Only 3 months to Christmas, heads up you early shoppers!!!

What a pitiful performance by my AZ. Cardinals against the Green Bay Cheeseheads yesterday. Oh well, at least the 15 or so people, most rooting for the Cheese, at our tailgate party before the Game had fun. We had SO much food we could have opened a Concession Stand in the parking lot. We could have made a "killing", profit-wise. I did do well in the "Secret Lab Football Pool" this week, 10-3 right now. If Indianoplis wins tonight, I will move into a tie for 3rd, in the $$$. I oughta know, I run the Pool.

Well yesterday, before going to the tailgate party, I was able to watch "MEET THE PRESS". The Host, Tim Russert, sliced, diced, and served, Secretary of Energy Bill Richardson his lunch. Russert got Richardson to admit that the USA uses 20 million barrels of OIL everyday. The 30 million barrels of OIL released by OUR Strategic Reserve, would last 36 hours. I guess GLOBAL WARMING is for REAL. Winter that used to be about 4 months in duration, now lasts a day and 1/2. And that's if you think a barrel of OIL can be used to make HEATING OIL only, (It can't). Plus Russert said to Richardson that the OIL COMPANIES say they are running at Capacity in refining OIL. Richardson that was NOT TRUE!!! The Refineries are ONLY running at 96%. Well folks, this IS FULL CAPACITY!!! There are needed DOWN times for repair, replacement of worn components, and weekly, monthly, quaterly, semi-annual, and annual maintenence that needs to be done. Think of it this way: Your car, to be used at 100% would have to be FLOORED 24 hrs a day, no oil changes, no tire changes, no stopping to be refueled.

I look at it this way. The Northeast is getting what it deserves by electing Environmentalist Whacko's. Who have virtually BANNED new refineries from being built, and drilling for oil to supply the demand. I say let them be COLD during the 36 hour WINTER. I suppose they should be GLAD about GLOBAL WARMING, if there is REALLY such a thing.

Hmmm... Do we have a brewing GORE-GATE??? If there is not a GORE Campaign "MOLE" in GW Bush's Campaign, then why is the GORE Campaign Staffer SUSPENDED because he vocalized the fact they have a "mole" in Bush's Campaign???? See the STORY HERE!!!

Tipper Gore, AL GORE'S WIFE does not care if he wins the election. Uh Huh, like she expects me to believe that! See the STORY HERE!!!

Here is an article that points out Political Correctness running amok. See the STORY HERE!!!

Piercings, Body "Ornaments" in the work place. Sure some get hired into jobs, by hiding, or minimizing "Body Mutilations". But I must tell you younger workers, wanting to move up. I had a hard enough time moving up myself, because of my strong opinions. I have zero piercings, tattoos, etc. But if you want to move up in a company, remember this: The Company will ALWAYS choose someone who looks Professional, over a purple hair, nose ring, pierced tongue New Ager. Remember it is still your parents, and grandparents who have the corporate and political power that decides who gets these jobs. It is not always the best qualified, in fact it is rarely so. These sorts of individualistic expressions will more often than not, hold you back. And I thought I had it rough by standing by my opinions and views. See this STORY HERE!!!

File Full, New page tommorrow!


Yes an Event has warranted a brief update this EARLY SATURDAY AM. An update to Friday's posting on the BOY SCOUTS, Tempe, AZ. and The United Way. You can read my commentary about this in the posting below. But today there is some interesting NEWS on this subject. It appears that donations to the United Way from Tempe, AZ residents will go DRASTICALLY DOWN if the City Gov't does impose a policy of ZERO $$$ to the BOY SCOUTS because of their policies, which were upheld in the US SUPREME COURT. As you know I don't give my $$$ to the United Way, (See yesterdays posting). But I do like the outrage by the citizens of TEMPE against this policy by the City Gov't. See the STORY HERE!!!

Also I have added a new website to my "COOL WEBSITES" Link on the opening page.


AH!! Finally the WEEKEND!!! Plus I have the Big Football Game to go to on Sunday, My Cardinals vs the Green Bay Packers Cheeseheads. Unfortunately it appears that the Temperature at Game time will be rather mild, only low to mid 90's expected. Bummer!!! if it was 100 or more than we would have Home Field advantage mentally and physically. Anyways, a lot of co-workers from "The Secret Lab" and former co-workers will be at the Game, and a large # of us will be "tailgating" together before the Game. It will be fun.

In case you didn't know what people were doing for the falsly advertised NEW MILLENNIUM Celebration on 01/01/00, here is a story. Too Bad they have to do it all over again for the REAL Change of the Millennia. See the STORY HERE!!!

I know this will sound like a rehashed warning, but: Parents, before you allow your child to an overnight stay with a friend, for a "Slumber Party", or something like that, at least get to know the other Parents a LITTLE. Something worse than even this STORY could happen. See the STORY HERE!!!

Remember my postings from a month or so ago about the AZ Softball Team that went to the Playoffs and had teams from here and other Countries refusing to play them because they had "BOYS" on the team, because the town didn't have enough players for either a "BOYS" Team, or a "GIRLS" Team? But they could field ONE co-ed Team? Which is, and, was, LEGAL??? My QUESTION IS: How come when a GIRL tries out for a "BOYS" SPORT, like FOOTBALL, WRESTLING, ETC. It is Celebrated in the PRESS and by WOMEN'S Groups. But when a small town, because of a lack of participation and population, a BOY or BOYS make the TEAM, LEGALLY. There is this OUTRAGE by other TEAMS, and the WOMEN'S Groups? There are 2 STORIES for this. 1st STORY HERE!!! 2nd STORY HERE!!!

TEMPE, AZ. Home of ARIZONA STATE UNIVERSITY (ASU) and the ARIZONA CARDINALS, and where I work, has told the UNITED WAY to NOT GIVE ANY $$$ to the BOY SCOUTS. WHY? Because the City of TEMPE doesn't want contributions to Organizations that Discriminate. The BOY SCOUTS must let GAY SCOUTMASTERS IN!!! Even though the SUPREME COURT said they didn't have to. Question to PARENTS: Would you alow your son to join a BOY SCOUT TROOP that has as it's SCOUT MASTER, an openly GAY, or a member of a MAN / BOY "love" association??? If this city is serious about this sort of DISCRIMINATION then they should also ban $$$ from the UNITED WAY to CHURCHES. The UNITED WAY has given $$$ to CATHOLIC CHURCHS, JEWISH Places of Worship, and to MOSLEM places of Worship, and to Protestant Places of Worship. Do you think these might be discriminatory to others who don't agree with them? If you CUT OFF FUNDING to 1 Private wholesome Organization, you have to cut it OFF for every PRIVATE ORGANIZATION. Because an ORGANIZATION, by it's VERY nature, IS DISCRIMINATORY one way or another.

By the way, I DO NOT SUPPORT THE "UNITED WAY", even though my work tries to make me, or at least they used to. About 14 yrs ago, my work (The SECRET LAB) made all of us attend a presentation by "UNITED WAY". We wewre located in Scottsdale, AZ. at that time. Scottsdale is the RICH part of the PHOENIX area. At the time I was making $6 per hour. The "UNITED WAY" people were trying to scam us to give $$$ so the Scottsdale BOYS CLUB could get NEW FOOTBALL UNIFORMS because theirs were 2 yrs old. I VOWED at that moment NOT TO GIVE A DAMN DIME to this so called Charity for the rest of my LIFE. And I have LIVED up to it. I will give MY $$$ to ORGANIZATIONS and my CHURCH that fulfill what I want my $$$ to do.

I know I rambled on, so here, finally is the STORY HERE!!!

If NEWS or EVENTS Warrant, and if I have available time, I will give another WEEKEND EDITION. Otherwise, I will wave at you all from the Cards vs Packers Football Game on Sunday. I will be the drinking politically incorrect Cardinals Fan near the 50 yrd camera. I am in a friendly Section though, most in my Section Share my views, and I don't think there will be ANY CHEESEHEADS within 20 yrds of me. And if you look at yesterday's update, you know that the CHEESEHEADS wear GRADE B SWISS CHEESE hats, by FEDERAL REGULATION.

LATE SUNDAY NIGHT or EARLY MONDAY MORNING, the STATS of the "SECRET LAB" Football Pool will be updated on this website.



Today is the LAST FULL DAY of SUMMER!!! WOO HOO!!! Today is also been projected as being the last 100 degree Day here in Phoenix, AZ. For this year.

I bet you won't be surprised with this NEWS: AL GORE LIES AGAIN!!! Unless his "MOMMA" sang to him in a crib when he was 27 yrs. old..... And Tipper didn't mind... Either AL GORE is a compulsive LIAR in public statements on the campaign, and in OFFICE. Or actually had his MOMMY sing him to sleep when he was already MARRIED to Tipper, and in his late twenties. I wonder when AL GORE finally stopped wetting the bed. Whatever the case, DO YOU WANT THIS GUY AS PRESIDENT??? See the STORY HERE!!!

Will ELTON JOHN leave the USA if BUSH is elected? Echo's of Alec Baldwin here. Will ELTON JOHN forsake "The YELLOW BRICK ROAD" of low Taxes in the USA compared to ENGLAND, or Australia???. Well ELTON, I can say for myself, "I Will Let The Sun Come Done On You". Kiss OFF you WHACOVIST... Let me rephrase that......You all KNOW what I MEAN!!! See the STORY HERE!!!

Now here is MORE EVIDENCE that a "ZERO TOLERANCE POLICY" in Schools only serves ADMINISTRATORS of SCHOOLS to be able to claim RULES dictate their ability to ADMINISTER. Real EASY to hold a job with a BIG PAYCHECK if all you have to do is make judgements based on the LETTER of the RULES that forbid COMMON SENSE, no LEEWAY ALLOWED. I accuse ADMINISTERS of SCHOOLS of dereliction of DUTY, of WILLFULLY giving up their POWER of JUDGEMENT to AVOID trouble with decisions they would make in the peformance of their job as ADMINISTRATOR. See the STORY HERE!!!

What in the WORLD are you people in Pittsburgh THINKING???? A "BOY GEORGE DAY"???? Think about this.... "DO I REALLY WANT TO HURT YOU...". Good Grief... See the STORY HERE!!!

Now this story is funny. This guy "BROKE A LOT OF BREAD", But he isn't JESUS. This guy just puts the CHARMIN SQUEEZERS (Toilet Paper Commercial) to SHAME!!! See the STORY HERE!!!

CHILD MOLESTER DIES!!! Does it REALLY MAtter if it was an ACCIDENT or a SUICIDE???? Seems to me he Saved us a lot of TAX $$$, of course this act may haved Saved his Butt, so to speak..... See the STORY HERE!!!

See you Tommorrow!!!



OK, trying to stay on a Football Theme for my opening story this week. And this one involves the FEDERAL GOV'T. More EVIDENCE of OUR Tax $$$ being WASTED. Did you know that there are FEDERAL REGULATIONS on the size the "HOLES" can be in SWISS CHEESE??? "GRADE A" SWISS CHEESE has to have "HOLES" of a certain size. I mention this because the GREEN BAY PACKERS play my AZ CARDINALS here this coming Sunday. From my own investigative observations of the "Headware" of "CHEESEHEADS", it looks to me they are NOT "GRADE A" "CHEESEHEADS". My MAIN QUESTION IS: What the HELL is the FEDERAL GOV'T doing regulating the Size of "HOLES" in SWISS CHEESE???? Seems to me someone in the Federal Gov't "cut the cheese" to get this passed as a Regulation in the first place. See the STORY HERE!!!

DARN IT!!! Alec Baldwin says he WON'T leave the COUNTRY if Bush is elected. He Blames Matt Drudge for the STORY, even though it was on the AP PRESS first. Maybe it's the fact no other COUNTRY has offered to take him in, or maybe because a lot of people were switching their vote to BUSH so he would leave. See the STORY HERE!!!

HEY GALS!!! POP a PILL and increase your bust size!!! I bet it doesn't work. But if it does, and read the story after this, I was born TOO SOON!!! See the STORY HERE!!!

I graduated from High School in 1981, the late '60's and early '70's bra burning protests were over, streaking was out of fashion too. If there were girls like this girl when I was 13 yrs old. It would have put a whole new meaning to PHYS ED for us guys. Wrestling.... I would have been "pinned" every time and would have Loved it in a Co-Ed Gym Class. See the STORY HERE!!!


"Secret Lab Football Pool". Well most of us stayed in the same spot after Sunday's Games as most picked Washington to beat South America's Team, the Dallas CrackBoys. I HATED seeing Dallas Win. And Washington's woes threaten my own position in the Pool, as I had picked the REDSKINS to win a lot of games. I guess no matter how much $$$ you spend, it doesn't guarentee wins on the field.

Remember the Story I posted this weekend? About one of Al Gore's lifelong fundraising buddies defecting to GW Bush? BECAUSE AL GORE LIES??? Scroll down to 09/17/00 if you missed it. Well I first heard this story yesterday, but didn't have an On-Line Article to refer to. But today I DO!!! The consumate LIAR, the so-called "INVENTER of the INTERNET", the subject of "LOVE STORY", the discoverer of "LOVE CANAL", HAS LIED AGAIN!!!!

Well, his (GORE'S) ADVISORS, call it the politically correct term. GORE FABRICATED the FACTS. Gore LIED about his MOTHER-IN-LAW, and his DOG to use SCARE TACTICS on SENIOR CITIZENS about DRUG PRESCRIPTIONS. I am shocked!!! Not that he used his MOTHER-IN-LAW in a LIE. But that he dragged his own DOG into this FABRICATION / LIE, to SCARE OLD PEOPLE. If I was the DOG, I would go after GORE'S THROAT, TEETH BARED, for dragging me into this LIE. I have no idea what his MOTHER-IN-LAW thinks. SEE THE STORY HERE!!!

Can you imagine this? A Housing Development is in hot water for providing TOO MANY PARKING SPACES. It does not force people to use MASS-TRANSIT. This is EXACTLY what GORE wants, he wrote it himself in his book, "EARTH IN THE BALANCE" where he writes in his own words that he supports high GAS PRICES, and the the COMBUSTION ENGINE is the GREATEST THREAT TO HUMANITY. See the STORY HERE!!!

Now this STORY, I hope my co-workers take a READ of it, while there are no such problems now, you never know when they might occur. This article is titled: "Annoying Co-Workers". See the STORY HERE!!!

Well I don't know, but it seems to me that kids picking on kids at school is a natural part of growing up, and founds the basis of Social Interaction. Kids will always make fun of the big fat kid, call him "2 Ton Tin Pants" or something like that. And in JR HIGH, when young girls start "blossoming" there will always be comments from the guys in the class. This meant that these "girls" always had a date every Saturday Night. How are we "ADULTS" going to LEGISLATE behaviour to pre-teens and early teens??? THEY are still LEARNING about LIFE and ADULT SOCIETY. You can't impose the same RULES and LAWS on Children as you can ADULTS who have learned at least some of LIFE's Lessons. See the STORY, (And yes it is from ARIZONA) HERE!!!


Well folks I have done well in this weeks "Secret LAB Football Pool", I went 11-2, and tonight's Game won't change the standings at the top 1/2. I Oughta know, I run the "Pool". I am almost in the $$$. Not a bad improvement from where I was last week.

Still on football: yesterday me and a couple of friends went to the local SMOKE FRIENDLY Sports Bar to watch the games on satalite. Towards the end of the NY JET vs Buffalo Game, a PETA person sat behind me. I never saw who it was. During the Jet Game my friends and I got into a friendly banter with the Buffalo Fans watching the Game. Must have been about 15 or so of us altogether. Most of us planned on at least watching the first 1/2 of the second game and had ordered FOOD. See the set-up here? Heh, Heh! This "whacko PETA person", sat behind me after we all had ordered our Food. The Main Entree'? MEAT!!! Burgers, Steak, and Chicken Wings. I didn't know this guy was sitting behind me when I said, "A PETA person" would have to be a whacko to come back here." A small voice behind me says, "I am a PETA person, and I think YOU are Whacko." A friend of mine warned the guy he was in the wrong place at the wrong time. I replied without turning around to confront this idiot, as I deemed him too stupid for even a mildly meaningful debate. I only said, "Let's bring it to a vote! All those in favor of eating MEAT, raise your hands." Well everyone in the area raised their hand. I mean COME ON!!!! FOOTBALL GAMES, 1/2 priced Wings, and the Sunday Special is a STEAK Sandwich. Well he left soon afterward, I never saw what he looked like. All I can tell you is that others there tell me he WAS NOT a Big BEEFY FELLOW....

This is EVIDENCE that a vegetarian diet is unhealthy and causes BRAIN DAMAGE. You can't Live a Healthy Life on SOY BURGERS and rabbit food. OH!!! You want some PROOF? OK, I can do that. See the STORY HERE!!!

NOW, if we teach COWS to do this, and be as unabtrusive as a pet dog, I may consider saving some COWS from my dinner plate. But I believe you cannot teach a COW these useful duties, SEEING EYE DOG, GUARD DOG, etc. That is why I am glad to be a member of the "OTHER" PETA. People Eating Tasty Animals. If an animal can be trained to get a BEER, that animal and their species deserves to be considered on the DO NOT EAT LIST. See the STORY HERE!!!

NOW here we go again with "FEEL GOOD" Legislation for the dis-abled. PHOENIX, AZ. now has on the agenda new housing codes. EVERY NEW Home built in Phoenix, will have to have WHEEL-CHAIR access. I agree with public places, government, and work places being DIS-ABLED friendly for access. BUT why the HELL should I have to make my HOME WHEEL-CHAIR accessible by LAW???? This is almost as STUPID as the Deaf People Association suing the MOVIE INDUSTRY because they can't Hear the MOVIE!!!! AND DEMAND CLOSED CAPTIONING for Every MOVIE PLAYED in EVERY THEATER. The REASONING? Well just because YOU don't have to be in a WHEEL-CHAIR, DOES NOT MEAN that a future buyer of your home doesn't have a WHEEL-Chair. And it would be unfair for them to have to make the "home" accessible to them. Where will this insanity STOP!!!!??? I guess next would be making the bathroom(s) in your home accessible to the handicapped, then there are the counter heights. Don't forget the danger Microwave Ovens put on pacemakers. Remember these will be LAWS you will have to follow in YOUR OWN HOME ON PRIVATE PROPERTY!!!. Take this warped Idea to it's obvious conclusion, all of us will have to buy Vans, with lifts for WHEEL-CHAIRS, because someone, when we sell it, will want to BUY it, and they are handicapped, AND ASSUME the vehicle is user friendly to the handicapped. Give me a DAMN BREAK!!! how many Handicapped people actually think a GEO METRO can be made useful to a person with severe physical disabilities???? Remember the Liberal Tatic, small gains, just keep pushing the agenda. Make it "Touchy-Feely" so most will think it is a good thing.

Well let me remind you this. 1st, make new homes Wheel-Chair accessible. Once that gains a foothold on PRIVATE PROPERTY OWNERS, then PHASE 2: IF you sell that property, ie. your HOME, it must first be brought up to the current building codes. Think I'm kidding? 20 years ago nobody thought SMOKING would be regulated the way it is now. Well for your viewing pleasure, see the STORY HERE!!!

The MAIN Problem with the Public School System. It is called "TENURE", can't FIRE useless teachers. It is a UNION JOB. No matter how BAD you are, you stay on the job. This is why Charter Schools, Private Schools, and Home Schooling turn out exceptionally able students. Can you name me ONE UNION JOB, or TEACHING JOB, that is more guarenteed than a UNION JOB or a TEACHER with TENURE? See the STORY HERE!!!

How about THIS??? Would YOU be willing to LEAVE this Country because someone got elected that you didn't like? Well this high profile person said he will. BECAUSE HE HAS HIGH MORALS. What a bunch of CRAP this guy is full of. He will leave the Country if Bush is elected. I assume that he is a GORE supporter. Which means he SUPPORTS the KILLING of the UNBORN. This is called ABORTION in everyday talk. And he supports the ending of the DEATH PENALTY. Which means our TAX $$$ pays for the convicted KILLERS and RAPISTS to live out their lives in a "CELL" with TV, 3 GUARENTEED MEALS a DAY, FREE HEALTH CARE. And access to a HEALTH CLUB. OK, sure they only have an hour per day to use these facilities, but they don't pay for them, they don't work for them, and they DON'T HAVE TO MAKE TIME FOR THEM!!! See the STORY HERE!!! So far NO COUNTRY has offered to take him in.

NOW THIS IS FUNNY!!!! Slick Willy's, Bill Clinton's surest way of avoiding the possibility of going to PRISON is if GW Bush is Elected. Remember what happened to Ford when he Pardoned Nixon, a Former President from his own Party. That's why he lost to Carter. If Al Gore is Elected, and Pardons Clinton, he guarentees his own defeat in the next Election. But if Bush is Elected, and Pardons Clinton, it will be viewed as a magnanimous jesture, showing the Republicans as good guys without personal vendettas. What a spot for Bill Clinton!!!! His LEGACY rides with GORE, his FREEDOM lies with BUSH. Because if AL GORE Pardons Clinton it will be more damaging to him then when Ford Pardoned Nixon. See the STORY HERE!!!

Later Today, The "Secret Lab Football Pool" Final Standings for WEEK #3 will be posted on my Opening Page.


The WEEKEND EDITION!!! As Promised!

To start with, I have some big NEWS on my favorite Radio Station, the Station that gave me the moniker, "SMOKER DAVE". I knew this a week earlier, before it became public. That KFYI 910AM was switching to 550AM. This will happen on 09/25/00. This spot on "the dial" will allow for better coverage of the central AZ area. There are also some lineup changes, and a new logo. You can see all this info HERE!!!

Wen Ho Lee.... now free. Who put him in solitary confinement? CLINTON. See the Story HERE!!! Now read the JUDGE's RULING,

Long time Al Gore Fundraiser defects to G.W. Bush, one of the reasons? Because AL GORE LIES!!! See the STORY HERE!!!

Earlier this week, a story about NOAH's Flood, today, ATLANTIS. See the STORY HERE!!!


Long Day at work, ended with a TRAINING CLASS. HO HUM!!!

Well since it is late, I will update this weekend, probably early Saturday, latest Sunday. I promise this time!!!

But for you updated pleasure, here are my lastest STATS on "WHERE'S GEORGE?" the MONEY tracking website that I joined in NOVEMBER 1999, for useless but entertaining trivial pursuits.

George says: 'We now have 417,071 users who have entered 5,576,978 bills, totalling $33,332,583 worth of U.S. currency!'

You have entered 2,206 Bills.

You have 240 bills with hits.

You have 263 total hits.

Your hit rate is 10.88%.

Your George Score is 835.

Your rank is #243.

(Rank is based on George Score)

These Numbers put me in the TOP 0.06%. Not bad for a sideline hobby that I spend at most 30 minutes a week on.

See you Later THIS WEEKEND!!! I promise.


Last Night was the FIRST DEBATE in the NYS Senate Race Between the "WORLD'S SMARTEST WOMAN" Mrs. Clinton, and relative unknown Congressman from NY, Rick Lazio. You won't see the accurate reporting in the Mainstream NEWS, in fact I found it difficult to find a neutral one on the Internet, but still favors Mrs. Clinton. But if you ACTUALLY watched the DEBATE, Rick Lazio made minced meat out of Mrs. Clinton, the so-called Smartest Woman in THE WORLD. On the Debate Tim Russert, the Moderator, asked Mrs. Clinton if she would Apologize to ALL the PEOPLE who believed HER HUSBAND did have SEX with Monica Lewinsky, when on "THE TODAY SHOW" she labeled everyone who believed it,,,, "PART OF A VAST RIGHT-WING CONSPIRACY AGAINST HER HUSBAND". Mrs. Clinton downplayed this as, "I didn't know the TRUTH at that TIME". Well I say, it's YOUR HUSBAND of 25 YEARS, Why didn't YOU KNOW the TRUTH, or at least suspect that it may be TRUE? INSTEAD YOU label EVERYONE who disagrees with you as part of a VAST CONSPIRACY. And Mrs. Clinton NEVER Apologized for the comment on "THE TODAY SHOW". SEE the STORY HERE!!! Mrs. Clinton then berated LAZIO about Newt Gingrich's policies. Lazio Responded, "You (Mrs. Clinton) should be the LAST to accuse someone of GUILT by ASSOCIATION!!!!" GOTTA LOVE IT!!!

TROUBLE FOR GORE. Gee, send us $100,000 and I'll make sure Bill (SLICK WILLY) Vetoes it. Sounds like a BRIBE to me. See the STORY HERE!!!

Now for all those familiar with the SOFT $$$$ Issue. You All Know Mrs. Clinton is raising $$$ for her Race in NY. With $$$ from HOLLYWOOD ETC. Well Guess What? She is also giving stays to CAMP DAVID and the WHITE HOUSE to LARGE DONORS. See the STORY HERE!!!

AIN'T this GREAT??? The LIBERAL DemocRATS are upset the RALPH NADER may BLEED AWAY Votes from AL GORE. Isn't that just TOO DAMN BAD!!! After All in the past 2 General Elections, Ross Perot Bled Away Votes from the Republicans, that Got CLINTON ELECTED, they didn't seem to mind THAT!!! See the STORY HERE!!!

And now here is this STORY, any of you who Supervise a group of People, know the LIABILITY WE personally take on in allegations of SEXUAL HARASSMENT on the JOB. Well here is What has happened under SLICK WILLY'S DIRECT SUPERVISION. It looks to me an obvious attempt of 1 set of RULES for US, and another Set of Rules for the POWERFUL LIBERALS. See the STORY HERE!!!


Let me ask YOU!!! Is 5 Pairs of underpants, or panties, every 2 years, sufficient for the "POPULACE"? Well MOSCOW thinks So!!! See the STORY HERE!!! I don't know about you, but I have to replace my "shorts" every 6 months because I wear them out. I, at work, I am on my FEET for 10 hrs!!! If I had an OFFICE JOB, they would last less than that.

NOW here is some sentiment about the GAS CRISIS in BRITAIN, I can't Blame Them!!! See the Story HERE!!! Mr. Blair is the Prime Minister of England.



First a correction to one item in yesterday's Posting. Al Gore's Book is Titled "EARTH IN THE BALANCE", and not "EARTH FIRST!". Didn't mean to get a Fact wrong about a DemocRAT. Do you see the INSIDOUS SUBLIMNAL MESSAGE in the preceeding sentance?

Well a kinda slow NEWS Day, I'll give you what I have.

Al Gore, the DemocRATic Presidential Nominee's flip flops on HOLLYWOOD. See the STORY HERE!!! AL GORE'S Memory Hole, have you fallen into it?

The NAVY is planning on eliminating URINALS from the FLEET. Evidence of the feminization of the Military? Or do URINALS really cause excessive corrosion? Or is it the MILITARY'S last ditch effort to keep the MILITARY, able for WAR? By bringing a NEW Controversy against women in the Armed Forces, you know,,,, the SEAT UP, SEAT DOWN, WAR between the SEXES. See the STORY HERE!!!

WHAT A MAN'S MAN, Bill Clinton is!!! Had to make his Lawyer tell his wife (HILLARY, the one who is running for Senate in NY), that he did have an AFFAIR with Monica Lewinsky. I do respect people who own up to their mistakes, and takes the consequences and responsibility like a MAN. That DOES NOT INCLUDE having your LAWYER tell your WIFE. And this is the kind of MAN this Country Elected TWICE to the PRESIDENTCY!!! See the STORY HERE!!!

Let's get Biblical. Recently, more often than not, the stories in the BIBLE turn out to be TRUE, even text from the OLD TESTAMENT. Well here is the latest discovery. Possible PROOF of NOAH'S FLOOD. See the STORY HERE!!!


Today is PRIMARY ELECTION DAY here in ARIZONA. Of coarse I voted.

Now to the big NEWS of the day. OPEC President said today that they may be able to up production 1 more time if the 800,000 Barrels per day isn't enough. But he also WARNED that an OIL CRISIS could very well be on the way. Have you seen the little bit of NEWS from FRANCE and ENGLAND of the MASSIVE PROTESTS on GAS and DIESEL PRICES? Their DEMANDS that the TAXES be reduced on OIL? France gave in partially, ENGLAND PRIME MINISTER BLAIR, said "HELL NO!!!". Just proving the fact that reducing TAXES even in a CRISIS that hurts the least powerfull the most, the Blue Collar Workers, etc. Is out of the Question when LIBERALS are in Charge. See the STORY HERE!!! Britain may even call out MILITARY FORCES to put down the PROTESTS!!!

Here in the USA, OPEC announces an increase in production, and what happens? Gas prices continue to go UP!!!! FACT: There is enough OIL in ALASKA to supply the USA 100% Independance from Imported OIL for at least 30 years. FACT: WHACKO ENVIRONMENTALISTS have BANNED exploration and Drilling in these uninhabited areas of ALASKA. FACT: AL GORE, in his Book "EARTH FIRST!" wishes the combustible engine, (It's what you have in your cars folks), to be BANNED.

AND this EXTREMIST is running for PRESIDENT!!! Think GAS is going to be cheaper under GORE? Think we will be Less dependant on imported OIL under GORE? NOT A CHANCE!!! US working people will starve for ENERGY, while OUR own Country's Resources could provide for it all. WE will be like the little old man or woman, who starves to death because of increased DOG FOOD PRICES, which is all they could afford to eat. But have $10,000 in the BANK they refuse to touch.

No, you won't see this Headline in the Mainstream Media, instead you will be bombarded with "RATS" in a BUSH AD. And you won't see the full story of this either!!! But you are smart enough to check with me on this. And yes I do have a link to a Story that has the FULL STORY of this. See the STORY HERE!!! And actually I think referring to BUREAUCRATS. Looks more like TRUTH in ADVERTISING on this. However if you SLOW DOWN the whole AD, you will see earlier a simular so-called SUBLIMNAL AD. It says, "WIT". Is this a message that Al Gore is FUNNY and SMART???? On a GOP AD???!!!! But you won't see this on the Mainstream Media.

Now most of you know that GORE was on the "OPRAH" Show yesterday. Well there is more to the Show after taping had ended. Have you wondered what Al Gore's favorite meal is??? CHINESE FOOD!!! He said it himself!!! Well I guess if I SOLD OUT to someone, I would try to please them in every way possible. But I don't SELL OUT!!! See the STORY HERE, IT'S in THIS ARTICLE!!!

MOM KILLS INFANT during an EPILEPTIC FIT. Puts BABY in the MICROWAVE instead of the BOTTLE. Uh huh.... But it's a TRUE STORY. MAYBE the MOM should sue the Microwave Manufacturer for not installing a SAFETY DEVICE to PREVENT the Microwave from Functioning if there is movement of the so called ITEM to be HEATED. See the STORY HERE!!!

BeWare the MAINSTREAM MEDIA! They twist and contort the News and Facts to fit their own Liberal Agenda of MORE POWER to the GOV'T, a BIGGER GOV'T, and FEWER INDIVIDUAL RIGHTS to US. That happen to be Guarenteed by THE CONSTITUTION.

Let's see.... PRO-LIFE, an extremist group under the LIBERAL DEFINITION. OPPOSITE is "PRO-CHOICE", a misnomer, actually is a Politically Correct way of saying PRO-DEATH to the INNOCENT UNBORN. If they are "Pro-Choice" why is the ONLY CHOICE they DEFEND is DEATH TO THE INNOCENT UNBORN????


Last Night. At the Cardinals / Dallas CRACKBOYS (SOUTH AMERICA'S Team). The FORCES of GOOD DEFEATED the Forces of EVIL. In a sweat soaked Stadium LIVE on TV on ESPN, with STORM CLOUDS filled of Dust STORMS and Blinding LIGHTNING, conjoured up by the Forces of EVIL, was NOT enough to DEFEAT the FORCES OF GOOD. Even the OFFICIALS couldn't change the outcome of the GAME by BLINDLY missing calls of CLIPPING, ETC on the "CRACKBOYS" big offensive plays. Even a FLUKE batted pass that ended up complete for a TD by the "CRACKBOYS" wasn't enough. The GOOD Prevailed in a DRAMATIC last 4 minutes of the GAME. A Drive that ened in a Field Goal, and after that THE DRIVE for the WINNING TOUCHDOWN. Then with the "CRACKBOYS" last effort to drive the ball to Field Goal Range, the Forces of GOOD DEFENSE, held together with bubble-gum and horse glue, ended the Forces of EVIL'S last chance. A TRIUMPHANT WIN by the GOOD GUYS 32-31. Good thing I have a Web Site to "SAY" these things, as I left my voice at the GAME...

OK, now to business. Why is it, or that it seems, that TAX CUTS are unpopular? Is it because everybody but me is on the Gov't dole? Handouts from the FEDS are more than any gain of DECREASED TAX BURDEN that YOU recieve? The PRESCRIPTION DRUG PLAN,,,, you know who pays for it? THOSE WHO WORK AND PAY TAXES!!!! And you know what? SENIOR CITIZENS who NEED the benefit, already GET IT!!! thru MEDICARE and MEDICADE. Plus with the supposed SURPLUS, you would think the 1st step would be to repeal the TAX on 85% of Income from SOCIAL SECURITY that CLINTON/GORE Administration levied in 1993. This would free up MORE $ for SENIORS, for things like PRESCRIPTION DRUGS. And now for you SENIORS, would you rather have YOUR CHILDREN AND GRANDCHILDREN take an ADDED TAX BURDEN to fund FREE DRUGS for YOU???? Especially when the OVERWHELMING Majority of your Children and Grandchildren, paying SOCIAL SECURITY TAXES, MEDICARE and MEDICADE TAXES, DON'T EXPECT these programs THEY are PAYING FOR, to EXIST when THEY RETIRE. SO who are the GREEDY ONES?

The Politically Correct are against TAX CUTS. WELL,,,,,Let me put it another way. How many of you AGAINST TAX CUTS, are AGAINST a PAY RAISE on the JOB? Remember what ends up in YOUR hands, a 4% TAX CUT, or a 4% Pay Raise,,, is STILL 4% more YOU GET in your "Takehome" paycheck.


Yes a quick Saturday Posting. This is a slam on the ANIMAL RIGHTS and PETA People, probably a Joke, but it is FUNNY!!!

I am a member of a group that reenacts the Civil War, serving in the artillery. As a mounted unit, we have several horses, and they always get a lot of attention from the public. On Memorial Day, a self-appointed animal-rights-type came over to our "Master of Horse" and started proclaiming, "Listen here! I was raised around horses, I know horses, and you are mistreating that one there! That horse is obviously pregnant, and should not be forced to pull loads."

About that time, the horse (a gelded male) elected to urinate. One of the guys in the unit, who had heard the woman's tirade, called out, "My god! Its water's broke, and there's a leg coming out!"

The woman left quickly and quietly.


Hmmm. If RAISING the MINIMUM WAGE is SOOOOO important for EVERDAY AMERICANS to join in the "AMERICAN DREAM",,, then why won't TAX CUTS do it? MAYBE because they DON'T PAY TAXES? I'm all for helping people. But I have a Question to you who visit here. How MANY people do you know who only make the MINIMUM WAGE? How many 1 income families do you know that only make the MINIMUM WAGE? Here in ARIZONA, even the FRENCH FRY PERSON at McDONALDS makes well above the MINIMUM WAGE. Generally these types of jobs are held by High School and some College Students, working PART-Time for supplemental spending $$$ or to help defray College Tuition. The TRUTH is,: is that the top 5% of income earners pay 50% of the TAXES. The top 50% pay nearly 97% of the TAX BURDEN. Now do you see WHY TAX cuts to 1/2 of the VOTERS don't work? Why ALGORE is venomently talking about TAX CUTS to the "RICH"? Well under GORE'S Economic PLAN, a family of 4 making $30,000 per year total Household Income, is "RICH". And WON'T get any of the "TARGETED TAX CUTS". But GORE LOUDLY PROCLAIMS his MISSION of helping WORKING FAMILIES. He just doesn't SAY, WORKING FAMILIES making less than $30,000 per year in TOTAL INCOME for a Family of 4. I assume by GORE'S math, a SINGLE person making over $8,000 a year, would also be considered "RICH!!!" And NO TAX CUTS for him or her.

Let's get to the NEWS.

CLINTON SHAKES HANDS with CASTRO!!!! I knew they worked together on retuning ELIAN to CUBA!!! I wonder WHY the PRESS continues to call CASTRO, CUBA'S "Leader". When he is actually CUBA'S "DICTATOR"!!!! See the STORY HERE!!!

A Governor simply asks people to "Pray for Rain". Now the ACLU is after him. VIOLATING the seperation of Church and State. He didn't advocate any Religion, And I think everyone PRAYS at some points in their life, whether they be Main Stream Religion, a cult, or whatever. Think about it,,,, a simple thought in your mind such as, "I hope this Works" or anything similar, IS A PRAYER!!! See the STORY HERE!!!

IMAGIN THIS.... You PASS every qualification for the JOB you WANT. You don't get it because.... YOU ARE TOO SMART!!! So you end up working as a PRISON GUARD for $THOUSANDS LESS. AND the FEDERAL GOV'T says that it is OK!!!!! Looks like Discrimination against People who have a BRAIN!!!! Let's look at it this way. Suppose I get Fed Up working the Graveyard Shift at the SECRET LAB, and I have my finances taken care of, and wanted a DAY Type Job. I apply at the local Convience Store as a clerk. I more than meet their standards. They think I should have More Responsibilty because of my TEST SCORES. But after being responsible for YEARS at a Previous Job, I just want to put in a few hours at work, without Stress of Managerial Responsibility and take home a simple Blue Collar type Paycheck. AND THEN... be told I didn't get the job because I am TOO SMART!!! SEE the STORY HERE!!!

Well this Sunday I will be at the CARDINALS / COWBOYS Football Game. An ESPN SUNDAY NIGHT GAME. I am near the 50 yrd Camera. I do hope the Cardinals BEAT the South American Team, the Dallas CRACKBOYS. Unfortunately Michael Irvin Retired, and Aikman is out. This is the 1 Sports team I wish DEATH on. Can't Kill 'em on the field if they are Retired or not playing. I can always hope their plane crashes on the way here in AZ, or wherever the fly to. I don't wish DEATH on ANYBODY lightly. BUT I TRULY HATE THE DALLAS COWBOYS since I was a child. DIE!!! DIE!!! DIE!!! I don't HATE the DALLAS COWBOY FANS, I feel SORRY for them. As I think they are misled by a SATANONIC Entity.

DALLAS COWBOYS, "CRACKBOYS", SOUTH AMERICA'S TEAM, laundrymat for DRUG $$$, may very well be the last question to determine if you enter thru the GATES of HEAVEN, or DAMNED for ETERNITY in the FIRES of HELL. SAVE YOURSELF!!!! ROOT AGAINST the CRACKBOYS, I mean COWBOYS, SATAN'S TEAM. SAVE YOUR SOUL!!!!

I think I got my viewpoint out.

If NEWS EVENTS require, and my Time Permits, I will update over the Weekend. Otherwise I'll see you once again on MONDAY.


ANOTHER "NEWS DAY" with Commentary.

This is a closely held JOKE amoung the Staff at The WHITE HOUSE. WARNING!!! FOR ADULTS ONLY THIS STORY. This Past Valentines Day back on Feb.14th for those who don't know, Chelsea Clinton, Daughter of Slick Willy, recieved FLOWERS, a Card, and a small box. From her Father, Slick Willy. The Box was the size of a CIGAR BOX. This didn't raise much interest at the time, and still the LIBERAL PRESS refuses to delve deeper into it with the latest "NEWS". CHELSEA is, has been, dating a WHITE HOUSE INTERN!!!! Can you say like Father Like Daughter? See the STORY HERE!!!

You know the WARNINGS. If someone comes up to you and wants you to WITHDRAW your $$$ from the BANK as part of an investigation by the GOV'T. DON'T DO IT!!! Well a NEW WARNING. Don't try to help the FEDS on INTERNET CHILD PORNAGRAPHY. JUST DELETE IT and save your TIME and LIFE. LOOK WHAT HAPPENED to this GUY who tried to HELP the FEDERAL GOV'T. See the STORY HERE!!!

COME ON!!! Isn't THE BOY SCOUTS getting enough flak!!!???? THE SUPREME COURT upheld their CASE. Seems to me that the BOY SCOUTS would be treated better if it were a SATANIST CULT. And People wonder why we have the Social Problems we have. I am NOT ADVOCATING GAY BASHING, nor DISCRIMINATION. But COME ON!!!! The BOY SCOUTS are now being portrayed as a "HATE GROUP". Are WE Americans willing to let this happen? MAYBE SO.... GUESS who was BOOED at the Last Night of the DEMOCRATIC NATIONAL CONVENTION before ALGORE KISSED his Wife and gave his SPEECH??? THE BOY SCOUTS OF AMERICA!!!! Signs at the CONVENTION read, "WE SUPPORT GAY BOY SCOUTS!!!". Is it now our NATIONAL POLICY for all CHILDREN to be brought up GAY? And if they turn out not to be GAY, labled as a PERSON OF HATE???? I think NOT. What Adults do on their own time is no concern of mine, what co-workers do on their own time is no concern of mine. But I do find it troubling that the Public Mindset put forth by the Federal Gov't is that GAY is Great, and others are uninformed MORONS who don't know what DIVERSITY means. See the STORY HERE!!!

Now Clinton is going to beg the OIL PRODUCING COUNTRIES to produce more and LOWER Prices, which TODAY have hit a 10 YEAR HIGH. Well with a standard FORIEGN Policy, or even a LAME Domestic Policy, this would NEVER had happened. There is NO REASON we are SO DEPENDANT on Imported OIL. WE HAVE PLENTY!!! But the POLICIES of the current ADMINISTRATION, Their BEND-OVER and STICK it in me subjugation to the WHACKO ENVIRONMENTALISTS is what is causing this CRISIS. ZERO DRILLING PERMITS everywhere, almost ZERO new POWER STATIONS. (And you wondered why there are POWER SHORTAGES) all due to INSANE REGULATIONS by the FED'S. We LIVE in the RICHEST COUNTRY in the WORLD!!! We can provide our own OIL, and Electric POWER. We have the BEST TECHNOLOGY to get it CLEANLY, with minimal harm to the ENVIRONMENT. BUT NO!!!!! This ADMINISTRATION is HELL BENT on DESTROYING THIS COUNTRY. They want to BRING US DOWN to the LEVEL of the OTHER COUNTRIES, because it is UNFAIR that WE do so well. DOESN'T MATTER that we EARNED IT by our own SWEAT under the CONSTITUTION. HMMM, I may have rambled a bit, Oh Well!!! See the STORY HERE!!!

See you TOMMORROW!!!



Which Political Party comes to your mind as CHAMPIONS for the RIGHTS and ACCESS for the DISABLED, and WORKING DISABLED? I know the LIBERALS who visit here are thinking, "UH-OH". Because I, SMOKER DAVE, wouldn't post such a thing, unless it showed the 2 faced-ness of the DEMOCRATS/LIBERALS. Never mind the Fact the the Liberals like 2 sets of LAWS, one for them, and one for the rest of us. ARMED BODYGUARDS for them, NO GUNS for US, ETC.

Well this reporter got his DREAM ASSIGNMENT, covering AL GORE's election campaign swing thru his beat. Well I believe he has a legitamite lawsuit against AL GORE's Election Campaign. THEY provided ZERO tolerance, and making a good faith effort to enable a DISABLED WORKER to perform his job. Such actions by an employer would leave the Employer open for a HUGE LAWSUIT. BUT you WON'T see this story in the major media, since they are LIBERALS, and want GORE elected. BUT, for your interest in the NEWS that they don't want seen. SEE THE STORY HERE!!!

Let's revisit the issue of DRUG TESTING. I know a lot of you, including myself are subject to RANDOM DRUG TESTING at WORK, in order to KEEP your JOB. A lot more have to undergo at least PRE-EMPLOYMENT DRUG TESTING to get a JOB. Those of us who actually LABOR, for which this past Holiday was made for, have to undergo these ludicrous invasions of privacy. GUESS what class of SLACKERS, LAZY BODIES,,, I mean "people" are getting protected 1st? That it is UNCONSTITUTIONAL???? Well folks, it is the same people who LIVE OFF OUR TAX $$$ for not working!!! Smoke some CRACK, Shoot some HEROINE, Live on Pills, have a kid. NO PROBLEM,,,, US WORKERS will pay for your LAZY FAT ASS to stay at home. US WORKING PEOPLE will take the DRUG TESTS, work 40 or more hours a week. JUST SO you can stay at home, living off our TAX $$$ that GORE doesn't want to give back to US who overpaid making a SURPLUS, just to make sure you continue on your merry way. Free Food, Free Housing, Free Medical. Sure not as good as those who actually WORK. But since when is a Color TV, VCR, PHONE, CAR, etc. neccessary to provide a temporary haven during a SHORT TERM NEED??? NOBODY has a RIGHT to expect a lifelong freeload off the WORKING PEOPLE. If you want my $$$, and I am willing to help those who want to help themselves, is it too much to ask that BEFORE they get my $$$ that they are DRUG FREE???


TOUCHY FEELY LIBERALISM to the EXTREME. This High School is BANNING "Trash Talk" at sporting events, for both Players and Fans. No more "The UMP is BLIND!", "He can't HIT", ETC. See the STORY HERE!!!

See you Tommorrow!!!


Well today, to start off with, some advice for BOTH Presidential Candidates. G.W.Bush, always assume the mike is LIVE. ALGORE, Webster's Dictionary has The DEFINITIONS of "ANYTIME", "ANYWHERE", and "ANYPLACE". Plus REMEMBER you accepted your OWN IDEA of Debating Bush on CNN's LARRY KING LIVE back in MARCH. And you also accepted debating Bush on NBC's MEET THE PRESS with Tim Russert in JULY. Now Mr GORE, inventor of the INTERNET, discoverer of LOVE CANAL, subject of LOVE STORY, inventor of the phrase "No Controlling Legal Authority" in regards to ILLEGAL CAMPAIGN CONTRIBUTIONS. HOW do you defend what you said, all this is on videotape and was broadcast when you said it. YOU gave NO CONDITIONS to the THREE "A"'s, ANYTIME, ANYWHERE, ANYPLACE. MR GORE, you SAY that these audiences would have limited viewability to the majority of AMERICANS........

That MEANS, MR GORE YOU think that most AMERICANS don't have CABLE TV, therefore would not be able to see the debate on CNN's LARRY KING LIVE. Even though your greatest debate Victory was against Ross Perot on Larry King's Show, debating NAFTA. (Which by the way passed because of REBUPLICAN VOTES in CONGRESS). You are also assuming that most AMERICANS don't have CABLE TV, and also cannot recieve signals from all 3 Major TV NETWORKS. NBC's MEET THE PRESS debate would be inaccessible to the majority of the AMERICAN PUBLIC because there are TEN's of MILLIONS who only get ABC or CBS???? Remember MR GORE, these were YOUR IDEAS!!! ANYTIME, ANYWHERE, ANYPLACE, check the dictionary.

Even the formats are even. Larry King, a friend of the Liberals, Tim Russert a Conservative. And a Debate on All 3 Networks hosted by "The League of Women Voters", seems more than fair, 2 Liberal venues, 1 Conservative Venue.

OK now to G.W.Bush's inadvertant comment caught by a LIVE mike. The Liberals are more upset by this honesty of a Candidate, of a comment meant to be private to his running mate, than CLINTON's LYING to the AMERICAN PUBLIC. Clinton is forgiven in the media because it was a private matter, even though he LIED about it UNDER OATH. All Bush did was call a Liberal Reporter a ASS-HOLE, Bush didn't deny it, didn't apologize for it either. He only apologized that it was caught on a LIVE mike for everyone to hear. NO RETRACTION, accepts what he did, stands by his comments, even though they were not meant to be public.

This is what I like to see. Not running away from what has happened. I can understand. Over the past 3 yrs. (Almost) There are some postings I do regret posting. Easy enough for me to fix and hide. All I would have to do is highlite and delete my mistakes. BUT I DON'T, I leave them there. It takes character to let others judge you by your past comments, even when you have the ability to ERASE them and almost nobody knows.

Here is a story that covers part of the facts. HERE!!!


Most of you know about "acceptable dress codes" in schools, Right? Well how about this! Teachers being sent home to change because of too short skirts, etc.? Bummer, how else is the teacher going to keep attention of the JR High School Boys in Class? See the STORY HERE!!!

Remember last week? I said it was a strange thing that school begins in mid-August here in ARIZONA, instead of the day after LABOR DAY. Well here is a STORY that validates my comments from last week. See the STORY HERE!!!

At work in "The Secret Lab", I almost NEVER call in sick. While everyone else gets the cold or flu on my shift, I just keep rolling on healthy as ever. I assumed that cold and flu viruses were "Politically Correct" and would not go near a "SMOKER". Well there is another theory put in the NEWS today. Real Men don't get Colds, Agressive Men don't get Colds. They intimidate them away. See the STORY HERE!!!

See you tommorrow!!!


Enjoying the Fruits of your LABOR in Retirement. Well I found this site that in 5 minutes of YOUR time, will calculate a "BALLPARK" figure on what you need to save and invest between now and when YOU plan to Retire. A VERY easy form to fill out, to see if you are on track. Bummer is, is that I need to do a bit more if I want to Retire before I am 60 yrs. old. However, putting in my guesstamint numbers of some of my friends, they will never beable to Retire at their current rate of ZERO SAVINGS/INVESTMENTS. And some of my friends make $50G+, but spend EVERY PENNY. Check out this site, play with the #'s, it is a Rough estimate, but gives you an idea on how you stand. I say this to you as someone CONVINCED that unless changes are made, SOCIAL SECURITY BENEFITS will NOT EXIST in 20 years. I am currently saving and investing well over 20% of my Gross Income because of my belief. Imagin my shock that I found that even INCLUDING SOCIAL SECURITY, I come up a little short of what I should be saving.

Here is the site, HERE!!!

Well I had a disappointing Football Pool Sunday, My Cardinals Lost. At LEAST the EVIL SOUTH AMERICAN TEAM, the DALLAS CRACKBOYS LOST. Who we Play this coming Sunday Night in the ESPN Game here in The Valley Of The Sun. By the way, the Secret Lab Football Pool is updated. To be updated again after the Monday Night Football Game. The LINK is on the Opening Page.

On the Local AM Radio News is this story I found.

NEWS: CLEAR CHANNEL talk KFYI and sports KGME/Phoenix will swap frequencies, according to M STREET DAILY. KFYI will move from 910 to 550 AM, with KGME taking the reverse trip. No date has been set for the swap. KGME just last year moved from 1360 to 550, with standards KOY moving to 1230 and Salem picking up 1360 for KPXQ.



Let's start off with the best news of the year, NFL REGULAR SEASON BEGINS TODAY!!!! And a Special Note to the participants in "The Secret Lab Football Pool", a link to the standings is on the Opening Page.

Tonight Jerry Lewis kicks off another Telethon for MDA. When I was growing up in Northern NY, the Telethon always meant to me that Summer Vacation was over, as the 1st day of school is always the Tuesday after Labor Day. Except here in Arizona. For some strange reason school starts in Mid-August.

The other day, Thursday AUGUST 31st to be exact, stores were putting up HALLOWEEN DECORATIONS!!!! Seems a bit early to me.

Well after Labor Day the Presidential Race should start heating up, and more people will start paying attention to it. So for those of you who think there isn't much difference between the 2 Party's, I found this little article on How To Be A Good Democrat. Which points out some of the major differences between Liberals and Conservatives. See the STORY HERE!!!

I love this story, PETA Protest causes Hot-Dog sales to soar. See the STORY HERE!!!

Well time to get ready for Kickoff, and join members of PETA, (People EATING Tasty Animals) at the nearby, Smoke friendly Sports Bar. And since this is a holiday for people who actually Labor, try to Labor as little as possible this weekend.