This is an UPDATE from my 10/15/99 Posting. This "NEW" software is a total nightmare in "The Secret Lab". The only thing I can figure is that the "Software Engineers/Developers" were hired by this particular Vendor using Affirmative Action Standards, or the were particular about hiring the Graduates who were Advanced in College for their "Self-Esteem" in a Clintonoid Liberal College. Or these software developers were hired because the FDA mandated so. To give Employment to Bosnians, Albainions, Kosovors, etc. that claimed to SEE a computer at one point. A Laboratory Operating System From HELL is what this is. I ACCUSE this VENDOR of TOTAL INCOMPETENCE in developing this program, which looks like a program I used 10 years ago in the "Secret Lab", It SUCKED then!!!! 10 years later, as a fix for Y2K, and the "SUPPOSED AMOUNT OF $$$ AND TIME" they CLAIM to have spent makes me wonder if I may be hit by falling jets, satalites, planets, moons, etc. come 1/1/00.

Today I just recieved my Invoice for the next 12 months foe my web site provider, $203.49. Works out to $16.96 per month. Not a bad deal, a little cheaper than when I got the Domain Name SMOKERDAVE and the provider. And most of you know I don't make any $$$ on this web site, it is an after-work hobby, and a place to vent my Opinions and possibly provide a laugh or two.

I still hold out some hope that on 11/3/99 this web site's conception, will hit 15,600 so I can say I DOUBLED the # of VISITORS in 1 year. We shall See.

Here is a Story that rings true that I recieved in an email

> ><< Mean Moms
> >
> > We had the meanest mother in the whole world!
> >
> > While other kids ate candy for breakfast, we had to have cereal,
> > eggs, and toast.  When others had a Pepsi and a Twinkie for lunch,
> > we had to eat sandwiches. And you can guess our mother fixed us a
> > dinner that was different from what other kids had, too.
> >
> > Mother insisted on knowing where we were at all times. You'd think
> > we were convicts in a prison. She had to know who our friends were,
> > and what we were doing with them. She insisted that if we said we
> > would be gone for an hour, we would be gone for an hour or less.
> >
> > We were ashamed to admit it, but she had the nerve to break the
> > Child Labor Laws by making us work. We had to wash the dishes, make
> > the beds, learn to cook, vacuum the floor, do laundry, and all sorts
> > of cruel jobs. I think she would lie awake at night thinking of more
> > things for us to do.
> >
> > She always insisted on us telling the truth the whole truth, and
> > nothing but the truth. By the time we were teenagers, she could read
> > our minds.
> >
> > Then, life was really tough! Mother wouldn't let our friends just
> > honk the horn when they drove up. They had to come up to the door so
> > she could meet them.
> >
> > While everyone else could date when they were 12 or 13, we had to
> > wait until we were 16.
> >
> > Because of our mother we missed out on lots of things other kids
> > experienced.  None of us have ever been caught shoplifting,
> > vandalizing other's property, or ever arrested for any crime. It was
> > all her fault.
> >
> > Now that we have left home, we are all God-fearing, educated, honest
> > adults. We are doing our best to be mean parents just like Mom was.
> > I think that's what's wrong with the world today. It just doesn't
> > have enough mean moms anymore.

This page out of room, more NEWS Tommorrow!!!


I WAS WRONG!!!! In my posting for 10/14/99 I REPORTED that GOP Presidential Candidate Senator John McCain R-AZ voted FOR the TEST TREATY BAN. The news of this originally came from a local TV Station here in AZ. And it was wrong!!! Sen. John McCain voted AGAINST the TEST BAN TREATY.

I AM VERY SORRY FOR THIS MISINFORMATION!!!! I will not comment on my decision of who I will vote for in the AZ Primary until just before the Primary, after I have looked closely on all the INFO and Plans of both Candidates.

OK, now the reason I've been away. Weekends are difficult for me to update. (By the way I was up at 2:45AM Sat during the EarthQuake, didn't feel a thing here in Mesa, AZ). Also I had a Football Game to go to, Cards VS Redskins, LOST!!! DAMNIT!!!. And yesterday I started Downloading Netscape 4.07, took over 3 hrs.

Update on "The Secret Lab Football Pool". EVERYONE did bad, best record was 8-6, Worst was 3-11. I went 5-9 which was about or a little above average. I am now in a 5-way tie for 3rd place, which is "In The MONEY $$$!!!"

Mount Etna in Italy ERUPTING again!

Now for some NEWS from AZ. ANIMAL RIGHT'S Activists are UPSET that Nogales, Mexico, a border town to AZ will be staging BULLFIGHTS in a NEW state of the art ARENA. The Promoter has the BLESSINGS of Mexico's Federal Gov't, and the Local Authorities. The promoter was quoted in the Paper yesterday telling these ACTIVISTS to RESPECT their Culture and Heritage. The ANIMAL RIGHT'S PEOPLE ARE NOT HAPPY!!!! THEY plan on going across the border to protest.... If past actions hold true, ie you can be in a MEXICAN PRISON for 10 yrs by crossing the border with a SINGLE BULLET in the trunk of your car, my guess is these ANIMAL RIGHT'S ACTIVISTS RISK going to a MEXICAN PRISON and sucking COCKROACHES off the PRISON WALLS for food.

Now for TODAY'S NEWS: You all know here in the DESERT we have abundant sunshine, the TAX INCENTIVES for SOLAR POWER are PROTECTED, or at least seemed to be. Read this Story, HOMEOWNERS ASSOCIATION suing because of the use of SOLAR PANELS. This is ABSURD if you ask me. Click HERE!!! FOR THE STORY.

Gotta go, more tommorrow!!!


This week from HELL is finally over for me at work. The Co-Workers who visit my Web Site know! Some others who used to work there will know. When I tell them yhat a vendor of "THE SECRET LAB" has REGURGITATED the ADAMS-MIDAS Software as their FIX for the Y2K Problem with the ELISA Software. While this FIX may be Y2K Compliant. It SUCKS TO HIGH HEAVEN!!!! And the "GLITCHES"!!! it has, it's OVER SENSITIVITY to "NORMAL" problems that in the past may have caused us to VOID 1 TEST, now causes US to VOID at LEAST 12 tests (1 ROW), or as many as 96, (a WHOLE PLATE). In All this happened at least 8X during my shift. And the time it takes to pipette a RUN of 8 (3 ASSAYS) plates on 8 SUMMITS has increased to 1 HOUR!!!. Let me just say that the remedy for Y2K in my lab has reverted us to Software basically 10 yrs old with minor improvements, if ANY!!! THIS WEB SITE is run by ME!!! It is Y2K Compliant, I had 1 computer coarse in BASIC on TRS 80's, and 1 College class in FORTRAN using PUNCH CARDS almost 20 YEARS AGO!!! And I can do a better JOB of this!!!! I have VALIDATED MANY Processes, and software, and hardware, at WORK in the 13+YRS at the "SECRET LAB". Why our Vendors are SO STUPID, I have NO ANSWER!!!!

Now I get Home todat, and my Stocks and Mutual Funds have taken a SEVERE BEATING this week. Overall this week REALLY SUCKED!!! The only thing that went right was the SENATE'S Vote AGAINST the Nuclear Test Ban Treaty.

Clinton was SO PISSED OFF about this, I LOVED IT!!! Clinton NEVER learned that comprimising OUR NATIONAL SECURITY for FEEL GOOD FLUFF for a "LEGACY" will NEVER HAPPEN!!!! At Least While people LIKE ME are around. And I don't plan on leaving SOON!!!

It is apparent that CLINTON has SOLD HIS SOUL to China, and is trying his BEST to screw US too, to the benefit of OUR ADVISARIES!!! However the 10 second SOUNDBITES on the NEWS gives him POWER since NETWORK and CABLE TV NEWS are on his side. The MEDIA has taken the stance that, "ALL for the WORLD, PUNISH AMERICA". But Remember these Network Anchors have MultiMillion $$$ Contracts to SPEW this nonsence. They don't CARE about US!!! They BELIEVE WE ARE EVIL, but they (The NEWS Anchors) are above this. They KNOW WHAT IS RIGHT, and the fact the get PAID MILLIONS of $$$$ is their REWARD FOR EDUCATING US on how "BAD" we are as AMERICANS.


Sorry I was kind of "SOFT" on today's NEWS. I hope to regain my Stamina and FIRERY COMMENTARY SOON!!!



It has been a LONG TIME since I considered flying OUR FLAG here proudly. Sen. KYL of AZ. has been a LEADER to defeat this TREATY which threatens OUR NATIONAL SECURITY, and the ability to develop an SDI DEFENSE in the future. HOWEVER I AM GREATLY DISAPPOINTED in AZ Sen John McCain's VOTE on this. I was about to place an ENDORSEMENT of his Presidential Candidacy on this Web Site. NOT ANY LONGER. In the Primary I endorse G.W.BUSH. McCain was the only alternative to BUSH to DEFEAT the LIBERALS. With this vote, I have to endorse BUSH. Remember WE HAVE TO WIN, a Losing VOTE in the ELECTION of 2000 on Principle will make a LIBERAL GORE or BRADLEY President. OUR WORST NIGHTMARE!!! I learned my lesson in 1992 by voting 3rd Party, and helped Clinton get into Office.

And this Press Conference Clinton just had now, all LIES, and 1/2 TRUTHS. Reminds me of the Press Conference where he said, "I DID NOT HAVE SEX WITH THAT WOMAN....". Also remember, CLINTON is a convicted LIAR (under OATH) in FEDERAL COURT. CLINTON is NOT under OATH during "Press Conferences", and HE has admitted LYING to US in "Press Conferences".

Do you really BELIEVE that NORTH KOREA, INDIA, PAKISTAN, IRAQ, IRAN, CHINA, RUSSIA, will abide by this TREATY????? In the TREATY any COUNTRY accused of "CHEATING" could DECLARE a 50 km. area where noone could inspect for evidence of "CHEATING". Also this TREATY would preclude US from developing SDI (Stratigic Defense Initiative) ie. STAR WARS DEFENSE. Any Defense System POWERED by NUCLEAR ENERGY would be banned from testing. This would ELIMINATE testing of SPACE BASED DEFENSIVE MEASURES to SHOOT DOWN NUCLEAR MISSILES TARGETED AT US!!! These LASERS, ETC. would have to be powered by a NUCLEAR ENERGY SOURCE, Like our submarines are powered. This TREATY is called "THE NUCLEAR TEST BAN TREATY" if the SOURCE of ENERGY for a WEAPON, DEFENSIVE, or OFFENSIVE, is BANNED. Most people think of only the NUCLEAR BOMBS in regards to this TREATY. But it encompasses MUCH, MUCH MORE. INCLUDING destroying our own NATIONAL SECURITY.

TO ALL the SENATORS who VOTED this DOWN, I applaud YOU!!!! To ALL who VOTED for it, I hope the poulace wakes up to what is going on and votes you OUT!!!!! In MY OPINION, you are TRAITORS, and kneel to OUR ADVISARIES, and Potential ENEMIES. You "SUCKLE" at the BREAST of $$$$$ for your own gain, just like CLINTON did with the Chinese.

At LEAST CLINTON had MONICA "Blowing Him", Who is "Blowing You???".

Guess I've been on a MEAN Streek this week, Oh well, that's how it works out sometimes. Am I sorry, NOPE!!!!


Sorry about not having an UPDATE yesterday. Computer Crashed before I saved my update, and I had to eat, watch the COUP in Pakistan on TV and get some Sleep.

Now let's revisit a recent ITEM: Why have there only been "LIMITED" WARS since 1945? NUCLEAR WEAPONS!!! Why have WE not been attacked on OUR own SOIL? NUCLEAR WEAPONS! What keeps of FREE from attack by those who wish to DESTROY US? NUCLEAR WEAPONS! In the "OLD DAYS" it was only US and the USSR. Now it is almost everyone. EVERY WHACKO DICTATOR on the Face of The EARTH can get their hands on NUCLEAR WEAPONS or develop them themselves. What is OUR best DEFENSE? TOTAL OBLITERATION OF THAT COUNTRY FROM THE FACE OF THE EARTH!!!

Who is the ENABLER of ENEMIES of OUR'S for NUCLEAR BOMB TECHNOLOGY AND THE DELIVERY SYSTEMS? SATAN'S minion himself....Bill Clinton. CHINA would have the BOMB today, but NO WAY TO DELIVER IT ON THIS COUNTRY. CLINTON ENABLED CHINA THIS TECHNOLOGY TO DO SO. CLINTON believes in ALL HIS HEART that it is better to ARM CHINA with NUKES and a DELIVERY SYSTEM, than for LAW ABIDING CITIZENS of HIS OWN COUNTRY to exercise their 2nd Ammendment Rights buy owning a GUN!

I hope and PRAY that the SENATE VOTES today on the TEST BAN TREATY and sends it into the TOILET with a RESOUNDING DOUBLE FLUSH!!! OUR NATIONAL SECURITY IS AT STAKE!!! Clinton IS MORE than willing to sacrifice OUR NATIONAL SECURITY for his so called LEGACY. We all know what Clinton is doing. He has an OBLIGATION to RED CHINA for giving him $$$$ to be ReElected in 1996. I hope and PRAY that the SENATE goes forth with the VOTE today.

This little ITEM from the NY TIMES: A Push for VOTING RIGHTS for the MENTALLY ILL..... Is this SICK or What???? LIBERALS.... Next it will be VOTING RIGHTS for Persecuted ANIMALS like chickens, pigs, cows, etc. Since the Animals can't actually vote themselves, so to speak, MEMBERS of PETA will be able to VOTE for them. Think I'm WRONG???? Let's see in 5 yrs, Especially if, GOD FORBID, the LIBERALS gain control of CONGRESS and the Presidentcy. If that happens you won't hear from me anymore because at best I would be in a re-education camp, or worst case just "accidently KILLED". Without so much as an "OPPS SORRY".

As far as "The Secret Lab Football Pool" I am currently tied for 4th place, just out of the $$$.

Last but not least. in regards to Y2K possibly. I have been to all the different Supermarket Grocery Chains the past week. They are starting to expierence Shortages on some Items, without a reasonable explaination. People starting to STOCK UP? I think it MAY BE!!! These particular were never short before. So this weekend I plan on a SHOPPING TRIP. Except for water, gasoline, beer, soda, I have a 3 week supply. (food, $, paper products (paper plates, toilet paper, ETC.) I am also well prepared for lights (C.Crane LED FLASHLIGHTS, WIND-UP and SOLAR POWERED AM/FM/SHORTWAVE RADIO. Looks like a weekend to buy canned goods, soups, etc. I hope to have on hand soon a 2 month supply of food, and lights, and SMOKES. I will probably not have this in Diet Coke or Beer. But I can Survive a LONG TIME on Smokes only. I also plan on 30 gallons of drinking water, filling receptacles with water, and using 2 liter bottles for washing, laundry, toilet, etc. Just to be safe. I also have a tent, sleeping bag, and a BBQ Grill that uses newspaper, in case worst comes to worst and I need to LEAVE the Metro Phoenix, AZ area. I was a Boy Scout, I will have contingentcy options. ITEM #1 10 cartons of CIGARETTES!!!


Sorry for the lack of an update on Sat like I suggested. I got got up in an EXCITING Game 4 of the D-Backs VS Mets, which, sad to say we (D-Backs) lost 4-3 in the 10th inning. A deflating experience. Then almost concurrently the AZ. STATE SUN DEVILS were DESTROYED by Notre Dame 48-17 on NATIONAL TV in College Football. Plus the Phoenix Coyotes last to the NY RANGERS in NHL HOCKEY, on Sat. ADEVASTATING DAY IN SPORTS for THE VALLEY OF THE SUN.

Our only hope of redemtion was the AZ Cards beating the NY Giants SUN in NFL Football on Sun. WE DID!!! and of Coarse I was there. Cards won 14-3. But the other NFL Games, Damn! what a whacky week. Screwed up my football Pool. I am 7-6 and have the NY JETS picked for tonight. We'll see what happens. I will post current standings in "THE SECRET LAB" Football Pool Tommorrow.

I knew this would happen someday. The LIBERALS unable to change or diminish a Constitution RIGHT by Legislative action, Challenges to the Supreme Court. Have NOW found a WAY, SUE THE MANUFACTURERS out of BUSINESS!!!

Here is the latest news. HERE!!!!

Another disturbing view of the events at WACO HERE!!!

And to top off the news of today from ARIZONA'S View, A DESECRATION!!! AL GORE is in town!!! Visiting the Elememtary School that BARRY GOLDWATER attended!!! SPEWING like a DRUNK THROWING UP that OUR use of the Combustible Engine is worse than FULL SCALE NUCLEAR WAR, to the ENVIRONMENT. BRAINWASHING Impressionable CHILDREN to his VIEW. ENVIRONMENTAL WHACKOISM!!! Al Gore's DREAM is to see on TV, AMERICAN'S filling the Streets with bicycles like RED CHINA 15 yrs ago, instead of seeing CARS!!!! All of use on the INTERNET that AL GORE "CLAIMS" he invented.... should use all available resources to make SURE he and HIS KIND, never hold an ELECTED OFFICE!!!!

I like the song "AMERICA THE BEAUTIFUL" .....May GOD shed HIS GRACE on THEE.... My hope is that GOD will remove these WHACKO'S and Socialists from the face of this GREATEST COUNTRY to SAVE IT.


How about TRUTH and HONESTY in GOV'T???? Both Major Party's lacking here. What About GOV'T OF THE POEPLE, BY THE PEOPLE, FOR THE PEOPLE????? It APPEARS the only "PEOPLE" the FEDERAL GOV'T cares about are "OTHER PEOPLE" in "OTHER COUNTRIES"!!!! I believe in US 1st!!! We are a compassionate and giving "PEOPLE", we will help others.... BUT WHY must it be MANDATED by the FEDERAL GOV'T????.

The Liberals have Managed to put the CONSERVATIVES in a NEGATIVE VIEW to the POPULACE in this Country. But what many don't REALIZE is the LIBERALS enact plans to keep PEOPLE DEPENDANT on the GOV'T, in PERPETUAL POVERTY!!!! While Conservatives wish the.... BAD PHRASE NOW.... THE AMERICAN DREAM!!! STRIVE, ACHIVE!!!, to the best of your abilities!!!! Used to be PARENTS would say OUR son, and recently daughter, could grow up to be PRESIDENT!!! Now PARENTS react to this, if said by THEIR young CHILD that he/she wants to be PRESIDENT like he/she wants to be a PIMP or a PROSTITUTE.....

This ALL THANKS TO CLINTON, may he share a CELL in HELL with LBJ. Like I said Earlier, if CLINTON had a BRAIN he would be ANTI-CHRIST #4, but he is just a worker BEE for EVIL. and Al Gore, besides his own WARPED views, is GUILTY by ASSOCIATION. Once you sell your SOUL to the DEVIL you are FOREVER DAMNED!!!

WE need to take this COUNTRY back to what the FOUNDERS ENVISIONED, FREEDOM!!!! SMALL GOV'T!!!! BILL OF RIGHTS!!!! SCREW GLOBALISM, Giving NUCLEAR TECHNOLOGY to OUR ENEMIES (Like CHINA), while DISARMING the POPULACE from simple guns, while making sure the CRIMINALS get them to support your argument, by NOT ENFORCING current GUN LAWS.

MY wish in the past, was if a Jet went down, or Crashed, I hoped it would be the Dallas CrackBoys, SOUTH AMERICA's TEAM. I now need to change this to FEDERAL OFFICIALLS in the CLINTON/LIBERAL Organization. And Overall, the FEWER OFFICAILS from the FEDERAL GOV'T, the BETTER!!!!


AHHH!!! A busy week comes to an end for me at "The Secret Lab". #1 I apologize for an HTML ERROR I made yesterday that caused the viewing of this page difficult.

Let's see what's in the news today. 1st: Well the Global Warming Crowd won't like this news, they lose one of their biggest arguments on this one. Here is the Story.

West Antarctic May Melt Completely...10/08/99

WASHINGTON (AP) - The massive West Antarctic ice sheet may be headed for a complete meltdown in a process that a new study indicates was triggered thousands of years ago, not as a result of global warming. As scientists have been increasingly able to document melting and the discovery of icebergs breaking off from Antarctica in recent years, concerns have risen that human-induced climate change could be damaging the Antarctic ice sheet. But the future of the West Antarctic ice sheet "may have been predetermined when the grounding line retreat was triggered in early Holocene time," about 10,000 years ago, a team of scientists led by Howard Conway of the University of Washington reports in Friday's edition of the journal Science.

New WACO News. FBI LIES AGAIN???? You need to read the WHOLE Story!!! Here is the LINK. HERE!!!

Now how about a trip to Rumor and Unproven NEWS?

I have seen this Story since the ECLIPSE a bit back. Should we worry? I don't know. But I do know the Gov't would be the last to tell us. The last thing you ever hear about a/or Impending Disaster is from the Gov't. You know the Line. "OFFICIAL SOURCES SAY..." This was discussed on "THE ART BELL SHOW" last night and the Guests were Stan and Holly DEYO. All 3 of which are still treating it as a RUMOR. Remember just a few yrs ago it was rumored that Bill Clinton "fooled around". And more recently "Was having Sex with an Intern". This was DENIED initially by OUR highest Executive, the President. until the facts came out and betrayed his sworn words. So in this perspective, here is the Story.

ENTERPRISEMISSION Richard C. Hoagland's Web Site. I hope it is untrue, as I assume you all do too. Being in AZ I will probably survive, but I will keep this "INFO" in the back of my mind as NOV. 7th comes near. Keep in mind... if this IS TRUE.... it will basically eliminate the Y2K problem!!! Ha Ha!!!

I will probably be able to post a NEW update tommorrow (SAT). Later!!!


1st a News Story relating to my posting yesterday.

*** Clinton may OK treaty vote delay

WASHINGTON (AP) - President Clinton signaled Wednesday he would
accept a postponement of next week's scheduled vote on a global
nuclear test ban treaty rather than risk near-certain defeat. But
Senate conservatives, led by treaty foe Jesse Helms, R-N.C., demanded
the president request the delay in writing and promise not to seek
action on it through the remainder of his presidency. The White House
quickly brushed aside that demand. "The issue of debating (the
treaty) should be dictated by the national security interests of the
United States, not the political calendar," said White House
spokesman David Leavy. Although Senate Majority Leader Trent Lott,
R-Miss., and Minority Leader Tom Daschle, D-S.D., indicated they
still hoped to work out some kind of deal, both sides made
preparations for the coming battle.

2nd a CONFIRMATION of one of ART BELL's most refuted GUESTS?


And Now WACO: 1st the FBI denied using pyrotechnic Military CS GAS, now proven WRONG!

Now Evidence that the FBI fired on the Branch Davidians, which they STILL DENY even though SPENT SHELL CASINGS have been found of the type of weapons prefered by the FBI and ATF at the house occupied by the FBI and ATF during the standoff.

Here is the latest story.

*** Update: Expert says FBI fired in Waco siege

WASHINGTON (AP) - An expert retained by a House committee has
concluded that videotape of the 1993 Waco standoff shows the FBI
fired shots on the siege's final day, contrary to the bureau's
insistence its agents did not fire a single round. Separately, Waco
Special Counsel John Danforth has been briefed by another expert who
reached a similar conclusion that the government and Branch Davidians
exchanged gunfire that day. FBI officials repeated their position
Wednesday. "There has been no evidence developed to date to indicate
that any FBI agents fired any rounds during the standoff at Waco,"
said FBI spokesman Tron Brekke. Allegations of government gunfire
during the 51-day standoff have circulated for years.

And now FINALLY the 3rd ITEM: Remember when SMOKING was the BIGGEST KILLER to those who SMOKED and those who didn't SMOKE? Remember my admonitions that this would lead the Gov't to tax etc. the Fast Food Industry, now leading 2 weeks ago to a proposed FAT TAX? Here is TODAY'S Story!!!

*** Study: Obesity can shorten lifespan

(AP) - A study of more than 1 million Americans provides the most
convincing evidence yet that simply being overweight can cut your
life short. The study, the largest ever done on obesity and
mortality, found overweight people run a higher rate of premature
death. And this was true even among people who didn't smoke and were
otherwise healthy during their middle years. The study was conducted
by the American Cancer Society and published in Thursday's New
England Journal of Medicine. It settles once and for all any
lingering questions about whether weight alone increases the risk of
death and disease, said Dr. JoAnn Manson, a Harvard University
endocrinologist and preventive-health specialist.

Given Enough TIME.... The Do-Gooder Liberals will finally Realize that the sure cause of DEATH and Disease is LIFE itself. In order to prevent DEATH, DISEASE, and SUFFERING, from future GENERATIONS.... ie. OUR CHILDREN!!!! Is to never let them be BORN!!!! Maybe this is why the LIBERAL AGENDA EMBRACES ABORTION, including INFANTCIDE/PARTIAL BIRTH ABORTION the way it does.

I for one am glad to be here, if I die tommorrow I would be disappointed for not having more time here. But glad I was HERE!!! There are NO GUARENTEES in LIFE. We could end up in a Traffic Accident ETC. at any time. Any of OUR DEATHS individually would not make more than a Sub-Story in the local Newspaper, unless you are one of the "LUCKY" few who DIE in a MAJOR News Event.

I consider myself IMMORTAL, I can ONLY BE WRONG ONCE!!!! HA, HA!!!

'Tis my Web Page. I now choose to share a DREAM I had Last night. Rather Bizzare. While I believe UFO'S Exist, and "OTHER" intelligent species/beings, ETC. I have NEVER seen a UFO. I know many who have or claimed to have seen it or them.

Well last night I had a DREAM of UFO'S, the scene was a mixture of where I live and my work here in AZ, and my hometown with old friends I grew up with. This DREAM was also in COLOR, which is RARE for me. It was a LONG DREAM. In the DREAM I was excited to see positivly my 1st UFO. Remember I want a RIDE! Well there were more UFO'S in my DREAM, everybody around me, including people I currently know or work with, along with old Friends from 20 yrs ago were FREAKING OUT. I was calm initially but eventually became a Nervous Wreck at the end of the DREAM and decided I DIDN'T want to be picked up by the "UFO'S". It was a POWERFULL FULL COLOR LONG DREAM. I wonder what it really means. Any DREAM INTERPERTORS out there?

A little insight to SMOKER DAVE, This was the most VIVID DREAM I've had in almost 2 yrs. For Whatever it's worth. LATER!!


Short Update Today. I have added a NEW FEATURE. A link for ALL of you to access your CONGRESSMAN or SENATOR. This link is on the opening page of this Web Site. But I will also give it here along with the latest EMAIL I sent to my Senator's here in AZ today. 1st, here is the link. For Congressmen, and For Senators

We all need to tell OUR Representatives in Congress what we think and want done, and this is a convienent way to do it, I have used EMAIL many times in the past and have either recieved an email response or a letter acknowledging my input.

Here is the latest EMAIL I sent to my Senators Today.

        Nuclear Test Ban Treaty-VOTE NOW!!-VOTE NO!!!!
        Wed, 06 Oct 1999 12:06:28 -0700
        "David XXXXXXXXX" 
        John_McCain@McCain.senate.gov, info@kyl.senate.gov

Dear Sirs,

My name is Dave XXXXXX, a resident of AZ for the past 15 yrs. I am a bit
"Infamous" on KFYI as "SMOKER DAVE in MESA" thanks to Barry Young and
John Dayl on 910 KFYI. I do have a small web site linked from KFYI to my
web page in "The Political Junkie" Section. http://www.smokerdave.com/

I implore both of you to force the VOTE on the Nuclear Test Ban Treaty,
and vote NO, Thumbs DOWN, Nada, Exnay, etc. I don't care if it is the
1st treaty not ratified by the Senate since the end of WWI. We are
talking about OUR ability to keep up to date on OUR ultimate defense
system for the forseeable future.

VOTE on it NOW!!! KILL IT!!! don't let it live for another day when the
anti-arms people think they can "squeek" it thru!!!

Now Panama, looks like China is getting their "foot" in the door in
controling the CANAL. Somehow we need to END that!

If either of you visit my web site, I do a Commentary in a section
titled "Thoughts From A Smoke Filled Room" on News and Politics. Scroll
down the opening pg and sign My Guestbook if you visit. Nearly 13,000
Visitors in less than 2 yrs.

Thank You for your time,


Let's see.... The 1ST update Today. We in the "Secret Lab", in my Dept. that I supervise, we went ON-LINE with a new computer/network system last night. As things stand as of this morning, a few minor "hiccups" mostly from Technicians using the new system "LIVE" for the 1st time. And the fact that the Area affected by this change delayed the testing somewhat for another area of the Dept. because 1/3 of the Eguipment was unavailable to use as it was still being Validated. But we knew this going in. There are PLUSES to this new system, and PITA's (Pain In The Ass) with this new system also. The biggest plus is that it IS Y2K COMPLIANT whereas the previous system was NOT. The other 1/3rd of the Equipment should be available for use tonight. I understand that some of the 3AM Techs will have to stay today Extra to finish testing. I don't want to hear any WHINNING about this!

2ND item(s). Assistant Principle Shot, Another Nuclear Accident, this time in S. Korea. Another EarthQuake in Turkey (5.2). Dr. Laura now in favor of the 2nd Ammendment to Bear Arms. HERE! from SIGHTINGS .

3RD Item. Secretary of Defense Cohen on the success of the missile defense system this past Saturday, picture of Launch of the Missile in yesterday's update. Cohen said,"Well Russia, and our Allies are not yet on board on this....". Who gives a RAT'S ASS what they think? If WE have the Technology to DEFEND this Country of OURS from rouge Missiles launched at US by Terrorists or 3RD World Countries like N. Korea, India, Pakistan, China, etc. WE SHOULD DO IT!!!! SCREW RUSSIA and Our so called Allies. Clinton has already SIGNED an EXECUTIVE ORDER for the USA to absorb any 1ST STRIKE. At LEAST WE should have a Chance to shoot these DAMN THINGS DOWN when they are coming at US!!!!

Now on the lighter side. The ARIZONA DIAMONDBACKS are Host to the NEW YORK METROPOLITANS in the MAJOR LEAGUE PLAYOFFS tonight. Or maybe you prefer shorthand. The AZ. D-BACKS VS The NY. METS tonight in MLB playoffs tonight. 8PM Pacific Time from Bank One Ballpark (BOB) in Phoenix, AZ. GO 'SNAKES!!!!

I was requested to report that the "Secret Lab" Softball Team WON on Sunday 14-10. I don't play on this team as it interfere's with the NFL schedule. Smoker Dave dedicates Sundays' to NFL FOOTBALL.

One LAST tid-bit. Before I left work today from "The Secret Lab" my pager went off. Usually it is a familiar #. This time it wasn't. I called the # and said, "You paged me". The response was, "Are you CLINTON?", I said "HELL NO!!!!" he said, "Sorry Wrong #", and I said, "You have NO IDEA how WRONG!!!" and hung up. TRUE STORY. A funny end to my 10 hr shift at work.


Another week!!! 1st I am sad to say the EVIL South America's Team, Financed by DRUG$$$, Players who partake of DRUGS, and given "slaps on the wrist" The Dallas CRACK-BOYS beat my AZ Cardinals 35-7 yesterday. Rumor says the CRACK-BOYS are taking Desighner Performance Enhancing Drugs that are as now Not Possible to detect in current testing done by the NFL.

Now to the news: Most of you have heard of the successful anti-missile-missile test on Sat over the Pacific. Here is the story:

*** Missile interceptor passes test

VANDENBERG AIR FORCE BASE, Calif. (AP) - U.S. military officials
lauded a prototype national missile defense system after it
intercepted and destroyed an unarmed missile Saturday on a 16,000-mph
collision course over the Pacific. It was the first test of the "kill
vehicle" missile's ability to destroy a target by smashing into it.
The system "did everything it was supposed to do, and it did it
perfectly," said Sheryl Irwin, a spokeswoman for the Department of
Defense. In Manila, U.S. Defense Secretary William Cohen said the
test was a positive development and demonstrated "the kind of
technology we are capable of developing."

We here in AZ have been fortunate to see many of the colorful contrails associated with such launches. The ones launche from Los Alamos in NM are the best as we see here a RAINBOW of colors in the contrail. These happen in the early AM. This latest teest was from the west, so not as colorful. But here is a photo of what I saw Sat Night just after 7PM. From DR. SKY

New Item: Is Bill Clinton HIMSELF now aknowledging that AL GORE is UnElectable? After 6 1/2yrs of promoting Al Gore as "his" Successor, Clinton is NOW suggesting that Al Gore would probably be better as a Professor in an Ivy Tower Center of Higher Learning. Clinton also suggested that Al Gore is only running for the Presidentcy to placate his DEAD FATHER... Even after 6 1/2 yrs Clinton is willing to sacrifice Al Gore who he endorsed as his successor for the continuation of "HIS LEGACY". So Clinton, the SOULESS, lack of Morality Leader of OUR COUNTRY will sacrifice EVERYTHING including OUR COUNTRY for personal and Selfish Reasons. Clinton's Mindset is: If I have to DESTROY this COUNTRY to save myself, I WILL!!! If Clinton had a BRAIN at all, he would be the 3rd ANTI-CHRIST after HITLER who was #2. Clinton is only a "puppet" of the Devil, what comes next in this World is the Real Thing. Clinton mearly cleared the road, Where this next abomination rears it's head is anybodies guess. I guess Europe or the Mid-East.


Only 3 Months to Y2K!!!!

This is the issue today. I will give it from the standpoint of working at "The SECRET LAB", State of the Art, One of, if not the largest single LAB doing what we do. I have said before we have 4 MAJOR Computer Systems that need to be replaced before 1/1/00. The Biggest one was to be replaced and an implementation date of 10/24/99. Just found out today that is now DELAYED to 11/29/99. A second computer system is to be replaced on 10/4/99. This one involves MY Dept, in "The Secret Lab". We are going "LIVE" on it on 10/4/99. However I need to spend time at work this weekend because of it.

A third Major System will be relatively "easy". However this vendor may have it's manufactoring facility shutdown by a Gov't Agency. Which would require us switching to the previous listed system in my Dept. But require training of staff on the other tests between the different vendors. A Major Headache. The relatively "Easy" replacement I just spoke about does have a "Glitch". "THEY" are still working on the software to transfer the DATA from this system to the system that is now delayed by over a month. This software was supposed to be done over 2 months ago.

What has "the Secret Lab" spent???? Well on the Major System ALONE, over $12.5 Million. Now to the "Secret Lab" Monitors: Where I work, What I/We do has NEVER been Identified on this Web Page.

I just want to let everyone else know, that because I work for an Excellent Organization, State of the Art, the Y2K Problems yet to be overcome and solved in the next 3 months. I know somehow we will be successfull. THE POINT IS.... What about the GOV'T???? You know the phrase....Good Enough for Gov't work......

In private industry, you know who the "Slackers" are. In Gov't they are the "Best Performers". Not meant to be a "blanket" statement, but.... mostly true. Think about it... who else but a Federal Employee gets EVERY Holiday off???? And this tid bit from Smoker Dave: Private Industry tries to get more business, Capitol, cash flow, by competition. The Fed Gov't dictates, and collects TAXES from us. The Fed Employees don't want to see TAXES REDUCED because that SHRINKS the POT OF $$$$$ for their raises or increased job security.

The ONLY thing WE have to FEAR, is our own FEDERAL GOV'T!!! Well this should solidify a permanent tap on my phone lines. I'll be OK though, until Cigarettes and Beer are made Felonies.


BREAKING NEWS!!! A 7.5 MAG EarthQuake has hit in MEXICO earlier today. Does it seem to you that EarthQuakes, Volcanic Activity, Hurricanes, and Typhoons are on an Exponential Increase lately? Mother Nature is definetly not "Happy" with the "Surface" dwellers.

Clinton wants to "FORGIVE" the debt owed US to the poor nations of the world. While doing this seems to make Clinton out as a "GREAT HUMANATARIAN", it also says a couple of things on how "He" sees US. #1: The "Poor" nations deserve a break more than his (Clinton's) own Countrymen. Clinton would rather FORGIVE these LOANS to these countries than give a TAX BREAK to AMERICANS. Well this is what we will get. NO TAX BREAK, and also the added burden of Eating these LOANS. In plain talk, a LOSE / LOSE scene for the TAXPAYERS in this country.

WASHINGTON (AP) - President Clinton pledged Wednesday to forgive all
the debt owed the United States by 36 of the world's poorest
countries, lamenting that nearly 40 million people die of hunger each
year and 1.3 billion people struggle on less than $1 a day. "Simply
put, unsustainable debt is helping to keep too many poor countries
and poor people in poverty," Clinton said. He said the U.S. could not
in good conscience ask impoverished nations to choose between making
interest payments on their debt or investing in their children's
education. The president announced his initiative in a speech to
finance ministers and central bankers at the annual meeting of the
International Monetary Fund and World Bank. His remarks were greeted
by applause, and advocates for the poor said Clinton's announcement
would put pressure on other lenders to offer 100% debt relief.

In The News Today, a nuclear "accident" in Japan. Radiation Levels reported to be 4,000 times above "Normal". Local residents urged to stay indoors with the windows closed. Is this the Modern Day Version of, "Duck! and Cover!"???? From the 1950's Cold War education to school children in the Event of a Nuclear Attack?

Al Gore challenging Bill Bradley to Debates.... I need to record this if it happens to help solve my occaisional insomnia. What better than a debate between LIBERALS, who also happen to be the 2 most BORING men in the USA?

WASHINGTON (AP) - Vice President Al Gore, acknowledging a "hard,
tough fight" for a presidential nomination many once thought would be
easily his, said Wednesday he is moving his campaign to Tennessee and
challenging opponent Bill Bradley to a series of debates. "I want to
take this campaign for the presidency directly to the grass roots and
directly to the American people," he told a news conference. The move
was indicative of the concern within the Gore campaign about the
growing threat from Bradley and the perception among many Democrats
that the vice president cannot beat Republican front-runner George W.