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Well, Today, to start out with are 2 PHOTOS taken recently by an UNKNOWN SOURCE. Most likely a FEMA member. PHOTOS of GROUND ZERO. 1st is an OVERVIEW, 2nd is a CLOSEUP.


There are somewhat credible runors going around here that President Bush MIGHT be here on SATURDAY to THROW the 1st Ball in the WORLD SERIES. And you know I will be attending the Game. The Ticket I have cost me $110, about 12 X the Regular price, but FACE VALUE for the WORLD SERIES. I did see in the NEWSPAPER TODAY though that a similiar seat is now selling for over $750. I AM NOT SELLING!!! HOWEVER if someone is willing to pay me $10,000 for the ticket, I would sell. That is my PRICE, to deny me the privaledge of going to a WORLD SERIES GAME.

I have a very long shift again, so there most likely will not be an UPDATE Tommorrow (THURS). But there will be one on FRIDAY.

OK, Stop sending the EMAILS. I now know that it is spelled CIPRO, and not Cypro. You people are way to critical.

I knew that BIN LADEN was able to get ANTHRAX, as EASILY as LEE HARVEY OSWALD got his RIFLE,,,, MAIL ORDER!!! See the STORY, but I still believe IRAQ is responsible for the ANTHRAX ATTACKS, HERE!!!


So who are we currently fighting? A bunch of MENTAL INCOMPETENCE, and TOTAL RILIGIOUS ZEALOTS. These IDIOT WHACKOS are so INSANE as to say that "THEY WOULD ATTACK AMERICA AND KILL ALL OF IT'S CITIZENS, if they only knew how...."


These STATEMENTS ALONE are GROUNDS and EVEN DEFENDABLE in THE LIBERAL WORLD COURT (At THE HAGUE) and the UN to allow US to turn the ENTRIRE COUNTRY of AFGHANISTAN into NUCLEAR RUBLE on the scale of HIROSHIMA, and NAKASAKI. I don't think it will happen now, but if another ATTACK HAPPENS, AFGHANISTAN will cease to EXIST, and so may IRAQ and IRAN. Another ATTACK on the scale of 09/11/01 would UNLEASH OUR NUCLEAR RESOURCES in full FORCE.



Well I got my wish, the AZ. D-Backs will host the NY YANKEES in the WORLD SERIES. Security Measures will be UNPRECEDANTED for fans attending the game along with me. I hope the body cavity searches before entry are kept to a minimun...

So what is going on? MORE ANTHRAX. Saddam, IRAQ, is spewing vile language towards us after moving their CHEMICAL and BIOLOGICAL WEAPONS to UNDERGROUND REINFORCED BUNKERS over the weekend. The QUESTION is NOT if we attack IRAQ, but only WHEN. RAMADON, or No RAMADON. ALL HELL is going to break loose soon. Besides US, INDIA and PAKISTAN is a problem. ISRAEL and the Palestinians are a BIG PROBLEM. The UN is about to turn against US with SYRIA on the SECURITY COUNCIL. And Virtually all the MUSLIM NATIONS will be against us soon, because these nations only allow NEWS to be released from their, "OFFICIAL GOV'T CONTROLLED NEWS AGENCY". BUT!!! Also keep in mind, that during WAR, every GOV'T, including OURS, Propoganixes the NEWS. At least we who are on the Internet in a FREE COUNTRY, can seek, and find out NEWS from other SOURCES. I would present all I can gather, but I also have to have a full time job. It is a hard road to hoe when during the week I leave for work at 10:35PM and get home after 11:00AM, and have to do it all over again 4X a week.

Just think about this: Are you Prepared to stay in your home, for 3 to 7 days, without Water or Electricity". Able to seal off a Room with Duct Tape, Tarps, or whatever for the same time frame. Have Water to last a week. Food on hand (canned, or whatever) and means to cook it or eat it. DO YOU HAVE A MANUAL CANOPENER. Do you have a means of communication so you would know when the danger is over. Do you have a means of lighting besides a Lantern or Candles, (Bad idea if you need to seal off a room from outsde air), Do you have a basic kit in your vehical if you need to FLEE your CITY, and are you keeping your GAS TANK over 3/4ths Full. Do you have a map or plan to leave a METRO AREA to get to a safe place. These are simple, cheap, precautions we can all do. There are thousands of people across the COUNTRY getting prescriptions for CYPRO, but that is all they are doing. I ran into a couple of people at Sunday's Cards vs Chiefs NFL FOOTBALL GAME. They had purchased each a 60 DAY SUPPLY for themselves and their families of CYPRO. But while I questioned them, they had ZERO WATER stored, FLASHLIGHTS? Basically nonexistant. A radio? Didn't know if the batteries still worked. A plan....Only that they have CYPRO.

These are the people who will be stuck on the Interstates and Freeways in a HUGE TRAFFIC JAM if we ever need to flee the Phoenix area. And the Same people who actually make it to a "SAFE AREA" begging for WATER and FOOD and SHELTER from those of us who actually prepared for this possible scene by spending a couple of hundred bucks. The more of us that take a basic preparedness, the better the "BRAIN-DEAD" fellow Countrymen have a chance to survive. I will beable to survive OK on my own, I could provide for 4 or 5 others, but if 10 or 20 people unprepared people come, I cannot provide. This is the unfortunate point, the point where I or you need to display or possibly use FIREARMS against our own people, TO DEFEND OURSELVES.

I KNOW this SOUNDS, and READS HARSH and UNFEELING. But think!!! How can ONE Person providing for himself in a time of WAR, provide for ALL who comes be it 10, 20 or more? The Answer is you (We) can't. And you know DAMN WELL that those who are prepared will help to the best of their ability, but NOT SACRIFICE their OWN LIVES to save the idiots who had EVERY CHANCE to prepare, but DID NOT. THERE IS A TIME TO SAY, THIS IS MINE!!! I gave ALL I COULD, but THIS IS MINE FOR MY OWN SURVIVAL, That I PLANNED FOR, And PAID FOR when you didn't. THIS IS WHEN MY FIREARMS are in OPEN DISPLAY. GOD HELP ME, but when it comes down to me and someone I don't know, I COME FIRST, COUNTRY comes SECOND, STRANGERS come in a distant 3RD. I will do EVERYTHING to help myself, my COUNTRY, and fellow AMERICANS to the BEST of my ability. BUT I will not sacrifice myself in the process.

I was never a member of the MILITARY, I am a CIVILLIAN. Those who have joined the MILITARY did so willing to DEFEND YOU AND ME from ENEMIES FORIEGN and DOMESTIC. I Do Not Know What Else To Say, EXCEPT: SEE YOU TOMOROW!!!



Well I had a GREAT WEEKEND!!! How about you?

The weekend started with the AZ D-Backs winning Friday night, and Saturday. I then went to the Cardinals - Kansas City Chiefs NFL Football Game where my Cardinals were Victorious. I wonder how many at the Tailgate Pre-Game Parties, and during the Game, noticed the 2 high flying F-16s, and a refueling tanker flying back and forth overhead. I did point them out to those around me.

After the Football Game I got home as soon as possible to watch the AZ D-Backs play Game 5 against the Atlanta Braves. The D-BACKS WON!!! THE WORLD SERIES IS COMING HERE!!! And guess what? I will be at GAME ONE in BANK ONE BALLPARK!!! My younger brother managed to get tickets over the "net" for himself, my Mom, and I. Sure we are in the nosebleeds, but I will beable to say I went to a WORLD SERIES GAME. I hope we play the YANKEES. NOW for more PROOF that I will continue to live life normally in spite of TERRORIST FEARS, ANTHRAX, ETC. I am going to give where I will be sitting during GAME 1. I will be in SECTION 319 ROW 32. WAAAYYY UP. I think there are only 35 ROWS. I will be ROOF TOP LEVEL, but have a seat.

So to the TERRORISTS, LIBERALS, and others who HATE me, here is your OPORTUNITY, give it your BEST SHOT!!!

Now let's get to the NEWS

Hillary Clinton BOOED OFF THE STAGE!!!! So much for her "PHOTO-OP"!!! I have a couple of STORIES for you on this.



Well I suppose I will be attending the #1 TARGET for TERRORISTS this coming Saturday, GAME 1 of the WORLD SERIES, with the spread of ANTHRAX Exposures, and DEATHS from ANTHRAX. Am I changing my "normal life"? ABSOLUTLEY NOT!!! AM I "duct taping" every nook and cranny, caulking every crevice where I live? NOPE!!! Come and get me you Bastards, I have given you the INFO of EXACTLY where I will be. I would consider this a "I DOUBLE DARE YOU" in the language of youngsters.

OH!!! and KOOKY ANAN the UN GENERAL SECRETARY, recipient of this years NOBEL PEACE PRIZE for doing ABSOLUTELY NOTHING. IS About to demand WE STOP BOMBING Afghanistan, because the UN needs to get food in. EVEN though WE have been dropping FOOD everyday!!! The UN Leader wants us to PAUSE, just when we have defined a small area of Afghanistan, about 20 sq miles, where Usama Bin Laden IS. OK. KOOKY ANAN, we will stop the BOMBING, right after we NUKE 200 sg miles of Afghanistan, just to make sure we killed BIN LADEN. OR, you can wait, until WE find him and put a BULLET in his head.

SCREW THE UN!!!! THESE SOCIALIST bastards have never been a frind of the USA. After we take care of Afghanistan, IRAQ, SYRIA, IRAN, ETC. Then the next TARGET is the UN! They can either LEAVE Willingly, OR the UN will be stormed by US FORCES.

LOOK around you in the NEWS, if you can get to this website, you also get NEWS, or can get NEWS from other sources to Validate my views. We need to accept the FACT that it is US or THEM. It is Time to take the Gloves OFF!!! And DEFEND, PROTECT...US!!!



Well I made it back here earlier than I thought.

OK EVERYONE, get "A GRIP". Stop FREAKING OUT about ANTHRAX being driven down our throats by EVERY NEWS NETWORK. In fact, I believe the NEWS ORGANISATIONS who haven't been hit with a curable ANTHRAX ATTACK, feel "victimized" that they were not deemed worthy of "ATTACKING". The Dan Rathers, and Tom Brokaws, etc. are hyping this because they can get RATINGS, and plus they thought they would only need to report the NEWS, and TWIST IT to their own AGENDA. Now that it is THEY who are the "NEWS", where they once felt and lived in an "IVORY TOWER", now they feel the same risks they assumed they were IMMUNE FROM the past 1/2 Century. When everyday Joe's and Jane's were the victims, they did not have a problem with their AGENDA. NOW when they are the target, they turn into COWARDS. Watching the Interviews of Dan Rather, Tom Brokaw, and the actions of ACTORS ie The EMMY's, you would think this ANTHRAX thing and other threats EXCEED what happened on 09/11/01 when over 5,000 INNOCENT EVERYDAY PEOPLE were SLAUGHTERED without warning.

Let me tell you one thing that I have observed since 09/11/01. The AMERICAN PEOPLE are a hardy bunch of people with differing ideas and views. But Ultimately TRUE AND BLUE AMERICANS. For the most part, the HIGHLY VISIBLE people, including NEWS ANCHOR PEOPLE, HOLLYWOOD ELITES, and POLITICIANS, REPRESENT the WEAKEST LINK of who AMERICANS REALLY ARE. AND, they are the smallest minority, but have the most Visibilty. I say to them: "SHUT UP!!! And Welcome to REALITY!!!".

There are other things to be more concerned about. EX: An Isreali Cabinent Member was Assasinated by Palestinians. Now ARAFAT is freaked out that ISREAL is targeting him. This could escalate into a full blown WAR in the Middle-East in the next few Days. ISREAL has been dealing with TERRORISTS attacks since 1948, We have been dealing with it, though be it a larger scale, for less than 2 months. I guarentee if ISRAEL is attacked by Chemica, Biological, or Radiological Weapons, ISREAL will use their NUKES. They have at least 80.

Why else is LIBYA, Khadafi, coming on board with US against TERRORISM? And CHINA is on board, Russia will tell North Korea to Join this fight, and on and on?

So who is the ENEMY? Well obviously it is Afghanistan, and Bin Laben's Terrorist Cells, and the Islamic Fundamentalists. PLUS IRAQ and IRAN. Sudan, and Syria are trying to avoid being on the "HIT LIST". It is up to them and their actions if they whish to avoid OUR WRATH.

REMEMBER we have taken "nothing off the table, including NUCLEAR WEAPONS", and weeks ago informed the UN that this is NOT LIMITED to Afghanistan. Where do you think this targeted ANTHRAX came from? I believe it is IRAQ. Saudi Arabia, a friend? I think it is becoming an ENEMY. The PEACE PROCESS between ISREAL and the Palestinians, ABORTED.

What is developing? It seems to me an all out WAR of Isreal and the WESTERN WORLD against the MUSLIM COUNTRY'S. Not a WAR against ISLAM, but against their Fundamentalist Extremists in Power. What will WE DO? WE WILL WIN, but we may also take heavy causulties ourselves.

What to do in this uncertain time? Be Aware, but live life. EX: I will be at SUN DEVIL STADIUM on SUNDAY for the NFL FOOTBALL GAME between the AZ. CARDINALS and KANSAS CITY CHIEFS. Doing the Tailgate party etc. But also, as I have done for a long time, I am prepared to the best of my ability to be self sufficient if a 09-11-01 type incident happens near me. I will continue to live life like I always have, but with a discerning eye of what is going on around me. For us everyday Citizens, this is the best we can do.



Well at least My Hometeam AZ D-BACKS won the 1st Game of the NLCS. Randy Johnson pitched a 3-hit SHUTOUT! And I know some of my co-workers who were able to go to the game yesterday enjoyed the game very much. This must "PISS-OFF" USAMA bin laden to LOW HELL. As his view is "ALL FORMS OF ENTERTAINMENT" is banned. And after he unleashed, (HOPEFULLY his full wad), ATTACK of 09/11/01, WE as AMERICANS are continuing to go about our business, and entertainment. bin laden and his TERRORIST ORGANIZATION is PROBABLY NOT "directly" responsible for the CONFIRMED ANTHRAX ATTACKS. The HOAXES is probably disgruntled AMERICANS siezing their chance in the spotlight. BUT, who may have helped in any way to bin laden? And also figure in to the CONFIRMED WEAPONS GRADE ANTHRAX sent to highly visible people?

Well when the SOVIET UNION DISOLVED into RUSSIA and former SOVIET STATES, and the displacement of now UNEMPLOYED BIOLOGICAL WEAPONS DEVELOPERS, they went to the highest bidder for their "SERVICES". WHO has even under weapons inspections, and eventually threw out the LAME UN INSPECTORS? ONCE Afghanistan is "controlled", the next TARGET IS IRAQ, and SPECIFICALLY SADDAM, his GOV'T and FAMILY, which, with all things considered is the same thing. AFTER that comes possibly SUDAN, LIBYA, AND SAUDI ARABIA!!! The SAUDIS? You ask? YES, they have been dragging their "FEET" in support of FREEZING the TERRIRISTS ORGANISATIONS ASSETS. DID NOT ALLOW US use of the AIRBASE WE just BUILT against AFGHANISTAN, even though WE SAVED their ASS a decade ago. This is why we have brought RUSSIA into the FOREFRONT, and now PRESIDENT BUSH is on his way to CHINA and will get an agreement with them on this WWIII Issue. The SAUDI GOV'T is now irrevalent, any influence they had 1 month ago is gone. And trust my insight here, the OIL SUPPLY will NOT be interrupted in any way. But you may want to reconsider a vacation to Bagdad, IRAQ. In the very near future you may have to at least take IODINE PILLS before going there, or possibly a FULL RADIATION SUIT. IRAQ, (BAHGDAD), like Afghanistan, is TOAST!!! It would be like visiting HIROSHIMA in SEPT 1945. Doesn't seem to me a "GOOD TIME" for a vacation there.

So, How are you all today? I am FINE. I have NO FEAR about ANTHRAX coming to me. Yesterday I, at work, could have recieved a FREE FLU SHOT. I declined. Even with the crap going on right now, I prefer to let my own IMMUNE SYSTEM handle this. I rarely get sick, and the only drugs I take are my DIET CAFFINATED COKES, MY SMOKES, and my BEER. Occasionally I take ASPIRIN for minor aches. And maybe twice a year go to IBUPROPHEN when my troublesome KNEE acts up. I'll just stick with my Daily Vitamin, and live the way I do.

I learn eventually, NO UPDATE TOMORROW, (THURS). But, don't hold me to it, a possible update on SATURDAY. Otherwise I will see you on MONDAY 10/22/01. Take Care, be AWARE and Vigilent! But use common sence. AND, GOD DOES BLESS AMERICA!!! Never Forget It, ALWAYS REMEMBER IT!!!



OH GEE!!! We accidently hit a RED CROSS Warehouse in Afghanistan, injuring ONE!!!! NOW on CNN and other NETWORKS are "GLUM FACES" about ("THE COLLATERAL DAMAGE"). GIVE ME A DAMN BREAK!!! We didn't INTENTIONALLY BOMB a RED CROSS FACILITY, like OUR WORLD TRADE CENTER AND PENTAGON was, KILLING THOUSANDS INTENTIONALLY. PEOPLE and NEWS NETWORKS need to know that WE ARE AT WAR!!!, WE the USA is at its GREATEST RISK NOW!!! 12/07/41 is a PALE COMPARISON to the THREAT of our COUNTRY'S EXISTANCE TODAY!!!. Bring me a PACIFIST, we deserved this type person to me... And I will PERSONALLY TERRORIZE him/her to DEATH with simple words and logic. THEN....I will shoot, poison, torture, him or her,,,,OR ITS? I haven't yet seen a POLL on how the "TRANSEXUAL, OR, TRANSGENDER" "populace" are seeing this WAR. Maybe they are as confused about WAR & PEACE, as they are there own Sexuality or GENDER. AAARRRGGGHHH!!!!!!! These "people" all included, who still sit on "THE FENCE" PISS ME OFF!!! AT LEAST the PACIFISTS will DIE for their BELIEFS. If you want to KILL THEM, THEY will let you. This is not what the 90+% Majority of AMERICANS Believe. WE BELIEVE, that if you want to KILL US for whatever reason, WE ARE GOING TO KILL YOU 1st!!! And ask questions later. WE DIDN'T DECLARE THIS WAR, WAR WAS DECLARED ON US!!!

To the "TURN THE OTHER CHEEK CROWD", We DID THAT!!! When our MARINES WERE KILLED IN LEBENON, OUR SOLDIERS BOMBED IN SAUDI ARABIA, OUR SHIP "THE USS COLE" BOMBED, OUR "EMBASSIES in AFRICA" BOMBED. I think we are out of "CHEEKS to TURN!!!" AND now we are under attack on OUR HOMELAND from Foriegn POWERS for the 1st time since 1812. And the threat is NOT being under a different GOV'T. The THREAT is that this attacking Force just wants US ALL DEAD. OH SURE you will see their side being presented, get out of MUSLIM HOLY LANDS, ELIMINATE ISREAL, BUT DON'T you believe that is all they want, as UNACCEPTABLE the demands already are. These "FUNDAMENTALIST EXTREMIST MUSLIMS" just want WESTERN CIVILAZATION DEAD.

I believe it is going to get VERY UGLY. WE WILL ATTACK IRAQ NEXT, followed by ATTACKS on IRAN, SUDAN, LYBIA, next. THERE MAY VERY WELL BE A CHEMICAL OR BIOLOGICAL ATTACK AGAINST ISREAL because of this. I hope we have an agreement with ISREAL that WE would retaliate with NUKES instead of ISREAL to try to keep the Moderate ISLAMIC GOV'Ts in the fold, like Egypt and Saudi Arabia, possibly JORDAN if they decide to go with US. And the PALESTINIANS, time to make a CHOICE, this is their 4th CHANCE to make the right decision. BETTER GET THIS ONE RIGHT!!!

I don't know if all of you had seen the CARTOONS that has been on FOX NEWS the past few days. If you haven't seen them. here is the link HERE!!! The CARTOONS you should see are titled: "DIPLOMACY" and "WE DELIVER".

Well it is time for me to wind down, at least I have an Exciting Baseball Game coming up in a few minutes. AZ D-BACKS vs ATLANTA BRAVES. GO RANDY JOHNSON!!!

There will be another UPDATE tomorrow. However there may not be be an update on THURS. Looks like a 15+hr work shift to me coming up. But I have planned ahead, there will be an UPDATE on FRIDAY.

See you TOMORROW!!! Time for me to EAT and watch the D-BACKS, and get some Sleep before Work.




ANTHRAX now in FLORIDA, NEW YORK, NEVADA, and now WASHINGTON D.C. Now I must tell you, us everyday citizens. Don't be "freaking out". There has been just 1 death, and so far everyone else exposed is recieving treatment and will be fine. The FBI WARNING last week.... I do believe they had a couple of reasons to issue the WARNING. The FBI, et. al. probably came across some info, and noticed suspicious email or internet, or other electronic media activity. Plus what better way to keep a wary EYE watching then to sort of "Deputize" 280 Million Pairs of EYES?

Now to OUR everyday MAIL. HOW often do you get a personally addressed letter, (i.e. Handwritten), from someone, or a company, you don't know, or expect MAIL from? I am NOT TALKING about JUNK MAIL, or FLYERS. NOW also figure in your risk factor. WHY would a TERRORIST, DOMESTIC, or FORIEGN, spend the TIME and EXPENSE to target YOU? I have no fear of my MAIL, and neither should you. EMAIL is another story. UPDATE your ANTI-VIRUS regularly. I update my DAT FILES weekly now, or whenevewr I hear about another virus, but I average 80 EMAILS a DAY, you probably have much less, and therefore less risk. Now if I happened to work for the POST OFFICE, where pieces of MAIL are flying by at a 1,000 per minute for sorting, I would probably wear gloves like I do where I do work, Safety Glasses where I do work, but I would also consider wearing the cheap Surgical Masks, (You know them, about $3 for 5 Masks, like you see in M*A*S*H, can be purchased at any drug store). It probably wouldn't be a bad idea to by a package of 5 of theses SURGICAL MASKS for $3. Keep 1 in your car, and keep 1 nearby at home in case something does happen. And if the need never arises, they are still good for when you go up in the CRAWL SPACE in your home, or repainting a room, putting in NEW CARPET, or to Filter out the PERFUME when Aunt Edna comes to visit. A $3 expense is a ZERO cost protection, if something happens like it did on 09/11/01.

Now what about "PREPAREDNESS"?

Well I believe even in PEACETIME, everyone should have some basics. Because weather, or other unexpected Emergencies can occur. Remember it used to be EVERY family had canned their excess bounty from the Family Garden to use during the winter. I still remember my grandma's DILL PICKLES and canned Tomatoes. EVERYONE should have enough food to last 2 weeks, and the means to use it without electricity. That means you should have a MANUAL CAN OPENER. A means to HEAT IT. People who go on camping trips will have the means. A supply of drinkable water stored in case the water supply is compromised, for the SOUPS, and drinking. A BATTERY OPERATED RADIO, for NEWS and Instructions. And a FLASHLIGHT. NOW unless you are diligent on having Fresh Batteries. You better consider a Radio that can run on SOLAR POWER, and FLASHLIGHTS where the batteries lasts hundreds of Hours like LED FLASHLIGHTS. If you don't have any of these hardware items, here is where to look. I get no $ from them, this is a personal endorsement. HERE!!! If you live in an URBAN AREA, and can't survive in your own home for 2 weeks without food, electricity, water. etc. YOU NEED to RETHINK your position before it's too late.

Hopefully, if you have a Family and kids, you have a plan if your house is on FIRE, escape routes, where to meet, etc. Well it is now to also plan if something else happens, especially if you and your spouse works. DO you have a plan on where to meet if the city is attacked, or the nearby NUCLEAR PLANT is attacked, or Chemical Plant, etc.? The TIME to plan for very possible scenarios is before it happens. Here is an EXAMPLE: PALO VERDE NUCLEAR POWER PLANT is the LARGEST NUCLEAR PLANT in the USA. I and my family and friends live EAST and SOUTH of this facility. OUR best option is to head SOUTH, as EAST, WEST, and NORTH, takes us into possible fallout. We have already planned to meet at The University of Arizona FOOTBALL STADIUM. Assuming others will follow, we assume there will be a "Message Board" at the U of A Football Stadium. SO! If wherever you are, and you need to leave IMMEDIATELY, do you know where to go? Will you find your family and friends? Time to plan it is NOW. Just like figuring out how to get out of your HOME in case of FIRE. Don't decieve yourself, we ARE AT WAR against the TERRORISTS. And do you think the TERRORISTS are AVOIDING CIVILLIAN CAUSALTIES? ABSOLUTLY NOT!!! CIVILLIANS are the PRIMARY TARGET. Sure the ANTHRAX ATTACKS are on HIGHLY VISIBLE PEOPLE, that is the 1st step. To get the masses Attention by targeting the MEDIA and GOV'T OFFICIALS who have the means to reduce or eliminate the threat or outcome.

But what this does is get their agenda and motive publisized. The next step, if they didn't "Shoot Their Wad" on 09/11/01 is a very SERIOUS ATTACK of CHEMICAL or BIOLOGICAL NATURE on the POPULACE. That KILLS THOUSANDS as SAVAGE as the WTC/PENTAGON or WORSE. Have A PLAN on what to do, if where your at is GROUND ZERO #2.

DAY 31 of WWIII, Entering Month #2



Well I have come across some people who continue to try to live as to what happened last month as something we can do as a short "GULF WAR" and solve the problem. This is not the fact of what we face. If WE lose this WAR, it is not like giving up South Vietnam in the early 1970's. It means we are gone, or at best left as a 3rd World Type Country LIKE AFGHANISTAN. Statements like. "I HAVE FRIENDS HERE WHO ARE ON STUDENT VISAS..." And my idea of temporarily sending these people home has met with considerable resistance. But the FACT REMAINS that 17 of the 19 TERRORISTS were here on current STUDENT VISAS. And NOW the NEWS that most of these 19 didn't know the true OBJECTIVE of the HIJACKING, as one said to me in regards to our shoot the jet down policy, maybe these co-conspiritors thought they were hijacking the plane to HAWAII or some other exotic place. The point IS, we are UNDER DIRECT ATTACK, and Credible threats have been made, and those involved have VOWED to Continue.

I wonder if the next TERRORIST ATTACK, that, according to Our Own GOV'T is 100% certain whether we retailiated or not will sway their opinions. They gave me the BS of what would be next, like sending all the Blacks to Africa and BS like that. I tried to say to them, that those we are uncertain of given OUR FAILED STRUCTURE of Temp and STUDENT VISA POLICIES, we need to mke OUR COUNTRY SECURE. CITIZENS and LEGAL PERMANENT RESIDENTS have nothing to worry about.

So I get hit with this QUESTION: What about those people with jobs? I told the Questioner that if you are here on a 3 or 6 month VISA, what job is so CAREER ORIENTATED? If they are here on a STUDENT VISA, what type of JOB will they leave? Working at a FAST FOOD PLACE, A HOTEL, etc. They are probably already laid-off. And not being a CITIZEN, not Qualified for UNEMPLOYMENT BENEFITS. Then the next QUESTION: What if they don't have the $$$ to get home? The ANSWER is WE will get them there. And this is a TEMPORARY ACTION until we have a MEANS of keeping track on NON-CITIZENS in this COUNTRY. THEN...THERE was the FINAL QUESTION: ISN'T unfair to "punish" those who had nothing to do with this? YES IT IS, but because of ACTIONS BY OTHERS, non-citizens, and CONTINUED THREATS by those who were involved in the actions a month ago. WE HAVE NO CHOICE!!!

EVERYONE FLEES TO AMERICA to LEAVE persecution, death, and despair. WE as AMERICANS have nowhere to go. WE NEED TO DEFEND THE HOMELAND, because if AMERICA is gone, there is nowhere for us to go.

What will wake these people up? Well I hope the next ATTACK will do, for it is coming, most likely when least expected, in a form we do not know. But I hope these people wake up soon, we have already had 5,000+ innocent people Murdered at their work place. What is their threshhold of waking up? 10,000? 100,000, or 1 MILLION DEAD AMERICAN CITIZENS??? I do not know how many INNOCENT LIVES some of these people are willing to sacrifice before joining me and others.... The Radical FLAG Waving CROWD willing to defend this COUNTRY with OUR LIVES. And it is OUR COUNTRY'S LIFE now in the BALANCE, I side with AMERICA Win or Lose. AND I HAVE NEVER LOST YET!!! A world without AMERICA is a WORLD I WOULD NEVER LIVE IN!!!

The Old Battle Flag



Well, I have heard on talk radio from Various shows, being critical of the Host for continuing vigilence and preparedness about future TERRORIST ATTACKS. These MORONS assume that since its been 3 DAYS since we started BOMBING AFGHANISTAN, and nothing has yet happened here, that we are FREE and CLEAR from retaliation. DON'T these idiots understand that (TERRORISTS) are waiting for idiots like these to feel comfortable, AFTER ALL we waited nearly 4 weeks before BOMBING AFGHANISTAN.

We should be DEPORTING all non-citizens of Middle-Eastern Descent who are NOT CITIZENS, or have a Permanent legal Immigation Status. Clarification: YES it is "RACIAL PROFILING", if these people are here on a LEGAL Temporary VISA, or an EXPIRED VISA, it is TIME FOR THEM TO GO!!! This is NOT UNCONSTITUTIONAL, for these people are NOT CITIZENS of this COUNTRY. And right NOW we are under EXPLICIT THREATS against OUR SOIL. We have NO MEANS to determine who is a THREAT or not a THREAT. This is DIFFERENT than the past, WE, AMERICANS and OUR HOMELAND is TARGETED for DESTRUCTION!!! Some people FEEL SAFE since we have not been ATTACKED since SUNDAY and want to keep the STATUS QUO. These People Better Wake Up and SMELL the ROSES, before it is planted on their on their, us, GRAVES. THAT if there is something left to BURY!!!

I just opened a DIET COKE, and the DAMED THING EXPLODED on me. Now I have to do a load of LAUNDRY. (I had to put in a small commentary unrelated to our COUNTRY'S Situation.)

Some of you might be thinking, that if this is so serious, why hasn't OUR GOV'T "OFFICIALLY DECLARED WAR"? I'll tell you why: By "OFFICIALLY DECLARING WAR", it has to be against a recognized GOV'T or COUNTRY. PLUS the GENEVA CONVENTION ACCORDS come into play. Without the GENEVA CONVENTION ACCORDS in EFFECT. OUR SPECIAL FORCES, CAN SUMMARILLY EXECUTE OSAMA BIN LADEN and his COHORTS when found, NO TRIAL. JUSTICE "FOUND THEM"!!!

There is a CREDIBLE STORY that IRAQ has the SMALL POX VIRUS, from a lab in SIBERIA from the Former SOVIET UNION, and has been working on a Delivery System to disperse it. Since the UN no longer inspects IRAQ since being "thrown out", I believe the time is coming to ATTACK IRAQ, to end the "CEASE FIRE AGREEMENT: since the WAR Against IRAQ was only a "CEASE FIRE AGREEMENT" 10 years ago. We need to let them know we would use TACTICAL NUCLEAR WEAPONS to take out these labs and Production Facilities. Not City Buster Nukes, But Small Tactical Nukes that take out a CITY BLOCK.

WE have to do this, NEVER in OUR COUNTRY'S HISTORY have we been so threatened like we are now. PEARL HARBOR 1941 fades in comparison to the THREAT we LIVE under today. THEY want US DEAD, PERIOD! They ARE ATTACKING US HERE!!! AND have VOWED to CONTINUE!!! It has come to this POINT: US or THEM. WELL, I will do EVERYTHING I can for US to defeat THEM.

I leave you with this one STORY HERE!!!




OH! So we unintentionally "kill" 4 AFGHAN UN WORKERS. WE did NOT do it on purpose. But WAR IS HELL! And WE are doing our very best to limit this "COLLATERAL DAMAGE". And for THE UN to caution us about this is a SLAP TO OUR FACE! WE NEED TO GET THE HELL OUT OF THE UN!!! G.W. BUSH, WE, have said we are at WAR! BOUNDARIES mean nothing in this WAR. WE will go after the TERRORISTS wherever they are. Quote: "YOU are either with US, or with the TERRORISTS..." Well it appears the UN may be siding with the TERRORISTS and SPONSORS of TERRORISM. I SAY toss these damn bastard chicken shit diplomats and the facade of what the UN is out of our COUNTRY!!! The UN had a GREAT OPPORTUNITY to be "THE UN". and failed to the worst possible option available. The UN now has the same legitimacy as the 1915 "LEAGUE OF NATIONS". AND Since the UN BUILDING is on the highest priced land in the WORLD....LET'S just EVICT these INGRATES!!! And use the site of the UN as a temporary home for displaced Companies from THE WORLD TRADE CENTE COMPLEX. Then BUILD a 3 building WTC COMPLEX. 2 of which would be reinforced replicas of the ORIGINAL WTC TWIN TOWERS of 110 FLOORS each. In the middle there should be a 200 + Story Building on the NYC SKYLINE. Giving the representation of "THE PEACE SIGN" as all US TRUE AMERICANS know.... ie. "THE FINGER". The ASSAULT of 09/11/2001 is the most clear of a DECLARATION OF WAR in WORLD HISTORY. IT is fair to say, you are either with US, or against US. And if you choose to be AGAINST US, OUR AIM IS TO ELIMINATE YOU from the FACE of the EARTH. We now have OUR Military on a Mission to KILL and BREAK things in AFGHANISTAN, next is IRAQ, others, unless they change their ways, will follow.

A EXTREME FUNDAMENTALIST "JIHAD" is NO MATCH to the MELTING POT of FREEDOM LOVING PEOPLE of AMERICANS. We can NEVER BE DEFEATED, They cannot ever WIN. ALL they have to hope for is TOTAL and COMPLETE DESTRUCTION, and go to their "TIN GOD", if I may use a Metaphor from Steven King's Novel & TV Miniseries, "THE STAND".

GOD DOES "BLESS AMERICA". For we are RIGHTOUS, though imperfect. We as a NATION, imperfect, are the BEAMING LIGHT of the WORLD, and some HATE US for that. And those that HATE US, we must DESTROY!!! NO POLITICAL CORRECTNESS, NO MERCY!!! THESE people MUST DIE!!! 'Tis "THE AMERICAN WAY", during WAR!!!



Well yesterday the BOMBING began, and right now the 2nd "Night" of BOMBING is going on.

So what has happened? Well the TRUE COLORS of people / groups are showing thru. We were all told last week, that another Terrorist Attack was a 100% Guarentee whether we retailiated or not. So what happened? Well 2 weeks ago President Bush urged Americans to resume their everyday lives. If you normally go to football games, or other sporting events, go to them. Be vigilent and aware, but continue to do what you would normally be doing as if 9/11/01 didn't happen. That is the Ultimate Slap to the FACE of bin laden. Soooo, yesterday we FOUGHT BACK. The Stadiums were already full for the early NFL Football Games. Every Sporting event, in fact any large event has had threats to it. So just before kick-off, the games were delayed as President Bush came on the JUMBO-TRONS in the Stadiums announcing we were attacking the Taliban and bin laden's Terrorist Organisation. What happened? CHEERS went throughout the sporting venues, then the game began. NOBODY FLED the Stadiums in FEAR. So what about our "HOLLYWOOD ELITE"? Their precious EMMYS delayed until last night, These "BRAVE" stars refusing to fly, or travel by train, or bus. So a deal was made, the EMMYS were going to be bi-Coastal. One Stage in NY and one Stage in LA. THEY said it was not a day to "CELEBRATE". I firmly believe these "HOLLYWOOD ELITES" are COWARDS. See THEIR story HERE!!! I'll tell you this, I went to a local SPORTS BAR shortly after the announcement. And less than 3 hrs later I was CELEBRATING the AZ CARDINALS last second VICTORY over the EAGLES. I must mention the FACT that of the 67,000 at VETERANS STADIUM in PHILIDELPIA just prior to the announcement of OUR RETALIATION, These same 67,000 were still there 3 hrs later when the AZ CARDINALS won the game at the last second.

So who are true Americans? The "HOLLYWOOD ELITE" who have every luxury? OR people like you and I? Think about that before you watch your next TV show, or go to a Movie. Radio is a much better choice, especially AM and Talk Radio.

So what else is going on? Well how about ANTRAX? a 2nd case, a co-worker. ANTHRAX detected on a keyboard. Building Sealed Off. Less than 2 miles from where some of the TERRORISTS TRAINED TO FLY. NO LONGER TERMED as an isolated incident, possible TERRORIST ACT. FBI has taken over the Investigation. See the STORY HERE!!!



In less than 3 months RUSH has gone from normal hearing to near total Deafness. Why are my favorite Talk Show hosts having such trouble? ART BELL my companion for years at night at work with major back trouble, and now RUSH being Deaf. Well,,, if anyone can overcome these disabilities to continue on the AIR. It is the RULERS of NIGHT and DAY RADIO. ART BELL and RUSH LIMBAUGH. You can see the report, that RUSH said on his program today HERE!!!




1st I apologize for my abscence. Wed. was unavoidable. But yesterday I had spent nearly 2 hrs on many stories doing my update. As I was incorporating my last story for the update, my Computer FROZE. All I could do was a HARD REBOOT. And since the Update wasn't saved, POOF!!! ALL GONE! I won't tell you the words I said at my Computer, but I was still irritated about it when I went into work last night.

So I start once again.

Yesterday.... An EBOLA-STYLE VIRUS on the loose on the Afghanistan-Packistan Border, kills 33%. Is this a "TEST". After all Saddam practiced chemical and biological weapons on his own countrymen 1st. What makes you think that Bin-Laden, a "GUEST" wouldn't do the same? And it is hard to find NEWS now on the Missing CROP-DUSTER PLANE in the Bahamas from Tuesday night.

When is the last time a jet was shot down by a MISSILE by ACCIDENT? Don't be too sure on the "ACCIDENT" THEORY. Here is the NEWS about this today.



Then there is the NEWS about someone CONFIRMED in Florida with Pulmonary ANTHRAX. See the STORY HERE!!!

So let's put this into perspective. On 09/11/01 4 JETLINERS HIJACKED in the USA, 1st time in 30 years. All 4 were heading into Financial, Military, and Gov't Targets of OUR COUNTRY. Fast Forward 3 plus weeks. Jetliner shot down "ACCIDENTLY", or with BULLETS? The largest OUTBREAK of HEMMORAGIC, ie EBOLA-STYLE, FEVER/VIRUS in recorded HISTORY along the Afghanistan/Pakistan Border. In Florida, the 1st confirmed case of Pulmonary Anthrax in 25 yrs. What ARE the ODDS that these other ancillary events are mere coincidences????

You and I know this is WAR, what happened on 09/11/01 is the most outrageous SNEAK ATTACK on all 3 sectors of our Freedom. ATTACK on CIVILLIANS and FINANCIAL CENTER, Gov't workers, and OUR ELECTED LEADERS!

Well now, the TROOPS Stationed at FORT DRUM, very near my hometown that I just revisited back in August are being deployed. SEE the STORY HERE!!!

Now we are being WARNED, that when we JUSTLY go to WAR, more Terrorist Attacks are Guarenteed. WELL!!! That is NO SURPRISE to anyone with a 1/2 dozen working Brain Cells. We are Going to be ATTACKED AGAIN wether we ACT or NOT! We need to act, Internationaly, and here at home. Hit and Kill those responsible and other Organisations that use Terrorist Activities. DRIVE out into the open those here in the USA ILLEGALLY. Close the hatches!!! The TRIDENT SUB is submerging... and about to unleash the WRATH OF THE AMERICAN and FREEDOM LOVING PEOPLE of the WORLD!!!

From what I am able to decipher, I think, as G.W. Bush said, "ON OUR TIMETABLE..." HOSTILITIES will comennce on or before OCTOBER 10th. And I believe, that if the TERRORISTS Escalate to Chemical or Biological Attacks on USA SOIL. VAST parts of Afghanistan, Iraq, and Northern Iran will be WASTELAND. For those INNOCENT CIVILLIANS, I can only say this: IT IS BETTER FOR A FEW TO DIE, TO SAVE THE MANY.

Everyone should PRAY, there are no ATHIEST in FOXHOLES, and many of us are in a "FOXHOLE". We are living thru the old CHINESE CURSE, "MAY YOU LIVE IN INTERESTING TIMES".

If I had a chance to choose before being "BORN" and what my life Life would encompass BIBLICALLY, I would choose "WSHTF", that is WHEN SHIT HITS THE FAN. I have just beneath the surface, a strong will to challenge myself, a combative Spirit, Which until now has shown mostly in my work ethic. I always went into work and drew up a Battle Plan on how to acomplish the work load facing myself and my co-workers. Being 38 yrs old, I won't be going anywhere soon. BUT, I do have an important job to do at work, and at "home". If that is my role right now, so be it.

But since I am prepared for everything else for 2 or 3 months, I hope my Gas Mask arrives earlier than 2 to 6 weeks... I would feel much better having the GAS MASK on hand.

See you Monday!!! However if events dictate, I may post an update over the Weekend.



OK, you can call me Paranoid, an Alarmist, or Fearfull. I prefer to call my self prepared. Why would I have the means to survive a Natural Disaster, or have the means to survive for at least 2 months, (Though my stockpile of Smokes, Diet Cokes, Beer, Only last 1 and 1/2 months). Sonce I have found a reputable place to order, why should I not sacrifice a few days pay to make sure to a 90% Confidence Probabilty that I would Live to use the supplies I have had for years. The Camping Gear, the stored water, canned foods, and other Emergency Supplies. A Baygen Radio that will never quit, LED Flashlights that will never die. Plus the 3 means of cooking, by Propane Gas, by Newspaper, or by regular wood. On top of that I have my Guns and other Defensive Devices. So with this preparedness I have DECIDED to get a GAS MASK.

I figure with the trepidation our US SENATORS have in Answering a Question on whether WE AMERICANS should ALL have GAS MASKS like the ISREALI general population.

BUT the STRAW that broke SMOKER DAVE'S back was a Story I saw on either CNN or FOX NEWS in that "TICKER BOX NEWS". I am no fan of the UN. But this is what was displayed in the "TICKER".

WHO, (WORLD HEALTH ORGANIZATION, a UN AGENCY or DEPT) Is WARNING about possible BIOLOGICAL or CHEMICAL ATTACKS by TERRORISTS. AND!!! you know DAMN WELL that Bin Laden, DEAD or ALIVE has already has the next 3 or 4 moves already in place whether he is DEAD OR ALIVE.

While here in AZ, near Phoenix, we have the largest NUCLEAR POWER PLANT in the USA, from what I was able to learn, a Biological Attack wouldn't work well here. As a population center, we GREW OUT instead of up. Plus the fact that Biologics would be hard to do in a Dry, Hot Climate. But we are ripe with all the crop-dusting planes over the orange groves etc. for a possible Chemical Attack.

Unfortunately the Gas Mask I ordered will take 2 to 6 weeks to get to me. And I believe the, "SHIT WILL HIT THE FAN", in about 2 or 3 weeks.

If I am on edge, I know many of you are too. And you probably would like to know who I ordered from.

HERE is the LINK HERE!!! Explore the links on this site.




Well I imagin most of you know by now that ABC has banned their anchorpersons and reporters from wearing an American Flag lapel pin. See the STORY HERE!!! Plus I have also heard that CNN, though they've denied it, will in the future refer to the "TERRORISTS" on the planes as, "ALLEDGED HIJACKERS". Also REUTERS NEWS AGENCY, will not label anyone a "TERRORIST", because one man's "TERRORIST", is another man's "FREEDOM FIGHTER". THEY (CNN, REUTERS,ETC.) don't want to "appear" BIASED.

Well, my friends, in this regard I AM VERY BIASED!!! Starting Today, I will wear an American Flag pin on my shirt, and on my labcoat at work.

We will be hit again, and the probability will go up when we do start OUR OFFENSIVE against the TERRORISTS. Remember WAR was DECLARED ON US. AND there is no "LINE DRAWN IN THE SAND" of who might do what. See the STORY HERE!!!

What I found most interesting in the many NEWS Briefs I heard today was a question to Senator John Kyl R-AZ about whether everyone should buy a gas mask. He hessitated, before saying, "No", and some flim flam about the CDC giving Recommendations. So I am now actually considering getting a gas-mask. But you can't go cheap, from what I know, to be properly protected from the obvious attack, which is Chemical, or Nuclear, or an attack like in NY with cement dust and asbestos, plus the masks that can protect against Biological attacks (though we will not know we have been attacked until days or weeks after the fact like in Smallpox, Anthrax, etc). These Gas-Masks could cost with the NBC Filters nearly $300 apiece. While you can find cheaper at Army Surplus Store, etc. It is like buying a used part for your car from the junkyard. Sure if it doesn't work, you can exchange it. But if a time comes where you NEED the Gas-Mask, and it doesn't work, what good is an exchange policy when you are dead?. It is good to also know that these "Good" Gas-Masks are very effective in Fires, so at least you can rationalize a purpose for having one besides a "TERRORIST ATTACK". I have been researching Gas-Masks on the Internet for the past couple of days, just like I did for my Digital Camera. You have to admit the pictures of mine that I post look damn good. I will probably decide this week whether or not to get a Gas-Mask. I will let you know when I decide one way or another.

POOR BILL CLINTON, today he was DISBARRED by the US SUPREME COURT. TOO BAD SO SAD. But if you really want to know Bill Clinton's Legacy, look at ANY NEWSPAPER FRONT PAGE of SEPTEMBER 12th 2001.


Get ready, have some supplies at home to last a few days, just in case. Prepare as you would for a big Blizzard or Hurricane. I think we still have a couple of weeks before our retaliation begins. If I have to put a date on it, my best guess is on or about 10/16/2001.



I had to put the previous file in the ARCHIVES, I ran out of room sooner than I anticipated. I am not sure if I have all the Links working correctly.


No doubt you have heard on TV or the Radio the past few Days of the minority PEACENIKS, or PACIFISTS. Saying NO WAR!!!, NO RETALIATION!!! Violence begets Violence, Vengance begets Vengance. We need to turn the "OTHER CHEEK", AND ALL THAT BS!!!

Well let us REVISIT WWII, DECEMBER 7th 1941. A DAY THAT WILL LIVE IN INFAMY! This Quote was from President Roosevelt on December 8th, 1941 to the CONGRESS to ask for a DECLARATION OF WAR against JAPAN. This was before my time since I wasn't born until 1963. But what if we heeded these PEACENIKS and PACIFISTS back then? Turn the "OTHER CHEEK"? It is VERY INTERESTING on how HISTORY REPEATS ITSELF. The Latest ACTS OF WAR against us are being perpetrated by people who want ALL AMERICANS abd JEWS DEAD! That is their only demand. To the PEACENIKS and PACIFISTS who think they are morally right and pure, think again! It is MORALLY correct to KILL those who plan to attack and KILL more innocent people, than to "TURN THE OTHER CHEEK".

So here is a look back to an ARTICLE from December 8th, 1941. The Day after PEARL HARBOR that killed 2,400 of OUR MILITARY. REMEMBER the ATTACKS of 09/11/01 killed over 6,000 INNOCENT CIVILIANS. IMAGIN what kind of COUNTRY we would have today if we did what the PEACENIKS and PACIFISTS wanted this COUNTRY to do back in 1941. This Article is by Edward Morrow, the "WALTER CRONKITE" of that time.

What If?

Rethinking 1941 with Edward R. Murrow.

By Victor Davis Hanson, author most recently of Carnage and Culture: Landmark Battles in the Rise of Western Power.
September 27, 2001 9:00 a.m.

What Should We Do?
By Edward R. Murrow
Washington, D.C.
December 8, 1941

President Roosevelt will call for a joint session of Congress today to discuss yesterday's bombing of Pearl Harbor and the reported loss of 2,400 Americans. I can report that our commander-in-chief is calm and will not ask for a precipitous "outright" declaration of war against the Japanese, but instead leans toward a general consensus to "hunt down the perpetrators" of this act of "infamy." Speaking for the Congress, Senator Arthur Vandenberg promised bipartisan support to "bring to justice" the Japanese pilots. Many believe that the "rogue" airmen may well have flown from Japanese warships. In response, Secretary of War Stimson is calling for "an international coalition to indict these cowardly purveyors of death," and will shortly ask the Japanese imperial government to hand over the suspected airman from the Akagi and Kaga — "and any more of these cruel fanatics who took off from ships involved in this dastardly act." Assistant Secretary Robert Patterson was said to have remarked, "Stimson is madder than hell — poor old Admiral Yamamato has a lot of explaining to do."

Secretary of State Cordell Hull, however, this morning cautioned the nation about such "jingoism." He warned, "The last thing we want is another Maine or Lusitania. We wouldn't want to start something like a Second World War and ruin the real progress in Japanese-American relations over the last few years." Hull himself is preparing for a long tour to consult our allies in South America, Africa, and colonial France: "If we get the world on board, and make them understand that this is not merely an aggressive act upon us, much less just an American problem, such a solid front may well deter further Japanese action."

Even as Hull prepares to depart, special envoy Harry Hopkins is calling for a general statement of concern from the League of Nations, condemning not only the most recent Japanese aggression, but also an earlier reported incident in Nanking, China. "If we can get an expression of outrage from the League, Japan may well find itself in an interesting pickle. We're looking for some strong League action of the type that followed the banditry in Ethiopia and Finland." Hopkins finished by emphasizing the rather limited nature of the one-day Pearl Harbor incursion, and suggesting such piecemeal attacks were themselves a direct result of past American restraint. "We did not rattle our sabers when they went into China. Had we listened to the alarmists then, we might well be seeing Japanese anger manifesting itself from the Philippines to Wake Island in the coming days."

Secretary of the Treasury Henry Morgenthau, Jr., a few hours ago reminded the nation of the current disturbing economic news. "Four million Americans are still out of work. Americans are not out of this Depression by any means. Are we to borrow money to build planes that we don't even know will fly?" The industrialist Henry Kaiser was no more optimistic: "There is simply no liquidity in these markets. We shouldn't even be considering rearming. It is not as if we are going to build a ship a day. Even launching a carrier every couple of years could put us back to 1932."

Military leaders, smarting over yesterday's losses, were no more ready for war. Even the usually colorful Admiral Halsey sounded a note of concern to this reporter, "Look, they have all the cards, not us. The bastards over there could give us a decade of war at least. Where do I get bases for my subs and flattops? Who gives me strips for the flyboys? This could be a new war with no rules. Believe me, brother, we ain't going to Midway or some place like that in six months and cut down to size the whole damn imperial fleet. It's just not going to happen." Admiral King was nearly as blunt, "Hell's bells, no one has ever conquered Japan since they kicked the Portuguese out. Do the American people really want to go over to that part of the world and fight those samurai madmen? The logistics are impossible. These people have been at war for years. I've seen these Zeros — you put a suicide basket case with a wish to die for the emperor in with a tank of gas, and you've got a guided rocket that will blow our ships out of the water." Colonel James Doolittle was even more cautious than the top brass when told of calls for potential early American counterattacks. "Swell — the last thing we need is to send in some hot-dogger to drop a few bombs for the press boys that cause no real damage and get our fellas killed in the bargain."

On the home front, prominent voices in the arts expressed far stronger reservations about possible American "revenge". Robert Maynard Hutchins of the University of Chicago explained to me that the Pearl Harbor incident cannot be separated from its larger cultural context. "We must guard against this absurd and ongoing moral absolutism on the part of the United States in seeing complex cultural differences in black and white terms of the Occident and the Orient. We have no monopoly on morality or justice." His colleague, Mortimer J. Adler, elaborated: "Far too often we look at the world through Western lenses. But in Japanese eyes, this rather desperate attack is seen as a "slap", a lashing out of sorts to get the attention of the United States, really more of a desperate cry of the heart than anything else." Adler went on, "Japan has had a tradition of isolation from and distrust of Western civilization — rightly so in some respects, given everything from past European missionaries to racism, economic exploitation, and colonialism. If we inflame passions, they may well simply divorce themselves from the world community — or worse, set off a conflagration of pan-Asian hatred toward Occidentals that could last for generations. It seems to me Pearl Harbor is rather more of a case of Admiral Perry's chickens at long last coming home to roost."

Contacted at home, the noted naval historian Samuel Eliot Morison was pessimistic about the strategy involved in any U.S. response: "Good God, do they want us to fight the entire world — Germany, Italy, Hungry, Bulgaria, Romania, and now Japan? We lose 2,400 sailors — less than an annual poliomyelitis outbreak — and then we start a World War II? I find these calls for mindless retaliation not only naοve, but disturbing as well in their failure to take account of America's strategic impotence. That's a part of the world we know very little about."

Prominent American clergymen blasted the very idea of armed retaliation, calling instead for interfaith services and greater tolerance of Japanese religious beliefs. Cardinal Cushing warned against castigating the entire Japanese people for the actions of a few fanatics, adding that "Bushido, is, in fact, merely a variant of Shintoism, itself an age-old and misunderstood faith that is as humane as anything in Christian teaching." Cushing added, "There is nothing in Bushido, much less Shintoism that is inherently bellicose or at all anti-Western. These few extremists are hardly representative of either public or religious opinion in Japan." Cushing concluded, "The Emperor himself is a pacifist, a Zen scholar in fact deeply devoted to entomology, with no interest at all in bloodshed. And so the better question might be posed: 'Why does so much of Asia hate us?'"

Celebrated director John Ford reflected Hollywood's unease with the early rumors of war. "Hell, we are artists, not mouthpieces. What are we to do — join the Navy to make movies on government spec? Had we had more Japanese films available to the American people in the first place, we wouldn't have had this misunderstanding." A few Hollywood stars who were willing to speak on the record agreed. Jimmy Stewart called for a world conference of concerned actors and screenwriters. "There have been some great Japanese movies. We need to reach out to our brother actors over there. The last thing we need is a bunch of us would-be pilots storming over to Burbank to enlist." Clark Gable was adamant in his belief in keeping America from doing something "stupid," as he put it. "If you haven't heard lately: We're actors, artists really, not war-mongers. I'm sure that our Japanese counterparts feel the same way. We need to put away the B-17s and get the cameras rolling on both sides."

Celebrated veterans were especially angered about knee-jerk American anger. Alvin C. York, Medal of Honor winner and hero of the Great War, was reported as "madder than hell" at the "war scare." "We shouldn't fight in some jungle island just because the Japanese hate old man Rockefeller as much as we do."

In an in-depth newsmaker interview, 81-year-old General John J. Pershing told Henry Luce of Time magazine, "I've made war before — long and hard. I've seen it. These sunshine sluggers talk a great game, but wait until our dead pile up. No, it is time to collect our thoughts and think like adults for a change. Lashing back is just what these extremists want us to do. If a war breaks out, then their mission is accomplished. I'd hate to see us playing into the hands of a few militarists who want to topple the moderates and the emperor. This ocean war with carriers is an entirely new challenge, nothing like we have ever seen before. Why get our boys killed only to make a few samurai martyrs?"

And so it is with confidence today that this reporter assures the American people and the world that sobriety, maturity, and prudence — not bombs — are the watchwords on the home front. Remember — our enemies can only win if they make us answer their violence with more needless violence.