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1 YEAR, 41 Weeks and 0 Days, of WWIII



Well I am currently downloading the newest Free FIREWALL UPDATE, because the are many Reports that HACKERS have a big HACKING Competition slated for this Sunday. I have already been hacked once, wasn't Pretty!!! I tell you that, many Hours rebuilding my website. I use the free Version of ZONEALARM, along with McAFee paid for On-Line automatic Updates for my Anti-Virus protection. But I am still just using a Dial-up Connection to the Internet. I get hackled by friends and CO-workers about this, but since I have never had High Speed Access, I don't know what I'm missing. Sure I'll get High Speed Access at some point, but I don't need it yet. Even though it is taking 30 minutes to download the update to my FIREWALL, it only changes the order of which I am doing things. EXAMPLE TODAY, downloading this File. FINE! I just start the begining of today's update while it downloads.

Now to reply to my own Update from yesterday. The HOT DOG ISSUE. Well being true to my word, I did BUY a package of, "NATHAN'S FAMOUS BIGGER THAN THE BUN 8 SKINLESS BEEF FRANKS...Since 1916."

Well the UPDATED FIREWALL is now Installed and Running and Anti-Virus Updated. I can sleep easy now. But not before I have 3 of these NATHAN'S HOT DOGS. To decide on my own if the critics that have basically Proclaimed NATHAN'S as the BEST HOT DOGS holds true. I will give my own REVIEW this MONDAY.

Do you want to know what my co-workers did today? They all left me alone in the SECRET LAB at exactly 8:35AM to go and have a "MEETING", actually it was a very long LUNCH BREAK. Everything was done, and the next shipment of Samples wasn't due to arrive until 11AM. My Shift ends at 9:30AM. And I planned on Beers and NATHAN'S HOT DOGS, when I got off WORK. NOT a BREAKFAST. So I actually volunteered to "HOLD THE FORT" until the end of my Shift, as most were scheduled to work until 11:30AM, or 1:30PM. I tried to make them all feel GUILTY about leaving me behind, it didn't work. But even if I went, it would take longer to serve me the Breakfast than I had time left on the clock at work, Serving Breakfast and Orange Juice, when I was ready for Supper and a BEER. AND I KNOW VERY WELL that WORK will not pay OT on a HOLIDAY as slow as we were. As it was I got about 4 hrs of OT PAY for 30 minutes of actual work.

Well, Now I am going to BBQ the NATHAN'S HOT DOGS. Review on Monday, Possibly SOONER, but most likely not.

Now to end Today's update, A Blast From The PAST!!!

A tribute to those who signed the Declaration of Independance. And the consequences of their signature on the Document.

The signers of the Declaration represented the new States as follows:

New Hampshire: Josiah Bartlett, William Whipple, Matthew Thornton

Massachusetts: John Hancock, Samual Adams, John Adams, Robert Treat Paine, Elbridge Gerry

Rhode Island: Stephen Hopkins, William Ellery

Connecticut: Roger Sherman, Samuel Huntington, William Williams, Oliver Wolcott

New York: William Floyd, Philip Livingston, Francis Lewis, Lewis Morris

New Jersey: Richard Stockton, John Witherspoon, Francis Hopkinson, John Hart, Abraham Clark

Pennsylvania: Francis Lewis, Robert Morris, Benjamin Rush, Benjamin Franklin, John Morton, George Clymer, James Smith, George Taylor,James Wilson, George Ross

Delaware: Caesar Rodney, George Read, Thomas McKean

Maryland: Samuel Chase, William Paca, Thomas Stone, Charles Carroll of Carrollton

Virginia: George Wythe, Richard Henry Lee, Thomas Jefferson, Benjamin Harrison, Thomas Nelson, Jr., Francis Lightfoot Lee, Carter Braxton

North Carolina: William Hooper, Joseph Hewes, John Penn

South Carolina: Edward Rutledge, Thomas Heyward, Jr., Thomas Lynch, Jr., Arthur Middleton

Georgia: Button Gwinnett, Lyman Hall, George Walton

What happened to these men?

5 of the signers were captured out right, by the British, branded as TRAITORS, and TORTURED before they died.

12 saw their homes ransacked and burned, and their families dispersed.

2 lost their sons in the Revoltutionary Army. Another had 2 sons captured.

9 of the 56 actually fought and died from wounds or the hardships of the WAR itself.

Carter Braxton of Virginia, a wealthy planter and trader, saw all his ships swept from the sea by the British Navy. He sold his home and his properties to pay his debts. Carter Braxton died in rags.

Thomas McKean of Delaware, was so hounded by the British, he was forced to moved his family almost constantly. He served in the Continental Congress during the WAR without pay. And his family was kept in hiding. All of his possesions were taken from him. Poverty was his reward.

Vandals or British soldiers, or perhaps both, looted the homes and properties of William Ellery of Rhode Island, George Clymer of Pennsylvania, Button Gwinnett, Lyman Hall, George Walton of Georgia, and Thomas Heyward, Jr., Edward Rutledge, Arthur Middleton of South Carolina.

At the Battle of Yorktown, Thomas Nelson, Jr. of Viginia found that the British General Cornwallis had taken over Mr. Nelson's personal home to use as his Headquarters. Mr. Nelson sent a quite message to General Washington, The General had been reluctant to begin a battle around the home of his old friend. But Nelson's message urged General Washington to fight, to open fire, and WIN the BATTLE. And the General did. Mr. Nelson's home was destroyed, Nelson never recovered his fortune, and died in bankruptcy.

Francis Lewis of New York, saw his home and all properties destroyed. The British jailed his wife in a damp dark prison cell, and she died within a few months.

John Hart of New Jersey, was driven from his wife's bedside, as she lay dying, their 13 children were forced to flee for their very lives. His fields and mills were laid waste by the British Army. For more than a year he lived in forests and caves. Returning home after the WAR he found his wife dead, and his children, forever vanished. A few weeks later, he too, died.

Robert Morris of Pennsylvania, and Philip Livingston of New York, suffered similiar fates.

Such were the stories and sacrifices of the men who signed the Document.

The Declaration of Independace.

1 YEAR, 40 Weeks and 6 Days, of WWIII


Well me, and many of my co-workers will be working tonight, and getting paid almost what we are worth. Yonight we make TIME & 1/2. But let's start this update on a lighter note.

The ALL - AMERICAN FOOD, The TUBE STEAK, The RED HOT, The White HOT, or... HOT DOGS!!! I have a few STORIES on this and very fitting for the DAY BEFORE JULY 4TH! Here is a News Story that gives the Very BASICS of the "HOT DOG". See the STORY HERE!!!

Now here is a rating on the Store Bought HOT DOGS available here in the Phoenix, AZ Metro area. See the STORY HERE!!

Based on this, Tomorrow after work where I make almost what I am worth at Time & 1/2, I am going to search out and BUY a Package of NATHAN'S HOT DOGS to put on my BBQ Grill after work. I have had BALL PARK FRANKS as recently as last month, a friend of mine has a crap load of un-named Hot Dogs bought at bargain basement prices in the freezer, probably 20 or 30 in the Pack. Bought at, I don't know, 10 Cents a pound?

I may have posted this article earlier this week, but it is about HOT DOG EATING CONTESTS. See the STORY, (Again maybe?) HERE!!!

So What else do we have today? HOW about the 150th Anniversary of the POTATO CHIP!!! What is more NATURAL than a HOT DOG, POTATO CHIPS, SODA, and a BASEBALL GAME as a KID? Maybe subbing the SODA for a BEER as an ADULT! See the STORY HERE!!!

Hmmm... HOT DOGS and POTATO CHIPS, all coming from where or near I grew up.

I grew up in Northern NEW YORK for 21 years, I have been here in AZ for 19 yrs. I have a Question... I Grew up Eating MANY PILGRIM HOT DOGS, Dyed RED, and CHEAP. Came in a package of 20 or 30. This may be a Northern NEW YORK ONLY THING, like Croghan Bologna. Any info on this, EMAIL ME on what you know and remember.

Well Tomorrow, if I can, will be a more serious update about JULY 4TH. And possibly Breaking News. But NO PROMISES, I may not be back until the weekend or MONDAY. If I can be here, I will be here.

1 YEAR, 40 Weeks and 5 Days, of WWIII


OK,,,I know this File is getting very large and takes sometime to download on a Dial-Up. I understand because I AM ON A DIAl-UP!!! So this weekend, I will make time to move this file into the ARCHIVES. Don't think it is because of the JULY 4th Holiday, I WORK! I get the EXTRA DAY OFF on 08/07/03. Earliest it could be scheduled because of Staffing at "The Secret LAB". Also many of you know I wanted last Thursday Night off from work, because ART BELL was going to be on. Well that was DENIED. And NOW I have basically, besides the 07/04/03 HOLIDAY, 20 hrs I have to use REAL SOON before I lose them. In otherwords, FORCED NIGHTS OFF FROM WORK, works for ME!!! But I will be DAMNED if I let them schedule these Nights OFF in the MIDDLE of my WORK WEEK, It is EITHER MONDAY OR THURSDAY NIGHT OFF. Been there over 17 yrs, I should be able to at least use the time off to make a longer weekend.


We can't keep letting this happen, Non-Americans WINNING the HOT DOG EATING CONTEST. Letting a skinny JAP win time after time. Time to take OUR HERITAGE BACK! MAYBE I should go into TRAINING, but there should be Voracious AMERICAN HOT DOG EATERS that can do better than I. See the STORY HERE!!!

Now to National Security

Well do you REALLY THINK that scum bag, Trailer Trash Trawler BILL CLINTON, would have the GUTS to do this???? See the STORY HERE!!!

I have more, but I have to get some SLEEP before Work Tonight, I will update again Tomorrow.

1 YEAR, 40 Weeks and 4 Days, of WWIII


Hmmm... How should I describe this picture? Well I don't know where it was taken, but it looks like a BURNT TREE FLIPPING US OFF! And with All the WILDFIRE FIRES here in ARIZONA and the WEST in the past couple of Years. I think the TREE is delivering a Message about the MIS MANAGEMENT of the FORESTS, lack of THINNING, etc. Here is the PHOTO.

1 YEAR, 40 Weeks and 3 Days, of WWIII


Well, How should I Start? All I can give is what I have seen and heard, the News Stories are unavailable. But this past weekend we had a CIRCUS Here, protested by P.E.T.A. and thier naked "Tiger painted Lady". This circus had the elephants, etc, and trapeez performers, etc. Well there was another Circus in Town this wekkend. The Convention of LATINO'S who have been Elected or Appointed in Arizona. I believe it was their 20th. Well anyway the Democratic Contenders, well 6 out of 9 came into town. Most spoke with a little Spanish in their answeres to Question, to pander to the Latino's. Well Rev. Al Sharpton said, basically, that to Empower the Latino Community, we need to Speak in English....Thus promoting English Only. Not hard to understand this since Rev. Al Sharpton can barely speak in English, besides looking like Boxing Promoter Don King's brother. Rep Gephardt proposed a way for ILLEGAL IMMIGRANTS to gain Citizenship. In a "Nutshell" it is #1 Get into the USA ILLEGALLY, #2 DON'T get caught for 5 Years. #3 PROVE you worked for 2 of the 5 years. Then as a REWARD, AUTOMATIC CITIZENSHIP.

HMMMM.... First you HAVE to BREAK the LAW coming here ILLEGALLY. 2nd DON'T GET CAUGHT for 5 years. Which means continuing to be in violation of the LAW. And 3rd. SOMEHOW to get an EMPLOYER to admit he had hired you ILLEGALLY and Employed you for 2 years! When this admission would result in fines into the $THOUSANDS, or HUNDREDS of Thousands of $$$. Then is the quote by one of the candidates of making an EXECUTIVE ORDER to ENABLE STUDENTS to learn a second LANGUAGE. Gee, I thought all High Schools offered Latin, French and Spanish Classes.

One of the Candidates proposed a DEPT. OF PEACE!!! I guess Richard Chamberlin would be Proud, "PEACE IN OUR TIME!" Just Before NAZI GERMANY invaded POLAND.

What the HELL do the LIBERAL DEMOCRATS want? Didn't 9/11 teach us enough that there are groups and Countries that wish us ILL??? Do the Liberal Democrats REGUIRE an AMERICAN CITY to be DESTROYED by a NUKE, or Countrywide Biological Weapon release, or a Chemical ATTACK to be persuaded that WE NEED to be on the OFFENSIVE to protect OUR COUNTRY???? Well if we wait for that, it is already TOO LATE! The result from not being PRO-ACTIVE, is Hundreds of Thousands DEAD or maybe MILLIONS, and our Economy Fatally Crippled.

The End Result, no more USA, this Country will be as fractionated as Europe. Do we want this to happen? NOOO!!! OK, I know it is 16 months before the next General Election. And who knows what might happen between now and then. But all things considered, looking at what the Democrats are offering as candidates for President, and their stated policies. We could very well have 1st in the ELECTORAL COLLEGE HISTORY, a UNANIMOUSLY Elected President in 2004. I want a President and Administration whose focus is USA 1ST!!! And SCREW everyone else. YOU KNOW DANM WELL that other COUNTRIES and TERRORIST GROUPS think the same way. WE HAVE THE BIGGEST "SCREW" right now, let's use it before indecision takes it away from US. We need to say there ARE GOOD and BAD COUNTRIES, and BAD GROUPS . We need to eliminate GREY AREAS, and decide what is GOOD or BAD. AND THEN GO ON THE OFFENSIVE to ELIMINATE what is BAD. Not the PEOPLE, but their Gov't, Dictatorship, etc.

We cannot be the WORLD'S POLICEMAN Forever. But while We have this short opportunity, it is time to rid this Planet to the best of OUR ABILITY, all those abusing POWER, planning ATTACKS against us, or our allies. or who enslaves their own People.

We need to think about the BIG PICTURE, not about what PETA is saying about a Movie or Circus, or what Smokers and anti-smokers are arguing about. Because if we lose this WAR, 2nd hand Smoke, or how the circus animals are treated, will be the least of you concerns. You would be worried about saying something against the Dictator, or your kids saying something, and you then get DEATH in a wood Chipper, or in a vat of Acid. While the Dictators son's enjoy watching the video of your Death. OH!!! Don't think it can Happen? IT already HAS.... In IRAQ. Under Saddam's Regime. And I bet this has also happened in the old Soviet Union, China, Viet Nam, and a lot of other "COUNTRIES". Why else do you think so many want to come to the USA?

1 YEAR, 39 Weeks and 6 Days, of WWIII


Sorry I didn't update yesterday, I had some things after work to take care of.

Well today is an Historic Day. 13 yrs ago Today Phoenix, AZ. Posted it's ALL TIME HIGH TEMP. of 122 degrees on 06/26/90. I think the forcast for today is 106. While I do remember this day well, I remember the day before 06/25/90 even more when it reached 120 degrees. Why? Well because that DAY the A/C in my Apt building was non-functionable. It was during a rather rare period I worked at the "Secret Lab" on Day Shift. I was 27 yrs old then, and of coarse the residents of the Apt Building ended up having a big Beer Party at the Pool...Had a good time. It WAS very HOT... in more ways than 1, so I will just end this part here.

Well most of today's interesting NEWS is mostly mainstream, but I do have a couple of STORIES for you today.

1st of which is: ART BELL is NOT DEAD!!! In fact he will be hosting tonight and tomorrow night's Shows. See the STORY HERE!!!

Well I am not sure of all the details on this story, but it does seem very odd to me that a MATERNITY STORE CHAIN would FIRE someone for being PREGNANT. There may well be things we don't know about this story, but on the surface, and in today's 20 second sound bite on the TV NEWS, this looks BAD for the STORE. See the STORY HERE!!! And decide for yourself.

WMD's i.e. Weapons of Mass Destruction. Well according to Liberal Democrats, since we haven't found them yet, they never Existed, or Exist., Forget about what Bill Clinton said 5 yrs ago, FORGET what JFK, I meam John F. Kerry who wants to be known as JFK as he runs for President said 4 or 5 yrs ago. BOTH Clinton and JFK John F. Kerry SAID that SADDAM and IRAQ had WMD's WEAPONS of MASS DESTRUCTION. AND JFK, John F. KERRY advocated a unilateral ATTACK on IRAQ without U.N. Approval. But NOW that G.W.BUSH a Rebublican is President, since WMD's have not been found, they DON'T EXIST!!! Doesn't matter these types wanted the U.N. Inspectors to have YEARS TO SEARCH, but give our Military only 90 days. According TO THEIR logic, NEITHER sADDAM OR bIN LADEN, HAVE ever EXISTED. Because we have so far found neither.

Well that spin might have worked to some degree amoung the people who hate OUR COUNTRY, The Liberal Democrats scheme is unraveling very quickly. There is a LEGAL TERM, called "INTENT". If Saddam was to gain release from UN SANCTIONS, he had in place, hidden and Buried, but available for immediate use, the Means the $ and resources to start up it's Nuclear Weapons Program, Chemical Agents, and Biological Agents.

Now to the people who belive that if the items, I say infrastructure is BURIED, then it is a dead PROGRAM. People who believe this are the BIGGEST FOOLS OF ALL. IMMEDIATE THREAT, well for the COUNTRY as a whole, IMMEDIATE means in the next 5 to 10 yrs, as far as a chemical, biological, dirty bomb, or NUKE to ATTACK US. Hmmm. Who would I Target to prevent this? How about Bin Laden's Group, IRAN, and N.KOREA. I firmly BELIEVE that once it is all BOILED DOWN, those who want to KILL AMERICANS, should be killed by AMERICANS before they can KILL any AMERICANS. The old mottos, LIVE FREE OR DIE, DON'T TREAD ON ME, and EVERY AMERICAN's RIGHT to say "F**K YOU!!! Well I embelished this STORY and here it is. STORY HERE HERE!!!Well I need to eat and Sleep, so See ya tomorrow!!!!

1 YEAR, 39 Weeks and 4 Days, of WWIII


TIME IS SHORT! So I will just give you the STORIES of the DAY with minimal Commentary.

I have the STORIES, but what to Start with....

Well let's Start with this. STARS, DIVA's trying to get "SPECIAL TREATMENT". Well let me see, a BLOOD ALCOHOL CONTENT of nearly 3X the LEGAL LIMIT. I think the Police had EVERY RIGHT to SING "STOP in the NAME OF THE LAW", as opposed to DIANA Ross's "STOP IN THE NAME OF LOVE",,,. See the 2 STORIES, HERE!!! AND, HERE!!!

And to her FANS, I want US to be TREATED EQUAL UNDER THE LAW, if ROSS gets off from this because she is a celebrity, this IS NOT EQUAL TREATMENT under the LAW!!! Because OUR ASSES would be in JAIL!

The WHAKO GROUP PETA is at it again. Attacking a KFC. You know if these idiots are what they proclaim to be, they might be good eating off the BB-Q... NO MEAT eaten, LEAN, but not much MEAT on the BONE. Hmm. maybe cannible in regards to PETA would be a PRIZED DELICACY. I'll have to think about this.... Meanwile see the STORY HERE!!!

OH here is an endorsement for "THE ARTS". ART TRASHED, because custodian thought it was TRASH. And I bet he has a better idea of what ART is than I Do, and if he throws it out, I bet I would ALOSO!!! See the STORY HERE!!!


UNTIL Tomorrow!!!

1 YEAR, 39 Weeks and 3 Days, of WWIII


Hi All!!!, I am back! So let's start with a Story that is troubling to me, as Smoker Dave. A Police Officer has been FIRED in Massachusettes because of an unsigned Letter sent in claiming the Officer, OFF DUTY was seen smoking a cigarette, at a Party. HOW can a Gov't agency of any sort, or a Private Business REGULATE the behavior of employees when they are not at WORK? Remember Smoking is the easiest thing to go after, But what is next is Gov't and or business banning the consumption of Alcohol, or Fatty Foods, Or Meat, by employees on or off duty. Remember I just posted last week a Story about Fatty Foods that would make it Illegal to sell a Cheeseburger to a Fat person, and the Fast Food Clerk could face the same penalties as a Clerk selling a minor Alcohol. Fatty Food, Cigarettes, Alcohol, MEAT, etc. ARE LEGAL!!!! What RIGHT do Employers either Private or Gov't have to controll what an individual does when they are not at WORK? NONE!!!. See the STORY HERE!!!

Now this is a bit Weird. I went to a Party this past Saturday Night, And somehow we were discussing a Story that happened nearly 2 yrs ago. That is not the weird part. 2 of us knew of the Story, the others didn't. But starting yesterday, (SUNDAY) the News of this was broadcast again, on CNN, MSNBC, and FOX NEWS. The TRIAL IS STARTING. But on Saturday, this story wasn't discussed amoung us since it initially happened, we talked about it again at the Party. So What is the Story? Well it is a very disturbing one. See the STORY HERE!!!

Well Now to the DEMOCRATIC CANDIDATES FOR PRESIDENT in ELECTION OF 2004. Well it seems to me, that they are ALL in Agreement. What do they AGREE TO??? THEY AGREE that THE SUPREME COURT DECISIONS, that if they differ from their VIEW, they would use EVERY MEANS POSSIBLE to circumvent the SUPREME COURT DECISIONS'. Even Richard Nixon in the Watergate Crisis wouldn't go this far to try to destroy the Constitution and the Separation of Powers. But the Democratic Candidates for President ARE.... SEE THE STORY HERE!!!

Then there is Al Sharpton, it is not about getting BLACKS into positions of Power, but GETTING THE RIGHT BLACKS in POSITIONS OF POWER, Black Woman Condi RICE, NATIONAL SECURITY ADVISOR, Collin Powell Black Man Secretary of State, Clarence Thomas Black Man on the SUPREME COURT, are not "THE RIGHT BLACKS TO BE IN POWER" according to Al Sharpton. And I believe that other Democrats aspiring to be PRESIDENT, believe the same. You have to have the Correct Minorities, weather Latino, Black, or BLUE. They HAVE to believe in the DEMOCRATS POLICY, Otherwise, they are the WRONG MINORITY PEOPLE to have any POWER. How else can TED KENNEDY gain support while saying minorities are TOO STUPID to succed without GOV'T HELP because the WHITE PEOPLE WILL ALWAYS WIN on an even Playing Field. THIS IS RACIST!!! I know SMART Hispanics who will succeed, and I know STUPID White People who will FAIL. In fact I know more FAILED WHITE PEOPLE, because they are STUPID. Than I do Failed Hispanics. I know someone who is in hid 50's. He Has NO CAR, living in a place we would not live in, and the rent PAID BY His ELDERLY PARENTS. What do I call this individual? LOSER, LIAR, SWAMP THING.

1 YEAR, 38 Weeks and 5 Days, of WWIII


Good Lord!, What a PAIN to get Parking Permits On-Line!! Well if you check my last STORY from Yesterday, there is NOW MORE NEWS about this, it is neither something to rejoice over, or to be glad this chapter has ended. NOBODY WINS in this situation. What it amounts to is a "Last Stab". I am very sorry for the kids abused by PRIESTS, and the conduct of the Bishop because of this, and other Bishops, in covering up these abuses by Priests. But now a FELONY CHARGE against my Bishop here in AZ. A FELONY HIT and RUN with a FATALITY. Well the Bishop Resigned this morning, I think he was actually FIRED by the VATICAN, and only given the option to Resign or be Fired. This whole ordeal STINKS to HIGH HEAVEN, so to speak. Well you deserve to know, so see THE STORY HERE!!!

NEVER let it be said I don't criticize my home turff.

Now let's get to current Stories of the Day.

I don't know where you grew up during JR High and High School, which I Graduated from in 1981. But from where I am from SHORTS were always ALLOWED, but in practice it was too COLD except for the 1st and last month of the School Year. The Exceptions were for Cheerleaders for Football Games, and then there is BASKETBALL SEASON both BOYS TEAMS and GIRL TEAMS, but the BOYS Basketball Team had CHEERLEADERS, and they were in SHORTS. AND THEN there is GYM CLASS, SHORTS REGUIRED! OH LET'S SEE!!! GIRLS SOFTBALL in the SPRING, BOYS and GIRLS TENNIS in the SPRING, etc. etc. AND I GREW UP WHERE WE HAD SNOW 6 months of the YEAR!!! WELL..... MAYBE I AM READING THIS STORY WRONG, maybe they intend NO SHORTS! ONLY PANTIES and BOYS UNDERWARE. Which in this scenario, I was BORN TOO SOON!!! But I don't think this is the case. I can give an EXAMPLE. HERE in AZ. there are a lot of YEAR "ROUND" SCHOOLS. AT 5 AM it is 85 DEGREES, The LOW TEMP for the DAY. DO YOU ACTUALLY BELIEVE KIDS will be in PANTS when the AIR CONDITIONONG DOESN'T work in 1/2 of the SCHOOLS???


BEWARE!!! EATING FAST FOOD IS UNHEALTHY!!! AND UNLESS YOU CHANGE, FAST FOOD may go to the same demise as Smoking Establishments. CAN't SMOKE in BARS, Can't buy FAST FOOD. 2nd Hand Smoke is BAD, Buying FATTY FOODS is BAD. I WARNED ABOUT this YEARS AGO. See the STORY HERE!!!

And Now how about this Story, a MISSING JETLINER? See the Story HERE!!!


1 YEAR, 38 Weeks and 4 Days, of WWIII


Well it has been a very troubling time here in the Phoenix Area since I updated yesterday. Most of you who follow the NEWS know what I am talking about. I caught the very early News of what EXPLODED into NATIONAL NEWS yesterday just as I finished updating. I am saddened, disappointed, and ANGRY. I am Catholic, I CAN BE A CRITIC of the BISHOP! Just Like I can be critical of my Football Team the AZ CARDINALS, because I am a SEASON TICKET HOLDER. Those of you who don't know what has been happening and NOW what HAS HAPPENED, have more than enough INFO to easily find out what I am talking about.

Now let's get to the NEWS OF THE DAY

OOHH!!! YUCK!!!! Imagin....You are a GUY, taking a LEAK.... and your LEAK FLIES AWAY as BEETLES!!!! YOU PISS OUT BEETLES!!!! I AM NOT KIDDING!!! SEE THE STORY, HERE!!!

I will end with this.... You know the Terrorist Palestinian Group called "HAMMAS" don't you? Well guess who is THEIR GOOD FRIEND? THE DAMNED FRENCH!!!! SEE THE STORY HERE!!!

OK.....I will provide a Link to what I talked about at the beginning of this update. It is shameful and disturbing. See the Story HERE!!!

See you ALL Later!!! Most Likely Tomorrow!!!!

1 YEAR, 38 Weeks and 3 Days, of WWIII


Hi all! Hope you all had a nice weekend. Mine was OK, but still searching for a new Blinker Bulb for my car. At least we have all survived a Friday the 13TH and a Full Moon at the same time.


Art bell will once againg be hosting Coast to Coast Thurs night 06/26/03 and Friday 06/27/03. Tonight at work I am putting in a request to have 06/26/03 off. I am off on Fridays, and I can take these nights off without really using vacation time, since I have 300 hrs, accrue over 6hrs every 2 weeks, and can have at most 320 hrs. So I HAVE to take nights off every few weeks to keep my balance of hrs under 320.

So what is new? Well here in The Valley of the Sun, Phoenix, AZ. metro area, it is DRY HEAT TIME. High Temps, but Low Humidity. And livable, unless you are outside all day, where you could go from Grape to Raisen in a couple of hrs. Plus where my new "Secret Armed Compound" is, about 30 miles East from SkyHarbor Int. Airport, it is a lot cooler here than the Airport. And without the humidity, keeping the "Compound" at 82 is really very comfy. Now this will probably change in the next few weeks when the MONSOON SEASON Starts, higher Humidity. (110 and Low Humidity is TOTALLY DIFFERENT from 110 and HIGH HUMIDITY). And along with this are the DUST STORMS and Violent Thunderstorms that come from the South. I hope it's timed right on my days off, because I have a GREAT VIEW looking South and I love watching Storms and Lightning.

OK, so what do we have in the news today?

This I DON'T Like, sure your job can impose restrictions etc. on you. BUT! it is too much for an employer to impose even if agreed to by the employees, the banning of something Legal to the extent that you can't do this Legal activity in your own home. What is it? DRINKING? SMOKING? EATING MEAT? Having SEX? Watching PORNO MOVIES? Well in this case it is SMOKING. See the STORY HERE!!!

Hmmm....Looks like Al-Qaeda also wants to bring down The Brooklyn Bridge, amoung other Terrorist type plans. See the STORY HERE!!!

Now to end today's Update, here is a Great Web Site to see the Politically Correct absurdness that is happening everywhere across this Country. See the Web Site HERE!!!

'Till Next Time! Probably Tomorrow!

1 YEAR, 37 Weeks and 6 Days, of WWIII


A big NEWS DEAL TODAY!. But if you are only going to actually check 1 Story with commenentary and a following News Story, Here it is. I would say this comes from the success of the ANTI SMOKERS, Now there are many places we can no longer SMOKE, POLICE STINGS are set up against Stores using underage Teenagers to try to by Smokes. This is the same with BEER. Now REMEMBER those who do not Learn from History are DAMED to repeat it. What is next? Like I have frequently said in the past....THE FAT POLICE!!! OH SURE! You Don't believe me. In 30 yrs or LESS see if this is what has happened. I can't say this any better than Walter Williams, a frequent guest host of The Rush Limbaugh Show, a proffessor of Economics, etc. etc. See the STORYHERE!!!

AND HERE IS another STORY confirming the premise of the STORY I JUST LISTED!!! HERE!!! HERE!!!

So when you now go into a Sports Stadium and Pay these OUTRAGOUS PRICES for a BEER and a BURGER, well this would be 1/2 price if these BASTARDS have their way. So LOOK OUT FOR THE "FAT POLICE LEGISLATION"!!!

Well, you know what? I think I will just end this update here, to make sure you read what I LINKED to. This is how the anti-Smoking thing got started. Just imagine a Grocery Store Clerk being charged with an ILLEGAL SALE of COOKIES to someone under 18, OR an ILLEGAL SALE of a Donought, or CHEESE, or BUTTER, to an overwieght ADULT. GEORGE ORWELL's 1984, HERE WE COME!!!

See you Tomorrow!!! OH,,, What Am I eating before going to bed? Well 1 Bratwurst, 1 Hot Dog, and either FREEDOM FRIES, or a SALAD, or maybe Potato Chips, depending....

1 YEAR, 37 Weeks and 5 Days, of WWIII


Well fpr the 1st time in awhile I am going to be a bit $$ strapped for the next week and 1/2 especially, and basically for the next month until my "Buffer" is restored. Why? Well I signed up to pay my "SECRET ARMED COMPOUND's" Mortgage bi-weekly. I was told that I would be notified 2 weeks in advance of the 1st automatic payment. I did expect this to happen sometime in June as it took 6 to 8 weeks for the program to start. So on Monday 06/09/03 I paid my full month's Mortgage plus $400 towards the Principle for July. I have been paying an extra $400 every month so far towards the Principle. Well on Tuesday morning 06/10/03 I Recieved EMAIL stating that this started bi-weekly program started on 06/06/03. The debit to my Bank Account for both the Payment I initiated for July's payment, and the start of the Bi-weekly payment, showed up today in viewing my Bank Account On-Line. So instead of paying $1,200 between this past weekend, and the Mortgage paid thru 08/01/03, I will have already paid right now $1,600, and on June 20th $2,000, and when I planned to pay again for September I will have paid $2,400. OH WELL!!! At least I am reducing the Principle even more than planned. No sence in crying on over spent $. But this leaves me with only about $200 available in Cash until next Friday 06/20/03. I don't like to cut this so short, as far as $ to have and spend if needed or wanted. But it is Great for the CREDIT RATING! Not that I need any help on this. I have a perfect Record for over 15 years. My Credit is better than A1 Steak Sauce! Do I have to change anything that I would normally do? NO. But I can't make impulsive buys on anything for a bit. So there is NO Large Screen HDTV being bought by me in the next month. But then again, My goal was to get a Large Screen HDTV before the next SUPERBOWL, which is the end of January 2004.

Enough about me.


Let's see, CRUDE COMMENT on a check for a PARKING TICKET gives a woman an extra $100 FINE. Even though these EXTRA FINES are NOT ALLOWED, the JUDGE DID it anyway. The sad thing is this woman was too chicken to put up a fight about it and paid the FINE. See the STORY HERE!!!

This is a 3 STORY NEWS LINKED STORY. NEW YORK STATE ASSEMBLYMAN wants a FAT TAX, or FAST FOOD TAX. To PROTECT THE CHILDREN!!! Considering an EXTRA 1% TAX TO FIGHT OBESITY!!! Well I don't know about this..... Have you noticed that the "people" who recieve Gov't Aid are the Fattest amoung us? Do you think the EXTRA TAXES will deter them? When they can get ALL OF IT BACK???? And if they can't wait until TAX REFUND DAY, they will just STARVE their own KIDS so they can EAT? See the 1st STORY HERE!!! What is not in this particular STORY that I linked to is a Previous STORY that also stated that both Parents didn't work, recieved Welfare, Gov't subsidies, and Social Security Benefits. And now because of the LIBERAL'S UPROAR even these people will COLLECT $400 per kid in a TAX REFUND, even though they didn't PAY TAXES, and nearly STARVED one of their kids to DEATH holed up in a 6 ft by 2 ft CLOSET!!!! FOR 4 MONTHS........ OK let's get back to the FAT TAX. Do you actually think it will curb crimes like these? SEE THE STORY HERE!!! Well if there are PEOPLE willing to BEAT a PIZZA DILEVERY GUY for a CHEESE PIZZA, do you actually think an EXTRA 1% TAX will stop this? SEE the STORY HERE!!!

If we can't keep Guns and knives out of schools, what makes you think we can keep fast food and sodas and chips out of schools?

HANS BLIX, the Retiring SWEDISH DIPLOMAT is ALL PISSED OFF (Mostly because he won't be getting "the NOBEL PEACE PRIZE and $1 MILLION). Calling our administration "BASTARDS!!!" Hans gives a big lament on his turmoils, but then says he doesn't care. And then basically agrees with all that has happened in IRAQ so far. Thinking about this, I TRULY BELIEVE in our new policy, Speak Loudly, and USE the BIG STICK. If you Don't like it, so be it. 9/11 CHANGED EVERYTHING. AND IF YOU BELIEVE HILLARY CLINTON, if BILL wasn't bothered by the "LEWINSKI THING", he may have stopped OSAMA Bin LADEN and PREVENTED 9/11 from happening. WELL!!!! If that what's BILL's WIFE SAYS, then it was a character FLAW in BILL CLINTON that CAUSED 9/11 to happen. And to say more is her (HILLARY'S) QUOTE, that " KENNETH STAR saved their Marriage". BUT IT WAS KEN STAR who prosecuted WHITE WATER and LEWINSKI dealings or BLOWINGS. And let's see.... What did Bill Clinton do about the 1993 bombing of the WTC? ABSOLUTELY NOTHING. I re-Iterate Bill Clinton will reside in HELL along with Lyndon B Johnson, and it appears HILLARY is starting to make her own bed there also. And if you ACTUALLY BELIEVE HILLARY's BOOK, and that she NEVER KNEW that the LEWINSKI THING was correct in the NEWS, She BELIEVED IT TO BE A "VAST RIGHT WING CONSPIRACY" against her "HUSBAND", even though there was PAULA JONES, Broderick, ETC. ETC. and the "BIMBO PROTECTION SQUAD". NEARLY EVERYONE IN AMERICA knew BILL CLINTON was lying, one who didn't was HILLARY. So REMEMBER THIS! If after living for Years with Bill Clinton, and all the AFFAIRS, YOU (HILLARY) were still FOOLED???? DO WANT A FUTURE PRESIDENT so gullible? Hillary Clinton is just a dumb BITCH with a lust for POWER no matter the Costs. I also wonder why we haven't heard much from her daughter Fathered by JANET RENO? Could it be that Chelsea is at odds with BOTH er, all 3 of her PARENTS? It seems to me, that BILL LOVED his DOG that was killed in a car accident last year more than Hillary, AND Chelsea has been absent since the Post LEWINSKI THING when BILL was still President. Could it be that Chelsea is against both, er all 3 of her Parents? Could it be in the Future, Chelsea does a Reverse DIXIE CHICK? SAYING she is ashamed her last Name is CLINTON and not BUSH? Time will tell.

Until Tomorrow!!!!

1 YEAR, 37 Weeks and 3 Days, of WWIII


Sorry about the lack of Updates last week, had a rough time at work and other things I needed to take care of. And I still need to find a BULB, left turn signal, for my Car. But my BBQ is Clean, and GAS has finally dropped below $1.50 a Gallon if you know where to go around here in the Phoenix Metro Area.

Hillary Clinton,,,,, I am sick and tired of her, she is a "Possible" future Democratic Candidate for President. My 1st Question is.... WOULD you want a PRESIDENT who BELIEVED her Husband Bill Clinton that the Lewinsky thing was a FALSE ACCUSATION for 8 MONTHS???!!! Well Hillary will NOT RUN this Time, she already knows there is NO WAY to BEAT G.W. BUSH next year. While she has said she has no intentions to run, remember she IS A LAWYER!!! And knows that LEAGALLY Intentions can change from 1 day to the next on a whim. I Believe this BOOK, that Hillary did NOT WRITE, is an attempt to PURGE all the negativity of the past, and when she LOSES Re-Election to the SENATE in 2006 from the State of NEW YORK, is when her PRESIDENTIAL CAMPAIGN begins for 2008.

Why do I think this? Well I Do Not Think that Cheney will run for President after GW's 2 Terms in Office, and the Republicans will be viewed as weak for the top office at this time. But I think the Democrats are "Wishing on a Star". We Will See.

Well let's see what else I can say today, sorry no NEWS LINKS TODAY because they are too obvious and you will find them youself very easilly.

A lesson REMEMBERED and RE-ENFORCED. Do not put off what you can do today for someone, especially an elderly Family Member, or just a Friend, because you never know when they could be Gone Tomorrow, with or without warning. It is a hard thing to live with, a "I WISH I WOULD HAVE..." 's. A Friend of mine is dealing with this Lesson, the hard way. He had only a simple thing to do, but put it off, but would have been treasured, and she died before it was sent. The Guilt and Remorse I have felt myself before, and I try hard to avoid this remorse and guilt now. The thing is, if someone you know and or Love, and if they were suddenly DEAD, It is much Easier to handle if you have No Regrets.

LESSON IS: Be able to handle without REGRETS a SUDDEN or ANTICIPATED DEATH of FAMILY or FRIENDS, or co-workers. The POINT is to not have to ask the Question to Yourself of "I SHOULD HAVE".

AND if this Question your answer is "WHAT?", Then you have done all that is humanly expected to someone you knew. We can't grieve for every DEATH, we grieve the Deaths of family members, friends, and people we work with or socialize with.

I hope this little sermon from me, helps you avoid the Guilt that I carry from the past, and the Guilt a Friend of mine carries in the Present.

1 YEAR, 36 Weeks and 5 Days, of WWIII


Well a Lot of NEWS and Little time. So let's get to it.

Well let's Start with SAMMY SOSA of the Chicago Cubs and the "INNOCENT CORKED BAT", and HILLARY CLINTON's claims she had no idea "BILL" was straying with MONICA until a week before "BILL" told us all in COURT. IF you can possibly BELIEVE this line of Spin and BULLSH**. Well I OWN OCEAN FRONT PROPERTY here in ARIZONA, IT COULD HAPPEN SOMEDAY! BUT NOT TODAY! SEE THESE STORIES HERE!!!


So do YOU BELIEVE SAMMY SOSA? I DON'T! OH SURE if you believe him you assume all his other BATS are LEGAL. But I say to you, if SAMMY IS SMART, he will have ONLY ONE CORKED BAT in his "Supply". All of this TAINTS SAMMY as much as Mark McGuire in the HOME RUN FEST a couple of years ago whem McGuire was accused and admitted to using off the shelf STEROIDS. SAMMY SOSA will NOW ALWAYS HAVE an "*" besides his RECORDS on the BASEBALL FIELD. See the STORY HERE!!!

I got more NEWS, but it is getting late for me. I will Try to do a BIG UPDATE TOMORROW!!!

1 YEAR, 36 Weeks and 4 Days, of WWIII


Yes I am here! Well to catch you up on what's new, lets begin with me. I know it sounds self-centered, but HEY! it is my web site and I can be self-centered if I want to be.

Yesterday was sort of a LANDMARK DAY for me. It was my 17th Anniversary working in "The Secret Lab". Yes I started working there on 06/02/86, 3:00PM to be exact. I didn't think I would be there much more than a year or so since I was young, (23 yrs old), and still looking to find my "niche in work life". Well I suppose you can say I found it 17 yrs ago. Rather Lucky to find a long lasting career and position at the same employer. I still very much enjoy what I do, and it changes all the time, cutting edge technology, robotics, a shift I love. Yes it appears I am a Vampire and love working "THE GRAVEYARD SHIFT". Plus I know the job I do is important to the Health Care of much of this Country. I make a good living, I have good benefits. And I like my Superiors & co-workers. Overall, isn't this "The American Dream"? To like your work, your company, your bosses, and your co-workers. And having the ability to do what you want to do in life outside of work?

Let's see what else have I done since my last update? OH YEAH! Thurs and Fri night last week ART BELL was back on the AIR filling in for a vacationing George Noory. I really like George, but it is always a SPECIAL TREAT hearing ART BELL once again. What else?.... OH! I bought a Programmable Thermostat to try to keep the Electric Bill in check. If it can save me $5 a month it will pay for itself in less than 10 months. You see I have my best friend living on the 1st floor bedroom until he saves enough $ to buy his own place, and he works DAYS, leaves for work around 7:00AM. I am in the Master Bedroom on the 3rd Floor. And I get home from work usually around 11:00AM. So Basically I have it programmed for the Temp setting to cease cooling to 82 degrees at 6:00AM, letting the temp rise as high as 90, though unlikely in the early morning hours, and then having the thermostat in "Smart Recovery Mode" bring the temp back down to 83 by 11:30AM, and then cooling once again to 82 by 2:00PM around my bedtime during the week. Doing in my Head FUZZY MATH, considering the extra time to cool back down, etc. I figure that I should be able to reduce the Air Conditioning part of the Electric Bill by about 10%. Of coarse I will be tweaking it in the coming weeks.

Well like I said above, I make a good living, which means I PAY TAXES, and come July I get a TAX CUT. I have no kids, so I won't get the $400 each. I have no problem with that. BUT!!!! NOW a Family that earns I believe $10,000 to $26,000, will ALSO GET the $400 per child TAX REFUND....... The thing is these FAMILIES DON'T PAY TAXES!!!! What this is in a nutshell is a WELFARE Subsidy built into the TAX CUT LEGISLATION. HOW can you be eligible for a FEDERAL TAX REFUND if YOU don't PAY FEDERAL TAXES???!!!! See the STORY HERE!!!

Is NASA in need to be REVAMPED? Well there are disturbing trends, the Chinese are going into SPACE and Soon to the MOON for a Permanent Base, The European Space Agency has already Launched it's own MARS PROBE, on and on. See the STORIES The CHINESE PLAN HERE!!!


EUROPE on the way to MARS HERE!!!

Now to other less pressing News.

I grew up with my Grandma's Homegrown, and canned DILL PICKLES. I can't get them anymore because she is in a better place. But Why can't we at least get consistant Quality in DILL PICKLES over the years. I only like cucumbers as Dill Pickles, and I always have to buy on the VLASIC LABLE's "MOST ZESTY". Well anyway, here is the STORY HERE!!!

You know I was never a big fan of drinks on FIRE. I just thought to myself what a waste of alcohol, and so you need to buy more drinks to replace what the flaming dispay burned off. Well it turns out that the flaming drink is the ROOT CAUSE of a young man's DEATH. Because if he had never ordered the Drink, it would not have Burned him, he would not have had to go to the Hospital, and be given a prescription, that apparently killed him. See the STORY HERE!!!

Well this will do it for today, time to eat and sleep. Here in Mesa, AZ. it is 100 degrees, but a comfortable (No Humidity) 82 in my house, the ceiling and other fans for circulation help a lot too.

1 YEAR, 35 Weeks and 6 Days, of WWIII



Well Let's Start with the TAX CUT!!! If you ACTUALLY EARN $, now you get to Keep MORE of IT!!! If you RECIEVE more than you make, you MAY STILL Come out ahead. Thanks to President Bush, Good 'Ole G.W. Just Relish in this, Instead of OUR HARD EARNED $ going for more Social Projects that Benefit the LAZY and UNWILLING TO WORK to support themselves..... You know the WELFARE MOTHERS of the 1970's and 80's, who decided having another KID was a Better ECONOMIC DECISION then finding a JOB because of the WHACKED POLICIES of President LYNDON JOHNSON'S "WAR ON POVERTY", while he unmercifully SACRIFICED THOUSANDS of our Young MEN in a Controlled Slaughter in VIETNAM, by REFUSING to allow US TO WIN!!!!, MAY Lyndon Johnson find his "ROOMIE" "ADOLF HITLER and STALIN" to be good pals as they ROT IN HELL 'till the END OF TIME.

OH GEE!! That WAS HARSH!!! Well I get that Way when It gets late for me. It may be HARSH, but it is TRUTHFUL.

It is LATE For Me, I have many things to say, but my 1st Priority is to be rested for work, and I am VERY HUNGRY, and I have a lot of PC Maintenence to do.

I also have to some shopping after Work Tomorrow before my 4 Day Weekend, I have 06/02/03 as my Memorial Day, And it is my 17th Anniversary at Work.

But what AM I looking Forward TO? ART BELL TONIGHT and FRIDAY NIGHT!!! I grew up CATHOLIC, these are NOT HOLY DAYS of OBLIGATION, But it is the next thing in my BOOK.

No MATTER WHAT HAPPENS at WORK TONIGHT, I WILL be in a GOOD MOOD, with my longest co-worker on the AIR once again, and AGAIN on FRIDAY NIGHT!!! A GREAT BEGINNING to the WEEKEND!

PLus it is a RARE TIME at WORK, as I only Wear my ART BELL T-Shirt and CAP when ART BELL is ON the AIR. 12 yrs, from the 1st Art Bell IntervieW with Al Belich on "The PHILDELPHIA EXPERIMENT". That I heard about a dozen yrs ago. AND I HAVE BEEN HOOKED SINCE. If I remember correctly, I started Listening to the ART BELL SHOW, when it had only 3 affilites, now over 500. THE BIGGEST RADIO SHOW AT NIGHT!!! ART, GOD BLESS YOU!!!, you have made my GRAVEYARD SHIFT these YEARS, a prized SPOT. I could NEVER have worked this shift for so long without you. And for GEORGE NOORY, well ART if you had to step aside, at least this TIME you picked a Competent Replacement to allow me to continue to work these Graveyard Hours!!! I like GEORGE, and he is getting better, and what SEALS the DEAL is that I still get to hear you ART, from time to time. And EACH TIME is a SPECIAL TIME. ART, if you had to go, I am GLAD you picked GEORGE, maybe only 1/2 step missed in Quality of the Interviews, But it is Shrinking as George Gets BETTER. But George is Going to RETIRE in 2012 ALSO!

ART! The Replacement for George in 2012 should be starting to be addressed now, start looking. Well I am only 40 right now, a listener to Your Show since the VERY BEGINNING, when it was on KTAR for an hr or 2, and I had to Get the SELECT ANTENNA to bring in KWDON from LV to HEAR the Rest of the Radio Program Show. Well by the time George Retires in 2012, I will have Better than 20 yrs of listening Expierience, and over 15 yrs of WEBSITE Experience. And if the CALENDER goes Beyond the MAYAN CALENDER that ends in 2012, I Will be HERE!!!

1 YEAR, 35 Weeks and 5 Days, of WWIII


Let me tell you, it is a HOT ONE TODAY in the Phoenix, AZ. Area. Sure my High Temps are a bit lowere normally than the OFFICIAL HIGH at SKY HARBOR INTERNATIONAL AIRPORT in PHOENIX, but TODAY I don't think there is going to much difference between the 2. 1PM and it is 102 here. Forcast is 110 at the Airport, and I think it will probably hit 104 to 107 here at my SECRET ARMED COMPOUND. Either Way it is HOT!!!, But currently a DRY HEAT. It will be MUCH WORSE in a month or so, when we have this HEAT and HUMIDITY!!! But these 3 to 4 Months of PERGATORY, is the Price We pay to have 8 or 9 months of Bliss.

Now for some NEWS

Now this might be understandable from a Dehydrated Arizonan, this is sort of Bizzare. Let me start the Scene. SALAD... OK I know that LETTUCE has been EXPENSIVE in recent Times, but should it have resulted in THIS??? HERE!!!

Now this STORY is JUST WRONG!!! See the STORY HERE!!!

You know those Commenterative QUARTERS, 25 cent pieces depicting Individual States? IS there a CURSE ATTACHED???? See the STORY

Well it is HOT HERE, and I need to Spend $ for AC so I can Sleep tonight. But I will be back tomorrow!!!

1 YEAR, 35 Weeks and 4 Days, of WWIII


Well I had a rather EASY Night at work, and actually left 2 hrs early. EASY OT $ so to Speak, my Memorial Day Holiday is next Monday 06/02/03, my 17th anniversary at Work.

So what Have I been Doing? Well I have been readying my BONUS FRIDGE, now in my Garage that I bought for a cheap $50 to beging to handle A pre-cooled Storage space for Sodas and Beers, and Extra FREEZER SPACE. You might say why I am saying PRE-COOLED. Well it is because this FRIDGE is in the GARAGE, it gets hot in there. I don't NEED to keep these extra Sodas and Beers as COLD as in my Kitchen Fridge. I just trying to keep my electric costs Down. YES, it is true, Smoker Dave has 3 full Baths, and 2 Refridgerators. These are the by products of living in a crappy place for 6 years, saving $, to get a Great Place. That's how I did it. OK! So what the hell is going on in the NEWS???? Well let's take a look...

Hmmm,,,, This IRAQI basically HOLED HIMSELF UP into a WALL FOR 20 YRS!!!! BECAUSE OF a DEATH SENTANCE from SADDAM. Well unless this is shown to be UNTRUE, it beats ANNE FRANK by a long shot. See the STORY HERE!!!

Now let's go back to the HARM THE UN SANCTIONS caused, Turns OUT SADDAM manipulated CHILDREN TO DIE to support his position. See the STORY HERE!!!

Now to another Subject. Let me SEE......COURT.... You are a witness or are Testifing, You swear "TO TELL THE TRUTH AND NOTHING BUT THE TRUTH" ON THE BIBLE... Now the JURORS are Sequestered in a HOTEL. Well the Hotel has BIBLES in the ROOMS. Some of the JURORS consulted the BIBLE. Now Remember the sequestered JURORS could bring in any Reading Material on their own as long as it was not NEWSPAPERS or anything else that was related to the CASE. Now last summer I was on a JURY for nearly 4 weeks, I was and the others were chosen by BOTH the PROSECUTION and the DEFENSE attourney's for this TRIAL. A JURY CAN DO WHAT IT WANTS AND GIVE A VERDICT BASED ON WHAT THEY HAVE DECIDED, whether it be on a SUPERMAN COMIC BOOK, or THE BIBLE. IF THE BIBLE is good enough during the TRIAL, why is it not good enough during Deliberations?????

See the STORYHERE!!!

Well it is LATE for me, See you TOMMORROW!!!

1 YEAR, 35 Weeks and 3 Days, of WWIII


Well I guess I just need to start LAME in this Commentary, because I can't replicate what I did a Year ago. I cannot do justice to those brave soldiers who have defended Freedom and Liberty with their Lives for over 200 yrs. I can only Honor Them and Remember them on Days such as these.

How do I benefit? Well I just purchased an extra Refridgerator from a friend for $50, I now have extra space for Food, Beers, and Sodas. A rather Extravacant Expense compared to most of the World. But those of Us in AMERICA see it as a right. IF you can buy it, You can do it. I also have a Very Expensive BED, a CAR PAID FOR, a HOME I OWN at low interest Rate, the Right to speak out, the Right to Protest, the Right to see who I want. These RIGHTS are derived from our military defending these rights. And to the ANTI-War Protestors whose Right to Protest were paid by BLOOD of our Troops. I'd Rather Fight the ENEMIES on their Turf, than on OUR HOMELAND.

Like I said, I cannot improve upon my posting from last year. So here it is in it's Entirety.

Well it is a bit of a slow NEWS DAY, and I am Short on time. This is a perfect Day for a simple Poem, that just came to my attention Today.


NOW over 8 MONTHS LATER... Ponder what has happened to many of OUR Children, the Challenges, and Struggles they face. IN SPITE of the Devastating LOSS they have suffured. I did not write this, the best I can do is site the source.

Sent in by Marjorie Deak

Her hair was up in a ponytail
Her favorite dress tied with a bow.
Today was Daddy's Day at school,
And she couldn't wait to go.

But her mommy tried to tell her,
That she probably should stay home.
Why the kids might not understand,
If she went to school alone.

But she was not afraid;
She knew just what to say.
What to tell her classmates
Of why he wasn't there today.

But still her mother worried,
For her to face this day alone.
And that was why once again,
She tried to keep her daughter home.

But the little girl went to school,
Eager to tell them all.
About a dad she never see
A dad who never calls.

There were daddies along the wall in back,
For everyone to meet.
Children squirming impatiently,
Anxious in their seat.

One by one the teacher called,
A student from the class.
To introduce their daddy,
As seconds slowly pass.

At last the teacher called her name,
Every child turned to stare.
Each of them was searching,
For a man who wasn't there.

"Where's her daddy at?"
She heard a boy call out.
"She probably doesn't have one,"
Another student dared to shout.

And from somewhere near the back,
She heard a daddy say,
"Looks like another deadbeat dad,
Too busy to waste his day."

The words did not offend her,
As she smiled up at her Mom.
And looked back at her teacher,
Who told her to go on.

And with hands behind her back,
Slowly she began to speak.
And out from the mouth of a child,
Came words remarkably unique.

"My Daddy couldn't be here,
Because he lives so far away.
But I know he wishes he could be,
Since this is such a special day.

And though you cannot meet him,
I wanted you to know.
All about my daddy,
And how much he loves me so.

He loved to tell me stories
He taught me to ride my bike.
He surprised me with pink roses,
And taught me to fly a kite.

We used to share fudge sundaes,
And ice cream in a cone.
And though you cannot see him,
I'm not standing here alone.

"Cause my daddy's always with me,
Even though we are apart
I know because he told me,
He'll forever be in my heart"

With that, her little hand reached up,
And lay across her chest.
Feeling her own heartbeat,
Beneath her favorite dress.

And from somewhere in the crowd of dads,
Her mother stood in tears.
Proudly watching her daughter,
Who was wise beyond her years.

For she stood up for the love
Of a man not in her life.
Doing what was best for her,
Doing what was right.

And when she dropped her hand back down,
Staring straight into the crowd.
She finished with a voice so soft,
But its message clear and loud.

"I love my daddy very much,
He's my shining star.
And if he could, he'd be here,
But heaven's just too far.

You see he was a fireman
And died just this past year
When airplanes hit the towers
And taught Americans to fear.

But sometimes when I close my eyes,
It's like he never went away."
And then she closed her eyes,
And saw him there that day.

And to her mother's amazement,
She witnessed with surprise.
A room full of daddies and children,
All starting to close their eyes.

Who knows what they saw before them,
Who knows what they felt inside.
Perhaps for merely a second,
They saw him at her side.

"I know you're with me Daddy,"
To the silence she called out.
And what happened next made believers,
Of those once filled with doubt.

Not one in that room could explain it,
For each of their eyes had been closed.
But there on the desk beside her,
Was a fragrant long-stemmed rose.

And a child was blessed, if only for a moment,
By the love of her shining bright star.
And given the gift of believing,
That heaven is never too far

1 YEAR, 35 Weeks and 0 Days, of WWIII


TAX CUT!!! More $$$ in our pockets. Oh sure the liberals and Democrats are saying this only benefits the RICH! Well by the Liberal or Democrat Standard, ANYONE who actually PAYS TAXES is RICH. THEY DID SAY, that this ONLY BENEFITS THE RICH. Sure the more you make the more you get back, seems only Fair to me. AND BEFORE you call me insensitive to single Mothers, etc. Just let me say this. Our Social Programs DO HELP out this Group, AND CHURCHES do it better. AMERICANS are the most GIVING PEOPLE on the Face of the Earth to Charities. Unless You have such a Disability that you CAN NOT WORK in ANY WAY, even by Computer or INTERNET, Society will provide CARE to these unfortunate People. HOWEVER, if it is because you REFUSE to WORK, or just like screwing People thru handouts, and think you are Entitled to recieve Funds ie $ from the GOV'T, because you are a LOW LIFE, think again!!!

YOU YOURSELF provide for Your STANDARD OF LIVING, DO NOT EXPECT the rest of us to Subsidize , and raise UP your STANDARD of Living. Get a Hair Cut, or maybe let your Hair Grow Back. AND GET A JOB!!!! Society is based on PEOPLE, People who are Productive to Society, carry their own weight in LIFE. If you refuse this Societal LAW, the rest of us SHOULD NOT be Obligated to give You ANYTHING!!! But yet we do, thru Socialistic Programs, if you get hurt bad, The rest of us pays for your Health Care, We also Fund Drug Rehabs. Churches also Fund many other Programs to try to get You to be a POSITIVE member in SOCIETY instead of a Negative. Think of your dieing Breath. Did you improve the World as a whole, or at least tried, or did you take more than you gave. This is the MORAL JUDGEMENT. If you are in the BLACK, you are HEAVEN BOUND, if you are DEEP in The RED, you are HELL BOUND. Take Your Chances, but I think this is how the AFTERLIFE WORKS.

ART BELL ALERT!!!! Art will be back ON THE AIR Thursday night next week and also Friday Night as George Noory is taking a couple of Days (Nights) Off.

A rare opportunity for my co-workers to see my Art Bell T-Shirt and Baseball Cap, as I only wear them to work when Art Bell is "On The AIR!!!"

Well it is MEMORIAL DAY WEEKEND now for MANY, Well not for me. My Memorial Day is June 2nd, which happens to be my 17th year ANNIVERSARY at THE SECRECT LAB. But I do have the INDY 500 to watch on Sunday, this is ingrained into me just like LABOR DAY with Jerry LEWIS, I Grew up on the TELETHONE with JERRY LEWIS. It marked for me the END OF SUMMER VACATION from School, the next Day was the 1st day of school. The same can be said of MEMORIAL DAY, which meant for me the INDY 500, and only 2 or 3 weeks before FINALS AT SCHOOL. When I was growing up in Northern NY the School Year Ended in the 3rd or 4th week of JUNE, it was usually around June 21st, And School ReStarted the Day after Labor Day in Sept. Basically it was a 75 Day long Vacation from School.

Well,,, I WORK MEMORIAL DAY, THERE WILL be an UPDATE this MONDAY, MEMORIAL DAY. I will do my Best to make it Special.

Untill Then, LATERZS!

1 YEAR, 34 Weeks and 6 Days, of WWIII


Well it is OFFICIALLY SHORTS SEASON at my Secret Compound, yesterday I recorded a High Temp of 100.8 Degrees. I know thos of you who follow the weather closely, know Phoenix has hit 100+ a number of times in the past week or so. But the OFFICIAL TEMP is taken at SKY HARBOR INTL. AIRPORT, that is maybe 3 or 4 miles from where I work, but somewhere between 25 and 30 miles from my Secret Armed Compound. I am in East MESA, AZ. Well by definition a mesa is an Elevation from the surrounding area. The Higher you are the Cooler it is. PLUS the HEAT ISLAND effect of Central Phoenix is in play. It is amazing, when you leave Central Phoenix after a D-Backs Baseball Game, in the evening, there is a point when you are driving away from the "CORE" that the Temp suddenly drops an Immediate 5 degrees, and continues to SLOWLY DROP as you get further away. Well today's high for Phoenix is 105. Based on my observation and documentation, I will be below 100 today.

Well what is in the NEWS TODAY?

Well NASA. HEADS SHOULD ROLL!!! Besides the info in the next LINKED STORY, I also have some serious scuttlebut, that NASA DIRECTED SPACE SHUTTLE COLUMBIA to roll into a favorable position/angle for Military SPY Satalites to take Pictures of the LEFT WING on their 1st Day in Orbit. And there is also other evidence of this by the crew on-board. I believe the Crew knew they may not make it back. BUT THE PROBLEM IS.... They, the CREW COULD HAVE BEEN SAVED! And the Shuttle Columbia could have been left in ORBIT, until a REPAIR MISSION was launched. Shuttle ATLANTIS was being readied for Launch on 03/01/03. ONLY 1 month after the DEATH of Columbia. Well if NASA knew as much as what I am hearing, ATLANTIS could have EASILY been moved up for a daunting Rescue Mission, the Columbia Crew would have shut down all non essential Power Drains, and conserved Food, Water and AIR, just like Apollo 13. Well folks the Agency Formery known as NASA in the APOLLO years, is now just another Agentcy in the Federal Gov't. Where if something goes VERY WRONG, the Agentcy is responsible, but individuals in the Agentcy ARE NOT! This is a HILLARY Attitude. "IT TAKES A VILLAGE TO RAISE A CHILD", if the Child goes BAD, who DO YOU BLAME???? The mindset is NO BODY IS TO BLAME!!! Write it off and go on.

WELL I don't BUY into this LUNACY. I believe Senior Management of NASA knew there was a problem, grabbed their nuts, or lack of, and HOPED that COLUMBIA would make it back SAFELY. In any Case NASA is not the Agentcy we were most proud of. If a Regime Change needs to be taken next, then it is the SENIOR MANAGEMENT of NASA. I believe the Senior Management with hopes of a safe return, put our Astronaughts at GRAVE RISK of their LIVES which ended over TEXAS, to continue to manage their high salaries for a job and responsibility that they are OBVIOUSLY not competent to do. How can a HIGH MANAGER, seeing something WRONG, risk Human Lives when they could have been SAVED? IS it FEAR of saying there is a PROBLEM? And it is going to cost a lot of $ to save these people? SPACE FLIGHT IS VERY RISKY, these HEROS of EXPLORATION should never feel abandoned by us. OH SURE to recreate a Space Shuttle now is $5 Billion, But a new and safer and Better one delivered in 3 yrs is about $2 Billion. What would have been the cost of the RESCUE MISSION? SOME OT at NASA to get ATLANTIS READY 2 Weeks EARLIER. A COUNTRY as GREAT as OURS, should be able to handle Easily Emergentcies like this, as far as funding. There is No guaranty that the rescue Mission would be a success, But we should have TRIED!!!

See the STORY HERE!!!

Well I got some other things to do now before bedtime, pay some bills online, and BBQ 2 or 3 of my Ball Park Franks that PLUMP when you COOK 'Em.

I will see you Tomorrow!!!

1 YEAR, 34 Weeks and 5 Days, of WWIII


Sorry All that I haven't been here, had things to do, Bills to pay, People to see. Plus I have just had all the Minor Defects in my NEW SECRET ARMED COMPOUND taken care of. Well many of you probably know that Phoenix, AZ. At the AIRPORT where OFFICIAL Temperatures are recorded, has hit 100 or more about 5 times in the past week. WELL! Where my NEW SECRET ARMED COMPOUND is, it is a bit cooler, I am about 25 miles from SKY HARBOR INT AIRPORT. In the 3 months I have been here, I average 6 degrees cooler on the HIGH TEMP, and 3 or 4 Degrees cooler on the LOW TEMP. So far My place hasn't hit 100 yet,,,, but it may do so today. Forcast High is 104. Right now at 1PM it is 99 degrees. ONCE it hits 100 where I am at, is the OFFICIAL START of SHORTS SEASON. I don't wear Shorts unless it is 100 or more, I have acclimated to the HEAT after being here for almost 18 yrs. But I have been using the A/C for the past Week when the Temps were in the upper 90's. I SLEEP during this time, I work NIGHTS. And I like it cooler, depending on where you live you may disagree. I keep the indoor Temp on the 2nd Floor, my Master Bedroom is on the 3rd Floor, between 77 and 80 degrees, at least NOW while there is little Humidity.

Update on my new Secret ARMED COMPOUND, I love it! PLUS having my OWN BED not one provided by an APT COMPLEX, AND I GOT A GREAT BED helps also. My Friend's Cat "RAMBO", that I have known for 15 yrs, still tries to get her way, yes it's a Female "RAMBO". But at least now she knows IT IS NOT HER HOUSE. BUT she complains from time to time.


Well I don't think I am at risk here in AZ. But it would be of concern if I were on the Coast, or in NYC, BOSTON, or D.C., or Overseas. These DAMN ISLAMIC EXTEMISTS, We haven't killed them all yet, that is why the threat is REAL. BUT MINOR. Even if I were in a HIGH RISK CITY or AREA, I would still do as I do. As much as the Internet and other reports of the denigradtion of our RIGHTS, I don't see it. IF RIGHTS were being COMPROMISED, I should be the 1st to know, being a BEER DRINKING, MEAT EATING, SMOKING, LOUDMOUTH. So as LONG as I am Still HERE, FEAR NOT, because I would be amoung the 1st to be silenced by Gov't Intervention.


OH GEE!!! I am supposed to FEEL SORRY that FRENCHMEN were badly TREATED HERE in the USA? As far as I'm concerned the FRENCH are as acceptable as CHILD MOLESTERS. Just serve me the FREEDOM FRIES, AMERICAN BREAD, and PATRIOT TOAST. To HELL with the FRENCH, and let's also call this DISH for what it is.... SNAILS....See the STORY HERE!!!


Let's see who else I can irritate today.


OH!!! You don't Buy into "MY LOGIC"? Well I do have a DEFENSE, just go and SEE THIS STORY HERE!!! AND NOW ask me if BILL CLINTON is or is not RESPONSIBLE for THIS!!!

SHALL I GO ON??? OK. HERE is another tid bit of infor, which has it's Origination in The Bill CLINTON ADMINISTRATION. HOW should I put this...???? Well It is always best to be honest and Truthful in your own opinions. I work in this industry. Studies have Shown the MAJORITY of GAY MEN have Multiple Partners, in SLEAZY Places, where intravienous Drug Use is Common, and WE SHOULD ALLOW THEM TO BE BLOOD DONORS???!!! HELL NO!!! See the STORY HERE!!!

Well I am going to end today's UPDATE, with a link to one of the most Screwed up Groups on this Earth, PETA. A Group that is more OFFENDED by the the killing of the animals we eat, than an orderly attempt at exterminatating of a Group of People. PETA EQUATES the HOLOCAUST with the Killing of Animals. I am not JEWISH, I am Catholic. But for PETA to continully send this Message is a SLAP AGAINST ALL HUMANITY. So I advocate, that if somehow you innocently KILL a PETA MEMBER, in an accident, Don't Feel Too Bad about it, you did Society a Good Thing accidently. I do not advocate targeting these idiots, but I won't Weep if one passes away and becomes Fertilizer. TO HELL with these People who EQUATE the Killing of PIGS for Food to the Holocaust. This is a "HATE MESSAGE" equal to what HITLER TRIED to do. AND WE ARE ON "ORANGE ALERT". MAYBE PETA should, thinking again, YES PETA and their MEMBERSHIP Should be placed on the TERRORIST LIST to be ELIMINATED. KILL the TERRORISTS!!! AND PETA!!!!


GEE I hope I wasn't too TIMID on this UPDATE....

But, just in Case, if YOU TOTALLY DISAGREE with me on Today's Update, I have 1 MORE ANSWER. YOU CAN EAT SH-T and DIE. And I BET you Die before ME. Well I hope I have answered most of your Questions. See you tommorrow!!!

1 YEAR, 33 Weeks and 6 Days, of WWIII


One More Night at work until the Weekend, and this week at Work has gone much Better than last Week. I Hope that the mysterious PLANET X that is supposedly to arrive today doesn't screw up my Weekend. However WE do have a neat thing to see tonight in the SKY. A Total LUNAR ECLIPSE, Starts araound 10PM Eastern Time, 7PM Arizona Time. And will last about 3 hrs. So check it out if your Skies are clear, it is a COOL Thing to see.

Well So far We have not here in the Phoenix Metro Area Officially hit 100 degrees yet, came close. But it appears tomorrow we will hit it. Forcast is for 101. Doesn't much matter to me, I started using the A/C the Other day. Remember I sleep during the Day, whether it is 98 or 101, I need the A/C on. Well at least where I am it is a little cooler by about 3 to 5 degrees, but I need the Air Temp in my bedroom at 80 or less for me to get to sleep, if it sneaks up to 85, probably no problem. I have to invest in a programable thermostat, to try to mitigate these extra cooling costs. The Temp. difference between the 1st floor and 3rd Floor may be as much as 8 to 10 degrees. So some of you may say Sleep on the 1st floor. Well that's where a friend of mine is staying right now, in my future GAME ROOM. Sure he works Day Shift, and Sleeps Nights, and I am the Opposite. But switching is not an option. I Stay in the Master Bedroom. Plus I have an agreement for Each Month, besides what I charge for Rent, also 1/2 Electric. Remember that I may have to pay extra for A/C 1/2 of the week, this is made up by the fact that my WINTER RATES are VERY LOW.

Excuse me for a minute, I need to fire up my BBQ.

OK it is lit now. Let's see what's in the NEWS right now...

A former 19 yr Old Intern Admits ALL, with JFK, Not Kerry, but assasinated John F. Kennedy. Her Duties? SERVICING the PRESIDENT. No wonder Clinton Idolized JFK so much. See the STORY HERE!!!

Do you REMEMBER the FLACK G.W. Bush got from being a member of the "SKULL and BONES Society" at Yale University? Well guess who else is a MEMBER? DEMOCRATIC FRONT RUNNER Sen. J.F. KERRY!!!

``John Kerry has absolutely nothing to say on that subject. Sorry,'' said Kerry spokeswoman Kelley Benander.


Well I am sure most of you Heard about the LAWSUIT against OREO COOKIES this past week. Well the Suit is dropped, it is now SAFE AGAIN to eat Cookies that you know are not HEALTHY to EAT as a major part of your diet. See the STORY HERE!!!

Well my BBQ Grill is heated up, mail to check, and sleep to get on my GREAT BED. So I must now leave you and return tomorrow.

1 YEAR, 33 Weeks and 5 Days, of WWIII


Special Day at Smoker Dave's Secret Armed Compound. My 1996 Pontiac Grand Am turned 150,000 miles Old today driving home from work this morning. Well you can assume that my car seat has a nearly Perfect BUTT IMPRINT, which makes Driving even more enjoyable, and I enjoy Driving.

This brings me to another point. Until about 2 months ago I slept on a Bed that I did not choose, in fact in the previous 6 years it folded out of the WALL in my 400 sq. ft. APT. Prior to that I had a Cheapo Waterbed for the previous 10 yrs, and before that College Dorm Bed. And BEFORE THAT, a bed that my parents bought me as a kid. Well NOW I have a SELECT COMFORT BED, you know the commercials, What's YOUR SLEEP #? Well day to day, mine varies between 40 and 80. Sure it is PRICEY, but it is the Best $ I ever Spent on something I needed to BUY NOW when I moved in to my new Compound. The other thing that I endorse is the IONIC BREEZE from SHARPERIMAGE.

OK, enough of my own uncompensated Endorsements.

Well as you can go look, as I said in the PAST, the SAUDI'S are NOT OUR FRIENDS. Turns out WE asked for ADDITIONAL SECURITY for the complex that just got CAR BOMBED, The SAUDI'S did NOT provide any additional SECURITY. EVEN THOUGH THEY had the INFO there was going to be an ATTACK. I totally AGREE with the withdrawal of all AMERICANS from Saudi Arabia. Let me see.... WE are in IRAQ..... Shouldn't be TOO hard to implement a REGIME CHANGE in IRAN.... and SAUDI ARABIA. Well maybe there is a better way. Saudi Arabia depends on US to buy their OIL. Well, we have IRAQ now, we could boycott Saudi Arabia, and just get the OIL from IRAQ, that would SPEED up the INFRASTUCTURE REPAIRS, and help the newly FREED IRAQI CITIZENRY Economically

OH sure the DEMOCRATS are BLAMING this attack because of IRAQ WAR. HOW LAME IS THIS???? We all know we would get hit again by the EXTREMIST MUSLIM TERRORISTS. Can't STOP them ALL. But it seems to me we have STOPPED MANY! Considering what we were all thinking on 09/12/01, we have DONE VERY WELL. Here is another little point. 66% of the AMERICAN PUBLIC can NOT Name 1 Single DEMOCRAT running for PRESIDENT in 2004.

Let me see what is the PRESIDENT'S #1 duty? To protect the Country. 9/11.... Whose Fault? CLINTON. Who is taking charge of this? G.W.Bush. Or do you REALLY THINK that AL GORE would be doing a better job? AL GORE would still be cousulting on what clothes to wear to be an "ALPHA MALE".

By the way, where the Hell IS Al Gore? Is he Bearded, or Clean Shaven now? Next Question is WHO CARES!!!

Now to end this UPDATE. Most of you know I have listened to the "ART BELL SHOW" at night for many years, and now it is with George Noory. Well some whackos think we are ALL TOAST between May 15th and June 1st because of PLANET X. I don't believe a word of this, but very entertaining to listen to at night at work. However IF this turns out to be TRUE, I am going to be VERY PISSED OFF!!! Why? Well I have nearly 300 hrs of Vacation time, and since I Work MEMORIAL DAY, my Actual Holiday for Memorial Day is June 2nd, my 17th Anniversary at THE SECRET LAB. The World CANNOT END before I use up my TIME OFF from WORK. I FORBID IT!!!

However there is a NEAT thing in the SKY on Thurs Night. A TOTAL LUNAR ECLIPSE. Between 8PM and Midnight PACIFIC TIME.

Feels Good to give an Update with little Reference to other NEWS and or Links. FINALLY a commentary!!!!

Got to go now, see you all tomorrow!!!

1 YEAR, 33 Weeks and 3 Days, of WWIII


Hi All!!! Another Weekend Over,,,Bummer. Well I can think of better ways than to fight for Hours with your Car/Truck replacing a water pump. That's what a friend of mine is doing even now. Vehicles these days are not user replacement friendly. I'd rather spend the $50 Labor and get it done quickly, without being sore and having bleeding knuckles, besides the task of finding the right tools. Cars and Trucks these days are not the sames ones that were simple to fix in the '70's. But hey! if he chooses to do this himself, that's his business. I myself say to hell with that, take it to the Dearler, or Shop, and get it back in a few hours or the next day.

So what do we have on the Plate Today?

Well I assume most of you know that last week was the 25th anniversary of SPAM EMAIL. Well this week is the 20th Anniversary of The CELL PHONE. And yes I do have one clipped onto my belt right now. See the Story, this sucker weighed 2 LBS! And cost $4,000!!! HERE!!!

Here is another insane thing, not from PETA, but anti-OREO people. They want to ban sale of OREO COOKIES to children because,,,,it's bad... Of coarse this is in California, the Granola State of Fruits and NUTS! Well see the STORY HERE!!!

Now HERE in ARIZONA, OUR STATE GOV'T is funding an ALCOHOL TEST STRIP to students. What a STUPID THING!!! I was a teenager once, and what this will do is give a NEW GAME to the TEENS, you see this strip changes color depending on how much alcohol is in you. This will be a Bravado thing to the teen Drivers. I don't know what the color change is, but you can bet that the Teens will be saying,"Well I drove when it was such and such color". You mean you wouldn't Drive when it was (insert color)? You Whimp, you can't handle your Booze? Come on, you can still drive!!!. This is the same sort of Liberalism as the Condom handouts at School. The message is DON'T HAVE SEX. But if you do here are some condoms. It is Illegal to drink if you are under 21, but if you do here is a test strip.

The thinking is, I suppose that if Teens are at a party, and their ride home is also a Teen, (How many Designated Drivers are TEENS???!!!) the 15 yr girl can have "HER RIDE" home tested before she gets in the car. I don't buy this at all!!! All I can see is another Drinking competition between Teenagers, a NEW DRINKING GAME! Provided at Arizona Taxpayers Expense. Well this is the sort of thing that happens when the Voters Elect a Democratic Governor. The Road to HELL is paved with Good (But Mis-Guided) Intentions!See the STORY HERE!!!

And now to end today's Update, Louis Farraghan, NATION OF ISLAM MINISTER. Well his son is a Criminal, leaving the scene of an injury accident, intoxicated, drug paraphernalia, suspended license. Otherwise a Model Citizen. See the STORY HERE!!!

Well this will do it for today, tonight starts my work week. And I have HIGH HOPES that it is going to be better than last week. Until tomorrow......

1 YEAR, 33 Weeks and 0 Days, of WWIII


FINALLY the WEEKEND!!! An end to this HORRID week at work for me. Well at least I now hold the record for the most losses caused by Computer/Software Problems or Robotic problems. Well time is short so let's just get to it.

What is being covered up by NASA regarding Shuttle Columbia? They are laying claim that it is a Military Type Investigation. Well NASA is a Civillian Agency. Whatever NASA does, or finds. (BUT I think that NASA has hidden things from us that they have FOUND.) IS SUPPOSED TO BE PUBLIC!!! SEE THE STORY HERE!!!

Now the Palestinians have RE-CREATED PARADISE on EARTH that awaits the SUICIDE MURDERERS. IT now laks mention of or display of 72 VIRGINS. I guess they ran out of VIRGINS. This should in the end reduce the # of idiots willing to blow themselves up, when they learn there are no more VIRGINS awaiting them in PARADISE, SURE... the GOLD FISH POND is fine,,,, but where are the WOMEN???? See the STORY HERE!!!

OK... Let me understand this correctly. EVERY ARTICLE of the BILL of RIGHTS are INDIVIDUAL RIGHTS in the CONSTITUTION, FREE SPEECH, UNRESONABLE SEARCH, RELIGION, To ASSEMBLE, TO BEAR ARMS. All Written in the same context. But the 9th Circuit Court out of California of Coarse disagrees, AND SAYS THAT THE 2ND AMMENDMENT, is NOT an Individual Right. See the STORY HERE!!!

Well it is late for me, I need to go and enjoy this weekend off from work. Take Care and I'll see you on Monday!!!

1 YEAR, 32 Weeks and 6 Days, of WWIII


Sorry for the Delay, but I have been going thru a VERY ROUGH WEEK at Work, it went from Monday night to an irritant, to Sucking Tuesday Night, and TOTALLY F****ED Wednesday Night. And none of it my Fault. I have one more Night to go before the WEEKEND! THANK GOD!!!

Well due to these troubles and other things I need to do, like sleep. At least 6 hrs. I only Have 1 NEWS STORY for you today, and it is a troubling one!

See the STORY HERE!!!

I hope WE GET THEM, before they get US!!!!

1 YEAR, 32 Weeks and 4 Days, of WWIII


Well time is short, so let's get to it!

Well EVEN MORE REASON to dislike and not buy FRENCH PRODUCTS, and possibly to push for a change in Gov't in FRANCE. You could call it a "REGIME CHANGE", but I will not. I just hope the next Elections in FRANCE will CORRECT this faux pas by the FRENCH GOV'T Leaders in the past decade. SEE the STORY HERE!!!

The Returning Astronauts and Cosmonaught. It was a SOFTWARE GLITCH. I KNOW SOFTWARE GLITCHES AT WORK, but this is a BIGGIE, especially after COLUMBIA, and the 1st TIME OUR ASTRONAUGHTS RE-ENTER and land in a forieghn Craft, on Forieghn SOIL!!!. See the STORY HERE!!!

Now you "LADIES", be aware that all is not what it seems. See the STORY HERE!!!

Well at least I updated Today, it is very late for me. See you Tomorrow!!!

1 YEAR, 32 Weeks and 3 Days, of WWIII


Well today is The 5TH of MAY, or here in the Southwestern USA, Cinco de Mayo. While many Anglos and Mexicans party hard this day, most are unaware of what the Holiday is. Most assume it is Mexico's Independence Day.... It is not. Mexico's Independance was Sept. 15th 1810. when they ousted the Spanish. Cinco de Mayo is a Fight after Mexico was Independant. Where the Mexicans kicked FRENCH INVADERS ASS!!! Cinco de Mayo, which marks a key Mexican victory over French invaders in 1862. The Mexicans were able to DEFEAT the FRENCH even under the influence of tequila and salsa. Because as we all know the FRENCH can't Fight, and have made the use of the WHITE FLAG of SURRENDER a National pastime. Can you imagin a hoard of tequila embolden Mexicans attacking the FRENCH? Dripping Hot Picante Sauce on their beloved Dainty French Pastries? No wonder the last battle the French ever won was for Independance, which was against themselves.

While I never participated in a Cinco de Mayo Celebration, since I am not Mexican. I do appreciate it more this time, because the Mexicans ousted the FRENCH, and kicked the FRENCH out of the AMERICA'S for good.

Let's see what else do I have today?

OH! Here's One! A SNAKE has more rights than children and adult HUMANS!!! See the STORY HERE!!!

Now to North Korea..... These irritating gnats are blowing so much B.S. they need to be dealt with militarily. Now they Claim 100 to 300 NUKES targeted on AMERICAN CITIES!

OK, Well let's take them at THEIR WORD. And Immediately send OUR CARRIERS and do to North Korea as we did to IRAQ. And IF North Korea manages to Launch 1 towards US or any of our ALLIES, a BIG parking lot is what North Korea will be. See the STORY HERE!!!

Now to other NEWS. Sure OUR SPACE SHUTTLES are 1960's Technology, but they have never been 300 miles off coarse on landing. YES we do NEED to invest in a new LAUNCH SYSTEM that is SAFER and More RELIABLE than the SHUTTLE. BUT what about the Russian SOYUZ? AND this was a NEW DESIGN! Hell if we had a CAPSULE off coarse by 300 miles, it could very well LAND in a Major City, take out a building, killing many innocents. Trust me, there are NOT any areas in the USA, where there is not a Town, Village, or City in a 300 mile radius.

Well it's time for me to go eat and sleep, besides watching a little TV. I have to work tonight. See ya Tomorrow!!!!

1 YEAR, 31 Weeks and 6 Days, of WWIII


There is a lot of current News I could comment on today,,,,but sometimes 1 NEWS STORY takes the cake.

Well you see, and many of you already know. That I usually run this website as commentary on NEWS and Politics, and some News of the Strange or Wierd. Some of you know that I have been an a fan of Art Bell, and his current successor George Noory and the Late Night AM Dial. Where all this neat UFO and Paranormal Stuff is discussed. Which I admit to being drawn to since I 1st learned to read, and growing up with the TV Show "LOST IN SPACE".... I even tried to build a Robot when I was in gradeschool, thought I could do a better job than "LOST IN SPACE". My parents couldn't convince me otherwise. I did fail in that endeavour. However, in hindsight, where I work now in "THE SECRET LAB", 17 years come 06/02/03, I have more robotics and computers than you can count.

HOW I missed this NEWS STORY for nearly a MONTH, I don't know. But let me just lable the following LINK, "Confessions from the DEATH BED, the TRUE STORY of the 1947 ROSWELL UFO INCIDENT". This is a well written and lengthy article. Saying again what I (We) have already known. PLUS NEW EYE WITNESS TESTIMONY, once removed, the Wife saying what her husband told her before he Died, a un-named witness to many events in 1947 near ROSWELL, 'Till now never reported in the Books or Literature about ROSWELL in 1947, JULY.

Sure I am a bit biased to believe, though I myself have seen a couple of instances I can't explain, I can only say it was wierd and unidentified. But somehow because I listened to the ART BELL SHOW, now George Noory's SHOW, I am the UFO GUY at work and amoung Friends. Well as time clicks by, it seems the evidence, though unproven, is continually creeping to my side.


OK!!! Here is what I am talking About. See the STORY HERE!!! Be advised that ALL other References to other people in this article I have heard or read about, on my own or on Art Bell Show, etc.

May I also list one other person, in a different way, but similar? Richard C. Hoagland. FACE ON MARS.

OK! Tomorrow will be a "Normal" Update, as opposed to this "Paranormal" Update. Why do I apologize? I don't know. This is MY WEB SITE! And I can post or say anything I Damn well please. Some people think I am nuts, maybe I am, working the GRAVEYARD SHIFT for nearly 17 years. DAY People and NIGHT People, usually don't get along well. My defense is that You DAY People actually WATCH "AMERICAN IDOL", and the FAKE "SURVIVOR" SHOWS, where you KNOW DAMN WELL that they won't let anyone DIE because of the SHOW,,,,,While the support staff filming the SURVIVOR SHOW, eats PIZZAS, and the so-called SURVIVORS eat GRUBS, for TV and the chance to WIN $$$$.

So Evening TV I do not MISS at ALL, I'd rather come home at say 11AM after work, update my website and checking the NEWS STORIES, eat while watching the HISTORY CHANNEL or FOX NEWS, or SCI-FI Channel,. And going to bed with TALK RADIO on. (Because it is too quite for me to sleep here after 17 years of hearing heavy traffic during my Sleep time).

I do have a couple of things to do before retiring this afternoon before my "Dinner". So until Tomorrow!!!!

1 YEAR, 31 Weeks and 5 Days, of WWIII


Hi All!!!, I guess it is time to get back to Business!.

Before I begin, let me just say the GAS PRICES around here are coming down, but at $1.79 9/10ths as the lowest I have seen seems still to pricey.

Let's begin with a Democrat Candidate for an Office. Well he decided to call the Local Pizza Parlor to complain and Voiced his assertion as a "Customer" that he and his Family would no longer have business with them, i.e. Order a Pizza because this Business had a placard for the "Other Candidate". Turns out it didn't much matter to the owner, he would have placed a placard for the other Candidate if he was asked to. But things got FISHY. Turns out the call came from the opponet of the placard displayed. This Democrat didn't know how to Phone anonymously. Well here in the Phoenix area it is "*67", then Dial the #. Gee aren't Facts troublesome in a losing political Campaign? ME DEMOCRAT..... CAN'T FIGURE OUT "CALLER ID" or how to block it. See the STORY HERE!!! And in a reply to a Reporter calling about this, the response was.... "HOW DID YOU GET THIS PHONE #"...

OK!!! WAKE UP CALL to CONVICTED FELONS!!! YOU CAN'T HAVE A GUN!!! Good Grief!!! How Stupid can people be? I guess VERY!!! This guy thought because he was "Hunting", and not Robbing a Bank or doing Armed Robbery runs, he could Hunt with a GUN. As things stand TODAY, the DEMOCRATS want to allow FELONS to vote by the way. IF you are a CONVICTED FELON. YOU CANNOT VOTE, YOU CANNOT POSESS a GUN, unless you get these RIGHTS RESTORED to you by a JUDGE. Well we all know Common Sence is not very Common. See the STORY HERE!!!

Well I need to Eat and Sleep soon, but I am Grateful that PETA (People for The Ethical Treament of Animals), (Not the one I belong to, People Eating Tasty Animals), has granted me another opportunity that I thought I lost last week. See the Story HERE!!!

1 YEAR, 31 Weeks and 4 Days, of WWIII


Sorry about the lack of Updates. Moving to the NEW SECRET ARMED COMPOUND, has produced some Extra work on my part, and Extra $ to be Paid.... to my former Host of the Compound. BASTARDS!!! I won't identify them, my former Host of the ARMED SECRET COMPOUND. BUT THEY LIED TO ME!!! Sure the APT. Complex was sold 2 or 3 times while I resided there, and managed to Lose the ORIGINAL AGREEMENT when I moved in, that THE COMPLEX would be responsible for replacing the tile and vinyl and Rug if I stayed more than 1 Year. And since the mattress in the MURPHY BED was already old that would be included also. Plus I was offered 3 repaints when I renewed Leases, and I told them to just hold that for when I moved out, since my place was packed full. WELL!!! Because of their shoddy book-keeping, and my unsuccessful search for these documents, instead of a Bill of maybe $150 I had to pay nearly $1,000 or risk my Credit, to pay for all these things that were going to be replaced after 1 year, and I was there for over 6 Years. Then they try to make me feel better by saying they are not going to charge me for replacing the Stove, Refridgerator, Dish Washer, that are all at least 15 years old. GEE!!!, THANKS....

BUT! I do have a possible recourse. I will need to talk with a friend of mine, a Sherrifs Deputy, who may know more about this CRAP than I Do.

Well, my extra CRAP after Work should be done now. And I should, no promises, resume my Regular Updates Tomorrow.

But I can get AGRIVATED over a $1,000 unjust Bill, and if I am in a Bad MOOD, and had a 12 pack of Beer Plus, I could waste a Nickle...... Well I won't, but a tempting idea. I don't Lose without a Fight, Sure I lost the early Rounds, but it ain't over! This Fighter is still kicking, and I'm going for a Knockout! I AM going to get some $ back from this fraud based company. I had to pay today to keep my Credit Spotless, I'll be DAMED if I LET them give me a BLACK MARK. This will just fuel my compensation for their UNFAIR PRACTICES and UNILATERAL JUDGEMENTS. HELL HATH NO FURY compared to A PISSED OFF SMOKER DAVE!!!!


1 YEAR, 30 Weeks and 3 Days, of WWIII


Well,,, Hi All! Well the Easter Dinner I provided for family and friend was a success, though a bit later than planned. The 11 lb Ham took a bit longer to cook than anticipated, but all ended well. Now I have a week of Ham sandwhiches, plus I get fed at work this week, since it is "National Medical Laboratories Week". So I won't be losing any weight this week! My mom came over to my new Armed Compound for the 1st time yesterday, and liked my new home. So I guess I got the final Seal of Approval.

This past Friday night Saturday Early morning, Yes it was Great to hear Art Bell again on the AM AIR WAVES. But a slightly disturbing thing he said. Art said, that, "I thought after a few months removed from doing a Nightly Radio Show, I would revert back to more of a Day Time type of Hours, but the fact is I have the same hours or even worse......" What this means to me is that I should probably assume, that if I have been a NIGHT person for 17 yrs, I will probably still be a Night person 17 yrs from now. Well in Arizona, Valley of the Sun, that means higher electric bills in the summer months and lower ones in the winter months, need less heating in the winter, more A/C in the summer because of my sleep times. Also reduces the # of "Hot Babes" available, guess I am sort of limited to Nurses and such.

Well today I was supposed to be visited by 6 contractors to take care of the minor flaws in my new home, some caulking, driveway repair, Missing or broken Door Stops, Fix DoorBell, replace a screen, missing baseboard, etc. ALL SCHEDULED FOR TODAY between 8AM and Noon. Well it is nearly 1PM, and only the caulking is done. So 1 6th of what was supposed to be done by now is actually DONE. I will need to think about what EXTRA stuff they need to do for me for their failure to keep appointments.

Well, I think I need to eat some of my leftover Ham from yesterday, I still have Corn on the Cob, Mashed Potatos, rolls and PIE(s)!!! So it will be a little recreation of yesterday's Food Fest.

Commentary will return tomorrow!

1 YEAR, 29 Weeks and 6 Days, of WWIII


Hi all. To start out today's update, I must tell you I still get some ridicule and sneers for being an Art Bell Fan and now always have Art's successor George Noory on at night while I am at work. But one of the most popular of Art Bell's Guests, The Face on Mars, Water under Europa, etc.etc. Has just been confirmed AGAIN by ABC. See the STORY HERE!!!I take issue with the last paragraph of this Article though.

So you may wonder Why I started today's update with this Story. Guess who is coming back this Friday Night April 18th? My longest co-worker, who retired on 12/31/02. ART BELL!!! Besides being "GOOD FRIDAY", it is also a Good Friday, to hear Art on the AIR once again.

OK, now to other NEWS.

This is a hilarious website about the Iraqi Information Minister you need to see, it is a very heavily visited web site, so it might take a try or 2 to get in, but it's worth it. Here is the web site HERE!!!

OH! But he may be dead by his OWN HAND, or ROPE. Maybe he taped a threat of how his departure from this Life will kill All the American invaders and infadels. See the Story HERE!!!

Now to Politics and Religion, ie Catholic. Well Tom Dashle has been virtually Excummunicated, and deservedly so. See the STORY HERE!!!I didn't know he was Catholic, and I want him and his ILK out of my religious denomination.

Now for the lighter side of NEWS.

Suppose you Own a franchise of McDonald's. A 400lb+ man comes in for a job. You SERVE FREEDOM FRIES, and GREASY BURGERS. WOULDN'T YOU BE AFRAID that all your PROFITS were going to be EATEN UP by an Employee while at the "JOB" if you hired this FAT ASS? Plus I don't think they make McDonalds Work Uniforms that Big. This guy is suing under the guise of "Americans with Disabilities Act". I don't see it this way. I see this as a lazy FAT ASS JOKER trying to find a way to keep from having to work, and continuing his MORE THAN ABLE Ability to EAT EVERYONE HE KNOWS out of HOUSE and HOME!!! Well maybe he' hungry again.... There has got to be a cheese burger or 2 hidden in his voluptous folds of sweaty FAT, and I'm sure some FRIES and Chips. See the STORY HERE!!!

1 YEAR, 29 Weeks and 5 Days, of WWIII


OK! Now a regular Update, at least Today and tomorrow, Friday I need to, besides Eating since I'm Catholic, is to get my new home into shape, not that it is out of Shape, but for my 1st Visit from my Mom on Easter Sunday, Dinner and All. This Easter Dinner will be the 1st one, my mom comes to my place instead of the other way around, so I want and will do it Good.

So now to the NEWS!!!

OH GOOD GRIEF!!! BILL CLINTON is in the NEWS AGAIN. THE SAME FORMER PRESIDENT that brought forth MOVIES such as "WAG THE DOG", the same PRESIDENT that gave us KOSOVO, ie "BLACKHAWK DOWN". The SAME PRESIDENT now being critical of G. W. BUSH! I wish the DISGRACED FORMER PRESIDENT would JUST SHUT UP!!! Any way to here what BILL CLINTON said and is REPORTED, SEE THE STORY HERE!!!

Well I must say in the 1st couple of paragraphs CLINTON was RIGHT. The rest of it is BULL!!! I'll just leave it at THAT. I try very much to NOT CALL FORMER PRESIDENTS, whether I agree with them or NOT, A TOTAL SELF SERVING IDIOT, or Anti-American. But I think you KNOW What I Think...

Now to "TIM ROBBINS", et al. REMEMBER,,, where you have a platform for YOUR FREEDOM OF SPEECH, so do us "LITTLE PEOPLE". And WE OUTNUMBER YOUR KIND of VIEWS, YOU, the Hollywood Elites, Dismissing most of the COUNTRY between your EXTREME VIEWS shared by LEFT WING ELITISTS on both the EAST and WEST COASTS. There is a HELL of a LOT MORE to AMERICA than NYC and LA. THE HEART of AMERICA, is in the HEARTLAND of AMERICA, and IT BEATS PROUDLY Thanks to GW BUSH. THANK GOD GEORGE BUSH is PRESIDENT RIGHT NOW instead of AL GORE, Who would still be trying to figure out what to wear. Can You Imagin HOW MANY of US that would have Been KILLED if Al Gore was PRESIDENT? And twisted into a Liberal cry for us to UNDERSTAND why PEOPLE KILL US??? INSTEAD of AMERICAN MIGHT and RESOLVE, to protect it's own PEOPLE, and make the WORLD a better PLACE? Now to be beyond Politically Incorrect, I say to all who Disagree with me, ESAD. Short for, shield the Children, EAT SHIT AND DIE. And I will NEVER APOLIGIZE for this. NEVER, I will NEVER recant these Words. The links might not work today, but they will Tomorrow U

1 YEAR, 29 Weeks and 4 Days, of WWIII


SORRY! I enjoyed my weekend Off from Work. Bought NEW STUFF for the New "SECRET COMPOUND", and getting ready to Cook EASTER DINNER for my Mom, brother and a friend of mine. I think I have it all covered except for 1 thing. Do I BBQ CORN on the COB, or Do I just use canned Corn? I am leaning on BBQ on the Cob.

Plus I have a Representative for my new home Warranty coming over very soon. To Authorize the fixing of the minor defects that occur in every new home.

Hopefully, tomorrow I can resume my Daily Updates on NEWS, etc. I have more room in my "DEN"/ "COMPUTER ROOM", and more stuff moved in from the Garage,,, but more work needs to be done. AND! I still have stuff in Storage. But here is a good thing, DART BOARD is now UP in my Garage, 1st Games have already been Played. Nice to Play Darts again,,,, even though I lost.

1 YEAR, 28 Weeks and 5 Days, of WWIII


Guess what fell Today? Iraq's Capitol City, and the Regime of Saddam.

Yes it is a Very Good Day in the War to Liberate Iraq and oust Saddam, and get a handle on these dangerous Weapons of Mass Destruction.Where are the Anti-War, Anti-American Protestors Today? Well there are still a few, for example HANOI JANE has popped up again. See the STORY HERE!!! Of coarse this next story is from CALIFORNIA, always putting an Anti-American Spin on Reality. See the Story HERE!!!

Now let's make this a bit more Balanced, say from the 76% plus of Americans supporting our actions, and the residents of Baghdad, Iraq. See the Story HERE!!!

Let's also take a look at what former Gov't Policies are now being ended. See the Story HERE!!!

Another example of Saddam's Policy, i.e. Iraq's, was to imprison CHILDREN who did not join the BAATH PARTY. See the Story HERE!!!

The ANTI-WAR PROTESTORS... Well I could understand to a point, but once Hostilities began, any protests after that the point was lost on me. Have you seen their Protests? I am sure you have. ALL ANTI-AMERICAN, all Agaisnt President Bush,,,,yet not one whisper against Saddam. For these ANTI-WAR, ANTI-AMERICAN Protestors, not to EVEN have a smidgen of Protest against, or demand Saddam STOP torturing his own citizenry, and LIVE up to the CEASE FIRE AGREEMENT of 1991. These ANTI-WAR Protestors are actually advocating to put OUR COUNTRY at RISK, and by doing nothing to STOP IT, advocating the continued TORTURE of INNOCENT PEOPLE and Imprisonment of CHILDREN.

A Great Day for AMERICA, A GREAT DAY for the citizens of BAGHDAD. A day of where NATION's against us, i.e. North Korea, Syria, and Iran. BETTER have 2nd thoughts. Bill Clinton the APPEASER is no longer in charge. AMERICAN GOODNESS and WILL, and a new found determination of self preservation, with compassion towards the citizenry. Will make the ENEMIES of ours, if not LIKE US, at least RESPECT US!!! Or WE will kick their supposed "ROYAL ASS"!!!

Hmmm....Am I biased as PRO-AMERICAN? YOU BET!!!!

Until Tomorrow!!!!

1 YEAR, 28 Weeks and 4 Days, of WWIII


Well today's update is shorter than planned because I decided to break down empty boxes in my "Den", Computer Room, to free up some more space, and plus early tomorrow the City picks up the Recycle Trash in my area.

So how many of you wasted time resetting your clocks on Sunday? I didn't waste a second, here in Arizona we don't do that crap of "Springing Forward" and "Falling Back" as far as time goes.I wonder what the average # of clocks per person or household had to change. I bet it is in the double digits.

Well it is a bit after 1PM, and it is a nice 81 degrees here. I have a couple of Stories for you.

Reporter David Bloom who died of a Pulminary Embolism, died of the same syndrom as some International Flight Passengers. You can't stay in 1 Position for hours and hours. You need to Stretch and move around at regular intervals, or Blood Clots can form. See the STORYHERE!!!


Now to end this Brief Update on a less serious note... POP TARTS are 40 yrs old!!! And trust me, I had 2 POP TARTS last night after my update, not knowing it was it's Birthday. I LIKE POP TARTS. See the STORY HERE!!!

Well this is it for today, MORE Tomorrow!!!

1 YEAR, 28 Weeks and 3 Days, of WWIII

04/07/03 Late PM

Yes I know I am behind, but at least I got my taxes done and mailed, laundry done, roof fixed, and my beloved SYRACUSE ORANGEMEN are NATIONAL CHAMPIONS!!!!

I will post a regular update in the morning, I've had a few BEERS during the Game. You at least deserve THOUGHTS from a Sober Smoke Filled Room!

1 YEAR, 27 Weeks and 4 Days, of WWIII


1st things 1st, HAPPY 39th B-Day to my best friend, who also happened to be the victim of my best ALL-TIME APRIL FOOL'S DAY JOKE, about 16 yrs ago. I'll tell you briefly what I did.

W were working opposite shifts, I worked nights, and still do, he worked days, and still does. At the time I got home before he got up. I changed EVERY CLOCK in the Apt. ahead 2 hrs. Even the watch in the JUNK DRAWER, the Microwave, VCR, Alarm Clocks, ETC. ETC... At this time he didn't have a car and biked to work a few miles. Well before he left for work, he couldn't figure out why the TV listings didn't match what was on, and just assumed that the TV Guide from the newspaper was wrong again, which still happens. But, anyway, he got to work 2 hrs early, and THOUGHT that his co-workers were playing an APRIL FOOLS Prank on him. As GOD as my witness, this IS A TRUE STORY! And I know he will never fall for an April Fools Prank on this Level again. BUT I GOT HIM!!!

NoW to other NEWS

OH Gee, AL GORE, is coming to the Defense of the DIXIE CHICKS. Well let me say this, the Lead Singer had EVERY RIGHT to say what she said,,,, But WE as consumers can pick and choose what we decide to BUY and what NOT TO BUY, what to listen to, and what not to listen to. If you decide as an individual to never support a celebrity because of their views, that IS YOUR RIGHT. Just like it is YOUR RIGHT TO NOT BUY MICHAEL JACKSON CD'S because he is an all but convicted CHILD MOLESTOR. And AMERICANS are voting!!! Why else did the OSCARS have their LOWEST TV RATINGS since OSCARS were broadcasted? To HELL with the HOLLYWOOD ELITISTS, and MUSIC INDUSTRY IDOLS, MADONNA can go where the Sun never Shines because of her New Music Video. As a consumer, that makes these people RICH, WE can DECIDE to put their PRODUCTS, and whoever they ENDORSE, or who advertises for them, on OUR OWN PERSONAL BLACKLIST. It is the AMERICAN WAY! Support who you like, non-support to those you dislike. See the STORY HERE!!!


The Dwindling #'s of the Anti-War Protestors. Even with these HARD CORE PACIFISTS, or OUTRIGHT SADDAM SUPPORTERS, and I say this because WE ALL KNOW what BRUTALITY has been going on in IRAQ by SADDAM'S Forces. Why is it the ANTI-WAR PROTESTORS only have signs and complain about what the USA and the Coalition is doing? AND not ONE SINGLE PEEP or sign against SADDAM? Oh now the ANTI-WAR PEOPLE are WARNING that THOUSANDS of PEOPLE are coming to IRAQ'S DEFENSE, and want to kill OUR TROOPS.....

BRING IT ON!!! We have with our COALITION the MOST POWERFULL MILITARY FORCE this planet has ever seen in recorded HISTORY! It will be much EASIER and quicker to deal with these TERRORISTS, if they come, taking on our ARMED FORCES, instead of us having to weed them out, out of all these Countries. Makes it EASIER to send them to their ALLAH. They ARE EVIL, and sending them to their ALLAH, they will be MOST DISAPPOINTED. They Will not get 72 or whatever Virgins, best bet is FIRE and BRIMSTONE.

Until Tomorrow!!!

1 YEAR, 26 Weeks and 6 Days, of WWIII


Yes, another short update today, friends of mine working on restringing my TV Cable, so it doesn't lay across my floor. Also today is my younger brother's 37th Birth Day. I just got off the phone with him, I can't believe he is 37, like I still can't believe I am 40. But he had one comment besides thanks for calling.... He said, "Well since You are now 40, You should be more Conservative..."

Well of coarse the WAR goes on, I will avoid the news of the latest today, I am sure most of you are up to date on this anyway. So we will go to other NEWS.

Last night at Work, I heard on the Former "ART BELL SHOW", now hosted by George Noory, reports of a big FIREBALL over Chicago and surrounding areas. The callers were not lying. SEE the STORY HERE!!!

Now this NEWS is making me VERY UNHAPPY... The Arizona Cardinals have signed TAINTED MEAT, EMMITT SMITH formerly of the Dallas Cowboys for 2 yrs. This puts me in a position to BOO!!! my own TEAM every time he gains yards, scores a TD, and cheer every loss or fumble. And I am speaking as a SEASON TICKET HOLDER for over 14 yrs. See the STORY HERE!!!

Getting Late Now, I think I will only be able to post one more Link.

As much as I dislike Hackers, my own web site was Hacked one by Brazillians once if you remember. But at least the AMERICAN HACKERS, have pointed their endeavours at the correct Target. See the STORY HERE!!!


1 YEAR, 26 Weeks and 5 Days, of WWIII


Another Short Update, busy night at work for me.

Well Well Well!!!! Not only did we find 3,000 Chimical Suits and Gas Masks at the Hospital in Iraq, we have also found Chemical Suits and unused Gas Masks in abandoned trenches. So what do you think? THEY (The Iraqis) know we are not coming in with Chemical or Biological Weapons, SO what are these suits and Gas Masks for? Could it be that the Iraqis would use what they claim Non-Existant Chemical and Biological Weapons? Why would Iraqi Soldiers now POWS have in theit possesion CIPRO? See the STORY HERE!!!

AND there appears to be a real and substantial uprising AGAINST SADDAM in BASRAH, with SADDAM THUGS dressed as USA and BRITISH TROOPS accepting surrender and then assasinating those surrendering. See the STORY

Here is a STORY about the STUPIDEST PEOPLE in the WORLD TODAY. This is like joining Col. Custer at the Battle of Little Big Horn, as the slaughter was nearly over, and saying "GIVE PEACE A CHANCE!" See the STORY HERE!!!

Well I need to watch the latest developments on the WAR and Eat and Sleep,, 'Till Tomorrow!!!

1 YEAR, 26 Weeks and 4 Days, of WWIII


03/25/03 Short Update Today

Just in case you like to start early, only 9 months until Christmas.

Well I am sure most of you know that there is an "IMAGINARY LINE" around Baghdad where the Repulican Guard has authority from SADDAM to use the CHEMICAL WEAPONS they supposedly DON'T HAVE. This is a troubling fact. But we also have now an uplifting FACT. The Iraqi Civilians of BASRA is staging an uprising against SADDAM'S Troops. SADDAM'S Troops are currently launching Mortar and Artillary Fire against their own Population. Hopefully we, the Coalition Forces can help out these Iraqi Citizens in their REVOLT against Saddam's inhumane troops. See the STORY HERE!!!

And let me leave you with this News Story, about the impending forfiet of the DEMOCRATS in the 2004 Election. See the STORY HERE!!!

I need to Eat and watch a bit of the WAR now, see how the uprising in BASRA is going, and then get some Sleep.

See you Tomorrow!!!

1 YEAR, 26 Weeks and 3 Days, of WWIII



OK, I know the photo I tried to post last Friday didn't work out, today I have it up, it is big, not the original trimmed down version I tried to post originally, but at least it is here, just below.

Well let's see what I have today. Have you heard the subtle news reports of what the latest Iraqi POWS have in their on their person? CIPRO!!! HMMM.... What is CIPRO used for? TO PROTECT against ANTHRAX EXPOSURE!!! GEE!!!! Didn't Saddam say last week he destroyed all this ANTHRAX, (10,000 LITERS), after he kicked out the UN INSPECTORS in 1998?

I do have a disagreement with one aspect of the WAR. WE should take out IRAQI STATE RUN NATIONAL TV. Broadcasting WAR CRIMES on POWS, hmmmm... Well maybe we should let it stay on the AIR, to CONVICT the perpetrators on their own EVIDENCE they recorded. Just like the Germans after WWII.

Well I'll tell you one thing, buying my new Home, cut off for the time I have always taken off for the NCAA MARCH MADNESS BASKETBALL TOURNAMENT, but I was able to watch my SYRACUSE ORANGEMEN get into the SWEET 16. And I do have CHAMPIONSHIP MONDAY night off from work on APRIL 7th. But other than that I have been rivited to the WAR COVERAGE, mostly FOX NEWS CHANNEL.

Yes I have done other things since the WAR Began, unpacking boxes didn't happen this weekend, but the most important thing has been done, since today marks 1 Full Month in my new Home. As many of you know for the past few years I have been living in a 400 sq ft Studio Apt. My bed was a MURPHY BED, one that comes out of the wall. Prior to that I had a rather decent, but cheap Waterbed. NOW, in about a week, I am only buying the Best Stuff for the home I Own, my new Bed will arrive, Paid for, delivered, and assembled on my 3rd floor Master Bedroom. So you may be wondering what did I buy as my new bed. (I have been sleeping on a $50 Air Camping Mattress for a month now). To see what I purchased Click HERE!!! I bought the Queen Size with all the options

I can't WAIT!!! I am tired of sleeping 3 inches off the floor!

What else is new? Not much, except the housewarming gift from my mom, a gas BBQ Grill, is getting a lot of use. And as soon as I finish this update, I will be BBQ-ing FREEDOM CHEESEBURGERS. Then the BBQ can rest until Saturday.

Well I am going to sign off now, keep Our Soldiers in your Prayers, and GOD BLESS and Protect The USA!!!


Well as I write this, the resumption of WAR against IRAQ, for VIOLATIONS of the CEASE FIRE AGREEMENT going back 17 UN Resolutions and 12 years, has begun in earnest.

Guess which home is mine!

1 YEAR, 25 Weeks and 5 Days, of WWIII


Well Time is Short in more ways than one....

For those of you who may still have a bit of doubt about what we and our friends are about to do. Take it a look at this article.

March 18, 2003

See men shredded, then say you don't back war

By Ann Clwyd

“There was a machine designed for shredding plastic. Men were dropped into it and we were again made to watch. Sometimes they went in head first and died quickly. Sometimes they went in feet first and died screaming. It was horrible. I saw 30 people die like this. Their remains would be placed in plastic bags and we were told they would be used as fish food . . . on one occasion, I saw Qusay [President Saddam Hussein’s youngest son] personally supervise these murders.”

This is one of the many witness statements that were taken by researchers from Indict — the organisation I chair — to provide evidence for legal cases against specific Iraqi individuals for war crimes, crimes against humanity and genocide. This account was taken in the past two weeks.

Another witness told us about practices of the security services towards women: “Women were suspended by their hair as their families watched; men were forced to watch as their wives were raped . . . women were suspended by their legs while they were menstruating until their periods were over, a procedure designed to cause humiliation.”

The accounts Indict has heard over the past six years are disgusting and horrifying. Our task is not merely passively to record what we are told but to challenge it as well, so that the evidence we produce is of the highest quality. All witnesses swear that their statements are true and sign them.

For these humanitarian reasons alone, it is essential to liberate the people of Iraq from the regime of Saddam. The 17 UN resolutions passed since 1991 on Iraq include Resolution 688, which calls for an end to repression of Iraqi civilians. It has been ignored. Torture, execution and ethnic-cleansing are everyday life in Saddam’s Iraq.

Were it not for the no-fly zones in the south and north of Iraq — which some people still claim are illegal — the Kurds and the Shia would no doubt still be attacked by Iraqi helicopter gunships.

For more than 20 years, senior Iraqi officials have committed genocide, war crimes and crimes against humanity. This list includes far more than the gassing of 5,000 in Halabja and other villages in 1988. It includes serial war crimes during the Iran-Iraq war; the genocidal Anfal campaign against the Iraqi Kurds in 1987-88; the invasion of Kuwait and the killing of more than 1,000 Kuwaiti civilians; the violent suppression, which I witnessed, of the 1991 Kurdish uprising that led to 30,000 or more civilian deaths; the draining of the Southern Marshes during the 1990s, which ethnically cleansed thousands of Shias; and the summary executions of thousands of political opponents.

Many Iraqis wonder why the world applauded the military intervention that eventually rescued the Cambodians from Pol Pot and the Ugandans from Idi Amin when these took place without UN help. They ask why the world has ignored the crimes against them?

All these crimes have been recorded in detail by the UN, the US, Kuwaiti, British, Iranian and other Governments and groups such as Human Rights Watch, Amnesty and Indict. Yet the Security Council has failed to set up a war crimes tribunal on Iraq because of opposition from France, China and Russia. As a result, no Iraqi official has ever been indicted for some of the worst crimes of the 20th century. I have said incessantly that I would have preferred such a tribunal to war. But the time for offering Saddam incentives and more time is over.

I do not have a monopoly on wisdom or morality. But I know one thing. This evil, fascist regime must come to an end. With or without the help of the Security Council, and with or without the backing of the Labour Party in the House of Commons tonight.

The author is Labour MP for Cynon Valley.

Now I provide this LINK, to a poem.... I have posted it before and have permission from the author's son to post on this web site, But I will just direct you to the actual web site this time. CLICK HERE!!!

1 YEAR, 25 Weeks and 4 Days, of WWIII


Sorry about yesterday, we had here on Sunday, VIOLENT STORMS. Including 60 MPH Winds, 1/4 inch HAIL, and a LOT of RAIN. I thought my new Compound was pretested by the biggest Rain Event in AZ in the past 2 years 3 weeks ago. Well since this is a brand new Home that I own, I had to get the fixes started since I am still under warranty, and this LEAK was 5 ft from this computer. It is being taken care of. TICK TOCK, TICK TOCK, BOOM..... BOOM... BOOM.

The CLOCK is TICKING, the DRUMS of WAR grows Faster. The UN is irrelevent in CRISIS like these. It was bound to happen, uninforced Security Resolutions has given Saddam the boldness he now displays. AND I believe Saddam knows he will be DEAD in less than a week, but is going to take as many Americans and IRAQI's he can with him.

A comment on the Anti-War Protestors. I will not call most of them as Anti-American, but misguided AND MISLEAD. We had basically a 55 year long Party since WWII. It is Time to pay our dues again for the FREEDOMS we have. These Freedoms were born of SPILLED BLOOD, and a Blood Payment is due once again. We are not the LONE SUPERPOWER left by accident, but we are the Lone Superpower by "Providence" and are the sole reason this World has NOT blown itself up by now.

I pray and Hope that War can be Avoided by a brave IRAQI that puts a 5 cent piece of LEAD into Saddam's Brain, or even more unlikely, Saddam goes into Exile. But other than that, let the WAR BEGIN!

The Hollywood ELITES and the Music Industry. SURE they have a right RIGHT to SPEAK OUT, 1st AMENDMENT. But SO DO WE!!! We can on our own volition refuse to watch anything Martin Sheen, or Sean Penn appear in, refuse to listen to any Radio Station that The Dixie Chicks are on the play list. Remember, so called celebrities and Stars, do get a bigger "SOAP BOX" to state their views than you or I and is covered in the mainstream Press. But you and I both know these people are idiots!!! They Risked their Popularity and Income on their stance, and now feel it is unfair they are suffering INCOME WISE from it.

I'll just say, that they shot themselves in the "DIXIE".

PRAYER TIME, PRAY for the SAFETY of OUR SOLDIERS, and this WAR ends quickly. PRAY for Saddam, that he joins HITLER in HELL, and he experiences his CRUELTY he dispensed to his OWN PEOPLE, OVER AND OVER!!!.

This COUNTRY is BLESSED, that by one way or another we have the right leader (Like in WWII) in charge to complete what needs to be done. May God's GRACE continue to be dispenced on US.

Until Tomorrow!!!

1 YEAR, 25 Weeks and 0 Days, of WWIII


Let me start with this, IRAQ... It is apparent that the Majority of the UN Security Council, or should I say the UN APPEASERS are stedfast in their ways. FRANCE REJECTED the British RESOLUTION even before IRAQ DID!!! There is ABSOLUTLY no way FRANCE WILL EVER APPROVE the use of FORCE, even if PARIS itself is attacked by Iraq. By the way WE, Americans are IMPERIALISTS. WE claimed the SOIL where our Troops are buried in FRANCE & GERMANY, the Cementaries along Normandy, etc.

Do you remember the 1st VICTORY in the WAR AGAINST TERRORISM? It happened on 09/11/01 On FLIGHT 93.

"LET'S ROLL!!!"... Well it has been 6 MONTHS since PRESIDENT BUSH went to the UN and said that IRAQ had days or weeks to disarm. Diplomacy HAS FAILED. OUR PRESIDENT has a DUTY to PROTECT and DEFEND the USA, and it's CONSTITUTION. Sadly there ARE times, where WAR is the ONLY ROAD to PEACE, this is one of those times. At least OUR LEADERS have learned from HISTORY, G. W. BUSH is NOT a NEVILLE CHAMBERLAIN. But Bill Clinton and Jimmy CARTER are reincarnated Neville Chamberlains. I AM NOT an APPEASER, I know HISTORY, and know the current situation.

Those Against US, SCREW THEM!!! I will no longer order "FRENCH FRIES", I'll just say FRIES. I can't think of much else I could boycott from France. Mostly because they make nothing.

To HELL with FRANCE, and the UN.


1 YEAR, 24 Weeks and 6 Days, of WWIII


Sorry about yesterday and this short update today. I have been busy with ancillarary moving ordeals. But I need to comment on a couple of items.

Elizabeth Smart has been found and Alive!. That is great news.... But something "smells", if you know what I mean. Something isn't quite right with this news and Story. I believe there are other facts about homelife, and a young teen, that were never made Public. I think we will find out more in the weeks to come. Anyway, here is the News Story HERE!!!

I believe in the very near term, "Heads are going to Roll" at NASA's Senior Management because of Space Shuttle Columbia Disaster. I believe it comes under a term such as "Dereliction of Duty of Primary Importance". Which would be the SAFETY of the ASTRONAUGHTS. An early detection of possible Trouble could have at least made possible of an Apollo 13 type rescue missiom by another Space Shuttle made READY for Flight an an EMERGENCY basis to Save the Crew in Orbit. If it were known that the Shuttle Columbia was Damaged Early into their 16 Day Mission, the crew COULD have done as Apollo 13 did, only POWER to BASIC LIFE SUPPORT SYSTEMS. The Crew could have extended the LIFE SUPPORT FUNTIONS of the Damaged Shuttle by WEEKS, until a plan was devised and the next SHUTTLE on a RESCUE MISSION was launched. BUT NO!!! In Apollo 13 the CREW SAID, "HOUSTON, WE HAVE A PROBLEM". For Space Shuttle COLUMBIA, it WAS the ENGINEERS on the GROUND saying "HOUSTON, We Have A PROBLEM". We would like more infomation using OUR Satallites. The Senior MANAGEMENT of NASA, basically DENIED this request. OH Sure there are the claims of EMAIL SNAFU's etc. But any hint of trouble in this Dangerous Endeavor of going to Space, and coming back should be looked at and reviewed by every asset the Gov't has at it's disposal. The Crew of Shuttle Columbia had a chance to be rescued, but that chance was lost in the 1st few days of their Mission. And the Gov't Agency Responsible for the loss of a Space Shuttle and many American Lives and an Israeli, is NASA, and it was the Executives and Senior Management who are Responsible. See the STORY HERE!!!

1 YEAR, 24 Weeks and 4 Days, of WWIII


Moving in is an ongoing project, I have another load of laundry going, and another load of dishes in the Dishwasher. At least that reduces the "UNBOXED" Stuff by 3. Go at it a little bit at a time, everyday, and I will EVENTUALLY get everything unpacked!

So what do we have for Today?

OH ain't this GREAT!!! ANTI-WAR PROTESTORS TRASH a 9/11 MEMORIAL. I don't see any logic in this, just plain stupidity, and misguided displays of being against the WAR with IRAQ. I AM against a WAR with IRAQ.... But if things don't change in a hurry, then WAR it must be. I still hold out hope that Saddam either leaves, or someone there ELIMINATES HIM. But Vandalizing a 9/11 MEMORIAL IS ANTI-AMERICAN. See the STORY HERE!!!

Oh!!! We have a new BOMB, a BIG BOMB!!! it is called BIG BLUE. If you are anywhere near it when it goes off, YOU WILL have the BLUES!!! See the STORY HERE!!! Here is another Story on this

Well as I am still moving stuff and cleaning, I will end Today with News from the NEW "SECRET ARMED COMPOUND". 1st this NEWS ITEM, a CRAZED CAT. SEE the STORY HERE!!!Well Last night RAMBO moved in. NO not Sylvestor Stallone! RAMBO is a little Black Cat, now about 17 years old. RAMBO got "her" Name by being the smallest of the litter, but the 1st kitten to explore and raise Hell. I was there when she was "Born", and she knows me well over these years. Granted, now is the 1st time RAMBO and I have actually shared the same Home in 15 years, and in the last 6 months she has lived in multiple places, and she is now here, a better place than all combined. She is a bit "Frisky" being moved to a new place again, but seems to be settling in. And is actually making her home in the 1st floor bedroom/bath. This is a good thing, because a friend of mine, who is actually staying in that Bedroom is my Best friend for over 20 years, and is paying me a nominal RENT. We just need to make the 3rd floor OFF LIMITS to RAMBO somehow. If you have IDEAS on this, please EMAIL ME!

Time for me to fold the Laundry, and put away Dishes etc. Then EAT! & Sleep! See you Tomorrow!!!!

1 YEAR, 24 Weeks and 3 Days, of WWIII


Well what you see just above is the 1st SMOKECAM Photo from my new place. Also my Den/Library/Computer/"Operations Center" Room is currently now more a Storage for still unpacked stuff and Computer Room. But at least it is Operational and I can now start resuming my Updates. By the way 1/2 of my 2 car garage is filled with boxes, and I still have more stuff in a storage locker!

Well the biggest news is: Why do you think Hans Blix, the Chief U.N. Weapons Inspector, buried "The Smoking Gun"? Maybe you haven't heard, the Inspectors found Drone Aircraft, with a wingspan of about 25 ft. outfitted with sprayers to disperse Chemical or Biological Agents over the Battlefield or Cities. See the Story HERE!!!And here is another related Story from a recent Iraqi Republican Guard Defector HERE!!!

Well let's end the News on a lighter note today. Did you know that the POTATO CHIP is 150 yrs old this year? Here is an interesting article about the discovery or invention of the POTATO CHIP HERE!!!

Let's see,,, what's new at my new place? Well the unpacking will go on for weeks I suppose, I don't have anything left I really have to buy right now except a BED, Queen Size. For the time being I am sleeping on a High Quality Air Mattress, Queen Size. I think it will do for now until the next big round of SALES that I believe will be over the Memorial Day Weekend. Then is the ordeal of taking it up to the 3rd floor where my Master Bedroom & Bath is.

This past Saturday I did a minor project, put together my Brand NEW GAS BBQ Grill. Promptly broken in with STEAKS with a friend of mine, who is staying in the 1st floor Bedroom until he gets enough $ together to get his own home. Last night (Sunday) was BURGERS with friends of ours. So in the final analysis, the new BBQ works GREAT! Thanks MOM!

Well in the past 2 weeks since I started moving in, I have at least met most of my neighbors, all very nice and respectful people. They ALL speak English, and all are like your average White Middle Class people. This is a change from my now former APT. where the predominant language was Spanish, 80% Hispanic, 15% Black, and 5% White is about the ethnic breakdown. I no longer see or hear the Police Helicopter overhead every or multiple times a day. I am at least 1/3rd of a mile from a major road, I can see the traffic, but basically can no longer hear it, even outside. I sleep during the day, it is so quite here I have to turn the radio on to get to sleep.

OK now for the negatives. Having a 3 story home, with my Master Bedroom and Bath on the 3rd Floor, it takes a couple of minutes for the HOT WATER to get up there. But even though I am about 20 miles further away from work, because now I use the Freeway nearly all the way to work with a Speed Limit of 65 MPH, which means if I stay below 75 I should be OK, it only takes me 9 minutes longer to drive to work, since I work nights there is little traffic at 10:30 PM. But if I worked DAYS, the Freeway is Congested, it would take me 45-50 minutes instead of 26 to get to work. I Know, I had a meeting at work today at 8AM.

So I am doing well, still have moving and unpacking duties to do, but Very Happy Here!!! I hope you found the Links informational, and I at least Entertained you today, as I brush the rust off from my Daily postings. Call this time Spring and ReLocation Training. See you TOMORROW!!! After I put in my change of address to the Dept. of Motor Vehicals for my Driver's Licence and Car Registration.