The Political Quote of the Day for 09/07/01:


For years, I wanted to run for president in the worst possible way--and I'm sure I did.

George McGovern


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Well its finally the WEEKEND! AND the NFL FOOTBALL Regular Season kicks off on SUNDAY!!! The next 4 1/2 - 5 months are the best time of the year, especially in AZ. As the daily temps now usually stay below 100, brisk Fall temps.

Well I just went next door to the local 7-11 to pick up a quick bite to eat, and what did I see? 5 Mesa Police cars surrounding a new pick-up truck. The driver and occupants were all handcuffed, Mexicans, and none of them looked any older than 15 or 16 years old. All displayed many tattoos, and there was a pistol on the hood of the truck, and it wasn't what the local police carry.

#1 Looked like Gang members to me.
#2 Why weren't these kids in school?
#3 Probable it was a stolen truck.
#4 IT is obvious they weren't old enough to possess a handgun.
#5 Am I stereotyping? Or just seeing the situation as it is?

I did manage to get a photo as things were clearing out.

The Stock Market... A PAINFUL time right now isn't it? Well for myself and others who have a LONG way to go before retirement, I still have 29 yrs to work yet before retirement age of 67, my advice is to stay the coarse. If you do like I do, have a portion of your paycheck go into a 403(b), or a 401k plan, and buy certain high quality stocks on a monthly basis. Then right now your $ is buying more stock because of the lower prices. The prices will go back up. It will however take time to recover from the Clinton Administration which did this and this is the end result of 8 years of incompetence. Remember the G.W. Bush budget doesn't start until October 1st. We are still in the Clinton Economy which has been spiraling down for 1 1/2 yrs now.

So what do we have as NEWS TODAY?

Well let's start with FARTING NEWS. This guy was convicted and fined $200 for FARTING in public. Well a judge has just threw out the conviction. See the STORY HERE!!!So now we all can rest easy about eating Mexican food and going about in public. Excuse me~~~, it was that Beef and Bean Burrito escaping that I purchased at the 7-11

Is it a Plane? A bird?... No, it is falling Space Junk! Sure it couldn't happen when I was back east 2 weeks ago, oh well. See the STORY HERE!!!

ARIZONA TAX PAYERS funding Arizona State University class on pornography. I find it appalling that us residents in AZ are paying $$$ for pornographic materials for a college class. Hey, if you choose to purchase or rent things like this with your own $, that's your business. But for taxpayers to fund a class on it is demented. See the STORY HERE!!!As if you don't get enough "soft"-Porn over the TV, like last night's MTV Music Awards. See the STORY HERE!!! And for a more revealing photo, HERE!!!

The Political Quote of the Day for 09/06/01:


He is attempting a great breakthrough in political technology--he has been perfecting the Teflon-coated presidency.

Patricia Schroeder


Hmmm... 2 Days in a row, my update is up for a while, then it is gone. Well I am not the only one with difficulties as the Rush Limbaugh Web Site had similar trouble. No matter, I'll just resend the update and move on.

I checked the NEWS, California as a State still EXISTS. DAMN!!!

GOOD GRIEF!!! A Federal Court has ruled that male prisoners, including those serving 111 yr sentences, and I would assume LIFE SENTENCES, and DEATH ROW INMATES, HAVE A RIGHT TO PROCREATE via Artificial Insemination....And this just great? NOW imagin the Ted Bundy's, ETC. being able to pass on the genes to a future generation. Let's breed more MASS COLD BLOODED MURDERERS!!!! Let's put the seamen of Charles Manson up for bid!!! Or should we be saddened that HITLER and STALIN died before this was availble???? SEE the STORY HERE!!!

HERE WE GO AGAIN!!! At the Start of the New School Year, here is another Article about the DANGERS of PEANUT BUTTER to some kids. I say, IF Peanut Butter is SO DEADLY to you, than even as a kid you should be educated about it, and if you screw that up, it is your own doing. Like a Diabetic eating Surgar Cubes and having no INSULIN on hand. You cannot sue, you do not Pass Go!!!. If you are STUPID ENOUGH to EAT something that could be FATAL to you, no matter how young you are, this society needs your GENES out of THE PROCREATION POOL, in Reference to my earlier STORY. Come on now folks!!! If I was told that LIMA BEANS could KILL me as a kid, when I was still a kid, I would AVOID them like the Plague!!! For your INFO. I am not allergic to anything. But as a kid, and now as an adult, I still will not eat LIMA BEANS, or SPINACH for that matter. Because I believe these damn things will kill me. I know they won't, But I hate them so much it actually makes me physically sick if I eat them. YEAH, I know it is all psycho-somatic. So I have a FAULT! But I hate these things, and always will, weather it is fatal or not. At the very least Eating these things make me physically sick. MY SOLUTION.... I don't EAT these sickening things. A SIMPLE SOLUTION if you ask me. See the PEANUT BUTTER STORY HERE!!!

BAD IDEA.... Throwing HOT OIL on a Customer when you work for a Fast Food Joint, because you filled their Order wrong. I can symphasize with the Custormer because #1 My Fast Food Orders have been screwed up too!! #2 I HATE MAYONAISE!! #3 I was usually screwed because I didn't know my order was INCORRCT until I got home or to work, and inconvienent or pointless to get it fixed or complained about. #4 When I do notice it, I point it out, and it gets fixed right there. The few times it didn't, I raised HOLY HELL! And then got it fixed, with a few coupons. AND, I want WHITE MEAT, BREAST, TITS, however you want to order it. NOT THIGHS or DRUMSTICKS, I'll work on those outside of FAST FOOD... But you FAST FOOD WORKERS, if you REALLY want to PISS someone OFF, throw HOT OIL at them when they complain. Then it goes from a Free or Reduced Price MEAL and Coupons, to a BIG LAWSUIT!!! No matter how good you can flip Burgers, kiss your job goodbye. RULE #1 For Fast FOOD Workers- DO NOT EVER THROW HOT OIL AT THE CUSTOMERS. I thought this was a no Brainer. See the STORY HERE!!!

DAMN IT!! I think my car is Starting to get sick again. I have a coolant leak. And I think it may be coming from my engine block. I should be able to baby it for awhile, but I feare a $500 bill looms in the near future. It figures, I have 115K miles on it. But I still owe for 1 more year on Payments. OH well, I will get by OK.


The Political Quote of the Day for 09/05/01:


You start out giving your hat, then you give your coat, then you give your shirt, then your skin, and finally your soul.

CHARLES DE GAULLE, on negotiations with the RUSSIANS.


Well it looks like that my post update yesterday didn't go thru, it is there now.

You want to know something? The STATE of California is a major pain in my BUTT right now. Dear God, if the big EARTHQUAKE in CALIFORNIA is soon, let it come now. Just give me a couple of days notice to get the people with a working BRAIN STEM out of there first. If we get the FEW people who can think logically out of California, and then drop the whole CANCEROUS STATE into the PACIFIC OCEAN, this COUNTRY will benefit greatly. You People in California are pissing off many of us in AZ. Pretty soon there could be a bounty on your heads'. A dead Californian should be worth at LEAST 1/2 as much as a Dead Coyote. What I am talking about is California's EXTREME LIBERALISM. INSANE LAWS, RULES, REGULATIONS, LICENCE REGULATIONS. Bad enough it is in California. But here in AZ we are are a HUGE influx of these people into AZ from CA. Escaping the moving ground, ETC. But they are also bringing their own distorted views on how EVERYONE should Live. And now by sheer #'s are displacing the True Arizonan Vote.

If you lived in the State less than 5 yrs, you are not a Arizonan. If you have been in Arizona for over 10 yrs, you are an accepted transplant. 15 yrs or more, you are considered almost Native. By the way, I've been here 17 yrs.

Now to my California Readers, except for one or two, all of you who managed to get here are not included in this, move back to AZ before it's too late. Unless you can hold your breathe a REAL LONG TIME!!!

I say let's turn California into a TERRITORY, and let Puerto Rico take California's place as a STATE. In case you haven't figured it out.... I HATE CALIFORNIA!!!!

Now for the NEWS of The DAY!!!

Good Lord!!! From the State that launched the "BOSTON TEA PARTY". The CITIZENS OF MASS. want to give RESIDENT LEGAL ALIENS the RIGHT TO VOTE. I guess the NEWS spreads Slowly North. Because for YEARS we had the same trouble of ILLEGAL ALEINS voting. See the STORY HERE!!!You people in the Northern STATES are so NAIVE.

I LOVE THIS!!! The DALLAS CRACKBOYS, SOUTH AMERICAS' FOOTBALL TEAM signed the CRY-BABY RYAN LEAF, as if I needed any more incentive to HATE this team. The next BIG AIRLINER DISASTER, instead of killing dozens of innocent people, I hope it would be the Jet carrying this dysfunctional drug addicted team is the one that crashes with NO SURVIVORS. See the STORY HERE!!!

Now to one of my most hated Touchy Feely groups. PETA, (PEOPLE FOR THE ETHICAL TREATMENT OF ANIMALS). HMMM.... They are now abandoning their newest CAMPAIGN ADD, about Sharks. This Advertising Campaign is about as Successfull as the "DRINK BEER, not MILK" campaign they tried last year. As you can deduct, California IDIOTS run this. See the STORY HERE!!!

For this I give a waiver to PETA, but you know in your heart that it is PETA RELATED.... It used to be INDIAN NAMES on Professional or High School Sports. To do away with any mention of AMERICAN INDIANS, Some STATES have done this. NOW???? Well it appears even the mention of an animal is OFFENSIVE in a TEAM NAME. See the STORY

The Political Quote of the Day for 09/04/01:


Bureaucracy is the death of any achievement.

Albert Einstein


In Honor of the 1st Day of School back in my old Hometown, I have a new photo from my vacation. It is a picture of the Catholic Parochial School where I spent Kindergarten thru 6th Grade. Being beaten and terrorized by OLD NUNS the whole time. Let me tell you, they knew how to put the Fear of God in you, or at the very least, Fear of the NUNS. I still remember having to put my fingers on the end of the desk to get WHAPPED by a YARD STICK. For such things as talking during class, etc. Then there were the times in Sister Superior's Office. Where you would get your ASS WHOOPPED for other more serious infringements of School Rules, like fighting or bullying, or just talking back. Well this education made me more "mellow" than I would be if I attended Public School from the start. BUT! My "mouth" still gets me into trouble from time to time, if you know what I mean....Heh, Heh! You can tame a Wild Horse, but you can't make him domesticated, or a LAP DOG. You might be able to take the BARK or the BITE out of the dog, but you can't take BOTH. Because surrendering BOTH is to become an owner's LAP DOG, and to be a LAP DOG, there is an OWNER, who will only allow you to YIP, instead of a heartfelt BARK of PROTEST. I will not be be a LAP DOG. COMPROMISE, yes, but never A Slave. Never Surrender who you are to anyone or anything.

For Example The U.N. recently held a RACISM CONFERENCE in South AFRICA. We LEFT, and so did ISRAEL. WHY? Because of the proposed Language from this Conference. Equating ZIONISM with RACISM. WELL EXCUSE ME!!! ISRAEL was founded in 1947 as a Country for JEWS who had been so persecuted and KILLED by NAZI GERMANY during WWII. Of COARSE this COUNTRY would be PRO JEW over ARAB or others. This COUNTRY was CREATED as a SAFE HAVEN for this people. ALSO this Conference was wording the fact that the USA should not only pay AFRICA for the SLAVE TRADE, (Which by the way was started by the English, Dutch, and Spainards before we became a Nation, and the fact that Hundreds of Thousands of Americans DIED in the CIVIL WAR to keep this COUNTRY TOGETHER, and give FREEDOM to the SLAVES). And the fact that this BS is coming from the most racist CONTINENT in the WORLD, AFRICA. WHERE HUTU's and TUTO's and whatever Tribes kill each other for SPORT!!! NOW for the definition of REPARATIONS: the payment of damages : INDEMNIFICATION; specifically : compensation in money or materials payable by a defeated nation for damages to or expenditures sustained by another nation as a result of hostilities with the defeated nation -- usually used in plural

When did AFRICA defeat the USA???? As a Hungararian Gypsy whose Grandparents Fled from the German War Machine during WWII, in this definition I AM ENTITLED to REPARATIONS since GERMANY LOST THE WAR!!!. BUT NO!!!! The AFRICANS want ME to PAY $$$ for SLAVERY even though 1/2 of my ancestry is post 1940. I'm NOT ASKING FOR ANY $$$, my relatives were thrown in right along with the JEWS in the GAS CHAMBERS in GERMANY 60 years ago. Seems to me that GERMANY is the worst offender in this, and they are a defeated enemy in this context. So why the ATTACK on the USA? Because we have $$$. You won't get any from Germany, England, Dutch, Spain, in this deal. But if any $$ is PAID, it will also come from the VICTIMS of RACIAL Discrimination who now live in this country, and some by the sacrifice of their parents for their children to make it here in the USA, for a chance on life. NOW WE ARE EXPECTED TO PAY REPARATIONS!!!!???? Hmmmm. What is a NICE way to say, "Go F**k Yourself!!!"??? How about, "GO FISH"??? See the STORY HERE!!!

Let me see. I am 1/2 gypsy Catholic Hungarian, the rest is part French Canadien, English, Dutch, German, and a little bit of Italian. So HOW DOES anyone FIGURE OUT what $$$ Compensation should be made out to ME From the NAZIS????It seems to me EVERY FAMILY owes $$$ to some other Family in this obsurd scene. So what is the Point? EVERYONE SUES EVERYONE for past damages, and we all basically come up even, except with less $$$, as the LAWYERS have taken their payday.

OK, Here is the NEW PICTURE

I guess I am just an Old Alter Boy not afraid to speak his mind about Bull S. This is NOT a BAD Thing. I think the big Guy upstairs, starts with a very BIG "G", will appreciate this.

Now to end today's posting, the best News I had in a while. Barry Young Returns to the AIRWAVES!!! It was Barry Young who coined me "Smoker Dave in Mesa" 5 yrs ago. Here is the STORY: HERE!!!

The Political Quote's of the Day for 08/31/01 - 09/03/01:


Take time to deliberate, but when the time for action arrives, stop thought and go in.

Andrew Jackson

09/01 - 02/01 ENEMIES

A Politician knows that his friends are not always his allies and that his adversaries are not his enemies.

Richard Nixon

09/03/01 DESET STORM

These damned drums are keeping me up all night.

George Bush, on antiwar protesters playing drums outside the White House during the Gulf War


I know I said I would post an update over the weekend, I'll have to play technical for innocence. Since it is a Holiday weekend, it is still the weekend. Kind of lame, I know.

Well it is LABOR DAY. While I don't have the night off, I get Thursday night off instead, but I have strong memories of Labor Days' past. You see unlike here in AZ., in Northern NY the 1st day of school is the Tuesday after Labor Day. And it still is. The JERRY LEWIS TELETHON marked the end of summer vacation for myself and all my classmates, who I just saw after 20 yrs. As a kid growing up we held the McDonalds Carnivals to raise $ for MDA, and actually got on the local TV bringing in the $ we raised one time. I also remember one time when I was still in elementary school, a Parochial School with mean old Nuns. (You see they sent the means Sisters to the Rural areas), I was allowed one time to watch the TELETHON start to finish. This was back in the days where you got 1 TV Channel without Cable, and less than 10 with Cable. The days before HBO, CNN, MTV, TBS, etc existed. The days where after 1AM or so not a single TV STATION was on that we could pick up. But during the Telethon 1 station in Syracuse, and the Station in Watertown would stay on the AIR for the TELETHON. I did manage to stay up for the whole thing. This was also in the days of Color Counsel TV's without REMOTE CONTROL. This is going back 25 or 30 years.

So what is the point, you may be asking. Here it is. It used to be that Jerry Lewis seemed ageless. Year after year, he was the same. Just last week I was reading stories being critical of Jerry Lewis for EXPLOITING the Disabled all these years. By using the terminology of the day, like "CRIPPLED", "HANDICAPPED", "UNABLE TO WALK", "WHEELCHAIR BOUND". This entertainer, who actually I don't really like his movies, etc. Has devoted a large part of his time and energy to the cause of CURING MDA thru out his adult life. For Jerry Lewis to be taken to task for his efforts of raising $$$ to CURE this insideous disease is a STAB IN THE BACK from some of the very people he is trying to help. What prompted all this rhetoric from me? Well I tuned in to the Telethon last night, it is a part of "AMERICANA" on LABOR DAY WEEKEND. I was disturbed by what I saw. I had already realized that Jerry Lewis could no longer be on the Show for 24 hrs straight, because of his age. BUT, I was SHOCKED on how he looked. BLOATED, and looking very OLD, and not in good health. I have seen at least part of every Telethon since I can remember, including last year. Jerry Lewis has taken a steep downward spiral the past year in his appearence. For that I am very sad. I even called my mom last night about this, she too was shocked. I am afraid that I may be seeing the Last JERRY LEWIS TELETHON for MDA, or will be very soon. To the sensitive naysayers, when Jerry Lewis is gone, so will be the Telethon to raise $$$ for your cause. You see the Telethon is based in an old genre of Entertaiment that will no longer succeed, the reason it does succeed is that Jerry Lewis is still there, and it's tradition. And the tradition will die with him. Just like the Lawrence Welk Show, no similar Show replaced that, just some reruns on PBS, etc. Well a Telethon will never be in reruns. It is not like a TV Series ending like M*A*S*H that lasted 10 or so years, these shows will live forever in reruns, as I still watch M*A*S*H. But a once a year icon dies with the main character. Remember the Telethon is TIME SPECIFIC and PURPOSE SPECIFIC.

So what's NEW? Well the NFL REGULAR SEASON starts this SUNDAY!!!! Unfortunately there is a lack of interest this year for "The Secret Lab Football Pool". I am disappointed about this. However I have High hopes for my AZ Cardinals. Believe it or not they have their "BYE" Week the 1st week of the Season.

OK, How about some NEWS???

This I believe is a personal choice issue. To wear or not wear a helmut on a motorcycle. Or for other matters like a bike, or even wearing seatbelts in YOUR OWN CAR. See the STORY HERE!!! HMMMM.... How about that!!! a Higher Fatality Rate for people who wear helmuts!!!

GOV'T Intrusion into our own lives is UNCONSTITUTIONAL. Since when does the FEDS have the RIGHT to dictate on how STATES decide on how to regulate their citizens. There is not a SINGLE PERSON who is a Citizen of THE UNITED STATES. YOU are a Citizen of the STATE you reside in. For Example: I am A Citizen in the Great State of ARIZONA. If you READ and UNDERSTAND the CONSTITUTION you KNOW the FEDS have ZERO POWER over our everyday lives. The Feds are limited to TREATIES, NATIONAL DEFENSE, INTERNATIONAL TRADE, and DEFENSE OF OUR BORDERS. However the Educated amoung you already know this.

Here is an EXAMPLE: Arizona was forced by the FEDS to lower their DUI LIMIT from .10 to .08, or LOSE $68 MILLION in Federal Highway Funds, THAT WE IN THE STATE HAD PAID FOR, but we had to succumb to the FEDS to get the $$ back. It did not matter that the STATE would probably on it's own have lowered the DUI LIMIT soon, if we didn't do it by Sept 1st, the Federal Gov't. would have CONFISCATED the $68 Million. Even our own Governor called it BLACKMAIL by the FEDERAL GOV'T, but that WE in AZ couldn't afford the loss of the $$$. READ THE CONSTITUTION!!!!! EACH STATE is soveriegn with the EXCEPTION of the POWERS to the FEDERAL GOV'T provided in the CONSTITUTION. If you read the CONSTITUTION you will see their power is extremely limited to the citizens of the STATES, but somehow, the Federal Gov't has become an all encompassing monster to every citizen of every State.

The Political Quote of the Day for 08/30/01:


The only way to get anywhere in Congress is to stay there and let seniority take its course.

John Nance Garner


Well I said I would give you another photo from my vacation. So here it is.

Yes there is now a small Amish Community just outside my hometown. No Cars, Electricity, or tractors, or anything that is not done by manual labor. I have to tell you, they chose a "TOUGH LIFE" to live. I don't agree with them, but I will not speak ILL of them. They chose their religion and a lifestyle, and I have chose mine. Let's leave it at that and move on.

Well there is big Local Arizona NEWS today, and this happened within a mile of my "Armed Compound". See the STORY HERE!!!

Well I have been taking heavy losses on the STOCK MARKET and also in my MUTUAL FUNDS. I am not worried about it. WHY? because all these Investments are LONG TERM, for my Retirement, and I continue to buy every month. So if the Market goes down, and the Shares I buy also go down, it just means I was able to BUY more Shares at a cheaper Price. I won't need this $$$ until I retire in about 30 years, I am confident that my long term investments will be profitable. AND this is better than living Paycheck to Paycheck. I have nearly annualized about $800 or more towards my retirement in STOCKS, and MUTUAL FUNDS. I also get a PENSION from my workplace. IF SOCIAL SECURITY still Exists when I retire, I get $$$ there also when I Retire. But I am planning my Retirement without counting on SOCIAL SECURITY $$$. I consider the Taxes I Pay for SOCIAL SECURITY to be an Investment that I will lose everything I paid into it. So you older people, now living SOCIAL SECURITY WISE, enjoy it while you can, because this will no longer EXIST in 30 years when it is my turn. I will never see a return on the TAXES I have paid, and will pay, towards SOCIAL SECURITY. When I am old and FEEBLE, and my OWN $$$ runs out to provide for myself,,,I will CURSE you ALL on my DEATH BED for stealing $$$ from me!!! WHY????? BECAUSE SOCIAL SECURITY will be out of Business a long time before I DIE.

And MediCare and Medicade???? Also bankrupt. Why??? Because the LIBERALS are defending to their last Breath THEIR RIGHT to be taken care of. However, when I retire, and I am the very last end of the "BABY-BOOM" there WILL BE NOTHING LEFT!!! PLEASE PRESIDENT BUSH, let ME CONTROL part of my SOCIAL SECUTITY TAXES to invest MYSELF. At least it would be MINE. I'd rather take 10 cents on the DOLLAR than NOTHING!!!

Well it is getting late for me, nearly 2PM. Remember I go to work and start at 11PM. So I will leave you now.

Not sure about tommorrow yet. As I have a AZ. Cardinals Pre-Season Game to go to tommorrow, and the Game starts a 7PM. If I don't Update on Friday 08/31/01, I will post an update over the weekend.

The Political Quote of the Day for 08/29/01:


The capacity to admire others is not my most fully developed trait.

Henry Kissinger


Today is 08/29/01. Yesterday was 08/28/01. AGREE? Well yesterday I observed Halloween displays going up in the local stores. OVER 2 MONTHS before Halloween!!! Well what did I see TODAY???? CHRISTMAS DISPLAYS going up in the SAME STORES!!! Here we are, not even to LABOR DAY yet and Halloween and CHRISTMAS DISPLAYS are already up in the stores. So "Halloween Season" is just over 2 months long, and "CHRISTMAS SEASON" is just under 4 months long. At this pace Valentine Cards will be on display in September, and EASTER BASKETS will appear in Stores in October!!!

I don't know about you, and granted I have come to realize that the town I grew up in is in sort of a "TIME WARP" where things change VERY SLOWLY. But I remember growing up that LABOR DAY, and "THE JERRY LEWIS" Telephon marked the LAST DAY of SUMMER VACATION. And it STILL does in my hometown. The 1st day of school was and is the Tuesday after LABOR DAY. Halloween didn't come into play until late mid-October. And a month Later was Thanksgiving. I have not seen any Thanksgiving Displays in the Stores. CHRISTMAS Season began the DAY AFTER THANKSGIVING. The OFFICIAL START to the CHRISTMAS SEASON was SANTA CLAUS at the end of the MACY'S THANKSGIVING DAY PARADE. Followed by a NFL FOOTBALL GAME usually a COWBOYS vs DETROIT matchup, where all the graphics at the time said, "HAPPY LEFTOVERS!!!". The city MALLS and STORES got ready and decorated for it during the THANKSGIVING break over the early closing on the Wednesday before THANKSGIVING and on THANKSGIVING. The workers in these Stores made good $$$ getting ready for the BIGGEST SHOPPING DAY of the YEAR, the DAY AFTER THANKSGIVING. BUT NOW, the CHRISTMAS SEASON begins in late AUGUST!!! This commercialization for a cheap $$$ is making me sick. WAS it not HARD ENOUGH as you were growing up to anticipate CHRISTMAS when it started in late NOVEMBER??? Instead of Late August. In my case I believe it is starting to backfire. I am not a kid anymore, I don't need GIFTS for Christmas, and I will probably spend less on them this time. I prefer to mark the Day/Occaision this Day was named. Not a SUPER BITHDAY PARTY for me, but recognition of WHO this Day was celebrated for. In my case a simple get together with my family and friends and having a nice TURKEY for dinner is enough. I'll observe the RELIGIOUS HOLIDAY for what it truly is, and it is not who gets, or recieves the most gifts, but something much more important.


Well it is near the start of the new school year. What is the Topic? Appropriate Dress Codes in Schools. When I was growing up a bare belly outside of Gym Class was grounds for suspension. Today it is "NO HIP BONES" showing in regular class dress, no ass cracks, or Pubic Hair showing. MY God how Morality and Ethics have sunk since I graduated 20 yrs ago. It is getting to a point where if a girl wear's an inappropriate T-Shirt that says something like LEGALIZE POT, or whatever. If she is wearing a SPORT BRA she could just rip off her shirt and be in compliance with the school's dress code. Do you see a problem HERE??? Take a Look at this STORY. HERE!!!

AND!!! With this kind of Immorality going on with the children, should you be SURPRISED about this STORY? HERE!!! This Kind of Story makes ALL GUYS CRINGE, and make us DAMN Glad we are NOT the BOYFRIEND. Question IS: would this have happened 10 yrs ago? MAYBE. 20 yrs AGO, doubtful. 30 Years Ago, NEVER!!!

See you tommorrow!!! I may post some new photos from my vacation.

The Political Quote of the Day for 08/28/01:


Politics makes strange bedfellows.

Charles Dudley Warner


Well it's been rather warm here here the past few days, actually hit 114 on Sunday, humidity was only 4% however. Starting on a cooling trend now, only supposed to hit 108 today. Well yesterday I had to get Emmision Testing done on my car, (Every 2 yrs) to renew my car Registration since it expires at the end of the month. Well that was a nightmare. An 1 1/2 hr wait in line and you are supposed to keep the A/C off! Yeah right. I don't give a damn about these silly rules. Here in AZ if it is 110, and you are in your car,,,YOU RUN THE A/C!!! If my 1996 Pontiac Grand Am with over 113,000 miles on it can't pass the stupid test using the A/C, then the DEALER will fix it. I can be very persuasive. Well my car passed with flying colors, if you lip-locked onto my car's tailpipe, the worst you would get is burned lips.... Rereading this past sentance seems very graphic...Ha Ha!!! I leave it the way it is anyway. So then I had to got to the Licensing and Registration building to get my new tags, $125. Here in AZ the cost of the Registration Tags is a % of the car's worth. At least it isn't over $500 like it was when I first got the car. With any luck at all, next year it will be under $100. You see here in AZ. If you buy a new vehical, your Tags can cost $500 and UP!!! If you buy an old clunker, it can pollute MORE and the cost could be as little as $15. This is an ASSBACKWARDS policy. The OLDER Higher Polluting Cars should have to pay more than the newer, cleaner burning cars.

Oh the LIBERALS say, you can't PUNISH the poor for not being able to afford a more expensive car because of Air Pollution Standards. This is a bunch of HOGWASH! I'll tell you how this works. Basically NO MATTER how bad the car pollutes, a Shop can "tweak" the engine, etc. to pass. And wehen it does the owner takes the car back to the shop and has it "tweaked" back to where it runs right, but SMOKES. If the car is so bad the shop can't get it to pass, after spending a certain amount of $ for repairs, and there are shops that will document the $ even if nothing was done, for a bit of $. Then the owner if low income can be partially reimbursed for the repairs, and if it still fails the test can get a WAIVER. It is a 1 time WAIVER. But basically you can legally drive this high polluting vehical for another 2 years.

Well the low income people know how to play this game. They search out CHEAP cars for $500 or less, but the car doesn't need Emmision Testing for a year and a 1/2 or more. When it comes time, and the car by then is worth even less than $500, they sell it to a junkyard for $100 to $200 for parts and salvage. This means this car has been polluting at levels 20X or more than new vehicals, while paying virtually no Registration, when a new car at minimum is $500, and could get into the 2 and 3 Thousand dollar area. It would make much more sense if the law made it cost effective for the low income to get a $1,500 - $2,000 car that is in good running condition and pollutes a lot less. But who am I to say? I just have a website, it's not like I'm a State Legislator in AZ.... HA HA HA!!!! I just gave myself a compliment!

Do you remember the "mom" who DROWNED her 5 children in a bathtub because of post-partum depression? Well this story says "ACCUSED OF DROWNING HER 5 CHILDREN". SHE ADMITTED IT!!!! Well now groups such as NOW (National Oranization of Women) and the ACLU, etc. are coming to her defense. WHY???? I don't know!!! Maybe she did us a favor by removing her genes from the human gene-pool before her offspring, under her motherhood skills, could procreate. After all how normal would be these kids be? Being raised by a maternal serial killer? It takes a colder heart than a Witch's tit to tkae your own children ONE BY ONE and drown them in the Bathtub while the children looked back at her wondering WHY their "mom" was killing them. Now also remember SHE HAD TO CHASE DOWN her oldest child and drag him back to drown him!!! But now that her children are DEAD and ROTTING in their Graves, WE are supposed to FEEL SORRY for this Murderous BITCH??? What could be the "HEART TUGGER"??? How about: She has lost ALL HER CHILDREN!!! Give me strength! I think she should DIE the way she killed her own Children. Give her a 30 second head start, chase her down, drag her by the hair kicking and screaming, and drown her in a bathtub. Her last visual sight being the pictures of her own innocent children SHE DROWNED. See the STORY about This HERE!!!

The article states it wants to end the perpetuation of PAIN. Well if the "mom" dies, she can't have any more children, and therefore can't kill them. And these whacko bozo groups are going to have a CANDLELIGHT VIGIL for this murderous "mom". GEE,,,, isn't that sweet....Too bad these groups never gave a CANDLELIGHT VIGIL for the CHILDREN SHE MURDERED!!! What was that LIBERAL CRY???? Oh Yeah,,, It's For The CHILDREN....!!!! Yep, Right! Want to by some Ocean Front property in Phoenix?

Well I hope you enjoyed or at least thought about my 1st real return to commentary since my vacation. As always, I try to be blunt and to the point on some of the BS that is in the news. I hope I didn't disappoint.

And last but not least, here is another Photo from my vacation. This Photo was taken very shortly after I and my best friend arrived at his parent's house. They have a fully functional basement, it only lacks a shower and a kitchen which just happens to be right up the stairs. This Photo was taken just after we got there on Aug. 11 at about 2:30AM NY Time. I felt at home with the CIVIL WAR ERA GUNS and SWORDS that his dad and grandads had collected. Now I have to admit, this furnished basement accomadations was larger than my current APT. It is a 2 bedroom, living room, dining area, and reading room. with a JOHN and the laundry facililties there also. We also had a TV, and cable, and a stereo. Plus a wet bar.


Well.... I had a nice big update ready to go, and my PC froze. So this is going to be a quick post PC Shutdown Update. Sorry no pictures, and no News Updates other than Reunion type stuff.

Well as most of you know, I left my hometown in Northern NY 17 yrs ago, graduated from High School 20 yrs ago, hence my 1st trip back for my 20th Reunion.

This is what struck me most. Temperatures in the mid 70's to low 80's is VERY HOT. But to me living in the Phoenix Metro Area was CHILLY. I only wore shorts the 1st day I was back when it got to a chilly 85 degrees. Granted the humidity was between 70% and 100% the whole time I was there, it doesn't come close to the climate I am now used to. Yesterday we got to 114 with 7% humidity, about the same today, maybe a degree or 2 cooler. Now this is shorts weather! I am still complaining less about the heat than people in my old hometown. But I have to admit that -40 degrees in the winter would probably kill me as quickly as 110 would kill most of my hometown's residents. After all I put on my old winter coat when it gets below 50 here, the same coat that I used when it was -40 in my hometown.

Even though the last time I saw my hometown was 17 yrs ago when I was 21, it is amazing on how I remembered everything being so much larger than they really are. And this also relates to former classmates. But I want all of you, if you have a Class Reunion coming up to read these articles. I had a BLAST at my Reunion, the party lasted 12 hrs. EVERYONE had fun. It was amazing to me on overall how little was based on the lifestyle and accomplishments each individual has done since High School. Basically for this Reunion it was seeing the classmates with whom we toiled the same homework, had the same party spots, and basically grew up together for 6 or 13 years. These formative years and fellow classmates you remember much more than co-workers in the workplace after 15 or so years after Graduation. I believe there is no deeply held memory or recognition then your fellow classmates you grew up with in the 1st 17 or 18 yrs of your life.

When you Graduate from High School, it is an individual achievement. But it is also, and more importantly an achievement for the entire Class. Because after Graduation, that joyous day, there are MANY members of your Class you may NEVER see again, and no matter how little you interacted with them during your school yrs., you do have memories, and there is a bonding between classmates, whether they were friends, enemies, or in cliques. This all goes away after 20 yrs. Where there were fights, resentment, competition, between classmates 20 yrs ago. None of that existed at the Reunion. The Jocks were no longer jocks, the nerds were no longer nerds, the Pretty people no longer cared on how you looked. Everyone was just happy to see everyone once again.

Oh the things my Class did, too numerous to state. But if we did today what we did back then, nearly all of us would be serving prison or probation time.

Now here are the NEWS Stories about REUNIONS.


And Here!!!


The Political Quote of the Day for 08/24/01:


It's hard to play a guy who rattles his medals while you're putting.

Bob Hope, on playing golf with Eisenhower.

08/24/01 LATE NIGHT

Well yesterday I posted my biggest disappointment. Today I am posting the strangest thing that has changed since I left my hometown. My whole life I always saw when I was growing up, bales of HAY being cut and bailed and then loaded into the HAY LOFT in the barns. Yes there were many barn fires related to spontaneous combustion of the HAY in the summer.

Well apparently things have changed, and I saw these across Northern NY.

What did I see? Well I descibe it as 4 foot tall wrapped in SHRINK WRAP, going for hundreds of feet, like REALLY LONG Sausages. IT is SHRINK WRAPPED HAY!!!. The damndest thing I ever have seen.

What was told to me is that this started about 10 yrs ago, and really took off about 5 years ago. The Farmers save big BUCKS on Insurance Premiums by leaving the HAY outside, therefore can't start fires in the barn. Still really weird for me. These things can be many times are longer than a football field, and there are most times 5 to 10 of them on any given Farm. SHRINK WRAPPED HAY...Blows my mind!!! These are literally wrapped like a Hot Dog Package you would buy in a Supermarket. Here are a couple of pictures of them and also captures on how they "Get Wrapped".

The Political Quote of the Day for 08/23/01:


Save out trees. Stop printing tax forms.

Robert Obren


Well I still want to tell you more about my vacation back to Northern NY for the 1st time in 17 yrs. Well I'll tell you about my biggest disappointment today. That is the house I grew up in. I had planned to be able to take a walk-thru of my old house. But it was so run down, the garage my dad ran his business in was also run down. It looked like a decaying slum. I decided to keep the memories I have and not pollute them with the shabby upkeep of the property since I left. I literally believe I am the last one to mow the backyard, and paint the garage.

How the village allows this overgrown backyard with weeds literally as tall as I am to exist in the middle of town is beyond me. This backyard was big to me and my friends growing up, we played many football and baseball games while we were in elementary school. Also the 3 big butternut trees, and the 2 big black walnut trees are gone. This was trully the biggest letdown of my vacation.

Now remember this was my old home growing up and was kept in very good condition. Here is what my old house looks like today.

And here is the garage.

And here is my old backyard, which used to be a great lawn, now an eyesore.

The Political Quote of the Day for 08/22/01:


I relate to both parties. I can eat like an elephant and act like a jackass.

Rich Little


Sorry there is no update today. I've been busy downloading and editing pictures from my digital camera from my vacation to family, friends, and classmates.

I have made another dent in my backlogged Email, now down to about 100 to go thru yet.

I will leave you with this though, a photo from my 20 yr H.S. ReUnion last Saturday night, what a Party, started at 6PM and ended at 6AM. Of coarse I gravitate to the good looking women.

The Political Quote of the Day will return tommorrow.


Well I am back HOME! LATE, because of a snafu at Syracuse and Baltimore requiring a stay at a hotel. Instead of getting home at 10:35PM on 08/20/01 I finally got HOME on 08/21/01 1PM, only 15 hrs late. A 24HR trip back here, oh well!

First I will tell you this, It was great going back to visit, but I couldn't move back. I have lived in the big Metro Area of Phoenix, AZ for the past 17 YRS. I can't go back to a Rural Lifestyle. Plus it is EXPENSIVE there, Cigarretes cost $5.30 a pack, while here in AZ I can get the same thing for $2.30 a pack. GAS there is $1.40 a gallon, here it is $1.17.

The place I stayed at, my best friend's house, his parents are 70 yrs. old. And still live by the 3 meals a day, Breakfast, Lunch, and Dinner. I am used to eating once a day. I have literally packed on 10lbs in 10 days. Diet time for me.

So for NEWS??? BEATS the HELL out of me what has been going on in the past week and 1/2!!!

Amazing!!! My Email Box didn't Overflow, came close, but didn't shut down. I have deleted about 400 emails that were insignificant, still have more to delete. But I ended up with just over 900 emails since I left. I have stories to tell, but it will have to wait, probably will take me awhile to post everything and get back into the swing of my Commentary. I had a great Time though, I will fill you in on the highlights and post photos. I took nearly 400 pictures, only a certain few will be posted.

But here is one Photo, this is not my Hometown's Post Office. But one of a small Town about 10 or 15 miles away.

The Political Quote of the Day for 08/10/01:


An honest politician is one who, when he is bought, will stay bought.

Simon Cameron


Well I had hoped to be done getting ready for my vacation earlier, and I'd have more energy now. Ain't going to happen, I am going to take a nap, then fly away on vacation.

SEE YOU on 08/21/01.

The Political Quote of the Day for 08/09/01:


I've said many a time that I think the Un-American Activities Committee in the House of Representatives was the most un-American thing in America.

Harry Truman


I am OFFICIALLY on VACATION!!! WOO WHOOO!!!! I leave for NY tomorrow, a 6 hr trip by Air. I have all the loose ends taken care of, Bills, Mail, UNSOLICITED crap on my door, and someone looking after my car, Laundry is done. All I have to do later tonight while Listening to ART BELL and Richard C. Hoagland is to pack my clothes etc. into my ny suitcases and carry-on Luggage. I will do ONE last posting later, EARLY AM of 08/10/01. Then the Website will most likely not be updated until 08/21/01. BUT! there is a possibilty I may get an update or 2 in during this time. I don't know yet and will not know until I get there.

One thing I am going to do on the Website before I leave and post my last post from AZ before I fly off to Northern NY is: I am going to disable my GUESTBOOK until I return. Why? Because there is a certain IDIOT ASSHOLE who is now in California and screwing up that State, that has been giving totally BULL SHIT postings on the GUESTBOOK, since I Temporarily Disabled the BBS. I will not allow him the opportunity to post while I am gone from editing this site when I will not be able to DELETE his IDIOTIC LIES. He is a CANCER, and he is now in California. And he is an IDIOT! People like him caused the Power troubles in California. That is why he is also on the DO NOT REHIRE LIST at THE SECRET LAB.

Gee, So Sorry, So Sad, nobody around here ever wants to see your face again at work.


The Political Quote of the Day for 08/08/01:


The Most valuable of all talents is that of never using two words when one will do.

Thomas Jefferson


Don't worry, drive to the Airport Friday AM is secured for my Vacation. I may use my WORK Contacts for a ride HOME when I return though.

LET'S do some NEWS!!!

Hmmm, the end of the WAR against IRAQ 10 yrs ago was a "CEASE-FIRE AGREEMENT". Which stipulated the TERMS, including NO FLY ZONES, ETC. Now Saddam is threatening US and he is BREAKING the AGREEMENT. By INTERNATIONAL LAW we can RESUME the WAR!!! WAR is total violence. But Saddam is counting on the LIBERALS to say,,,, "They have suffered for so long....". I respond that Saddam has done EVERYTHING in the past DECADE to circumvent the terms of the "CEASE-FIRE". The WAR should RESUME against IRAQ, and Saddam and his FAMILY should be TARGETED to finish this ONCE AND FOR ALL!!! See the STORY HERE!!!

Now this Story is for ALL YOU TOUCHY FEELY LIBERALS who think this COUNTRY should be Open to all CULTURES, because of your SCREWED UP BELIEF that we should not judge any Culture. Well for your knowledge to PEOPLE with a brain, and my FEEBLE ATTEMPT to EDUCATE the IDIOTS and LIBERALS, see this STORY, "HONOR KILLING". HERE!!!

The Political Quote of the Day for 08/07/01:


I think you would have to agree Mr. Secretary, that this is a great wall.

Richard Nixon, said to Secretary of State William Rogers about the Great Wall of China.


This is just an aggravation, but my and my best Friend Ride to the Airport this Friday, by his older brother who also lives here. Was a sealed deal. I have known both for over 25 years and this doesn't surprise me. When this agreement was made between the 2 brothers, He agreed to drive us to the Airport, a mere 10 miles away. And the deal was worked out 2 months ago. The brother was anticipating moving into his new house while we were gone and wanted to borrow the pick-up truck to move. WELL,,,, the House purchase Closed Early, and he moved in last week. The truck he needed to borrow has already been borrowed and returned. Now all of a sudden, "NOPE can't take you to the AIRPORT on Friday". Well I have made other arrangements for work to transport us, if we can't get a friend of ours to make the time if feasable at the last minute. He's a Sherriff Deputy, so I will see what Sherriff Joe the TOUGHEST Sherriff in America has to say about this. (Yes I know I can't spell "SHERRIFF") If it is NO, then I will use my workplace resource. 15 yrs does buy some perks. Yes my best friend's brother is an ASSHOLE and has always been so since I've known him. Side Note: "Rich, you know what I mean....Heh, Heh!!!" See you next week! Remember DINNER this Saturday, Hope the wife can come too. Whatever happens, this website will be inactive between 08/10/01 and 08/20/01

Now can I pose a Question? Suppose you worked for a place for a year or so and left on good terms. Then you get ReHired in a high position with good Pay. Because of some difficulties, you put in a 2 week notice, 4 months after being ReHired, because you claim a NEW Position offers you a better Job Opportunity. I DON'T BELIEVE IT. Especially since you are still learning the job here that takes 6 months to a year to learn, and the CLAIM that you will be the BOSS in this new job is scary to me. But one thing is FOR SURE. He will NEVER work in "THE SECRET LAB AGAIN". And I advise, be skeptical of ANY LAB Results from a Drs. Office or Clinic. As they are Basically UNREGULATED by any Gov't Agency. Plus I see it as Morally and Ethically Wrong to accept a position like he did, only to leave 4 months later. That is one SURE way to get on the "DO NOT REHIRE LIST".

Too Bad, SO SAD, Don't let the door kick you in the ASS!!! I was perfectly willing to make him a good LEAD TECH. Not anymore, when I come back from my vacation he will already be gone. OVERALL, no great loss. But a huge waste of time and $$$.

Well, I have to give you at least ONE NEWS STORY.

So how about this CLAIM??? THE UNIONS SPENT $$$0 on political contributions....That's what they claim on their TAXES. Talk about BS to High Heaven, the UNIONS didn't spend ANY $$$ on politics. Their reasoning is as valid as bringing a shit covered pig to dine in a restaurant and Spraying him with RIGHT GUARD, and hope nobody notices. See the STORY HERE!!!

The Political Quote of the Day for 08/06/01:


Democracy may not prove in the long run to be as afficient as other forms of government, but it has one saving grace: it allows us to know and say that it isn't.



Well Gas Prices are down to $1.21.9 per Gallon here in "THE VALLEY OF THE SUN". Probably will near $1.15 or $1.17 before I leave for vacation on Friday. Then I will see what the price is in Northern NY State. I will tell you what I find out.

I have been checking the weather closely there the past couple of weeks. What I was able to find out is that their High Temp is a few degrees cooler than our nightly Lows with about the same Humididty, since here in the SouthWest we are in the Monsoon. Which means I better pack a couple of sweaters or sweatshirts, and our jet-skiing may very well be in CHILLY water for me.

So what is going on? Actually not much, but there are some important Birthdays and Anniverseries. HAPPY B-DAY to the IBM-PC now 20 years old!!! See the STORY HERE!!! And what is happeneing NOW??? The State Governors want to TAX the INTERNET!!! See the STORY HERE!!!

Let's stay on the same theme for now. Guess what is 50 years old, or older? THE CREDIT CARD. This story discusses the beginnings of the credit card, and lists some stats for Today's Card Holders. According to this story, I am NOT NORMAL. I ONLY have 3 Credit Cards, with a total outstanding balance of $0. See the STORY HERE!!!

Now for another BIRTHDAY, THE THONG is 20 years Old!!! See the STORY HERE!!!

But if you are not into THONGS, you can always bid on this "Celebity Item". See the STORY HERE!!!

Now here is a STORY of NOTE. The LIBERAL FEMINISTS are divided over the CONDIT SCANDAL. However from this STORY it appears that the faction of FEMINISTS who care MORE about his VIEWS than his ACTIONS are in the Majority. This is the CLASSIC "Do as I SAY, NOT as I Do" defense, or "LOGIC". The Same FEMINISTS had the same response to the CLINTON - LEWINSKI ordeal. Where they rationalized that because CLINTON supported their cause and movement, NO MATTER what he did in his personal life that was against their views, didn't matter. IT WAS A PRIVATE MATTER to be resolved with his Wife. And the Deal was sealed when Hillary and Janet Reno became lovers. The LIBERALS LOVE an "OPEN MARRIAGE" with no "COMMITMENTS". And since Janet Reno can grow a thicker mustache in 1 day than Bill Clinton in a week, how will Chelsea react to the fact that Janet Reno is her REAL FATHER? See the STORY HERE!!!

MULTI-TASKING, well,,,,if you can't rub your head and pat your stomach at the same time, there is NO WAY you will work for me, this STORY is so full of BS. See the STORY HERE!!!

Now to end today's posting, 56 years ago there was a BIG BOOM!!! over HIROSHIMA. Do I think it was WRONG???? NOPE!!! NADA!!!. IT SAVED THOUSANDS of AMERICAN LIVES who would have died during the planned INVASION of JAPAN. If you feel I am so WRONG about this, send me an EMAIL, I will print it out, and NUKE it in my MICROWAVE until it catches FIRE!!! If you want SPARKS with that, I can add a small piece of Tin Foil for Optical Effects. Don't worry I can provide the SMOKE!!! See the STORY HERE!!!

4 Days to go before my Vacation back to my Hometown.....