I did my best to avoid the "WORLD CUP" All I could, and was succesfull until yesterday when I walked into a AM/PM Convienence Store and they had a TV there watching it. The only good thing I can say about the "World Cup" is that FRANCE LOST!


Technology being used to disperse TEENS Hanging Out! See the STORY HERE!!!

It is Summer, so what to do with the SNOWMOBILES???? Well in my Hometown in Northern NY, YOU RACE THEM ACROSS A POND!!! See the PHOTO'S HERE!!!

CUT TAXES, and Tax Revenue GOES UP! Reagan knew it, Bush Knows it, and so do the Conservatives and Republicans. It's the Liberals and Democrats who want all Power in the Gov't who can't understand it. See the STORY

Well that's All I have for Today. See you All Tomorrow!!!

1,762 Days of WWIII

07/08/05 Saturday Very Early AM


Now for this week's Review and next week's Preview of everything that is Coast To Coast AM, MY RADIO SHOW at work in "The Secret Lab". Smoker Dave is glad to provide to you, my new friend from the X-Conference in Washington D.C., Tim Binnall.

the binnall report

Over the last few weeks, I've teased and hinted a lot about "a new era" beginning and a bunch of other malarky. I can safely say, today, that the new era of BoA has begun. For the foreseeable future, I will be dedicating myself to the BoA brand on an almost full time basis. I can't get into the vagaries of how this change came about, but it is not without it's pitfalls, I assure you. The road ahead is perilous and may end up costly in the long run, but it is a risk I am willing to take.

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1,761 Days of WWIII


It is FRIDAY!!! and Every Friday Night you can find me HERE

Click On LIVE ZONE, then Click on the Current Date of the SHOW!

I will be here EVERY FRIDAY NIGHT, and Most Night's I get off from Working. I am Easy to spot, as I am Smoker Dave!!! 10PM-2AM Pacific Time. 1AM-5AM Eastern Time

Ah!!! A Great thing the Weekend is upon us once again!!!

Well how about that! North Korea was aiming it's Long Range Missle at HAWAII! STORY HERE!!! And Rumors are it is preparing another for a test launch. STORY HERE!!! Question is: Did China Tell North Korea not to launch the other day as is reported, and North Korea ignored China, or did China only say to us they told North Korea not to launch and gave them tacit approval? Thinking about pre and post 9-11, I wonder if both Japan and Taiwan have secretly developed their Own Nuclear Weapons, maybe with our knowing and tacit approval??? You know DAMN WELL that Japan and Taiwan can rapidly build MISSLES that work, and Hit North Korea, and probably also all of CHINA! Wouldn't CHINA have to rethink a lot of things then!!!???? See the STORY HERE!!!

Iranian President Mahmoud Ahmadinejad still on his END OF THE WORLD RANT and wiping Israel off the Face of the Map. See the STORY HERE!!!

LIBERALS.... Comparing The Governator in California to the Dictator of North Korea! Is this how the Liberals plan on winning Elections????? See the STORY HERE!!!

CALIFORNIA MAN Revealed as an Al-Quida LEADER! And NO! It is not Arnold the Governator! See the STORY HERE!!!

Former Secretary of State and Former Chief of STAFF Collin Powell took ill shortly after having DINNER with Former President Bill Clinton.... Who can BLAME HIM!!!???? See the STORY HERE!!!

WHACKO JACKO getting DEEPER into trouble LEGALLY, and SEXUALLY??? See the STORY HERE!!!

UNLESS you Oive in a Tunnel yourself, you already know about this story, but just in Case, See the STORY HERE!!!

This is just Awful!!! Is anyone to blame? Really? Seems like the worst possible Accident possible in just playing softball on July 4th. See the STORY HERE!!!

Well I have 1 More STORY, but let me remind you I will be in the Chatroom listed above, and Late Tonight Early Saturday will be the WEEKENDER EDITION!!!

OK, admit it! When there is a FIRE Nearby wherever you are, you go and watch it! Well this was the FIRE to SEE!!! Hubba Hubba!!! See the STORY and PHOTO HERE!!!

1,760 Days of WWIII


Well little more than a month away (1st Pre-Season Home Game AUG 12th) for the AZ. Cardinals 1st Pre-Season Home Game VS Pittsburg Steelers. My Seat once again, 2nd Level Row 1, Seat 4 48yrd Line Cardinals Side. I haven't seen the Stadium in person yet as it is about 40 miles West of my place. I will see it on Aug 12th. But the Following Weekend I will be seeing it in Full Detail!!! And I will post Photo's of what is seen and unseen!!! See the STORY HERE!!!


Well the Whako in North Korea apparently is intent on launching more Missles. All this is going to do is Piss-Off Japan More!!! Japan probably can within 6 months build Missles that WORK and Nuclear Weapons. Plus the already want to move up the pace of a Missle Defense System with US the USA. See the STORY HERE!!!

Gee are you SURPRISED TAIWAN is also nervous and Pissed-OFF? Well TAIWAN is going to test it's own MISSLE now, Capable of Hitting MainLand China. See the STORY HERE!!!

The UNITED NATIONS....What a FARCE!!! The UN will always be Impotent when the Security Council with VETO POWER is split along East-West Lines. China and Russia just want to yell at North Korea, their Bad-Boy in making the West nervous. While we all know North Korea could not do this without Russia's and China's tacit Approval!!! The UN should be refered to as dysfunctional as the Michael Jackson Family Tree, or maybe WEED!!! See the STORY HERE!!!

Cindy ShitHead, I mean Sheehan apparently still on a hunger Strike, says she would rather live under Hugo Chavez in Venezuela than here with G.W. Bush. OK FINE!!! What's STOPPING HER???? Hell I'll pay for the Ticket myself to get this Nagging Ugly Bitch out of here and SHUT Upped! And I bet her Son, is waiting in the Great Beyond to give his own Mom the Biggest BITCH SLAP ever given, "On the Other Side..." This pathetic BITCH somehow gave Birth to a true AMERICAN HERO, and She can't STAND IT!!! SEE this Pathetic STORY HERE!!!

Never, EVER!! Do a reanactment of a Killing! Or you may actually have it happen!!! See this TRAGIC STORY HERE!!!

Hmm. 2 Power Saws, and a Teddy Bear, in a subway... Seems to me the guy is nuts! Looks like I am Correct! See the STORY HERE!!!

Looks like New Jersey may be opening up! But the Residents will have to pay an Extra $1.1 BILLION for it!!! That's what happens when you Elect a Governor who ran on a Platform of RAISING TAXES and you Vote for Him just because he is a Democrat, and you are a Democrat.... You get what you VOTE FOR!!! See ths STORY HERE!!!


Well that's All I have for Today, and if you want to Contact Me, E-Mail is Your ONLY CHOICE!!!

1,759 Days of WWIII


ien So there I was last night, comfy on my Bench, listening to my Radio Show, chatting On-Line, natural Fireworks going on (Lightning). 11:30PM on my laptop a sudden DUST STORM WARNING. I said Nah! The Monsoon storms strike here between 4 and 7PM, almost never this late. Then almost precisely at the stroke of Midnight, a 40MPH Wind started, and there I was, chasing Trash and Recycle Barrels down my Driveway! Soon after the Heavy rain came and I was forced to relocate to the Garage with Laptop and Radio as closest dry area. Go figure. Was not forcasted on the 10PM News by the Weatherman! But what are we to expect here? We get the Flunkies! All they have to do is say SUNNY and Warm in the Winter and then change to SUNNY and HOT in the Summer and they will be right 300+ days a year!

Well North Korea launched up to 7 Missles yesterday, guess the didn't like the Space Shuttle getting all the Rocket News. Their long range Missle failed less than a minute into Flight. Are they that incompetent? Or because we have been on watch for this for weeks, did we move in "Assets" to take out the Missle? North Korea won't say so, we won't say so. But maybe the New York Times will find out if this did happen and release more Classified Information!

Ken Lay- DEAD! (ENRON). Convienently before being Sentenced to Prison. Not even Poetic Justice to the Thousands who lost their Life's Savings!!!

Cindy ShitHead, I mean Sheehan is now on a Hunger Strike protesting the War, supposedly for the whole summer, only Water. I say don't stop there! Keep going!!! At least to the point you don't even need water.... Well the Hollywood Left is doing it's rendition of ROLLING BLACKOUTS, only this time it is ROLLING HUNGER STRIKES!See the STORY HERE!!!

Of coarse this Story is from France! US Flag Epidemic highest on July 4th! And this Little French Newsman doesn't get it!!!! See the STORY HERE!!!

How about this from England? Crazed Cannibal Attacks Retiree!!! See the STORY HERE!!!

The Religion of Peace. Screw that! See the STORY HERE!!!

This Bear-Cub Knows How To PARTY!!! I think they found the Bear to play the Role of Yogi the Bear in the Cartoon for a Real-Life Docu-Drama!!! See the STORY HERE!!!

70 years old. Can you finish this? "Oh, I wish I were an......" See the STORY HERE!!!

Well that's about all the news worthwhile I could find today. Now For eating and Sleeping for my Long 2 night Work Week!!!

1,758 Days of WWIII


...And The ROCKETS RED GLARE!!!....

Takeru Kobayashi in a Dog eat Dog War with American Joey Chestnut came down to the wire. Kobayashi won 53 3/4 Hot Dogs to 52. A narrow 1 3/4 Hot Dog Victory in the 12 minute Contest. See the STOTY HERE!!!

1,757 Days of WWIII


Sure it's a Monday, but you can find me here Tonight and Tomorrow Night!

Click On LIVE ZONE, then Click on the Current Date of the SHOW!

I will be here EVERY FRIDAY NIGHT, and Most Night's I get off from Working. I am Easy to spot, as I am Smoker Dave!!! 10PM-2AM Pacific Time. 1AM-5AM Eastern Time

Well I have some Brats soaking, and soon to be BBQ'd in BEER. Then some TV, or maybe a DVD. Then a short nap before my Favorite Radio Show tonight.

Well Folks! Now is NOT the Time to Visit Phoenix or Tucson Arizona. the monsoon season has begun. Means No LONGER A DRY HEAT! This is HEAT with HUMIDITY!!! Check back in 2 or 3 months when the weather becomes PERFECT Again! There are now Visitors here right now. Just people heading to northern Arizona, or flying elsewhere. Then returning when they have to. While I make fun of the old SNOWBIRDS who come from the northern USA and Canada for the winter, San Diego calls fleeing Arizonans "'ZONIES" who flee the Summertime here. I am not a "Zonie", never been to San Diego. Been in LA once but that was in Feb of 2004.

They only ones divining on the Streets and Freeways here are Full-Time Arizona residents. As bad as we are portrayed as Drivers in the News, it's amazing how much better traffic is, when it is just us here!!! You don't get upset when someone speeds past you. If their WINDOWS are all down, means their A/C isn't working, and driving FAST is just a Survival Tactic!!! Faster to get to where there is A/C and the Wind helps!

Well thankfully we haven't had any BAKED BABIES yet this year, but have had child Drownings. Now we hope that idiots don't start homes, or a wild fire by setting off Illegal Fireworks the next couple of nights!

Well let's see what News there is on this slow time most everywhere.

North Korea threatening NUCLEAR WAR with us. I guess they are Mad because Iran and Hammas have taken the Headline News lately. Mexico's Presidential Election: VICTORY Claimed by BOTH CANDIDATES!

NEW JERSEY CLOSED!!! Well the Governor ran as Pro-TAX INCREASE and Won. Now he doesn't get the TAX INCREASES he WANTS! So the STATE is SHUT DOWN, including ATLANTIC CITY's CASINO's starting on Wednesday. You get what you Vote For! Just ask the Palestinians who voted for a Terrorist Organization to be in Control, now Israel is wiping out Eletric and Water Facilities to get it's soldier back, vowing to kill the Palestinian Prime Minister if the Soldier is Killed. Like I said, you get what you Voted for! See the Story on NEW JERSEY HERE!!!

OK, let's end this with an absurd School Newstory. Schools banning the Game Of TAG!!! After all this NEWS of how children are now getting OBESE!!! DodgeBall Banned, etc, etc, Why don't they just propose what they really want to do. Make it Illegal for children to behave in a Child-Like way!!! See the STORY HERE!!!

Well enjoy the 4th of July Holiday, remember what it means, I'll remind you tomorrow. If you are up late tonight, you know where I'll be!!!

1,755 Days of WWIII

07/01/05 Saturday Very Early AM


Now for this week's Review and next week's Preview of everything that is Coast To Coast AM, MY RADIO SHOW at work in "The Secret Lab". Smoker Dave is glad to provide to you, my new friend from the X-Conference in Washington D.C., Tim Binnall.

the binnall report

And then came Thursday night. Originally planned to be Art Bell, but he was still having problems finding an outlet for his phone or something. In his stead, we had, I crap you not, Steve "Absolutely" Quayle as the guest host ~! WTF !!! Somewhere out there, Richard C. Hoagland is fuming and smashing things.

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1,754 Days of WWIII


It is FRIDAY!!! and Every Friday Night you can find me HERE

Click On LIVE ZONE, then Click on the Current Date of the SHOW!

I will be here EVERY FRIDAY NIGHT, and Most Night's I get off from Working. I am Easy to spot, as I am Smoker Dave!!! 10PM-2AM Pacific Time. 1AM-5AM Eastern Time

Well it is the LONG 4th of JULY Holiday!!! Be Safe, Have FUN!!! Well my best friend is less than 12 hrs away from "WHEELS UP!" on his flight back to Northern New York where he will Join his brothers and Sister, and their Families for a Surprise 50th Wedding Anniversary / Family Re-Union get together. The parent's only expect my best friend, don't know about the other 3 sons and daughter and their Families coming!!! So this is going to be a great time and Party for them! This Secret Plan equals in scope to some of my best April Fools Pranks! It wasn't that hard when best friend's B-Day is APRIL 1st!!! But I pulled some Classics pranks on him!!! Now the whole Family is flying into Northern NY, to be ALL together for the 1st time in 25-30 YEARS!!!

Well because of the Holiday falling on Tuesday, both Monday and Tuesday will be EXTREMELY Slow at Work, so I have a 5 Day/Night Weekend OFF myself! I have to use some Vacation Time to do it, and will drop me to about 270 hrs Available..... Oh Well!!!

Well with best friend about to go on vacation, I was making sure I did all I could to make sure he has a good time, getting photo's, etc. But sort of put me in a vacation mindset too. And now I have 5 nights OFF! So what to do? I have PLENTY to do, just when I want to do it! Get some new things for the house and do a little re-arranging? Work on the Den? Get new Work Clothes? A little bit of all? I don't know yet! All I know is by Wednesday next week I will have a Haircut! Getting a bit long, and the higher Humididty of the Monsoon Season is making my hair WAVE to Everyone!!!

Well I've just browsed thru the News, seems like the Holiday Weekend has Started! Not much to report!

Well I will be posting on Monday July 3rd, and Late Tonight will be "THE WEEKENDER EDITION"!!!

Even if there is no NEWS on Monday, I will at least be able to tell you if I did anything productive or not!

1,752 Days of WWIII


HOLY COW! Is 2nd hand SMOKE more DANGEROUS than TERRORISTS???!!!! Well from this report from the U.S. Surgeon General Richard Carmona cetainly READS that Way!!! I guess it is amazing the life expectancy keeps rising when all of us born in the 1950s and 1960's should be Dead by now from 2nd Hand SMOKE!!! Notice how it reads on the effects on Non-SMOKERS? Maybe that's the Problem! If they SMOKED, there would be NO PROBLEM!!! You know like children growing up in an EXTRA Clean or more Sterile Environment, tend to get Sick more Often! Just like Country Kids get sick less often than City Kids. Country Kids are exposed to more, challenging and strengthening their own Immune Systems. Farm Kids, Country or Rural Kids, same thing. And it lasts a Lifetime! In the 20 yrs working at the "SECRET LAB" I have called in sick less than Everyone, almost all of them younger than I and Non-Smokers. There is one that has called in less, a total of ZERO TIMES. But she lived and grew up in Denmark, and spent many years in AFRICA!!!! See the connection? Exposed to more, overall you are stronger against everything else, including your own Vices!!! See the total BS of an OFFICIAL REPORT from the Surgeon General HERE!!! This is as absurd as Bill Clinton's 1st Surgeon General, I forget her name, but advocated teaching children in school how to Masterbate, to prevent the spread of AIDS!!!!

OK, so it gets 69 MPG. But do you want to be in a car that would LOSE in a Crash with a Bicycle???? See the STORY HERE!!!

Hmm... Is this the Idea of having Cameras everywhere? If you think, or your sub-concious thinks it is being "WATCHED" do you change your Behaviour? Well this Study seems to suggest YES! Well it won't work on me! On National Smoke-Out Day I try to Smoke TWICE as Much. When Pollution waring is out and all are urged to restrict Driving, or Car-Pool... I drive EXTRA! Fill up Gas Tank in the Car after 4PM, I make an extra stop before then even if I don't need the GAS!! If it is a PSA, (Public Service Announcement) or from a State or Fed Agency wanting me to Curtail one thing or another, I will do the OPPOSITE! Now maybe some of you could be influenced by this, but not ME! See the STORY HERE!!!

Why People are FAT! Top 10 REASONS! not one is Eating TOO MUCH, and not Exercising Enough! But Curiously, to my 1st Article, is REASON #4... Less people SMOKING is Causing More PEOPLE to get FAT!!! See the STORY HERE!!!

Well you won't see this STORY in too many Places! The USA is #1 in Patriotism!!! You know the Anti-American Liberals HATE THIS NEWS!!! So the Liberal Media will oblige and not Report it. SEE THE STORY HERE!!!

OK, if you REALLY THINK 2nd hand Smoke will KILL you, This will Kill you A LOT QUICKER!!! The TWINKIE COOKBOOK!!! See the STORY HERE!!!

Before I go, a GLOBAL WARMING UPDATE!!! Holy COW! I think this will be the 1st Summer I have been in ARIZONA (21) where, since it looks like the Monsoon Season is underway, we never HIT the 1-TEENS!!! (113 or Higher!). Never mind never coming close to the all time High Temp of 122 on June 26th 1990!!! Global Warming as easy to grab FACTS on it as is my Cigarette smoke!!!! All a bunch of HOGWASH!!! But if you say SOLAR SYSTEM WARMING, I could go along with that. The Martian Polar Caps are Melting, Jupiter is warming Up and has a NEW RED SPOT! Venus also Hotter. So if Overall it is getting warmer HERE, I don't see how we are responsiple for Other PLANETS WARMING UP!!!! I don't think our 2 electric powered Rovers on MARS are doing it. I don't think we have anything on the surface of VENUS, and certainly Not Jupiter that has no SOLID SURFACE. But it is Possible AL GORE'S HOT HEAD is causing it ALL!!!

Well I'll be back Tomorrow, I think I have most things covered. I've done what I could for a friend going on Vacation, except Finance it, he never asked, and I would have never agreed, and he knows it, so a Non-Issue. But I gave more help than everyone else, my old Digital Camera, use of Luggage, Reminders, etc. So I am the SMOKING ANGEL, helping out Friends!!! Dear St. Pete! Please add this to my log as I enter the Gates of Heaven in 40 - 60 years! I want to make sure I get CREDIT for the Good Things I Do!!! Who knows!!! The Liberals may take Power in Heaven in the Future!!! But I think God is even more true to Course than G.W. Bush. I don't think God will be persuaded by Ted (HIC-Up)Kennedy, or Nancy Pelosi, or John F****** KERRY, Harry RIED, or Hillary Clinton! I could get graphic on possible punishments for the people I just named, But I try to keep this Web Site PG.

1,751 Days of WWIII


Hi All! Well yesterday I was getting Photo's together and then Printed out at WalMart for a friend heading back to Northern NY for a SURPRISE 50th Wedding Anniversary and Family Re-Union. The parent's don't have a Clue what's going to happen in a few Days. I think they only believe that my best friend is coming over for a week or so, that's about it. No Clue to the rest of the sons and daughter (And their Families) coming too! Plus Close friends of the Parents in the Hometown being in on the DECEPTION! This will probably the last GREAT FAMILY GET-TOGETHER. As both Parents are in their late 70's. So I am doing my best to make this a Great Time with lot's of Memories for all involved. etc. This is one thing that eluded my own Family due to complicated circumstances.

Also I am Surfing to make SURE there is nothing left I have not requested to be brought back to Arizona from my Home Town. Because it will be at LEAST 5 yrs before I go back, more likely 10 yrs! At most 15 yrs, I did PROMISE to be at my 40th High School Re-Union, and that would be in 15 yrs. LAST PROMISE I made was to be at the 20th, I was at the 20th 5 yrs ago, and that was my 1st time back to Northern NY!

Yeah I know I am behind on my updates, but this web site is a "hobby", and taking care of this is a little more important to me.

But I know how this will begin! Sibling Fighting! I just hope they put it behind them before they Re-Unite in a Surprise for their Parents.

I was invited to go, as probably the only Non-Family Member. But I would be in a battle with 1 Family Member, and one Childhood Friend who would most likely being in the Hometown Area attending the Grand Party. Well with many in my Dept at Work, going on Vacation, 1 getting MArried, I couldn't get this Time OFF if I wanted TO! So I am happy to just have Phone Calls and get the BOX SCORE after the FACT!!! The worst thing you can do is be in the middle of a Family Fight and you are Not part of the Family!!!

So I will just do what I can, and do my own thing here during this time. I plan on RESUMING NORMAL UPDATES TOMORROW!!!!

1,748 Days of WWIII

06/24/05 Saturday Very Early AM


Now for this week's Review and next week's Preview of everything that is Coast To Coast AM, MY RADIO SHOW at work in "The Secret Lab". Smoker Dave is glad to provide to you, my new friend from the X-Conference in Washington D.C., Tim Binnall.

the binnall report

Saturday night saw yet another "return of Art Bell" episodes, as Art was finally able to broadcast from the Philippines. I caught some of this episode, notably the first hour or so. It was pretty good and I was enjoying Art's take on his move to the Far East. I didn't hear much of full show guest Russel Targ, but what I did hear was good. The only downside to it all was that we got our first taste of what would become a nightmare the next night with Art's sporadic technical difficulties.

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1,746 Days of WWIII


Gee! Are you Surprised?? WMD's FOUND in IRAQ!!! Come on, WE ALL Knew they were there!!! Saddam couldnt have the Russians take them All Out, and Saddam couldn't send them all over to Syria and the Bacca Valley! The UN Inspectors never found these, and Saddam CERTIFIED they were ALL DESTROYED! Yet here we are. Last night at Work I surmised to Co-Workers that the Liberals Response would be.... since These Weapons existed before the 1st GULF WAR, they don't count as WMD's in the Reason for this WAR!!! I can't believe I already know what the Liberals will say, before they say it!!! That's how predictable they have become. See the STORY HERE!!! AND HERE!!!

And the NEWS ONLY gets WORSE for the LIBERALS!!! See the STORY HERE!!!

NOTICE TO ILLEGAL ALEINS!!! If you think being Here ILLEGALLY for 20+Years, and Marrying an American Citizen, having a Business, and Children is Enough for you to STAY HERE, THINK AGAIN!!! The US SUPREME COURT just RULED AGAINST YOU!!! Small Steps, but the TIDE is TURNING! See the STORY HERE!!!

Well folks, I have my Lap Top PC and Desk Top PC all Anti-Virus Scanned, Spyware Scanned, Disk Clean-Up. and Defraged! Tomorrow is FIRDAY!!! And I am now ALL READY for IT!!!


1,745 Days of WWIII



Sunrise, 2005 summer solstice at Stonehenge, England. Image © by Pete Strasser.

Did you gather around Stonehenge and do whatever it is, The DRUIDS Do????

Well I am a night person, so this is the shortest day of the year for me! So starting Tomorrow, the Days get Shorter, the Nights get Longer thru to the Winter Solstice on December 21st. What do you Expect??? Since I have Worked the better part of 20 yrs on "The GRAVEYARD SHIFT"? Let me remind you where I work, 80% of the Work is done on 3rd Shift. The opposite of nearly all workplaces! That's the way "The SECRET LAB" is!

As this article ends on page 2.... Don't HOLD YOUR BREATH!!!! Amnesty International has declared June “Torture Awareness Month.” The United Nations has declared June 26 to be “International Day in Support of Survivors and Victims of Torture.” The Title of this Article is: Silence deafening when U.S. is torture target How TRUE! See the STORY HERE!!!

Want a Great Cheap Vacation Package? Come to AZ!!! Stay at the BEST RESORTS, Play Golf at World Class Courses!!! It's Cheap Now, because the Tempss are 110+ for the Next Week! Lot's of Great places to Shop and go see, if you can take the HEAT like the Year 'Round Residents, or suck it up like Arizonans who go to the NORTH for Thanksgiving, Christmas, etc. Then this is the place to be! If you think 110+ will kill you, well that's what I feel about 40 or less!!! And I am from Northern NY where at times it hit MINUS 40 DEGREES!!! Just an Idea for you all.

THEY TOLD US this would HAPPEN!!! If we kicked out All of the Illegal Aliens!!! A Hamburger would Cost $20!!!! Well this is a 20 OZ Burger, (COST $100), or equal to 5 QUARTERPOUNDERS! That would be $20 for a QuarterPounder! So are all the Illegals Gone???? Not even Close! This is just a Private Club where people with too much $$ to Spend find their pleasure in spending it. MEMBERSHIP Costs $40,000. Annual Dues $3,600. Then you have can have a 20 OZ Hambuger for $100. Fixins' cost EXTRA!!! SORRY! NO CHEESE!!! I don't give a Damn what these Rich Idiots think. My $5 Homemade Cheeseburger is a LOT BETTER than this could EVER BE!!!! See the STORY HERE!!!

Another Absurd FOOD STORY!! And this could only happen in California...... or in this case Massaschussets!!! This Sandwich.... TO BE BANNED??? Or Made the STATE'S OFFICIAL SANDWHICH???? The FLUFFERNUTTER WAR in the STATE'S LEGISLATURE!!! See the GOOEY STORY HERE!!!

Hmmm.... Anyone know what STATE can Claim RICE CRISPY TREATS as the STATE'S OFFICIAL Lunchtime DESSERT?????

I'll see you again Tomorrow!!!

1,744 Days of WWIII


Well it looks like the same News as yesterday, nothing New! It's been MANY HOURS since the 2 US Soldiers taken into Custady by Al Quiada heve been confirmed Dead. TORTURED and BRUTALLY KILLED! Nothing from the Liberal Leadership Condeming this!!! But Boy oh Boy do THEY IMMEDIATELY Speak out and Condemn when Panties are put over the Heads of TERRORISTS!!! And OF COARSE the LIBERAL MEDIA found a FAMILY MEMBER to blame Bush AKA like Cindy Shit-Head, I mean Sheehan!!! Apparently couldn't get the Father or Mom or Siblings to say this, so went to an UNCLE! See the STORY HERE!!! Rememnber according to the MEDIA, we are EVEN WORSE!!!! Panties on the Heads, Loud Music, Barking Dogs, AC Too Cold or Too Warm. Sleep Deprivation, mishandle the Damn-Koran!!! Oh yeah sure I buy this Moral Equivalentcy!!! I wonder if these 2 Soldiers were allowed access to a BIBLE!!! The Silence of the Liberal Leaders in Congress is Deafening!!! Silence is Approval!!! The Liberal Left APPROVES of this, because it forwards their Agenda!!!

HELL! I wouldn't beSurprised if the same Liberal Left Leadership said putting OUR Anti-Missle Defense Sheild OPERATIONAL Before NORTH KOREA Launches it's Missle, as UNFAIR to the NORTH KOREANS!!! That they should get a FREE Shot at US! See the STORY HERE!!!

City in Pennsylvania Cracking Down on ILLEGAL ALEINS! This is how it is in this small City in Pennsylvania, you can IMAGINE how it is here in the BORDER STATES!!! Now the GROUP MENTIONED in this STORY, La Raza, advocates Immigrants to come so MEXICO can retake by Population the Southwestern USA, California, Arizona, New Mexico, and Texas! See the STORY HERE!!!

CBS and Dan BLATHER , I mean Rather part ways. Looks more like an ugly Divorce than a Friendly send-off into Retirement. CBS wants NOTHING to do with Him, and most of us are SICK and TIRED of Him!!! Dan Rather is Certainly NO WALTER CRONKITE!!! At Least Peter Jennings, and Tom Brokaw left their Anchor Chair with Class! I usually disagreed with Network News since I grew up and Cronkite Retired. So to Dan Rather, let's play "What's The Frequency Kenneth?"!!!! By The Rock Group REM. See the STORY HERE!!!

Oh the Illeagal Alein Advocacy Supporters are ALL PISSED OFF once AGAIN, Losing I think their 3rd COURT FIGHT over AZ VOTER APPROVED PROP. 200 Requiring Proof of CitizenShip to Register to VOTE! See the STORY HERE!!!

LIKE I said Earlier, this is another La Raza TACTIC. See What's happening, and IMAGINE IT IN YOUR NEIGHBORHOOD!!!! These Immigrants because they are the Majority in a Neighborhood, think they HAVE THE RIGHT TO Ignore LAWS and CITY ORDINANCES!!!! See the STORY HERE!!!

Well I didn't Too Bad Today for having no News and not much to Comment On!!!! See you Tomorrow!!!

1,741 Days of WWIII

06/17/05 Saturday Very Early AM


Now for this week's Review and next week's Preview of everything that is Coast To Coast AM, MY RADIO SHOW at work in "The Secret Lab". Smoker Dave is glad to provide to you, my new friend from the X-Conference in Washington D.C., Tim Binnall.

the binnall report

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And you will find me at the same place above on Saturday Night, same Time, as ART BELL has his very 1st Show from Manila in the Philippines. And it's on his 61st B-Day!

1,740 Days of WWIII


It is FRIDAY!!! and Every Friday Night you can find me HERE

Click On LIVE ZONE, then Click on the Current Date of the SHOW!

I will be here EVERY FRIDAY NIGHT, and Most Night's I get off from Working. I am Easy to spot, as I am Smoker Dave!!! 10PM-2AM Pacific Time. 1AM-5AM Eastern Time

And you will find me at the same place above on Saturday Night, same Time, as ART BELL has his very 1st Show from Manila in the Philippines. And it's on his 61st B-Day!

MORE BOO HOO!!! On the Illegal Alein issue. Now remember, like yesterday, this is from the Same Newspaper that is PRO-Illegal Alien! They came to the Border with nearly nothing, Illegally Crossed the Border with Nothing, expecting personal Gain.....ILLEGALLY! These are the ones who got Caught, they were returned to Mexico with what they had when they Crossed the Border Illegally, NOTHING! Yet supposedly, somehow it is OUR FAULT! Doesn't Matter they broke the LAW! SCREW THAT THINKING!!! See the STORY with the Very Liberal and Leftist SPIN. HERE!!!

Let me double check something..... Yes it is still JUNE! I thought this might be a Halloween Story! But it is TRUE... Wife's Severed Head Flies from Pick-Up Truck when Hubby Crashes and Kills a Mom and her Child. See the STORY HERE!!!

Well it is getting Late for me. Remember Late Tonight is, "The WEEKENDER EDITION!!!"

1,739 Daysof WWIII



Al-Zarqawi: Paraphrasing. We are LOSING! Here is thw #1 Terrorist in IRAQ complaints, and plans for reversing this. See the STORY HERE!!!

But with the HUGE CACHE OF INFO Seized from the UN-SAFEHOUSE. This is what has happened in the past week since Zarqawi met Allah and didn't get his 72 Virgins. A LOT of his buddies CAPTURED or DEAD! See the STORY HERE!!!

Militant Islamic Cleric calls for President Bush to Convert to ISLAM to save his Soul. Let me speak for the President right now. "Stick It In Your Turban!!!" See the STORY HERE!!!

TENT CITY FOR THE ILLEAGAL ALEINS cought smuggling themselves into MARICOPA COUNTY ARIZONA (PHOENIX). Yep Sheriff JOE, the Toughest Sheriff in America will be putting up More TENTS, and Triple Bunking Inmates in the TENTS. But that is no worse than our TROOPS in IRAQ where it is EVEN HOTTER!!! I say LET the Illegal Invaders and the Criminals have similiar Conditions that OUR TROOPS endure in SERVICE to OUR COUNTRY VOLUNTARILY!!! Now before you read this Story, just Remember a Few Facts. Sherrif Joe Arpaio, The Toughest Sheriff in America, is by FAR the most Popular Elected Political Office Holder in ARIZONA. The Arizona Republic NewsPaper is one of the most Liberal Left Wing Major City Newspapers in America. VERY PRO-Illegal Alein. Though the WORST the Paper calls them is "Undocumented Workers". So that you know ahead of time what the Spin is in the STORY, you do get the Facts of what Sheriff Joe is Doing! And GOOD FOR HIM! And GOOD FOR US!!! See the STORY HERE!!!

OH BOO HOO HOO!!! Don't you feel BAD for this former Child Actor STAR who has fallen on Hard Times, Broke and About to Lose his HOME??? I DON'T!!! If you do and buy h s $15 T-Shirt to SAVE HIM from foreclosure, I hve a Big STAMP, RED INK that says, "SUCKER!!!" I can Stamp on your FOREHEAD!!! See this pathetic STORY HERE!!!

How things have Changed since I Grauated from High School 25 yrs ago. Granted I still lived at home for another 2 years as I attended a Local (30 miles away) Junior College in Northern New York. But after that I stayed with my parents 1 at a time for 3 months, and a year later for 5 months paying my own expenses when I moved to AZ. After that and since then all on my OWN with an $400 Exception loan to get a Car, paid off in 6 months, 21 yrs ago. Now remember there are cases of children coming back home, only to be the Equal or more $$$ provider to a single parent household, or possibly the parent is the subsidized resident on mutual agreement. That is a totally different scenario! But kids coming back home after Graduating, expecting the same circumstances as if they were still in High School Confounds ME!!! What does this? Wanting Everything your Parents HAVE even though it took them 20 or 30 yrs to accumulate the Wealth you used to Live in? I guess that may be. The "I WANT IT NOW GENERATION!" Whatever happened to the Desire to leave Parental Control and make it on your own???? See the STORY HERE!!!You Parents! If your Kid has only been Away to College as a Life Experience, and wants to come home, 3 Months! No MORE!! or you will damage your Child's opportunity to make it on his/her own!!! LOVE is also Kicking the little Birdie Out of the NEST when the Time Comes! Time To FLY on Your OWN!!!

(I heard that from a couple of Mommy and Daddy BIRDS!)

I'll be back Tomorrow! FRIDAY!!!

1,738 Days of WWIII



See a Current STORY on the FLAG HERE!!!

Well folks it's Hot again here in Arizona. Well of coarse! It's JUNE!!! It's HOT EVERY JUNE!!! But not Record Breaking Temps. Haven't even hit the 100+TEENS yet. So fef="ar the Official High Temp so far this year at Sky Harbor International Airport in Phoenix is 112. The high at my Secret Armed Compound so far this year is 108. In about 3 weeks the Monsoon starts, wind direction changes, and the Humidity goes up that brings Temps down, and our summer "Rainy" Season begins.

Well let's see what we have today.

For this 1st Story, can we all Agree that Shaking a 5 month old Baby is BAD? Well a Nanny is suing a Web Camera Manufacturer. See the STORY HERE!!! If you believe this is right and she should Win the Lawsuit, YOU go ahead and Hire her to care for Your Newborn Baby!!!

Another Bad Sign for LIBERALS!!! A Marine still Seving in IRAQ Wins City Council Seat!!! See the STORY HERE!!!

The Democrats are Imploding from within! Democrat candidate calls black GOP candidate 'a good slave'... Oh that's GOOD! See the STORY HERE!!!

Well this is a Start, needs to happen WEEKLY! OPERATION RETURN TO SENDER!!! See the STORY HERE!!!

Volcano getting Angry! See the STORY HERE!!!

Well that's All I have for Today! See you Tomorrow!!!

1,737 Days of WWIII


Liberals today are in a Frantic TIZZY FIT! If you see anyone displaying the Classic Signs/Symptoms of Turret's Syndrome Today, it will be Liberals, not those who really have the Syndrome! Why? White House Advisor Karl Rove will not face indictment. The Liberals already had him Convicted and Tailor made an Orange Prison Garb Jumpsuit for him, they wanted him to go to GITMO!!! See the STORY HERE!!!

And then out of nowhere Pesident Bush Shows up in BAGHDAD!!!! The trip was Secretly Planned to take place soon after all the Cabinet Posts were filled in IRAQ's New Gov't. Which happened late last Week, it is just good KARMA, or good luck comes to those who work for it, for the BASTARD from HELL Zarqawi to have also been recently KILLED! See the STORY HERE!!!

OH!!! Did you HEAR that NOISE? Rep Patrick Kennedy is popping Prescription Pills again right out of REHAB! STORY HERE!!! And that other noise is Daddy Sen Ted Kennedy opening another Bottle bottle of Jack Daniels before NOON!!! The rest of the comotion you hear is Minority Leader Rep Nancy Pelosi, Minority Leader Harry Reid, and DNC Chairman Howard Dean, Frantic, and Disturbed, MADLY Sticking Pins in their George Bush VOO-DOO Dolls and wondering why it's not Working!!!!

OH NO! We are going to be in TROUBLE for THIS!!! WE (Our National Guard Troops on the Mexico Border), are SCARING THE ILLEGAL IMMIGRANTS From Crossing the BORDER ILLEGALY!!!! HOW AWFUL!!! HOW BAD WE ARE!!! See the STORY HERE!!!

Check this Out, a PRIVATE BUSINESS. Well from what I am HEARING, the Place is PACKED! Everyone Ordering in ENGLISH! This is the SAME PLACE JOHN F****** KERRY had his Infamous Philly CheeseSteak FAUX PAS during the ELECTION CAMPAIGN!!! Swiss Cheese on a Phillyg CheeseSteak....Yeah....SURE!!!! Well of coarse the Immigrant Groups are all pissed off! But the Business is NOT Discriminating according to FEDERAL LAW! It is Not Discriminating on the Basis of SEX, Religion, National Origin. They Better NOT Push this TOO FAR!!! There are Many More small Restuarant type places in the SouthWest that you can't order a Damn Thing unless you Speak SPANISH!!! See the STORY HERE!!!

Well you know if I find myself in Philly on a trip, you know where I'll be getting Lunch or Supper!!!

Let's Change GEARS Now.

Well of coarse to insure Survivabilty of the HUMAN RACE, We need to Colonize SPACE! In case a big Asteroid, which we have recent clues on, a devasting Disease, bird flu not it, but you know what I mean. An Engineered Virus like Stephan Kings Novel and MiniSeries "The STAND". Or All out Nuclear War! Notice How I did NOT INCLUDE GLOBAL WARMING. Global Warming will not cause the Extinction of the Human Race! Don't bother ME with Emails that Global Warming is True or Not. There is WARMING. But it is SOLAR SYSTEM WARMING! Why Else would Venus, Mars, Jupitor, and Saturn be warming ALSO?????

So the only way for us to insure Survival as a Species is to Spread OUT! See the STORY HERE!!!

Well that'll do it for Today! I will be Back Tomorrow!!!

1,736 Days of WWIII


Well let's start with an Update on the Record Meteroite Story from Norway I posted on 06/09/06. I said that it was pretty cool but would be wondering if it happens more often, like what it is it a prelude to? Well now we have this STORY From Minnesota! See the STORY HERE!!! So I decided to look a little deeper and see what else has been reported recently and found this Story from Las Vegas last Month! See the STORY HERE!!!

Well it's strange enough now that I will need to follow up on anything that happens anytime soon of STUFF falling from the SKY!

Hurricane Warning issued for Florida, big surprise, It Is HURRICANE SEASON!!! It is as absurd as these relentless HEAT ADVISORY WARNINGS we get here in AZ every Summer! Every June you can count on 110+ Days frequently!!!

Oh POOR Al-Zarqawi!!!! Are we treating his remains correctly in accordance with Islamic Law and Traditions???? SCREW THAT!!! How can We make these Extremists any madder at us? They already want to kill all infidels (non-Muslims) and even those they consider as Not Muslim Enough!!! So let's just tell them we surrounded Zarqawi with Pig Fat and wrapped him up like a Breakfast Sausage!!!!

Iraq's Al-Qaeda has named a Successor to Al-Zarqawi! Wow! I didn't even know Al-Qaeda was holding a CONVENTION ALREADY!!!! Amazing how the Media here tries to portray Al-Qaeda as a ligitament Political Entity!!! See the STORY HERE!!!

3 Terrorists have committed SUICIDE at GITMO! So What???? Like I am supposed to CARE???? That's 3 less Terrorists I am feeding and Housing, giving Damn Korans and Prayer Rugs to out of my TAX $$$!!! See the STORY HERE!!!

Now a Call by Drs for a FAT TAX on Sodas like Coke and Pepsi!!! I told you all years ago this would come!!! See the STORY HERE!!!


Pittsburg Steelers Super Bowl Starting Quarterback was seriously injured this morning in a Motorcyle Accident. He was not wearing a helmet. Based on latest News, it does not look good for this Season, possibly CAREER ENDING Injuries! See the STORY HERE!!!

Breaking NEWS!!!

Judge Shot in Reno! See the STORY HERE!!!

Let's end the Day with some entertaining Stories.

A threat to the Jap Eating Monster on July 4ths Nathan's Hot Dog Eating Contest? Maybe!!! 47 Grilled Cheese Sandwiches in 10 minutes is Impressive!!! See the STORY HERE!!!

"I tried to ROB You, but you took my GUN away AND BEAT ME UP!!!" So I am GOING TO SUE YOU!!!! See this absurd STORY HERE!!!

Well that's it for Today! See you Tomorrow!!!

1,734 Days of WWIII

06/10/05 Saturday Very Early AM


Now for this week's Review and next week's Preview of everything that is Coast To Coast AM, MY RADIO SHOW at work in "The Secret Lab". Smoker Dave is glad to provide to you, my new friend from the X-Conference in Washington D.C., Tim Binnall.

the binnall report

For those of you lucky enough to miss this debacle, it started out okay, with Noory getting some good UFO talk in with Aykroyd. Sereda was sort of the third wheel here, but, hell, it was Dan Aykroyd ! Then they went to break and when they came back, Noory made the tragic mistake of opening up the phone lines so Aykroyd could field calls from the C2C listeners. For Hoagland's sake, you have a major celebrity on who is endorsing serious investigation of the esoteric and you force him to endure this ? Egads.

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1,733 Days of WWIII


It is FRIDAY!!! and Every Friday Night you can find me HERE

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I will be here EVERY FRIDAY NIGHT, and Most Night's I get off from Working. I am Easy to spot, as I am Smoker Dave!!! 10PM-2AM Pacific Time. 1AM-5AM Eastern Time

GOOD!!!! Al-Zarqawi was alive after the Bombing! Tried to roll off the Stretcher when he saw the USA SPECIAL FORCES were the ones that got him before dying and starting Eternity of Torment and Pain! See the STORY HERE!!!

Well Iran is still not behaving, surprised? It has stepped up it's program of refining Uranium, and has abmitted doing so. See the STORY HERE!!!

Well I guess World Cup Soccer has started, like I really give a damn. I just wonder who will have more injuries, the Players, or the Fans!

Check this out! Record Meteorite Hits Norway! That's pretty cool in a way. But if it's starts happening soon elsewhere, I'd be wondering what else is coming.... See the STORY HERE!!!

Well let's end the Week in a good fashion. Was it Batman? Robin? Captain America? Superman? Nope! It was a Caped Crusader, but it was "Luke Pie-Rocker"!!! The Pizza Delivery Guy Super Hero! See the STORY HERE!!! Ain't that Great!!!! Can't make this stuff up!


1,732 Days of WWIII


Click On LIVE ZONE, then Click on the Current Date of the SHOW!

I will be here EVERY FRIDAY NIGHT, and Most Night's I get off from Working. I am Easy to spot, as I am Smoker Dave!!! 10PM-2AM Pacific Time. 1AM-5AM Eastern Time

I will be here in this Chat Room for C2C tonight (Thurs) and Tomorrow Night (Fri) 10PM (1AM EST) - 2AM (5AM EST)


Well not Like Abu Musab al-Zarqawi!!!

Abu,heard the 1st 500 POUNDER SCREAMING towards the (UN)SAFE House he was in, and Looked UP! This is what he SAW!

Amazing What F-16 Fighter Jets look like from below when 500 POUND BOMBS are heading at YOU!

Well it only got WORSE for Zarqawi.... After the BOMBS WENT BOOM!!! He went to ALLAH! Well it wasn't ALLAH, or at least the ALLAH he thought he knew!!!! No 72 Virgins for Abu, actually recieved even WORSE than what he envisioned for the "INFIDELS" he wanted to Kill. NOW THAT'S A BAD DAY!!!!

Well, why Taint a Great Day! It is the Start of my 4 Day/Night Weekend Off from Work, my 43 1/2 B-Day, And the DEATH of one the worst and most Hated Terrorists on this EARTH by Our Holy Freedom Fighting F-16's. That Dropped 500 Pounds at a time, the Wrath on Our War against TERROR! Live in Eternal HELL, and Pain, and Suffering, for ETERNITY, Abu Musab al-Zarqawi!!!!

Well at least I was forgiving and understanding for Al-Zarqawi's ULTIMATE FATE!!!! Well that is the BEST I can do in this Case.

I mean even the "KILL'EM ALL and Let GOD SORT IT OUT"....Doesn't Apply in this Case. We ALL know where Abu Musad al-Zarqawi is right now.....

I'll update again Tomorrow! For you C2C Fans, you know where I'll be Tonight!

1,731 Days of WWIII


Well when you Work the Hours I do, you miss stuff like This! Huge DUST STORM BLOWS Thru The VALLEY of the SUN! Well it happened at about 6PM Yesterday. I sleep from 3PM - 9PM. And frankly in the middle of my Sleep, The End of The WORLD wouldn't Wake me up at 6PM! But here is what I missed, a Dust Storm nearly a MILE HIGH! Over 5,000 ft. I did see Video of it on the 9PM NEWS, you can also see it here, just ENLARGE the IMAGE on the RIGHT! Pretty Impressive!!! HERE!!!

Look how far a Liberal Elitist has fallen!!! Where Have you Gone Danny Boy???!!! Latest News to Dan Rather.....

FROM CBS: Dear Dan,

We'd RATHER Not have YOU!!!

See the STORY HERE!!!

So where would one go after a big Failure like Dan Rather's hoaxed National Guard Reports? The One Place where Failure as a LIBERAL is Venerated as Success!!! CNN!!! But who knows, maybe CNN considers him Too old now! Ready for Euthanasia!!! 'Tis the Liberal WAY!

Who the Hell THOUGHT OF THIS???? Save Bathroom or Hall Passes up for the School Year, and if you don't use them, YOU GET EXTRA CREDIT!!!! Think about it! This one Student became Valedictorian and Recieved a Full College Scholarship because of IT!!! Imagin, wear a Pair of DEPENDS, bring a couple of Extra Pairs each day for extra activity or usage, and your Good to Go! ....So to Speak!!! Don't Believe ME? See the STORY (2 Pages)HERE!!!


Well based on this CNN NEWS STORY, if ALL Holds True, I am doing well! HOWEVER, based on the STORY I will get MORE than 33%, but less than 40% of my RETIREMENT $$$ needed. I am COUNTING on ABSOLUTELY NOTHING From SOCIAL SECURITY! And I believe that is the best way to Plan when Retirement is still 20+Yrs Away! ?What bothers me is that many people I know have started Nothing for Retirement, or have very little, and saving very little. I can't blame them myself, until about 10 - 12 yrs ago I had nothing Saved, and then Started Saving for a House,( Instead of RENTING ), and some for Retirement, now I have the HOUSE, and Saving even MORE for Retirement! I learned Late, I now have a CREDIT CARD DEBT of $0, a Car Loan, and my Mortgage. I hope all Who I know gets Smart as I did. I don't want to be an 80 yr old GREETER at WalMart to put food on the Table!!! See the STORY here!!!

I think this is a good thing! Instead of being Limited to McDonolds, Burger King, KFC, Taco Bell, or ordering PIZZA from Home, this is a decent option for Working Parents, and Single 3rd Shift Workers like myself! Nice Restaurants Offering Dive Thru Service! See the STORY HERE!!!

Here is another Marketing Success STORY just like UDDER CREAM!!! BUTT PASTE!!! See the STORY HERE!!!

Well Folks, it is HARD to Follow Up after a BUTT PASTE STORY!!! I have just 1 more night at Work Tonight and then my 2nd of 2, 4 day weekends! I'll see you TOMORROW!!!

1,730 Days of WWIII


Well the Dreaded Day of Evil is 1/2 way finished even on the West Coast of the USA. So I think we all survived it, and not ALL HELL IS BREAKING LOOSE!

Time to REMEMBER What JUNE 6th really Represents! The 61st Anniversary of D-DAY!

See the STORY HERE!!!

One of the "5th BEATLS" has Died today. See the STORY HERE!!!

How many of you GUYS from Early 40's to late 50's yrs old remember the 'Ole Chemistry Set recieved one Christmas 'Morn as a lad of 7 or 8 yrs old???? Be glad you were born back then, because those Days are no more! We know how it is/was being a boy, BOOM!!! STINK!!!, and FLY HIGH!!! That got young boys attention and Interest in Chemistry and Science! This Country as a Whole gets overly PARANOID about the things most miniscukle in RISK! Just like All the ZERO TOLERANCE POLICIES at SCHOOLS these Days!!! Read this 4 page Article and weep for your Son's/ Grandson's injustice of being a Boy like we were able to be. See the STORY HERE!!!

We need to be RATIONAL!!! Sure a kid can purchase 5 ounces of Ammonium Nitrate for Chemistry Experiments. But don't sell 6,000 POUNDS of it to someone named Mohammed or Abdul!!! As an Example. Very Small Amounts should be unregulated, People or Businesses that use it in Large Amounts need to be Registered, but WE HAVE To STOP this ALL or NOTHING THINKING!!! Another EX: The Girl Suspended from School last Week for giving a piece of GUM to another Student! It was JOLT GUM. Had Caffiene in IT!!! Violated the DRUG POLICY!!!

GREAT!!! Now EVERYTHING is a MENTAL DISORDER!!! So if you do it it is not your FAULT! Another aspect of Society's climb to blame everyone but the Individual!!! I call it the Immature Pissed off Person who REALLY needs to be BITCH SLAPPED SILLY as an ATTITUDE ADJUSTMENT. But the Psyco Therapists, etc have given this a NAME! IED!!! (No it is not the "IMPROVISED EXPOSIVE DEVICE" used in IRAQ) it is the "Intermittent Explosive Disorder"!!! Well now I think we have enough Bull Shit Disorders so no matter what you do wrong, you can blame and claim one Mental Disorder or another so you really are not at FAULT!!! See the STORY HERE!!!

Well it's just one of those Moronic NewsDays Today! It's not my fault all the News is Absurd!

Well I have One More Thing! An Update on my Longest Co-Worker on 3rd Shift at the "SECRET LAB", ART BELL. The Original Host of Coast To Coast AM Radio Show, now Weekend Host soon to be back on THE AIR! See Art's Personal Update HERE!!!

Well that's All I have for Today! See you all Tomorrow!!!

1,729 Days of WWIII


Whew!!! Been Hot here the past few days! Phoenix 112, 3 days in a row! Here at the "Secret Armed Compound" 25 miles East of Phoenix I have stayed between 106 and 108 on the highs. A little cooler on the outerside of the Heat Island of a big Metro Area.

Global Warming? Nope, this happens EVERY YEAR!

The TERROR ARRESTS in CANADA! Well my radio program I listen to at work for MANY MANY YEARS once again beats the Major Media to the punch.

*4 June 2006; UPDATED: Those who listened to Coast to Coast AM with George Noory last week – on May 25, 2006 were probably the first radio audience to suspect that something was brewing and imminent in the Greater Toronto area regarding terrorism. Mr. Noory’s guest for the first hour was Dr. Paul Williams, author of Osama’s Revenge and his latest book, The Dunces of Doomsday. Just two days earlier, Doug Hagmann, the Director of the Northeast Intelligence Network and Paul Bartling, Assistant Director, traveled to Canada to meet with Dr. Williams and members of his investigative team; additionally, CanadaFreePress.com Editor Judi McLeod and members of her staff shared their investigative findings as well. Hagmann and Bartling provided investigative details developed by the Northeast Intelligence Network team, including those of Sean Osborne, concerning the investigation he has done with regard to terror suspects in the UK and Canada.

This was a snippet from Northeast Intelligence Network

Now my Hometown in Northern NY is very Close to Kingston Ontario. See what the Local Canadien Residents Reactions are in this Story with VIDEO HERE!!! FYI WWNY-TV and Kingston Ontario Canada were 2 of the 6 TV Channels we could get without Cable when I was Growing up.

Oh look at that, Tomorrow is 06-06-06. Many Moms' to be are having C-Sections, and induced LABOR They Don't want a Boy named Damien.......... I think nothing will happen, with this little disclaimer. I don't know if the date 9-11 had anything to do with the Attacks. But if the Islamic Extremists choose 06-06-06 to launch another 9-11 or greater attack, they biggest thing that will happen is that the WHOLE OF ISLAM will be considered the "BEAST" in the BIBLE by extrememly Religious people. And also call into Question run of the mill Religious people to consider also. What it would mean is very BAD NEWS for anyone who is Muslim here in the Country. What I mean is Deportation, Interment Camps like the Japanese here faced in WWII.

But like I said, I don't believe anything will Happen. I will be going to work as usual, and doing all my usual things.

Well that's All I have for Today. I'll be back Tomorrow, Unless ALL HELL BREAKS LOOSE on 06-06-06!!!!

1,727 Days of WWIII

06/03/05 Saturday Very Early AM


Now for this week's Review and next week's Preview of everything that is Coast To Coast AM, MY RADIO SHOW at work in "The Secret Lab". Smoker Dave is glad to provide to you, my new friend from the X-Conference in Washington D.C., Tim Binnall.

the binnall report

6.2.6 : 6.2.6 : After calling out Paul Kimball last week for not mentioning me when Noory asked him who the future of Ufology was, I got an e-mail from Kimball himself. See, I told you people read the binnall report.

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1,726 Days of WWIII


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I will be here EVERY FRIDAY NIGHT, and Most Night's I get off from Working. I am Easy to spot, as I am Smoker Dave!!! 10PM-2AM Pacific Time. 1AM-5AM Eastern Time

Yes Folks! It is OFFICIAL! 20 years ago Today, 3PM (6PM EST). I started my 1st Day at Work in the "SECRET LAB". What you see in the Photo above is the Mini- Grandfather Clock (it chimes every 1/4 hr.) I recieved from Work. On Top are 2 LED Flashlights. Always ready/prepared. A small Teddy Bear holding the "Holy Flag" I got at Game 1 of the World Series AZ D-Backs vs Yankees in October 2001 just weeks after 9-11. The Flag has also been to L.A., Wash DC, Florida, and Ground Zero in NYC. The GOLD Reflection you see just above the "12" on the Clock is my "SECRET LAB'S" Emblum with a Diamond in it for my 20 yrs. Just wanted to point this out, after all a 20 Anniversary happens only once in 20 years!

Sort of weird in a way, I've been working at the same place longer than anything else I have ever done. The house I grew up in comes in 2nd at 18 yrs. The only thing that is longer is I lived in Northern NY for 21 2/3+ yrs and lived in AZ for 21 2/3+ yrs. Yes as strange as it may seem right about now marks the 1/2 way point of the Time I haved lived in NY, and the Time I have lived in AZ. Well being 43 and 1/2 yrs old on 06/08/06 means I still only 1/2 way done in this Life, give or take. Should be a Very Interesting 40 - 50 years to Come!!!

Well it's going to be a Toasty Weekend Here in AZ. 108 today, 110 tomorrow, 112 on Sunday in Phoenix. Well in general in the Hot Months I am usually 3 to 5 degrees cooler than the Official High Temp and about 1 to 3 degrees cooler on the Low Temp. I am about 25 miles away in the cooler 'Burbs then where they take the Official Temp. at SKY HARBOR INTERNATIONAL AIRPORT.

So you think all the Weirdos are here in the States? Well as far as I know, Nobody has Ever Married a Snake Here!!! See the Story HERE!!!

LOCAL NEWS! I CAN'T DRIVE 55!!!! Holy Cow!!! 147 MPH???? See the STORY HERE!!!

Well I will end today's update with this. You know that Blue-Tooth Technology? Where people walk around with the THI NG in their EAR? So they are always connected Wirelessly..... Well I ran into another one today at the AM/PM Convience-Gas Store. He was just talking away, loudly, eve looked nny thing is, hen when paying the Store Clerk. NO-BODY is THAT IMPORTANT!!! The Funny thing is, he looked like Walter Matthau in the Original BAD NEWS BEARS MOVIE, playing the part of Coach Morris Buttermaker, who was a Swimming Pool Cleaner! Well this guy I saw Today, went into a POOL SERVICE TRUCK!!! It's just Nutty!!!

Well things should get even Weirder around here as the Heat starts Baking everyone's BRAINS!!! I bet BAKED BABIES left in Cars will soon begin! Funny how you never hear about FROZEN BABIES left in cars from the Northern States during the Winter...

Well don't Forget The WEEKENDER EDITION that I will Post Late Tonight!!!

1,725 Days of WWIII


AHHH!!! a 4 Day Weekend!!!! and another next WEEK!!! Life is good! And the time off gives me Time to catch up on things I need and want to do domestically. I don't have the Time or Patience during the regular Work Week, and I hate being bothered by them on my Weekends off!

Figures.... All the News worth saying anything about is on Radio, TV, or in the NewsPaper! One of them basically boring News Days, and no WEIRD NEWS TOO!!!

Oh well!!! No News is GOOD NEWS I guess, at least at Times!

But I can do this!!!

Tonight is my MEMORIAL DAY HOLIDAY. I will be in the Chatroom, Link Below, from 10PM(1AM EST) 'til 2AM(5AM EST).


Click On LIVE ZONE, then Click on the Current Date of the SHOW!

I will be here EVERY FRIDAY NIGHT, and Most Night's I get off from Working. I am Easy to spot, as I am Smoker Dave!!! 10PM-2AM Pacific Time. 1AM-5AM Eastern Time

1,724 Days of WWIII


Sorry for a lack of an update yesterday, but Real Slow nights at work are more tiring than regular or Busy nights at work. Plus I had no News interesting, etc.

Well after finishing my work Shift tonight/tomorrow morning, I will have completed 20 yrs at the "Secret Lab". June 2nd 1986 was my 1st Day. Now there is no way I can lose my Pension for Any reason short of an ENRON Scenario. Thing is, 24 yrs to my retirement date, or 12 yrs 'till my Earliest Early Retirement Date at age 55. Yes, since I was born after 1960, my retirement age is 67. And I assure you, my workplace finances are on much firmer ground than the SOCIAL SECURITY SYSTEM!!!

Also a short work week for me as I am off Thursday Night as my Memorial Day Holiday, and also off next Thursday Night to use up an unused Personal Holiday that Expires Soon. So 2 Short Work Weeks for ME!!!

Well the SIZZLE is on in Central Az. The Valley of The Sun! Will be 110+ this weekend!!! But so far, a "DRY HEAT", or BLAST FURNANCE! But I must admit, it is easier to stay cool in the 110+ when the humidity is LOW, than the 1n that d05's when the Humidity is UP.

Last week I told you All I saw the Movie "United 93" and urged you to see it also. Well here is another Review of the Movie from a High Source. See the STORY HERE!!!

CONGRESS better LAY OFF!!! They being so upset over Congressman (D-LA) search of his Congessional Office. Just because there may be LEGISLATIVE PAPERS, etc in the ROOM makes it a NO SEARCH ZONE????? Does this mean that if the FBI is Investigating a HOMICDE (Also a FELONY) if the BODY is hidden in a Congressional OFFICE, the FBI can't search it???? BOY!!! Wouldn't that be HANDY!!!! Do anything WRONG that might get you in TROUBLE, as long as you can get it into this Office or Room with CERTAIN PAPERS, you are FREE and CLEAR!!! This doesn't WORK!!! The SUPREME COURT RULED ON IT! Just ask Richard NIXON! He tried that with the SECRET WHITE HOUSE TAPES, when that didn't work, he had to RESIGN or Face IMPEACHMENT from OFFICE. Somebody better Remind Congress that just because you hold an OFFICE it is not a SAFETY ZONE to hide EVIDENCE in a FELONIOUS Investigation! See the STORY HERE!!!

Now tell me THIS! How can a 6 yr old Girl be charged with a FELONY BATTERY CHARGES by kicking a Teacher's Aide in the ANKLE???? Well maybe if she had a Private TIME OUT CORNER the POLICE couldn't SEARCH for the WEAPON (Shoe) she might have gotten away with it..... Well this certainly puts a new twist on "ANCKLE BITERS"!!! This makes no sense to me, a GROWN WOMAN, a TEACHER's AIDE actually wants to charge the 6 yr old for kicking her in the ANKLE, and a FELONY! Oh, by the way, the girl is a SPECIAL ED. Student. See the STORY HERE!!!

NOW this is IDIOTIC TOO! A "MAN", serving a LIFE SENTENCE for killing his WIFE, is asking a FEDERAL JUDGE to make the PRISON SYSTEM PAY For his/her/it's SEX CHANGE OPERATION! Otherwise, he/her/it, may commit SUICIDE!!! Hmmm. Semms to me that would be the Conclusion of the LIFE SENTENCE!!! Sure EARLIER than assumed, but it would still be a LIFE SENTENCE! Why should the TAXPAYERS be Forced to PAY for someone who will never get out of PRISON to switch from JERKING it.... To Fingering IT???? Why the HELL should TAXPAYERS PAY so a FREAK FELLS BETTER and won't KILL him/her/it's SELF? Especially if it would be much CHEAPER if he/her/it did commit Suicide without this EXPENSIVE SURGERY????? Yes we are required as a Society to care for the Prison Inmates. even those serving LIFE or on DEATH ROW. This would be HEART SURGERIES, etc. BUT A SEX CHANGE?????????!!!!! I THINK NOT!!!!!! SEE the STORY HERE!!!

Well when I update again Tomorrow, my PENSION virtually Guarenteed, a 4 Day/Night Weekend for me. So Life is good here. Hope it is for you all also!!!

I'll see you Tomorrow!!!

1,722 Days of WWIII


Memorial Day! Hope you are all enjoying the long weekend! So-Called OFFICIAL STAR Of Summer! But in real Life, a regular Mond to day for me as I am going to work tonight.

How about the INDY 500 yesterday? Marco Andretti nearly won it all as a Rookie at Age 19, and I would have Won over $17. But not to be Marco and Dad Michael finished #2 and #3. Hell of a Race though! 2nd closest Finish in the Indy 500 History. Hornish won by 0.06 seconds!

Other NEWS

ABORTION's GONE WILD!!! I guess the trend is a PERFECT BABY or KILL IT! KILL IT NOW!!! See the STORY HERE!!!

Why don't we all just admit the Fact that ABORTION is pre-meditated MURDER that has been LEGALIZED! That will make it Easier for the extreme Liberal Left to MERCY KILL old folks because their LIFE is not worth Living!!! Remember the old Twilight Zone Episode with the guy who played "ROCKY's" Manager? HE played a Librarian, and was deemed by the STATE to be OBSOLETE! And he had to Die.....

GIANT WORMS!!!! Can hide underground for 20yrs!!!! This reminds me of a movie called "TREMORS". See the STORY HERE!!!

But can you imagin how big a Fish you could catch with it????

MEMORIAL DAY. Honor and REMEMBER all those who Fought and DIED for OUR FREEDOM!!! From out ancestors who fought and Died in the Revolutionary WAR that brought Forth this GREAT COUNTRY of OURS, now the LIBERATORS, Terrorist Fighting Nation Leading the World onto FREEDOM for all Peoples thru out the World. May GOD continue to bless this Country!


(A Soldier Died Today)
by A. Lawrence Vaincourt

He was getting old and paunchy and his hair was falling fast,
And he sat around the Legion, telling stories of the past
Of a war that he had fought in and the deeds that he had done,
In his exploits with his buddies; they were heroes, every one.

And tho' sometimes, to his neighbors, his tales became a joke,
All his Legion buddies listened, for they knew whereof he spoke.
But we'll hear his tales no longer for old Bill has passed away,
And the world's a little poorer, for a soldier died today.

(A Soldier Died Today)
by A. Lawrence Vaincourt

He was getting old and paunchy and his hair was falling fast,
And he sat around the Legion, telling stories of the past
Of a war that he had fought in and the deeds that he had done,
In his exploits with his buddies; they were heroes, every one.

And tho' sometimes, to his neighbors, his tales became a joke,
All his Legion buddies listened, for they knew whereof he spoke.
But we'll hear his tales no longer for old Bill has passed away,
And the world's a little poorer, for a soldier died today.

He will not be mourned by many, just his children and his wife,
For he lived an ordinary and quite uneventful life.
Held a job and raised a family, quietly going his own way,
And the world won't note his passing, though a soldier died today.

When politicians leave this earth, their bodies lie in state,
While thousands note their passing and proclaim that they were great.
Papers tell their whole life stories, from the time that they were young,
But the passing of a soldier goes unnoticed and unsung.

Is the greatest contribution to the welfare of our land
A guy who breaks his promises and cons his fellow man?
Or the ordinary fellow who, in times of war and strife,
Goes off to serve his Country and offers up his life?

A politician's stipend and the style in which he lives
Are sometimes disproportionate to the service that he gives.
While the ordinary soldier, who offered up his all,
Is paid off with a medal and perhaps, a pension small.

It's so easy to forget them for it was so long ago
That the old Bills of our Country went to battle, but we know
It was not the politicians, with their compromise and ploys,
Who won for us the freedom that our Country now enjoys.

Should you find yourself in danger, with your enemies at hand,
Would you want a politician with his ever-shifting stand?
Or would you prefer a soldier, who has sworn to defend
His home, his kin and Country and would fight until the end?

He was just a common soldier and his ranks are growing thin,
But his presence should remind us we may need his like again.
For when countries are in conflict, then we find the soldier's part
Is to clean up all the troubles that the politicians start.

If we cannot do him honor while he's here to hear the praise,
Then at least let's give him homage at the ending of his days.
Perhaps just a simple headline in a paper that would say,
Our Country is in mourning, for a soldier died today.

© 1985 A. Lawrence Vaincourt

1,720 Days of WWIII

05/27/05 Saturday Very Early AM


Now for this week's Review and next week's Preview of everything that is Coast To Coast AM, MY RADIO SHOW at work in "The Secret Lab". Smoker Dave is glad to provide to you, my new friend from the X-Conference in Washington D.C., Tim Binnall.

the binnall report

5.26.6 : Tuesday, Noory welcomed Paul Kimball, who was on to talk about UFOs cases and various people in Ufology. Kimball wasn't afraid of crapping on anyone and that delighted those of us who enjoy the uncomfortable thrill of hearing people being ripped on. It was Ufology meets MTV's "Yo Momma" and I couldn't have been happier. Kimball put the boots to Col. Corso, SERPO, and Steven Greer, along with the disclosure movement and a handful of other topics and personalities. Good stuff if you are familiar with what and who he was talking about and he was spot on in a lot of the instances where he offered criticism. Noteworthy, also, was the revelation, to me, that Kimball and Stanton Friedman are related. In the words of OMC, "How Bizarre."

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Don't forget to check out the Audio Interviews!!!

1,719 Days of WWIII


It is FRIDAY!!! and Every Friday Night you can find me HERE

Click On LIVE ZONE, then Click on the Current Date of the SHOW!

I will be here EVERY FRIDAY NIGHT, and Most Night's I get off from Working. I am Easy to spot, as I am Smoker Dave!!! 10PM-2AM Pacific Time. 1AM-5AM Eastern Time

Well I decided to Work Monday, Memorial Day Night so I can take a Thursday Night off at Work in June. Gives me an Extra night in Above Chatroom on a good Busy Night in the Chatroom, and I like Thursdays off better than Mondays especially when it is not NFL Monday Night Football time!

Now for all of you travelling, etc. this Memorial Day Holiday Weekend, be careful! Here in Metro Phoenix, a Nice Weekend, Temps in the 90's and the Monsoon Humidity hasn't started yet. So this is a great place to be, or to get to!

Work was interesting last night. My Robotic Machine that eliminates a lot of the manual Labor, while listening to Coast To Coast AM with George Noory doing a show on EXORCISMS, my robotic peice of Equipment became POSSESSED!!! Wash Lines disconnecting, etc. etc. We couldn't even Hold them in by hand!!! Then as we started to smell OZONE, or Electric... the Wash Pump made a loud Buzzing Noise! SCARED the Living Hell out of me and any Demons that may have been in me. I think I was more Shocked that I WAS NOT SHOCKED!!!! Biggest adrenaline Rush I have had in a couple of Years at Least! LAB EQUIPMENT GONE WILD! if there was a video of it!

Of course we removed it from Service at that point!!! At least I know now I don't need a PACEMAKER. And I am firmly in control of my bodily functions. I did need an Emergency SMOKE BREAK Though!!!

2nd Thought's. Well when time is short and you have a lot of time to think while in PRISON, I am sure this does happen. I have always disagreed with Dr. DEATH Kevorkian. BUT if what is in this Article is ALL TRUE, I wouldn't readily dismiss commutation of the Prison Time. Because you know Damn well that Patients who are Terminally Ill with or without DRs Approval get or HOARD Prescriptions to reach a LETHAL DOSE. Dr. Death Kevorkian is NOT ALONE! He was, "Just, OVER THE TOP in doing all this very Aggressively and PUBLICLY!" If he had done this quitely, behind the Public Eye, not seeking Publicity while doing it, he Never would have recieved a PRISON TERM! I do STILL TOTALLY Disagree with his position on MERCY KILLING though even if the Patient Requests it! I don't believe he was a ghoul who sought to give out DEATH for his own Pleasure or Satisfaction, just thinks about Life a bit differently than I. Now that he has less than a year to live, I think I would release him, to make Final Plans, and make final Peace with himself, Family, and God. Well See the STORY HERE!!!

HOLY COW!!! I graduated from High School 25 yrs ago and this sort of thing NEVER HAPPENED in CLASS!!! Let alone being Recorded and Video of it sent to many Elsewhere VIA Cell Phone!!! See the STORY HERE!!!

FAT KIDS, and REALLY FAT KIDS! What to DO???? Is it the Kids problem? The Parents Problem? You can't blame this on FAST FOOD!!! See the STORY HERE!!!

AH YES! Illegal Aliens only to make a $. Far From IT. and here is an Extreme Example! See the STORY HERE!!!

Well the Rest of the NEWS you can get from Radio, TV, or the Paper, no need for me to retell them!

Remember Late Tonight Early Saturday, is the, "WEEKENDER EDITION"!!!!

Yes of coarse I will be back here on Memeorial Day Monday!

1,718 Days of WWIII


Sorry I missed yesterday, busy night at Work and Emails to take care of. Last night just as Busy, but fewer Emails to take care of.

Well tonight I have to decide If I want to take a Boring Memorial Day Night at Work OFF, or have another day off within 30 days. I don't like take Monday Nights off, especially when it is NOT NFL Football Season! I'd rather have a Thursday Night off. Plus the hours I do Work will be @ Time & 1/2. So right now I am leaning to Working Monday Night to get a night off I like better.

Well here's a News Item that will SCARE YOU and and REALIZE the Southern Border has been and STILL IS WIDE OPEN! You know a Suit-Case NUKE or DIRTY BOMB can ruin your whole Weekend! See the STORY HERE!!!

England is Raising it's Retirement Age, and you can bet it will rise here too shortly, especially since Congress wants to Give Social Security Benefits to Illegal Aliens who got Social Security Cards by commiting a FELONY, IDENTITY THEFT!!! As if the Social Security System wasn't in enough trouble already, The Gov't wants to give these Benefits to the 11 to 20 Million Illegal Aleins TOO!!! See the British Story HERE!!!

All I can say from my view, unless you are Over 50 yrs old, you probably will never see a DIME of Social Security Benefits!!!

Some Hick named Taylor won "American Idol"....Who Cares!!! Last thing I remember about American Idol was some Fat Black Guy named after a sandwich, Rueben won it. These type of Shows, including the so called REAL LIFE Shows like Survivor, etc. Makes me believe that I have actually made a Very Wise Choice in Work Hours, so I sleep thru these STUPID Empty Calorie type Shows. If I want to waste an hour or 2 in front of the TV, an episode or 2 of the MYTHBUSTERS is much better in my opinion!!!

Interstellar Space is Very Far Away! but a little closer if you head SOUTH! See the STORY HERE!!!

Other than what I posted, most of the rest of the News is all in the Papers, Radio, and TV. No need for me to regurgatate what you have already read, heard or seen! I'll be back Tomorrow with an Update, A Link to the Chatroom I will be in Late PM, and the Weekender Edition!

1,716 Days of WWIII


1st off, to all those from "The Secret Lab" who visit here and said kind words of my reaching 20 yrs at the Lab, Thank You Very Much! Just remember, I ain't going away anytime soon! I still have 24 yrs before I reach Retirement Age! I greatly Appreciate the Catered Lasagna Dinner, the Carton of WINSTON 100's, and the "GrandFather" Type Wall Clock. Didn't have BEER or TopLess Dancing Girls, but thanks for letting me know there is a Porno Film Studio in Walking Distance where the "Actresses" in various states of "undress", take a Beer and Smoke Break at 2AM. I need to do some recon on this!

In all seriousness though, I am glad it wasn't overdone! I hate to look at it as if I am in the Late Winter of Life at age 43! However, if they want to put me out to Stud at the nearby Film Studio.........

But I do have 1 QUESTION for my Female co-workers. WHY DID THEY ALL KNOW ABOUT IT? And not 1 of us GUYS Know about it????? We do have people starting work at 3AM, 75% of them Female..... Things that make you go..... HMMMMMMMM.......

As bizzare as this all sounds, it is all TRUE!!! I can't make this stuff up!!!! So Now for my 25th Anniversary I want the TopLess Dancing Girls! Work knows where to get them, from CLOSE BY!!!

I knew today would be differnt than any other Monday Night Tuesday Morning Shift, but I never Imagined it would take this twist!!! Yes at Times, Real Life is Stranger than Fiction!

OK, let's settle down and get to some NEWS!

Yesterday I posted a Short Commentary and the NEWS on the DIXIE CHICKS. Well Well Well!!! I couldn't call this one any better without being accused of inside INFO, or being Psychic!!! See the Latest Story HERE!!!

OH! Look at THIS!!! President Of MEXICO is here on a 5 Day, Multi State Lobbying Tour! Think it's in support of our about to be Increased Border Security???? HELL NO!!! The GALL of a Head of STATE to COME HERE to LOBBY on behalf of his countrymen coming here ILLEGALLY, and getting all the Social Services AMERICAN CITIZENS are entitled to. See the STORY HERE!!!

See also the Post I had Yesterday on how MEXICO Deals with IMMIGRANTS!!! I bet this turns into another Psychic prediction come true!

I don't know how this translates into Blood Alcohol Content (BAC) that we are used to seeing. But this Truck Drive must have sung and literally Drank to the song.... 100 Bottles of Beer on the Wall.... See the STORY HERE!!!

Well that's all I have for Today, and I need to start figuring out where to my New Clock. Took me 20 yrs to earn it......

1,715 Days of WWIII


Wow! Is it WINDY Today Here!!!! Fly a Kite Today and you may end up waving at Jetliners in Cruising Altitude!!! Well at least it's a Lot Cooler, and I can Air Out the "Secret Armed Compound"! Winds sustained about 20MPH, Gusting to about 40MPH. I can't even open the windows fully! Or all sorts of stuff that don't weigh much will be Blown all over the place! I will need to close the place up when I go to bed because there is a DUST STORM WARNING. If I leave the Windows Open, I will get 100 pounds of sand and dust/dirt in here!!!

Yesterday I did go and see the Movie "UNITED 93".... Go See It! You know the Story, and how it ends. But in the movie you will be rooting for the Passengers to succeed, and then... THE END. Like a Sucker Punch in the Gut.

Tomorrow morning at Work in "The Secret Lab" will be a bit different. They are giving me a Party for my 20 yrs there. A Week and 1/2 Early, but with Memorial Day next Monday, and Monday night Tuesday Morning being the Slowest of the regular work week this makes sence. It will be a Catered Lasagna Dinner probably around 6AM. Us 3rd Shifters/Graveyard Shift Workers are more than ready for a Dinner instead of a Breakfast. This should be interesting. I requested BEERS, SMOKES, and Topless Dancing Girls,,,, but they wouldn't do it. Maybe for my 40th Anniversary....

So I need to Honor my longest co-worker on the 3rd Shift. So instead of wearing my normal Dress Docker Pants, and casual Golf type Shirt, I will be in Blue Jeans, Art Bell T-Shirt, and Art Bell Coast To Coast AM Baseball Cap!

With Mexico crying and threatening to Sue over new Border Restrictions,,,, Why don't WE in Good Faith Adopt MEXICO's Rules for Immigrant LABOR!!!! If we have the Same POLICY as MEXICO, HOW COULD THEY POSSIBLY COMPLAIN????? I'm sure they would find a way.... See the STORY HERE!!!

BRILLIANT MOVE!!! Just when people were forgetting what the DIXIE CHICKS have said in the Past. Here she GOES AGAIN!!! Didn't she see the lesson Tom Cruise hust recieved???? In regards to the Failure of Mission Impossible III??? See the STORY HERE!!!

Sure Looks Like a Test RUN for a Terrorist Attack to ME!!! Tell you KIDS to RUN OUT OF THE SCHOOL BUS if Adults you do not KNOW get in the BUS!!! See the STORY HERE!!!


Nothing Like a Spiritual REVENGE in the WORKS!!! See the STORY HERE!!!

We All know how bad in Shape the Social Security System is right NOW! Now just think how bad it will be now that ILLEGAL IMMIGRANTS get to COLLECT ALSO!!! See the STORY HERE!!!

Well that'll do it for Today! See you Tomorrow!!!

1,713 Days of WWIII

05/20/05 Saturday Very Early AM


Now for this week's Review and next week's Preview of everything that is Coast To Coast AM, MY RADIO SHOW at work in "The Secret Lab". Smoker Dave is glad to provide to you, my new friend from the X-Conference in Washington D.C., Tim Binnall.

the binnall report

5.19.6 : Saturday's C2C proper continued the theme of "8 Hours of Ian" with Ian hosting the main show for the first time since back in January. He had Daniel Pinchbeck on as the guest, talking about C2C's drug of choice, ayuahsca and alternative realities and dimensions and what have you. Pinchbeck was pretty good, but the topic was terribly nebulous. It was like trying to explain colors to a blind man. This was one episode that should come with a tab of acid for each listener.

Ian was good as the host, he brought an everyman quality to it that helped. I was disappointed that Ian said he never got "high". C'mon, Ian ! That's as believable as "I tried it but it didn't do anything for me." Every good theologian has to trip his balls off on peyote once in his life, where've you been ?

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1,712 Days of WWIII



My easy night at work that I expected turned into a VERY BUSY NIGHT! 2 people out sick will do that. That's 25% of my Department! Shortfall of Staff was made up by ME taking on 20%, Others made up the other 5%. I am the Work Horse in the Secret Lab, just stay the HELL AWAY FROM ME when I go 0ver 4 hrs without a SMOKE!!! Homicide may happen!

But I am better now.,....

It is FRIDAY!!! and Every Friday Night you can find me HERE

Click On LIVE ZONE, then Click on the Current Date of the SHOW!

I will be here EVERY FRIDAY NIGHT, and Most Night's I get off from Working. I am Easy to spot, as I am Smoker Dave!!! 10PM-2AM Pacific Time. 1AM-5AM Eastern Time

Now to just post quickly, How About THIS!!! If you are an ILLEGAL ALIEN, and have STOLEN Someone's IDENTITY who is HERE LEGALLY, so YOU Can WORK HERE ILLEGALLY, YOU STILL GET SOCIAL SECURITY BENEFITS From the FELONY FRAUD CommiTED!!!! And this when Social Security may not Exist in 20 or 30 years For LEGAL AMERICAN CITIZENS Working All their LIFE and following the Letter of the LAW!!!! I say ANY Wages actually collected by the Gov't / IRS for Social Security, the Whole Time being Illegal Here and WORKING Illegally should be part of the FINE the Federal Gov't wants to ONCE AGAIN!!!! Remember we did this back in 1986!!! And it was SUPPOSED to be only ONCE!!!! When we had 3 to 4 Million Illegals HERE in the COUNTRY! Now we have 12 to 20 MILLION ILLEGALS HERE!!!!!

See the STORY HERE!!!

VERY SOON, VIOLENCE will ERUPT on the Border! In Fact it Already has! Mexicans Shooting BACK at US in the USA! But We can't Shoot back..... Time will come soon when everyday Joe 6-Pack will start Shooting Back!!! TRUST ME!!! See the STORY HERE!!!

And Now the Minority Leader of the US SENATE calls making ENGLISH the OFFICIAL Language of the USA "RASCIST"!!!! DAMN IT!!! If I go to France, Germany, Mexico, Russia, or wherever on a VACATION I do NOT Expect it to be EASY to Communicate with the Populace in English! BUT! We Somehow are OBLIGATED to provide this to Everyone when NO OTHER COUNTRY DOES SO???? See the STORY HERE!!!

By the Way we ALSO need to give All Public Services and Help to people here ILLEGALLY. OPPS!!! We ALREADY DO THAT!!! BUT WHY IS IT, Because I don't Speak a WORD in SPANISH, in my own COUNTRY, the USA, I am viewed as a RACSIST in my own Country by the ILLEGALS for not learning SPANISH!!!! Doesn't it make Sence that if you come Here from Elsewhere on your own, YOU LEARN ENGLISH!!!???? AND NOT FORCE EVERYONE in the COUNTRY to LEARN you IDIOTIC LANGUAGE???? Yes I am PISSED OFF!!!!

And you can bet your Last $ I will Not Be Pissed ON!!!!

OK, Done for Now!!! Tonight LATE: The WEEKENDER EDITION!!!

1,711 Days of WWIII


Let's continue where we left off yesterday! The Weenie Attacks continued!!! This Time a WIFE, (Bi-Polar, hmm... wonder if she is the MOM of the last article I posted Yesterday....???) Thinking HUBBY was Cheating on her, tried with her Sharp Nails to take off his Whole Package! Nearly succeeded too! See the STORY HERE!!!

Maybe it all starts with this. BOOB TAG in School between consenting Students for the past 5+ Months. I am asumming that the tattle-tail is a Girl who wanted to PLAY TOO! But her "Apples" were too small..... So by not being able to join in the Tag Game, she was Offended!!! And her retribution was to rat out those who played the Game. That's my Theory.... Here is the STORY HERE!!!

Let's Continue this day with Weird and Funny News for Now.

Hey if you want to Recycle, That's Great, use the Recycle Bin, or go ahead and Cash in your Aluminum Beer and Soda Cans for $$$. But please do it on a Regular basis!!! 70,000 unrinsed Coors Light Beer cans over 8 yrs in your Home is NOT GOOD!!! See the STORY and PHOTO'S HERE!!!

Hmmm....Do you think Being DRUNK had anything to do with THIS???? Great A Coffin to Pass Out in!!!. Then again how do you cause $4,000 in Damage to a Stainless Stell Coffin???? Unless that's how much it depreciates when Sold as "USED", like a New Car when you Drive it off the Dealership Car Lot. See the STORY HERE!!!

MONKEY TALK!!! I thought this is what LIBERALS SPOKE. But then I realized they were actually talking about MONKEYS!!!! The Kind you find in ZOO's, not the ones you find in Gov't in the Northeast like in Massachusettes! Not Ted Kennedy, or John F****** Kerry, but real MONKEYS, all covered with Hair and Bare-Assed! Seems that Clans of these MONKEYS made up of 1 Adult Male and several Females (Must be Mormon MONKEYS..... Ref: FBI Most Wanted TOP 10 Warren Jeffs) They supposedly speak in simple sentances in syntax. Take it for what it's Worth! See the STORY HERE!!!

1 BILLION PEOPLE ON-LINE???? Well that's what this STORY CLAIMS!!! See the STORY HERE!!!

Well I willbe back Tomorrow! The WEEKEND is NEARLY HERE!!!

1,710 Days of WWIII


I voted yesterday in the Mesa, AZ City Election. I went 1 and 1. At least the most important one went they way I wanted it! Mesa still remains the Largest City in the USA without a Property Tax. But I lost in the vote to keep the Sales Tax the same, it will rise 1/2%. For some Reason Mesa wants to be a mix of Scottsdale (Fine Arts, uppity type things) and Phoenix (Big Business, etc) instead of finding it's own unique destination spot in The Valley of the Sun. We had the Chance alone or with Tempe to land the Arizona Cardinals Stadium, but the voters passed on that, so now it is in Glendale in the West Valley. Now Mesa has a MO concious. (MISSED OUT). Mesa does not need, or can succeed trying to be a Phoenix/Scottsdale/Tempe mix. That would just make us a second place Mutt. There is nothing wrong with being a big city in a Huge Metro Area that is a bit more quite, family friendly, a place to call home with all the busy madness just a short drive away. Based on what is in the news, Mesa has closed up shop! 'Tis not the Case! See the STORY HERE!!!

Well this IS a Start! At least We are going to Start Building a WALL!!! See the STORY HERE!!!

GOOD THING!!! Think the Mexicans are Streaming over the Border NOW? Just wait until CIVIL WAR Breaks Out!!! See the STORY HERE!!!

Now here is a Story on Students going to Court over their participation in last months PROTEST Marches. AFTER they were WARNED! Sorry Kids, time to pay the FINE $$, or do the Community Service Time!!! Time to learn that protesting can lead to sanctions, or other penalties, protesting can lead to subseguent repriasals to an extant. If you are REQUIRED to be somewhere... LIKE SCHOOL! Going to a Protest March or Demonstration instead does not make you IMMUNE to displinary actions!!! Trust Me! When you have a JOB, and your BOSS says YOU WILL BE HERE, and you are not.... He has EVERY RIGHT TO FIRE YOU! You can't CRY that it is your RIGHT TO PROTEST. Well you can, it is YOUR RIGHT. But the BOSS still has the RIGHT TO FIRE YOU! See the STORY HERE!!!

I have 1 Story on the Stranger Side Today. 8th Grade Girls should not be Biting on 6 year Old's WEENIE!!!! AND Leaving TEETH MARKS and BRUISING!!! ON a SCHOOL BUS!!! Where was Oscar Mayer to the RESCUE when you needed the Weenie Mobile!!! This little Boy will be afraid of Oral Sex for the rest of his Life because of this!!! See the STORY HERE!!!

I can only tell it like it is...!

See you Tomorrow!!!

1,709 Days of WWIII


Well folks the Outside Temp here at my "Secret Armed Compound" broke the 100 degree Barrier yesterday at about 1:30PM. So it is now OFFICIAL! The Shorts and A/C Season has begun! Should last 5 to 5 1/2 months. I have the programable Thermostat set at a high range of about 85-88 during the time when nobody is here, to a low range of 81-84 during the night. Just remember to me 30 degrees here in AZ is like 40 below when I was living in Northern NY!!!

Yes I was pointed out this morning at the Quarterly Meeting for reaching 20 yrs at work in the "Secret Lab" come this June 2nd. Now I learn they are going to have a liitle party for me at work. I hate these! Cake, or Bagels, breakfast stuff is the norm. I want Beers, Smokes, and Dancing Girls!!!! I know Damn well I won't get what I want!

Now to the NEWS!

Well this should throw some COLD WATER on the Conspiracy NUTS who believe it was a MISSLE and not American Airlines Flight 77 that slammed into the Pentagon on 09-11-01. See the STORY HERE!!!

President Bush's PrimeTime Speech last night. I give it a GRADE F!!!! At BEST a D- !!! This is a bunch BS window dressing that will NOT do ONE thing to stop the massive flow of ILLEGALS into this Country!!! Just GREAT!!! The National Guard is going to be changing the Oil on the Border Patrol's Vehicals, doing Administrative Paper Work, etc. etc.!!! The National Guard WILL NOT be Patrolling the BORDER!!!! Because we don't want to upset the Corrupt Gov't of Mexico too much!!!!

Those of you following this web site for more than a year will remember this Univesity of Colorado Professor Ward Churchill and his paper day after 9-11 that, "....comparing some Sept. 11, 2001, World Trade Center victims to Nazi bureaucrat Adolf Eichmann who managed plans to exterminate European Jews,.....". See the STORY HERE!!!

Well I am going to call it a Day/Night. I had to stop and Vote in Mesa, AZ. City Elections, to Vote NO on Everything!!! As it is all on Tax Increases because the City Council likes to spend like the US Congress!!!

I will be back TomorroW!!!

1,708 Days of WWIII


Well folks, it looks like today will be the Last day that I have the A/C Off. Yesterday the High here at "The Secret Armed Compound" reached 99.7 degrees. And it is now 99.5 at 12:45PM today and still rising, should break 100 today. I knew it was coming, but at least I made my Goal of waiting as long as I did.

Tomorrow at work in "The Secret Lab" we have our Quarterly Meeting. Amoung all the things brought up is the listing of all those reaching yearly Anniveraries at work. Whether it is 1, 2, 3, 6, Whatever. I am sure I am going to be singled out for hitting 20 yrs come June 2nd. So is it because I am that dependale on 3rd shift, or that I'm too lazy to find a different Job? Well the fact is I like what I do, and 3rd Shift, well I guess I am more of a night person. Plus I get to listen to Coast To Coast AM Radio Show every night at work! That's probably it, I am even MORE ADDICTED to this Show than my SMOKES!!!!

Not many of us anywhere who can say they have worked for the same place for 20 years, most of it on 3rd shift! Of the nearly 200 in "The Secret Lab", nobody else is even in double digits (10+ yrs) on the 3rd Shift. Smoker Dave, the Icon of the Graveyard Shift at "the Secret Lab"!

OK, now to the NEWS!

President Bush' Address tonight. I fear that is is just a bunch of Hype that anything Real will change at the Border. Unless Bush deploys 20 to 30,000 National Guard Troops to patrol and lay big Barbed Wire Spools in areas where the border is only a survey marker, then it's really no change. The Troops in these #'s to lay a simple deterrence fence until we build a High Tech Secrity Wall to cut off the flow of illegals from a gusher to a trickle is the ONLY way to go. Then we need to figure out what to do with the 11 to 20 million illegals already here. But 1st things 1st! We HAVE to stop the inward tsunami of Illegals right NOW!!!

Mother's Day Story! Of coarse it has an ARIZONA Connection! Can you imagin beig this woman, knowing all her life her Mother Died in a Car Crash? Then finding out the Truth???? See the STORY HERE!!!

Imagin this. Now PRETEND you are your Parents, or Grandparents. BUYING Drinking WATER from a STORE!!! Well now starting.... BUYING CANNED AIR TO BREATHE!!!! I'm not Kidding!!!! At 7-11 Stores in Japan!!! How long before it gets HERE???? See the STORY HERE!!!

NO UFO's in the Past 30 yrs over Britian. No solid objects, etc. But warns Air Force Pilots not to Chase them because of a possibility of COLLISION!!!! Is this double speak or WHAT???? See the STORY HERE!!!

How can this possibly happen???? In 17 yrs the Wife didn't realize her "Husband" was a woman??????? USED A "HOMEMADE PART OF THE ANATOMY FOR SEX"??????? What the Hell is that?????? A STRAP-ON and the Wife had no clue??? See the STORY HERE!!!

1,706 Days of WWIII

05/13/05 Saturday Very Early AM


Now for this week's Review and next week's Preview of everything that is Coast To Coast AM, MY RADIO SHOW at work in "The Secret Lab". Smoker Dave is glad to provide to you, my new friend from the X-Conference in Washington D.C., Tim Binnall.

the binnall report

Saturday night in The Bell Zone, Art was still in the process of moving to the Philippines and in his place was Lisa Garr as guest host. Her guest was Gregg Braden, of "God Code" fame. He was on to talk about consciousness, ancient wisdom, and other nebulous topics. But weren't we all listening to hear Terri Garr's niece ? I was. I thought she was, in a word, sultry. Good energy, good voice, a seemingly good knowledge of esoterica. She's a keeper. Twas good to have a woman hosting C2C for the first time in almost two years, since Barbara Simpson went missing. I'm all for more Garr. I think she's earned a second shot.

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1,705 Days of WWIII


Well folks I am in a much better Mood now that it is the WEEKEND!!!

By the Way Phoenix did hit 100 degrees yesterday just after 2PM. It got to 97 here at my place. Since on the Weekends, 'cept for Friday Night I sleep during the NIGHT, I should be able to make it thru the Weekend without A/C. Especially since I need to spend Saturday afternoon shopping for a Mother's Day Gift, etc. As of now I predict the A/C goes ON on Tuesday May 16th, thru early-mid October. So next update is when I do put the A/C on, and when MY Place hits 100 degrees.

I am running late today, just preparing in advance to get up a little Early to catch the 2nd 1/2 of tonight's SUNS VS CLIPPERS NBA Game, and to be Ready for Tonight's Coast 2 Coast AM SHOW and my LIVE WEEKLY Appearence in the ChatRoom. It's a PARTY! I need to be BEER Ready!

So because of Mother's Day I will have to again put off seeing UNITED 93 Movie. Well since by then the A/C will be humming along and getting Warm here, I will use Next Sunday to see the Movie in a CHILLY Theater! By then I know my Freebie Movie Pass will work. Only will have to PAY FOR what I Eat and Drink at the Movie.

Remember it is FRIDAY!!! And Late Tonight The WEEKENDER EDITION!!!

But before, during, and After I will be: HERE!!! 10PM-2AM West Coast Time, 1AM-5AM East Coast Time

Click On LIVE ZONE, then Click on the Current Date of the SHOW!

I will be here EVERY FRIDAY NIGHT, and Most Night's I get off from Working. I am Easy to spot, as I am Smoker Dave!!!

1,704 Days of WWIII


NSA BUILDING MASSIVE DATABASE OF PHONE CALLS!!! Well haven't folks this is the Liberal media lying to your FACE, and also using SCARE TACTICS. What is being Collected is #'s. What Number is calling what, and from where to where. None of the Phone Calls are recorded. Basically it is like your Phone Bill, Calls to, Recieved From, etc. You or I can PURCHASE all of this Info FOR ANY PHONE #. For under $100, LEGALLY!!! What is being done is thru Computer Technology, Alogarithims, unsnarl the Spider Web just like we did to find Saddam in the SPIDER HOLE! Just like "ABLE DANGER" Did when they Identified most of the Terrorists PRIOR to 9-11. But the 9-11 Comminsion refused to hear their Evidence, I bet CLINTINOID Sandy Burger smuggled that Info out of The NATIONAL ARCHIVES in his underwear to clear the Clinton Administration from being at Fault. Remember there HAS to be a Reason why WE haven't been ATTACKED Again since 9-11, besides that they are so Patient. You know they want to hit us bad, and Over and Over. Why haven't They? Well maybe because what we are Doing! Remember Osama Din Laden was using a Satallite Phone until the Media let out a Story that we were tracking Satallite Phone Calls. One of the Reasons we missed him in In the where was it, Bora Bora Something like that Operation in Afghanistan. Every time news of this gets out American Liberties are not being made more Secure, the Security of this COUNTRY has been undermined. So the Terrorists learned a few Months ago were tracking Foriegn Based Calls to this Country, and NOW they know that the Phone 3's they have called are being inputed into a computer to unravel who else has called, or called from a Phone # that a KNOWN Terrorist overseas has called. This is how WE FIND THESE BASTARDS!!! And every trick we lose to the disclosure using FEAR TACTICS by the Liberal Media just makes the SECURITY of this NATION that much HARDER in a TIME OF WAR!!! Remember Folks, we are in WORLD WAR III. A twisted Sort of 1938 Style. A liberal Chamberlin proclaiming "PEACE IN OUR TIME", after meeting with HITLER..... Same thing the Liberal Media is doing with the Idiot PRESIDENT of IRAN's Letter to President Bush.

From what I am hearing this 18 page Letter from the President of Iran is a Requirement under Islamic Law/Scripture. To give the INFIDELS a Chance to convert to ISLAM before Conquest and the be-headings and Killing of the INFIDELS begin. This sort of Parrallels Hitler in the late 1930's. This is like Germany and Japan back then. Now we have Iran and North Korea today. And the Stakes are a LOT HIGHER!!!

See the Story I originally referred to HERE!!!

TODAY the "President of Iran" said Israel is: An EVIL REGIME that will someday Disappear. Etc. Etc. See the Story HERE!!!

OK, the Weekend is ALMOST HERE, I am in a better mood on Weekends, not having to Work, do what I want, etc. Well I ran across this Story today from near my Hometown in Northern New York, about 10 miles or so away. IF! I were 10 years older or so, and IF it would be really a "HOBBY", And I was also Financially Secure thru Retirement, AND I didn't mind 9 months of SNOW AGAIN! OK exaggerated there a little, but NOT BY MUCH! This might be Appealing.... Maybe I should wait until Tortilla Flat is up for Sale and see if I can Pull that off! See what I am talking about from near my Old Hometown in the Story HERE!!! Well for what I mentioned next would cost a bit More $$$ See the LINK HERE!!!

Well it's getting late so calling it a "Night", or Day for most of you.... See you Tomorrow!!!

1,703 Days of WWIII


A Short UpDate, and a bit more on the lighter side for a break.

Wow! Mother's Day is this SUNDAY! Guess I know what I'm doing Saturday! Mother's Day Gift Shopping Buying!

Well it looks like the Forcast for Phoenix to hit 100 degrees has been pushed back a Day to Friday. We'll see. Sure it is still Warm here in the mid to upper 90's, but not so bad when the HUMIDIDTY is under 15%. That's is what we call a DRY HEAT! A LOT DIFFERENT come June/July when the Temp is Over 100 and the Humididty is over 30%. I'll let you know when I break down and turn on the A/C. I will be 1st, sleeping from 3PM-9PM. I don't count people who have the HEAT ON in "WINTER" here turned up to 82 or more, and during the SUMMER turn the A/C to 74 or lower! The reverse Settings make a LOT more SENSE!!!

Well let's go to a few NEWS Tid-Bits

Hmmm.... EVOLUTION. Happening FASTER at the Equator.... I don't know... More Heat, more Evolution, don't see it here in Arizona where the Heat is.... Or maybe we are still weeding out the Fittest from the populace. See the STORY HERE!!!

Back in 11th Grade High School Class the Chemistry Teacher gave a Demonstration of Sodium Metal and WATER interacting.... "BOOM!!! Teenage Guys, and ALL Guys in General Like things that go BOOM! It's in our GENES!!! The only thing they REALLY did WRONG was use a GLASS BEAKER! Should have had a Metal Beaker or container. That's the problem with today's Schools! They took ALL the FUN out of Biology (DISSECTIONS), Chemistry (Things that go BOOM!), and I bet some Physics Experiments are now "Banned". You can't get kids interested in something that is extremely Boring and Tedious TEXTBOOKWISE if there is No Reward of some type of FUN in the process!!! EXAMPLE: I remember back in 7th Grade a friend and I were Dissecting a FROG, and my friend JOKED that MMMM!!!! Looks Like CHICKEN!!! Made the Biology Teacher (a she), run out of the Biology Lab to, ah, er, Upchuck the Chicken Cafateria Lunch we all just had..... This Episode still Ranks High as one of my favorite Jr. High School Memories, from 30 YEARS Ago!!! So what has Happened? Well I work in a SECRET LAB, related to BIOLOGY and CHEMISTRY for come June 2nd, 20 YEARS!!! So what am I getting at? These Kids should NEVER have been ARRESTED, it is the dumbing down of the Educational System that should be arrested for uninspiring Curriculum!!!

See the STORY HERE!!!


Well if you are my Age, say mid 30's to mid 40's or more, and Paid Attention in Science, Chemistry, and Biology Classes in School. This would be no surprise or Revelation to you. I have known of this for well over 25 years just from my High School Education!!! I think I will tell what goes into LIPSTICK another TIME........ See the STORY HERE!!!

Want to Keep Mortgage Payments LOW???? How about a 50 YEAR Mortgage???? WHAT??? NEED to wait until your 75 to pay it Off if you BUY YOUNG???? Not the PLAN for ME! That's for Sure!!! See the STORY HERE!!!

High School Graduations now about to Start All over the Country. If you have kids in High School or about to Graduate, I have Something back from near my Hometown in Northern New York you should Share with these Teenagers, a bit of Real Life. It is HARSH, Graphic in TEXT, and your kids need to know it! See the STORY HERE!!!

If it Saves 1 LIFE, it is worth IT!!!

'Till Tomorrow!!!

1,702 Days of WWIII


I can't believe this!!! But it is TRUE!!!! The USA Federal Gov't is INFORMING the Corrupt Mexican Gov't where the Volunteer Civilians are Watching the Border..... THIS IS OUTRAGEOUS!!!! The Federal Gov't HELPING ILLEGAL IMMIGRANTS and DRUG Cartel Smugglers cross the BORDER!!!! This is ABSOLUTELY DISGUSTING!!!! See the STORY HERE!!!

As if that isn't a BIG ENOUGH PROBLEM, now we have suspected Terrorists, or Arabs in Contact with known Arab Terrorists buying HUGE #'s of Pre-Paid Cell Phones that are Hard to track, and can be used to set off Explosives, Bombs, or be used as components in a IED (Improvised Explosive Device)! See the STORY HERE!!! You BET WE have BIG TROUBLE AHEAD!!! Just like 9-11 Bit US in the ASS for our Stupidity!!! When will this get fixed???? I am Afraid it won't be, until we lose a CITY Like NEW ORLEANS, not to a Hurricane, but a Nuclear Device. The Average American is already been Lulled to Sleep since the Horror of 9-11. To most it seems SO LONG AGO! It hasn't even been 5 YEARS!!!! REMEMBER it was in 1993 that The World Trade Center was 1st Attacked by Terrorists. It was 8 YEARS LATER They finally Succeeded! Those who ignore HISTORY will be DOOMED to relive HISTORY!

Remember WE ALLOWED NORTH KOREA to develop NUCLEAR WEAPONS in their own SECRET PROGRAM Because We believed them when they Said They Wouldn't! Iran KEEPS SAYING ISRAEL will be WIPED OFF THE MAP! But it's NUCLEAR PROGRAM is for PEACEFUL PURPOSES ONLY! Let me SEE, thay have ALL this OIL, Little Electricity use as a Country in whole. IRAN sees NO PEACE before the Elimination of ISRAEL! So by IRAN'S Standards using a Nuclear Weapon to wipe out ISRAEL (All it would take is ONE Israel is so small). Would in IRAN'S VIEW be for a PEACEFUL PURPOSE!!!!

More on IRAN: Here is the gist of the WHAKED OUT PRESIDENT OF IRAN letter to President Bush. See the STORY HERE!!!

SLEEP WELL My Friends....

1,701 Days of WWIII


Well I haven't gone to see "UNITED 93" yet, almost went yesterday. Probably this coming Sunday sine the anticipated HEAT-UP is set to begin and a Movie Theater is one place you can get real Chilly.

The forcast is for Phoenix to hit the 100 degree mark this Thurs. Out here about 25 miles away it is usually 3 or 4 degrees cooler. I'll let you know when Phoenix reaches 100 and also when I hit 100. But it looks like I may make my gaol of not using the A/C until the double digit date in May.

I don't get all the hub-ub over the Nominee for Director of the CIA because he is a General. CIA foriegn intelligence. Maybe it would be a cause of concern if he were to be Director of the FBI, which is Domestic. NOBODY Complained when Jimmy Carter had an ADMIRAL Running the CIA!

War of Words escalating! Israel now says that, "IRAN can also be wiped off the Map!" See the STORY HERE!!!

No Movie Deal anytime soon by newest nut-case Tom Cruise whose "Mission Impossible III" Bombed over the weekend. You see, he has a New Scientology Coarse to attend! SUPER POWER! So I assume he will be in Clearwater, Florida SOON! See the STORY HERE!!!

New Report that UFO's are not REAL! Bull! There are UFO's. Unidentified Flying Objects. Even the USA has admitted it, from the U-2 Spyplane, The SR-71 BlawBird, The F-117 Stealth Fighter, the B-2 Stealth Bomber, etc. These were all called UFO's when spotted, and they WERE UFO's!!!! The Question remaining is: Are any of the UFO's not of our doing? I bet there are! But for a Gov't Reprt to say there is no such thing is a Bold Faced LIE! See the STORY HERE!!!

Fast Food Clerk RAGE! Dear Owner of this Fast Food Joint, May as well hand the Keys over to the Victim. The Lawsuit is going to cost more than the worth of the place. You should have screened you employees a lot better! See the STORY HERE!!!

A new MARINE-ONE, the Presidential Helicopter is in the works. Oh sure, people will think that George W. Bush is abusing Presidential Powers, etc. But the new Helicopter won't be ready for Service until well after President Bush has left Office! See the STORY HERE!!!


Australian Miners trapped for 2 Weeks now FREE!!! See the STORY HERE!!!

The Economy!!! OH Woe the Economy as the Major Media portrays it. In the STOCK MARKET, We are less than 150 points from an ALL-TIME HIGH!!!!

From The Drudge Report:

Zacarias Moussaoui claims he lied on the stand about being involved in 9/11, and he has asked to withdraw his guilty plea... Developing...

OK FINE!!! Then let's give him the DEATH PENALTY For PERJURY!!!!!

See the STORY HERE!!!

1,699 Days of WWIII

05/06/05 Saturday Very Early AM


Now for this week's Review and next week's Preview of everything that is Coast To Coast AM, MY RADIO SHOW at work in "The Secret Lab". Smoker Dave is glad to provide to you, my new friend from the X-Conference in Washington D.C., Tim Binnall.

the binnall report

A couple of weeks ago, after Noory hosted a four hour Open Line session, I worried that he was becoming an Open Line addict. For a while, it seemed like he'd kept the demons in check. Until this week, when he filled the TBA slot with ... Open Lines. So we had OL on Wednesday and we'll be having it again on Friday this week. If you think I listened to this "special" Open Lines, then you haven't been reading much of this column before. Of course I skipped it and caught up on the weekend's episodes. Apparently, the "special topic line" was the "Time to Vent Line", where callers would bitch and moan about something and Noory would play Dr. Phil or something. Since I couldn't get through on the TTV Line, allow me to vent here : No one likes Open Lines. Stop doing them so much. I hate them ! I hate them ! I hate them ! Bring back Jordan Maxwell !! Wow. I do feel better. Thanks, Noory.

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1,698 Days of WWIII


ILLEGAL DE MAYO, A lot of drunks Driving around Here Tonight!!!

CFortunately, the furthest I will travel is to my "Park Bench" just outside my "Secret Armed Compound's" Front Door. While Listening to Coast To Coast AM with George Noory and my Cyber Friends and REAL FRIEND'S at the NightHawk Zone from 1AM-5AM EST, or 10PM-2AM my TIME!!!

I got home late today, no time to post NEWS, etc. Plus need to get up Early to be Ready to Party at 10PM tonight!

REMEMBER.... Late Tonight "THE WEEKENDER EDITION", no longer will be DELAYED like last Week!

Now for Tonight, this is where I'll be. I snagged 1 'ole Friend to the Chatroom last Friday. I am sill on the Search of old BLUE ROOMERS to Abduct to the Chatroom. Like SplitBolt, SgtBBQ, SilkWood, etc.!

Click On LIVE ZONE, then Click on the Current Date of the SHOW!

I will be here EVERY FRIDAY NIGHT, and Most Night's I get off from Working. I am Easy to spot, as I am Smoker Dave!!!

1,697 Days of WWIII


WOW! What a difference 4 Months Make! The Arizona Cardinals now moving to their Brand New State of the Art Football Stadium recently named as 1 of the Top 10 Sports Arenas in the World, from the run-down 2nd rate for even a Major College (ASU) Stadium where the Cards recently have only filled to 1/2 to 2/3rds full, with a Sell-Out once a year or so. Now have Reason to Celebrate. Ticket Sales were expected to pick up with the New Stadium, picked up more speed with a Key Free-Agent Signing. And now Flying with the Drafting of USC's QB Lienart. Who apparently is putting a lot of young Female Butts in the Seats of the New Stadium. To the point that nearly ALL Season Ticket Seats are SOLD! Well at LEAST I found out that the PARKING PASSES will be done the same way as the Seat Selection was. Senority Counts #1! Which means I should have an Excellent Spot and a very short walk to the Escalator to my 48 Yrd Line Seat, 2nd Level, ROW 1 , Seat 4. The same view you get on TV from the 50 Yrd Line Camera.

Illegal Aleins: You GO! Sheriff JOE!!! You bet I agree with the Sheriff and our County Prosecutor on this. The Smugglers would NOT have ANYONE to SMUGGLE HERE if they didn't become PART Of The Conspiracy to Smuggle!!!! See the STORY HERE!!!

How would you like this FAME! I Drank SO MUCH.... I broke the Breathalyzer!!!! And YOU are the Mayor???? "TILT!!!" And the Wife is still Standing by her Man.... so to speak. Denying Everything, of past calls, ETC! Good Grief!!! HOW MANY BEERS do I have to drink in what Amount of time to "BLOW PAST" .4??????? See the STORY HERE!!!

ONLY IN CALIFORNIA!!!! But this is where the LUNACY STARTS!!!! A Bill before the Legislature to BAN from School Textbooks, the references to MOM, DAD, Husband, Wife, Prom King, Prom Queen, etc.!!!! I am not Kidding!!!! See the STORY HERE!!!

WARNING TO VEGANS!!! Roasted Veggies will ROT YOUR TEETH!!!! For the "MEAT" of this Article, see the STORY HERE!!!

OH MY GOD!!!! The GLOBAL WARMING WE Humans are causing Here on EARTH, is NOW AFFECTING JUPITOR!!!! Last I knew it was MARS and Venus Warming up. MARS we can blame on the SOLAR POWERED ROVERS we have there. OH! Wait a minute! There is not 1 DAMN THING we can do HERE on EARTH to Cause Venus, Mars, Jupitor to warm up. Thus I say there isn't much we can actually do here to warm up EARTH!!! I bet the SUN has a Lot to do with it!!! But HOW can that be be??? The SUN never filed an ENVIRONMENTAL IMPACT STUDY!!!! See the STORY HERE!!!

NOTE TO TERRORISTS: If making a Propaganda Film, don't include the OUTAKES which shows you don't know what the Hell or your Followers know what they are Doing!!! ie: Machine Gun Jams, can't fix it yourself. Followers pick up "said" Machine Gun when you leave, by the BARREL!!!! And BURN THEMSELVES!!!!! See the STORY HERE!!!

Well I posted the Best stuff for Today, have some more minor tid-bits, but I am going to call it the end of Today's Post. One GOOD thing! The WEEKEND IS NEARLY HERE!!!!

See you Tomorrow!!!

1,696 Days of WWIII


Well the very Slow Cooling trend has started here, only mid-90's today. But will shoot back up starting next Monday May 8th. So my new Goal is reaching the double digits in the May Date before the A/C is back on for the next 5 1/2 - 6 Months. I say the odds are "IFFY" or 50-50. I'll let you know.

Well here is another sign of the Defeat and now Backlash against the Illeagal Alien Boycott and Demonstrations of this past Monday. Now Good 'ole Sherrif Joe Arpaio the "TOUGHEST SHERIFF IN AMERICA" where you were PINK Underware NO SMOKING!!! No TV except the Weather Channel. Green Bologna for Lunch, etc. Is bring up the Volunteer Sheriff's Posse to patrol the Desert Areas of this County for Illegal Aliens sneaking in, or literally dying to get here. See the STORY HERE!!!

Remember the Quintuple Murder that happend a couple of Miles from my "Secret Armed Compound" a couple of Months ago? DEATH PENALTY is an option. See the STORY HERE!!!

Keith Richards of the "ROLLING BONES" who fell from a Palm Tree last week now to have BRAIN SURGERY!!!! OH WAIT!!! It's to remove a Blood Clot, NOT to see if he still has One!!! This guy is so Chemically Preserved, he will outlast any TWINKIE or RAMEN PRIDE NOODLES!!! Keith Richards having Brain Surgery is like Michael Jackson having a Sex Change Operation, What? Remove his HANDS? Or the Gloved Hand?? He has no nuts, no Balls, no Penis, no Nose, and no TITS!!! So it (Michael Jackson) is Sexless in Gender for years. Just like Keith Richards is now and has been for Years BRAINLESS!!! See the STORY HERE!!!

Fat Bastard TOO Heavy to sneak into this COUNTRY!!! My guess is WAY TOOOO MANY Tacos, Burritos, Pizzas, etc. TOO MANY OF EVERYTHING!!!! This isn't hard to figure out. See the STORY HERE!!!

OK, now to link this Story with another, called a "segway" on Radio! There is this woman in California Plagued by CONSTANT Sexual Arousal!!! I have the CURE!!!! Just Post the Photo in the PREVIOUS STORY as Her "LOVER BOY"!!!! That should Do It!!! See the STORY HERE!!!

What happened to EDUCATION in the Public Schools??? Obviously Education is NOT HAPPENING!!! SEE the STORY HERE!!!

For Crying Out LOUD!!! Want a Painless EXECUTION? Let me use my Gun and Shoot you just behind the Ear! Trust me! You won't Feel a THING!!! Only the Gov't can screw even this up!!! See the STORY HERE!!!


MOUSSAOUI VERDICT REACHED! Is it Life in Prison, Or DEATH!!?? We will soon find out. I will stay here until the Verdict is Read, it better BE DEATH!!!!

DAMN!!! The IDIOT JURY Gave him a Comfortable Life In PRISON with 3 MEALS a DAY, Free MEDICAL CARE, A Prayer RUG, a KORAN, and Specialized "ISLAMIC FOOD"!!!! The Jury Blames MOMMY AND DADDY!!!! So he will be imprisoned for the next 40 to 50 years at a cost of $50,000 to $100,000 a year!!! That would be anywhere from $2 MILLION to $5 Million to keep this Demon in PRISON for the rest of his life in TODAYS $$$$!!!!! And All that is REALLY NEEDED is a 5cent BULLET!!!!

See you Tomorrow!!!

1,695 Days of WWIII


'YO ISRAEL!!! You have been threatened by IRAN and it's insane "PRESIDENT". Now THEY will ATTACK YOU, even if it's the USA that Attacks IRAN!!! ISRAEL, you have a Smaller AIR FORCE than the USA, but it absolute terms of Quality exceeds the USA. You have either the F-15I or F-16I Jets, the "I" Standing for IRAN!!!! That You ISRAEL Modified!!! Time to use THEM!!!! I know you know we the USA are your biggest supporter, if WE attack Iran, then they Hit YOU! So it is better overall to hit IRAN 1st before the USA, if it escalates, the 1st Attackee will remain the same, but ALL COUNTRIES KNOW we, the USA will be hitting BACK VERY HARD!!!! Just make sure you take the INSANE PRESIDENT and as many of th Mullahs as you can in the 1st STRIKE!!! You have a GREEN LIGHT TO GO From Me!!! See the STORY HERE!!!

HOLY COW!!! Now High School Teachers are going from trying to Have SEX with their Students, to Trying to KILL Their Students!!! See the STORY HERE!!!

This is a Bunch of BS!!! Is the POINT of this STORY is for me to FEEL SORRY FOR HIM!!! And other GAMBLERS who LOSE ALL THEIR $$$$????? To Hell with THAT!!! I don't FEEL SORRY ONE BIT!!!! Oh the placades, "I have solved all my problems except this GAMBLING PROBLEM that has cost me $60 MILLION"!!!!! To hell with you, you fat golfer!!! And to Hell with All of those who can't be an ADULT and take Responsibility for your own Actions!!! See the STORY HERE!!!

All I can say about this Story, is AT LEAST The 1st BAKED BABY of the YEAR didn't happen in ARIZONA!!! But it will, Sadly Happen. See the STORY HERE!!!

Everything Fine in AZ in the DAY AFTER of the BOYCOTT! If any change is noted, the Illegals pissed off more people and lost a Day's worth of PAY!!! BRILLIANT FREAKING BRILLIANT!!!!

See you Tomorrow!!!

1,694 Days of WWIII


The Delayed WEEKENDER EDITION will be posted at the end of this update.


Today is the day which Illegal Immigrants are supposed to shut down many Cities, LA, Tuscon, Fresno, Phoenix, Chicago, etc. Well folks, I can think of 2 Days a year where much is shutdown. Thanksgiving Day, and Christmas Day. So I believe this is what they were trying to accomplish. Well In the Phoenix AZ Metro area. We are having MASSIVE ECONOMIC Disruption!!!! This is Confirmed: 2 Mexican Fast Food Joints CLOSED, 1 McDonalds Restaurant has only the DRIVE-THRU OPEN!!!! AND NOW IT'S LUNCHTIME!!!! OH the WOE the Illegal Immigrants are imposing on us!!!! And there is also 1 Child Day Care Center CLOSED!!!! Now there are RUMORS that a Used Tire Shop may be Closed!!!! And the Demonstration at 2 Home Depots here!!!! Now Reports of some USED CAR Businesses are CLOSED!!!

Let me see.... Probably over 1,000 Mexican Fast Food Joints here, Probably 500 McDonalds, hundreds of Day Care Centers, maybe 40-50 Home Depots here. A used car place every few blocks.....(Probably being sold by Se Habla Espanol!!!!) Yep! Sure the Phoenix Metro area is SHUTDOWN!!!! NOT!!!! All this shows me is how little we need them for the "ECONOMY" to function!!!!

NFL DRAFT; DAMMIT!!!! We, AZ Cardinals drafted QB Matt Lienhart USC in the 10th spot in the 1st Round. Sure a great pick, a QB for the Future, and he would have been the very 1st pick if he came out last year. BUT!!!! This does NOT HELP 1 bit for the upcoming Season!!!! I hate taking a QB in the 1st Round! More often than not, it's a bust!

OH NO!!! You mean I will always look like I got out of a COLD POOL?????? PESTICIDES Ruduce PENIS SIZE!!!! See the STORY HERE!!!

OK, now to Rush Limbaugh. 40 pills is what is alleged by the Prosecution. See the STORY HERE!!! AND HERE!!!

BIRD FLU IN NEW JERSEY!!!!! STAY HOME!!! Put up Plastic Sheets with DUCT TAPE along Windows and Doors!!!! Make sure you have 6 months of Water, Food, BATTERIES, and Medical supplies on Hand!!!! Or this will be like Steohen King's Novel "THE STAND"!!!!! NOT!!!! This Bird Flu thing is SOOOO Overblown. All the News about it is way over Hyped! Want to be SAFE? Don't Eat RAW CHICKEN! See the STORY HERE!!!

MMMMMM a SNACK as your going NUTS!!!! CHEWY!!!! See the STORY, and yes, only in HEAT BRAIN DAMAGED ARIZONA, HERE!!!

Yes, the 100+ Degree weather is nearly here! At least I made it to May 1st withouth using my A/C! I will only need it until the end of October, 6 months of High Electric Costs, followed by 6 months of Very Low Electric Costs. Since I am 30 miles East of Sky Harbor International Airport where the OFFICIAL TEMP is taken, I am usually a few degrees Cooler, being on the outside edge of the "Heat Island". I will let you know when I resort to the A/C (Since I sleep during the Afternoon, early Evening), and when I record the 1st 100+ Degree day here in my "Secret Armed Compound".


HAPPY BIRTHDAY EMPIRE STATE BUILDING #75!!!! The last Time I was in the Empire State Building was 4 yrs ago this July. Truly a Magnificient Building!!! See the STORY HERE!!!



Now for this week's Review and next week's Preview of everything that is Coast To Coast AM, MY RADIO SHOW at work in "The Secret Lab". Smoker Dave is glad to provide to you, my new friend from the X-Conference in Washington D.C., Tim Binnall.

the binnall report

binnallofamerica.com is a collection of researchers, writers and philosophers with a keen eye for the absurd in everything, especially the world of the paranormal and new age (i.e. esoterica). We are a stand-alone entity, and impartial observer, serving as a beacon in the night among a sea of voices.

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1,692 Days of WWIII


There is a Delay in posting of THE WEEKENDER EDITION. Apparently my friend needs to increase his Bandwith or something now.

www.binnallofamerica.com is currently unavailable due to exceeded monthly traffic quota.

I will post as soon as it is Available

1,691 Days of WWIII



NFL Draft this Weekend. I wonder who my Cardinals will pick, better not be a Quarterback in the 10th pick of the 1st Round!!!

Another Cool Day here in AZ. That will change soon. Yes we did get a LITTLE RAIN, but around me, I don't believe it was Measurable.

Well most of you know about MAY 1st. Where all the Illegal Immigrants and their Supporters claim that this MONDAY They will shut down the Cities of L.A., Fresno, Phoenix, Tucson, Chicago, and New York City. I don't believe them, and sine I am in the Phoenix Metro Area, I'll let you know. See the STORY HERE!!! SURE the California Senate is in support, but is lying!!!! They say Immigrants!!! They are Lumping ALL IMMIGRANTS into the Illegal IMMIGRANT POOL!!! See the STORY HERE!!! AND BOY OH BOY DO I have something to share with you I just learned a few Hours ago!!! A worker, like myself in a different Dept. in "The Secret Lab", as of about an Hour ago as I write this was just SWORN in as a Natualized American Citizen. I did not know, I just knew she was either a Citizen or here legally. She is of Eastern Descent, never knew she was working hard to become a Citizen, doing everything right. I am proud of, and for her! Not of the protesters of a couple weeks ago, and this coming Monday. And it is getting so Outrageous that They have Re-Recorded the National Anthem, The Star Spangled Banner into Spanish and Re-Titled IT!!! "OUR ANTHEM" See the STORY HERE!!!

Well of coarse the White House Press Corps, full of Conservative and Republican Haters want to watch the Clinton News Channel, CNN!!! Even on Air Force One! I wonder if the previous Administration would even consider FOX NEWS CHANNEL to be even SAID on Bill Clinton's Air Force ONE...... I guess they are UPSET that the Liberal TV NEWS and Newspapers get FORMER White House Clinton Cbinet Memebers and AIDES working for them, but now the FOX NEWS CHANNEL has one of their Own going TO the White House to be Press Secretary!!! CNN has has-beens, and the Best Balance CNN can do is Moderate Liberal VS Liberal and VS Extreme Liberal, while FOX NEWS has Conservative VS Liberal like Hannity and Colmes!!! That's FAIR and BALANCED!!! See the STORY HERE!!!

The Film, UNITED FLIGHT 93 opens today, I will see it this Sunday, or next weekend, heard much about it already, I will have to see it. See the STORY HERE!!!

HA! Just TRY, TRY you Bleeding Heart Liberals that this wasn't a Justified Police Shooting!!!!! I DARE YOU!!!! See the STORY HERE!!!

IRAN: Don't Give a DAMN about the UN!!! Now Confirmed to using PLUTONIUM!!!! So what will it be? Israel Hitting IRAN?, or US? Or a Joint Military Operation? We are beyond Diplomacy Now, something will happen VERY SOON!!! Well yesterday was the NEW MOON, the Darkest Night. Will an ATTACK hppen this weekend? Probably Not. But If things don't Improve or Change, May 27th is the next NEW MOON. See the STORY HERE!!!

Remember LATE Tonight Early Saturday AM will be the Posting of THE WEEKENDER EDITION!!!

AND NOW, in it's INTITIAL DISPLAY as a HOT LINK to the Coast To Coast Chat Room With George Noory and ART BELL(My Longest Co-Worker)

Click On LIVE ZONE, then Click on the Current Date of the SHOW!

I will be here EVERY FRIDAY NIGHT, and Most Night's I get off from Working. I am Easy to spot, as I am Smoker Dave!!!

1,690 Days of WWIII


A nice Cool Day here in the Valley of the SUN. probably not many of these left before November!!! We may get some Rain or a Thunderstorm Late this afternoon or Evening, with a possibilty of Showers thru tomororow morning. We shall See! However the early next week's Forcast for Phoenix has some 100+ Degree Temps in it. Which means mid to upper 90's Here! But that is MAY 1st and forward, and my Goal was to not to use the A/C at all until MAY. You see/remember I sleep from 3PM-9PM during the Week. And have the A/C Off from November-APRIL. 6 months of A/C, 6 months without. I use very Little Heat in the "Winter". Just enough that is is warm enough for me to Shower etc. before I go to work during the week without shivering! Yes I have 6 months of very cheap Electric Bills, and 6 months of High Electric Bills. I know I can even them out, but I won't do that until I am here alone without Housemates. Makes it Fair. Once it is just ME I will do the Averaging thing. That will happen by Late Febuary 2008 or earlier. I hold true to my agreements. I am after all an Upstanding Guy, true to his Word!

Well with the upcoming BOILING SEASON coming up Soon here, I am thinking SCREW THE HOA and get SUN SCREENS for the 10 Big Windows I have Facing East, West and, SOUTH! Most of them SOUTH Where the unrelenting SUB SHINES HERE IN the SUMMER MONTHS!!! I know I can win that Battle with the HOA, I am going to Fight the HOA on the Screened Security Door Options though, 1 local manufacturer Approved...... None of the Big Chains like HOME DEPOT, etc. which ARE BETTER and have Designs to choose from. I BELIEVE the HOA has a kick-back going to them on this set up, so I will Fight them on this!

OK, enough of me for now!

To the NEWS!!!!

What the Hell happened at the Cleveland Airport!!!???? Police Shooting Man DEAD!!! And this isn't making a lot of National NEWS as of NOW!!! See the STORY HERE!!!

Who the Hell are this younger Generations Stars??? RAPPERS? HIP-HOP????? They all seem to like to Kill each other or Cause other Troubles!!!! And WE Grew up thinking Led Zepplin, Aerosmith, OZZY, trashing an occasional Hotel Room or Suite was BAD!!! Now they KILL and disrupt AIRPORTS!!! The only Hip-Hop or Rap Song I know that was popular was, "SAY MY NAME". And I think that's the Whole LYRIC!!! Just Sung OVER and OVER and OVER and OVER....... BLECH!!! SPIT!!! SPIT!!! Dry Heaves!!!! That's what I consider Noise. Is this what happens??? Like my Parents Consider CHEAP TRICK, NAZARETH, BLUE OYSTER CULT, MOTOR HEAD, AC/DC, as Garbage/Noise????? Well, see the STORY HERE!!!

FINALLY!!! The FREEDOM TOWER is Under Construction!!! See the STORY HERE!!!

OH MY GOD!!! Can you IMAGINE ME, Having a $1,000 A DAY ADDICTION in JAIL for something that is LEGAL???? Well if I ever went to JAIL At this Place, that's what it would cost ME!!!! So don't you see Folks, this Anti-Smoking Thing is way OVERBOARD!!! See the STORY HERE!!!

This is all NUTS!!! If I were in JAIL, it would be cheaper for me to do CRACK or METH!!!!

I have to end on this, I can't Believe if I were to be Arrested the Trend is for me SMOKING to cost me $1,000 a DAY!!!! FOR A LEGAL PRODUCT!!!!

1,689 Days of WWIII


Well folks a beautiful Day here in AZ, maybe tomorrow some RAIN! So I am here a bit Late, and doing Computer Maintenence on my Lap Top and Desk Top that is due. You know the Ad-Aware, SpyBot Scans and Anti-Virus Scans witht he latest updates, etc. DeFrag, blah blah blah. Yeah Fun stuff!

At least I chose a Slow News Day overall to do it.

1st Off a Happy 61st B-Day to Richard Hoagland!!!!(04/25/06) If you have no clue you need to check the Weekender Edition I post on Friday Nights!!!! Also this Friday's Update will Feature a Hot-Linked BANNER to The NightHawk Zone, a Chat Room of my "other Hobby" that I get to join in on my Friday Nights and most other nights off I have from Work. At least I have time today to get the BANNER Ready for use on Friday, so some of you wayward Blue-Room Chat Room members from the 'ole Artbell.com website may find me once again and join in the Fun that is Coast To Coast AM with George Noory and Hemisphere To Hemisphere soon with Art Bell!

There is only 1 Story I wanted to really Comment on today. And that is the Coice of the new WHITE HOUSE PRESS SECRETARY. Tony Snow! This is the Best decision President Bush has made in MONTHS!!! Tony Snow about 18 or so months ago was diagnosed with Colon Cancer while he hosted a Show on the FOX News Channel, and having his own Radio Show. He is a Conservative, young guy with Family, and also disagreed with President Bush on mostly the same things I disagreed with President Bush. So Tony Snow holds many of the views I have, and he will be in the Mix of Policy descions that the President will make after consulting his advisors. So this is GOOD! Don't get me wrong, I like Rush Limbaugh, and Sean Hannity. But Tony Snow is more of a regular Guy who thinks like I do, I guess the KEY WORD is Regular. I saw the List of Candiates for the Position, a couple I liked, but my CHOICE was Tony Snow, and President Bush selected him. Winning Streaks start with 1 WIN, I hope this Continues. See the STORY HERE!!!

Well from the Graphics Goddess LUNABELLA who has also designed My Hot-Link NightHawk Zone Banner that you will see this FRIDAY. The B-Day Card from the NightHawk Zone, which was also posted on the COASTTOCOASTAM.com Web Site.

HAPPY Birthday Richard!!!! Smoker Dave

1,688 Days of WWIII


8 Months 'till CHRISTMAS!!!! Get your shopping done Early!!! Dear Mom and younger brother Jeff. All I want for Christmas is a top of the line LA-Z-BOY! There I have my Christmas List out. OH! Mom I have enough Sweats!

Oh I ran across a neat Web Site, has satalite Images where available, and home values listed. It's still in Beta Testing, which explains why the Raw Data for my place was Accurate, but the satalite Photo was almost 100 yrds off. Can't blame them though, the Post Office is still trying to figure out which Zip Code we are at, and they are the ONE'S who changed Our Zip-Code!!! The Web Site is HERE!!!

Now this is both Scary and puzzling!!! I posted the Original Story nearly 2 years ago. Now the Investigation by the Gov't is Classified as SECRET!!!! See the Update with Links to the Original Story HERE!!!

Even a Broken CLOCK is RIGHT Twice a Day! Which is all I can say for the Governor of AZ. and the State Legislature. Fortunately the Broken clock of the Governor and the Broken clock of the State Legislature matched ONCE out of 1500 Bills in this Session!!!! FINALLY!!! You no longer HAVE to RETREAT into a bedroom, etc when some GANG or HOME INVADERS Bust in the middle of the NIGHT, or DAY! If Stranger(s) Break down your DOOR, you no longer HAVE TO PROVE you acted in SELF-DEFENSE. But be wise! If they see you and runaway, etc. don't Shoot! But otherwise do what you would have done before, just now you won't go broke defending it!!!! See the STORY HERE!!! By the way.... This "PAPER" is SO LEFT that it brings up DOMESTIC DISPUTES!!! Like the Police and County Prosecuter would not see the difference between someone breaking into the Home and a Husband/Wife SHOOTING DEAD a Wife/Husband, or Roommate Vs Roomate, or invited friends or aquiantences, etc.!!!! This Liberal PAPER takes the STANCE that because of this New LAW, all us Protect the BORDER FREAKS will head South and SHOOT everyone crossing the Border Illegally YELLING: SELF DEFENSE!!!

I wish I had posted the Story from this PAPER on the Biggest METH BUST in the State of AZ History. 70lbs of METH. 4 Illegal Immigrants. STORY WAS: 4 UNDOCUMENTED IMMIGRANTS ARRESTED for ILLEGAL DRUGS..... Wouldn't that be.... to be consistant 4 ILLEGAL IMMIGRANTS Arrested for ILLEGAL DRUGS.... OR.... 4 UNDOCUMENTED IMMIGRANTS Arrested for UNDOCUMENTED DRUGS(METH!!!). Let's reverse it if they mean the same thing. 4 Illegal IMMIGRANTS Arrested for UNDOCUMENTED DRUGS(Meth has a LEGAL USE???). BOTH ARE and ALWAYS has been ILLEGAL!!! The Illegal Immigrants got here Illegally, the DRUGS are Illegal, so both are ILLEGAL!!!AARRGGGHHH!!!!


Well I do shop for Cheap Fares when I fly, but I will never be in "STANDING or STRAPPED IN ROOM ONLY"!!! I WANT A DAMN SEAT!!!! See the STORY HERE!!!

TIP:Yes I know NASCAR has it's Redneck Fan Contingent, and I like NASCAR TOO! But don't put up a FLAG POLE if there are POWERLINES nearby, especially if it breezy!!!! See the STORY HERE!!!

There is more NEWS, but I think you will get most of it from what is left of the Liberal Media. Just look out for the SPIN on it!!!


Well that's enough for today, you can and will see the rest of the NEWS yourself through the Liberal Media......

1,687 Days of WWIII


A very Nice Weekend here, not too hot, not too cold, but MAY is coming! And I know come mid-MAY the 100+ degree Temps will return.

Also Folks, I have a BANNER that I will post when I am going to be in the Coast To Coast AM related Chatroom. It will be Hot-Linked, mostly on Fridays. And plus when I take a night off from Work. The BANNER will debut this Friday!

OK, we have GAS Prices going up fast and everyone is unhappy about it. Well it is not only the Price of Crude Oil, but also the fact we haven't built a new refinery in over 30 yrs., and the amount of Gas being used has only increased every yr. Plus did you know there are 55 different blends of Gas being sold in the USA, mandated by the EPA???? And when the refineries switch from one blend to another, it sometimes has DAYS of Downtime? President Bush with the stroke of a pen could greatly reduce the # of blends. EX: Why does Southern California have a different Blend than Arizona when the conditions are nearly identical????? Let's say we go to 8 to 10 blends Nationwide.....Then if a Refinery that makes your blend suddenly shuts down for some reason, you could get the same blend from a nearby refinery. Not so today!!! That's why the Chicago area had Gas shortages a couple of yrs ago, and is also the reason why the East Coast is having spot shortages. Think about it, EVERY State having it's own UNIQUE Gasoline Blend, that CAN'T be sold or used in any other STATE!!! That is just INSANE!!!!

Plus I find it hard for me to sympathize with those complaining on the GAS PRICES! None of these people felt any sympathy for ME when the STATE and Federal Gov't raised Cigarette TAXES. Tobacco didn't cost more, I just became Politically Incorrect. Well the Environmentalists say GAS hasn't gone up enough yet!!! Welcome to my Club.

Hey! The TV NETWORKS are very happy with my New Cardinals Football Stadium. See the STORY HERE!!!

New Controversy here! Over a Name of a Restaurant! This all started with some Indians who successfully forced a name change to a Phoenix area Landmark, Squaw Peak, the Mountian, and Squaw Peak the Freeway all in the name of Political Correctness. May I add "SPOOK HILL" in Mesa, now no longer referred to as anything. And SPOOK HILL wasn't what you may think. In the 1800's Horses were frequently "Spooked" going over this Hill. That's how it got it's name, nothing Racial about it, but for Political Correctness, all referrences to "Spook Hill" were removed, and businesses in the area has lost business because of it. If this keeps up Oscar Meyer Weiners will be Politically Incorrect!!! Imagin a young teenage girl EATING a WEIRNER!!!! Well this Story is about an upshot Taco Resturant from Las Vegas. It's called the "PINK TACO". I didn't understand the so-called offense until someone explained it to me. Well if we go this far folks, nearly anything you can name, will offend SOMEBODY! May I remind you, being OFFENDED by someone or something, or being OFFENSIVE is not a CRIME!!!! See the STORY HERE!!!

IRAN considering withdrawing from Treaty. That is like saying, we cannot even fool the idiots at the UN anymore on our (IRAN'S) Intentions on Nuclear Enrichment. See the STORY HERE!!!


MOVIE to be Filmed about 3 miles South of me!!!! Hmmm. I wonder If I could be an "Extra"? If I can do it on Sat & Sun afternoons, it would be Fun! I have to look into this.... See the STORY HERE!!!Well I have sent the Movie Studio an Email, willing to be an "EXTRA" on Sat&Sun. I let you know if I get a response.

Did Mel Gibson start this way? Imagin Smoker Dave the Hero, or the HatedTerrorist Leader. I think I could ACT Either part. But I would prefer being the Good Guy!!!Kinda of like playing Risk and being the Soviet Bloc. Still want to win the Game, but still leaves a bad taste in your mouth if you win.

Well I really don't expect to hear anything back, or maybe just a NO THANK YOU. In any case I will let you know what happens. You never know..... Stranger things have happened!!!

1,685 Days of WWIII

04/22/05 Saturday Very Early AM


Now for this week's Review and next week's Preview of everything that is Coast To Coast AM, MY RADIO SHOW at work in "The Secret Lab". Smoker Dave is glad to provide to you, my new friend from the X-Conference in Washington D.C., Tim Binnall.

the binnall report

binnallofamerica.com is a collection of researchers, writers and philosophers with a keen eye for the absurd in everything, especially the world of the paranormal and new age (i.e. esoterica). We are a stand-alone entity, and impartial observer, serving as a beacon in the night among a sea of voices.

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1,684 Days of WWIII


AHHH!!! Finally the WEEKEND!!! Well it's been a VERY BUSY past 2 nights at "The SECRET LAB", Plus I have been redoing some Finacial ie Retirement Deduction stuff. Trying to Maximize my Contribution to the Limit of the 401K of $15,000 per year without losing much in take Home $$$$. Well I managed to get within $700 of that. So it was a successful mission.

Now that Lent and Easter has Passed, I am looking forward, VERY MUCH! To the resumption of my Saturday Night Steak BBQ!!!!

Well I must admit, I am about wiped out from the last 2 nights at work, and have no energy to get to the NEWS.

But Remember It Is FRIDAY! And Tonight as now usual, and a Banner Link Probable next week, I will be in the NIGHT HAWK CHAT ROOM for Coast To Coast AM Fans (Art Bell-George Norry). In the LIVE ZONE HERE!!! I will be there from 1AM SATURDAY EASTERN TIME (10PM PACIFIC) thru 5AM SATURDAY (2AM PACIFIC)

Also Late Tonight / Early Saturday AM will be the posting of the "Weekender Edition"!!!! So there you have it.

I will be back heavily on the NEWS on Monday, trust me!!!

1,682 Days of WWIII


Let's jump right in Today!!! MY GOD!!! I can't believe we are Really doing THIS!!! Illegal Immigrants are considered FELONS by Our Gov't. I agree with that. But this is also what else is happening to them:Detention, RAPE, and ROBBERY!!!! The Police and SOLDIERS are hunting them down at Bus Stops, Railroads and Cheap Motels. Sometimes they deport them, mostly just take all their $$$!!!! POLICE shot DEAD a CITIZEN because he was Dark Skinned and in work Clothes. They believed him to be an Illegal Immigrant!!!! Hold on a minute....


What I was refering to is NOT what WE are doing here in the USA, but what MEXICO IS DOING!!!!And MEXICO wants us to do what????? Go Figure!!! See the STORY HERE!!!

Well the State of Georgia approved a New Stiffer Law denying Benifits from US and State Taxpayers to Illegal Aliens. This is not making MEXICO HAPPY!!!! See the STORY HERE!!! Maybe MEXICO would feel better if WE did What THEY DO!!! Detain, RAPE, and Rob them. Then either charge them with a FELONY and Imprison them for 2 years, Deport them, or let them go on their way after the $$$$ is taken...... Time we tell MEXICO and VINCENTE FOX to go to HELL!!!!


Well the Organizers of the ILLEGAL ALIENS Protests have learned a new lesson. May 1st, a Day without an Illegal Alien boycott and March is a BAD IDEA for them. Many would lose their Jobs, and PISS-OFF even more Americans, both Hispanic/Mexican here LEGALLY and every other American of whatever Color or Creed. So the new tactic is Prayer Vigils, etc. SHHHH!!!! The LEGALS are getting MAD at US!!!! and there are a LOT MORE OF THEM THAN THERE ARE OF US!!! See the STORY HERE!!!

Now here is a NATIONAL STORY on this Spin of MAY 1st HERE!!!


103 Inch TV!!!! You want One I Want One, even if where we could put it is too small!!! But it would Be GREAT for NFL FOOTBALL GAMES on TV!!! Just like sitting in the Stadium!!! See the STORY HERE!!!

THIS is WHY GUYS don't Stop and ask for DIRECTIONS while DRIVING!!!! See the STORY HERE!!!

Hmmm.... Let me See.... I am 43 yrs old, working Full Time for 22 yrs. I have never Had a 9Am - 5PM Mon-Fri Job! In fact, of the 24 hrs in a Day, 9AM - 5PM is the Time Period I have WORKED THE LEAST!!! And the 1st 7 Yrs I worked NIGHTS mostly Thurs-Mon. So there is the Night Weekends. Who works these HOURS anymore???? Bankers and Gov't Workers who get EVERY DAMN Holiday OFF they can dream up!!!! See the STORY HERE!!!

Well that's about All I have for today, most of the rest of the NEWS you should have heard about, or is really for even me to post here. I will see you Tomorrow!!!

1,681 Days of WWIII


Hi All! Slow night at work last night in "The Secret Lab", due to the Easter Holiday. I left my 10 hr shift early, worked 8 1/2, I still had some laundry undone that I usually have done , so I am doing that.

Speaking of Dirty Laundry, or just Gross, Whack Job Tom Cruise and his whacky Scientology Religion, this is NUTS! According to him he is to Eat the Placenta and Umbilical Cord right there after Birth of his son. Scientology tells him so......This is all... VERY WHACO!!!! There are even Recipes if you want to cook it! Lasagna, Pizza, etc.!!! This is so Gross I believe it should be ILLEAGAL! See the STORY HERE!!!

Want another Tom Cruise Whaco STORY? See the STORY HERE!!!

So, if you were a Movie Producer or Director, would YOU want Tom Cruise Starring in Your MOVIE NOW???

Well our Great accused Lesbian Govorner Janet Napolitano has VETOED Legislation that would have made Illegal Aliens Guilty of Trespassing. So much for her being TOUGH on Illegal Immigration. I am still Bitter about an incident years ago where an Illegal Alien Wrecked Me and another woman as I was going to a Cardinals VS NY JETS Football Game. Totaled my car. My Full Coverage Insurance didn't cover it all. The guy who hit us couldn't speak English, had No License, No Insurance, and SONORAN PLATES! The Police gave him a ticket, but within Hours he was back in Mexico, or still in ARIZONA with a new Name and ID. That cost me nearly $2,000!!!! OUT OF POCKET!!! See the Story of our curagous GOV being TOUGH on Illegal Aliens, (Remember less than 2 years ago she wante to let Illegal Aliens get Drivers Licenses!!!) See the STORY HERE!!!

Williams Gateway Airport is South of me, I can see the Air Trafic Contol Tower Lights from my living room. The Flights don't affect me, I can't here them. I do hear the Sound of Freedom, the National Guard Fighters that use the former Air Force Base. I do Want this Airport to Grow, it was supposed to be AT 200,000 Passengers a year by now,,,,then 9-11 Happened..... See the STORY HERE!!!

Well we have another Jimmy Hoffa update! This one says he is parts of cars in JAPAN! Who knows???? His Death is as convulted as JFK's!!! See the STORY HERE!!!

Oh, look at this we in AZ made National News again! Because of a CHEATER named BARRY BONDS. I can't condone the act, but I understand. Barry Bonds is a Racist, hates Whites and Hispanics, except for the women he fools around with!!! But he can't do it like he used too! Needs many of those little Blue Pills to get it UP! But it doesn't make his TITS Any Smaller. Kinda of Embarrassing when the Guy has bigger TITS than the GAL........... STEROIDS WILL DO THAT!!!! See the STORY HERE!!!


HAPPY 60th BIRTHDAY to the BIKINI!!!! I bet you all didn't know it was named after a Nuclear Bomb Test!!! See the STORY HERE!!!

Well this will do it for today! See you all again Tomorrow!!!

1,680 Days of WWIII


I hope you all had a Great Easter Weekend with Family and Friends! I have enough Leftovers of Yummy Ham and fixins' to last most of the week. And Saturday Night the resumption of my STEAK BBQ!!!

After Easter Dinner my Mom and my brother took me on tour of the area only a dozen miles from me to see the Growth and Construction going on. Amazing! WalMARTS, Super Targets, Hospital, New High School, New Fire Stations! New MALL, etc. This is besides what is happening around me! I bet in less than 5 yrs there will be 10X as many people living here in this area than Now! Glad I bought my place when it was still cheap! Now going for more than double what I paid! And will only go UP!!! No realestate Bubble Fear Here!!!

It works for me, my Views won't be obstructed by Growth. Just makes more people jealous of the Views I have from my house, thus increased Value. Plus I have a fixed Mortgage that I can afford, and my Credit Cards down to ZERO BALANCES! Avoided that big Rate increase. But now some of you Folks on ARMs need to do something FAST! RATES will be going up DRASTICALLY!!! See the STORY HERE!!!

Hey Young Adults, don't think you can skip out of Jury Duty like you can from a college Class! You could get Jail Time!!!! I bet this will happen more and more Frequently! See the STORY HERE!!!

Well, as far as I'm concerned, ISRAEL Should just declare "An Act Of War" has been done on the Citizens of ISRAEL and the Leadership of Palestine has ENDORSED the ATTACK. ISRAEL now has every RIGHT to Delare WAR on Palestine. A full blown WAR! The is never PEACE without TOTAL VICTORY! What Palestine endorsed IS AN ACT OF WAR. And Like Pregnantcy, you can't just be a little Pregnant, and this eventually will not be just a little WAR. You can only deny it, or pretend it's not happening for so long..... The Labor Pains will happen. So what will the Israelis do 1st? The Palestinians, or IRAN? Or both at the same Time? We'll have to wait and see. See the STORY HERE!!!

Well that's All I have for today, time for getting the Snail Mail, finish the laundry, and have myself another Ham Dinner as I reset myself to Graveyard Shift Hours. See you Tomorrow!

1,678 Days of WWIII

04/15/05 Saturday Very Early AM


Now for this week's Review and next week's Preview of everything that is Coast To Coast AM, MY RADIO SHOW at work in "The Secret Lab". Smoker Dave is glad to provide to you, my new friend from the X-Conference in Washington D.C., Tim Binnall.

the binnall report

binnallofamerica.com is a collection of researchers, writers and philosophers with a keen eye for the absurd in everything, especially the world of the paranormal and new age (i.e. esoterica). We are a stand-alone entity, and impartial observer, serving as a beacon in the night among a sea of voices.

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1,677 Days of WWIII



Easter is nearly upon us, Lent is ending soon. Also means Big Ham Dinner at my Mom's. So after I eat the leftovers next week, my Saturday Night Steak BBQs' Resume once again! I gave up Steak for Lent FYI.

Well the reason I didn't update yesterday was because I was doing a number of other things. I Ordered (Pre-Published) George Norry's Book "Worker In The Light" George is the Weeknight Host of Coast To Coast AM, Art Bell is the Weekend Night Show Host. I also renewed my subscription to AFTER DARK Magazine, wich is Coast To Coast AM Show Related, 14 Issues for the price of 12. I also managed to get the recently Discontinued CD of Art Bell & Father Malachi Martin on Exorcicims for Renewals or new Subscribers. Being a subscriber since the 1st issue has it's PERKS!!!

Also my annual Merit Raise at work started taking place. I put 60% of it towards my 401K, and 40% for me. So I now in rounded #'s have about 30% of my Gross Income going towards Retirement. So you know I am NOT COUNTING ON SOCIAL SECURITY when I retire in 24 Years!!! I want at Least as much $$$ as I have available now, preferably more! You see in Retirement is another Phase of Life, I want to travel more then, and not worry about it. I am also planning on that the Work Pension will not be All that Work claims it will be, 24 years from Now. If both Social Security and Work Pension lives up to it's TODAY'S Promises, I will be a RICH Retiree. If both Fail Completely, I will still beable to Live as I am, doing most things I want to do, but not having to work. This is MY RETIREMENT PLAN! Worst Case scenario, I still travel some, Eat and be Comfortable in my own Home (Secret Armed Compound), Bills Paid, etc. Goal in Life is to always Plan for a better Future and get there. That's what I'm Doing. I hope you All are at least trying to do the SAME!!!!


Are you SURPISED???? Iran's President TODAY again said "ISRAEL WILL BE ANNIHILATED!!!!". See the STORY HERE!!!

I would Have FIRED THEM TOO!!!! See the STORY HERE!!!

Well Folks That's All For TODAY!!! HAPPY EASTER!!! Tonight, The WEEKENDER EDITION. After That, I'll See you all on MONDAY!!! Remember Tonight and most Likely Saturday Night I will be in The NIGHTHAWKZONE LIVE CHATROOM 1AM - 5AM EST.

1,675 Days of WWIII


DELAY OF GAME!!! On the way home from Work at "The Secret Lab" I heard a Loud 'POW!!!"> I didn't run over anything, so I thought. No IDIOT WARNING LIGHTS came on, car seemed to be fine and handling fine. I stopped off at a Convienence Store to get some Lottery Tickets and took a look around the car. My Driver's Side Rear Tire was 1/2 to 2/3rds deflated. So ADD "FIX A FLAT" and Quarters for the Air Machine. I was about 10 miles from my Best Friends place of Employment where I could get it fixed. I could hear the AIR HISSING out after the "FIX A FLAT" stuff and filling it up with AIR. It was obvious the "FIX A FLAT" crap would only get me to my friends Employment. Not Back to Work 12 hrs later.

Well whatever it was was either already gone, or expelled with my $5 worth of "FIX A FLAT" White stuff. A simple Patch in the Tire fixed the problem, and it was FREE For ME because I Am SMOKER DAVE!!! Not really!!! It's because my best friend works there. All it did cost me was TIME. Which during the work week is limited, so I will update what I can. But at least I have 4 Tires full of AIR NOT LEAKING to go to work tonight.

Now to the NEWS!

Tucson, AZ. man Arrested after Mexican Flag Burning Incident. OK, that's the Headline, but he was charged with Assualt, Crimminal Damage, and Reckless Burning..... You probably won't see this in the Major Media NEWS. But consider THIS: An "UnDocumented Immigrant is Arrested for Burning the US Flag, also charged with Assualt and Criminal Damage....... NOW THAT WOULD MAKE NATIONAL NEWS!!! And the Liberal Media screaming that the "UnDocumented Immigrant" was only expressing his Free Speech Rights Guarenteed under the 14th Ammendment. DONTCHA THINK???!!!! See the STORY, and it may take a few tries, HERE!!!


Read the Transcript of FLIGHT 93, AMERICA's 1st REPONSE by PASSENGERS Against the 911 ATTACKS HERE!!!

1,674 Days of WWIII


Well Thank GOD I was Wrong!!! Phoenix is still standing after the big Protest March by mostly Illegal Aleins. Size of the the March ranging from a Low of 75,000 people to a High of 250,000 people. Seems the settled actual # is Over 100,000, but less than 150,000 people. How they count this I have no idea. The Event Organizers admit that 60% of the Marchers were Illegal, and that shows the scope of the problem. Another Problem is that they were Registering People to VOTE!!! The Stories are easy enough to get so I won't bother making LINKS to them.

What WE have to do to get a handle on this huge Problem is to Secure the BORDERS! Stop the Illegals crossing over to here from a FIREHOSE to a Garden Hose. A Wall, whatever it takes. Once the massive influx, Approx. 4-5,000 a DAY into Arizona, is brought down to a trickle, then we can see what to do about BAILING OUT THE SHIP!!!! Because right now we can't get rid of them faster than they are coming in. So #1 is to seal the HOLE in the Ship, then start Bailing and pumping out the "Water"......

But I am glad Phoenix is still standing and doesn't have to RISE FROM THE ASHES again.....Yet...

Well IRAN is still on the Path of ATTACK from the WEST or ISRAEL after Announcing it has begun Enriching Uranium. What they say Publically is far less than what they are doing. Proof: North Korea, further PROOF: Iran successfully HID their NUKE PROGRAM for 20 yrs from the World. See the STORY HERE!!!

Alright EVERYONE! We all know Not To Shoot Ourselves in the Foot, RIGHT? Either figuratively or Literally, or you could have major troubles. Can we all agree on that? I didn't shoot him in the Foot, and neither did you, he did it himself!!! See the STORY HERE!!!

You want to SKIP WORK,m just say you are going to a PRO_Illegal Immigration March and they won't touch you! BUT, faking your Child's Death with Stories of Illness, and then Printing an Obituary in the Newspaper will get you in trouble EVERY TIME!!! These 2 need to be nominated for Stupid Excuse From Work AWARDS!!! See the STORY HERE!!!

HOLY COW!!! Or PIZZA DELIVERY!!! I don't know....wouldn't DiGorno's still be a better Deal even way over there? In whatever Case, there is No Delivery Pizza Like THIS!!! Even by PLANE they can't Deliver in 30 minutes or less!!!! See the STORY HERE!!! Well I must admit that if I were in a small remote Village in Alaska on SUPER BOWL SUNDAY, I could very well arrange for a PIZZA DELIVERY!

BORDER FENCE TO BE BUILT. In SAUDI ARABIA!!! To keep CHOAS OUT, Terrorists OUT. Well why is everyone crying FOUL if we build a BORDER FENCE to keep CHAOS OUT, DRUG RUNNERRS OUT, TERRORISTS OUT???? See the STORY HERE!!!

A NEW Spacecraft Orbiting VENUS! See the STORY HERE!!!

Sure as a kid Easter Sunday meant the Easter Bunny, Basket of Jelly Beans, Chocolate Bunnies, And those Marshmellow Yellow Chicks, with a Stocking Type Stuffer Toy or something. I was never into Easter Egg Hunts, I only Like my Eggs SCRAMBLED! I did like Coloring them as a kid though. Well here's a STORY with a RECIPE for PERFECT HARD COOKED EGGS, Not Hard Boiled which I assume is bad. See the STORY HERE!!!

Well since it is HOLY WEEK and I am a Catholic, being out of the Easter Basket Business, and I don't really eat much sweets or Chocolate...(Means Holloween is out too, except as a TEEN I was a PRANKSTER!). Easter Sunday, besides the Saturday Night Easter Vigil MASS, is on SUNDAY, a BIG HAM DINNER!!! Plus the End of LENT and No Meat on Fridays. Meat is one of my 2 food groups. And since I hate FISH, I am very limited to what I can Eat on Fridays. Plus I give up STEAK For LENT. So I look forward again 11 days from now to resuming my Saturday Night Steak BBQ!!!

PLAYING BINGO and WINNING Could be FATAL!!! Can you Imagin heading towards being 60 years old, and deciding to play BINGO 1 night, and you WIN the $1,000 Jackpot? Then being Fatally Attacked by 4 women who wanted your Winnings???? Who'd a Thunk this??? Bingo is Generally played in Church Basements, retirement homes and Communities. See the STORY HERE!!!

Well I can still PASS the EYE TEST to Drive without my Glasses, though I wear them most of the Time. Sure I may be a candidate for Contacts or the LASER PROCEDURE to eliminate Glasses or Contacts. But Glasses aren't so bad. No Surgery, or having to buy STUFF to clean the Contacts. Glasses won't give you EYE Infections like trying to care for Contacts. Glasses will not cause loss of VISION that sometimes hppens in EYE LASER SURGERY either. Yes my Glasses help me, but basically I can see well enough to get by without them, I just get EYE or HEADACHES sometimes without them. PLUS I have to wear SAFETY LAB GLASSES at Work anyways, and I have Prescription EYE SAFETY GLASSES. So if you REALLY don't need anything invasive to your body, or unneccessary Surgery, WHY DO IT? For Vanity???? As long as Glasses work for me, they are good enough for me! See the STORY HERE!!!

Well the Weather says PHOENIX will break 90 degrees tomorrow. Well maybe it will, but I bet it won't get to that here where I am 30 miles away. Mid to upper 80's is what I FORCAST.


Well that's all I have for TODAY! See you TOMORROW!!!

1,673 Days of WWIII


Well it is Noon Time Here and I just got home. It's IAP-DAY (ILLEGAL ALIENS PROTESTING DAY) To totally shutdown Arizona's Economy for the Day. Well as of a few minutes ago, I did not see 1 single Store or Fast Food Place, or ANY Other Business CLOSED. Just a confirmation that we DO NOT NEED Illegals working here. Besides STUDIES Show that of the 11 or 12 Million Illegal Aliens here, about 5 Million do some sort of Work, Work that AMERICANS will not do so you can bet they don't get paid much. That leaves 6 or 7 Million looking for Gov't Social Program Handouts, and obviously not being paid by any TAXES Collected from the ILLEGALS who do some Work. MEXICO'S biggest Revenue Sources is #1 OIL, #2 $$$ Sent back from the USA by the ILLEGALS, #3 ILLEGAL DRUGS.

What do the Liberal Left and Democrats see in the Photo's of the Demonstrators? NEW VOTERS FOR THEM!!!! But don't be so sure! Of coarse there is the idiots getting inteviewed. Who don't know what the hell they are Talking about. Or are they being LIED TO by the organizers???? This Woman Said on the RADIO That her Parents were Born Here, She was born here, her kids were born here, and her grandkids were born here. And she doesn't think it's right that her Family would be DEPORTED!!!! If you are BORN HERE YOU ARE AN AMERICAN CITIZEN!!! This idiot thinks she would be deported!!! That's why she is PROTESTING!!!!

But there are Hispanics and Latino's who are not on-board with these Protests. These are the people who did it the right way. Waited for their turn. See the STORY HERE!!!

So what will happen in this Protest March in Phoenix later Today? I don't know, I fear Riots and Destruction like recently in France, I hope I am wrong. All I know is that it will get in Full Swing after I go to bed, and will be ending when I get up for Work tonight. Fortunately I am 30+Miles away from it.

WAR Between ISRAEL and Palestine. At least that's what the Palestinians say. Foriegn Aid by Western Countries Cut-Off. Western Aid amounted to approx. 75% of the Gov'ts $$$. Well when the newly Elected Gov't of Palestine still holds to the Destruction of ISRAEL Doctrine, should they be Surprised the $$$ is cutoff from Western Countries that Support ISRAEL'S Right to Exist????? And why won't their ARAB BROTHERS support them $$$$???? Why would THEY give them some LAND to make a Home? ISRAEL is Small. They only way to Win a WAR is TOTAL VICTORY. Cease Fires, Peace Agreements, etc. don't work in the long run. Time for ISRAEL to Win the WAR! Let the Israelis and Palestinians Fight it out. Let the other Arab Countries decide on their own if participating in that WAR is worth the RISK of Western POWERS getting Involved against them. See the STORY HERE!!!


MEXICAN FLAG Burned in Tucson! See the STORY HERE!!!

BORDER FENCE TO BE BUILT!!! Nope, not here..... But in SAUDI ARABIA!!!! Hmmm. I wonder if the Human Rights People will be ENRAGED About this???? See the STORY HERE!!!

82 Year Old Woman Ticketed for Crossing the STREET TOO SLOWLY! See the STORY HERE!!!

Now I know many of you know about this STORY, I am giving this LINK to those who don't know about Jackie Gleason and Richard Nixon's viewing of ALEIN BODIES. See the STORY HERE!!!

OH GREAT!!! The REV (of What I do not know) Jesse Jackson is going to be here for the Protest March this afternoon. Young Women, don't wear SKIRTS, or JESSE will try to get up in them!!!

Well the MARCH here in Phoenix has Started. Crowd Estimates are from 5,000 to over 100,000. The police have settled on a 25,000 number right now. Well if my workplace still exists tonight I will be leaving for work at 10:30PM Local (West Coast Time). And I will update you all what happened here.

1,672 Days of WWIII



Hmmm. Today I get an EMAIL from one of my Financial Institutions that "DUE TO FRAUDIENT USE OF CLIENTS ACCOUNTS HAS FORCED THE TECHNICAL DIVISION TO Update their Software....." And I need to resubmit all my INFO. By clicking this Link..... Or My ACCOUNT WILL BE SUSPENDED!!!!

Are People Still falling for this???? Folks, the BANKS will never Ask for this INFO in an EMAIL!!!! This is called PHISING. Anyone who falls into this Deception will see their Bank Account Drained within a Day!!!

Well it is now less than 16 hrs before the Start of the 100,000 mostly Illegal Alien March here 30 miles to the West of my "Secret Armed Compound" in Phoenix. I hope I am wrong, but I forsee Images like that in Paris a couple of months ago, Cars overturned and Burning, Store Fronts Vandalized, and Looting. See the Latest STORY HERE!!!

Recent NEWS is offering Amnesty to the Illegals, if they are MEXICAN and been here for 5 Years, Another Story has shown an Agreement between Home Land Security and China to Deport 50,000 Illeagal Chinese Immgrants. The 14th Ammendment Guareentees EQUAL PROTECTECTION under THE LAW!!! You can't apply the LAW against 1 group, and not Apply the same LAW on another Group!!! This would be Ruled as UNCONSTITUTIONAL in the SUPREME COURT. If we are going to deport one Race or Ethnic based on our Immigration LAWS, we have to apply the same to EVERY OTHER Race or Ethnic Group. Including the Damn Mexicans invading the southern USA!!! Estimates are in ARIZONA 1 in 10 people are here ILLEGALLY!!!! 4,000 to 5,000 cross the Border in Arizona EVERY SINGLE DAY!!!! The TOUGHEST SHERIFF in AMERICA, Sheriff JOE ARPIO has the JAILS IN LOCK DOWN. 20% of the INMATES Are ILLEGAL, and been caught being CRIMINALS!!! RAPE, MURDER, BURGLARY, PROPERTY CRIMES, etc.!!!

So watch the NEWS tomorrow and see if PHOENIX is still standing!

FALLING ICE CUBES FROM SPACE!!!!! Yeah I know you don't belive the Headline, but here is the STORY HERE!!!

EASTER BUNNY who has gone to "THE DARK SIDE..." I assume the Photo in this STORY is a Small One caught awile ago. But the Monster Rabbit is DESTROYING GARDENS, etc. See the STORY HERE!!!

Well I promised at least an attempt of an update this weekend, so there it is. I will be back Tomorrow!!!

1,671 Days of WWIII

04/08/05 Saturday Very Early AM


Now for this week's Review and next week's Preview of everything that is Coast To Coast AM, MY RADIO SHOW at work in "The Secret Lab". Smoker Dave is glad to provide to you, my new friend from the X-Conference in Washington D.C., Tim Binnall.

the binnall report

binnallofamerica.com is a collection of researchers, writers and philosophers with a keen eye for the absurd in everything, especially the world of the paranormal and new age (i.e. esoterica). We are a stand-alone entity, and impartial observer, serving as a beacon in the night among a sea of voices.

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1,670 Days of WWIII


Darn It !! 2 Days in a ROW of being very busy at work and running out of Awake Time to make my updates, especially tonight when my Show Coast 2 Coast AM with George Norry now starts an hour earlier because of the idiotic time Change. I am SAVING Links to STORIES to post this weekend, probably Sunday in anticipation of the Huge Anticipated Protest March by mostly Illegal Aliens here in Phoenix on MONDAY. 100,000 is what they expect. Currently Radio is Playing PSA's (Public Service Announcements) To keep "IT CIVIL". I don't know, just wondering if it's going to be a lot Worse than Traffic Tie-Ups and Delays. I Fear that a RIOT could erupt.

You can be sure I will cover the beginning of this Protest March on Monday, and it's Aftermath on Tuesday next week.

In other NEWS: The NFL SCHEDULE has just been Released! And guess WHAT???!!! I have a MONDAY NIGHT HOME NFL FOOTBALL GAME to go to on OCTOBER 16th VS the Chicago BEARS. After all these years being a Season Tickect Holder for the Cardinals, this will be my 1st Monday Night Football Game I will be able to attend! Of coarse I WILL HAVE that Monday Night Off from Work!

Well I need to save some LINKS for an update this weekend still, but Remember Tonight is the Weekender Edition!

ALSO I will in LIVE CHAT tonight 10PM West Coast 1AM East Coast Time tonight in the NightHawk Zone HERE!!!

I PROMISE if I can get a free 2 hrs this weekend I will have the BONUS UPDATE before Monday!

1,668 Days of WWIII


Well I did get some RAIN, enough to have to use my wipers driving to work through 1/2 of the commute. A little rain during the night at work, and then some more at work around 8AM. Looks like here at home I might get a little more.

Illegal Aliens, Illegal Immigration. That's the Big NEWS.

Schools Banning Patriotic Clothes / Colors. See the STORY HERE!!!

Most Liberals basically want AMNESTY. But take a Look at What Senate Minority Learder Harry Reid said 13 Years AGO! See the STORY HERE!!!

A week and 1/2 ago the Largest Protest ever staged in Phoenix was held by Illegal Aliens and their Supporters 15 to 20 Thousand. This coming Monday April 10th more than 100,000 are expected to protest. I have Very Serious Doubts this will remain Peaceful. See this STORY and especially READ the Comments on the STORY HERE!!!TRUST Me , The STORY is just a TITLE! The REAL STORY is the posted COMMENTS from READERS on it. It should Scare You, as it does me!!!

That's the Big News!

My opinion on this subject? Well I heard a Story on the Radio this morning that HomeLand Security has arranged for 39,000 Illegal Chinese Aliens to be deported back to China. Well if we can send back 39,000 of one race, why can't we do the same for another? Sure it would be a larger Effort and Take Longer. But under the 14th Ammendment to the Constitution, you cannot have a LAW unequally enforced. If we are going to deport every Chinese Illegal Alien as we get them, than we have to deport Every other Illegal Alien regardless of Race be they be English, Arab, Mexican, or MARTIAN!

I believe Every Illegal Alien who has Arrived since the last Amnesty in 1985-6, needs to be deported, including their Children as Democratic Senate Minority Leader Harry Reid said 13 yrs ago. I would be OK with some HARDSHIP WAIVERS. VERY limited, for the elderly who are over the age of 70. Meaning if you got here at age 50, before 1986, and have had a job and paid TAXES and never used Social Services, like Welfare, Foodstamps, etc. I would let you stay. Everyone Else, you are Deported as you are Found. Stop Waving that Red White and GREEN Shit in my Face! Go back and fix you own Country!!! You Know Mexico has the NATURAL RESOURCES to be an even bigger Economic Power than Japan? Plus Mexico has OIL! Why is it a 3rd World Country? Because of it's Corrupt Gov't!!! Mexico, the Gov't and it's Priviledged want the Poor to leave for the USA, it is a Pressure Release for a Revolution that would have happened 15 yrs ago.

So there. I laid it all out. That's how I see it.

Mayor of New Orleans, "Will Be Chocolate Again" Ray Nagin has now refused the FEMA TRAILERS for the displaced and Homeless that he was begging for. Now he wants Modular Housing or Investments into Apartment Buildings instead. How about just giving New Orleans to the Illegal Aliens???? But we keep the Ports. See the STORY HERE!!!

OH! I am now a HARDHEARTED, UNFEELING, RACIST, Right Wing Republican. Sorry I am just 13 years behind the times of being a FLAMING LIBERAL LEFT WING DEMOCRAT!!! Read The Harry Reid STORY I posted Above!!! By the way this would be during the Bill Clinton Administration.

Still think none of this affects YOU? How about you Finances and your Kids College COSTS???? Want to see what Sen McCain of AZ, and Sen Ted Kennedy want to do???? In-State Tuition for all Illegals!!!! See the STORY HERE!!!

You don't know how GLAD I am for being able to give you all, these Great uplifting News Stories.......

See you Tommorrow!!!

1,667 Days of WWIII


Congrats to the Florida 'Gator's for winning the NCAA Men's Basketball Championship. Yes it was the team I was rooting for in this Game. I just wish UCLA put up a better fight.

After the Game it was still a very nice 75 degrees outside to listen to my Radio Show, my other Hobby. 4 hrs later at the end of the Show it was a Chilly 70.... Well it will be awhile before I listen to the Show outside my Secret Armed Compound besides Friday Nights. I need to rebuild my Vacation Hours back up, and I will just have to be Happy listening to the Show at Work.

Now since I am no longer a Fan of the NBA, Baseball doesn't interest me until about September, I have entered into a 3 1/2 Month Dead Zone of Sports with the exception of NASCAR and the Indy 500. So basically I awaiting the Start of NFL Training Camps, and my 1st Game on Aug 12th in the BRAND NEW STADIUM sitting on the 2nd Level Row #1 on the 48 yrd line VS the Pittsburgh Steelers.

What is going on around me? A month or so ago 5 People Murdered in 1 House a couple of miles from mine. And now yesterday a few miles from me a Mother Murders her 10 yr old son! See the STORY HERE!!!

Well I finally have all of my Supposed SMART CLOCKS reset to the Correct Time. The Smart Clocks were the Atomic Clocks, VCR-DVD Clocks, etc. That insisted Springing Forward even though we don't play that Game here in Arizona.

Other NEWS!

I don't know about you, but if a Driver cannot Parallel Park a Car, should He/She be DRIVING in the 1st Place???? See the STORY HERE!!!

IRAN now says it can Handle any Invasion Force. Why would they say such a thing if their NUKE Program was Really PEACEFUL???? See the STORY HERE!!!

Barry Bonds losing Broadcastor and Commercial Sponors support because of Alledged Steriod use in Pursuit of Babe Ruth's and Hank Aaron's Home Run Records. Some say this is RACIST against Bonds. But how can that be if the Record is Hank Aaron's he wants to break. Hank Aaron, the Record Holder is Black. See the STORY HERE!!!

Another Female Teacher accused of Raping a little Boy. See the STORY HERE!!!

San Francisco Banning Smoking on Golf Coarses! Well you know how crowded together people are playing Golf!!! There must be 4 people every 100 yards!!! See the STORY HERE!!!

A DARWIN AWARD Wannabee, or maybe he just wanted his BUNS Toasted???? Turn around and get Roasted NUTS TOO????? And would you like that Weiner Blackened???? Or maybe being a Nudist, with gasoline, and a Match don't Mix. See the STORY HERE!!!

Well according to the Weatherman, by the time I update tomorrow, it should be Raining here again. We'll see....

1,666 Days of WWIII


Hi folks! Well I am currently dealing with some Cell Phone Issues. Not Serious but annoying. You see my brother, mom, and I are all on the same Account. My mom's Cell Died and we all had to get new Cell Phones. Yesterday I picked up mine, was working fine. I got Home to transfer my #'s to the new Phone and the SIM wasn't detected. I was able to get to the Store before they closed yesterday and I got another new phone. Well now one of the FREE FEATURES isn't working, setting up. The NET TICKER of NEWS & SPORTS ETC. So I'm working on that.

Another irritation! Some of my clocks, particularly my Atomic Clocks, Vers-A-Corder, clocks are too smart for their own good. They changed to Daylight Saving Time or whatever Time we switched to. My DUMB Clocks are fine since we don't change the time here. But I have my Atomic Clock in the window to get the signal from Boulder Colorado and be set on Pacific Time. I have to totally re-program my Vers-A-Corder. Come On PEOPLE!!! We are now in a 24 hr Society, nearly 30% of the workforce work swing or Graveyard shifts. We does so much of the Country play this Silly Game of Spring Forward, Fall Back????

Since my Syracuse and the rest of the Big East Teams were Eliminated prior to getting to The FINAL FOUR, I was rooting for Cinderella George Mason. Unfortunately they lost to Florida, but they had a Magical Run in the Tournament. So tonight's Championship Game is between UCLA and Florida. I ALWAYS Root AGAINST CALIFORNIA TEAMS. So that makes me a 'Gator Fan tonight.

I do have tonight off for the Championship Game Tonight.

So for the forseeable Future, except for Friday Night's Show where I'll be every Friday. I be in a chat room for my "Other Hobby" Coast 2 Coast AM with George Noory. I am still working on a Banner link for this, but here is the LINK: HERE!!! Scrool down 1 page to you see, Live Zone, Click on that, then Scroll down 1 page to Forum Topics and click on the 1st one which should be the current Date and Guest/Topic except for the East Coast.

Yes it was nice enough outside to resume my butt on my Bench outside for Friday Night's Show, and I'll be out there again tonight and Friday night and every Friday Night after that until late October, early November. Plus nights off during the week from work. I thing I did realize, next time I see that Commercial on TV for the adjustable Tables, I'm going to have to get one. The Wooden TV TRAY TABLE is not very comfortable especially being in a Chat Room. It was OK for web surfing and checking out a few sites, but a pain in the butt for typing especially the way I type Pocohantus style.

Well I managed to get my Freebie NET TICKER on the CELL PHONE WORKING!!! A Victory!!! Now I am still waiting for my supposed SMART ATOMIC CLOCKS to RESET!!!

I did re-program my Vers-A-Corder.

Now to the NEWS!

This Prof says 90% of Humankind needs to DIE for the Good of the EARTH! Best way is AIR-Borne EBOLA VIRUS. Read this Lunatic's Plan that is getting Appluase from College Campuses HERE!!!

Another ATTACK on SMOKERS!!! See the STORY HERE!!!

Whacko Officer Beating Congresswoman Update! See the STORY HERE!!! You should ALSO know that Washington DC earlier today had a POWER FAILURE Forcing the Evacuation of the Capitol. I think it was caused by her bad hair day!!! (See her Photo in the previous linked STORY). See the Power Failure Story HERE!!!

Another Reason the Time Change is BAD! It costs Senior Citizens on a limited income and being less tech savy, the Most. So basically this is an added Expense to our Elderly who are Poor! See the STORY HERE!!!

Well I need to get the Mail, have a bite to Eat, take a nap before the big Game Tonight. But if you can join me in the C2C Chatroom Tonight!

1,664 Days of WWIII

04/01/05 Saturday Very Early AM


Now for this week's Review and next week's Preview of everything that is Coast To Coast AM, MY RADIO SHOW at work in "The Secret Lab". Smoker Dave is glad to provide to you, my new friend from the X-Conference in Washington D.C., Tim Binnall.

the binnall report

binnallofamerica.com is a collection of researchers, writers and philosophers with a keen eye for the absurd in everything, especially the world of the paranormal and new age (i.e. esoterica). We are a stand-alone entity, and impartial observer, serving as a beacon in the night among a sea of voices.

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1,663 Days of WWIII


Sorry Folks, for those who missed them. I accidently somehow deleted with my stupid fingers that can't type, Tuesday's and Wednesday's Updates. By the Time I realized it, the UNDUE option wouldn't work.

1st off Remember the WEEKENDER EDITION Tonight! Plus I'll be in the NightHawk Chat Room 10PM Pacific, or 1AM EST 'till 2AM Pacific, or 4AM EST. I got to post it this way because most of you Bozo's will be doing the Stupid Time Change thing again this weekend. We don't do that crap here in Arizona! I'll also be in that same chat room on Monday Night after the NCAA March Madness Championship Game. But you can count on seeing me there in that chat room nearly every Friday night.

I am working on a HOT LINK BANNER to the Chat Room to post when I know I will be there, EX: Friday Nights and when I am off from Work. But until I get that up and working here is the Link HERE!!! Scrool down 1 page to you see, Live Zone, Click on that, then Scroll down 1 page to Forum Topics and click on the 1st one which should be the current Date and Guest/Topic except for the East Coast.

Many of you may be wondering why I am discussing this. Well I would like to see some of my old friends from the old ART BELL BLUE ROOMS to join in, most know of my web site and I'd like to hear from them again. Plus for those of you who don't know of my other HOBBY besides this web site, here's a chance to take a look. You don't Have to look at the Chat in REAL TIME, you can read all the posts anytime. It's just for the most part I'll be in there on Friday Nights.

Let's stay on Friday Nights for another minute. It looks Promising that I will beable to return to my "Park Bench" outside my Front Door here at the SECRET ARMED COMPOUND for tonight's Show without getting COLD, when having BEER! A return since I was forced into my Den in Early Novemeber. And I'm prepared! I used to be a Boy Scout! I have an Extension Cord to recharge my Lap Top PC's Battery. You see last year, the battery lasted about 3Hrs and 45 min. before I had to shut down. Basically covered the Whole 4 hr Show. Well now the Battery Lasts about 3 hrs. Not an issue in my Den, where I also have a Desk Top PC and ability to recharge my Lap Top. But Outside is BEST listening to Coast To Coast AM, and I want to stay online! Sure I have other Extension Cords, but in-house cheapo type, and an outlet just 8 ft away inside the house, but I don't want to crimp them in the door. That's a hazard. I do have an outside outlet about 30 or so ft away from my Park Bench. HOME DEPOT here I come. I got a 50ft Extension Cord, the thick ORANGE TYPE, for the hefty price of.... $6.00. Yep! Smoker Dave on a WILD FREE SPENDING SHOPPING SPREE!!!!


Just Like Arizona doesn't believe in Changing Clocks every 6 Months. Arizona Believes in BURNING FLAGS of the Country INVADING our STATE!!! I am proud to say I live within 10 miles of this High School!!! BURN BABY BURN!!! See the STORY HERE!!!

Well this was Very Close to The SECRET LAB where I work, maybe 2 Football Fields away. Another Shooting. But this News "paper" is Pro Illegal Aliens, so if any of those involved is Hispanic, or Mexican, LEGAL Or ILLEGAL this paper will not report it. But see the STORY HERE!!!

EARTHQUAKES IN IRAN!!! A Sign From God? Allah? See the STORY HERE!!!

Phoenix Arizona Metro Area residents Consider ILLEGAL ALIENS the Biggest Problem, Above CRIME and TRAFFIC!!! See the STORY HERE!!!

So what do we have to look forward to??? The FINAL 4 Games on SATURDAY and the Championship Game on Monday Night!!! Predictions from ME? Not this time, I had this whole March Madness all wrong. But I am rooting for Cinderella George Mason! After tonight's Update, I will be back for a Monday morning update!!! Have a Great Weekend!!!!

1,662 Days of WWIII


Ahh! 1 more Night at work before my 4 day weekend! Yes I have Monday Night off for the NCAA MARCH MADNESS CHAMPIONSHIP GAME!

Of coarse we have NEWS Today! Let's Start with the Whacked Congresswoman, who once asked if the NASA ROVERS on MARS could find the LUNAR LANDERS we sent with MEN to land with in the late 1960's and early 1970's..... Guess she didn't know that the MOON is our MOON, and MARS is a PLANET! Well she did know they both started with the LETTER "M"!!! More recently she said the naming of HURRICANES with White Peoples Names was RASCIST!!!! Hmmm. OK, let's Rename Hurricane KATRINA to Hurricane KUNTA KINTE!!!

Well anyway U.S. Representative Cynthia McKinney (D-GA) is to be ARRESTED later Today for PUNCHING a CAPITOL POLICE OFFICER. Of coarse she is already raising the RACISM FLAG!!! She has already described LITERALLY her STORY on this IN BLACK AND WHITE, I mean Black VS White!!! See the STORY HERE!!!

The New Gov't of the Palestinians, now run by a TERRORIST ORGANISATION is pissed off that Western Govt's are going to cut off AID! I say hey! you were Elected by your own People to take over, knowing full well this would happen! And You claimed no matter, your ARAB and MUSLIM BROTHERS would make up the Difference! I wonder how you are suprised by a lack of support from your BROTHER ARAB COUNTRIES, since they have kicked you out of their own Countries, and never provided any $$ Support except for Suicide Bombers!!! Since Hmmas refuses to change their Position, WHY SHOULD WE the WESTERN POWERS CHANGE because you IDIOTS want us to???? If according to your wishes, ISRAEL is wiped off the Face of the MAP, so will Palestine!!! and probably most of the Middle East!!! See the STORY HERE!!!

BOOM!!!! Look OUT!!! Well Las Vegas will see it, but the Terrorist Nations will be Targeted by it, bye, bye, underground Bunkers!!!! Looks like it may not take a NUKE to Destroy Deep Underground BuNKERS! HEY! Palestine, IRAN... are you listening to this???? See the STORY HERE!!!


Well I don't have any humorous NEWS Today. But I do I have 1 more STORY. Just Remember if you are going into SURGERY, mark with anything, BLACK MARKER, whaterever! Where they should be Operating, what LEG, What ARM, or What Side of YOUR BRAIN!!! See the STORY HERE!!!

Well this is all for Today! I WILL see you Tomorrow!!!

1,659 Days of WWIII


Well I must start off with this today! HAPPY 40th BIRTHDAY!!!! To my younger Brother, who'll I call Non-Smoker Jeff.

How about those March Madness Games in the SWEET 16 and GREAT 8???? 1st time in 26 yrs a #1 Seed didn't make it to the FINAL 4! And only the 2nd time a Double digit Seed made it to the FINAL 4. ( 12th Seed George Mason Univ.). Anybody who has these 4 Teams in the Final 4 in their Brackets is going to make a boatload of $$$ in the Office/Work Pools!!!

Big Surprise! NOT!!! The 20th Hijacker Moussaoui Testifies he was to fly a Hijacked Plane into The White House. See the Story HERE!!!

My Web Site is SAFE! The Federal Elections Commission has ruled that political activity on the Internet will not be regulated. See the STORY HERE!!!

Now this Story is a bit Worrisome! I don't want to be a part of the "BORG" ie Star Trek Next Generation! But it looks like we are getting CLOSER!!!! See the STORY HERE!!!

The Madness of ZERO TOLERANCE in Schools once again! An 8 yr old Boy accused and suspended for SEXUAL HARASSMENT!!! See the STORY HERE!!!

Now to the Issue of the current Week: The Enforcement of Current Immigration Laws, and the Protests, 20,000 in Phoenix, 500,000 in LA. All of them should have been Rounded up and have to show then or have it shown from documents from their home that they are here Legally. Or they get sent BACK! I don't give a DAMN if they were here for 20 yrs, EVERY YEAR ILLEGALY!!!! Every SECOND of EVERY DAY they are breaking the Law and were CRIMINALS from the Time they Steped across the Border ILLEGALLY! The $20 Hamburger, the $5 for a Head of Lettuce is a FARCE! Do you REALLY Believe that the Housekeeping Staff now being paid less than minimum wage "Under the Table" will grow into $25 an hour jobs if the Illegals were kicked out????? Well there is a fix to that if we can't get people here Legally here to them. It's Called the GUEST WORKER PROGRAM! If no Americans want to pick the Lettuce, or make the Beds, whatever.... Then we issue Guest Worker IDs good for 6 or 9 months, whatever is needed. If the Guest Workers wish to stay permanently, then go through the PROCESS!!! We did the Amnesty thing ONCE in the 1980's. That was a boondoggle! Just encouraged More and MORE to come waiting for the next round of AMNESTY!!!! That is NOT BORDER SECURITY!!!! I don't blame them for wanting to come here. Their Gov't is Corrupt, they have Plenty of Natural Resources to have a BOOMING ECONOMY! And I know they don't want to leave their Homes and Families to come here to get work, but allowing this to happen is preventing the Mexican People from wrestling the Power away from those who are raping the Country Economicly.

OH! the ILLEGALS Cut our GRASS, Harvest Crops, Shovel Sidewalks and Driveways, Deliver Newspapers, etc. Well how about THAT!!!! When I was Growing up, KIDS were doing those CHORES!!!!


I don't know about you, but I think this Kid needs a New Hobby!!!! See the STORY HERE!!!

Well here's a Twist, Mother abducts her own kids and assumes the Identity of the Dad, and even the kids bought it! You can probably bet these kids are going to messed up in the Head for Life! See the STORY HERE!!!

Well that's All I have today! See you Tomorrow!!!

1,657 Days of WWIII

03/25/05 Saturday Very Early AM


Now for this week's Review and next week's Preview of everything that is Coast To Coast AM, MY RADIO SHOW at work in "The Secret Lab". Smoker Dave is glad to provide to you, my new friend from the X-Conference in Washington D.C., Tim Binnall.

the binnall report

binnallofamerica.com is a collection of researchers, writers and philosophers with a keen eye for the absurd in everything, especially the world of the paranormal and new age (i.e. esoterica). We are a stand-alone entity, and impartial observer, serving as a beacon in the night among a sea of voices.

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1,654 Days of WWIII


WOO HOO!!! The Start of a 5 Day-Night Weekend!!! Work was easier last night, I was better rested, and then 1/2 of our Work was delayed because of a combination of missed Flights and Weather. I'm sure the backlog will be cleared up by Monday Night!!!

So what else is NEW? Well the Liberal Media is all a TIZZY over President Bush's mention that all they report on IRAQ is the bad NEWS. The fact the Liberal Media never leaves the GREEN ZONE and their Balconies to find out what is really going on makes them MAD!!! They don't like like being exposed as the whimps and pussies they Are!!! I'll tell you this: If you only get your NEWS from the Newspaper, and Network TV NEWS, you are SOOO DISINFORMED!!! So much so, you shouldn't even be here reading this!!!

Like OH MY GOD!!! We are going to be in IRAQ for YEARS!!!! Well guess what PEOPLE with Small Minds. We ARE STILL IN JAPAN, GERMANY, and ITALY, 60 YEARS AFTER the END OF WWII!!!! Now for the TOTAL IDIOTS, We were Fighting the AXIS POWERS. GERMANY, JAPAN, and ITALY, in WWII!!!! By the way that WAR ended in 1945.....

So to you naysayers.... STUFF IT IN YOUR A**!!!

Don't bother Emailing on this I'm fed up with some of you IDIOTS! I wish I had a Filter to Screen out STUPID PEOPLE!!!

Yes it was Commentary Day Today, Do not Fear! New update Tomorrow, more than likely NEWS updates with a bit of Commentary. Its Transition day to more so called regular Hours of so called Normal waking and work hours, but I don't have to work! I will be in the Chat Room as SMOKER DAVE during Coast To Coast AM with George Noory, in the NIGHTHAWK ZONE, tonight!

See you Tomorrow!!!


1,653 Days of WWIII


The 1st night, Graveyard Shift after 10 days off is always tough, but I made it thru OK. 1 More Night and I'm Off for another 5 Days!!! Heh, Heh, Heh!!!

Is Former President Bill "Slick Willy" Clinton: HEN PECKED? Pussy Whipped??? No that one can't be! At least not by Hillary!!!! But now Bill is saying, "YES, DEAR", to Hillary's COMMANDS! And he basically says so himself! Bill is now just a "TROPHY "HUSBAND"" in Hillary's Presidential aspirations. See the STORY HERE!!!

President Bush had a News Conference Today. And it was Bush as Bush, as he is in person, taking reporters by surprise and giving a polite but noticable slap in the face to the old bat Helen Thomas. This Story doesn't do it justice, you have to at least Hear it or watch it. But here is the STORY HERE!!!

On to Other NEWS!

Now for a New Twist, or Drip on the McDonald's Spilled Hot Coffe Lawsuit, and this HAPPENED Supposedly 4 YEARS AGO!!! There should be a total BAN on these types of Lawsuits! Life is tough for Everyone, but it's even tougher if you ARE STUPID! But because of your STUPIDITY you should not be awarded for it! Give me a DAMN BREAK!!! A Hot Breadstick burns thru BLUE JEANS and leaves a 2nd DEGREE BURN( Leaves a Fluid filled Blister )???? WHAT???? You couldn't wipe your Jeans to dissapate the HEAT When you felt the LAVA???? OH! You couldn't let go of the Breadstick!!!! CASE DISMISSED! Lawyers Fees To Be Paid for by PLAINTIFF! SMOKER DAVE'S RULING! See the STORY of this GOLD-Digging BIMBO HERE!!!

MAMA MIA!!! Now Thatsa a Bigga PIZZA!!!! Holy Cow!!! or Pepperoni! There is NO WAY I can fit this many people in my "Secret Armed Compound" and have a decent view of my widescreen 50 inch HDTV. 50 INCH! Bigger than the TV!!! Also would Overlap ALL SIDES of my Dinning Room TABLE!!! Hmm.... I wonder if it also comes as a Deep Dish Pizza....... Stuffed Crust? Forget it! I could get it in my Garage, but not in the House!!! My Doors aren't big enough, and you can't tip a Pizza, especially this BIG!!! See the STORY HERE!!! But then again 150 slices... If you eat 1 for Breakfast, 1 for Lunch, and 3 for Dinner. You have a WHOLE MONTH of Groceries. All you need is Potatoe Chips and drinks!

The FAT ACTIVISTS, or ADVOCATES FOR LARDASSES will be very UPSET with this STORY!!! The Airlines should try this!!! See the STORY HERE!!!

Well I'll end it here for Today. But now you have learned a way to get the Major Food Groups for a month of EATS for a $100 PIZZA: has DAIRY, Breads, Vegetable, Meat. AND CHOLESTEROL!!!

1,652 Days of WWIII


Back to Regular Schedule at least for today and tomorrow. A short week for me, Mon & Tues night only, Weds & Thurs off for the Sweet 16.

Whew! I as always nearly OD'd on Basketball the past week, about 60 Games I saw in the past 10 days. This is sort of a min-vacation-esque time for me. I don't go far, just to the nearest Sports Bar for the 1st of 16 Games per day, 2 days in a row. Then it gets down to a level I can Watch at home with the Bonus Coverages. Unfortunately my Syracuse Lost in the 1st Round. I guess they used up all they had to Win the Big East Tournament in that Magical Ride they had in Madison Square Garden. It is a cheapo Vacation for me, just costs me Bar Tabs, and Extra Beers at Home, and inevitably extra SMOKE Costs!

Well yesterday was the 3rd Anniversary of the WAR in IRAQ. Let's see 2,300+ DEAD American Soldies in the Ground War. Or LESS than 800 per year. Traffic Deaths in the past 3 yrs here in the USA, 120,000+, or over 40,000 per year. Hmmmm......

How About the BIG ANTI-WAR DEMONSTRATIONS???? 200 people in NYC, 25 in Phoenix. See the STORY, (NOTE: Even this Story Inflates the # by nearly a Factor of 10 of the Actual Participants) HERE!!!

And Now a MOVIE on Cindy Shithead, I mean Sheehan, to be played by Susan Sarandon.... I gues she wants to put another nail of the Coffin representing her Movie Career. See the STORY HERE!!!

RELIGION OF PEACE???? Born MUSLIM, you STAY MUSLIM under PENALTY OF DEATH!!!! And this is TRUE even in AFGHANISTAN! Where it is a Democratic Gov't, with a Constitution! Unfortunately it Embraces Radical Shariah Law as the highest Authority. SEE the STORY HERE!!!


Whacko Town in California basically Bans ALL SMOKING!!! I'll tell you what! if this Spreads you will be seeing in the NEWS Car Chases, Barricaded Stand offs and Hostage situations from SMOKERS! Maybe 10 yrs from now you will see SMOKER DAVE in a Slow Speed Chase aka like OJ Simpson, being pursued as the Last Admitted Smoker in Arizona! SMOKER DAVE Tossing Lit Cigarettes, out the Driver's Side Window, ENDANGERING THOUSANDS of Residents and CHILDREN to TOXIC 2nd SMOKE!!!! See the STORY HERE!!!

And you can BET, I would throw ANYTHING at the Police Chasing me, EXCEPT THIS!!!! See the STORY HERE!!!


It's the 1st Day of SPRING!!! 'Though here we are not having Spring Like weather. In fact yesterday we had hours of light rain, RAIN 2 weekends in a ROW!!! After 143 Days of NO RAIN! Some people bemoan that it's happening on the Weekend. I, however Love it, it Rains so infrequently here, I would Love it on my days off from Work.

Well Chances Are I will be Updating Everyday this Week, sure Thurs and Fri the Sweet 16 begins, but far fewer Games per day than last week, and start later in the Day.

1,650 Days of WWIII

03/18/05 Saturday Very Early AM


Now for this week's Review and next week's Preview of everything that is Coast To Coast AM, MY RADIO SHOW at work in "The Secret Lab". Smoker Dave is glad to provide to you, my new friend from the X-Conference in Washington D.C., Tim Binnall.

the binnall report

binnallofamerica.com is a collection of researchers, writers and philosophers with a keen eye for the absurd in everything, especially the world of the paranormal and new age (i.e. esoterica). We are a stand-alone entity, and impartial observer, serving as a beacon in the night among a sea of voices.

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1,647 Days of WWIII


The IDES OF MARCH, bad day for CEASAR!

Well March Madness kicked off last night and goes into Full Force tomorrow and Friday. Sports Bar with many TV's time for me! My beloved Syracuse plays Texas A&M on Friday 10AM my time. Because of all the Games from tomorrow thru Sunday, this may be my last regular update until Monday. With the Exception of the Weekender Edition on Friday night, Saturday morning.

BIRD FLU!!! Run and hide!!! Stockpile Cans of TUNA and Powdered MILK!!! Give me a break! Should I also cover the windows with plastic and Duct Tape???? See the STORY HERE!!! I HATE TUNA!!! Cambells BEEF SOUP isn't good enough??? I also Need Powdered Diet Coke and Powdered Budweiser Beer!!!! AND Smokes! I probably need some Powdered Water Too! But what do you add to it????

MORE BIRD FLU! We made it!!!! I guess the Oceans seperating us from Europe, Africa, and Asia don't count for this Commie! But I think he inhaled "Second Hand GAS". See the STORY HERE!!!

OH NO!!! BIRD FLU will be in the USA in 3 WEEKS!!!! Will there be a RUN on Cans of Tuna and Powdered Milk???? I don't think so! See the STORY HERE!!!

The now Whacko Liberals are getting even Whackier!!! Broadband For ALL!!! Hmmm. don't we still have American Citizens without Homes, Running water, Bathrooms, etc. The Liberals keep saying they are the Champions of this class of people! How are These people going to use BROADBAND???? Maybe they don't matter to them anymore, probably didn't vote enough! See the Story HERE!!!

Well this Study is about as usefull as a Study saying that Kids who Eat Junk Food and Play Video Games Get FAT!!! This Study says Republicans are Happier regardless of income levels than Democrats!!! See the STORY HERE!!!

NEWS Update on the MASSACRE 2 miles from my "Secret Armed Compound". See the STORY HERE!!!

I guess based on this Story from my hometown Area, Syracuse will need to beat UCONN One more Time in the NCAA Tournament! You remember this Story, the Autistic kid who hit 6 Three Pointers and one just on the line for 20 points in 4 minutes. Well the kid Knows his College Basketball! See the STORY HERE!!!

Well folks, that's all for now. Weekender Edition will be posted, but other than that I have MANY MANY College Basketball Games to watch the next 4 days. GO SYRACUSE!!!

1,645 Days of WWIII


This Photo taken about 15 miles from "The Secret Armed Compound" about 3 hrs ago. Well I got 1 Photo Posted.

Casket Sales Down. Well I don't know about you, but I prefer the Casket and 6 feet below ground when I go. I don't like the idea of being Incinerated! See the STORY HERE!!!

New Orleans to DENY Voting Rights to evacuees??? Well I guess Jesse Jackson while not saying it, is saying that the displaced Black population of New Orleans is too stupid to figure out how to Vote away from their Home in New Orleans. Seems that, that is Racist in itself. However I bet most displaced residents have no plans for returning to New Orleans anytime soon. They are working out rebuilding their lives, getting jobs, etc. in a new City or area of the State or Country. I.E. Being a Resident in a different City, Area. And more concerned with what happens where they are than New Orleans. Sure I know many will reconsider after 5 or 10 years of going back. But by then they will have new friends, good jobs, kids in school, etc. If 10 yrs from now, 20% of the displaced Residents return to New Orleans I will be very surprised. See the STORY HERE!!!

It's Amazing how little the high level Governmental Officials, the Senate, House of Representatives, etc. are so clueless on the Internet. Maybe not so surprising given they all have staff people, aids, etc. to get them info etc. on whatever they need. I mean c'mon! Do you think Ted Kennedy knows what a keyboard is???? Or how to Lock Down a Wireless Network???? He can't even stay sober while the SENATE is in Session!!!! But all of us here On-Line knows that if we wanted to, could "Out" an Undercover CIA Agent if we wanted to. The "Find Out Everything About Anybody" Internet offers, are just that if you pay them some $$$. See the STORY HERE!!!!

AHHH a Week off from work to refresh, watch March Madness, and a short week next week. A cheap stay at home vacation. I'll only be dropping a few $$$ at a Sports Bar on Thursday and Friday when there are a lot of games on at the same time. But March Madness does start tomorrow with 2 Games. So tonight for me is a bonus night listening to my favorite radio show, Coast To Coast AM with George Noory. You can find me there tonight and most Friday nights in the NightHawk Zone Chatroom. Of coarse my Screen name is: Smoker Dave!!!!

1,644 Days of WWIII



What a Difference a week makes!!!! My Beloved Syracuse Orangemen Basketball Team went into last week nearly ELIMINATED from the NCAA March Madness Tournament. After a SPECTACULAR 4 wins in 4 days in the Big East Conference Championship Tournament, featuring G-MAC, not only is Syracuse in the Tournament, but in as a #5 SEED!!!! See the STORY HERE!!!

And my Most Loved TEAM the ARIZONA CARDINALS just signed Edgerrin James. See the STORY HERE!!!

And Yesterday, the 143 days of NO RAIN Ended, with nearly 2 inches of rain in most parts of "The Valley Of The SUN". Not much standing water left, even with all this rain, the desert SUCKED most of it down like a man dying of thirst! I swear I could almost hear my Secret Armed Compound's Adobe outside Walls and Tile Roof sucking in some moisture. Even Desert engineered housing materials need some moisture, or they crack and turn into DUST! Fortunately I have no Drips, No Leaks, and No Errors! So the Palacial Secret Armed Compound is sound and secure. Also seeing SNOW on the Mountains surrounding "The Valley Of The SUN" was a very welcome sight after at least 3 years. I'll try to post a couple of Photo's Tomorrow. See the STORY HERE!!!

Que up Joe Walsh's "LIFE'S BEEN GOOD"

1,643 Days of WWIII

03/11/05 Saturday Very Early AM


Now for this week's Review and next week's Preview of everything that is Coast To Coast AM, MY RADIO SHOW at work in "The Secret Lab". Smoker Dave is glad to provide to you, my new friend from the X-Conference in Washington D.C., Tim Binnall.

the binnall report

binnallofamerica.com is a collection of researchers, writers and philosophers with a keen eye for the absurd in everything, especially the world of the paranormal and new age (i.e. esoterica). We are a stand-alone entity, and impartial observer, serving as a beacon in the night among a sea of voices.

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1,641 Days of WWIII


Well like Yesterday I had to RUSH Home from Work to Watch my beloved Syracuse (unranked) VS the #1 Ranked NCAA College Basketball Team, the University of Connecticut (UCONN). In the True Spirit of the BIG EAST CONFERENCE and TOURNAMENT, any Big East Team CAN BEAT ANY other Big EAST TEAM. In A DRAMATIC OVERTIME FINISH:


#1 U.CONN 84


HAPPY HAPPY JOY JOY!!!!!! This is what Northern and Upstate NEW YORKERS are. Tougher than you could Ever know. On the College scene is just a taste of our mantel. HOO RAH!!! GO ORANGEMEN!!!!

1,640 Days of WWIII


Well I rushed home after work this morning to catch Round 1 of the BIG EAST Tournament College Basketball Game between University of Cinncinati VS my Beloved SYRACUSE ORANGEMAN. I got home early in the 1st 1/2. SYRACUSE needed at LEAST this 1st Round WIN for a decent chance to get into the NCAA MARCH MADNESS as this is the worst year for the School for at least 20 years! Well in a DRAMATIC RUNNING 3 Point SHOT with 1/2 second left in the Game, SYRACUSE WINS 74-73!!!!! Now if Syracuse can upset #1 RANKED U.CONN. in Round 2, Syracuse Will secure a bid to the field of 64. But I think they got it now as a 14th-16th Seed already. Hard to keep Jim Boehiem, a past MARCH MADNESS CHAMPIONSHIP COACH out! Besides, since I have Time off for work to WATCH MARCH MADNESS, I want my S.U. BOYS in it!

OK. Now I need to get this MESA, AZ. FIRE CHIEF making LOVE to an underage LAMB which in definition is Statuatory BESTIALITY, besides TRESPASSING and DISORDERLY CONDUCT.... YA THINK???? Well you can get all the OFFICIAL INFO, including PHOTO'S of the VICTIM, the CRIME SCENE, and the SHERIFF"S ARREST REPORT (8 pages) GRAPHIC DETAILS! HERE!!!

HEY! They caught the CHURCH FIRES ARSONISTS!!! It was all a joke that got out of hand.... And in STUPIDITY set even more CHURCH ARSON FIRES to throw off INVESTIGATORS TRACKS! Turns out it WAS THEIR TIRE TRACKS they failed to cover that led to their ARRESTS!!! These SOUTHERN BOTS are in for a World of HURT in the JUSTICE SYSTEM!!! See the STORY HERE!!!

IRAN threatening the USA with "HARM AND PAIN" over the referral to the UN Security Council of it's NUCLEAR ACTIVITIES. Unless something drastic happens before the end of this MONTH around the NEW MOON when Night Skies are DARKEST will be the AIR ASSAULT STRIKES by USA, or ISREALI, or NATO, or any combination of the 3. See the STORY HERE!!!

Well I want to watch some more College Basketball, See you tomorrow!

1,634 Days of WWIII


Well I have my Days/Nights off from Work at "The Secret Lab" for March Madness. Much to the disapproval of some co-workers who are jealous and also want the time off, but don't have the budgeted available Vacation Hours!!! Sadly this will drain my available Vacation time down to about 250 hours, and down to 64 hours of Personal Time. The complainers besides whinning about my time off, were also whinning that they had less than 10 hours of available Time Off. So I feel Real GUILTY....NOT!!! Heh, Heh!!! Suffer little twenty somethings!!! You have to Earn it before you can use it!

Just a VERY SHORT UPDATE TODAY. Got home Late doing some stuff after Work, and since yesterday was ASH WEDNESDAY meant NO MEAT FOR ME! And Tomorrow, Friday is during LENT, also means NO MEAT TOMORROW! So I have to pack into my stomach 3 days worth of MEAT before I go to bed in about 2 hours. Somehow these Religious Rules, no matter what Religion needs to "Modernize" to the 21st Century. When these Rules were made or were handed down, there was no such thing as 3rd Shift, Night Shift, Swing Shift, etc. Needs to take into account the changes.... Many of us during the Work week Eat 1 Meal a Day/Night. And only on Days Off Eat 2 Meals a Day if then... And it is extra hard on us who don't like FISH or Seafood!!! I want a Papal Decree that those of us who only Eat once per Day 6 days out of 7 in a Week to be Absolved of the Religious Obligations of no Meat on Fridays during LENT and giving up 1 Meal a Day! That is my ONLY MEAL!!! Let me see.... What do I eat besides MEAT? Some Lettuce, some Bread, some Cheese, maybe a Vegetable to break it up. That's what I'm left with! Best I can do on Fridays now is a Cheese Pizza!!! Unfair to me to those who LIKE Seafood and can EAT FISH, LOBSTER, etc. that they Really like to have instead of MEAT! You take MEAT away from me that's 3/4ths of my Food Pyramid!!! Smoker Dave is unfullied on Bread, Cheese, Tomato Soup, and Noddles!!! Time for Reform on this I say! Think about it.... I hate Seafood. I am left with the just listed Items. Best you can do with Bread, Cheese, Tomato, is A CHEESE PIZZA!!!!! With a Salad on the Side. OH! Maybe Potato Chips Too, or French Fries!!! Well that's a lengthly Menu.... NOT!!!

See you Tomorrow!!!

1,633 Days of WWIII


NO RAIN!!! So now it is Day # 134 of no rain, and very Possible to last 'till the end of June or Early July when the Monsoon starts. How Dry I am, How Dry I am, Lord only knows... How Dry I am!!!!

Well if yesterday was "Fat Tuesday and Mardi Gras", then today is ASH Wednesday and the 1st day of Lent. Means no meat for me today and the next 6 Fridays. That means Cheese Pizza, tomato soup or PeanutButter Sandwhiches etc since I am NOT a Seafood person. It also means I give up my beloved Saturday night Steak BBQ Dinners for the next 6 weeks, 'till after Easter Sunday. That's what I give up for Lent. I may not be an Every Sunday Mass Catholic, but I still follow overall. For a Story on the Ashes for Ash Wednesday, see the STORY HERE!!!

You know, if you are a Passenger on a Plane, you expect the Airline Steward(s), ot (ess) to do all to keep the Passengers Calm in even extreme Hazardous Situations. That's their JOB! Well this Stewardess in bad Turbulance kept screaming, We're GOING TO CRASH!!! This must be a Flight to Remember for the Passengers! And why isn't she FIRED YET???? See the STORY HERE!!! Hmmm... If I was on that FLIGHT and Decided to have A Smoke based on the Stewardess's Actions, would I still be Arrested by the Feds and face Jail and Heavy Fines for Smoking on a Plane if I believed her that we were going to CRASH??? It semms to be tradition that even those facing the Death Penalty gets a Last Smoke!!!...

Are not All Children taught to SHARE???? See the STORY HERE!!!

Well as far as NEWS I can give you, March is in like a LAMB, tradition says, Out like a LION!!!

That's all I have for Today, see you Tomorrow!!!

1,632 Days of WWIII


Now Officially Starting my 4th Year in The New Spacious Secret Armed Compound Smoker Dave Estate!!!! Still ARMED, Still Secure, Still Secret.

Smoker Rights ALERT!!!! Australia is floating the idea of Banning Smoking in CARS!!!! See the STORY HERE!!!

ELITE IVY LEAGUE UNIVERSITIES accepting as Students.... TALIBAN Members!!!! FOR DIVERSITY?????? See the STORY HERE!!!

Ted Kennedy Killed Alternative Energy.... NOT in his Backyard!!!! See the STORY HERE!!!I guess 'ole Drunken Teddy just tossed it over the Bridge.....

Oh the Southern USA Border is SAFE..... HOGWASH!!! Want to be kidnapped and Killed. You have a better chance on the USA/MEXICO Border than in IRAQ!!!! See the STORY HERE!!!

TIP: Want to avoid Traffic Ticket Fines? Don't fake your own Death! See the STORY HERE!!!

This is REAL BAD even for "REALITY TV"..... ANNA NICOLE SMITH in front of the SUPREME COURT of the UNITED STATES! The Supreme Court dragged into Bimbo Land!!! See the STORY HERE!!!

Well it's Afternoon, still Sunshine, and Partly Cloudy. Doesn't look like Rain to me! Final determination tomorrow!!!

1,631 Days of WWIII


How Time Flies! Tomorrow marks the start of my 4th year in my New Secret Armed Compound. Yes I moved in on Feb. 28th 2003. Let's see, I am 43 now.... So I guess I will be here for the next 60 years. Yes you can assume I don't plan on moving!

They go fast and in sets of 3. Since I last updated 3 Actors who I have watched Many times have Died. Don Knotts Barney Fife on the Andy Griffith Show.

Darren McGavin The TV Series "Kolchak: The Night Stalker", and the movie "A Christmas Story".

Dennis Weaver TV Series "Gentle Ben", and "McCloud".

BREAKING NEWS!!! We may after now 132 days get some RAIN!!!! A guarenteed 40% chance!!!! This will be a MAJOR RAIN EVENT for us here in the Greater Phoenix Area! See the Story/Forcast HERE!!!

I don't know how often this is replayed on The Discovery Channel, but the latest episode that aired at 4PM Sunday AZ Time of "EXTREME ENGINEERING" was all about the construction of the New Cardinals Stadium, just recently listed by Businessweek as 1 of the top 10 Sports Structures in the World, and the only one in the USA to make the top 10.

Well Let's see what else is in the News Today

Bad News for the Liberal Doomsday sayers, the Economy is going to get EVEN BETTER!!!! See the STORY HERE!!!

IRAN wants US, and everyone else to give up Nuclear Weapons..... So I guess Iran and North Korea will be the only ones with them..... See the STORY HERE!!!

FYI: Bin Laden likes HUGS, not Kisses. See the STORY HERE!!!

Tip: Don't EAT YELLOW or BROWN SNOW!!! Hey Colorado, we are sorry for this in Arizona, but that's what happens with 132 days of no RAIN, SNOWBOWL getting 22 inches of Snow this Season instead of 22 FEET!!!! See the STORY HERE!!!

Good Grief!!! How Far would you go to cheat on a drug Test???? See the STORY HERE!!!

Miracles still do Happen. See the STORY HERE!!!

Well that's all I have for Today! See you Tomorrow!!!

1,629 Days of WWIII

02/25/05 Saturday Very Early AM


Now for this week's Review and next week's Preview of everything that is Coast To Coast AM, MY RADIO SHOW at work in "The Secret Lab". Smoker Dave is glad to provide to you, my new friend from the X-Conference in Washington D.C., Tim Binnall.

the binnall report

binnallofamerica.com is a collection of researchers, writers and philosophers with a keen eye for the absurd in everything, especially the world of the paranormal and new age (i.e. esoterica). We are a stand-alone entity, and impartial observer, serving as a beacon in the night among a sea of voices.

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1,628 Days of WWIII


AHHH!!! FRIDAY!!!!!!

1st: Late Tonight "The Weekender Edition".

I rarely do this, but since I am thinking of at least trying it, and Rush Limbaugh recieved Emails from his Super Bowl Party Attendees Raving about these Hot Dogs that were sent to Rush hoping for an Endorsement and Advertise on his Show. Even beat the Fine Wine etc. Rush also served. They all tspoke of the Hot Dogs. I look at it this way: If a Billionaire Talk Show Host has a Super Bowl Sports Type Menue Party, and all he hears about afterwards is how Great these Hot Dogs are, I need to take notice and consider giving them a try, they also offer Steaks Etc. that Rush hasn't tried yet. But in all the years I have listened to Rush, this is the 1st time he gave a basic Pre-Endorsement Spot on his Show. Here is the LINK: HERE!!! Could be very Good for MARCH MADNESS PARTIES!

It must be PHOENIX and suburbs making National News Week! Late yesterday afternoon a HOSTAGE SITUATION in downtown PHOENIX occurred. Made NAtional NEWS. Well here is the latest NEWS on this SUN induced Brain Damaged IDIOT. HERE!!!

Now here is the Latest Update on the Multiple (5) Murder Scene about 2 miles from me. See the STORY HERE!!!

Still on ARIZONA NEWS: Fines now $1 Million Per Day for not approving a School Program to teach English to Children of Illegal ALIENS. I.E. Teaching Spanish Speaking Students English. Don't have to Fund Programs for Chinese Speaking Students English, Or German Speaking Students, or French Speaking Students, or any other Language Students. These kids, NOT OUR KIDS, are the Children of ILLEGAL ALIENS, either born in Mexico, or are Anchor Babies. (ANCHOR BABIES are children Born HERE of Illegal Immigrants. The Baby is a US Citizen under Current Law. Once the Child turns 18 yrs old he/she can bring the Whole Family over Legally). Well for the past 30 Days we are being Fined $500,000 a Day. Total Now $15 Million. Starting today it is $1 Million per Day!!! See the STORY HERE!!!

3 years ago this would have been less than 2 miles from my Apartment. Yes it is More Arizona NEWS! See the STORY HERE!!!

And Continueing on ARIZONA. Realize this FACT: Legal POOR Families will do whatever it takes for Free Stuff. Illegal Families will not Risk it, for fear of Deportation. See the STORY and look at the linkage of the ENGLISH LEARNING Bull that ARIZONA is now Being Fined $1 Million Per Day. Which is a FEDERAL GOVT. Responsibility to PREVENT these Illegals from getting here in the 1ST PLACE!!!!!!! This is just the tip of the Iceburg. The Illegals are Raking up Huge Bills in Health Care Costs, Crime Stats, Imprisonment Costs, etc. etc. See the STORY HERE!!!


When it comes to Bill Clinton, NEVER APOLOGIZE!!! This is a GREAT HONOR to Snub an Ex-President who is credited with allowing Terrorists to Launch a WAR against the WEST and it's fellow Moderate Silient Muslims. See the STORY < a href="http://www.heraldsun.news.com.au/common/story_page/0,5478,18260795%5E20322,00.html">HERE!!!

AL GORE's TV Network is being SUED! But how many actually Get AL GORE's TV NETWORK???? And those who can get it, How many watch? See the STORY HERE!!!

1,627 Days of WWIII


Remember about 2 1/2 weeks ago, the Day after the Super Bowl, I told you of the 2nd Level Row 1 48 yard Line Seat I got for the New Cardinals NFL Football Stadium? Well not only do I have season Tickets to the Newest NFL Stadium in a PRIME SPOT, but now is rated as 1 of the WORLD'S 10 MOST IMPRESSIVE SPORTS STRUCTURES, the only one in the USA!!! Of coarse you know Smoker Dave Demands the BEST! See the Story, etc. HERE!!!

STUPID STORY OF THE DAY: In CANADA, a University President has banned WI-FI because of Health Concerns. Unproven safety of have WI-FI Radio Waves around people..... Doesn't he KNOW, that there are AM/FM Radio Waves, TV Broadcasts Signals, Cell Phones, UHF, VHF, Satallite, Microwaves, etc. etc. etc.???? I can only assume that it must be ESPECIALLY COLD in his part of CANADA to come down with a Case of BRAIN FREEZE!!! Must have been a WI-FI HOT SPOT that did it!!! See the STORY HERE!!!

HOO RAH!!! New POPE HAS BALLS!!! Basically says to Muslim Countries, no more TURNING THE OTHER CHEEK!!! See the STORY HERE!!!

NEWS Update on the Multipe MURDERS near my "SECRET ARMED COMPOUND". See the STORY HERE!!!

Hang in there Folks! The WEEKEND is ALMOST HERE! A basic Free and Clear Weekend. Meaning No NFL Football, Spring Traing for Baseball just beginning, a Week away before College Basketball to start it's showdown on who goes to MARCH MADNESS. NBA Season only 1/2 done, no rush to see this. Sadly this means for most of us men, single or married, time spent in Shopping Malls or Stores. We all have things we need to get, from Throw Rugs, to 24 packs of Toilet Paper, to New Bed Sheets, and a couple of Shirts and Pants, to household items, or plain House Items. May as well get it done this weekend, we won't miss much in Sports on TV. See you Tomorrow!!!

1,626 Days of WWIII


Well not all that much new today, but I do have an Update of the MASSACRE. It was only about 2 Miles from my "SECRET ARMED COMPOUND". But it was 4 Houses away from a Co-Worker in "The SECRET LAB". He works in a Different DEPT. His Wife heard the whole thing. Police still unsure on what actually happen. MURDER-SUICIDE..... Or Pure HOMICIDE. All I can give you is the Latest NEWS on this. HERE!!!

I Referenced this STORY Months ago about the Firefighter in Buffalo who woke up from a vegatative State after 10 yrs. Sadly he has died. See the STORY HERE!!!

With BIRD-FLU FEARS, how about this? MUTANT CHICKENS WITH CROCODILE TEETH!!!! Hey Guys! I bet these CHICKENS will go for Bigger "WORMS" if you get my Drift.... SEE the STORY HERE!!!

KILL the PATIENTS So WE CAN BE SAVED!!!! Hurricane Katrina Hospital STAFF.... See the STORY HERE!!!

That's All I have for Today, see you Tomorrow!!!

1,625 Days of WWIII


Well this is the 1st thing I did when I got home this morning after Work. I sent Email Messages and Phone Calls to the Offices of my 2 US Senators and to my House of Congressman. Strongly stating my shock that it was a British Company running these Sea Ports that are being sold to the United Arab Emeriates. It is like Contracting with MEXICO to Guard our Southern Border from Illegal Mexican Aliens!!!! Even the Best Case Scenario is PISS POOR!!!! That would be China manufacturing our US Military Uniforms. Worst Case...... NUCLEAR 9-11. I know President Bush, Tom Ridge former Head of HOMELAND SECURITY, Jimmy Carter, and even RUSH LIMBAUGH Disagree with me. AND I DON'T GIVE A DAMN!!!! This is like letting a wolf Guard the Henhouse from other Wolves. Our Weakest Points are the Land Borders, and the Sea Ports. Let an ARAB Country Run them????? HELL NO!!!! And I don't care if anyone tries to label me RACIST against ARABS and Muslims.

NOTE: Link to EMAIL ADDRESSES to your SENATORS and Congressmen/Women are on my Opening Page

Besides my Angst on the previous News, on the way home from for I found out on the Radio that the biggest Massacre happened about 2 miles from My Secret Armed Compound. 5 People MURDERED in a Gated New Subdivision. See the STORY HERE!!!

RUSH LIMBAUGH is STILL GOING on his support of this transfer of Sea Port Security to a Company from the United Arab Emeriates. After all these YEARS, I have NEVER DISAGREED MORE with with RUSH LIMBAUGH!!!! If I disagree with RUSH so adamantly, I bet most of the Listeners are Also. On this ISSUE, I don't Give a DAMN of his Reasoning that this would be FINE. IT IS NOT FINE WITH ME!!!!

OK, so what's the Story behind the MASS MURDER near My "SECRET ARMED COMPOUND"? Well I don't know yet. But I don't think it was Over TOILET PAPER!!! See the STORY HERE!!!

I know I started from the Very Beginning of Today's Update "SPITTING NAILS"!!! So it is only Fitting I end Today's Update with this STORY HERE!!!

See you Tomorrow!!!

1,624 Days of WWIII


I've never Been to Lincoln, Nebraska. So It's a Safe Bet I didn't Win the $365 Million POWERBALL Lottery. So it looks like I have to keep my "Night Job".

Speaking of Jobs, today is President's Day. A Federal Holiday. What this means is that everybody who doesn't have a "Real", or "NEEDED" Jobs has another day off. Federal and State Gov't Workers, Post Office, City Services, School Kids and Teachers. You don't see Hospitals closing for the Day, or Police Depts. Closing for the Day, or Fire Depts. closing for the Day. Or Retail Stores and Malls closing for the Day, or Convience Stores, or Fast Food Joints closing for the Day. Without Exception, Everyone who got today off gets their Paycheck from the TaxPayer!!!! It is this class of workers I will never give an ear to of their gripes about their work, workplace.

I have a new problem with President Bush. The pending Sale of Sea Port Security of 6 of our biggest Ports to an Arab Country! And I find it Very Strange of the Role Reversal that it is the Democrats wanting to Stop this. I'm with the Democrats on this one! Giving an Arab Country Charge of Port Security in the aftermath of 9-11 is NUTS!!!!


Do you have"> Drapes, Or Curtains, or Blinds on your windows that you close from time to time? Well get rid of them, as in this 1st STORY, if you are doing nothing wrong, why should you worry about it??? Here is the 1st of 3 STORIES!!! See the 1st STORY from Houston HERE!!!

See the 2nd STORY from Chicago HERE!!!

See the 3rd STORY obout your Kids HERE!!!


Sportscaster Curt Gowdy has Died at Age 86. Another Voice from my youth silenced forever. See the STORY HERE!!!

Here we go Again, another minority Group wants "Special Rights". It seems they percieve the GAYS as their Closest compatriot Brothers and Sisters in Arms, so to speak. Who are they? The Atheists! The One Group Most Surprised that after they are DEAD, there is another "Life". See the STORY HERE!!!

Well that's it for today. You see I still have to finish laundry, etc, eat and Sleep before going to work tonight on this Federal Holiday....

1,622 Days of WWIII

02/18/05 Saturday Very Early AM


Now for this week's Review and next week's Preview of everything that is Coast To Coast AM, MY RADIO SHOW at work in "The Secret Lab". Smoker Dave is glad to provide to you, my new friend from the X-Conference in Washington D.C., Tim Binnall.

the binnall report

binnallofamerica.com is a collection of researchers, writers and philosophers with a keen eye for the absurd in everything, especially the world of the paranormal and new age (i.e. esoterica). We are a stand-alone entity, and impartial observer, serving as a beacon in the night among a sea of voices.

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1,621 Days of WWIII


Yes, a rather embarrassing faux pas on my part not having paid the SERVER Bill. OOPS on me! I thought it was the SEVER having troubles. Only last night (I was off from work) when I went to look at my own Web Site after still not being able to update it, and "smokerdave.com could not be found" error appeared did I realize that something else must be wrong. So I went to my SERVER's web site, and then learned that I had not paid my Bill. Fortunately I could Pay On-Line, and I had it back up within a few minutes.

I just knew you couldn't trust Ugly people. See the STORY HERE!!!

Citigroup, ie Citibank may save Michael Whacko Jackson???? Well if this happens I will have to Cancel a couple of Credit Cards (1 of which now has a balance equal to my SERVER Bill....). I'll be Damned if I help finance Jackson's Debt in ANY WAY!!!! See the STORY HERE!!!

Trust me on this, you don't want the Governor of my State (AZ) as President. She wants Illegal Aliens to be able to get DRIVER'S LICENCES, and access to all Gov't Programs, ie Welfare, free Health Care, etc. Also, let's just say she is a older middle-aged woman who walks around in comfortable shoes. "Butch-like" in manner and appearence. And from what I heard prefers female companionship. Which would put young female interns at the White House in as much danger as Bill Clinton did.....See the STORY HERE!!!

Dispute over CAT SHIT leads to a fatal Police Shooting. See the STORY HERE!!!

You knew this would eventually happen. Locals VS Evacuees. See the STORY HERE!!!

At a WENDY'S Fast Food Joint???? See the STORY HERE!!!

33 foot waves hit Spain. See the STORY HERE!!!

Remember Tonight, The Weekender Edition.

Saturday: The $365 Million POWERBALL LOTTERY Drawing.

Sunday: The DAYTONA 500.

1,620 Days of WWIII


Sorry for the Delay of this Post and the Web Site being unavailable. That's what happens when you forget to pay the SERVER Bill!!! Domain Name Paid thru 2010, but the SERVER Bill comes once a year. And was sent to my Old Email Address. I have to fix that little snafu!

A NEW ATTACK on SMOKERS!!! Of coarse from CALIFORNIA!!! Well this is about as tough as it could get. Virtually NO SMOKING ALLOWED except at your own home. See the STORY HERE!!!

The Winter OLYMPICS are RACIST and full of Republicans..... Well that is basically what BRYANT GUMBEL SAID!!!! Well if BRYANT GUMBEL can say THAT.... Then I say this to HIM and his type. NIGGERS like you and wish to continue the RACE BASED so-called inequity, in Life and Sports need to wake up and Smell the Flowers. Do you BRYANT think that because you have a big % in BASEBALL, BASKETBALL, FOOTBALL, TRACK, etc. That it must be RACIST and Republican that your types don't also have HOCKEY, SKIING, SKATING, etc.???? Maybe NIGGERS like YOU can handle the COLD!!!

I know a number of Black People. I do not personally know a NIGGER. Just the ones in the MEDIA like now BRYANT GUMBEL, JESSE JACKSON, Rev. AL SHARPTON, LOUIS FARRAHGHAN, etc. types like those. There are RACIST WHITE PEOPLE, I am not one of those. But there are Also BLACK, I mean NIGGER RACISTS TOO. SEE the STORY HERE!!!

The RELIGION OF PEACE has now declared that the use of NUCLEAR WEAPONS is NOT against ISLAMIC LAW! Of coarse this is from IRAN!!! See the STORY HERE!!!

IRAN,,,, I RAN.... Until I turned around and SHOT! Hopefully the GLOBAL Community will SMACK down IRAN before they reach their GOALS. Even SOCIALIST FRANCE is SCARED! See the STORY HERE!!!

Well I did WIN the POWERBALL last night, but it was only the POWERBALL, good for $2, I didn't have any of the other numbers. But! Nobody else WON the JACKPOT EITHER!!!! So a RECORD North American JACKPOT of $365 MILLION is on tap for Saturday night. So if you win this alone, worst case, Take the lump SUM. Reduces it by 1/2, after TAXES etc. etc. basically you end up with a little over 1/3rd of the GRAND PRIZE. That would be about $125 Million. BUT! just to ground you a bit in case you think you are KING OF THE WORLD. Talk Show Hosts like RUSH LIMBAUGH and HOWARD STERN will GROSS that much in about 15 MONTHS! They Each have 10 yr $1 Billion Contracts. Or $100 Million per year. So NO, you won't be KING of the WORLD, but you could sure LIVE LIKE ONE!!!! See the STORY HERE!!!

AHHH, the Start of a 4 Day Weekend for me. Another Instance of Accumulating too much Vacation Time. I HAVE TO USE IT before I LOSE IT! OH THE HARDSHIP this has caused me!!! I don't go to work Tonight,,,,, I get to stay Home and listen to my Radio Show. Coast To Coast AM with George Noory, and Drink Beer. Well I will do my best to ENDURE this insufferable Torture of having to take a night off from Work. BUT THE PAIN!!! I will prevail! Do not FEAR! I will be back Tomorrow!!!

1,619 Days of WWIII


Very hard to come up with News and Stories when most News Sources are hammering to their highest level a basic Non-Story given the coverage it has been getting. Now Stories from Conspiracy Theorists are making the NEWS. That Cheney Shot his Friend on Purpose so he would be under pressure to resign and Condi Rice become Vice President to run for President in 2008. Other names have been inserted in this Conspiracy Theory, like John McCain, and the Former Mayor of NY Rudy G. It has risen to the Level that Cheney's Hunting Friend, a big Donor of $$$ Too agreed to being SHOT to help the Republicans get a Big Name up to run for President, as a current Vice President.... It's just Nuts!!!!

What people don't realize is that it is very Easy for Cheney to just Resign citing Health Reasons we all KNOW ABOUT! We already know that Cheney has no plans to run for President after Bush.

Let's see what I can do otherwise for NEWS. Well it's been a strange 16 hrs. I went to bed yesterday afternoon, HDTV Cable working Fine, Wireless Internet working Fine, Cable TV in my bedroom working Fine. I got up 6 hrs later HDTV Cable Not Working. But my Cable TV in my Bedroom, and the Wireless Internet still working Fine. It has happened once before in the past 3 years, but still Strange. I get home this morning and my Recycled Trash hasn't been picked up yet, nobody's has around here. Another Strange thing but my HDTV Cable is now working fine. Weird Shit. Well also the POWERBALL LOTTERY has reached $300 MILLION! I did get an extra 5 QUICK PICKS on the way Home today, besides my regular $1 Ticket. A weird Past 24 hrs. Maybe a good time to play the Lottery. I got $6 invested in tonight's Drawing!!! I'll let you know if I retired from my job this week....

I can't go today without mentioning THIS! SCHOLL SEGREGATION advocated AGAIN!!! This Time the BLACKS want it!!!! See the STORY HERE!!!

See you Tomorrow!!!

1,617 Days of WWIII


OK I know 27 inches of Snow for NYC is a lot, and more difficult to deal with in a City. But to me growing up in Northern NY this would happen 3 or 4 times every Winter. It's certainly not like the Blizzard of '77 when I got 12 ft of Snow over 5 days.....

VP Dick Cheney accidently shooting a hunting buddy. Well I would still rather go hunting with the VP then driving over a bridge with Ted Kennedy. At least Cheney has a medical Staff with him, and he will get you to a Hospital, Teddy on the other hand will go for another Drink and leave you to Drown...

Has Al Gore become Mentally Unstable in his hatred for Bush? Telling a Saudi Audience in Saudi Arabia that we are picking up Muslims and Arabs off the Street and are holding them in Unforgivable conditions, for minor Felony Offenses???? You have to read it to believe it. See the Story HERE!!!

Saddam Trial, more ranting and ravings from the former Dictator who knows he will eventually lose his head.

OVER MY DEAD BODY! Will a CHIP be Implanted in ME!!! See the STORY HERE!!!


Zero Tolerance: Bring a bag of Surgar to school for an Experiment, get charged with a FELONY!!! Don't matter if you are only 12 yrs old. See the STORY HERE!!!You know, if I was growing up today, I'd probably would have racked up numerous FELONIES!!!!

Oh the Reporters and the Liberals are VERY DISAPPOINTED!!! President George W. Bush was Speaking Freely thinking the microphone was off... it wasn't. However Everything Bush said, that he thought was private, wasn't any different than what he has said publicly. The Liberals would have had more fun with a Bush Joke: Tehran doesn't know the missiles have been launched..... See the STORY HERE!!!

1,615 Days of WWIII

02/11/05 Saturday Very Early AM


Now for this week's Review and next week's Preview of everything that is Coast To Coast AM, MY RADIO SHOW at work in "The Secret Lab". Smoker Dave is glad to provide to you, my new friend from the X-Conference in Washington D.C., Tim Binnall.

the binnall report

binnallofamerica.com is a collection of researchers, writers and philosophers with a keen eye for the absurd in everything, especially the world of the paranormal and new age (i.e. esoterica). We are a stand-alone entity, and impartial observer, serving as a beacon in the night among a sea of voices.

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1,613 Days of WWIII


Hey!!! It's CLOUDY HERE TODAY! No Rain, but the biggest change in weather since the last RAIN before HALLOWEEN!!! More than 110 DAYS AGO!!!!


Well that's the big news here today. Almost 1PM and still no Sunshine.

Well we have some NEWS to HIT on Today.

If you remember back in October I think, President Bush stated that there were 10 Terrorists Attacks thwarted since 9-11 against us and some of our Allies. Well today he did go into detail on one. And you know what stops these Attacks? INTELLIGENCE!!! That the Leftists are crying and whinning about. See the STORY HERE!!!VIDEO go HERE!!!

Now this is a DAMN SHAME! I was looking forward to it! But Cindy ShitHead, I mean Sheehan has decided Not to Run for the US Senate. This would have been a great Primary Election to watch. To see who could out LEFT and out LIBERAL the Other!!! See the STORY HERE!!!

Our Southern Border. This is a FACT, and I know it is TRUE. 1 Congressman states this TODAY. See the STORY HERE!!!

Weird STORY of the Day. Tell me WHY someone would Commit Suicide on a Plane from Washington DC to LA???? In the itty bitty JOHN???? I have no idea! But here is the News Report HERE!!!

That's all for Today! The Weekend is ALMOST HERE!!!

1,612 Days of WWIII


Can you Believe It? Is nothing SACRED anymore to the Liberal Left, except Extremist Islamic Ideas???? AT A FUNERAL for The Rev. DR. Martin Luther King's Widow, Coretta Scott King, Former President's Carter and Clinton, and some idiotic Ministere blantantly and directly accused Our current President Bush of racism and bigotry. And using outright LIES to do it. I shouldn't be surprised. Good thing most Americans are aware of this now. That is why this tactic isn't working. Why the Leftist Liberals keep going to this tactic amazes me. See the STORY HERE!!!

Let me try to put the Riots and Killings over a "CARTOON" into perspective with a couple of STORIES. In a more and More GLOBALLY Linked Society, especially ECONOMICALLY, is this GOOD? See the STORY HERE!!! Contrast that STORY with this STORY HERE!!! AND now compare it to this STORY HERE!!!

Do you now see how idiotic and backward these Islamic Extremists are in the 21st Century, while they want to return to the 7th Century???? Maybe we should Launch a Multi Billion $$$ Project for TIME TRAVEL to send these NEANDERTHALS back to the 7th Century. Yes I know there are supposedly no Neanderthals left today or back in the 7th Century. But we were wrong, they Survived and turned into ISLAMIC EXTREMISTS!


Remember when DODGEBALL was banned from SCHOOLS a few Years Ago? Well today we have a NEW BAN Starting Up!!! What could that be???? Of coarse it is that VIOLENT GAME OF TAG!!!! And we wonder why kids are getting FAT!!! No Running, No Fun. Exercise is Ballet and Square Dancing, but they need to be Gender Nuetral!!! See the STORY HERE!!!

Kids will be Kids. If they can't play Dodgeball, Kickball, or Tag.... Eventually the extra KID Energy bursts out. This is a result. See the STORY HERE!!!

Noted Adventurer Steve Fossett trying for another RECORD. Good Luck!! See the STORYHERE!!!

HELLO!!! It wasn't because you are a Woman, or because you are Black. It is because of YOUR FAT ASS!!!! If you are the Size of a COW, you need to buy more than 1 SEAT!!! See the STORY HERE!!! Well if the jurors in this Case can fit in the Jurors Seat, this COW will LOSE!!! MOOOO!!!!!

Well folks, I'll end Today on this. The Idiocy CONTINUES!!! 6 yr old boy, 1st Grade, suspended from SCHOOL because of ZERO TOLERANCE of SEXUAL HARASSMENT...... A 6 YEAR OLD???? 1st GRADE!!!!???? Give me a BREAK!!! At 6 years old the boys don't even know what cooties are!!! See the STORY HERE!!!

Well that's it for Today! See you tomorrow!!!

1,611 Days of WWIII


I have a prediction. UNLESS something dramatically Changes, I expect an ATTACK on IRAN's Nuclear Facilities, in a "SHOCK AND AWE" Type Air Strikes by any combination or singular of the Following: ISRAEL, USA, NATO. I base this on the current News, and the Moon Phases. OK, you mock the MOON PHASE Link. But AIR STRIKES happen when there is a new Moon, when the SKIES are DARKEST. And during Gulf War I and Gulf War II the Air Strikes started in a VERY Similar Moon Phase. So my Prediction is, Attack by AIR on IRAN between Febuary 24th and March 2nd. If it doesn't happen then and the current situation remains the same then the next window is: Between March 25th and April 2nd. I don't think this will occur during the Late January, early Febuary window. Israel, the USA, and NATO will see what happens in the next few weeks with the UN, the possible Assination of the Whacko President of Iran, or a "UNCLE!" by Iran when it realizes it wl lose an ARM and a LEG by only trying to cut off our Finger, as an analogy. So we just have to wait and See how Idiotic and Stupid the Gov't of Iran is...

A Food Icon Died recently. The INVENTER of the TORTILLA CHIP!!! What would SALSA do without a TORTILLA CHIP except DANCE???? See the STORY HERE!!!

OH NO! Mini-ICE AGE on the WAY!!! SCREW the Anti Global Warming Crowd!!! We need to heat up the Planet as much as we can in the Next 20 to 30 years to help offset this! See the STORY HERE!!!

That's it for Today, see you Tomorrow!!!

1,610 Days of WWIII


Pittsburgh Wins the SUPER BOWL, just like I told you they would. Now I collect my MASSIVE $15 winnings.

Wasn't the Pre-Game and Halftime Shows just ABSOLUTELY TERRIBLE??!!! Good thing ABC is out of the NFL Business for at least 5 yrs. Seattle screwed themselves on Clock management at the end of the 1st half, and at the end of the Game. Their only Chance at the End of the Game was to kick that Field Goal, and do an onsides kick and then score a TD and a 2 point conversion.

Well like I promised, I will tell you about my New Seat in the New Cardinals Stadium Home of Super Bowl 42 in 2008. My Many years of being a season ticket holder PAID OFF!!! I'm Section 413, Row 1, Seat 5. (I wanted Seat 1). So I am basically between the 47 and 48 yard line on the Cardinals sideline, Upper Level. About the EXACT VIEW you get on TV from the 50 yard line Camera. Can't do much better than that! I figure I will probably have the SAME SEAT 30 years from now. I also have a decent shot of getting a Ticket for the 2008 Super Bowl here. AND, I will have my photo on the WALL OF FAME for long time Cardinals Season Ticket Holders at the Stadium. So Yes, I made out VERY WELL.

Is it just me? Or is all of the Muslim Moderates SCARED into SILENCE by the FANATIC FUNDAMENTALISTS? Or are ALL MUSLIMS so whacked out to be so OFFENDED by an EDITORIAL CARTOON? That they want to Trash, Burn, Destroy Be-Head, and KILL???? If this is the Case, and I think IT IS NOT, then the Moderate, Mainstream Muslims better start Speaking out! Otherwise more and more people in the Western World will side with just Eliminating ALL MUSLIMS. These Whacko's want to DESTROY ENTIRE COUNTRIES over an Editorial Cartoon!!!! Are all Muslims Mentally Deranged? The Vast majority of the Muslim Communitees need to rise up against their EXTREMIST FUNDAMENTALISTS!!!! Silence in this matter is tacit APPROVAL! See the STORY HERE!!!

The TELEGRAM DIED 2 weeks ago. See the STORY HERE!!! So TELEGRAM!, Play a Record, Dial a Phone, FLOPPY DISC, And NOW TRAVELER'S CHECKS will be a mystery to kids today! See the STORY

Seems a Lot To Soon to me. New Orleans SuperDome to host an NFL game in September. Will there even be enough people who can afford tickets to the game be in New Orleans by then???? See the Story HERE!!!


Here's a Photo from TODAY from my old Hometown in Northern New York State. They got better than 2 Feet of SNOW, so far. See the Photo HERE!!!

Well I go to Work tonight and shove in my co-workers Faces where my Seat is in the New Cardinals Stadium. Well this year, maybe have to wait until next year in 2008 Season. They will be very jealous. Smoker Dave will be in the Stands for Home Playoff Games. And a Very Good Chance to be in the Stands for the 2008 Super Bowl. A Ticket I will treasure like the Game 1 Ticket I had for the 2001 World Series between the AZ DIAMONDBACKS and the NY YANKEES just after 9-11 in 2001.

Time to Go Eat and Sleep. See you Tomorrow!!!

1,608 Days of WWIII

02/04/05 Saturday Very Early AM


Now for this week's Review and next week's Preview of everything that is Coast To Coast AM, MY RADIO SHOW at work in "The Secret Lab". Smoker Dave is glad to provide to you, my new friend from the X-Conference in Washington D.C., Tim Binnall.

the binnall report

binnallofamerica.com is a collection of researchers, writers and philosophers with a keen eye for the absurd in everything, especially the world of the paranormal and new age (i.e. esoterica). We are a stand-alone entity, and impartial observer, serving as a beacon in the night among a sea of voices.

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1,607 Days of WWIII


SUPER BOWL WEEKEND!!! I think Pittsburgh will win, but I hope it goes into OVERTIME!

Muslims and Islamists are FREAKING OUT over Editorial Cartoons depicting their "Prophet Muhammad", may I Fart in his General Direction. Which I guess is the Ultimate insult to them. Well I say to the 99.99% of Muslims who are peaceful and Live and Let Live types, to rise up and condem the Beheadings and Kidnappings, and Bombings done by Radicals in YOUR NAME!!! If you want to be credible and or distinguished from the Terrorists. Otherwise your silence on this is seen as your agreement with these actions by the Terrorists.

Our Southern Border, Still GREAT CONCERN! Check these STORIES OUT! HERE!!! AND HERE!!!

ABC to TAPE DELAY the PREGAME, HALFTIME, and POSTGAME by 5 seconds because of Whacko Jacko's Sister Janet "Wardrobe Malfunction" 2 yrs ago. See the STORY HERE!!!

The ANTI-SUPER BOWL CROWD. I really don't give a damn about them, at least they will not be eating my food or drinking my BEER. Here is the "FUN" they have lined up. See the STORY HERE!!!

So yes of coarse I'll be partying for the Super Bowl, Pregame Party started Yesterday for me.....

Late Tonight / Early Saturday AM. The WEEKENDER EDITION!!!! Monday, I'll let you know how I made out with my Seat Selection for the New AZ Cardinals Stadium. And my comments on the Super Bowl.

1,604 Days of WWIII


Well 1st thing I need to do is to Refer to Al-Zawahri Video released yesterday. I didn't catch this, but this Video he is dresses in White and a White Turban, previously he has always been in BLACK. Is this a Signal?? Also I have learned there is increased "chatter" of terrorists and refering to 02/05/06, Super Bowl Sunday. Well you know how Al-Quada likes there actions viewed on TV.... I also heard 1 more thing in passing, and don't know how True it is, but that Febuary 5th 2006 is the 25th Anniversary of the SOVIETS pulling out of Afghanistan, an important date to Osama bin Laden. So is something in the "Works"? I think something is Always in the "Works" and we have stopped them. But you know they would Love to make a Hit on Super Bowl Sunday. If they could. Just letting you know what I have learned and "Heard". By the way June 6th 2006 is another Day for increased concern. 06/06/06 ot 666. Sort of like 9-11...If you know what I mean.

Meanwhile Alito has been Confirmed as the 110th Supreme Court Justice, and the Leftist Democrats are pissed off. 60 yr old + "Hippies" will be trying to DROWN OUT the STATE OF THE UNION ADDRESS tonight, Outside the Capitol Building by "BANGING POTS AND PANS!!!" Yeah, sure... That'l work... Leftists held an IMPEACHMENT HEARING in a Bookstore, Bush and Cheney were thrown out of Office. Hmmm, I don't think that counts.


Ex-Postal Employee goes POSTAL at a Postal Facility. And it's a Woman! How come we never hear of these things happening at UPS or FEDEX, etc.? Especially since the Postal Service just recieved a RATE Increase???? See the STORY HERE!!!

IRAN is all pissed off again, won't play ball no more if brought before the Security Council, even with Russia and China, 2 of their Friends on the Council. They will take their Ball and go Home and start enriching Uranium into Weapons Grade material on their own. IRAN is MAD because North Korea was able to Fool the CLINTON ADMINISTRATION with False Promises, before they could, and the Current Bush Administration, and the Europeans, and even Russia and China are not buying their STALL TACTICS. And you can bet your EVERY $DOLLAR ISRAEL isn't buying it EITHER!!! See the STORY HERE!!!

Let's End Today with something a little mysterious and interesting. This is from 1 of the NASA ROVERS on MARS Recently. In this Picure, Center Right is an Interesting "ROCK"? Looks like Polished Aluminum maybe Cylinder, hit in the middle by a regular "ROCK". Should be Examined, PROBABLY HAS! But will WE know of the Findings..... See the PHOTO from NASA HERE!!!

See ya Tomorrow!!!

1,603 Days of WWIII


Well AL-ZAWAHRI has poked his Ugly turbin in a new Video. Threatening the USA, and condeming the USA'S Refusal for a Truce with Bin Laden. I think 'ole AL-Z is afraid right now. You KNOW the 1st side to want a TRUCE is THE LOSING SIDE! And AL-Z now knows the dinner he missed would have KILLED Him! He is thinking, DAMN!!!! The Americans still want me DEAD!!! AL-Z wants a TIME-OUT like in Football to get his act together. But in WAR you don't get TIME-OUTS!!!! Well see AL-Z's latest NEWS HERE!!!Hey Al, your and Usuma and Omar Days are dwindling down, prepare to Meet your "ALLAH"

The Whack Liberals are SHOWING their STRENGTH in a FAILED FILLIBUSTER against Alito. A Failed Fillibuster is LEADERSHIP for these IDIOTS???? See the STORY HERE!!!

Democratic National Commitee nearly BANKRUPT VS the Republicans while only trying to Tread Water under HOWARD DEAN'S Leadership. Looks like a TITANIC FAILURE!!! See the STORY HERE!!!


HELLO STUPID PEOPLE!!! Yes you IDIOTS who didn't take the WARNING 3 years ago that payments would at least double on Credit Cards!!!! Well now it is happening, and at least I have Virtually $0 on my credit Card!!! See the STORY HERE!!!

What are you people doing???? I hope all who come to this site is smarter than this!!! Big Credit Card Debt. and a Negative Savings Rate!!!! Don't you all know SOCIAL SECURITY will no longer Exist in 20 years???? You will not get a SOCIAL SECURITY CHECK every month, and most PENSIONS will go away also! All you can do is invest for your Retirement yourself!!! Thru 401K's, IRA's, ETC. At least I have about 22% of my Gross going towards my Retirement. I hate eating Dog Food and scooping water out of ditches. See the STORY

1,601 Days of WWIII

01/28/05 Saturday Very Early AM


Now for this week's Review and next week's Preview of everything that is Coast To Coast AM, MY RADIO SHOW at work in "The Secret Lab". Smoker Dave is glad to provide to you, my new friend from the X-Conference in Washington D.C., Tim Binnall.

the binnall report

binnallofamerica.com is a collection of researchers, writers and philosophers with a keen eye for the absurd in everything, especially the world of the paranormal and new age (i.e. esoterica). We are a stand-alone entity, and impartial observer, serving as a beacon in the night among a sea of voices.

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1,599 Days of WWIII


Well it has HAPPENED!!! The Citizens of the STATE of ARIZONA who pay TAXES, i.e. LEGAL CITIZENS (Approx 3 million) now are being FINED by a FEDERAL LIBERAL JUDGE at the behest of our Democrat Governor Janet Knappy Napolitano via her VETO of 2 Bills sent to her this week. She wants $180 Million + per year for this. This is in itself a 10 t0 15% STATE TAX INCREASE on the LEGAL TAXPAYING RESIDENTS. To educate non-English speaking children to learn ENGLISH. I can tell you THIS!!! We don't have a lot of Russian or China, or Veit Nam, or French Canadien adoptee children here. IT'S all SPANISH to ENGLISH LEARNING! Well I'll tell you WHAT!!! 99% of the kids by the time the get to school, if they don't know ENGLISH, their PARENTS ARE ILLEGAL IMMIGRANTS!!! WHY should I and my fellow TAXPAYERS in ARIZONA be forced to educate the children of ILLEGAL ALIENS to learn ENGLISH and raise our STATE TAXES 10 to 15%?????? It is the Federal Gov't Responsibility to PREVENT ILLEGALS from getting here!!! We are also FORCED to SPEND Our $$$ on their healthcare and welfare!!!! Our Governor believes in the no-borders doctrine. Our legislature believes otherwise. Our Governor wants to give DRIVERS LICENCES to ILLEAGALS, Our Legislature does NOT! Our Governor is willing to have the LEGAL TAXPAYERS and CITIZENS of ARIZONA pay these FINES to fork out $$$ to the ILLEGALS. DAMN BITCH SHE IS!!!! SCREW THE LEGAL CITIZENS!!!! That's her Mantra! See the STORY HERE!!!

Well the rest of the National and World news today is just as absurd. EX. HAMMAS wins Palestinian Elections. The only change is that Hammas is not as skilled at addressing their DOCTRINE of ELIMINATING ISRAEL as the FATAH Party. Both DOCTRINES call for the Elimination of ISRAEL. FATAH was ARAFAT'S Party. He managed during the Clinton Administration to portray himself as a peace maker, not a TERRORIST. REMEMBER the OSLOW ACCORDS???? As soon as they were signed ARAFAT ORDERED the START of SUICIDE BOMBINGS in ISRAEL, and managed to get Saddam Hussien of IRAQ to pay their Families of the Suicde Bomber $25,000 EACH. What this Election did, was Legitimize Hammas as Head of State of Palestine. Arafat got around the Suicide bombings by Blaming Hammas. Well with Hammas now in charge, any Attack on ISRAEL will be an ACT OF WAR by another STATE, not rebels or insurgents, but ELECTED Representatives of PALESTINE. The Very next suicide Bombing linked to Hamass will be considered as an ACT OF WAR, just like 9-11 was to US. ISRAEL will have the Green light to wipe them out of their hair. AND THEY WILL! IRAN is NEXT! Keep your Gas Tanks topped off!!! When this happens the price of GAS will SKYROCKET!!!


Until Tomorrow..... Gird your Loins...

1,599 Days of WWIII


Well it has HAPPENED!!! The Citizens of the STATE of ARIZONA who pay TAXES, i.e. LEGAL CITIZENS (Approx 3 million) now are being FINED by a FEDERAL LIBERAL JUDGE at the behest of our Democrat Governor Janet Knappy Napolitano via her VETO of 2 Bills sent to her this week. She wants $180 Million + per year for this. This is in itself a 10 t0 15% STATE TAX INCREASE on the LEGAL TAXPAYING RESIDENTS. To educate non-English speaking children to learn ENGLISH. I can tell you THIS!!! We don't have a lot of Russian or China, or Veit Nam, or French Canadien adoptee children here. IT'S all SPANISH to ENGLISH LEARNING! Well I'll tell you WHAT!!! 99% of the kids by the time the get to school, if they don't know ENGLISH, their PARENTS ARE ILLEGAL IMMIGRANTS!!! WHY should I and my fellow TAXPAYERS in ARIZONA be forced to educate the children of ILLEGAL ALIENS to learn ENGLISH and raise our STATE TAXES 10 to 15%?????? It is the Federal Gov't Responsibility to PREVENT ILLEGALS from getting here!!! We are also FORCED to SPEND Our $$$ on their healthcare and welfare!!!! Our Governor believes in the no-borders doctrine. Our legislature believes otherwise. Our Governor wants to give DRIVERS LICENCES to ILLEAGALS, Our Legislature does NOT! Our Governor is willing to have the LEGAL TAXPAYERS and CITIZENS of ARIZONA pay these FINES to fork out $$$ to the ILLEGALS. DAMN BITCH SHE IS!!!! SCREW THE LEGAL CITIZENS!!!! That's her Mantra! See the STORY HERE!!!

herit a Farm, or inherit a Job at the KRAFT PLANT (Cheese), or the AMF Plant (Bowling Pins) Or Payne Jones (Paper Products), you are out of LUCK!!! That is one of the main reasons why I am in ARIZONA, I didn't inherit any of these jobs. The New WalMart is employing over 200 people, this is a job BOOM for my hometown area. I remember 26 years ago when McDonalds came to town. I was entering my Senior Year in High School. It was the End of Carter's Presidency. You know who lined up for the jobs, in better than 4 applicants to 1 job ratio to be so called BURGER FLIPPERS? Middle aged Adults!!!! More often than not if the unemployment rate is below double digits, it is GOOD TIMES in where I grew up. SEE the STORY HERE!!!Make note that this was covered on the Local TV NEWS, originating from 30 miles AWAY!

OK yeah sure I grew up in the Great White Northern Sticks where Snow is around 6 months of the year, but that was my 1st 21 years. I am 43 now, been here in the 5th largest Metro Area of the Country since then. Country Boy, Country Values, with Big City Smarts. So don't even go there.

Let me continue on from yesterday. BORDER PROBLEM???? MEXICO giving MAPS to potential Illegal ALIENS????? Can't be you say, but it is TRUE!!!! See the STORY HERE!!!

And NOW I have to PAY for the Children of these ILLEGAL ALEINS who reproduce to teach their offspring ENGLISH!!! SEE the STORY HERE!!!

Supposedly this was written by a Columnist for the LA TIMES. Sure reads like John Kerry wrote it!!! See the STORY HERE!!!

I told you about this over a month ago at Least! Just remember this will occur during a "NEW MOON" when the night Sky is Darkest. Tme periods are next week, 5 weeks, and 9 weeks. But I told you something WILL happen before APRIL. See the STORY HERE!!!

There you have it for Today!

1,596 Days of WWIII


Well I must admit, last night after a brief nap I was afraid of the worst news from my longest co-worker, and favorite Talk Show Host Art Bell whose wife unexpectedly died earlier this month. You see, when Art "Retired" and turned over the Show to George Norry, his last Guest was Michio Kaku. Last night's Guest was.... Michio Kaku.... I was afraid Art might leave the Airways permanently.

Well the 1st Hr. of the Show will be Webster's Dictionary definition of "Reality Radio". As Art described in detail the events of just prior and after his wife's death, and his dealings with them, etc. In all the years that I have listened to talk radio, never was a Show so anticipated and feared at the same time. It was a tough hour to hear, Art describing the events etc. Especially for those of us who have listened to his Show for so many years, going from when I started listening when he had 6 radio Stations playing his Show to over 500 Stations.

Fortunately my fears were unfounded. Art wants and needs to stay busy. So he is going from doing 2 Sunday night Shows per Month, (He reduced his schedule for vacations and time to be with his wife) and going back to doing every Sat & Sun night Shows starting this coming Saturday Night. Whew!!!!

I do have 1 regret regarding Art Bell, that I never met him in person but had an opportunity many years ago. Soon after I started listening to him at work, he had a CRUISE, with listeners to the Show. I said to myself that I would go on the next one, there never was a next one.... so far..... I have the Summer of 2007 wide open for one.

Now to NFL Football!!! So far my predictions have come true. It is Pittsburg Vs Seattle. And Pittsburg Winning. Surprisingly Pittsburg(6th Seed in the AFC Playoffs) is favored by 3 points over Seattle (#1 Seed in the NFC).

Poor Michael Moore and his ilk like him. They no longer will have Cananda to flee to from Conservatives. See the Story HERE!!!

Iran still running towards the Cliff of Military Air Strikes by Israeli possibly with the USA, or NATO, on it's Nuclear Facilities. I believe this will happen by April as I have said before. See the STORY HERE!!!

Also IRAN wants to Destroy the USA just like it wants to Destroy Israel. See the STORY HERE!!!

Think we need better Border Security? See the STORY HERE!!!

That's it for today, see you tomorrow!!!

1,594 Days of WWIII

01/21/05 Saturday Very Early AM


Now for this week's Review and next week's Preview of everything that is Coast To Coast AM, MY RADIO SHOW at work in "The Secret Lab". Smoker Dave is glad to provide to you, my new friend from the X-Conference in Washington D.C., Tim Binnall.

the binnall report

binnallofamerica.com is a collection of researchers, writers and philosophers with a keen eye for the absurd in everything, especially the world of the paranormal and new age (i.e. esoterica). We are a stand-alone entity, and impartial observer, serving as a beacon in the night among a sea of voices.

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1,592 Days of WWIII


OUTA HERE!!!! NASA's NEW HORIZONS Spacecraft Probe going to PLUTO has just been Launched. I watched it on NASA Select TV Channel. Good thing there are no Speed Traps in SPACE! This thing will be past the MOON by the time I wake to go to work in less than 9 hrs from now! Remember it took the APOLLO Astronauts 3 days to get to the MOON. This thing is going 8 TIMES FASTER!!!! That's like running at 10 MPH and someone BLAZES by you at 80 MPH!!!! Fare Well our little probe to the farthest reaches of the Solar System!

A Brief Update on ART BELL and the unexpected sudden Death of his 47 yr old wife less than 2 weeks ago. Art will be doing his Sunday Night Show on Coast To Coast AM this weekend. I expect it to be a very unique 1st hour at least. My heart goes out to him, my longest co-worker in the "Secret Lab".

Well what is the Big NEWS for Today? OH! Osama bin Laden SPEAKS!!! Say they will ATTACK the USA AGAIN! (Big Surprise) but all this time since 09/11/01 since the ATTACK, was just planning and preperation for the next ATTACK. That Everything we have done since 09/11/01 didn't affect them at all. (Yeah Right!) And also offers up a TRUCE! (Hmmm.... Dialysis machines hard to come by living in squander and in Caves? Or are you worried about close associates constantly being killed and BLOWN UP????) TRUCE??? HELL NO!!!! It is the WAR on TERROR. Western Civilization VS a Extremist Religious Dogma that dictates everyone live in the Dark Ages!!!! EATING YAK...... That enough for me to YAK it up!!!! I think our word is UPCHUCK! I know all of you have seen or heard the Story, so I won't bother posting it.

Well I promised to keep you updated on my quest for a GREAT SEAT in the NEW CARDINALS STADIUM. Well I have my 20 minute appointment sent via Snail Mail, it is in early Febuary. During this time I hope to get my 50yrd line Row 1 Seat 1 on the upper LEVEL. Basically right next to the 50 yrd line view you see on TV. Best Seat in the House as far as I am concerned. That's is the view I had growing up as a kid, and basically the view I had for the past few Seasons from the 36 yrd line.

Well it's been a long Day-Night. I want to relax a bit and Eat before bedtime. Remember my Wake up Time is 9 PM Arizona Time (Mountain Time). More updates Tomorrow!!! I PROMISE!!!

1,591 Days of WWIII


Well since I have had him here in the News the past 2 Days, it is only Fair that he gets a 3rd Day APOLOGIZING. Yes, New Orleans Mayor Ray Nagin. The Chocolate City Bombed, and the Clarification to Chocolate Milk Clarification that nearly NUKED Him. Here is Ray Nagin Saying he is "SORRY"!!! See the STORY HERE!!!

OK, Let's now do away with the "WILLY WONKA" News!!!

This is a Good One!!! Do you remember the TV SERIES "ALICE"? Mel's Diner? Little Tommy? FLO? "WHEN DONKEYS FLY!!!", or "KISS MY GRITS"??? Well this TV Series was based on Mel's Diner in PHOENIX, AZ. And it is still there, but I don't think Mel Sharples runs it, and no ALICE, no Vera, and no Flo. But Mel's did exist before the TV Series and after the TV Series and still Exists TODAY. Well today it was in the NEWS AGAIN. See the STORY HERE!!!

It is now in an area where a Single Mom would NOT RELOCATE TO. However, I think I may need to take a short trip there to get a Photo for some of you who remeber the the TV SERIES. To see what was the inspiration, and how it looks today.

Now here is NEWS that the Largest Newspaper in ARIZONA refuses to show, many of you have seen it. But the ARIZONA REPUBLIC is a LIBERAL NEWSPAPER, PRO-ILLEGAL ALIEN, PRO OPEN BORDERS, etc. The MEXICAN MILITARY has COMMITED over 200 ACTS OF WAR!!! See the STORY HERE!!!

OK, you want some FEEL GOOD NEWS.... Well I have 2 Stories. I will not comment on them, except to say I think they are very Accurate!!! See the 1st STORY HERE!!!

NOAH'S ARK.... IN IRAN???? See the STORY HERE!!!

Well that's all I have for TODAY! See you Tomorrow!!!

1,590 Days of WWIII



Did you Hear what Mayor Ray Nagin the (BLACK) Incompetent Mayor of NEW ORLEANS said yesterday at a "Martin Luther King JR. Day Celebration"????? GOD is MAD at AMERICA! And New Orleans will be a "CHOCOLATE CITY". Hmmm. Can you imagine a White Mayor saying this??? Without FRONT PAGE OUTRAGE of RACISM???? Or what if a Natural Disaster displaced Thousands of people from a mostly White Populated City, and the White Mayor said something like, "This City will remain LILLY WHITE....!!!" ????

See the STORY HERE!!!

OK! OK! Hold on a second. Mayor Ray Nagin CLARIFIED his remarks of yesterday,,,,Today.....

GOOD GRIEF!!!! This is even WORSE than the ORIGINAL COMMENT!!!! But you will not see the Major Media calling him a RACIST. Just like they refused to call him INCOMPETENT during the pre- and post- KATRINA HURRICANE preparations and response. See this NEW STORY HERE!!!

The Drunken Senator from Mass. (Ted Kenedy) is resigning after 52 yrs Membership in a HARVARD Club that BANS WOMEN. Kennedy admits that he himself could not pass muster to be nominated to the Supreme Court. YEAH SURE!!! Leaving someone to drown, and not trying to rescue Mary Jo. Instead hiding in your room. Showing up and sounding or appearing DRUNK all the time also is a red flag. But somehow You fat drunk bastard you got to QUESTION someone more moral, more fair and intellectually superior to yourself, despite the so called Great Blood Line you came from. See the STORY HERE!!!

And Hillary Clinton stepped into the dog shit yesterday as well. Calling the House of Representatives being run like a "PLANTATION".... If you get my drift.... And in this article a defender of Hillary used this idiotic defense that well the Repulicans for the Past Century have been against CIVIL RIGHTS!!! Let's go back a little further. It was THE REPUBLICANS who rose up and fought the Democrat Confederacy to END SLAVERY under Republican PRESIDENT LINCOLN!!! It was the REPUBLICANS in the 1960's able to out VOTE Senator KKK Robert SHEETS BYRD former #2 in the KKK. And Democratic Presidential Nominee's 2000 Candidate DADDY!!!! George McGovern was a DEMOCRAT RACIST!. John F. Kennedy today would be a REPUBLICAN!!! TAX CUTS! STRONG DEFENSE, ASK NOT WHAT YOUR COUNTRY CAN DO FOR....BUT WHAT YOU CAN DO FOR YOUR COUNTRY!!!! Can you imagine Teddy Kennedy agreeing with ANYTHING his older BROTHER said???? It was the DEMOCRATS who defended Slavery!!! and it was the DEMOCRATS who were opposed to CIVIL RIGHTS!!!! What the Democratic Party is for now is the Re-Enslavement to the Federal Gov'ts TIT in the form of "WELFARE" to keep the BLACKS and Minorities dependent on their TAP!!! See the STORY HERE!!!

216 ACTS OF WAR By MEXICO since 1996, or about once EVERY 2 WEEKS!!! MEXICO Denies it, but we in ARIZONA know it is TRUE.... The MEXICAN MILITARY is helping the Drug and Human Smugglers for $$$. What will Stop it? A FREAKING HIGH TECH WALL from California to the Gulf of Mexico. In lue of that the NATIONAL GUARD to to defend the BORDER. SHOOT 1st, ask Questions LATER!!! EVERY SINGLE Person Entering the USA, and not going thru a Border CHECKPOINT is COMMITING A FELONY!!!! See the STORY HERE!!!

1,589 Days of WWIII


Another Federal, State, County, and City HOLIDAY Today. Martin Luther King Day. Another Holiday I have to work but this time no TIME and 1/2, no future day off. Just like President's Day and Columbus Day, also Federal and State Holidays that only count for Gov't Workers and Banks. Yes Public School Teachers are Gov't Employees. Shouldn't all Federal Holidays be treated the Same? Like if you work on the Holiday, you get O.T. Pay. Or is this just another perk for working for the Gov't????

Besides, I bet if Martin Luther King JR. were transported from 1968 to 2006, he would be a Republican!!!! Certainly not in Jesse Jackson's or Al Sharpton's camp!!!

The NFL Playoffs! Some Great Games! Though I believe the Officiating in the New England Patriots vs Denver Bronco's game was really flawed. But still, with 5 turnovers it is nearly impossible to win. The Steelers vs Colts. What a 4th Quarter!!! High Drama, impossible turn of events. OT missed terribly by a Field Goal Kicker who supposedly "NEVER MISSES"!!!! I bet the Colts Wish they had the Cardinals Kicker RACKERS for that kick now. SUPERBOWL PREDICTION Part II PITTSBURGH vs SEATTLE. Steelers are HUNGRY for it. Carolina can't beat Seattle. Steelers will chew up the Bronco's. SUPER BOWL WINNER will be: The PITTSBURGH STEELERS. This is what I think, not what I want, I am a NFC FAN!!! (Unless it is DALLAS). But #1 wish is that the Championship Games and the Super Bowl are close and Won at the last minute!

Hmmm,,,, So we are to PIERCE the MANTLE of the EARTH for the 1st Time.... Well I hope the EARTH doesn't act like a BALLOON in the Cold, with an ICY SHEEN Representing the CRUST which we live on, the rubber/plastic of the BALLOON representing the Boundery of the CRUST and the MANTLE. Because if that is the case, then punturing the MANTLE would be like putting a pinhole in a cold BALLOON! All the "AIR" goes out! See the STORY HERE!!!

Someone STOLE MOON ROCKS!!!! You can bet they won't beable to seel them on EBAY!!! They are being hunted bigtime! You might have stolen them, but you can never Sell them, or Show them without being caught! See the STORY HERE!!!

Well that's All I have for Today! You can bet your last Dollar that if it is a HOLIDAY, all the Public Officials, Post Office, Teachers, Trash Collectors, etc. have the Day off. You can really judge how many People work for the Gov't by the reduction in "NORMAL TRAFFIC" when you go to work, especially if you are a 9 to 5'er and commute during "rush hour". I bet traffic was down by 25% or MORE!!! So when these in general terms, IDIOTS, have the Day off, I have less stupidity to comment on!

See you Tomorrow!!!

1,587 Days of WWIII

01/14/05 Saturday Very Early AM


Now for this week's Review and next week's Preview of everything that is Coast To Coast AM, MY RADIO SHOW at work in "The Secret Lab". Smoker Dave is glad to provide to you, my new friend from the X-Conference in Washington D.C., Tim Binnall.

the binnall report

binnallofamerica.com is a collection of researchers, writers and philosophers with a keen eye for the absurd in everything, especially the world of the paranormal and new age (i.e. esoterica). We are a stand-alone entity, and impartial observer, serving as a beacon in the night among a sea of voices.

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1,585 Days of WWIII



My "AREA" has been labeled the 17th MEANEST PLACE For the HOMELESS. Well you have to FAIL real Badly, or be a total screw up to be HOMELESS for any length of time. Especially in this continued GROWING ECONOMY that the Leftist Liberals say we have to let all the illeagal Immigrants in as possible to fill all these Jobs that AMERICANS will NOT DO!!! GUESS WHAT!!!! Most of the Illegals, Greater than 90% ARE NOT HOMELESS!!! and together send BACK to MEXICO to their FAMILIES over $16 BILLION a year!!!! It is MEXICO's 2nd biggest income after OIL. So my "AREA" is #17 right now. I want to move up in the POLLS!!! If an American Citizen is HOMELESS, when ALL THESE ILLEGAL IMMIGRANTS, making less than MINIMUM WAGE are not HOMELESS. WHAT KIND OF LOSER does it make this AMERICAN HOMELESS PERSON? A Total Idiot STARVING in the Land of Golden Opportunities. I have ZERO Sympathy for them, ZERO!!! See the STORY HERE!!!

Yes this is a Short Update Today, I'll do better Tomorrow! But I will leave you with 1 MORE STORY! BEWARE OF RATBALL SOUP!!! Don't worry, it's in INDONESIA. But See the STORY HERE!!!

Hmmm... HOW Big are RAT BALLS? I think they are Smaller than the Meatballs in SPAGHETTI O'S with MEATBALLS! Any of you actually checked?????

1,584 Days of WWIII


Boy oh Boy!!! It's been fun Reading the Liberals and Democratic Leftist Senators coming apart at the seams in the Alito Hearings!!! A potential Witness against Alito removed and crying about. Gee does comparing the eating of Meat and thus the Killing of CHICKENS and such, equal what the NAZIS were doing to the JEWS???? Even the Liberal Left knew this Witness wouldn't Fly as a credible source of Testimony. But see his BOO-HOO-HOO STORY HERE!!!

And now Senator Joseph Biden (D-Del) stuck his foot in his Mouth by trying to be Anti-PRINCETON in regards to the 1st story I posted. Gee Senator, don't past words and PRAISE and Hopes HAUNT YOU???? Your own kids didn't attend Princeton, but YOU wanted them to. You hope Grandpa isn't turning over in his Grave over it, and Hope your Grandkids will attend Princeton in a Speech in 2004. See the STORY HERE!!!

And now to top it off from what I ahve heard so far today, it appears at least Senator Ted Kennedy (D-Mass) is at least SOBER today, pronouncing Alito's name correctly. However, he managed to piss off one of the most Liberal Republicans who is the Judicial Committee Chairman, Arlen Specter (R-Pa.) Specter basically "BITCH SLAPPED" Kennedy in the open Hearing. See the STORY HERE!!! Yep! today on the Judicial Committee Floor are bits and pieces of Body Parts of the Liberal Left.

Onto other NEWS!

For now, briefly sticking with BODY PARTS.... Remember the GERMAN Guy who Solicited for someone who wished to be Killed and Eaten from a couple of years ago? Well there is NEW..NEWS on this. It's detailed and sick, read only knowing that I have warned you. See the STORY HERE!!!

VOLCANO ERUPTING IN ALASKA:Affecting some Flights. See the STORY HERE!!!

Now here is a Good one from my own City of Mesa, AZ. Just because the Temps are lower here in the winter, 70-80 degrees. Does not mean that the Heat Brain Damaged people have gotten better. This IDIOT thought that by being PREGNANT she could use the HOV(High Occupancy Vehical) Lane. Well unless she BUYS 2 tickets at the Movie Theater, or Buys 2 tickets for a Plane Trip, Or pays for 2 at the all you can EAT BUFFET! Than her argument is as idiotic as trying to claim you are a Minority Mexican or Black, because you have a DARK TAN!!! See the STORY HERE!!!

Well that's enough for today. I want to see more fun in the afternoon Alito Hearing. See what else the Liberals can do to shoot themselves in the foot.

1,583 Days of WWIII


MEXICO, Central America, and South America MAKE DEMANDS on the USA!!! NO WALL on the BORDER, MORE IMMIGRATION, and Make EVERYONE LEGAL!!! What a bunch of IDIOTIC HORSE SHIT!!! I say we have a big ROUNDUP! If you are not here LEGALLY, you get rounded up and SENT BACK!!!If you don't want to come here LEGALLY, you can't COME!!! IF you get caught here ILLEGALLY you can NEVER COME BACK!!! See what our Southern Neighbors are saying HERE!!!

MEXICO has enlisted a VIOLENT GANG to KILL USA BORDER PATROL AGENTS because of increased difficulty in Smuggling ILLEAGAL ALEINS into the USA. See the STORY HERE!!!

IRAN has decided on a suicide mission. Whether they can build a NUKE and Launch it at ISRAEL before the WESTERN Nations put a STOP TO IT. ie NATO. Well 1 of thre scenarios will occur before APRIL. ISRAEL ALONE DESTROYS IRANS NUCLEAR CAPABILITY. Or in conjuction with the USA, Or NATO does it. This will happen before APRIL. See the STORY HERE!!!

Well If I am going to stay here in the SECRET ARMED COMPOUND after I am DEAD, I only need a Radio tuned to COAST 2 COAST AM, and Conservative TALK RADIO. Surely less Power than to run a TV. Not sure what I am referring to? SEE THE STORY HERE!!!

1,582 Days of WWIII


Many thanks for all your Email Messages of a Happy Birthday sent this past weekend. I also got a Virtual Birthday Cake from Tim Binnal From my weekly Postings of the "Weekender Edition"

Well being 43 doesn't feel any different than 42, or for that manner any different than 40 or 35 or 30. At 25 I was more concerned over $$$ issues so I don't know if I feel any different physically from 25. But at 43 I don't worry about missing a paycheck that would make me immediately Homeless.

Now for the NEWS!!!

The Dow has BROKEN THRU the 11,000 Point Barrier for the 1st time since before 09/11/01!!! But the Leftist Liberals and Democrats will say people are Starving and have no work, Senior Citizens homeless and died in the streets. Their Frial Bodies being cooked up by other Homeless People to survive. That's the picture the Liberal Leftists wish to portray. Why? Because afterall it is us RICH PEOPLE who only have the Opportunity to work for a place that has a Retirement Plan, a 401K, etc. If you have a 401K plan and also contribute to it, you are amoung the FILTHY RICH in this COUNTRY!!!

OK FINE!!! If you are so stupid not to work to even get Social Security Benefits, and if you do work, not SAVE for the future. Then you are amoung the IDIOTS that need to be weeded out of the Population, so you don't procreate more IDIOTS. Modern Technology and HealthCare has enable the STUPID to survive, when they should have been weeded out by Nature's Selection of the Fittest Survive. I am not saying I am Smarter than the average person. But I am saying those who depend on a Gov't Check to survive and consider just living day to day a JOB. That's where the Line is Drawn. Doesn't really matter if the Days Trading ends above 11,000 or not. Just the fact we broke thru the Barrier after 4 1/2 yrs.

It started Today and will get Real Good Tomorrow. The Samual Alito Supreme Court Hearings. Look for a Bountiful plethera of Idiotic Questions and Challenges by the Senatorial Libs like Shumer, Kennedy, etc!!!

DAY-O!!! Oh DAAYYY OOO, I'm 78 and not I'm Really Too Old!!! Sad to see Senile former Entertainers being used by DICTATORS in other Countries to support their Cause. But this is the Liberal PlayBook since at least the Reagan Days. Can you believe this? Some think President Bush is Worse than HITLER, and has killed more people in an "ILLEGAL WAR" Than the 6 Million JEWS HITLER HAD KILLED IN WWII!!! See the STORY HERE!!!

BLACK MAN FACING EXECUTION!!! The Leftists RISE UP and PROTEST and DEMAND CLEMENCY. White Man Facing Execution. Not a Word to be heard in Protests from these Groups. So what is it? All Blacks on DEATH ROW are Innocent and Deserve Clemency, and All WHITES on DEATH ROW are GUILTY AS SIN, and DESERVE to DIE???? OR are the Groups Protesting the Death Penalty on Blacks the true RACISTS? They Seem to Support EVERY EXECUTION of a WHITE MAN, and Protest EVERY EXECUTION of a BLACK MAN. See the STORY HERE!!!

That's it for Today! See you Tomorrow!!!

1,580 Days of WWIII

01/07/05 Saturday Very Early AM


Now for this week's Review and next week's Preview of everything that is Coast To Coast AM, MY RADIO SHOW at work in "The Secret Lab". Smoker Dave is glad to provide to you, my new friend from the X-Conference in Washington D.C., Tim Binnall.

the binnall report

binnallofamerica.com is a collection of researchers, writers and philosophers with a keen eye for the absurd in everything, especially the world of the paranormal and new age (i.e. esoterica). We are a stand-alone entity, and impartial observer, serving as a beacon in the night among a sea of voices.

For a complete look at binallofamerica Click on the Banner below

Don't forget to check out the Audio Interviews!!!

1,579 Days of WWIII


Well Folks, the Start of 2006 just Really Sucks so far. I have to start out with more sad and Tragic News. My longest Co-Worker at the Secret Lab, my trusty companion via AM Radio Art Bell, his Wife Ramona died unexpectedly yesterday at age 47 while they were on a mini-vacation. Apparently died of an Asthma Attack sometime while they were both asleep. It was just this past Saturday Night, New Years Eve as 2006 entered into the Pacific Time Zone when the last public Photo of Art and Ramona, and her Mom in the background during the Top of the Hour Break during the COAST TO COAST AM Show Art was doing.

You can never know what Life may bring. We all came here without a Warranty, and without an Expiration Date. Life is a fragile thing, but Life is also impossible to extinguish. Maybe 1 of the Best Arguments that even in Death, we are still Alive. Once You "ARE", you will always "BE", one way or another.

Remember Late Tonight Early Saturday will be The Weekender Edition. And I am sure my friend Tim Binnal will have something on this also.

You are Damn Right that the past couple of nights at work in the 1st couple of hours have been filled with nothing but bad News, the Miners, SAVED! then Dead, and the most recent News. I just HOPE it is the last Burp of a rather bad overall year 2005.

Maybe my Birth Day this Sunday, 01/08/06, # 43, will be the Start of Good News for 2006! Yes, after tonight's posting of The Weekender Edition, I will have turned from 42 years young to 43 years young.

Well the bad News of the past couple of Days has me in a not too enthusiastic Mood right now. So I want to sort of HIT the RESET BUTTON on myself. So I can Enjoy watching the WildCard NFL Playoff Games and my 43rd B-Day this weekend. So Monday I am basically going to restart, after rewinding, the NEW YEAR.

1,577 Days of WWIII


HOW CAN THIS HAPPEN???? Last night just before 10PM (12 Midnight EST) The NEWS Broke that 12 of the Coal Miners were Found ALIVE!!! A MIRACLE!!! Only to be stabbed thru the Heart 3 hrs Later. Just before 1AM (3AM EST) last night A breaking NEWS ALERT on the radio at Work that 11 of the 12 were DEAD! I yelled out "WHAT???!!!!" There were only 2 of in the Lab at that Time and we both heard it. We were wondering if maybe a collapse of the Mine as they were being brought back to the surface or so other Post Found and in transit to the Surface Rescue Disaster had happened. When we found out later that it was a flawed report from the very beginning I was VERY UPSET with the NEWS MEDIA, ALL of them. CNN, MSNBC, FOX NEWS, etc.

Well since then I learned the News Media learned of the NEWS from the Families gathered at the Church, and they were to be told of any NEWS before it was given to the NEWS MEDIA. So on this Point I give a PASS to the NEWS MEDIA. What the Media NEEDS to do especially when relying on Families of Victims for 1st NEWS is to Headline the NEWS as Rumor, or unconfirmed or unsubstationated reports. Because the Families were already prepared for the Worst but holding out HOPE and would grab any shred of GOOD NEWS.

It is still not Exactly Clear how the Families got the News, seems possibly it was a Cell Phone Call to one of the Families from a Foreman who overheard 1 side of a conversation between the Command Center and the Rescue Team and overheard that the 12 Miners were Found and they were checking Vital Signs. As in this possible scene, the Foreman Overhearing that the 12 were Found, hoping for the BEST OUTCOME, Found would translate to FOUND ALIVE. And checking VITAL SIGNS would confirm that when in fact the Rescuers were trying to see if ANY of the 12 were still ALIVE, and 1 was.

So to this point I absolve the NEWS MEDIA of irresponsibility. YES there is ANOTHER POINT!!! At 11:30PM (1:30AM EST) NEWS UPDATE on the Radio at work, we heard, this is a Summary of the Report. Seems that the NEWS MEDIA were going by a pre-planned Game Plan, otherwise making stuff up and embellish the STORY to make it more Fantastic than the assumed MIRACLE. The NEWS UPDATE We heard at work was. Basically: "The Miners are being taken to a TRIAGE AREA before being taken to the Hospital, there are some Minor Injuries. But the Miners wish to Stop by the CHURCH where their FAMILIES are to see them before going to the HOSPITAL"..... NOW THIS WAS A TOTAL FABRICATION by the NEWS MEDIA Presented as FACT 1 1/2 hrs before the REALITY became known. Because I remember thinking when I heard that Report, "I said to myself: Hmmm. They made out pretty good after 2 days trapped in the mine with Lethal Levels of Carbon Monoxide all around them, little food and water, and surviving the initial Explosion".

If all I have above is true to any degree, I still have to give a Pass to the NEWS MEDIA, and to the FOREMAN. He thought he had GREAT NEWS to pass along to the Victim's Families. But whoever is RESPONSIBLE for the, and or willingly and knowingly reported it and knew it was false FLUFF to add to the "GREAT MIRACLE" to be reported across the Nation and World. Those are the People to be DRAWN And QUARTERED, and their bones to be put into a Spider Hole like Saddam was Hiding in to be chewed on by RATS!!!

Hope I made my position clear. This turnaround in the NEWS put a knot in my stomach for the last 8 1/2 hrs of my Shift. It just made me Sick and Angry. Like most after the 1st Body was discovered yesterday, and the Carbon Monoxide Levels over 4X of being Lethal, we were prepared for the Worst. To go then to Great Miracle, to 11 0f 12 DEAD is Emotionally Draing and Devastating. Especially when if the NEWS was CORRECT that there is 1 Survivor that would have been Celebrated as a Miracle.

I fear now that if this young Miner 27 yrs old pulls thru he will have a GUILT SURVIVOR COMPLEX, along with in the back of everyone's mind that he should have been the Dead one and the other 11 survive. And now the Families and Relatives of those involved. After what has happened in the past 15 hrs. I hope they are being Closely Watched, Clerics, Counselors, etc. After this Emotional and Mental Torture, I can see VIOLENCE against others, those deemed Responsible, or against themselves. Pray for them, They are in a LIVING HELL as close as I could ever Envision.

I know probably a lot of the Families had Broken HEARTS yesterday, and were preparing for the Worst, and would have Emotionally and Mentally survived it. But with "THE MIRACLE" and unrestricted JOY! Only to be taken away 3 hrs Later, the same End Result that yesterday they would have been able to Grieve and handle and go on with Life, now may very well have changed to absolute Despair, ANGER, and REVENGE, or Irrational Behaviour. And after all that's happened in the past 24 hrs, I can't hold them Responsible for it. All I can Do is ask GOD to give them STRENGTH.

This is a PISS POOR WAY to start the NEW YEAR!

1,576 Days of WWIII


Well Updating part of Yesterday's Posting Regarding the IDIOT, I got KFC Original Recipe. You know I do this sort of thing when news like I reported happens.

Well after Work Tonight, Tomorrow Morning, I will be Heading for the Arizona Cardinals Training Facilty to put in my Initial Request for Seats in the New Stadium. I have High Hopes, not many have been Continued Season Ticket Holders for 13-14 yrs like I have. So I am hopefull for 50yrd line top level, row 1, Seat 1. Right by the 50yrd TV Camera that everyone on TV will See! I'll keep you informed on the progress...

Finally the rest of the Country is starting to get back to Work! The Talk Show Pundits are mostly back, instead of "BEST OF's" and Guest Hosts, the mostly Idiot Politicians as a Generality are arriving back in Washington DC, so this should Ramp up real soon. Most of my other Sources getting back On-Line.

We have a IMMAGRATION LAW! There are ways to get HERE LEGALLY!!! What happened here was someone STUPID Enough to try to ENTER ILLEGALLY, and THROW ROCKS at the BORDER PATROL!!!! OF coarse he could be SHOT!!! Do you know that for EVERY LEGAL AZ Citizen, Man, Woman, Child.... it costs the State of ARIZO NA CITIZENS over $700 EACH PER YEAR because of the ILLEGAL ALIENS. Family of 4, Mom, Dad, and 2 Kids. Costs this Family over $2,800 a year. AND IT IS NOT TAX DEDUCTIBLE!!!! May I remind you, We are NOT ANTI-IMMIGRATION!!! We ARE ANTI-ILLEGAL IMMIGRATION!!!! And in this NEWS STORY it is ADMITTED By Mexican OFFICIALS that it also use the Same Tactics we USE!!! But I guess somehow it is wrong for us to do, but OK for Mexico to do. SCREW THEM!!!! See the STORY HERE!!!

I sure do hope that All of you have taken in all the NEWS and Warnings on your CREDIT CARD DEBT over the past 18 months. You can't say you weren't WARNED! And those of you who are Behind and worked out a so-called "DEAL" for a month to month thing because you are so far behind. Consider yourself an indentured servant to you Credit Card Bills. I am DAMN GLAD over these past 18 months I have Eliminated my Credit Card Debt.....Almost.. I owe $22. But if you still owe Thousands, God help You!!! You can't Claim you didn't know, they the Credit Card issuers have Mailed Notices every month for over a Year about what is going to happen NOW! You can't Claim Ignorance, you can't Claim you were not Notified. Time to pay the PIPER!!! I am DAMN GLAD I was able to do it before NOW!!! OH I know there are a LOT of PEOPLE who Automatically throw out the NEW TERMS AND CONDITIONS sent in the MAIL from their CREDIT CARD CARD COMPANIES, thinking that not much has Changed. BIG SURPRISE COMING for these no-nothings!!! I have Warned my Friends about this Months Ago and Also my co-workers. But if they decide not to listen, what else can you do? I'll be DAMNED if I pay their BILLS!!! If you are so Stupid or Stubborn to Refuse to see what is coming even after you have been warned, then you deserve the Consequences of what you decided to hide from yourself, thinking IGNORANCE IS BLISS!!! Guess what???" It could Very Well BITE YOU IN THE ASS!!! See the STORY HERE!!!

1,575 Days of WWIII


A New Year, A New Clean File to start with!

1st I want to post a LINK to a REVIEW of the Past Year of my Favorite Radio Program that gets me thru the Nights at Work in the "SECRET LAB", COAST TO COAST AM With George Noory/ART BELL. Authored by my Friend Tim Binnal who also does the WEEKENDER EDITION! Here is the LINK: HERE!!!

Well I have until the end of this week to make my initial seat selection Preferences for the State of the Art Cardinals Stadium for the 2006 Season. I have a very good idea of where, I'll keep you up to date on how it proceeds.

It didn't occur to me until this morning that Today (01/02/06) is a Holiday for most, (Not Me). And to think I thought I had Christmas and New Years Holiday off from work since it was on a Sunday is not Really Correct. The Actual Holiday for Christmas was 12/26/05 and Today For New Years. So in Reality I don't have the Holidays Off from work. Figured it out when I went to the Bank and Post Office and Both were CLOSED. In my Defense, I work in a "SECRET LAB" that NEVER CLOSES! All I know right now is that Tonight will be just as Slow and Boring as last Monday Night. At least George Noory will be Live On Coast To Coast AM and the other Regular Talk Show Hosts return from Vacation, and hopefully my other NEWS SOURCES return from Vacation.

A Fitting End to My AZ Cardinals NFL SEASON. Winning Touchdown Overturned on Booth Review with less than 1 minute left in the Game. Giving Tony Dungy Coach of the Indianapolis COLTS their 14th Victory after 2 losses and the Suicide of his eldest Son. Hard to Win Away under those circumstances. Sure record is 5-11. Good have Easily been 10-6. JUST WAIT UNTIL NEXT SEASON!!!

Staying on the NFL, How about Doug Flutie? The 1st successful DROP KICK for Points since 12/21/41!!!???? Really Weird even for a Die Hard Long Time NFL FAN. Probably will be another 60+years before it is done again, more than likely by one of Doug Flutie's Grandkids!

Even though it is a Holiday, and I hope to watch at Least the 1st 1/2 of the FIESTA BOWL Notre Dame Vs Ohio St. We still have an IDIOT STORY Of the DAY! Well I know where I am getting Dinner after work tonight, tomorrow morning KFC! Yum Yum! This IDIOT LEGALLY CHANGED HIS NAME. Try to find a New Job with this NAME!!! To find out,,, See the STORY HERE!!!

I am a Member of a DIFFERENT PETA.... People Eating Tasty Animals!!! A Lifelong Card Carrying Member!!! Hmm.... Tommorow.. Original Recipe or Extra Crispy???? I'm sure Col. Sanders will tell me in my Sleep later today before Work. Well I need to Eat and Sleep before work, while watching as much of the College Bowl Games as I can.