WOW!!! Did you see the DOLPHINS vs JETS Monday Night Football Game last night? Longest Monday Night Football Game in history, over 4 hrs. 4th Quarter Miami ahead 30-7. Final Score in OT JETS 40, Miami 37. Now that's a "BARNBURNER"!!!

Well the rain ended here last night, but this morning, FOG!!! Strange days in the Desert here. One thing that is irritating me here in AZ. The absolute CHEAPEST GAS I can find is $1.45 a gallon. I don't like that AT ALL!!!

The Democ"RATS" in California are complaining that Gore is using "their" campaign $$$ in other states, as Bush is now gaining in the polls there. The Democ"RATS" want CLINTON to come and save the state for Gore. Heh Heh Heh!

Well Gore said yesterday that he has NO INTENTION of taking GUNS away from HUNTERS. (There goes his "Animal Rights supporters" if they believe him). Well do you think GORE is even qualified to teach GUN SAFETY? See the PICTURE HERE!!!

Or how about GORE's supposed SERVICE in VIETNAM, getting SHOT at etc. See the STORY HERE!!!

NEW TV AD for GORE playing now. GORE says he broke with his fellow Democ"RATS" and voted in support of the GULF WAR in January 1991. The REASON? He got more PIMETIME TV COVERAGE for supporting it then if he didn't. In fact he shopped his vote to both sides of the ISSUE of if we were going to WAR or not. AND HE wants to be "COMMANDER IN CHIEF"!!!! See the STORY HERE!!!

And now this. GORE's VP Joe Lieberman, who has been playing up the fact that he is an ORTHODOX JEW, has just been kicked out, EXCOMMUNICATED. Could this be why we have seen the Rev. Jesse Jackson on TV more than Lieberman the past couple of weeks? See the STORY HERE!!!

Don't believe the pundits of Liberalism, ie MAJOR MEDIA. They keep portraying and pontificating their choice, GORE, as the one who has the "Momentum", as the "Right" Choice for America. I refuse to believe that most THINKING Americans want the Federal Gov't to tell them what to do, when to do it, and how to do it. I also refuse to believe that most THINKING Americans worth their "salt" who want to provide for themselves: want to rely on GOV'T WELFARE, or HANDOUTS, or SUBSIDIES. ie: Suckling at the Federal Gov't TEET!!! Because I can't provide on my own without GOV'T HELP. I believe everyone should, "PULL THEIR OWN WEIGHT"!!!

Now here is a STORY for you all. Could this Story possibly have happened 10 years ago? 4 football players gang-rape a Cheerleader. Judge orders them back into class. It is up to the school if they get to play in the next Game. Because afterall the only way the can go to COLLEGE is by a Football Scholarship, and we don't want to limit their EDUCATIONAL Opportunities. Looks like 4 more Rae Carruth's to me. 2 STORIES: GANG-RAPE HERE!!! 2nd Story on Rae Carruth HERE!!!

How could this happen today and NOT 10 yrs. ago? Ten yrs. ago we didn't have the CLINTON-GORE Administration dragging down personal responsibilty and ethics of the WHOLE COUNTRY. Today anyone with ethics, morality, convictions, are labeled as UNFEELING, HATEFULL, CLOSED MINDED, etc. Although I fail at times to my own standards, I try to live up to them. And I don't blame others when I do fail my own standards. I only try to do better the next time. Life is a lifelong learning experience, I think that is why we are here. And I learned a bunch in the past month. An inside joke/Truth. If you know about it, then you know. If you don't by now, I am not volunteering it. That is what happens if you only Visit this page of my website. SNOOZE, you lose.



BREAKING NEWS!!!! ARIZONA HEAD COACH VINCE TOBIN is FIRED!!!! YAYYY!!! After watching the debacle in DALLAS, a 48-7 LOSS, I wanted TOBIN'S Head served on a platter. I did have the CARDINALS picked to win in the Football Pool this week, I still went 9-4 and captured 2nd place in the Pool. Sorry RH.

Last week,,,,,man, you wouldn't believe the clean-up I had to do on another aspect of my website. It was said by a visitor as better than a Soap Opera. Well it's gone now, and has been for a few days. If you missed it, too bad. Because this sort of thing will never happen on my web site again.

Then during the 2nd 1/2 of last week I ran into ISP difficulties. And then on Saturday a Power Failure due to the heavy rains and Thunderstorms. Of coarse I lost Power for over 2 hrs during Game 1 of the World Series.

But you know me, a former Boy Scout, always prepared. I had the only Apt. lit by anything except candles. My White LED Flashlights came thru. My Apt. was almost as brightly lit as when the Power is on. Plus my ample supply of AA Batteries powered my Color 2 in. TV to watch the Game. While I was fine, some neighbors made me nervous. Candles near drapes by the windows, with high winds. And some boneheads using Camping COLEMAN OIL LANTERNS as light. There is that CO2 problem.....

Now to ARIZONA NEWS: We have this absurd Alternative Fuel Vehical Subsidy that was ended this past Friday. This was so poorly done by our State Legislature they stink worse than the Cardinals loss to the Cowboys. This Program was supposed to cost $3 Million for the year. As of now it is over $400 MILLION, could go above $800 MILLION. IF!, and it is a BIG IF. The cost stays below $500 MILLION. It will cost EVERY TAXPAYER in ARIZONA $400 in EXTRA STATE TAXES THIS YEAR. See what happens when you let women run the show? Arizona is the 1st STATE to have it's highest top 4 positions occupied by women. Looks like they acted as women with a CHARGE CARD in a MALL!!! Except the TAXPAYERS can't make them take it back to the stores!

National Politics: Hmmmm,,,,,Seems the Story is coming out that Clinton and Gore can't stand each other....GW Bush is pulling ahead in the polls. Panic Time for the DEMOCRATS, with just over 2 weeks before the ELECTION. The DEMOCRATS keep hoping the "REAL AL GORE" will show up. The point in question is: IS THERE SUCH A THING AS "THE REAL AL GORE"? OH the latest accusation is that GORE has EXPERIENCE in world politics if the MID-EAST blows up, problem is,,,, is that the Blow-Up is caused by Clinton- Gore Policies!!! A HA!!!! Some of you think you can redirect this to me by what has happened on my web site in the past few weeks where I failed the test. The thing IS.... I AM NOT RUNNING FOR PRESIDENT. ALSO I ADMIT MY MISTAKES and accept the fallout from it. AND I HAVE LEARNED FROM IT. YES I have screwed UP, Yes I did use POOR Judgement. I accept the consequences from it. I VOW to do better!!!

What is the difference between Clinton/Gore and myself? The LAST 5 Sentences. What you see here on MY Website, weather from me or not,,,, THE BUCK STOPS HERE!!!! I am RESPONSIBLE for EVERYTHING in EVERY aspect of this Web Site. You who do not Visit every outlet of my website on a regular basis, miss out on High Drama at times. Hint BBS.

15 DAYS to the ELECTION. I PREDICT BUSH Winning 30 STATES, and CONSERVATIVE CONTROL of the HOUSE and SENATE. AL GORE is Tanking even worse than the CARDINALS against the COWBOYS. And what happened at the CARDINALS? HEAD COACH FIRED!!! My advice to the DEMOCRATS is to FIRE AL GORE and BILL CLINTON, but it won't happen. This Election will look more like 1980, than 1960. MARK MY WORDS!!!!

File Getting Full, may have to move it to the "ARCHIVES" before the next update.

WE have a lot of good FUN in the next 2 weeks coming up!!! A Lot of Mudslinging coming up between the Presidential Candidates, with GORE throwing everything he can think of. This will be FUN to Watch!!!


Secret Lab Football Pool Update. (Can be viewed from my opening page) 100 games into the Season, and 14 out of 15 participants are above 50%. In fact, in this past week, #7, the worst record for the week was 7-7, the best was 12-2!!! Congrats to JC&TP!!! I am sometimes overly critical of my workplace, I AM TRYING to Stop that. But the Football Pool has proven once again that the workers at The Secret Lab are very smart and intuitive people. If only as a whole we placed bets in Las Vegas on the Games the same as the Football Pool at the beginning of the Season, we would have made a bundle of $$$.

DEBATE #3 tonight, count on Gore to go negative, and use made up anecdotes on the suffering of the American People, even though he is in the Administration that has been in power the past 7 1/2 years. Is Al Gore's platform to be able to dreg out these stories every 4 years, made up or not, and say, "I FEEEEL YOUR PAAIINNN!!!!!!"????? Well guess what folks. No matter what WE do, there will ALWAYS be those considered POOR. Mostly by their own choices in Life, some by unfortunate circumstances, or luck. Let me remind you of ONE THING. When is the last time you read a NEWSPAPER that had DEATHS of CHILDREN, or ADULTS due to HUNGER? Or how many homeless people froze to Death in the winter on the corner near your Home? Well these stories wouldn't make the Papers in a lot of Countries, because it is an everyday occurance. Do YOU LIBERALS actually think they Film the "FEED THE CHILDREN" Commercials in THIS COUNTRY???? My point is,,,even the POOREST in this Country would be considered WEALTHY in many Nations on this Earth. Remember these points when watching the DEBATE Tonight.

Well a CEASE-FIRE has been reached between Israel and the Palestinians, brokered by Clinton. ONE PROBLEM: The violence continues. It figures,,, given Clinton's "ADVISORS'" don't even know who we Import OIL from. For Example: Madeleine Albright didn't believe we bought Iraqi Oil. She was only OFF BY A 125 MILLION BARRELS!!! This is "The Secretary of State". Given she has a hard enough time being taken seriously in the Middle-East Politics being a woman in a man's world, she should at least have knowledge of our imports from the Region. We can't Legislate Equality between the sexes on other Countries, especially Arab Countries. Well See the STORY HERE!!!

Hmmm... Guess Al Gore is in cahoots with Russia to let IRAN get Conventional and Nuclear Weapons, against U.S.LAW. I suppose kinda like getting campaign $$$ from CHINA for the same thing. I guess this is where AL GORE has more Experience than G.W.Bush in Foriegn Policy.... See the STORY HERE!!!

AL GORE subject to BLACKMAIL by RUSSIA? Looks like it is very possible. See the STORY HERE!!!

Here is a Story on Political Correctness, some of it I have already covered. But the Story is HERE!!! Nevertheless

OK, Now for the NEWS of the Strange and Bizzare.

A lot of you know, that if you get a TRAFFIC TICKET, you can go to DRIVERS SCHOOL so it won't go to your INSURANCE COMPANY. WELL,,,, This is a GOOD ONE!!! In California, San Francisco, of coarse. If you get caught soliciting a Prostitute, you can keep your record clean by going to "PROSTITUTE SCHOOL"!!!! I'm NOT KIDDING!!! See the STORY HERE!!!

Woman QUITS JOB because of "FARTS" in the Office that made her sick. See the STORY, opps, excuse me, HERE!!!

TREE HUGGERS, I hate 'em. But if the women went topless I would go see..... See the STORY, Topless TREE HUGGERS, HERE!!!

Well... I'll see you tomorrow!!!!


Sorry about a lack of an Update this weekend. I had AGAIN trouble getting on the Internet Saturday and Sunday. By the time my Connection was stable, it was time for me to go and watch my AZ Cardinals play terrible Football against the Phil. Eagles.

Well Clinton is in EGYPT today, still trying to "Build a Legacy" outside of Monica, Broderick, etc., WACO, Ruby Ridge, and Bombing 3rd World Aspirin Factories. Clinton has had Lobbyists soliciting for him to get the NOBEL PEACE PRIZE, this is why he is in EGYPT in a Summitt that if no pre-conditions were secretly met, is DOOMED to FAILURE, more unrest in ISRAEL, and the Middle-East. Including More Danger to AMERICANS in the Region, and our Armed Forces in the Region and the World. See the STORY HERE!!!

Here is a JUDGE, who knows how to "Judge". In his Opinion, he found it UNFAIR to "JUDGE" a citizen more Harshly than what the Court has done with Clinton on "PERJURY". When Clinton's Perjury was more injurious to the Country, than a regular citizen's affect on the Country for the same Charge. Of Coarse the Clinton Led Judicial Branch is Appealing. See the STORY HERE!!!

Another FLIP-FLOP by AL GORE from the past, just like his LIE that he ALWAYS supported a woman's right to choose. (ABORTION) Which was proven as a LIE. Now here comes AL GORE'S own words from the past about Homosexuals, he VOWED never to accept $$ from them, called the lifestyle, abnormal,etc. SEE the STORY From MATT DRUDGE HERE!!!

Actress Alicia Siverstone, who Starred in "CLUELESS". And now is a recent convert to the whacko anti-Dairy product coalition, wanting to force the rest of us from eating, drinking, MILK, Cheese, Eggs, etc. I bet she also doesn't want us to Eat Ham, Bacon, Steak, Hamberger, Hot Dogs, Sausage, Chicken, Pepperoni, Salami, Etc, Etc. See her Whaco STORY HERE!!!

Can you believe this? A court has ruled that a 15 yr. old boy has the LEGAL RIGHT to dress as a Girl in School. Blowing "kisses" to other boys, using the Girls Restroom, etc. are next. Granted this kid has already done this, but the Court Ruling doesn't cover this. The Ruling only encompasses "his" "Right" to wear high heels, short skirts, and tight shirts. While wearing padded Bras, etc. See the STORY HERE!!!

A Husband missing for 20 years, declared Legally Dead 12 years ago, gets shot by his wife.... How can she be charged for shooting someone who is Legally Dead? I think the guy deservers it. See the STORY HERE!!!

Medics in an Ambulance. "Darn the guy is dead". "Man, it's way too far to the hospital... Let's just take him back home and dump him in the Driveway....". See the STORY HERE!!!

Bad Deal when the Pilot of your Balloon falls out and you are on your own. HEY!!!! Where is the OWNER'S MANUAL???!!!! See the STORY HERE!!!

WARNING!!! Heads Up on this!!! EBOLA OUTBREAK!!! See the STORY HERE!!!

See you all Tomorrow!!!


I told you the other day!!! Keep a close EYE on the situation in the Middle-East this week!!! And what is going on? The Middle-East is on the BRINK of WAR. Well ain't this just great. OIL Prices already thru the roof, and now a very real possibility of interupeted supplies of crude oil looms. This is all Bill Clinton's LEGACY Building Fault. He tried to force feed the timetable of "PEACE" to both the Palestinian and Isreali Leadership's. The Result? Both Arafat and Barack knew if they accepted Clinton's proposal, would mean at LEAST a loss of Political Power at home, at most the things they fought for all their Lives, DEAD. All because they were "RUSHED" for a final agreement, that was not possible at this time last month by Bill Clinton and his Administration, which includes AL GORE. Because this Peace Agreement was FORCE FED by Clinton's Legacy Building, 7, SEVEN, YEARS of work in trying to get a workable PEACE between the Isreali's, and the Palestinians and Muslems, now appears to be "pissed away" because of Clinton and Gore. Now All Out WAR in the Middle-East is a very real possibility. Our Naval Ships have been or are under attack because of Clinton's total ineptness of Foriegn Policy, and our reduced Military Readiness because of Clinton's Policies. With the events so far today, do you really expect gasoline, heating oil, prices to GO DOWN???!!!

Here are a couple of STORIES about this.

ISREAL BOMBS Arafat's residential compound. See the STORY HERE!!!

US DESTROYER Attacked!!! See the STORY HERE!!!

We all better PRAY that this situation gets solved in a hurry, because if it isn't, the VERY LEAST we can expect is even higher OIL PRICES. Or the other extreme, ATTACKS on/in OUR OWN COUNTRY by Country's or Terrorist Groups. Don't discount it!!! These next few days, weeks, are the most dangerous in a Decade or more. AND, the MOST DANGEROUS TIME BILL CLINTON has ever FACED in his PRESIDENTCY!!!! How do you feel that Slick Willy is protecting US????? Kind of like having a Killer Hampster to protect you. And do you think AL GORE can do any better? He might make it even worse. The way GORE presents himself, pisses off everyone who doesn't like him, which is everybody here who isn't a Baptized LIBERAL. IMAGIN what Country's and Leader's who already don't like US will TRY to do to us....Only because they judge us by our Elected Leaders. Makes what has happened on my BBS recently totally irrevelant.

I bet a lot of AMERICANS wish right NOW that BUSH was in charge, either JR. or SR. Or a 1980 REAGAN.

I hope things calm down, but I don't know. The Biblical Prophesies unnerve me when this stuff happens, being a Catholic, you know....

My server went down down before I could post yesterday's post. Here it is, the NEWS Links should still work. 10/11/00

A slow NEWS Day today. But remember tonight is DEBATE #2!. Al Gore has promised less sighing, getting his facts right, getting a different makeup artist (for his face or facts, I'm not sure). And a promise not to go "negative" unless provoked. So tonight will be another reinvention of Gore. Can he stay on Script? Or will he claim to be the "inventor" of the "WHOPPER", a BURGER KING product, yet to be sued for disfiguring BURNS by an errant pickle. But in Gore's case, the "WHOPPER" is a descriptive term for the LIES he has told. A clue for watching the Debate, Al Gore tends to start with a false "laugh" before he lays another "Whopper". How about a little symbolism? Here are 2 pictures, 1 of Bush with his wife deplaning, a RAINBOW and clearing skies. The other of Gore and his wife deplaning with Dark Clouds in the background. Rush has "dubbed" these with the caption. "God Votes". Gotta give Rush credit. He is MUCH better at this than I am. See the PICTURES HERE!!!

Now who would of thought of THIS? A new lucrative Prison smuggling racket. SPERM SMUGGLING! I don't understand why some women are attracted to those in Prison, even if they are mob bosses and have their kids even if the are in prison for life. Now the Prison Guards, at $5,000 a pop for smuggling "this" out, so to speak I can understand. See the STORY HERE!!!

Now for some NFL Football NEWS. This coming weekend the ARIZONA CARDINALS play at Home against the Philedelpia Eagles. Being an immigrant State, the Visiting Team usually has a substantial contingent at the games. As there are a LOT more people from every city in the colder climes here than there are people born here, like myself. But I am a Cardinals Fan 1st. But there are many who come and cheer on their "old" hometown team. The worst are the Dallas Cowboy Fans, some Texans, they are mostly OK. But the Cowboys have a large fan base of immature/illegal alien/ and a poor attitude. Guaranteed Fights in the stands at these Games. But this Sunday we play the Philedelpia Eagles. I wonder if the new tradition at the Eagles Games will surface here, NITOUS OXIDE TANKS selling like they did at GRATEFUL DEAD CONCERTS. See the STORY HERE!!!

Well My Team has a good chance to win and get back to .500 as the Eagles leading Running Back is out for the year. See the STORY HERE!!!


Lot's of strange NEWS Today, goes with the weather I guess.

AL GORE says he would consider putting a 24hr WEB-CAM in the Oval Office if he is elected. Now if Clinton had done this, and made it pay-per-view, the National Debt would be gone. See the STORY HERE!!!

More NEWS on McDonald's defective hamburger lawsuit involving the burning human-hating pickle. See the STORY HERE!!!

Someone complained, cancel the show the Marching Band has been practicing for a year. See the STORY HERE!!!

College Student runs to "Mama". "Mama" runs to the papers, the police, and the lawyers. Why? the student, got hurt in football practice. Mommy calls it Assualt and Battery. See the STORY HERE!!!

Hmmm. Here's a new one. Puts a different face on the term, "HAZING". 5 students suspended for..... assault with intent to.... Oh I don't know. Call it abusive flatulence. Why 1 student got a 10 day suspension and the other 4 got a 5 day suspension is a mystery. Maybe based on what he ate? See the STORY HERE!!!


Well I hope you all had as enjoyable weekend as I had, best thing there is to recharge your "batteries". It was also nice to go to the AZ CARDINALS NFL Football Game. Not only did we win, but they had my FAVORITE 1/2 Time SHOW this week. The 1/2 Time Show was the Annual AZ. High School Cheerleaders. The Cheerleaders from all the High Schools in Arizona took part. Over 1,500 Cheerleaders on the Field. Always an enjoyable sight, and a Great Show. While the BEACH BOYS may sing about California Girls, I'll put these girls up against the moronic California Girls everytime.

While I only know 2 people in California, both are exports from Arizona. One is a good guy, hard worker, very smart. The Other, no comment, ain't worth the time. I just label it as a CANCER now gone. I don't have to worry about Monday Night's anymore.

"SECRET LAB FOOTBALL POOL" Update: I remain in 3rd Place, but alone. Tonight's game won't change the Final Standings. All but one in the "POOL" didn't do very well this week. Lots of 7-6 and 6-7 win/loss Records so far for this week. You can see the STANDINGS. Link is on my opening page.

Well today is COLUMBUS DAY. Unless you are a Federal Worker, you work today. Granted it is also Yom Kippur for my Jewish Friends and Readers, and the Canadien Thanksgiving Day. But has any holiday figure taken MORE abuse than Columbus in the past few years? Now we all know Columbus wasn't the 1st here. Lief Erickson, a Nordic Viking beat him by 500 yrs. They and his clan settled in MINNESOTA, bringing the great Sport of Football with them. But it was Columbus who brought Italian Restuarants, and PIZZA Parlors here! And later followed by a Great Italian named DOMINO who started the Pizza Home Delivery Service.

But poor 'ole Columbus has been the target of racism, slavery, and genocide. The only thing they can't hang on him is TOBACCO!!! Because the "Native American's" gave it to him in a plot to get the White People hooked on this "killer" weed. If the so called "Native Americans" can sue over everything about "Columbus Day", shouldn't the rest of us "foriegners" be able to sue the "Native Americans" who sell the cheapest cigarrettes right along with "BIG TOBACCO"???

This is idiocy, I am as "Native American" as the oldest living "Indian". I was born HERE! That makes me NATIVE! You can't blame me for what happened to other "Peoples" by my ancestry. If you can, well guess what? I am a Hungarian Gypsy. I've had distant family members in the GAS CHAMBERS in Germany in WWII like the JEWS. So put that FACT in your PEACEPIPE and SMOKE it you so called "Native Americans". I'm not suing the GERMAN People for WWII atrocities, expecting to get a $Buck from it. I am an AMERICAN 1st. Not a WHATEVER WHATEVER--Hypen--American. Come On!!!! How often do you hear about "Native Frenchman", "Native Black Englishman", ETC. ETC.!!! Give it a rest!!! Well there is a STORY about this HERE!!!

Today all eyes are on the Middle-East, will WAR break out? Diplomacy far and wide are now involved. Being a "MODERATE" is saying you surrender points to the adversary to start with. The idea of, "Can't we just get along?". By retreating from the start emboldens your opposition to want more. I think the Isreali Leadership has just now learned this. Unfortunately, the Age old mantra of, "Those who refuse to learn from History are Condemned to Repeat it". Back in 1939, just before WWII started, Richard Chamberlin, Prime Minister of England, went to NAZI GERMANY, met with HITLER, and came back to ENGLAND with a GREAT ANNOUNCEMENT!!! "PEACE IN OUR TIME!!!" Let Germany have a part of Checloslavakia (SP) and things will be all right. We all know what happened soon afterward!!! Within Weeks POLAND, FRANCE, and numerous smaller countries were taken over by NAZI GERMANY. And WWII started.

Well the Middle-East is just as dangerous right now. Doesn't help that the Bible says this is where the LAST WAR begins. WWIII will be fought with Nuclear, Chemical, and Biological Weapons. WWIV will be fought with sticks and stones..... See the STORY HERE!!!


And now to end today's update: A Mike Tyson type of ATTACK. A woman, pay attention to the names here, named "Cat"ina, bit off another woman's Ear. Her name "Graft"ton. Well if they find the miising EAR, the Doctors maybe able to "GRAFT" it back on. See the STORY HERE!!!


Well, it looks like the people of Yougoslavia were able to do more in less than a week than NATO could in a month of bombing. Remove Slobodan Milosevic from Power.

Now a NEW CRISIS. Is WAR about to break out in the Middle East? I hope not, but things are not looking good. How an area the size of New Jersey (Isreal) can make the whole world nervous still amazes me. It is something we need to keep a close eye on this week.

Now for the NEWS.

PICKLE ALERT!!! Be WARNED!!! McDonald's is serving DEFECTIVE Hamburgers where the Pickle leaps out of the sandwich onto your chin giving 2nd degree BURNS!!!! Next new Warning Label on cooked food: Warning Hot Food. See the STORY HERE!!!

This is what happens when people do not know their Constitutional Rights, and are a bit soft in the head. You know, Rocket Scientists don't work at fast food places. See the STORY HERE!!!

Of coarse this is from California. City code to be changed. No longer will people who own pets be called "animal owners", instead they will be called "animal guardians". Of coarse Animal Rights whacko's are in on this. See the STORY HERE!!!

Ted Turner's CNN (Clinton News Network) didn't play 50-50 on the split screen of the Presidential Debate. Turns out CNN gave 6% more of the screen to GORE. Considering all the networks had the same video feed, but only CNN's was not 50-50 raises the issue that more likely than not it was done purposely. See the STORY HERE!!!

We all know that Bill Clinton's Fast Food of choice is McDonald's. Do you know AL GORE's Fast Food of choice is? BURGER KING. Why? "HOME THE WHOPPER", and Gore just can't say enough WHOPPER's. Here are some, not counting the past week. See the STORY HERE!!!


Sorry for not updating yesterday, things happen.

Well the BOY SCOUT ISSUE is a hot one here in Arizona. It basically ends last night with the City Council of Tempe, AZ. To leave the fundraising as it was in the past. But still a recal effort is underway to recall the Mayor. On a local talk Radio Show this morning the Mayor basically blamed the bureacracy of Gov't for trying to do the right thing, but it split the "Community". Actually split it where he was on the LOSING side. He actually acknowledged the fact that it was his own personal belief that Organizations like the BOY SCOUTS shouldn't recieve charitable contributions from his employees, which are ALL the people who work for the CITY of TEMPE, AZ. I know this is now dated, but the following LINKS are in order from my last update to today.



3rd STORY, TODAY'S!!! READ CAREFULLY, the GAY AGENDA sneaks out it's ugly Head from The Mayor. Reminder the Mayor is an open GAY, which I didn't hold against him until recently, when POLICY was reflecting his lifestyle in CITY GOV'T. See the STORY HERE!!!

Think about it this way folks, instead of saying BOY SCOUTS, and GIRL SCOUTS, let's for this purpose say Adult led Male Clubs, and Adult led Female Clubs. NOW put in CAMPING TRIPS. As a parent of a son, what would you be more comfortable with:

  • A GAY MAN as the LEADER
  • STRAIGHT Married or Single Man as the LEADER

    As a parent of a daughter, what would you be more comfortable with:

  • STRAIGHT Single or Married Woman as the Leader

    The obvious choice for parents is the 3rd choice every time. Not to condemn GAYS, but in General. But the GAY Agenda wants the 1st Choice to be preferred, and anyone against this thinking labeled as HATEFUL PEOPLE.

    Well it didn't work, Parents in General know what is right and wrong for their own children and the environment they would be exposed to. AT LEAST we still have this right!!! Now if only we can get these same parents to pay attention to the NEWS and Politics with the same diligence....Then the LIBERAL AGENDA will be on it's DEATHBED, or BURIED!!!

    Now here are some AL GORE LIES, and it's not even current!!! But you have to read all the LIES ALGORE has said about himself. There are at LEAST 1/2 DOZEN more not listed in this following story since "THE DEBATE". See the STORY HERE!!!

    Because of a lack of an UPDATE yesterday, I WILL post another Tonight or sometime Saturday. It will be "THE WEEKEND EDITION".


    Don't it figure? I get my car washed for the 1st time in 2 1/2 months. (Since my last $$$ visit to the Car Dealer). AND It RAINS!!!

    Well I have the DEBATE on TAPE and will watch it after this update.

    Because of the rain and wind, my Internet Connection keeps going out, making it difficult to get News for you. But I do have some News for you.

    Remember back last month a Story I posted here, when the City of TEMPE, AZ decided to ban donations to the BOY SCOUTS because the SUPREME COURT Ruled that they can BAN GAYS from their Leadership, and TEMPE Demanded that funds collected NOT GO TO THE BOY SCOUTS? Well the outrage from the community was evident when this NEWS hit the NEWS here. But remember how the LIBERALS work. It's AGENDA, AGNDA, AGENDA!!! I work with some Gays, I respect them as an individual based on other traits, and consider some as friends. In fact most have the same views as I do overall. Now remembering the BOY SCOUT ISSUE, add this ISSUE. Now for another fact that I didn't think a month ago was relevant. The Mayor of TEMPE is openly GAY. He claimed he would NOT let his own sexual preference enter into policy. Well I think he is as truthful as AL GORE in this statement. Now BOY SCOUT TRASHING and Discrimination is encouraged by the CITY OF TEMPE, AZ. I am now convinced to campaign AT my workplace, "The Secret Lab" located in TEMPE to CEASE Voluntary paycheck deductions to the UNITED WAY because of the Stance by the City of TEMPE. See the STORY HERE!!!

    2nd STORY MAYOR trying to deflect critisism about the BOY SCOUT BAN by blamming someone else. A Clinton/Gore Ploy. See the STORY HERE!!!

    TEMPE is a COLLEGE Town, Also home to the AZ. CARDINALS. I think we can raise enough hell to tell the MAYOR of TEMPE to shove this action directed by him for the GAY AGENDA, to SHOVE THIS UP HIS ASS TOO!!! G-Damn Queers badmouthing the BOY SCOUTS is the last straw in MY BOOK. I don't FORCE FEED my VIEWS on everyone else, nor make it policy. Neither should YOU, MR. MAYOR. Well MR. MAYOR you have done a 180 DEGREE Turn since "THE SECRET LAB" was built in your CITY on your PROMISE NOT TO let SEXUALILITY or PREFERENCE dictate CITY POLICY.

    Now I rarely do this. Those easily offended, or with small children, please turn away from this final comment. MR. MAYOR of TEMPE, AZ. You have LIED about your AGENDA, you have abandoned the view of the your constituents. You are Promoting your own DEVIANT LIFESTYLE over the the wishes of of those who YOU SUPPOSEDLY SERVE AS A CIVIL SERVANT.

    I Guess this slam would be sufficient for most. But NOT ME!!! I call it as I see it. MR. MAYOR of TEMPE, AZ. ADULT LANGUAGE COMING HERE

    YOU ARE A FU***NG G*D DA**N LIAR!!!! Sue ME I DARE YOU!!! YOU can't WIN when you're a DAMN LIAR.

    Side NOTE: I can never understand why a GUY would like another GUY'S "DICK" up his ASS. So MR. MAYOR, SHOVE IT UP YOUR ASS, I hope you get your "rocks" off...... A Special Place in HELL is READY for you,,,, I just heard the rumor. Not a good thing to be "Pissing God Off". It is one thing to be GAY and dealing with it. It is another THING TO FORCE EVERYONE ELSE to applaud and accept it, ESPECIALLY when young CHILDREN are involved. A GAY MAYOR, I could live with, A GAY MAYOR who advocates HOMOSEXUALITY as a POLICY, I CANNOT LIVE WITH!!!


    Well a late update today, had to pick up my car. Total Cost including car rental, $1,100. A bit cheaper than expected, but this better be it for awhile. $2,000 in less than 3 months, besides the car payment and insurance, if this schedule remains it will put me in the poor house for sure!

    Well in a few hours the First Debate begins, I will have to watch my tape of it after work tommorrow. I guess I will hear the LIBERAL NEWS SPIN of it before I see the Debate for myself.

    BREAKING NEWS: I don't have a link to the story as of now, but on the LOCAL NEWS UPDATE on the Radio there is this NEWS. The INS (Immigration and Nautralization Service) has DEPORTED more ILLEGAL MEXICANS caught crossing the ARIZONA / MEXICO Border this YEAR than there are Residents in ALASKA. The INS Admits that it catches maybe 1 in 10 ILLEAGAL IMMIGRANTS. (The term ILLEGAL ALIENS is now Politically Incorrect to use in NEWS STORIES). Can you now see why this is a big ISSUE to the Border States?

    Now for the NEWS OF THE DAY.

    I don't believe this! The Supreme Court has ruled that Bisexuals cannot be sued for Sexual Harassment. WHY? Because they don't discriminate on the basis of sex. Read the STORY HERE!!!

    It's getting harder to teach these days. See the STORY HERE!!!

    Somehow, I am glad this kid is not a neighbor of mine. See the STORY HERE!!!

    This kid has to be an idiot. Come on guys, didn't we all make home-made bombs? From the simple baking-soda and vinegar bombs, to match-head bombs, to home-made gunpowder bombs (You know the Salt-Peter, Charcoal, sulfer mix). Well nobody I know, including myself, ever BLEW themself UP making them. And now with the Internet, with detailed instructions a "click" away, eliminating the trial and error risk I had as a kid, this BOZO BLOWS himself UP. See the STORY

    Granted I didn't have a Flashy Party when I started this website. But even if I did, I'm sure I would last longer online than 46 days with $22 MILLION. See the STORY HERE!!!

    Good Day, Good Night, See you tommorrow!!!


    "Secret Lab Football Pool Update". I remain tied for 3rd Place, tonight's game will either seperate 2 who currently are in 1st and 2nd place more, or tie them up, most others will remain in the positions they are currently in. The Pool is accessed from the Opening Page.

    Let's see, where to begin... OK, let's start with FRIDAY NIGHT. As some of you know I recently had car trouble about 2 1/2 months ago costing me about $900, and still some other things that needed attention, but not immediately. Well Friday night, (at least this didn't happen Thurs night when I took my telescope to a remote area, but I still would have had my cell-phone). I decided to take a simple short cruise to get some BEER, DIET COKE, and maybe a Burger and Fries to go along with my left over Dommino's Pizza. Well things didn't work out as I planned. CAR DIED. Electronic Ignition and a DEAD ALTERNATOR will do it every time. I had every intention of getting my car back to the Dealer this COMING weekend, as it would be 3,500 miles on the oil in my car since the last Service. So now I have added another towing charge, and rental car charge as of Saturday. I refused the Geo Metro, I didn't like when people laughed at me when I was driving it, having to pedal also sucked. So I got a better car as a rental this time. So tommorrow I should beable to get my car back, I already knew beforehand that the repairs were going to cost better than $600, now add ALTERNATOR, TOWING, and CAR RENTAL. I bet it will total $1200. Well at least there is nothing else that can go wrong, plus I have new tires, not FIRESTONE. Basically every part "easy" to replace has been replaced in the past 18 months.

    What kind of car do I have? A 1996 Pontiac Grand AM, it now has 95,000 miles on it. See a picture of it HERE!!!

    These big Bills on my car SUCK!!! This better be it for another 50,000 miles or more.

    NOW... Speaking of "SUCKING", Clinton comes to mind. I have a couple of STORIES on this. This 1st one is Bill Clinton's TRUSTED ADVISOR until he SUCKED on a PROSTITUTE'S TOE'S when he was on the Phone to Slick Willy. Well DICK MORRIS says Clinton has had HUNDREDS of Sexual "Encounters" since he's been in the White House. I say "Encounters" because the definition of "SEX" is changing because of SLICK WILLY, that is the 2nd STORY. BUT THE 1st STORY HERE!!!

    Now this POLL of TEENAGE GIRLS DEFINITION OF SEX, lies solely with BILL CLINTON, since he is the only President they've ever known. See the STORY HERE!!!

    Can you believe this? A RACIST "MR. POTATO HEAD"!!!! Do you think that maybe some people are TOO sensitive? See the STORY HERE!!!

    I don't know how to phrase this story, except that both Father and Son are LIBERALS and being "POWERFULL" in the School System they are immune from wrongdoing. I bet the SON was sending the Tapes made to the Whirte House Staffers who have been accused of VIEWING on the INTERNET the same thing. See the STORY HERE!!!

    Here is a story that illustrates the difference between LIBERAL and CONSERVATIVE Thinking. The Conservatives want the RULE OF LAW to apply EQUALLY to everyone. For Example: if you KILL someone because they are GAY or a "Protected Minority" you get a longer sentance in Prison than if you do the SAME THING to someone else not in a "Protected Minority". This in itself VIOLATES THE PRINCIPLE OF EQUAL PROTECTION UNDER THE LAW!!! This is the LIBERAL VIEW. So if someone KILLS a White Male Homosexual, they get a stiffer Sentance than if they KILLED a "STRAIGHT" White Male, because there was no "HATE" involved. The end result is the SAME!!! DEAD is DEAD. Why is KILLING of 1 person worse than KILLING of another person, based SOLELY on the VICTIM'S lifestyle???!!! Well that is what Clinton's "HATE CRIMES BILL" will do. Now to put in Work-Place form. 2 sets of rules, DRUG TEST the WORKERS, Leave Management out of it. See the STORY HERE!!!

    Lack of "VEGAN" FOOD at the TEXAS STATE FAIR. Are you suprised???? See the STORY HERE!!!

    See you Tommorrow!!! "Secret Lab Football Pool" will be Updated tonight after the Monday Night Football Game.


    Well I had a different day today. When I got into work at the "Secret Lab" last night I looked at the schedule and saw that by 3AM I would literally have an ARMY of people working. So, once I got things ready for the shift and another Supervisor showed up, I took off. After all I still have 400 hrs of vacation time available.

    I got out before 2AM. I went home, got my telescope and went out of town. Got great views of Saturn (I could see the rings and some moons), and Jupitor and some of it's moons. I also saw 2 brilliant meteros streaking thru the sky, leaving long blue-green trails behind them. Unfortunately no UFO's were observed.

    Well I have a couple of stories for you to see today, let's get started.

    Do you need a shower to wake up? Well in Australia they have a way to make SURE you wake up, kinda shocking actually. See the STORY HERE!!!

    Is this really needed? Eezeewee? Come on GALS!!! Do you really want to be able to take a "leak" standing up? Anyways, See the STORY HERE!!!

    Proof that LIBERALS have "HOLES IN THIER HEADS", self inflicted also. You need to get to the end of this story to see that the woman in the article, one living today, not one of the Neanderthals, her HUSBAND was an INSTUCTOR of BILL CLINTON. How many "HOLES" do you think is in Clinton's Skull? I guess we will never know, since Clinton is the ONLY President NOT to disclose his Medical History. I guess Sexually Transmitted Diseases in your past, recent, and current Medical File will make you do that. But what do you expect from a President who may have self inflicted "HOLES" drilled thru his SKULL for "ENLIGHTENMENT"??? See the STORY HERE!!!

    Now I find this disturbing since during the week, working 10 hr Graveyard Shift, I use take out/fast food during the week. FLORIDA is now certifying restuarant workers in HAND WASHING. The fact that CERTIFICATION is needed to show someone knows how to WASH THEIR HANDS before handling FOOD. SMOKER DAVE now looking suspiciously at the DOMMINO'S PIZZA just delivered.... See the STORY HERE!!!



    Sorry for the lack of an update yesterday. Due to a longer than expected night at work, and things I had to do after work.

    I want to lead off with this, which would have been my 1st comment yesterday. I know I occasionally have Diet Cokes taken from my lunch bag at the "Secret Lab"... But I always have thought the "Inner Sanctum" of the Lab itself as "sacred ground". Especially since everything but the clothes you wear, and paperwork from testing, once in the Lab, nearly impossible to leave the Lab including Radios, etc. This is because of a BIOHAZARD THREAT, this flashlight was kept in my Lab Coat Pocket. To help me do my own job, I brought in one of those LED FLASHLIGHTS that Art Bell used to advertise, and now the current host of the Show Mike Siegel also advertises. Bright light, lifetime guarentee, batterries good for 100 hrs or more. Perfect for my use in the Lab. A bit pricey though to start, they cost $35. Well between last Monday 12noon and Tues night 11PM, it was STOLEN. I don't know for sure who took it, I have my suspects. My best guess is that it will soon be on its way to California, or it could be going to Missouri, or possibly Texas, as these are the States that the recent people leaving, or who have left employment since last Friday are going to. But I bet California. JUST a HUNCH, people talk. Personally, I know that the flashlight is contaminated. I wouldn't touch it without gloves on. If anyone from the "Secret Lab" knows who took it, let that person know that I don't care about the flashlight, get rid of it for your own HEALTH. I have another one on order to replace it. Risking your own Health or others for a flaslight is stupidity at it's lowest.

    OK, now to the NEWS

    Well the FDA has granted approval to the ABORTION PILL, ie: Legal Killing of a human being. I guess PARTIAL BIRTH ABORTION wasn't enough protectection for a woman's "RIGHT" to CHOOSE. Remember, PARTIAL BIRTH ABORTION is the SUCKING OUT OF THE BRAIN MATTER OF A FULL TERM BABY as it is being BORN, but before the HEAD is delivered. Sounds gruesome huh? Well it is the TRUTH!!! And Remember the CLINTON "PRAYED" over this decision a few yrs back, and GOD Spoke to him, and told him to VETO the BILL BANNING PARTIAL BIRTH ABORTION.

    Well now women can up to 7 weeks can just take a PILL to KILL a human being. Oh you don't like that? Well until a woman gives BIRTH to anything but a HUMAN BEING, I consider ABORTION as KILLING AN INNOCENT CHILD.

    This PILL is known in Europe as, "RU-486". You know the phrase, "Easier to hide in the open..." WELL!!! RU-486.... Let's disect this a bit. What does "86" MEAN to you? Ever get "86"ed from a Bar, or have said, "86" that? "86" means KILL(ing). NOW how about "R"? Think of it as "ARE". NOW how about "U"? Think of it as "YOU". Now last piece of the puzzle, "4". Think of it as "FOR".

    Now folks, let's add up these . ARE YOU FOR KILL(ing) RU4-86. See what a difference is made by moving the "-"? Well of coarse this POISON PILL will be renamed for those of us in the USA. See the STORY of the LEGALIZATION of this KILLING PILL HERE!!!

    No matter what we as a SOCIETY do, or as individuals do, to make things easier and better for the handicapped, they will sue. I am getting fed up with these people. Now Clint Eastwood is being sued because some of his property, the homes date from the 1800's are still not WHEEl-CHAIR accessible after Renovations. Eastwood bought the property for $4.2 MILLION, and has spent more than $6 MILLION renovating it, AND HE'S GETTING SUED????? GIVE me a DAMN BREAK. Next the handicapped will be suing because they can't take the donkey ride down to the bottom of the GRAND CANYON here in AZ. DON'T SUE AZ.!!! IT WAS MOTHER NATURE who made IT!!! If your BLIND, don't sue the MOVIE INDUSTRY because YOU CAN'T SEE THE MOVIE. ALL of this CRAP makes me sick. I am against ABORTION, don't tempt me to change my mind for you people who demand things that CAN'T possibly be provided. Well here is the Clint Eastwood STORY HERE!!!

    Now this is a great STORY. A Business Owner, runs an "ADULT" Shop, is facing the possibility from his City Council of having to have his employees undergo "Criminal Background Checks". Because of FAMILY or COMMUNITY STANDARDS, or whatever. Well, this is Great, The Business owner threatens back with naming PATRONS of the STORE who are on the CITY COUNCIL!!!! I bet this hot potato gets dropped by the CITY COUNCIL in a hurry!!!! See the STORY HERE!!!

    I will see you tommorrow!!!


    Previous Postings now in the ARCHIVES, link is above.

    Well I finally moved into the $$$ zone in "The Secret Lab Football Pool" after Monday Night's Game. I am now tied for 3rd. I also happened to have the best record for this past week, 11-3.

    I just now paid my Server Bill for the next 12 months, $203.49 in case you wanted to know. The cost of owning my Domain Name is $35 a year. So this website cost me $238.49 a year, or $19.87 a month. This is my $$$ that I spend as a Public Service to keep all I can informed on the NEWS you don't get to see, and my personal "unspinning" of the Liberal Agenda. I consider it $$$ well spent.

    BREAKING NEWS: Another School Shooting Today, in New Orleans. 2 Students in critical condition. See the STORY HERE!!!

    Latest AL GORE LIE: "I invented the STRATEGIC OIL RESERVE". FACT: The Strategic Oil Reserve was created in 1975 by the FORD Administration. AL GORE was first elected in 1976. I believe AL GORE was being sung to sleep by his momma by that NEW JINGLE which was written in 1975...."LOOK FOR THE UNION LABEL..." AL GORE himself said LAST WEEK that his momma sang him to sleep with this jingle. The fact that he was 27 yrs old at the time is another issue...

    MOLEGATE, this is being downplayed in the Liberal News Media. Stories are being pulled from Newscasts under the request by the GORE Campaign. See the STORY HERE!!!

    WHERE ARE THE ENVIRONMENTALISTS!!!??? Where is OUR benevolent BIG BROTHER FEDERAL GOVERNMENT!!!???? Did you know that ARIZONA is being OVERUN by CRAWFISH??? And they aren't even native here!!! And you all thought we had only Rattlesnakes, Black Widow Spiders, Tarantulas, and Scorpions to deal with here. NOT THE CASE!!! You can hardly make a step outside where there is any form of irrigation without stepping on these CRAWFISH. Don't go BAREFOOT! These things will grab a toe with their CLAWS and hang on for dear life!!! This is causing Emergency Rooms to overfill with people needing their toes amputated because even when dead the Powerfull grib of the CLAW does not release the toe, causing a lack of blood flow to the toe and gangrene.

    Finally the ANIMAL RIGHTS WHACKO'S have lost out to this growing human tragedy happening in ARIZONA. TODAY a STORY is finally in the paper, encouraging everyone with a fishing license to catch and cook and eat as many of these CRAWFISH as they can. The article even has cooking directions and a recipe. SEE THE STORY HERE!!! If SMOKER DAVE didn't tell you, who would???

    OK, now a new issue for schools. HUGS.... Can anybody tell me how you can tell a "hello hug" from a "love hug"? Is this the same sort of definition as the famous, "I can't define pornography, but I know it when I see it" definition? Well 2 Jr H.S. girls who are close friends are in trouble for giving each other a "hug". See the Story HERE!!!

    I know this subject is extra sensitive today because of the school shootings in New Orleans today. But isn't this going a bit too far? A 3rd Grader SUSPENDED from school for having on his key-chain, a REPLICA of a gun? Soon if a student draws a gun on a sheet of paper, they will be suspended too. ZERO TOLERANCE going TOO FAR!!! See the STORY HERE!!!

    These next 2 stories are graphic and not for the queasy, or before dinner time. The 1st story. Well somebody has to do it. Clean up crime scenes, suicides, those who die and nobody knows for a # of days or weeks until the "ripen". See the STORY HERE!!! Not my 1st choice for a career.

    Now this story is more graphic and gruesome than anything you would hear on "LOVELINE" or anything like that. I am not even going to comment on it. READ at your own risk. The STORY HERE!!!

    See you Tommorrow!!!