YOu all have seen the captions in many Newspapers. XXXX Years Ago Today.... For example: 59 Years ago today we declared WAR on Japan, yesterday, DECEMBER 7th, 1941, A Date that will LIVE IN INFAMY, The Empire of Japan........ You know the rest of the speech.

20 Years ago Today: John Lennon murdered in NYC. TODAY, so far GORE has LOST 2 out of 2 COURT CASES in trying to THROW out the Absentee Ballots in 2 Counties. We still await Florida's Supreme Court Ruling. Then it should be over.

LA!, LA!, LA!, LA!!!!! That is the FAT LADY SINGING!!! BUT it ain't over yet. Even as I type this update, Union Leaders are harassing Republican Electors, and what I listed here previously, the Gore Lawyers are investigating the Republican Electors, can you say BLACKMAIL so embarrasing misfortunes of youth make them switch their vote to protect their career and/or family?

See a related STORY HERE!!!

If this happens, this will be a bigger scandle than the "BLACK SOX" Baseball Team throwing the World Series in the 1920's!!!

The Following is an edited post.

No matter the time of year, it is always a tough deal to have to let someone go. But I think the holidays are the toughest. It is something noone wants to do, or have happen to them. The reasons are unimportant to list here. I hope that everything works out well in the end for all involved.


Today is,"PEARL HARBOR DAY". 59 years ago the Japs launched an unprovoked attack on the USA. THAT was a NATIONAL CRISIS. This ELECTION Fight is not. As a matter of fact today is NOT "Pearl Harbor Day" for the GORE camp. Because WE won that WAR. Actually we are on the verge of NAPOLEAN'S WATERLOO in regards to GORE. Question is: Where do we EXILE GORE to? I vote China, a comfortable Apartment, amoung Friends who he and his Administration help gain important NUCLEAR and MISSILE Technology, the Chinesse do have an obligation for his help. And since we don't have an Extradition Treaty with China, GORE wouldn't have to worry about possible prosecution and prison time with Bill Clinton on Charges and Convictions of TREASON.

This I believe is the MAIN reason GORE is pushing this Election so far. And some Democrats are encouraging this, so that even if he avoids prosecution, there is no way he can run again, and opens the hopes of other Democrats to seek the Highest Office in the Land.

There is ABSOLUTELY no way Gore can now Win. Not even the Liberals can change this now. TURN OUT THE LIGHT'S, GORE'S PARTY IS OVER!!! See the STORY HERE!!!

NOW THIS WOULD HAVE BEEN A CRISIS!!!! Clinton Running for a 3rd Term!!!! This is my view. NO MATTER how much I dislike or like a President, 2 terms is IT!!!! But Clinton is now floating ideas to change the 23rd Ammendment, and I disagree with all of them. 8 Years is all you GET!!! See the STORY HERE!!!

Now you can blame this to the current Administration and AL GORE. Since under Gore's Environmentalist stands has basically forbidden California from building new Power plants in the past 8 years, even though the Demand has grown due to employment and increased Population, besides deregulation look what is happening there. Last night there was a call not not use Christmas Lights!!! And Now people may be sent home from their jobs because of a lack of available electrical Power, AND rolling Blackouts are still a possibility!!! In DECEMBER in CALIFORNIA. They Deserve it, THEY voted for it. Power Plants are EVIL and Polluting!!! So now you STUPID PEOPLE, you cut your nose off to spite your face! You don't get PAID for work you didn't do, no matter the reason. And Ain't it a bummer your microwave, stove, TV, etc. doesn't work either!!! Hey YOU ARE the LIBERALS who made this happen in California, and I suspect you are the LEAST prepared to deal with this. You made your bed the past 8 years, now it is time to sleep in the mess you made. Hope you have extra blankets!!!

I don't expect any respones from California Liberals anytime soon, see the STORY HERE!!!

Now one story from the NEWS WIRES for you, Adult related and a bit graphic. See the STORY HERE!!!


I have recieved and read your emails sent after Al Gore's Press Conference yesterday.

Let me tell you this, Do not let your hearts be troubled. Gore, or I mean the so-called private undecided voter who donated over $50,000 to Gore, and paid on his own a radio commercial for Gore, who also denied on "Hardball" last night of ever being in contact with Gore's Lawyers, even though he admitted under OATH last week he had been in contact on the strategy of this Lawsuit..... His name is Harry Jacobs in Seminole County, Florida.

Now I have a Story that covers some of this, unfortunately not one that covers all of it. I will now try to fill in what the story doesn't cover besides what I already stated.

The reason why Voter ID #'s were missing on some of the Republican Absentee Ballots was because:

  • Of a computer "glitch" that eliminated that line on the Application.
  • This only happen to Absentee Applicants to Republican Registered Voters
  • The Registered Democrat Voters didn't have this "glitch"
  • GORE LIED AGAIN in the Press Conference yesterday suggesting the Democrat Registered ABSENTEE BALLOTS were thrown OUT
  • Fact is NO BALLOTS were Thrown Out
  • Fact is only the the Republican Absentee Applications were corrected, by adding the Voter ID #, which should have been done automatically by the computer.
  • There is State and Federal LAW and Precedent in the State Supreme Court in Florida of counting these VOTES.
  • The BALLOTS were not touched in this correction.

    See the STORY HERE!!!

    Al Gore's contention that he thinks it is still a 50-50 chance he will win the election is as delusional as if I say my AZ. Cardinals (now 3-9) have a 50-50 chance of winning the Super Bowl this January. Mathmatically ELIMINATED, but all the Cardinals fans went to the Games INTENDINGthem to win the Super Bowl.

    But you know the LIBERALS, as long as you have the right intentions, no matter what you do wrong can be forgiven, even if the JOB you were supposed to do, you failed in.

    So ignore the mainstream network PRESS, you should already know that by now. All you will hear are carefully edited segments of the Real Story, to further their own Liberal Power-Hungry thirst.

    As most of you know, the issues and stories today are even more detail intensive than ever, but the Mainstream Media, including Network TV, Newspapers, and even the 24 Hr. "NEWS" TV Networks, deliver the "NEWS" on their own SPIN. That, my friends is what makes this invention of Al Gore's, the INTERNET so great! Anyone ON-LINE can look-up and research the DETAILS of almost any story. That is what has the Networks and the long-time Media freaking out. We our no longer limited to a local paper's, or local TV's, or Major Network's for the NEWS! There are now many other sources for News and Opinions. 100 yrs. ago Stories were covered by true Journalists in an unbiased way, NEWS covered in depth, and all the intracitcies of the Local, State, and National Politics were also openly published in depth. Today, all they give is carefully woven 15 or 30 second soundbites, or a few paragraphs where a few pages are in order.

    Ifd you don't buy into this, you should have seen the somber looks, near tears of the Major Media when the Courts announced their decisions yesterday.

    And now to GORE, he says he is relaxed, and SLEEPS LIKE A BABY. IS his MOMMY singing him the "UNION LABOR SONG"? Well Gore looked to me like a spring wound so tight as about to break!!! Imagin the Springs in your vehical, you don't ever want one to break in your face, it'll Tear your Head Off!!!

    And since Gore has lost, and has nowhere to live. I think he should take a LONG VACATION, a Cruise, maybe CLUB MED, whatever. But it should be SUPERVISED, since the wooden man is mentally and emotionally disturbed. He does deserve help from us. It is not all his fault. How would we all be doing if Bill Clinton was our Boss for 8 years. I'm sure a lot of us would end up in the "Funny Farm" Too. Can you imagin the FEAR GORE had about Bill Clinton? Will he MOLEST MY DAUGHTER????? It's not all Gore's fault. He is also a "VICTIM" who made a poor choice of operating by Lies like his Boss.

    Gore should CONCEDE, take time off. And then take a different road. Maybe open a Clinic like Betty Ford.

    The Al Gore Clinic for Compulsive Liars and Sufferers of UnEthical Bosses.

    But if Gore refuses this "OLIVE BRANCH", to stay in the "PUBLIC EYE", then we should as a Country, not listen to him, cut our ties. Throw him into the Bone Pile of History.

    This is my opinion. Gee, I was especially nice and understanding today. I don't know why, maybe because I was born or raised to consider Fairness, and Understanding, and not to be a bad winner, even when treated in the past UnFairly when I lost. This does not mean I have to have VENGENCE. This COUNTRY is evenly SPLIT, no two ways about it. We need to bring the COUNTRY together. There will always be different opinions on how to proceed, but I hope we will always consider compromise on the ISSUES, and REALIZE, no matter how different our views, they can be worked out. This IS the ONLY COUNTRY where we do this without TANKS and Fighting in the Streets. THIS IS THE LAW OF OUR LAND. Let us NOT degenerate into what other Lands have been, going thru. We are 1st AMERICANS! Let's ACT like it!!!

    We ARE the hope and aspirations of all the other Countries of the WORLD. Let's LIVE up to OUR Image...


    What did we do 4 weeks ago? We voted, and the fight continues. The Gore Camp has found the largest dimpled Chad, IN CHAD!!!! Obviously a Vote for Gore. See the STORY HERE!!!

    I guess the "Convoy" of Ballots driving up Florida last week, and the comparisons to the infamous "OJ Slow Chase", got OJ all riled up again to make some more News. OJ Attacks Motorist!!! See the STORY HERE!!!

    And believe it or not, there is a Patron Saint of Contested Elections. Saint Chad. No kidding! Truth is Stanger than Fiction. See the Story HERE!!!

    Now if you have been visiting here for awhile, you will remember the PEANUT BAN in at least 2 schools in AZ. Peanutbutter sandwiches BANNED because of a risk to a very few people. Also you may remember the FAA Guidelines that Ordered Airlines if notified in advanced, to provide a 4 row "Peanut-Free Zone" on the plane for someone who is allergic. Well some good News on the Medical Front. A monthly shot may help prevent the need for these bans. See the STORY HERE!!!

    And now, one for the "Stupid Human Tricks" pile. See the STORY HERE!!!


    Guess what? I am an "Uncle" again! Good Friends of mine just had their 2nd child. Smokes for everyone except the youngsters!!!

    GORE loses in the US SUPREME COURT. We are now basically back from a 537 vote lead to a 930 vote lead. And the Florida Supreme Court has very little "wiggle" room to extracate itself from this decision, despite the spin the MEDIA and GORE'S Lawyers are presenting. See the STORY HERE!!!

    Well now for GORE to proceed in CONTESTING the Election in Florida, he has to go to even more and less transparent avenues. EX: Try to throw out 15,000 absentee Votes on a application technicality, or have the Florida Supreme Court FIND or INVENT a way to "Legitimize" their original decision of writing NEW LAW that the US SUPREME COURT won't review under Federal Law. Now this scene would rival PITTSBURG STEELERS "IMMACULAT RECEPTION" from Terry Bradshaw to Franco Harris in the playoffs in the '70's that won the Game for Pittsburgh over the Oakland Raiders. But you can bet your last few sheets of toilet paper when you are "sick" that the GORE TEAM WILL CONTINUE TO FIGHT ON.

    This SPIN is already being played out. The GORE side is ALREADY Saying,"Suppose in MARCH or later, under the "FREEDOM OF INFORMATION ACT", WE RECOUNT the Votes, and GORE wins but BUSH is President???? The LIBERAL MANTRA is, "WE KNOW WE HAVE MORE VOTES IN FLORIDA!!!!

    Well EXCUSE ME!!!!! If your constituents are SO STUPID to not understand VOTING INSTRUCTIONS, and how ELECTIONS work, then I CONTEND that these people are too STUPID and UN-INFORMED to Vote.

    Now here is AL GORE.

    Caption: I COULD SEE A WIN BEFORE, but now MY EYES are covered over. I think the US SUPREME COURT just FRIED ME!!!


    OK, now to some other NEWS.

    Well it appears the Middle East is out to ERUPT into full-scale WAR between the Isrealis/ Palestinians/ and Syrians. With the possibility of IRAQ joining in. NOT A GOOD THING!!! Plus increasing Evidence of OUR ECONOMY going into RECESSION!!!! NASDAQ loses 1/2 it's value in less than 9 months, the DOW down over 10% in the same time period, Gas Prices still going up. Not A Good Scene for us here. But in every cloud there is a SILVER LINING. Maybe people will not take their current JOBS for Granted, and do better at their job, in order to KEEP it. I must tell you, as I've seen this myself. In the past few years, people hired in at the ENTRY LEVEL would hop from job to job on a "Whim". That is the problem with a LOW UnEmployment Rate. But as things tighten, people will perform better when they know getting another job is more difficult. It is my OPINION that if HARD TIMES on the SCALE of the GREAT DEPRESSION in the late 1920's to late 1930's ever hit this country again....The HUMAN TOLL will be much greater. Most people today are SOFT, Brainwashed by the Liberals. Couldn't allow themselves to KILL a RABBIT for the Family Dinner. And since most of these people never fired a gun, and probably don't have good fishing skills.... Their Families will STARVE without help from us. Let's Hope it never comes to this. I don't want to have to FEED these mislead incompentants, who have whished EVERY negative possibilty on me/us. But you know US, we would do EVERYTHING to help in Times like These. Despite what WE went through when Times were Good and LIBERALS had THEIR WAY.

    We would Feed them, and help them. Would THEY do the same for US???? NOW THAT IS A GOOD QUESTION!!!!

    Now on a side NOTE: I am now in a tie for 2nd Place in the "SECRET LAB" Football Pool. You can get to the Standings from My Opening Page of this Web Site.

    Well there are More COURT DECISIONS coming, we will have to see what happens. But I do believe GORE is losing his Base Support in Congress, and in the General Public. How MANY Vote RECOUNTS will it take for GORE to CONCEDE? BUSH is ahead 3 to 0, and now has many COURT VICTORIES including the US SUPREME COURT!!! IT IS TIME FOR GORE TO CONCEDE!!!


    The News is covering the "Convoy" of Rental RYDER TRUCKS with Police and SWAT TEAM Escort, carrying the 1,200,000 Ballots to Florida's State Capitol. And I am not the 1st to say this, but it is like another trip into, "The TWILIGHT ZONE". With the OJ Simpson overtones not easily missed, the InFamous SLOW CAR CHASE. What I haven't heard is another matter. When is the Last Time RYDER RENTAL TRUCKS made MAJOR NEWS??? Forgot? Remember the OKLAHOMA CITY BOMBING?

    Well I don't have this Story to post, but I heard in the NEWS that VP Chad Ed. Dimple, I mean Al Gore has filed suit in the US SUPREME COURT against the Florida Legislature naming it's OWN set of ELECTORS if this issue isn't resolved by 12/12/00. Let me quote, WORD for WORD from the US CONSTITUTION.

    ARTICLE II, SECTION 1. Paragraph 2

    Each State shall appoint, in such Manner as the Legislature thereof may direct, a Number of Electors, equal to the whole Number of Senators and Representatives to which the State may be entitled in the Congress:........

    Well GORE is taking the action of Florida's Legislature to the US SUPREME COURT, about their preparation that the "VOTE" is still contested in Florida. And they name a new set of Electors to represent Florida in the Electoral College on 12/12/00. GORE will argue that this is UNCONSTITUTIONAL!!! Even though it is SPELLED OUT CLEARLY in the CONSTITUTION!!! You can bet you life that his argument will be,,,, the mantra,,, "THE WILL OF THE PEOPLE!!!!" EVERY VOTE Must COUNT!!!, And the term, "FAIRNESS!!!" Which in the past 8 years of the Clinton/Gore Administration is as valid as their, "FOR THE CHILDREN!!!" BULLSH*T.

    OR, how about this GREAT ECONOMY? Well it is preety shacky right now. The NASDAQ has now lost 50%of it's Value in the past 9 months. And if you match up everything, you will see that the DOWNTURN started when the CLINTON/GORE ADMINISTRATION went after MICROSOFT to sue them and break them up because of a unsupported charge of being a MONOPOLY. How many TRILLIONS of $$$$ were lost to Investors, retirees, in Mutual Funds, ETC. because of this???

    I believe the Liberals have manufactured this. This is why. GW Bush has advocated privatization of a SMALL % of Social Security, so it might STILL exist in 30 years. And if it doesn't, at LEAST I have 2% of the $$$ taken from me between that point and when I retire, that I could otherwise never have. But IT is Possible GORE is Rejoicing the downturn of the Stock Markets. So he can say, "See the whims and UNCERTANTY of the MARKETS????". Well this is a FALSE and ILLOGICAL Statement. Those of us who don't RETIRE for another 30 years or longer, under the current plan that GORE wants to continue, SOCIAL SECURITY Benefits will no longer EXIST!!! ALL THE $$$$ taken from you PAYCHECKS will NEVER be Recovered!!!! At least under what Bush wants to do, we get to keep 2% to Invest on our own for OUR Retirement.

    Now let's Revisit the Nationwide Popular Vote Totals in the same eye as the Florida contested VOTE. Al Gore has about 300,000 lead. BUT!!! NATIONWIDE there are over 2,000,000 VOTES that by GORE's definition were never counted. SEEMS to me that the FACT that GORE keeps contending that HE won the popular VOTE Nationwide is even more INCORRECT than his BELIEF that He won FLORIDA, where the VOTES have been RE-RE-RE-CONTED ENDLESS TIMES. All on the GORE and LIBERAL ASSUMPTION, of, "OF COARSE WE WON FLORIDA!!!! WE JUST NEED THE TIME TO COUNT THE VOTES...." I say, GORE needs the TIME to "MANUFACTURE" the VOTES.

    Remember the BIG Block of UNDECIDED VOTERS that were catered to by BOTH SIDES before the ELECTION? Seems to me they remained UNDECIDED, and VOTED for the Races and Propositions on the Ballott, and didn't vote for PRESIDENT. How these Ballots can be counted as GORE VOTES is a PIPE DREAM. Do you think GORE was PARTYING with Robert Downing Jr. in that Hotel Room this past Weekend????....

    Now how about some NEWS related to all this.

    1st STORY HERE!!!

    2nd STORY HERE!!!

    Now the LIBERALS are accusing the Republicans of, "RUNNING OUT THE CLOCK". Seems to me that this is like a FOOTBALL GAME, clear rules, not changed at 1/2 Time. WELL....Gore is behind by 17 points, less than 2 Minutes left in the Game, and HAS USED UP ALL OF IT'S TIME OUTS because of LOSING REPLAY CHALLENGES. AND The OTHER TEAM HAS THE BALL!!! Just take a knee twice, and the GAME is OVER!!! But GORE is contending, and is trying to still change the RULES in the Middle of the Football Game, and in the 3rd, and the 4th Quarters, and again with less than 2 minutes left!!!

    The Only obvious scene is GORE LOSING the Election in Florida. And UNTIL there is an 18 point Play in FOOTBALL, the "SORE-LOSERMAN TEAM", Opps, I meant "Gore-Lieberman Team", LOST the ELECTION. GORE, get out of Bill Cheney's HOUSE and get the Hell out of the Public Eye until the next Election. And Lieberman, shut up and be Happy that you still have a Senate Seat.


    Now in it's 4TH WEEK, Day 22 of America held hostage by Certified LOSER GORE. Yadda Yadda Yadda....

    I must tell you, even I am starting to get weary of this. WE MUST COUNT THE VOTES mantra, which in it's basis a falsehood. The Liberals are using the Impeachment strategy all over again. Instead of, "It's only about SEX", we now have, "LET US, COUNT the VOTES". If Ralph Nader had this much time to cook the BALLOTS he would now be President-Elect. This is starting to smell like what Thanksgiving Leftovers do when found under the Christmas Tree on December 25th. You couldn't even get your DOG to accept it. HEY AL!!! Get the hell out of Bill Cheney's HOUSE!!!!

    But GORE is convinced he won in Florida. This is often defined by psychiatrists and psychologists as "Illusions of Grandure", "Unaccepting of Reality". And my interdiction here, "A prolific LIAR, who LIES because of his own problem of self esteem and importance". Do you think he has a problem with his now DEAD Father? That he FAILED in the obtaining the success he was brought up to be in his father's eyes? The FACT remains, Al GORE LOST! Recount after Recount after Recount. Now GORE wants a JUDGE to RECOUNT once again. And be declared the winner by a JUDGE.... I would say, "No matter the Expectations of your Parents, as long as you tried hard, and fought fair, did your Best, and were gracious and accepting in Defeat. This would make most every parent proud of their offspring. But winning because of WHINING so much that everyone else gives into your RULES and NEW RULES, and another set of Rules, after the CONTEST, ie the VOTE took place, because everyone involve, (THE WHOLE COUNTRY) just wanted to shut you up, is NOT a fair way to win. Whether it be a "Kick-Ball Game" in Elementary School, or seeking a new job as an Adult. The "MINE! MINE!! MINE!!" cry of a 2 year old is understandable, and correctable by loving parents. But what do you do with an ADULT who acts the same way? I vote for TOUGH LOVE, let's put GORE out to pasture, Castrate him so he can't produce any more Damaged Human like people, but let him live out his days. He can do that, after-all he does have $MILLIONS in Occidental Oil Stock. Al GORE is The 1ST Presidential Candidate to ask a JUDGE to OVERTURN an ELECTION, and Delare HIM the PRESIDENT ELECT, and there is NO allegation NOR PROOF of VOTER FRAUD. INTENT to be PRESIDENT is not grounds to be DECLARED PRESIDENT. So Mr. Gore, pick up your ball, get the Hell Out of Bill Cheney's House, and go back to MOMMY and cry on how everybody was so mean to you. WAH, WAH!, WAH!! Get over it AL! YOU LOST!!!

    Think I'm a bit etreme on this? Well READ THIS STORY HERE!!!

    OK, I can see a lame excuse coming in EMAILS for GORE, about how HE won the Popular Vote Nationwide. Well NATIONWIDE there were almost 3 million votes NOT COUNTED for the PRESIDENTIAL ELECTION, GORE has a 300,000 Vote lead. Well Bush is not contesting the popular vote, even though there are votes that could change the popular vote winner. Especially if you use the GORE STANDARD. There were MORE Republican Votes Cast Nationwide than for the Democrats. And even after playing under GORE'S NEW RULES since the Election in Florida, BUSH is still WINNING!!!! This pisses the LIBERALS and the MEDIA off to no end. To this VERY HOUR, they are trying to figure out a RE-RE-RE-RE-Count that would be in their Favor, and then Proclaim themselves the WINNER!!! Those of us that would dispute this will be called as usual, REDNECKS, HATEFILLED PEOPLE, NONTOLERENT, HOMOPHOBES, RIGHT WING RELIGIOUS WHACKO'S, WANTING to take SOCIAL SECURITY AWAY from the ELDELY, FOOD out of School Children, and whatever else they can dream up. THIS is one heck of a task. Question is: IS the AMERICAN PUBLIC as STUPID as the LIBERALS portray? I hope not, and don't think so. Time will Tell...

    I know the LIBERALS are getting personal in their attacks. I reply with this. Compared to the Gore team of Lawyers and advocates, I AM a HUNK!. Actually that's not hard to do. I look like a guy, talk like a guy, and have some basic UNWAVERING OPINIONS. I do not change my COLORS based on the polls of the DAY!!!

    Well I must give you all one NEWS STORY... And I can't resist one about PETA. PETA is now TARGETING ELEMENTARY SCHOOL CHILDREN, since their College based "DRINK BEER NOT MILK" campaign FAILED MISERABLY. SEE THE STORY HERE!!!


    Day 21 of America held hostage by Gore.

    Well Gore has had 2 Press Conferences since yesterday... Is it just me that thought he was going concede? Well in today's Press Conference, he called for another RECOUNT!!!! Well he also took some Questions from the Press. I would have asked him when he was moving out of Bill Cheney's House.

    Want to know how the latest Recount went? See the STORY HERE!!!

    Gore asks Florida Judge to declare him the winner. Why? Al Gore: "It was and is my lifelong intention to win the Presidentcy, while Bush didn't even consider it until a few years ago. In all fairness I should be President because I wanted to be President longer than Bush". See the STORY HERE!!!

    I guess we are all damned for more of this from both sides for the foreseeable future. And it is beginning to look like the Public in general are starting to get sick and tired of it.

    Well here is one story for you, I call it a Stupid Human Trick. See the STORY HERE!!!


    Hope you all had a Great Holiday!!!

    Yes I do have plenty of leftovers from my mom to eat this week. And I have picked up the Electoral College Sweatshirt that I won on the Radio. I will wear it to work Tuesday Night.

    SHOCKING!!!! Even with the additional time granted by Florida's Supreme Court, ILLEGALLY. Bush still won the Latest Re-re-re-Count in Florida. Even with the Rules, ie LAWS changed after the ELECTION, Bush is still ahead, and is now CERTIFIED as the winner in Florida, by 537 Votes. But GORE will fight on. If only he had the decency like my Football Team here, the Arizona Cardinals. Who lost 31-7 to the NY GIANTS last night. The Cardinals had every INTENTION of WINNING. Maybe a "MORE LENIENT STANDARD", of the RULES would change the result of the GAME. To help keep them mathmatically alive in the PLAYOFF PICTURE. After all, IT IS NOT FAIR that ARIZONA's only NFL TEAM be eleminated from the PLAYOFFS, when STATES like NY have the Buffalo Bills, NY Jets, and NY Giants, still in PLAYOFF CONTENTION!!!

    If the Cardinals were to have enough plays reviewed, over and over and over and over.... MAYBE they could OVERTURN some of the SCORES by the GIANTS, and have POINTS AWARDED based on their INTENT!!!!!


    GORE has now been CERTIFIED as the "SORE*LOSERMAN" in Florida. GORE is now going to the COURTS to OVERTURN a CERTIFIED ELECTION. In the History of this COUNTRY, this has never been done in a Presidential ELECTION.

    GORE is fighting for what HE believes is HIS BIRTHRIGHT, to be PRESIDENT. GORE KNOWS if he doesn't WIN this, no matter the venue or cost. HE IS TOAST! There is NO WAY the DEMOCRATS will let him run again in 4 years. There are too many other Democrats who have eyes on this OFFICE in the Future.

    Just Remember, it is not unusual for the PRESIDENT ELECT to have less than 50% of the Popular Vote. In FACT CLINTON HAS NEVERRECIEVED 50% of the POPULAR VOTE. You didn't see George Bush in 1992 complain that Ross Perot took 19% of the VOTE, most taken from BUSH. But the PALTRY 3% that NADER got is an issue. IF ONLY NADER DROPPED OUT!!!!! GORE would have WON!!!

    This is an INVALID ARGUMENT!!! And so is the issue of counting BALLOTS to try to infer the INTENTION of the VOTER. AND NOW GORE is asking for another RE-RE-Re-Re-COUNT in PALM BEACH COUNTY, and asking that the discretion of INTENTION of these UNKOWN BALLOTS to be MORE LENIENT.....

    WHAT THE HELL DOES GORE WANT????? Bush WON the ELECTION, Bush WON the RECOUNT, Bush WON the ABSENTEE COUNT, and Bush WON the hand recount, with EXTRA TIME given to GORE.... That is a SCORE of 4 to ZERO, for BUSH. But Gore INSISTS that FLORIDA VOTED FOR HIM!!! And if counted ENOUGH TIMES, (So the VOTES can be manufactured) Gore would WIN.

    Well it didn't HAPPEN!!!! G. W. BUSH WON FLORIDA, even under AL GORE RULES.

    NOW you all know how the MAJOR MEDIA spins things. Suppose the roles were reversed. Can YOU IMAGIN the Hell and DAMNATION Bush would be getting for CONTESTING the ELECTION???? HATEFUL, unwilling to accept the will of Florida, dividing the NATION... POOR LOSER!!!

    Well, I SAY SORE LOSERMAN*2000. I meant "Gore Lieberman*2000". I bet GORE wishes he never INVENTED the INTERNET!!!!! What an ASS!!! Well I guess thanks to GORE, WE will all be FEASTING on HAM for Christmas!!!! And on NEW YEAR'S Day, CRISPY BACON and BEER!!!! All thanks to the HUGE ASS Al Gore has made himself to be.

    But you all know why GORE is fighting SO HARD.... Because if HE LOSES, he and SLICK WILLY, and his WIFE HILLARY, are probably GOING TO PRISON!!!! FOR THINGS LIKE, FRAUD, TREASON, PERJURY. Hell if they were JUDGED like the rest of us, THEY COULD BE FACING THE DEATH PENALTY!!!. I am forgiving though, LIFE in PRISON without Parole would satisfy me. That would be JUST and COMPASSIONATE. CHELSEA should be charged as an ACCOMPLICE now that she is of "AGE". But be given leinantcy. It is NOT HER FAULT she was BORN to EVIL PARENTS. AND I assert, this Administration, CLINTON-GORE, is EVIL. GORE just wants to extend the time WE are controlled by EVIL. And I will do all I can to prevent this UNHOLY FORNIFICATION of what this COUNTRY was FOUNDED on. And the Attempted RAPE of the VALUES of this GREAT COUNTRY. As long as I live and breathe, I will NOT give up the FIGHT.


    HAPPY THANKSGIVING TO ALL!!!!! Both Liberals and Conservatives, Proponents and Opponents!!!

    A Quick NOTE: Believe or not, my full name was broadcast on the biggest AM Station in Phoenix, AZ. Today. But not linked to my Internet and Talk Radio Handle, Smoker Dave. You see my favorite Talk Radio Station is giving away Electoral College 2000 Sweatshirts. They have 55, I won me one! To see it and the details, CLICK HERE!!!

    Also when you go there, if you click on the Button to the left, titled "POLITICAL JUNKIE", and scroll down to "The Corner of Controversy", you will see a link to this website.


    NOW here in its' Original FORM.


    Happy Thanksgiving!!!

    Being Thanksgiving Day, and about to stuff myself with turkey in a few short hours, I got to thinking....(Oh No!! not again!!!) you say to yourself. I got to thinking what kind of turkey most of us will be eating is. Is it a Conservative turkey? Or is it a Liberal turkey?

    After serious smoke filled thinking, I have concluded most of us will be eating Liberal Turkies. And here is my reasoning why.


    Welfare : subsidized housing, food, and healthcare
    Lack of : individuality, dissent, and ability to think clearly
    Considers living at the farmer's ie gov't expense "a job"
    No individual responsibilty, everyone is a victim
    It "Takes A Village"
    If released to the real world, would not survive
    When heading to the slaughterhouse, blames the Conservative Turkies


    Provides for it's own housing, food, and health
    Individuality is a must
    Always questioning of it's surroundings
    Smart enough not to look up in the rain and drown
    Does not live at the expense of a farmer ie gov't handouts
    Individual responsibilty for it's own survival
    Knows life isn't fair
    Does live and survive in the real world
    When hunted depends on it's own skills to survive or perish


    Now it is time, year 2000, for me to go to my MOM's to eat a "Liberal Turkey". YUM YUM!!!! To hell with the ANIMALS RIGHTS WHACKOS!!!



    GOOD GRIEF!!! Florida Supreme Court REWRITES ELECTION LAW, after the ELECTION. I will never hope in the future that Liberals, no matter their office would do their job as described, and not do everything in and not in their power to get "THEIR GUY" his wishes. I have always tried to assume the best of people in general. Well I learned a lesson. NEVER, EVER!!! TRUST A LIBERAL to do the right thing!!! Well the 7 DWARFS of the FLORIDA "Supreme Kangaroo Court" has taught me a lesson I will NOT FORGET!!! I feel liked I was "GORED in the ASS"

    All is NOT LOST HOWEVER!!! Miami-Dade County, realizing they couldn't recount in time were only going to count the "Undercount Ballots". These are the contested Ballots, "dimpled, etc" and Ballots the machines didn't count because either no vote was made for President, or multiple Votes were made for President, etc. Well for once the Republicans had a PROTEST! Small compared to what Jesse Jackson does, but it SCARED the LIVING HELL OUT OF THE LIBERAL ELECTION BOARD there in Miami. So they rescinded yet another decision once again, and voted to turn in their machine recount as the County's vote, without further hand re-re-counts. But the GORE CAMPAIGN says they "WILL FORCE the county to Resume the Re-re-counts". So now we have Democrats suing Democrats. Even Gore's constituents don't want to be on his boat in this, as the Republicans are now demostrating, and fence sitting Americans are seeing thru this facade put together by the Gore Campaign.

    Evidence of my claims of yesterday. See the STORY HERE!!!

    Last night's ruling by the Florida Kangaroo Court, was the darkest moment in this Great County's Election Law. But it is a NEW DAY!!!! Events are happening rapidly, the Veil of The Gore Campaign's attempted Rape of the Election is unraveling at the turning of the clock. A "STAIN" has been found on the "BLUE DRESS" of the GORE CAMPAIGN. We will not let GORE get away with this subverting of LAW, like we let CLINTON get "off", so to speak....

    The WHEEL has turned, the TIME has COME, it is TIME for YOU to GO!!! Mr. GORE it is NOW TIME for you to CONCEDE the ELECTION. The RED letters are getting more and MORE prominent on your forehead. The letters spell FRAUD.

    This is in addition to his other titles. LIAR, BIGOT(no Blacks allowed on his Secret Service Detail in positions of Leadership), and Absolute Belief that he is Better than all the rest of US!!! Like if WE only followed Him BLINDLY, life for all would be UTOPIA on "EARTH IN THE BALANCE"......

    I say "ESAD", that's "Eat Shit And Die". Uh Oh, here comes a Visit from the SECRET SERVICE!!!!

    I just want to say one more thing. The sign shown on one of the News Shows this past Weekend, redoing the GORE Campaign placard that said, "SORE Loserman 2000" was a work of brilliance!!!

    GORE,,,, for the good of the NATION, and possible leniency in the CRIMES you HAVE COMMITED in the past 8 yrs, CONCEDE NOW!!!

    Late tonight, or sometime tomorrow. A Thanksgiving Tradition to be posted on this web site. An Award Winning post when this web site first started in 1997. LIBERAL/CONSERVATIVE TURKIES!!!!

    I Smoker Dave, Wish you and all your families and loved ones a very Happy THANKSGIVING HOLIDAY. May you enjoy the warmth and comraderie of being with family and friends. For those who due to work and other circumstances cannot celebrate as most do, you are in my thoughts. As I have been there and done that also. I have celebrated Thanksgiving after work alone with a can of "Spaghetti O's and Meatballs" before. That doesn't mean a thing in the big picture, it is just a circumstance this time around, don't despair. EVEN LIBERALS, IDIOTS, and MORONS, have family and friends that love them. You the Visitors of this web site, are even better off, whether you agree with me or not. God Bless You All, even if we disagree, at least we all want to make this Country a Better Place. And isn't this all that really matters,,,, whatever your viewpoint????

    Of coarse we will always argue about the details and methods.


    DAY 14 of AMERICA HELD HOSTAGE by GORE'S continued challenges. Now here is NEWS I can only give you as I heard it on the radio, no story I can link to because of subscription and other issues.

    2 Precincts in DADE County, on the hand re-re-count gave BUSH a GAIN of VOTES. Well this CAN'T BE!!! So they have been ordered by the County Democratic Officials to do a re-re-re-count.

    Now this was reported in Todays WALL STREET JOURNAL: The GORE Campaign is doing a "quite investigation on the backgrounds of the ELECTORAL MEMBERS committed to BUSH".... "In an effort to convince them to change their Vote to GORE"....You don't think GORE will use BLACKMAIL to get them to switch their VOTE, Do YOU???? Nah, Gore and the Liberals would never stoop to using someone's old past against them to their advantage....

    Now you if believe that, We have EXCELLENT OCEAN FRONT property for SALE CHEAP here in Phoenix, AZ.!!! And Buffalo, NY. Right now is a sunbather's Paradise, ignore the news reports they just got over 2 feet of SNOW!!! See the STORY HERE!!!

    Snowscreen does block out the Harmful UV Radiation, but that is because of all the layers of clothes you have to put on to venture outside. Tust me, you will NOT see any skimply dressed coeds at The State University of New York at Buffalo (SUNY Buffalo) today. In fact most of them are stuck there trying to figure a way out to get home for Thanksgiving. Like I said in the past, Global Cooling is a big problem that needs to be solved.

    Now for NEWS STORIES!!!

    Al Gore's Long Lost Illegitimate Son? Well he has to be a LIBERAL, and you can't accuse this guy as being a Conservative. Good thing he's self mutilated, I mean Employed...Who would hire HIM? See the STORY HERE!!!

    The old KANSAS Song, "Dust In The Wind", is Big Brother going to use dust size devices to spy on us? See the STORY HERE!!!


    I say if you're going to commit suicide, go for it, we don't need you here anyway. But if you screw it up, don't blame us!!!! BUT I think this woman will probably end up RICH thru LAWSUITS, because of her failed attempt. See the STORY HERE!!!

    Want to OWN a piecr of the MOON? Better do it soon!!!! The price is going up 18,000% next month. Today you can still by 18,000 acres for the same price as 1 acre will cost next month. See the STORY HERE!!!

    There is Fertilizer, and then the is S**T being used to the sickening level, but we will never know, it doesn't have to be labled. And this farmer claims he is an ENRONMENTALIST!!! In a way, this is how MAD COW DISEASE got started, with livestock eating feed made from the slaughterhouses "leftovers" they end up in. See the STORY HERE!!!

    GREAT NEWS!!!! Rosie is going to quit her talk show. See the STORY HERE!!!

  • Application for residency - Palm Beach County, Fla.

    This questionnaire is used to ensure that the applicant for residency will assimilate into the type of community that we here, in Palm Beach county have strived to create.

    1) In which direction is this arrow pointing? ====>

    [ ] Left
    [ ] Down
    [ ] Up
    [ ] Don't know
    [ ] All of the above

    2) The word "Gore" is spelled:

    [ ] B-U-S-H
    [ ] B-U-C-H-A-N-A-N
    [ ] All of the above
    [ ] Don't know

    3) When looking for a space in a parking lot, you notice an aisle with the parking space lines slanted towards the right (/ /), and a painted arrow pointing to you. You should:

    [ ] Turn left, then file a lawsuit in Federal court because the parking lot has caused too much confusion.
    [ ] Call Jesse Jackson, and have a rally against the injustice the parking lot is creating.

    4) A "One Way" sign pointing in this direction (<====) means:

    [ ] Keep going straight
    [ ] Turn right, the sign is illegal

    5) Florida State is playing Miami. You should root for:

    [ ] Notre Dame
    [ ] Michigan
    [ ] Notre Dame during the game, then complain about Miami losing after the game is over.
    [ ] Miami, then complain about Florida State losing after the game is over.

    6) At the end of the Miami - Florida State game, Miami wins by one point. Which of the following statements apply:

    [ ] Demand a recount
    [ ] Demand another recount
    [ ] Demand a third recount
    [ ] Demand that the game be replayed until Florida State wins.
    [ ] All of the above
    [ ] None of the above (only applicable if applying for temporary residence)

    Thank you for choosing Palm Beach County as your primary place to live. 19,000 applications are thrownaway every year.


    I REALLY thought that by this past Saturday we would KNOW who won. BUT NOOOO!!!! The Florida State Supreme Court postponed that.

    Now with the huge #'s of Military Absentee Ballots being tossed out, INVALIDATES the Democrats assertion to COUNT EVERY VOTE. They only want to COUNT EVERY VOTE in areas where they have better odds than the Casinos' in Las Vegas!!!! And the "HOUSE" is AL GORE!

    Let me state the POINT: Al Gore wants EVERY VOTE COUNTED in these disputed Counties in Florida, heavily Democratic, so any "NEW" Vote found would statistically favor GORE, especially since the Election Boards in these Counties are manned by Democrats. So now a NEW term enters the national psychi, "CHADS", whether they be "hanging", "swinging", "pregnant", or "dimpled", now are to be counted as VOTES. And Statistically be in favor of GORE in these Counties. And in the cases that the VOTERS were "CONFUSED" these Democratic Boards are trying to determine "THEIR" INTENT!

    MEANWHILE, these SAME DEMOCRATS put out a 5 page MEMO to the Counties in Florida on how to disqualify as many MILITARY BALLOTS (Where they assumed BUSH would be "THE HOUSE" in Gambling Terms) as POSSIBLE. Thru our own Military where a lot of Mail never gets a postmark, or thu other Country's Postal Systems where they don't Postmark Clearly, the Democrats were able to throw out between 1,100 and 1,400 VOTES, most of which would have been for BUSH. NOW, serving OUR COUNTRY, to PROTECT OUR RIGHTS, like the Right to Vote, it is HARDER for them to VOTE than the rest of us, the legwork, and paperwork in getting an absentee Ballot, then filling it out, and then getting it sent. ONLY TO BE THROWN OUT because some 3rd World Country didn't give it a CLEAR POSTMARK, or was sent thru the Military Postal System and a lot of the MAIL doesn't get POSTMARKED? Plus these Ballots are SIGNED and DATED by the VOTER, and a WITNESS also SIGNS and Dates it. For these VOTES to be discarded from the count by NO FAULT of the VOTER, exposes the "WIN AT ANY COST" of the GORE Team. Because they figure they would have 4 yrs. to fix the public relations troubles this might cause. I guess the simplest tactic would be that most people in the Military like GUNS!!!! Shouldn't have a RIGHT TO VOTE if they are in a hostile environment because their "VISION" for the COUNTRY is Clouded due to their circumstance of being in BOSNIA, or wherever.

    I hope this now NAKED VOTE FRAUD by the Democrats is being seen by the normally uninterested 50% of the population who DID VOTE.

    Remember the POLL 3 weeks ago? Nearly 70% said they believed AL GORE would do and say ANYTHING to WIN..... Well they are doing it and saying it. The "KEEP RECOUNTING UNTIL WE WIN" Mantra is still alive and well in the GORE CAMP.

    I don't know if you saw it yesterday, but one of the Newshows showed a Protestor holding a placard, it was the same as the "GORE, Lieberman 2000" Placard...... EXCEPT it said, "SORE, Loserman 2000". That was funny stuff.

    Bush has WON in 3 COUNTS!!! The Initial Count, the ReCount, and the Count with the Absentee Ballots, and also the RECOUNT in some counties in Florida already completed. So Bush is ahead 3 1/2 to 0 in COUNTING THE VOTES. WHAT THE HELL ARE WE WAITING FOR???? The Absentee CHINA VOTE???? Which is projected to be heavily in favor of GORE.....

    These Counties and Precints, the Vote re-re-re-count is in charge of the Democrats, they make the rules, they CHANGE the RULES during the Re-re-re-COUNT because GORE isn't getting enough "MANUFACTURED" VOTES to add to his TOTAL to WIN. YET they say BUSH is trying to STEAL THE ELECTION. Now we go to the State Supreme Court for a decision, will they have the same testicular fortitude as the Lower Court Judge Lewis (A DEMOCRAT) to deny the DEMOCRATS on Counting the FLAWED HAND RE-RE-RE-COUNTS?

    We will have to wait and see....

    GOD HELP US!!!

    UNTIL PROVEN OTHERWISE, I will keep the FAITH in OUR SYSTEM, the "RULE OF LAW". Though the Supreme Court of Florida is made up of Democratic Appointees, I do believe they will judge fairly.

    If I DIDN't Believe this, then why would I open myself to so much critizism and abuse thru this website?

    Well, I am now enamered to FIGHT for the RIGHTS given to US. WIN or LOSE in this Election, I WILL keep up the FIGHT to keep OUR RIGHTS!!!!


    The LIBERALS are on the ROPES TODAY!!! They NEVER expected a Democrat Judge to RULE against them on the Handcount issue. They EXPECTED a challenge in the Florida Supreme Court to be brought by the Republicans, thus advantage DEMOCRAT. But it didn't happen. A Democratic Judge went against HEAVY PRESSURE and upheld the "RULE OF LAW"!!!! OH MY GOD!!! Finally after nearly 8 YEARS of this Administration subverting the LAW, they have their 1st JUDICIAL MAJOR LOSS since IMPEACHMENT, which the LIBERALS Labeled a "PRIVATE MATTER". It looks like AL GORE's Plan of "MANUFACTURING VOTES" is derailed, but the re-re-recount goes on in the Heavily Democratic Counties in Florida, apparently filled with STUPID DEMOCRATS who can't punch or get confused on the BALLOT and the handcounts decided by Democrats. But this also assumes that all these Republicans in these Counties DID understand, and properly "punch" the BALLOT. The Assumption is also that in the HEAVY REPUBLICAN COUNTIES, where any mistakes, dimpled or pregnant punches, that by odds, these contested BALLOTS would go for BUSH etc. Where UNCOUNTED VOTES ARE not being RE-RE-COUNTED!! So much for the EVERY VOTE COUNTS MANTRA the LIBERALS are saying now. The Offer to RE-RE-COUNT the ENTIRE STATE wasn't made until it became clear to the LIBERALS they could still lose.

    The FACT is NOW: If the overseas voter returns do not change the outcome, and the VOTE is CERTIFIED by the Secretary of the STATE of Florida tomorrow, then GORE is put in the position of trying to OVERTURN the OFFICIAL ELECTION RESULTS of the STATE of FLORIDA, and get the Presidentcy by JUDICIAL JUDGEMENT. Granted the Florida Supreme Court is made up of 6 or 7 DEMOCRATS to 1 Republican, I don't see how GORE can win this Challenge in Florida. I also can't see how GORE can APPEAL to the US SUPREME COURT in this matter.

    Ain't it Funny? The LIBERALS will fight to the DEATH for a woman's RIGHT to CHOOSE ABORTION, kill an unborn HUMAN BABY, which is MURDER as far as I can tell, unless someone can PROVE to me a Woman giving BIRTH to something other than a HUMAN BEING, like a COW, or a DOG, etc. BUT NOW the LIBERALS are FIGHTING to the DEATH for the "PREGNANT CHAD" ie. A VOTE not yet BORN. Now in some Counties in FLORIDA the are counting "DIMPLED" ballots as votes, "Unenthusiastic" but as votes. MY ANOLOGY: This is like counting SEX when the woman is not Fertile at that time, as a Full term Pregnancy. But in this case the Liberals will defend your RIGHT to end it in a PARTIAL BIRTH ABORTION, right up to Birth. AFTER ALL, Bill CLINTON VETOED this BILL against INFANTCIDE after talking and praying to GOD. NOT MY WORDS!!! BILL CLINTON's WORDS!!!! He said this PUBLICALY, it is in the RECORD!!!

    I do realize we are now a DIVIDED COUNTRY. There are GORE Supporters who are informed on the ISSUES, I work with them. I support and agree with their right to VOTE. It is the same on the Republican side too. I do believe that people who know the LAWS, the CONSTITUTION, and the way our FORM of GOV'T is designed to work shpould be involved. AND TRUST ME, these people know how to follow the simple Instructions on a BALLOT. But a part of the populace doesn't have a CLUE to what is going on, they don't follow the NEWS, let alone political discoarse.

    The LIBERALS put out the rallying cry to the SENIOR CITIZENS, if BUSH WINS you will die. FACT IS this is not TRUE. Benefits remain the same. I wish the Republicans would counter with an ADVERTISMENT like: YOUR GRANDCHILDREN that you overindulge with GIFTS when they are YOUNG, will be paying TENS of THOUSANDS of $$$ EXTRA for your PILLS etc, with the expectation that this Program, Medicare, Medicade, and SOCIAL SECURITY to be gone when they reach 65. Is this any way to treat your GRANDCHILDREN???? This Shoots some Holes in the LIBERAL'S "FOR THE CHILDREN" Mantra...

    This website will be updated this weekend, maybe a couple of times.


    Previous Postings now in the ARCHIVES. A direct link to the most recent HERE!!! 10/25/00 - 11/15/00

    Well the the Jousting continues in the FIGHT FOR FLORIDA. Now PRETEND this is the "SUPERBOWL". The Score still stands: BUSH 2 election count Victories, GORE 0 election count Victories. Current Play being Challenged by GORE in INSTANT REPLAY,,,,for a chance to make the Score BUSH 2, GORE 1. AND SOMEHOW Gore WINS?????

    And you thought REVIEWING the plays in NFL FOOTBALL was a bad deal??? It's like BUSH ahead 10 to 3, Gore challenges a play that puts him on the 10 yrd Line with 3 seconds left. If Gore wins the Challenge, he may get a touchdown on the last play of the game, and with a 2 pt conversion being sucessful, STILL LOSES 10 to 8. BUT GORE will claim Victory in the game. A "SUPERBOWL CHAMPION!!!"

    Give me a break!!!

    I can tell by the drop in emails today that most are taking a breath from this today (just under 100), waiting to see what the Courts will decide,,, will they legislate Laws from the Bench, or interpret Laws like they are supposed to. I imagin by tomorrow at this time the email flow will go back up to it's maximum levels again.

    CLINTON goes to VIETNAM, a few decades late many would contend, I hope he stays there.

    Well I am a day late on this, it has been 1 year and 1 day since I started tracking my $$$ thru Where's George? When I started I was # 76873 of 76873. Well here are the #'s from that web site as of today.

    George says: 'We now have 490,809 users who have entered 6,460,310 bills, totalling $38,400,545 worth of U.S. currency!'

    Here are my STATS

    You have entered 2,675 Bills.
    You have 305 bills with hits.
    You have 342 total hits.
    Your hit rate is 11.40%.
    Your George Score is 865.
    Your rank is #221.
    (Rank is based on George Score)

    I am now #221 out of 490,809!!!! That puts me in the TOP 0.05% in one year.

    Now for one Story for you. 12 Yr old GIRL ARRESTED!!! French Fry VIOLATION. ZERO TOLERANCE HERE!!! See the Story HERE!!!