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CLINTON: CONTEMPT OF COURT. Less than 24 hrs later, 300 more planes to KOSOVO. (We already have 500 there, the REST OF NATO 200) AND AIR FORCE RESERVE UNITS TO BE CALLED UP. But this does follow Clinton's pattern. Take a hit on the home front, attack overseas. Now A FEDERAL JUDGE, A CLINTON APPOINTEE, has determined that CLINTON LIED in the Paula Jones' Deposition. CLINTON now faces additional $$$ LOSS in this case, the VERY REAL POSSIBILTY of SUSPENSION or DISBARMENT as a LAWYER in AK.

Where are the BLEEDING HEART LIBERAL CLINTON SUPPORTERS who said during the IMPEACHMENT TRIAL, and those who VOTED TO NOT CONVICT? I see NO OUTCRY from these people defending the, this President has LIED TO THE AMERICAN PEOPLE, AND LIED IN COURT UNDER OATH!!!! AM I to surmise that this is OLD NEWS to the CLINTONITES????

Remember the LIBERAL VIEW before the GULF WAR STARTED? NO LIVES FOR OIL!!!!. OIL is a NATIONAL INTEREST to this economy that Clinton has claimed to create!!!! What is OUR NATIONAL INTEREST in KOSOVO? I can't name one thing that comes from there that I need or want. However if you own a YUGO, don't expect spare parts for your car, since WE blew up that factory yesterday!!!! A EUROPEAN PROBLEM we are now committed to 800 planes. EUROPE, 200 planes. TO PROTECT THE SUPPLY OF YUGO PARTS???? I think NOT!!!


I'm back. Knee cooperating enough to allow me to put on a sneaker and actually tie it. Now for a local story, sorry this is from Sat I too late for an actual link to it. But this is The STORY.

19 yr old former girlfriend, curious about her old boyfriend, in an intoxicated state, decides that climbing the roof, and descending down thru the chimney like Santa was a good idea..... Well the chimney was 20 feet long, narrowed down to 18 inches 5 ft above the fireplace. Guess where she got stuck? The dad of the former boyfriend comes home, and hears "HELP ME" coming out of the wall. 30 firemen and 2 hrs later, after a huge hole dug into the house, a sootty former girlfriend was taken to the hospital. I hope that while she was there they "tied her tubes" otherwise this STUPID person will have children with her STUPID GENES in them. Our High Tech Society is allowing STUPID PEOPLE to survive long enough to procreate, thus poisoning OUR gene POOL with stupid people's genes!!!! 5 yrs ago this IDIOT wouldn't be found untill December when the fireplace was lit. Now she lives and is likely to have children, with genes that think it's OK to descend down a chimney to spy on an old girl/boy friend. Think about it. 1st she had to decide that it was worthwhile to spy on a former boyfriend. 2nd, Hmmm Need to climb on the roof. 3rd, A CHIMNEY!!! 4th, I can go down the chimney like SANTA!!! 6th, Nobody will know... &th I understand that this 19 yr old former girlfriend is a flaming LIBERAL, feels that it was unjust and unfair that the boyfriend broke up with her, and the fact he won't get back together with her because of this is "MEAN SPIRITED".....


GAS PRICES IN AZ. Now the cheapest gas I can find is $1.33.9 a gallon. And goes all the way up to Regular Unleaded $1.47.9 a gollon in the most expensive areas. Over 80% of the GAS in the Phoenix, AZ. Metro Area comes from 1 Supplier. A company called TOSCO from California. This gas is delivered by 1 pipeline into West Phoenix, and sold to AM/PM ARCO, EXXON, 76, Circle K, 7/11, Chevron. This GAS DEPOT serves all of Central AZ. SAME GAS to all the outlets, the EXXON gas is the same as the Chevron gas, etc. etc. The cost of delivering the gas to the GAS Stations is the same for all parts of central AZ. Why then does gas cost more in the more affluent parts of Central AZ. than the more Middle Class areas? It is not because of higher business costs in the richer areas. Northern AZ. and Southern AZ. RURAL AREAS that have historically had higher prices than the metro area, ARE CHEAPER NOW!!! WHY? Well IT IS NOT BECAUSE OF DELIVERY COSTS. Because the extremes in AZ HAVE THE GAS TRUCKED IN!!!! They don't have the low cost pipelined delivered gas, at least that was always the reason given that the RURAL AREAS had more EXPENSIVE GAS. And since the GAS prices differ significantly from one area to another, based on INCOME DEMOGRAPHICS, the rich areas pay more, the others pay a bit less, FOR THE SAME GAS THAT CAME OUT OF THE SAME PIPELINE!!! Looks to me they are price gouging according to income area. This is a MONOPOLY AT WORK!!! PRICE FIXING!!! If OPEC is to blame as is claimed by the supplier, than way is the price disparity between areas of AZ less than 15miles apart? Why is the SOUTHEAST Averaging 87 cents a gallon compared to our $1.37?

I raise this Question: The Power Companies are Regulated because often times they are a MONOPLOY, and provide a basic need service/product crucial to the economy. The Petroleum Companies/Suppliers have escaped this Regulation. I think it is time this Industry is Regulated like the Power Companies.

Now onto KOSOVO. Our POWS are NOT going to be RELEASED, are you surprised??? If you are, I have some neat things to SELL YOU!!! HomeRun Balls of Sammy Sosa, Wood chips off of Babe Ruth's bat, Unlit Cigarettes from Smoker Dave's 1st pack of cigarettes.

Now for some news from "THE SECRET LAB". It is a RARE treat that a potential employee/new hire has looked so good on paper, and then backed it up in the interview. we have almost never offered a position before the applicant he/she at least left the room. Of coarse the truth is in the job performance, but I believe we got a good one. But DAMNIT!!! not coming on to my shift. Oh well, at least he/she will be in my Dept.

Speaking of "THE SECRET LAB", it appears the Mistakes by Excellant employees is starting to spread some. I know these things go in cycles, I've been there almost 13 yrs. I hope it's a short cycle. Otherwise Smoker Dave will be VERY BUSY and our chances for a BONUS this Quarter go DOWN. (I want the bonus, granted it is 2 days of pay, but it's $) And I could use it to offset the increase in cigarette and GAS prices!!!


Our raises came from the SECRET LAB recently. They range from ZERO to 5%. Of coarse I got the 5% as always. But guess what? This doesn't even come close to covering my added cigarrete cost from a year ago, let alone the increase in GAS prices the past 5 weeks here in AZ. (OVER 50 Cents a Gallon in 5 WEEKS!!!), the normal rent increase, car insurance etc. I get the biggest raise and overall I am WORSE OFF than a Year ago. THIS SUCKS!!! And it sucks even more for the people who just want to put the Hours in at work and do the LEAST to their ABILITY. Do I feel SORRY for them....hmmm. NO!!! Do I feel sorry for those who work hard, but got less than the 5%? YES I DO! I can't change it, it is out of my power. If I had the "power" a few people would have had their salary reduced. But I can't do that either. There should be a "SLACKER" Penalty that a Supervisor can impose on their employees who fall into the catagory of "SLACKER". I'm sure I'll hear about this post at work, but the "SLACKERS" KNOW who they are. AND these "SLACKERS" even if they are on the Internet, are STUPID enough to not bother even checking their Supervisor's Web Page, even though it is no SECRET at work. And no SECRET that I comment about work at times. And I Grant, that even the best employees sometimes SCREW UP, MENTAL FARTS, Assumptions, plain STUPIDITY at the moment. LIKE TODAY. It should be OBVIOUS to anyone, that a employee who goes above and beyond, always trying to improve and giving his/her best, will at times make a "blunder". There could, can, will be, some reprecussions. BUT the OVERALL PERFORMANCE is what counts. The BEST EMPLOYEES will make the biggest Mistakes, the SLACKERS will not even rise to that LEVEL OF RESPONSIBILITY. The fact is, I will back up any hard worker, no matter the mistake, hope they will learn from it, then move on. NOBODY IS PERFECT. To the high performers, always be aware that for every 3 steps forward, be ready for a step back. This absolutley DOES NOT MEAN all of a SUDDEN you are a "bad" Employee. Who is MOST overdue for a SCREW UP? Of coarse Smoker Dave. I will always try to prevent it, but the odds are catching up with me, I am also IMPERFECT. If and When I screw up, I'll be at work the next night like nothing happened, and move on.


Do you want to know what you haven't seen on the TV Network News, The Newspapers, etc. The Past 2 Weeks? President Clinton's Approval Ratings, want to know WHY? Because they are DOWN! Apparently the General American Public has Figured out Clinton's EXIT STRATEGY for the screw up in KOSOVO. The EXIT STRATEGY is: He LEAVES OFFICE!!! The Major Networks, ie: CBS,NBC,ABC,CNN are supportive of CLINTON(AMERICA'S ANTI-CHRIST) and will NOT report on NEWS or FACTS that put "America's ANTI-CHRIST" in a negative LIGHT. OH BOY, I bet I just invited the SECRET SERVICE over to talk to me. LOL!!! SCREW YOU CLINTON!!!! If there are no further updates from me, you know why....

Did you hear the latest? The Federal Gov't wants to limit the ability of people to EMAIL Government Agencies, Congressmen and Senators. They are claiming that these EMAILS are "bogging" down the INTERNET INVENTED by ALGORE. Let me see... WE bought the computers the Government Employees use. Their job is public record, WE have a RIGHT to contact them, WE PAY an added TAX on our phone bill for Internet Access weather we use it or not. How can the Government claim that EMAILS to the Government Employees "bog" down the Internet, while the SPAM EMAILS from Pornographers, Marketers "MAKE $25,000 a day" etc. that we all get, doesn't "bog" down the Internet?

I think they don't want to hear from us.

Walt Disney turning over in his grave. Disney is putting out a Movie slamming Catholics and Family Life, The Movie is called DOGMA. Portrays Mary and Joseph as Fornicators, Jesus has a 20th Century Descendant that works in an ABORTION CLINIC. I remember watching Disney as a kid growing up, Wildlife shows, cartoons, reruns of the Mickey Mouse Club, movies like "Old Yeller", "Huckleberry Finn", "Tom Sawyer", etc. Now they are putting out movies that debunk traditional Family Values, Religion, etc. WALT DISNEY INC. has become a full fledged paying member of the Liberal, "Let's Destroy the Family Unit" EXTREME LEFTISTS. If they had it their way, watching "Leave It To Beaver" reruns that potray the father working and mom staying at home raising the children (REMEMBER MR. Cleaver SMOKED A PIPE!!!) as SUBVERSIVE AND ANTI-SOCIAL. In the 1940's a divorcee was shunned by society. Today, the stay at home MOM is shunned by society. Is my age group (I am 36) the last to grow up "In The Good 'OLE DAYS"?

2 Weeks ago a group of landowners on the Mexican Border, US side, notified the INS (Immigration & Naturalization Service) that THEY were going to patrol their ranches and look for ILLEGAL IMMAGRANTS FROM MEXICO that have been VANDALIZING their LAND as they cross over and the INS refused to monitor. Well they caught 27 Illegals yesterday, held them at gunpoint untill INS got there after they called the INS. They were deported. NOW ILLEGAL IMMIGRANT RIGHTS GROUPS are ALL PISSED OFF, saying these land owners had NO RIGHT TO STOP these people ILLEGALLY CROSSING THE BORDER, and TRESPASSING on their LAND, leaving human waste, damaging fences that were put up to keep cattle in their ranch, trampling crops, etc. At a cost to THOUSANDS of $$$ to the Ranch Owner. AND if the ILLEGAL IMMIGRANT gets hurt on YOUR LAND, THEY CAN SUE YOU!!!! It is the FEDERAL GOVERNMENT'S CONSTITUTIONAL REPONSIBILITY to defend and PROTECT our borders, and THEY ARE REFUSING TO DO SO!!!! I think it is time to build a WALL, purchase from the Landowners a 1/2 mile stretch of land across the southern US Border, monitor it so a coyote can't scratch in that area without the Border patrol knowing about it. ENTRY TO THE US, ONLY THRU the OFFICIAL POINTS OF ENTRY!!! As far as I can tell this is unnecessary on the Northern US BORDER with CANADA. We don't have a big problem about ILLEGAL Canadiens/Eskimos coming into the US. I also want to make it CLEAR. I have absolutely NO PROBLEM with MEXICANS, SOUTH AMERICANS who go thru the legal channels and come here to the US LEGALLY. IT IS THE ILLEGAL ALEINS that need to be STOPPED. AND it IS the FEDERAL GOVERNMENT'S CONSTITUTIONAL OBLIGATION TO DO SO!!!


Hello from the snow bound DESERT. Yesterdays high Temp. was 36 degrees below normal, snow visible from downtown Phoenix, AZ on APRIL 5th!!!. Nearby Golf Tournament, THE TRADITION snowed out on Fri and Sun. MORE EVIDENCE OF GLOBAL COOLING!!!

Let's see, 24 Apache Helicopters (Built in Mesa,AZ) and 2,000 troops going to KOSOVO. What happened to "NO GROUND TROOPS"?????? Secretary of Defense William Cohen said on the "TODAY" Show that the Administration knew we would be facing these problems with Refugees from KOSOVO. I ASK, "THEN WHY THE HELL ARE WE SO UNPREPARED FOR IT!!!!" I guess Clinton is in charge, silly me....

Can ANYONE answer me this 1 Question: 5 WEEKS ago, I was paying 81 cents a gallon for GAS. TODAY, the cheapest I can find is $1.30 a gallon. More than a 50 cent increase in GAS in 5 WEEKS???? GAS prices rising 10 cents a week???? What the hell will gas cost come December, 8 months from now before Y2K hits? These prices are GIVING ME GAS!!!

Another Question: How many couples married or not, went to "Business" this past weekend to try to CONCIEVE the "MILLENIUM" baby? I bet quite a few. If Y2K does pose a problem, ie: with power etc. It will be a BAD time to go into labor....


With the continued "war" over KOSOVO, I thought I'd share this tid-bit I got from KFYI.


Is this country Russia? No
Red China? No
Great Britain ? Wrong Again
USA? Hardly

Give Up? Well, don't feel too bad if you are unable to identify this global superpower because this country no longer exists. It has vanished. These are the American military forces that have disappeared since the 1992 election.

Sleep well, America.


A final note on the Phoenix Police Officer Assasinated last week by a drug dealing 17 yr old Illegal Alien, who was caught ONLY because of a LEGALY ARMED CITIZEN took action, Otherwise he and his 2 Cocaine drug peddling friends would have safely made it back to Mexico. There was over 1 lb. of COCAINE found in Their Car.HERE. From The Arizona Republic And let me tell you, the Gun Control Freaks are upset with AZ and the Phoenix Police Dept. for calling the Legally Armed Citizen who busted the "Assasins" by shooting them a HERO. See the articles on 3/29 and earlier. The gun control advocates say this sends the wrong message. The message being that it IS a good thing for citizens who have the RIGHT to be armed. And they are totally pissed off that the Phoenix Police Dept. not only paid the bill for repairing his car that was damaged in this Tragedy, but also cutting him a $500 check to let him replace his gun that was used and is now being held as EVIDENCE against the 3 Illegal Aliens in a 1st Degree Murder Charge. The Liberal Whacko's are also pissed that we are pursuing the DEATH PENALTY against these 3 Illegal Aliens that killed a cop in cold blood. The Liberal rational is that because they were here ILLEGALLY, they couldn't get good jobs, and had to resort to the Illegal Drug Industry, so they are thus, VICTIMS!!!! And the Gun Control Nuts are saying we need more Gun Control Laws to prevent this. WELL guess what? 1st law broke was entering the country ILLEGALLY. 2nd law broke was possesing a POUND of COCAINE in the car for distribution (a FELONY). 3rd law broken possesing a gun during the commission of a FELONY. 4th law broken, it is ILLEGAL for an Illegal Alien to own a gun. 5th law broken, it is Illegal for anyone in AZ under 21 to have a handgun. 6th law broken, it is a FELONY to shoot a gun at a cop. ETC,ETC. What will more laws do??? Only remove guns from the LAW ABIDING CITIZENS!!!! It won't stop the law breakers. The Liberals are the 1st to scream that guns need to be removed from society, and the 1st to defend those who use a gun during a crime, and blame the crime on society as a whole because "THE CRIMINAL IS MORE OF A VICTIM THAN THE ONE he/she VICTIMIZED." The DEAD Cop/ his wife, his 6 month old child, are just facts that don't count because the perpetrator of the crime was poor and was only defending his way of making a living. Can you blame him for defending his Illegal job????

Well Fortunatly here in AZ this won't fly. We Will Keep our guns, we will use them defend ourselves, to defend others during the coarse of a criminal endangering another person. You have NOTHING to FEAR from a Law Abiding Citizen carrying a gun. The only FEAR is laws that restrict LAW Abiding Citizens from having a Gun. What do you want? Only the Government, Police, and CRIMINALS having guns???? The Criminals will always have GUNS, because being a Criminal they don't care about the Law anyways. Do You Really think these people will think to themselves, it is ILLEGAL for me to rob, steal, assault, kill someone if I have a gun??? No, the Criminal Element LOVES GUN CONTROL. Why??? Because they know most of their potential VICTIMS follow the law, and if it's ILLEGAL for the everyday Citizen to be ARMED, then it is basically open season for the Criminals with guns. Because if the citizens, potential victims, might be armed and ready to shoot back, or defend themselves, the Criminals are a lot less sure. Criminals are the dregs of Society, and prey upon what they consider "WEAK". if the citizenry are allowed to have guns, the weakest can defend themselves against these Soul-Less predators. There id=s an article from another web site that puts this all in a short and sweet manner, I didn't write it, I wish I had . HERE.


I GOT MY CAR BACK TODAY!!!! And everything was covered by my extended warranty, Dealership picked up the tab for the RENTAl. But, this is the neat thing, the SEVICE MANAGER happens to hear me on the radio and checks out my web pg from time to time. Turns out he resd my 3/22/99 Posting where I slammed SUBWAY, and vowed not to return. Well the Dealership decided to give me a Rental yesterday, that was something they would normally do when repairs are delayed because of short staffing there, which happened this week. But because I am SMOKER DAVE, the Dealership covered my $25 deductible, and paid the towing charge also. When I went to the Cashier to pay my bill, she had to call the Manager on why the Deductible, Rental, and Towing charges were all waived. She was told to not charge me. She mentioned to me that I must have a friend there to get all 3 of these charges EATEN by the Dealership. I said,"Maybe it's the SMOKER DAVE DISCOUNT". She said, Now I know why, the Manager mentioned the SUBWAY article last week, and he wants to keep your business, many service personell are smokers and have heard you on the radio. So the only thing I actually paid for was my 60,000 mi. maintainence. A nearly $600 bill was reduced by warranty and the Dealership to less than $160. There are pluses to being locally known.

Now to what I said yesterday about the SECRET WEAPON used by us in Yugoslavia. Here is another source of the info of the EMP Weapon, HERE. Also it appears more and more probable that we WILL send in OUR troops into KOSOVO as COMBATANTS, not as PEACEKEEPERS.

I continue to recieve manyy CC'ed EMAILS from you all on the Elementary Student EXPELLED for bringing a model rocket to school.(See 3/23/99 and 3/25/99 postings) I appreciate it!!! Excellent well versed letters. I know the school has by now recieved hundreds of emails, and over 75 from this site alone. Which by my quick math, over 50% of the visitors since the original posting have sent an email to the school and also CC'ed a copy to me. This does not count those who emailed the school and didn't email me a copy, or those who may have called the school direct. In any case, I thank you for the response!!!

KOSOVO, OUR Foriegn Policy is being run by an INCOMPETENT LEADER! His name is "SLICK WILLY". How many LIVES will he cost us, or the Albanians? Our bombings have NOT PREVENTED 1 Crime of "ETHNIC CLEANSING". In fact, it may be worse than if we never went there. Again, my OPINION is this is EUROPES' problem. NOT OURS!!!!


DAMN IT!!! Car still in the shop. At least the Dealer is giving my a FREE, well almost free, rental. At least I won't have to take a TAXI to work tonight. It cost enough $ for the TAXI to the Sports Bar last night for the NCAA Championship Game. At least I won $10 on the game.

Now it is a bit late for me doing this post since I go back to work tonight, but I have a couple items of NOTE.

#1 Al Gore said this past Saturday that NO US Ground Troops will go to Kosovo. Well I've heard thru the "NET" and on some Talk Radio today, (as I was waiting to here that my car was fixed) That a number of bases in the US have been "ACTIVATED". Sounds to me that before we know it, US Troops will be in Kosovo, not as PeaceKeepers, but as an invasion force, ie: COMBATANTS in a civil war we have no business in. Why has the US Military announced we only have 150 Conventional Cruise Missles left? AND no production is going on, the Navy and Air Force have requested Millions of $ to rearm Nuclear Armed Cruise Missles, and older Cruise Missles that do not have the GPS targeting system. Shouldn't this/these FACTS be SECRET??? Why is the Administration allowing REAL TIME reports of what planes take-off, with what munitions, LIVE on CNN etc???? We already know that the Serbs see this also, Phase 2 was started on Saturday, we said that means the jets will be flying LOWER. Soon afterward a F-117 was shot down, apparently tracked manually (since it is radar invisible)thru BINOCULARS.

A new WEAPON from Los Alamos? Reports on CNN or MSNBC last week, and now accusations from Russia, about us using the B-2 Stealth Bombers to deliver a bomb that cuases no deaths, no collateral damage, but delivers an EMP (Electo Magnetic Pulse) that wipes out electronic circuits, power grids, etc. Before now, the only way to produce an EMP of this magnitude was by a Nuclear Detonation. We now apparently have (and probably the CHINESE) a technology using conventional (non-nuclear) means Piezo Electric was mentioned, to create an EMP to disrupt electronics and power grids. Come to think of it, maybe that's what happened to my car, I lost ALL POWER waiting for a green light with no warning. Must have been VERY localized. A penalty I guess for registering a Trade Name and a Trademark for "SMOKER DAVE". DAMN LIBERALS!!! I KNEW they would come after ME!!!! Will I shut up? Yeah right, 36 yrs and noone has been able to shut me up yet.

3/29/99 LATE POST PS

UCONN WINS!!! And my Black and White Caricature on the opening pg is now a REGISTERED TRADEMARK!!! See Certificate HERE. I think I'm covered now, have the "SMOKER DAVE" Trade Name and my image Trademarked, already have the Domain Name.


In regards to last night's posting. NOT 1 WORD from the GUN CONTROL WHACKO'S. or the LIBERAL supporters of ILLEGAL IMMIGRANTS. I guess they are puposely hiding from this news. See no good news about guns and private citizens, Hear no good news about guns and private citizens, AND Speak/Acknowledge about good news and private citizens with GUNS. SENDS THE WRONG MESSAGE I GUESS!!!

I have the Certificate of The SMOKER DAVE TRADE NAME available as a link at the top of the opening pg. Or you can view it HERE

Just in case you're interested in listening to what RADIO YUGOSLAVIA has to say, here is the link. Click on "NEWS".

3/28/99 LATE PM

Bit of a weekend here. First the bad news, my car died and is awaiting repair at the dealer. What a pain in the ***. I ended up getting a pretty good sunburn at the Indy Car Race today in Phoenix. Oh well, it's AZ. I have recieved from the STATE of ARIZONA my CERTIFICATE that "Smoker Dave" is now a LEGALLY PROTECTED TRADE NAME. I get to use that little "R" in a circle now. I will post a scanned image of it soon.

Now the past 2 weeks in the Phoenix, AZ area there has been a rash of police related shootings. One of which ended in the deadly ambush of a Phoenix Policeman by a teenage ILLEGAL IMMIGRANT. Who and whose buddies would have gotten away if not for the intervention of a LEGALLY ARMED PRIVATE CITIZEN. Here are the links to the stories from The Arizona Republic. HERE and HERE, andHERE, andHERE.

The GUN CONTROL WHACKO'S, and the LIBERALS who support ILLEGAL IMMIGRANTS coming over for "work", are going to go nuts over this. I bet they CONDEMN the Phoenix Police Department calling the ARMED PRIVATE CITIZEN a HERO, and calling for the DEATH PENALTY of this ILLEGAL TEENAGE IMMIGRANT that turned to DRUG DEALING only because he couldn't find a JOB.

3/25/99 LATE PM

1st thing: I wish to THANK all of YOU who took the time to send an EMAIL to the Elementary School that suspended for the year, the 7th Grader for his innocent interest in Rockets (In previous "Thoughts" below for 3/23/99). I know for a FACT, by the many emails "cc'ed" to me that you all sent to the school. It might not have an immediate effect on the school, they need to present a "face" of not "knuckling over", but I believe in a little time, they will come up with a "face saving" resolution that will allow this curious 7th grader back into school. For your response, and help, I THANK YOU VERY MUCH. If you visit weekly or whatever and haven't had the chance to respond to the 3/23/99 plea, YOU STILL CAN. Use the links provided to send an email, fax, etc. The more the better.

A couple of weeks ago I won a Palm Size PC for filling out an on-line survey. A Cassiopeia E-10. And now thanks to my younger brother Jeff, a non-smoker/drinker, my desktop PC and the Palm Size PC now talk to each other. I couldn't have done it on my own. I'm not that great on PC problems outside of the Secret Lab Equipment. But what this does is replace my 2 lb Black Organizer that I lug back and forth to work every night, with a lightweight Palm Size PC that fits in a pocket, takes up no more room than 2-packs of cigarettes. COOL!!!

Now for a bit of selfish news, some of you know that I use a 486 PC that I bought from my brother just over 2 yrs ago when he bought a new PC. This is when I first got on the web. Well my brother is planning on getting a new PC in the next 4 to 6 months. Which means I will by his old one with "family discount" a Pentium II w/MMX. Plus I continue to have him on "call" for whenever I run into any PC trouble, like I did the past 2 weeks. At least I was able to stay on-line while the other troubles were being fixed. You know me, SMOKER DAVE'S LAW: If it Jams, FORCE IT, If it Breaks, It Needed Replacing Anyways. After I follow my own law, my younger brother plays "Meatball Surgery". Fortunately he is more like Hawkeye than Frank Burns. (MASH) And he turns 32 on Saturday. Happy Birthday Jeff!!! While as kids growing up, we couldn't be more different. And in everyday things we are still very different on the surface. But I think my/our mom is right. There are more similarities than differences between us. I just have a louder cruder/politically incorrect mouth than my younger brother. He knows when to keep quite, I raise holy hell. I'm public with my views, he is private. I smoke and drink, he doesn't. Those are the main differences, on the surface it may seem a lot, but in actuality negligible. It only took me 30+yrs to figure this out.

Only 9 months 'till Christmass for you early shoppers. Ha Ha. And for you couples out there wanting to try for the prize of the first 2000 baby, time to start thinking of the daily "Horizontal Bump", so to speak....


Here's a story for you from Arizona. An Elementary Student, motivated by the movie "October Sky" about children and rocketry, a true story. Decided to build a rocket. He brought his creation to school. Immediately his locker was searched, the "rocket" was deemed a WEAPON. Thus the student was suspended. Under the ZERO TOLERANCE POLICY of NO WEAPONS at school. The school's administrators have even IGNORED the fact that NASA has personally invited this student to it's highly acclaimed "Workshop on Rocketry" this coming July. The school's administrator's being placed in an INDEFENSIBLE POSITION, have rallied around the ZERO TOLERANCE POLICY ON WEAPONS AT SCHOOL. After all, the student could have LAUNCHED the rocket at another student. RIGHT???? To see the Arizona Republic Story on this Click HERE.

Don't you think this is going a bit too far? Punishing motivated students who decide to try something that interests them, that could lead to a lifelong career? School Officials who can't tell the difference between a model rocket and a FIREARM? If you wish to voice your concerns to this school, they have a web pg. Here is the LINK Contains the EMAIL ADDRESS They also have the following phone # (602)866-5825. A fax # (602)866-5833.

I did call the school this afternoon. I got an assistant, the Principle was BUSY. I told the assistant to let her know that she should expect an avalanche of emails etc. in regards to this student, unjustly SUSPENDED FROM SCHOOL. I left the assistant my home phone #, and my web site address.


If you take the time to visit this page, I implore you to respond to one of the above links to this school. I don't ask very often, but please give 2 minutes of your time to fill out an EMAIL to this school. SMOKER DAVE


After 7 YEARS of going to the same SUBWAY SHOP, they decided to charge me for EXTRA CHEESE on my SUB!!! AN EXTRA 90 cents!!! I've been going to this particular SUBWAY 2 or 3 TIMES A WEEK for 7 YEARS!!! I got the "NEW OWNER" Blah blah blah shit from the Employees there. Well there are 2 things that could happen. #1 Next time I go there all will be solved and I pay my regular price. Or #2, I shitcan the subs, and go to the nearby Sports Bar and order a Take-Out Open Face Steak Sandwhich w/Fry's and a small salad for 90 cents more than the price of my SUB. AND have a BEER while waiting for it.

Let's see, a cold sub. or a STEAK SANDWHICH for an EXTRA 90 cents. Granted I would eat the sub 2 or 3 hrs after I got it, and FRY's don't NUKE so well. But I AM PISSED that they would treat a long time regular customer this way.... Thinking about it, I think a STEAK Sandwich for an extra 90 cents is worth it. So here it is, THE OFFICIAL BRUSH OFF. KISS MY ASS SUBWAY!!!

Just a little while ago Clinton held a News Conf on Kosovo. Warning the President of Serbia about impending NATO Action. And Clinton TRYING to explain to us IDIOT populace in the USA that KOSOVO is an IMPORTANT NATIONAL INTEREST. What the HELL can KOSOVO teach us? They sure as hell don't export anything to the USA. Maybe they can TEACH AMERICANS' how to be REFUGGEES???? This is a European problem, NOT OURS!!!

Yesterday, a Budget Moving Van broke down on the Interstate in Tempe, AZ. Less than 10 miles from Phoenix. This Moving Van was loaded with 55 ILLEGAL ALIENS trying to smuggle themselves into this country. Like I said, ILLEGAL ALIENS. They became CRIMINALS the moment they crossed the BORDER ILLEGALLY. The LOCAL news is portraying these CRIMINALS as VICTIMS!!! They lost their Money $ to the smuggler, and are going to be deported. This after a trip in an unconditioned, no water or food. That lasted over 6 hrs. The DPS (Department of Public Safety, ie State Police) said it was sad that they came so close to making it to their destination. OH I FEEL SOOOO BAD THAT THESE PEOPLE WON'T BE GETTING ANY OF MY TAX MONEY!!!! AZ and all the other Southern Border States are under CONTINUOUS INVASION of ILLEGAL IMMIGRANTS, once they get here, they have MORE rights than you or me. If they get hurt, the best HEALTH CARE, if they struggle financially, GOV'T HANDOUTS. THEY KNOW you won't starve in the USA. That is why they flee Mexico and South America to come here. Plus FREE Education for their children, etc. etc.

There are towns in southern AZ that at the POST OFFICE there are more P.O. BOXES than residents. Why? Because Mexicans set these addresses up in order to recieve Social Security Checks, Welfare Checks, and Food Stamps. A mother on LABOR? Truck her to North of the border, let the kid be born on US SOIL, he'll be an American Citizen, thus you Can't deport the ILLEGAL MOTHER. Thus the Mother can legally bring the FATHER into this country. Entitled to ALL the programs and some we CITIZENS are not to help with living expenses etc.

As long as our southern neighbor remains as a 3rd world country, this will continue until our borders are defended from INVADERS. This is THE FEDERAL GOV'T JOB. But they refuse to do it. AZ and some other border States SUED the Federal Gov't last year over this issue. The States Lost. And it was ruled that the Citizens of those States must bear the FINANCIAL RESPONSIBILITY for these ILLEGALS.

Sure it is distasteful, but I advocate an impenetrable southern border, Walls, razor wire, machine gun nests, etc. Not to keep people in, but people OUT. As far as the Northern Border, we don't have a big problem with ILLEGAL CANADIENS, or ESKIMOS flooding the border to get in. For The story Click HERE FOR THE ARIZONA REPUBLIC STORY


I watched Clinton's Press Conference this afternoon. The only item of note was a question asked by Sam Donaldson. He asked the President about the rape charge by Juanita Broaddrick and if it didn't deserve a DIRECT answer from the President one way or the other on the allegation. The President responded, Since 5 weeks ago when I was acquited by the Senate on the Impeachment charges, I have decided to let my lawyers handle all further questions on these matters. And I believe the American People support me on this. If I were to answer such questions it would distract me from doing the work of the American People. My lawyers speak for me in these matters and have already answered this question.

That was it! He wouldn't just come out and say he never raped her. Just said his lawyers have already addressed this question. Maybe he doesn't want to LIE on TV anymore?


The City of "BROTHERLY LOVE", Philadelphia. Is now to embark on a new LAWSUIT. If you remember from my own web pg over a yr ago, I said, "1st they will go after the SMOKERS, then they will go after the GUN OWNERS. We all know what litigation is being taken to the Courts. Today a NEW ANGLE. The CITY of BROTHERLY LOVE has decided, after the tobacco settlement, to go after cigarettes again.

This time the Philadelphia is now filing suit for 23% of their firefighting costs, since they have determined that 23% of ALL fires in that city were caused by cigarettes. They assumption is, the victims (smokers) didn't realize smoking in bed and falling asleep could cause a fire.

So they are going to sue!!! I say the manufacturers of lighters, ultimately the petroleum industry is responsible for LIGHTING that cigarette. And at times the Natural Gas and Electric Industries, because in absence of a working lighter I have used a GAS STOVE and an ELECTRIC STOVE. I even once lit my cigarette from a toaster!!!

Plus as I was growing up in Northern New York, there were many more chimney fires from wood burning stoves and fireplaces than an accidental cigarette caused fire. So I guess the WOOD INDUSTRY should be alarmed. Also many more FIRES are caused by ELECTRICAL malfunctions. Sue the POWER COMPANIES!!!!

Do you see where this is going? Soon there will be a lawsuit on the Fast Food Industry, McDonalds, Burger King, Wendy's, Pizza Hut, Dominos Pizza, etc. For FLODDING the MARKET with "UNHEALTHY" food. Enticing the CHILDREN for their KIDS' MEALS. PRIZES, and token toys.

What is next? When you go to buy a car or truck, is the following Questionaire required? Have you EVER in the past, present, or considering in the future of DRINKING an ALCOHOL based beverage? IF you answer yes, you will be denied the opportunity to purchase a motor vehical. Because it may endanger YOU or OTHERS.

Remember I WARNED you all that this would happen when the GOV'T went after the smokers. I said in one way or another, they would be after YOU!!!


Happy St. Patrick's Day!!! Green Font for you all today.

America: The ONLY Country where you CAN'T Starve to death

Today's America is the only country where you can't starve to death, even with the revamped Welfare Programs. There are SO many "Safety-Nets" for failed people ranging from Federal and State Programs, local food banks and shelters, to help from religious organizations, and individual churches etc.

In fact the only way to die from starvation in this country is to deliberately hide yourself in the woods/mountains, or other such remote area.

The public view of the homeless is the old man/woman pushing shopping carts. This makes the public in general believe there is a housing problem. The fact is what you are seeing are the ones who refuse to follow the HARSH rules at most shelters. Rules like: No Booze, No Drugs, Look for work, etc. But guess what? Even these people eat. Even the liberals can't find 1 instance in any city the following type story. Homeless unemployed man/woman found dead on such and such street. Cause of death is listed as Starvation.

The fact is, even America's working poor would be considered wealthy in many countries. Remember it is not a Right to have the $100,000 house, 2 cars, etc. etc. But it is your Right to work for it, with your talents, ingenuity, luck, whatever. But even if you choose to reject work of any kind, refuse to follow any rules or laws, wherever your actions or inactions lead you, you still will not starve to death.

Yes here in the Phoenix, AZ area we have the "migrant homeless" here between October and May, or when temps go above 95. I am tired of the so called homeless and starving on street corners with signs such as, "Hungry and Homeless, Please Help, God Bless", and "Homeless, Will Work For Food", etc. Even as the Convenience store on the SAME corner has a sign, "Now Hiring for All Shifts". From time to time, I am tempted to by a case of Generic Black and White Label cans of Beans. And throw them at these losers, slackers, dregs of society as I drive by. But I would probably be arrested for assault or battery. And my demand for truth in advertising probably wouldn't work in Court. If they think it's so bad and unfair here, how about a 1 way trip to North Korea, or Africa, or....

Actually being St. Patrick's Day, or close enough, maybe I should throw potatos at them? It's amazing, hungry and homeless, they still can afford cigarettes at $2.50+ a pack.