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Daily Thoughts From a Smoke Filled Room

For Thoughts from 11/3/97 thru 7/8/98 all indexed and not hard to find CLICK HERE

3/31/98 NEW!!! And only available on the "Smoker Dave Web Page"


Or contact me thru ICQ, my UIN # is 3523728


Hi folks, forgot to mention yesterday that I was on the Nationally Syndicated Kin Komando Show on the radio. Her web pg is HERE I was the last caller in the 2nd hour of the show. I had a Question regarding the BIG SURPRISE coming to my web pg before the end of Sept. NO I AM NOT GOING TO TELL YOU. I may put a countdown ie 12 DAYS etc up though.

So I have been on The Art Bell Show a few times, one of which is in his Soundclips, Superglue Incident, Segment #4 in Feb '97, The local Talk Radio station KFYI 910 AM that broadcasts throughout AZ too many times to count, The station that gave me my handle over 2 yrs ago. The same station KFYI that I called in and spoke with Ken Hamblin, "The Black Avenger", while he was in Phoenix, who has a Nationally syndicated radio show. Now I have 1 more show to get on, RUSH L.


A new month is upon us, possibly a great resurgence by the uninformed populace of the Contitution. While the major Networks and CNN has taken Clinton's side in portraying Ken Starr as an "Out of control" prosecuter. Let it be known he has won 16 out of 18 court rulings in this investigation. So far, it has been reported the summary of Starr's investigation is over 300 pages. Do you think that all of this is on Monica???? I don't think so. He has a lot of other evidence that I believe will show a pattern of deception and lies to both the American Public and actual perjury in FEDERAL COURT.

The media portrays this as a Clinton vs Starr Battle. This is a falsehood invented by the Clinton Supporter Mass Media. The true battle is Clinton vs THE U.S. Constitution, and he has lost 16 of 18 battles. Clinton wants the Office of The President Immune from investigation, or any felonious activity.

What Clinton wants is: TO BE ABOVE THE LAW, that the rest of us must adhere to. Well The Constitution says otherwise. NO one is above the law.

While the populace at large is unaware of the details at this time, I refuse to believe the American citizenery will allow a PERJURER (who has committed multiple FELONIES) to stay in OFFICE as the CHIEF LAW ENFORCEMENT OFFICER INTHE USA.


Well we are about to enter the "Dog Days of Summer". And granted both Paula Jones and Monica Lewinsky are both dogs, it appears to more likely than not that 'Ole Slick is going to get "bit". From what I heard today, Paula Jones is refiling her sexual harrassment lawsuit against 'Ole Slick. However I still think that Janet Reno is more likely to be Impeached due to her refusal to appoint a Special Prosecuter on the Illegal Red China Campaighn contributions. She has recieved or is about to recieve a Contempt of Congress Citation. And NO this isn't a cheap car.

'Ole Slick had a news conference this morning, no news, no conference, no questions. This was just a cheap show by the Clinton Administration trying to portray the President and the Administration of, "Doing Business as usual", photo op.

Everyone makes mistakes in life. The difference between character and slime, trustworthy or liar, defender of The Constitution or TRAITOR, is the acknowledgement of mistakes, or attempted cover-up and denial of mistakes. You make your own judgement where this, LIAR, TRAITOR, Bastard, Lack of CHARACTER, POOR EXAMPLE of a ROLE MODEL, William J. Clinton, fits in.

Now to local / AZ State stuff. The past 2 days The Arizona Republic has been running Anti-Barwood editorials. Some of which were BLANTANTLY FALSE!!! I went to her fundraiser and have spoken with her on more than 2 occaisons. What really irritated me today was an editorial that berated Barwood for suggesting to take on the Feds in voter registration. The Editor acknowledged that according to THE U.S. CONSTITUTION she is right, basically said it was a no win proposition. The Proposition was: Reguire proof of citizenship in order to register to vote. This was dismissed by the editor as being "offensive" to minorities. Here in AZ they did a Social Security # check for one of the past elections. Turns out so far over 25,000 DEAD people voted. But are they going to change the process??? NO!!! But remember proof of citizenship, or LEGAL Alien Status, is reguired for many State and Federal Benefits since the Welfare reform the Conservatives started, that Clinton Resisted, but now Clinton takes Credit for.

This is why for the past 3 decades our "pockets" were raped in the WELFARE ABUSES!!! A social program started by former President Johnson, who is now spending eternity in a special place in HELL. If JFK, or Martin Luther King were alive today do you know what they would have been called??? Answer: Right Wing Conservatives!!!!

The populace at large DO NOT pay ANY attention to the details in politics or the Scandals. Which makes it VERY EASY for the Satanic Liberals to twist and spin the facts for the quick 5 to 20 second sound bite on the news to get the majority of the American people on their side.

Please go back to my opening page and if you can send in a $1 or whatever for Frances Emma Barwood's primary election fund. Primary is Sept. 8th 1998. Please go back and reread my entries for 7/21/98 and 7/26/98

I got a lot more to say on this, but it will have to wait until tommorrow.

7/30/98>Well folks, you are now reading the Thoughts' of a LOSER!!!! It is TRUE. Smoker Dave DID NOT WIN the POWERBALL. Total losses, $2 and 45 seconds buying the 1 personal ticket,(there were no REAL Lines here in the PHX area), other $1 was our regular work pool.

Through my GREAT DISAPPOINTMENT and RUINOUS FINANCIAL LOSS, I will try to go on. If any of you are generous enough to try to help me recover financially email me and I'll send you the Smoker Dave Snail mail address, if I am not evicted 1st for nonpayment of Aug Rent. OH THE PAIN!!!! HAR, HAR!!!

I am glad that a pool of blue collar workers won it, if it wasn't me. Hope it improves their lot in life and not turn into a "curse".

Well, I imagin the Powerball Winners are feeling much better today than 'Ole Slick Willy. It appears the dress with the DNA Biological Stain that points to 'Ole Slick may actually exist. Kept in hiding by Monica's MOM. So the so called overboard "witch hunt" in supoenaing Monica's MOM was a search for CONCEALED EVIDENCE!!! Thus the deal of IMMUNITY that also includes Monica's MOM. I bet today that the White House Administration feels like a housefly in a microwave oven on "REHEAT" while Starr warms up a left over dinner. The fly will burst in flames. Plus I also find it IRONIC that O.J. Simpson's former home was BULLDOZED yesterday. Not good coincidental signs for 'Ole Slick.

However I do feel sorry for Chelsa, Hillary's and Janet Reno's daughter, (Or is it Bill's daughter?). Either way she is cursed by being ugly, but this news is salt in an open wound for the 1st daughter, and she is the only one who is INNOCENT of the scandal, perjury, Sell Out To China, Etc. etc. Hillary MADE her pact with the devil, or Bill Clinton. She decided to go with him for power. She is as guilty as he is. She knew, or should have known that this could happen. So she gets no sympathy from me. After all she always has Janet Reno for "emotional" support.

And I wonder why my phone line is tapped.

Liberals, making this Country the "laughing stock" of the world. Remember this embarrassment the Democrat Liberals have subjected this Great Country of Ours in this fall's primaries and the General Election in November.


Well folks, it looks like the heat has been turned up in the White House denial room, if the NY Times Story is to be believed. It is cooler in The Desert South West Than in the White House. Now while I post this web pg as a "Public Service", I know that the majority of you have followed the news the past couple of days. So, as a bit of comical relief, politically and legislativly speaking, I offer the following FALSE STORY that Art Bell Read over the air last night. I take no credit for this, but one day this could be true. CLICK HERE.


If you see Slick Willy on TV today, the sweat on his brow is not fron the temp. or humidity in Wash. D.C. (District of Criminals). It is from the Fire that the Starr Investigation has unlit beneath him. The investigation in the past 24 hrs. has gone into OVERDRIVE. So much for the Liberals plea to wind this up. They want to delay ANY testimony from Slick Willy to the Grand Jury untill mid-Sept. What happened to his January Statement in a Press Conference of, "Answers sooner than later...." Etc. Etc.???? "I did Not HAVE IMPROPER Sexual Relations with THAT woman, Monica Lewinsky."

Word is coming out from the WHITE HOUSE STAFF, that if all Starr has is a SEXUAL RELATIONSHIP proven between Slick Willy and Monica, thus proving that Clinton committed PERJURY in the Paula Jones' Case, that slick Willy could weather it.

BUT IF Obstruction Of Justice, or Suborning Of Perjury is found, Or Campaighn Finance with the Chinese is also brought into play, Or if the Democrats lose big in the November Elections. Then Clinton will be "COOKED" before the end of his term. ie Impeachment or Resignation.

And if that happens, this Country will have another BLACK EYE. For many voted for him saying they already knew about his wayward ways during "bedtime". BUT I bet they didn't count on him selling out this country to the Red Chinese, or lying under OATH in the Paula Jones' Case. AND BLANTANTLY LYING TO THE AMERICAN PEOPLE IN THE PRESS CONF. THIS PAST JAN. "I did Not HAVE IMPROPER Sexual Relations with THAT woman, Monica Lewinsky."

Smoker Dave rests his case.


I thought so!!! The latest Clinton overatures of cooperation with Starr's investigation is not a change in policy to answer questions to end the investigation. THEY HAD TO!!! Just as I suspected on Fri, he Clinton was served or about to be served a subpoena to appear before the Grand Jury this Tuesday. The only negotiation going on is for Clinton to be able to do this thru handwritten testimony or videotaped testimony and have his lawyers present. If he actually has to appear in PERSON before the Grand Jury, lawyers are not allowed in.

But from what I have read in the paper, it may very well be that it will be Janet Reno who is 1st in line to be Impeached for her refusal to appoint an Independant Prosecuter on the Democrats Fund Raising Activities. You know, I wish I could comment on positive movement in National Politics.

However right now I still do have hope. I hope that Frances Emma Barwood wins the Republican Primary this Sept. against $200 Grand Campaign of $ loaded Betsy Bayless. I am doing what I can for this. Instead of being a sideline bystander and just voting, I am actively campaigning for Barwood as Secretary of State in AZ. And actually contributing $ for the candidate. The Barwood campaign figures they could win the Primary with $50 Grand against Betsy Bayless $200 Grand. On the opening web pg to this site I have listed a link for contributions. Send in $5 or $10 and a short message. You can even say, "Because Smoker Dave suggested it." She knows who I am. Openness in GOV is her statement in short. I have personally met with her twice and she is on the up & up, unlike a lot of government candidates I have met or talked to personally or on the radio.

I am serious about this, I have temporarily re-registered as a Republican so I can vote in the Primary on Sept. 8th. I am normally an Independant. In AZ it is a closed primary, you have to be registered as a member of that party to vote in the primary.


Another Idiot makes a name for himself at THE CAPITOL and KILLS 2 OFFICERS. And yes of Coarse the Anti-Gun Lobby is all upset, demanding stricter gun control laws. Well, my thinking friends, it is ALREADY ILLEGAL FOR A FORMER MENTAL PATIENT TO HAVE A GUN!!! AND IT IS ILLEGAL TO BRING A GUN ONTO THE CAPITAL GROUNDS!!! NO Matter how many laws that take away rights of the Private Citizen, this will still happen. Why? Because Crimminals don't care what laws they break. The only thing more gun control will do is put private citizens at more risk from GUN carrying crimminals who know their potential victims are unarmed.

Next Topic.... Slick Willy and his lawyers are now trying to make a deal for 'Ole Slick's testimony. Fact is, THEY HAD TOO!!! A supena will do that. Slick Willy has followed Hillary's footsteps. 1st First Lady supenaed, and now 1st Sitting President Supenaed in a Crimminal case against HIM!!! Clinton's lawyers want to make a deal for hand written testimony or a videotaped testimony. The last thing they want is 'Ole Slick having to appear before the Grand Jury. Hard to put a , "We are Cooperating Spin", in that scenario.


First, There are 3 new pictures in Photo Gallery.

The Monica update. It appears that Ken Starr is asking the Secret Service Agents primarily 1 Question. What did you see on 12/28/97? This is after the Slick Willy Camp found out that "Monica" might be called to testify in the Paula Jones Case. Remember it was "Monica" who gave Linda Tripp the "Talking Points" to help her answer Questions to the Grand Jury. Which is the basis of the "Obstruction of Justice" and "Suborning of Perjury" investigation.

WELL GUESS WHAT? It appears Slick Willy was "caught" by a Secret Service Agent and a High Level Admin Official in the "little room" attached to the Oval Office, with "Monica", ALONE.

Now also remember that this is AFTER "Monica" was transferred from the White House, but before she threw the temper tantrum in early Jan 98, trying to see Slick Willy after her testimony.

Now while I believe that many Presidents had illicit affairs while in Office, no President ever lied about it under OATH. Or told, or had one of his Staff suggest it. ALL OF THIS TO AVOID PAYING PAULA JONES $$$$$ OR PUBLICLY AKNOWLEDGING THE INCIDENT IN AK. WHILE HE WAS GOVERNOR.

Everything that may have happened between Slick Willy with Jennifer Flowers, Paula Jones, "Monica", and others, is not in itself an Impeachable Offense. The coverup, lies and perjury, and suborning of perjury is.

Richard Nixon would have never had to resign in the face of Impeachment because of the WaterGate Break-in, even though it was his own Party. Nixon had to resign or face Impeachment because of the Cover-up he was involved in the WaterGate Break-in.

Remember Nixon's Famous line? I AM NOT A CROOK!!!

Now remember Slick Willy's Famous line? I DID NOT HAVE SEX WITH THAT WOMAN, MISS LEWINSKY. "Answers sooner than later, to put this to rest."

Well Mr. President, this is Smoker Dave, the sooner you and your ILK are gone from the Leadership of this country, THE BETTER!!!! I hope for a time once again when new parents can say without ridicule of their newborn, maybe (he, she) could grow up to be President. And a time when young children who say, "I want to be President". Are not SLAPPED and grounded for months on end.

If Slick Willy ends up leaving the White House before the end of his term we are still not done. Al Gore is EVEN more skrewed up politically than 'ole Slick. You may think I am being extreme, but you have read many Politician Democrats ReRegistering as Republicans. I don't think you have seen ANY Republicans ReRegistering as Democrats.

I am an Independant, except the next 4 months, this is so I can vote in the Republican Primary For Frances Emma Barwood, running for Secretary of State in AZ.

If you agree or disagree with me, I hope it is strongly one way or the other. I don't do this for a "ho-hum" response.


I am NOT taking responsibility for this story...This is what I heard on KTAR 620AM AZ 2nd Biggest Talk Radio Station. Pat McMahon (host), "Today is Monica's 25th birthday. It is a Holiday for this Nation's SPERM Banks." This is from the "LIBERAL" morning Talk Show Host in PHX. NOT FROM ME!!!

Iran successfully launched a Medium Range missile yesterday that can hit all of Isreal, Saudi Arabia, Turkey, and part of Russia. Supposedly purchased from N. Korea who is cash and food strapped. Remember 3 or 4 months ago there were stories in the mainstream press about starvation and some cannibalism going on in N. Korea. Question is: How will Isreal respond? How will Saudi Arabia react?" These are unknowns to most of the world. But I believe this destabalizes the Middle East even further and worse than any problem the PLO would produce in the short or long term. Keep an eye on this situation folks.

Alan Shepard died yesterday, such a shame, before he could divulge everything he experienced as an astronaut. He was the first American in Space, and was the "golfer" on the MOON on the Apollo 14 Mission. Same thing applies to Ret. Col. Phillip Corso, Author of, "The Day After Roswell". Who died of a fatal Heart Attack last week before telling all. His son has all the documentation, one can only hope that he comes thru on his promise to, "publish all".


I just got back home from the Hoagland political fundraiser for Frances Emma Barwood who is running for Secretary of State in Arizona. Learned a few things. Just before she officially announced her candidacy, she was offered a job that would pay her $65,000/year if she didn't run. Just after she announced she was offered a job that paid more than $120,000/year if she didn't run. Voter rolls used to be purged every 8 yrs if you didn't vote, no longer. Prisoners in state or federal prison were voting, apparently by absentee ballot, even though they had lost their voting rights. The last 2 polls statewide and local listed every race EXCEPT the Secretary of State race. Why? Because Barwood was ahead in the polls. And there were more abuses etc. that were brought out.

So it looks like I will have to re-register from Ind. to Republican temporarily so I can vote for her in the Primary in Sept.


Yes I have been playing around with different formats for the web page, EMAIL any comments you have on it.

Check out the latest entry in my Guestbook. Was wondering who it was so I went to her web pg link that she provided. Turns out that she was interviewed by "Wired Magazine" as "The Geek Of The Week". That interview is available on her web pg near the bottom of the opening page. Not a bad compliment, her liking my page, considering I'm self-taught on html and this web page stuff.

OK now to other topics. Clinton Administration has been harping for weeks now that requiring Secret Service Personel would cause the ASSASINATION of a President more likely. Wait a minute I say!!! JFK was killed in Dallas while being surrounded by Secret Serice Agents, Robert Kennedy was killed while being surrounded by Secret Service Agents, George Wallace while running for President was shot and paralyzed while being surrounded by Secret Service Agents, Gerald Ford had 2 attempts on his life while President and was surrounded by Secret Service Agents, President Ronald Reagan was shot while surrounded by Secret Service Agents.

The fallacy that the Liberals are bringing up that the President will keep the Agents away is BULL!!!. In the White House there are metal detectors and searches. Do you actually think that a President could be ASSASINATED in the White House? Do you think Secret Service Agents are in Slick Willy's and Hillary's bedroom? No that is not the case. I believe the only Questions actually being asked of the Secret Service Agents is timetable related to verify other evidence uncovered by Starr.

The President is this country's highest law enforcement officer. What is the message if it is made policy that it is OK to LIE under OATH in a civil case? That it is OK to obstuct or delay justice. That it is OK to smear the person bringing charges because you have power? Claim the prosecuter is going "overboard" on the investigation, when your appointee hired him, and you still have the power to FIRE HIM!!! Is this the tactic of an innocent man?, let alone being the President, Chief Law enforcement officer in this country, that should be held to the highest standard being in this most powerfull position in the FREE WORLD.


Have you seen this story?????

*** U.S. teens to lose virginity live on Internet In what is being billed as yet another first for the Internet, two 18-year-olds say they will lose their virginity on their own Web site for all the wired world to see. The couple, calling themselves Diane and Mike, will have sex for the first time at 9 p.m. EDT Aug. 4 with a camera broadcasting the event free over the Internet, their lawyer Mark Vega said Tuesday. Vega said the plan was to "keep this as grass-roots and intimate as possible. It just takes one camera and you can invite the entire web to where you're at." He declined to name the two or say where they live, but pictures of them with their faces blacked out have been posted on the Web site ( See

GOOD GRIEF!!!! We go from 1st live Concert on the "net", To first Live Birth on the "net", to THIS!!!

My guess is, if they are truly VIRGINS, this won't last long.

But I want to ask you all is this: What's next? The 1st Live Broadcast of a PARTIAL BIRTH ABORTION? The 1st Live Broadcast of a DRIVE BY SHOOTING? The 1st GANG WAR? The 1st RAPE? etc. etc....

I can rationalize the X-Rated web sites on the Internet. I can rationalize the Hate Groups (White Supremisists etc). But what is starting to happen on this Internet which for the most part is good, SOME are making a MOCKERY of this medium, and I DAMN them all for polluting this greatest information resource we have ever developed.


Finally I got my web browser working to specs again. Thanks to my brother Jeff, who also fixed my modem problem a couple of months back. No other update today, sorry. Gotta eat and sleep before work. Took nearly an hour to download and recieve my email to fix the problem. Was surprised to see my updates actually updated on the web pg since every time I tried to view it since Sun Night my "Browser" STALLED!!!. I had 21 emails to go thru and a 1/2 dozen ICQ messages to look at. At least my web access is back to normal. New Thought on Wed.


Still having trouble, connect at over 50000 kbs, but pages loading at less than 100 bytes / second. What a drag. Took over 10 mins to download 4 emails, over 5 mins for The Art Bell Web Pg to be loaded. Waiting for a message from my brother on how to fix this.

The so called "WORLD CUP" was won by France yesterday, 3 to 0, Won by 1 Field Goal,how exciting,,,,NOT!!!

Just to show you how many Worldwide are lame-brained, US stats, 2 viewers, by recent legal immigrants from Brazil(can't blame them since they just got here). Illegal aliens' stats not reported on MY web pg. Rest of the world, 5,760 hours of TV coverage, audience of 37 BILLION.

Soccer is the lowest form of intelligent, entertaining sports. Some people say basketball is boring, you don't know who wins 'till the last second, you can watch only the last 2 mins of the game and more often than not be entertained and not know who will win 'till the Buzzer sounds. In soccer, it's the same thing but with virtually NO scoring. At least in Hockey you have fights and penalty mins. In soccer you get a "Yellow" Card for a minor foul, if you use a "naughty" word, maybe a "Red" Card. Soccer is the 1 "sport" where the fans are more violent then the "sport" itself.

And reported last week, in a study between High School Football and Soccer players, Soccer Players showed a dramatic increase in CAT Scans for possible brain damage.

One can only speculate if it was brain damage to cause them to play Soccer, or if playing this STUPID GAME caused it.

Just in case you can't tell, I HATE SOCCER!!!


I am amazed I got here today, having web browser fatal trouble. Better do this quick while I can. If you don't see an update for awhile, you know I'm still here.

$2Billion For commercials for kids to say NO to drugs.

Hasn't this been already tried????

If you divide it up, it's $40 Million per state. I don't know about you, but I think this $ should be used in DRUG TESTING OF THE STUDENTS recieving a free education. If you flunk the drug test. which should also include tobacco and alcohol tests. Then you are out of the public school system, and sent to rehab. THIS ACTION WOULD BE A WAR ON DRUGS.

Will the Government do it? HELL NO. They get too much $ from alcohol and tobacco. And they will never admit that "pot" is less harmfull than alcohol or tobacco, because it derails their antidrug message. WHO the World Health Organization, commissioned by the UN found that "pot" was less harmfull to society than alcohol or tobacco. This report was buried by the UN because it would undermine the US antidrug policy.

This Thought uploaded without edits


A More Personal Update Today

Uncle Smoker!!!

Just recieved the following email from good friend in Tucson, AZ.

Hey Smoker Dave

Collin Gregory was born @ 2:53 7/1/98 !!!

Sent you an email but it must not have gotten there probably screwed the address up cause I was too excited. Been checkin the web to see if you mentioned the birth. Obviously not since you didnt get my message. I'm sitting here in Missoula, Montana. Great weather here got up to 88 today.

Collin is doin great. Kelly was kinda freaked that I had to leave town so soon after. Hope to see you in Aug. take care


Yes I never got the email announcement. Yes I will be in Tucson as soon as Matt picks the weekend of choice. AND yes, there will be some pictures of "Uncle Smoker" with the little guy. And pictures of the parents, my good friends.