Today is a "Lite" NEWS Day so far. So now is the time to announce this. Starting 01/01/01 on every update here will be, "THE POLITICAL QUOTE OF THE DAY". THANKS to Fred, MY BOSS, and his Christmas Present to me. One of those handy dandy day by day calanders, you know the kind, some have jokes, some have qoutes, etc.

Well the State of Arizona where I now reside and out up my fight, politically. Has won 2 MORE House of Representative Seats in the U.S.Congress in 2002. Which in case your counting, gives Arizona 10 Electoral Votes in the 2004 Election! See the STORY HERE!!!

DAMN it's been chilly at night here lately!!! We got down to 42 at the Secret Armed Compound last night!!! We also only had a high of 68!!! I know most of you have it much worse, especially if in ARK. or CA. or basically everywhere else except Florida. Glad I'm HERE!!! I had enough of that weather once I got my High School Diploma. Snow is great for kids, but is an added hardship for working adults. You know, getting bundled up, shoveling out the Driveway, getting the Car Warmed up, and the added Driving time to work. I say the heck with that!!! Sunshine is much easier to shovel, especially in 60-70 degree Temps!!! Send me all the EMAIL you want, I will still not feel guilty. I grew up where snow was around 6 months out of the year for my 1st 21 yrs, now I am content to see it occaisionally on the nearby Mtn tops. Tonight's Insight.Com and New Years Day Fiesta Bowl are both within 20 miles of me, LOOK at the weather we enjoy now!!! HA HA HA!!! Plus all the Scorpions, Black Widow Spiders, Tarantulas, and RATTLESNAKES are "Sleeping" now. But don't move here, we got 2 more House Seats, we are Happy. We like the fact we have METRO AREAS, and the fact that in 1/2 hr we can be in the undisturbed Pristine Sonoran Desert, so stay AWAY!!! .....OK you can come and visit, but don't MOVE HERE!!! It is my own judgement for having lived in a very cold environment for 21 yrs, that a person who can handle -30 plus will have GREAT DIFFICULTY when they move here and are EXPOSED to 110+

Damn!!! 63 Outside, 74 inside, and my toes are COLD!!! Guess that's what I get for sitting here doing my update in a T-Shirt and a Pair of Shorts on!!! The difficulties of an Arizona Desert Winter has begun.

For the rest of you outside of "The Valley Of The SUN", REMEMBER!!! GLOBAL WARMING!!!! The Gov't says will kill us all!!! Have Fun clearing the ice and snow, and acknowledge to the FEDS that you realize it would be much colder if it were not for GLOBAL WARMING..... What kind of LOGIC is that???

I must admit, the news stories on the weather for you have made me feel THANKFUL that I am, where I Am. Plus the stories of co-workers who went NORTH and EAST for Christmas. THEY didn't leave the HOUSE!!! SNOW, ICE, WIND, etc...!!!! I'll go out when it is over 100, so I can warm up!!!!


Well I guess I am going to irratate the LIBERALS with this, oh well... Like that ever stopped me.

What I am referring to is yesterday's rampage in Wakefield Massachusettes by someone who looks like Charles Manson's younger brother. I am sure you have seen or read about it by now. For the latest NEWS about see the STORY HERE!!! Sorry this Story doesn't include a picture of the gunman, but trust my description, because in the final analysis it doesn't matter.

Lets look at the basic facts. In Massachusettes they have very strong Anti-Gun Laws like New York, California, and Wash D.C. Well obviously the LAWS didn't work. But the Liberal Left will call for stricter gun LAWS. These will not work either. There will always be whackos, and if they can't get guns at all, they will make them themselves, It Aint a difficult thing to do with a High School Education. So another ASSAULT is about to be launched on the 2nd AMMENDMENT. The "OLD" Argument of "Who needs an AK-47 for hunting?" When the basis in the 2nd AMMENDMENT is NOT about hunting Ducks, Deer, Rabbits, etc. But to give US the general population a means of protectecting ourselves from an over controlling, over governing Federal Gov't. If the Idea by the Left is to SAVE LIVES, then they would save more LIVES by banning candles, you know, those wax things with a wick in the middle that likes to catch homes on fire. Or just imagin how many INNOCENT CHILDREN would be saved from a cruel DEATH if abortion was made illegal??? Those that defend abortion also want the DEATH Penalty for True Criminals ended. Boiled down, the mantra is: Kill the Most Innocent, Let the most Wicked LIVE!!! I still have a hard time understanding this Logic....

Now back to the subject of the story. It seems by the latest NEWS that this Murder Rampage was driven by the fact this Chales Manson Lookalike was going to have his wages, his paycheck garnisheed by his employer to pay Past Unpaid Taxes to the IRS. Now this opens up a WHOLE CAN OF WORMS!!! Follow me in this:

The IRS, a Federal Gov't Agency, USING a private employer to enforce THEIR DECISION of who owes what, forcing the employer to become a COLLECTION AGENCY for the Gov't. Putting the EMPLOYEES because of Gov't Mandate at risk from those who rightfully or wrongfully disagree with a decision handed down by a Gov't controlled Court. I feel if the Gov't has the balls to demand payment, they should have the balls to go after it themselves, not using the defendant's employer as a COLLECTION SERVICE, putting the Employer and it's employees in the same risk group of a "REPO MAN", taking back in the dark of night what THEY think is owed.

Now let us delve DEEPER into this....Let's start with your PAYCHECK. Take a LOOK at what is deducted, Federal, State, FICA, Medicare, etc. AUTOMATICALLY. I bet you are used to seeing you PAY in the NET PAY after TAXES. Then when you spend your $$$ you pay TAXES AGAIN!!!, and even if basic food items are not Taxed at the cash registered level, you can bet your preety Ass that whoever made the product you bought had to pay taxes on the raw materials for it, the employer based taxes for those who produced it, etc. And part of that cost is included in the price you PAY, whether or not a tax shows up on your reciept or not.

The Gov't is very savy on how it gets it's $$$. They have convinced most people that the Gov't CREATES $$$ by printing it, dispersing it, and setting INTEREST RATES. Most people see the news, and feel as if that is the fact. MONEY SUPPLY is tightening, people think the Gov't ran out of paper to print it on, or INDIA has not delivered a shipment of India Ink. Well folks the GOV't doesn't make $$$ WE DO!!!The ONLY way the Gov't has $$$ to operate is by getting it from US! And the more invisible they (GOV'T) can make it the better.

You know the autoinvestment plans, if it's not in your paycheck to spend, you don't miss it. A sound way to start Automatic Investing for yourself if you are not a SAVER, but also a good way for the GOV'T to take $$$ from you.

If we could eliminate TAXES, ALL TAXES from being deducted from Paychecks, and then having everyone fill out TAX FORMS for FEDERAL, STATE, and LOCAL. The sum will astound most people of what they have to pay. What would the result be? A cheaper and more cost effective Gov't on ALL LEVELS. But the Gov't doesn't want this, they know the game well. It's like the FROG in a pot of water, slowly being heated.... by the time the FROG knows he's being boiled, it is too late. The GOV'T knows we will as a whole eventually figure this out, the Liberal Big Spenders, and Granted some Conservatives too. Hope to get the guns from us before we figure it out.

IN A NUT SHELL: We are TAXED on our wages, We are TAXED again on what we spend the $$$ leftover on Items we buy, and the Items we buy were TAXED before we bought them. I call it TRIPLE JEOPARDY!!! With the GOV'T holding all the Cards, or being "THE HOUSE" in Gambling terms. If the GOV'T, or IRS wants $$$ from an individual, they should do it themselves, not Force the Employer to do it, putting other employees at risk as Collectors. If the GOV'T wants their $$$ let THEM take the inherent RISKS in COLLECTING it, not innocent co-workers forced by GOV'T Decree to carry out their wishes. I believe an Employer has the duty to PAY a Worker for a Job. That is all, all other obligations by the worker is outside of the relationship between the worker and employer.

If Taxes were not automatically Deducted from our paychecks, come TAX DAY and we have to send in what we "OWE" I Gurantee there would be an outrage as never seen from the AMERICAN PUBLIC. No more would newly paved streets being uprooted to put in sewer lines after the fact be tolerated, no more would whako Environmentalists be able to BAN drilling in a 15 BILLION BARREL OIL RICH Preserve to save the Endangered poisonous ragweed, or the irritating itty bitty red spider. Especially when using 6,000 acres would get us the oil, and the preserve is over 480,000 acres. Oh Yeah Bill Clinton!!! Do some More "NATIONAL MONUMENTS or PRESERVES"!!! Better turn off the Colorado River!!! EVERYDAY it is Destroying the GRAND CANYON, by making it DEEPER!!!

Now I do thank GOD Clinton is out of the WHITE HOUSE SOON, and AL GORE won't replace him. I do have issues with BUSH though too. After all he is a Politician, and therefore someone to fight to regain controll to the people. But 1st we must at least get those elected who would harm us least and protect us most. Then move forward from there. We "THE PEOPLE" can take this COUNTRY back into OUR HANDS, it won't be easy, but it can be done, and I will do my best to see it so.

TAX FORMS are starting to be sent this week, now remember, your PAY was ALREADY TAXED, things you buy are TAXED AGAIN, and whoever you bought them from ALSO PAID TAXES, both Foof and NonFood Items. And if you Smoke Cigarretes, and/or drink BEER or Liqour, WOW!!! What a TAX BITE we paid, but remember.... it's for the CHILDREN!!!! If we didn't smoke or drink these kids would have NO HEALTH CARE AT ALL!!! Because it is funded from Alcohol and Tobacco TAXES.

Smoker Dave, why do you still SMOKE? To provide Funds for Health Care of Underprivileged USA CITIZENS, and ILLEGAL children of ILLEGAL IMMIGRANTS that entered this COUNTRY ILLEGALLY.

LIBERALS: Send on the EMAILS.... I bet you don't get me to change my mind!!!

STUPID IDIOTS.... "Opps, typing under my breath." HA, HA!!!

As SPOCK on STAR TREK would say,"LIVE LONG AND PROSPER", but not at the EXPENSE of Others. The Old BOY SCOUT MOTTO... leave it better than you found it. Or for Short, when you leave this world/life, you helped more than you were helped.


BREAKING NEWS!!! Someone goes "POSTAL" in Wakefield, MA. near Boston. Confirmed Reports are 7 dead, gunman in custody, a current employee. See the Story HERE!!! I HATE these stories!!! Makes me nervous if I dwell too much about by own position. So much for the strict Gun-Control Laws in MA.!!!

Well tonight "Smoker Santa" will deliver gifts to "The Secret Lab", courtesy of Smoker Dave and JK. 4 BRAND NEW AM/FM Cassette RADIOS!!! I don't know about tour neighborhoods, especially if you have SNOW, but the biggest selling gift around here are those RAZOR SCOOTERS. There are kids flying all over the place here on them.

Well "The Secret Lab Football Poll" is over, I took 3rd place. At least I made a little $ on it. You can see the Final Standings on my opening page.

It appears "RAGE" is all the rage these days, Road Rage, Airline Rage, Going POSTAL, Cell Phone Rage, and now even stories of "Parking Lot Rage". So I agree with attempts to make everyday life more civil and less rude. But what are the Big Dept. Stores thinking? Hiring "GREETERS" to welcome you to the Store? I have $$$, I'm going to BUY things.... I know I am welcome!!! Put that "GREETER" behind a cash register so I can get out quicker would make me much happier!

Well Gas dropped below $1.40 a gallon here, so I filled up today. The lady across from me had a hard time.... no matter what she tried, she could only get 6 cents at a time to come out. By the time I got my $10 worth in the tank, she was up to 36 cents. It was entertaining! But before I left, I told her she had to put the nozzle completely in, here in AZ we have those nozzles that recapture the gas fumes, and you have to put the nozzle in completely for the Gas to dispense. Simple really, my guess is she is one of those easily confused by ballots, simple instructions, etc. She wasn't old and feeble, she was probably younger than I!!! She has to be one of those people who need the Warnings on McDonalds Coffee, "WARNING HOT LIQUID!!!". I think this following story is about her relatives, you know, some genes should not be passed onto future generations. See the Story HERE!!! I guess they all missed the WARNING On The BBQ-GRILL "FOR OUTDOOR USE ONLY!" and were not smart enough to know that FIRE uses up oxygen, replacing it with carbon monoxide. We would probably better off if they didn't live, because these people can still procreate, and pass on the IDIOT Genes.

G.W. Bush's 19 yr old daughter Jenna had an unpleasant Christmas Day. Nothing like being rushed to the hospital for an emergency appendectomy. She is OK and will be released tomorrow. She has a choice, join the family vacation in Florida, or clean out your room. I think I would go to Florida and see "Chad" Ha, Ha!!! See the STORY HERE!!!

Sticking to health issues and "Throw-Away Organs" genre, here is another Story about TONSILS HERE!!! I must thank my childhood Doctor, Dr. Brooks, for NOT ripping my tonsils out. I did get a yearly bout with tonsillitis all the way thru 6th Grade. That's when my Dr. said, "If you get tonsillitis 1 more time I am going to rip them out..." That was the last time I got Tonsillitis. At any rate I prefer to keep my tonsils and appendix if at all possible, and I still have them. In an Unscientific observation at work, I notice that those who do have their tonsils get sick less often, or at least not sick enough to miss work.

Well I have 1 bad knee that acts up from time to time, as most of you know, I also have 1 bad shoulder, they don't keep me from work. But the knee may make me late. Because at times it is a 20 minute contortion act of pain to get the sock and sneaker on. But I also have all my original parts. Stitches? well as a young lad, if I ended a year with fewer than 10, it was a safe year! "'TIS JUST A FLESH WOUND..." as Monty Python would say, Ha, Ha!!! I also broke my little toe once, not much you can do about that except tape it to the next toe, didn't even leave a dent in the corner I kicked in the dark. I still made my college classes that day though. So much for a brief medical history of Smoker Dave.

So how did you all make out in Christmas "BOOTY"? I hope all did well, or at least spent time with family and friends. I did well, got a new 900MHz cordlessphone/answering machine that should enable me to attend Supervisor meetings at home while enjoying a BEER! It has "SPEAKERPHONE" and all the handy bells and whistles. My old phone didn't work, the whole thing only worked as an answering machine, requiring me to use my cell phone even at home to talk to anyone. I also got a Digital Voice Recorder, records 90 minutes, and is 1/2 the size of a pack of cigarettes. Weighs next to nothing too! This will be handy to record brief notes about work related stuff, and also to remind me of news, websites, ideas, etc. I get at work, but never write down, and forget about by the time I get home. A very cool thing. I am nearly 38, I have SO much knowledge it spills out of my ears. I need peripherals to help me along.... Like the $1.39 Gas is at the NW Corner AM/PM on Mesa Dr. and Southern Ave. in Mesa, AZ.

This little devil also helped me remember the web address so I can order a favorite food item that I grew up with, that I will be ordering soon for me and my friends SUPER BOWL PARTY. Curious? Well here it is CROGHAN BOLOGNA HERE!!!

I LOVE that Stuff! Let me see.... I also miss "WISE POTATO CHIPS", it has the OWL EYE on the bag. Also NYS MAPLE SYRUP, and Genessee Beer. I am not listing the local farm products like milk, Cheese, Vegetables, etc. But all these things remind me of my hometown which is located HERE!!!

Yes AZ is a long ways away from my hometown, but I will be there this summer for my 20th High School Reunion. It will be 17 yrs since I was there. I also got some $$$ to replenish my wardrobe, so I still at least look good at work!!!

Let's end the day with a couple of NEWS Items besides the latest Workplace going "POSTAL" Shootings.

Well at least the Russians regained Radio Contact with the Garbage Ship called MIR!!! And it won't drop out of the sky and crash onto a populated neighborhood. See the STORY HERE!!!

How about this? An ATM Machine getting into the Spirit of Christmas Giving!!! And they say machines don't have "FEELINGS". I bet this ATM Machine had "A Christmas Carol" type of experience. And what better place? Just like Ebenizer Scrooge this ATM provided $$$ to get that big goose for all the Bob Cratchets' in the area. See the STORY HERE!!!

Less than 6 DAYS until the "NEW MILLENIUM!!!"



Smoker Dave, and the ENTIRE STAFF at smokerdave.com Wishes You All a Very Merry and Joyous Christmas!!!

Smoker Dave has many presents to wrap and deliver, plus a lot of Football to watch!!!

The website will be updated late Monday, or early Tuesday for the "SECRET LAB FOOTBALL POOL" with FINAL RESULTS, and Who won how much $$$.

Commentary and NEWS will resume and be posted early afternoon Tuesday the 26th. I wish you all good times with your own family and friends, presents are just a bonus. What matters most is that you get together with the people who matter most in your life. Life without family and friends has no point, this is the Season to renew those connections to each other.

Smoker Dave



I have a lot of things to laugh about today. I'll just say, at least all the "Riff Raff" will be gone soon, makes life easier for me. I am much happier with neighbors and friends and co-workers that can meet the challenge of just doing what is expected. This is the only Clue.

The ECONOMY has been going down for nearly a YEAR!!!, Yet the Liberal Networks call it the BUSH ECONOMY!!! How is that possible since BUSH doesn't take the OFFICE for another month, or 4 1/2 WEEKS!!!??? The DOW JONES, and NASDAQ are down, in fact BECAUSE of the ASSAULT on MICROSOFT by the CLINTON/GORE Administration, the TECH STOCKS have tumbled to such a point that even if the NASDAQ grows 10% a year, it will take 7 YEARS for it to reach the highs it had in MARCH of 2000. So do YOU actually BELIEVE the LIBERAL SPIN that what has happened in the past YEAR to OUR ECONOMY is because of BUSH saying the ECONOMY is in TROUBLE this past WEEK??? All of you who follow your retirement funds closely know the FARCE this statement is. I had profits in my Mutual Funds and individual Stocks over $10,000. Today I checked again.... I am now only up by $100, 5 $20 Dollar Bills!!! The BUSH Administration has NO POWER until Jan 20th 2001. I think the Clintonestas and Gorasims should realize this. The Economy is going BUST on YOUR WATCH!!! And you know DAMN WELL that Clinton and the Democrats knew this would Happen, they just hoped Hoped that their "god" Clinton would be out of Office before it happened. The Liberals were more than willing to hang a poor economy on GORE if he won the Presidentcy. And if BUSH won, like he did, then call what has been going on the past year, THE BUSH ECONOMY. Even though he can't do ANYTHING ABOUT IT for another MONTH!!! IF Clinton can claim he inherited the WORST ECONOMY in 50 years when he was Elected, Bush has a Much easier claim to inheriting the most ill managed Economy in History. Think of it this way: Clinton/gore moved into a well stocked home, Plenty of Firewood, Food. Etc. Prepared by privious Republican Administrations. Clinton/Gore Raided the items, and didn't replenish them. BUSH WINS the Election, and moves in.... Then asks why the cupbaords and refridgerator and firewood are ALL GONE!!! Their, CLINTON and GORE's answer is: Thanks for letting us use your Home!!! When you get it restocked, let us know, and WE will VISIT again!!!

I bet many of you have had this expirence, They raid your success, and at the end BLAME YOU for any shortfalls. Do you finally realize what this screwed up party stands for??? At Best SOCIALISM, or at worst, TOTAL COMMUNISM. AND we know what The Clintons PREFER.... I call them FUCKING COMMIES!!! Figuratively and Literally. I DARE anyone to prove me WRONG!!! I also ACCUSE the CURRENT Administration for NOT ACTING in the INTERESTS of this COUNTRY.


As far as I'm concerned The Current Clinton/Gore Administration is the most ANTI-AMERICAN ever Elected, and it was by decieving methods and FRAUD.

It will take many years for this to be corrected. It is a bumpy road to fight against tyranny, but a fight I do take on!!! In case I didn't make it clear..... FUCK YOU BILL CLINTON, FUCK YOU HILLARY CINTON, and FUCK YOU AL GORE!!!

Just wanted to make sure I am understood on this.

Sorry I held back on what I REALLY THINK!!!


What a night at work in "The Secret Lab" last night. I knew going in I was 2 techs short, do-able without too much trouble. But we had an extra heavy workload, and were 3 techs short, plus a parade of vendors observing the lab, this made the night challenging for all of us, 7 of us including myself, and 40 racks of samples or basically 3600 individual samples to test on 7 seperate tests. Can't tell you what the tests are, after all it IS "THE SECRET LAB, Strategically Located 1/2 way between AREA 51 and LOS ALAMOS". For being so short staffed we did GREAT!!! And with the help of a tech not scheduled to work coming into help around 7:30AM it turned out to be a successful night of "Secret Testing". And I also am thankful this Tech is going to fill in tonight too. Even though this Tech is beating me in the FOOTBALL POOL!!!

Now let us turn to the event I didn't cover yesterday... the Bush / Gore Meeting. I would have loved to be a "FLY ON THE WALL" for this!!! Whether it was an 8 or 20 minute meeting, it was MUCH SHORTER than planned. This is evident in the Fact that the Media covering this event were basically unaware that it was over and Bush had left Al Gore's, Bill Cheney's House. We all know that the Media is given an agenda of time frames, EX: Expected to arrive, Expected to Leave, Etc. My guess is one or the other said something that ended the meeting in under 20 minutes on the LONG END, reports also suggest the Meeting lasted less than 8 minutes too. WE will NEVER know what happened in Gore's "House". But I can try to guess. Given that Bush was cordial to Clinton, and their Meeting lasted longer than expected, about 2 1/2 hours or more. I think Al Gore reverted to whining and accusations about the election. And Bush knowing he WON walked out on GORE saying to himself, "I DON"T NEED, or have to take this B.S.!!! KISS my ASS AL!!!" Now this is just my interpretation of their meeting.

I am disappointed I have not heard from G.W.Bush. I can only surmise that G.W. has better candidates than I for Cabinet Positions, I am still holding out hope to be named to a commitee of some sort. I know most of you chuckle at this prospect, but I do have a good aquaintence who was high up in AZ political arena, and if things worked out a little differently in the last election before this, I would be possibly soon be on a 1st name basis with the Governor of AZ, if the current Gov is named Ambassodor to Mexico as is expected. AH, What could have been.... But who knows what the Future holds. Like I said before, 10 yrs ago I never would have believed I would have a web site... and generating the traffic it does.

Now how about some NEWS????

You know I understand individuals will not like particular condiments, I don't like MAYO myself. But a MENTAL FEAR of Ketchup, Mustard, A1 Steak Sauce, ETC???? Tis boy needed MENTAL HELP. Well he got help, the sight of Ketchup doesn't make him sick, and now he likes "BROWN SAUCES". At least it's an improvement.....Hamburgers and Fries without Ketchup, Hot Dogs without Mustard??? Poor kid. See the STORY HERE!!!

NOW this STORY HERE!!!! Is a bunch of CRAP. SOUP you choose is your personality. This is a flawed Study / Story. As far as SOUP, I like Tomato Soup, and Vegetable BEEF Soup. And my Personality is opposite of what this study suggests. I think a more accurate Study could be made by asking people what kind of flavor of RAMEN PRIDE type NOODLES do they prefer. You know the Noodles, often on sale for 10 cents a package. I always drained the water and had BEEF Flavored Noodles, in college, I would add it to my Vegetable Beef Soup to make it last longer. But the only Flavor I ever bought was BEEF Flavor, in fact I have a 1/2 dozen packages of RAMAEN PRIDE BEEF FLAVOR NOODLES in my kitchen. I want to see a STUDY on THAT!!!

I must tell you, I LIVED on RAMEN PRIDE BEEF FLAVORED NOODLES, and PEANUT BUTTER when in COLLEGE. Granted I always took advantage of the free barfood like pizza slices, and munchies etc, at the college bars. But I still Like PEANUT BUTTER and the Noodles....And of coarse the BEER!!! But don't try this trick! Me and my college buddies once tried to make spaghetti from the NOODLES and a can of generic Tomato Soup. It was a DISMAL FAILURE, trust me on this!!! Seperately, edible, even tasty, together.....UGH!!!


OK, I'm sold. BUSH WINS. Electoral College voted 271-266 for BUSH yesterday. There was only one "Faithless Elector" and it was one of Gore's. An Elector from Wash D.C. cast a Blank Ballot in protest of D.C.'s lack of Representation in Congress.

Did you see "Meet The Press" on Sunday? Tim Russert had the "Rev." Jesse Jackson on. As Jesse was discounting President-Elect Bush's candidates for Cabinet Positions, a light bulb blew out in the Studio with a loud "pop". The look on Jesse's Face was priceless, he thought he was being SHOT at!!! Russert had to chuckle and reassure Jesse that it was only a light bulb. It was a Classic, "DEER IN THE HEADLIGHTS" moment!!!

Today, Bush met with Clinton in the White House as the President-Elect. 8 yrs. ago Clinton met with Bush as the President-Elect. Ole' Slick must have HATED this turn of events, having defeated Bush Sr., now having to cowtow to his Son, Bush Jr, because his handpicked successor lost the Election. Reagan had 8 yrs. and his VP winning one term. Well Mr. Bill don't fret, you do leave Legacies. Here is one of them HERE!!!

Also Mr. Bill, I think you could also claim credit for this also, after all you called for gays to be allowed in the Military, after 8 yrs. it has now evolved into this, anti-discrimination protection for CROSS-DRESSERS!!! See the STORY HERE!!!

And here is another good thing being attacked by the Liberals. The American with Disabilities Act. I agree we need to make reasonable provisions for those disabled for employment, and access to basic services. But we need to draw the line SOMEWHERE!!! After all they get preferential Parking, Public Transit accomandates them, Gov't Buildings, Libraries, etc. are accessible, etc. etc. What am I talking about? Well they are (the wheelchair bound) suing the new Movie Theaters that have Stadium Style Seating. These are tiered level seating, with seats that have arm rests, a place for your drink and ample leg room. Plus even if a 7ft tall patron sits in front of you, you can still see the movie!!! But these theaters use STAIRS from level to level. These infirms need to realize that they can't get everything an able bodied person can. It's not like they can't go to the Movie, they CAN, it's just that can't wheel their wheelchair everywhere they want. And if they don't like their seating choices, it's not like 20 or 30 yrs ago where you have to wait years before that movie is on TV. Most of these Movies are available within months at the nearest Video Rental Store at a price much cheaper than if you went to the Movie, plus all the $$ saved using Microwaved Popcorn and drinking your own soda. And you have "PAUSE" and "REWIND". Here is what we ought to do....When you come across someone in a wheelchair, kick the tires (not hard). Say you are Sorry they are in a wheelchair, and understand the difficulties they face in everyday life, but also point out the facts where we as a public are trying to make life easier. But also tell them to leave the MOVIE THEATERS ALONE!!! See the STORY HERE!!!

I've been watching this story from Mexico the past few days, the residents not heeding evacuation alerts. Well now they are FLEEING!!! I don't know about you, but if I was told, "See that VOLCANO over there? We think it could BLOW UP AT ANY TIME!!!" and seeing the news that the Lava Dome doubled in size in 12 hours, and many small earthquakes under it, I would have been on the 1st bus out. But most of these people waited to see PROOF, fortunately for them, the VOLCANO was nice, only "burping" a little visible LAVA and throw rocks a few miles. Hopefully these people now get the clue that it is time to "bug out" for awhile. See the STORY HERE!!!

I don't approve of this, but I understand. Imagin, you spend 2 hours shoveling snow out in front of your house to park your car. Then as you finish, this BITCH parks HER car in the spot. Well you know what follows next: SNOW RAGE!!!! See the STORY HERE!!!

Now to continue with this seasonal happenings, though it has started early this year, due to GLOBAL COOLING. I am glad I now live in the Desert Southwest, today's high supposed to be 69 degrees, a bit chilly, but I'll live. At least I don't have to shovel sunshine. See the story HERE!!!

Most of you know, I LOVE BEER! Well now it turns out I should have no fear of Heart Disease or Cataracts. See the STORY HERE!!!

Now this hurts, the Major Cigarrette Manufacturer's have announced another price increase. Damn!!! Well I predict that those of us who still smoke, in a very few short years, if it isn't made illegal, will have a habit that while politically incorrect, a Status Symbol. That is if you smoke a Major Brand, not the generic GPC's made of dogweed. Having a pack of Winstons 5 years from now will convey the same statement as having a cell-phone 20 years ago, the guy has $$$$. But also folks, I HAVE to keep smoking, that is how this STATE of AZ. is paying for indigent and child HEALTHCARE. If I quit smoking, the poor people and CHILDREN will lose their HEALTHCARE BENEFITS. I couldn't sleep well if I did that.

Now I found a website for you that is fun. Ever wonder what satalites can do? How about a picture of what the DECLASSIFIED Satalites can show you? See your house? you place of Employment? Well I was able to ZOOM in enough that if I was walking up my stairs to "The Secret Armed Compound" you could make out my figure on the STAIRS!!! All you have to do is to go HERE!!! And "CLICK" on "EXPLORE". Just enter any address you want to see and play with the magnification options. After you do THAT, consider what the Gov't can DO that is still classified!!! The technology of these satalite photos are early '70's. With the computer techonolgy, and other technoligies developed over the past 30 yrs.... Imagin what they do now. 30 yrs. ago.... Simple Calculators cost hundreds of $$$, now you can get a Solar Powered one that can do more for $5 at your local Drug Store. Phone Answering Machines cost Hundreds of $$$. PAGERS, only offordable to Dr's and other Emergency Services. VCR's? Only the very first ones coming out. Now you can buy a 4-Head VCR for under $60. Computers, Internet, only available to Gov't Agencies and large Universities. Cell Phones? What we have today for $20 a month rivals what the "HOT LINE" between the Kremlin and Washington.

So as you view your home or workplace from this website, and see the detail available, IMAGIN what they can do now..... BIG BROTHER IS WATCHING!!!! It is more than SANTA that knows if you have been good or bad. That's one thing, but the frightening thing is that the GOV'T knows if you have been good or bad, by THEIR STANDARDS!!!


OPPS! I left out a link to the Story that will get the FAT People all riled up. Here is the Link HERE!!!

Well, finaly the weekend, the last weekend for SANE SHOPPERS to buy gifts for Christmas. I should FINISH my gift buying tomorrow!!!

Hmmm.... Just heard a "blurb" on the NEWS, the Liberals are questioning why G.W.Bush hasn't resigned yet as Governor of Texas. Ain't this a laugh. G.W.Bush KNOWS this isn't a done deal yet until the ELECTORAL COLLEGE VOTES on Monday. Eith the Reports of UNION LEADERS contacting Bush Electors to try to get them to change their VOTE, and a GORE LAWYER still doing "Investigative Background Checks" on Bush Electors. (Why would The Liberals do that? Except to try to find some embarassing "DIRT" on an Elector(s) and use BLACKMAIL to make them change their VOTE, or they will make Public what they dug up to destroy, or embarass the Elector. AND this accusation is a bunch of BS. Gore's VP, LIEBERMAN ran for 2 OFFICES this Election, VP and Senator. Just to make sure he a JOB one way or another. Bush wasn't up for re-election last month, why should he resign as Governor of Texas until all the possibilities are locked out, which isn't until January 20th. While Gore conceded the Election this week, and made a joke that he wouldn't be calling to rescind it this time, I wouldn't bet my JOB on it. And as his dad would say, "Wouldn't be prudent..."

This is the same idea I tell all of my friends who get ticked off at their workplace and want to quit on the spot. NEVER, EVER, QUIT a job until you are DAMN SURE you have another one.

Now for some other Stories for you to consider

Does Be-Heading Hurt? Do you stay conscious for a time? Find out from this research. See the STORY HERE!!! I think it would be very disconcerting that your last thoughts were made after having your HEAD decapitated from your body. ULTIMATE BUMMER DEAL.

I know many of you that visit here are parents, and as a result a lot of you have girls as your child(ren). Can ANY of you relate to this STORY HERE!!!

Now I realize we are in the midst of Christmas. I know many of you will be very busy with last minute shopping, relatives flying in or you flying out. Plus the very important time to spend with your family.

I will continue to post updates here during this Holiday time, but please only visit here if it is convienent. Time with family and friends is much more important than checking my website out. PLUS all my updates are available in the ARCHIVES if you miss visiting for awhile. For those of you who will be very busy these next couple of weeks, I wish you a VERY MERRY CHRISTMAS, a Prosperous NEW YEAR, GOOD HEALTH, Happiness & Contentment, and may GOD BLESS all of you!


OK, I admit Gore's speech wasn't bitter, and was probably very good. But we must remember what his campaign did the past month also. Now also take into account the the Democrats are also demanding that Bush change his ways, from the way he campaigned for the Office. By demanding he tone down his rhetoric, views, include Democrats in the Cabinent, etc. What a bunch of B.S. Do you ACTUALLY THINK that if Gore won, the same things would be said and validated by the MEDIA the other way around? G.W.Bush's father lost to Clinton/Gore with Clinton/Gore getting 43% of the popular Vote. Ross Perot got 19% of the Popular Vote, and I was unfortunately in this 19%. Bush and the Republicans didn't complain about Perot taking Votes away from Bush. But the Democrats have already been vengefull both prior to and after the election by the taking away 3% of the Democratic Votes by Nader. There is NOT an Elected Democrat today who will be seen with Nader. James Carville one of the Democrats whips, will never acknowledge him again, would turn his back on him. He said this on "Meet The Press" just 2 or 3 weeks ago.

Once again I am not convinced of a BUSH WIN until the ELECTORAL COLLEGE casts its VOTE this Monday.

Why should Bush edit his platform that he won on? To make "NICE" with the LIBERALS??? You KNOW DAMN WELL that if the roles were reversed, this wouldn't happen. The LIBERALS are freaked out, for the 1st time since the 1950's, they don't control ANY Branch of the Federal Gov't. Granted it is a 50-50 tie in the Senate, but Cheney is the deciding vote in this. The HOUSE of REPS. is in control by a slim margin by the Republicans, and the White House is BUSH. If things play out as expected.

And if the scene plays out as expected, I can hope for TAX RELIEF, because I did not "FIT" into ANY of GORE's "Targeted" TAX BREAKS. Bush will reduce everyone's. Knowing that SOCIAL SECURITY was projected to go BANKRUPT at the time I would RETIRE in 30 years, I look forward to be able to keep and invest at least 2% of the $$$ taken from me in TAXES for SOCIAL SECURITY. Because even if SOCIAL SECURITY goes "belly-up", I at least get some of my $$ back in my own Retirement Account that the Gov't can't touch.

I am also glad that Bush will be able to name up to 4 Supreme Court Justices in the next 4 years. While this Country can survive any Administration, this next one is very important for this reason alone. The Naming of Supreme Court Justices means WE keep Our CONSTITUTIONAL RIGHT to own a gun, to FREE SPEECH like you are reading here, and to overturn ROE vs WADE, the ABORTION ISSUE. The KILLING of UNBORN CHILDREN. And Leave the individual STATES to decide this issue. At the VERY LEAST, Partial Birth ABORTION will be made illegal. The purposeful Breach Birth in the 9th month of pregnantcy so the KILLER, I mean ABORTIONIST, I mean "DR." can pierce the SKULL of a FULL TERM INFANT seconds away from being born, and "SUCK HIS/HER BRAINS OUT" so it is LEGALLY DEAD before BIRTH.

REMEMBER,,,,,,CLINTON PRAYED about this Bill in the past 2 TIMES. AND CLINTON SAID, "GOD SPOKE to him", and told Bill Clinton to veto the ban on Partial birth Abortions.

It is time to get this Country Righted, we are, and have been Listing to the Left for far to LONG! Let's patch the holes and get on a even keel. If this Country is to remain Great, the GREATEST COUNTRY this Earth has ever seen, we must be able to correct ourselves, realize what is Right and Proper, for us to continue to recieve Blessings from above. I know this looks "mushy" but I believe this is the only way we as a Country can continue to be the Greatest Country this Earth has ever known. And I don't want to LOSE that Title!!!

Now how about some NEWS????

I think you can attribute this to the CLINTON/GORE ADMINISTRATION. I graduated from High School nearly 29 yrs ago, my 20th ReUnion is this coming Summer. I can tell you that things were NOT like This when I was in High School. I bet Many of you are PARENTS NOW, see what CLINTON/GORE has done in the past 8 years to the CHILDREN!!! SEE the STORY HERE!!!

This story is going to get "The FAT PEOPLE ASSOCIATION" and the ACLU all riled up. Someone better tell these people that Republicans are in charge now, If you are so FAT you take up 2 seats on a plane, you have to BUY 2 SEATS. Can't use Disabilities ACT, can't say DISCRIMINATION, or the undefined UNFAIRNESS ACT the the Liberals like to forward. May I imbibe? If you CAN'T follow the DIRECTIONS for FILLING OUT A BALLOT, then your BALLOT may NOT BE COUNTED. The INSTRUCTIONS WERE THERE. IF you are TOO STUPID to follow them especially when help was available from the Slection Officials.

Then obviously you are TOO DUMB to claim to have a legitament VOICE in an Election.


And if the assumption is that Republicans could figure it out, but the Democrats Couldn't, isn't that a sign? Who would you rather decide the FATE of the Country, People who can figure things out on their own, or those who get confused and don't ask for assistance, but raise holy hell that they were misled.

You people who TRULY BELIEVE you VOTED for the wrong person, because you are SO STUPID, to not look at the SAMPLE BALLOT, published in newspapers and also sent to you in the MAIL. I say to you: EVERY VOTER HAS A RESPONSIBILITY to Understand the BALLOT, the INSTRUCTIONS, and every other RESPONSIBILITY to make the BALLOT CAST VALID. IF the REQUIREMENTS are not FOLLOWED, The Vote WILL NOT COUNT.

Clinto now on his way Home from Ireland. Was he with a "Sweet Irish Rose".... After all neither Hillary or Chelsea were there with him.... One last "PRESIDENTIAL" Swing???? I guess we will find out later. But knowing the happenings over the past 8 years, and Ole'Slick being on his own, I will wager Ole' Slick got a knob polished, Ahem,,,,,, After all this is His last overseas trip as President Knobby..........And since Bill Clinton has NEVER RELEASED his MEDICAL RECORDS, maybe the "KNOB" is turning GREEN???? Remember back a few years? Bill & Hillary wanted to adopt a child? Hasn't happened YET!!! The President and 1st Lady can't pass even the EASIEST interview for ANY Adoption Agency. The LIBERALS LOVE CLINTON, but EVEN they won't trust them with a kid. That should be a CLEAR SIGN......

I am tired, need to eat and sleep. Could one of you pass this message along to Hillary? SHUT YOUR MOUTH!!! Damn Bitch. Screw your Husband, not the Country.

Sorry I was tame in my comments today, I will do better.


Well, Well, Well.... IT appears to be OVER!!! But I am not convinced yet. However my prediction of a 7-2 Vote by The U.S. Supreme Court is Correct. The Court ruled 7-2 that the recounts were UnConstitutional under , "The Equal Protection Under the LAW ACT". Basically means in a nutshell that the Florida State Supreme Court lost, had overturned, or vacated, their Rulings by a combined Vote of 16-2.

I knew it had to be BAD NEWS for Gore when I got up last night before work and clicked on the TV. Seeing the Major Liberal News Media Anchors looking and acting as if they were at a loved one's funeral.

Well Gore and Lieberman will address the Nation tonight at 9PM Eastern Time. Will Gore actually CONCEDE to Bush? Or be bitter and basically say the Court chose the winner, and he ran out of time to "fix" it?

I will not be convinced that Bush wins until the Members of the Electoral College cast their Ballots. While I consider myself the same person as I was 20 years ago, I have learned 1 thing. Never trust a flaming Liberal. They have had 5 WEEKS to rectify, and won on some fronts, even against the Voter Instructions, the Standards, ETC. Gore had a good economy, 8 YEARS as VP. AND HE STILL couldn't beat a 5 yr. Governor. YES you can expect to see some bitterness from Gore tonight, don't hold that against him. After all it is understandable, losing the closest election in history. Plus the fact that most of his life has been devoted to being groomed to be the President.

In fact when Clinton picked Gore to be his runningmate for the 1992 Presidential Election. A question was asked to his Dad, Al Gore SR. If he was proud that his son was chosen by Clinton. HIS ANSWER was NO. Al JR. was raised to become President. So Al Gore JR. has an emotional desire besides his own to be President, to fulfill his Father's expectations. This may be a reason why Gore has a propensity to claim credit where none is due, to embelish the facts, and to lie outright. The pressures of Parental Expectations on their children can be very damaging even to adult children. I think Al Gore JR. is a VICTIM of this.

This I do find as Very SAD. As a State Rep from Tenn. and as a Senator, he was Pro-Life, and Pro-2nd Ammendment. But as soon as he decided to fulfill his Father's wishes and Expectations, he turned away from his own concious, beliefs, to take on the positions that would most increase his chances to making, "DADDY PROUD". Because his Daddy had already said that Al JR. being a Senator from Tenn. wasn't enough, nor was being the Vice President.

I believe the Biggest, and most contemptable LOSER is Al Gore's DAD. For placing the pressure on his son, that the only way he could be proud of him was if he to be elected President. While I probably will never vote for a Democrat as President, I have chosen Democrats over Republicans in other Elections, I believe that if DADDY GORE left alone his son to make his own path, GORE could have been elected President at some point, with character, dignity, and true caring for the Country as a whole. I do not discount that a Democrat can be a good President. Sure I will disagree with him/her. But I also will disagree with a Republican President too. The Victim in this Election isn't the undervoters, the dimpled chaders, it is Al Gore. Still Haunted for acceptance from his now dead Father. This is truly a cruel day for Al Gore Jr. I hope we all realize this election turmoil the past 5 weeks was brought upon us by Al Gore's Father. It doesn't matter that he's dead, every child TRIES like HELL to live up to their Parents' Expectations.

I think most of us are blessed enough to know in our own hearts, that if we just grow up to be successfull in any respect or standard, fair, and a good citizen, our parents would be proud. Too bad Al Gore didn't have this same standard to live up to, and anything above this would be "Gravy" for the Parents.

So I bet most of you are surprised at my comments, and I've been holding these back for some time. I am obviously not gloating over an apparent Bush Victory. I am Glad Bush has "Won", but I also feel sorry for Gore too. I do not know what it would be like to have such high standards or goals to reach to get acceptance or approval from your parents. At least I, and I hope all of you, have much more reasonable expectations from your parents.

I bet this posting is VERY surprising to many of you. Even after over 3 years of postings, you may know my politics, my opinions, even my personality. But even with all these words of mine listed on this website, it is still difficult to know the real person behind the words, consider this website a book still being written, and you can't judge a book by its cover, or Forward, or Bibliagraphy.

BUT!!! Until the Electoral College Electors VOTE, I remain leary of the end result.

At least now after tonight and Dec18th Electoral Vote, I can start to De-Compress from everything that has happened the past 5 weeks, get down to 60 or so emails a day. AND discuss other NEWS and Issues that have been superceded recently.

I can't resist this though....The 12 Days of Christmas starts today. On the 1st Day of Christmass my true love gave to me...1 President Elect, and a Gore in a Pear Tree....

GOOD NIGHT!!! From Smoker Dave, take care!!!


Well it is midafternoon on the East Coast and still no word from the U.S. Supreme Court. The Liberals and the Gore Team are thinking that this is a good sign for them. I beg to differ on this. The Stay has not been lifted. If the Supreme Court Justices after conferring immediately after yesterday's oral arguments had a majority siding with Gore at that time, the Stay would have been lifted and the re-re-re-re-count resumed, and an opinion published later.

You want to know how I think the vote from the Supreme Court will be? 7-2 in favor of Bush. Then it would be hipacrititical for the Liberals to complain about it. Since it was a 7-2 vote in the Roe vs Wade case. The Liberals called it a great victory.

The divisive Black Racist, I mean the Rev. Jesse Jackson is threatening VIOLENCE in the Streets if the Supreme Court rules in favor of Bush. Let's see.... a "Rev." threatening VIOLENCE if things don't go their way. Here is the STORY.

Jesse Jackson's Intemperance May Spark Street Riots

Washington, DC -- The Rev. Louis Sheldon is calling upon Americans regardless of their race, to condemn the irresponsible comments made by Rev. Jesse Jackson after Monday's Supreme Court hearings on the Florida election. "In his remarks to reporters, Jackson said blacks will take to the streets to do whatever it takes to discredit George W. Bush," said Rev. Sheldon. "Jackson is very close to inciting a race riot over this election."

Today, The Washington Times quoted Jackson as predicting that there would be a "civil rights explosion" if the Court rules in favor of Bush. Rev. Sheldon is fearful that Jackson's remarks could result in violence in the streets if the Supreme Court rules in favor of George W. Bush.

Sheldon is also concerned about the other inflammatory and race-baiting comments made to reporters. "In one comment, Jackson openly accused Florida Gov. Jeb Bush of orchestrating the intimidation of black voters in Florida. "Jackson made these accusations without any proof and then compared Florida to Yugoslavia and George W. Bush to Yugoslavian dictator Milosevic," said Rev. Sheldon. "These are absurd comparisons and racist in their intent." "Those who follow Jesse Jackson should take him to task for encouraging a race riot in our nation's capital. This kind of talk does nothing but divide races and further polarize our nation," said Rev. Sheldon.

TVC's chairman agrees with the view of Rev. Jesse Peterson, a black pastor who operates B.O.N.D. (Brotherhood Organization of a New Destiny), an inner city ministry in Los Angeles.

Rev. Peterson has been a long-time critic of Jackson's racial agitation and has frequently condemned his divisive actions. According to Peterson, Rev. Jackson is a "problem profiteer" and a ".black racist and an apostle of dictatorship. He offers no genuine hope for Americans of goodwill, black or white."

"Rev. Jackson poses a serious threat to racial harmony in this nation," said Rev. Sheldon. "His actions in Florida and in Washington, D.C., prove that he is far more interested in causing racial division than in harmony. Calling on blacks to riot in the streets is not conducive to racial reconciliation."

Well I hope this all ends soon and Bush is the President Elect, even under Al Gore Rules of Manipulation of Elections BORED Game. Even I am getting tired of this, but maybe that is the Gore Teams Strategy, to make even hard core conservatives wanting an end, even if Gore Wins. Well I WON'T go that far, but I do want an end to this. I have many other things that I would like to comment on and News to post. I definetly DO NOT need Gore to Win so I have material to post here.

But speaking of Gore, I will leave you with this Image. It is 3PM East Coast Time, Think I'll cook a frozen Pizza, watch a Movie I recorded, and then see if a decision is announced.


Sorry for the quick moving of the previous postings to the Archives, but the file was too full to put in my update.

Well this past Friday I was WRONG in many ways. I thought the Election debate would be over. But the Florida Supreme Court decided to take on the U.S. Supreme Court again even after being Slapped by them. Then the RE- "to the 4th power" Counts began. And then ANOTHER TWIST. Then Saturday afternoon the U.S. Supreme Court said, "WAIT just a freaking minute!!!" Didn't you all learn from what we told you earlier this week????

And on top of that I was also WRONG to post what I posted in regards to work, which has now since been edited, and is noted as such. I screwed up again in this instance, and I apologize. I have always had a big mouth, and it has gotten me into plenty of trouble since I can remember. But it has also helped me a lot too. It is TRULY a 2 BLADED SWORD. This characteristic is a part of me, I can't, and won't deny it. Because if I did deny it, I wouldn't be me, can I improve the use of it? YES. Will it happen overnight? NO. This is how I am after 37 years, censoring it appropriately after only a few months will have it's setbacks. And more than likely, more setbacks to come, but hopefully less and less frequently.

If G.W. Bush didn't stop drinking until his 40th B-Day, maybe I should be entitled to occaisionally shooting my commentary, (mouth), off.

When things happen, that hit close to my perspective, beliefs, and work, I am much more vocal about it. And I know that more often than not, it turns out to be inappropriate. But the time or day these things happen, I still can't help to say what I Feel about it. Especially when I'm involved. If I could direct my strong opinions more constructively that would be great. I work on this, but it takes time too. Might I add, it also takes personal risk to myself even having this website, and knowing my fallibilities. Despite the risks, both from wherever, and my own mindset, I will "Keep on Truckin'". Hopefully improving day to day, and month to month.

There are some people who think that because I am a "boss" where I work, and I run my own website, that my opinions count more than their's. Which is not the case. I publish my opinions on this website, I have no sponsors, people are free to look at it or ignore it. But like I said earlier, I have a "Big Mouth", and I use it here. Workplace, Unidentified, comments on private individuals not traceable except to a very select group that may visit this website. But what I tried to do in the last post, now in the ARCHIVES, was to educate all other visitors and maybe some "in the know" on what can happen in the workplace, when expectations are not realized. That was my intent, no "hanging chads" on this issue, but I could have phrased it better.


What will the U.S. Supreme Court DECIDE???? I haven't a clue!!!! I give up on predicting on this issue since every decision is opposite to what I thought would happen. As far as I can tell, the Supreme Court will rule Clinton as the winner of the Presidentcy. And then a Court Challenge on whether it is Bill or Hillary.

OH!!! You want to see the Standards they are JUDGING the UNDERCOUNTS????? WELL, HERE is the STANDARD