Sorry for the delay, I had extra work to take care of and and needed "Recovery" time because the AZ. Cardinals insist on trying to give me a coronary every game. I am tied for 1st in the "Secret Lab's" Football Pool.

Check THIS OUT!!! The Democrats to blame the REPUBLICANS for a lack of TAX RELIEF.

*** Democrats to blame GOP for tax cut veto

WASHINGTON (AP) - After President Clinton vetoes the Republicans'
$792 billion tax cut, the Democrats are going to blame them for the
lack of any break for taxpayers. Or try. That backspin argument from
the Democrats will be the next phase of the maneuvering over tax
cuts, with Clinton waiting to veto the GOP bill he calls excessive, a
risk to vital programs, the surplus and the economy itself. The
Senate Republican leader now says that's it, no fallback compromise.
Clinton says he's for "sensible tax cuts," less than half the size of
the GOP measure, and designed to benefit lower and middle income
Americans. The administration is willing to bargain up to $300

Now REMEMBER this tax cut in NO WAY endangers current programs like SOCIAL SECURITY, MEDICARE, EDUCATION, ETC. ETC.!!! When the DEMOCRATS talk about CUTS. it is a REDUCTION to the growth of the Program(s) above inflation. For Example, if the DEMOCRATS want to expand a PROGRAM by 10%, and the Rebublicans only authorize 5%, then the DEMOCRATS are on TV all over saying the REPUBLICANS CUT the PROGRAM 5%, and DISASTER WILL FOLLOW!!! PEOPLE WILL STARVE LIKE IN AFRICA And KOREA, It would be the worst Man-Made DISASTER since HUMAN-KIND EXISTED,....because the "PROGRAM" only grew 3% ahead of INFLATION. If you listen to the NETWORK NEWS, you would think the "Program" was cut 50% from current levels. In REALITY the "Program" was cut 50% in growth, that STILL EXCEEDS the rate of INFLATION!!!

What happened to the CLINTON ADMINISTRATION'S Announcement when the plane "BLEW UP"? The statement to terrorists, "We Will Find You, And Take You Out, if You ever Harm American Citizens Here, or Abroad." Now HE/THEY/THEM REALEASE TERRORISTS!!! The FALN, and the REALEASED CONICTED TERRORISTS are already VIOLATING THE TERMS OF THEIR RELEASE!!!

All this done to help the #1 BITCH HILLARY get Elected to the Senate from NY. Did you HEAR SLICK WILLY saying, that he never discussed this with HILLARY? Do you remember recently that they (BITCH & SLICK) were talking, "ALL THE TIME."???? Check this column out from William Saffire.

WASHINGTON -- It is as if Bill Clinton looked us directly in the eye, and waggling his finger, said: I want you to listen to me. I never discussed clemency for terrorists with that woman, Ms. Clinton. Not a single time; never. That is in essence his line in pretending he was not using the power of the Presidency to help get the First Lady a job in New York. A strong Hispanic vote in the city is vital to her election. His departing political counsel, Charles Ruff, cooked up a brief to spring the ringleaders of an 80's terrorist campaign. Many Puerto Ricans who condemn their violence and cause feel sympathy for them.Although a charge of "sedition" has been an abomination in America since 1801, these were no mere protesters exercising free speech. These convicted gunrunners incited followers to "armed struggle" that resulted in 130 bombings that killed six people and maimed scores more.Ignoring opposition by law enforcement officials, the least clement President in recent history -- who turned down 3,000 other pleas -- O.K.'d this one.Then his political ploy backfired. When Hillary saw she was losing more upstate and suburban votes than would come from New York City Hispanics, she frantically reversed field. Too late; most of the convicts grabbed the deal to walk and are now hailed as heroes.;I did not discuss it with her," insists the President who discusses every political angle with her.Try that for credibility: he supposedly panders to an ethnic group his wife needs without even a hint from her, and when the misuse of his pardon power to shore up her campaign becomes a front-page controversy -- they never talk. He did it all for Jimmy Carter and Desmond Tutu. Even as Clintonites got the queasy feeling that both Clintons were weaving another tangled web of deceit, the President plunged in deeper, suggesting that the enablers of terror had been wrongly convicted -- in his words, "in effect by guilt by association.

Those familiar with the McCarthy investigations of the early 1950's know what the phrase guilt by association means. It has the clear meaning of "smear." Those attacked for their friendships with the guilty are in themselves innocent -- unfairly besmeared by those using the sneaky technique of "guilt by association."

That gives us this spectacle: Surprised by the widespread disgust at his pandering to an ethnic group to boost his wife's candidacy, the President then struck back by demeaning police, prosecutors and jurors who put these criminals in jail.
Those apostles of armed struggle, Clinton would have us believe, were merely victims of "guilt by association" with those incited to carry out the bombings.
That's typical Clinton: brazen it out. And Hillary will stick by his story that they never discussed it at all. They will claim to be "not discussing" the timing of Jonathan Pollard's release.
What they cannot deny discussing, because both are famously familiar with influencing banks, is their $1.35 million mortgage assistance loan from the Democratic fund-raiser Terry McAuliffe.
This financial angel is a witness in a criminal investigation in the teamsters' fraudulent swap of funds with the D.N.C.
McAuliffe's continued close association with the President and potential senator is of value to him.
He deposits $1.35 million in Bankers Trust at a low interest rate. The bank then profits by lending that McAuliffe deposit to others at a much higher interest rate. It shares that profit with the Clintons by reducing the interest on their mortgage loan, reportedly saving them about a thousand a month on carrying charges. "In effect," to use the Clinton phrase, Bankers Trust is the Clintons' money laundry for private largesse.
The I.R.S. may not consider this benefit a gift, and the Office of Government Ethics happily goes into the tank for the boss. But Federal employees are forbidden to accept even a lunch from outsiders lest they be influenced; what are they to think when the President and First Lady can go on the take for a grand a month?
Both "never discussed" political clemency and the sleazy mortgage are ethical outrages. But the greater outrage is the way so many shrug and say: that's the Clintons for you.

I have said this in the past. If a Sport Team Is Involved in a FATAL CRASH of a Jetliner, I wish it is the DALLAS COWBOYS because I HAVE HATED THEM ALL MY LIFE. IF a political figure, family, AIR FORCE 1 or 2, CRASHES, I hope it is SLICK & BITCH. Not their daughter though. It is my belief that she has been ABUSED because of her Father's WAYWORD WAYS, and her mom's PROBABLE, Homosexual relationship with Janet Reno, or a Relationship with Foster, or whoever. To the ones who keep SCREWING with my phone and Internet ACCESS, SUE ME FOR MY OPINIONS!!!! I FUC***G DARE YOU!!!! IF YOU CAN SHUT OUT MY SMALL VOICE, Then the CONSTITUTION IS DEAD!!!


Special Message to the EAST COAST: LOOK OUT!!! HERE COMES HURRICANE FLOYD!!! I wonder if it is a PUNISHMENT FROM GOD For ReElecting CLINTON....???



Finally the weekend!!! AND NFL FOOTBALL kicks off this SUNDAY!!!! Life is good.

I have email/and other work to catch up on from this week's disasters, etc. in regards to my internet access so I need to keep this short. Fortunately there was an EXELLENT COLUMN in today's newspaper that covers this. Those of you not in the Phoenix or ARIZONA area may not know the background of this, but it should STILL be understandable.



Sorry about yesterday, I will explain. But 1st, Thanks to my brother Jeff, I AM BACK ON-LINE!!!! The only damage I can tell is my inability to post an update yesterday, and all my email recieved between 9/7/99 10PM and 9/9/99 11AM has went to where all lost socks missing from the dryer go. I think it is all this area code changes here related. I managed to get AT&T WORLDNETNET to give me 1 month's free service because of the trouble I've been thru since Saturday 9/4/99. I have literally spent over 8 hrs on the phone trying to get this all fixed, took my brother under an hour to do it. It got to the point yesterday where I try to connect, I see "Connecting to the Remote Computer", then the normal whirls and beeps, then the normal "Verifying Username and Password", which I then expect to be connected.

BUT NO!!!!! I get the maddening "unable to connect" message!!! OVER AND OVER AND.... you know what I mean. Well I called ONCE AGAIN technical support, sent from 1 person to another. Answers ranging from REBOOT the PC, getting a new password, AT&T WORLDNET no longer supports NETSCAPE 3.0,(Well IE 4.0 didn't work either), You need a new PC, ETC. ETC. So much for tech support. My brother "Non-Smoker Jeff" had me back up in less than an hour. For the people in "The Secret Lab", Tech Support on this is about as useful as our computer helpdesk. The news yesterday said a Study shows that 70% of drug users have full-time jobs. Well the "Secret Lab" tests for this, other places may not. Maybe our Helpdesk is populated by non-drug using idiots. Just a thought.

Now to some brief comments on the news. Slick Willy testifies under oath AGAIN yesterday. I wonder how believable SWORN TESTIMONY is from a KNOWN and CONVICTED PERJURER.....

The 9/9/99 computer problem, now being described as a non-event. Well that IS TRUE in the strictest sense only. "The Secret Lab" was notified yesterday by one of it's vendors that there was a "GLITCH" in the software regarding 9/9/99. This software handles 3/7 of MY Dept's testing of 3-5000 samples a day. A rather easy workaround, but a workaround nonetheless. We had to reboot the PC's after the date change and verify the date changed to 9/9/99. Otherwise the date would remain 9/8/99. This took about a 1/2 hour, a minor inconvienence. But let me remind you, we were not made aware of this until after 10AM on 9/8/99 about this potential problem. Something to make you go "Hmmm" as to what might happen on 01/01/00.

This is on top of my area code trouble etc. makes me wonder what might be screwed up come 01/01/00. Well at least here in ARIZONA I won't freeze.

Sorry, that's it for today. I never got to eat yesterday being on the phone to tech support for hours. I have other computer work to do here today, and a large PIZZA on the way!!! I will try to get back upto speed on my commentary tommorrow.


The day AFTER "LABOR DAY", the Traditional 1st day of school for where I'm from, Northern NY. But here in AZ school has been going for 2 weeks now. I can't figure it out, doesn't make much sense to me.

Alan Funt died over the weekend Creator of "Candid Camera", I remember watching that show in the 60's on my family's black and white TV, NO REMOTE CONTROL, had the old "fashion" KNOB. I loved that show, and still watch reruns of it when it is on. My ALL TIME favorite show was *MASH*, fortunately it is being replayed often and I usually catch between 3 to 5 episodes a week right now. Another OLD Favorite of mine was "The Night Stalker: KOLCHAK", I get to see on the SCI-FI Channell occasionally. I always liked, "In Search Of" also. And of coarse the Sit-Coms like "All In The Family", "Sanford & Son", "Alice", etc. They don't make TV like that anymore.

Now to yesterday's posting. Give me a break!!!! I am not CRUEL and Wish all the poor to be "ELIMINATED" like the Germans tried to do to the Jews and Gypsies! I am mostly Gypsy myself!!!! I only INTENDED to show that the poorest of this country, campared to the rest of the world ARE NOT POOR!!!!

I have 2 NEW BANNERS and LINKS on the OPENING PAGE TODAY, please check them out.

And now for your interest in the WACO Stories, incidents, etc. Here is a web site with many Stories on WACO. HERE!!! I neither Endorse, nor Condemn the info here, as I am still looking at it.


LABOR DAY!!! A Holiday for the WORKERS of AMERICA!!!

This Holiday is LAME, because of the Federal Gov't forced issues. I just heard on the NEWS that THE CITY OF ORLANDO, FLORIDA is having a BBQ for the UNEMPLOYED!!!! If you work, you can't go to it. THE CITY of ORLANDO is SPENDING EVEN MORE $$$$ on the dregs of society, that the majority of OUR TAX $$$ goes to. This is a BLANTANT SLAP IN THE FACE to the poeple who actually WORK and PAY TAXES in ORLANDO. Think about it,,,,,, A City gives a BBQ on LABOR DAY to people who REFUSE to WORK!!!!. I mam SICK and TIRED of this!!!

IT IS TIME TO TAX THE POOR, The HOMELESS, The BUMS, ETC. OK sure, FEED, SHELTER, the HOMELESS and UNEMPLOYED. BUT MAKE THEM PAY THE TAX on their benefits. Latest figures show that 40% of HOUSEHOLDS pay NO FEDERAL TAX!!!! What if they can't pay the TAX? Well according to the CENSUS the "Poor" have an average of 3 TV's, REPO 2 of them. The AVERAGE "Poor" has at least 1 vehical, REPO 1 Of them. And if it's an "old Clunker" melt it down to save "OUR AIR". Like I have said in earlier postings, we have the RICHEST POOR in the WORLD!!! It is IMPOSSIBLE to STARVE TO DEATH IN THE USA. You want to know what poor is? Go to N. Korea where Cannibalism is now rampant, see the poor in INDIA, see the poor in AFRICA. TAX the so called "POOR" here. Those of us that actually WORK are the MOTHER PIG, these lowlifes are looking for a FREE RIDE, or the BIGGEST NIPPLE they can "suckle" on the "Mother Pig".

I am sure you have seen the UN Report in the Newspapers the past 2 days. Americans work more HOURS per year than any other INDUSTRIALIZED NATION. 1966 Hrs in 1997. I get 4 weeks of vacation a yr, 6 holidays, and 6 other undesignated holidays. AND I STILL PUT IN MORE THAN 1966 hrs of actual work!!! Why must I be above average in EVERYTHING???? But the City of Orlando, FL. Is giving a BBQ for the UNEMPLOYED. The same people who basically STEAL from us with Government Assistance. The fact that Orlando is giving this BBQ is a SLAP to us who work and support these dregs of society that make NO contribution by working or paying TAXES. The most VOCAL ARM of the call for NO REDUCTION in TAXES is from these same poeple. WHY? Because they pay NO Taxes now. Any TAX CUT threatens their FREEBIES!!! If Taxes go down they don't get a benefit, since they pay NO TAXES. A TAX INCREASE they SUPPORT, because they pay NO TAXES. I SAY, TAX THE POOR FOR THEIR BENIFITS. They get the stuff for FREE, but have to pay TAXES on it. Let's see the average Sales Tax is around 9%. So if the homeless go to a SOUP KITCHEN and get a meal worth $2 for FREE, They would have to pay 18cents in TAXES.

If they cannot come up with that, let 'em starve!!!! Do you want to give these people the opportunity to reproduce!!!????

Call me HARDHEARTED, but I believe that over 95% of the people on Public/Gov't Assistence DO NOT DESERVE IT!!!! They are just damn LAZY or STUPID. And STUPID PEOPLE should be prevented from procreating new STUPID PEOPLE. And why should we encourage the passing along of LAZY people's GENES???

Earn your own keep, or I will PERSONALLY buy the 5cent BULLET to save me the costs of SUPPORTING YOUR SORRY ASS!!!!


I added a couple of news articles from the Arizona Republic to last night's posting.

I have some personal issues to deal with this Labor Day weekend. I will share this much...15 yrs ago this weekend I got on a Greyhound Bus for a 3 1/2 day trip from Northern New York to Arizona. It was the last time I saw my Dad, he headed for Florida. I was alerted by a good friend of mine of the posting in my Guestbook, titled "Dear Old Dad". (The EMAIL ADDRESS is now edited out). I sent a list of Questions that only Dad could answer. I recieved an EMAIL today from "Dear Old Dad". The answers were correct.

Now I need to ponder what to say to him, I was 21 when I last saw/spoke/communicated with him. I wasn't really sure he was still alive or not. Don't get this wrong, until that weekend 15 yrs ago I saw him all the time except when I was away at college. It's just that since he went South to Florida, and I went West to AZ.


Now there is, and I need to work it out. Man!!! Talk about a SURPRISE out of nowhere!!!

9/3/99 Late PM updated with articles on 9/4/99

Just got home from the AZ Cardinals football game, we got slaughtered. But I must say a quick HELLO to DPS, who I met at the game, you know us smokers tend to congregate together. Plus it was also enjoyable that about 1/2 dozen people came up to me and said, "Hi Smoker Dave".

Now to today's Issue. CENSORSHIP in the Mesa Unified School District. (Mesa, AZ suburb of Phoenix, pop. 350,000)

A Junior High School in Mesa was going to do a play on Tom Sawyer....Rehearsals already started etc. Not AnyMore!!! Why? 1 parent complained about "Injun Joe". The BOARD investigated and determined that the play was RACIALLY INSENSITIVE, POLITICALLY INCORRECT, etc. etc. The Story in today's AZ REPUBLIC HERE!!!

What's next???? Well I guess people who do not work will be offended by "LABOR DAY" a holiday for workers. The non-workers will complain about all the people off and crowding the stores they shop in. Also about being harrassed by workers fed up with paying their bills thru taxes collected from the worker's paychecks. Next is Halloween, dressing up as DEMONS AND DEVILS, upsets the Religious people, a pagan holiday. Thanksgiving gets the Animal Rights people and PETA all worked up, the MASS KILLING OF TURKIES!!! Christmas, a religious holiday. And Santa saying HOE, HOE, HOE!!! Probably will be banned in today's Politically Correct Atmosphere.

Now back to Tom Sawyer, which was written by "Mark Twain" Samual Clemmons. Now a link to today. Samual Clemmons was born to a 14 yr old "mother" who had considered aborting him. Now it makes sense that the STATE OF ARIZONA wanted so badly to abort the 24 week old "Fetus" when the girl was a WARD of the STATE.HERE!!! AND HERE!!! Can you imagin the trouble this could cause if the Fetus turned into another "Mark Twain" Samual Clemmons!!!??? It would set back Political Correctness a hundred years!!!! The LIBERALS say, "KILL IT, KILL IT!!!!!" Followed by, of coarse, everything we do is, "FOR THE CHILDREN"....


First thing. Man have we been BUSY this week in "The Secret LAb"!!! Without the co-operation of all 3 shifts and Depts, the HARD work by employees, we would not now be basically caught up from the onslaught. The highest praise I can give to my co-workers, on my shift and other shifts and Depts. is here, on my Web Pg. For others to see who do not work there, nor know what we do. All I can say is that What we do is Important to everyone's Health and Safety. I especially wish to give Congrat's to my own Dept.'s 2nd shift crew. This shift has been through tough times in losses of techs. But they manage to get us caught up and ready for the next onslaught that begins an hour or 2 after they leave. Yes I am suffering this week from a touch of working at in high gear all this week. But it's for the best. But also everyone else has "pulled up their boot straps" and pitched in to get the job done. You all are Great and I COMMEND YOU!!!

Now to the issues of today. The AZ 14 yr old seeking a post 24th week Abortion, appears to have had the Abortion in KANSAS.

WACO: Fact comes out that "THE DELTA FORCE" was there as "observers". Fact: ANY deployment of the "DELTA FORCE" requires the President, "CLINTON", to sign an EXECUTIVE ORDER for them to even GO THERE!!! The use of US MILITARY FORCE regarding Civilians, even as observors requires a PRESIDENTIAL ORDER!!! Therefor CLINTON knew the DELTA FORCE was there, maybe Janet Reno didn't. The QUESTION IS: Why did CLINTON AUTHORIZE the DELTA FORCE to be there in the 1st place???

Have heard on the ART BELL SHOW last night many strange sightings in the Western US night skies around 9:30PM, in some respects equaling or rivaling the UFO INCIDENT in AZ on MARCH 13th, 1997. The INFAMOUS "PHOENIX LIGHTS". Military Aircraft Scrambled, etc. Makes me wonder what's going on. Plus I don't know if you have noticed, but since the begining of this yr we here in Phoenix, AZ area have SEEN many suspicious "CONTRAILS", or "CHEMTRAILS" in the sky. I have PERSONALLY seen many, including 6 "X's" in the sky that lasted for HOURS, a couple of months ago. Low level, under 30,000 ft. Got bigger as time went on. Am I paranoid? Maybe, after all we have the FBI and The Obstruction of Justice Dept denying for 6 YRS that they used pyrotechnic devices in WACO. And now that is proven UNTRUE, by THEIR OWN ADMISSION!!!!


Now remember this!!! Monica Lewinsky's father recieved a donation reguest from the DNC (Democratic National Commitee) to donate $$$$$ for the CLINTON LEGAL DEFENSE FUND to pay off 10.5 MILLION$$$ of the Clinton's Legal Bills. While the CLINTONS are buying a 1.7 MILLION$$$$ House in NY. But Clinton doesn't want US to keep more of OUR $$$ from going to WASHINGTON to be REDISTRIBUTED to LOWLIFES who think life is FREE and is my/our resposibility of the people who EARN A LIVING to pay for them to sit at a Gov't subsised home and PUMP OUT as many Children from multiple "fathers", AND WE PAY FOR IT!!!

I am tired, but also SICK OF THIS BULL!!! PUT these kids in an ORPHAN HOME, put these so called MOMS on their own. IF they can't make it in this ECONOMIC GOOD TIMES, they WILL NEVER MAKE IT!!!! And be a perpetual burden to us all. For 5 cents a BULLET we can save $40,000.


Guess I was kinda of "HARSH" Today, Oh well....


First of all I apologize for not posting an update yesterday, storms came in and my lights were flickering in and out, I didn't want to risk my PC.

I was before then trying to track down a story on the internet that RUSH L. had talked about yesterday, couldn't find an internet link to this story, but I believe it is accurate. This is what I heard from The RUSH L. SHOW.

PETA, (People for the Ethical Treatment of Animals) and McDonalds were in "discussions" on "Improving" McDonalds treatment of the source of our YUMMY Hamburger Providers. Now realize that PETA wants all MEAT EATING STOPPED, and McDonalds wants to keep providing it. Of coarse there is going to be a conflict. There are MANY "MEAT EATERS" who couldn't SHOOT a deer, Kill a COW or Chicken, etc. PETA wants THESE people to abandon eating MEAT. Using the line... Go to a Slaughter House, see the "SUFFERING" of these animals. Make your 5 yr old children see this!!! Give the to be SLAUGHTERED Animals NAMES, so the CHILDREN can equate them with their PETS!!! Think about this,,, In the past we were a RURAL SOCIETY, children were exposed to this and accepted it as a fact of LIFE. Cruelty to animals WAS NOT TAUGHT!!! Now that WE are "URBAN" and children are not exposed to the legitiment use of animals given to us by GOD, we have all this "FEELGOOD" BULLSHIT!!! Have you EVER seen a HEALTHY LOOKING VEGETARIAN, or VEGAN??? They all look Pale and on DEATH'S DOOR to me.

Even if the VEGAN'S or VEGETARIANS are correct, that we can add 5 yrs to our Life-Expectancy by eliminating MEAT and DAIRY products from our Diet. I say, "I'd rather eat to my enjoyment, STEAKS, HAMBURGERS, HAMS, PORK CHOPS, EGGS, ETC." Than to be miserable ALL MY LIFE because all I eat SUCKS!!!!

Well PETA is going to place BILLBOARD ADDS and handout to children T-Shirts showing: A Severed COWS HEAD with the CAPTION, "WANT FRY'S WITH THAT?". Ronald McDonald with a BLOODY BUTCHER KNIFE, saying "Here's The BEEF". All based on "molding" the CHILDREN.

It is arguable that LIBERTY is gone in this "COUNTRY". Is the new Slogan to be, "GIVE ME MEAT, or GIVE ME DEATH"??? And PETA will be very GLAD to get rid of you, us, ME!!!!

Here is the latest link to the ARIZONA REPUBLIC Story on the 14 yr old ABORTION APPLICANT HERE!!!


WooHOO!!! broke thru the 12,000 Visitor barrier today, (Actually "OFFICIAL VISITORS" As I can't count on people who CHEAT and link Directly to the "THOUGHTS FROM A SMOKE FILLED ROOM" Page)

To some of my workers in "THE SECRET LAB", please remember, initiative applies to the classes at work, ie go on your own time as opposed to shift time. You all should know I can't let Everyone go to the most convienent class, I need people in the lab to continue testing!!! This is an area where you by coming into work an hr or 2 early, or staying an hr or 2 late, or even.....HEAVEN FORBID!!!! coming in for an hr or 2 on your day off.

Let me paint a picture.... Just suppose... a job posting is placed. What have YOU done to make yourself stand ABOVE the others? OR suppose there are job/position reductions... What have YOU done to make the Employer CHOOSE YOU over someone else in continued employment?

I live my life this way. I NEED A JOB, I have a good job, it would take me a long time to get where I am at in another job. ANALYSIS: Do All I can to KEEP this job. There are not many jobs where you start out making the same or more $$$ than the "SECRET LAB". Some find jobs that pays more, but most don't. The Choice is yours, I can't do it for you.




Now the JUDGE WHO ISSUED THE, ABORT!!! Order is having 2nd thoughts. Here is the STORY from THE ARIZONA REPUBLIC

Teen's competency debated

              Judge reconsiders order for 14-year-old's abortion

              By Karina Bland
              and Chris Moeser 
              The Arizona Republic 
              Aug. 27, 1999 

              A Phoenix judge is
              reconsidering his order to
              let a 14-year-old girl
              have a late-term abortion
              after child welfare
              officials questioned her

              The court is expected to
              decide today whether the girl can go out of state to terminate the
              pregnancy as planned, sources told The Arizona Republic. 

              At a closed hearing Thursday, Judge William Sargeant of Maricopa
              County Superior Court was handed a new report suggesting the girl
              is not competent to decide for herself whether to have an abortion,
              sources said. 

              The findings were in sharp contrast to an earlier report by the girl's
              therapist, who described her as perfectly capable of making such a

              The new report was prepared by a psychiatrist who evaluated the
              girl at the request of officials at the state Department of Economic
              Security, which oversees Child Protective Services. 

              The hazel-eyed girl, a chronic runaway who has been in and out of
              the care of state CPS since she was 5, attended the hearing. She
              still insists she wants to have an abortion, sources said. 

              Last week, the girl, who is 24 weeks pregnant, was granted
              permission by Sargeant to go to California to terminate the

              'This is not over'

              Her court-appointed guardian supported her request after the child
              said she had been raped. The girl also told the court that she used
              myriad illegal drugs during her pregnancy. 

              While child welfare officials debate whether the girl is competent,
              some state officials are scrambling to stop the court-ordered

              "I have strong reason to believe this is not over," Senate President
              Brenda Burns said. 

              Late Thursday afternoon, Burns asked state Attorney General
              Janet Napolitano to issue an injunction to keep the girl from
              undergoing the procedure, complaining that state law prohibits
              public funds being spent on abortions. 

              The girl would have to go to California for the abortion because no
              Arizona physicians perform the procedure after 20 weeks. Only
              California and Kansas perform late-term abortions. 

              Meanwhile, the leak of this story to anti-abortion group from
              Juvenile Court, where records typically are held strictly confidential,
              has fueled the already boiling national debate over abortion. 

              State lawmakers are using the incident to further their views on the
              subject. The Governor's Office has been flooded with calls, mostly
              critical of the judge's decision. 

              And a national abortion rights group has entered the fray, asking
              the state Attorney General's Office to investigate who leaked
              confidential information about the child and the judge's order. 

              This is not the first time the 14-year-old girl has garnered so much
              attention from state child welfare officials. She ran away from home
              at age 8 and refused to return, claiming she was being abused by
              her mother and her mother's boyfriend. 

              Told of abuse at home

              The girl had disappeared from her home and was gone for 13 1/2
              hours before her mother called police. She was found at a friend's

              The girl reportedly told playmates that she had run away to the
              desert, where she had a cardboard fort, to escape a beating from
              her mother's boyfriend. Neighbors in the area told reporters that
              the child had been physically abused for two years. 

              The girl's mother died in January, and her body was found near the
              Glendale Municipal Airport, according to police reports. The
              39-year-old woman was last seen the previous day in the 7100
              block of North 80th Avenue in the company of a man. Glendale
              police still are investigating. 

              The girl's father is in prison. 

              Glendale police have a file on the child, with reports ranging from
              running away to criminal damage to giving false information to a
              police officer. 

              Police were called to the girl's group home in June of 1998 after
              she ran down a hallway and threw her body against the wall,
              punching a 10- by 10-inch hole in the drywall. She was arrested
              and taken to juvenile detention. At the time, police confiscated a
              book on witchcraft from her room. 

              Little else is known about the troubled girl because the judge has
              sealed her records, and spokeswomen for the DES, the courts and
              even the governor said they can no longer talk about the case. 

              Not that they could say much before. 

              State and federal laws deem confidential the dependency records
              of juveniles. Maurice Portley, presiding judge for the Maricopa
              County Juvenile Court, said he is outraged by the leak of
              information about this case. 

              "It's truly unfortunate," he said. "We want to respect their (children
              in state care) privacy and give them the opportunity to grow up
              healthy and without too many people learning too much information
              about them." 

              Bruce Miller, head of the Arizona chapter of the National Abortion
              Rights Action League, requested Wednesday that the attorney
              general find out who leaked the confidential information. Releasing
              such information is a Class 2 misdemeanor, punishable by up to
              four months in jail and $750 in fines. 

              'Violation of rights'

              "Some public employee has taken their own beliefs and has
              decided to pass it on to the biggest anti-abortion lobby in the state
              to bring pressure on the judge and governor to change their minds,"
              Miller said Thursday. "That is a violation of this young woman's
              rights, certainly of the trust she should have in government and
              certainly a violation of the trust all of us should have in government."

              The information was leaked to attorney John Jakubczyk, who
              represents anti-abortion interests in Arizona, including Arizona
              Right to Life, the state's largest such lobby. Jakubczyk says the
              girl's privacy is being protected. For example, although many
              people know the girl's identify, including the media, her name has
              not been released. 

              "You have a nation who is caring about a child and a baby,"
              Jakubczyk said, adding that people from across the country have
              offered to adopt both the girl and her baby. "They don't want her
              hurt. They don't want the baby dead." 

              Francie Noyes, Gov. Jane Hull's spokeswoman, said more than
              500 calls poured into the Governor's Office on Wednesday and
              almost 400 on Thursday after Dr. Laura Schlessinger, a radio
              personality who is against the abortion, broadcast the number on
              her nationally syndicated show. 

              Steve Forbes, who is seeking the Republican nomination for
              president, also weighed in, criticizing Sargeant's decision as "judicial
              activism run amok." 

              Use of state funds

              In her letter to Napolitano, Burns, R-Glendale, said that state funds
              are being used to pay the costs of the abortion. The letter was
              co-signed by nine GOP senators and two Democrats, including
              Senate Minority Leader Jack Brown, D-St. Johns. 

              "We have every reason to believe state monies are being used,
              whether it's money for the abortion, transportation or the
              employees' salaries who will accompany her," Burns said. "The
              policy in this state has already been decided. It's our job to enforce
              the law." 

              Napolitano spokeswoman Pati Urias said the request was under

              The statute also bans the use of federal funds on abortions,
              although there is some question whether federal law would
              supersede the state provisions. 

              Federal law allows the use of Medicaid dollars to pay for abortions
              in cases of rape, incest or to protect the health of the mother. 

              Court officials have said the girl may have been raped. Because she
              is 14, any sexual activity can be considered statutory rape, which is
              covered by the federal exceptions. 

              Glendale police said Thursday that they will launch a criminal
              investigation into the rape allegation. The Maricopa County
              Attorney's Office on Wednesday told police the sexual assault may
              have taken place in Glendale, said Officer Brian Wilkins, a
              Glendale police spokesman. Police have not yet interviewed the