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The Political Quote of the Day for 05/14/01:


A people that values its privileges above its principles soon loses both.

Dwight Eisenhower.


This File is getting FULL and will be moved to the ARCHIVES after today's update.

Slick WILLY is threatening to run for some sort of ELECTED OFFICE. What could that be.... Mayor of NYC? LOOK OUT the rest of NEW YORK!!! I should know,,,, I grew up in Northern New York. This State always has had political conflict. And it came down to this. Could NYC outvote the rest of the State. It has been a 50-50 rivalry for over 30 yrs. That is why you hear from time to time efforts of the portion of NEW YORK STATE wanting to form a New STATE without NYC and Long Island. Basically chop the state north of Albany. This would form 1 VERY Liberal STATE, and 1 VERY Conservative STATE.

See the STORY HERE!!!

I wonder if you know that KFC (Kentucky Fried Chicken) has a "HILLARY CLINTON SPECIAL" going on in Conservative parts of NEW YORK STATE? 2 small Breasts, 2 Fatty Thighs, and 1 Left Wing.... for 99 cents!!!! But the Liberal Taxes makes the actual cost $6.66......

Well what else has the TRAITOR BILL CLINTON been up too? Well he could be "KNIGHTED" in England very soon. I wonder if they would let me SWING THE SWORD? If so, than KNIGHTHOOD would be the LAST thing this EVIL former President ever did. See the STORY HERE!!!

Here is a STORY on the UN, and I believe it SHOWS why we should get out of it, and kick their Socialist asses off the land we gave them in NYC. See the STORY HERE!!!

Why else should WE get out of the UN???? Well why don't you take a look at this!!!! SEE the STREAMING VIDEO HERE!!!

The Political Quote of the Day for 05/13/01:


It wasn't my finest hour. It wasn't even my finest hour and a half.

Bill Clinton, after giving an endless nominating speech for Michael Dukakis at the '88 Democratic Convention.


HAPPY MOTHER'S DAY TO ALL who are mothers!!!! And YES, I did visit my MOM today.

I know it's Sunday, so it must be a SPECIAL UPDATE!!!

I am currently doing time consuming domestic duties. I have 4 large loads of laundry going thru it's paces.

Of coarse I know that most of you know that this isn't the only reason. There is a NEWS STORY, started by CLINTON initially, that pisses me OFF BIG TIME!!!! Obviously you all know I SMOKE. Obviously you know US SMOKERS have been TAXED to HELL and BACK. PLUS being regulated to darkened street corners to SMOKE A CIGARRETE like people who used to smoke POT. WELL this COMMISSION formed by CLINTON is now recommending raising the FEDERAL TAX on CIGARETTES another 17 cents a PACK!!!! A PACK of Cigarettes ALREADY costs over $4 a pack at the stores. IF POT is ever to be LEGALIZED, the GOV'T would be hard pressed to TAX it to this EXTREME. See the STORY HERE!!!

Now for another STORY. I am DAMN GLAD I grew up in a rural area, where kids were exposed to animals/ crops/ etc., kept dirty and unkempt bedrooms like myself(I always hated cleaning my ROOM). I have NO ALLERGIES or ASTHMA or regular "SICKNESS" Like people who grew up in the CITY. In FACT there is only one person who has called in sick fewer times than I. And that is because she has never called in sick, she is from DENMARK and is a little older than I. These YOUNGSTERS, 22 to 30 years old consider me an "OLD MAN" being 38. ALL These people are less healthy than I, at least concerning their attendance records. AND I am the ONLY SMOKER amoung this group! So being EXPOSED to "BUGS" from lack of a STERILE ENVIRONMENT is a GOOD THING!!! See the STORY HERE!!!

Now here is a STORY on "GRAVEYARD SHIFT WORKERS". Well I've been working this SHIFT for nearly 15 yrs. AND THEY, the REPORTERS, still GET IT ALL WRONG!!! The Reporter treats this SHIFT as a SHIFT where workers can be slackers. Well, Where I work and Supervise, this IS THE PRODUCTION SHIFT. My SHIFT does at least 5X the work of 1st shift(DAY SHIFT), and 2nd SHIFT(EVENING SHIFT) in PRODUCTION. I'll will not let an IDIOTIC ARTICLE define my workplace. The ACTION in the, MY LAB is at NIGHT, especially between 3AM and 8AM. So I say, SCREW you all you dayshift workers....Hope you don't need any BLOOD TRANSFUSIONS....Well here is the STUPID ARTICLE HERE!!!

The Political Quote of the Day for 05/11/01:


They say hard work never hurt anybody, but I figure why take the chance.

Ronald Reagan


McViegh's Execution DELAYED!!!! Why? Because the previous Administration, ie:CLINTON had lost all control over the Agencies of the Federal Gov't. The BUSH Administration has been in Office less than 4 months. The OKLAHOMA CITY BOMBING happened 6 YEARS AGO. I must tell you, it takes over 6 months to train someone who can fill in for me at work, even if they have Experience elsewhere working in a similar LAB. I imagin running the Federal Gov't is a difficult thing also. So I can ONLY BLAME CLINTON for this FBI screw-up. Then again, we had MANY FBI screw-ups during the CLINTON YEARS!!!

Now here is this local story, I drive by this street on a near daily basis, and the suspect was taken into Police Custody less than 100 yrds from someone I work closely with at the "Secret Lab". See the STORY HERE!!! Well today where I get my BEER for the weekend, less than 1 Mile away from the crime scene, I was told that this person had sideswiped at least 2 cars just before the accident at a nearby convience store and took off at a high rate of speed, driving erratically all over the road.

OK, Sure the "Supranos'" on HBO, which I don't get is a popular TV SHOW. Well we have the REAL THING going on here in PHX with Sammy "The Bull" Gravano, and Family. See the STORY HERE!!!

Help me here.... ILLEGAL IMMIGRANTS from MEXICO. They BREAK THE LAW the moment the step across the BORDER. SOME DIE!!! ARIZONA is known for HEAT!!! Crossing the DESERT can be fatal if you don't have enough water. This STORY should be prefaced as from an "ILLEGAL IMMIGRANTS RIGHTS" view. NOTE the term ILLEGAL!!! This Country does have a POLICY and QUOTA and IMMIGRATION from Foriegn Countries. I have NO PROBLEM with those who come here LEGALLY. I do have serious problems with those who come here ILLEGALLY. AND if you DIE trying to get here ILLEGALLY, so be it, I don't have ANY SYMPATHY for you. But the Author of this STORY has a different viewpoint. I just want to add that that the former EAST GERMANY used to SHOOT DEAD PEOPLE TRYING TO LEAVE!!! I am sorry to tell these leaches of Our Society, that this Country no longer has an OPEN HOUSE POLICY on IMMIGRATION like we did 100 yrs ago!!! See the STORY HERE!!!

THANK YOU CONGRESS!!!! For with-holding payments to the UN which has screwed us once again!!! See my previous postings, and the STORY HERE!!!

Now this is a good one!!! You all know how the DEMOCRATS, LIBERALS, have trumpeted the plight of the WOMAN, right? More DAY CARE BENEFITS, Flexible Hours, Family Leave Act, etc. etc. The demands that a WOMAN, even if pregnant CANNOT be descriminated against. You all know their Mantra.

WELL!!! Surprise Surprise!!! Guess what Political Party is taking to COURT a FEMALE GOVERNOR who is bedridden because of complications and carrying twins and accusing her of "UNABLE TO DO HER JOB" as Governor. Even though the duties she has to do, and the meetings she needs to hear, can easily be brought by PHONE to her in the HOSPITAL. OK, granted this happens to be a Republican Female Governor Elected in the whorehouse Liberal State of Massachusettes. Do you ACTUALLY THINK this would have been brought up if she were a LIBERAL DEMOCRAT??? SO... ALL you so called "SOCCER MOM's" take notice of this!!! Those LIBERALS you always vote for do not have your interest in mind, as soon as it is detrimental to their thirst for POWER, you will be thrown away, and they will latch onto the next Special Interest Group that will further their cause for more Political and Economic Power. And also further take more of OUR CONSTITUTIONAL RIGHTS away. See the STORY HERE!!!

I must sign off now. To all you mothers. HAPPY MOTHER'S DAY!!! From SMOKER DAVE. If you visit this site, I am sure you raised Great Kids.

The Political Quote of the Day for 05/10/01:


In matters of conscience, the lae of majority has no place.

Mohandas Gandhi


We all KNOW thruu the MEDIA that TIMOTHY McVIEGH is going to fall ASLEEP next week and never wake up. The MEDIA has been forcing this down our throats! Well what I found to be VERY OFFENSIVE is that a COMPOSER has written a "TRIBUTE TO McVIEGH" and will be played to him, trumpets and all!!! And this so Called COMPOSER compares McVIEGH to JESUS CHRIST!!!! SOMEHOW this "COMPOSER" managed to get a CATHOLIC RADIO STATION nearby to broadcast this..... I am CATHOLIC, and I am offended and upset that my own CHURCH is allowing this!!!! This composition, this vile piece to a mass murderer, is TITLED......''Onward Valiant Soldier''. This is the SICKEST THING I HAVE EVER HEARD OF in regards to a mass murderer facing EXECUTION!!! See the DISGUSTING STORY HERE!!!

WE ARE GETTING A TAX CUT!!! Thanks to G.W.Bush!!! You ALL know DAMN WELL AL GORE would not have given us one!!! See the STORY HERE!!!

Where are we as a society going!!!

The Political Quote of the Day for 05/09/01:


I am deeply touched---not as deeply touched as you have been coming to this dinner, but nonetheless it is a sentimental occasion.

John F. Kennedy, during a fund raising dinner


Well the Chinesse are claiming "Victory" in the cyber-war on hacking Web sites in the USA. Well I know the WHITE HOUSE site was compromised, and a few others, but all minor gitches as a whole. Jeez, the Hack Attack I had that defaced my website a ways back by Brazillians caused me nearly 20 hrs of work to fix,. This "WAR" by the Chinesse didn't even touch me. And I've been slamming these Communists on this web site. When the Brazillians hacked my site, I hadn't said a word against them. Except I was "A CAPITOLIST", and these hackers took offense to it. Best guess is... there are SO FEW web sites based in CHINA for USA HACKERS to attack. And Gov. Communist employed hackers are idiots as far as "HACKING" compared to our NON-GOV private citizen "HACKER". Even the Brazillians can do more damage than CHINA in this area. But THEY claim Victory like Saddam In IRAQ in the "GULF WAR"! See the STORY HERE!!!

It's been mighty "toasty" here yesterday and today in the PHX, AZ area. Yesterday's high was 106, supposed to be the same today, but back down into the 90's by the weekend. A Good thing!!! I was embarrased that last week NYC and Boston was hotter than we were. Last week we had LOW 80's, While NYC and Boston was over 90!!! At least things are now back to normal, a town (SARANAC LAKE in Northern NY) near my hometown had the nation's LOW today of 23, I think our Low today is around 77.

Oh GEE, AIN'T it a SHAME, SUFFER!!! It is just too DAMN BAD that CALIFORNIA, full of tree hugging Whacko Liberal Environmentalists, are facing a 3rd Day of "ROLLING BLACKOUTS". AND they have the gall to accuse AZ for some of their POWER WOES! Because 1 out of 3 Nuclear Reactors just outside PHX is down for repair and Maintenence. Also know that there are California Power Plants idle for Maintenence before the high summer demand. I am just SICK AND TIRED of these whiners!!! GOD, PLEASE DROP CALIFORNIA, and ALL OF IT'S WHACKO LIBERALS into the PACIFIC, to SAVE THIS COUNTRY FROM THEM!!! Yes Liberals, HUG a REDWOOD as it sails out into the PACIFIC OCEAN when the BIG EARTHQUAKE HITS. If any are SPARED, may they be Conservative! See the STORY HERE!!!

So what has the UN done for USA lately? Or what has the UN EVER done for us? I mean besides criticize us, envy us, and hate us? US in the USA? These SOCIALISTIC and COMMUNIST, ANARCHIST, or TOTALITARIAN NATIONS are kicking us the USA, OFF many commisions and panels. WE FUND 1/2 or nearly 1/2 of THE ENTIRE UN BUDGET!!! And WE let have the UN reside on the MOST EXPENSIVE REAL ESTATE in THE ENTIRE WORLD COST FREE!!! Which also opens US to rogue AGENTS from UNFRIENDLY COUNTRIES thru DIPLOMATIC IMMUNITY. Well, I believe it is time for us, the USA to abandon, get the HELL out of the UN, and kick them out of OUR COUNTRY. Make them place the UN Building in Europe or Russia. The ONLY time the UN worked for US was for the KOREAN WAR and the CUBAN MISSLE CRISIS. Other than that, we have BEEN SCREWED EVERY WHICH WAY BUT LOOSE!!! BUT THEY LOVE OUR $$$$. Well the USA has lost 2 important seats on different commissions by "SECRET BALLOT" in the past 2 weeks. SUDAN REPLACES the USA on the HUMAN RIGHTS Commission???? I take a MUCH HARDER stance than the BUSH ADMINISTRATION. LET'S LEAVE THE UN and watch it go BANKRUPT!!! See the STORY HERE!!!

OUR continueing to FUND the UN is analogous if I continued to give SWAMP THING LOANS (Who I have discussed in previous postings). While he did EVERYTHING possible to avoid repayment, and advocated an AGENDA opposite of what I believe in, but still demanded my FINANCIAL SUPPORT. B&B. BASTARDS & BITCHES demanding a HANDOUT OUT!!! GOD..... Please kill these people before I DO!!!! I can only take so much stupidity from these backwards thinking people!!!

Well this is SURE to generate "HATE EMAIL", if ANY are clean enough to post, I will. But it is my experience that these emails I recieve commetting on my posting are vulgar or unworthy of mentioning. But if I do recieve a commet or email that is rational and not vulgar, I will post it. But don't hold your breath waiting for it. Just Food for Thought.

See you Tommorrow!!!

The Political Quote of the Day for 05/08/01:


The nearest approach to immortality on earth is a government bureau.

James Byrnes, former congressman


Well what do I have Today? How about "AN ATTACK" by FEMINISTS, HOMOSEXUALS, and "FEMA NAZIS on MOTHERHOOD and being a FATHER? THIS School is BANNING "MOTHER'S DAY and FATHER'S DAY"!!!! To protect the "FEELINGS" of children being raised by same sex couples.... They NEED to recognize the makeup of "FAMILIES" in the school. APPERANTLY a CHILD raised by a MOTHER and FATHER are a THREAT to other CHILDREN!!!! I GUESS it DOESN'T Matter that ALL these CHILDREN were made by a male-female INTERACTION. As far as I know there is not ONE SCHOOL populated by CLONES or artificial means. HOW SAD IS THIS????? NOW "MOTHER'S DAY and FATHER'S DAY" is POLITICALLY INCORRECT!!!! Don't you find this offensive to you? CITIES can have GAY PRIDE PARADES, but now MOTHER'S DAY and FATHER'S DAY is Politically Incorrect???? WE ARE IN A CRAP LOAD OF TROUBLE, especially if there is a GOD. Not only will HE wipe out California, but our WHOLE COUNTRY. This Country was supposed to be the guiding light for Just Living, including gays. To treat Everyone with respect and not condem. But it is now apparent that IMMORALITY is the accepted Lifestyle. GOD HELP US!!! See the STORY HERE!!!

OH!!! What a surprise!!! CALIFORNIA is facing a second day of ROLLING BLACKOUTS!!! Ain't it a BITCH when you don't plan for the FUTURE???? See the STORY HERE!!!

AND!!!! Doesn't this just figure!!! The POSTAL SERVICE, ie:Post Office, is going to raise RATES again because WE don't want SATURDAY DELIVERY to go away. WELL.... Maybe it is time to do away with "THE US POSTAL SERVICE". Let the Commercial Carriers handle it, delivery of bills, etc. If the Electric Company can take the time to read the METER every Month, they can leave a Bill for the previous month , and would probably cost less than the postage the pay for. For those online, paying Electic, CABLE, CAR, etc. Bills are easily done online. If a customer is not online , a directed mail from FEDEX or another commercial entity would probably be cheaper overall. PLUS we eliminate the tons of junk mail that is delivered!!!See the STORY HERE!!!

The Political Quote of the Day for 05/04 - 07/01:


When the voters speak, I listen. Especially when the voter is saying someone else's name.

Phil Gramm, withdrawing from a presidential race


The pat on the back, the arm around the shoulder, the praise for what was done right, and the sympathetic nod for what wasn't are as much a part of golf as life itself.

Gerald Ford


The one thing I do not want to be called is first lady. It sounds like a saddle horse.

Jackie Kennedy


Well it is actually MONDAY. I was unable to access my server Friday Afternoon to update. I wonder if this problem is was related to China's "HACK" ATTACK that also brought down The White House's web site on Friday. See the STORY Well how about starting with McDonalds? And the FRENCH FRY/ VEGAN/VEGETARIAN/HINDU flap over a BEEF additive included in the "NATURAL FLAVORING" for the FRENCH FRIES. I must first state this. WHY would a VEGAN/VEGETARION/HINDU go to McDonalds at all? They sell MEAT FOOD made from COWS!!!! Well now a HINDU is suing!!!! I bet it won't be long before the VEGANS and VEGETARIONS join in. Well I believe that "BEEF" additives for flavor should be classified amoung many other things, as "NATURAL FLAVORING" type products. The fact that McDonalds says it fries it's FRYS in "PURE VEGETABLE OIL" is a true statement. The individual McDonalds Franchises recieve in bulk the FRYS and fry them in "PURE VEGETABLE OIL". But they have been harvested from the Ground, and processed, including flavoring with a "Natural" ingredient. Anything from a COW is "NATURAL". Well see the STORY HERE!!! I don't like Sea Food, I would never go to "RED LOBSTER" because they have good French Fries....

But!!!! You can "LIVE LONG AND PROSPER" by Eating French Fries, from McDonalds!!!! See the STORY HERE!!!

So you idiot VEGANS/VEGETARIANS think you are so much better than us MEAR EATERS? Well read this story, 1/2 eaten bread rolls, and more being recycled at this restuarant to be served again!!! AND this is an IMPROVEMENT over their last health inspection!!! See the STORY HERE!!!

How about this? The CARTOON NETWORK is going to play ALL the BUGS BUNNY CARTOONS........Except the ones that are RACIALLY SENSITIVE. Can't show BUGS BUNNY being RACIST,,,,,Right? See the STORY HERE!!!

Now here is an update on AL GORE,,,, It seems he is not cut out to be a TEACHER, couldn't even keep the college class interested for a few weeks. What a waste of $$$ for higher education by this college and the students. See the STORY HERE!!!

Well the above listings I had prepared Friday night, but couldn't access my server to post them.

Now here are some more NEWS ITEMS gathered for today!

TECHNOLOGY!!! I LOVE THIS ONE!!!! Imagin never having to drink a warm BEER again as the Temps in ARIZONA soar above 100 degrees like it does 6 months of the year!!! This could be the biggest invention to ARIZONA Residents since AIR CONDITIONING!!!! See the STORY HERE!!!

I don't like this Story at all. Imagin be hooked up by a computer chip and feel or sense what is going on with another person? Well the TESTING is moving FORWARD on this, on a married couple. This is too freaky for me to EVER PARTICIPATE IN. See the STORY HERE!!!

DRUG ADDICT and Convicted FELON DARRYL STRAWBERRY is trying to avoid PRISON TIME by saying "HIS BRAIN IS BROKE"!!! Well sure!!!! If you ingest enough COKE, your BRAIN will be BROKE!!! DUH!!! SO.... SHOULD HE stay out of PRISON because he WAS once a STAR???? Because you know if any of us "LOW LIFES", I mean everyday people did the same thing WE WOULD BE SERVING a VERY LONG term in PRISON. See the STORY HERE!!!

Guess WHAT???? There are some "NORMAL" People in San Francisco. They are UPSET that their TAX $$$ is going to fund surgeries of "people" who desire to change their SEX. I SAY, If you are so SCREWD UP you want to be the "other" Gender, go for it, but don't make me PAY FOR IT AS A HEALTH BENEFIT!!!! See the STORY HERE!!!

The California POWER CRISIS. Well the A- HOLES in California, with their dismissal of building ANY Power Plants is now causing a ripple effect, so called "DIRTY" Plants are being readied to supply POWER to California, AND to maintain OUR State of AZ to have an uninterrupted POWER SUPPLY. CALIFORNIA's Energy Policy has put the whole Western USA at risk in electical needs. If GOD is compassionate, HE would drop California into the OCEAN this summer, EARLY SUMMER!!! See the STORY HERE!!!

Well it is 1PM here, Temp is 94 degrees, on it's way to a high projected to be 101. And later this week to hit 105. WHY should WE here in AZ give a DAMN about California? BECAUSE they (CALIFORNIA) wants the FEDS to FORCE us in AZ and other Western States who have planned to provide for their own POWER NEEDS. TO SEND POWER to CALIFORNIA so "THEY" don't have Rolling Blackouts, but us smaller States have them. BECAUSE CALIFORNIA is so DAMN IMPORTANT. I Say, "SCREW THEM!!!" nobody is that important in ajob, neither is 1 State that Important to the Country. CALIFORNIA: Either provide for your own POWER, or BUY IT at the RATE that is caused by SUPPLY AND DEMAND!!! And STOP YOUR DAMN WHINNING!!! But you know, LIBERALS LIVE IN CALIFORNIA, They EXPECT the other 49 STATES and the FEDS to "HELP" them out. And they are "OFFENDED" when some of us disagree with them. We are called "HATEFUL" and "SMALL MINDED". Well my "SMALL MIND" says to me, if CALIFORNIA disappears into the PACIFIC OCEAN, in the LONG TERM it is a GREAT BONUS for the other 49 STATES.

Also it seems that a LOT of people are LEAVING CALIFORNIA, and these damn liberals are moving into ARIZONA and other Western States, Changing OUR CULTURE HERE and imposing their whacked out views onto US THE LONG TIME RESIDENTS.



The Political Quote of the Day for 05/03/01:


The most important political office is that of private citizen.

Louis Brandeis


Well to my co-workers in the "Secret Lab", I was unable to get authorization to shoot and KILL this $250,000 piece of crap. But this is what we are going to do. The 1st Pod is going to be reversed, P24 to where HBA and the back-up OSP is, and HBA to where P24 was, using the "Good" OSP for HBA, and "DEMOTING" OSP SN 2102 to back-up status. DAMN THING!!! 1/2 of what we ran on it this week was non-usable. Even though our so called "Vendor ENGINEER" worked on it every day this week, and declared it READY FOR USE!


Heh,heh.... The Vegans and Vegetaranions are pissed off at McDonalds!!! They are pissed that the "NATURAL FLAVOR" was BEEF extract in the FRENCH FRIES that everyone Loves. MY QUESTION IS: Why would a Vegetarion or a Vegan even GO to McDonalds???? or a WENDY'S, a BURGER KING, etc. etc. See the Story HERE!!!

My guess is maybe, or maybe NOT these Vegetarions would prefer a CAKE, like this one!!!! YUM YUM!!!! See the STORY HERE!!!

The HOUSE of REPS approved of a plan to Raise the LIMITS on IRA Contributions to $5,000 a year from $2,000 a year which hasn't changed since 1982. And also raising the Contribution Limits on 401(k) and similar Plans from $10,500 to $15,000. But there are LIBERAL DEMOCRATIC critics of this plan, because "POOR" people will not benefit from it since they can't even contribute the current Limits. Granted if these new limits went into effect today, it would take over 45% of my income to MAX out. So the new limits are more than I can actually contribute, but why should those who earn more $ than I not beable to save more for Retirement? Why should those making less than I Limit my ability to plan for the future? The LIBERAL DEMOCRATS work under the assumption that everyone makes minimum wage, and has to plan for retirement on this wage. THAT IS A BUNCH OF BULL!!! If you as a worker can't get above minimum wage or double by the time you retire, then you ARE AN IDIOT and should be thankful you are allowed to live this long. Or if you have so many kids you can't provide for your own future, YOU ARE AN IDIOT TOO!!! Don't deprive ME of planning for my future!!! See the STORY HERE!!!

AND!!! These same LIBERAL DEMOCRATS are complaining about the make-up of the Commitee for SOCIAL SECURITY REFORM. The Commitee is made up of 8 Republicans, and 8 DEMOCRATS. But I guess they are the wrong DEMOCRATS. DAMNIT!!!! I am 38 yrs old. I am saving under the understanding that Basically when I retire SOCIAL SECURITY will be gone, BANKRUPT, HISTORY. A 0% RETURN of my SOCIAL SECURITY TAXES STOLEN from me. ANY chance to put some in MY CONTROL is a GREAT IDEA, at least I get SOME of my $ back!!! See the STORY HERE!!!

How about this.... GUNS PREVENT CRIME, sure to piss-off HAND GUN CONTROL, etc.!!! See the STORY HERE!!!

RED CHINA is crying, they are not getting any "Freebies" from US the USA any more, so they have degenerated to name calling, etc. I AM DAMN GLAD GW is at the helm, AL GORE would have just let CHINA off the hook, and thrown in a Super Computer or 2 to make them happy. See the STORY HERE!!!

See you Tommorrow!!!

The Political Quote of the Day for 05/02/01:


The best audience is intelligent, well educated, and a little drunk.

Alben Barkley


It should be legal for me as a Supervisor to shoot and KILL uncooperative Lab Equipment. We have 8 of these things, supposedly Manufactured the same and are IDENTICAL. WELL each one has it's "Quircks", or "Personality". This one #2102 needs to be FIRED!!! DAMN THING!!!! Gave and Caused all sorts of aggravation on my part. If a COP was around I would have been busted once again for "ABUSIVE LANGUAGE", but this time against a piece of EQUIPMENT!!! DAMN THING PISSED ME OFF!!! So I only have some NEWS LINKS for you today, but important LINKS!!!

Here is "Political Correctness" going to FAR!!! Schools using names like "INDIANS" face a cutoff of FEDERAL FUNDS. Don't believe me? See the STORY HERE!!!

You have to LOVE this STORY!!! A private Gas Station Owner unable to buy GAS at a lower rate than his competition, buys Gas from the competitor to sell, Gas Station RAISES PRICES and the COPS COME!!! See the STORY HERE!!!

Well since this WEB SITE is already being monitored by the GOV'T, what the hell... HERE is a LINK on how to build an A-BOMB HERE!!!

I told you all about this months ago, about this legislation. WELL.... looks like it's going to happen!!! San Francisco is going to pay for their employees SEX CHANGE OPERATIONS!!! See the STORY HERE!!!

I have to END on this. Here are 40 REASONS FOR GUN CONTROL. READ these, and screw you LIBERALS!!! See the ARTICLE HERE!!!

The Political Quote of the Day for 05/01/01:


Forgive your enemies, but never forget their names.

John F. Kennedy


I have some trouble on the Home Front, "ARMED COMPOUND". As most of you know, I live in a unsavory area of town here, Requiring my "Compound" to be Armed. The Heart of "LITTLE MEXICO" here in the EAST VALLEY of the Sun. Well I got out out of work 45 mins early today. I decided to pick up some Groceries from the ABCO, (used to be Alpha Beta Supermarket) Grocery Store. I got my cart, I only wanted to get a loaf of bread, some cold cuts, sliced cheese, peanut butter, some lettuce and other veggies, and a couple of cheap frozen Pizzas.

A NO GO!!! the Grocery Store was virtually EMPTY!!! Produce, Bread, Deli, and Freezer Sections ROPED OFF!!!! They were shutting down the Store. A possibility that a SOUTHWEST SUPERMARKET may move in. This is a Grocery Chain that sells rotten tomatoes and BROWN LETTUCE FOR CRYING OUT LOUD!!!! This is like ACE HARDWARE moving out, and being replaced by Jose Gonzalez Metal Stuff & Things....... A change where a Spanish speaking person would search out an interpretor, to where an English Speaking person would have to search for an interpretor. LOOKS like it is TIME for SMOKER DAVE to RELOCATE the "COMPOUND"!!!! Fortunately I have the last week of May off from work, which WILL be devoted to a search for a Permanent Home for the "ARMED COMPOUND" in a more friendly area. A place where I am not a minority..... I'm White, 300 Apts. and there are 20 of us here, and the other 19 are BLEEDING HEART LIBERALS!!!! You know, missing teeth or more, Bill Clinton's Relatives. I am beginning to actualize my fear living here. Time to go.

So obviously come the end of this month, my updates could very well be affected by my search of purchasing a permanent place in a better area. I WOULD like to LIVE in an AREA that the POLICE CHOPPER doesn't hover over 2 or 3 times a day.

Do YOU watch NETWORK TV? I don't. Just the X-FILES and LONE GUNMEN right now. So the STRIKE won't affect me much. In fact I have over 6 hrs of these shows I didn't have time to watch in the past 3 weeks. But California, especially the Hollywood and LA area is freaking out about this. If GOD is LOVE, he would let California go-on with no disruption to the TV MARKET or ELECTRICAL POWER PROBLEMS. IF GOD is GOOD, HE would just send an EARTHQUAKE big enough to sink CALIFORNIA into the OCEAN. If GOD wants to punish all of us, HE will let CALIFORNIA Survive, and let them cry and whine at the rest of us. I wonder if GOD would let us circumvent HIS JUDGEMENT, by US forcing CALIFORNIA to leave the UNION????

Give CALIFORNIA back to MEXICO!!!! AND ARM THE BORDERS!!!! SHOOT any Californians or Mexicans trying to cross the BORDER!!!! I bet I'm not held in high regards to residents of California at the moment. I only hope that GOD has waited this long before the BIG QUAKE for a lot of Freaks to get there before he drops California into the Ocean, and a lot of Idiot Liberals gone too!!! PLUS BEACH FRONT property in western AZ, would be a BOOM for my State of AZ.!!! Not to mention PORTS, ETC!!!

The Political Quotes of the Day for 04/28-30/01:

For 04/28-29-01


How much easier it is to be critical than to be correct.

Benjamin Disraeli

For 04/30/01


Communism is like prohibition. It's a good idea, but it won't work.

Will Rogers


Well the MEDIA played up the fact that G.W. Bush's daughter was arrested for consuming a BEER while being "UNDERAGE" at college. I guess the SECRET DISERVICE has a different agenda now. Because they allowed everyone at "Coke" parties, and EXSTACY Parties to be arrested, EXCEPT CHELSEA CLINTON. So G. W. Bush's 19 yr old daughter got caught with a BEER!!!! When I turned 18, I could have a BEER, and a SMOKE!!! Now I can be ticketed and arrested for driving and smoking a cigarrette with the car window down, and with last week's Supreme Court Decision, be thrown in jail for it. Especially if a "MORMON" Cop busts me here in MESA, AZ.


Here is another tidbit the NEWS is not saying much about. The ECONOMY in the 1st Quarter grew at a rate of 2%.... More than the economy grew in the last 2 QUARTERS of CLINTON's Presidency. I TRULY HOPE that Bill Clinton is in a deep persnal depression because he no longer counts, and even minor media outlets are not waiting for him outside his home. If Bill Clinton becomes the 1st Former President to commit Suicide, I hope he takes out Hillary and Chelsea with him. Then "SLICK WILLY" will finally have a "LEGACY".

Plus there is this fact. Bush has a higher "APPROVAL RATING" after 100 days, than Clinton did. And it appears AL GORE is STILL EATING!!!! Now a reported 60 pounds heavier than in January. And it AIN'T Muscle Mass!!! Pretty soon we can call him "Tenn. FATS". I wonder if he can play 8-Ball?


I'M a KID!!! You can't ground me for shooting students, I mean try me as an ADULT. I'M just a kid!!! SEE the STORY HERE!!!

HOLY THAN SHIT people who can't and won't eat normal food products. Can't take them out ANYWHERE!!! See the STORY HERE!!!

Well It IS time for me to EAT animal products, etc. etc.!!! YUM YUM!!!

The Political Quote of the Day for 04/27/01:


The only thing that saves us from the buraucracy is its inefficiency.

Eugene McCarthy


I am damn glad that the weekend is finally here for me. I hope my BIG TOE heals a bit more so I can win my Dart Games this weekend.

Well we did hit 100 degress the other day, been getting up into the high 90's since then. My biggest complaint is that 4 days a week I have to COOL my "ARMED SECRET COMPOUND" down to "SLEEPING TEMPERATURE" of about 75 degrees. The trials us GRAVEYARD SHIFT WORKERS have to deal with. At least I no longer have to have WINTER TIRES, and Long Johns like I did in Northern NY. The heat is easier to deal with than BONE CHILLING temps. After all, we don't have to shovel or plow "Heat".

So what do we have today? The Chinese, Liberal Democrats, and some Western Leaders are all ticked off at BUSH for SAYING the MILITARY OPTION is open if China attacks Tiawan. THESE PEOPLE think if we are not clear on what we would do, is better than making it CLEAR what we would do. What BUSH did, was to prevent CHINA from attacking and invading Tiawan anytime soon. WAR starts when one Country doesn't have a clear idea what the conesquences would be. Sure the Rhetoric is up from China and others over this, but the risk of WAR is lessened. And I believe China and others now know that G.W.BUSH is NOT a lap wag the dog like Clinton was. Clinton's actions in his 8 yrs in OFFICE should be prosecuted for TREASON and DERILICTION of DUTY, and HIGH CRIMES against the AMERICAN PEOPLE. MALFEASENCE in OFFICE that CLINTON is also GUILTY of is like adding a JAYWALKING CHARGE to a SERIAL KILLER.

And DENISE RICH DENIES of having any inappropriate affair with Bill Clinton.

That is as believable as living with an ALCOHOLIC Roommate, and you have a 12-pack of Beer in the fridge, you get home and the Beer is gone, roommate doesn't know what happened to the Beer, but also didn't go into work. WHY? Because he lost his job a month ago, didn't feel well enough to look for work, and he is still eligible for FOOD STAMPS. YES I am talking about "SWAMP THING". INITIALS are RP, he stills owes me $$$ but I am not on the suffering end of these actions, but my best frienfd is. Believe it or not, "SWAMP THING" is nearly 50 yrs old, and his parents continue to bail him out as far as rent goes. HE LIVES HERE!!! and doesn't have a CAR!!! I tried to help him out 5 yrs ago, loaned him about $2,000, he still owes me $$$. Just wait, very soon he will be HOMELESS, it was supposed to happen in JAN, but the lease was extended until the end of MAY, my best friend is getting a place of his own before then. Will the Parents of SWAMP THING take in a 50 yr old son because he doesn't work???

The Political Quote of the Day for 04/26/01:


Blessed are the young, for they shall inherit the national debt.

Herbert Hoover



Sen. Bob Kerry of Neb. a possible future Presidential Candidate, has in the face of the news being disclosed, has now admitted to KILLING CIVILIANS during the Viet Nam WAR. Kerry's "SPIN" is different from what others are saying. I'll tell you this... if the fact is confirmed that he lined up Civilians and had them SHOT, women, children, and old men. THEN he should be stripped of his CONGRESSIONAL MEDAL OF HONOR, and his BRONZE STAR, and be put on TRIAL for WAR CRIMES. Sure it's been 32 yrs since the "CRIME", but we and ISRAEL are still hunting NAZI WAR CRIMES CRIMINALS from WWII. Kerry basically admitted to the crime, but "SPUN" it to make himself a Victim of WAR. Well he campaighned on his "WAR HERO STATUS", and now that the STORY is being published, he takes the "BENDED KNEE STANCE". Well that doesn't cut it for me. Put him on TRIAL!!! See the STORY HERE!!!

Remember the US SUPREME COURT DECISION that POLICE can ARREST, HANDCUFF and put in JAIL ANYONE who VIOLATES ANY LAW or ORDINANCE? I discussed this yesterday. WELL.... It didn't take long for the POLICE to EXERCISE their NEW POWERS. RIGHT HERE!!! In Chandler, AZ. Basically a suberb of PHOENIX, AZ. A man gets ARRESTED, HANDCUFFED, and put in JAIL for REFUSING to sighn a citation about his "MESSY YARD". SEE THE STORY HERE!!!

DAMN BASTARDS!!! Well I suggest you carry this little item with you, granted it may not help during the ARREST, but can exonerate you in COURT. UNLESS... OUR CONSTITUTIONAL RIGHTS no longer EXIST.

Now to this STORY I talked about a week or 2 ago. The deaf girl is now allowed to use sign language on the SCHOOL BUS without the THREAT of being EXPELLED for causing Safety Problems on the BUS. Yes I was one of the people who emailed this School, I also included in the Email my own publicity about this on this website. Here is the latest NEWS HERE!!!

HOW about this?!!! OUR SPACE SHUTTLE, and ISS (International Space Station) having COMPUTER TROUBLES? NASA was reporting last night that all 3 COMMAND & CONTROL COMPUTERS were down, then an HR later. the Computers were in Control but not accessible to GROUND CONTROLLERS, and the latest news, Control was regained thru Lap Top Computers carried by the SHUTTLE Crew. This is the NEWS I heard during the night today at WORK. Well now here is the STORY NASA is putting out this AFTERNOON. See the STORY HERE!!!. I can Only tell you that this Story DOWNPLAYS the concern of last night.

Then there is the STRANGENESS going on in regards to the SOUTH POLE. I don't usually do this, as it is highly speculative and conjecture in nature, BUT REALLY FUN to follow and listen too with a grain of salt as I work my Graveyard Shift. I won't discuss this here on my website, but I do follow these things.... For the MEAT of this STORY HERE!!! SCROLL down a bit, and check out the last 3 or 4 links

We are living in strange times, or maybe end times, or the possibility of ET Confirmation disclosure from the Gov't.

Whatever happens, we are Living in very a Very Interesting time!

The Political Quote of the Day for 04/25/01:


You can fool too many people too much of the time.

James Thurber


Let's revisit yesterday's US SUPREME COURT DECISION, granting NEW POWERS to the POLICE. Here is a quote from the news in today's paper.

Police may arrest people without a warrant and take them into custody for minor offenses punishable only by a fine, the Supreme Court ruled Tuesday in a decision that could reshape everyday interactions between law enforcement and ordinary citizens. For the full story HERE!!!

SCREW THAT disregard against OUR CONSTITUTIONAL RIGHTS!!! For those who say "I have nothing to hide, so go ahead and SEARCH", I say "I have something to PROTECT!!!! MY Right to PRIVACY!!!"

Maybe besides me and others, you will want to save and print this following IMAGE FILE (JPG) and carry it with you.

OK, now to the NEXT STORY. QUESTION.... How many Mothers are PAYING CHILD SUPPORT for children the didn't have to a "FATHER"? How many "FATHERS" are paying CHILD SUPPORT for CHILDREN they DIDN'T FATHER? MANY is the ANSWER. What happens when you get to COURT? The UNFATHER still has to pay SUPPORT for a Child he didn't Father. THE COURT DECISION was that even though he is not the father of the child, and only sent support PAYMENTS because he was TOLD it was his. The UNFATHER could end a personal relationship with the child, but not FINANCIAL SUPPORT. WHAT ABOUT THE DAMN MOM!!!! She sure as hell knows who the REAL DADDY IS!!! But I bet the REAL DADDY is a loser with NO $$$, and she ACCUSED this guy of being the FATHER because she knew she would get more $$$ Support from him. See the STORY HERE!!!

Check Out this STORY. SCIENTISTS have discovered there is a difference between the SEXES!!! I could have told them that when I was 13 yrs old!!!! But of coarse this had to undergo a SCIENTIFIC STUDY. I did this "STUDY" on my own when I was 13, I learned that males and females had "different" parts, and they worked very well together. FINALLY science has found this out in exhaustive studies. See the STORY HERE!!!

Now here is ANOTHER WINNER!!!! Studies have shown that BULLYING is rampant at schools. Gee, big surprise. I was A BULLY growing Up, didn't kill anyone, didn't Stab anyone, didn't break any bones. Did give out a few bloddy noses, and split lips. Recieved a few myself. You can't LEGISLATE KIDS from being KIDS. No matter What LAWS are passed, you can't make a 5 or 10 yr old understand ADULT LAWS!!! See the STORY HERE!!!

I think, maybe tonight I will boss my Techs around since I am their Supervisor....BULLY BULLY!!! I guess, if you read the story, it works out. Since I am SMOKING and having a BEER right now, and trying to figure out what CRIME I want to perpetrate later....


The Political Quote of the Day for 04/24/01:


The mistake a lot of politicians make is in forgetting they've been appointed and thinking they've been anointed.

Claude Pepper


We have a lot of News to cover today, but I know 1st you want the "Big Toe" update. Well I must tell you, I am very aware of my big toe, a background type of annoyance when sitting, or standing in one spot. Or a very discomforting pain and hobble, when moving. So much so it is messing up my bad knee on the other side. (Toe is Right Big Toe, bad knee is on the Left side) So if this keeps up for any amount of time, I could be hobbled on both sides. Maybe they would cancel each other out. You know, like 2 drunks, one sees the room spinning clockwise, the other sees the room spinning counterclockwise, and surmise that together they are sober...... No, I don't think they would cancel each other out. Some people at work said I might have broke it. I don't think so, it is only red and swollen, and Not Black and Blue. Plus I can still get my regular sneaker on, though the laces have to be extra lossened and not tied as tight. Don't worry about me, no Damn Toe is going to keep me immobile. I have guns, I can always shoot off the offending appendage.

Ha HA!!! thought you would enjoy some humor, but the DAMN TOE does hurt like hell when moving about. AND Trust me, I get ZERO Symphathy from my techs at work for this. Some consider it DIVINE RETRIBUTION.....Some more Humor.... In the Movie "STRIPES". What did SRGT. HULKA say? "Let's see how far I can shove Big Toe Up your ASS!!!". I always like that Movie, but I don't consider myself a "SRGT. Hulka".

Let's get to the NEWS

Today's US SUPREME COURT Decision is VERY DISTURBING. It appears that the police have been given NEW POWERS. They can now ARREST YOU, HANDCUFF YOU, and take you to JAIL over minor traffic offences. This Case was over not wearing a seatbelt while driving, a Max. $50 fine. This basically means that if you get pulled over for a tailight not working, didn't come to a complete STOP at a Stop Sign, or in a ticket I got, Driving and SMOKING with the CAR WINDOW DOWN. The Police can take you, arrest you, handcuff you and put you in JAIL, and have your vehicle IMPOUNDED. Driving and SMOKING with the Car Window down, you could be fined $50 to $200 here in MESA, AZ. This particular Case on seatbelts carried a MAXIMUM $50 Fine. See the STORY HERE!!! Are we becoming a POLICE STATE???

And now for a different side of justice. How much do you want to bet this Judge is in DEEP TROUBLE with the FEDS? This Judge broke a Federal Commandment, "Thou shalt NOT dismiss FEDERAL LAW over STATE LAW". Judge ruled to give the man back his "Medical Marijuana". This story is likely to be in the News again soon. See the STORY HERE!!!

Is it Unreasonable to assume that your Marriage Counselor would not take up shack with your wife while still under going Counseling? Seems Unethical to me. See the STORY HERE!!!

How about some Airline Stories? Imagin sitting next to someone on a Flight, and he dies. So the Airline Attendants put him in an UPRIGHT POSITION and serve you the In-Flight dinner. Well I suppose the dead guy paid for the Flight, BUT where does CORPSE RIGHTS END? See the STORY HERE!!!

And you ARE NOT SUPPOSED to carry PESTICIDES in your "Carry-On Luggage". There are RULES that make sence and should be followed. See the STORY HERE!!!

OK, now think back..... Remember ELTON JOHN'S hit in the 70's, "ROCKET MAN"? Now here is the STORY HERE!!!

Currently downplayed, but a possible case of HUMAN Foot and Mouth Disease. See the STORY HERE!!!

OK, that does it for today's News. I leave you with this, just so you can't blame me later. YOU have only 8 Months of Shopping Days before Christmas. Don't wait until the last minute!!!!

The Political Quote of the Day for 04/21 - 23/01:

04/21 - 22 /01


I won't say he flew a lot. But he won't start a cabinet meeting until the seat backs and tray tables are locked into the upright position.

BOB DOLE, on the scandal involving JOHN SUNUNU and the use of planes for personal matters.



No nation has friends---only interests.

Charles de Gaulle


Hi All!!! You want to know what is ALMOST as bad as a messed up knee? A SPRAINED BIG TOE. What a pain!!! This should teach me from running in the rain. I was running to my car Saturday night, Umbrella was in the car, It was raining pretty hard, so I ran to my car. I tripped over a curb, no I didn't wipe out. But did "stub my toe". No problem, I "stubbed my toe" many times in the past. Well the next day, SUNDAY, it was a discomfort, and being my right big toe, severly hampered my dart game, that I lost 4 games in a row. Well now today it is even worse, painful to put a sock and shoe on. This is JUST GREAT, I stub my toe and can hardly walk now. Oh well, Work should be fun tonight.

Now to the protests in Canada this weekend. These MORONS BELIEVE, WE the USA, is the worst POLLUTER. But if this Agreement throughout the Hemisphere of FREE TRADE goes through then the other Countries will Pollute more, sell more products, but the people getting poorer. On Saturday CNN Interviewed one of the protestors in charge of a large group. I can't give you the Question & Answer verbatum. But his logic was this: There is NO REASON to use $$$ for food, it should be just handed out, it is IMMORAL for people who produce more food than they can consume to 'CHARGE others for the excess and make a profit. Large International Corporations are SO POWERFUL they should give TV's and Free Electric Power to those who wish not to work. But people who choose to work should not get anything more than the people who don't work. Because it is a "CARROT AND STICK" ploy. In this "MAN'S" warped view, working is an ALTUISTIC HOBBY, you shouldn't gain from it. Whackoism from a tri-colored hair "leader".

Unless GOD decides to send us "MANNA" from HEAVEN, FREE ELETRICAL POWER, FREE HOUSING, etc., etc., IT AIN'T going to happen. Sorry, PURPLE RED & YELLOW HAIRED "leader".

Now for here in central AZ, Saturday we had WIND, RAIN, and Chilly Temps. Even Snowed near here. Temp got down to 46 degrees early Sunday AM. But we are supposed to hit 80 today, 90 tomorrow and 95 by Wednesday. This is setting off the GREAT EXODOS of SNOWBIRDS. (Snowbirds are elderly winter visitors who drive VERY SLOW during rush hour, and fillup the cheap BUFFET'S and BINGO PARLORS). YES!!! Very Soon the streets here will be passable once again, where one can actually drive the SPEED LIMIT and not run into an old fart going 25 in a 55 in the High Speed Lane!!!


GEEZ,,,, Who would have thought this? Boys and Girls Brains are wired differently....I guess this explains why I never Played "house"!!! See the STORY HERE!!!

Looks like the ANTI-GUN PEOPLE forgot about this one, there are no LAWS against having a "Potato Gun". See the STORY HERE!!!

I told you about this story in the past, now it is coming to fruition, San Fran City Workers will have the added "HEALTH BENEFIT" of SEX-CHANGE OPERATIONS covered by their Health Insurance PAID FOR by the citizens of the CITY. See the STORY HERE!!!

BRAIN EATING AMOEBA!!! YUM YUM!!! The Medical Community doesn't know where it comes from, they say it's RARE. My guess it looks like and acts like a "LANDOLIER" if you know the Stephan King Film.... MUNCH MUNCH CRUNCH CRUNCH your BRAIN!!! See the STORY HERE!!!

Well you know the mantra, can't go home again. Well I will go back.....briefly for my 20th High School ReUnion. But very little chance I will stay. See the STORY HERE!!! By the way I grew up in LEWIS COUNTY.

The Political Quote of the Day for 04/20/01:


Eisenhower isn't a Communist. He's a golfer.

Russell Backer, on claims that Eisenhower was soft on Communism


Previous posts are now in the ARCHIVES, Link is displayed above.

Well you know the LIBERALS CHARGE that President G.W.Bush's TAX CUT is ONLY FOR THE RICH. I disagree adamantly. Unless your family's income is less than $40,000 and you have 8 or 10 kids, YOU WILL recieve, I mean get back more of the $$$ you EARNED. I have a WEBSITE that with fewer than a 1/2 dozen questions of your finances will give you the amount of $$$ you will save, and list your TAX REDUCTION %. And remember this is across the board, no special hoops to jump thru like in GORE'S Plan. Where most people would rather not have to change their lifestyle and keep and send all their financial and spending records to the GOV'T to get a TAX BREAK. This is a simple plug in your taxable income, list the # of dependants, choose single or filing jointly, and list the amount of $$$ you give to Charity. PLUG those #'s in and You will see what G.W.Bush's Tax Plan means to you. I bet you get more back than a "MUFFLER" as the LIBERALS like to say. Here is the WEBSITE HERE!!!

Am I alone in the belief that if LEGAL IMMIGRANTS come here, that they Should learn ENGLISH? I am of the opinion, that if you can't and will not learn the Language, get the Hell out of my Country. But now California is about to reguire multi-lingualism amoung it's workers, even in languages I never heard of. SEE THE STORYHERE!!!

This is FUNNY!!! UNDERWEAR to PREVENT FARTS from being smelled, charcoal filter and all. This is a REAL STORY, See it HERE!!!

Can't have GREEN HAIR in School. See the STORY HERE!!!

I hope I kill off this damn cold soon, at least I can Hear again.