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The Political Quote of the Day for 04/19/01:


Generations to come... will scarce believe that such a one as this ever walked upon this earth.

Albert Einstein


Well it is, "HOLOCAUST REMEMBERANCE DAY". I should also point out that it is the 6th Anniversary of the "OAKLAHOMA CITY BOMBING" by Timmothy McViegh. Who, QUOTING PETA: "GOING VEGAN WOULD BE GOOD FOR HIS SOUL...." Though my Church (I am Catholic) opposes the Death Penalty, I do not. I wouldn't watch myself unless I was affected on a personal level. But there is 1 thing I DO OBJECT TO. This Lethal Injection Method is a cop-out. I would make the "CONDENMED" choose between: ELECTRIC CHAIR, FIRING SQUAD, HANGING, BE-HEADING, and the GAS CHAMBER. I believe there should be some trauma involved, but let the DAMNED PERSON choose between these Methods. I know....CRUEL & UNUSUAL PUNISHMENT. BUT the INNOCENT VICTIM(s) were BRUTALLY KILLED by the Condemned Person. Why should he/she just be able to say, "Nighty Nite!" and just fall to a sleep they never wake up from?

My EMAIL is messed up, I will try reloading my EMAIL PROGRAM tonight, it appears it went out sometime Tuesday afternoon. I probably have close to 200 Emails on the AT&T Server by now. Probably as stuffed-up as I am.

I think I know where I got this Damn Cold, it must have been from the Easter Vigil Mass this past Saturday Night. I can deal with plugged-up sinuses, sore throat, etc. But my ears being plugged-up too is really dis-orienting. I hear everyone like I'm underwater. Plus the fact my smokes have lost their Flavor, and my nose drains directly into my mustache, too Graphic? Sorry. But it sucks being sick when the weather is a beautiful 85-90 degrees. At least I was able to get tonight off from work, for 2 reasons, I am "under the weather, but could work", and plus I need a break from work.

Speaking of work, how about this? A piece of "SECRET LAB EQUIPMENT" started messing up, giving ERROR MESSAGES ETC. I couldn't screen print this one, but it was great! The ERROR MESSAGE READ: PROGRAM DIED. And so did about $3,000 worth of testing materials.

Right nostril running wild right now, left ear partially clear, in case your interested.

Well the Shuttle Endeavor has just made it into ORBIT successfully. I watched it on "THE NASA CHANNEL". I always feel a lot better when the SOLID ROCKET BOOSTERS seperate from the SHUTTLE.

A QICK NOTE: This FILE is getting full, next update probably will be a new file.

The International Space Station is the 2nd Brightest Object in the sky, 2nd only to the MOON. And when the Space Shuttle is hooked up to it, it is even BRIGHTER! If you want to see when you can see this pass over you, check this LINK HERE!!! Just enter in your location and you will get the times and area to look in the sky.

Now let's get to the NEWS of the Day, albeit without help from my Email Sources for the 2nd day.

I was wondering why the other day why the visibilty here in AZ was so poor. Chinese DUST and Pollution! See the Story HERE!!!

Now this Story, I had when it 1st came out, even though it was from a reputable "NEWS SOURCE" I couldn't believe it, so I didn't post it. That night the News and video was on my local TV NEWSCAST. Well it is apparent many still do not know about. I call it:BRAIN WORMS!!!! See the STORY HERE!!!

I'll just Title this as: THOSE WHO LAUGH LAST, LAUGH BEST!!! I am jealouse of this couple, but I relish the fact they can, and have got the last laugh over their friends. See the STORY HERE!!!

The State of Missisippi Voted by nearly a 2 to 1 margin to KEEP its State Flag. Well the NAACP is now thinking of BOYCOTTING the State. Don't you think that racial issues of importance should be more heavily considered besides a "Flag"? If that is the #1 complaint, then I believe EQUALITY has been achived in the real sence. I don't give a damn if someone is sky-blue-pink. If they are a good worker I will defend them. I don't expect a lot of social interaction with them, most sky-blue-pinks will socialize with other sky-blue-pinks. Myself, Grey Smoke Person, Socializes with other Grey Smoke People. They do their thing, I do mine. The things we do together is how I judge the worth of sky-blue-pinks vs grey smoke persons. Every Group of People has the "Hard Workers and wanting to better the lifestyle" and "Slackers who just want want to live off the $$$ forced from the rest of US to pay their way". Well, anyways, see the STORY HERE!!!

AND NOW FINALLY SOME GOOD NEWS!!!! This is the way I plan on spending my weekend, adjusting myself to a better attitude, getting rid of this DAMN COLD. etc. I am going to be a couch potato most of this 4 day weekend. I truly need relaxation, goof off time, and just basic wasted time, to reset myself, mentally and physically from this damn cold, and the BS I have to deal with at work. Cleaning my small Apt., "SECRET ARMED COMPOUND" a SPRING CLEANING, will also be beneficial, though I still hate doing the bathroom, even though it is only mine. But see this Story about the positives of being a "couch Potato" HERE!!!

The Political Quote of the Day for 04/18/01:


It doesn't matter whether you're riding an elephant or a donkey if you're going in the wrong direction.

Jesse Jackson


Well "The Feds" cut interest rates by a 1/2 point. Works for me, my Funds and Stocks made nearly $1,000 today. Could it be that my Prdiction #6 is goming true? (Link to my predictions is on the opening page)

Let's see, how can a hearing impaired student cause safety issues on a school bus by signing? I don't know either, but see the Story HERE!

PETA hasn't been able to convince Timmothy McViegh to become a VEGAN, even though they said it would be good for his soul. See the Story HERE!

When you put up a sign that says, "ALL YOU CAN EAT", you should realize that there are people who are VERY GOOD at eating all they can eat. See the Story HERE!

More bad news for those of us who work the Graveyard Shift, besides the high A/C bills sleeping during the day in the desert. See the Story HERE!

The Political Quote of the Day for 04/14-17/01:


Until you've lived through a White House Easter agg hunt, you don't know what hell is.

Merrie Spaeth, aide to Nancy Reagan, offering advice to Hillary Clinton.



I learned more about economics from one South Dakota dust storm than I did in all my years in college.

Hubert Humphrey



We've made a lot of progess on, you know, pasta, and things like that---but tofu has been hard for us.

Hillary Clinton, on improving her husband's diet

I like my job....But WORK SUCKS! |

The Political Quote of the Day for 04/13/01:


There was a time when a fool and his MONEY were soon Parte; now it happens to everybody.

Adalai Stevenson, o Taxes.


I wish I would have thought of this Response to co-workers on what I normally eat for Easter. I told them it is a Family Tradition to have HAM. I wish I would have told them a BBQ'ed RABBIT, ie: The EASTER BUNNY!! This answer while incorrect, would have been more Fun for me at work, maybe next yr.

There were no "MOUSE" Sightings at the "SECRET LAB" Today. That's a Shame, because I enjoyed the disruption at work from some of these women, it was very funny to observe.

OK. well most of you know that SOME people of INDIAN Decsent are HOG WILD over Sport names, or landmarks using INDIAN Language, Like SQUAW, INDIANS, REDSKINS, WARRIORS, CHIEFS, etc., etc... Read this Article HERE!!! I AM SORRY, not really.... But what would we call "The Chief Of Police???". I would also guess that the phrase, "A Feather in your Cap" would also be banned in the workplace.

Remember this LAWSUIT I posted several months ago? The WOMAN BURNED by a Defective HAMBURGER from McDonalds? The PICKLE ASSAULTED HER AND BURNED HER CHIN...... 2nd DEGREE BURNS!!! Well the Lawsuit is SETTLED, McDonalds PAID, we just don't know how much. See the STORY HERE!!!

And we wonder why LAWYERS are so prolific.

The Political Quote of the Day for 04/12/01:


Politics is perhaps the only profession for which no preparation is thought necessary.

Robert Louis Stevenson.


Well the "Mouse-capades" continue at "The SECRET LAB". The capture and execution is looked forwarded to by many women at the Lab of this itty bitty field mouse. There is one woman so freaked out that she keeps threatening to call 911 and have the FIRE DEPT. or Police get rid of this mouse, that in her eyes is the size of a a large cat or a small dog, when it is not even 2 inches long. I AM TEMPTED to go to the pet store, and BUY a small Mouse to put in her labcoat pocket next week. I won't, but I would like too. This is the same woman who called 911 because of a large cockroach in her Apt a few yrs ago. At least this is highly comical for me at work.

OK, now we have our POWS, or HOSTAGES, or DETAINEES back on USA Soil. THIS is Great NEWS. But the MEDIA, is macking these 24 servicemen & women HERO'S and calling them "TRUE PATRIOTS". Give me a break. ALL these people knew going in this was a risk of their job. Just like my job, where I could contract Hepatitus, HIV, or "MAD COW DISEASE". There are THOUSANDS of RECON FLIGHTS we send up EVERY DAY. I have risks in my job, I pay my TAXES. And the situation they were in for 10 Days does NOT make them HEROIC. To be a HERO is a SELFLLESS Action by an individual, not surviving a difficult 10 days as a group, I had tougher 2 week stints at my work. And this possibility is in THEIR JOB DESCRIPTION. If the Individuals' hometowns want to parade this, fine. But the overblown media coverage of this is OVERKILL. Yes I am glad they are back, let's leave out the "HEROIC PAGENTRY".

I have more stuff, but I need to EAT!!! Tomorrow is GOOD FRIDAY, a FAST DAY for me. So what I eat this afternoon has to hold me until Saturday, this is not just any Friday in LENT where I just can't have MEAT, and I usually had a Cheese Pizza, but it is a FAST DAY for me. NO FOOD!!!

So now I need to leave, and STUFF myself, with MEAT and other side dishes to hold me until Sat. Which also has timeline troubles, since I HAVE to go to the EASTER VIGIL MASS Saturday Night. At Least on EASTER SUNDAY, I will be able to PIG OUT on my family's EASTER HAM. It's a tradition in my Family, an EASTER SUNDAY HAM and all the "fixins". And next Friday, I can have MEAT again. Since this (MEAT) is 80% of my diet, I can eat again as normal. And return to my normal routine of Sunday Morning Breakfast at DENNY'S reading the Sunday paper, which I gave up for LENT.

Also, just so you know, my NFL AZ. Cardinals Season Tickets and Parking Pass is paid in FULL. So even if you only see 1 fan in the stands, it will be me. I NEVER leave before the Game is over.

Now does anybody still watch the NBA? (Nearly or just Released convicted Felon) Basketball League? I don't, just give me college Basketball. The only players I know on the PHX SUNS are those that have been arrested for wife beating and domestic violence. EX Jason Kidd, Anfernee Hardaway, etc. I love Sports, but supporting financially by my viewership or attendance of these Sociopaths is against my nature, and I won't do it. The Last time I was excited by the Phx Suns was when Charles Barkley was on the team, now I could care-less. I HAVE TO EAT NOW!!!

The Political Quote of the Day for 04/11/01:


I can't see that it's wrong to give him a little legal experience before he goes out to practice law.

John F. Kennedy, on appointing his brother Bobby as Attorney General.



FREE AT LAST!!!! If I would have known that all it would take for release of OUR HOSTAGES in CHINA, was for me to voice that THEY ARE HOSTAGES, I would have done this much sooner...

Well about this situation.... WE DID NOT say we were SORRY for flying in INTERNATIONAL AIRSPACE. We only said that we express Deep sympathy for the loss of the Pilot to China and his Family. We also expressed regret that OUR PLANE landed in CHINA without permission, even though it was an emergency situation, we did VIOLATE their AIRSPACE w/o permission. So we regretted that. (EVEN though any COUNTRY should give permission to land of a Plane in distress, but that is beside the point. A COUNTRY has a right to deny LANDING RIGHTS.) But what you need to remember is that WE DID NOT SAY WE WERE SORRY for flying our so called "SPY PLANE" in INTERNATIONAL AIRSPACE. Basically we said, We are Sorry your "Hot Dog Pilot" is dead, and his actions forced US to LAND on your territory w/o Permission. We did NOT say we were SORRY for "SNOOPING" on them. Diplomatic Language, hard to understand, but we have learned these wordings from Clinton's Defenses as things appear in LAW. You know.... Depends on what the definition of is ...is. And What is the definition of Sex. ETC. ETC.

How about a "SECRET LAB UPDATE"?

This is funny... Yesterday a MOUSE was spotted in the "LAB". Well it's still there. I always assumed this was a "STEREOTYPE" that some WOMEN SCREAM AND FREAK OUT over a Mouse. But it is TRUE!!! We were trying to capyure the Mouse in 1 Dept. with intentions of making it a MASGOT. An ITTY BITTY brown mouse. Of coarse the size of it expands by the hr from some of these women at work, current sightings now put this 2 inch mouse between the size of a cat and a dog. When we scare out this traumatized mouse, I get slammed against the wall by a ITTY BITTY Woman leaving the area in SHEER PANIC!!! I thought the old cartoons where a woman is so freaked out over a mouse and standing on a chair was an out of date Stereotype. But it isn't, you don't know how funny this was, Women refusing to work in their Dept. because of the Mouse. Reports of the Mouse of going from one Dept to another is a HOT NEWS FLASH. This is FUNNY STUFF!!! I bet that it is very possible that some FREAKED OUT Woman will break a bone trying to escape from this terrorist Mouse, that some other women and us guys want to adopt as a MASGOT for LAB WEEK which is next week. We say at least give the Mouse to the Stray Cat outside, who is being hunted nightly by a Coyote, CIRCLE OF LIFE. But you do not know how entertaining this is. BLOOD CURDLING SCREAMS from some women when they see the Mouse. TOTAL ENTERTAINMENT for the rest of us. I guess the Women in this one Dept. will be on PROZAC for the next couple of months. Then again, they were not that stable to begin with....

I am amazed that this little woman in PANIC shoved me out of her way. I am 3 times the size of her, and have a big bump on my head from hitting the wall. Amazing, totally AMAZING...

I will post an UPDATE of the MOUSE SAGA AT THE "SECERT LAB".

OK. 1 STORY for you all. FAST FOOD is as DANGEROUS as CELL PHONES in CARS. If that is the CASE, then why are some cities and towns banning the use of Cell Phones when Driving, and NOT Addressing closing down of DRIVE THRU FAST FOOD LANES? See the story HERE!!!

See you tomorrow!!!

The Political Quote of the Day for 04/10/01:


This is not my house. It's the People's House.

Franklin Pierce



See the new Graphic just above? Well it has actually been displayed on my opening page for a VERY LONG TIME. This note is to those of you who CHEAT and link directly to my commentary and not being counted as a VISITOR to this Web Site. Why Am I doing this? So you can also see the current SOLAR ACTIVITY. WHY? Because last night at work, The ART BELL SHOW was cut off the AIR 3 times, and his telephone link to his GUEST was cut off at least 4 times. RIGHT after a SOLAR FLARE. This morning THE RUSH LIMBUAGH SHOW had similar problems. Why? Because these shows are uplinked to satalites, which ARE AFFECTED by SOLAR FLARES. And we have had some big ones lately. As you know we saw the "NORTHERN LIGHTS" here in Arizona a week 1/2 ago. ALSO the biggest FLARE EVER RECORDED was last week, and missed us by a change in EARTH'S Orbit by 2 Days. A FLARE SO BIG that it saturated the capabilty of the Spacecraft monitoring it. The consensus is that most satalites on the daylight side would have been FRIED!!! Remember last year when ONE Satalite went down? And PAGERS and Bankcards didn't work? Multiply that by at least 10 fold if we get a direct hit. GOOD-BYE DIRECT-TV, parts of the INTERNET, National Radio and TV FEEDS. So as a PUBLIC SERVICE, I am providing you the link to current SOLAR ACTIVITY. And like everything else here, FOR FREE!!! This info is of no cost to you, the VISITOR, and now even to the CHEATERS who deny me a "click" on my VISITOR COUNTER. Now make what you will of ART BELL, but he does know RADIO and is a HAM OPERATOR and understands SUNSPOTS and their effect on radio waves. There also appears to be a link between SOLAR FLARES and Earthquake and Volcanic activity. ROCK & ROLL, and HOT ROCKS!!!

OK, now I bet you are Wondering Why I am referring to OUR PEOPLE held in CHINA as "HOSTAGES", like Walter Cronkite did of the HOSTAGES held in IRAN in the mid-'70's. BECAUSE IT IS THE SAME THING. THEY are NOT FREE to LEAVE, They are now being interrogated about their individual job duties. THE PLANE ITSELF is being dismantled. The idea that they are being held to FORCE an APOLOGY from US FLYING in INTERNATIONAL AIRSPACE is a FARCE. The so called "DIPLOMATS" from both sides can haggle this out, and it doesn't matter if OUR SEVICEMEN/WOMEN are there or not. SO HOSTAGES IS WHAT THEY ARE after over a week. OH!!! An APOLOGY. OK WE ARE REALLY REALLY SORRY that your "HOT DOG" PILOT, whom we have complained about twice in the past, of flying dangerously near us in INTERNATIONAL AIRSPACE, and now has COLLIDED with OUR PLANE forcing it to make an EMERGENCY LANDING in your territory. We also apologize that you are STUPID ENOUGH to let this PILOT shadow AIRCRAFT from other COUNTRYS' flying in INTERNATIONAL AIRSPACE near your shore. AND we REGRET that you have chosen a path to try to DEMONIZE us as the AGGRESSOR, when the FACTS are against YOU. Just because this info was handed over to you by the CLINTON ADMINISTRATION for a small donation to the RE-Elelection Campaign is not a REASON to put in your ego of being offended that WE would be trying to get INTELLIGENCE INFO on YOU, when you do the same thing!!!

I know someone in CHINA, he's teaching English to students, I told him not to access my web site from China when he left, now I won't even EMAIL him, I don't want to cause him TROUBLE with his Hosts, which is the CHINESSE GOV'T. GOOD LUCK STEPHAN!!! You can't say I didn't warn you!

I am running out of time for today, so let's jump into some NEWS!

The internet is a Great Tool for information. But would you really like your Local Weather Forcast imprinted onto your Morning TOAST? If you do... you can. See the STORY HERE!!!

Correctness running AMUCK in EUROPE. It is now INCORRECT to sell goods by "Pounds & Ounces" in England since they joined the EUROPEAN UNION. EVERYTHING SOLD MUST BE IN METRIC. Well a Small STORE OWNER FOUGHT THIS. He is now facing the possibility of PRISON TIME and a FINE OF $100,000 if you include COURT COSTS. I guess the SMOKERDAVE UNITS of MEASUREMENTS would be illegal too! See the STORY HERE!!!

Evidence of "GLOBAL WARMING"? For the 1st time since I moved here, there is SNOW on The SUPERSTIONS Mountains in APRIL. It is now 2PM, and the TEMP is still only 56F. We won't be using A/C today, but the HEATER will be Maxed out. It should be 80 by now.

Time to ear and Sleep, see YA tomorrow!!!

The Political Quote's of the Day for 04/06-09/01:



My father always wanted to be the corpse at every funeral, the bride at every wedding, and the baby at every christening.

Alice Roosevelt Longworth, on her father Teddy.



You have to let a little air into the war room now and then.

Dwight Eisenhower, on his love of golf



Some civil servants are neither servants nor civil.

Winston Churchill.


I did my TAXES this past weekend. NOTHING is as sure as TAXES and DEATH. AND I've been TAXED TO DEATH!!!!

Oh sure, I get a paltry amount back called a REFUND, that most people consider a "BONUS" check from the GOV'T, and considered a "WINDFALL" amount of $$$ to spend for EXTRAS to their lives. But what the windfall is.... is the AMOUNT of overpayment for TAXES the past year that the GOV'T was able to earn interest on. Well I have my withholdings in line, a total of $400 being refunded to me between STATE and FEDERAL TAXES is next to nothing. HOWEVER, if you look into the TAX CODE, and prefer to PAY tour TOTAL TAX when it is DUE, you will be facing penalties. WHY? Because you are paying your TAX in $$$ worth less than it was the past year. $100 today is worth $97 a year ago, and the GOV'T didn't earn ANY INTEREST on your overpayments. So my refund of $400 is actually worth less than the $400 I had with-held, and I didn't get to invest it, or earn INTEREST on in. But the GOV'T DID!!!

Grab your W-2's. I'm sure a lot of you have them handy right now. ADD UP BOX 2 (Fed Tax Withheld), BOX 4 (Social Security Tax withheld), BOX 6 (Medicare Tax withheld), and BOX 18 (STATE Income Tax withheld). GO DO THAT!!!!

OK, you have the total tax withheld from your paycheck over the past year. A WHOPPER AMOUNT ISN'T IT? NOW subtract the total refund from both STATE and FEDERAL. What is the TOTAL LEFT???? In MY case, over $11,000 in TAXES. This is over 25% of my GROSS WAGES!!!! This DOES NOT INCLUDE: GAS TAX, SALES TAX, UTILITY TAX, PHONE TAX, TV CABLE TAX, CITY/LOCAL TAX, CIGARETTE TAX, ALCOHOL TAX. And I am sure there are many other TAXES locally or Statewide, that we also pay. Like Hotel Tax or Car Rental Tax. Of coarse ALL the things we buy, the price includes the TAXES the manufacturer must pay, Corporate TAXES, ETC. Don't forget PROPERTY TAXES, even if you rent, your lease includes these TAXES. Oh, so you say there is no TAX on FOOD, well the food providers have to pay TAXES and that is included in the price we pay. I believe if you totalled all the TAXES you pay every year, it approaches 50% of your income. MediCare/Medicade/Social Security.... Benefits for when I am older? Yeah Right!!! These will be HISTORY before I Retire in 30 years. A $1.3 Trillion TAX CUT over 10 yrs is next to NOTHING. Yet the Liberals are crying foul!!! They WANT EVEN MORE of OUR $$$ over and above the current 50% they take now.

I will tell you this, I am not getting a good return on the $$$ stolen from me thru TAXES. BASTARDS and BITCHES are what GOV'T EMPLOYEES ARE. After all the more $$ they bring in, the bigger the RAISE they get, FORCE FED from us the PUBLIC CITIZEN. As long as the majority turns a BLIND EYE to their own TAX DEBT, and considers a "REFUND" as a CASH COW being generously given by the GOV'T, things will never change. To change this mindset, what needs to be done is ZERO WITHHOLDING of $$$$ Earned. Then people figure out what they owe in TAXES and have to send them, the GOV'T a check. Can YOU IMAGIN the DEMAND for reducing spending when a family of 4 earning $40,000 needs to send in over $10,000. NOT COUNTING SALES TAX, GAS TAX, UTILITY TAX, PHONE TAX, PROPERTY TAX, ALCOHOL TAX, CIGARETTE TAX, ETC...???


Can we change this? Possible, but not likely. The Gov't has been able to infiltrate nearly every "NEEDFULL" section of Society. And these sections of Society have now been raised from the GOV'T Teat, succling from those of us who ACTUALLY WORK for a LIVING. Now these people who recieve GOV'T help out number those of us who work and try to succeed in LIFE. We are OUTVOTED. Those of us who produce, are being saddled with the responsibility of subsidizing those who will not, won't not, and can't. Provide for themselves. This whole TAX thing pisses me off to high heaven.

Now how about CHINA? What DO YOU CALL our people being held there? GUESTS? They have been held against their WILL for over a week. Sounds to me that they are HOSTAGES. Just like IRAN in the mid 70's. What was the CRIME? They were in INTERNATIONAL WATERS/AIRSPACE and were RUN INTO BY A CHINESSE FIGHTER JET. Because of DAMAGE to the PLANE, they had to make an EMERGENCY LANDING IN CHINA. George W. Bush should say: WE ARE DAMN SORRY YOUR JET HIT OUR PLANE over INTERNATIONAL WATERS....When will you (CHINA) say: YOU ARE SORRY For HITTING OUR PLANE over INTERNATIONAL WATERS????

The Political Quote of the Day for 04/05/01:


Congress does from a third to half of what I think is the minimum that it ought to do, and I am profoundly grateful that I get that much.

Theodore Roosevelt


Don't you think the political correctness people have gone TOO DAMN FAR YET??? Well now they are starting to BAN "DODGEBALL" in GYM CLASS. Remember some schools are banining "TAG" also, because of the risk of "inappropriate tags on non-existant titties" by accident. Well DODGEBALL is #1 on the hit list. IMAGIN children throwing a ball at other children. This is as bad or worse than MUSICAL CHAIRS, or Duck Duck Goose. Which can cause INJURY to CHILDREN by having them CHASING each other. This is FOR REAL!!! See the STORY HERE!!! GOOD GRIEF! I guess FOOTBALL will be banned also. Students hitting other students. JOIN the New SPORT ACTIVITY of LINE DANCING!!!. I guess being a kid these days and getting involved in a schoolyard fight where in the past a bloody nose, or a split lip was the outcome, is a VERY GRAVE OFFENSE REQUIRING EXPULSION from SCHOOL. Good thing I am older and not born today. After all I was involved in fights at school on a yearly basis. I dished out more bloody noses and split lips than I recieved, a winning record as a kid. I was a PRO at DODGEBALL, never did well or win a Cake at CHURCH MUSICAL CHAIRS EVENTS, and I was never a fan of DUCK DUCK GOOSE. We are raising our children as nutered miscreants, both male and female. If an ENEMY wants to take over this Country, all the have to do is wait another 15 or 20 yrs and THEIR school kids could beat us into submission just by threatening to punch us in the nose. HE HIT ME!!!!! WAH, WAH, WAH!!!! At this rate, in 10 yrs a 4 yr old boy who shoves his 3 yr old little sister will be arrested for Domestic Violence. Think I'm jumping to conclusions???? DODGEBALL, MUSICAL CHAIRS, DUCK DUCK GOOSE, TAG, etc. are being BANNED in schools RIGHT NOW!!!

Let's see what else is up, OH! China wants an apology.... OK I am sorry the Communist revolution in CHINA killed MILLIONS of people. I am sorry the CULTURAL REVOLUTION IN CHINA KILLED MILLIONS of People. And I am Sorry that thousands DIED in TIENIMUM (sp?) SQUARE fighting for DEMOCRACYBut as far as this past weekend's incident and the pilot and the JET FIGHTER, too bad so sad. I AIN'T SORRY!!! I AM VERY SOORY that you CHINA by ILLEGAL CONTRIBUTIONS got CLINTON RE-ELECTED in 1996. And I am SORRIEST of ALL that this Country GRANTED CHINA, "MOST FAVORED NATION" STATUS. CHINA should be on the "MOST DISDAINED NATION" STATUS.

I just happened upon a solution to the unproven so called "GLOBAL WARMING". IF WE put CHINA, a large land mass into "NUCLEAR WINTER", that should offset any GREENHOUSE GASES this Country could produce. Maybe we should do it to them, before they are able to do it to US? And the OLYMPIC GAMES they want could still be there, but it would be the WINTER GAMES, not the SUMMER GAMES. Just a thought.

Now for those of you who think MAINSTREAM PRESS has a LIBERAL AGENDA is this NEWS. DAN RATHER claims he didn't know this was a Fundraiser for Democrats. Uh RIGHT! Just like NBC won't dicsipilne him for this action. AFTER all we all now that NBC, CBS, ABC and CNN are defenders of the CONSTITIUTION.....

I have to let this go for now, the inference that these NEWS ORGANIZATIONS are IMPARTIAL is making me physically SICK. LOW LIFE BASTARDS and BITCHES is what they trully are.

Oh,,,, I need to make sure that the Gov't SPYS can pick this up. So I add these key words. BOMB, KILL, KILO, CONSPIRACY, that should do it. I am disappointed that I haven't drawn the Secret Sevice or other Gov't Agency to question me yet. It would make GREAT PHOTOS in the PHOTO GALLERY!!!!I guess I could say KILL BILL CLINTON, but what would that do? Many want him killed, and Bill Clinton doesn't matter anymore, so what's the point?Now Bill Clinton SERVING TIME IN PRISON for CRIMES COMMITTED when he was President, Traitorous and Anti-American would be deeply appreciated by me. Would give me confidence that NOBODY is ABOVE THE LAW of the LAND.

I will let you know if the SECRET SERVICE SHOWS UP. But I don't think they will, because I say Go GWB, GO!!! AND DON't you dare apoligize to the DAMNED RED CHINKS!!! I am not afraid, and you shouldn't be either. George W. Bush, take a lesson from me. US 1st, screw the rest of them, and tell China for me, BLOW IT OUT YOUR WAZOO!!!

The Political Quote of the Day for 04/04/01:


George Washington, as a boy, was ignorant of the commonest accomplishments of youth-- he could not even lie.

Mark Twain


I am in a GREAT MOOD today. There are times when updating this website after a 10+HR Graveyard Shift at work and doing my normal research for the update, including a regular check of my BBS and GUESTBOOK. I get a GREAT LAUGH!!! Last week I recieved many emails from upset MORMONS for a posting I did. Nearly all had profanity and were way off base. Plus I am very selective to emails sent to me that I would consider posting, even without identity edited by me. I leave most postings on the BBS, unless it is offensive, or Identifies the "Secret Lab". Now to the "GUEST BOOK" these postings are normally done by people who actually like this site. But Once in a while.....

I love this. this is the latest entry in my "GUEST BOOK" a link to which is on my OPENING PG. Here is the ENTRY.

Wednesday, April 4 at 08:09 AM:

normal hard working guy from california

from montain view California wrote:

"why do you make fun of poeple who care about the environment suppose you would like to have everbody see the world thru your short sighted cloudy /smoker dave vision , sure extremes either way are not good, but when your grandchild wants to know why there are no trees or whales or cleen air/water you tell tell em how you set those hippie radicals strait . NRA forever , makes me sleep better knowing imature jerks like you can be stopped "

A NORMAL GUY IN CALIFORNIA? Still not at all upset about his nearly 50% rate increase? And in denial of what will happen this summer when ARIZONA keeps the POWER it has been selling to CALIFORNIA these past few months. IT GETS a LOT HOTTER here than in California. And the in STATE power Generating Plants 1st PRIORITY is to the RESIDENTS of ARIZONA. Remember the budget impasse a few yrs ago? The Governor had NATIONAL GUARD TROOPS on the way to the GRAND CANYON to keep the PARK OPEN during a Federal Gov't Shutdown. The FEDS backed down and the PARK stayed open. Things HAVE NOT CHANGED. We here in AZ believe it would be BEST if CALIFORNIA dropped into the OCEAN. Their POWER PROBLEMS would be solved, a great REEF for OCEANIC LIFE, and a BEACH for Arizona. Plus the other WESTERN STATES would no longer be bullied by whacko liberals in California, STEALING WATER and POWER from the REST of us. I LOVE THIS, a TOTAL IDIOT giving me free reign to beat him up. Remember, SAN DIEGO banned the word "MINORITY", see yesterday's update below.

We will not mourn for you California. Actually we can't wait to build our Ocean Side Resorts once the big QUAKE takes you under the sea.

Now to some real NEWS

The LIBERALS have been reaching for straws to satisfy in their minds that GORE won Florida. Well the NEWS is not good for them. Using the GORE STANDARD, GW BUSH would have tripled his lead in Florida. In 3 out of 4 scenes Bush would have won. In fact the 1 Standard Gore would have won, was by 3 VOTES, but it is the STANDARD most adamently opposed by the LIBERALS, GORE, and DEMOCRATS. Not that it matters, as all these recounts are a moot point. The Liberals and Democrats just didn't have enough time to stuff the ballot box in the Re-Counts. TOO BAD SO SAD. See the STORY HERE!!!

Oh I see you are all on edge if California disappears under the Pacific Ocean. Don't worry too much, its mostly LIBERALS there, SLACKERS, ETC. Working for DOT.COM Companies that are already going under. Actually in the LONG TERM (20+ yrs) this Country would be better off without California. This STATE is like an old FORD PINTO being closely followed by an 18-Wheeler down a MOUNTIAN. I forsee a CRASH, PINTO bursts into FLAMES and occupants die. The 18-Wheeler is able to go on at a much better speed. Oh!!! the non-thinking LIBERALS. Want me to explain further. OK. California, ESAD!!!! (Eat Shit And DIE). I do hope I was able to convey my thoughts about this, as you know I hold some of my true feelings back when updating this website.

OK, enough of the "HARD NEWS", how about some "SOCIAL NEWS"? Well Jodi Foster has apparently made another "WITHDRAWAL" from a local SPERM BANK for her 2nd child. WHAT IS SO WRONG with the NATURAL WAY? After all, out of wedlock children are no longer scorned today as in the past. DO YOU NOT THINK that a MOTHER of a CHILD at LEAST know who the FATHER is? FOR THE CHILD'S SAKE? How do you answer the inevitable QUESTION: Who is my DADDY? The answer of some guy who WAS Disease FREE at the time would not be a good answer to the child, the following QUESTION would be from the enlightened Child. Well what kind of GUYS do this? The Answer would be: Guys who needed $$$ in the best economic Times we have ever seen.

Oh sure, beat me up on the stock market performance of recent. A little temporary downturn for the BLUE CHIP INDUSTRIES. GO AHEAD, you bought high, so go ahead and sell low at a loss. Better for me and other people who know how these things play out over time.

Let me say one thing, I know that well over 95% of you who visit this website have common sence and can think for yourselves, whether you agree with me or not. Trust me on this, most don't have a CLUE to what's what, let alone to have an informed opinion about it.

The Political Quote of the Day for 04/03/01:


Now and then an innocent man is sent to the legislature.

Kin Hubbard


I just can't figure some things out. Why do people Riot and burn things when their team loses / or wins a SPORTING EVENT? See the story and pictures of the Riot in Tucson HERE! And of coarse the winners had to burn things too. See the STORY HERE!

How about this? The US Postal Sevice is studying a plan to elimunate Saturday deliveries. Well it eliminates a day of the week for someone to "GO POSTAL", or maybe cause someone to "GO POSTAL". See the STORY HERE!

PETA (People (WHACKOS) For The Ethical Treatment of Animals) WANT HOOF and Mouth Disease to make it to the USA. Their logic is, the animals will end up being just as DEAD, but people wouldn't eat them....Go figure. See the STORY HERE! A bit futher down in the article titled: SLAUGHTERHOUSE SCENES: I believe I could have Body-Checked these 2 whackos into the French Fry deep fryer. At least they would have a real reason to scream and yell. Don't misunderstand me, I don't make idle threats. This is A PROMISE!!! DO NOT EVER hinder my wait in line for my BURGER!!! I am a PROUD MEMBER of the "other" PETA, (PEOPLE EATING TASTY ANIMALS).

So I wonder what PETA members do with animals. Well the article listed above seems to say that most are pet owners. I have no problem with that, but PETA seems to try to elivate pets and all other animals to "Person" Status. With RIGHTS such as Life, Liberty, and the Pursuit of Happiness. Well my best guess is that the guy in this story is an average PETA member who just happened to get caught. After all, obviously he loved his pet, right? See the STORY HERE!

A city BANS a WORD!!! Of coarse it is a California City, San Diego to be exact. What word did they BAN? The word "MINORITY". How about that? The City Council in one broad swoop eliminated minorities from the city. I can only assume then that Affirmative Action and Racial Profiling is impossible to do. I also suppose PREJUDICE is impossible now. BRILLIANT!!!! Eliminate ONE WORD and the world is happy and all warm and fuzzy. Let us all start singing "WE ARE THE WORLD"!!!! See the STORY HERE!!!

Well CHINA has finally allowed our Diplomats to meet with our servicemen/women being held hostage for 40 minutes today. GEE, wasn't that nice of them. If they are not hostages, then are they POW'S? Come up with a term where they are neither. GUESTS? I don't THINK SO!!! They ARE NOT FREE TO LEAVE. MEANWHILE CHINA has looted the aircraft and say it's theirs now. MOST FAVORED NATION TRADING STATUS? Well if GORE were President, China would have had this technology given to them for a small donation to GORE'S Re-Election Campaign, and without all this bad publicity.

The Political Quote of the Day for 03/31/01 - 04/01/01:


He asked if it was, in fact, an April Fools' joke.

Mike McCurry, on President Clinton's reaction to the Paula Jones lawsuit being dropped on April 1st

03/31/01 - 04/01/01

The Political Quote of the Day for 03/29/01:


There is one thing about being president--nobody can tell you when to sit down.

Dwight Eisenhower


Before we get to the issues of the day I have a bitch to make. My windshield got hit by a rock from a passing Dump Truck size vehicle. Hit in the middle, just above where the Rear View Mirror attaches. Now a crack is spidering across my windshield. I AM NOT HAPPY ABOUT THIS!!!

Now to finish off Early Sat Update on the NORTHERN LIGHTS visible here, HERE is a LINK to PHOTO'S of what I was able to see here.

Now a weird thing has happened, if I remember correctly, just last month, I believe it was Sean David Mortan on the ART BELL SHOW. One of his predictions was that China would attack the USA on March 31st. Now we have a "INTERNATIONAL INCIDENT" in China between one of Our slow flying Surviellence Planes and 2 CHINESE JET FIGHTERS playing "BUMPER CARS". I knew the CHINESE were unhappy BUSH won the Election instead of GORE. Because they knew they would no longer get TECHNOLOGY for campaign Contributions. But I didn't think they would resort to this. QUESTION IS: What will happen if CHINA refuses to release the 24 servicepeople and the PLANE? Reports are the CHINESE have BOARDED the PLANE, which is SOVERIEGN US TERRITORY, just like an EMBASSY. Now we have WARSHIPS HEADING towards the CHINESE ISLAND. Take a look at this report from Matt Drudge HERE!!!

Well China has 8 NUKES tageted to US Cities as of now. Something they could not do 8 yrs ago, but thanks to CLINTON they can now. At least GORE LOST otherwise they would now have 80. How far this will escalate? Who knows? But this wouldn't happen now if GORE was President, because the CHINESE would be happy enough to get OUR Technology in return for $$$ to the DEMOCRATIC NATIONAL COMMITTEE. Better to stand up to CHINA NOW when it is still relatively weak, than 5 or 10 yrs from now when they would have gleaned all our technology and secrets. Keep a close EYE on the developments in this situation.

Well I am OFF Work tonight, so I can enjoy the NCAA Championship Basketball Game tonight between UofA vs Duke. I have to root for Arizona.

The Political Quote of the Day for 03/29/01:


I feel like Zsa Zsa Gabor's fifth husband. I know what I am supposed to do, but I don't know if I can make it interesting.

AL GORE, on being one of the last speakers at a dinner that featured a great many others


It is actually early Sat AM. I just got home from a late night drive to SMOKER MOUNTAIN HERE!!! But at night. For the very 1st time since moving here to AZ nearly 17 yrs ago, We were able to see the NORTHERN LIGHTS! Awesome, Totally Awesome. Red, Blue/Green, Descending Streamers, and looked like Pre-Dawn glow in the NORTH! This is near PHOENIX, AZ!!! Well that X-Class Coronal Mass Ejection (CME) hit Earth head on at a good time for North America to see a once IN A LIFETIME AURUA display. The Show was great here, I wish I was north with clear skies for an even better display.

Now this bit of news is to almost all of you, this Sat night / Sun morning, most of you "SPRING AHEAD" in time, you lose an hour of the weekend, and have to spend time resetting all your clocks. But not me!!! Here in Arizona we shitcanned that idea, I /we here in AZ don't lose an hour, and don't have to reset our clocks! See a Story on it HERE!!!

Well there may be an update this weekend to address issues, if so, it will be on Sunday. Whether it happens or not, There will be an update on Monday.

The Political Quote of the Day for 03/29/01:


The difference between a politicain and a statesman is: a politician thinks of the next election and a statesman thinks of the next generation.

James Freeman Clarke, Unitarian minister


The LIBERALS show their TRUE COLORS TODAY! G.W.Bush, who they considered stupid or an idiot, and I told you all in the past here that was a misconception. Well GWB just "NUKED" the Liberals earlier today. Gotta LOVE IT!!! In his press Conference today, given with only a 45 min advanced notice to the LIBERAL PRESS. Besides tackling the trouble in the Middle East, GWB also said he would sign the McCain/Fiengold Campaign Finance Bill if it was good. There are not even internet stories yet available on the back tracking the LIBERAL SENATE Members are Doing. Now that they know GWB might sign it the are jumping off the ship faster than RATS as in democRATS. Their vieled mantra over "SOFT $$$", PROTECTED by the 1ST AMMENDMENT, that it was unfair, immoral, and WRONG. Now has taken an abrupt turn. The LIBERALS are now going to vote against it because it would hurt their FUNDRAISING abilities. Tom Dashchle is on record in the NEWS as a NO in the coming Vote. This TOTALLY DESTROYS the perception of the Liberal DemocRATS as being for the poor and downtrodden. They just went with what they thought would increase their funding over Conservatives. As soon as they found out that it would hurt them, to HELL with our past Mantra of FAIRNESS, IMMORAL, and TAINTED $$$. They were supporting this Campaign Finance reform Bill on their assumption that they would come out better than the Conservatives in fund raising activities. In the past week they learned they would lose in this scenario if it became LAW. But they pushed on, convinced GWB would VETO it if passed. PANIC fell over the LIBERALS when GWB said today he might sign it. Now the LIBERAL SENATORS are saying they would vote against this bill for "political Reasons". Doesn't that make sense????They are counting on the public to forget this by the next Election. It wasn't FAIRNESS, MORALITY, etc. that made the Liberals preach as they did the past few yrs. It was what they thought their best $$$ raising opportunity. Now it has backfired. Can you imagin what sort of excuses the LIBERALS have to DREAM UP to say Campaign Finance Reform is a bad deal, after this was their #1 issue the past couple of years?????. The DemocRATS were counting on GWB to VETO this in any form. GWB just nuetered and nuked the LIBERALS today. AIN'T that just a DAMN SHAME!!! Now the Liberals can't challenge that Conservatives are mean and Immoral People anymore, because THEIR TRUE COLORS have now Shown Thru. The ONLY thing the LIBERALS have left to sell, is their idea that the Federal Gov't can control your Life better than YOU can. So the END QUESTION IS: DO YOU want to make your OWN DECISIONS in your everyday LIFE, or have it be DICTATED to you by a Gov't Entity?

It is a great Day when LIBERALS are EXPOSED for what they are. LYING, CONTROLLING BASTARDS with a thirst for POWER over EVERYONE!!! The last thing the LIBERALS expected was GWB to CHECKMATE them at the begining of the Game!!!

I have to end this here. I have a LONG NIGHT/DAY ahead, so there will probably not be an update tomorrow, but there will be an update late Fri or early Sat to make up for it.

The Political Quote of the Day for 03/28/01:


I find it more interesting when I speak than when I listen.

Barney Frank, on being a fast talker


DAMNIT!!! Sometimes Technology fails us, somehow yesterday's update didn't go up to my Server, and even the file that the update was on only had the very beginning of the update. Well what I do have, The Political Quote of the Day, and a Happy Birthday to my brother is posted at the end of today's update. Why cry over now outdated Stories and commentary?

Today's NEWS

The MORMON CHURCH, ( A CULT IN MY MIND), has asked it's leaders to shutdown their websites. Don't you find this a bit CONTROLLING? If the "LEADERS" are having to close their websites, how long before they start preaching to "THE MORMON CHOIR", etc. to close, or not start a website? Is having a website as "BAD" as Alcohol, Tobacco... etc. to the MORMON CULT? Gold Tablets found by John Smith near my Hometown in NY, my ass! I can tell you this. The POPE hasn't told us Catholics we can't have websites. To the Mormons, go ahead and drink the KOOL-AID of Enlightenment like Jim Jone's followers. But 1st move to South America, so we don't have to bury your rotting carcasses.

I know this sounds harsh, but I have personal experience with these Mormons. They're everywhere here in Mesa, AZ. And they have kids like rabbits too. The big SUVS here are referred to as "Mormon People Movers". And there are places of employment here in Mesa, AZ you can't get unless you are Mormon, I experienced this myself also a few yrs ago. But there is a plus side to this, if they are not allowed to have websites, how far away is a "Church" ban on being on the Internet? Well this would increase the available BANDWITH here in AZ and UTAH for the rest of us! See the STORY HERE!!!

Now to the POWER CRISIS in California. Well their POOR PLANNING of not building ANY power plants in the last 15 yrs, because of the large population of "GREENIE WEENIES", while the population exploded and electrical demand increased at the same rate, the rates have increased. What a surprise! A 46% increase, and the Californians are UPSET! Gee, TOO BAD SO SAD. ARIZONA is building 38 new POWER GENERATING FACILITIES THIS YEAR!!! Keeping on par with the growth we have had in the past decade. And AZ has been building at this rate all along the past decade. WE do sell our excess POWER to California, but come SUMMER, we will need more of this POWER that is currently being sold to California. It gets HOTTER here than in California. And the ELECTRICAL UTILITIES 1st Priority is to the Power needs in the STATE. This is a good thing. However the entire Western 1/3rd is on a regional Power Grid. If California's draw on the system is big enough it would trip and bring down the entire power grid. I expect an Western Power Grid BLACKOUT/POWER FAILURE this Summer because of California for 4 to 12 hrs, when the Temp here is 110+. I would be OK, a bit warm, but all other needs covered except computer access. Radio, TV, Lights, Food, Water, Cooking means, etc. all currently handled. Enough Ciggs food and water to last at least a month at my current consumption. But most are not as prepared as I.

Because This State is a Power Exporter, Our rates have not increased. Because California is a big POWER IMPORTER theirs has. You have to buy th Power at the commercial RATE. It is like Gas being cheapest to the general Pop in KUWAIT, since they produce and export it, and highest in Countries that have No Petroleum Reserves. See the STORY HERE!!!

Now it is time for me to be a critic of G.W.Bush. I AGREE that we need to tap into the VAST OIL Reserves in Alaska and of the coast of the 48 States so we are more independant from the Whacko's in the Middle East for our needs. BUT!!! We also need to continue to develop alternative forms of energy like Wind and Solar Power to supplement Our Power needs.

ARE YOU SLEEPLESS wherever You ARE? Well this article has some STATISTICS. However it doesn't address my situation. I get at most 6 1/2 hrs of Sleep a DAY.... (I work Night Shift) and try to get at least 5 1/2 hrs. I do not fall asleep at work, or driving to and from work. And my record at work proves it. I have in the past 15 yrs called in sick to work the least of EVERYONE except one, and she has NEVER called in sick. But this Article certainly does not cover us. See the STORY HERE!!!

Now here is a good one to think about.

A judge here in AZ has barred a victim of an ARMED ROBBERY to testitfy wearing his AIR FORCE UNIFORM. Because it would unduly influence the JURY..... Think about this... Doesn't Defense Lawyers for Criminals and GANG BANGERS clean up the appearence of the DEFENDANTS? After All, how many GANG BANGERS Dress in Suits on a regular basis? And how often does an Active Duty Military Person dress in Uniform? Especially if they ARE ON ACTIVE DUTY and could be called into SERVICE at a minutes Notice? If a JUDGE can BAR this, then why not change COURT POLICY and have ALL the Witnesses, the Defendant, and the VICTIM, dress exactly the same, in a Black Robe or something. This would prevent the JURY from being influenced by anyone's dress/suit/uniform. Can you imagin this. This VICTIM of ARMED ROBBERY by a Gang type person in T-Shirt and Baggy Pants, gets thrown in JAIL for CONTEMPT OF COURT because He Wore his AIR FORCE DRESS BLUES, and the Defendant came into Court in a SUIT and Tie, New haircut, and Shaven? I HOPE HE PRESSES the ISSUE on this, and there is COURT LAW addressing this. HE CAN WEAR the MILITARY UNIFORM whether he is a Defendant or Victim of a Crime. See the STORY HERE!!!

Is EVERY CHILDHOOD GAME going to be portrayed as a SEXUAL GAME? I think very soon it will be. After All how can a GAME OF TAG be wrong? Because the SCHOOL has a no touching policy. OH my GOD!!! In a game of TAG a student, 7 yr old boy might accidently "TAG" a 7 yr old Girl where her currently nonexistant BREAST will develop, or this 7 yr old boy might "TAG" a 7 yr old girl on the "BUTTOCKS!!!"!!! Oh good LORD we are ALL GOING TO HELL because SEXUAL HARASSMENT has happened on School Grounds! Of coarse "KING OF THE HILL" will also have to be banned, kids pushing kids. OH THE HUMANITY!!!! And the General Public still wonders why kids these days are so screwed up. Kids can't be kids ANYMORE these days. Childhood Innocence is a forgotten lore. We expect KIDS to understand ADULT RULES. AN IMPOSSIBILITY, and the end result is OUR CHILDREN growing up WITHOUT Love and nuturing from the PARENTS and the EDUCATORS whom we entrust our greatest asset for the Future. See the STORY HERE!!!

The Political Quote of the Day for 03/27/01:


Power is the ultimate a phrodisiac.

Henry Kissinger


1st thing.... HAPPY BIRTHDAY!!! To my little brother, who now makes more $$$ than I do. That's a bitch! Well what should I expect since I work for a NON-PROFIT ORGANIZATION, and he works for a Profit Organization like AT&T, hint, hint. WINK WINK.