Long night at work, another long night tonight. Meeting 1/2 hr. after my 10 hr. Shift ends. I will post as much as I can.

Art Bell update. It appears Art is pursuing his run to being "a private person". The NEWS I posted that I got from Art's old website on 5/1/00 that Art's father had died on 4/30/00. This NEWS is now removed from that website. I assume it was because of a request from Art himself.

Now to the NEWS of the DAY. I call this one, "When Great-Grand Ma's" go bad. See the STORY HERE!!!

Man Charged with Driving Under the Influence of.... tea!!! See the STORY HERE!!!

Now here is a LESSON to NEVER send NUDE PHOTO's of yourself to ANYONE, even a potential Romantic Flame in a CHAT ROOM. See the STORY HERE!!!

And now, heh, heh... An AD in the Arizona Republic yesterday, showed more than any "Wet-T-Shirt" contest ever could. See the STORY and APOLOGY HERE!!!

And last, but not least. AL GORE accused of LYING!!!??? Can't BE!!!! His Boss Promised the MOST ETHICAL ADMINISTRATION IN THE HISTORY OF THIS COUNTRY!!!! Opps, I forgot, This IS the CLINTON ADMINISTRATION. See the STORY HERE!!!

Well that's it for today, if I don't get at least 5 1/2 hrs of sleep, I tend to be a real SOB. So for the well-being of my shift at "The Secret Lab"... See you tommorrow!!!


OK, I know this page is loading slow, due to the graphics I have about Art Bell. But I must note. Last night's Guest Richard Hoagland, I will be seeing for the 4th time this Sunday 5/7/00. And Tonight's Guest, Al Belich, Philedelphia Experiment is on. Al Belich's Original Appearence on Art's Show, is the 1st Show Of Art's I heard. And I've been hooked since. Anyways, this "File" will be Archived soon. And Labeled as "Good-Bye Art Bell". For easy retrieval.

Now to the News and topics of today.

Let me pose a Question to you: Today, RUSH LIMBAUGH spent a LOT of time on the 20 cent proposed(additional) TAX on 6-Packs of BEER to cut the gonorreah rate by 9%..... RUSH basically mirrored my comments today, 5/2/00. Well as you can see below in a previous POSTING of 04/28/00. I beat RUSH by 4 DAYS!!!

While RUSH claims he is on the cutting edge of Information on the RADIO, Smoker Dave BEATS him on the Internet!!!

Now for some Stories for you to digest.

Digest,,,,Ha,Ha!!! FAT MAN accused of killing wife by sitting on her, because she drank too much BEER of coarse. I can't make these up. See the STORY HERE!!!

WACO.... Hmmm. A lot of witnesses dying unexpectedly. Hmmm. This has happened before to the opposition of the "MOST ETHICAL ADMINISTRATION IN THE HISTORY OF THIS COUNTRY". Seems to me being a friend, or foe of CLINTON is a potential DEATH SENTANCE. See the STORY HERE!!!

Now this next STORY hits closer to home. At "The SECRET LAB" we a Vendor Engineer who fixes our robotic equipment. He has Tourette's Syndrome. He Doesn't swear, but does "grunt". We at "The SECRET LAB" know about this and accept this. We at "The SECRET LAB" prefer him to the others who do not "grunt" because he is the best. Now see this STORY HERE!!!

And now of coarse from ARIZONA where I am. IS childhood PLAY now forever changed? NO MORE, "COPS 'N' ROBBERS", NO MORE, "COWBOYS 'N' INDIANS" on the playgrounds, or even around your own HOME???? See the STORY HERE!!!

Gee, Ain't Life GREAT in the Liberal, Democrat Party Era, Clinton Era???? Take the PAIN AWAY!!! This probably gives an idea to some WHACKO LIBERAL to shoot me. Well HE/SHE better do it in 1 Shot!!! Paybacks are a BITCH where I come From, and the BITCH isn't one you can have "fun" with on the side like SLICK WILLY.

Janet RENO sobbing on the "OPRAH" Show today, she NEEDS acting lessons. I bet SLICK WILLY can give her some leads to GOOD TEACHERS!!!

I wonder if doing this web-site, I have lowered my Life Expectancy.... SCREW IT!!! If I can't Speak My Mind HERE, than I would rather not be HERE!!!



Well at least this is the call in some Major TV Markets, when ABC was taken off Cable systems. I bet if this was late August or Early September, the Blackout of a Monday Night NFL GAME, would get this issue settled in a hurry. Besides what does ABC have worthwhile besides Monday Night Football? See the STORY HERE!!!

OK now for a divisive subject. The "Millenium March" in Wash. D.C. this weekend by Gay activists. I don't care what people do in their own bedrooms. I care even less about it at work as a supervisor, at work I care about productivity, and teamwork. I can choose who I associate with after work on my own. I can support that a gay couple have the same rights in regards to be informed, and access to a partner, if an accident happened or is sick. Same goes for being the recipient of assets if 1 dies. But given the RIGHT to raise a CHILD? I think NOT. Not a Blanket RIGHT. I am sure there are some Gay couples who would be very good parents. Since they can't have a child of their own, they must adopt. I am against artificial insemination for gays, of coarse that only works one way, and for gay men to not have the same opportunity is unfair and unjust.......So To Speak....

What I am really against is the suit before the Supreme Court right now. I believe the "BOY SCOUTS", being a PRIVATE ORGANIZATION, has EVERY RIGHT to BAR openly Gay ScoutMasters. This organization is mostly sponsored by Churches, including, but not limited to Mormon, Catholic, and Protestent. And they have made known that if the Supreme Court Rules in favor of Gay Scoutmasters, these Churches will pull out of Scouting. And this would be the end of the "Boy Scouts". I do not believe, nor do I advocate, discrimination of gays. I do believe that presenting this "alternative" lifestyle to children is wrong and inappropriate. I have a couple of stories for you on this subject today. One of these stories, I have a prediction. No matter how good a football player he is, he will never make it to the NFL. And another comment, imagine being straight and being allowed to shower with the opposite sex in High School....Maybe this is why the Feds are continually trying for a unisex lifestyle. Here are THE STORIES: #1 HERE!!! 2nd STORY HERE!!!

Banishment from a State, UnConstutional. Interferes with the RIGHT of travel. But Kentucky is trying...See the STORY HERE!!!

And now for another ART BELL UPDATE. Trying Times for Art, I have just learned from CoastToCoastAM.comthat Art Bell's father died. Here is the Press Release.

4/30/00 - NOTICE: Art Bell's father passed away Sunday evening from heart failure. No other info is available. Art was not able to see his father before he died, but stated he'll be able to talk to him from anywhere now. Our condolences go out to Art's family.

And now a LINK to a witness of the opening round of one of Art Bell's Lawsuits that Art WON. HERE!!!

I do need to point out this from the opposing sides Lawyer, think about it....The most personally shocking statement made during the hearing was from Gunderson's attorney. As previously reported, he stated that -- even though Hollow had already admitted that his legal team had investigated and found Hickson's allegations about Bell to be false -- "There's no proof that Art Bell isn't a child molester." What I got from his words is this: "As a citizen, I don't have to give any evidence that any person is a pedophile, to suggest that he/she is. I can slander him or her as long as I want, wherever I want, as often as I want. After all, I'm covered: the remotest chance that I could be guessing correctly is proof enough." I'm glad most people aren't like that man. report by Katherine Sullivan 2000 IMAGINE THAT!!!! ACCUSED of a crime, accusers find later NO EVIDENCE OF IT after an INVESTIGATION. But then SAY IN COURT, that there is NO EVIDENCE that he never did commit such a CRIME!!!! This blows my mind!! accusations proven false, and admitted to by the defendants. But now they demand proof that you never did such a thing you were accused of, and found innocent. ARE THINGS SCREWED UP OR WHAT???


Let's continue to catch up on the NEWS. Last article is about Art Bell winning Round 1.

Student assignment, write a SCARY STORY. Student did.... apparently too well, facing suspension from school. I say, you get what you ask for... See the STORY HERE!!!

Now this story, Kevin Mitnick, the computer hacker now out on probation, conditions of which include:No Computers, No Cell Phones, No TV, Or anything that could possibly access the "Internet". The Judge admitted in the following NEWS STORY that she expected Mitnick to not be able to earn any $$$ above minimum wage. Well she forgot about possible Speaking Engagements, and Conferences. NOW the FED's are Threatening to revoke his Probation if he doesn't stop these Engagements. Even though this wasn't a condition of his Probation. And send him back to PRISON. Why? Because he figured out a way to make $$$ Legally, when the Court wanted him unable to make more than Minimum Wage during his Probationary Time. See the Story HERE!!!

Now here is a story about the 2nd Ammendment you should read and think about. STORY HERE!!!

Art Bell WINS Round 1 of one of the many Lawsuits...
Nashville (April 28, 2000) - Late night radio host Art Bell took a significant step forward today in his two-year battle to vindicate his reputation. After lengthy oral argument this morning, Judge Marietta Shipley rejected attempts by local radio stations WWCR and WNQM and radio host Ted Gunderson to dismiss Mr. Bell's lawsuit against them.
Art Bell filed his defamation lawsuit in the Circuit Court for Davidson County after Mr. Gunderson and David Hinkson accused him of molesting children on a program aired worldwide on WWCR, a Nashville-based short wave radio station. Citing the emotional harm that resulted from the false charges, Mr. Bell announced on March 31, 2000 his retirement from radio broadcasting.
Art Bell's lead counsel, Gerard P. Fox of Los Angeles, had the following statement: "When a person has been defamed, there is no putting the genie entirely back in the bottle. However, the Court's ruling today that Mr. Bell has provided sufficient evidence to allow the case to be decided by a jury goes a long way toward restoring his reputation. This day in Court has reaffirmed Mr. Bell's confidence in our judicial system."
Additional information about Art Bell's lawsuit may be obtained by calling Gerard P. Fox at (310) 229-9300 or Mr. Bell's Tennessee lawyer, John Wood of Branham & Day, P.C., at (615) 742-4880.


I am back, or at least working on it, to the regular updates.

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Well I guess I disappointed a few people at "The Secret Lab" last night. Seems they expected me to be dressed in black, like Johnny Cash or something. Some were trying to imagin what my Apt. looked like the other night during Art Bell's Last Show. I don't know, maybe they thought a had an alter constructed to Art. Not the case. I took the night off because it was Art's last night, and I wanted to be able to listen uninterupted to the Last Show. I listen to all Radio Shows on my Super Baygen Radio. The one change I did make was using the White LED Flashlights to illuminate my small APT. A personal tribute, because of Art I found out about the products the C.Crane Co, offers, that I have purchased over the years. C.Crane WAS Art's 1st sponsor. I figured that since I didn't need to use the flashlights (2) plus the 1 on the Super Baygen Radio, because of Y2K. It was appropriate to use them this night. I was also asked how much BEER did I have. I said a 12 pack between 10 and 11. Then needed to clarify that it was a 12-pack between 10PM and 11AM. Come-ON!!!! did you really think I would do BEER BONGS for an hour STRAIGHT?????, a BEER every 5 minutes??? I know "The Secret LAb" knows I like BEER, but I also like to taste it. For crying out-loud!

I am going to try to catch-up on News and Commentary, there will be an update this weekend.

So now let's start to catch up on the NEWS.

The 1st Story is about SETI, "Search for Extra Terrestrial Intelligence". I do use this software talked about as a screen saver. Doing my part in the pursuit. See the STORY HERE!!!

Federal Gov't running amok again. Raise the BEER TAXES 20 cents a 6-pack, and reduce Gonorrhea 9%. This Gov't Sponsored Study is studying the rates of 15 to 19 ye. olds. I thought it was ILLEGAL for them to even DRINK! Anyways, using this "LOGIC", if we raise the TAX on 6-packs of cheap BEER by $2.25, not only will gonorreah be eliminated, but others would be cured!!! An example of the anti-gun, anti-tobacco rational seeping into other "anti-social" or "politcally incorrect" Lawful activities. See the STORY HERE!!!And I thought the LIBERALS solved this problem by giving Condoms to 6th Graders at School....Silly me. Now a TAX not because it is needed, but because it is GOOD for us.

Next story. You are, or want to be Married and have a lot of kids? Check out the latest Cost Projections. See the Story HERE!!!

Last Story today. Sen. John McCain, really pissed-off VIETNAM, during his visit there. Imagin the INSULT, a Former POW for over 5 yrs., trying to "normalize" Relations after 25 yrs. Saying the wrong side won.... and demonizing his captors. WHAT THE HELL IS SUPPOSED TO SAY???!!!! THANK YOU FOR TORTURING ME, and KILLING MY FRIENDS???? See the STORY HERE!!!

Remember a New Update this weekend.

04/26/00 - 04/27/00 10PM -12:30PM

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A Chronological Post of the night.

1 hour done of The Art Bell Show. The Smoker Dave Compound dimly lit by computer screen and White LED FlashlightsOn opening pg. Art's voice coming from The Super Baygen Radio.Online Catalog, Radios - Shortwave, Portable, Baygen Freeplay Plus.

The Show started out with a short interview with Crystal Gayle whose songs he used as "bumper Music". Followed by a short conversation with the new host of the Show Mike Siegel. Art then also announced that Items related to him, including the Archives, Soundclips, etc. will be eventually removed, to finalize a return to "private life". This would mean the links to past Show's and Soundclips that I am on will soon Not Work. I do think however, that the "Superglue Incident" Sound-clip I have myself, and if so, that will still work.

The Official URL for the Show is now "http://www.coasttocoastam.com/". Even though "http://www.artbell.com/" still works, Art is going to hold onto that domain name himself. Art then thanked some of the major players behind the scenes, and gave a short history of the Show, how it evolved from news and politics to its' present form. A final studio-cam picture was taken just before the Show. This is the LAST publicly available photo of Art Bell.

The 2nd hour of the Show starts with Art's Final Guest, Michio Kaku, Professor of theoretical physics.

I quickly then went to check for any related Emails and found a couple.

The first is from a friend I miss second most at work after Art, and got some good news.

Smoker Dave,

I too will be listening to Art tonight. Although I dont get to listen as much as I would like to, I have generated to some new listeners while on the the road and supporting those third shift go-lives. I'm sure Cxxxxx will also miss Art since he has also been a listener since birth. On a happier note, you'll be glad to here that you're going to be Uncle Smoker to another little one. Just confirmed yesterday that Kxxxx is about 5 weeks along.

Kxxxx, Cxxxxx and I just spent the last two weeks in Miami Beach where I was doing an install. Talk about a trippy situation being their. Hospital was a block away from the Nun's house where Elian stayed a few times.
Take care,

The second Email is from a co-worker from "The Secret Lab". It does illustrate some of the inherrant dangers of "The Internet" and curious children. The SMOKER DAVE web-site is rated PG. Parental Guidence suggested.

Titled, "Thanks A Lot!"

I was talking to Gxxxxxx,(Smoker Dave insert, Jxxxx's young son) while connecting to your website, so I had to explain the Elian Gonzales story to him. Then he wanted to know about the Clinton picture, where you got it. Then he was imitating the changes on in Clinton's face, and he sure looked a lot like him!!

And a Art Bell related Email From the "UFO LAWYER" who I will see with Richard C. Hoagland on Sunday May 7th, along with Frances Emma Barwood.

"We seek him here, we seek him there, Those listeners seek him everywhere. Is he in heaven? - Is he in hell? That damned elusive Arthur Bell?"

With apologies to: Emmuska Orczy and the "The Scarlet Pimpernel"

In January 1998, I appeared on Art Bell's Coast to Coast at the request of Steven Bassett, as part of the "UFO Disclosure" program. At the time, CAUS hadn't existed as a viable activist organization since the early 80s and if not for Barry Greenwood's newsletter, "Just Cause," would have been nothing more than a memory.

Due to my appearance, I received several hundred e-mails supporting my belief that it was time to end the secrecy, no matter what the source, and that we had an absolute right to know about the nature of this non-human intelligence. As a result of those e-mails, I decided to resurrect CAUS as an online organization with a web site presence and daily CAUS updates.

Thank you Arthur.

By the end of that year, I was regularly appearing on Art's radio show, each time increasing the CAUS membership by 1000. Art's aggressive and loyal support for the CAUS, was the single most significant factor in CAUS' phenomenal growth in a two year period.

Thank you Arthur.

Art Bell will be missed. Possibly more than we even realize now. He provided a forum like no one else had accomplished previously and for information that wouldn't otherwise be shared. Whether entertaining, whether informative, whether even true...was unimportant. It was certainly thought-provoking and it was left to the listener to believe or not to believe.

Thank your Arthur.

Art Bell will be remembered. He changed the way we think. He reached the height of his profession. He was numero uno and he paid the price. He was defamed, ridiculed and his family abused. Ironically, it is a sad tribute to the record setting talk show host who specialized in the unusual, the extraordinary, the paranormal...all a threat to our current paradigms and the "status quo." Fortunately, time will fade the negative side effects and history will record the positive achievements.

Thank you Arthur.

There is only one Art Bell. No one will ever be able to take his place, duplicate his unique style and personality or conduct an interview with the same energy, enthusiasm and curiosity. He was the perfect man for the job. He brought out the best in all his guests.

Thank you Arthur.

On behalf of all your listeners, CAUS and myself, I want to wish you the best in your legal battles, in your personal life and in your future. And I want to leave you with this one thought...even Michael Jordan unretired once...so hurry back.

Thank you Arthur.

Peter A. Gersten

LAST HOUR, Art still interviewing his Guest. A full Show, but no opportunity for callers to say "Good-Bye". Art Stated at the beginning of the Show that he hates "Good-Byes". I do too. I can't believe that there is less than 1 hour of ART BELL LIVE left.

Less than 1/2 hour left, and of coarse a call from "The Secret Lab" to help with an issue when I am OFF work. To "The Secret Lab" 1/2 hour charged time to the timesheet per call answered, retro-active to last week.

Last piece of "Bumper Music" played was, "It's a Wonderful World", by Louis Armstrong

THE END...... Art's last words were, "....Except GOODBYE....", at 2:58 AM 04/27/00. Followed by Frank Sinatra's, "I Did It My WAY".

Now like B.J. Honnicut of M*A*S*H,,,, in the Final episode, to HawkEye Pierce.


The largest audience of the last TV series episode was M*A*S*H. And I bet every last $ that this Final ART BELL SHOW, has the LARGEST AUDIENCE in NIGHT TIME Radio. Farewell my friend, and Yes, there are tears in my Beer...

And this last ART is now my wallpaper on my PC, replacing the "Face on Mars" Photo I had as my "wallpaper" for many years.

Now here are a couple of articles relating to this last entry. MARS, the LIES and Deceptions.

See this STORY HERE!!!

And See this STORY HERE!!!

So what does Smoker Dave have to look forward to? Well getting used to the new voice and personality of the Show, Mike Siegel, who will continue the same genre of Art's Show. This is a good thing. Working the Graveyard Shift, eventually continous music gets old, with the radio stations playing the same songs over and over.... A more interesting venue is the Paranormal, the Strange, UFO's, etc. Like Ghost stories around a campfire. This is the life of a long-time Graveyard Shift worker. Not one of those who work the shift for a few yrs, taking every opportunity for Day, or Swing Shift openings. But eventually all who work the Graveyard Shift for 5+ yrs and not trying for "normal" hours, and there is very few of those, which I am one. MAYBE WE ARE THE ALIENS, in this Politically Correct, Bleeding Heart Liberal, Unisex and whatever sex, World.

But here is what I look forward next. Sunday May 7th, I will see Richard C. Hoagland for the 4th time.

Web-Site HERE!!!

12 Noon 04/27/00. Most articles relating to Art Bell are now removed from the "www.artbell.com" web-site. Within a month or so, There will virtually be no evidence left of Art Bell....

I DO HAVE the REALPLAYER file of "The Superglue Incident".
This is the only audio I can provide from my numerous "appearences" on the now history, ART BELL SHOW. Time to call it a "day" and go to sleep, back to "the Secret Lab" tonight.



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Now LESS THAN 10 HOURS until the start of Art's LAST SHOW!!!