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3/31/98 NEW!!! And only available on the "Smoker Dave Web Page"



I assume if you got this far you have noticed a warning page. This was done because of email complaints from 2 easily offended Liberals who accidently stumbled onto this web page and nearly had heart failure reading the things here. So because I'm a nice conservative, I am giving a warning to weak minded liberals before Entering the web page.


Some disturbing news for a "Good Friday" or "Passover" sorry to say. On the national news on radio anyways, yesterday a woman cut off with a knife, part of another woman's nose in the parking lot of a grocery store. The reason for this attack or "disfigurement", was that the woman who's nose was cut off went thru the Express Lane for 10 items or less. She had more than 10 items, thus enraging this idiot woman to attack and "disfigure" her for this atrocity of slowing someone in the check out line.

My guess is she had 13 items, and the products that put her over the limit were : a "STEAK" (animal rights activist line), A 12 pack of BEER (Next object of Liberal Attacks), and a pack of CIGARETTES (the most hated product on all the Earth). So the Liberals will say she was provoked into attacking this woman because of violation of check out line morals, and the items above the limit were: anti social, Earth, animal, and things that should be banned. So she is innocent because all these things together would cause attack from any Liberal, Earth Loving, Animal Loving, Safe Air For The Children, WHACKO!!!

The Attackee was probably going to her SUV that kills Liberals in YUGO's in car wrecks.(BUT HAVE HIGH RISK OF ROLLOVER, and this warning to be blazingly displayed on new SUV's). Forget the fact that insurance rates have been raised on SUV's because they are too safe!!! And kill's Liberals in YUGO's in car accidents, while the SUV owner walks away unhurt.

Next on the list is from here, Phoenix, AZ. Let me preface this before you go to the story. Back in JAN an unmarried couple were expecting QUADS. They were unhappy with the fact that the Septuplets in IOWA were getting all the attention and CORP and private help. They were featured in the same newspaper as the following story. On talk radio here most people suggested the reason they weren't getting extra help from CORP sponsors (ie Pampers, free diapers, a Home Builder- new house etc.) Is because that QUADS are NOT ALL THAT RARE, as opposed to septuplets. And the septuplets were going to a husband and wife, who were humble, religious and hard working. The parents of the QUADS to be were unmarried, would not marry because the welfare, food stamps and housing help, free medical to single mom, would be reduced or eliminated. A let's take everything we can get, and grovel for more in the touchy feelly news media hype, (Smoker Dave sickened already).

Now you need to read this sad and disgusting newstory that was on : credit "The Arizona Republic" front page today Fri 4/10/98 HERE!!! Social Services / help is breeding a population of sickos who consider having children a "cash $ crop".


Good Dr Seuss "type" poem on Visitors Email Pg, or Click HERE>

66% of all tobacco taxes are paid by households thet earn less than $40G a yr. Looks like a tax on the poor to me. The added tax currently debated is an extra $1.10 a psck. For a household that smokes 3 packs a day is an extra $1200 in taxes per yr. Al Gore wants $1.50 that would be $1650 per yr. And Sen Edward Kennedy wants even more!!! And this is brought on by the liberals who always say the rich get tax breaks at the expense of the poor. And now the Democrat Liberals are placing an unequal Tax on the "poor".

This in the news today, but under reported. The principle of the school in ARK that had the killings, held the 2 kids at gunpoint until police arrived,(4 1/2 minutes) w/ his own personal weapon. He broke Federal Law by having a gun w/in 1000 ft of a school!!!!. The "kids" were not charged with this because they are too young. Guess they are not too young to commit murder, or be suspended for sexuall harrassment if he gives a classmate gal a peck on the cheek. Go Figure!!!

Here in AZ the schools are close to the road/street so everyone carrying a gun(legal in AZ) breaks Federal law everyday driving to work.

Is gov't out of control or WHAT???


I tell you all I thing. I hate meetings that start after I've been at work for over 11 hrs. And then last over 1 hr after the end time for the meeting. Yes I don't like it at all. And they wonder why I get "testy" at these meetings sometimes.

So even though I have a topic to cover I am unable to, you see I have to be back AT work in 8 hrs. No dinner for Smoker Dave, and sad to say, no time for "Daily Thoughts From a Smoke Filled Room" besides this note.

Hopefully I will be able to address tommorrow what I wanted to today, plus whatever else comes up between now and then.




We need to keep these big foriegn made luxury cars from coming over and letting drunk drivers kill us with them.

The above is not true, just a twist on Clinton's Executive Order banning so called "ASSAULT WEAPONS". "Noone shoots deer with an UZI." Statistics show that less than 1/2 of 1 % of all crimes commited with a gun are from "so-called" ASSAULT WEAPONS. The Liberals want to blame guns in these crimes. But how many people blame the car in a DWI fatality??????

And here is the "KICKER". Clinton is taking credit for the reduction in violent crime during his Presidentcy. If he can claim credit for this, shouldn't he also accept responsibility for the increased drug use in school age children???? And the explosion of sexual harrassment suits?????? And the dramatic increase in sexual predaters, child molesters, etc.

Think about the above, hard and to speak.


30 years ago today, Dr.Martin Luther King was assisnated. I have 1 thing to say on his steadfastdness and lifelong pursuit of egual rights for people of all and any color, which he was killed for advocating. Actually a visual. I will let it speak for me. Credit Steve Benson and The Arizona Republic from a few months back.

Rest In Peace Dr. King, may your dream live on....


Image of my ticket to the AZ DiamondBacks 2nd MLB Game Ever. Photo's to come soon.

Computer was sick, had 24 hr flu, my brother helped cure it over ICQ. Plus spent some time getting The Female Black Avenger Page up and running, PHOTO OF THE FEMALE BLACK AVENGER NOW ON THAT PAGE!!! Check it out. HERE

4/1/98 Late PM

Saw the DiamondBacks game, lost 6 - 0, enjoyed it anyways, awesome ballpark. Photo's soon.

Did you hear that Monica was walking by the Oval Office and the Prez called her in to see his new Clock. Monica went in, the Prez closed the door behind her and dropped his pants. Monica said "that sure does not look like a clock to me". The Prez replied it will as soon as you put your face and two hands on it!!!!

April Fool!!!

Or IS IT??? From an anonymous source "Shallow Throat!!!'"

Now really, someone please tell me what constitutes Sexual Harrassment now? Appears there is now the 1 Free Grope Rule. And w/ the Paula Jones case being thrown out today, the 1 Free Pass to Drop Drawers and say, "Come on BABY!!!".

3/31/98 Late PM

I am on vacation this week, and I get to go to the AZ DiamondBacks MLB game tommorrow for their second ever game, in a ballpark w/a retractable roof, a pool, and natural grass. The only ballpark of its kind. Supposed to rain here again, roof most likely will be closed, but I will have some photo's of it soon.

Now for something to think over. The following is a copy I obtained from Art Bell's web pg (

March 30, 1998

News Release from the McClendon News Service

Washington, D.C. -- Unidentified Flying Objects, a term given for many years to unexplained sightings of craft in the skies over every state in the Union, are actual visitors from other worlds, believe a community of scientists and technicians employed by government.

The real danger to the U. S. and perhaps this whole planet is the government has placed such a heavy blanket of secrecy upon this issue. So much secrecy, those in government who have knowledge showing UFOs are identifiable feel the subject cannot be discussed by those in the know without serious repercussions. Others are afraid their friends and co-workers will think they are crazy if they even so much as insinuate that UFOs are identifiable as manned craft from outside the earth. This particularly applies to newspaper editors and publishers, reporters and analysts. Thus the U. S. is denying itself the chance to learn more about UFOs or to encourage research despite the fact the U. S. stands to gain form such discussions.

Not publicized but true is that the Clinton administration, soon after coming to office, had many briefings on the subject. Laurence Rockefeller provided the information for the President and Mrs. Clinton. Others provided documents and verbal briefings to presidential advisors Jack Gibbons (science), Bruce Lindsay (personal), Anthony Lake (national security) and Vice President Albert Gore. About the same time a three hour briefing was given by Dr. Steven Greer to the sitting Director of the CIA, Admiral Woolsey.

Subsequently, Clinton instructed Webster Hubbell, when naming him to the position of Associate Attorney General at the Justice Department, that he wanted him to investigate and report back to him on two things, circumstances surrounding the death of President John F. Kennedy, and the existence of UFOs. Hubbell, despite his position and the presidential imprimatur, was boxed in at Justice Department and never was able to find out. All of this was disclosed in Hubbell's memoir Friends in High Places.

Now the lid on UFOs is gradually coming off. There is a national drive underway to get one million signatures on a petition calling for an open Congressional hearing for government employee witnesses. Dr. Steven Greer, Director of the Center for the Study of Extraterrestrial Intelligence (CSETI), devotes most of his time seeking disclosure of government evidence proving the existence of craft manned by non-humans. Another who feels that positive proof exists within government, is Lt. Col. Philip J. Corso (retired), who reveals in a recent book, The Day After Roswell, that he was in charge of the Roswell files during his tenure as head of the Army's Foreign Technology Division. He states unequivocally that these files confirm the crash which occurred at Roswell, New Mexico was an alien space craft. This completely refutes the Air Force denials and subsequent explanations. Corso says that the crashed vehicle was studied and proved to be manufactured of materials unknown as to source and usage in this country. In time, he says, this and other UFOs provided technologies which were "worked into the commercial world via front companies." Incidentally he vouches for the fact that this has proven to be a valuable contribution to U.S. aircraft design and other commercial products.

After the Roswell incident, the Air Force replied to reporters' inquiries that this was all part of research using weather balloons and other equipment. Corso and hundreds of others who work or have worked in secret defense and scientific agencies, are willing to swear under oath that alien craft are repeatedly penetrating our airspace.

Whenever the military agencies are asked to look into this matter further, the answer is always the same - "We do not investigate UFOs."

Contact: McClendon News Service 202-483-3791 / 202-328-1818 fax


First a VERY HAPPY BIRTHDAY to my little brother Jeff who turned 32 today. Thanks for all the computer help especially after my big crash a couple of months ago.

Great news from NASA today. After much discoarse of about rephotographing the Cydonia area on Mars that has the so called Face On Mars and surrounding pyramids etc. And as recent as 2 weeks ago a NASA spokesman said they would not rephotograph the area because of technical difficulties and that rephotographing the "Face" would probably still show a "Face" and thus fuel the speculation that it is a artificial monument to UFO and Alien buffs, while also disproving NASA's assertion that it was a trick of light and shadows. Here is the story, I "bolded" the most important excerpts in regards to the "Face On Mars", in this story:


Contact: Diane Ainsworth



Mostly brought about by the "ART BELL SHOW fans and listeners on late night talk radio, and Walter Cronkite's former Scientific Advisor during the Apollo Missions, and the Author of "Monuments of Mars", Richard C. Hoagland. Who has for the past 15 years + investigated so called NASA coverups on the MOON and Mars. And appears to have a large following, even being credited in the novel and movie, 2010 by Arthur C. Clark. in which Europa is featured.

NASA's Mars Global Surveyor spacecraft is about to begin a summer-long set of scientific observations of the red planet from an interim elliptical orbit, including several attempts to take images of features of public interest ranging from the Mars Pathfinder and Viking mission landing sites to the Cydonia region.

The spacecraft will turn on its payload of science instruments on March 27, about 12 hours after it suspends "aerobraking," a technique that lowers the spacecraft's orbit by using atmospheric drag each time it passes close to the planet on each looping orbit. Aerobraking will resume in September and continue until March 1999, when the spacecraft will be in a final, circular orbit for its prime mapping mission.

It will not be possible to predict on which orbit the spacecraft will pass closest to specific features on Mars until Global Surveyor has established a stable orbit and flight controllers are able to project its ground track. This process should be completed in the next few days. The exact time of observations and the schedule for the subsequent availability of photographs on the World Wide Web are expected to be announced early next week.

"Global Surveyor will have three opportunities in the next month to see each of the sites, including the Cydonia region, location of the so-called 'Face on Mars,' " said Glenn E. Cunningham, Mars Global Surveyor project manager at NASA's Jet Propulsion Laboratory, Pasadena, CA. "The sites will be visible about once every eight days, and we'll have a 30- to- 50-percent chance of capturing images of the sites each time."

Several factors limit the chances of obtaining images of specific features with the high-resolution mode of the camera on any one pass. These factors are related primarily to uncertainties both in the spacecraft's pointing and the knowledge of the spacecraft's ground track from its navigation data. In addition, current maps of Mars are derived from Viking data taken more than 20 years ago. Data obtained by Global Surveyor's laser altimeter and camera during the last few months have indicated that our knowledge of specific locations on the surface is uncertain by 1 to 2 kilometers (0.6 to 1.2 miles). As a result, the locations of the landing sites and specific features in the Cydonia region are not precisely known.

In addition, the Mars Pathfinder and Viking landers are very small targets to image, even at the closest distance possible, because they are the smallest objects that the camera can see. The Cydonia features, on the other hand, are hundreds to thousands of times larger and the camera should be able to capture some of the features in that area.

Global Surveyor's observations of the Viking and Pathfinder landing sites will provide scientists with important information from which to tie together surface observations and orbital measurements of the planet. Data from landing sites provide "ground truth" for observations of the planet made from space. As for the "Face on Mars" feature, "Most scientists believe that everything we've seen on Mars is of natural origin," said Dr. Carl Pilcher, acting science director for solar system exploration in NASA's Office of Space Science, Washington, DC. "However, we also believe it is appropriate to seek to resolve speculation about features in the Cydonia region by obtaining images when it is possible to do so."

Information about Viking observations of the Cydonia region and a listing of those images are available on the World Wide Web at .

New images of the landing sites and Cydonia region taken by Mars Global Surveyor will be available on JPL's Mars news site at: and on the Global Surveyor home page at . These sites will also carry detailed schedules of the imaging attempts once they have been determined. Images will also be available on NASA's Planetary Photojournal web site at .

So far in the aerobraking process, Global Surveyor's orbit has been reduced from an initial 45-hour duration to less than 12 hours. During the aerobraking hiatus, the spacecraft will be orbiting Mars about once every 11.6 hours, passing about 106 miles (170 kilometers) above the surface at closest approach and about 11,100 miles (17,864 kilometers) at its farthest distance from the planet. The pause in aerobraking allows the spacecraft to achieve a final orbit with lighting conditions that are optimal for science observations.

Mars Global Surveyor is part of a sustained program of Mars exploration, managed by JPL for NASA's Office of Space Science, Washington, DC. Lockheed Martin Astronautics, Denver, CO, which built and operates the spacecraft, is JPL's industrial partner in the mission. Malin Space Science Systems, Inc., San Diego, CA, built and operates the spacecraft camera. JPL is a division of the California Institute of Technology, Pasadena, CA. 3/24/98 DEA #9829

For more detailed information CLICK HERE


A little less serious today after the past serious Thoughts the past couple of days. Since we have rain from El Nino and Funnel Clouds near here today.

Check this story from AP today,

MARCH 26, 05:11 EST

Coke Day Prank Fizzles for Student


Associated Press Writer

EVANS, Ga. (AP) -- Always Coca-Cola? Not so for Mike Cameron, a high school senior who got suspended for wearing a Pepsi shirt on Coke Day.

School officials said his prank was insulting to visiting Coca-Cola officials and messed up a school picture in which students spelled out ``Coke.''

His punishment was the real thing -- a one-day suspension.

``I know it sounds bad -- `Child suspended for wearing Pepsi shirt on Coke Day,''' said Gloria Hamilton, principal of Greenbrier High School in Evans, about 130 miles east of Atlanta, the world headquarters of Coca-Cola.

``It's not a Coke-Pepsi war issue,'' she said. ``It has nothing to do with that. It was a student deliberately being disruptive and rude.''

Cameron, 19, said he doesn't think he did anything wrong.

``I just wanted to mess with my friends' heads,'' Cameron said Wednesday as he served his time.

He wore a blue-and-white striped shirt with a small Pepsi logo underneath another shirt to Friday's Coke in Education Day, part of Greenbrier's effort to win a $500 contest run by Coca-Cola Bottling Co. of Augusta and a national contest with a $10,000 prize.

Cameron waited until just before the picture was snapped to remove his outer shirt.

The Coke executives didn't even see Cameron's shirt and were not offended by the prank, said company spokeswoman Diana Garza.

``The kid did what a kid does,'' Ms. Garza said. ``We have people coming into the World of Coca-Cola here in Atlanta wearing Pepsi shirts.''

Pepsi wasn't bothered at all by the free advertising.

``Without knowing all the details, it sounds like Mike's obviously a trendsetter with impeccable taste in clothes. We're going to make sure he's got plenty of Pepsi shirts to wear in the future,'' Pepsi spokesman Brad Shaw said.

Cameron said he also likes to wear Coke and 7-Up shirts too, because they are comfortable.

After getting caught, he was sent to the principal's office, where he said Mrs. Hamilton ``talked about how important that day was to the school and that I might have cost the school 10 grand.''

The Coke contest offers $500 to the Columbia County school that comes up with the most creative method of distributing promotional discount cards to students.

In addition to the school picture, Greenbrier officials invited a Coke marketing executive to address economics students, had chemistry students analyze the sugar content of Coke and used a Coca-Cola cake recipe in home economics.

Hazel Lanier, who was picking up her granddaughter at school Wednesday, said she thought the punishment was too severe.

``We do teach independence in this country, don't we?'' she asked. ``The last thing we need is to teach conformity.''

I could go in so many different directions on this it isn't even funny. So I won't, time will come soon enough again for me, the last defender who is public in Mesa, AZ., of individual rights and responsibility in the realm of common sense and decent everyday morality.

I bet the liberals would love to be able to prove that the parents of the 2 murderous children demons in ARK were Repubplicans, Libertarians, or Independants. The liberal democrats don't want any suggestion that these things happen because of moral decay in this country. Last thing they want is to be accused of this, while they defend partial birth abortion, (infantcide), adultery, lies, coverups, and scandal. The problem is not the "Culture of the South" that promotes and teaches kids to hunt. The problem is not "MTV" and violent "R" rated movies. The problem is not books like "Tom Sawyer, or Huck Finn".

The problem is moral indecency from the top of gov't. which Slick Willy is running!!!. It has gotten to the point today that some congressman or state legislater has brought up a bill to commute a death sentance if the accused donates a kidney or bone marrow. My question to this is: would you want a major organ implanted into you from a condemned killer on death row? How about a repetant death row inmate who is fullfilling his death sentance and his heart is available,,,,, want the Heart of a killer beating in you???? But meanwhile let the young girls abort children with no parental consent,,,,,,But if they want an earing, consent is required,,,,, God help us.

So much for me not being serious today... Oh Well...


Going to give a brief Smoker Dave thought on the insane 1st degree murder by elementary schoolchildren in Jonesboro, Ark., the 4th such shooting in the past 5 months here in the USA.

In my opinion this is brought on by the dismantling of the family unit and lack of a moral standard for everyone to be taught in the family unit and IN SCHOOL. Because of unabbated Liberalism it is now impossible for ANY local school district to teach ANYTHING on morality. If 1 parent complains about any moral standard being taught in school, raising the issue of "who's morals???" Christian, Jewish, etc. these all used to all mesh to a large degree, but today because of disagreements over very small insignificant points, we now have schools teaching subjects only and no morality or respect for others.

Topping all this is the lack of direction and discipline given to children by their parents due to both having to work, disinterest or buying into the Liberal notion that each should live by their own morals, (even children, don't want to limit them), or by fear that if someone saw them "spanking" a child the police would be called. All this might drive a mother who is under stress both emotionally and financially to pour gasoline over her children and herself to leave this world. Sound OUTRAGEOUS??? It just happened here in the Phoenix, AZ. area last week.

Now we hear from some whacko Proff. of Sociology at Auburn Univ. saying all these school shootings are due to the Southern Culture of hunting and having guns in the home. RADICAL SUPPORTERS OF THE 2ND AMENDMENT!!! What a bunch of Liberal BULL.

If this were true we should have throughout the history of this country many more instances like this, in a time where it is even more difficult to procure a gun than in times past. It must be for some other reason.

What can we do??? As a nation not much right now, the same immorality is being displayed by our very own President. The best we can do as individuals or parents is to send "our" children or support the private school of our choice. Be it a Catholic school or any other school that teaches morality and respect for others in their along with "Reading, Writing, and Arithmatic".

I am 35 and it looks like I'm old fashioned."

Or contact me thru ICQ, my UIN # is 3523728

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