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Just in from CNN. KEN STARR HAS SUBMITTED HIS REPORT TO CONGRESS 12:40 PM Pacific Time. Including 36 boxes of evidence gathered during Starr's Investigation.>p> End EMERGENCY UPDATE 12:43 PM. Good Night From Smoker Dave

The Candidate I supported with a $ contribution and prominence on my Geocities Web Pg has lost the Republican Primary to her opponent. I am only disappointed, not devastated. I did what I could.

Frances Emma Barwood will be back.

Now to what I was hearing on the radio at work from Washington D.C. (District of Ciminals). When I was hearing what Senator Byrd etc. were saying, I felt like I was in a TIME WARP back to the early summer of 1974. I was Just 11 1/2 yrs old then, but I remember it well. I have always read the newspapers and watched the Evening News w/ Walter Cronkite as far back as I can remember. The "gut feeling" is the same, just different names and charges. Plus a better understanding of it all, due to my advanced age of 35. Starr's Report possibly on Friday. It feels like the lull before the storm, winds kicking up, but still not sure where the "eye" will make landfall. I have a feeling of unknowing, fearing the worst outcome, Economy taking a dive, Impeachment, Resignation, Embarrassment to the Country, A view by enimies that we are weak at this time, etc.

I can only hope, that however this turns out, it is the end of "Character Doesn't Matter, It's the Economy Stupid." Thinking of everyday uninformed American Public. This Country of ours is going to be going thru tough times soon. I suggest we all pray that we reemerge in the best positive light as possible. Clinton and his Administration IS NOT THE BRIDGE TO THE 21st CENTURY WE AS AMERICANS WANT TO BE ON. Let's fix the problem, salvage what we can, And then Truly have an Ethical Administration, FOR THE PEOPLE!!! NOT "IN SPITE OF" the PEOPLE!!!!


Had a short night at work, so I am here early. Already voted today in the AZ Primary Election. And yes I cast my ballot for Frances Emma Barwood for Secretary of State.

Latest gripe from the Slick Willy Camp. Clinton's lawyer is asking for an advance copy of the Ken Starr report, a week advance!!!! Before Congress sees it. "Fundemental Fairness" Says Slick's lawyer David Kendall. Like this is going to happen, after 9 months of Clinton's minions and supporers/defenders trashing Ken Starr, when he couldn't legally rebuke them during this investigation. Clinton's Defenders expect Starr to give them a week head start in "SPINNING" a defense against his report!!!! Starr is under no legal obligation to submit an advance report to the lawyers defending the person he is investigating!!! FUNDEMENTAL FAIRNESS???? After 9 Months of Clinton's camp delaying every order, bringing up every possible privalege, Real or IMAGINED, Raising the cost of this investigation by MILLIONS OF $$$$$. OUR $$$

Here is the News Story, Credit INFOBEAT

*** Clinton lawyer requests a preview of Starr report

WASHINGTON (Reuters) - President Clinton's lawyer David Kendall asked
independent counsel Kenneth Starr Monday to let him review any report
Starr prepares about possibly impeachable offenses before it goes to
Congress. In a four-page letter to Starr and his deputy, Kendall said
"fundamental fairness" required he and his client review any such
report and formulate a response they could send simultaneously to
Congress. He also reminded Starr federal law required him to advise
the House only of any "substantial and credible information ... that
may constitute grounds for an impeachment," not to submit a
full-blown report. Starr has been trying to finish an impeachment
report against Clinton in the Monica Lewinsky sex-and-perjury

This is happening as steadfast Senior Democrats in the Senate and House are abandoning Clinton quicker than someone selling FAT ROLL SWEAT of a FAT 500 lb. LADY as a CANCER CURE!!!


You're not going to believe this story, but it is true. Another example of the Federal Government being TOO BIG. Regulation of SECOND HAND "PEANUT SMOKE" ON AIRLINES

I warned everyone I could that after they go after the smokers, they will go after others. Here is the story, Credit CNN.

                 Hold the peanuts

                 Government order
                 for nut-free zones on
                 planes raises ruckus

                 September 4, 1998
                 Web posted at: 12:13 p.m. EDT (1213 GMT) 

                 WASHINGTON (CNN) -- Southern farmers and some lawmakers are
                 roasting the Transportation Department over a new order establishing
                 peanut-free zones on airplanes. 

                 The Transportation Department directive issued last month requires airlines
                 to set aside at least three peanut-free rows whenever they have an advance
                 request from a passenger with a medically documented peanut allergy. 

                 Mitch Head, a spokesman for the Southern Peanut Farmers Federation, said
                 the order singles out peanuts over other foods that may cause allergic

                 "We think it's an unfair regulation because it singles out one product -- our
                 product -- as opposed to all the other food allergens that are out there," he
                 said. "If they do want allergy-free zones, we would like them to include all
                 foods that are potentially allergens." 

                 Some airlines banning peanuts from entire flights

                 But airline officials maintained the policy will not cause problems for peanut
                 lovers on planes -- as long as they aren't booked on one of the handful of
                 flights that includes a peanut allergy victim. 

                 "It's truly no big deal," said Southwest Airlines spokesman Ed Stewart.
                 "Some people are upset by what came out of the government, but in terms
                 of our operation, we'll just go with the flow." 

                                        For Southwest, providing buffer zones was
                                        impossible because the airline uses open
                                        seating. So it has just continued what it has
                                        been doing for five years -- operating
                                        peanut-free flights when any passenger
                                        notifies the airline of an allergy. 

                                        "I can probably count the number (of
                                        peanut-free flights) on two hands," Stewart
                                        said. "And on an average day, we fly 2,300

                 United Airlines spokesman Andy Plews said United is studying how best to
                 comply with the directive. The airline so far has simply banned peanuts from
                 with allergic passengers. 

                 "I wouldn't say it's caused a great big ruckus," he said. 

                 Other airlines, such as Continental and Alaska, said they will remove peanuts
                 from entire flights when such a request is made. 

                 Lawmakers from peanut-growing states object

                 Lawmakers from peanut-growing states said the order is nutty. 

                 "It is overreaching, bureaucratic nonsense like this that makes people distrust
                 and resent government," said Alabama Sen. Richard Shelby, a Republican
                 who issued a statement calling the order an "embarrassment" to the
                 government after news reports about it on Wednesday. 

                 Rep. Saxby Chambliss, a Georgia Republican, drafted a letter to
                 Transportation Secretary Rodney Slater deploring the order and demanding
                 a meeting to talk about it. Nine other lawmakers from peanut states joined in
                 his request. 

                 The directive stems from the 1986 Air Carrier Access Act, a law
                 guaranteeing access to airlines for the disabled. After getting complaints from
                 peanut allergy sufferers, the Transportation Department reviewed a 1996
                 Mayo Clinic study that found allergens from peanuts served during flights can
                 wash through ventilation system filters after 5,000 hours of flight. 

                 "Particles of the allergen -- in this particular case, peanuts -- are small
                 enough to actually float in the air," aid Dr. David Tanner of the Atlanta
                 Allergy & Asthma Clinic. "If they land on someone who is allergic, land in
                 their eyes or in their nose, they can cause them an actual allergic reaction." 

                 The agency concluded that evidence wasn't enough to ban peanuts from
                 flights, but said the law does require that airlines provide buffer zones for
                 passengers with documented peanut allergies who notify them in advance. 

                 Some passengers want their peanuts

                 Some passengers don't like the idea of having to give up their in-flight

                 "I like my peanuts on the plane," said one flyer. 

                 Another said, "I think it's a farce. Quite honestly ... it's just another pain in
                 the butt." 

                 To peanut allergy sufferers, however, the order represents a major
                 breakthrough in the government's willingness to acknowledge that a food
                 allergy constitutes a serious medical condition. 

                 "It's a good first step. It acknowledges that food allergies are real, that
                 peanut allergy can be deadly," said Anne Munoz-Furlong, founder of the
                 Food Allergy Network in Fairfax, Virginia. 

                 She said an estimated 1 million to 2 million Americans suffer from peanut
                 allergies. While there have been no documented cases of allergic reactions
                 without actually eating peanuts, there is anecdotal evidence that exposure to
                 peanut fumes in a closed aircraft cabin has caused mild reactions like itchy
                 eyes, runny noses and breathing difficulties, said Munoz-Furlong. 

                 "The issue is that no one can predict whether the mild symptoms will abate
                 or continue and progress into a full-blown, life-threatening reaction," she

                 CNN Travel Correspondent Stephanie Oswald and Associated Press
                 contributed to this report.

This is NUTS!!!!, so to speak.

What is next??? I must tell you the smell of tuna fish in the Work Lunchroom makes me ill. As long as that odor is in the Lunchroom, I can't eat MY LUNCH there. Believe me, this "ODOR" encompasses more than 3 rows on a jet airliner. WE NEED A LAW AGAINST THIS!!!! NO FISH IN THE LUNCHROOM!!!!. Others will complain about the smell of Microwave Popcorn. Ban Popcorn in the workplace!!!

We will have to subsist on Milk and bread at work.

Then someone will say,"I AM LACTOSE INTOLERANT!!!!" Ban Milk!!!!"

I can go on and on, on this. Do you see now what started as an anti-smoking law? It is mushrooming into a potential ban on everything outside your own home. ICECREAM!!!! I have sensitive teeth, ban ICECREAM!!!!

Want to get down to basics??? A person with a documented proclivity for "GAS" Emissions. BAN IT!!!! NO FARTING IN PUBLIC!!!

I run a cleam web site, but to this kind of action, I say to all who support this kind of thing, Fuck YOU!!!

I apoligize to all who were offended by my last statement. But it is my true feeling on this subject. And since this is my web pg, I can do this when warranted.



In the midst of a dreary rainy Labor Day Weekend in what was once "The Valley of the Sun", with Presidential sex scandals, a jittery Stock Market, Airline Disaster, N. Korea lobbing missiles over Japan, etc. etc. A ray of Sunshine and HOPE is upon Smoker Dave in the Desert of the Great Southwest.

What is this Great ray of hope and salvation you ask? The Start of THE NFL REGULAR SEASON!!!!

And with the last minute signing of #1 draft pick Andre Wadsworth, we will see today if the Forces of Good (AZ Cardinals) can defeat once and for all the ever EVIL SOUTH America's Team, the Dallas Crackboys, er Cowboys.

So as the desert sky is grey and rumbling, you can bet that Smoker Dave is surrounded by good beer drinking buddies, cheering on the Forces of Good, to defeat the Evil Dallas Crackboys, er Cowboys.


The Forces of EVIL won the battle today, with our diligent work and prayer, in the end, We will win, Good ALWAYS Defeats EVIL in the END.


Today is the 1 year Anniversary of the DEATH of a Living SAINT. 4 more years until Official SAINTHOOD in the Catholic Church.

NO IT IS NOT DIANA and her "arab". But a TRUE HUMANITARIAN who Devoted her life to the poorest of all. MOTHER THERESA. This is the anniversary we all should reflect on.

Not the anniversary of a "SILVER SPOON", RICH Bitch that acts of kindness to less fortunate was something to pass the time and get a Photo OP. Do you see the way this this world is going??? The world marks the Anniversary of an Adulteress Rich Bitch who never got her fingers dirty helping the poor. I bet in % almost all of us have given more to Charity than Diana ever did. While the Anniversary of the DEATH of a living Saint makes no more than a brief mention in the news. If I am out of touch with mainstream thought, then I am DAMN GLAD to be. Question: On your Death Bed, who would you ask for help? Princess Diana, or Mother Theresa?

This following story I did post many months ago on my Geocities site, I got this Version from KFYI.

The Ant & The Grasshopper 
                         - A Modern Fable -

            The ant works hard in the withering heat all summer long
            building his house and laying up supplies for the winter. The
            Grasshopper thinks the ant is a fool and so he laughs and
            dances and plays the summer away. Come winter, the ant is
            warm and well fed. But the Grasshopper has no food or shelter
            so he dies, out in the cold and all alone. 

                   (American Story Version - Updated 1998)

            Come winter, the shivering Grasshopper calls a press
            conference and demands to know why the ant should be
            allowed to be warm and well fed while others are cold and
            starving. CBS, NBC, and ABC show up and provide pictures of
            the shivering Grasshopper next to a video of the ant in his
            comfortable home with a table filled with food. America is
            stunned by the sharp contrast. How can it be that, in a country
            of such wealth, this poor Grasshopper is allowed to suffer so?
            Then a representative of the NAAGB (The national association
            of green bugs) shows up on Nightline and charges the ant with
            "green bias" and makes the case that the Grasshopper is
            actually a victim of 30 million years of "greenism." Kermit the
            Frog appears on Oprah with the Grasshopper, and everybody
            cries when he sings, "It's Not Easy Being Green. "

            President Bill and First Lady Hillary Roddham Clinton make a
            special guest appearance on the CBS Evening News to tell a
            concerned Dan Rather that they will do everything they can for
            the Grasshopper who has been denied the prosperity he
            deserves by those who benefited unfairly during the Reagan
            summers, or as Bill refers to it, the "Temperatures of the 80's.

            Richard Gephardt exclaims in an interview with Peter Jennings
            that the ant has gotten rich off the back of the Grasshopper and
            calls for an immediate tax hike on the ant to make him pay his
            fair share. Finally, the EECO drafts the "Economic Equity and
            Anti-Greenism Act," retroactive to the beginning of the summer.


10 New Photo's in Photo Gallery, of Uncle Smoker, Secret Lab and More!!!

After all this time, around 3 weeks, Slick Willy finally uttered, "I'm sorry". From Dublin, Ireland. Clinton CHOSE to say this in a foreign country. AFTER ONE OF HIS BIGGEST SUPPORTERS IN THE SENATE TOOK HIM TO THE WOODSHED ON THE SENATE FLOOR YESTERDAY.

Now you will see other Liberals and Democrats abandoning Ship Clinton like RATS, in order to distance themselves from Slick and the pending, DAMNING Starr Report.

And Slick's "I'm Sorry". To little TOO late, by about 8 1/2 months. And was about as heartfelt as a 5 yr old who thinks that just by SAYING "I'm Sorry" is enough and no further punishment/discipline will come.



SwissAir Flight 111 from JFK NY, a true tragedy. Clinton's comments/speech from Russia yesterday, All Lies, he didn't apologize in the press conf after testifying to the Grand Jury. He didn't say that the Gov't needed to be given back to the American People.

What he did say to the Grand Jury was,: Did try to find Monica a high paying job in the Private Sector. Was "disturbed" when she was transferred against her wishes to the Pentagon. And "promised" her that she would be back at the White House after the '96 election.

My guess is: So she could "suck" up on the "Little Chief of STAFF". If you get my drift.....

AND now Slick Willy is also being investigated for illegal Campaighn Activity in the '96 election, joining boring environmentalist whacko Al Gore in this treasonous fundraising from foriegn sources. IE Red China etc.


Been busy emailing Political Candidates prior to the Sept. 8th Primary here in AZ. I have to advocate my views.

However I have an observation. Slick Willy ends vacation and goes back to Wash. D.C., Stock Market falls by over 500 pts. Slick Willy goes to Russia to meet with Yeltsin, who is also in trouble. Fact that Slick is out of town , Stock Market bounces back. In my opinion, the longer Slick Willy stays in Russia, the better for us. What other past President could you say, contemplate, wish for to do this sort of thing for the betterment of our own economy??? My initial guess is none. Which brings up the Question: How much $$$ do we need to send to Russia for them to keep Slick Willy there??? Second Question is: Will a Russian Intern suffice for adulterous satisfaction??? Can Slick Willy keep it off THE DRESS??? How did Slick Willy explain this to Chelsea??? Is Janet Reno More embolden to go after Slick Willy and his friends, Because she and Hillary are swapping "TUNA" ????And Slick is left to "Polish" the "Little Chief of STAFF" without visuals or voice(ph sex) from a INTERN??? Or are Russian girls easy???


So you think smoking was so BAAADDD!!!!

Guess what the Goody two shoes will want to overly regulate NEXT!!!

*** Experts say fat rivals smoking as health threat

PARIS (Reuters) - Medical experts warned Monday that obesity was
rapidly becoming a problem in the developing world as well as
industrialized nations and could one day rival smoking in its impact
on public health. "This is a pandemic, probably one of the top five
public health problems in the world. Scientists are already beginning
to wonder whether it will be worse than smoking," Dr. Philip James
told reporters at the start of the Eighth International Congress on
Obesity, which began Monday in Paris. James, who heads a task force
for the International Association for the Study of Obesity, and other
scientists said there was considerable hope that new drugs would soon
be coming on line to help fat people lose weight and stay fit.

Everyone has something they like to indulge more than the AVERAGE person. Might be MEAT, Cigarettes, Ice Cream, Pastries, Fried Foods, Fast Food, BEER, Licquor, Soda, Gambling, Violent Movies, Conspiracy Movies, Certain Books, etc. etc. You name the active or passive activity, and that could be next for regulation for, "THE PUBLIC WELFARE/GOOD".

Do you know how many people drown in AZ, a DESERT!!!??? Highest rate in the US. Ban all Swimming pools and access to the lakes to save us all!!!

Do you know how many people BBQ here in AZ? And suffer burns and higher cholesteral by what they BBQ??? How about the people who DO VOTE,,, But are Politically INCORRECT!!! Got to regulate that too.

What I am leading all this into is the fact that the Phoenix City Council is at this moment, meeting to regulate to death, in the 6th largest city in the US, topless bars. By requiring the dancers to pass a Criminal background check. In AZ you need to have a Criminal Background Check for a Lincense to carry a handgun CONCEALED. You DO NOT NEED A LICENSE TO CARRY A HANDGUN OPENLY IN AZ. Now the City of Phoenix wants the topless dancers to pass a Criminal Background Check to legally display their TITTIES in a topless bar.

They came after the SMOKERS, but I didn't smoke, so I did nothing.

They came after the meat eaters, but I am vegetarian, so I did nothing.

They came after the GUN owners, and I don't own a Gun, so I did nothing.

They came after Fast Food, I don't eat fast food, so I did nothing.

They came after my choice to vote for who I wanted, I don't vote, so I did nothing.

They went after the topless bars, I don't go there, so I did nothing.

Etc. Etc.

Finally they went after (WHATEVER), and there was noone left to help/defend me......

See the trend that has started with the confiscation of the right to choose????

YES I know that some activities are offensive to 1 group or another. But the U.S. Constitution does NOT protect you from being OFFENDED!!!. And I am sure there is some activity that you do that is OFFENSIVE to someone, or some group. Islamic, PETA, Anti-Smokers, Anti-Fat, Anti-God, Anti-Gun, ANTI-CHILDREN (Remember it was Ted Turner of TBS who said last year," Every child that is born is a POLLUTER and harms the ENVIRONMENT").

Oh sure the anti-smoking tract is popular amoung the GREAT UNWASHED, Who DO NOT understand that this line of regulation will get them too.


Well I am back from my weekend trip South to Tucson, AZ. Very Refreshing and relaxing, I needed it too. Far enough away from work, relatives, "local" friends (more ways than 1 if you get my drift). Also the fact that there was no police scanner, and no PC there with Internet Access. Enjoyed this cut-off with close friends I haven't seen 1 1/2 yrs, and their little 8 week old Bundle of Joy. Who is now sleeping thru the night. A Very Happy Baby too. Enjoyed the Pima Air Museum, and Mt. Lemmon. Pictures to come by next weekend.

Now to the little "nephew" , He likes me. This will send a chill down the weak spines of some of the liberals at work. And the little guy likes talk radio, and is probably one of Art Bell's youngest fans.

Sun we all went up to Mt. Lemmon just outside of Tucson, 9,000 ft up, 30 degrees cooler than Tucson, real nice up there. I'm kinda of jealous of that, here in the Phoenix Area we are about 7 to 12 degrees hotter than Tucson. But can't drive 45 mins and be 30 degrees cooler unless you count Shopping Malls. Pine trees and little streams, reminded me of Northern New York where I grew up. Great Views too.

Now I have some pending business at the Dept Motor Vehicals, to get done before 9/1. ( Registration) and have another training class at work after that. So I will catch up on the news etc. and be back to normal for the Daily Thoughts on Tuesday.