Well this File is getting FULL, will be moved to the ARCHIVES Soon, probably Tomorrow.

Well as you can imagine, I have been bombarded with emails for a week now. Where I averaged 60 to 80 a day is now well above 250. And there are more emails from my website than the Visitor Count has clicked on my opening page. Which means there are MANY CHEATERS linking directly to this, my commentary page. I know I have been picked up by a bunch of Political Sites that provide Links to sites like mine. I won't complain. But I would really like to know how many Visitors I do have to my website, as past occurances besides this has told me that the count on my opening page is a vast undercount. But I won't take the undercount to Court...

I replied to the Emails I could, the rest I was only to quickly read thru, but I have read them all. I do hope this Election is decided soon, as I have to delete my Email 20 at a time, and it only holds on average 300. So you see even my email capacity is operating at near capacity. Reading thru these Emails, sending responses, and deleting them fom the server, plus holding a full time job.... has become difficult the past week. I thought this volume would last a day or 2 before the Election. But since it is still not decided, the 2 day onslaught of expected email is now entering week #2. I can only do so much by myself.

I will read the Emails sent to me, I can't promise a Reply.

Now a brief Update

Here is how the British are looking at us:

To the citizens of the United States of America:Following your failure to elect anybody, either a half decent candidate or a B-movie actor as President of the USA to govern yourselves and, by extension, the free world, we hereby give notice of the revocation of your independence.

Her Sovereign Majesty Queen Elizabeth II will resume a monarch's duties over all states, commonwealths and other territories. To aid in the transition to a British Crown Dependency, please comply with the following acts:

1. Look up "revoke" in a dictionary
2. Learn at least the first 4 lines of "God Save the Queen"
3. Start referring to "soccer" as football
4. Declare war on Quebec and France
5. Arrest Mel Gibson for treason
6. Learn to play cricket
7. Enjoy warm flat beer and British cuisine
8. July 4th is no longer a public holiday
9. All members of this British Crown Dependency will be required to take 6 weeks annual vacation and observe statutory tea breaks
10. Driving on the left is now compulsory

Tax collectors from Her Majesty's Government will be with you shortly to ensure the acquisition of all revenues due (backdated to 1776). Thank you for your cooperation and...have a jolly nice day and incidentally, Thanksgiving is not to be a legal holiday anymore.

Well now for a WHERE'S GEORGE?" UPDATE ONE YEAR ago I started this, $$$ Tracking for this website. When I started I was #76873 out of 76873. Well now I am: #222 out of this pool:
George says: 'We now have 489,554 users who have entered 6,445,270 bills, totalling $38,307,102 worth of U.S. currency!'

Here are my STATS:

You have entered 2,671 Bills worth $15,313.

You have 304 bills with hits.
You have 341 total hits.
Your hit rate is 11.38%.
Your George Score is 864.
Your rank is #222.
(Rank is based on George Score)

See how the Best rises to the top even in meaningless competition?



The GORE Team in a "TIZZY" today. They are SUING their OWN ELECTION OFFICIALS in Broward County for deciding against a manual handcount. Now their own LIBERAL, Clinton Appointed, Judge has ruled that the 5PM deadline stands for certifying county election results. Meanwhile the Bush lead has grown from 288 to 383 votes.

There are now more Lawyers in South Florida than voters. And the "Rev." Jesse "Racist" Jackson is leading marches in South Florida demanding the rights of stupid people who can't figure out a ballot be counted. The assumption is, I guess... is if you are Stupid and messed up the ballot, then obviously you meant to vote for GORE. WELL..., I must concede, that could very well be true... So the bottom line is: If GORE wins Florida in the end, it was the STUPID people who put him over the top. At least GORE has another LEGACY started besides being a consumate LIAR. GORE wins the Election by recieving 100% of the "Stupid People Voting Block".

Well I guess you can fool most of the people some of the time, but you can fool STUPID People ALL of the time. At least now we have identified another group in the Liberal Corner. Problem is, how do you intelligently discuss/argue complex matters with them??? I mean, they probably vote alphbetically, D comes before R in straight ticket polling/voting. The only way Republicans can get the "Stupid People Voting Block", is to change the name of the Republican Party, to the Conservative Party, because C comes before D. But I don't like Stupid People! They irritate me. I guess it's because I'm biased and hateful.

I can hear the rumblings of the staff I supervise at "The Secret Lab". I have this to say. Obviously you are not Stupid, you managed to READ about a Job Opening, managed to find the Lab, were able to fill out the Application neatly and w/o misspellings, submitted a Resume w/o typo's, and went thru the job interview and ultimately were offered a position. I think you are all in a different class than those who didn't understand "CHOOSE ONE..."

Now to some NEWS

I thought we LEARNED this lesson nearly 20 years ago, if the MARINES are carrying a gun, it should be LOADED!!! See the Story HERE!!!


Jail Cell Sex, baby born, even though BARS were in the way... See the Story HERE!!!

You end your opponents 1,270 Game Winning Streak, and your coach still isn't happy. See the Story HERE!!!




As Walter Cronkite would say,,,,DAY 7 of America Held Hostage...

Well for one thing, we are living in, thru, an Important Historic Time. NONE of us will EVER FORGET this time, no matter how the final VOTE turns out, or how many recounts are done in Florida. Trust me. When politics is the discussion, this ELECTION will be highly remembered 10, 20, 30, and 50 YEARS FROM NOW. And many Years after that too. This is a moment in History to tell your Grandkids about. Absorb the feeling, the day to day, or hour by hour news. And EDUCATE the youngsters, this happened with less than 60% of ELIGIBLE, REGISTERED VOTERS, VOTING!!!

Now the latest News I have. Well, I wonder if the Court Challenge about HANDCOUNTS was a BUSH trap. A Federal Judge RULED the HANDCOUNTS to continue under FLORIDA LAW. Under the "STATE'S RIGHTS" granted by the US CONSTITUTION. Well now another LAW comes into play. The VOTER TALLIES HAVE to be CERTIFIED by the Secretary of The STATE of FLORIDA by 5PM TUESDAY 11/14/00, 7 Days after the ELECTION. NOW the LIBERALS are "CRYING FOUL!!!" This LAW needs to be ignored!!! Warren Chistopher, GORE'S soundingboard, while applauding STATE'S RIGHTS being upheld in his case to continue the HANDCOUNT. Is now bitching about the other FLORIDA LAW about the VOTE being certified by 5PM tomorrow as STATE LAW MANDATES, except in the instance of NATURAL DISASTERS like Hurricanes and such. Well this VOTE in FLORIDA IS NOT A NATURAL DISASTER. But if you listened to Warren Christopher, you would think the SECRETARY of the STATE OF FLORIDA had DISCRETION about this. IT is NOT TRUE. But the LIBERALS are now sending that the reason is because she is a REBUPLICAN, doesn't matter that she followed the RULE OF LAW in the STATE of FLORIDA regarding this, and is UPHOLDING THE LAW of the STATE. IF the LIBERALS are able to subjugate or overrule this STATE LAW....Then we truly have lost the fundamentals that this COUNTRY is founded on. STATE'S RIGHTS do not exist, unless it favors the FEDERAL GOV'T. MOB RULE when it fits the DESIRES of the LIBERALS. I appreciate all of you who took the time to visit my insignificant website. I implore you to watch the NEWS, both the LIBERAL NETWORKS, and the NEWS SITES you have found on the INTERNET. I DO NOT have the Resources to counter every claim by the LIBERALS hour by hour, legal issue, by legal issue. Plus I am NOT A LAWYER. This website is a dance by 1 man, me, SMOKER DAVE. I do my best with my Staff on this web site, which numbers me, and no one else.

I do feel the need to reiterate one aspect of the ELECTION, no matter what the FINAL OUTCOME IS, THESE will not change, the VOTE COUNTY BY COUNTY, or PARISH BY PARISH.



HAPPY VETERANS DAY!!! I do appreciate your sacrifice...

Well in my opinion the recounts will go on and on until Al Gore has the desired Result. May I put a DEFENSE for the ELECTORAL COLLEGE. Without it, the Presidential Campaighns would only be focused on the EASTERN Seaboard, California, and a couple of the Great Lakes States. Where the population centers are. The REST of the COUNTRY would basically be ignored. If you truly believe the ELECTORAL COLLEGE should be ABOLISHED by a CONSTITUTIONAL AMMENDMENT, you may as well add the US SENATE to the AMMENDMENT. Because if you believe this way, then why give each STATE 2 Senators? California, New York, etc. only have 2 Senators EACH. STATES like N &S Dakota, Alaska, Arizona, ETC also have 2 SENATORS EACH. This is also unequal represenation. But maybe YOU believe the Farmers and RURAL STATES should be SUBJUGATED by the whims of City Dwellers.

I know VISUALS help make the POINT. OK, Gore got the POPULAR VOTE, the ELECTORAL VOTE is what we are waiting on. Gore got the POPULAR VOTE from a VERY FEW metropolitan areas. Knowing what you know,,,, are you curious about the breakdown of the VOTE COUNTY by COUNTY?

This is why the ELECTORAL COLLEGE is important.


Well no matter what happens in the unending recounts, WE NOW KNOW WHERE THE LIBERALS LIVE!!! MAYBE we could CEDE these areas to Cuba or something. It WOULD make Life easier for them. After all, how many Elections has CUBA HAD?


Here we are, the RECOUNT not even 1/2 done in Florida, and the Democrats want Bush to concede for the "good of the Country" because he lost the popular vote. While they are setting up lawsuits because "feeble-minded people were confused on the Ballot" See the Ballot once again from another source HERE!!!

Now to these upcoming lawsuit threats. Well I don't see the Conservatives whinning about Florida being won by Gore before the polls closed in the Florida Panhandle, which is very Republican, and people went home without voting. Plus the Conservatives in Califorinia who heard this News and left the polling line w/o voting thinking it was all over. Then there is St. Louis, where a local judge let the polling places stay open longer than what is in the LAW. There is NO way of counting how many invalid votes from this Liberal Stonghold were cast before a Federal Judge shut it down. This cost Ashcroft his seat to a DEAD MAN, and votes for Bush.

The Liberals are back to their same old game. It's not FAIR!!! WAH WAH!!!! And the recount isn't even done yet, and depending on the outcome maybe not until the 17th. PEOPLE when they go to VOTE are expected to treat it solemnly and with diligence on their part in understanding the BALLOT. EVERYONE is sent a SAMPLE BALLOT. The Ballot in Question was put together by a DEMOCRAT, and approved by both the Democrats and Republicans. AND NO COMPLAINTS were recieved about the BALLOT before the ELECTION. Complaints were only recieved after Bush took the Lead in Florida. SOMEHOW these feeble-minded people who couldn't understand the BALLOT, (Even though they could ASK any Election Official at the polling place, if they were unsure about something in the BALLOT or about the BALLOT). MANAGED TO FIND AND CALL THEIR CONGRESSMAN or the DEMOCRATIC NATIONAL COMMITEE. This just doesn't make sense. The Phone Book is easier to confuse than their BALLOT was.

I am sorry, but if the BALLOT is so confusing to you that you can't figure it out, and on top of that don't ask for help or clarification from the Election Officials there to help. Then in my opinion, you have NO BUSINESS VOTING IN THE 1ST PLACE!!!

Now we go to to those who VOTED for 2 Presidential Candidates, That AUTOMATICALLY gets you BALLOT tossed into the Trash Heap as INVALID VOTES. Happens everywhere, everytime, in EVERY PRECINCT. This has been held up by COURTS. BUT NOW the LIBERALS are saying it is not FAIR for an ELECTION of this importance to be RULED by TECHNICALITIES just because some of the people wanting to vote for Gore were stupid or idiots. To HELL with the Rule of Law, or The CONSTITUTION, or that the Liberals didn't care until the Panhandle of Florida voter turnout was "Snuffed", and Bush took the Lead. TO HELL WITH THE LAW and THE CONSTITUTION!!!! THESE STUPID PEOPLE have a RIGHT to REVOTE!!! AND determine who runs this Country.

Which brings me to this conclusion. As long as the LIBERALS win, they are willing to have the deciding factor be the Stupid, or the Idiot, or the Senile. WIN at any cost, like I spoke here about in the past few weeks. Gore is NOT a Unifyer, but a Divider. Obviously this Country is split. We have a population barely able to Vote, reinforcing those who want Gov't to invade every aspect of our of daily lives, and take as much $$$ out of our wallet as possible.

If Gore Wins in the Recount, I concede the election to Gore, and I have 4 more years of trying to reach you all, and hopefully a lot more. If Gore loses the Recount, and the Liberals launch LAWSUITS and get Gore into Office......How about a "Smoker Dave Militia".

RED FLAGS going up in Washington DC over that last sentence, LOL!!! Or maybe next week, if Gore wins, all my guns are stolen from my Armed Compound.....wink, wink....

But as Victors, legitimate, or otherwise, Liberals will never leave. They will at least be a bad case of heat rash on your butt from time to time. Which is appropriate since Liberals are the Closet to the A-Hole. Or if they get POWER, able to cut your legs off, and nuter you. I refuse to let that happen to the best of my ability. As long as I live and breathe a FREE MAN, I will continue to attack the REPRESSION the Liberals want to shove down our throats, their stealing of the $$ we make, and Our CONSTITUTIONAL RIGHTS they want to take away. Like Me, Love Me, HATE ME..... That's the way it is. Now if I was a Liberal, and Bill Clinton, I would have added,,,,,, "Or Blow Me". But that's the Liberal View, not mine.

I think I stirred the Pot a bit today, could get into some trouble for it. THEREFORE AN EXCELLENT UPDATE!!!

2 hours until the RECOUNT is completed in Florida (5PM EST). The WAITING CONTINUES.......

See you Tomorrow!!! unless the FEDS take me away before then....


OK, I admit my predictions were wrong, of a 10% popular vote win and 310 Electoral Votes for Bush. WE didn't turn out as I thought we would. The recount in Florida won't be completed until 5PM tomorrow Eastern Time, or much later.


Personally, I am absolutley dumbfounded.....

So you didn't think your vote counts, I have only missed 1 election, a local election because I just moved, and I was sick about it. I will never not vote because I thought it wouldn't matter. I will always get my 2 cents in, win or lose. Can't bitch about it if you don't vote, can't chastize an elected official, if you didn't vote.

Well at least at this point the conservatives are still in control of Congress, and it is a good sign that BUSH has won Florida, pending the recount.

Now many of you have heard about the "SUPPOSED" Confusing Ballot in Palm Beach County, FLORIDA, where as many as 3 thousand, people "SUPPOSEDLY" voted for Buchaman when they intented to Vote for Gore. Well see that BALLOT HERE!!! Well, I'M SORRY!!! If you can't figure this out, you should have seen the Ballot we had here in AZ!!! I took my sample BALLOT in with me and it took me nearly 5 minutes, (5 MINUTES is the Legal amount of time you can be in the election booth) to transcribe what I chose. We had 166 POSSIBLE ARROWS to connect. Besides, each voting place has ELECTION OFFICIALS to help you if you have ANY QUESTIONS about the BALLOT.

NOW to the MEDIA COVERAGE of the ELECTION. We have known for sometime now, that the Media's "EXIT POLLING" and declaring "WINNERS" when 1% of the vote is in, and the POLLS are still open, like happened in FLORIDA yesterday. When the MEDIA declared GORE WINS FLORIDA, the Panhandle of Florida, in a different timezone, the polls were still open, plus this also sqewes the voter turnout etc. in the western timezones. Then later on they, the MEDIA, but FLORIDA back into the UNDECIDED Catagory. Then Hours later the MEDIA declares BUSH the winner. Then an hour later, back to undecided. The MEDIA SCREWED with BOTH parties on this.

This is the problem that needs addressing. This will take a CONSTITUTIONAL AMENDMENT to the 1st AMMENDMENT. This is what I think should be done. In ELECTIONS of NATIONAL OFFICE, which is PRESIDENTIAL, SENATORIOL, or HOUSE OF REPRESENTATIVES. NO EXIT POLLING RESULTS REPORTED until the polling concerning the ELECTION is OVER. That means except for the Presidential Election most can be posted as each State's polling closes. But in PRESIDENTIAL ELECTIONS NO RESULTS, or projections on ELECTION DAY for any race reported until ALL THE POLLS close, which is Midnight Eastern Time when Alaska closes it's polling.

Now to the ELECTORAL COLLEGE. Many think it is outdated, I differ. The CONSTITUTION is smarter than many of us are. I we abolish the "ELECTORAL COLLEGE", than this is what will happen. The Candidates will focus entirely on the East and West Coast, and a bit around the Great Lakes States. The Whole MidSection of the US will be ignored for the most part. Forget the farmers, forget RURAL AMERICA. This would be the catalyst for possible revolution in the near future, and the last thing we need is a Divided United States. It could very well end up more deadly than the CIVIL WAR. I am not blowing my own horn here. Just last week it was said by the MEDIA it was VERY POSSIBLE that BUSH would win the Popular Vote and Lose the Electoral Vote, I didn't think it was possible, but I didn't complain about the possibility. Well many Democrats are bitching about it now, they didn't say a word about it last week either, when the possibilty favored their cause, Losing the Popular Vote and winning the Electoral Vote.

Now to end this very long day for me, this election has raised my blood pressure more than any Football Game, this year and past years. Nothing like being involved in HISTORY in a huge way, that is, if YOU VOTED!!!!

If you didn't VOTE, you are on the sidelines, without a Voice. SHAME SHAME SHAME, ON YOU!!!If you didn't VOTE, I hope this election makes you never to miss another oportunity to VOTE again.

Obviously because of this election turmoil, I did not have a chance to research other News Stories to post for you. After all I STILL have a full time job to do besides this "hobby" of mine.

SEE YOU TOMORROW!!!! Maybe we will know who our next President is by then, most likely not though. Let me end with a Biblical Quote. "Though I walk in the Valley of Darkness, I will Fear No GORE, for the LORD is with me..." OPPS!!! It was supposed to be "I will Fear No "Evil". DAMN TYPO'S!!!! You know how it is when you are TIRED!!!!

ME?,,, BIASED?, NO WAY!!! heh, heh!!!

TIME FOR ME TO GO!!!! I wish you all a goodnight!!!! And we will see what happens in the next day or so. There is nothing we can do now but wait for the recount, and it won't happen until tomorrow at the earliest. No sense in waiting up for it, get your sleep, I plan to get mine.

These are not my words, but encompass what I feel more eloquently than I can say myself. Of coarse it takes RUSH L. to say it it better.

"You inherited a great free America. People who follow you should have that same opportunity. The power you yield today will be wielded against your children and grandchildren Tuesday."

"If you're not moved to protect your own liberty, then at least think about your children and grandchildren and their liberty, because it is clearly up for grabs in the presidential and congressional races that take place Tuesday."

"This election is going to decide, at least for the next four years, whether ours is a country that passionately embraces freedom or big government, whether we will defend our individual liberty or voluntarily cede more and more of it to a massive federal bureaucracy."

"Consider yourselves on the verge of taking back your COUNTRY, and reaffirming the institutions and traditions that you believe have made it Great."

Thanks RUSH, I could not have said it better.


Hi All!!! Well, my knee is still an issue, probably because I refused to rest it at all on my days off from work. No minor limb will keep me from doing what I want to do.

Well it IS "ELECTION EVE". Another prediction. G.W. BUSH will get 310 or more ELECTORAL VOTES, 40 more than needed. Now to ANYONE who visits here and is "STILL UNDECIDED". YOU IDIOT!!!! Live under a rock? Don't come back to this website, I don't need the likes of you. Good Grief!!! You would think someone could decide by NOW!!!

But while I am on the "ELECTION" Subject, I have a good tid-bit for you. Remember AL GORE'S tearfull rendition of his sister's Cancer Death in the 1996 Election, and vowed to FIGHT BIG TOBACCO? Well, though he denies responsibility for it, GORE'S Campaign has brought in HOMELESS PEOPLE TO VOTE FOR GORE, giving them CIGARRETTES!!!! See the STORY HERE!!!

ROSIE O'Donnell talk show host to air Streisand's PRO-GORE Speech. I believe this will backfire, as nobody I know watches this show, and most likely those that do watch it, do it for laughs. See the STORY HERE!!!

The FAT PEOPLE are upset. They don't like us thin/or husky people that can fit in everyday seats, or are smaller than the broadside of a BARN!!!. They, actually 1 could be mistaken as a "they", complain it is discrimination. OK, I admit it, if you are 4 ft tall and weigh 500 lbs. I don't care how smart you are, you can't do the job I hire people for. AND THE DAMAGES DONE by one's your size are documented where I work, broken chairs, at Hundreds of $$$ apiece, excessive FEEDING BREAKS from McDonald's, and Jack In The Box. Plus the overuse of the refridgerators in the Lunchroom, causing them to break down. May I also mention the ILLEGAL storage of Tupperware in cabinets of uneaten food, bringing in the ants you complain about? All this has happened at "The SECRET LAB" in the past month. Well anyways, here is the STORY HERE!!!

2nd Ammendment RIGHTS, this town has the right idea, I bet the crime rate goes down. See the Story HERE!!!

Remember Gordon Lightfoot's Song, "The Wreck of The Edmund Fitzgerald"? Well that tragedy is coming up on it's 25th Anniversary, I grew up near Lake Ontario, I remember this tragedy very well. And Gordon Lightfoot's Ballad captured the feeling of the tragedy very well...... "And the Sailor's BELL TOLLED 29 times, for each Member of the Edmund Fitzgerald...." Happened 11/10/75. See the STORY HERE!!!



WOW!!! HAPPY BIRTHDAY!!!! My website is 3 Years Old TODAY!!! No SWAT TEAM or GOV'T Agents in view today. So I can now state that this website is in it's "4th Year of Biting Commentary and Political Incorrectness"!!!

Well my knee is on the road to getting better, don't you worry.

AHA!!! I told you all about this on 10/30/00. The DemocRATS would pull this stunt. And it turns out the source for the reporter is MAINE's Democratic Candidate for Governor. The G.W. Bush DUI over 24 yrs. ago. I think this will backfire badly. Bush did NOT deny it, he did not SHAKE HIS FINGER At the AMERICAN PUBLIC, saying He DID NOT DO IT, like Clinton did. He did NOT try to use his family's influence to avoid it. He does not claim that, if you remember DUI back then this wasn't much of a offence if you didn't crash or hurt someone, that there was no controlling legal authority. After all the LAW was DUI, GREATER than .10, Bush had a .10, still LEGAL, except he didn't pass the FIELD SOBRIETY TEST. Did Bush try to skirt the LAW? NO. It is clear G.W.Bush won't lie to us like Clinton/Gore has in the past 7 1/2 yrs. CLINTON's WIFE said it was a "VAST RIGHT WING CONSPIRACY" on the MONICA matter. Then when it was proven, it was to be dismissed as a private matter. Latest is that CLINTON wants the REPUBLICANS to APOLOGIZE to the AMERICAN People for the IMPEACHMENT!!! Gore claims his lack of knowledge about campaign LAWS being broken in meetings he was present to: he took many "piss" breaks because of all the "TEA" he was drinking and missed those discussions....

Don't be surprised if the Liberals have another dirty trick up their sleeve this weekend. Remember it was the LIBERALS who called for an END to Politics of Personal Destruction. But Now that they are SCARED of LOSING, ALL bets are OFF. PANIC MODE at GORE's Headquarters. HEAP THE DIRT!!! Because it's WIN AT ANY COST!!! Do damage control later after winning the OFFICE. After All, The American Public is used to the Liberals Lieing.

Well I think after 7 years, this strategy has worn out.

I am 37 yrs old, and believe or not, I also have "mistakes in my past" and I learned from them, and did not repeat them either. And I never lied about them either. Everyone at work and who knows me personally knows about my past missteps.

BE VERY suspicious if "we" attack a terroist compound between now and election day, or something similar. Could be a repeat of the bombing of an aspirin factory, like CLINTON did when the MONICA STORY heated up.

I need to celebrate my WEBSITES BIRTHDAY!!! With a few BEERS, I haven't given them up yet, maybe when I turn 40. PLUS SMOKES!!!

I am short for time this weekend, as I have 2 football games to go to this weekend (ASU and CARDINAL GAMES). And I am in need of a haircut, and some homework from work. But if I CAN, I will post another update. Otherwise I will update again on Monday. NO PROMISES, but I will do what I can.

Now for a sentimental journey, My 1st Posting in "THOUGHTS FROM A SMOKE FILLED ROOM".

================================~~~~~~~~~~~ 11/04/97 On the Au Pair murder trail, outside of Boston, (and English Tabloids who write on anything) who really cares!!!??? I fail to understand why CNN and MSNBC have live courtroom coverage on this, except for the fact that within 24hrs of L. Woodward taking the stand is when the White House / Hillary Clinton came out and talked about the childcare crisis here in the U.S. and the need for a national standard for childcare providers. I call it the Liberal's crisis of the moment.(So much for Slick Willy's smaller government, remember....last year?).

And now to Iraq, I always believed the "war" ended a tad too soon. We should have taken Saddam out when we had the chance. I have heard some news reports that the inspectors were on the verge of finding Iraq's hidden cache of chemical and biological weapons, granted I have nothing to substantiate this, but is what I heard on one news source or another.

Also have heard some rumblings on a lawsuit against the Fed Gov. from former workers at the nonexistant Area 51 on toxic chemical exposure. Will see if anything develops in the next week or so.

END OF ORIGINAL 1ST POSTING, ALSO available in the Archives in it's ORIGINAL FORMAT.

I wonder,,,,, does this mean that my website is now past "THE TERRIBLE 2's"????

ENJOY the WEEKEND!!! see you Monday, or earlier!!!


Yes the knee is still screwed up, will be for another couple of days, tired of the "Look at the Cripple Jokes".

Now this is interesting, even though it reduced my research time for today's update. I get home from work at "The Secret Lab", and find my Apt. Building surrounded by MESA, AZ. POLICE and SWAT TEAM, (Dressed in black with black snowmobile type hats that cover the whole face, with high powered rifles and a battering ram).

I have to admit, A thought went thru my mind, that the LIBERALS were making a Pre-Election Raid on my Apt because of my website. Well I was ordered limping away from my building when I parked my car, and took note that they were concerned with an Apt a few doors away from my Apt. WHEW!!!! SECRET ARMED COMPOUND of Smoker Dave almost exposed!!!! What a prize for the LIBERALS it would have been, better than a METH LAB BUST. And NO, "The SECRET LAB" doesn't produce METH. I don't know the reason for the SWAT TEAM etc. But I do know they arrested 2 males in their 20's a while later, 1 black and 1 hispanic, go figure.... The whole thing was rather interesting and entertaining. But also a bit worrisome too. Listening to the chit chat amoung the SWAT TEAM MEMBERS after the situation, whatever it was, was over. I was stuck by the impression that most of these SWAT TEAM members in their mid-20's believe they have a LICENSE to SHOOT to KILL. Viewing the WEAPONS they displayed and had at their disposal, and the BATTERING RAM. Makes me sick to think what I would be called with my few guns, and a couple of hundred rounds of .22 Ammo under "BRADY II". Having an ARSENAL!!! Those of you who shoot at ANY regularity for Sport, target practice, etc. KNOW that 200 rounds of .22 shells is NOTHING!!!

Now for a brief update

I stand by my predictions of the Election I posted on Monday(scroll down).

Now this story starts Local here in the Phoenix area, but is National in revelence. NAACP Leader in PHOENIX ARRESTED for SLUGGING Business owner for not replacing a car battery that he didn't purchase at that business. Prances like ALI after a HEAVYWEIGHT FIGHT. I guess he expects all of to say it's OK because he is Black. See the STORY HERE!!!

NOW to what the NATIONAL NAACP is doing. BLUNTLY, PRISON and JAIL INMATES are pro-LIBERAL, NAACP bringing them in to VOTE! See the STORY HERE!!!

As a side note, I took a light jacket to work for the 1st time this season last night 11/01. After all it got down to the upper 40's, makes the "Smoke Breaks" a bit chilly.

From the STILL SECURE, "SECRET ARMED COMPOUND", I will see you tomorrow!!!


Today is "All Saints Day". Sorry for the Religious based intrusion to my commentary, but for the first time a Calander I have, doesn't evem LIST it! It lists all the others, I was shocked when I flipped the calander over and didn't see a mention of it. SO I MENTION IT!

Well it's been a painful day for me. A High School Sport injury making its periodic return. Anybody want to buy a bad left knee? Makes for an adventure in pain, taking a shower, (Got to lift and bend the knee over the tub), putting pants, sock, and shoe on is a twenty minute ordeal only a contortionist can relate to. Getting in and out of the car isn't great fun either. I think some of my staff at "The Secret Lab" get enjoyment from my temporary impairment. You know, the joking, "LOOK at the cripple.." sort of stuff. Oh well, at least I provide entertainment. This usually lasts only 3 or 4 days, so hopefully I will be "mobile" again this weekend. But because of this temporary affliction, today's update will be short.

More PROOF that voting for Bush is the right thing, CHER thinks we are CRAZY if we do. That's a slam dunk reason for me!!! I have never envisioned CHER agreeing with me on anything. See the STORY HERE!!!

ADULT STORY WARNING!!! Guys, don't try this, AT ALL!!! There are some things your "Slick Willy" shouldn't do. See the STORY/PHOTO HERE!!!

ARIZONA Alternative Fuel Fiasco Update, the $1/2 BILLION SNAFU that was supposed to cost $3 Million. See the STORY HERE!!!

See you next time, hopefully tomorrow!!!


BREAKING NEWS!!! Comic STEVE ALLEN has died, sorry no links available. I assume you all know about the Plane Crash in Taiwan.


And there is SCARY NEWS Today!!!

Believe it or not, Slick Willy wants the CONGRESS to apologize to the COUNTRY for his IMPEACHMENT!!!! What is CONGRESS supposed to say???? We are SORRY YOU LIED to the AMERICAN PUBLIC, We are SORRY you LIED UNDER OATH IN COURT, We are SORRY YOU got CAUGHT!!!??? But I guess that is what Clinton wants. Here is the STORY.

Clinton wants apology from Congress

WASHINGTON (AP) - President Clinton says congressional Republicans owe the nation an apology for his impeachment, and despite their statements that the matter is over, "They haven't necessarily put their abuse of power behind them." In an interview in Esquire magazine's December issue, Clinton said the investigation into his affair with Monica Lewinsky and his subsequent impeachment was not about pursuing the truth or the best interests of the American people. It was about politics, power, "the Republicans and their welfare," he said. "Unlike them, I have apologized to the American people for what I did wrong, and most Americans think I paid a pretty high price," Clinton said. The president declined to discuss the interview Monday, saying he was assured by Esquire that it would not be released until after the election. Senate Majority Leader Trent Lott, R-Miss., told ABC's "This Week" that Clinton's statement is "absolutely bizarre," and there would be no apology from the Republicans.

Well, now you read what CLINTON said, about IMPEACHMENT, and Monica. I think it is only fair that you get the whole story in context. Take a look at the Cover of Esquire magazine's December issue, Call it "Monica's View of "Willy"". HERE!!! A Picture does say more than a thousand words... Well, I'm a big enough man to apologize. Mr. Clinton, I am VERY SORRY you are not in Federal Prison, as a resident. At least you would have a HOME. See I do have a soft, forgiving side to me. Here are other NEWS Articles about this. HERE!!! AND HERE!!!

Do you want more evidence that BUSH will win next week? This was said last night during the MONDAY NIGHT FOOTBALL GAME. In the past 15 Presidential Elections, when the Washington Redskins lose the last HOME GAME before the Election, the PARTY not occupying the WHITE HOUSE WINS. Well the Redskins lost their last HOME GAME last night to the TENN. TITANS.... AL GORE'S HOME TEAM!!! Ain't that a hoot!!!

Well today is HALLOWEEN, hope you like the pumpkin I put up. Well for a bit more SCARE for us, there is a celestial thing to consider, in all of it's circumstantial meanings. An apparition in the sky - the demon star, Algol. NOTICE how close it is to ALGORE, makes you go, Hmmmmm..... Read the Rest of the story, and it connotations get even SCARIER!!! See the STORY HERE!!!

I stick by my prediction I stated in yesterday's posting on next week's Election Results.


WHAKY LIBERAL THINKING!!!! You don't honestly think Conservatives are in agreement with this whacko???? READING ALOUD to your CHILD is an act of VIOLENCE!!!! You got it! Just when you thought the LIBERAL "THINKERS" couldn't get any more whacky. It just proves that LIBERALISM will never cease to amaze us. I don't want them to disappear, I just want them out of power. As long as they are out of Power, they provide GREAT ENTERTAINMENT. See the STORY HERE!!!

Well the 1st residents of the Internation Space Station are on their way. 1 American and 2 Russians. By the way the American, graduated from H.S. here in AZ. William Shepherd. See the STORY HERE!!! This is a 4 month stay at the Space Station. Being that it is 3 guys, I hope this doesn't come into play. See the STORY HERE!!!

CHINA, now planning on a MANNED MISSION TO THE MOON!!! They couldn't have done it without buying the Technology from CLINTON/GORE for their Re-Election in 1996 in ILLEAGAL CONTRIBUTIONS, etc. See the STORY HERE!!!


See you Tomorrow!!! BOO!!!


8 DAYS and counting to the ELECTION!!!! Just wait until Wed. or Thurs.!!!! That's when the Democ"RATS" will pull out all the stops. It will be the biggest NEGATIVE SMEAR TACTICS ever used, forget the Democ"RATS" cry of ending the "The Politics of Personal Destruction". AL GORE DOES NOT CARE "HOW" he gets elected, as long as he gets elected. The ENDS justify the MEANS in this case to GORE. Because AL GORE's whole reason for being, is to be "President". He has been "groomed" for this, since he was born. Gore has spent his ENTIRE life in Washington, and in politics. If he loses, he doesn't have another career in the Private Sector, never REALLY "WORKED" for a living. But don't feel SORRY for him, there is the "LECTURE CIRCUIT", and his substantial holdings in Occidental Petroleum!!!!

Clinton now campaigning for GORE, Hillary not happy, as she is in a tough battle with relatively unknown Rick Lazio for the Senate Seat from NY. If both Gore and Hillary LOSE,,,, Where will BILL LIVE? Probably in his "Presidential Library" in Little Rock. If it ever gets built...

A PREDICTION from SMOKER DAVE: BUSH will win the popular vote by 10% or more, and win California. The House and Senate will remain in Republican Control. Followed by before Febuary resignations from long time LIBERALS in the Congress, as they do not know what to do when they don't control at least 1 Branch of the Federal Gov't. (That will be SHRINKING in POWER because of the MANDATE of BUSH's Election). I am an optimist, OUR RIGHTS will not be further reduced or threatened, WE will get to keep more of our $$$. PARENTS, once again can dream about their child becoming PRESIDENT as a NOBLE and RESPECTABLE wish, instead of BEATING their children who want to be "LIKE BILL".

Most parents at least want their children to grow up and be decent and responsible contributors to society, and to be proud of them. Who do you think is a role model? Clinton/Gore, or Bush? Do you think Clinton's parents would be PROUD of their son, shaking his FINGER at the COUNTRY and LYING the whole time? Do you think GORE's Parents are proud of his proclomation, "NO CONTROLLING LEGAL AUTHORITY"? And the "I Invented the INTERNET", "I discovered LOVE CANAL", "My Wife and I were the subject of LOVE STORY", "I invented the STRATEGIC OIL RESERVE", "I have always supported a woman's Right to Choose" (MURDER of the UNBORN) etc. etc. These and other LIES by GORE are in the past updates on this website.

Granted, if GORE wins I have a lot more material for 4 years available, if GORE doesn't make websites like this ILLEAGAL. But I don't NEED the material, I have a lot of other material to use besides the "DEATH OF FREEDOM in the USA". I won't tell you who to vote for, I will tell you to vote for ANYONE but GORE!!!


Darn it! New Study says BRA'S don't cause CANCER. I was counting on tight t-shirts and bra-less young women to be parading around. See the STORY HERE!!!

A Halloween STORY!!!! School Suspends girl for "CASTING A SPELL ON HER TEACHER". I guess it worked, why else would they throw her out? "Bat Wings, and Ant Legs, Boiling in Water, if the Teacher gives a POP QUIZ, make him SICK an whallow!!!". SEE THE STORY HERE!!!

Thanks to PETA!!! (People for The Ethical Treatment of Animals). Prisoners now have the option for a MEATLESS DIET. This is to satisfy "their" personal preferences, or RELIGIOUS obligations...... CRUELTY FREE and taking away the prisoners' taste for BLOOD. Seems to me that some of these CRIMINALS have more respect for not killing a COW, than MURDERING A HUMAN BEING. WELL,,,,, anyways,,,, See the STORY HERE!!!

SHEEP BEWARE!!! Especially in IOWA!! I bet there is more than 1 of these SHEEP RAPISTS!!! After all all lot of Farm Boys are Isolated from the females of the same RACE??? See the STORY HERE!!!

See You Tomorrow!!!


DAMN!!! I'm sorry! I had an update, thought I posted it. But It AIN'T here, and AIN'T anywhere on my Server or on my PC. I assume it went to the great BYTE Bucket in the sky, joining other lost files, emails, and socks the dryer eats. Has to be a heck of a "Lost and Found" Wherehouse somewhere for all of this stuff.

Well, for most of you, you all have an extra hour for the weekend as you "Fall Back". Here in AZ, and some other places we don't play that silly game. My guess is that most of you will spend at LEAST an hour resetting all your clocks. PC's, VCR's, Alarm Clocks, Wall Clocks, Microwave Oven Clocks, Watches, Cell Phones, TV, Car Radio/Stereo, etc. etc. Well here in AZ. we don't waste our time doing all that. And come Spring, you will lose an hour from your weekend, plus the time to reset all your clocks!!! I find humor in ritualistic idiotcy. At least the NFL Games now will start an hour later, works for me!

ELECTION: Hmmm.... Seems to me that GORE keeps putting VICTIMS and the downtrodden in his ADS. Thing is we have the best economy in History, His Administration has been in Power for 7 1/2 yrs. Why haven't they taken care of these people? I will give you the REASONS.

There WILL ALWAYS be "poor" People. The LIBERALS will not solve problems for them, so they can keep raising it as an ISSUE against the Conservatives, when it suits their purposes, like ELECTIONS. The LIBERALS GAOL is to CONTROL as much $$$ (OUR $$$) as possible, redistribute the $$$ to WHO THEY SEE FIT, probably after they take some for themselves off the top. You know, have a $MILLION Budget, suddenly the OFFICE SUPPLIES Expense is $50,000 Over Budget. Nobody Questions Government Cost Overuns. Except when a 1 yr $3 Million Program exceeds $450 Million in the first 3 months, like here in AZ. The ALTERNATE FUEL SUBSIDY DeBacle. In case you missed it, basically anyone in AZ who puts a propane tank in their vehicle, gets FREE CONVERSION, and $20,000, and the policy is SO LIBERAL, you could almost just carry around a small COLEMAN Propane Tank for a portable Gas Grill and be credited as using Alternative Fuel for your vehical, and recieve $20,000 from the State. A lot of NEWS on this, I have a story for you on this HERE!!!

And here is the 2nd STORY HERE!!!AZ POLITICS!


Back to POLITICS. HMMMM.... I thought GORE wanted TRUTH in ADVERTISING,,,,, didn't he just say that in the last debate? Now that there is undeniable FACTS coming to light that in 1996 CLINTON/GORE basically sold, or ALLOWED the RED CHINESSE to STEAL NUCLEAR and MISSILE TECHNOLOGY from US for contributions to CLINTON/GORE REELECTION. NOW the GORE CAMPAIGN is crying about a Pro-BUSH AD, paid by private individuals, mirroring the DEMOCRATS AD against the Republican Candidate in 1964, BARRY GOLDWATER. THE FACT IS: CHINA can NUKE most of the USA now, they didn't have the capability 5 yrs ago. They DO NOW because of CLINTON/GORE. IN CONTEXT, the AD is accurate and TRUE. See the STORY HERE!!!

MORE REASONS NOT to MOVE TO ARIZONA. We are full. We have SCORPIONS. We have BLACK WIDOW SPIDERS. We hav Tarantula SPIDERS, We have a lot of 100 degree + days, We have GUNS. AND, We also have COYOTES that can drag your children from your home to eat. See the STORY HERE!!!

See ya MONDAY!!!


2 Months 'till CHRISTMAS, shopping days counting down!!!

I 1st must address this. Yesterday here in the "The Valley of the Sun" We had a WHACKO 14 yr old kid take a GUN to School and hold teachers and Students HOSTAGE. The reason being given now is because he had troubles at home. Well I must be getting VERY OLD. Because when I went to school, in the fall there would be hundreds of GUNS in Students Pick-Up Trucks etc. to go hunting after school, small game (rabbits, etc.) (Canadien Geese), and big game, (BEARS and DEER). Nobody ever got shot. Most boys in 1st Grade and higher had a LEAST a pocket knife in their pocket. Many others had BARBED FISH HOOKS for fishing after school. All such things BANNED now since I Graduated from High School in 1981. The worst thing that ever happened in my school were fist fights. The greatest injuries were bloody noses and black eyes, and damaged pride. But you still went back to school the next day, and endured the defacing comments by schoolmates. Now it is a "RIGHT" in some kid's minds, not properly raised by THEIR PARENTS, to threaten their teachers and classmates with a GUN. It has now happened here in my adopted home of Arizona. If we held FAMILY VALUES, and convictions, local control of the schools to the Local Residents and Teachers, instead of waffling to the Federal Govt's LIBERAL MANDATES. THIS would never happen. See the STORY HERE!!!

Now to Politics

GORE is running ADS that accuse GW BUSH of "SPENDING" the Surplus on TAX Cut $$$. I say, "WAIT JUST A FREAKING MINUTE!!!" A TAX SURPLUS is in it's own definition, TAXATION over Spending NEEDS. MEANS we are paying MORE than the FEDERAL GOV'T NEEDS. THIS MEANS it is OUR $$$!!!!. How GORE and the LIBREC"RATS" see this as THEIR $$$, to divy up and give to others who don't work for it is beyond me!!!! THE CONSTITUTION: FEDERAL GOV'T Responsible for TREATIES between us and other COUNTRIES, Provide for the COMMON DEFENSE, and protecting OUR BORDERS. ALL OTHER RIGHTS AND LAWS LEFT TO THE PEOPLE AND THE STATES. The STATES and THE PEOPLE were to have the POWER, not the FEDERAL GOV'T. Don't you think the FEDS are REACHING HERE???!!! EX. NEW FEDERAL LAW THIS WEEK: Unless your STATE adopts a 0.08 BLOOD ALCOHOL CONTENT for DUI, that STATE WILL LOSE it's HIGHWAY FUNDS IN 2004, even though those residents of the STATE paid $$$ in FEDERAL TAXES to it. AND there are many more examples of the POWER of the FEDS over the STATES. OUR ORIGINAL 13 COLONIES went to WAR with the homeland (ENGLAND, the BRITISH CROWN) for the SAME THING!!!! Are we on this HIGHWAY NOW? The HIGHWAY to HELL? Because if we are it will not be preety. However I don't see the threshold for this for another decade or two, but unless we get back to our basics, on how WE want to be governed, this appears to be inevitable in the long run. A BUSH VICTORY in 2 weeks would delay this or even prevent the spliting of the USA in our future.

Think about this. This IS SUPPOSED to be a FREE COUNTRY. If I want a GUN I should be able to get one, If I don't want to pay for people who don't want to work, don't take $$$$ from me to help them do it. If you are so stupid you can't provide for yourself, don't count on me to SAVE your sorry ASS.

And don't give me the BS that I am unfeeling, or Hatefull. I understand some have trouble, my Church will help, at a better return on the $$$ than the FEDS could ever do, and in a much more humanitarian way. Why should I let my $$$ go to those who HATE everthing I stand For???? IT IS MY $$$!!!!

I have a VERY long Shift tonight, at least 13 hrs. So there will not be an UPDATE tommorrow, there will be an UPDATE on FRIDAY. See you then!!!