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DAY 233 of WWIII


Well Kitchen Light is now fixed, bright as the SUN once again, still waiting for my bathroom mirroe to be repositioned to levelness.

So whaT IS NEW? wELL IT WAS YESTERDAY that the NEWS came out that Slick Willy Former President Clinton wants to host a TV TALK SHOW for the Bargain Price of $50 MILLION a year, and become the next Oprah. WELL,,,, Since I have never watched an Oprah Show, or a Jerry Springer Show all the way thru, because their TOPICS, GUESTS, ETC, are MORONIC. My best guess is I won't watch "THE SLICK WILLY SHOW". I also predict I would NOT be a GUEST on the SHOW. Bill Clinton cannot handle TRUTH, ETHICS and MORALITY when it is focused on him. Proven in COURT, proven in Public understanding. PARENTS, would YOU let BILL CLINTON alone with your 21 yr old daughter? I bet NOT!!! See the STORY HERE!!!

So what else is going on? Well I have a few NEWS STORIES for you today. Let's Start with this:VEGAN FATHER, who starved his OWN Child nearly to DEATH, expecting another BABY, that he says would get the SAME DIET that caused the MALNUTRITION in his 1st born Child! See the STORY HERE!!!

Now this next story is related to the 1st one. I am in agreement with this Group. See the STORY HERE!!!

A SEGWAY SCOOTER MISHAP. Remember the bravado of these new scooters a few months ago? Well we now have the 1st reported Injury in Atlanta. See the STORY HERE!!!

AND FINALLY! COMMON SENCE in the COURT, this is a rarity, so it should be made known. See the STORY HERE!!!

Well, this will do it for this Week, Have a Great Weekend, and I'll see you Monday!

DAY 232 of WWIII


No good thing goes unpunished. Remember yesterday I was saluting my new kitchen light? Well when I got up last night, and turned it on, no longer the "BRIGHT AS A WHITE SUN" it was a few hours earlier, but a White Dwarf. You know, if you go into a place with Florescent Lights, inevitably you see 1 or 2 that are lit, but not LIGHTING. Well this is what happened with my New Kitchen Light. So I then go to shave and shower before going to work last night, and came out of the bathroom wondering why I seemed "TILTED". Well it turns out, that my big bathroom mirror shifted downwards about 2 inches to the left. The Top screws were still in place, and the bottom screws are behind my small medicine cabinet and I can't see them. But I bet the one on the lower left broke. So obviously Apt. Maint. people will be here later today or tomorrow. And Like I said yesterday, this APT is about 30 yrs old, and has basically Original Fixtures.

Now to the NEWS!

There have been RUMORS that Yasser Arafat is going SENILE, last night's outburst may have very well confirmed this. I don't know how else to present it, except to give you the NEWS STORY HERE!!! And I am sure most of you have by now HEARD ARAFAT's diatribe.

AND NOW HERE IN ARIZONA, about 5 miles from my HOME, the bastions of ignorant, and anarchist from ARIZONA STATE UNIVERSITY (ASU), caused a big problem. These are STUDENTS in a MAJOR UNIVERSITY, and they are SO IGNORANT of Everyday LIFE & BUSINESS. Before I give the LINK to the STORY, I want to say this. TODAY is the "NATIONAL DAY OF PRAYER". I PRAY that this COUNTRY be spared the hardships and BS from ingnorant BOZOS and MORONS. AMEN! See the STORY HERE!!!

OK, so let me end with some "FLUFF" NEWS. America's Former VIRGIN SLUT QUEEN, Britney Spears, CAUGHT SMOKING A CIGARETTE!!!SEE THE STORY HERE!!!

Now come on!!! WE CAN'T get the RELIGIONS of Christianatiy, JEWS, ISLAMIC/MUSLIM, Hindu, ETC. ETC. To get along with each other. So you would think there would be a College Coarse on this,THEOLOGY, the Study of RELIGIONS. WELL,,, There is... "Topics in the Study of Religion: Religions of Star Trek." Well this makes SENSE!!!! We cannot solve our RELIGIOUS PROBLEMS on this PLANET, but WE are willing to STUDY and DICTATE OUR SOLUTIONS to the RELIGIOUS TROUBLES INTERGALACTICALLY. This makes as much sence, as... , as... , HMMM. Well I thought about it. This makes ZERO SENCE!!!! See the STORY HERE!!!"Topics in the Study of Religion: Religions of Star Trek."

I'll tell you this, it is getting difficult for Normal Thinking People to read and see the NEWS these Days. If all of a sudden ALL the IDIOTS and MORONS disappeared. I bet nearly 75% of the WORLDS POPULATION would be GONE!!!

Time for me to go. See you Tomorrow!!!

DAY 231 of WWIII


A Bit of a delay today, I had APT Maint. here today, upgrading my kitchen ceiling 2 - 60 watt light bulbs to, 2 flourenscent lights. Holy Cow! It is as bright as a White sun now, as opposed to adequete Yellow Light. Supposed to use less Power too. You see I still live in an older Apt. Built in the Early '70's. Which IS OLD for the Phoenix, AZ. Area. But hopefully I won't enjoy the new lighting for too long, as my mom and my brother have said to me that they will be looking for places for me to BUY, and move out of here. Move to a location where I am not a minority, except for my work hours.

Getting a web-cam is still a High Ptiority Project for me right now. However, if and when I do this, If I am still in the same place as I am now, it would only be LIVE IMAGES while I am ON-LINE. I am not going to get a DSL, or CABLE MODEM, where I could transmit LIVE Pictures every minute or whatever to my web-site host provider. That Will come AFTER I BUY MY OWN PLACE. Then I plan on a couple of cams, 1 viewing outside when I am not the PC, and 1 viewing the PC Area when I am on the PC. That's the Plan anyway.

OK, Now how about some NEWS to think about. COMPUTER CHIPS in DRIVERS LICENCES. 1st STEP towards "THE MARK OF THE BEAST?" I'll tell you this much. I don't like it ONE BIT!!!! See the STORY HERE!!!

Well I just took the TRASH OUT, and though I don't "DUMPSTER DIVE", what was beside the DUMPSTERS? 2 perfectly good "Charlie Horses". I can't use them here where I am now, but I will be able too when I move. Plus I have a spot to store them. I know it ain't much, maybe $20 in lumber, $2 in nails and hinges, but it takes a bit of time to make them. They are HANDY, and this is like coming across a $50 Bill on the sidewalk. All I had to do was carry them to my Apt.!

They now sit on my balcony, which is OK, I don't sit out there much.


Well IRAN, are you SURPRISED? Is not a FRIEND EITHER. (I AM speaking about Saudi Arabia in this reference.) See the STORY HERE!!!

I would guess next is North Korea BASHING US(A), to complete the circle of the EVIL AXIS that President Bush layed out a few months ago. AND the RED CHINESE!!!! May I just say, I hope they get EGG-FOO YOUNG all over themselves! Let me just state this once again, God and Family 1st, Country (USA) 2nd, True Friends and ALLIES 3rd. AND SCREW the rest of the World if they cause TROUBLE with the top 3's, #'s 1 - 3. THIS COUNTRY should ACT on the principles of OUR CONSTITUTION, and the most dearly held RIGHTS that are inherent in ITEMS # 1, 2, & 3 listed above.

OH MY GOD!!! Smoker Dave is a RADICAL!!!! HE actually WANTS the CONSTITUTION be the SUPREME LAW of the LAND!!! AND wants to Vanquish ALL enemies against this who threaten the USA!!!! Well I am a CONSTITUTIONALIST, or a PATRIOT, or a Whacko. Depends on your point of view. But prior to 1775 I would be called a REVOLUTIONIST. From 1775 thru 1782 I would be called a FOUNDING FATHER of this COUNTRY. Now in 2002, AM I an anachronism? NOT AS LONG AS I LIVE!!!!

Sorry for a lack of NEWS ITEMS, other things going on today, and now it is getting late for me. But After tonight, I have a 4 day / night weekend!!!!

See you tomorrow!!!!

DAY 230 of WWIII


End of the Month, All my Bills paid for and $ left over. A Good thing.

The scuttlebut today is the SENATE INVESTIGATION of the BIG OIL Companies EXEC's, on the Price Spikes in GAS PRICES. The ASUUMPTION is the OIL COMPANIES PLANNED and EXECUTED PRICE HIKES to BOOST PROFITS. Well guess what, I own STOCK in EXXON over $4,500 worth. The PROFITS are Distrubuted to the SHARE HOLDERS,,,, ME!!! I am NOT getting RICH from My EXXON STOCK. In fact I am making more $$$$ in my Krispy Creme Donought STOCK that I have less $ invested in. Maybe the FEDS should investigate PRICE GOUGING in the DONOUGHT INDUSTRY.

Probably would uncover abuses by COPS spending their shifts drinking Coffee and eating DONOUGHTS.

If I had the Amt of $ I have in EXXON and Krispy Creame Doughnots REVERSED, I would have a few THOUSAND DOLLARS MORE than I have NOW!!!


Look what happened in, "MY FAVORITE TALK SHOW HOSTS" HOMETOWN yesterday, And Art did discuss this on his SHOW last night. SEE THE STORY HERE!!!

Well I will TITLE this next Piece as, "WHACKO VEGETARIANS GONE WILD". Whacko Vegetarian "PARENTS" NEARLY KILL their BABY because of their DIETARY BELIEFS. Remember we are PEOPLE, We EAT MEAT, those who choose not to, are entitled, but it takes diligence and effort to stay HEALTHY. A BABY CAN'T DO THIS! This is why the PARENTS are CHARGED WUTH CHILD ABUSE!!! SEE the STORY HERE!!!

So what kind of punishment do YOU think the PARENTS should recieve? I make no Bones about it, there are too many people already here. I say EXECUTE these STUPID PEOPLE! If they are STUPID ENOUGH to to let THEIR OWN CHILD FAIL TO PROSPER because of their UNNATUAL WHACKO BELIEFS, then they enter the CATAGORY of being proven STUPID, and NOT ENTITLED to live freely and prosper in this World Today. I can already SEE the HATE EMAIL from VEGGIE PEOPLE, and PETA PEOPLE coming even before I post this update. OH WELL, They can just, GO SUCK AN EGG, or use a HOT DOG to "their pleasure". I bet I just "INFLAMED" some of them, HA HA! NO Skin Off My Butt on this one, so to speak.

LOOK OUT!!! THE FAT TAX IS COMING!!!! I warned YEARS AGO, 1st they go after the SMOKERS, next is ALCOHOL or FAST FOODS. Well it is NOW APPARENT it is FAST FOOD under ATTACK. SEE the STORY HERE!!!

I was wondering why I felt ill, and more ILL last night, like a return Waking Nightmare. Well I figured it out. BILL "SLICK WILLY" CLINTON, is going to be here in Phoenix Tonight, trying to raise $500,000 and go to the HIGHLIGHTER TOPLESS BAR with Mike Tyson. There is ONLY one who I despise and Hate more than Former President Clinton, and that is Usama Bin Laden. AND IT was CLINTON WHO OPENED THE DOOR for Bin Laden to do what his Organization did on 09/11/01. I wish BILL would join his DOG BUDDY in the AFTERLIFE and take his estranged WIFE with him. HOW FAR CAN I GO ON THIS? I don't know, but I will END MY OPINION HERE. I don't wanbt a VISIT from the "SECRET SERVICE" here at HOME, or at WORK. BUT see the STORY HERE!!!

I have MORE, but need to go, I need to get some sleep before the Great Presidential Fornicator arrives in this Great State of AZ, and DISTURBS the natural balance of the STATE. If I had the CHANCE I would PRESENT BILL CLINTON a "REAL PISSED-OFF RATTLESNAKE". Gee, I hope you all now know how I feel about America's WORST PRESIDENT since the REVOLUTION!!!! Bill Clinton has SURPASSED Lyndon JOHNSON, and that is a GREAT TREASONOUS ACT. Some may think I am EMBELISHING, on this. I AM NOT. IN MY OWN VOTING LIFETIME, even though I know he is NOT, BILL CLINTON and HILLARY are the CLOSEST COMPARISONS to what CHRISTIANS would label as the ANTI-CHRIST. So what is the ANTI-CHRIST? EVEN WORSE than the CLINTONS by ten fold.

DAY 229 of WWIII


Well well well. So President Bush managed to make Israel do a unilateral CEASE-FIRE and let ARAFAT Loose. I am a Bush suporter, but this is FLAWED STRADEGY. Just wait, Arafat won't stop the HOMICIDE BOMBINGS, there may be a brief interlude before it begins again, but it will RESTART. We should just leave Israel alone in this, as they are Fighting against the same extremists as we are.

AND "OUR FRIENDS" The Saudi's, see this STORY HERE!!!

Looky Here!!! A bit 'O Trouble for the estranged wife of Bill Clinton? ie HILLARY? Well I'll just let you read the Story itself HERE!!!

IRAQ ReArming for WAR, but their own troops are deserting. I am sure you saw the News Stories that We won't attack until 2003, well consider it Disinformation. It will happen sooner, and the military personel in IRAQ fear attack any day. I would think we may take on IRAQ as soon as this mid-summer, not 2003. See the STORY HERE!!!

How about this? How STUPID are BIKER GANGS? VERY... Have a shootout in a CASINO? Where there are likely more video Cams than people Gambling? This is like running a Red Light, where the intersection has a Red Light Camera, Photo Radar, and a Police Car on the other 3 corners. Can you say "I will be on the next segment of America's Stupidest Criminals?" SEE THE STORY HERE!!!

OH! Have you heard any of the Saudi Arabian ADS? What a BUNCH OF LIARS they ARE! But here is a STORY on their ADS HERE!!!

OK, now let's get closer to HOME NEWS. Can you imagin this, an 18 yr old. LEGALLY can SMOKE. He didn't in school. (IN FACT I WAS ABLE TO LEGALLY SMOKE IN MY HIGH SCHOOL 20 yrs AGO) IS now being BANNED from his High School Prom because he tested POSITIVE in a RANDOM DRUG TEST, that INCLUDED NICOTENE!!!! See the STORY HERE!!!

How about some "FUN TYPE NEWS"? Well here is this. WAS "BIGFOOT" playing a round of GOLF in SEATTLE? See the story HERE!!! It is VERY INTERESTING.

Here is a WEIRD NEWS STORY. Imagin getting a mole removed from your .... ASS... And while undergoing the surgery, as you were "UNDER", You let one RIP! If you know what I mean. Could be BAD NEWS, like in this case. SEE THE STORY HERE!!!

Now this one is disturbing, cut a finger, lick it or whatever, AND GET FLESH EATING BACTERIA! See the STORY HERE!!!

TOO MANY PEOPLE MOVING HERE!!!! I live In Maricopa County in ARIZONA. To you newcomers, or comers to be. WE HAVE RATTLESNAKES, TARANTULAS, KILLER BEES, BLACK WIDOW SPIDERS, ROOF RATS, and children drowning everywhere from buckets, to bathtubs, pools and ponds. Then SUMMER HITS, 115 degrees. And YOU try to keep your LAWN ALIVE. This is a DESERT. Either love the natural desert, or don't come. These Transplants to AZ insist on trying to replicate their home here in the desert. A waste of Water, Time and Energy. See the STORY HERE!!!

Well I do have more NEWS, but it is time for me to EAT and Sleep before going to work tonight.

I will tell you this, I will be back tomorrow, but also, I have been starting to researching WEB CAMS, I want a Wire-less one, that I can Move Around. So maybe in the near Future, SMOKE CAM will Debut. I will keep you all Posted.

DAY 226 of WWIII


TOMORROW IS TAX FREEDOM DAY!!! Which means that on AVERAGE, everything we earned from working since Jan 1st 2002, thru Today, goes to pay our FEDERAL, STATE, and local TAXES. Now THIS still does not include what we pay for SOCIAL SECURITY TAX, MEDICARE TAX, or SALES TAX at the store, or any INTEREST gained on INVESTMENTS. Which basically puts the ACTUAL OVERALL TAX RATE of around 40% of what you earn if you make over $35,000 a year, and the % goes up the more you make. Granted when Clinton was in office 2 yrs ago, we PAID EVEN MORE, But I think we still PAY WAY TOO MUCH IN TAXES. Then you must also consider the products you BUY, be it FOOD ITEMS, or Merchandise, or look at your CABLE BILL, Your PHONE BILL, Your ELECTRIC BILL, Your CELL PHONE BILL, Your INTERNET ACCESS BILL, the TAXES on GAS, SMOKES, ALCOHOL, FAST FOOD. AND REALIZE that ALL these Companies pay CORPORATE INCOME TAXES, that are passed down to us in the "RETAIL" Price, BEFORE WE PAY TAXES on it!!!

Saudi Arabia, here is another STORY demonstrating that THEY ARE NOT OUR FRIENDS. This is a HATEFUL and Disturbing STORY. But it was uttered by a HIGH OFFICIAL in The Saudi Arabian DICTATORSHIP. SEE THE STORY HERE!!!


Well this sort of thing started here, could it happen AGAIN? You bet!!! See this STORY HERE!!!

Convicted ARSONIST, Singer, Lisa Lopes, or "LEFT EYE" in the group TLC, DEAD in a car accident. I don't really care, but some do. So here is the STORY HERE!!!

Well, I am going to have to end this update here. I may Update again over the weekend, But I also PROMISE a NEW update on Monday. A Promise I can keep. Enjoy the weekend! I plan to!

DAY 225 of WWIII


Only 8 months 'till CHRISTMAS! I just figured some of you like to shop early. Yes I know I haven't posted in a couple of days. The 1st day, I had some extra things to do / take care of. The 2nd day, as Rare as it is, I was sick, I don't know why, but for a 1/2 day it was emergency trot to the John and sit, if you get my drift.... Poor choice of words, but paints an accurate picture, Ha! Ha!! At least I can laugh about it now.

So what do we have for NEWS? Well an Explosion in NYC, many injured, at least it was an industrial accident and not Terrorism related, of coarse that doesn't make the injured feel any better. But it makes me feel better. See the STORY HERE!!!

Because we have new warnings besides BANKS in the North East, now Supermarkets and Shopping Malls are threatened. See the STORY HERE!!!

Now here is a Warning I don't like. Apparently the Red Chinese is planning on a massive HACKING on US Gov't and Private web sites, etc. soon. Well that's just Great, many of you may remember when I was hacked by a group in Brazil a year or 2 ago. It took me 2 DAYS to bring my web site back up. AND I didn't even say anything negative about Brazil prior to that. So now China is, using Computer Students, and their Military in this upcoming planned attack, and the FACT I have Posted things Anti-Red China makes me uneasy.See the Story HERE!!!

To HELL with the "The European Union Parliament". Don't they understand that THESE Detainees are treated Better than our own LOCAL Citizens in Local Jails? These accused Terrorists have been upgraded from COLD CAVES to Heated Cells with TOILETS!!!! I bet many inmates, I mean detainees, as these people are awaiting TRIAL, at Sherrif Joe Arpio's Tent City WISH they had what these these ACCUSED TERRORISTS had. PLUS the fact that an upgrade to only a TENT from a CAVE would have drawn International condemnation from WHIMPY ACCOMADATING Country's. These Country's CONVIENENTLY FORGET, how these countries "DETAIN" there OWN ACCUSED of "CRIMES", like preaching Christianity, Remember ther Girls from the USA in Afghanistan cought up in the 09/11/01 Turmoil? WHERE THE HELL was the "The European Union Parliament", on behalf OF OUR OWN INNOCENT VICTIMS????!!!! See the STORY HERE!!!

Big NEWS to watch for. If the "NOT FRIENDS OF USA" Prince Pimp Abdullah of Saudi Arabia leaves Early fom his "summit" with President Bush, then we are VERY Possibly in "THE END GAME" in this, TERRORIST/Arab/Palestinian/Israeli CONFLICT / WAR. I Say, to HELL with these Dictatorioal Gov'ts. The ONLY DEMOCRACY in the Middle East is ISRAEL, we are vowed to protect it. If the Arads decide to their own demise, to cut off the OIL FLOW to the USA. We will go in and take it AWAY FROM THEM. Even with CLINTON's 8 yrs of raping and neglecting OUR MILITARY, we can STILL do this if OUR ECONOMY depends on it, and IT DOES!!!! SEE THE STORY HERE!!!

Think I have gone WHAKO? Well check out this story, EGYPT is WILLING to GO TO WAR AGAINST ISRAEL for a Price, $100 BILLION from ARAB Country's. See the STORY HERE!!!

I believe we are in a dangerous Time right now, that will be played out in DAYS or WEEKS, not Months or Years.


Then there is this story, and possible. SEE the STORY HERE!!!


I have a LOT more NEWS, But I need to eat and SLEEP before Work Tonight. THERE WILL be another UPDATE TOMORROW!!!

DAY 222 of WWIII


AH!, So what's NEW? Well for myself, 1 Battery Cable, 1 Battery, 1 ALTERNATOR, and a boring OIL CHANGE. Well what the Dealer said, "Arizona - Battery, Alternator, Water Pump...". Well at least my Battery was pro-rated, and I have a lifetime guarentee on the Alternator, so that was Free. So it didn't cost me much, except a pain in the butt.

So what else is going on? A lot actually. Let's start with the so-called 20th Hijacker. Zacarias Moussaoui, said today in a Court Hearing he was "Firing his Court Appointed Lawyers because they were not MUSLIM, and were part of a conspiracy to kill him. He also prayed to ALLAH for the Destruction of the United States, and Israel. Well folks, I AM NOT A GENIOUS, but I think it unwise to wish death and destruction in a DEATH PENALTY TRIAL where the JURY POOL is of those you said in Court you want Dead/Destroyed. This is the opposite of "throwing yourself to the Mercy of the Court". A VERY BAD DEFENSE PLAN if you ask me. See the STORY HERE!!!

I bet most of you heard about the 5.1 Mag Earthquake near Plattsburgh, NY on Saturday, not far from my hometown. AND it was felt there too, talking to friends back there, it ranged from like LOUD SONIC BOOMS, to actually being shaken awake in bed, to pictures and other things falling off the shelves. Well President Bush is in the area today where I grew up, and its snowing. Not a surprise to me. See the STORY HERE!!!

NOW here is a SICKO WHACKO. Right here in AZ. This "father" chewed off his 2 yr old's THUMB!!! I don't know what to say, except that maybe institute a 1 Strike and you're Out Policy when they are Crimes against Children like this. SEE THE STORY HERE!!!



OK, now an UPDATE of my displeasure with My AZ Senator John "TURNCOAT" McCain. HE NOW ADVERTISES on Sen HILLARY CLINTON'S WEB SITE!!! Don't beleive me? GO SEE IT HERE!!! And look at the LEFT MARGIN!

WAS ARAFAT STUPID when he rejected the PEACE PLAN Brokered by CLINTON in late 2000 with ISRAEL, or was it the 1st sign of SENILITY? Which now has the entire REGION on the verge of widescale WAR. See the STORY HERE!!!

IRAQ moving AIR-DEFENSE MISSLES into NO-FLY ZONES, PENTAGON unconcerned at this time, But we may want to monitor this. It will probably be another 8 to 12 months before we ATTACK IRAQ, the US Military needs to restore its supply of BOMBS and other Munitions before launching such an ATTACK with possibly only BRITAIN helping. The DAMN ARABS certainly will not help, even those we saved in 1990 from SADDAM, KUWAIT and SAUDI ARABIA. THEY only talk with US because they want OUR $$$$ for OIL. AND YOU KNOW DAMN WELL, that the Leaders of these DICTORSHIPS, would when they get PISSED-OFF, cut off the OIL. THEY DON'T CARE that it would hurt their citizens, THEY are INSULATED from this, and can turn massive #'s of people to blame THEIR hardships on the USA.

sO WHAT IS TO HAPPEN sHORT tERM? I BELIEVE A NEGOTIATED peace plan BETWEEN Israel AND THE Palestinians is a NO GO with ARAFAT in charge. So what happens next? Israel Secures it's Borders, and the rest of the ARAB WORLD accepts this. Because you know, the ARAB Countries REFUSE PALESTINIANS ENTRY to their own Countries except for Lebbenon and Jordan. #2 The ARABS attack Israel, and get their ASS KICKED, or NUKED. Which would Force US to take over the OIL FIELDS in the Mid-East. This is the likely END GAME to all the troubles in that region. But it could get very worse, as CHINA has been in negotiation with IRAN as an ALLY, and Russia is still worriesome. Plus the FRENCH are about to Vote in a runoff Election for either the former Gov't, or a NAZI LIKE Gov't early next month.

We ARE in a dangerous PROBATIONARY 90 Day Period. Can WE make sure we don't BLOW OURSELVES UP in the next 3 Months?

These are the times we live in, Well at least it ain't BORING!!! The OLD CHINESE CURSE...."MAY YOU LIVE IN INTERESTING TIMES..." CURSED we may be, but I think we choose to be here now, if that makes any sence. I pose my updates on all I know, NEWS, Biblical, Evidence of life on other Planets, or Moons, and other things I am Privy to. OH I BET this last sentence raised a bunch of eyebrows!!!

DAY 219 of WWIII


FOR SALE!!! 1 USED US SENATOR The ARIZONA summers have fried his BRAIN to the point that he advocates and votes the total opposite of what the Citizens of ARIZONA want. It has come to a point where the DEMOCRATS want him to switch parties so he can run as a DEMOCRATIC NOMINEE for President in 2004. SALE PRICE IS CHEAP!

I am ashamed of our Senior Senator from ARIZONA. YESTERDAY was the LAST STRAW. McCain was one of a handful of Republican Senators to VOTE AGAINST OIL EXPLORATION in ALASKA. 19 MILLION ACRES, larger than MANY STATES. The FOOTPRINT for exploration and harvest of this remote region that looks less hospitable than the MOON, and is in total darkness 6 months of the year? LESS THAN 2000 ACRES!!!

This was a VOTE for OUR continued great dependance on MIDDLE EAST OIL. Here is the story HERE!!!

You can bet later today I will be EMAILING McCAIN on my displeasure once again, and this time will also say I would vote for whatever opponet he faces in future Elections, I will NEVER VOTE for McCain again. I will also be EMAILING Rep J.D. Hayworth to run against McCain for the SENATE OFFICE.

Well the Banks on the East Coast are nervous, a NEW TEROR THREAT targeting them. See the STORY HERE!!! AND HERE!!!

Here's a good one! The ARAB MEDIA, remember ALL ARAB COUNTRIES are DICTATORSHIPS, and the MEDIA is controlled by the Gov't. Well they are upset with TALK RADIO in the USA. GEE!!! Imagine a radio show not controlled by a Gov't, allowing the host and callers to express their opinions. It would never happen there. Where the only NEWS and Commentary is the Gov'ts NEWS and Commentary. At least it ain't so here, where eventually the TRUTH does come out, whether OUR GOV'T likes it or not. See the STORY HERE!!!

NOW HERE IS AN "I TOLD YOU SO!!!!" The Saudis ARE NOT our FRIENDS. Which highlites my opening comments today. SEE THE STORY HERE!!!

So there you are, finally NEWS STORIES to look at, besides my rants over the past few days. Ha Ha! But I do need to rant and rave every once in awhile, you know, prevents Ulcers and releases pent-up hostility. Keeps me Healthy and Wise. I just need to figure out on how to get to the WEALTHY part of that phrase.

ENJOY the WEEKEND!!! I'll see you MONDAY!

DAY 218 of WWIII


Well a small Plane CRASHED into Milan Italy's tallest Building today. It appears now to be an "accident"

What a NIGHTMARE work was today/last night. Am DAMN GLAD I have tonight OFF!!! And Feel sorry for those who do work tonight. I work 10 hr shifts, well the last 7 1/2 hrs of my work shift was total HELL!!!! Just about everything that could go wrong, went wrong. So, YES, in a sence, I ABONDONED SHIP, ie was able to leave on-time. BUT my 10 hr shift left me feeling like I worked forever, and knowing that all would not be finished at 11 PM tonight that should have been done by 11 AM today. THANK GOD I have tonight OFF!!! PREVIOUSLY SCHEDULED.

SORRY once again for lack of NEWS LINKS today. But since I am OFF tomorrow, and work related decompression takes effect. I should Be able to post an update tomorrow with NEWS LINKS!

DAY 217 of WWIII


1st let me tell you, I made an ERROR Yesterday. As I did not POST a LINK to the STORY of SMOKING NOW BANNED at the AZ D-Backs HOME at BANKONE BALLPARK. but what I said yesterday is TRUE! The SMOKING AREAS in the HINTER LANDS of the VAST BALLPARK, hundreds of yards apart, was offending the non-smokers in the CHEAP SEATS 20 or more YARDS away. NOW to get within 20 yards of the DESIGNATED SMOKING AREAS, the only available booths are BEER BOOTHS as far as VENDING AREAS. So this Means that NON- SMOKING NAZI types who drink BEER want to and have successfully lobbied to BAN SMOKING at BANKONE BALLPARK. WELL, what would be next to be BANNED at a BALLPARK? BEER of coarse!!! After All, 2nd hand BEER BREATH offends some people, even if the "OFFENDER HAS A DESIGNATED DRIVER". COMMON GUYS!!! YOU KNOW SPORTING EVENTS and BEER is a GENETIC CONDITION of the MALE SPECIES, as inbread as the fact that leaving our underware on the floor, not willing to take the trash out until it hits a LEVEL 6 BIOHAZARD, and "MAKE THE BED"??? Why? Are the Sheets & Blankets so stiff it takes more than One flatten them out? What is NEXT? A CLASS ACTION LAWSUIT by Women and Wives to CLOSE EVERY SPORTS BAR? Because Drinking & Smoking and Male Bonding is occuring at these places? GUYS, you know this, wifey says, "DO YOU WANT TO TAKE THE TRASH OUT?" And you are settled in, watching GUY type things on TV. YOU GIVE AN HONEST ANSWER. "NO!" But the female thinking wasn't an "ASK", that you could turn down, IT WAS A DEMAND! In GUY SPEECH IT WAS. "GET YOUR ASS OFF THE COUCH AND TAKE OUT THE TRASH!!!!" IF the FEMALE SPECIES could communicate more CLEARLY maybe there would be fewer divorces, 2nd divorces, 3rd divorces, 4th divorces. I could go up on and on with the HOLLYWOOD TYPES on this. Elizabeth Taylor would require at least 6 DIVORCES.

We guys need to PROTECT what is SACRED to US. THE ROOT is the ability to as GUYS get together, DRINK and SMOKE, during SPORTING EVENTS, and POKER GAMES. HAVE YOU EVER SEEN a Scene of a POKER GAME on TV that wasn't covered in cigarrette smoke? Or a Gambling Scene? Someone is ALWAYS SMOKING, and the MEN don't bitch about it.

But OH, the POLITICALLY CORRECT WOMEN and HEN PECKED MEN fall into line with this thinking. AND THE WIFE drives an SUV, serves PETA APPROVED MEALS LACED with PESTICIDES 10 TIMES the Level of regular MEAT to her children. Just so she can DRIVE to work in the SUV, with her NOSE in the AIR, because she DOMINATES HER MAN in every respect.

Well I apoligize again for not posting NEWS STORIES, but after TONIGHT I am off work, will catch-up then. BUT this COMMENTARY is going to generate a LOT OF EMAIL back to me!!! Should be ENTERTAINING READING.

I Count on it to give me a lift before work tonight.

DAY 216 of WWIII


Well the winds have died down today, it is now SAFE for those under 100 lbs to walk the streets here. But ART BELL's TOWN ove Pahrump, NV got hammerred with 3 hrs of 60-70 MPH CONSISTENT WINDS, with recorded GUSTS of upto 98 MPH. Makes the winds here yesterday of GUSTS upto 40 MPH pale in comparison. It is afternoon here now, Temp is 75 degrees F. Very Nice, and THE VALLEY SMOG has been BLOWN OUT.

So what is NEW in the NEWS? Well let me see...

Well Robert Urich died today at 55. Too Young. Besides the items listed in the LINKED ARTICLE, I also believe he also co-starred with Kris Kristofferson in the Mini-Series "AMERIKA". I may be mistaken, and I may be mistaken on this too. Wasn't Ulrich also in the "OMEN" Movies? I am not a follower of Actors from movie to movie, so I could very well be wrong, but what I just said is what I think is true. The Next Question is... these Deaths usually come in threes within a week or so, so who's next?

Guess what? I got this Thurs Night off from work! I will have time to configure my new PC, and get it working my WAY, and maybe figure out how to use the CD-RW.

Plus I need to try to SALVAGE any USEFULL FILES from my old PC if POSSIBLE.

Remember my photos from GAME ONE of THE WORLD SERIES last OCTOBER? Well it won't happen again. WHY? BECAUSE I CANNOT ATTEND, the only 2 smoking areas are now gone, even though they were in the the OUTSKIRTS of the BALLPARK where you couldn't even SEE the GAME, EASILY AVOIDED by nonsmokers, and the BALLPARK has a POLICY of if you leave, you CANNOT REENTER. SO, it appears my last DIAMONDBACK GAME was GAME 1 of the WORLD SERIES 0f 2001 D-Backs VS YANKEES. AND this WAS NOT A SMOKING SECTION IN THE STANDS, it was an area on the FRINGE of the BALLPARK that MY TAXES PAY FOR!!! FROM NOW ON I CAN only attend the game, until I want a smoke. MY $$ is as good as the NONSMOKERS, and they take it in TAXES, I am willing to accomadate, but they just threw MY ASS OUT!!! You can BET that this Thursday, when I have have an EXTRA DAY OFF, I will be slamming the D-BACKS WEBSITE in DEFENSE OF TAXPAYING SMOKERS, and WE SMOKERS PAY A LOT OF TAX!!!

I never smoked in the Stands, I went to the designated areas where SMOKING WAS ALLOWED. To ELIMINATE the Smoking Areas, thus preventing me from attending, I should be exempted from the TAX, GOD KNOWS how much TAXES I PAY on SMOKES to begin with. BEFORE some of you claim that SMOKERS are a burden on HEALTH CARE, I will tell you this, ONLY ONCE in 18 yrs of being EMPLOYED have I exceeded my DEDUCTIBLE, by a mere $200. AND THAT MALADY I HAD was DEEMED by a DR. as a bad case of GASTRITIS. I have ZERO FAITH IN DRS. And even less in the HEALTH CARE SYSTEM. This is NOT A BLANKET CONDEMNATION, there are VERY SMART DOCTORS, but also a lot of STUPID DOCTORS. You know, BOOK SMART, but LIFE APPLICATION STUPID. BUT they still get the big $

I better stop on this issue before I Go Postal, ha,ha.

Well I guess I need to leave this post as Commentary Today, I will post NEWS tommorrow

DAY 215 of WWIII


Well it is a WINDY DAY here in Arizona. If you weigh less than 100 lbs, better attach TIE-DOWNS to yourself. Flying a simple KITE would probably turn you into a hang-glider.

So what is UP? WELL,,,, How about Washington D.C.'s BANKS BEING ALL CLOSED TODAY because of a "CREDIBLE THREAT"? JUST LEARNED, the threat has been cancelled, here is the entry on Matt Drudge's Website.

BOMB ALERT LIFTED ON DC BANKS: DC police spokesperson says bomb threat was 'over-hyped'...

Well TODAY IS TAX DAY! As usual I waited until the last minute, I filed my Federal Return via TELEFILE, because I am poor enough to use it, even though Democrats would classify me as RICH. And I put my State TAX Return in the Mail today, I get a small Refund from both. But to put TAXES into perspective, LOOK at your W-2'S. LINES 4 and 6, SOCIAL SECURITY TAX WITHHELD, and MEDICARE TAX WITHHELD. Well if you are under 40 years of age, both these Programs will be BUST before we get ANY BENEFITS. And take a LOOK at everything you BUY, SALES TAX!!! Not shown in your W-2 form, and look at your Utility Bills, like PHONE, ELECTRIC, CABLE TV, or even the TAXES on GAS at the PUMP. ADD those #'s in. And if you SMOKE like I do, and Like BEER, how about those extra "SIN TAXES". PLUS everything you BUY that Company or Merchant or Corparation, ALSO PAYS TAXES, that is passed onto the Buyer or Consumer. WHAT IS OUR REAL TAX RATE/BURDEN? I would guess it is close to 80%.


DAY 212 of WWIII


I know you have heard the latest NEWS of the HOMICIDAL BOMBING in ISRAEL today. Well Her FAMILY is now going to be rich by Palestinian Standards. The "FAMILY" will get at LEAST $30,000 from SADDAM and Saudi Arabia. HERE is a portion of an article I linked to 2 days ago.

"The Saudi Committee for Support of the Al-Aqsa Intifada distributes payments of $5,333 to the families of the dead and $4,000 to each Palestinian receiving medical treatment in Saudi hospitals. The fund is managed by Saudi Interior Minister Prince Nayef bin Abdulaziz, according to the embassy.

The sum is far less than the $10,000 Iraq offers to the families of those killed and the $25,000 it gives to the kin of suicide bombers, but is nonetheless significant to the average Palestinian whose annual income is $1,575."


9-11, OF COARSE it would be a DEMOCRAT to DENY HONOR to the BRAVE POLICE OFFICERS and FIREMEN in NYC who sacrificed THEIR LIVES to help others in the face of DEATH, but RULES ARE RULES! This is as IDIOTIC as ZERO TOLERANCE in SCHOOLS. Basically what has been done is throwing the BABY out with the wash water. See the STORY HERE!!!

LATEST NEWS. Didn't I say it yesterday? Secretary of State Collin Powell's trip just BLEW UP. It appears the meeting with TERRORIST ARAFAT won't happen tomorrow, which is the Jewish Sabbath. This would be a step in the right direction. WE cannot give credibility to ARRAFAT by meeting with him. We should in FOOTBALL TERMS "PUNT". And let ISRAEL turn into RUBBLE like the WTC, ARRAFAT'S Command Complex, with ARRAFAT and his AIDES in it!

Somehow, now stay with me on this, as HISTORY will REPEAT itself to those who do not learn from HISTORY. I think we are at a point similiar to USA's 1940 or '41 before 12/07/1941, and we better get READY for it now. It is only going to take 1 more WTC-TYPE ATTACK to FORCE us there, and the possibility of it happening or worse is very REAL. Better to be "PRUDENT" and plan ahead, the DRAFT should be considered NOW. In 2 years or less we MAY need a 10 MILLION MAN ARMED FORCES, reactivation of shutdown Bases, (Most could be functional in 6 months or less). We have been Living WWIII in a disconnected state. Most of us have just continued on with life since 09/11 without much interuption. But we are ENTERING the most DIRE STRAITS since 12/07/41!!! When FEARS of INVASION from JAPAN and U-BOATS from the GERMANS were REAL FEARS. SOON, VERY SOON! The WAR is going to hit HOME. We best get READY! Like CAR INSURANCE that we pay HUNDREDS of $ a year, and hope to never need it. We better "COVER OUR ASS" in DEFENSIVE and OFFENSIVE OPTIONS. YOU KNOW we are TARGET #1 to the EXTREMIST ISLAMICS who want everyone to live in the STONE AGE, by "THEIR" INTERPERTATIONS of the KORAN.

These attackers on OUR way of LIFE are noy to bright. But their Leaders Are. For Example, convincing young female Palastinians to BLOW themselves UP. I wonder what is their PROMISED REWARD. SUPPOSEDLY the MEN who do this get 70 VIRGINS in the AFTERLIFE. What do ISLAMIC GIRLS get as a REWARD for doing the same thing? I don't KNOW! These women are barely treated better than CATTLE in the EXTREME FUNDAMENTALIST ISLAMIC Tradition.

IF someone could explain this to me that makes sense, PLEASE TELL ME!!! USE the EMAIL BUTTON.

Well I have to go, I do work tonight, a rare Friday. And Of Coarse I have to finish my TAXES this weekend TOO!

So now to place a promise I can keep, I will POST a NEW UPDATE TUESDAY, or EARLIER, maybe Saturday, maybe Sunday, maybe Monday. This is a PROMISE I Can Keep.


DAY 211 of WWIII


Well I guess none of you have any suggestions to my PC TOUCHPAD ISSUE I started with yesterday. Am I the only one who LIKES THEM?

So where are WE TODAY? I would say WE are on the EVE of the final disasterous outcome of Secretary of State Collin Powell's Middle Eastern trip to make Peace between the Arabs and Israelis. Believe me, unless some MIRACLE happens between now and tomorrow, or at the latest this weekend. OUR GOV'T is going to have to choose. Distilled down it is a choice between ISRAEL who would not have attacked the Palestinions unless provoked, to siding with OIL and the ARABS for SHORT TERM OIL IMPORT GUARENTEES. ISRAEL is such a SMALL COUNTRY, only 9 miles across at one point, That the JEWS have made since 1948 FLOURISH by their own work. The Lands they WON in WAR were started by COUNTRIES with vast amonts of LAND compared to ISRAEL, yet ISRAEL offered the conqured lands back to the PALESTINIANS in the LAND FOR PEACE OSLOW ACCORDS of 1993. But less than 18 months passed before the Palestinians started Suicide Bombings, and Saudi Arabia, and IRAQ compensating the FAMILIES in $ for "MARTYDOM". Even though these COUNTRIES basically forbid any Immigration of PALESTINIONS into "THEIR COUNTRY", but still call them "BROTHERS".... So what side do you support? Well you already know which side I support.

SORRY NO LINKS TODAY, I do have many, but had other things I had to do. I will try my best to post them all tomorrow, along with an update.

DAY 210 of WWIII


Let me start with this. I hate COMPUTER MOUSES, or is it MICE? Sure I know I have to use a MOUSE at work, but that doesn't mean I have to put up with it at home. I want my TOUCHPAD BACK!!! But the one I have is still hooked-up to the OLD FAILING/DYING PC/ or DEAD PC, for one last attempt to retrieve data and Files. It is a CIRQUE, VER. 1.0, about 5 yrs. old. I have SERIUOS DOUBTS that it will work on Windows-XP. And to tell you the truth, I haven't seen TOUCHPADS for sale at the big Computer Stores. Seems that TOUCHPADS only come with a Notebook, or Laptop PC. I need to do some seaching on this, but if any of you know anything that could help me, send me an email.

SAUDI ARABIA sets aside $50 MILLION for "MARTYRS". YES! Saudi Arabia is doing virtually the same thing as IRAQ. ENTICING Families to sacrifice their children, or Family members, to enrich the FAMILY in both "admiration" and Financially. See the STORY HERE!!! And "OFFICAILLY" Saudi Arabia is a "FRIEND" of the USA. TIME TO END THIS DEMENTED FRIENDSHIP!!!

UN Secretary-General Kofi Annan, WHY DON'T WE just get the HELL OUT OF THE UN and kick THEM OUT of NEW YORK???? NOT A PEEP from KOFI ANNAN when WE WERE ATTACKED on 09/11/01, except brief sigh of relief that it wasn't the UN BUILDING hit by the JETLINERS. NOW he is attacking the Israelis without reservation. NOW KNOW THIS! ISRAEL has endured over the yrs, and NOW, more PERIL than we have before and since 09/11/01. ISRAEL has ENEMIES bent on their DESTUCTUCTION. An Anology would be the Contiguous USA against NEW HAMPHSIRE. WE Should not be trying to restrain ISRAEL, we should be sendind troops and Equipment to fight alongside as we are fighting the same ENEMY. ISLAMIC EXTREMISTS. Well here is what UN Secretary-General Kofi Annan said. SEE THE STORY HERE!!!

Well we are at this point. It has been delayed by Presidents in the past due to our Influence and Power. That doesn't work anymore. Just like all Great ConflagaraTIONS IN THE PAST, AS RECENTLY as WWII over GERMANY and JAPAN. Such TOTAL differences between PEOPLES, can be solved in ONLY 1 way, that leads to PEACE. That is Total Defeat and Surrender of one side over the other. This is what happened in the end of WWII. GERMANY and JAPAN total Surrender. Now ReConstucted and positive Countries. SOVIET UNION, defeated by Ronald Reagan, because of AMERICA'S WILL and ECONOMIC MIGHT. To WIN this WAR, It needs to be done house to house, school to school, just like ISRAEL is doing NOW! Covert Action is preferred, but the Attacks on ISRAEL REQUIRE THEM to act OVERTLY, and we have NO DAMN BUSINESS stopping them, and in fact with all facts considered, we should be and Britian should be fighting alongside with ISRAEL.

I hated having to say that, but in the past, before where I Work now, this is going back over 16 yrs. I had 2 Lebonesse, not like CLINGER in M*A*S*H. One Christian, one Muslim. Had to schedule so they would not meet. They both went to ARIZONA STATE UNIVERSITY, and each wanted the other DEAD. I saw it myself. So sure what needs to be done is POLITICALLY INCORRECT, but BOTH SIDES don't give a DAMN about POLITICAL CORRECTNESS. ONE SIDE WILL WIN, and one side will LOSE. We CANNOT play both sides against each other any longer. It is time to choose sides. And our best Morally acceptable victor is with ISRAEL.

Good Lord, I am going to be innundated with HATE EMAIL after this posting, so be it. I COULDN'T CARE LESS!!!! IF MUSLIM EXTREMISTS are allowed to say KILL JEWS, and KILL AMERICANS. I just say let's defend ourselves, and attack only those who want US Dead. We don't need to kill all Muslims, Just a certain FEW. COUGH COUGH, I WILL PAY TO GIVE A PROPER BURIAL, ANNOINTED with EASTER HAM GRAVEY, and a FULL HAM in the coffin with the deceased WHAKO MILITANT MUSLIM. It is the Least I could do.... Can someone tell my WHY I have this compulsion to cover all my BULLETS with PIG FAT?

DAY 209 of WWIII


So, what do we have today? Well let's start with this. Remember The Flag Raising photo at the WTC? That was compared to the Iwo Jima Flag Raising during WWII? Well it didn't win the Pulitzer Prize. Why? Because it is POLITICALLY INCORRECT! See the STORY HERE!!!

Some of you want to see the story about the Saudi Ambassador from yesterday. Here is the LINK!!!

Saudi Arabia having a TELETHON to raise $ for the Palestinians. See the STORY HERE!!!

Saudi Arabia admits to bankrolling the Intifada. See the STORY HERE!!!

OK, that's enough for News from the Mid-East.

Now here is astory illustrating that crime doesn't pay. See the Story HERE!!!

DAY 208 of WWIII


Well I had good intentions, did manage to get all the paperwork together, but didn't finish my TAXES yet, DAMN! I have most of my NEW HANDY DANDY BUTTONS on the KEYBOARD the way I want, but am having trouble BURNING a CD Audio File. I'm a guy, I never get "lost". And I only go to the INSRUCTION MANUAL when I accept defeat that I couldn't figure it out on my own.

Well let's hit the NEWS. The Mid-East, why are we getting involved? Why is President Bush telling the Israelis to withdraw immediately? IF, GOD FORBID, we have another attack aka 09/11/01, would Bush listen to Prime Minister Sharon telling US to not OVERREACT? HELL NO! I think we should stay the hell out of this and let Israel and the Palestinians fight it out, And to hell with the ARAB Countries that think WE should stop Israel. For crying out loud the Saudi Embassador called the Palestinian Suicide bombers the same as George Washington and the Continental Army! Like I've said before, the Saudis are NOT Friends of US.

OK, now for the idiotic news. A woman is upset. OK, not news. But the reason she got upset is this. She was ELATED to hear that BURGER KING was going to serve VEGGIE BURGERS, UNTIL she found out that they would be Charcoal Broiled on the same Grill as MEAT. The goes back to the McDonalds FRENCH FRY NATURAL FLAVORING idiotic fiasco. Tell me this. If you are a VEGAN, WHY would you go into a place CALLED "BURGER KING" in the 1st Place? Don't you know that Everything there will have traces of MEAT on it? And if you live close by, the AIR contains detectable traces of MEAT? I could go on and on, like ORGANIC VEGGIES, the fertilizer is cow manure. Well anyway, here is the STORY HERE!!!

OK, most of you had to reset ALL of your Clocks yesterday. How many did you have to change? I realize that on the PC it was probably done automatically if you prepared in advance. But what did you have to manually change yourself? Wristwatch, Microwave Oven, Stove, Car, VCR, Wall Clocks, etc. etc. Don't you think it's time, (Pardon the Pun) to do away with this? as for the most part we are a 24 hr society. Business goes on 24 hrs. a day, no longer 9 to 5. I think it is time to consder to eleminate all time zones, and the dateline. Sure it would take the Spark out of New Years Eve parties, when the year changes at 2 in the afternoon in todays time. Just Choose one, and one is already used. GREENICH MEAN TIME. Plus go to the 24 HR Clock. So maybe instead of working 9 to 5PM, you work 1700 to 2400. EVERYBODY all over the WORLD on the same time. If a Disaster happens in some far-off Country at 0300 on such and such a date, you know when it happened. At least here in ARIZONA we don't participate in this illogical madness of changing times. I know the Argument, to use the DAYLIGHT. Simple to fix. Instead of changing the TIME, change the start time for Schools, Business, whatever by 1 HR on selected Date, This eliminates 9PM Eastern, 8PM Central, 7PM Mountain, 6PM Pacific Graphics for LIVE EVENTS like Sports. Well here is the ORIGINAL REASON we have these time shifts twice a year. See the STORY HERE!!!

Here is a very interesting tid-bit, Chlorophyll found on MARS!!!??? See the CNN STORY HERE!!!

Well the SPACE SHUTTLE is about to LAUNCH if winds at the pad allow. You can monitor this at HERE!!!

DAY 205 of WWIII


FINALLY the WEEKEND!!! Well I do have an extended weekend now, I don't go back to work until Tuesday Night. However I have a short Weekend next week. So #1 I better get my TAXES done this weekend. And #2 Get these handy New Buttons on my PC working to my liking. I think I have done the second Item, I have the INFO, will implement tonight or tommorrow. I will tell you this, the ONLINE SUPPORT CENTER for HP, (Hewlett-Packard) is the BEST I've ever encountered, maybe I was Lucky. But I was VERY IMPRESSED. With this New PC I will have more Questions and test the customer some more. I will keep you informed.

Well I assume you all are keeping track of the MID-EAST POWDERKEG, that the fuse is lit. So no need for me to comment on, I Assume you know my stance.

So what is left?

Well THERE is OTHER NEWS, and probably you would NEVER SEE, except for me.

HERE we are AGAIN with a SCHOOL ADMINISTRATION that has ZERO COMMON SENSE. Well you know the ZERO TOLERANCE POLICIES PROTECT SCHOOL ADMINISTRATORS From making ANY DECISION that could get HIM/HER in trouble. Good Lord I remember the Days in High School taking my Rifle or Shotgun to School, to either HUNT after School, or being part of the RIFLE CLUB. And I doubt I ever went to school after the 3rd or 4th GRADE without a pocket-knife in my pocket. Remember I am only 39 years old. NOW SEE THIS STORY!!!! HERE!!!


DAY 204 of WWIII


I HAVE to do this 1st. My companion/ coworker over the Airwaves, the main REASON I have been able to Work the GRAVEYARD SHIFT at "THE SECRET LAB" as long as I have. Well his website hit it's 100,000,000th Visitor Last night. This is NOT A TYPO! It is of coarse ART BELL, The King of the Night, the purveyor of the strange and weird that I love so much. Well his webmaster, Keith Rowland lives here in Mesa, Az. also. AND in fact tried to help me out with my Computer Troubles last week. I have never met Art Bell, but have spoken to him on the "AIR" a number of times, last being just before Midnight AZ. Time on NEW YEARS EVE 3 months ago, after my Computer Monitor "BLEW UP". I do know Keith, and have met him in person a numerable times, we know each other "On - Sight". Keith is a great guy, I can never say anything bad about someone as busy as he is, taking time to try to help my Computer/Internet/Website problems. Here is the Website And here is the IMAGE Displayed after reaching 100,000,000 Visitors last night.

I am still in the aggravating process of setting this PC up to where I like it as far as internet settings, email settings, reconstructing my email lists, wanting these neat buttons on the Keyboard to go to MY internet provider instead of MSN. This is besides the buttons for the CD-RW Drive. Which would make for a handy PC Back-Up. Plus I need to deal with McAFEE. About a month, month 1/2 ago I bought online their latest ANTI-VIRUS Program and downloaded it online. Now I need to redo the WHOLE thing for Windows-XP. I do have a 90 trial on McAFEE because of buying this PC, I Bought, but I want to change it to Windows-XP, and I need to RE-Download. This is a project for this weekend, along with my CIRQUE TOUCHPAD, that I have LITTLE hope of using, as it is Version 1.0 for Win95. But I love my TOUCHPAD, I hate Computer MOUSE. I may have to do some serious seaching, as what I see in Computer Stores are MICE and Trackballs, and the only TOUCHPADS are on NOTEBOOKS and LAPTOPS.


IRAQ! Well this leader has it in for Israel and US! Remember in Saddam's mind it is a dead heat on who he hates more between Israel and US. SEE THE STORY HERE!!!

AND! Now Saddam and other ARABS are advocating an OIL EMBARGO against US! See the STORY HERE!!!

And this STORY doesn't make me feel any better. SEE THE STORY HERE!!!

We are in a much more DANGEROUS WORLD than 1 yr ago, or even 6 months ago. We better PRAY HARD that Our Leaders are able to mitigate and/or diffuse this impending DANGER. But I think the situation, politically, internationally, and natural disasters, like EarthQuakes, etc. IS going to get a lot WORSE, before it gets better.

Well I need to put in some time time into this new PC, so I gotta go. See you tommorrow!!!!

DAY 203 of WWIII


Well, I am back to my Regular Internet Provider, I didn't Like MSN, but I do have FREE access for the next 6 months. So it will be a good backup for the 1 day Every 3 months that AT&T doesn't work for me. I also believe I am now able to send out Email, it is apparent that I was able to view my Recieved Email, but my replies didn't go out. This should be fixed now.

As I said before, I have a lot of time to spend getting my New PC Set and Configured to my liking. PLUS I need to figure out how to get these Extra Buttons on the top of my Keyboard to go where I want them to go. AND!!! I need once again reset my Preferences to my stocks, and mutual fund tracker. Just to learn if I am BROKE or RICH, or somewhere inbetween. I think I am inbetween, but have lost a considerable amount of $ in the 3 Days, both the DOW, and NASDAQ, DOWN DOWN DOWN. Which means to me: OUCH OUCH OUCH!!!!

MY next GOAL is to get my TOUCHPAD working on my new PC. I HATE MOUSE, MICES, or whatever. But I may have some Trouble. I have a CIRQUE POWER CAT 1.0 for WINDOWS 95. I don't know if this will work with WINDOWS-XP, or if NEW DRIVERS are available. That is tomorrow's Project. But I must say, I was surprised by the EASE I installed my COMPACTFLASH CARD READER into the USB PORT. BOOM!!! There it is! I am impressed, and that's not easy to do.

OK, now let's get into STUPID PEOPLE NEWS

A PANIC ATTACK happened at some Small City, I don't know where, it's called, Olathe. Well anyways an APRIL FOOLS JOKE by a RADIO STATION got out of Hand. PEOPLE and RESIDENTS were FREAKED out by the DESTUCTIVE and UNHEALTHY Properties, of a CHEMICAL NAME FOR..... WATER!!!! NOW the RADIO STATION is about to be SUED!!! I suppose I am SAFE to ASSUME that these PEOPLE have never gone to High School, or taken a BASIC SCIENCE COARSE, AND!!! That they MARRY their 1st Cousins OFTEN!!!! AND!!! in the whole FAMILY you would be able to put together only 1 Set of TEETH. GOOD GRIEF!!! THERE ARE STILL TOTAL IDIOTS OUT THERE!!! SEE the STORY HERE!!!

I am Slowly configuring this new PC to my Preferences. As I get more done and completed, my updates will be more Extensive. And who knows? Maybe with my New PC Capabilities, the SMOKECAM will be Reality in the near Future. See you TOMORROW!!!

DAY 202 of WWIII


I'm Back!, A Brief description of my PC Trouble over the past 2 weeks is at the end of Today's Update.

The Mid-East...What a MESS!!! I think we should back-off and let Israel and the Palestinians/Arabs fight it out. NEVER in WORLD HISTORY has PEACE been achived through negotiation. PEACE happens when one side destroys or has total Victory to the point that the LOSER cannot wage WAR. And now "WAR" is being waged by youngsters wearing BOMBS, Willing to kill themselves for a CAUSE or a RELIGION. AND who were these youngsters educated by? Yassar Arrafat, the Saudi's, etc. There are ISLAMIC SCHOOLS in the USA, funded by the Saudi's preaching the ANTI-AMERICAN HATRED. And TAX EXEMPT!!!

We need to LEAD as a NATION, BATTLESHIP DIPLOMACY if need be. We have to STOP this NOW! Or we may have waves of suicide bombers HERE!!! AND ThAT IS THE best case. Otherwise we open this COUNTRY to even more hellish attacks.

About 130 Israeli's died in SUICIDE BOMBINGS since MARCH 1st. Do the ALGEBRA. This would EQUAL about 5,000 AMERICANS KILLED on OUR SOIL! If we WAR over 3,000 DEATHS of Our COUNTRYMEN, on OUR SOIL. WHY would WE prevent ISRAEL from doing the same????

Arafat is as an analogy, Israel's Bin Laden.

So what to do? 2 choices. Back off and let them fight it out, OR. WE come in with a BIG HAND, depose the regimes of Saudi Arabia, Irag, Iran, and control this region like the SOVIETS controlled the BALKANS. Well I hope we don't try to do this. I think the Best Solution is for us to stand aside, and let the JEWS save their COUNTRY from all those who want ISRAEL gone.

Such a SMALL PIECE of LAND is ISRAEL. BUT there are those who want ISRAEL gone, nonexist. Do the Arab COUNTRIES free up some SPACE for the PALESTINIONS? NO!!! The Country of JORDAN is 65% PALESTINION, but have ZERO RIGHTS. But if your are Palestinion and a family member is a suicide bomber, the family gets $20,000 as a REWARD! From either the PLO or other ARAB COUNTRIES!

So back again to the ORINAL Question. I say let us stay out of this, for now. If and when it goes NUCLEAR, WE step in, on ISRAEL'S Side. And we carry and USE OUR BIG STICK. TO HELL The LEADERS of ARABIAN Govt's. and Arafat if they don't comply.



And here is a STORY on what Arafat is Doing NOW. HERE!

These are trying times, is it Biblical Prophecy coming True? MAYBE...

My OH My! What a hellish ordeal I've been thru the past nearly 2 weeks! It all started around March 22nd. I was notified by a visitor that my Web site was not working right. So I actually went and viewed my website as you all see it. And the notification was correct. My Opening Page was cut-off at the knees so to speak, and MY DAILY THOUGHTS were also abridged. I assumed that I had reached my allocated "SPACE". So I deleted a few large picture files from the ARCHIVES to free up space. Well the opposite happened. My website Shrunk even more!

So I contacted my website host provider. I then learned that my files were not completely coming thru. Well I learned soon afterward that my A Drive, Floppy Drive was dieing. And was very quickly DEAD. My 1st try at a fix was using my Hard Drive, a simple fix. But that also didn't work. THE CANCER was spreading FAST! My website host provider said I needed to RELOAD my FTP Program, OH GREAT! I have it on a Floppy! And my A Drive is DEAD! Well then I tried another "Fix". I would give a friend of mine the disc with my FTP Program on it, and have him EMAIL it to me. Well I also found my FTP Program on other Drives in my PC, as I had it spit into C, D, and E. Well to keep the story short, in the end NONE worked. I was also seeing other troubles, my own off-line programs freezing up, and other errors. Hard Reboot reaching double digits Daily. Many Hours wasted trying to fix a FATAL Disease of OLD AGE on the PC. I knew it was going to DIE this year, just had hoped it would be later in the year.

So now I got a SCREAMING PC, 6X the Hard Drive Space, 4X the RAM. BUT,,,, There is ALWAYS A but. I need to get this new PC configured to my liking, and I have a lot of things to reEnter. Blah Blah Blah.

I tell you, it is a painful ordeal to have a PC DIE and NO easy means of transfering info to the new PC. I Emailed myself My Email Addressbook, Internet Favorites, but there are some things I couldn't save. 1 EXAMPLE: I had just reset my preferences for my stocks and mutual funds. I have to do that ALL OVER AGAIN!!! There goes 2 hours. Well I have 3 days of Vacation I have to take before June. I guess I know how to spend the time!

DAY 201 of WWIII




Granted, I am not Jesus. I didn't die, my PC did. And being "ARISEN" is not with the old PC, but with a BRAND NEW ONE!

Setting up BRAND NEW PC!!! In case you didn't notice, I have had MANY ISSUES with my old PC the past week and 1/2.

It is going to take me awhile to get everything reconfigured on this end. BUT I AM BACK!