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The Political Quote of the Day for 06/13/01:


We cannot play innocents abroad in a world that is not innocent.

Ronald Reagan, on foreign policy.


File getting full, may have to move it into the ARCHIVES after today.

Well Gas prices are heading down here in the Phoenix, AZ. area. Many Gas Stations now down to $1.56 a Gallon.

Work today pretty much SUCKED! Had some loose ends to tie up from the previous shift, not a problem, a MASTER LOT change in mid-shift, USUALLY not a Problem, but when "difficulties" occur on 1 1/4 $Million Instument, (1 0f 8), it happened at the worst possible time. Well at least my techs can't complain about being finished too early, or being bored today.

Here it is, Mid JUNE, and our HIGH TEMP. today is only going to be 98!!! WAY below NORMAL. This is supposed to be the HOTTEST TIME of YEAR for us, and,,,,YAWN... maybe a 108 here and there, but nothing spectacular. It's GLOBAL COOLING I tell you. On June 26th 1990 we hit 122 here. We will not come close to that this year. If it ain't above 100, I don't wear shorts...Damn, I may need to bring a jacket to work tonight.

OK, lets get to some NEWS.

Well, heh, heh... IT FIGURES! The STATE that thru their own idiotcy and incompetence, which happens to match the Mental Makeup of people I know who have moved there in the past year. Accentuated by the people with common sense leaving the STATE in droves. The California POWER SITUATION. Not only did they screw-up their Energy Needs by not building any Power plants in the past DECADE. BUT NOW! They have signed LONG TERM AGREEMENTS with POWER COMPANIES thats pays them EVEN MORE $$$ than what is charged on the SPOT MARKET. And this is in the FACE of the fact that PRICES are DECREASING!!! This is like signing a 10 year agreement of $3,000 per Computer for a Pentium I PC with 16 MEGS of RAM, and a 40 MEG Hard Drive back in 1995. I believe the whole State of California is populated and controled by MORONS and IDIOTS!!!! See the STORY HERE!!!

Here we go AGAIN!!! Some idiots have filed ANOTHER LAWSUIT on McDonalds because their "NATURAL FLAVORING" includes a BEEF EXTRACT. These are people who Do Not Eat BEEF because they are Vegetarian, or Vegan, or because their Religion FORBIDS BEEF. THEY ONLY BUY the FRENCH FRIES.... Hmmm.... You go to a place that serves primarily BEEF and don't expect it to have minute quantities of BEEF detected? I bet if you BBQ a Burger next door to a Vegetarian, SMALL, detectable Quantities by Chemistry Analysis wold be detected on their "SALAD" made indoors. My MAIN QUESTION IS... Why the HELL do these PEOPLE go to a McDonalds or a BURGER KING when the don't EAT MEAT or BEEF???? Good Grief... IS there a run on at Kentucky Fried Chicken for their "MASHED POTATOS'???? But no detectable Chemistry Analyzer Analysis of any Poulty residue in the "Mashed Potatos"???? Ain't going to happen if prepared, cooked, and served within a 1 mile radius. I GUARENTEE that every time I BBQ, EVERYONE within a mile has BEEF RESIDUE on their person, because I like my BURGERS Medium Well. If I liked them RARE, than the POLLUTANTS would probably only go 1/4 mile. See the STORY HERE!!!

Oh, this is a good one. If you play "RUSSIAN ROULETTE" by yourself, you WILL eventually lose. And probably a LOT sooner than if playing with others. Take a Look at this IDIOT'S STORY HERE!!!

Now this is a SAD NOTE. I watched "BOZO THE CLOWN" when I was growing up. (I was too old for Seaseme Street, and The Electric Company). Well Yesterday, THE LAST BOZO THE CLOWN EPISODE was taped, it airs in JULY, and the LAST RERUN is in AUGUST. How Long before the Bugs Bunny, etc cartoons are regulated to the same fate. We are making our children "GROW UP" too FAST, and It is NOT A GOOD THING. See the STORY HERE!!!

The Political Quotes of the Day for 06/08-12/01: For 06/08/01 VICE PRESIDENT

In Golf, you keep your head down and follow through. In the vice presidency, you keep your head up and follow through. It's a big difference.

Dan Quayle

For 06/09-10/01


This is the first time that sleeping in the wrong bed has actually gotten him out of trouble.

Jay Leno, on Bill Clinton sleeping at Blair House the night a plane crashed at the White House.

For 06/11/01


The American Constitution is, so far as I can see, the most wonderful work ever struck off at a given time by the brain and purpose of man.

William Gladstone

For 06/12/01


In matters of style, swim with the current. In matters of principle, stand like a rock.

Thomas Jefferson


Sorry for the delay, but I decided to not update yesterday, because some Coward was EXECUTED in a most gross manner.

Why do I call LETHAL INJECTION GROSS? Because the mass murderer, has time to put his personal bussiness and effects in order, gets to plan all details surrounding his DEATH, gets to say BYE-BYE to whoever. Can make himself appear to be either a martyr or the "DEVIL", AND DO IT by just "FALLING ASLEEP". EXECUTIONS should BE either of these trusted and tried ways throughout Human History. The one being EXECUTED should have TRAUMA!!! Not a DRUG induced SLEEP that you don't wake up from. Tha METHODS of EXECUTION by the Gov't should be limited to, and NOT INCLUDING "LETHAL INJECTION". ELECTRICUTION, FIRING SQUAD, GAS CHAMBER, & HANGING. Lethal Injection is too CLINICAL, too "clean", and does NOT serve as a deterrant. A COWARD KILLS 168 people, and DIES the COWARDLY WAY. ROT IN HELL YOU BASTARD!!!

OK, From now on, this is a website that will never acknowledge McViegh again. My PLEDGE to the VICTIMS of the Oaklahoma City Bombing by a COWARD.

Let's get to some issues of today.

I REALIZED this 3 yrs. ago. SOCIAL SECURITY, in it's present form, will not exist when I retire without VERY DRASTIC CHANGES. This is why I am investing 25% of my income into my own Retirement Funds the past 3 years. The Democrats have LIED to us for YEARS, and the Republicans have dropped the ball. Now G.W. Bush is doing the politically incorrect thing, by making us SEE the actual standing of SOCIAL SECURITY currently. See the STORY HERE!!!

Today, President Bush is being taken to task by the Europeans for not signing the Kyoto Accord.... Against "Global Warming". Well Guess WHAT!!! The ONLY European Country to sign the Agreement is ROMANIA, who happens to be exempt from the Limitations. EVEN JAPAN where this "ACCORD" was made has yet to sign it. BUT, WE THE USA is being taken to task by other COUNTRIES who refuse to sign this BONEHEADED LEGISLATION. DO YOU ACTUALLY BELIEVE that we should do what Europe says we should? When they refuse to do the same? When THEIR COUNTRIES EXISTED before OURS was BORN? And We have better Anti-Pollution controls, plumbing etc. than these Countries that existed long before US???? WE FEED the WORLD, We SAVED EUROPE in 2 WORLD WARS, and PROTECTED EUROPE during the "COLD WAR". WE SEND BILLIONS of $$$ to EUROPE EVERY YEAR. AND these ingrates want to crictisize US???? For being better than they are??? HOW many TIMES has EUROPE helped US out with our own disasters? ZIP, NADA, NOTHING.

I say to hell with them, they want to decide on how WE protect ourslves fom Missile Attacks, They want to decide on how we PRODUCE and Distribute ENERGY and other Natural Resources. They don't want us being #1, they want to DRAG US Down to their Level. And their mindset is, UNLESS EVERYONE is EQUALLY MISERABLE IN LIFE, then Life is not FAIR. SCREW THEM!!!

Why the hell should we follow in the steps of a proven failed system of Gov't??? Here in THE GREAT USA, we have some problems, but WE still have the BEST COUNTRY and FORM OF GOV'T in the World. All the OTHER COUNTRIES want to drag us down to their Level, which includes OPPRESSION of Ordinary Citizens, and Silencing People like myself.

The Political Quote of the Day for 06/07/01:


The people can change Congress, but only God can change the Supreme Court.

George Norris


HAPPY TAX CUT DAY!!! President G.W. Bush just signed the TAX CUT BILL. Checks will start to mailed out on July 1st, and most will get them by the end of Sept. This is a DEFEAT of what the DEMOCRATS wanted to do. But Now the Democrats have a solution to what to do with this $$$ you EARNED and OVERPAID to the Gov't, instead of putting that $300 to $600 check we will recieve into our own investments, or paying off bills, or saving for something we want, or a vacation. The DNC (DEMOCRATIC NATIONAL COMMITTEE) has a "BETTER" idea for you. Even though they opposed this "tooth and nail", They have figured out that the best way to SPEND this TAX CUT is to...... ARE YOU READY???? GIVE IT TO THE DEMOCRATIC NATIONAL COMMITTEE!!!! TO stop all future TAX CUTS by electing MORE people who want to take your's and my,,,$$$$. See the DNC website solicitation HERE!!!I sent them a rather nasty Email on this HA HA!!

Hmmmm. Seems like a few Years ago the Republicans were ACCUSE of STARVING school students.... Now the issue is that students are getting too FAT. Thus we need to BAN the Soda Machines, The candy Bar machines, and the awfull things some parents pack into their kids "brown bag" Lunches. I think these measures will increase the number of School Shootings, no soda, no potato chips, no pizza, only milk and FLAVORED WATER along with monthly menu features entrees like citrus spinach salad, turkey on a baguette, rice bowl, Thai pasta noodles and tortilla soup. Earlier this year, students complained that their menu was too healthy, so the school added a taco bar????? These LIBERALS are giving me a BRAIN TUMOR!!! See the STORY

Oh, Gee... Ain't it a SHAME???? Many Large Prehistoric Animal Extinctions are blamed on.... HUMANS!!!. I bet PETA is going to use this in a big way soon. I say, if the animals were tasty enough, and able to be harvested in a replenishing way, like cows, pigs, chickens, etc. Then they would NOT have become Extinct!!!! You have 2 options. 1st. BIBLE: God gave MAN Dominion over all the animals and vegetation on the EARTH. 2nd: EVOLUTION, the Fittest Survive. In EITHER MODULE, we can eat them to extinction if we choose. Now the PETA PEOPLE, a 20th Century whacko Organization, that forbids eating of animals, and the even MORE WHACKO VEGANS, they, because they want EVERYONE to adobt their ways are going AGAINST GOD, and EVOLUTION. I have NO PROBLEM with people who decide for themselves, to be a Vegetarian, or a VEGAN. I take Issue with them and get "PISSED OFF" when they try to make ME follow their ways. I am sure that very soon, a "PREACHER" will come out and say, "IF you EAR MEAT, you will rot in the SEWER PIT OF HELL for ETERNITY". Mark my words, this will happen. See the STORY HERE!!!

Now you know I defend my RIGHT to SMOKE. Well GUESS WHAT???? OBESITY, DRUNKS, and POOR PEOPLE have MORE HEALTH PROBLEMS than Smokers. SO... Instead of RAISING my Cigarette TAXES to an ubsurd Level, the USA as a Whole would make the COUNTRY HEALTHIER by TAXING FAT PEOPLE, A TAX on FATTY FOODS, A TAX ON FAST FOODS, and A TAX on POOR PEOPLE....See the STORY HERE!!!

Lord Help Me!!! Can you believe THIS??? A FART investigation by Scottland Yard!!! Gee, I have a big buger in my nose. If I pick it out, is it a CRIME to be investigated? Is it only LEGAL to do so in one's own home? Pick your nose in a Car and get Arrested? See the STORY HERE!!!

Burger King Hamburger Tampering UPDATE HERE!!!

See you Tommorrow!!!

The Political Quote of the Day for 06/06/01:


There are no friends at cards or world politics.

Finley Peter Dunne


HAPPY D-DAY!!! Time to kill some KRAUTS. Or at least refrain from German Beer, and food dishes. Today is the Day 57 yrs ago that started Hitler's 3rd Riech's Ultimate Defeat by the Allies. If you come across an elderly Veteran, say Thank You and shake his hand. We here in the USA have a hard time of thanking this, "Greatest Generation". The sacrifices and ULTIMATE SACRIFICE of this Generation is something that will NEVER be dublicated. We NEED to REMEMBER what our parents and grandparents went thru, to give us the COUNTRY we STILL have. #1 is FREEDOM & LIBERTY. That is from Gov't intrusion and over Regulation. And you know More & More intrusive "LAWS" are being enacted by the FEDS, STATE, and LOCAL GOV'Ts. REMEMBER this, Anti-Smoking Laws, Property Rights, Denial of DUE PROCESS, Gov't Siezure, FREEBIES to healthy able body people who REFUSE to work...I can go on and on. Let's go back to the BASICS....FREEDOM, LIBERTY, and JUSTICE for ALL. NOT SIN TAXES, and "FOR THE CHILDREN", and "IS IT A HATE CRIME???".

OK, let's get to the NEWS TODAY

When I get a Burger I always request "No Pickles, and No Mustard". Mustard belongs on HOT DOGS, not Burgers, and conversley Ketchup belongs on Burgers and NOT HOT DOGS. This is a COMMUNIST INFILTRATION. Just like we Americans know Ketchup goes on FRENCH FRIES. You don't put Mustard on French Fries. You have Mustard on your plain Bologna Sandwhich, NOT KETCHUP. You make MEATLOAF with Ketchup, NOT MUSTARD. These are BASIC FACTS this COUNTRY was founded on. BUT....Here is this STORY of BURGER KING Employees desecrating the Burgers who order it the way they want it, with spit, oven cleaner, dropping on the floor, and even giving the patty a few days ride on the cieling fan before cooking it. I think these employees should be brought up on TREASON CHARGES. This makes you think twice before going to a FAST FOOD RESTURANT. See the STORY HERE!!!

AND NOW.... To "REVERSE RACISM". Isn't this what I keep talking about? You have to READ this STORY to understand my point. HERE!!!

Now, as an afterthought, is this STORY. Valedictorian, National Honor Society Member, has his High School Diploma withheld because he said the word, "DAMN" in his Graduation Speech to his High School Class. He is also Captain of the "MOCK TRIAL TEAM", and President oh his High School Class. Also he used the word "helluva" in the SPEECH. You SEE HE...... "School officials say Jain - president of his class, the student government and two honor societies - used poor judgment in his farewell to high school and violated the principal's trust by departing from his approved speech..." APPROVED SPEECH???!!! These "PEOPLE SHOULD ROT IN HELL". And if Allowed to LIVE, let me SHOOT THEM!!! GOD HELP ME,,,, Am I so out of touch with the idea of FREEDOM AND LIBERTY? FREE Speech and self expression? See the STORY HERE!!!

Now here is some D-Day NEWS from President Bush. See the STORY HERE!!!

I will NOT go away, you have to take me out to stop me from publicizing these facts of everday life going on, I will continue to EDUCATE everyone I can on the PRINCIPLES this COUNTRY was FOUNDED on by OUR FOREFATHERS over 200 yrs ago. Based on the Declaration of Independance, and THE CONSTITUTION. I will NEVER BACK DOWN FROM THESE BASIC HUMAN RIGHTS, that are NOW under ASSAULT from LIBERALS and "Fuzzy Wuzzy" IDIOTS, who want and desire CONTROL of every aspect of our private LIVES on the ROAD the are paving. I PLAN ON being a MAJOR "BUMP" or, Precipace on this "ROAD". OH... some of you want it brought down to more BASIC CONSTITUTIONAL TERMS???? Well the MANTRA is to "SHUT THE LIBERALS UP". KILL them if necessary,,,, figuratively, in speech and influence at the VOTING BOOTH!!!

Oh,,,, I "Pissed Off" some LIBERALS. AIN'T that a shame....

Well to the LIBERALS, "Fuck You until Tommorrow!!!" To the Rest of you,,, see ya Tommorrow!

My EMAIL LINK is still active, LOOKING FORWARD to the LIBERAL BACKLASH from this UPDATE, as well of the MANY who agree with me. FUN FUN FUN in the ARIZONA SUN!!!

The Political Quote of the Day for 06/05/01:


The second office of this government is honorable and easy. The first office is but plendid misery.

Thomas Jefferson


Still doing some clean-up from Sunday's "Flood". But have a bunch of NEWS for you.

PETA the "ANIMAL RIGHTS" WHACKOS are going after BURGER KING. So I will be visiting BURGER KING tomorrow after work for my dinner to show them my Support against these Whackos. See the STORY HERE!!!

NOW,,, for this NEXT story, my Question is: WHY are South Africans getting options on their CARS that are UNAVAILABLE to us???? I thought we here in the USA had access to all the latest and greatest options. I WANT to be able to put a FLAMETHROWER on my car just like any South African can!!!! See the STORY HERE!!!I could REALLY USE the FLAMETHROWER

OH!!! And are you surprised??? CLINTON and GORE didn't get along as well as they tried to portray, they won't even talk to each other, and this has been going on for YEARS!!! See the STORY HERE!!!

The BUSH Daughters get busted for ALCOHOL because of over zealous citizens. I guess it was LUCKY for CHELSEA CLINTON that she only did ILLEGAL DRUGS and was SPIRITED AWAY by the SECRET SERVICE, when she was doing COKE and the SECRET SERVICE was beforehand notified of a police raid on the party, so only CHELSEA's FRIENDS were busted. WHAT A FRIEND!!!! Just like her Parents treated them. See the STORY HERE!!!


The Political Quote of the Day for 06/04/01:


We're going to send Spiro in there with a golf club and a tennis racket.

Richard Nixon, on negotiations with Cambodia, after Agnew had recently hit bystanders while playing golf and tennis.


What a day since I updated yesterday. I get woken up by the Maintenance Person at about 2 AM. Turns out The water line line to my toilet broke, and was not only flooding my bathroom, but also causing problems in the APT below me. It wasn't my fault, the water line to my toilet split. (This is an old APT Complex in "LITTLE MEXICO" in cenral Mesa, AZ. Well the water to it was shut off, and mid morning the problem solved. However I am still drying out here, along with my downstairs neighbors who hate me now. I can't communicate with them since they only know Spanish, and I only know English. But the Maitenence Guy that came over this morning knew both. So at least the facts were communicated that it wasn't my fault.

So while waiting for maintenance, I got Online. My PC started doing weird things, After rebooting, still did weird things on the "Net". I was not sure if I caught a VIRUS or Not, thinking it could possibly be my ISP having trouble. But wanting to be safe rather than sorry, I rebooted once again, and then updated my Anti-Virus Software, and had it scan Every File I have. It took about 2 hrs, over 50,000 files scanned. NO VIRUS! A good thing!!!

But obviously this has subtracted the time I had for research on a update for today. Plus this File is getting FULL and will need to be ARCHIVED soon. Plus I have a sneaking suspicion that I have a Supervisor Meeting this week, which also subtracts from my time available to UPDATE the WEBSITE. I will do what I can.

The Political Quote of the Day for 06/02-03/01:


Don't ever walk in front of them.

Scott Hoch, pro golfer, on what he learned after playing golf with several presidents.


It's early Sunday evening, I am doing some laundry and waiting for my PIZZA to be delivered. So I have a few minutes to post a quick WEEKEND UPDATE.

I know this article does NOT pertain to you who Visit here, But there are a lot of IDIOTS in this country that doesn't have a clue on geography, or Canada. They have a comedy show, part of which is interviewing Americans on the Street about "CANADIEN ISSUES". Sad to say, but I believe that what this SHOW shows is accurate. READ THE STORY HERE!!!

This would work for me, if LAID off from my job, FREE BEER was included in the severance package, I would look more favorably to the former employer, whether or not that was the business. See the STORY HERE!!!

I am told it is very hard to buy cold beer in UTAH, but now SEX TOYS are hard to get also. Probably easier to get that VIBRATOR or BLOW UP LOVE DOLL thru MAIL ORDER. See the STORY HERE!!!

What concerns me in this story is the fact that less than 24% of families in the $50,000 income bracket are saving $$$ for their RETIREMENT. This is pretty scary. See the STORY HERE!!!

See you Tommorrow!!!

The Political Quote of the Day for 06/01/01:


That means he's busy eating fast food, chasing women, and giving Bob Dole the finger.

David Letterman, on Gore replacing Bill Clinton while the president was on vacation.


Happy New Year !!! 6 months early, oh well, sometimes I jump the gun. However tomorrow is my 15 yr. Anniversary working at the "Secret Lab". I beat The Rush Limbaugh Show by over 2 yrs.

OK now to the NEWS.

I KNEW this was going to happen. You know the TAX REFUND those of who actually work and pay our own way are supposed to get? Well now there is NEWS about the "PEOPLE" who won't get a refund, and they are UNHAPPY about it. WHO are "THEY"? They are the "PEOPLE" who DID NOT PAY any FEDERAL INCOME TAXES!!! The SAME "PEOPLE" who RECIEVED $$$ from the PUBLIC "TEAT" to support their unproductive LIVES. THEY ACTUALLY THOUGHT they would be 1st in line for the REFUND. WELL SORRY you stupid "PEOPLE", the REFUND goes to PEOPLE and Families WHO ACTUALLY PAID FEDERAL INCOME TAX. IF you have recieved FEDERAL MONEY $$$ that amount is subtracted from your "REFUND". YOU CANNOT RECIEVE A REFUND ON $$$ YOU NEVER PAID IN TAXES!!! This is the NET PAID. If you paid say a $1000 in TAXES but recieved $1600 in benefits, YOU WILL NOT GET A REFUND!!!! The REFUND is to the people and families that ACTUALLY FUND the GOV'T. So Shut UP Already!!! See the STORY HERE!!!

Now this is a sad note, Hank Ketcham, the Cartoonist Creator of "Dennis the Menace" died today. I remember watching the TV Shoe "Dennis the Menance", and I have, and still read the Comic Strip in the Newspaper.

You know, sometimes it is better to be LUCKY than good. This guy gets laid off from his job, then finds out he won the LOTTERY! See the STORY HERE!!!

Oh what a dreadful BUMMER for the BUSH twins. At least I was Legal at 18. But now these siblings of G.W. Bush under the microscope unlike Chelsea Clinton, who conviently made it out of trouble just before the Police Arrived when she was in College, and the MEDIA COOPERATED with the DEMAND by the CLINTON'S to leave her alone, Turns out G.W.Bush has rambuctious kids like I WAS to my parents. I feel sorry for the kids of G.W. Bush, what they are being caught for NOW at age 19, I was doing at 15. PLUS it was LEGAL for me at 18. They got caught by "AUTHORITIES" because of their Public knowingness that they ARE THE PRESIDENTS DAUGHTERS. Why else would a RESTAURANT CALL 911 over an underage person trying to by alcohol? UNLESS the OWNER KNEW he would get FREE PUBLICITY over it? I am sorry if you all disagree with this, BUT I believe if you can sign contracts as an ADULT, join the MILITARY as an adult, YOU SHOULD BE ABLE TO BUY BEER!!! And in DEFENSE of the BUSH DAUGHTERS, how about all those STORIES of DRUG PARTIES CHELSEA CLINTON was at, but the POLICE didn't enter UNTIL THE SECRET SERVICE had removed CHELSEA from the Premises???? YES the Major NEWS Media are full of two faced LIARS spoon feeding the Mass Pupblic their distilled view of "NEWS". OK, here is the STORY on the Bush Daughters, and now they face a FAMILY REUNION this weekend. I know they Wish that it is the start of the next semester, been there, done that. HERE!!!

Well this is it for the week, I MAY post an UPDATE this weekend, but NO PROMISES.

The Political Quote of the Day for 05/31/01:


A politician is one who talks himself red, white, and blue in the face.

Clare Booth Luce


Well, I'm back at work, need to say CONGRATS to my friend in the Bedford, TX "SECRET LAB" CN and his lovely wife on the birth of their 1st born, a son! I bet you lose some sleep for a bit.

Plus I got my BONUS Check from "The Secret Lab" today, $250. However after TAXES it is $145.47. But I won't complain as this was totally unexpected. This Bunus was to employees in good standing from 12/31/00 thru 01/03/01 for the drastic positive turnaround in reducing costs and increasing productivity. I thank the Board of Trustees for this aknowledgement of our dedication and "reward" for Our combined efforts.

I have finally found out when my 20 year High School Reunion will be, it is AUG 17th & 18th. I will be going back to northern NY for this, it will be nealy 17 years since I've been there, since I moved to AZ. Not sure yet if I am taking a week or 2 weeks off for this yet. Obviously when I'm gone during this period, there will not be any updates on this website. Just to clue you in.


Remember yesterday's posting on the Kids in Idaho holed up in a remote area, that unleashed "Vicious Dogs" on Police, and are believed to be armed and know how to use the "arms"? Well the STORY has escalated. Remember my refrence to WACO yesterday? Well today's Story now includes at the end of the article, the "HOPE" this doesn't become "EXPLOSIVE". Makes you think on how the FEDS operated in the past, doesn't it? See the STORY HERE!!!

Oh GEE, California is NOW deciding to build POWER PLANTS that were rejected as little as 6 months ago. See the STORY HERE!!!

The ARMY wants PUBLIC INPUT on HOW TO DISPOSE of their MUSTARD GAS arsenal. Well here is my idea. Come up with a program where Mexicans can work in this Country on 6 month passes, LEGALLY entering the Country. To fill jobs that US Citizens don't want, Picking Produce from the fields, like lettuce in Yuma, AZ, Citrus and corn etc near PHX, and filling jobs in the Resorts for maids and prep cooks, etc. ONCE that program is in place, then use these leftover MUSTARD GAS munitions to defend the southern border from ILLEGAL ALIENS, they cross the border, a MUSTARD GAS container explodes, they die. BUT this policy should not, and cannot be done until we have a comprehensive Immigrant Worker Program where this labor can come across legally. See the STORY HERE!!!

Looks like NY is going after SMOKERS. See the STORY HERE!!!

Political Correctness, and ZERO Tolerence gone HAYWIRE!!!! 8 yr olds are being suspended from school for pointing a finger and saying "BANG!", or using the intimidating "CHICKEN FINGER" as a gun. See the STORY HERE!!!

I have to sympathize with this guy, since I did have the same sort of ordeal using bad language, I did get a misdemeanor Disorderly Conduct for Abusive Language a few yrs back, cost me $100. For those in the know, it was the infamous "Mexican Leaf-Blower Incident". See this STORY HERE!!!

Hmmm.... Don't you think this is a RACIST COMMENT? Or are only WHITE PEOPLE capable of being RACIST???? See the STORY HERE!!!

Well,,, I don't know about you, but what would be your reaction if being in a Park, or PARKING LOT, and seeing 2 80yr olds "Getting It On"? Well this apparently is becoming a serious problen in SUN CITY WEST in AZ. In fact it has been renamed to SIN CITY WEST. AND has the highest rate of SEXUALLY TRANSMITTED DISEASE in ARIZONA. The community is DEMANDING PATROLS by Sherrif Deputies to halt this SEX IN PUBLIC PLACES by OLD FARTS. The Question in the end is, if 2 twenty or 30 something year olds did the same thing, they would be ARRESTED, but the OLD FARTS, well, they will just be told to take IT elsewhere. Seems like AGE discrimination to me. I don't know if all these facts are covered in the following article, but this is what has been said in the local TV and Radio NEWS. See the STORY HERE!!!


The Political Quote of the Day for 05/30/01:


I hope the sheets have been changed.

Yitzhak Shamir, former Israeli primr minister, when told he had slept in the same bed in Bulgaria as Muammar Gadhafi.


Well, I am currently having some issues with my "Dial-Up" Connection. Damn thing blinked out after I had all the NEWS I wanted to pass on. Puts me an hour behind where I was in preparation. Oh well.

Heh heh!!! Well President G.W. Bush, has a daughter who is a REBEL like I was growing up, the difference is the Drinking Age in NY at the time was 18, NOT 21. So I put my parents thru hell earlier than Jenna Bush. I admit it, I was buying BEER from Stores when I was 14, I was smuggling beer from Canada when I was 16. And look at me now. I believe if you can VOTE at 18, join the Military at 18, be Drafted when you are 18, you should LEGALLY be able to have a BEER when you are 18. See the STORY HERE!!!

How about this STORY? Another "WACO" about to happen? Well these kids KNOW they will be split up, and they don't want that. But the GOV'T comes in with their, "WE ARE HERE TO HELP YOU" mentality. The Gov't says they will wait them out... Hmmm... Didn't we hear this before the massacre at WACO where MANY CHILDREN DIED???? See the STORY HERE!!!

The FRENCH FRIES WERE COLD!!!! An Excuse to shoot up the McDonald's for poor service? People are going whacko, no wonder the World is so screwed up. See the STORY HERE!!!

How about this? Now SCIENTIFICALLY Proven, TOAST will land BUTTER SIDE DOWN if dropped from a distance of under 8 ft. See the STORY HERE!!!

Now, you probably heard in the NEWS that there is no life on MARS, the "FACE" is JUST A MESA, and all of this is a bunch of BS. So why is there such concern about ROCKS from MARS or other Planetary Bodies? See the STORY HERE!!!

The Political Quote's of the Day for 05/24/01 - 05/29/01:


One-fifth of the people are against everything all the time.

Robert Kennedy


Politics is far more complicated than physics.

Albert Einstein

05/26/01 - 05/27 /01 VICE PRESIDENT

There is absolutely no circumstance whatever under which I would accept that spot. Even if they tied and gagged me, I would find a way to signal by wiggling my ears.

Ronald Reagan, on possibly being offered the vice presidency in 1968


Ronald Reagan has a story for every occasion. Bill Clinton has an excuse.

Fred Barnes

05/29/01 DEMOCRACY

Democracy means that if the doorbell rings in the early hours, it is likely to be the milkman.

Winston Churchill


Well I decided to take a break from the website and the Internet, I just answered a few important Emails. So We will start fresh.

Addressing my last update, I was Not Able to obtain a ticket to President Bush's appearence yesterday. However, I was able to see the incoming Motorcade at Falcon Field, and saw the outgoing Mortorcade near Mesa's Williams Field Gateway Airport. Plus I was able to see AIR FORCE ONE DEPART for LA. It actually was exiciting, plus the fact that I was actually chasing this. The times Clinton flew in here, in the previous 8 yrs, I drove as fast as I could in the opposite direction. See the Story HERE!!!

What a slipery slope this is!!! And I bet Our Founding Fathers never envisioned this. Now the FEDERAL Gov't thru the AMERICANS WITH DISABILITIES ACT, in a SUPREME COURT RULING, can dictate the RULES of PROFESSIONAL SPORTS, which ARE PRIVATE ORGANIZATIONS. What will be next? A BLIND Baseball player being allowed into the MLB and FORCED to pitch him "BEEPING" baseballs??? And if he/she is playing in the field, the same requirement???? Or how about this venue? The "KNIGHTS OF COLUMBUS" a CATHOLIC PRIVATE ORGANIZATION, forced to accept Jews, Islamics, etc.? Or how about mt own private "club" playing DARTS on the weekends? You have to be drinking BEER during the Games, Will I be forced to allow people I don't give a damn about entry to MY HOME because they want to play DARTS and don't drink???Is the GOV't GOING to FORCE me to be "FRIENDS" with someone I DON'T LIKE, and allow them into my home, and be forced to allow this non-friend to violate the RULES of my small DART CLUB? See the STORY HERE!!!

Those DAMN MORONS of "PETA" are now on the rampage in England. These members are ECOTERRORISTS and should be brought to the same justice and Penalties of TERRORISTS. POINT me out a PETA MEMBER and I will SHOOT him/her. It will be like KILLING TIM MCVIEGH before the OAKLAHOMA CITY BOMBING. Think I am being EXTREME??? Check out these STORIES, ESPECIALLY the last one. HERE!!!

AND HERE!!! THESE PEOPLE SHOULD BURN IN HELL!!! They are 1 step away from condoning the MURDER of PEOPLE who DISAGREE with their philosophy, and way of LIFE as THEY see it. You know where it will go with these MORONS. KILL THE SMOKERS, KILL THE BEER DRINKERS, KILL THE MEATEATERS, KILL THE MILK DRINKERS, KILL THE CHEESE EATERS, KILL THE FISHERMEN,,,,THEN they believe they will be ONE with NATURE. Then the WHOLE WORLD will be PARADISE in THEIR EYES. If you disagree, then they want YOU GONE, DEAD, TOAST!!!

These PETA PEOPLE SHOULD BE KILLED, ON SIGHT!!! If there is EXTRATERRESTIAL ALIEN's invading EARTH, I bet they are members of PETA!!!! I believe if you die trying to KILL PETA PEOPLE, you get a one way ticket to HEAVEN, where SAINT PETER is running the BBQ, and serves you a SIZZLING STEAK to eat as you pass thru the PEARLY GATES.

Maybe I should add this. I do not like PETA PEOPLE. However if you decide to be a vegetarian, I don't care. What I am talking about, is your views being FORCED on EVERYONE ELSE. Just like I think GOLF and TENNIS should be banned from TV. I don't watch it, but I won't petition the cable company to eliminate coverage. I just don't watch those TV Channels. WHY CAN'T PETA do the same???? BECAUSE they want EVERYONE ELSE to adopt their ways. I bet if the PETA People took a full PHYSICAL EXAMINATION, the Medical Personel would find a birth mark that looks like three "6"'s. The ANTI-CHRIST is HERE!!! and runs PETA!!!! And just for GRAVEY on this issue, I have ONE MORE STORY, HERE!!!

The Political Quote of the Day for 05/23/01:


Give a member of Congress a junket and a mimeograph machine, and he thinks he is secretary of state.

Dean Rusk


Well CALIFORNIA, don't expect much EXPORTED POWER from us in AZ today, or the next few days. We are having record HIGHS and Record "High" LOWS. Which means our, and especially MY A/C is sucking the WATTAGE, and I just refilled my car's gas tank for $1.59/Gallon. See the STORY HERE!!!

Gee! are you surprised that the latest poll in CALIFORNIA by the Envronmentalist Whacko's who created their own ENERGY CRISIS are now saying, YEAH!!! We need more NUKE PLANTS!!!! I guess when the Lights stop lighting, and the "FRIDGE" stops "FRIDGERATING", and the Microwave stops "MICROWAVING", the more sensical people say, Hmm, maybe we should consider the fact that we need more power generating facilities. (BESIDES, do you think ARIZONA at 110 degrees is going to send power to 80 degree San Diego?) See the STORY HERE!!!

TAX CUT!!!! Finally the TAX CUT has superceded the Liberals attempts to delay and derail it by proposing ammendment after ammendment. After it gets out of the Conference Commitee to riegn in the differences between the House and Senate Versions, we will all get a Tax Cut!!!! See the STORY HERE!!!

SMOKERS BEWARE!!!! Look what has started in England! How soon before it is in our schools, or in our workplace? See the STORY HERE!!!

Can you believe a State Legislature takes the time to debate wether or not the TERM "Screw Up" is an obscenity or not????? I wish they were'nt "Pussyfooting Around", or "Beating Around the Bush" about this. I hope "they Kill this Measure". Sorry!!!, I guess even I am being "OBSCENE"!!!! Give me a Damn Break!!! See the STORY HERE!!!

And now, another instance of ZERO TOLERANCE GOING AMUCK! See the STORY HERE!!!

President G.W. Bush is coming here to Mesa, AZ. on Monday, Memorial Day at Falcon Field, about 7 or 8 miles from me, I have already started my work to see if I can attend. A photo of me shaking his hand would be a big event for me. Probably too much to hope for, but I am always an optimist. See the STORY HERE!!!

The Political Quote of the Day for 05/22/01:


It ain't a bad plan to keep still occasionally, even when you know what you're talking about.

Kin Hubbard


Good Grief!!! The Liberal Democrats are doing their best to derail the TAX BILL by proposing Ammendment after Ammendment. Which prompted Sen. Hillary Clinton to say, "That it appears the Republicans want to treat this as a TAX CUT BILL...." WELL!!! DUH!!!! GOD give me strength!!!

What else is our Federal Gov't up to? How about a Bill to ban CELL PHONES in cars, and the enforcement will be by witholding Federal Highway Funds to the States, just like the arm twisting they have done on lowereing the blood alcohol content for DWI from .10% to .08%. And the same tactic was used for the Seatbelt Laws. What about Police using Raidios, and The Fire Dept. using Radios? Plus all the Truckers using CB RADIOS for YEARS? Ban one form of communication while driving, you need to ban them all. NOT limited to personal vehicals but also to Commercial and Gov't vehicals. DO YOU KNOW that most police vehicals have computer terminals in them??? HAVE to rip those out too!If it is unsafe for us to use when driving, then it is ALSO UNSAFE for the Gov't to use when driving. See the STORY HERE!!!

Monica, "DEVIL IN THE BLUE DRESS" did not get her BLUE DRESS back. And probably Bill Clinton wants his cigar back that he was accused of tobacco abuse. See the STORY HERE!!!

OFFENSIVE High School Yearbooks, gee the reporter and the proof reader didn't know what "MAUI WOWI" meant due to a "GENERATIONAL GAP". See the STORY HERE!!!

Well maybe this is why we here in AZ are tied for the Highest Drop Out Rate in the country. And because of the teachers spectacular FAILURE to TEACH, we here in AZ passed the biggest TAX INCREASE in State HISTORY to pay the Teachers more $$$$. Can you Imagin, the worst you perform your JOB, the more $$$ you make. What a deal! See the STORY HERE!!!

Out of State Power Companies are building Power Plants in AZ. WHY? Because they can't build them where they are needed, like the Cancer People in California. They want to "PROTECT THE ENVIRONMENT". But they also want POWER at the expense of nearby States. Well at least here in AZ it was announced in the local News Media, THAT any POWER required in the State of AZ will be served 1st, no matter who owns the power generating facility. If it it located in AZ, AZ COMES 1st!!! SO SCREW you LIBERALS in California, by the way, we won't be able to send you much POWER this week, as temps today is forcasted to be 104 today, 107 tommorrow, and 109 on Thurs. See the STORY

Just remember the STATE of AZ could sieze the POWER Plants in STATE just like California did.

The Political Quote of the Day for 05/18 thru 21/01:


The SECRET SERVICE has signs all over the island saying, PPLEASE do not feed the PRESIDENT".

David Letterman, during one of Clinton's vacations on Martha's Vineyard.


A man who thinks of himself as belonging to a particular national group in America has not yet become an AMERICAN.



What counts is not necessarily the size of the dog in the fight--it's the size of the FIGHT in the dog.



Sorry for the delay in an update. I generally ignore my computer on the weekend, plus I was having too much FUN responding to items on my BBS. AT LEAST my co-workers, and former co-workers all understand to a very high degree what goes on in "THE SECRET LAB". And you know I LOVE to make an IDIOT in "EMPEROR'S CLOTHES", NAKED to those in the know. I had a FUN TIME with this, I always will. My only regret is that I don't have an AUDIO FILE when he actually called me at "THE SECRET LAB" on Thurs night. JUST so you could hear his stupid "surfer-dude" Voice. But all good times must come to an end. So let's check-out the NEWS!!!

Well 1st off, WE HAD A BIG SURPRISE at the Quarterly Meeting at "THE SECRET LAB". Turns out those of us who were employed at the time, 01/2000 thru today, By the way nearly matches the time this bozo left our employment, gets a $250 BONUS for helping do a turnaround of a MINUS $2 Million a year to a PLUS $6 MILLION a year. Now we have centers across the Country, but it takes an idiot to get placed on the "DO NOT HIRE LIST". I know of only 3 on this list in nearly 15 yrs of working there, and the Commentary most Recent on my BBS is from this person. AND YOU WONDER WHY CALIFORNIA IS SO SCREWED UP!!!! Gotta LOVE IT!!! You wouldn't believe some of the Emails I have Recieved from Current and former co-workers on this bozo. But they chose to only to email ME, and in this venture, since they could have entered a response on the BBS, I treat it as "privaleged INFO". ALL I can say, is that I appreciate your confirmation of Support in this little conflict I had on the BBS, And Based on some of the emails, I should warn the bozo NOT to come into ARIZONA, stay in California.


Cheap Motels, etc. when you TRAVEL? This NEWS is NOT GOOD!!! I live alone, and launder my linens EVERY WEEK. What do you think of HOTELS, and Motels laundering the bed linens every 6 Weeks, or 6 Months??? EWWW!!!! SEE THE STORY

The "BLO" BOOB LIBERATION ORGANIZATION. IS demanding equal rights for women to go topless. I don't mind this at all, BUT can we vote on who CAN go TOPLESS??? There are some women here who run around in SPANDEX, TOUGH Material, to keep all that EXTRA FLESH IN.... I DO NOT WANT TO SEE These women TOPLESS!!!See the STORY HERE!!!

GEE, I guess this makes me Look Old. A slaughter of a farm animal is upsetting to LIBERALS? I grew up in a RURAL Community, ALL CHILDREN would have seen this before they were 2 months old. NOW it is unacceptable for children of any age to see how we get FOOD. As a kid, I LOVED the "CHICKEN SLAUGHTER", it was hillarious to me watching HEADLESS CHICKENS running around...But I guess we need to keep "CHILDREN" in the DARK about where their food comes from, so we don't desentisize them, while they watch "REAL TV" and play REALISTC VIDEO GAMES, of killings of PEOPLE!!!

The Political Quote of the Day for 05/16 &17/01:


When a great many people are unable to find work, unemployment results.

Calvin Coolidge.


If he can't run for office any better than he runs the TEXAS RANGERS, he doesn't have an advantage.

Ed Martin, Texas Democratic party director, on George W. Bush running for governor of Texas and owning part of the TEXAS RANGERS.


I miss ONE DAY of updating, and I am way behind in giving you the NEWS. Let's ROCK!!!

David Letterman made a joke on his late night TV Show about "MISS COLUMBIA" a contestant in the "Miss Universe Pageant". Well I think she should be disqualified for a lack of a sense of HUMOR, puntuated by her statement. "I'm totally outraged," she said in a TV interview aired yesterday in Colombia. "I don't know why we have this stereotype."..... SHE doesn't EVEN KNOW why her COUNTRY is sterotyped as a producer of illegal drugs!!!! Now this is becoming an INTERNATIONAL INCIDENT. Because of a Late Night TV Show's JOKE!!!! See the STORY HERE!!! Plus it "UPSET HER COMMUNITY".... WAH WAH!!! Snifle snifle. She's just an Uneducated Stupid "Protected from REAL LIFE", B**CH.

Ain't this Great? OJ the KILLER is giving Robert "BARRETA" Blake advice on the murder of BLAKE's "FLAKEY WIFE". I bet Robert Blake wished OJ would keep his Mouth shut. See the STORY HERE!!!

Allen Iverson, NBA's MVP. WELL!!! Besides the "NEWS" in this STORY, I have another tidbit for you. Allen Iverson is ALSO the 1st MVP of the NBA to have RECIEVED a PARDON from the Governor of his State, (VIGINIA, or West Virginia) So he could get a SCHOLARSHIP to GEORGETOWN UNIVERSITY. I have this info from a co-worker who I trust, and was in HIGH SCHOOL with him. I may be able to get this source to post what happen in the BBS at a later date. SEE the STORY HERE!!!

DARRYL SRAWBERRY, a 5 TIME VIOLATOR of his probation for DRUGS since 1999. And HE STILL AVOIDS PRISON!!! Now with SPORTS or ACTOR PERSONALITIES, ( Robert Downey Jr.) HOW do YOU think the REST of us everyday people would be treated by the COURTS in the SAME SITUATION??? Can YOU SAY PRISON TIME? SEE the STORY HERE!!!

TAX CUTS: Shouldn't be FAIR? I say FAIR is an ACROSS THE BOARD EQUAL % TAX CUT. But the LIBERALS say NO!!!! The People who pay NO or next to nothing should get MORE in RETURN than THE PEOPLE WHO PAY THE DAMN TAXES!!! This will drive the % of people who decide NOT to work, or work as little as possible while collecting from those of us who ACTUALLY WORK FULL TIME, GOV'T confiscated $$$ from US!!! GOV'T $$$ to ADULTS should END. Let CHURCHES and Communities, etc try to take care of the Poor. Not only would we get more BANG FOR THE BUCK, but also be able to weed out the perpetual handout seeker who CAN WORK, but doesn't WANT TO!!! See the STORY HERE!!!

A PROTESTER IN POLAND HITS BILL CLINTON with an EGG. This is Great!!! I still hope for the Distinction of KNIGHTING Clinton. Give me the Sword.... He would be KNIGHTED and Decapitated at the same time!!!! SMOKER DAVE SAVES THE WORLD!!!! See the STORY HERE!!!

I have more NEWS, but it will have to wait until Tomorrow.

The Political Quote of the Day for 05/15/01:


Never judge a country by its politics. After all, we English are quite honest by nature, aren't we?

Alfred Hitchcock.


ARCHIVES 11/3/97 thru 05/14/01 all indexed

A direct link to the most recent HERE!!! 04/20/01 - 05/14/01

ROLLING ROLLING ROLLING, a TRAIN in OHIO carrying HAZARDOUS MATERIALS... Oh they finally stopped the Train. Well thats good... But WHAT IS THE HAZARDOUS MATERIAL????

See the latest News of this HERE!!!

Greenspan cut Interest Rates by another 1/2 Point. Good news for me as far as Stocks, and my search for a new ARMED COMPOUND OWNED and not RENTED by me. See the STORY HERE!!!

G.W, Bush is going to lay out his ENERGY POLICY later this week.....Why are the LIBERAL DEMOCRATS going to present THEIR PLAN the day before, when they haven't presented one in the past 8 yrs?????

NOW, a nearby city in AZ. The TEACHERS STAGED an ILLEGAL ORGANIZED "BLUE FLU". They are upset with their payraises from the $450 MILLION, the LARGEST TAX INCREASE IN AZ. HISTORY. I guess it does not matter that THESE TEACHERS SIGNED A CONTRACT, knew WHAT THEIR RESPONSIBILITIES WERE, Over 700 Teachers called in "SICK", endangering the students with a lack of ADULT SUPERVISION. These TEACHERS are NOT DOING THEIR JOB!!! Why else is AX no, 48 or 49 in the country in achievement of students???? Why is MARICOPA COUNTY (Where PHX and these cities are) #1 in DROPOUTS in the COUNTRY!!!!??? These TEACHERS are cry-babies, and everyone of them should be FIRED for BREACH OF CONTRACT who called in SICK yesterday. US TAX PAYERS appeoved Proposition 301, and YOU ARE STILL UNHAPPY!!!! The worst perfomong State School System in the Nation, and THESE TEACHERS think they should make $50 Grand a year to start, working only 9 months a year. WELL... Where I grew up in NYS. School was 40 WEEKS a Year. That's 200 days. Here in AZ it is between 170 & 180. Classes ended for me at the end of JUNE in NY. They end at the end of MAY HERE!!! In fact HS PROMS are and have been going on here. SEE THE STORY HERE!!!

You would think that Corporate Giant McDonalds would have learned this lesson by now. They are going to pay VERY BIG $$$$ to this woman, and I can't defend McDonalds actions in this case like I could for "HOT COFFEE" or a HOT DEFECTIVE PICKLE. As far as testing a blood sample for HIV, 1 and 2, and P24 Antigen, plus Hepatitus B & C, I, my SECRET LAB, can do it in less than 8 hrs after I get the sample. This woman should sue for all she can. SEE THE STORY HERE!!!

Now this story hits guys where it hurts! If your "DICK" had to be amputated because of a Hospital's SCREW UP in Treatment, how much is it WORTH???? Myself, it is PRICELESS!!! And I would support EVERY Concievable TORTURE to those Responsible followed by a SLOW, and PAINFUL DEATH. See the STORY HERE!!!

So YOU LIKE those Credit Cards, Debit Cards, etc.? And YOU think you have PRIVACY??? Granted this following STORY is on a CRIMINAL ACT, but KNOW, that this INFO is also available on YOU!!! See the STORY HERE!!!

We have become a NATION of cry-babies....WAH, WAH, WAH!!!! GOD, give me strenght....