11/29/97 Sorry folks, I have had a hard time getting into my own site. That is why there was no update yesterday and today's is so late.

Let's see, how many of you are willing to be matched up for life as a mate by psycho loony Rev Moon? He "married thousands of couples today in Wash. D.C."I think I would want to know the woman before being bonded, is that too much to ask????I guess for the "Moonies" it is. Who is stupid enough to follow some slanted eye idiot and let him choose for you!!! Apparently many, I guess Common Sense is no longer Common amoung us.


11/27/97 Happy Thanksgiving!!!

Being Thanksgiving Day, and about to stuff myself with turkey in a few short hours, I got to thinking....(Oh No!! not again!!!) you say to yourself. I got to thinking what kind of turkey most of us will be eating is. Is it a Conservative turkey? Or is it a Liberal turkey?

After serious smoke filled thinking, I have concluded most of us will be eating Liberal Turkies. And here is my reasoning why.




11/26/97 I supposed you have heard that Janet Reno was hospitalized overnight in Mexico for gallstones. Well rumor has it that she is about to release a statement saying,"There is no credible evidence found by this Office of any gallstone activity."

President Slick Willy "pardoned" a turkey today in Washington D.C. The turkey will live out his life at a retirement farm for turkies in VA. No word if a plot has been reserved in Arlington National Cemetary for the turkey once the time comes....

Now may we all give a moment of silence for reflection to all the turkies no longer with us during this joyous holiday season....





11/25/97 Only 2 days before the animal rights activists mourn the deaths of millions of turkeys murdered by the evil predators called humans. AND only 30 days untill Christmass!!! Get those credit cards out. The all-American battle call, "CHARGE IT!!!". Not I though, have balance of $0 and plan to keep it that way. Don't call me Scrooge!!! Am paying good 'ole cash for anything I buy this year.

Can you believe Saddam!!!??? He has 63 sites that he has banned the UN Inspectors from which includes his 47 palaces!!!. This madman whose tiny piss-ant country that has been like an oozing boil on the butt of an office worker has 43 palaces? I don't think the "you can look here, and here, but not here" is going to work though. Even Slick Willy won't fall for that, and I believe is the reason we have continued the buildup there. The Defense Secretary William Cohen seemed a bit agitated today and said if there was a military response against Iraq "it would not be a pinprick".

I have heard on the news today that Iraq is suspected of having 20 to 200 tons of VX nerve agent, 1 drop would kill a person in seconds, and has enough stockpiled to wipe everyone out. However since the free flow of oil is not currently threatened Saddam's neighbors ie Saudi Arabia, Kuwait etc. are reluctant to sanction Military action against Iraq for non-compliance with the cease-fire agreement. Guess no one really cares as long as the $ keeps flowing.


11/24/97 Thanks to all who have signed my Guestbook. I really appreciate it!!!

The liberal anti-gun supportors have attacked the NRA's program directed at young children. The NRA has put out for years a safety program directed at young children. They (the NRA) tell young children if they see or find a gun DON'T TOUCH!!! LEAVE THE AREA!!! TELL AN ADULT!!! This program is being attacked as recruiting new gun owners and is compared to "JOE CAMEL" ie recruiting new gun owners, and not making an effort to keep children safe.

NRA about to file a lawsuit for defamation of character....GOOD for them, this is outrageous!!!! To HELL with these idiotic fools.

Be prepared to see newspaper articles and news stories from the Vegetarians on the "sin" of eating / using animal "products".I do not condemn nor praise Vegetarians. To each their own I say. But if you try to harass me on eating or using animal products I will chop off your head and say,"Just another dead LIBERAL" which is less worthy of life on this world then a nice yummy turkey. At least a dead turkey serves a more usefull purpose then these animal rights psycho's!!!

Really, what can you do with a dead LIBERAL? At least it's better than a live one. But we would have to use our tax $ to bury these mental defective idiots, and be prepared for lawsuits regarding that he/she was a good person..............SCREW THEM!!!!


11/23/97 Just a couple things to keep you thinking.

Remember the high school teacher in N.J. that was taking the School Board to Supreme Court for her dismissal because of affirmative action? Well a slew of civil rights groups gave the School Board approx. $300,000 to settle out of court. The civil rights groups were fearfull of a Supreme Court that has been increasingly hostile to race-based policies.

Now the UN. Why is the UN failing to live by it's charter? Was it not the purpose of the UN to rid the world of "Saddams"? You have to wonder when most of the Security Council doesn't even consider shutting down Iraq's limited oil sales in response to it's non-compliance to the UN Resolutions.Is it time for us to get out of the UN? At least the inspectors in Iraq have a purpose, I don't think I can say the same for the UN.


11/21/97 OK for today I have a list of Slick Willy's "Hall Of Shame", Credit to "The Nearly Famous Barry Young Show" on KFYI 910 AM in PHX AZ

  1. Arlington National Cemetary.
  2. Hillary's missing Whitewater files found in the private residence of the White House with her fingerprints on them and nobody knows where they came from.
  3. Filegate the FBI Filegate fiasco.
  4. Travelgate.
  5. Hillary's attempted hijacking of health care, meetings in secret.
  6. The White House "coffee tapes" new edited versions to be released soon.
  7. Dressing the White House Marine Guards as waiters.
  8. The Ron Brown funeral fiasco tape.
  9. Many of the White House staffers cannot get FBI security clearence because of recent drug abuse, and we don't mean pot!!!
  10. Speaking of drugs, "I didn't inhale!!!"
  11. Dick Morris's bimbo hooker (sucking toe fetish).
  12. Hillary's planned adoption, where's the baby?(maybe didn't pass the home inspection?).

    Just a partial listing of Slick Willy's Hall of Shame on the radio today.(KFYI AM 910) I wonder how many of you recall each of the incidents listed....



    11/20/97 Had 13 hr shift at work, yesterdays "Thoughts" too good to move to "Current Week yet. Plus it's National Smoke-Out Day, so I have to go out and smoke twice as much, and curse out to High Heaven anyone who tries to preach to me the "EVILS" of smoking. I place these do-gooders in the same place as animal rights activists. I say to each their own, don't preach your way of life to me and I won't preach my way of life to you. If you don't like it or can't handle it, then leave me alone, and stay off my Web Site!!!

    Yesterday's Posting Below

    11/19/97 Let's see, OK, Diving in head first. Here comes the wrath of SMOKER DAVE!!!

    New On Sale from the National Democratic (Bleeding Heart Liberal) Committee "DNC".

    Are you not a Veteran of the U.S. Armed Forces? But want to be buried in Arlington National Cemetary that even Veterans have a hard time getting permission to be buried there? Well we the "Good "Ole Boys" in the Slick Willy Admin." who are former DRAFT DODGERS ourselves have a deal for you!!! For a paltry donation of $100,000 to the DNC, YOU can be buried in Arlington National Cemetary. For other DNC deals see the following:

    Photo with Slick Willy $25,000
    Ride with Slick Willy on Air Force One $50,000
    One night stay in Lincoln's bed $75,000
    One night stay in first daughter's bed $10,000 , $25,000 double "occupantcy"
    Being a "good" fundraiser for the DNC, if trouble comes a free trip to China one way
    Have "coffee" with Slick Willy $15,000, Photo another $25,000
    Deliver food from McDonalds $100 per trip


    Add your name to the cosigners of "The Declaration Of Independance" $150,000
    Add your Bust to Mt. Rushmore $2.5 million (serious inquiries only).

    Mentioning the phrase, "It's for the CHILDREN", will entitle you to a 5% discount, which we encourage you to donate to the Brady II Anti Gun Bill.


    Also not available Does WEE WILLY bend to the right, or to the left? See Paula Jones Web Site.



    11/18/97 Here are some things I've heard on local talk radio here. #1 scenario, Latest, It turns out that Iraq has been denying UN Inspectors entry to sites that have Americans as members of the team for the past 4 1/2 months. Question is, if that is the case, then why is it a crisis now? Speculation is Slick Willy needs a "diversion in the news" from the Articles of Impeachment that the House of Reps has started. The Thompson Hearings bearing fruit. The "found documents" in a tornado damaged car linking a loan to him that he denied under sworn testimony in the Whitewater Investigation. The lack of any other news to keep the media busy, ie Au pair trial that convieniently had the Slick Willy Admin. calling for national stds. on child care providers just when L. Woodward took the stand in that trial.
    Or is this just anti-Slick Willy paranoia?

    #2 scenario Seems that the Arab nations most at risk from any Iraqi attack etc. have NOT endorsed the use of military force against Iraq if they do not comply with the cease fire agreement, UN Resolutions. How about Slick Willy coming out in a news conference saying that with lack of a unified front against Iraq, we will no longer bother with it. It will be a problem for the Arab nations to resolve. BUT if this problem interferes with the free flow of oil, or Israel is attacked, THEN WE WILL TAKE ACTION!!!

    #3 scenario, Or AZ. Senior Senator, presidential hopefull John McCain's idea. Lets pull out and throw some $ at it. (Cruise Missiles cost $1.1 million each) and fund a revolutionary movement against Saddam and his party. Rather than going in basically alone this time without the "Coalition" that we had in the Gulf War. Let's not put our men and women at risk where others will not. Plus how much competence do you place in Slick Willy as Commander in Chief of our armed forces that he has said he despises?

    Just some other solutions to the Iraq Crisis that I have heard , as we send the F-117's and possibly the B-1, and B-52 bombers over there.

    I do not put my endorsement on any of the above solutions, and I do not have a solution to offer myself. Just mulling over all that I've heard.
    However it seems the Slick Willy Admin. has been doing a "Jimmy Carter-ization",(Remember the Hostages in Iran? they were not released until the day of Ronald Reagan's Inaugeration and the Iranians knew he would take decisive action and not stay flacid) ie conflicting messages. Saddam says he doesn't want a military conflict with the U.S. (Who in their right mind does!!!???), but Saddam doesn't change position, then we postpone a U-2 overflight of Iraq. And now we are saying we may make the humanitarian sale of Iraqi oil more "liberal". Seems to me that Saddam bought a little more time to move things around without observation and with no consequence and possibly rewards.

    Or another thing, a baby was found in a dumpster in Miss. yesterday, this one also happened to be burned up. A letter from a reader of the AZ. Republic, regarding the abondoned babies in dumpsters wrote "what's the problem here? it's only a "full birth abortion"...."(remember partial birth abortion) and Slick Willy's veto. And with his incessant call, when he wants emotion to take over, "We must do this for the children...." This runs really hollow with me.


    11/17/97 A change of pace today. Check out the story on the front page of ,The Arizona Republic on more animal rights BULLSHIT.(link to story probably won't last long, so check it out while you can).
    "Turkeys deserve better than your Thanksgiving dinner table, Bauston and other turkey lovers say. No matter what the fixings are." end quote. "Turkeys deserve to be wild and free, not shrink-wrapped, dead and featherless, Bauston said." end quote. "Turkeys are living animals, not inanimate chunks of meat," end quote.

    GIVE ME A DAMN BREAK!!! What a bunch of idiotic BULLSHIT. To quote a friend of mine,"Thank GOD that your forefathers had the fortitude to go out and hunt to put food on the table so your sorry liberal ass could be here today."

    I will be eating turkey come Thanksgiving Day, with no guilt at all except that I wasn't the one to chop off it's head. Tom Turkey you're really yummy!!!! And you go good with football too, the perfect bird.


    11/16/97 Iraq is now calling for Arab commando assaults on U.S. and British embassies and warships. Slick Willy was actually "pounding the podium" on addressing the need to have Iraq comply with the UN resolutions. Things don't look good on this.

    Other news. A teacher in WA was sentenced to 6 months in jail for having sex with a 6th grade boy and gave birth to his child. I wonder what would have happened if it was a male teacher and a 6th grade girl. Just like I wonder what would have happened if it was a male Au pair in Mass.

    Do you really believe the Justice Department report that the crime rate is the lowest since 1973? They must be real good at playing with the numbers to come up with that.



    11/15/97 Sorry I have been having trouble logging on. Now am able to edit/update, but still unable to view my own page, last viewed it 11/14.97 about noon. Had 150 visitors at that time.

    Now on to my delayed thoughts that I wanted to put in 15 hrs ago.

    The crisis with Iraq: Much more dangerous now than in 1990. Why? Because anything to be done militarily to Iraq we will have to do alone. The Coalition that George Bush put together before Desert Storm has come apart since Slick Willy took office. Another thing is that Saddam is much more likely to use chemical or biological weapons of mass destruction now than in 1990. Plus Isreal has said they would retaliate against any attack from Iraq. Remember in 1990 they did not.

    If Iraq uses weapons of mass destruction, I believe the US might respond with tactical nuclear weapons, not city busters, but small "battlefield" nuclear weapons that could take out a military base or underground bunkers that we couldn't take out in Desert Storm.

    If a war is started against Iraq we have international law on our side, remember there was no peace treaty with Iraq, only a cease fire agreement under the the UN resolutions, including inspection teams and much more. Breaking 1 agreement and the cease fire agreement no longer holds and the war can resume "lawfully".

    Don't know how many of you saw the Iraqi Prime Minister on CNN in an interview the other night, but he basically said that Iraq has been suffering under the UN santions for 6 1/2 yrs and it is long enough. WELL!!! I don't remember the cease fire agreement saying that these sanctions are in effect until they are complied with, or 6 1/2 yrs, which ever comes first.

    So far the only other country to up its military presence in the region is England. They are sending a carrier and additional Harrier jets. Our F-117 Stealth fighters are about to be sent also, along with an additional carrier the George Washington. Please see Thoughts for 11/13/97 on "George Washington" if you haven't seen it already.

    11/13/97 Did you all see the story in the paper today? On front page here. A elementary school changed it's name in New Orleans. They have a policy of not honoring former slave owners. So they changed the name of this school named after a politically incorrect historical figure, it does not matter what this individual has done in his time, the very fact that he owned slaves at one point is enough to ban his name from any school, the "blacks are insulted by this name because it represents the slavery the WHITE people put them thru". It doesn't really matter what they renamed this elementary school as...The fact is the former name was George Washington Elementary!!!!!!!!!!!!!


    11/12/97 More disturbing news, see 11/10/97 comment below. It has been reported that in Tuscon,AZ. a 19 yr. old community college student who claims she did not know she was pregnant gave birth. She gave birth to the infant in the home of her parents and family, in the bathroom. She and her lawyer and parents claim the baby was stillborn. Initial autopsy reports the baby was born alive and then drowned in the toilet (Remember this past weekend's discovery of the newborn at Disneyland?). Then a plasict bag was tied around the baby's head, body wrapped in a flannel shirt, and the whole "thing" stuffed into a large coffee can and stored under the bathroom sink. We are talking about serious compacting here by an "adult mother". She planned on burying the "coffee can" in the family's backyard. Before that happened her 15 yr old brother discovered the "coffee can" and told "mom". "Mom" called the police. And later the 19 yr old MOTHER admitted to the fact that it was her baby. 1st degree murder charge being filed against her. Just for info, the baby found in Phx dumpster last week has had over 2,500 request for adoption. THERE ARE NO UNWANTED BABIES, JUST "PEOPLE" WHO ARE (A) UNWILLING PARENT(S).

    This is the generation that will determine our fate when those of us over the age of 30 yrs. are old. Do you think they will treat us any differently? hmmmmm, Social Security gone, unproductive, a "hardship".......


    11/11/97 It is Veterans Day, to all the Vets out there, there are still some of us who appreciate your service in protecting this country and our Constitution from enemies foreign and domestic.

    Unfortunatly we now have a "wimpy" president, "who should be impeached, at least the ball is rolling on this". We make 1 U2 flight and say that's it for this week. Haven't we already learned that Saddam understands only 1 thing? FORCE!!!

    Why we are trying to solve this diplomatically Saddam is moving his items of MASS DESTRUCTION to new hiding places because the UN Inspection teams got a "whiff" of where they are. My guess is that the Americans on the UN teams figured that out, that is why Iraq is refusing to let American members of the UN Inspection teams to do their job. And is why the UN Teams won't go in without the American members. I believe diplomacy is a dead issue here, a military response is called for, human shields or not. Saddam is trying to protect himself with his own women and children like he tried to do with our women and children just before Desert Storm.

    I am not calling for another war, but a damaging enough strike with Cruise Missles etc. to make Iraq abide to the cease fire agreement, they cannot dictate terms of the agreement. They were ordered to turn over all items and means of mass destruction weapons, they have demonstrated they will continue to obtain and hide these weapons, which is why they still are under UN sanctions after all these years


    11/10/97 Updated UFO related report above. Now on to issues of the day. Iraq did not fire on our U2 spyplane today, it was out of range of their SAM's.

    Now to the disturbing news of newborn abandonment. You have probably seen the story of a newborn being found in a public restroom at Disney World in Orlando FL. This is by no means new. Here in the Phx area in the past week we had a newborn left at the door of a child care facility, yesterday a newborn found by dumpster diving homeless men in a trash bin. In Aug 2 ten yr old boys found a burned, decomposed body of an infant in a dumpster.In April of 96 a hispanic teenager gave birth to a baby at Canyon Lake just outside of Phx and dumped the baby into the bowels of the Port-A-Potty. I think there are more not found than are found, how did the trivialization of human life sunk to such low depths? There are many couples who cannot have children for one reason or another who would welcome these children with open arms. How did our society let our young "adults" treat human life as disposable, and yet these same young "adults" scream for animal rights?


    11/09/97 Well GeoCities switched internet providers overnight and it took them awhile to get everything working again, I understand having gone thru many validations etc. at my "LAB". I did manage to get some related graphics up today. I'm learning albeit at a slow pace.

    Regarding yesterday's "Thoughts", my AZ Cardinals lost to South America's team today.(Dallas Cowboys). My ASU Sun Devils did win last night and are in the hunt for a repeat appearence in the Rose Bowl.

    I did my grocery shopping this morning, and was surprised at the dramatic hike in the price of lettuce, from $0.79 to $1.99 a head. I knew the price was going to go up because of the hurricane that hit Yuma, AZ a few weeks ago and wiped out the lettuce crop, but this much of an increase was a surprise to me.

    Iraq still big in the news, my prediction looks sound. Congress still in session, awaiting the vote on "Fast Track" trade agreement legislation, interesting that Slick Willy counting on the Republicans, and trying to convince the Democrats on this one.================================~~~~~~~~~~~

    11/08/97 I have always been and always will be Anti-Dallas Cowboys.

    Cheer for my Az Cardinals against the Dallas Cowboys-South America's Team.

    Also, Go ASU Sun Devils vs Cal St.

    Looks like I might have my prediction from yesterday coming true, the U2 flights over Iraq are to resume on Mon 11/10/97.

    Regarding the Area 51 lawsuit,(see 11/04/97) there was a story, from AP I believe, in the paper today, basically said (by the plaintiffs)that Clinton abused his power in not releasing data on whether the "nonexistant base" burned toxic chemicals or not. Sited "National Security Issues" as the reason. 2 out of the 7 plaintiffs have died since the beginning of the lawsuit, both from exposure to toxic chemicals, other 5 are sick.


    11/07/97 I am going to make a prediction regarding our current "difficulties" with Iraq. With the action by some members of the House of Representative looking to impeachment proceedings against Slick Willy, I predict that Slick Willy will launch a Cruise Misslie strike on Iraq on 11/11/97, Veterans Day. This is for the photo op. and to try to bring members of the armed forces to actually view 'Ole Slick as a Commander in Chief. I have made an earlier prediction last Dec 28th 1996 on the Art Bell Show, prediction #48,it was,"AZ Governor J. Fife Symington will be forced to resign", this came true a couple months ago. We will see if my 2nd prediction comes true. At least we will know in a few days if I am right or not.
    I need to thank Randy from my work on sending me suggested banners and logos etc. I greatly appreciate it. I will be soliciting help from some of my "cyber" buds to help me out on getting some of them up on the site. But since I will be strapped for free time for a while, this site will likely be the same for at least the next week. HOWEVER I intend to update this section daily.d11/06/97 For the history buffs, In 1860 Abe Lincoln won the Presidential election, also today in 1861 Jefferson Davis was elected to a 6 yr term as president of the Confederacy. Iraq has been hiding and moving military equip and tampering with the surveillance cameras, because of fear of a US military strike, and is one reason why they banned US inspectors on the UN team inspecting compliance with the UN Resolutions.2nd reason is the US personal are the experts on the inspection team in chem / biological weaponry. 3rd reason is that it buys time for Iraq to successfully "rehide" these components of mass destruction weaponry from the UN inspectors. We(the US) also cancelled U2 spy plane overflights, thus giving Saddam even more opportunity to move these materials. Looks like the US has wimped out again to the "fuzzy do gooders".
    Thanks a lot Slick Willy!!!

    Speaking of Ole' Slick, seems that a car damaged in a tornado was found to be containing boxes of documents relating to Whitewater, including a cashiers check to Slick Willy for $20,000. Seems to be contrary to Slick Willies' testamony last year that he never recieved $ from the Whitewater deal. On top of all that, impeachment proceedings have started with 17 members of the House of Representatives. Could get interesting....


    11/05/97 Here in "The Valley of the Sun" leaves don't change color in the Fall, license plates do, these plates are from what we call here Snowbirds (people who winter in AZ, mostly retirees or warm weather homeless people) the trailer parks, RV parks fill up and cause added traffic congestion here.They do add to our local economy, but they are a pain.

    To MY Subway here in Mesa,at Brown Rd. and Mesa Dr. specifically to the Assist. Manager, I forgot my damn stamps today!!! I will be there on Fri.(double stamp day) for my reg. Smoker Dave Special (can I get extra stamps?). Best service from a Subway I ever recieved, the Subway at 48th St. and Southern Ave. is a pit, they don't carry Spicy Itallian. Went there once, won't be a twice.

    For those of you at my workplace who were there when Matt worked here, I just recieved a message thru ICQ from Matt & Kelly, they are expecting!!! Congratulations to good friends of mine. I probably will be known to the future toddler as "Uncle Smoker" Ha Ha!!! I can see the Liberals and anti smokers throwing darts at my caricature, to those people, I say I have someone at my work considering doing a drawing on Smoker Dave, which I give full permission for anyone to use as they wish when it becomes available.(will see how it looks first before figuring out on how to post it,'k Randy?)


    11/04/97 On the Au Pair murder trail, outside of Boston, (and English Tabloids who write on anything) who really cares!!!??? I fail to understand why CNN and MSNBC have live courtroom coverage on this, except for the fact that within 24hrs of L. Woodward taking the stand is when the White House / Hillary Clinton came out and talked about the childcare crisis here in the U.S. and the need for a national standard for childcare providers. I call it the Liberal's crisis of the moment.(So much for Slick Willy's smaller government, remember....last year?).

    And now to Iraq, I always believed the "war" ended a tad too soon. We should have taken Saddam out when we had the chance. I have heard some news reports that the inspectors were on the verge of finding Iraq's hidden cache of chemical and biological weapons, granted I have nothing to substantiate this, but is what I heard on one news source or another.

    Also have heard some rumblings on a lawsuit against the Fed Gov. from former workers at the nonexistant Area 51 on toxic chemical exposure. Will see if anything develops in the next week or so.