Well in regards to the "Secret Lab" Football Pool, I have dropeed into a tie for 4th place from a tie from 1st place. A 5-9 record for the week will do that. Also in regards to yesterday's posting, no rain yet, however windy, can't read a newspaper outside today. Probably could have saved $$$ by letting the wind blow off the dirt on my car.

Well it is now "OFFICIAL", Clinton is the 1st PRESIDENT to be CONVICTED of PERJURY and willingly agreeable to pay the $90,000+ FINE. Here is the NEWSTORY:

LITTLE ROCK, Ark. (AP) - President Clinton has paid his legal debt
for lying about his affair with Monica Lewinsky, according to
documents filed in federal court. Clinton's lawyer filed copies of
letters notifying Paula Jones' lawyers and the judge who assessed
damages against the president, along with copies of three certified
checks totaling $90,686.05. The letters were dated Monday. The checks
were dated Sept. 22. Judge Susan Webber Wright issued an
unprecedented contempt ruling in April against Clinton and ordered
him to pay for costs resulting from "false, misleading and evasive
answers" in a Jan. 1998 deposition in Jones' sexual harassment

Also in an update from yesterday's posting regarding the Art Museum in NY. Once again I ask the Question, What if it was desecration of a Muslim, Hindu, or a Jewish HOLY Symbol? I bet the LIBERALS would be condeming it as "HATE ART". Anyways, here is the story.

NEW YORK (AP) - The Brooklyn Museum of Art sued the city Tuesday,
seeking to stop the mayor from making good on his threat to freeze
millions of dollars in funding because of an exhibit that includes a
dung-decorated portrait of the Virgin Mary. The museum's Board of
Trustees voted to proceed as planned with the exhibit that opens
Saturday. They said Mayor Rudolph Giuliani has no right to freeze
funding because he didn't like the exhibit's content. "Under the
First Amendment, this museum may not be punished for offering to the
public an entirely lawful exhibition," said Floyd Abrams, a prominent
First Amendment lawyer representing the museum.

Now for this last newstory I want to bring to you, I need to remind you of a couple of things. FIRST: These children went to SCHOOL under Clinton's watch, which included the biggest expansion of the Dept. of Education since it's founding. (Remember, it's for THE CHILDREN!!!") SECOND: The education of OUR CHILDREN was left to local or STATE control by "THE CONSTITUTION"!!! The damnable FEDS should NOT be involved in EDUCATION OF OUR CHILDREN!!!! And see now what has happened under the FRED's and CLINTON's watch.

WASHINGTON (AP) - Only one in four of the nation's schoolchildren has
the knowledge and skills needed to write stories and reports
proficiently, the Education Department reported Tuesday. Testers
asked 60,000 fourth-graders, eighth-graders and 12th-graders to write
creative narratives, reports about events or experiences and
persuasive pieces. More than three-fourths of the students showed at
least a basic level of writing or partial mastery of the prerequisite
knowledge and skills fundamental to proficient work. The tests and
score levels were determined by the National Assessment Governing
Board, a quasi-governmental body created by Congress to act as an
independent judge of education standards, and the testing itself was
undertaken by the Education Department.

Am I jaded? YES. Am I cynical of the Federal Gov't? YES. But all that aside, I KNOW DAMN WELL that education in control of the local citizens, preferably by district, Is much more cost effective, and productive, than a AGENDA dictated from Washington, D.C. Remember, not a SINGLE child has been educated by the Dept. of Education. Prevented from education by the Dept. of Education, YES.

The Federal Gov't in control of Education Standards is as ludicrous as the Federal Gov't dictating how much sand should be in each individual School District. Now remember here in AZ we live in a desert. I am sure we would EXCEED the Federal Allowance of SAND Exposure per student. And I bet that the SUN Exposure also EXCEEDS. I bet they (the FEDS) would love to find a way to FINE MOTHER NATURE, and the SUN. If there IS A WAY, they will find it.

Why do I say all this that looks absurd? Well it has taken me awhile, but now I know how these Bastards and Bitches work and think.


My long weekend is now over, BUMMER!!! And my AZ. Cardinals lost last night in Moday Night Football, BIGGER BUMMER!!!! In the football pool this week I did a dismal 5-9.

Did you hear about the "Art Exhibit" in NY? Where one of the displays shows the Virgin Mary covered in Elephant Dung? Apparently to the Liberals this is "Freedom of Expression". I bet they would call it "HATE ART" if a Muslum, or Jewish Religious symbol was depicted the same way. Is Christian Bashing now "Politically Correct"? Seems so...

Clinton yesterday gleeful over a "surplus" $16 BILLION larger than expected. Still doesn't want those of us who contributed to it to get a (TAX) break.

The Clinton's have decided to NOT accept the offer of a "friend" to co-sign their loan on the house in NY. Fact is they went BEGGING to their friends to help them out, and now when the "SCAM" is unvieled to the public, they say they are declining the "OFFER".

Well according to the news today here in AZ. the "MONSOON" season is officially over. So I got my car washed today. If it rains here in the next week, I am suing the Weather Service for $12 in actual damages, $20 in copensation, and $53 in punitive damages for a total suit of $85.

Now here is something to consider.

An anagram, as you know, is a word or phrase made by transposing or rearranging the letters of another word or phrase.



AHH!!!,,,A 5 Day Weekend!!! Feels good.

Now for a few things I don't feel good about. #1. I took it "in the shorts" so far this week on my stocks, OUCH! #2. I have NEVER seen a President so publicly "gleefull" vetoing a TAX cut. Saying such hogwash as, "This TAX CUT will not add 1 day to Social Security, or Medicare...". He ACTUALLY told the TRUTH on this. The FACT IS, VETOING the TAX CUT does NOT add a day to Social Security either.

Now in regard to Medicare, there is a twist. Clinton wants to "Modernize" Medicare, ie. add Prescription Drug coverage. Now let us go back a month or so ago to Greenspan. Clinton and the Liberal Media reported that Greenspan was AGIANST TAX CUTS. Well not really, they took his words out of contex. What Greenspan said was: That he was against tax cuts at this time, he preferred paying down the National Debt, and also wanted reduction of increases in current programs. The programs would still continue to grow in funding, but at a slower than the proposed rate Clinton wanted. EXAMPLE: Clinton wants to increase spending for certain programs at 10% per year, let's say inflation is 3%. that's a 7% increase. If the increase is brought down to 5% (a 50% reduction), the actual $ to the programs still increases 2% per year. The Liberals paint this as a 50% cut to the programs budget that will ruin the country, kill children and the elderly, decimate education, poison the environment, etc.

Greenspan also said, That he would prefer TAX CUTS if the $$$ was going to be spent on new Gov't outlays. ie. New spending programs, like prescription Drug coverage in Medicare, etc. But if you only listen to news from the TV or the newspaper, you never got to read Greenspan's full testimony. The Wall Street Journal published it, Financail Magazines Published it, many web sites like mine report it, and Radio talk shows have reported and discussed it. But the majority of people only get their news from the quickie 15 0r 30 second newsbites.

AND remember this MASSIVE TAX CUT would reduce your tax rate 10% over 10 YEARS!!!! EX. if you are in the 28% tax bracket NOW, in 10 years it would drop to 25.2%. Also if you look at your paycheck, you will see that there is the Federal Income Tax Deduction (this is what would be reduced by 10% over 10 yrs), a Social Security Tax Deduction, and a Medicare Tax Deduction (these would not be reduced). So do you see why the veto of the TAX CUT doesn't add a single day to the life of Social Security, or Medicare?

#3. NOW for the 2nd time we have lost a MARS PROBE during orbit insertion, NASA says, "these things happen...". But remember CASSINI, loaded with PLUTONIUM? that just recently swung around the Earth for a gravitational boost in speed as it heads for Jupiter? The protests of the navigational risks of the spacecraft possibly reentering the atmosphere and releasing deadly PLUTONIUM over the Earth killing millions? NASA said it was a 1 in a MILLION chance. Well CASSINI has travelled further than the MARS PROBE that just BURNT UP or CRASHED into MARS. OR was it INTENTIONALLY lost like MARS OBSERVOR in 1993 like some have speculated. So pictures would be unavailable of possible artifacts on the planet? Just something that makes me go, "Hmmmmm....".

#4. Now the Federal Gov't wants to sue the Tobacco Industry. Let me see, they already collect BILLIONS of $$$ in taxes from tobacco, the Feds pay Tobacco farmers subsidies, the Feds use the tax collected to fund health care for children. Seems to me that if you really care about health care for children, you should buy cigarettes to fund the program!!! I am a big contributor for health care for children!!! And in just an observational sidenote, the few smokers like myself at "The Secret Lab", rarely call in sick compared to the non-smokers. Must be that cold/flu bugs viruses etc. are politically correct and avoid 2nd hand smoke in fear of dying rather than infecting the EVIL SMOKER. And if you all drink BEER, eat MEAT and fatty foods, you acquire the Ultimate health protection. No self respecting sickness, or disease will touch you. And if you are politically and morally conservative, hold a job and pay your taxes, the Sick Liberals will attack you, and blame you for their own failings.

Now I guess I need to reiterate a couple of things. If you don't smoke, good for you! I won't smoke in your house, I won't blow smoke in your face, I am considerate. Just don't pass laws that I can't smoke outside or in my car with the window down. If you are vegetarian, fine. Just don't lecture to me the EVILS of eating meat. If you are VEGAN don't lecture to me the EVILS of eating Meat, Milk, Eggs, and Cheese. And you can stuff the proposed "FATTY FOOD TAX!!!" See posting below for 9/16/99 on this.

Now for a couple of news stories you probably didn't hear about.

By Kathryn Sosbe/The Gazette.Story editing, headline by Bob Ehlert

The best things in life may be free, but don't put rain runoff on that list in Colorado.
It's a little known fact, but it's illegal for anyone to divert a natural water resource - even the rain from your roof - for domestic use.
Catching and keeping rain potentially violates the rights of someone who owns the water rights downstream. In fact, dozens of water laws govern how, when and where we use the state's most precious resource.
"The rain barrel, well, that's kind of a distortion of a good law," said Carmi McLean of Clean Water Action/Clean Water Fund in Denver. "The bottom line is water, and that affects a number of issues."
Most gardeners who use rain barrels are unaware they are in violation. Some who are aware don't adhere to it.
Against the back deck area of a Rockrimmon home sits a 45-gallon contraption connected to a homeowner's downspouts.
When it rains, the runoff from the roof is directed through rain gutters to an Arbour rain barrel, which was mail-ordered from a gardening catalog. The chemical-free fresh water is used by the homeowner for indoor plants and outside watering. When the barrel fills to capacity, the overflow diverts to the garden.
"It just makes me feel better to use rain water instead of getting it from the tap," said the homeowner, who did not want to be identified. "I figured it was a good way to use water efficiently... . But you say I'm breaking a state law? I thought I was conserving. Go figure."
That homeowner, or any other, most likely won't be arrested by the water police. But now that she knows it's a violation, she's not sure what she will do.
"It seems so harmless," she said. "I'm tempted to leave it here."
Colorado residents generally understand the value of water and don't take turning on the tap for granted. Colorado Springs owns enough water rights to last until 2040, officials say. If all resources were to dry up today, it's estimated city reservoirs could last 21/2 years.
"That doesn't mean we can waste it," said Philip Saletta, principal managing engineer with the city's Water Resources Management Group. "The idea behind storage is you have it when you need it." But needing it and using it wisely are key to ensuring a longer-lasting supply. In the early 1800s, Colorado Springs was a barren landscape devoid of trees. It was the city's founder, Gen. William Jackson Palmer, who envisioned wide, tree-lined boulevards, spacious parks and pleasant bridle and foot paths.
In 1872, Palmer brought in 600 cottonwood trees from the Arkansas Valley and had them planted downtown and on residential streets, according to the Forestry Division of the Parks and Recreation Department. After that, Palmer used Monument Valley Park to plant every tree and shrub species found in Colorado.
Today, the planting of thirsty tree varieties is beginning to concern government officials. In April, the Colorado Springs City Council voted unanimously for an ordinance that requires such low-moisture trees and shrubs as evergreens in all new commercial developments. The aim is to conserve water, and it's the first time a local government agency has limited the choice of trees. The ordinance could save up to 2.6 million gallons of water annually. But city officials are not entertaining a similar law for residential development. Why?
"Right now, we see that our customers have shown us ... that conservation should be voluntary and not mandatory," Saletta said. "If we had a severe drought, we would have to look at some type of conservation methods, but right now we don't see any need for that."
Rather, the city and other water supply sources are hoping water customers learn for themselves about conservation.
The highest use of water in Colorado Springs occurs during the summer when both commercial and residential lawns are drenched daily.
A popular lawn grass is Kentucky bluegrass, which takes 50 percent more water than grasses more suited for the Springs' arid climate. In residential homes, the second highest use is showers and baths.
"When I talk to people about soil, I say that Colorado Springs' soil is more of a concept than a reality," said Ann Seymour, who works at the city's Xeriscape Demonstration Gardens.
Proper garden planting to conserve water does not mean a yard filled with rocks and cactus, Seymour said.
"There are many, many choices of plants that can give you a lush, aesthetically pleasing landscape," she said. "I fight the stereotype that we are a Phoenix or that we are cactus and rocks.
"It's not cactus, and it's not a dull color. It's very beautiful and very colorful."
The demonstration garden, at 2855 Mesa Road, has about 400 plant varieties and is open to the public.
Homeowners can conserve indoors by installing low-flow toilets, shower heads and faucets.
"One of the things that the (federal) Energy Police Act allows for is that new homes being constructed have low-flow devices installed," Saletta said. "That does not, however, pertain to already existing homes."
For example, one flush of the toilet uses 5 to 7 gallons. An automatic dishwasher cycle uses 10 to 20 gallons.
"Increasingly, there is more awareness" in Colorado, McLean said. He said Coloradans pay relatively little for water compared to other arid states. "Realizing that, conserving should be a natural way of living."
Kathryn Sosbe may be reached at 636-0229 or sosbe@gazette.com.
Copyright 1998-1999, The Gazette

And I missed another UFO here!!!

Dear CAUS Members:

CAUS has received the following two reports from AZ Regional Coordinator, 
John Edmonds (rottijohn@earthlink.net):

On 9-22-99 at 9:33 P.M 

A new unidentified object was seen hovering at near ground level in the foot 
hills about one mile west of 195th Ave and 1/2 mile south of Ray Rd. in 
Rainbow Valley, AZ.  Writer discovered object quite by accident as he was 
facing west while cleaning his pool.  Writer observed a bright light suddenly 
come into view from the West, then settle near the foot hill floor and begin 
to pulsate.  A very bright light at near center of the object displayed a 
large indirect floodlight that did not appear to be focused at anything in 
particular.  Six smaller less bright white light began to pulse on and off in 
opposite fashion from the outer edge to the inner most point where the bright 
light was located.  Twice in the four minutes observed, the lesser lights 
went off completely and then turned on again.  A rhythm was detected, by 
writer to the light pattern in a nonsynchronous pattern.  A Large reddish 
orange cloud of smoke noticed by writer and his wife soon after object 
blinked out.  Weather at time of observation was noticed to be light rain and 
overcast.  Full moon but primarily obscured by clouds.  No discernible shape 
was observed by writer.  When writer attempted to drive toward object, object 
blinked out when writer decreased his proximity by 800 feet.  No similar 
sightings of this type have ever been made by this writer before.  No 
discernible shape possible due to blindness caused from glare of object 
lights and similar position to writer compared to the horizon.  Tomorrow, 
writer will attempt a closer inspection of sighting location on horseback to 
gain additional information.      

On 9-23-99 at 9:18 PM

The sky lit up with the deafening roar of afterburners as F-18
fighter jets passed over the rural desert community of Rainbow Valley,
AZ. A sighting of three small groups of animated triangular craft
sighted three minutes earlier began to head south west into the
Goldwater air artillery range. Shortly after a pair of attack
helicopters began sweeping the desert floor for an unidentified target
with seemingly little success. The fighter jets, flying a large arc from
south-east to southwest attempted to pursue the triangular objects at a
nearly sound breaking pace, and at an angle of attack reserved for dog
fight and missile avoidance procedure. No matter, once again the pursuit
was completely futile. Clearly, our current level of technology is like
comparing the telegraph to a cell phone. You can communicate with both
devices, but that's where the similarity ends. The objects disappeared
to the southeast and the U.S. military once again was left wishing for
better toys for Christmas! Stay Tuned for the latest in off world RV
test projects!

CAUS thanks John for his reports.

Peter A. Gersten
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Short Update today, Because I AM TIRED!!! We had one hell of a night in "THE SECRET LAB". We recieved over 4600 samples on my shift, for 7 different tests, over 32,000 individual test results. This was hampered by the fact that the DEPT. that prepares these sample's for the "LAB" was short handed by 4 FULL-TIME Techs. They were operating at 1/2 Staff due to 2 people being sick, 1 no-show, and the other I don't know. But ALL DEPTS came together and helped out the BEST we could. And I must tell you "THE SECRET LAB" as a WHOLE came together and DID THE JOB!!! MINOR "GLITCHES" along the process for sure. But I must say I am PROUD of the employees, from all SHIFTS and DEPTS who WERE THERE, for doing a EXCELLENT PERFORMANCE in the MASSIVE JOB that needed to be done. I toast a BEER and blow SMOKE RINGS IN YOU HONOR!!! The HIGHEST POSSIBLE PRAISE I CAN GIVE YOU HERE ON MY WEB PAGE. WE ALL KICKED BUTT, and TOOK NO PRISONERS. I SALUTE ALL in "THE SECRET LAB".

After tonight I have a 5 DAY WEEKEND ending with the CARDS vs 49'ers MONDAY NIGHT FOOTBALL GAME. Tommorrow regular Commentary on NEWS etc. will resume. For now, Good Night!!!!


Hello all, here we go!!!.....

Let's start with Bill Clinton's statement today on the "CLEMENCY" fiasco. "POLITICS PLAYED NO ROLE IN MY DECISION...." Do you REMEMBER a decision or ACTION made by Clinton that WAS NOT based on POLITICS???? ...... I thought not. I am willing to bet that this is another LIE. Just like the most recent one I know of. That Bill and Hillary NEVER DISCUSSED the CLEMENCY.I guess it depends what definition of "discuss" is, let alone the definition of "is".... Maybe the definition that your spouse cannot testify against you, except I assume in marital abuse.

09:47 PM ET 09/20/99

 States May Lose Funds Over Smoking
 Associated Press Writer=
           WASHINGTON (AP) _ Federal officials on Monday threatened to yank
 $37 million in drug treatment dollars from states that haven't
 sufficiently curtailed underage smoking.
           The government has notified seven states and the District of
 Columbia that because they failed to meet target rates for reducing
 sales of tobacco products to minors, the law requires 40 percent
 cuts in 1999 block grants for substance abuse and treatment
           States found in noncompliance may request an appeal hearing.
 Upon losing an appeal, states can choose to pay the penalty from
 this year's budget or have the funds shaved from the budget for
 fiscal 2000, which begins Oct. 1.
           White House drug control director Barry McCaffrey criticized the
 law as too harsh because he said it may force some drug treatment
 centers to close and ``some heroin addicts might be forced back on
 the streets to return to a criminal life.''
           ``We agree that the carrot-and-stick approach of the law can
 serve a purpose of pushing compliance, but we must not throw the
 baby out with the bathwater by increasing drug addiction and
 crime,'' said McCaffrey.
           The law requires states to pass laws banning tobacco sales to
 anyone under age 18 and aggressively enforce those laws through
 random, unannounced inspections and other measures.
           ``Congress passed a law and it is our job to enforce that law,''
 said Mark Weber, spokesman for the Substance Abuse and Mental
 Health Services Administration. ``This program has had tremendous
 success in reducing youth access to tobacco.''
           Missouri stands to lose the most, $9.6 million. The other states
 were Delaware, with a $2.2 million penalty; Iowa, $5 million;
 Minnesota, $8.4 million; Oregon, $6 million; Rhode Island, $2.4
 million; and Wyoming, $980,950. The District of Columbia would lose
 nearly $2 million.

Would you be SURPRISED that the facts show it is easier for a TEEN to get a hold of ILLEGAL DRUGS like CRACK, METH, ETC. Than it is for Cigarettes or Chewing Tobacco???? (And if you look at the States being targeted, you will realize that this is a part of their culture). IE. The old school FARM BOYS were always shown as having a CHEW, or maybe a SMOKE while working the fields. Or sometimes chewing on a piece of straw or hay, or a toothpick. MAYBE.... the TOOTHPICK is the gateway "drug" to smoking in this culture.... Now remember the LIBERALS want Cultural Diversity!!!! Unless it upsets "THEIR CULTURAL" B.S. VIEWS on what is "CORRECT". EVERYONE IS AT RISK from the LIBERALS. Because it is now "OFFICIAL", Tobacco is WORSE than ANY ILLEGAL DRUG the TEENS can get a hold of. Please read, or Reread my postings below for 9/16/1999 and 9/17/1999 below this posting.

I don't know if you saw the NEWS, but MESA, AZ. Endured a SEVERE THUNDERSTORM MONSOON on Sunday, causing damage to over 600 homes, and over $30 MILLION in damage. I was not affected.

Now to the LIGHTER SIDE. I am deeply DISAPPOINTED that the AZ. Cardinals lost 16-13 to the Miami Dolphins this past Sunday. The DEFENSE played GREAT, the OFFENSE STUNK!!!! However I still remain tied for 1st place in our "Secret Lab's" Football Pool at 18-12. This Pool is a little different than most. You had to pick the game winners for each week for the ENTIRE NFL REGULAR SEASON before the 1st Regular Season Game. 17 players at $20 each. 1st place 50%, 2nd 30%, 3rd 20%.

Now for a little bit of humor, SMOKER DAVE STYLE, I didn't come up with these, merely came upon them to pass them onto you, I hope you like them.

Only In The USA...

...Can a pizza get to your house faster than an ambulance;
...Are there handicap parking places in front of a skating rink;
...Do drugstores make the sick walk all the way to the back to get their prescriptions while healthy people can buy cigarettes right up front;
...Do people order double cheeseburgers, large fries, and then top it all off with a DIET coke because they're concerned about their weight;
...Do banks leave the doors open and then chain the pens to the counter;
...Do we leave cars worth thousands of dollars in the driveway and put our useless junk in the garage;
...Do we use answering machines to screen calls and then have "call waiting" so we won't miss a call from someone we don't want to talk to in the first place;
...Do we buy hot dogs in packages of ten and buns in packages of eight;
...Do we use the word "Politics" to describe the process so well: "Poli" (from Latin) means "many", and "tics", meaning blood-sucking pests.
...Do banks have drive-up ATM machines with Braille lettering.

Hope you enjoyed this update. Keep up the FIGHT!!!! Once a CONSTITUTIONAL RIGHT is taken away, we will never get it back!!!!


Finally the weekend once again!!! Although a short one for me as I have to work Sunday night, and I may also have to work Saturday Afternoon as Hurricane Flyod has delayed samples from NY that originally came from Europe. But forget that, come next Thursday morning I have a 5 day weekend!!! Ending with the Monday Night Football Game of the 49'ers vs the AZ. Cardinals. Of coarse I will be there, on the 35 yrd line, partying with some co-workers before the game. I can't wait!!!

Now back to the current issue of yesterday and today. The Proposed "FAT TAX". Here is what I posted on 910AM KFYI's web site on their poll yesterday, this is the largest talk radio show in the SW. USA. that also happens to link my web site in their "POLITICAL JUNKIE" SECTION. FAT TAX by smokerdave, HERE!!!

Now I need to add this. Someone, in another Dept. at "The SECRET LAB" that I clued in on this Proposed TAX, thought about it, then decided that she was in FAVOR OF IT!!! WHY? BEcause she is a HEALTH FOOD FREAK and doesn't EAT ANY fatty foods, including chips, butter, margarine, oils, chocalate, French Frys, Cheese, ETC. She is of the opinion that since it doesn't affect her, then she is all for TAXING others to the MAX!!! When I asked her what she liked, and then asked her, "What if the Gov't put a TAX on that..." She said she would fight it "tooth and nail". I told her by then, noone would be left to back her. UNFORTUNATELY she is young and NAIVE, doesn't see the big picture, so to speak. I admit I made a BIG mistake when I was as young, I voted for Perot in '92, and ended up helping CLINTON being elected. I have learned my lesson, I would not vote for BUSH in '92, but the last thing I wanted was CLINTON, and that's what my vote helped happen. NEVER AGAIN!!! A 3rd Party will not win the Presidentcy anytime soon. So I must vote vote for the Candidate of the 2 Party's that is closest to my views. And it certainly isn't AL GORE or BRADLEY. The next President will likely be able to name nominees to 3 SUPREME COURT SEATS. I SURE AS HELL DO NOT WANT A WHACKO LIBERAL PRESIDENT TO PUT FORTH THE LIST OF NOMINEES!!!! Remember the SUPREME COURT JUSTICES serve for LIFE. If th DEMOCRAT LIBERAL NOMINEE is ELECTED, we can KISS our gun rights, free speech rights, the pursuit of happiness rights, religious rights, etc. GOODBYE!!!! And probably TAXES WILL GO UP, the REDISTRIBUTION of the $$$$ from the performers to the slackers. The PEOPLE who earn their own way will be taxed even more to PAY for the ones who do not, Don't want, to WORK!!!!

I look at it this way... if you are healthy, and able to work, then WHY should The TaxPayers have to pay for your way of LIFE? I would have an 11th COMMANDMENT if I could. THOU SHALL NOT DEPEND ON OTHERS FOR LONG PERIODS OF TIME IF YOU ARE ABLE TO WORK, LIVING LIFE WITHOUT CONTRIBUTING TO THE BEST OF YOUR ABILITY YOUR OWN NEEDS, laziness DOES NOT COUNT!!!

I can envision the HATE MAIL I'm going to get on this. So in response, I say, "GO TO H***", I provide for myself, and pay thru the nose to support your SORRY ASS!!!


I DID NOT PLAN ON AN UPDATE TODAY!!!! But RECENT NEWS HAS FORCED ME. I have limited TIME, so this will be short!!!

The CHURCH KILLINGS in FORT WORTH, TEXAS. TERRIBLE!!! I think this County's focus on GUN ISSUES brought about by the CLINTON ADMINISTRATION has placed an idea in the heads of WHACKO's. They know if they are upset and want out of life and go with a "BANG" so to speak. They know they will get it if they take some children out with them. GUARNTEED NATIONAL COVERAGE. Why does this happen? Because the CLINTON ADMINISTRATION is more than HAPPY to PASS into LAW new gun controls, but at the same time REFUSING TO ENFORCE the 20,000 LAWS ALREADY on the books. This is so, so that incrementally "THEY" can bring up the ISSUE of REPEAL of the 2nd AMMENDMENT, and start GUN Confiscation like in Britian, and Australia. Remember the only people who would follow this are LAW ABIDING CITIZENS. The GANGS, CRIMINALS, ETC. will still have GUNS!!! AND know that the people they VICTIMIZE, or KILL will be DEFENSELESS!!!!

NOW on to the PROPOSED "FAT TAX". I told you so!!!! When "THEY 1st went after the SMOKERS!!!"


Fat-food tax urged in war on obesity

              U.S. flab viewed as 'ticking bomb'

              By Usha Lee McFarling 
              Knight Ridder Newspapers 
              Sept. 16, 1999 

              WASHINGTON - Obesity experts offered a radical agenda
              Wednesday to reduce the growing ranks of overweight Americans,
              including proposals to tax high-fat foods and make insurers cover
              weight loss programs. 

              Calling the fat problem a "ticking time bomb in the health care
              system," many experts who gathered here for the first annual
              conference on obesity and public policy proposed several activist
              solutions. Among them: lengthening the school day to give kids
              more exercise, spending a lot more money to research the causes
              of obesity as well as the "fat tax" and expanded insurance for
              weight loss treatments. 

              More than half of adult Americans, about 97 million, are estimated
              to be overweight. Of those, 39 million are considered obese, or
              more than 30 pounds overweight. More than 20 percent of children
              are overweight, a number that has doubled in recent decades. 

              Extra pounds are more than unsightly. They contribute to 300,000
              deaths each year. The annual cost of treating health problems
              related to obesity has been estimated at $100 billion. 

              "While we have this two-day meeting, 1,800 people will be dead
              from problems related to obesity," said Judith S. Stern, a professor
              of nutrition at the University of California at Davis and vice
              president of the American Obesity Association. "This is a national

              Stern said her organization will push Congress for a fivefold
              increase in funding for obesity research at the National Institutes of
              Health, which now spends $103 million on it each year. 

              The nation's top doctor, Surgeon General David Satcher, is already

              "Obesity is a major public health problem in this country and one
              that deserves much more attention than it receives," he said

To those of you who are now finally upset about tax increases on your way of living. I say to you F**K YOU!!! Where were you when MY PERSONAL CHOICES WERE BEING ATTACKED AND TAXED!!!! This increase in TAXES on FAST FOOD or FATTY FOOD doesn't even come close to the extra costs us SMOKERS have had to bear in the past 5 yrs.

ALL I can say is, "WELCOME TO THE CLUB". YOU didn't think it could REALLY HAPPEN DID YOU???


Damn! Didn't know I filled this latest file so quickly! For previous "Thoughts" please use the ARCHIVES option.

I need to post an update today because I may not have the time to do so tommorrow, "SECRET LAB SUPERVISOR MEETING" that starts 1/2 hr after my 10 hr shift. It usually lasts about 2 hrs. To my staff who visit here, We are going to move the regular STAFF meeting from payday Thurs, to turn in Time Sheet Thurs. Spread the word. This is so we can dispense relevant info from the Supervisor's Meeting to you in a timely manner.

Strange day today here in AZ. I currently have SUNSHINE, RAIN, LIGHTING, and THUNDER, ALL AT THE SAME TIME.

Now to an issue or 2. CLINTON stonewlling the investigation of the REASON for CLEMENCY for the FALN members that were recently released. UNDER THE CONDITION "they renounce violence, and do not associate with other convicted FELONS". Well today they ASSOCICIATED ALL TOGETHER in Puerto Rico. CLINTON being urged to use "EXECUTIVE PRIVALEDGE" in THRAWTING the CONGRESSIONAL INVESTIGATIGATION.

HERE is the latest story I have.

*** Senate denounces clemency deal

WASHINGTON (AP) - The Senate denounced the Clinton administration's
clemency deal with Puerto Rican separatists Tuesday and one
Republican accused the administration of blocking FBI testimony at a
hearing on the deal. In a 95-2 vote, the Senate criticized the
arrangement that allowed 11 Puerto Ricans to leave federal prisons
Friday where they had been held for nearly two decades. The House
approved a similar resolution last week 311-41. Sen. Charles Schumer,
a New York Democrat and Clinton administration loyalist, said he
voted for the resolution because the administration failed to give
him a reason to vote against it. "I have repeatedly requested
information on these cases. I have been given no such information,"
Schumer said.

Let me guess the answer....."A GREAT RIGHT WING CONSPIRACY"....."WE NEVER DISCUSSED IT." Bill Clinton about talking to Hillary regarding the CLEMENCY to the Puerto Rican TERRORISTS. Hillary Clinton, 2 months ago..."WE TALK ALL THE TIME." And Hillary is running for the SENATE in NY.... DO YOU BUY THIS BULLSHIT????

And now to a LOCAL Story from Scottsdale, AZ. BRIEFLY... A person driving home late at night RAN A RED LIGHT!!!! Sounds SERIOUS!!!! Until you have the facts. He was in the OUTSKIRTS of the "METRO AREA". NO TRAFFIC at all. So he goes thru the STOP LIGHT. A Scottsdale Cop sees this and gives him a TICKET for "RUNNING" A RED LIGHT. A $112 FINE. HE DID NOT CONTEST THE FINE. He has NOW 3X tried to pay his fine.... in PENNIES...11200 of them to make a point. Now I must REMIND you that PENNIES ARE LEGAL TENDER. The COURT REFUSED to accept his payment of the fine. 1st time, he brought it in a bag. They told him it needed to be rolled. The 2nd time he brought them in rolled. The COURT told him they needed name and account # on the rolled coins. He did that, brought them back in. NOW the tell him he also needs to put his court case # on the rolls of coins. THIS would not have happened if he paid in PAPER MONEY. A 1 cent penny is as LEGAL TENDER to pay DEBTS as a 1$ bill. The COURT said it was a waste of taxpayer $$$ to count this out, and a risk for "SLUGS" to be loaded in the rolls of coins.

My OPINION, if the COURT will not accept payment for a fine in coins, WHICH IS AS LEGAL AS ANY PAPER BILL, then we need to eliminate ALL COINS since a COURT has refused them as LEGAL TENDER TO PAY ALL DEBTS.

Next Update Friday