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The Political Quote of the Day for 08/02/01:


No Woman in my time will be Prime Minister....Anyway, I wouldn't want to be Prime Minister. You have to give yourself 100 percent.

Margaret Thatcher, said in 1969


WARNING!!! This FILE is FULL!!! And will be moved to the ARCHIVES after this posting.

Well I am counting down the days to my vacation back to Northern NY next Friday. I have some loose ends still to take care of. Like suspending my Mail Delivery from Aug 10th - 20th. The gangs are sure to break into our mailboxes at this Apt. Complex while I'm gone. I have learned that 99% of the people here are thieves and in gangs. The One person I trust who lives next to me, while I trust him to take the UNSOLICITED ADS hung on my Door off, and to make sure my Car is in the parking lot, it is too much to ask on my behalf for him to take care of my mail. I am sure he would do this, but I don't want to impose too much. I'd rather go to the Post Office and suspend Delivery for 10 days.

It has warmed back up here in the Desert Southwest, but still below normal, AUGUST and it has been a chilly summer so far here. One thing about this coming vacation. THERE is NO WAY they can call me into work!!! Like they have done before. I am not flying back to AZ from Northern NY under any condition. EX. A Question was asked of me on what I thought the biggest change would be in my Hometown since I left 17 yrs ago. My hometown might have "Touch-Tone" Telephone service instead of ROTARY, very doubtfull that my Cell Phone will work, and unless I get to the COUNTY LIBRARY, no INTERNET CAPABILITY is in the offering. My Email Accounts only hold a total of 20 MEGS worth, so by the time I come back from vacation on 08/21/01 there will be Emails sent to me and never Recieved because my Email Box overfilled. Since I average over 80 Emails per Day, in 12 Days it adds up to nearly 1,000 Emails. My Email account can't handle this volume. OH WELL, SO SAD,,, TOO BAD!!!

OK, NOW to the NEWS for TODAY!!!

Are you Catholic, Jewish, Protestant, Muslim, Hindu, or Pagan? Well guess what is the NEWEST RELIGION!!! AA.... Yep... Alcoholics Anonymous!!!! HELLO,,, MY NAME IS JOHN,,,, AND I DRINK.... Is these words count as JOINING A RELIGION??? Well in the eyes of a FEDERAL JUDGE it does!!! See the STORY HERE!!!

Now this Story is from a Vatican Official, about ET'S, followed by recent UFO Sightings. See the STORY HERE!!!

Now this is interesting.... Was it Lighting or a Meteor, or both??? See the STORY HERE!!!

Have you ever got NAILED for something? Well consider yourself lucky. Check out this story. HERE!!!

The Political Quote of the Day for 08/01/01:


Being 1st Lady is the hardest unpaid job in the world.

Pat Nixon


Have to make this quick. Had a long day/night at work, BECAUSE I got on the phone with one of our suppliers with an idiot!!! What should have taken 5 or 10 minutes on the phone took over an hour, too much stupidity to describe it here. Must have been a new hire without a clue on how to handle their biggest client.

Well the "CODE RED WORM" is now starting to affect websites, so far I am OK. But 2 of my News sources looks like have become victims of it. See the STORY HERE!!!p>I must mention this. HAPPY ANNIVERSARY to RUSH LIMBAUGH!!! His Radio Program is now 13 yrs old.

The MILITANT WHACKO ENVIRONMENTALISTS who have successfully made the Federal Gov't adopt "THEIR" Policies, should now be charged with MANSLAUGHTER at least, or 2nd Degree Murder. The policies they FORCED upon the Federal Gov't has, based on the EVIDENCE so far, caused the DEATHS of 4 FIREFIGHTERS!!!! WHY???? Because taking WATER by helicopter MIGHT also contain "Little Fishies" on the ENDANGERED or PROTECTED LIST. Need SPECIAL PERMISSION to get this WATER to save a lowly human being. The Water Drops by helicopter came TOO LATE, 4 already dead.... NOT "Fishies" but PEOPLE WITH FAMALIES!!! See the STORY HERE!!!

I don't understand why people, especially women like to spend so much time in the "JOHN", "RESTROOM", ETC. OK, I know some friends who like to read while the sit and "crap..." And Women are notorious for going there to talk amoung their "Women Friends". And I understand that women take more time, MakeUp, Hygeine, Etc. But with All this, I do the TRIPLE "S" in under 20 Minutes. (Triple "S" means BLUNTLY: Shit, Shower, & Shave). I have never associated the "JOHN" as a HAVEN. BUT, See the STORY HERE!!!

Fast Food Managers be AWARE!!! Now there is "WHOPPER RAGE!!!" A woman upset that her HAMBERGER didn't have BACON, and HAD KETCHUP she didn't want, STABBED the MANAGER in the HEAD with a BALL POINT PEN. See the STORY HERE!!!


CIVIL RIGHTS for ANIMALS!!! What's next? They get to Vote? See the STORY HERE!!!

If you can't find a COP, where would you look next? A DOUGHNUT SHOP? Good Guess. So if you were going to ROB a Business, what would you avoid? So put this BOZO in the STUPID CRIMINAL Catagory. See the STORY HERE!!!

See you Tommorrow!!!

The Political Quote of the Day for 07/31/01:


There's a government in Washington that if it was.... made into a SOAP, it would wash the WORLD.

Ronald Reagan


Ah yes, the Gas Prices are coming down.

I need to keep this short.

PURPLE KETCHUP!!!??? Like the GREEN STUFF wasn't enough last year???? Well I guess kids these days have more time to spend in the Cafeteria than I used to. I ate as fast as I could to get into the next dodgeball or kickball game. OH! That's right, these GAMES are NOW ILLEGAL in many Schools. So to pass the time the children are decorating their lunches like Christmas Cookies. Ketchup now comes in 3 VIBRANT COLORS!!! RED, GREEN, and PURPLE!!! Plus don't forget the VIBRANT YELLOW FRENCH'S MUSTARD!!! Shouldn't LUNCH TIME be an EAT AND PLAY time instead of making "ART" out of your lunch???? Remember there are the "DIRTY" Yellows available thru GREY POUPON, etc. And the other SHADES OF RED of the OTHER KETCHUP MANUFACTURERS!!! Can't disregard the shades of YELLOW from different MANUFACTURERS of NACHO CHEESE. IT would be a GREAT LOSS to this COUNTRY if the ARTISTIC EXPRESSION CHILDREN do to their LUNCH is ignored or suppressed by PHYSICAL ACTIVITY during their LUNCH HOUR. SEE THE STORY HERE!!!

REMEMBER.... The Education these children recieve, will be making the decisions when we are RETIRED. GARBAGE IN, GARBAGE OUT!!! And the adults of Today will get SHIT from this generation of CHILDREN if we don't make things RIGHT!!!

AND NOW for PROOF of the trouble us adults are in for see this article HERE!!!

See you Tomorrow!!!

The Political Quote of the Day for 07/24/01: ENEMIES

A friend is one who has the same enemies you have.

Abraham Lincoln

THANK YOU!!! G.W. BUSH!!! I have just recieved my $300 TAX REFUND!!!

The Political Quote's of the Day for 07/27-30/01:



In politics and in trade, bruisers and pirates are of better promise than talkers and clerks.

Ralph Waldo Emerson



The nice part about being a pessimist is that you are constantly being proven right or pleasantly surprised.

George Will



When the president does it, that means it's not illegal.

Richard Nixon

Very chilly here in the Desert Southwest today, 1PM and still below 90 degrees. Hell, I don't wear shorts unless it's at LEAST 100! This could be troublesome on my vacation back to Northern NY in less than 2 weeks for the 1st time in 17 years. I just checked the weather there, 4PM and the high for the day is 71, low of 49. Oh Boy!!! I wear a winter jacket when it gets below 50 here. This will be interesting.

One thing I am happy about, Gas Prices continue to drop, now at $1.26 9/10ths for Regular Unleaded here. But I want to see it at $.99 9/10ths a gallon and stay there. You know, One Buck, One Gallon. That's what I want.

FOOTBALL ON THE WAY!!! All the training camps are now open. Unfortunately, I will miss my 2nd Cardinals Game in 12 years on Aug 18th. As I will be in NY for my 20 year High School Reunion. Travis who I work with, gets to see the game in my place, against the Oakland Raiders. Being a kindhearted soul, I gave him the ticket and parking pass for Free.

I did recieve an Email today infected with the "SirCam Worm". From someone in LONDON!!! Why I am on their Email Address Book, I don't know. But I was aware of the "worm" and deleted it. Then I updated my Anti-Virus Software Progam, even though I just did it 9 Days ago. I normally update my Anti-Virus every 2 weeks. I may have to rethink this and do it weekly, or more often. This is the 1st time I was vulnerable to a worm or virus as my Anti-Virus has always caught and automatically deleted Emails with a Virus or Worm until now. And I have been averaging over 80 Emails a day for the past 3 Years without a problem.

An UNATTENDED "POP-TART" in an UNATTENDED "TOASTER" causes a FIRE!!! So what does the "Victim" do? INSTEAD of realizing that she was STUPID and NEGLIGENT, she is SUING! NEVERMIND the Warnings on the Product and the Appliance to never leave it, them, unattended. See the STORY HERE!!! Here is my opinion. Not only should she not be able to sue, but she should PAY for the Firefighters and all incidentals to put the FIRE out. Plus, because of her STUPIDITY she INCREASED the POLLUTION in the AIR. So the EPA should sue her too....

HELMETS for BIKE RIDERS, HEAD INJURIES are UP!!! GO FIGURE!!! I never wore a HELMET as a kid riding my bike. And my friends and I made ramps and played "EVIL KNIEVEL". Never a Head Injury, but plenty of BUTT injuries from pulling on the handle bars too hard, and landing on our ASS!!! See the STORY HERE!!!

NEW YORK'S BEST makes a MAJOR BUST!!! While they are unable to bust any of the "HOMELESS" and drug and alcohol addicts, the LAW against Public WEE-WEE is now starting to be enforced. The 1st hardened addict, lawbreaker to be snared in this Stepped Up Enforcement is a VERY DANGEROUS CRIMMINAL, a 3 year old!!! See the STORY HERE!!!

Bill Clinton recieves a big welcome from slackers and low lifes who depend on $$$ from US, the people who ACTUALLY WORK for their living. AND,,, because WE work for our living, the FEDERAL GOV'T STEALS the $$$ from us to pay for these dregs of society to live on. Bill Clinton in HARLEM, I suppose he was truly this Nation's 1st Black Liberal President. See the STORY HERE!!!


The Political Quote of the Day for 07/26/01: MAJORITY RULES

Whenever you find that you are on the side of the majority, it is time to reform.

Mark Twain

Been a long night/Day. I regards to yesterday's posting: Well I recieved an Email from MSN MONEY tech support. Yep, there is a problem. And a guy named ABDUL is going to help me thru Email....GREAT... I guess it will be a month or so before I get this working correctly again. Now to my ARIZONA DROWNINGS CLAIM from yesterday. Though we live in the middle of a desert, AZ has one of the highest rates of DROWNINGS. To support my claim, see the STORY HERE!!! So those of you Emailing me that there can't be many drownings in AZ because: "WE HAVE LITTLE WATER". Can stuff it.

Been a long day/night. See you Tomorrow. A bigger UPDATE!!!

The Political Quote of the Day for 07/25/01: BASEBALL

Hotter'n hell, ain't it Prez?

Babe Ruth, said to Calvin Coolidge

I should get this out of the way 1st. I did cash in my TAX REFUND CHECK today, $300 to me the Gov't can't take back. Noe to fill you in... I track my Stocks and Mutual Funds, etc. thru CNBC.COM. Well for the 2nd Time I was forced to move all this info to another web site. The 1st time it took me a month to get things "RIGHT" again. Well now they moved me to MSN. Talk about a total nightmare!!! Of coarse the Email addresses for CNBC.COM no longer work, In an EMAIL I was told it would be a SMOOTH TRANSFER of my FINANCIAL INFORMATION. WELL!!! DATA is missing, the smooth transfer is a FARCE!!! and now MSN totals my Accounts to show that I made over $43,000 since 11 PM last night. YEAH RIGHT!!! This is another blunderbust by CNBC.COM and MSN.COM is also involved. After all if I have an active website, and somewhat Computer Literate, AND I CAN'T FIGURE OUT WHAT THE HELL HAPPENED, what about other former users of the CNBC.COM Web Site? Well you CAN'T contact them. I guess that was part of the plan.

AND!!! A Source for NEWS that I use switched Web Addresses TODAY, ie: a New Name, and the "OLD NAME" doesn't work. NO WARNING just like CNBC. MY WEB LINKS are in MELTDOWN, and I'M PISSED OFF!!! I got the NEWS link working, but I am still wondering about the $43,000. THERE GOES 2 HOURS ONLINE TIME I would Normally use to research NEWS, ETC for you. So obviously this will be a brief update to the best of my ability and minimal commentary. I have to EAT, and get at least 5 hours of SLEEP before work. I apologize for my Human Frailties.


And, doesn't it figure??? Since the Gov't has already attacked "UNDER COOKED MEAT", and "EGGS OVEREASY". NOW MEDIUM WELL OR WELL DONE MEAT are CANCER CAUSING!!! I am DAMN SICK AND TIRED OF THIS BS!!! Too RED or TOO DARK. DO NOT TELL ME HOW TO COOK AND EAT MY FOOD for nurishment and pleasure!!! THE #1 CAUSE OF DEATH, is being BORN. EVERYONE BORN, so far, after a certain time, DIES!!!! AND I BET WATER causes more DEATHS than Medium Rare, Or Medium Well done cooked STEAKS. Especially Here in AZ. Where Drownings happen EVERYDAY. Grilled Steaks are compared to ARSENIC!!! See the STORY HERE!!! SHUT UP,SHUT UP,SHUT UP!!!!

Good Lord!!! Everything we do, has a risk of DEATH. However if you eliminate all the risks you are the 1st to DIE!!! LIFE, being Biological, for us, and all we EAT, is ULTIMATELY FATAL. I personally believe I am IMMORTAL, I can only be wrong Once!!!

Gotta Go, See you Tommorrow!!!

The Political Quote of the Day for 07/24/01: ENEMIES

A friend is one who has the same enemies you have.

Abraham Lincoln

THANK YOU!!! G.W. BUSH!!! I have just recieved my $300 TAX REFUND!!!

WHY DID I GET THIS $$$ BACK??? BECAUSE I PAY TAXES AND I WAS OVERCHARGED!!! Sure $300 isn't much, but it is $300 more than AL GORE would have given me. Plus the TAX RATES have gone down, not by much, but WE do get to keep more of what WE EARN. That is also more than AL GORE would have given US, best CASE would be no REFUND and TAX RATES stay the same. Worst Case a Retroactive TAX Increase, and TAX RATES INCREASE.

You Liberals save your breath. I will AUTOMATICALLY DELETE any EMAIL or MESSAGES to me on how UNFAIR it is to POOR SINGLE MOM's on FOOD STAMPS and Subsidized HOUSING who don't work, and they could and really need the $$$ from "RICH" people like me. I respond with this: I was NEVER STUPID ENOUGH to have UNPROTECTED SEX with a "woman" that I did not consider the possible consequences. If YOU as a woman have UNPROTECTED SEXUAL RELATIONS with a "LOSER" man who cannot even support himself, then you have MESSED your OWN BED and you were consenting to it. DO NOT EXPECT ME TO SAVE YOUR SORRY ASS!!!.

OH GEE,,, I am hard on these WELFARE WOMEN who only decided to have "FUN", and AIN'T it AMAZING, EVERYTIME they have "FUN" they get PREGNANT!!! AND WANT US who work for a living, and get TAX REFUND CHECKS BECAUSE WE PAY TAXES, to PAY their way thru LIFE. I say IRRESPONSIBILTY has a PRICE.

LAWS against STUPIDITY. Hmmm,,,, I think this also pertains to my comment. See the STORY HERE!!!

I have more NEWS, but it will have to wait until Tomorrow.

The Political Quotes of the Day for 07/21 - 23/01:

07/21 - 22/01


You can't shake hands with a clenched fist.

Indira Gandhi



I forgive him, since I know the frailty of human nature. He has such a tremendous personality that I think the ladies will just go wild over him.

Reverend Billy Graham


Lets start on a lighthearted note. Yesterday I saw Jurassic Park III, Dinosaurs eating people. Then I went to a friends house where we were having a BBQ, and playing a shotened version of "HORSE" called "PIG" in the Pool. Played 3 games, the 3rd Game was for the championship of the Day, if I won, otherwise a "rubbermatch". Well here is the Photo, brightened up in a photo editing program, since it was dark. What you see is The Smoker Dave Splashdown as the basketball has just gone thru the NET, AS SMOKER DAVE WINS!!!

Well on Saturday I did Recieve a Notice from the IRS to expect a $300 Check this week...HURRAY!!! But do you want to know what the local TV Stations did here? They interviewed people, mostly single Moms who were convinced that being "Head of Household" made them eligible for $500 Tax Refund. Well when they got the Notice from the IRS that they wouldn't get a REFUND, because they didn't PAY ANY FEDERAL INCOME TAXES, We were subjected to the sob stories. BOO HOO!!! I am stay at home MOM with 5 kids, living off of FOOD STAMPS, and Subsidized Housing, WHAT DO YOU MEAN BY,,,,SINCE I DIDN'T PAY TAXES I'M INELEGIBLE FOR A REFUND???? I tell you, a substantial portion of the population are total idiots and morons, and they are having children as frequently as dogs and cats have litters.

Well I'll tell you on how I plan to spend this REFUND I would never have got if GORE was Elected. I get to have an extra $300 worth of FUN on my vacation in less than 3 weeks, (17 days).

OK, What's in the NEWS TODAY???

Well this STORY is bizzare. Who would have thought of a FART STUDY? Turns out FARTS not only smell bad in enclosed places, but also are "germy". See the STORY HERE!!!

I admit it, I Love watching the cartoon SPONGEBOB SQUAREPANTS on Nick. Here is a STORY about it. HERE!!!

The Political Quote of the Day for 07/20/01: CONGRESS

At home, you always have to be a politician. When you're abroad, you almost feel yourself a statesman.

Harold Macmillan.

FINALLY the WEEKEND!!! Well,,, 32 Years ago TODAY Neil Armstrong and "Buzz" Aldrin set foot on the MOON, JULY 20TH,1969. I was only 6 yrs old, but I remember watching it on TV. It is amazing that 32 yrs ago we sent men to the MOON nearly 250,000 miles away, and TODAY we have leaks, computer trouble on the INTERNATIONAL SPACE STATION less than 250 miles up. AND we can't get back to the MOON Today even if we wanted to, or needed to. It would probably take 10 yrs to do it, which is an even longer period of time than when President Kennedy made it a Goal to land men on the MOON before the 1960's decade concluded. GRANTED we have many satalites bringing TV etc. But why have WE retreated in Exploration, when our nature as humans is to press forward??? Since 1969 EVERY sector of Human endeavors has moved forward exponentialy, except manned Space Exploratian, which has retreated. Why is that???

I am looking forward to tonight, the Moon rises after 4 AM, clear skies are forcast. I am taking my Telescope outside of the LIGHJT POLLUTION of the Valley of The Sun. I should get some GREAT Viewing opportunities in. For those of you who don't know where I go, I call it SMOKER MOUNTAIN. Most call it "The SUPERSTITIONS". For a view to where I am going, CLICK HERE!!!

Well, What's New Today? Well I did fill up my car for $1.339 per gallon, I like the prices going down. BUT I want it to go down to $1 per gallon. You know... $10,,,10 Gallons.

I am supposed to be in the FIRST WAVE of the TAX REBATE CHECKS. My Social Security # ends in 03. As of now, no notice to me yet, From what I learned, I should be getting the MAX $300 as a Single Taxpayer. This would come in handy for my trip back to Northern NY in 3 weeks. GIVE ME THE $$$$!!!!

OF COARSE the proponents of people who pay little or NO Federal Income Taxes, are also EXPECTING a CHECK. Let me reiterate, if you didn't PAY FEDERAL INCOME TAXES, you DON'T get a REFUND on the TAXES. GOOD GRIEF!!! IS this so hard to understand? See the STORY HERE!!!

The Political Quote of the Day for 07/19/01: CONGRESS

I'm the only member here who hasn't broken both arms by patting myself on the back.

Pete Stark, California congressman, on the 1998-99 budget agreement.

The people who run California are even bigger idiots than I imagined. I know a lot of people who moved from AZ to CA, all would generally LOWER the IQ of the State of CA except 1. And his intials are RT. Now remember the "Rolling Blackouts" in CA.? Well in an idiotic panic move, CA. bought and committed to expensive long term contracts, at $138. They, CA. is now selling this POWER for $1. To residents in CA. who have a brain, I am sorry that idiotic boneheads from AZ moved to your State in search for Fame and Fortune, and helped precipitate the downward spiral of the "net mental capacity" for your State. Well I think I will stay here in MESA, AZ. Where my Electic bill is under $50, and gas is $1.34 a gallon. See the Story HERE!!!

So what's NEW in POLITICS? Well I'll tell you,,,, This has not happened before, even while the disgraced Former President Clinton travelled Overseas when he was still President. It has been since the beginnings of THIS COUNTRY, that while the President is out of the COUNTRY, members of CONGRESS keep their MOUTH SHUT about differing views on POLICY. WELL.... That long standing tradition was broken today by the SENATE MAJORITY LEADER Tom Daschle. He didn't comment while President Bush was still here, and wouldn't wait until he came back from Europe. The MEDIA and LIBERALS raised HOLY HELL whenever CLINTON was criticised as UNFAIR, UNJUST, and NONE OF OUR BUSINESS, while OLE' SLICK was IN THE COUNTRY. But the LIBERAL DEMOCRATS have no problem attacking Bush as soon as he leaves the COUNTRY, including the SENATE "MAJORITY" LEADER. Can you say or think it? I can, THEY , the LIBERALS, ARE 2 FACED BASTARDS. AND I am being very kind in my description of these DEMONS sent by SATAN to try to DAMN ALL OF US into the BOILING SEWAGE PIT OF HELL that the LIBERALS want all of us in. SEE THE STORY HERE!!!

I have a couple of Work Issues to handle before work tonight, I'll see you tomorrow!!!

The Political Quote of the Day for 07/18/01: MONEY TALKS

It's a terribly hard job to spend a billion dollars and get your money's worth.

George Humphrey, former secretary of treasury.

Well because of my limited postings with New Photo's from my Cheapo $150 Digital Camera, thru this website and a couple of Newsletters. There are a few people at work now very interested in getting their own Digital Camera. They were VERY surprised at the Quality on my web site, or the Email of the Photo's. These were the lowest Quality Setting on this Cheapo Digital Camera. A lot of interest is because of the Photo from my Digital Camera in 07/13/01 Posting, and the Newsletters I send out. Now I feel like a consumer advocate. So here is what i did the past 2 months. I found a Website that does a decent job of walking you thru the Digital Camera World, ie: What you want to spend, what you want, and what extra Bells and Whistles you don't need. Here is the WEBSITE:HERE!!!

Now I know that many of you want to Know what I bought after a month of Searching, and wanted to buy it NEW. Well I bought it at BEST BUY, as they have a SALE on a Digital Camera that met my needs for the price I was willing to Pay. Here is the HERE!!!

OK... What's in the NEWS TODAY???

Remember yesterday's Posting on PEANUT BUTTER??? The Sliced and Prepackaged Peanut Butter, like Cheese Slices??? And how about JELLY SLICES??? Well it turns out this is a big deal in PRISONS, and I thought there couldn't possibly be a market for this, these, products, except for Lazy Parents who didn't want their kids to tear the Bread... See the STORY HERE!!! And THIS could cause RIOTS in PRISONS???

Now this is up my alley, a Big UFO Flap in NJ, see the story from ABC NEWS HERE!!!

Well I have learned, that UFO, or Paranormal Stories generate a few emails. I KNOW that this type of STORY generates even MORE EMAIL to me. What the HELL, let the ESTROGEN laden Women email at me.

Here is the Title of the Article. "TODAY'S WOMEN MAKE BAD WIVES". See the STORY HERE!!!


The Political Quote of the Day for 07/17/01: NEVILLE CHAMBERLAIN

In the depths of that dusty soul is nothing but abject surrender.

Winston Churchill

Well things are returning to "Normal" here in AZ. The High Temps are around 105 degrees, +, or -. Again, Normal for here. Those of Us on the GRAVEYARD SHIFT are anticipating the return of the CRIMMINALS who busted windows and stole personal property. Especially since the Police said they would be back soon because of the "Large Haul" they had on their 1st pass. Besides making my own car has theft proof as possible, I have doubled my parking lot patrols to once per hour. I can't do anymore than that, I also have a Lab to Supervise.

OK, now let's see what we have in the NEWS!

SLICED PEANUT BUTTER???? ARE WE THIS LAZY??? Is the SKILL of SPREADING PEANUT BUTTER on a slice of BREAD without tearing it,,,TOO difficult to teach to today's CHILDREN??? Is the fact that a "BLUNT" KNIFE is involved part of this? REMEMBER the "ZERO TOLERENCE" on WEAPONS in SCHOOL. So now SLICED PEANUT BUTTER SLICES are coming our way. I guess next is "SLICED JELLY". I imagin this is what our ancestors thought about the commercial "SLICED BREAD". After all, WE HAVE accepted sliced BREAD, and sliced CHEESE, and SLICED LUNCH MEAT, for sandwiches. HOW long before we have packaged MUSTARD and KETCHUP and SALT and PEPPER??? OH!!! I don't mean the the packages TODAY! I mean packages of these condiments in a form like "SLICED INDIVIDUALLY WRAPPED CHEESE". You know,,, A Slice of this, a slice of that, and a Slice of Mustard, and a slice of pepper. With a small slice of SALT!!! See the STORY HERE!!!

I have to go. But Remember I put Peanut Butter and Jelly on my Bread the "OLD FASHION" Way. I AM a SKILLED user with a knife in spreading PEANUT BUTTER, and JELLY on SLICED BREAD without tearing the BREAD!!! GOD, Give me STRENGTH!!!... Sliced Peanut Butter, Has to be a SIN!!! See you Tomorrow!!!

The Political Quotes of the Day for 07/14 - 16/01:



Thank you for the Flowers. They were delicious.

George Reedy, overweight press secretary to presidents Kennedy and Johnson, on being sent flowers at the hospital.



Every bright spot the White House finds in the economy is like the policeman bending over the body in the alley and saying cheerfully, "Two wounds are fatal. The other one is not so bad."

John F. Kennedy, on the Eisenhower administration's rosy economic forecasts.


Well, I have "Crime-Proofed" my car as much as possible. The most I could lose in a repeat attack at the "Secret Lab's" Parking Lot, is: 1 pack of Smokes, 1 Lighter, 1 LED Flashlight, 1 Tire Pressure gauge, and paperwork of past repairs to my car. My new Digital Camera, I will continue to take with me, except now, I will bring it into work and leave it in my office instead of the car. Everything else of value is now stored in the trunk.

Well let's see what is in the NEWS TODAY.

Let's start with PETA. These Animal Rights Whacko's are now taking issue with the BOY SCOUTS, because a couple of their Merit Badges includes an option of FISHING to fill one of the Reguirements for the Badge. PETA is saying...."Oh the PAIN these FISH SUFFER when hooked!!!". Give me a break!!! Next they will be complaining about the, "PAIN and SUFFERING the WORM", on the hook goes thru. See the STORY HERE!!!

Here is another Whacko. She is doing without Power by CHOICE, not because she can't afford it. I say, HEY!!! If you are going to do this, then why not slap on a solar panel on your ROOF, or at least rig up some hoses for HOT WATER..... See the STORY HERE!!!

PENNIES GONE???? I am sorry to say this proposed Bill is from a Congressman from AZ. He wants to ELIMINATE PENNIES as a LEGAL FORM OF TENDER. The amount you pay will be rounded to the nearest NICKEL. EX. if the bill is $1.82, you only pay $1.80.... if the bill is $1.83, you pay $1.85. This Congressman says this would all even out. I say BULL!!! All the Merchants will figure out a way to make sure all the transactions make the TOTAL to round UP!!! PLUS, say GOODBYE to the little dishes by the Cash Register with the sign, "Take a Penny, Leave a Penny". This is a VERY BAD IDEA. See the STORY HERE!!!

Now for this Story, what ever happened to HOME OWNERS RIGHTS? Or how about, How Does your Garden Grow? See the STORY HERE!!!

Well you don't see these Sports on ESPN, but I do have affinity for these type of Sports. See the STORY HERE!!!

JUST in case you EVER wanted to know why the "SHOWER CURTAIN" sucks inward, hewre is the answer. See the STORY HERE!!!

See you Tomorrow!!!

The Political Quote of the Day for 07/13/01: WAR and PEACE

Peace is not the absence of conflict but the ability to cope with conflict by peaceful means.

Ronald Reagan

This is Friday the 13th. An Especially unlucky day for many I work with. Between 01:57 AM and 02:10 AM, the Parking Lot for the "SECRET LAB" was hit by a GANG. 6 Vehicals were busted into, and probably over $6,000 in damage and stolen property. All in under 10 MINUTES!!!. My car, and I, was NOT Victimized. But I would probably feel better if it was only me, instead of 6 others.

The Political Quote of the Day for 07/12/01: BASEBALL

Being a Cubs fan prepares you for life in Washington.

Hillary Clinton

Well we did break 100 degrees yesterday, BARELY, and probably will do so again today. But still BELOW Normal Temps.

Well last night was a "normal" night at the "Secret Lab". I am thankful for that. I have just one more night to go before the WEEKEND!!! And of coarse, unless somehow I am able to leave early, I will end up with OverTime again.

OK, Let's see what I have for you in NEWS!!!

HAD TO BE CALIFORNIA!!! They are trying to TAX Satellite Reception of Californian Residents, because, they think they can. The Assumption is if Residents can access it, even if the Satellite NEVER Passes over California AIRSPACE, it is TAXABLE. See the STORY HERE!!!

Can you say, "MOO!!!"??? Well this guy for the 2nd time is arrested for having SEX with CATTLE. He is either REALLY REALLY UGLY, and can't even get a Fat Woman. Or really demented. Though no picture of him is provided, I bet he is just really Demented. See the STORY HERE!!!

Well I guess this seals it. I am Not ITALIAN. I am 1/2 Hungarian, and 1/2 Mutt. This Story says that Italian Men are AFRAID of Big BREASTS. Don't believe me? SEE THE STORY HERE!!!

I have a QUESTION for You All. When was the last time you heard the words, PERJURY, OBSTRUCTION OF JUSTICE, in a SEX Case involving a politician?

ANSWER: SLICK WILLY, BILL CLINTON, FORMER President of the INTERN SEXUAL EXPLOITATION CLUB. NOW Gary Condit is trying to assume the Leadership Role in this. Doing a Good Job in this regard. See the STORY HERE!!!

Well Space Shuttle ALANTIS Blasted off to Space to link up with the International Space Station early this morning. While I couldn't see the Launch here in AZ. I did get to see the Space Station SHINE BRIGHTLY around 04:20 AM this morning while I was taking a SMOKE BREAK at work, It streaked across the Sky for 2 or 3 minutes before fading out. See the STORY HERE!!!

See You Tomorrow!!!

The Political Quote of the Day for 07/11/01: ORATORY

The most successful politician is he who says what everybody is thinking most often and in the loudest voice.

Theodore Roosevelt

Hell of a night at work in "The Secret Lab" last night. I hope that all the Trouble I put myself and my staff through brings positive returns. I and others worked our Asses Off. If you could see me now, I have no ASS left. I would have preffered losing the Beer Belly 1st. But how often do you hear, "I worked my Beer Belly Off..."

Now for the GLOBAL COOLING PROOF. We are 11 days into JULY, RIGHT now in the Phoenix Area of AZ. We are already setting records for the # of Days below 100 degrees for the month of JULY, and we still have nearly 3 weeks to go!!! But it is nearly 2PM here now, and 98 degrees. So we will most likely hit 100 today in an hour or 2.

I have STORIES to post, but it will have to wait. I am TIRED, worked hard last night, and had to deal with scheduling confusion. I won't go into the DETAILS, but I DESERVE an EAT, (Spaghetti and Meatballs), and 6 hours of SLEEP, before I go back into work tonight. See you Tomorrow!!!

The Political Quote of the Day for 07/10/01: PRINCIPLES

What is morally wrong cannot be politically right.

William Gladstone

Hmm... Well this quote is certainly timely during this Condit, missing Young Female Intern thing. And his willingness to have his DC Apt searched after he had 11 weeks to get it "clean"...

Well, 1 Month from today I will be on my way back to Northern NY for the 1st time in 17 years to attend my 20th High School Reunion. I have had a few emails on where I'm going so once again here is a link to the MAP. The RED STAR denotes my Home Town of Lowville, NY. Pronounced as, "L" OW, as in OW!!! ville. On the MAP you can ZOOM in closer. I'll be there for 10 days, you can count on pictures being posted in the "PHOTO GALLERY". I am still practicing with my new Digital Camera, If I get something good before then, I will post it.

Hmmmm. Well besides a couple of hot days over a week ago, which is expected in ARIZONA, and we have been having a lot fewer of these the past few years compared to 10 - 15 years ago, We here in ARIZONA ARE COLD!!! 10 Degrees below normal the past week, staying below 100 in JULY!!!! It is after 1 PM now, the Temp is still only 91. Now that may seem HOT to some of you, but it should be 105. I don't wear shorts unless it's over 100. Otherwise I get cold. Global Warming.... A FARCE to us here in AZ.

But OUR DEAR SENIOR SENATOR (RINO)(Republican In Name Only) McCAIN, the beloved of the Major Liberal Media, is also now going off on the "GLOBAL WARMING" Issue. Sen. McCain is ingnoring the recall effort that is gaining speed here in AZ, since he has ABANDONED the people who Elected him, and now is trying to represent everyone but the STATE of ARIZONA. See the STORY HERE!!!

I see a LAWSUIT coming from this..... HOE THE HELL does this pickled person get 6 DUI's in less than 7 weeks? Well this latest incident happened within a 1/2 mile of my Mom's home, and within 5 miles of ME!!! This Pickled Bitch was drining in areas kids are present, and had no REGARD for the damage or suffering she caused. She may be only 39 years old, but when I saw the initial stary on TV last night showing her, I thought she was in her mid or late 50's. What a BITCH! I would sentence her to an intraveinous transfusion of 2 Gallons of 151 Proof RUM. I call it LETHAL INJECTION. See the STORY HERE!!!

DAMN!!! Well I guess this may come under "STALKING", but if I get shot and die on the 1st week of the job, I'd Quit and find another. Yes it happened here in AZ. But you can't blame the HEAT as it has been COLD here. See the STORY HERE!!!

This is NOT GOOD NEWS!!! Now the Feminists and NOW (National Organization of Women, or NAGS, National Association of GalS), have now hope to get rid of MEN and still procreate without "Sperm Banks". Watch Out GUYS!!! The ANTI-MEN FEMINISTS are finding ways to make US EXTINCT!!! See the STORY HERE!!!

Now this is disturbing, even for NEW YORK. Mayoral Candidate PROMISES to RAISE TAXES, and HE IS STILL A VIABLE CANDIDATE!!!! See the STORY HERE!!!

Time for me to eat and sleep, 2PM, still Only 93 degrees here. See you tomorrow!!!

The Political Quotes of the Day for 07/07 - 09/01:

07/07 - 08/01


In politics, if you want anything said, ask a man; if you want anything done, ask a woman.

Margaret Thatcher



The single most exciting thing you encounter in government is competence because it's so rare.

Daniel Patrick Moynihan


Damn!, its been cold here in AZ the past few days. Currently afternoon and the Temp still hasn't hit 90. In fact we have been setting ALL - TIME RECORDS for RECORD LOW HIGH TEMP recently. In fact, I think it was last Friday, our High Temp for the Day was only 89, broke the "old" Record of 93 degrees easily. More evidence of Global Cooling.

Well at least the Courts here got something right. GRELL who murdered his 2 yr old daughter by pouring GAS on her and lighting her on FIRE, gets the DEATH PENALTY. But his Lawyers will APPEAL, saying he is retarded, or has a mental disease that caused this. Well apparently he was deemed smart enough to get married, and get a Drivers License. Besides should MENTAL DEFECTIVES who KILL be allowed to live when if someone deemed "not-retarded" and does the same crime gets the Death Penalty? My opinion is ANYONE who commits a crime so despicable, should be hung from the nearest pole. See the STORY HERE!!!

OH NO!!! 401(k) Plans lost $$$ recently. Well of coarse the LIBERALS are using this as THE REASON to deny individuals from being able to Invest a portion of the Social Security Taxes on their OWN, instead of the Social Security Annual return of less than 1.5%. This Article states that some people put all their 401(k) $$$ into their own Company's Stock, or 1 Agressive Mutual Fund. HELLO!!! These people don't know what diversification is. They think it's Gays and Minorities in the workplace. So they must think to themselves, "Yep, I'm diverse....". Well because of some STUPID people, and the general public believing anything written in the NEWSPAPER, they are assuming that individual retirement accounts are a bad idea. The Stock Market goes up and down. When it is down, it is a BUYING Opportunity into good dependable Companies. AND... Everyone should KNOW that Retirement Accounts and 401(k)'s are for the LONG TERM. Long Term is NOT 1 calender year, but 5 to 40 years. Hell if you want a GUARENTEED RATE, just put your $$$ into a CD with a guarenteed rate of return. But I guess some people think you buy the CD's at the local Music Store. See the STORY HERE!!!

So much for the FEMINIST demand that they can do anything a MAN can, when it comes to MILITARY TRAINING. A Female Officer in the MARINES has COMPLAINED that the weekly JOG was DEMEANING!!!! Can YOU BELIEVE IT???!!! Plus the Fact that the faster Runners make fun of the Slowpokes. CAN'T have THAT!!! A Marine Female Officer having her SELF-ESTEEM degraded because others can RUN faster than her. SEE the STORY HERE!!!

This next Story is called "HISTORY MAKING". Because they are "VEGANS". I say, FINE. Live long and prosper. But don't try to convert me or harrass me because I Like EATING MEAT and DAIRY PRODUCTS. See the STORY HERE!!!

TEACHERS all upset about testing the students to see if they are learning anything other than Protecting the Environment, understanding the GAY Lifestyle, that CIGARRETTES cause MILLIONS of non-smokers to DIE a HORRIBLE DEATH, even though the life expectancy keeps rising.... Plus they don't mention the fact that the SMOKERS lost years of life is the end of life. And the last few years of Life usually suck anyways. Most people who work are regularly graded on their performance on the JOB, raises and promotions are based on this. BUT!!! Teachers don't want to be graded!!!! Even though THEIR JOB is to TEACH the CHILDREN!!! See the STORY HERE!!!

This leads into this STORY. So nobody "FEELS" bad, at H.S. GRADUATION, we will have MANY valedictorians. One High School had 90!!! REMEMBER,,,,, SELF-ESTEEM of "THE CHILDREN" is most IMPORTANT!!! See the STORY HERE!!!

So there you have it, the NEWS of the DAY. True Life IS Stranger than FICTION. See you Tomorrow!!!

The Political Quote of the Day for 07/06/01: FOOD, GLORIOUS FOOD

For once Rush can't be accused of not knowing what he's talking about.

Jay Leno, on Rush Limbaugh doing commercials for PIZZA HUT.


I thank GOD that the WEEKEND is finally here. WOO HOO!!! I can use it.

A strange day here in AZ, morning rain and High Temp to be below 100 degrees. I can deal with it, I'll just wear a sweater or jacket. Well I am still doing a "Validation" of my new digital camera. I am starting to get the hang of it. You know the initial "Trial and Error" of working with a new product, especially if you are like me, ignore the directions until you fail. Ha Ha!!!

Now to the NEWS

Aholics, I don't understand. If you CAN'T controll your "URGES" be it for Drugs, Alcohol, Sex, OR SHOPPING!!! Here is a STORY on a SHOPAHOLIC. WHAT a FARCE and demonstrates a TOTAL LACK OF SELF CONTROL. BUT it is being presented as a LEGAL DEFENSE in a FEDERAL CASE. See the STORY HERE!!!I guess it's a SHOP 'TILL YOU DROP DEFENSE for MENTSAL HEALTH

I must tell you, I am glad this didn't happen to me. See the STORY HERE!!!

Now let me get this Straight. People are all upset over ABORTION of LIVING HUMAN BEINGS. Either Pro-Choice or Pro-Life,,, RIGHT??? SO WHY THE HELL is a GROUP in FLORIDA Advocating a STATE CONSTITUTIONAL AMMENDMENT to PROTECT PREGNANT PIGS????!!!! Tell me, isn't it ethically and morally better to save an unborn Human Life over a PIGLET???? I would like to Question these "people" about their stance on ABORTION, the deliberate Killing of an unborn child, and their advocacy of protecting PIGS.... See the STORYHERE!!!

Now to end the WEEK, I provide a LINK to PEOPLE who are against the TAX CUT we just got thanks to G.W. Bush. If you don't "FEEL ENTITLED" or "UNDESERVING" of keeping More of the $$ you earned. Here is a Web Site that can help you dispense of this EVIL $$$. See the LINK HERE!!!

See you Monday!!!

The Political Quote of the Day for 07/05/01: PRESIDENTIAL CAMPAIGNS

If I am nominated, I will not run. If I am elected, I will not serve. But if you beg me, I just might reconsider.

Alexander Haig


Previous Postings now in the ARCHIVES. Links are above.

AH!! A New file to start, plenty of room!!!! My posting for 07/04/01 was difficult, as the file ran out of room for what I wanted to post, so I had to do some "tweaking" to be able to fit most of what I wanted. NOTHING was deleted from the file, but I had to eliminate spaces between paragraphs etc. on the file. It doesn't change the appearence on the web site, but you can see how compressded the file is if you view the "SOURCE CODE".

Well I Officially Declare the WAR I waged with my PC and new Digital Camera earlier this week to be WON by me. Communication between the Camera and PC is going flawlessly and my 32 MEG Compact FlashCard is operating well also. With the 32MEG FlashCard and the Camera's internal storage space, I can take nearly 300 photo's of the same quality as you see in my PHOTO GALLERY. Right now I am practicing with it so I am "skilled" at using the camera.

I know some of you might be curious to what Digital Camera I bought. Here is the rundown. I wanted a Digital Camera for my 20th High School ReUnion back in Northern NY in August. Plus I also figured it would be helpfull if big news, ie: Fire, Accidents, etc. happen as I drive along. I would be able to post the Photo's immediately. As most of you know, the Quality required for Email Photo's, and thusly posted on a Web Site, is the LOWEST Setting on the Digital Camera.

So for the past 2 or 3 weeks I had researched thru the Web and The Sunday Paper Sales, what I wanted the camera to do, and keep the mostly useless "FLASHY" BELLS and WHISTLES to a minimum. Well I found a few Cameras that met my needs and wants. And what happened on this past Sunday? BEST BUY had one of them on SALE! SLAM DUNK! I went and bought it. It is a KODAK DC3200. See the specs HERE!!!

Now to NEWS

Well I'm not surprised that there are "Pro-Anorexria" Web Sites. It is disturbing though. See the STORY HERE!!!

The Woman who DROWNED her kids in the Bathtub is being defended and sympathized by Femininist Organizations. Defending her as a VICTIM of Male Controlled Society. It appears that the TRUE VICTIMS, the children who were DROWNED doesn't count in the Extreme Wing of the Feminist Organizations. See the STORY HERE!!!

TEENS in School not being taught basic HISTORY. This obviously most of them also have NO CLUE about our CONSTITUTIONAL RIGHTS. Sadly these TEENAGERS will be in charge when the rest of us are RETIRED. The PUBLIC SCHOOL SYSTEM run by whacky Liberals should be charged at least with DERELICTION OF DUTY. See the STORY HERE!!!

Now how about this? The US Military is working on a NEW WEAPON to be used against civilians, that's us folks. The WEAPON is a STINK BOMB to break up demonstrations and riots. What could this "SMELL" be? Well I surmise that to break up demonstrations by Liberals, Environmentalists, Gun Control Groups, Pro-Abortionists, Anti-Cell Phone/Driving Activists, ETC. Is to have the "STINK BOMB" smell like 2nd Hand Cigarrette Smoke. Now to disperse demonstrations by Conservatives, and FREEDOM Lovers, and Pro-1st&2nd Ammendment Activists, they need to find a "LIBERAL/SOCIALIST" "SMELL". What is a "LIBERAL SMELL"? I don't know. Because you see Conservatives, FREEDOM Loving people are TOLERANT of people and things. WE don't force the FARM that has been FARMING for Generations to close down because the new sub-division they live in can "SMELL" cow shit. Conservatives don't FORCE Business OWNERS on how to run their Business, Smoking, Non-Smoking. Conservatives DO NOT want to REGULATE every possible normal everyday choice of action you choose to make. BUT THE LIBERALS DO WANT to REGULATE everyday action and choices you make. See the STORY HERE!!! Ain't it a STINKER????