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Remember the NEWS I told you back on 6/30/00? CLICK on the BANNER Add above to find out More Details. Smoker Dave attending for FREE!!! Plus Interviews with the Speakers. My thanks To Vance Davis for this coming opportunity.


I only need 20 more miles on this tire before I replace both tires. Bringing me to basically 4 new tires in the past 3 months.

Did you see the amature video of the Concorde on the news??? A frightful scene. The Democrats/Liberals are attacking Bush's choice of VP. What did they expect??? Bush to choose Ted Kennedy so it's a BALANCED TICKET???!!! Give me a break. The Liberals are running around like they WOULD HAVE VOTED for BUSH, if he chose the right VP. If you believe that, I have some beachfront property just west of California, sure it is underwater NOW, but if you wait LONG enough....

Now for the NEWS.

Call me cold-hearted, or whatever. But I think if someone makes a public disturbance by their own suicide try. You can Kill yourself in the Privacy of your own home and not cause trouble for THOUSANDS of people who WANT to keep living and need to carry on with their own Lives. If this guy was persuaded from SUCIDE by a slice of PIZZA or 2. THEN HE WASN'T REALLY SERIOUS ABOUT IT. See the STORY HERE!!!

PIT BULL DOGS, a truly nasty breed. I think this STORY sums it up. HERE!!!

I say BS on this claim. I think it is a ploy to make $$$$. MOUSE FEET IN NACHOS. Hmmmm, this is a strange looking chip. Yeah right.... See the STORY HERE!!!

Could this be the "ROOT CAUSE" of "AIR RAGE"???? See the STORY HERE!!!

And now a note to a co-worker of mine moving to the Dallas, TX area. DeShong, you have been a great asset to "The Secret Lab". You will be missed. I wish you all the success in your future plans. Maybe sometime we will meet again, besides EMAIL. You can always count on me for a Letter Of Recomendation for future jobs/resume. SMOKER DAVE


Well my deteriating tire has lasted another day. If I can get 60 more miles out of it I will be happy.

Tonight is the LAST night at "The SECRET LAB", for one of my most experianced and able/trusted coworkers. DS will be relocating to Dallas, TX. And hopefully educate well the employees there at the "Other" "Secret Lab" and what the definition of VOLUME is. Even if she is only going to work part-time there. She will be missed here!!!

Lrt's get to some NEWS Today.

This is a bummer, but this can happen in a hostage situation. Imagin what the police officer is going thru emotionally. He was doing the best he could, and his worst nightmare came true. Talk about having severe emotional and mental distress from trying to do your job. Nobody could pay me enough for this kind of job. See the STORY HERE!!!

I really can't fault the hospital or the surgical team. Because they faught frantically to save this police officer's LIFE. And Yes it happened here in AZ. in fact I pass the location of the shooting twice a day when I am working. See the STORY HERE!!!

In OHIO, a 5 day WAITING PERIOD for the purchase of 5 kegs or more of BEER. So now I guess is a background check also???? I guess you can FORGET about having a weekend neighborhood party on a whim when it gets hot. Are we getting too close to the WWII GERMANS?? PAPERS PLEASE..... See the STORY HERE!!!


O.J. SIMPSON BLAMES partly his ex-wife for her DEATH. I assume it is because she MARRIED O.J. in the 1st place.... See the STORY HERE!!!

Here is ANOTHER REASON to not go on a TV TALK SHOW, you can end up DEAD!!! AVOID, a chorus of "JERRY, JERRY, JERRY!!! See the STORY HERE!!!

ADA, Americans with Disabilities Act is 10 yrs. old. HAS it GONE TOO FAR? I think so. But Read the STORY HERE!!!

Why people SPIT. PHTOOIE!!! Well here is the STORY!!!

And now, some useful INFO, HOME REMEDIES, uh huh.... YOU try them and let me know...See the STORY HERE!!!

That's it for today!!! As long as the tire holds out, I will see you tomorrow!!!


I knew I should have said something yesterday about this, but didn't want to predict a crash, or be morbid. Especially since my mom is on vacation in California, flew there and will fly back this Sunday. So I would also refrain talking about possible earthquakes right now. But when I heard the News yesterday about a Concorde for British Airways being grounded for cracks in the wings, what I WANTED to say was. "I would avoid flying on the Concorde right now." So now I will be different. MOM!!! if you here about another type of plane under suspicion, or similiar news, DON'T fly home on the same kind of PLANE!!!!

As I said yesterday, already the Heart Attack jokes have started on Bush's choice for VP. Another thing, since when is having a father who was President a liability? G.W. Bush will have his own advisors, maybe some of the same his dad had. After all it has been less than 8 yrs between administrations. Plus wouldn't having a father who was President very recently, be a huge PLUS as an advisor to his son? Or is it better that a President's most intimate Advisor be a 21 yr old Intern, while the President is on the PHONE to Congressmen deciding whether to send AMERICAN SOLDIERS to harm..... Would it be better for a President getting a few more "whacks" from a 21 yr old Intern, making a "Dignitary" wait. (Arafat) Or is it better for the now President calling his father, the Former President, who has dealt before with the same "Dignitary", for advice on how to proceed, handle the situation, discussion??? Well I think non-verbal oratory skills lose out to actual verbal and negotiating experiance. Al Gore would have to consult with Naiomi Wolf, saying, "Should I be an ALPHA MALE TODAY???"

The Peace talks between the PLO and ISREAL are OFF!!! Clinton's Legacy building derailed. Don't bet on it. You watch. There are 3 different scenarios I can possibly see coming. Remember SLICK WILLY will sacrifice anything, including OUR $$$$ for a LEGACY. So here are the possibilities. A BREAKTHROUGH just before G.W. Bush's acceptance Speech at the GOP Convention. OR, during the DNC Convention, with SLICK WILLY proclaiming, "I couldn't have done it.....WITHOUT OUR NEXT PRESIDENT.... AL GORE!!!!!" OR, lastly. Just before the NATIONAL ELECTION The 2nd scenario is played. Mark my words on this. Then again all my words are here or in the ARCHIVES.

And wouldn't you know it. I have a tire seperating. I had planned on replacing the other 2 tires as recently as last week. But my big car repair bill made me put it off. I had hoped for a month. Ain't going to happen. I just hope I can baby it 'til Friday. It's not a $ issue, but a time issue. So if you find there is not an update this week besides a late one on Friday, you will know it is for one of 2 reasons. Long night at work, At the Tire Shop, Or BOTH.

Just so you know, updates are usually posted by 1PM MST, which right now is the same as California time. Here in ARIZONA we don't do that time change, spring forward, fall back, BS. TOO MANY damn clocks to reset every 6 months...

A cool day here today. Only supposed to get to 112 degrees, might not even have to use the AC today.


Sorry for the delay, but needed a break. Here is something for you. Sometimes a picture is worth more than a thousand words. Remember there IS a LAW about TRUTH in Advertising.

So everyone knows about the Vice President Sweepstakes. Funny thing, seems all the MEDIA is interested in, and slamming, are Bush's contenders. Why is there not a PEEP about who GORE might choose? Leading candidates like Cheney being blasted for a past HEART condition. Sure he has had 3 mild heart attacks, and a quadruple by-pass surgery. But that was over 10 yrs. ago. Appears to be healthy now, and doctors confirm it. At least we know his health status. GUESS who has NEVER RELEASED his health records????? DON'T KNOW???!!! PRESIDENT SLICK WILLY, ya know,,,,, it's a private matter. Clinton's reasoning? I only assume if his health record was made public, history of STD's (Sexually Transmitted Disease) especially if he had Herpes, or HIV,,,, would eliminate the chances of illicit fooling around with Interns and Presidential Groupies. I have no facts for this, but why else would he never release a detailed medical history like every other candidate, or President has????

Or suppose Bush convinces or chooses Collin Powell for VP? OH the Liberal Democrats will be UPSET!!! Imagin the Republican Party being 1st to have a BLACK on the Presidential Ticket. Well, the Liberals won't take this lieing down. They will accuse G. W. Bush of bringing in "DADDY'S" friends, and that Powell is NOT BLACK, just lucky enough to be the TOKEN BLACK in a mean spirited Racist Party. You watch.

Let's discuss PRESIDENTIAL POLITICS a bit. Here is my view. I will vote for the best candidate, (or what it really is, lesser of 2 evils. As most politicians Are corrupt to some degree). My definition of best candidate? The one that poses the LEAST risk to further degrade my RIGHTS granted by The Constitution and The Bill Of Rights. The one who would be most likly to appoint Supreme Court Justices that have in thir Heart the understanding of what The Constitution MEANS, as our Fathers of this Nation MEANT IT. These ARE INDIVIDUAL RIGHTS!!! To sacrifice them for better "SECURITY" is the 1st step to reliance and slavery by BIG GOV'T. The next ISSUE is TAXES. If we are having record surpluses, I want my $$$ BACK!!!! Because sure as hell, I am not getting ANY return for my $$$$. I pay more and more in TAXES, yet this Country is less and less able to defend itself. If the tide isn't turned very soon, we will see terrorist activity in This COUNTRY, that would make terrorism small potatos in the Middle East, Europe, Etc. I reference the article on my opening page. Called "NAME THAT COUNTRY" HERE!!!

I don't expect anyone to follow my path, or my truth. You all have your own paths to the truth, look at the issues, what the candidates stand for and believe. Compare this to what our forefathers intended when this Great Experiment of GIVING THE POWER TO THE PEOPLE, when this Great Nation was founded. Every individual has the right to be Soveriegn, to make his/her own decisions in LIFE to SUCCEED to the best of their own ability. Our own Humanity insures that those who struggle, but try their best, or who fall on dificult times. Our Churches, our LOCALLY ADMINISTERED CHARITIES, provide the life raft. Letting an enormous GOV'T take care of this INSURES that people will be left out, skyrocketing costs to pay for the GOV'T Workers who decide as a "god" who is worthy of the benevolence of the GOV'T.

Sacrifice your RIGHTS, you SACRIFICE your very own BEING, your PERSONHOOD, your INDIVIDUALITY. You become a "cog" to be discarded at any time by the VISION of GOV'T.

Hmmm... sealing my fate so to speak. You will know everyone is in deep trouble, if this web site ever disappears. Because as long as I am Here, and it doesn't matter where "Here" is. This web site will continue.

I have learned much in my 37 yrs. And I continue to learn much more, more than I could ever place on this site. Don't be decieved by the Mainstream Media, as they have the same agenda as those who want total control over us. It is kinda of like "Logan's Run" if you remember that old Movie/TV Series. At least we are not there yet, We can still turn the tables to what this Country was MEANT to BE!!!

OK, enough of the Sermon from "A SMOKE FILLED ROOM". Here are the NEWS STORIES

THE DEATH OF CHEESE? FDA wants to make Cheese as bland as RICE CAKES. This is like schools banning Peanut Butter because 1 kid in a million is allergic, or the Peanut free seats on Airliners. Kiss good Pizza and Tasty Sandwiches Goodbye if this goes thru. See the STORY HERE!!!

Let's see. I think PRICELINE.COM has the saying, "NAME YOUR OWN PRICE". And I bet this was the basis for EBAY auctions. These are LEGAL endevours. However Printing your own PRICE Barcodes and placing them on products at the nearby Wall-Mart is ILLEGAL. See the STORY HERE!!!

At least this hasn't happened in the USA yet. It is not ILLEGAl to be STUPID, it IS ILLEGAL to ROB somebody, doesn't matter the neighborhood. See the STORY HERE!!!

I think the "HUMANE SOCIETY", tresspassing thugs have gone TOO FAR!!! DEMANDING a stuffed Toy have a LICENSE. See the STORY HERE!!!

When you call, "hoodlums, drug addicts and drunkards." Responsible for rioting, be prepared to be sued, or have a recall petition against you if you are a elected official. See the STORY HERE!!!

And then of coarse is HILLARY, just as truthfull and honest in Campaigns as her hubby Slick Willy. Well at least so far there is no evidence of CHINESE $$$$ going to her, but maybe BIll gave her a LOAN. Anyways her tactics are the same. She just gets caught easier than the MASTER of LIES, SLICK WILLY. See the STORY HERE!!!

Well that's it for today.


OUCH!!! Well at least I have my car back. I am happy about that, since any Rental Cars These Days are all NON-SMOKING, including the dressed up Rollerskate I've been driving the past 3 days. Well, while I have been paying my Credit Card Bills in full every month, I think I will have to pay this Bill off over a month or 3. GRAND TOTAL: Nearly $1,000 including the Rental Car. OUCH!!!! Want to buy me LUNCH??? I accept!!!

Now to the NEWS

Today in Phoenix former SUNS STAR Kevin Johnson was involved in a Roll-Over Accident on the freeway. He was unhurt, ELDERLY woman who cut him off will be charged. From what I am able to discern, the Old Woman did a SNOWBIRD move. Like veering thru 3 lanes of traffic to get to the EXIT, or Garage Sale. It is SUMMERTIME here, residents of AZ expect this sort of driving in the winter when ALZHIEIMER victims are driving around. In the Summer when it is hitting 113+ we don't expect idiotic driving, except from people with their windows down. A CLEAR SIGN the car has no A/C.

The SUMMIT between Isreal and Palastine is OVER....Wait a minute... Because of the SKILL and PASSION of Slick Willy's Legacy Building, the Summit goes on. Even though Slick Willy has flown off to Japan for the G-8 Conference. So of coarse he left the most able person in charge of these negotiations... The Boy who would be President, AL GORE. NOPE, NADA, Even Clinton is aware of GORE'S incompetence. So he left this IMPORTANT SUMMIT in charge of Ms. Albright Secretary of State. Slick Willy said to AL GORE, "Hey, just go down to Texas and campaign, in a State you can't win. When this trip is over I will say again how GREAT a VP you are...."

Hillary Clinton has ALL the Hollywood big wigs on her side, and their $$$ Too. AND she still can't get above a TIE with a relatively unknown Rebublican Candidate in the most Liberal State in the Union. See the STORY HERE!!!

If Cuba is SO GREAT A PLACE TO LIVE, then why does a STAR BASEBALL PLAYER defect TWICE to get to the USA? Do you think a few yrs from now Elian comes across in a similiar boat for freedom? I bet this will happen, and can you IMAGIN what a Teenage or early 20's Elian would say about CLINTON and RENO who sent him back???? I bet it would not be a photo OP for the LIBERALS. See the STORY HERE!!!

As I said before, if this is announced, then the FBI or the Feds in some way have something even more intrusive we can't track yet. See the STORY HERE!!!

WE LANDED ON THE MOON 31 yrs ago today. That's as far as we went. WHY???? WHY are we NOT on MARS now, etc????!!!! Why are we limited to 200 miles up? The MOON is about 250,000 miles away. 31 yrs ago WE COULD GET THERE. Today WE CAN'T!!! The Technology that GOT US THERE has been destroyed, by NASA and OUR FEDERAL GOV'T yrs ago. Now with the EXPLOSION of Computer Technology, compared to 1969, we have NO MEANS of getting to the MOON today.....WHY???? IN the '60's we had a WAR called VIETNAM, today NO WAR. We were ABLE to put men on the MOON with basically Model-T Technology. And TODAY we can't get there from here. I ask again WHY???

I will give you my view. The Feds decided, "Don't want to go there." Because of possible EARTH CHANGING findings either on the MOON, or MARS, etc. Can't let a possibilty of ET be made REAL, the PUBLIC CAN'T handle it. We would FREAK OUT and Wither and DIE!!! And if the populace dies, there goes the TAX BASE!!! Hard to line your pockets with $$$, and fund your LIBERAL AGENDA's if the TAX $$$ Goes Away. Just consider it, WE CAN'T DO WHAT WE DID 31 yrs AGO. There HAS TO BE A REASON!!!!


This is just great, add another day of car Rental charges, a water pump, and my main Belt to the list. I bet my car bill and Rental costs to exceed $800. I just hope my car was being nice to me and having all these things happen at once, avoiding multiple trips to the Dealer and car rental costs.

Now to the NEWS

Hmmm,,, Would Hillary take a LIE DETECTOR TEST???? Well the recipient of her tantrum 26 yrs. ago of the LOUDLY STATED, "YOU ARE A F****** JEW BAS***D!!!", has offered to take a LIE DETECTOR TEST, or even TRUTH SERUM. Plus it seems he still supports Hillary in her run for Senate in NY. Read the following Article CAREFULLY, Hillary says, "I WANTED to unequivocally state it never happened," the first lady said Sunday. Seems to me that subconciously she admitted she said it, but now is denying it as forcefully as her husband denied the "LEWINSKI AFFAIR". Slick: "I NEVER HAD SEX WITH THAT WOMAN, NOT EVER!!!! MISS LEWINSKI." See the STORY HERE!!!

HEY!!! If you are going to SHOOT yourself after work, please wait until you get home so you won't take anyone else with you who wants to stay alive. See the STORY HERE!!!

This is kinda funny. The Caffien levels in Seattle Sewage are so high the had to "TWEAK" the pollution monitoring tests. See the STORY HERE!!!

I can sympathize with this story as I get about 80 Emails a day. See the STORY HERE!!!

Gennifer Flowers appears in Federal Court, suing the Clinton's and others. Now remember the latest Hillary accusation of an ethnic slur 26 yrs. ago. Now being deemed by the Liberals that this came from a National Enquirer News Reporter, therefore a slimeball. Well THEIR LAWYER defends the NATIONAL ENQUIRER in Lawsuits.Who is he????

David Kendall, the Clintons' personal attorney, said the complaints against Hillary Clinton are vague and questioned her connection to the conspiracy allegations. See the STORY HERE!!!

Sorry about the heavy reliance on NEWS lately, but my car troubles, and the on-going HOLY WAR against the EVIL LAB EQUIPMENT is usurping my available time after work for more extensive Commentary. Hopefully this will change in the near future.

I did get GOOD NEWS today. My SEASON TICKETS to the NFL AZ CARDINALS arrived today!!! I recieved my Parking Passes last week. I am all set for the coming NFL SEASON!!! PAID IN FULL!!!

However after I pay for my car repairs tommorrow, my bank account will be running a bit low, but not empty. But it still sucks that all this $ is going out of my finances I didn't plan for a week ago. A $400 unexpected bill I can handle easily, I plan for such things. But double that, gets to be a bit harder to swallow....Gulp!!!.. Consider it PAID, but it HURTS!

Yesterday we hit a new high here in Temps. 113 degrees, HEAT INDEX of 117 degrees. ZERO HEAT RELATED DEATHS HERE!!! Today the forcast HIGH is 114 degrees, there is NO HEAT EMERGENCY HERE!!!(Like Dallas) Put that against the HEAT RELATED DEATHS in DALLAS, TX where the High Temp, and Heat Index are lower than Phoenix, AZ the past few days and probably all year. My prediction? MORE DEATHS in DALLAS, no reported DEATHS from HEAT in Phoenix, except for maybe some idiot ILLEGAL IMMIGRANTS crossing the DESERT in NO-MANS' LAND. Call me CRUEL, Call me INSENSITIVE, or Call me Whatever, But at the END, call me truthfull. No Apologies, No Denials.


BUMMER DEAL!!! It looks like my total bill for my car trouble will exceed $600 counting my Rental. Which is a "FANCY YUGO" a Chevy Metro. DAMN!!! Oh well, this too will pass.

Dallas, TX declaring a "HEAT EMERGENCY", as Temps have been over 100 degrees for 6 days in a row. They expect people dieing by the dozens. My guess is that these are refugees from Phoenix, AZ who couldn't handle the heat. After all, here, it is a given that Temps will be over 100 from the end of May until the end of September. Any day during that time is a blessing if it doesn't hit 100 or more. We only make the news if we get over 120 degrees. And if you think AC is a given here, try getting a Chevy Metro over 35MPH when the AC is on!!!!

Now onto NEWS

Al Gore having trouble portraying himself as a "guy". After 7 1/2 yrs. being a "YES MAN", and tarnished with Slick Willy's endeavours. Plus the fact nobody really knows what his stance is, given all the NEW IMAGE remakings the past few months, and the Democrats saying nobody is aware what Al Gore really is, and he will be "shown" on NATIONAL TV in the DEMOCRATIC NATIONAL CONVENTION, who Al Gore REALLY IS.... Seems to me George Bush didn't have this problem of IDENTITY when he ran and WON the ELECTION after being Reagan's VP for 8 yrs..... See the STORY HERE!!!

Hillary,,,,so much for being the SMARTEST WOMAN in the WORLD. You married Bill, and DEFENDED HIM!!!! Do you REALLY think his defense of you in the face of 3 other eye witnesses to your "F****** JEW BASTARD!!!" Comment will fly? Slick Willy gave a more believable and Passionate DENIAL, when he said, "I DID NOT HAVE SEX WITH THAT WOMAN MONICA LEWINSKI, EVER!!!" And we all know how true that was..... Hillary is in trouble here, just like Mark Furhman in the OJ Simpson Trial, deny he ever uttered the word "nigger". How STUPID the LIBERALS can be. I am 37 yrs old, you name it, I might have said it in the past. In the Heat of Argument, or whatever. See the STORY HERE!!!

Now for this final story of the Day. An Anti-Gun Liberal, faced with real life trauma, and Life Experience, is now PRO GUN, Pro 2nd Ammendment. See the STORY HERE!!!

Just remember, if this had happened in Australia, or England. SHE would be facing life in PRISON for using a GUN to DEFEND herself, NOT the CRIMINALS!!!!

Until Tommorrow!!! Take Care, and keep up the FIGHT to keep our RIGHTS!!!!



You won't believe it, I still can't believe it. Yesterday I realized I had a Radiator problem on my car, Big leak. OK, fill it up with water and drive it 2 miles to the Dealer and get a Rental. Well all well planned courses of action are destined to failure. 6AM this morning I filled my Radiator with water. Just before 7AM I went to drive my "sick" car to the DEALER. Put key in the ignition, turned it..... Click, Click. Click... BATTERY DEAD TOO!!! Made obvious by the fact that the time wouldn't show on the radio, and the radio wouldn't play.

OK! FINE!!!! I will pay a TOWING CHARGE ALSO. Tow Truck came, loaded my car, and my "pager" that opens the GATE to the Apt Complex let us out.

Got to the Dealer, told them the problem, and the extras I needed taken care of, got a Rental Car. a Non-Smoking Chevy GEO that goes 10 MPH. I put up with other drivers laughing at me, paid bill, got other things I needed to get done, done. I pull into my Apt Complex, use the "pager" to open the Gate. IT DOESN'T WORK!!!! I go to the Office with the "pager" to let them know I will be having a rental car for the next couple of days, and the "pager" no longer works. Turns Out The BATTERY in the "pager" was leaking, destroying the circitry...... WHAT ARE THE ODDS???? Could it be my car / battery/ troubles be related to the Conference I went to on Saturday???!!! I don't know. But Coincidence is being stretched REAL FAR for my tastes. My guess is the BILL for my car, and rental, will probably surpass $500. Yes I am "inconvienced" by this unexpected outlay of $$$ for my car etc. It will delay my purchase of new tires for a bit. But it won't stop me here on my web page. Even with the info I learned on Saturday at the Conference. I will give some info I learned here, but it will have to wait until the weekend, I have my Daily stuff to do, and work a full week, and keeps tabs on my sick car.

Now to some NEWS!!!

Did you see ALGORE on "MEET THE PRESS" Sunday Morning??? He still doesn't know that the Buddist Monk appearence was a FUNDRAISER. Nor the "White House Coffees'" He actually went into what the DEFINITION of RAISING, is.... Does this not conjure up what the DEFINITION of is "IS"????? How about Tim Russert's Question of "When do YOU think HUMAN LIFE BEGINS?????" After being shown his early record of being Pro-Life and that Human Life begins at Conception. His answer was he has always believed in Roe V Wade. And his stance has changed because of the many women he met, with different circumstances, Blah, Blah, Blah. My interpretation. Women have the RIGHT TO MURDER THE UNBORN if the woman decides she doesn't want to produce a HUMAN BEING. But the FATHER, has NO RIGHT in the Decision either way. But if the Woman decides to do the Right thing, even if the FATHER OBJECTS, the FATHER is Financialy Responsible until the UNBORN is 18 yrs. old. ALGORE is letting People in "Black Robes" on the SUPREME COURT decide his viewpoint. Does this sound like a PRESIDENTIAL CANDIDATE???? OPPS there goes my transmission.

Most of you know I believe that ABORTION is MURDER of a HUMAN BEING. UNTIL a woman has a natural pregnancy, and births something besides a HUMAN BEING, like a cat/dog/cow/pig/fish/tree/ head of lettuce. I believe HUMAN LIFE begins at CONCEPTION!!!! From the time the sperm enters the egg, before the 1st cell division, it is a HUMAN BEING. ENTITLED TO ALL THE RIGHTS ANY HUMAN BEING HAS!!!! The RIGHT to LIFE, LIBERTY, and the Pursuit of Happiness. OPPS, did something Politically Incorrect, I quoted the "DECLARATION OF INDEPENDANCE". There goes the BRAKES on My car.

Might I also mention "DIVINE PROVIDENCE"? There goes my A/C in my car. Now to "The BILL Of RIGHTS" The RIGHT of THE PEOPLE to BEAR ARMS SHALL NOT BE INFRINGED..... I bet my car is totalled now.

Will I SHUT UP????


The harder I'm pushed, the more resolved I become, the more the "Establishment" comes after me, The louder I become. I will fight to my last MORTAL Breath the RIGHT for every Individual to be soveriegn.


Hillary Clinton, Thou Protest too much. You actually believe the American Voters will believe you NEVER said something degrading a Group of people? Like "Right Wing Conspiracy". Or your claims of having a "Healthy Marriage". Even though your closest advisors heard this quote, you still DENY IT!!! 3 NOTARIZED FRIENDS saying, YES IT HAPPENED, you alone with your "LOVING" HUSBAND, say it never happened. This comes under the DEFINITION of BILL. I DID NOT HAVE SEXUAL RELATIONS WITH THAT WOMAN. ORAL Sex doesn't count as "SEX". And now in HILLARY'S case. ORAL speech, doesn't Count as something she EVER SAID....

I think I am beginning to understand now. Compared to the current administration, and to Slick Willy, and to Hillary. In a country of 200 Million +, I am a SAINT. Though I am imperfect, I state freely my views, and admit when I am WRONG and have to change viewpoints/positions. Then I move on. I don't consider myself a "Leader" except at work. However compared to the Bill and Hillary Show, this hobby of mine, this web site, I show more integrity, and "Leadership" than the Clinton's have shown in the past 8 yrs.

It is VERY Scary for me to realize, that I can DO a better job, than OUR CURRENT PRESIDENT, just by being HONEST with the AMERICAN POPULACE. If my belief is correct, then WE ARE IN DEEP TROUBLE, because I am NOT SUITED to be in Charge of a COUNTRY as LARGE, and as IMPORTANT as our Country is. The VERY FACT that this Country would be better off if I was running it, is SCARY!!!! I hope WE Elect the right person to take over in January. And bring this COUNTRY back to where it should be.


HERE is the Story of Today's NEWS. Clinton, Gore, et al, are ALL LIERS!!!! Wasn't it Bill Bradley in the Democratic Primary Debate who asked why would he (Gore) tell the truth as President, when he is lying as a Presidential Candidate. This was on the topic of Abortion when Gore stated he had ALWAYS supported a woman's right to choose, when in fact as a Congressman he was Pro-Life. Well here is the PROOF, they LIED and KNEW they were LYING!!!!

See the STORY HERE!!!


What a RELIEF!!! The Evil LAB EQUIPMENT was tamed and cooperative today, plus the fact I had additional Staff working, I was able to leave work a little early today!!! Well at least I was able to leave before all hell broke out. I guess I will find out either via Email, or when I go back to work.

Well Tommorrow's the Conference, LINK is the BANNER ADD above. I get to go for FREE, and also I will be eating PRIME RIB!!!! At the Pre-Conference Dinner. YUM!!!! Sometimes being "INFAMOUS" even in a Local area pays off.

What I learn and am able to divulge from this Conference, I will post here. Going to the Dinner and Conference armed with my brain, and notepad.

Now let's get into some NEWS

Well I have been hearing on some NEWS, and The Rush L. Show, that an INTERNAL MEMO from the DOE, (DEPARTMENT OF ENERGY) Dated JUNE 5TH That stated that the high prices nationwide, and the very high prices in Wisconsin and Chicago, were due to the Policies of the EPA (Environmental Protection Agency). The Memo stated the difficulties of the reformulated GAS to be produced, the higher prices of OIL from NONDOMESTIC SOURCES, ie. Imported OIL and the BAN of Future domestic OIL production in the USA. And the problems with delivery, the pipeline being down in Wisconsin/Illinois. CAUSED the huge price SPIKE in the price of GAS. This was an INTERNAL MEMO by the DOE, never intended to be released to the PUBLIC. SO!!! All the accusations by CLINTON, GORE, and the SECRETARY of DOE ACCUSING the OIL INDUSTRY OF PRICE GOUGING and demanding an investigation by the FTC, (Federal Trade Commission)Were BLATANT LIES!!!! They KNEW it wasn't "BIG OIL" that caused this, when they accused "BIG OIL" of Price Gouging. IT IS A "IN YOUR FACE LIE!!!" They KNEW IT!!! IT WAS THEIR OWN POLICIES and ADMINISTRATION that has caused these HUGE PRICE INCREASES in GAS. Will you hear about this in the NETWORK NEWS? NO!!! They are LIBERAL, and will claim they DO NOT want to influence the ELECTION in NOVEMBER.....This is even WORSE than, "I DID NOT HAVE SEX WITH THAT WOMAN, MONICA LEWINSKI....." THIS LIE didn't really cost us our hard earned $$$, BUT this, GAS Prices Does!!!

Even CNN, The Liberal News Service, (CLINTON NEWS NETWORK) had a "FACTOID". The OIL Industry makes about 12 to 13 cents a GALLON PROFIT. They Drill it, Refine it, deliver it, advertise it. And FOLLOW GOV'T Regulations. The FEDERAL GOV'T and STATE GOV"Ts make when the PUMP Price is above $1.75 a GALLON, 45 to 55 cents a GALLON in TAXES!!!! Without doing ANYTHING to provide the GAS!!!! WHO is price gouging WHO????

The FACT is that when last month you heard in the NEWS that the OIL COMPANIES were going to be INVESTIGATED for PRICE GOUGING, THEY ALREADY KNEW it was a LIE!!! But made a good political point. People will remember thanks to the LIBERAL MEDIA this SOUND BITE. When it is proved WRONG, it won't be REPORTED by the LIBERAL MEDIA. With the excuse, "Don't want to influence the coming ELECTION!!!" But if a Conservative has LIES or whatever in his/her Background, it will be Published far and wide, under the, "People Need To KNOW!!!". Remember even if the Liberals, ie Democrats LIED, they had GOOD INTENTIONS!!!! Americans CAN'T HANDLE THE TRUTH!!! is the LIBERAL MANTRA. Just sit on the floor and go "OOOOHHHMMM" in a trance, and let US the GOV'T Provide your means of living from "CRADLE TO GRAVE".

If you provide for your own MEANS, the GOV'T needs to TAX you to the ultimate Limit, to pay for the SLACKERS in LIFE so they have a lifestyle the same as your's. After all Equality means EVERYONE is the same.

So much for INDIVIDUALITY. If you choose to work hard and sacrifice to do better, you need to PAY to make those who do not work, be on the same level of LIFESTYLE. After ALL it is NOT FAIR even if you worked 20 yrs. to have your own HOME and a POOL. While single PARENTS who do not have a work ethic, and couldn't keep a JOB 6 months before being FIRED, even in this BOOMONG ECONOMY, DEMAND the SAME PERKS in LIFE as someone who ACTUALLY WORKS FOR IT.

And I am writing this from my 400 sq ft Studio APT!!! Hard to have any private extras. But everything I own is close by....

If I can, I will update this Weekend also!!!


I actually got out on time from work today!!! Celebration, deserves an extra BEER!!!

Today is the 70th Anniversary of Modern Society and Convienence. The Airplane? NOPE! 70 yrs. ago TODAY, SLICED BREAD was 1st marketed, under the brand name, "WONDER BREAD". Now I know how the name began. Think about all the changes and things we have now as opposed to 1930. You can't state a similiar time period in History where so much has changed, from generation to generation. Or now virtually year to year. Borrowing from ART BELL, these times truly reflect a "QUICKENING".

Let me update a Story I posted yesterday of the 14 yr. old stabbing 20 times a 7 yr. old girl he was BABYSITTING!!! OPPS!!! it IS AN ACCIDENT!!! yeah, right!!! See the LATEST NEWS STORY FROM THE FONT PAGE OF THE ARIZONA REPUBLIC HERE!!! DIDN'T I JUST SAY THIS YESTERDAY???!!! This is not the 1st time my opinion has shown up in the Paper, but is the 1st time on the front Page. Usually it is the columnists I accuse of plagerism. Although this one is only for the opinion, not a virtual word for word copy in the editorials or columns weeks later.

Now let's get to other NEWS of the day.

No matter how upset you are about your SEWER SYSTEM, this is the WRONG way to state your point. See the STORY HERE!!!

Now for this story, I need to reference a prior story I placed here. The Naked Pool Swimmers in Phoenix, AZ. A Week or 2 ago. SKINNYDIPPING is apparently big here. Now being a Big Metro area, there are many planes, jets, and Police/News Stations Helicopters Flying all around. NOBODY busted here. Now this poor guy thought he was alone, and because of this ARREST could be labeled as a SEX OFFENDER, like a "FLASHER". See the STORY HERE!!!

And last but not least. And the Staff at "The Secret Lab" wonders how I know what happens during my Smoke Breaks. I guess I need to "Let the cat out of the bag". My wrist watch is Internet Enabled, and I secretly view from hidden web-cams the activities of my staff. See the STORY HERE!!!If you work at "The Secret Lab" and believed my comment, YOU are even more paranoid than I am !!!! The TONGUE STORY LINK is now active from yesterday. HTML is so picky, I left out a "=" in the LINK, sorry. See you TOMMORROW!!!


Another Long Night at Work in "The Secret Lab". I am only able to offer commentary on the following NEWS LINKS, but there are a BUNCH!!!

Let's start with the Subject of STABBINGS and RACE. The 1st Story is about the lack of information given about the CRIME, that it was a "HATE CRIME". But really wasn't, since according to the LIBERALS a crime against a White person, Adult or Child, by a minority "Typed" person is impossible, even if there is evidence of it. Because it all draws from some "problem" Like ancient relatives being slaves, or coming from a "broken home", ETC. Well anyways, see the STORY HERE!!!

Now this STORY that happened only 3 miles from me now, 1/4 mile from my old Apt. I guess somehow the Anti-Knife Lobby will use these Stories. Anyways, not the best form of identifying, but from what I saw on the Local TV NEWS, the Attacker is Hispanic or Mexican. The 7 yr. old Victim is White. See the STORY "HERE!!! IS THIS AN ACCIDENTAL STABBING AMOUNG KIDS???? 17 to 22 STAB WOUNDS????

The Federal Gov't wants to EXPAND it's Anti-Drug Campaign to the MOVIES! No, it isn't just the Anti-Drug Commercials you see, but rewarding TV Shows with $$$ by portraying an Anti-Drug Shows. Hard to find someone having a BEER or a Cigar on TV today like Archie Bunker etc. in the '70's. I guess the FEDS went to a MOVIE and siad to themselves, "OH MY GOD!!! LOOK AT THE SMOKING AND DRINKING!!!, AND THIS MOVIE HAS ILLEGAL DRUGS IN IT!!!" See the STORY HERE!!! Makes me want to see "CHEECH & CHONG'S, UP IN SMOKE" again....

OK. Let me see if I have this story right. Are CRIMINALS supposed to be EXCUSED from STEALING from you if you are lax on preventing it? Is it ILLEGAL to leave your car unlocked on YOUR PROPERTY? Should CRIMINALS GET A BREAK BECAUSE YOU MADE IT EASY FOR THEM???? Even though what you did wasn't ILLEGAL, and what they did was???? Could YOU be sued by the Crinminal if Caught, because YOU tempted him/her and cost them their job????? Just wait until the LIBERALS are able to SPIN THIS SCENE. See the STORY HERE!!!

Now This SHOWS EAST COAST LIBERALISM to it's EXTREME!!!! ILLEGAL to sell GAS cheap, even if it was done LEGALLY!!! See the STORY HERE!!!

I thought New Years Eve was her last concert.... But NO!!! Barbara Streisand will sing for ALGORE and his friends for a $50,000 per couple fee to THE DEMOCRATIC NATIONAL COMMITEE. So much for the SPECIAL INTEREST CLAIM that the Democrats HATE, If you are willing to PAY $50,000 per couple to see Barbara Streisand, "sing". Then you are a "SPECIAL INTEREST GROUP". So much for the Democrat/Liberal stance, we are for the POOR!!!! Well it appears the POOR CAN'T GO!!!!! See the STORY HERE!!!

Now a Liberal Defeat. Guess what? The INMATE Scheduled to Die last month, was NOT EXONERATED by new DNA EVIDENCE. Well if you read the story, either HE did it, or his MOM or GRANDMA did it. Don't THINK SO!!! See the STORY HERE!!!

Now to "Tongue Piercing" IF I HAVE ANY SAY IN IT, YOU WILL NOT WORK IN MY LAB!!! At the very least, you will not work on my shift. I can tolerate ear and nose piercings. But NO Tongue or Eyebrow, or whatever "visible piercings"!!! My own opinion here, having extra holes on your boby does Not make you HOLY. Earings are one thing, the rest are another thing. And if visible in your "working attire" will not help you move up the "Ladder" Professionally. See the STORY HERE!!!

That's it for Today. I will do my best to post what I can Tommorrow. But 11 - 13 hr Shifts at work make it difficult, but I will do what I can, as you know I always do.



I figure this must be a new one, hit the Internet Enabled PC'S at "The Secret Lab" today. It is named "JOKE" and works on Microsoft Outlook. DON'T Open it!!! Just DELETE it. At least I didn't get it. I was a bit concerned since before work last night my Touchpad, (I don't like a Mouse) was working intermitantly, this happens from time to time when I have a lot windows open and I haven't Restarted the PC in awhile. But I was concerned enough since I do get a Daily Email from "Joke of the Day" and remembered getting one last night before going to work.

Well as soon as I got home from my 13 hr Holy War against the equipment from HELL, I checked my PC. Touchpad working fine, checked Mailbox, No "JOKE". Then I downloaded the Latest AntiVirus Update from McAfee, even though I just did my monthly update this past weekend. I ain't going to let a "JOKE" get me!!! And to all who visit my website, I don't want you to get it either!!!


Do you see the Banner Add above? I suggest you CLICK on it and get some info I would not release back on 6/30/00 until I had approval. The things I learn this coming Saturday, either thru the Conference, or one on one questioning I will post briefings here. Whatever I do learn "off the record" will Not be posted. However, insight gained from such "off the record" info, will be incorporated into my thoughts, opinions, rantings, etc. That I do post here.

I need to inform you all that I may not be able to Update Tommorrow this web site. I have a Supervisor's Meeting Scheduled at 10AM. Always 1/2 hr after I'm supposed to leave after a 10 hr shift. Probably will last 2 hrs, so it looks like a 13 hr night at work for me on the only possible day I can get out early. Today I learned that someone who could cover for me if I am not at work, can no longer work the shift, 3AM-1:30PM. And now is working 6:30AM-5PM. Well that's fine. I can handle it. But Upper Management better figure out on how to handle Monday Night's when I am OFF every Monday night between 9/4 and 1/8/01 to use up accumulated vacation time. Which I plan to use in house hunting, (A New Armed Smoker Dave Compound) and watching Monday Night Football. There is a Supervisor who works Thurs night,,,, I'd rather have Thurs Night Off than Monday night, even with Monday Night Football. SO....Maybe I'll change my time off request for every Thurs from Sept 'till Jan '01.

OK!!! I know you are NEWS HUNGRY, and I have some good ones for you today!

ALGORE THE SLUMLORD!!! I had this story up before, and now the story has come to an end. If this is how ALGORE treats his TENANTS on HIS PROPERTY, imagine how HE would treat us ORDINARY CITIZENS!!!! If ALGORE is willing to let his own tenants on his own property have these problems, that could harm and is harming his political ambitions. Imagine how much he cares for YOU!!! See the STORY HERE!!!

OH!!! Do YOU want a HILLARY CLINTON HEALTH CARE BILL??? SOCIALIZING THE HEALTH CARE INDUSTRY???? Well here is what is happening in a Country that does it, And I bet the are MANY unpublished Stories that prove the same thing, this one just happened to slip out. See the STORY HERE!!!

I am disturbed about this story. GREEN KETCHUP???? What's Next? Purple French Fries? RED MUSTARD? YELLOW KETCHUP??? Or how about BLACK ICE CUBES? Is Nothing Sacred? How about AMERICANA? See the STORY HERE!!!

You know, there are some things you CAN'T ask applicants, or employees in an "Official" test, etc. This Company should have known better. See the STORY HERE!!!

These people are no fun, I don't like golf much, but if I had the chance for "extra viewing" I might play. See the STORY HERE!!!

Now this story from my city. In my opinion. School Administrators are on the same level as lawyers. A beloved, excellent teacher is being run out of town, because the Principle couldn't take a joke. I guess ZERO TOLERANCE is going forward. Because this was AN ASSAULT!!!! Well I guess every Bride or Groom who at the Reception, had the Wedding Cake shoved in thier face in a good natured setting of celebration, could SUE FOR DIVORCE and DAMAGES to their Self-Esteem. Here "NO LOVE LOST" takes on a different meaning. The Teachers and Administration of OUR CHILDREN, need to understand that playful activities sometimes are self embarrassing. This is SUPPOSED TO BE A LEARNING EXPERIANCE. But instead the Administration is Teaching SUE EVERYONE who makes FUN OF YOU!! See the STORY HERE!!!

Remember, the LIBERAL AGENDA includes that to be OFFENDED by anyone to be a SERIOUS CRIME!!!! There Goes FREE SPEECH!!! Sorry 1st Ammendment. When you can be SUED for what you say, believe, or advocate on your own time, it is the END of "FREE SPEECH". It looks like we are in the "Age" of the "RIGHT" from "Offensive Opinions". Bill Clinton has STATED that in 10 yrs we will have between 1 and 3 TRILLION $$$ Surplus in Gov't Taxes. Don't you think the Gov't pay Taxes on their $$$ like WE DO? Why does the GOV'T have this $$$? Is it by their own work? Or is it because of the citizens who succeed?


Good Grief!!! Isn't Political Correctness, Liberalism, etc. And Everyone so easily "Offended" going a bit far these Days???? Well overnight these STORIES have appeared.

Let me see.... COFFEE, a lot comes from COLUMBIA, let's call this small Coffee Shop, "The Columbian Connection". NOPE!!!, NADA!!!, NA WAY!!!! Because "COLUMBIAN CONNECTION" has "Drug Overtones Today". WELL EXCUSE ME!!! COLUMBIAN was a term in the 1970's, along with MEXICAN, THAI, and Home Grown. for those of us who used to smoke that most dangerous, mind altering, DEADLY Illegal Drug....POT. This small coffee shop was forced to change it's name before it was allowed to open. I guess it had to define what drug it was marketing. "Caffine". Can you smell the very beginings of a future assault against Caffine, like the beginings of the tobacco "Near Criminalization Today?" See the STORY HERE!!!

Now the Animal Right's People want Apes Declared as "People", or, Individually a "PERSON". Granted RIGHT'S like "Humans". Don't Believe ME????? See the STORY HERE!!!

Usually I think the basic fact in this story is the other way around. This time the boyfriend doesn't ever shutup, so girlfriend Stabs him DEAD. I guess the Anti-Gun People can't use this story,,,,,yet,,, until the GUNS are actually gone, and they can go after knives,,,,then rocks, etc. See the STORY HERE!!!

I get 4 weeks vacation a year, being at the "Secret Lab" for 14 yrs. Hard to be able to use it these days. I do plan on getting every Monday night off during the NFL Football Season to bring down my accumulated time off. But in this article, I still beat the # of hours worked a year by nearly 6 weeks (238 hrs) of 40 hr work weeks. And there are MANY at the "Secret Lab" who work more hours than I do. If you work at the "Secret Lab" you might not want to read this story after figuring out how many hours a year you work. See the STORY

This story is worthy for "The Darwin Awards". Don't Lose your Head, Keep your Head On, Blew My Mind, etc. See the STORY HERE!!!

Now this, a stupid criminal story. What's better than leaving fingerprints after a robbery? How about a FINGER!!!! See the STORY HERE!!!

It's been a long Night/Day. One more to go until the Glorious Weekend AWAY from the EVIL LAB EQUIPMENT. These things are driving me to Drink....Wait a minute....I already Drink!!! DAMN!!! What else could I do? I know!!! Be Politically Incorrect!!! DAMN!!! I already do that too!!! OK, Post my rantings on the Internet!!! OPPS, already do that too. I need a New Vice, please EMAIL ME any suggestions. "Secret Lab" won't allow me to SHOOT the Equipment, and I have to work with these insubordinate, idiotic, uncooperative, STUPID, machines for at least 2 more years!!! God, give me strength!!!! I guess I did something very BAD to have this BURDEN on me. I guess my new Mantra should be, "FEAR NO EVIL LAB EQUIPMENT".


NOTE: Previous Entries available in THE ARCHIVES, Link is above.

A Smoker Dave Bitch Session to start out with. In regards to "The Secret Lab". We test for Many Centers, late last week we had All the Centers send us what they anticipated for us to test on the night of July 4th, so we could give as many employees OFF on the Holiday. And keep staffing levels appropriate to the volume of testing that would be required. Well after this notice was sent, again and again, mind you. And they are reguired to send us their projected # of tests anyways, days in advance. I staffed my Dept. accoeding to these #'s. 387 samples. A light night, an easy shift for those of us who would be working. I Bought PIZZA for the staff working, as an appreciation for working the holiday. (Out of my own pocket). Well 1/2 of the Pizza was thrown out because of the inability of my skeleton crew to take a BREAK!!! The 387 samples to be tested, turned out to be over 1,700 samples that needed to be tested. My staff worked virtually without a break during their 10 hour Graveyard Shift. But when they came to work they expected an easy shift, knew PIZZA would be there, and it was. But all shot down because of the "CENTERS" who did NOT notify us of their projected testing requirements. Why did my shift go above and beyond the call of duty? Because in our business, lives depend on it.

I am DAMN PROUD of my Crew. You won't find dedication to the end result in any other business, or from any other Staff. I am fortunate to Supervise such high class people, and I thank them all.

Let's hit some NEWS now.

The route to big $$$ is to FAIL MISERABLY???? This article suggests it. Guess I'm going about it all wrong, I strive to succeed, so does my staff. Even if this is true, I won't change. There is no amount of $$$ you can pay me to strive for FAILURE. See the STORY HERE!!!

This is good. Native Hawaians upset that they are a part of the UNITED STATES. Saying "WE" illegally took them over. Well guess what? By their definition, THE ENTIRE UNITED STATES was taken Illeagally!!! So should we all go back to Europe or Africa? I think NOT!!! See the STORY HERE!!!

Now this story is sure to unerve the Anti-Gun People, of coarse if the Anti-Gun People had their way the "CRIMINAL" wouldn't be able to start this, because there would be NO SUCH THING AS A GUN. But I bet this will be portrayed as, A SINGLE INSTANCE of this "Troubled Youth from a broken family, who didn't Deserve to die for this....." Of coarse ignoring the CRIME AGAINST an innocent "VICTIM" who happened to have the MEANS to defend theirself against this. Defending your own person from physical harm is the highlight of what this country was founded. What are we going to say???? OH YOU POOR KID!!! Had a rough time? SURE KILL ME AND GET OFF scott FREE, even though I did nothing wrong..... See the STORY HERE!!!

See you Tommorrow!!!!