Before We get in the Spirit of Today, I have some News Stories for all of you to take a look at.

Winning Lottery Numbers printed in the paper in advance of the drawing. AND THEY WERE THE NUMBERS DRAWN!!!! Read this explaination of what happened. If I were a betting man, and I am. I would demand a full investigation beyond what was done. This is just TOO BIZZARE to be TRUE. Makes one think the Mafia Numbers Game is more honest than the Gov't sponsored ones. I think past winners should be investigated for any ties to the Gov't Sponsored Lottery. See the STORY HERE!!!

The PGA GOLF TOUR is a "PRIVATE CLUB", and the rules set by the "CLUB" should not have interference by Gov't. I mean what the PGA has endured is what the BOY SCOUTS endured, what every private organization will endure at some point. Even Bird Clubs, mandated by LAW, the Americans with DisAbilities Act, (ADA) demanding entry to the Bird Watching Clubs to the BLIND. It's all the same thing. Rules set by a PRIVATE ORGANIZATION should NOT be abrigated by a Gov't entity. We have the RIGHT OF FREE ASSOCIATION. While you can't discriminate in regards to jobs, housing, or in Gov't benefits. YOU CAN DISCRIMINATE on who you Associate with in a PRIVATE ORGANIZATION. So I Hope the SUPREME COURT Rules like it did with the BOY SCOUTS last week. Sorry dude, no golf cart while everyone else walks. A professional athlete is not a job where the ADA, Americans with Disabilities Act, should thrust their dogma upon. See the STORY HERE!!!

This story,,, seems he asked for it,,, seems to be a respectible law abiding guy,,, because of these facts, don't be surprised if he ends up with charges against him. If he were a gang member, or a low life in any definition, this story would never make it as news, and the "Puncher" would never be charged. This Story is worth following in the coming weeks. See the STORY HERE!!!

OK, so you do METH, is this any reason for your roomate to do this????? See the STORY HERE!!!

Now to what IS Today



Let's get right to it today. 1st, READ this STORY HERE!!!

An EXTRA YEAR OF HIGH SCHOOL!!!. Give me a break! If the Teachers can't teach the students to read, write, and do basic math in 12 years, what makes them think they can fix it all with an extra year? Not surprising is that this idea is being floated by a President of a Teacher's Union. Well this idea favors Teachers, because more would be needed. Create more teaching jobs.

I have a couple of other proposals. #1 most everywhere there is a 2 month period in the summer that schools are not open for regular classes. This is the norm, which started 200 years ago. WHY? Because we were an agricultural society back then, and the children were needed to work on the farm during the growing season. Well as you all know, for the most part this is out of date except in Rural America. And Rural America Educates better than Urban America. I should know, that's where I came from. There is no legitamate reason for urban children to have 2 months off from school in the summer, plus this is a waste of the infrastructure of the school being unused for so long a time every year. And I just learned this today, in ARIZONA if you FAIL a Subject and have to go to "Summer School", the grade on your year end Report Card is "IP". You never get an "F" in Arizona, must be to preserve the self-esteem of the student. Can't say, "YOU FAILED GEOMETRY!!!" You get a grade of "IP". What does "IP" stand for? In-Process.

I believe individual school districts, not the FEDS or the STATE set up their own school schedule in accordance to the factors of that area.

#2 I believe that most who want to learn the basics have them by the 9th Grade. Let these students "Test-Out" and take the GED. Then let these students apply to Trade Schools, Junior Colleges, Music, Art, Engineering, courses of study. Whatever interests the student. But every school have also a basic course of study including History, Civics, etc. I guareentee you all the hours I spent in ART CLASS were miserable to me, and a waste of time, so was MUSIC CLASS. Granted I like Art, and I like Music. But doing it is another thing. History and Civics are important to providing an informed voting populace. Citizens of this country need to know the CONSTITUTION, THE BILL OF RIGHTS, and History. Because if we do not learn from History, we are destined to repeat it.

The time of educating everyone about everything is over. The EXPLOSION of Knowledge the past generation overcomes the ability of an individual to learn or be interested in every aspect.

So I think, that a system should be set up for students who know early on what they want to do, and continue providing basic/general education to those still undecided on their lot in life. Eventually Everyone can do something besides recieving a Gov't Stipend. Ranging from stocking grocery shelves, to mapping out the Human Genome. Everyone who wants to be successful will be, to 1 degree or another. There is a build up in self-esteem even in failure. There is NO Self-Esteem in recieving handouts all your life. Now this is much different from perpetual welfare. A helping hand during hard times is one thing, relying on the helping hand as a career is another. Let's face facts. There will always be Failures, and criminals. Those who try, and those that don't. We need to establish a cut-off point, there are some people whose Grade would always be an "F". What is the point of Grading if everyone passes? The Liberals want everyone to pass, giving points based on race, culture, etc. What is this policy called???? Oh Yeah! Affirmative Action.

OK, Let's now go South of the Border,

FOX Wins the Presidential Election in Mexico!!!

For the 1st time in 71 years the oppositin to the ruling party has taken power. This is a good thing, and I will tell you why. The corruption will be reduced, a businessman will be President, the Mexican Economy will also improve. What it means to the border States like AZ. A possible reduction of people fleeing Mexico for a better life. The greater possibility of an agreement with Mexico and the USA for "Temporary Permits" for Mexicans to work in the USA. Legal immagrant workers will reduce the onslaught on border ranchers by ILLEGAL IMMIGRANTS, who cause property and environmental damage. This problem will not disappear overnight though. Defending our Southern Borders is a must, It will take time for Mexico to recover from the abuses of power by the PRI. But at least now things are destined to improve, rather than get worse.

Regarding my last posting about interviews, things are moving along. I will update as appropriate.

Now let's get to some NEWS OF THE DAY!!!

STUPID HUMAN TRICKS: I guess it seemed like a good idea at the time, celebrate the 4th of July by flushing a Cherry-Bomb in a toilet at a fast food Restuarant. I assume it had a short fuse, and the two guys needed to see it go down, and it went.....BOOM!!!! Slicing up the Guilty with Toilet Fragments. What were these guys thinking? It is a MALE thing to describe scars. However you don't get much respect from blowing up a TOILET!!!! See the STORY HERE!!!

Want to "SKINNY DIP???" Come to ARIZONA!!! Hmmmm.... I currently live in an APT Complex, not a private pool. If you are in AZ, and a good looking FEMALE, and have your own pool,,,,,I would like to join you,,, swimming alone, like drinking alone is a bad thing. I am here to help! See the STORY HERE!!!

This is probably more than we want to know. But when you are dead, and buried, YOU LEAK and SMELL. The Gasses you produce as you ROT are EXPLOSIVE, methane will do that. and disgusting liquids are relesed, imagine a rotten tomatoe in your 'fridge, and multiply it 500 times. EEWWW!!!! See the STORY HERE!!!

Last Story Today. "SPEED KILLS!!!, OR DOES IT????". See the STORY HERE!!!

In regards to my last posting, interviews, etc. Things are moving forward, looks promising.


Well finally a glorious weekend away from the "Evil Lab Equipment" at "The Secret Lab". The Damn Things must be controlled by a Satanic Source. Because, according to the manufacturer, WE are the only ones worldwide having these problems. I know better, because in the past, the Vendors have LIED thru their TEETH about problems. But I can forget about it until Monday Night.

Now let me comment on the "Human Genome" Mapping. A Good thing if gene therapy can cure or treat common diseases. But how about this: Suppose the scientist's find a predeposition to: Whatever. Homosexuality, Drug Addiction, Alcoholism, Political Incorrectness,,,,ETC. That can be predicted by your genes. These are the same scientists who said in the past eggs are BAD. Now not bad. Wheat Grain reduces Chlorestoral, now it doesn't. Ritilan is good for hyper male kids, now the evidence is saying NO. So what would happen if the "Human Genome" Project PROVES beyond a shadow of a doubt, that HUMAN LIFE begins at CONCEPTION??? Do you think LIBERALS would ALLOW this to be released???? OUT CONSTITUTION GUARENTEES the "RIGHT TO LIFE, LIBERTY, and THE PURSUIT OF HAPPINESS". This Proof would make ABORTION MURDER, and PREMEDITATED, ie 1st DEGREE MURDER. Granted I do believe a Mother can terminate a pregnancy if it seriosly puts her own life in jepardy, PHYSICALLY, not mentally, or economicly. Or how about the claim, that an individual had no control to be a criminal. To be protected by the AMERICANS WITH DISABILITIES ACT? Mapping of the Human Genome is a tempest in a "Tea Pot". Could be far worse than "UNLEASHING THE POWER OF THE ATOM" which is also good and bad. Cheap Energy, could also "Blow Us away". Do I have a solution? I do not. We are treading uncharted waters here.

Today I recieved a very interesting EMAIL from someone in the NATIONAL NEWS years ago. There is an upcoming conference in Phoenix on 7/15/00. On the surface of this email, sent thru my website by this someone who I will not identify at this time, has appeared to have offered me the chance to interview the speakers at this conference. This subject delves more into things I closley follow, but usually not posted here on my web site. I will give you what I recieved today, but without identifiers.

Smoker Dave,

I would like to offer you an interview with any of the speakers including Jim Marrs, or anyone. We have contacts in interesting fields of study around the country that shares interesting viewpoints. This includes scientist, econimists, newletter writers and so forth,.

Discovering the War?

Star Song, Inc. along with Historical Data Retrieval, Inc. will present four speakers at 7 PM, July 15, 2000 at the Marriott Camelback Resort Inn located at 5402 E. Lincoln. Tickets are available through HDRAZ at (480)425-0907 or at the Peace of the Mind Bookstore for $40/$50 at the door. The lecturers come from different fields of research and experience, but have uncovered profound information that could reshape the way humankind thinks about their lives. XXXXXXXXX, award winning journalist and best selling author, will share data from his new release, titled “Rule by Secrecy” , which exposes the inner workings of secret societies and their manipulation of governments and economies around the world. Prior to the evening event XXXXXXXXX will be signing books at Brentano’s Book Store on the lower level of Scottsdale Fashion Square on July 15, 2000 from 2 PM to 4 PM. XXXXXXXXXXXX, guest on Art Bell’s “Coast to Coast”, reveals a conspiracy that goes beyond known human experience and tells of manipulation by outside forces. XXXXXXXXXXXX, who has designed and built security systems internationally and for US corporations and government agencies has researched social and economic patterns for over 20 years. Vance Davis, an intelligence communications analyst for the US Army at NSA locations made national news in 1990 when he and five others went AWOL from Germany, yet they received Honorable Discharges four weeks later.

These four men have discovered a pattern of deceit, control and deep manipulation worldwide. Events that appear to be disconnected are in fact created and/or maneuvered by the World’s Managers deliberately over time to garner a desired effect. Each speaker, having independently experienced subtle anomalies began studying verifiable historical facts, cycles of natural events and patterns in social paradigms. Finally, the previously hidden patterns which confirm a control mechanism over the broad spectrum of economics, geopolitics and all ideologies became apparent. XXXXXXXXXXX will detail the inner workings of the NSA, information control, and discuss government programs meant to both discover and hide facts. Next, XXXXXXXXXXXXXXX will introduce previously unrelated technical patterns and cycles in socionomics, the natural sciences, and history. By using the Elliott Wave Theory and other constructs, their symbiotic relationship will show a much larger picture. Then, with the bigger implications uncovered XXXXXXXXXXXX will share his experiences as a Contactee. This other race shared with him their concerns over the control, manipulation and the hostage situation the human race is experiencing on our planet. Finally, XXXXXXXXX will introduce the history of secret societies and how they have led to the CFR, the Trilateralists and the Bilderbergers amongst others. As a spectator to this remarkable first time event you may well discover a rapidly expanding war, and how previous unseen forces use our weaknesses to manipulate and control our daily lives. To conclude, the four speakers will then discuss possible solutions, the key to working together, and regaining your sovereign individualism.


Smoker Dave now being invited as a VIP to my hobby of the paranormal, strange, and conspiracy theories.

These things I don't normally post here on my web site, but there are some at "The Secret Lab" who consider me Arizona's "Art Bell", and Arizona's "Rush Limbaugh". I guess here it is usually a more Rush type thing on the web site. But my favorite thing is the wierd and strange. Give me Coast to Coast AM, SIGHTINGS, In SEARCH OF, any time. I will be watching, or recording.

All right then, let's go to the NEWS of the DAY

Who in their right mind would desecrate the tomb of the author of "FREE BIRD"??? Lynyrd Skynyrd??? DESECRATION of my HIGH SHOOL YEARS!!! See the STORY HERE!!!

Some fun ideas when you are stuck in a plane or airport. See the STORY HERE!!!

If I can make the time, or current events dictate it, I will update over the weekend, otherwise, I will see you Monday!!!


Hi all!. Weel the "Evil Lab Equipment" at "The Secret Lab" is still making life HELL for all of us who work there. ONE more Night to go before a well deservered weekend off.

I did hear Clinton's Press Conference yesterday on the radio after work yesterday. I have a lot to say about it, but not the time to do so. However I did find an article that addresses most of it. My favorite was, CLINTON: "Let me remind you that a lot of these other so-called scandals were bogus," Clinton said, adding, "the Whitewater thing was bogus from day one. It had nothing to do with the official conduct of the administration anyway.". 12 CONVICTIONS, including a Governor, Jim Guy Tucker, and his wife held in JAIL for Months and Months for CONTEMPT Of COURT. Hardly seems to me a "bogus scandle". See the STORY HERE!!!

Al Gore's MEMORY FAILS Him 85 TIMES in a 4 hour period. Do You want to be President? Uh, I don't have any recollection. See the Story HERE!!!

Welcome "HOME" Elian, Time for the Brainwashing to make you a MODEL Cuban Citizen. Cuban Government: Teachers Will Make Elian 'A Model Child'. See the STORY HERE!!!

Seems to me that this is NOT a Good year to live near nuclear storage facilities, we just had Los Alamos in New Mexico, now this one in Washington State. See the STORY HERE!!!

And you wonder why so many of us are against public funding for "The Endowment To The ARTS". See the STORY HERE

Now here is a good article about "Urban Myths". See the STORY HERE!!!

Next time I update, tommorrow, I will be off work for the weekend. I should be able to post more commentary, than just listing news items to check out. This depends when I get out of work though. If only News items posted tommorrow, there will be an update over the weekend. And in case you are wondering, I work a full week next week. Some techs get the night off, those who don't I plan on providing PIZZA for them. Should be a light night workload-wise, but I have to be there. The $$$$ for the PIZZA comes out of my own pocket, not from "The Secret Lab", and I refuse to accept $ from the techs for this. This is for me, how I try to show appreciation to my Staff working Holidays. Oh! I will also provide Potato Chips with the PIZZA. The Techs will be responsible for providing their own beverage though. Sorry, BEER is not allowed. Though personally I believe 1 BEER with lunch should be allowed.



I have to go now, see you tommorrow.


Looks like it's going to be another one of those weeks at "The Secret Lab". I hate 10 hr shifts that turn into 12.

BREAKING NEWS!!!! Goodbye Elian, say goodbye to electicity 24 hrs a day, goodbye to milk in a yr or 2, goodbye to good food, good bye to your relatives that fought so hard to keep you here. You will have to try to cross over again when you are 18. Say HELLO to picking surgarcane, or tobacco in the fields instead of school, goodbye soon to Genetic Dad, papa Castro is all you have when you turn 12 and live in a Gov't Dormitory. But don't worry, Genetic Dad will get to see you 1 weekend every 2 months, if he can afford it. Your MOM who had custody, and even "DAD" knew you were coming here, did all they could to bring you to a better place. Well Politics got in the way, and you unfortunately are the loser in this gambit by the so called, "Most Ethical Administration" this (USA) country has had EVER SEEN. Goodbye Elian, I wish you all the best. I did what I could here. SEE the STORY HERE!!!

Now to revisit my posting from yesterday, about evidence of GLOBAL COOLING. Well I DID NOT know about this story when I posted my update. This is in my own City of Mesa, AZ. LOTS of JOBS going to be lost because we are not HOT ENOUGH!!! MILLIONS of $$$$ going BYE-BYE. See the STORY HERE!!!

ARIZONA Story. COP KILLER refuses to eat or drink, sent to Hospitol. I say let him starve himself to DEATH, I don't care he is "only" 17, if he wants to end it, and save us all the $$$ of housing him and paying the mandated costs of APPEALS before slipping a needle in his arm, I say so be it!!! See the STORY HERE!!!

The BOY SCOUTS remain to be a safe place/organization for you to send your boys. A Constitutional Victory for Private Civic Minded Groups/Organizations to do public works without being forced to accept membership of those who defy the group's purpose. While I do not condemn those of the alternate lifestyle, in fact there are few I would trust to babysit, take on campouts, ETC, Just as I would NOT Trust a few STRAIGHT people I know. But I truly Believe the Right of Association, and their rules, should NOT be IMPOSED by the GOV'T. See the STORY HERE!!!

Now here is another EXTREME, Hey!!! who's business is it if I decide to go to a "Titty Bar", is HOOTER'S included???? Extremists, Left or Right, are NO GOOD. See the STORY HERE!!!

OK, now do you remember the "BUTT" Implant Lawsuit last month that I covered here???? She won $30,000, $15G per BUTT, CHEEK, or, TIT. Depending on how you read the story. Well I guess this is the equivalent of a "Push-Up Bra" for your "BUTT". Remember I don't make this NEWS, I only report it. See the STORY HERE!!!

AND.... LASTLY.... Just so you know.... I don't use, or need,,,,, this product. Why this is big news is beyond me. But here it is. See the STORY HERE!!!

I hope this UpDate didn't leave you unsatisfied.....Had to say it!!! HA, HA!!! Let's see, I can carry on. I wonder how Bill Clintons ERECTION of his Presidential Library is going. I also wonder how Hillary Clinton's Re-Erection of her Senate Race is going.... I guess a SALINE PUMP doesn't "Hold Water"...... I better STOP HERE....You know I TRY to keep this RATED PG....

Until Tommorrow, from the UNHOT DESERT, Smoker Dave


Sorry about a lack of Update yesterday, had Internet connection trouble, then the PC crashed erasing what I planned to post. So let's start again.

Well Phoenix, Az. survived the 10 yr anniversary of it's all time Hight Temp. of 122 degrees, with a normal "Chilly" 107. So much for the predictions back then that we would be hitting 130 by now. Seems the "Global Warming" ran out of GAS.... here... In fact we haven't come close to the all time high, and the # of Days that hit the 1 - Teens have DECREASED the past Decade here. And let me tell you 110 or so is not a big deal here. When we hit 113 or more is when we call it HOT, instead of Warm. And there have been very few days of HOT since 1990.

I know all of you like the Stories I find, so let's get to them!!!

Let's start with a FAVORITE of mine, PETA!!! They want "The GREENBAY PACKERS NFL FOOTBALL TEAM", to change it's NAME. To the PICKERS, CHEESEHEADS, or 6-Packers, whatever. See the STORY HERE!!! I think some GAY MEN in WISCONSIN like the name "PACKERS"..... ahem...I should not have gone there....down under...

OF MY GOSH!!! THEY KILLED CHINESE SQUIRRELLS!!!! Airline personel to be Prosecuted, a Victory for PETA!!! See the STORY HERE!!!

And I bet PETA has something to say about this story. A shy elephant, starving, died by flexing it's BUTT MUSCLE so not to "FART" after eating and "OFFENDING" other living creatures. I bet an elephant self containing so much GAS, could WIPE OUT a small village. See the STORY HERE

Now in keeping with the same sort of topic is this story. Small Town having a TOILET FESTIVAL. See the STORY HERE!!!

Think that what you do on the Internet is your own business? Think again. See this STORY HERE!!!

Grampa is old, but still is violent. You Whippersnapper!!! I'll get YOU!!! See the STORY HERE!!!

But before you take the previous story too much to heart, look at this STORY, which is what will happen here in the USA if Gun Control Nuts get their way. See the STORY HERE!!!

Those are Today's Stories from the NEWS. Question Is: Are YOU willing to let your INDIVIDUAL RIGHTS be eliminated for the "PUBLIC GOOD" and a FALSE SENSE of SAFETY / SECURITY??? Are you willing to let a BURGULAR TERRORIZE and possibly KILL you, to make sure YOU a LAW ABIDING CITIZEN, Don't freak out and decide to KILL everyone in sight. Just remember there will always be DEMENTED PEOPLE, the GOV'T will always seek more control over OUR INDIVIDUAL FREEDOMS AND RIGHT'S. When a GOV'T is pursuing confiscation of RIGHTS, and PUBLICLY announces they CANNOT GUARENTEE YOUR INDIVIDUAL SAFETY, or DEFENSE of YOUR LIFE.....Don't YOU think you have a GOD GIVEN RIGHT to DEFEND YOURSELF???? OUR CONSTITUTION gave us the RIGHT to DEFEND OURSELVES, from Individuals, and a Tryannical GOV'T. FREE SPEECH (the 1st Ammendment) and THE RIGHT TO BEAR ARMS (2nd Ammendment) is what makes this COUNTRY GREAT!!! The definition of MILTIA at the time the CONSTITUTION was written: ANY ABLE BODIED MALE 18 yrs to 55 yrs of age.... Now also includes Women in the latest definition. The Hogwash that this meant the RESERVES only is LUDICROUS!!!! Everyone forgets the part: The Right to Overthrow the GOV'T when it becomes necessary. Well Guess what!!!??? Got to be armed enough to be able to do it. When only the GOV'T and the CRIMINALS have GUNS we as a people LOSE!!!! AND the GOV'T and CRIMINALS will ALWAYS have GUNS.

I forget what State has this Motto, "LIVE FREE OR DIE". My Motto is: LIVE FREE OR DIE TRYING!!!

To the Liberals who like to fill up my email, don't bother, screw you! Don't waste your keystrokes. All I will do is delete your messages.


Finally the weekend!!!! 3 nights away from the "EVIL LAB INSTRUMENTS"!!!!

Well Phoenix survived another visit Thursday by Clinton, no reports of any molestations or abuse. Knowing that he was only a couple of miles from me at work made my stomach turn. At any rate, I just want to assure you that I was not visited, contacted, or detained by "The Secret Service".

Truth is I was detained by "The Evil Lab Equipment". 12+ hr shifts suck! As many in "The Secret Lab" would agree with. Nearly everyone is working long hours. I just hope we don't lose any good people to "burn out" from long hours, extra days, and the heavy workload. Truth be told 1 of 2 things will happen. #1 Staffing will improve, and the equipment troubles will decline. Or #2 Smoker Dave destroys $400,000 worth of equipment with a baseball bat.

The Lab and it's vendors are heavily regulated by the Feds. Everything has to be "Qualified". EX. That is why the Space Shuttles are just now being upgraded from monochrome mointors, etc. to computer displays that are common on commercial aircraft for the past few years. SOON (6 months???) The Evil Lab Equipment computers will be upgraded to....... IMAGIN THIS!!! To Pentium 166's!!!! What the hell are they running on NOW? 486's??? Then again, we still have 286's in the "Wire Closet" that transfer data from the Lab database to the mainframe.

Now to some News, a bit overdue. Al Gore:"TRUTH IS MY FRIEND" see the Story HERE!!!

OPPS killed the wrong one.... See the Story HERE!!!

Yum! Dinner! don't other countries/cultures have PETA? See the Story HERE!!!

MARS: Here is a link to some interesting photo's. Question is, are they natural, or not? Note there are 7 pages, about a dozen photo's. HERE!!!

Now time for me to enjoy the weekend, hope yours is good also.


1st thing to tell you today is: It looks like a very long night is in store for myself and the staff of "The Secret Lab". So there will probably NOT be an update tomorrow.

I wasn't going to mention this NEWS I've been following until I heard it from at least 3 seperate sources. Well, now I have. So here is the breaking NEWS that most people won't hear until 8 days from now.

1st NEWS

I work for a NASA contractor at Goddard Space Flight Center. NASA Watch is run by a former NASA employee, Keith Cowing, and he is very trustworthy. NASA employees and contractors use the NASA Watch page to get the latest inside scoop, both good and bad, that NASA will not release or is too slow in releasing.

Most of his news comes from inside sources, and he will not divulge names if his sources ask him not to. Judging from his past performance, at this time I believe this major Mars announcement is real. NASA Watch is not one to go shooting from the hip, and I think he has a good source on this. If you check the site now, you can see that it appears that NASA is planning an announcement for the 29th at NASA HQ. We'll see. Thought you'd like an insider opinion of NASA Watch, though.

2nd NEWS

"Update: 5:12 PM 20 June:

Rumors were circulating about a pending announcement of some importance at a recent workshop on Mars Global Surveyor (MGS) results held in Boulder, Colorado. Apparently, a paper is under preparation and review by members of the MGS Mars Orbiter Camera (MOC) team for submission to Science magazine. Informed sources within NASA suggest that the article may be concerned with water ice and the Valles Marineris region of Mars."

3rd NEWS


NASA is expected to announce next week that it has discovered evidence of liquid water on the surface of Mars. Using the Mars Global Surveyor, NASA scientists peered into the deepest canyons on the planet - places where Mars' low air pressure might be high enough to support liquid water during the warmer summer. If confirmed, this is a discovery of enormous importance, as these regions of liquid water would have the best chance of containing life. An official press conference has been scheduled for June 29th to announce the discovery.

Just remember where you heard the NEWS about Water on MARS 1st!!!! If it comes true, this is a true test of my "rumor mill" and after work research success in predicting a Story more than a week in advance.

NEW NEWS!!! NASA moving up announcement to Tomorrow!!!

21 June 2000: NASA to Move Up Mars Announcement

Editor's note: word has it that there will be a press event tomorrow, 22 June at 11:00 AM EDT. Drs Michael Carr, Michael Malin, and Ken Edgett are expected to participate.

And News of this is starting to appear on some larger websites. See the STORY HERE!!!

DARN IT!!! It appears the Water on MARS Story is hitting the major News Media now. I should have posted it yesterday.......But I only want to post verified NEWS and not rumors.


PETA can dish out the BULL****, but they can't take it! See the Story HERE!!!

The Defense for the 13 yr old Teacher Killer doesn't want the video tape released, seems it makes him look like a premeditated KILLER. Sort of SHOOTS HOLES in the DEFENCE'S, "HE'S JUST A CHILD DEFENCE". See the Story HERE!!!

QUESTION FROM CONGRESS: Mr. Richardson (Secretary of The Dept. Of Energy) Where WERE the HARD DRIVES, and WHO had THEM? ANSWER from Richardson: Pepple Beach this past weekend, by Tiger Woods.

This is WHY The Secretary of the Dept. Of Energy refused to appear at a hearing last week regarding the missing HARD DRIVES..... He needed "PLAUSABLE DENIABILITY" to the uninformed American Public. See the STORY HERE!!!

Now this story relates to what I've seen happening at "The Secret Lab". There are now Anti-Pollution Messages in the Restrooms. Like "Driving over 55MPH reduces Fuel Efficiancy by ....." and, "Excessive Idling When not Driving Increases Pollution By..." you get the idea. See the Story HERE!!!


We Shall SEE......

Until FRIDAY, take care, and we will see what develops.


Well I guess the old 2nd shift Supervisor at "The Secret Lab" is busy, or tired. No posting on the BBS for me to delete today. As you all know I accept opinions different than mine, if articulate, on point, and in good taste. And I leave them posted on-line. But when one is lashing out in all directions, with no sense of what is appropriate to post on somone's website's BBS Board, I will delete the posting(s), and possibly forever delete postings from the Web "handle" that is also questionable in "taste". I do this not only to insure the integrity of my web site for intelligent difference of opinion. But also to protect those posting to the BBS, regrets that may affect future employment of the POSTER!!! Hmmm. that line seems kind of funny to me!!! But no matter, this person is not a risk of being rehired at "The Secret Lab", even before the inappropriate posts. My guess is: It is quite possible this person could find a better paying job, better hours, or both. But would not be a "boss". Granted this person wasn't that good at being a "boss", but wasn't the worst "boss" either, though close to it. It is advantagous to inherit the position from the worst "boss", easy to do better than the previous "boss". I point out, even with the stresses of being the "boss", leaving for another job, though this person didn't have another job lined up, wanted to take a month off before looking, wife and a newborn depending on him. My guess is, even with maybe the possibility of more $$$ or better hours. It doesn't replace the Drive to move up to being in charge once you had it. Always resentful, think you can do better. It doesn't matter what job you had where You were Responsible, getting more $$$ or better hrs, etc. at a new job, but being subordinate, bottom of the totem pole in seniority, is a "Kick in the Ass". Grass isn't always Greener on the other side of the fence. I am glad this former employee whacked out on my BBS. Just reinforces the idea to me that $$$$ isn't everything, satisfaction at the job accomplished, in an important industry where Lives are at stake. And I firmly believe the above mentioned person is as much SELFISH, as I am SELFLESS in carrying out the job I have to do, as I have done for over 14 years now.

This is the LAST Posting on this subject unless other idiot postings on the BBS are require a response. I have responded more than enough to the rantings of a former employee.


Teens Don't Get Enough SLEEP!!! Tell me about it, these teens get more sleep than I ever did. I consider getting 6 hrs. a good sleep. I get up at 9pm during the week and work 'till 9:30am or longer a 10 hr shift or longer. Do I drive comatose? NO! Does anyone consider the "Biological Clocks" of ADULTS? NO!!!! See the STORY HERE!!!

PETA on a crusade to scare kids at McDonalds. Guess they figure if the can't convince Adults that MEAT is EVIL and BAD, they will go after the kids. Imagin a 3 yr old SCREAMING, "MOM!!! ARE WE EATING BESSY THE COW!!!????" See the story HERE!!!

Now this story, heh heh. So you think CUBA is Great for Elian? Then why is a former PRO BOWL FOOTBALL PLAYER in JAIL 1 day after his release from prison? Because he doesn't have Citizenship in this Country. Drug Addicts can't think in advance. OK, sure, all his family is here in AZ, the USA. Ain't no time limitations on this. Plus if he is DEPORTED, he goes to that Wondrous Country of CUBA. It has to be a GOOD DEAL, why else would our current Administration demand that Little Elian be returned to CUBA? Surely if Louise Sharpe is Deported to Cuba for Drug convictions, he MUST be HAPPY as one could be. DONTCHA THINK!!!??? SEE the STORY HERE!!!

This was GREAT!!! The Anti-Christ of NASCAR, Dale Earnhardt Sr. Had his OWN medicine and tactics thrown in his face, He didn't Like It, I loved It!!! Yeah #3, what you sow, you will reape. See the STORY HERE!!!

Sorry I don't have any Political NEWS Today, some website maintenence ETC. limited my time for researching the latest news on this. Until Tommorrow!!!