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Daily Thoughts From a Smoke Filled Room

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Today in the news, the Slick Willy Administration siting GOV'T scientists, is saying that the 1st 5 months of this year has showed an alarming increase in global temps. Try to sell that idea in ARIZONA!!! Right now we are having the coldest temps in the past 5 months ever recorded. The PHX, AZ area has hit 100 deg 2 times this year, we should be having temps 105 to 115 everyday now. Instead today's high is going to be 85 deg. 15 to 20 deg colder than the norm. And the forcast the rest of the week is all below 95deg. June 26th, 1990 is when PHX hit it's all time high of 122, we haven't come w/in 20 deg of that this year. Global warming, what a bunch of crap, those of us in AZ are worried about a new ICE AGE.

Now to the NRA

Charlton Heston the new President of the NRA was quoted yesterday as saying,"We did not trust Clinton with health care, we did not trust Clinton with gays in the military, we do not trust Clinton with our 21 yr old daughters, and LORD we do not trust Clinton with our guns." end quote. I believe that deep down Slick Willy would like to replace all the gun shops with a new more mainstream (so to speak), industry.... "Blow Jobs "R" Us", a modern way to "shoot" from the "hip"????? ADVERTISEMENT: Get Blown, instead of blowing away.... Personally tested by Slick Willy with Monica Lewinski. It must work because Slick has the RED BUTTON to unleash worldwide destruction. And after catching Hillary in a close encounter with Janet Reno and he did not blow up the world in a fit of "Rage", proves the viability of "Blow Jobs "R" Us" in saving "OUR" children from the destruction of nuclear war and gun violence. Statistics show that a freshly "Blown" guy, is highly "Unlikely to shoot people".


Today a story from the PHX, AZ area. A true case of OVERREACTION in my opinion.This news story credit to "The Arizona Republic". Read the story first and use your "BACK" button to get my thoughts on this. Click HERE

/don't you think this is a bit much? Whatever happened to being suspended from riding the bus for a time, or a parent/principle conference? Or how about a suspension from school? Talk about a world gone mad....


Most of you have probably heard the old parable of the grasshopper and the ant. If not, here it is.

In the glorious days of spring, summer, and early fall, the hard working, industrious ant labored hard and long building shelter and gathering food, and supplies. The grasshopper ridiculed the ant for working so hard when times were good. The grasshopper played and danced all spring, summer, and fall. Nothing to worry about, nothing to plan for, everyday was a grand vacation in the grasshopper's life. The ant all through this worked for the future, but had good times as well in the summer. There was the big ANT Holiday on July 4th, ANT LABOR DAY in Sept. etc.

Then winter came....It was freezing cold, snow, long nights. The ant, being well prepared was warm in his shelter, and had plenty of food saved up. The grasshopper, because of his careless outlook on life froze to death, starving, without shelter, and alone.

The LIBERAL 1998 has a different ending to this parable.

The grasshopper, freezing and starving without shelter, called a newsconference, which CNN, ABC, NBC, MSNBC, CBS, all showed up. Across America the plight of the grasshopper was shown. Americans decieved by the LIBERALS could not imagine how the grasshopper could be so bad off in the "Land of Plenty". The newsconference also showed the ant snug nice and warm in his shelter with a table full of food.

President Slick Willy immediatly instituted much higher taxes on the ant, fined the ant for not hiring grasshoppers in his business, was also charged with racism for only hiring other ants.

With all these fines and penalties that he couldn't pay, the ant's house was taken by the IRS at gunpoint, food reserves confiscated. The last known thing of the ant was him disappearing into the snowstorm, with only the clothes on his back.

The next spring President Slick Willy appeared on GNT (Grasshopper Network Television) and showed the grasshopper (owner of GNT, from the sale of the ant's surplus food) in a crumbling shelter, (grasshopper did not know how to keep it in good repair)and declared, "What we have now is fairness for everyone!!! Isn't America and YOUR FEDERAL GOVERNMENT GREAT!!!!".


A quick note first. I have been working for The Secret Lab for 12 yrs today.

Senator Barry Goldwater's funeral is tommorrow. What the following link is, is regarding of extremists who will be protesting at the funeral. The link is to a columnist at THE ARIZONA REPUBLIC newspaper, and who I disagree with 99% of the time. Since I occasionally reference him when I disagree, I feel I should reference him when I do agree. The following - credit to THE ARIZONA REPUBLIC and E.J. MONTINI.


This Rev. Whacko even believes that Mother Theresa is now a resident of HELL. Read the ARTICLE!!! And this Rev. Whacko is on MY local talk radio station. And this idiot is for REAL!!! Or unreal. I have 1 thing to say, FROM THE BIBLE JUDGE NOT, Lest YOU BE JUDGED...

The Rev. Idiot just said on our local talk radio, 910 KFYI AM in PHX, AZ at 11:20am. "Billy Graham is on the road to HELL unless he repents and changes his ways..."


Smoker Dave on local statewide radio again on 910 KFYI AM from 5:10pm to 5:30pm discussing possible Y2K, Year 2000 computer problems. Smoker Dave on 6/2/98 will be working for "THE SECRET LAB" for 12 years. I wish I could tell you what we do, but I can't. The Federal Gov't and policies at work prevent me from doing so. But I can tell you it is biologically based. Could Slick Willy just walk into THE SECRET LAB? The answer is NO. Not without protective gear, and prior clearence from those above me. The whole complex of the SECRET LAB is Card Key Entry Only. The premises is patroled by Armed Security Personel. The SECRET LAB also has its own INTRANET not accessible to the World Wide Web. All I can tell you is to watch for any news of resistant viruses etc. The vaccines will only be provided to few important people in necessary jobs. I wonder how many of you have read the book by Stephen King titled "THE STAND", or watched the miniseries of the same title.....


A sad day in AZ, and for Conservatives, and all who love this country

Mr. Arizona, Mr. Conservative,


May I have the courage and steadfastness to hold onto my beliefs and convictions as you have. SMOKER DAVE.


As expected Pakistan did a nuclear test today, while I expected 1 or 2 tests, I did not expect5. This is as India and Pakistan are exchanging motar fire over the disputed territory Kashmir. Now both countries have U.S. sanctions on them, the very 3rd "World Countries" that need $ aid for basic foodstuffs. They have both decided to forsake this to develop nuclear arms. ALL of this indirectly related to the sale of missile and satalite technology for a contibution to the Democratic National Committee by RED CHINA, planned and carried out by Slick Willy. Yes, Slick Willy will be remembered as the NUCLEAR PROLIFERATION PRESIDENT who also committed TREASON.

Here is the latest news on the Monica Lewinsky scandal.

*** Lawyer implies Clinton sex tryst with Lewinsky.Monica Lewinsky's lawyer wrote a scathing open letter to independent counsel Kenneth Starr Wednesday and in the process implied his client had a consenting sexual relationship with President Clinton. In the letter, attorney William Ginsburg also called on Clinton to take the "courageous step" of firing Starr. "Congratulations, Mr. Starr! As a result of your callous disregard for cherished constitutional rights, you may have succeeded in unmasking a sexual relationship between two
consenting adults," Ginsburg said in the letter to be published next month by California Lawyer magazine but released Wednesday. When questioned about what he meant, Ginsburg denied his comment on a sexual relationship referred to either Clinton or Lewinsky.

NOW REMEMBER back before the Monica Lewinsky scandal hit the news, Slick Willy gave a sworn deposition to the GRAND JURY in videotape, and denied having any sexual relations with Monica Lewinsky.... PERJURY!!! This is what Monica Lewinsky's PERSONAL LAWYER said. With an after thought of a month later saying he wasn't referring to Slick Willy or Monica Lewinsky. This is an IMPEACHABLE OFFENSE, and we haven't even gotten to the RED CHINA SELLOUT that now has S. Asia in a NUCLEAR ARMS RACE!!!! And there is also the RED CHINA NAVAL BASE at Long Beach Naval Shipyards in Southern California. Also brought to us by Slick Willy. Yes Communist Red China Now Has A Naval Base In California.


The local paper this morning broke the story that longtime Valley of The Sun, And former U.S. Senator, former Presidential Candidate Barry Goldwater is near death, in days or weeks. Family already preparing funeral plans. This would be a sad loss for the modern statesman of the Conservative cause in this country.

AZ Governor Jane Hull signed a bill yesterday, commonly called "The Road Rage Law". This will go into effect in 90 days. The law states that if you are ticketed for speeding, and any of the following traffic infractions: Unsafe Lane Change, Disobeying a traffic sign or signal, Tailgating, Passing on the right, The Officer can arrest you as an AGGRESSIVE DRIVER. Which will be instead of 2 traffic infractions, a misdemeaner Punishable by up to 1 year in jail. What this means is if you are speeding and blow thru a stop sign, you could end up in jail for a year. Instead of 2 traffic tickets. Boy I feel alot safer on the streets here in AZ now. If you believe that, I have a nice Ski Resort here in Phoenix, AZ to sell to you cheap.


Sen John McCain AZ was on local talk radio 910 KFYI here this morning. On the tobacco Bill he is leading a Question was asked. Went something like this: Now that the framework is now in place to regulate and tax a legal product, what is to stop regulation of fat content for food like McDonald's and other Fast Food places, or other things that large groups or lobbies don't like. McCain's answer was, "I worry a lot about that."

This means all the whacko groups could do the same to industry, livestock, research etc. etc. The animal rights people want us to be vegetarians, etc. and go on from there. AZ Senator John McCain is worried that this could happen as a result of his anti-tobacco legislation. Think about what this could mean!!!!





Sorry I'm a day late on this.

We have the killings in Springfield, OR. A 12 yr old in Gilbert, AZ threatened to gun down 3 teachers and the principal, and found a "Hit List titled "People To Kill" with 3 other students on it." A 15 yr old boy orders his girlfiend off the bus in Onalaska, WA. And blows his head off. A 15 yr old girl shot in the leg in a sub-urban Houston, TX. high school. A crude bomb taken into school in Pahrump, NV. All in Friday's newspaper.

#1 Thank GOD that summer vacation is almost here so we won't have anymore copycats in this form of behaviour.

#2 Sad to say, I think it is now time for all schools to implement metal detectors and armed police security with powers of arrest like the airports in this country.

When I was in school, I graduated in '81, during hunting season you would see many pickup trucks personal vehicals of students in the parking lot of the school (School had K - 12). Yes there were the "I will Kill you" threats back then....never acted upon, WORST that would happen was a fist fight.

But no more, we have come to a point where public "free" education cannot be given to all. These pschopathic youths, gangmembers, etc. need to be removed from the schools and society. The question is where to put them. Is it time for, like in the past (Australia) for a penal colony type thing? I think Antartica might be such a place, harder to swim away from than Alcatraz, and I don't mind these Dregs of Society freezing to death if it happens. OR are you in the Liberal viewpoint that these "kids" are also victims that WE as a society have responsibilty for? And when rehabed you would let them babysit YOUR kids?



Well yesterday the House of Rep. SLAPPED Slick Willy 417 to 4. A confirmation of my charge of TREASON by our President (elected by idiots and morons). Here is the story from INFOBEAT

*** Update: House OKs China export limits 
(AP) - The House voted overwhelmingly Wednesday to block future
satellite exports to China and declared President Clinton's approval of such an export earlier this year was "not in the national interest." Democrats did little to slow the GOP effort. In a series of back-to-back votes, the House adopted four sets of new restrictions on China policy as part of a $270 billion defense spending bill. One of the amendments seeks to bar Clinton from entering into new agreements "involving space or missile-related technology" while on his Beijing visit. It was approved 417-4.





Let's let THE FEDERAL COURTS deal with the latter

Maybe 'Ole Slick can strike up a friendship with Timmothy McVeigh and The UnaBomber.

I will comment on the latest School Shooting in OR. tommorrow, provided Slick Willy's minions don't take me away before then.

Just so you know, I am enjoying my week off from work. Last night I attended a lecture and book signing by Whitley Stieber. If the photo's turn out OK they will be posted next week in "Photo Gallery".


Today Slick Willy had 1400 children dressed in anti-smoking t-shirts lobby the Congress to protect their future from death via tobacco. Now everyone knows that the Republicans and conservatives have accepted $ from Big Tobacco. I think these children are already non-smokers without this new law. And where I'm from May 20th was a school day.

I ask you, what is worse, Big Tobacco $? Or selling Red China missile targeting technology for contributions to the Democrat National Committee? The Liberals happily accepted $ from Communist China. Now the Red Chinese have the ability to target the west coast of the U.S. The Liberals put our National Security at risk for $$$$.

Slick Willy sold us out to Communist China. Looks like TREASON to me.

Smoke from the fires in Mexico is now in Phoenix,AZ. I wonder what's burning down there. And I wonder if everyone here would fail a drug test from this smoke.


Yes even though on vacation I am still here.

For today, just heard on the news that,"Women who smoked before menopause have a 50% reduction in the risk of developing Breast Cancer an embarrassed World Health Organization's Study found. (WHO). The same U.N. Agency found in 15 year long studies found that POT was less harmfull than Alcohol, or Tobbaco. But this study was not widely published because of the backlash (WHO) would get from the U.S. Government who claim this would undermine the WAR on DRUGS, and the same Gov. that the U.N. wanted to collect past dues from.

Item #2 In Chicago yesterday a teenage Black boy was playing Basketball just a few feet from a hospital ER ROOM. Hospital policy, even though there were ER Technicians outside smoking on a break, did not treat or bring him into the hospital because the hospital policy stated "no employee is to leave the hospital to treat any injured person". The 15 yr old boy died. He was an innocent bystander caught in the crossfire of rival gang members. The policy has now been rescinded. A DAY LATE AND AN INNOCENT LIFE SHORT.....

This sickens me. That amoung those outside, no one questioned or acted humanly to help someone in life threatening distress, regardless of any asinine LIBERAL POLICY. See what happens when you let the LIBERALS micromanage and develope rules and policy for every action in your life? YOU BECOME INHUMAN AND A SLAVE TO POLICY....... The LIBERALS , These POLICY and RULE MAKERS, can go straight to HELL.


Smoker Dave on vacation thru Memorial Day Weekend, YAHOO!!! Someone else can pull their hair out running the ALT tests on the much berated Olympus Reply Chemistry Analyzer At The Secret Lab, HAR HAR!!! I am taking some pleasure in the fact that 1 of my Techs will be suffering in the difficulties that will be encountered. I also feel a bit of compassion for the Tech, I hope that he/she will get the extra help that I normally don't need.

You see, we have 2 of these chemistry analyzers, each has a different "personality" like other equipment that we have multiples of, (in some cases 15 pieces of same equipment ie PPC's for those in the know). ANYWAYS, some are able to influence the Equipment thru pure thought and personality. The machines at work, (be there 12 years on 6/2) know I can only be pushed so far before I BEAT THE HELL OUT OF IT!!! Dave's Law: If IT Jams, FORCE IT, If It Breaks, IT Needed Replacing ANYWAYS. So even if the Equipment is sick etc. It does not want me to kill it. Thus my success in getting cooperation from these machines where few others could. Even inanimate objects know not to piss off Smoker Dave.

Other News: Slick Willy may cut short his trip to Europe because of severe back pain,,,, You would think by now Slick's Advisors would have warned Slick on the dangers of romping around in bed with women in their 20's at his age!!!! Slick certainly doesn't need Viagra, but now needs MOTRIN. Due to his severe back pain and an inability to "romp", Monica Lewinsky's SERVICES may be required once again. Wonder if Ken Starr has access to a Spy Satalite... Because it appears Monica does swallow, she has since JAN and before. And we can all see that Hillary doesn't swallow...Then there is Webster Hubble, appears he does swallow...Susan McDugal keeps her lips sealed, a NO GO there for Slick Willy.....Or maybe "tight lipped" is what he wants, so to speak....

Sienfeld last episode was last night. I never watched the show. I have better things to do than to watch a show about nothing (as the critics say).

Slick Willy has claimed Executve Privaledge for Socks (The CAT), apparently Socks was in the side office with Slick and Monica.....(I'M KIDDING!!!)

I think I did enough today,,,Hmmm. Covered Work, Politics, Sex, Network TV, and Animals. Yep, counted... 5 items...a handfull (like Monica will have). 'Till next time.....


Now read this bunch of B.S. from the Slick Willy Defense League. This is from INFOBEAT.

*** Secret Service chief argues against testimony

The head of the Secret Service has warned prosecutors that forcing his agents to testify in the White House sex-and-perjury probe will result in the death of a president, the Washington Post said Thursday. The Post quoted sources familiar with the discussions as saying Secret Service Director Lewis Merletti warned independent counsel Kenneth Starr an assassination would be inevitable in the future because presidents would keep agents at a distance out of fear of losing their privacy.

This is as idiotic as you can get. The President and all others protected by the Secret Service does have privacy. To the point of illegal activities or agtions that involve a Federal Grand Jury Investigation. EXAMPLE: In Washington D.C. (District of Crimminals) it is a misdeamnor for adultery. Slick is not being charged with that, nor are the Secret Service Agents going to be questioned on that. The Q? to the Agents involves what Slick said under OATH! is different than the facts they were privy to. IF it is then Slick Committed PERJURY to the FEDERAL GRAND JURY!!! This is an IMPEACHABLE OFFENSE!!!

Global Warming, what a bunch of crap. Yesterday 5/13/98 our High Temp was 69 deg a new record low MAX Temp normal High is 95. In the past 34 yrs PHX has hit 100 deg by 5/6. We haven't got to 100 deg yet this year, and won't this week. AND it rained here yesterday!!! MAY is the driest month of the year!!! We almost broke the record for monthly rainfall here for MAY in 1 DAY!!! The Air Conditioning repairmen are starting to make noise about a lack of business.


Entertaing show on our local talk radio today. Richard Hoagland was on breifly and David Levy (Co-discoverer of Shoemaker-Levy 9 comet that impacted on Jupiter in July of 1994)was on for 2 hours.

OK, to the issues of the day. Labor Secretary now the focus of a ner independant investigator on campaign fundraising and kickbacks. The 7th investigation of Slick Willy's most moral administration in the history of this country. Remember Janet Reno is an appointee of Slick himself.

Now to the main issue I want to address today: Willfull Workplace Destruction of Property, Vandalism

At my work over the weekend, (THE SECRET LAB), a stupid angry act of Destruction of Workplace Property occured. What actually occured in itself is a negligeable amt of damage. It was a hole in the hallway kicked in by someone's foot into the sheetrock. It has since been patched at a cost of far less than the $100 reward offered by THE SECRET LAB for the identity of the individual who did this.

Why you ask is this important? I'll tell you.

An individual who cannot control their frustration over something that happens at work, whether professional or personal in nature. IS AN IMMEDIATE DANGER to others in the workplace. Haven't we heard enough of someone, "GOING POSTAL", at one workplace or another? Post Office, Schools, Sheriff Deputies, etc. etc.

I trully hope that this individual is identified and summarily FIRED!!! There are people at work who frequent this web site, and I ask them. If you know the one who did this. Don't act like Slick Willy's defenders and accept $ from the guilty for your silence. And if you who are reading and visiting this web pg, is the guilty party.....STAY AWAY FROM MY WEB SITE!!!!!! I DON'T WANT YOU HERE, YOU ARE UNWORTHY TO COUNT IN MY VISITOR COUNT!!!


India does 3 underground nuclear tests today, their 1st since 1974. This is apparently starting an arms race between India and Pakistan, China probably too. Pakistan has already announced a nuclear weapons test in the next few weeks in responce to India's tests today.

India, Pakistan and Israel are the three nations widely suspected of nuclear capability that have not joined the 1970 nuclear non-proliferation treaty, which is now observed by 185 countries. Thus by not a sign on to this treaty, no international was broken.

The geographical proximity to southeast asia, ie N & S Korea, this is really troublsome. N. Korea is currently and in recent past undergone massive crop failures and starvation. Cannibalism is happening in N. Korea and has been reported in the mainstream news. The U.S. has been worried for over 2 yrs on what N. Korea will do. So far the talks of a peace agreement between N & S Korea have fizzled. The WAR is still ON, only a truce between N & S Korea exists. And has existed because of U.S. presence, but our presence is down, and our capability of fighting on 2 fronts no longer exists. N. Korea and Iraq know it.

What everyone was worried about was the Asian Markets 'till now. What would happen if India and Pakistan have an all out war, N. Korea and S. Korea go to war, (ALL of this on the Chinese border), And at the same time Saddam decides to unlease his hidden biological and chemical weapons????? We are as unprepared for this as we were on Dec 7th 1941 because of the massive budget cuts to our armed forces.

Ex. This year there are at least 2 instances when Slick Willy had to change Aircraft because of mechanical problems, latest was in the past few days when his helicopter had a warning light come on just before takeoff, he had to use a backup copter. And you must have noticed the dramitic increase in military aircraft crashes the past couple of years. This is all due to less frequent maintenance and less pilot training, the exodos of our best military pilots to private industry because of low pay and being spread out to far flung hell holes like Rwanda, Persian Gulf, etc. for extended tours away from their families.

And you know if Slick Willy really thought he could pull it off, and he has made attempts, he would turn over OUR military to the U.N.

Those of you who follow the news closely have heard the reports of surveys of our military on their willingness to confiscate guns from Americans, Shooting those who refused, etc. During peacetime!!! I think it is possible that we have entered a period of time even more dangerous than any time during the "Cold War".

Another topic: The family of Monica Lewinsky has hired a veteran media relations specialist, who was deputy press secretary to Former President Bush.

Another topic:Based on the movies coming out, ie Deep Impact etc. If this were to happen, the NY Times Headline would say,"Human Race To Be Wiped Out!!! Women and Minorities To Be Hit Hardest."

Or contact me thru ICQ, my UIN # is 3523728

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