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YUM, YUM!!!!!



Now continuing my Traditional Thanksgiving Day Post for the 4th consecutive year, from the earliest days of my website:


Happy Thanksgiving!!!

Being Thanksgiving Day, and about to stuff myself with turkey in a few short hours, I got to thinking....(Oh No!! not again!!!) you say to yourself. I got to thinking what kind of turkey most of us will be eating is. Is it a Conservative turkey? Or is it a Liberal turkey?

After serious smoke filled thinking, I have concluded most of us will be eating Liberal Turkies. And here is my reasoning why.


  • Welfare : subsidized housing, food, and healthcare
  • Lack of : individuality, dissent, and ability to think clearly
  • Considers living at the farmer's ie gov't expense "a job"
  • No individual responsibilty, everyone is a victim
  • It "Takes A Village"
  • If released to the real world, would not survive
  • When heading to the slaughterhouse, blames the Conservative Turkies


  • Provides for it's own housing, food, and health
  • Individuality is a must
  • Always questioning of it's surroundings
  • Smart enough not to look up in the rain and drown
  • Does not live at the expense of a farmer ie gov't handouts
  • Individual responsibilty for it's own survival
  • Knows life isn't fair
  • Does live and survive in the real world
  • When hunted depends on it's own skills to survive or perish




Smoker Dave here, cleaning my guns, checking my AMMO. WHY? Just in case the RADICAL FUNDAMENTALIST ANTI-SMOKER RELIGION comes here. The ANTI-WINSTON-ABAN. This STORY, link coming shortly, can also be included to being offended by your neighbor's "PASSING GAS" inside his own home, while asleep, after eating BEANS!!! OR how about this: A BBQ on YOUR PROPERTY, the smell of the BBQ goes to your neighbor's yard. Unless you are only BBQ'ing VEGGIES, the smoke from the BBQ contains more carinogens than if the person tending the BBQ was smoking a cigarette. AND if the BBQ is charcoal, or Naturual Gas in nature. The residual FUMES are many more times MORE TOXIC than a neighbor smoking next door. OH it was a wood fueled BBQ? Well the ARSENIC LEVELS are way above the TOXINS you could possibly get from your neighbor smoking next door. OH your neighbor drives a DIESEL FULED VEHICAL? Well the Amount of CARCINOGENS put into the air in less than 1 minute from this Vehical amounts to well over thousands of cartons of cigarettes. So since the RISK to neighbors from SMOKERS is null, what is the point? Well I guess I should be able to SUE if a neighbor mows his lawn, and I am allergic to the smell of cut grass, or if I am offended by it. OR if there is a MEXICAN FAMILY next to me that lives on their traditional meals, I should be able to SUE from the "OFFENSIVE FLATULANCE" going on in their home (EVEN UNKNOWINGLY while they are asleep), that "OFFENDS ME". I NEED COMPLETE QUITE to SLEEP WELL. I work nights, live right on a busy street. EVERY CAR, TRUCK, and activities of those who work day shift hours, OFFENDS ME!!!

See where this is going? Do you understand my "angst"? I cannot LEGALLY SMOKE in MESA, AZ where I live in public. I HAVE ACTUALLY gotten a TICKET for driving and SMOKING with my car window down. I LIVE in a STUDIO APT. If this LAW were passed here, and a neighbor complained about my SMOKING in MY APT. I would have to drive over 25 miles to smoke legally. REMEMBER it is a LEGAL PRODUCT and ADULT ACTIVITY. Between 20 and 25 % of us SMOKE. Can you imagin my 10 minute Smoke Break stretching into 90 minutes to drive to where I can Smoke Legally 1 Cigarette, and drive back to work? I am now making sure all my KNIVES are nice and SHARP. Where will I use MY weapons? Against TERRORISTS who threaten OUR VERY EXISTANCE as a COUNTRY, or Against the RADICAL FUNDALMENTALIST ANTI-SMOKER RELIGION, THE ANTI-WINSTON-ABAN. It will be this. WHICHEVER comes first. The HEADLINES will Read: SMOKER DAVE THWARTS TERRORIST ATTACK ON THE USA. OR. RADICAL CONSTITUTIONAL RIGHTS ACTIVIST KILLED BECAUSE HE SMOKED IN HIS OWN HOME, he was killed when GOVERNMENT AUTHORITIES DEMANDED he drop his LIGHTER. When HE attempted to light a cigarette, GOV'T Troops opened FIRE, Killing him instantly. A SHORT TIME LATER HIS NEIGHBORS were given the "ALL CLEAR" that there was no Tobacco Smoke in the AREA. A THREAT to SOCIETY, the PUBLIC HEALTH, and the MORAL GOOD, has been ELIMINATED!


NOW to the WAR. The TALIBAN is CRYING UNCLE! Today they want to US to forget about 09/11/01 and what we have done so far in AFGHANISTAN as a "EVEN STEVEN". NO!! NADA!! NYET!! SORRY TALIBAN, we are going to take up you claim of DESTROYING US when we put in our GROUND TROOPS. With as YOU SAY ALLAH on your SIDE. WE HAVE A BET!!!, YOU MADE THE BET! HERE WE COME!!! PREPARE TO DIE!!! Give a WAVE to LUCIPHER, as you DESCEND into the DEPTHS OF HELL. I would feel sorry for you, except for the fact that I WANT YOU DEAD, and to ROT IN HELL FOREVER. That kinda negligates any sympathy I have. SO HAVE FUN IN EVERLASTING TORMENT! MY WORST WISHES are with YOU.




Yep, the old Clinton News Network, CNN, formerly owned by Ted Turner who turned completly NUTS while married to Jane Fonda, just can't find it upon themselves to VOLUNTEER the Documents they found regarding BIN LADEN'S NUKE PLANS to the US GOV'T to see if there is a REAL THREAT against OUR COUNTRY. Well Ted Turner no longer owns CNN, AOL-Time Warner do. I don't own any shares in this company, and I won't. But to the Millions who do, let the company you have part ownership in know what YOU think about this. SEE THE HERE!!!

More Stories from the WAR FRONT. TALIBAN LEADER: Mullah Mohammed Omar, who is as nutty as Saddam Hussien on "CRACK". Perhaps I should give some background info on this. Mullah Mohammed Omar, the MUSLIM LEADER OF THE TALIBAN, suffers from GRAND MAL EPILEPTIC SIEZURES. These make him unconcious for many hours. When he comes around he is in a "Childlike State". His Handlers put him in a non-working SUV without tires, motor, etc. And He sits there for hours going "BRRRRMMMM BRMMMMM!". And then he comes back to his idiot vitriolic self. Well they, have convinced the followers that during this time He is in DIRECT CONTACT with "ALLAH". The TALIBAN was prepared to SURRENDER KANDAHAR, until Mullah Mohammed Omar had another Epileptic Siezure. He had a DREAM that he wins and remains RULER for LIFE. So the SURRENDER IS OFF!!! See the STORY HERE!!!

Here is another Story. Remember that Reuters, ABC, CBS, NBC, CNN, have banned the display of the AMERICAN FLAG PIN on their lapels? Because they View themselves as GLOBAL CITIZEN JOURNALISTS? NEUTRAL IN EVERY WAY? I wonder how they FEEL now that THEY are also being KILLED. See the STORY HERE!!!

Now let me comment on a couple of things. Some poeple said we can never win in AFGHANISTAN, the RUSSIANS COULDN'T DO IT. And The Gulf WAR 11 years ago, would be a BLOODBATH. It Was, but IT wasn't OUR BLOOD. What Do I want to say at my Family's gathering for Thanksgiving? For GOD to continue to BLESS OUR COUNTRY, and PROTECT IT. AND THANKS that BIN LADEN has been sent to his GRAVE. And for continued vigilence that OUR COUNTRY keep the ATTACK on ALL who whishes us ILL WILL.

OK, I know some of you are ROOKIE COOKS. TIP OF THE WEEK!!!! COOK THE TURKEY!!! See the STORY HERE!!!

I know this is a BUMMER STORY. But at least it wasn't their 1st Marriage, and hopefully they fooled around before the Wedding Day. Still a sad way to have happened to a "HAPPY DAY". See THE STORY HERE!!!

File is getting FULL, I hope I can squeeze in one more update tommorrow. And Start the Next File with my infamous TURKEY article on TURKEY DAY!



Ah, Yes! It is the week of THANKSGIVING. Which as opposed to the marketers, OFFICIALLY Starts the CHRISTMAS SHOPPING SEASON. So we are about a week away from the ACLU Complaints and LAWSUITS on Public Displays of the Manger, singing of "Little Town of Bethlehem", "Silent Night", "Oh Come All 'Ye Faithfull", etc. Some people who demand you say "Happy Holiday's", instead of "Merry Christmas". But can you believe this? EVERY Public School in NYC is setting aside a room, and allowing students to cut class, (To be made up later), to go PRAY in the PUBLIC SCHOOL in a PRIVATE ROOM for RAMADAN. AND ONLY FOR RAMADAN! CHRISTIANS or JEWS need not even think of demanding EQUAL Treatment. AND while a Muslim student can discuss the RELIGIOUS implications of RAMADAN in class, a Christian Student CANNOT discuss the Religious implications of CHRISTMAS. The JEWISH STUDENT CANNOT discuss the Religious implications of HANNAKA! (I apologize for my poor spelling). Do you NOT see a problem with this? See the STORY HERE!!!

So how was your weekend? Mine went very well. Plus I got to see the Leonid Meteor Shower early Sunday morning. I drove East to Apache Junction where I like to take my telescope near


I was able to see for about 1/2 hr. 30 meteors a minute, and about 20 minutes on either side of this time, about 20 meteors a minute. In total, I probably saw over 2,000 meteors in less than 1 1/2 hrs. I apologize to my co-workers, from what I was able to learn, the aera near Sky Harbor Airport, had CLOUDS in the Prime Spot of the Meteor Shower. The further East or South from there, the more you could see. And I was about 40 miles South of my workplace. Those are the breaks.

Speaking of BRAKES, I hear the telltail sign that I need new brake pads, an occaisional SQUEAK SQUEAK as I turn, and as I slow down. Well it's been about 60,000 miles since the brake pads were last changed, so I guess I can't complain. Still doesn't make me happy about it though.

FOOTBALL! Well we had the DETROIT LIONS here yesterday, who were 0-8 and the CARDS 2-6. Panned as the most boring Game of the Day. Turns out to be the most exciting and most entertaining Game of the Day that didn't go to OT. Cards Win 45-38. Jake Plummer and the Cards scored 24 points in the 4th Quarter to win. There were 32,000 fans in Sun Devil Stadium that can hold 73,000. BUT on this Game even the local NEWS trashed on before the Game, nearly all who came were DIE HARD CARDINAL FANS, who ALWAYS COME, WIN OR LOSE. It really doesn't take a lot to double the #'s, just a few wins, and stay in the playoff hunt. Yes, we are 3-6 now. But there are 7 games to go! We can be 10-6. AND that could be ENOUGH to win the NFC EAST, and have a HOME PLAYOFF GAME HERE IN ARIZONA!

Well Thanksgiving Day is this week. I think we have a VERY GOOD CHANCE we will be informed that Usama Bin Laden is DEAD by Thursday. We have him cornered in a 6 X 5 mile area, 30 sq miles. I wouldn't mind dropping our largest NUKE to wipe out this area. But that won't happen. We may capture him, before his sons' kill him as he has instructed them to do so, and if we do CAPTURE HIM, EXTREME, HIDEOUS TORTURE ON HIM to EXTRACT EVERY BIT OF INFO. and then KILL him in the most torturous way imaginable by any GOV'T. I won't Apologize for this. He has thru his direction KILLED 5,000 INNOCENT PEOPLE, OUR PEOPLE!!! I have NO MERCY, nor FORGIVENESS for him or anyone involved with him.



If the end Result is ME or HIM, MY country or Their Country, I am FIGHTING for ME, US. If you want to KILL ME, or My Country, I will do everything Possible to KILL YOU 1ST!!!. If that's POLITICALLY INCORRECT, ESAD!, and let GOD sort it out...



Well let me tell you this, my HOST is AWARE of the HACKING that occured to my Web Site. And what happened back in JUNE of 2000 won't happen again. For those of you New, here is what my opening pag looked like. HERE!!!

AND FROM MY ARCHIVES the last HACK on my website in this file. You will need to SCROLL Down to it. Most of the INFO is in WHITE TEXT. HERE!!!

This is what I INFER. My web site host provider is aware of the past HACKING of my Web Site, and controls were put in place to solve the problem. I think they did multilevel protections, one of which being if changing the PASSWORD to edit or modify or Update the Web Site, from a Previously unknown EMAIL ADDRESS, would automatically shut down access to the files for the Web Site. This is what I think happened.

Yesterday, I got home from work, and started doing my update, my PC Crashed, had to REBOOT. THEN I COULD NOT LOG into my website to update, My USER ID, and PASSWORD did NOT WORK. I tried for over an HOUR!. I contacted my Web Site Host, with this problem. Today I get a REPLY with a NEW GENERIC PASSWORD like you get from your work when just starting, then you change the password to something you want and can remember. ALL I CAN SAY is THANK YOU to my web host for protecting my Web Site from HACKERS. I appreciate the facts as it appears to shut down access to my Web Site (on the updating / editing side) Until they heard and confirmed thru Secure Channells that it was me before sending me the NEW PASSWORD to get into my web site to EDIT and UPDATE.



The PRESIDENT is on his toes, covering all the bases, dotting his i's and crossing his t's! GW has signed a PRESIDENTIAL ORDER for MILITARY TRIBUNALS, to be used against NON-US CITIZEN people, ie: TERRORISTS. The #1 target is BIN LADEN. This would basically be a PRESIDENTIAL AUTHORIZED SUMMARY EXECUTION of BIN LADEN when WE FIND HIM! AND it appears to be very soon. This is in an analogy equal to finding HITLER at the ending of WWII. DEAD! But HITLER had already KILLED HIMSELF. This would also be used against Bin Laden's Terrorist Network, members of the TALIBAN, ETC.! BATTLE FIELD JUSTICE! Let Bill & Hillary Clinton DEFEND the TERRORISTS in a raging BATTLEFIELD!!! THEY want us (AMERICANS) DEAD, and plan to do it. THEREFORE, I WANT THEM DEAD!!!

ALSO, we have the RIGHT and MORAL OBLIGATION to STAY in AFGHANISTAN, to feed, clothe, and house the populace. WE ARE THE VICTOR in WAR, actually the 1st BATTLE on the WAR AGAINST TERRORISM. BUT WE WON IN AFGHANISTAN. WE as a COUNTRY need to hand hold AFGHANISTAN and pour a lot of $$$ into it, to make AFGHANISTAN have a legitiment GOV'T, and have an ECONOMY!

The Past 20 yrs. have basically devoided all the PHYSICAL and MENTAL INFRASTRUCTURE of this COUNTRY, this is the "BLACK HOLE" of ALL "BLACK HOLES". This is NOT LIKE running JAPAN or GERMANY after WWII. While their Physical Infrastucture was destroyed, they still were EDUCATED, and had the MEANS to GOVERN themselves to a large degree. WE, THE USA and the ALLIES IMPOSED a democratic type of GOV'T on these DEFEATED NATIONS. That NOW our are BEST FRIENDS. What WE need to do, is to figure out how to do this in AFGHANISTAN, while WE continue to WAGE WAR on other fronts. This is a difficult problem. DAMN GLAD it isn't AL GORE trying to figure it out!!!! As our Grandparents trusted in FDR during WAR, I trust in GW BUSH in this WORLD WAR. And I know WE have the People of the LIKES of PATTON, EISENHOWER, ETC. in our midst. And the FORTITUDE, CONVICTION of AMERICANS to DEFEND THEIR RIGHTS and WAY OF LIFE!

WE are in a WAR for FREEDOM and LIBERTY. OUR Enemies will NEVER ACCEPT US, Will always HATE US, will always do what they can to KILL US. Well if you are part of US, it IS YOUR DUTY to DEFEND US, and the HOMELAND, the 50 STATES and terratories of the USA!!!





Yes THE RED CROSS is in a HEAP of TROUBLE. And DAMAGE CONTROL IS IN HIGH GEAR. Right now they are basically counting on the supposition that the OFFER to REFUND the $$$ Collected via FRAUD, will in effect have the populace in General not request their $$$ FRAUDULENTLY COLLECTED. As some of you know, I have Stated that THE RED CROSS is Virtually a FEDERAL AGENCY, but not quite. AND THIS NOT QUITE is now what is biting them in the ASS. Just BECAUSE they are the biggest "non-profit", and that is a stretch, Organisation in the USA, does NOT mean they are the BEST, or most truthful in their ads. In fact many, including myself support the more localized or regionalized Non-Profits. More BANG for the $. SEE THE STORY HERE!!! AND this STORY also has RED CROSS MIS-INFO in it. If you write a check for the Disaster Relief Fund at SUCH AND SUCH, that $ doesn't necessarilly go there. THAT'S WHY THIS STORY GOT STARTED IN THE 1ST PLACE!!! The RED CROSS COLLECTED this 1/2 BILLION $$$ for the VICTIMS of 09/11/01, AND GOT CAUGHT SPENDING IT ELSEWHERE!!!

I speak to you from Experience and knowledge that I know. The BEST way to HELP in a LOCAL CRISIS, a REGIONAL CRISIS, or a NATIONAL CRISIS, is to go to your OWN LOCAL CHARITIES. ANY WAY the local CHARITY can help in a REGIONAL or NATIONAL CRISIS, will be more cost effective than giving $ or Supplies to a National, ie: BLOATED MANAGER-WISE "CHARITY". To get the most ABSOLUTE VALUE from your Donation. GIVE to your place of WORSHIP, a local or Community FOOD BANK, or your Local SALVATION ARMY. IT will get to where it is needed MOST, and in the most COST $ Effective way. Doing this, instead of 10 cents of your 1$ being used for OUR people who need it, over 90 cents of your 1$ will be used for the people who need it.

Is a "Higher Power" directing US? ie: God is is on OUR SIDE? I BELIEVE SO. But that is neither here 'nor there. I can only cite this Column HERE!!!

I, myself cannot think of a way a president al gore would have acted. EXCEPT I AM SURE, WE would be a lot worse off.

GOD HAS BLESSED US! REMEMBER, BAD things LIKE a RAIN, FALL on the GOOD AND THE BAD. ONCE AGAIN, the GRACE OF GOD has shown HIS LIGHT on OUR COUNTRY in these perilous times. HOW MANY further ATTACKS were THWARTED by President Bush's call for a DAY OF PRAYER? How worse off would WE be if AL GORE was in charge with his idiot idealogical MINIONS? Now to counterattack the EMAIL I will get, that IF AL GORE WAS PRESIDENT, this would not have happened. WELL THEN TELL ME why this ATTACK has been planned for at LEAST 4 YEARS!!!

To those who disagree with me on this, don't BOTHER EMAILING ME, on THIS POINT I will not change, and I WILL NOT WASTE MY TIME READING YOUR EMAIL. THE DELETE BUTTON is now: "ACTIVATED". SURE you have "FREEDOM OF SPEECH". BUT NOT HERE ON MY WEBSITE. You have EVERY RIGHT to yell from your rooftop, or corner, or wherever, your views. THAT DOES NOT MEAN I HAVE to POST THEM! I have EVERY RIGHT TO IGNORE or NOT LISTEN TO YOU. AND you cannot demand TIME on my website, because it IS MY WEBSITE. SO (ESAD) short for "EAT SHIT AND DIE".


See you TOMORROW!!!



Another Jet Airliner Crash in NYC. So far it "appears" to be an accident according to Officials. I have my doubts.

Since I really can't speculate what is currently going on with any accuracy or facts, I will just give you what I have as "Hard Copy".

CLINTON LOVER UPDATE to my last posting. As you can see below in the previous posting that BILL CLINTON blames US for the Terrorist ATTACKS, in this article HILLARY CLINTON Blames the TERRORIST ATTACKS on G.W. Bush's TAX CUT!!!! GOOD GRIEF!!! If we only let the FEDS have more of our $$$, these tragic events wouldn't have happened...... YEAH SURE!!!... The $$$ would have been spent on MORE GOV'T Programs to help people who are able to work, to NOT WORK, and Pay for Housing and Food and medical care for those that are here ILLEGALLY. I do not see how this would have deterred BIN LADEN from targeting US!!! SEE THE STORY HERE!!!

Now here is a rather lengthly article on WHY CLINTON failed to respond against Bin Laden HERE!!!

Bin Laden ADMITS to the ATTACK on the World Trade Centers. See the STORY HERE!!!



And NOW IRAQ has threatened US with nuclear Weapons! See the STORY HERE!!!

NOW the WHACKO ANIMAL RIGHTS PEOPLE are demanding that HUNTING be banned in NEW YORK STATE!!! Because the HUNTERS could BE TERRORISTS!!!! ATTACKING RURAL POWER LINES, ETC. I GREW UP in NORTHERN NY!!! The biggest industries are FARMING (DAIRY), WINTER RECREATION (SNOWMOBILING & SKIING) and HUNTING!!! Small Game, Big Game and Bird Hunting. These people are using words to worry the city dwellers. And Implying that HUNTERS would be roaming their City Streets or threaten Electrical or other supplies to the city. I can tell you this much,,, If a ban on HUNTING is instituted in NEW YORK STATE, the Cities will be seeing HUNTERS in their city. HUNTING THESE ANIMAL RIGHTS WHACKO'S! And during this time, herds of deer and other wildlife will be starving to death because of lack of food and Over population. EVEN BOWS and ARROWS are threatening according to them. See the STORY HERE!!!

And Finally, on a somewhat lighter note... The Human BLOCKHEAD has died. I saw him way back in 1981 at either a FIREMEN'S FIELD DAY, or a COUNTY FAIR. I don't remember which, but if I had to choose one I would place my bet on the Firemen's Field Days. See the STORY HERE!!!



Finally the WEEKEND! I haven't had a chance to see President Bush's speech last night yet, but did hear the News Briefs and Highlights. I did notice that Peter Jennings of ABC in explaining what the President said, Quoted him as saying, "Let Us Roll". When Bush Quoted one of the HEROS of FLIGHT 93, saying, "LET'S ROLL!!!". No wonder people are getting sick of the media. Jennings PURPOSEFUL misquote gave the opposite emotional weight to what was ACTUALLY said by Our President. Remember ABC does NOT ALLOW it's Reporters or News Anchors to wear a pin of the American Flag. Because that would show BIAS!!! Don't WE in the USA want and hope to WIN THIS WAR? Does it not seem that the MEDIA wants a 7 game Series decided in the bottom of the 9th inning, with Massive Causulties on both sides, instead of a merciful 4 game lopsided Sweep in our Favor? And as far as I'm concerned Bill Clinton can rot in HELL right along with Lyndon Banes Johnson.

I knew before I even posted yesterday's UPDATE I was going to be flooded with Hate Email. And I was. My QUESTION to you that Emailed me is this: Why do you CLINTON LOVER'S, LIBERALS, PACIFISTS, bother visiting my site? PLUS why do you "cheat" by LINKING directly to my Commentary Page so the VISITOR COUNT doesn't go up? I had 3X as many emails condeming my post yesterday, than my Counter on my opening page went up. And not ONE of these Emails listed a website that they operate to get a view other than my own into discussion. I visit sites that have opposite views than my own, to know what they are thinking/doing. But why do you people who apparently flat out Hate me, keep coming back to see what I post? Seems to me a Mental Condition of self abuse, irrational thinking, etc. One Emailer said, "We should give the Native Americans (Indians) all their Land back so Bin Laden will stop terrorizing us....." HOW AM I supposed to respond to this???? I do it by DELETING the message, and saying F****** MORON.

So to all the "MORONS", I give you this and future opportunity since you hate me so much. I am a Season Ticket Holder for the AZ Cardinals NFL Football Team for the past 11 years. And I have been in Section 208 Row 14 Seat 7 for the past 6 years. I wear a Cardinals Jersey with #13, and SMOKERDAVE on the back. And I will be there this Sunday. PUT UP OR SHUT-UP.


(A Soldier Died Today)
by A. Lawrence Vaincourt

He was getting old and paunchy and his hair was falling fast,
And he sat around the Legion, telling stories of the past
Of a war that he had fought in and the deeds that he had done,
In his exploits with his buddies; they were heroes, every one.

And tho' sometimes, to his neighbors, his tales became a joke,
All his Legion buddies listened, for they knew whereof he spoke.
But we'll hear his tales no longer for old Bill has passed away,
And the world's a little poorer, for a soldier died today.

He will not be mourned by many, just his children and his wife,
For he lived an ordinary and quite uneventful life.
Held a job and raised a family, quietly going his own way,
And the world won't note his passing, though a soldier died today.

When politicians leave this earth, their bodies lie in state,
While thousands note their passing and proclaim that they were great.
Papers tell their whole life stories, from the time that they were young,
But the passing of a soldier goes unnoticed and unsung.

Is the greatest contribution to the welfare of our land
A guy who breaks his promises and cons his fellow man?
Or the ordinary fellow who, in times of war and strife,
Goes off to serve his Country and offers up his life?

A politician's stipend and the style in which he lives
Are sometimes disproportionate to the service that he gives.
While the ordinary soldier, who offered up his all,
Is paid off with a medal and perhaps, a pension small.

It's so easy to forget them for it was so long ago
That the old Bills of our Country went to battle, but we know
It was not the politicians, with their compromise and ploys,
Who won for us the freedom that our Country now enjoys.

Should you find yourself in danger, with your enemies at hand,
Would you want a politician with his ever-shifting stand?
Or would you prefer a soldier, who has sworn to defend
His home, his kin and Country and would fight until the end?

He was just a common soldier and his ranks are growing thin,
But his presence should remind us we may need his like again.
For when countries are in conflict, then we find the soldier's part
Is to clean up all the troubles that the politicians start.

If we cannot do him honor while he's here to hear the praise,
Then at least let's give him homage at the ending of his days.
Perhaps just a simple headline in a paper that would say,
Our Country is in mourning, for a soldier died today.

1985 A. Lawrence Vaincourt



The WORLD SERIES VICTORY PARADE and Celebration, crowd size Estimates are between 400,000 and 450,000.

OK, Let's get at the NEWS!!!

SLICK WILLY, Bill Clinton. Our former President in disgrace, who can't keep his damn mouth shut, or seek being in "THE SPOTLIGHT", is Our newest "HANOI JANE"! CLINTON said in a Speech at Georgetown University yesterday that the TERRORIST ATTACKS is payment because of our past SLAVERY, and Confiscation of INDIAN LANDS, ETC.!!! His Speech is SO FULL OF B.S. it blows your mind! Why the MEDIA continues to hinge on his EVERY MOVE and GUTTERAL VERBAGE is DEMONSTRATIVE of the Mass Media Leanings. CLINTON talks about "THE NATURE OF TRUTH"..... This is the same genre of his COURT APPEARENCE, debating what the DEFINITION of "IS"...IS.... Remember Clinton was President for 8 YEARS, Bush, less than 8 MONTHS when the ATTACKS happened. IT TAKES a lot more time to undue 8 years of INTELLIGENCE DESTRUCTION, and Military Downsizing. READ THE STORY HERE!!!

THESE are the people and mindset of what we are up against in WWIII. A, "Thanks for Saving my MOM, but I want to KILL YOU!!!". See the STORY HERE!!!

This IS a TERRORIST, or CONFIRMED ENEMY. We have a few options. #1 Let him leave, and he tries to KILL OUR MEMBERS of the MILITARY. #2 ARREST HIM, and put him in JAIL or PRISON at a cost of $25,000 a year or more. #3 SPEND a NICKEL, 5 Cents, and put a BULLET in his HEAD!!! I prefer #3, OUR HEROIC FIREFIGHTERS SAVED his MOM'S LIFE while in GREAT DANGER of being VICTIMS of the ATTACK. AND, I bet some of those FIREFIGHTERS that SAVED his MOM'S LIFE were right back at THE WORLD TRADE CENTER and were KILLED in the Collapse of these 2 TOWERING BUILDINGS. These sorts of people here in the USA on VISAS VALID or NOT, I opt for #3. I have plenty of NICKLES, 5 Cents. Put every person on a FIRING LINE who is in THIS COUNTRY on a VISA, who wishes to KILL AMERICANS, in front of me. I WOULD HAVE NO PROBLEM AT ALL shooting them, sending them to JUDGEMENT DAY before their ALLAH, or SATAN, or whatever. I try to be PROACTIVE, If they want ME DEAD, or USA Citizens DEAD, I will do ALL I CAN to make THEM DEAD FIRST! THESE WHACKOS have a perverted view of their Religion and the Koran. THE BIBLE gives me the RIGHT TO DEFEND MYSELF, and as a Collective entity like the USA, OUR COUNTRY HAS THE GOD GIVEN RIGHT TO DO SO. SEE the STORY HERE!!!

I have more, but it will have to wait. Need to Eat and Sleep. See you Tommorrow!!!



THE D-BACKS VICTORY PARADE and CELEBRATION is currently going on. I would be there, but I have to work tonight, and probably wouldn't get home until after 5 or 6PM. Too rough for me having to get up by 9PM. While I am updating and watching this, I am also recording it for the ARCHIVES, VCR STYLE. Here is the latest NEWS STORY HERE!!! Other Related NEWS. Jesse McGuire, who played the NATIONAL ANTHEM at Game 7 with his TRUMPET and the B2 STEALTH BOMBER doing a "fly-by", and considered the D-BACKS GOOD LUCK CHARM, as they NEVER LOST when he played the NATIONAL ANTHEM. RETIRED the TRUMPET. He Plans on encasing it in GLASS with signatures of the entire TEAM. His NEW TRUMPET was "broken-in", like you do with a NEW BASEBALL MITT, moments ago at the VICTORY CELEBRATION.

DEATH in THE WORKPLACE FELINE STYLE. It turns out to be more GRUESOME than I thought. The Cat was still ALIVE, and was STABBED SEVERAL TIMES (with the cat MORTALLY INJURED), to KILL IT. Then 1 person pulled on its hind legs as another person SAWED its head off, so it could be removed from the vehicle. The REMAINS were SOLD to a local FAST FOOD RESTUARANT. ....KIDDING!!!, at least I hope so. My suggestion that the "CAT HEAD" should have been saved and stuck on a POLE to make thieves and such think twice was well recieved by most employees. But I know Upper Management would never allow it. By the way, it took nearly an HOUR and a 1/2 to remove this CAT from the VEHICLE. This sucker was wedged in good....or bad, depending on how you view things. BUT WEDGED.


So what do YOU THINK about being in the ARMY, having SWORN AN OATH-- TO DEFEND THIS CONSTITUTION AGAINST ALL ENEMIES FORIEGN AND DOMESTIC...? What a bunch of SHIT!!! Do CATHOLICS check with the POPE if they should FIGHT or PARTICIPATE? NO! Do Protestants check with their CLERGY? NO! EVEN though the SUPPOSED ISLAMIC CLERICS have NOW BANNED MUSLIMS FIGHTING MUSLIMS. GUESS WHAT? The Northern Alliance in AFGHANISTAN is STILL FIGHTING the TALIBAN and Bin Laden's TERRORIST NETWORK. WELL... This ARMY CHAPLIN MUSLIM CAPTAIN raised the issue, and now is told he and ALL MUSLIMS cannot partake in this action against Bin Laden and AFGHANISTAN. NOW REMEMBER... HE TOOK AN OATH to DEFEND this COUNTRY against ALL ENEMIES FORIEGN and DOMESTIC. See the STORY HERE!!!

PETA (PEOPLE for the ETHICAL TREATMENT of ANIMALS) demands that VEGGIE HOT DOGS be made AVAILABLE. I say make 'em yourself!!! I prefer the ALL BEEF. Not the CHICKEN or TURKEY , or mixed HOT DOGS. IF you want a MISNAMED LETTUCE HOT DOG, or whatever, get your people together, and MAKE IT YOURSELVES!!! For CRYING OUT LOUD, I am trying to SAVE ALL MY BULLETS for TERRORISTS, but I am begining to think the use of some against PETA would be a better use of limited supplies.

AS YOU KNOW, I AM DAMN SICK AND TIRED of people and small GROUPS TELLING me what to do. AND ABSOLUTLEY NOBODY TELLS me what to do, though I DO take my MOM'S Opinion in great REGARD. SEE THE STORY HERE!!!

A NEW CUT OF STEAK!!! THIS will PISS-OFF PETA even more!!! See the STORY HERE!!!




The Victory Celebration continues in AZ!!! A Victory Parade, etc. Tommorrow in downtown Phoenix. At least 100,000 expected. I am not going, getting off from work after 10 or 11 hrs at work between 9:30 - 10:30AM, and the Parade starts at NOON, forget it! It is very possible I wouldn't get home 'till 6PM. And 3 hrs sleep wouldn't cut it for me before work. BUT SEE THE STORY HERE!!!

Keeping on this subject for now, IT was the AZ FANS REACTION to the Previous Home WORLD SERIES GAMES that brought the DRAMATIC FLY-BY by a STEALTH B-2 BOMBER, PILOTED by a HOMETOWN BOY. SEE THE STORY HERE!!!

NOW Let's dab a bit into LOCALLY RELATED NEWS. Most of us here in AZ., and MANY throughout the COUNTRY know about the LASTEST HIJACKING ATTEMPT of a GREYHOUND BUS just South of PHOENIX the other day. 30+ injured, 1 possibly paralyzed for Life. NOW, most of you know that when I went on vacation back to Northern NY from AZ I prepared by having NICOTINE PATCHES available for my use. I wanted and planned to avoid, "SMOKE RAGE". And I did this successfully. But I consider myself for the most part, a rational person. Because even if I didn't have the NICOTINE PATCHES, I do have the MENTAL STABILITY to NOT GO NUTS!!! BUT.... There are many others, estimates put SMOKERS in the GENERAL POPULATION in the 20 to 25% RANGE. And some of these people are MENTALLY UNSTABLE to begin with. Take AWAY a means of these people to cope, and TROUBLE can occur. Read this STORY HERE!!!

SO WHAT IS NEXT? Well it appears that the GENERAL PUBLIC is going to face MORE "SMOKE RAGE" because here is what is being discussed here in MARICOPA COUNTY, home of the 6th LARGEST CITY in the US. SEE THE STORY HERE!!!



I wish to send "FROM MY HEART", DAISY's to Bin Laden, and the Taliban. Fresh CUTS!!! I want to send EVERY TERRORIST, whether involved with Al-Quida, Bin Laden, or whomever, A DAISY CUTTER. SENT WITH "LOVE". I am a SENSITIVE GUY, I would like to "FEEL" the "LOVE" in rumblings under the EARTH when The "DAISY" is Delivered. SEE THE STORY HERE!!!

Now a LAST ITEM.... There was a DEATH at my work last night/this morning. A stray CAT took home a vehicle of a co-worker' engine block to keep warm. Even though the temp only got down to 60 degrees overnight. Well the KITTY CAT, a FERRAL CAT, a STRAY CAT. took "home" as on top of the FAN in a pick-up truck. Well.... when the pick-up truck was started, a KITTY SCREAM, and FUR. NO FAULT OF THE OWNER OF THE PICK-UP TRUCK. BUT HE/SHE felt very bad about it. TWAS a GRUESOME SCENE under the hood. But in deference to a loyal visitor, I will not post any photo's or describe what happened afterward. But what I do know, GROSSES me out. To HE/SHE, Next time, let the ENGINE RUN, faster and Cleaner, and more "HUMANE". I know you did what you thought was right, for a HUMAN, (CHILD) etc. YES, do what you did. For a Wild Cat, NO.... How you determine what is what on the SPOT I do not know. But I do want to let you know, this is a disturbing thing to have happen, with NO FAULT of your own. AND, I am Sorry about the Lighthearted jokes in The Training Class. But that is my nature, and will probably always will be.




What a SERIES!!!! But the BRONX BOMBERS Didn't count on The AZ D-Backs using the B2 STEALTH BOMBERS in Game 7.



If there Ever was a Series more Exciting than this one, it happened way before I was born. It was a GREAT DISTRACTION of the problems and troubles we have had since 09/11/01. BASEBALL, an AMERICAN TRADITION nearly as old as the COUNTRY itself, raised and preserved a SYMBOL of our way of Life, even in times of WAR. WITH a WORLD SERIES FOR THE AGES. When the B2 STEALTH BOMBER flew over the stadium, there were not Chants of "BEAT THE YANKEES", But of "USA!!! USA!!!... Both Teams, Both Cities, and Both Sets of Fans, did themselves PROUD. CLASS ACTS all way around! And I believe the Games were an important distraction to help "steel" this NATION'S resolve, by giving a needed "mental break" from the times, to a simple Game we all know. This is the WORST kind of DEFEAT to Bin Laden and his followers. That we continue to do as we do.


And to top it all off,,, on 11/03/01 my website turned 4 YEARS OLD!!! May it LIVE LONG AND PROSPER!!!!



Game 5 of THE WORLD SERIES....A replay of Game 4. This Series is playing out like a GREEK TRAGEDY, and my D-Backs are playing the role of "HOMER". Will PHX, ie AZ D-Backs, rise up from the ashes? Well Games 6 & 7 are HERE in AZ. And we all know that everyone except those of us in AZ, especially the PHX area, is rooting for the YANKEES because of 09/11/01. And if the D-Backs prevail, I apologize in advance for the dippy MAYOR in Phoenix. BUT I have been a SEASON TICKET holder for 11 yrs to the AZ CARDINALS NFL TEAM, and I will be at the Game on Sunday. Just like my loyalty to my local NFL Team, the same goes for my Local Baseball Team. But good grief!!! ahead by 2 RUNS in the bottom of the 9th Inning with 2 OUTS in 2 consecutive games, and LOSE BOTH GAMES!!! I imagin a $1 bet on this scenario in VEGAS would be worth $ MILLIONS.

Garrgle, Garrgle...spit,,,wipe. Just getting the BAD taste in my mouth.

Now to business

There are some things you can't just make up. I heard on the NEWS that TV-Talk Show Host Rosie O'Donnell LOVES BUSH! Knowing who she is I thought what kind of NEWS is this? She is a Lesbian. Then I found out that she was talking about PRESIDENT BUSH, and not the other BUSH I assumed. Go figure.... See the STORY HERE!!!

So much for the "unwritten rule" and "courtesy" EX-Presidents have given their successors in the past. SLICK WILLY, ie Bill Clinton just can't keep his mouth shut, or stop seeking the spotlight. This ASSHOLE thinks HE can do a better job than President BUSH, even though he had 8 YEARS in OFFICE to prevent what has happened, all he did was increase the probability that IT would happen thru reductions in INTELLIGENCE GATHERING, and using OUR MILITARY as a WORLD POLICE FORCE. It is to such a point that NATO AWACS planes now patrol our eastern Coast, because OUR RESOURCES are deployed elsewhere. See the STORY HERE!!! I bet CLINTON wishes this had happened during his LEWINSKI CRISIS, IMPEACHMENT, etc. After all, it is easy to sell BOMBINGS on AFGHANISTAN right now, than an ASPIRIN FACTORY!!! To deflect NEWS about his IMMORAL CHARACTER.

TED TURNER has created a DOOMSDAY TAPE to be played on CNN when, "THE END OF THE WORLD" comes at our doorstep. GEE, Boy am I Glad he is Optimistic.... See the STORY HERE!!!

I will try my best to post an update this weekend before Monday, but no promises, only good intentions.

Go D-Backs!!! Go Cardinals!!! And DEATH to Bin Laden!!!!

GOD BLESS, and take care!



Game 4 of THE WORLD SERIES last night.... A heartbreaker! Up 3 to 1 with 2 OUTS in the bottom of the 9th Inning. And a 2 run Homerun ties the Game, and then in the bottom of the 10th Inning a solo Homerun to win the Game for the Yankees to tie the SERIES at 2 Games Apiece. Then I had to go to work, ticked off and unhappy about the turn of events from the Game. OH WELL!!!

Finally a STORY that Every Day Americans are getting sick and tired of the Liberal Media. The Liberal Media has never heard the phrase, "Loose Lips Sink Ships". See the STORY HERE!!!

I am Going to be very politically INCORRECT, and OFFENSIVE here for personal REASONS and more General Reasons. Like back to the Old "ALL IN THE FAMILY" Show, ARCHIE once said that GOD was waiting for ALL the WHACKO'S and WEIRDO'S to get to California before HE dropped it into the OCEAN. WELL there are a LOT of WHACKO's and WEIRDO'S there now, who would have thought there would be SO MANY SCREWED UP PEOPLE? Well how about the former President Of NOW (NATIONAL ORGANISATION of WOMEN) Saying that All this rhetoric is WHITE, RICH, STRAIGHT, GUY TALK? This Stupid bitch thinks she would have more Freedom in Afghanistan than here. BYE BYE "PATTI" you have done more harm to the Feminist movement than Bin Laden ever could. YOU have done this by disparaging "GUYS" who DEFEND THIS COUNTRY AND IT'S CONSTITUTION. BY YOUR comments, it is apparent that you would prefer to live under the TALIBAN (WHERE WOMEN HAVE ZERO, NADA, NO RIGHTS) rather than here! You should NOT bring in extranious BULLSHIT into this DISCUSSION to try to DISPARAGE the VERY PEOPLE who ARE DEFENDING THIS COUNTRY in time of WAR!!! SEE THE STORY HERE!!!

NOW ON TO CALIFORNIA!! BERKELEY to be exact. THIS CITY is HOME to the MOST LIBERAL and WHACKO LIBERALS in the WORLD!!! And has been for a VERY LONG TIME. Now they are possibly Facing a BOYCOTT on their CITY where they are used to BOYCOTTING areas and products that they didn't agree with what PRODUCTS, POLICIES, etc. didn't fit in THEIR AGENDA. WHAT THE HELL is this CITY trying to say??? LET'S call it EVEN??? HELL with that!!! The Quote is... 1st .... VENGENCE is MINE!!!! Then follows, Saith the LORD. I believe we HAVE EVERY RIGHT for retribution, besides DEFENSE, to RETALIATE! And when these BASTARDS DIE expecting 70 VIRGINS for them to use, they instead ROT IN HELL for all ETERNITY. And I suppose a Question will arise from these BASTARDS, GOD, you mean IT IS NOT OK TO KILL 5000 Innocent people????

Now I Leave you with a LINK to an animated very cool website that was sent to me earlier today.


See you tommorrow!!! GO DIAMONDBACKS!!!



HALLOWEEN. Well yesterday's link IS still in effect, because tonight's Game and Game 5 tommorrow still fit a very possible scene. Granted yesterday's Game fit the 'mold" the best, I hope that the ALERT nullified the threat to the point of inaction. But wasn't it Great G.W. Bush THROWS a STRIKE, in a KEVLAR VEST. You have to admit this took a lot of GUTS with even the INFO we know about. Such as this STORY HERE!!!

TRAITOROUS ACTIVITY. The President of ABC NEWS owned by DISNEY. Remember who banned this NETWORK from replaying the video of the WORLD TRADE CENTER. THE 1ST to BAN their ANCHOR-PEOPLE from wearing a pin of the AMERICAN FLAG on their lapels, (in a warped idea of being "OBJECTIVE"). Well we know why,,,, the PRESIDENT of ABC NEWS doesn't have an opinion on the KILLING of INNOCENT AMERICANS being right or wrong. HE LIVES HERE!!! and APPARENTLY believes it is OK to KILL INNOCENT AMERICANS!!!! READ THE STORY HERE!!!

Now onto a more Local Item. The Univerisity of ARIZONA has DELETED the BOY SCOUTS as reciepients of any $ Raised in Tucson's biggest Charity Event. Here is an excerpt.

The Scouts' policy, upheld last year by the U.S. Supreme Court, goes against the basic principles of the university, President Peter Likins said. As a result, the university changed its United Way campaign to exclude the Boy Scouts and other agencies that haven't signed a United Way anti-discrimination pledge.

WATCH WHERE YOUR CHARITABLE $$$ GOES!!! The RED CROSS is about to be CHARGED WITH FRAUD in SOLICITING $$$ For the VICTIMS of 09/11/01. THE $$$ is going elsewhere, NEW COMPUTERS, Phone Systems, New OFFICE FURNITURE, and Classes UNRELATED to the INDUCEMENT of Millions of AMERICANS to DONATE $$$ to HELP the VICTIMS of 09/11/01. WELL!!! Yesterday the Head of THE RED CROSS RESIGNED before being FIRED for her refusal to spend the $$$ Collected for the Terrorist Victims on other ITEMS that were not disclosed as part of the $$$ APPEAL. She had to either RESIGN or be FIRED by THE RED CROSS BOARD OF DIRECTORS. May I also NOTE, yesterday when all this took place, THE RED CROSS Announced it was closing it's "LIBERTY FUND", because it had enough $$$. It is an IN YOUR FACE FRAUD!!! I am sure most of you have heard the STORIES of VICTIMS in NY who still have NOT RECIEVED any help or $$$ Assistance. THE RED CROSS played the HYPE in their DONATE BLOOD CAMPAIGN to the HILT!!! To the EXTANT that over 10,000 UNITS of BLOOD COLLECTED right after 09/11/01 Are now being discarded, because Blood is only good for 42 days. The RED CROSS also hyped the $$$ Collection to the same or even HIGHER PRIORITY, and $$ has an unlimited shelf Life. SO! Do You think any of the $$$ you Contributed for the EXPRESSED PURPOSE of helping the VICTIMS OF 09/11/01 is actually going there???? Think again!!!

This is NOT the 1st time either!!! Whenever you sent $$$ to THE RED CROSS for a DISASTER RELIEF of EARTHQUAKES, STORMS, or Whatever. The Same THING happened. ONLY NOW is it IN OUR FACE!!! SURE you may have still sent in $$$ if told it may, or will go to "INFRASTRUCTURE", New Computers, New PHONE SYSTEMS, EDUCATIONAL CLASSES, OR RAISES to MANAGEMENT. BUT THAT IS NOT WHAT WE WERE TOLD AS AN INDUCEMENT TO CONTRIBUTE!!!! AND that, is FRAUD!!!


See you Tommorrow!!!



HIGH ALERT for possible TERRORIST ATTACK in the next few days. VP Cheney out of Washington D.C. to a SECURE LOCATION. President BUSH going to Yankee Stadium tonight to throw out the 1st pitch. I have seen some info that Yankee Stadium may be a possible target, gathered by a REMOTE VIEWING CLASS over 2 weeks ago. It is shocking to read. Hopefully the ALERT, and added SECURITY MEASURES make this present ALERT the same as the ALERT issued on 10/11/01. And NOTHING HAPPENED. And it could very well be the fact that WE were all looking, Security Guards where there were no Security Guards before, or Doors locked that were not locked before, etc. That aborted the planned attack. Hopefully this ALERT accomplishes the same. If you REALLY want to know some of the specifics. Keep in mind the TIMELINE, and what is actually happening, or going to happen. READ the 1st 2 TARGETS, to get an idea of what is going on. AND then READ CAREFULLY the 3rd TARGET. Here is the LINK HERE!!!

Here is a STORY about the ALERT HERE!!!

Wel, I worked late today, and I want to get up early to watch the World Series Game, and I hope that is what it is, just a Game. Normally I would not have done an UPDATE Today, but I felt I needed to get what info I had come across out to you.

See you hopefully Tommorrow, and, GOD BLESS!



A WORLD SERIES GAME is something to behold when attending. And the times we are in now with the EXTRA SECURITY is also something else. I got to park across from BANK ONE BALLPARK for $8. But the POLICE searched my car, trunk, and underneath seats, and every vehicle had the same treatment. But I must tell you, a GAME such as this, and on this scale, is a great release for the TENSIONS of everyday life, especially post 09-11-01. I had a BLAST!!! Sure it turns out that I was sitting in the last row, in the EXTREME NOSEBLEED section, but I was able to see the game and enjoy the Grandure of AMERICANA, THE FALL CLASSIC. Sure, I understand the YANKEES overall are the COUNTRY'S Sentimental Favorite, but NOT HERE!!! While "WE LOVE NY" in patriotism and avowed VENGENCE. Come AZ VS NY in a SPORTING EVENT, we ROOT FOR ARIZONA!!! At least the DIAMONDBACKS SCORED more RUNS in both GAMES than my AZ CARDINALS scored Against SOUTH AMERICA'S TEAM, THE DALLAS CRACKBOYS! What a SORRY APPEARENCE my Football Team provided. STILL, I am LOYAL to my team. I wear the D-Backs Colors, and I have just ordered a PERSONALIZED NFL CARDINALS JERSEY. SMOKERDAVE #13.

Here is a PHOTO for you from GAME 1 Of "THE WORLD SERIES" taken from my roof-top seat.

NOW to the ISSUES!

Well it appears the YELLOWBELLIED PRESS is getting "COLD FEET" on the WAR. EVEN With the INFO at the VERY BEGINNING that this WAR WILL TAKE YEARS TO WIN, they are wondering why WE haven't WON already. GIVE ME A BREAK!!! WWI, and WWII, took YEARS TO WIN, and we were NOT GUARANTEED to WIN either of these WARS. Our COUNTRY went thru RATIONING and great inconvience during these WARS. SO FAR we have faced none of this. BUT we ARE under the biggest THREAT to our COUNTRY since INDEPENDANCE!!!

The damned LIBERAL MEDIA is now TRUMPETING the ANCILLARY, or COLLATERAL DAMAGE. THE MAJOR MEDIA IS F*****G IGNORANT!!! REPORTING that 5 Afghan Civillians were killed by a stray BOMB here, a Family of 7 CHILDREN KILLED by a stray BOMB there....

WAR is not PRETTY, or SURGICAL, INNOCENT PEOPLE WILL DIE. WE are avoiding at the best of our ability to NOT have INNOCENT CIVILLIAN CASUALTIES. BUT!!! REMEMBER!!! The TERRORISTS SPECIFICALLY TARGETED INNOCENT CIVILLIANS, and KILLED THOUSANDS!!! WE ARE NOT TARGETING CIVILLIANS, and we are doing all we can to avoid it. BUT WAR is WAR, never Pretty, INNOCENTS will always Die. To the PEACENIKS, who want to know what it will take to end this WAR. Well the COLD HARD TRUTH IS: US ALL DEAD. You can't use The Rodney King's "CAN'T WE JUST GET ALONG" in this WAR. THEY WANT US DEAD, when WE are ALL DEAD, they will stop. I have NO INTENTION of being DEAD. I WILL KILL TO AVOID BEING DEAD. And If it is to be that I will end up DEAD, I will take as many of these EVIL, GODLESS, IGNORANT BASTARDS with me as I can.




Previous postings will be made available sometime before Monday. FILE was full. 10/27/01 - UPDATE POSTINGS NOW AVAILABLE IN ARCHIVES

Well ANTHRAX is now found in all 3 branches of the Federal Gov't, besides the NEWS Organisations and Tabloids, and of coarse the POST OFFICES and workers who handled them. The Threat to us, everyday people? About as close to ZERO as you can get.

There are other threats to be more worried about than ANTHRAX. Like the very real possibility that Bin Laden has NUKES... See the STORY HERE!!!

Or that small pox or some other transmisable disease affecting People, Cattle, or Crops. Also at risk are large public gatherings such as sporting events. AND BOY OH BOY have we in the PHOENIX, AZ. AREA have them this weekend!

GAMES 1 & 2 Of THE WORLD SERIES on Sat. & Sun., and it is the big NASCAR WEEKEND also. About 600,000 additional people here who wouldn't be here otherwise, according to the local NEWS. So what am I doing? I am going to GAME 1 of THE WORLD SERIES tommorrow, and watching the NASCAR RACE, the CARDINALS-COWBOYS game, and GAME 2 of THE WORLD SERIES at a large SPORTS BAR on SUNDAY! What would I be doing this weekend if the events of 09/11/01 and afterwards never happened? THE EXACT SAME THING!

Now on the WAR FRONT: Saudi Arabia still REFUSES to disclose their passenger Manifests of their AIRLINES landing HERE!!! 40 plus COUNTRIES have ARRESTED Possible Terrorist Suspects, and have frozen multiple Bank Accounts of Suspected Organisations with ties to Terrorists. SAUDI ARABIA has not ARRESTED a single person, nor frozen a SINGLE BANK ACCOUNT. And this is an ALLY? EGYPT also not being very cooperative, how about ending the $2 BILLION in AID we give EGYPT every year, from OUR POCKETS!!!

This "CO-ALLITION" will fall apart soon. It will be US and BRITAIN spearheading the WAR. With possible support from CANADA and AUSTRAILIA. And of coarse ISRAEL. The Rest of the WESTERN WORLD will be non-commital, which is in definition, willing to NEGOCIATE with these BASTARDS. Well I hope President Bush keeps his promise, YOU are either WITH US, or AGAINST US. TIME IS SHORT TO DECIDE. NO SUCH THING AS "NEUTRAL" in this WAR. It is time for all these COUNTRIES to put ALL THEIR EGGS in 1 BASKET. They have 2 choices. With US , or Against US.