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3/31/98 NEW!!! And only available on the "Smoker Dave Web Page"



Bob Dole on, and endorses VIAGRA, the male "UPPER", so to speak.....

In this month's Issue of PLAYBOY which I get for the articles....A NAVAL Aviator Lieutenent Frederica Spilman did a pictorial, (page(s) accidently viewed in error). Now the NAVY ADMIN is after her. I don't see why, looks great to me! What better a recruitment "tool" than Female Aviators in PLAYBOY? Get a LOT of 18 yr old High School Graduates with hormones still running high a hook for them to decide to join the NAVY. She has a Great "fusaloge", Nice "tail", and 2 well formed "bombs" with "pointers".

I think the NAVY is using the "Conduct Undressing an Officer", I mean, "Conduct Unbecoming an Officer" against her. I disagree on 2 points. #1 She did not in my opinion degrade the uniform or the SERVICE, (enhanced in my opinion). #2 Her enlistment is over in less than 2 weeks, thus no work place "distraction".

Or is the Military Establishment worried that some "bananna republic" will attack us in hopes of shooting down women that look like her? In same Issue of PLAYBOY is a pictorial of "The Babes of Baywatch", I don't think these women will be taken to task for posing in Playboy......


You should have heard of this story by now, a possible "MAGIC BULLET" for a cancer cure. I will give you the story credit Infobeat and Reuters and then my comment on it.

U.S. doctors warn against euphoria over cancer drugs

            By Maggie Fox, Health and Science Correspondent
            WASHINGTON (Reuters) - Doctors said Monday they were excited
about a new way to attack cancer but warned against premature
euphoria over drugs that may not work in people.
            The two drugs, angiostatin and endostatin, have completely
wiped out tumors in mice. A feature story about the work
published in the New York Times on Sunday sent stock in   
EntreMed Inc., which has rights to the drugs, soaring. Shares in
Bristol-Myers Squibb Co., which has an agreement with EntreMed,
also shot up in the morning.
            ``The data are very impressive and compelling. But it is
still mouse data. We need clinical data in humans before we can
anoint them as miracle drugs,'' said Dr. Jim Pluda, an
oncologist at the National Cancer Institute (NCI) who is
overseeing research in this area.
            ``There have been a number of compounds in the past that
have cured mice and did not translate into efficacy in human
clinical trials. The field of oncology is littered with the
bodies of agents that were the next cure for cancer.''
            Nonetheless the NCI is very excited about the drugs and has
made their development a top priority. The drugs work to stop
the growth of blood vessels that tumors need to grow and
flourish. This process of growing arteries is called
angiogenesis, so the drugs are known as angiogenesis inhibitors,
or anti-angiogenesis drugs.
            Pluda compared the approach to trying to eliminate
dandelions from a lawn.
            ``Normally we keep whacking off the top and the dandelion
keeps growing back,'' he said in a telephone interview. ``But if
you kill the roots of the dandelion, the whole plant dies. We
are killing the mechanism by which the tumor cells get
            In addition, there are few side-effects, unlike the standard
treatments that use toxic drugs or X-rays.
            ``The hope is that you kill more cancer than normal cells
and that the normal cells then recover first,'' Pluda said.
''But the cancer cells eventually acquire resistance to these
agents while the normal cells don't.''
            With angiogenesis inhibitors, there is no resistance because
the tumor is not being directly attacked.
            ``The remarkable thing about these new agents is the lack of
resistance. You could give the drug over and over again and the
tumor continues to respond,'' Pluda said.
            Plus they are naturally occurring agents. ``Angiostatin is
actually a portion of a normal circulating blood product called
plasminogen. Endostatin is a small fragment of a type of
collagen called collagen 18 that is normally found in the body
but localized around blood vessel cells,'' Pluda said.
            The NCI is very excited about this approach, which was first
reported in the science journal Nature in November 1997. It was
developed by Dr. Judah Folkman, of Children's Hospital and
Harvard Medical School in Boston, Massachusetts.
            ``We owe Dr. Folkman an enormous debt of gratitude because
he initiated the field, he kept the field alive when he was
being assailed by the slings and arrows of naysayers,'' Pluda
            But even Folkman remains cautious.
            ``If you have cancer and you are a mouse, we can take care
of you,'' he told the New York Times. And he said it could be
years before the drugs are ready to be tested in humans.
            The drugs may not be suitable for use in children or
pregnant women. Angiogenesis is very important for the growth of
unborn babies and children. ``That is an issue,'' Pluda said.
            But even if this approach does not work, there are also
hopeful approaches being worked on with vaccines, with gene
therapy and with another form of therapy on the genetic level
known as antisense therapy.
            Several other companies are also working on other
formulations of angiogenesis inhibitors.


OK here is my QUESTION: If these same Doctors who have been basing cancer risk on humans based on studies using white rats / mice and giving them massive quantities of the suspected Carcinogen more than any human would consume. Then saying that Red Dye #5 causes cancer, BBQ steak, pork, chicken causes cancer by the vaporized fats off the grill going into the meat (2nd hand BBQ Smoke), smoking and 2nd hand smoke causes cancer, air pollution causes cancer, etc etc in LABORATORY ANIMALS, ie White mice and rats. Then how come some Doctors are coming out now and saying, "Wait a minute!!! Rats and mice DO NOT DUPLICATE what happens to Humans!!!".

Well if these so called Doctors say what and what doesn't cause cancer based on Laboratory animals, why are they debunking what may be the MAGIC BULLET to cure cancer???? You can't have it both ways!!! If they say it causes cancer in these animals, therefore it would cause cancer in humans, Then if it cures cancer in these animals, it should cure cancer in humans. I say big industry and $$$$ is the problem.

I may be a cynic but listen.... Oncologists, the cancer treating industry, etc. Stands to lose a LOT of $$$$ if a cancer cure is found, Thousands of nurses, technicians, doctors(Specialists) some Px companies, that produce, market, sell, etc. the current treatment regimen of cancer fighting drugs Chemotherapy, radiation etc.

Or do you think that there are no people in the industry that might end, who would do anything to prevent an easy cure to cancer that would end their cash flow, or profession????


In 1970 today, Ohio National Guardsmen opened fire on anti-war protesters at Kent State University, killing four students and wounding nine others.

Do you think this could not happen again?

5/2/98 EAST LANSING, Mich.- Police fired tear gas into a crowd of 3,000 Michigan State University students protesting a ban on drinking at a favorite party spot.

This past weekend here and other states that border the illegal immagrant country,(MEXICO). Had and are continueing to celebrate Cinco de Mayo,(5th of May), A National Holiday in Mexico. The Wetbacks have almost this whole week off, not including this past weekend, to celebrate the "Cinco de Mayo". I actually like it because these Wetbacks won't be going making noise from lawn mowers, LEAF BLOWERS, etc. as the celebrate this MEXICAN HOLIDAY. (I sleep during the day)

What I want to say is, even though there are many many Americans ie U.S. Citizens who live, work, or retired to Mexico, There is NO July 4th Holiday or Celebration for the resident Americans in Mexico. On top of this is the fact the Hispanic Community is suing the City of Chandler, AZ for $35 million because of a round of illegal immigrants there who were threatening school children on their way to school. The police staked out areas of the city that illegals were known to congregate at. Just like the police congregate near problem bars for DUI Drivers. This action however was called RACIST Because the Mexicans were targeted. WELL LET ME TELL YOU!!!! Here in AZ we don't have a problem with Illegal Canadian Immigrants HERE!!!! Who else would the law enforcement agency look for, except the problem that is happening here!!???

Because of the added enforcement of the borders in California, and Texas, in March '98 22,000 illegal immagrants were returned to Mexico from 1 Border Patrol Station in Douglas, AZ. Question is how many got thru???? The AZ border about 300 miles has 1 Border Parol Agent per mile.... Now remember as soon as these people get in, the have EXACTLY THE SAME CONSTITUTIONAL RIGHTS AS THOSE OF US HERE LEGALLY. And I Approve.

What we must do is force the Federal Gov't to live up to it's Constitutional responsibility of guarding and protecting our borders from "invaders". The military should be guarding our vast border with the usurpers of welfare(bet you didn't know that Mexican mothers in Mexico get a Welfare check delivered to Douglas, AZ. They come across 1 a month just to collect OUR MONEY!!!!!) Douglas, AZ has 3X as many Post Office Boxes than residents......

Now to all those of Hispanic or other ethnic group. If you come here legally I have no problem with you. If you come here and are a paying taxpayer and not a SLACKER living off my TAX $ I am very glad you're here. You are the kind of people this country was built on. The TRAITORS ARE THE ONE'S ON PUBLIC $ WHO DO NOT MAKE AN EFFORT TO PROVIDE FOR THEMSELVES, HERE LEGALLY OR NOT!!!!!


No, Smoker Dave is NOT dead, DEAD tired from work that is all. Couldn't access Geocities File manager on Wed due to web traffic. Then spent HOURS at work the past 2 days in "THE SECRET LAB". I'll tell you 1 thing, after working and Supervising the lab for 10 hrs, and then having a Supervisor's meeting for 1 1/2 hrs after that is enough to drive me batty, or ornery. BUT!!!! This was also followed by a MANDATORY TRAINING SESSION that lasted almost 2 hrs. Oh yeah me and the other 2 supervisory personell who worked all night remember every word of that training session. Best time to be trained is when you have been up for over 16 hrs. (If you believe that I have a bridge to sell you!!!).

Have heard thru the "grapevine" that bigger bosses than the managers etc. are monitoring my web pg. (I already know the FBI checks in looking for direct threats against the Liberals). The Big Bosses are making sure I don't identify the "SECRET LAB" in any way. You see after nearly 12 yrs there I have a reputation,,,,,, Can you believe it????!!!! HA HA HA !!!.

Well to put the Bigwigs at ease, this web pg will never divulge identifying pictures, exact location (except that it is strategically located between AREA 51 and LOS ALOMOS), Last names, ETC. I would bet anyone not in or who has been there to guess the acronymn of the "SECRET LAB". This is less known than CIA, NSA, BATF, MAJ 12, ETC. If you guessed it, I would have to kill you...

OK now that is out of the way.... I wish I bought stock in VIAGRA(not that I need it, but talk about a RISING stock....). Heard that if someone has trouble swallowing pills and this pill gets caught in the throat,,, You get a "STIFF" neck.....

Aren't you glad that Slick Willy is STILL WORKING FOR THE AMERICAN PEOPLE???!!! Even with all these problems brought up by "THE WELL FINANCED RIGHT WING CONSPIRACY"????

Executive Privalege, Marital Privalege, what happened to,"I/We will answer all questions as soon as possible???". Now remember Slick Willy being the defendant is not bound by the "GAG" order, he can speak on it all he wants. AND remember lying to the press etc IS a right. The only time you have to tell the truth in this COUNTRY is when you are UNDER OATH.

Web Hubble...What a SAD SACK looking guy. Bet you could fit a softball in his mouth and his lips would still cover it up, like a tobacco chew.... If I didn't know better, on appearences, he looks like someone in the ARC, ie the Retarded House of people being "Mainstreamed".

Heard that when Slick Willy met with Monica Lewinsky he said, "he was having a "Interface Meeting". I think this is a dialect in AK and translates to the rest of the COUNTRY as InHerFace........

Hope I made up for the lack of Updates this week.


A couple of items to be addressed today, 1st one is a news story, this particular one is from "Infobeat" but is also in all the newspapers. You already know my stand on this, will let the article speak for itself.

*** Tobacco bill has $5/pack price tag, Hatch says

Landmark tobacco legislation moving through Congress would boost
cigarette prices to more than $5 per pack unless modified, a key
Republican critic of the bill charged Sunday. Senate Judiciary
Committee Chairman Orrin Hatch, a Utah Republican, said his committee
will hear testimony Wednesday the bill's $1.10-per-pack fee - aimed
at curbing teenage smoking - would cost a typical husband and wife
more than $1,000 a year if they each smoke a pack a day. The bill's
sponsor, Senate Commerce Committee Chairman John McCain, but conceded
that the bill needs revision despite its resounding 19-1 passage by
his panel last month. See
*** Teens smoke out New York tobacco violations, See

2nd item

The teacher killed in PA. by a 14 yr old student nicknamed SATAN by his "friends". When will everyone realize that if we have Public Schools that cannot teach moral values because some parent might disagree with it and sue. Have been listening to the EVIL TALK RADIO as the LIBERALS call it. Had a few teachers call in, they report students who threaten to kill or threaten other violence to the School's ADMINISTRATION. The ADMIN does basically nothing. Because of fear of lawsuits, and the school's "shrinks" saying removing said student would harm his/her already damaged self esteem.

Now remember the Liberals and gun control whacko's are not blaming the student, it's the gun's fault!!! If there were no such thing as guns this would not have happened.

This is as logical that if there were no such thing as cars no one would die in a car accident. If there were no sports, no sport related deaths or injuries. If there were no pools, lakes, rivers, oceans, ponds, bathtubs, buckets, etc. there would be no drownings. If there was no work, no work related deaths or injuries. If there was no sex, no STD's. I could go on and on.

But what are we to expect when 20% of the American public doesn't know that the "Holocaust"(SP?) in WWII the Germans killed 6 million jews, gypsies, and other undesirables.


Someone sent me a hillarious joke regarding me. Click HERE. And click on Full Story to learn more. To whoever did this, I give my Congrats for a good job in the spirit of Smoker Dave Humor. That was GOOD!!! I'll be laughing all weekend on that!!! Would like to know who was clever enough to do this, deserves the Smoker Dave Award of Excellence. I need someone to "shrink" The Smoker Dave Caricature on Opening Page to send as an award. Email me if you can do it.

Now I got an email response from "The Female Black Avenger" on the question I posed to her yesterday in Daily Thoughts about, Take Your Daughter to Work Day.

From The Female Black Avenger: "Well of course I whole heartedly agree with you Smoker Dave! Bringing your daughters to work day is a chauvinistic approach to raising children. It should certainly be analyzed and reconstructed to accommodate male children as well. Children have enough to contend with in this world (i.e..... a president with no moral character making them question the difference in right and wrong things to do) , without an adult (feminist) gender bias line to further complicate things.

The Female Black Avenger

I am about to start a new pg. A Visitor / Friend of Smoker Dave Web Sites Page. So if you have a web pg and visit here use the EMAIL BUTTON and send your web pg name, URL, a short description, and also link your pg to this pg.


A few topics to be covered quickly. First there is a new entry on The Female Black Avenger Page for 4/23/98. Second the LATEST from the "Kent" interview originally on 4/17/98 HERE.

Now for my Thoughts for the day. Today is "Take Your Daughter To Work Day". Think about it folks!!! Today is NOT take your kids to work day, AND there IS NOT a take your SON to work day. What this is, is a FEMINIST TWIST TO AFFIRMATIVE ACTION!!!! Would like to see what my cohort in this politically incorrect web pg, "The Female Black Avenger"'s view is on this.

I'm willing to bet my good leg that she agrees with Smoker Dave, (currently having difficulty with left knee, I should shoot it off).

Next thing is the Boy Scout Troop in Dallas, Texas. The boys were wondering how food got to their dinner plate. The Scout Master or whoever decided to have a wilderness survival campout last weekend as a learning experience and give some insight to the boys in this Boy Scout Troop how food gets to our dinner table.

===============~~~~~ Smoke Break. Now what could be wrong with that? Well the Troop bought live chickens, and on the campout the Boy Scouts were taught how to KILL!!!!, DRESS!!!, and PREPARE the chickens. These chickens were KILLED BY CHOPPING OFF THEIR "CLUCKING" HEADS!!! Then the Boy Scouts were shown how to dress and prepare the formerly clucking chickens to be cooked. Then these chickens were cooked and eaten by the Boy Scouts.

Well Guess What? The animal rights people, etc. etc. are very upset. They called it, "The Chicken Slaughter." and young boys were exposed to and participated in this inhuman brutality!!!

What are we supposed to do? Tell them that hamburgers, steaks, McNuggets, chicken Sandwiches, etc etc grows on trees???!!!! I say 3 CHEERS to the BOY SCOUTS!!!! After hearing this on the radio driving home from work this morning, I went to KFC and bought a chicken dinner in my own show of support for this Boy Scout Troop in Texas.


OK, here is the latest on 'Ole Slick Willy. In the news today is the fact that Slick Willy and defender of adulturers Hillary, will be having dinner together with Paula Jones and her husband....Not at the same table though....Slick Willy will be at the "HEAD" Table. Now we all know that the "HEAD" Table is "ERECT"ed higher than all the other tables. So all the other tables have an unobstructed view of the "HEAD" VIP (Very Important Penis). Chew on , I mean suck on, I mean think on that one awhile. Or you can blow it off.....

Second item in the news. A Former Secret Service Agent of 27 yrs who Retired last yr, places Slick Willy and Monica Lewinsky in the White House alone behind locked doors, for a minimun of 40 minutes. My guess is Monica was "sucking up" pretty to speak...... I wonder how the White House Spin Doctors are going to try to discredit this.

The above is all true with some insight from yours truly, the following is a joke, just so you don't get confused. Slick Willy was walking in Washington, District of Criminals, with a pair of women's panties on his arm. A passerby asked, "Mr. President, do you know you have a pair of women's panties on your arm?", Slick Willy says,"Yes I know." Passerby asks,"Why?" Slick Willy says,"Can't you see I'm trying to quit!!! I'm on the PATCH!!!".


The interview discussed on 4/17/98 is now a bit easier to get to. Art has put it in the "Sound Clips". Click on the following and look for, "A recently fired JPL Employee contacts Art regarding his discovery of high-resolution Mars photos. 4/17/98".


Just heard an amazing interview on Art Bell tonight. It was with a recently fired courier for JPL (Jet Propulsion Laboratory). His name is Kent, and in a breakroom accident, saw color overhead pictures dated 4/2/98 of the FACE on MARS. Clear daylight photo's(2), and photo's of "bombed out" structures like post WWII Germany.

If you have RealAudio the interview, fastforwarding thru the commercials, lasts about 1/2 hr. It is the 2nd hr of the show of 4/17/98 Friday Night / Saturday Morning. Fastforward to that hour. You can get to Art Bell's archived Shows HERE

PS Early SAT 4/18/98

3 1/2 hrs into the show the "Interview" is replayed, edited some, but w/o commercials total of 30 mins. Ends with comments from Richard Hoagland.


Ken Starr just had a news conf. this morning. Said, "he has refused the position of Dean Of Law School at Pepperdine Univ in Malibu." Because he believes the position should not be vacant for over a year, and he would not be available by Aug 1,1998. Also stated that he asked asked the Grand Jury to stay on for a longer or extra term. Reading between the lines Ken Starr is saying the investigation on Slick Willy will last past 8/1.

On the local scene, an 80 yr old grandmother was busted amoung others for running a crack cocaine ring, she sold out of her trash infested Apt in Phoenix. She was also using her 8 yr old grandson as a solicitor. Sent him out to the streets in THE SLUMS OF PHOENIX. Little 8 yr old boy sent into the crime infested streets to recruit buyers of Crack Cocaine, For his grandmother to sell to them. Hey this should be OK right!!!??? After all kids his age go out to the neighborhood all the time to sell things for their school, what could be wrong with getting buyers for GRANDMA!!!???? The little 8 yr old can't help it if the demand in his neighborhood is for Crack!!!

Now these low life sub-humans who wants this product are the very people the LIBERALS want us the hard working ("Joe 6-Pack" as Slick likes to call us) people to pay more taxes on. These include the over 70% of individuals in jail for drug related crimes, not pot, but the hard stuff, that is the population the liberals want the rest of us to give a "free ride" to. I for one DO NOT WANT MY $ GOING TO THESE SO CALLED "PEOPLE"!!!!


"Tis the eve of the dreaded TAX DAY, a day Holier than any other day for the IRS. Just a reminder of 1 fact in all the newspapers today.

Al Gore and his wife reported an adjusted gross income of $197,729. Now you all know how democrats and liberals of all deformed mentality preach on helping the poor to the point of redistributing the wealth. (No matter how hard you worked for what you got, you need to give a bunch back to the people who are lazy, don't want to work, like handouts). Well the Gore's, hold onto your hats' so to speak. The great liberal / environmentalist, humanist gave a WHOPPING, UNBELIEVEABLE, ASTOUNDING, MINDBLOWING, $353 to charity last year!!!

The Pearly Gates of Heaven are WIDE OPEN for the Gore's because of their GENEROUSITY!!! An ASTOUNDING .178%

Smoker on the way to SAINTHOOD, I have given 8X that amount by percentage to charity, and I didn't even include that fact in my taxes.

SMOKER DAVE, The GREAT HUMANITARIAN, compared to the Liberals, on par with Mother Theresa. I can see it now....Smoker Dave, the patron SAINT of Smokers.


News kinda sparse today, so I will let you in on some of the more obscure yet very interesting news.

It seems that the Catholic Church (besides being upset with the fact that Clinton took Holy Communion in Africa, showing his defiance of both religious and common respect) has recently acknowledged the existance of ET's or Aliens. That UFO's are real, and abductions happen. The Catholic Church has also expounded that the ET's or Aliens ARE NOT DEMONS. This probably has former presidential candidate Pat Robertson of the CBN Network (Christian Broadcasting Network), upset since he called for death by "stoning" anyone who believes in, or investigates UFO activity.

Don't know how many of you know this: The Vatican owns with University of Arizona a huge telescope operation near Tucson, AZ. It is on Kitt Peak. And actually owns of 50% of it. Looking for "Wormwood"?

All very interesting don't you think? I wonder what they know or speculate that they are not telling us. Just something to make you go "Hmmmmm". Imagin the implications.

I have some interesting web links in Smoker Dave's Favorite Links HERE.