The Political Quote of the Day for 03/24&25/01:


The man with the best job in the country is the vice president. All he has to do is get up every morning and say,"How's the president?".

Will Rogers

The Political Quote of the Day for 03/26/01:


I was kind of jealous that the Republicans had appropriated such a nice animal as their symbol. I think they're fascinating.

Bill Clinton, on the elephants he saw while he was on a safari


Well!!! How MANY of YOU wasted your time watching last night the latest of the weekly "AWARDS" Show? Whatever it was, be it Academy Awards, Oscar, Grammy, Country Music, MTV Music, or TV GUIDE, AWARDS that was last night. I COULD CARE LESS!!! The one thing I did hear about it today, is that some slut named "HOLE" wore CRYSTALL Underwear. Well that should stop your underwear from "riding up....". And Yes, I do know who "HOLE" is, the widow of Curt Cobain of that now defunct group NIRVANA. I think we are for the better that he and the group is gone. What is the enticement for watching such shows? The display of female flesh and vocal profanity from the "WINNERS"? Did Jennifer Lopez show more this time with her "DRESS" than when she was still with "PUFFY"? I just don't understand this compulsion for watching these AWARDS SHOWS. Maybe in the past when there was only 1 or 2 for the year. But FACE IT!!! It is DAMN NEAR MONTHLY NOW!!! I bet there is a catagory for, "Best Country Square Dance Choreography in a Horror Movie, the WINNER IS:.....". AND the obsession of what kind of Dress will so and so be wearing to the whatever AWARD Show. Makes me sick.

Let's get to some REAL NEWS

READ this STORY HERE!!! FIRST, and then come back for this commentary.

The road to HELL is PAVED with "GOOD INTENTIONS". LBJ's "WAR ON POVERTY", the WELFARE SYSTEM. All it did was have generations of families living off the Gov't TEET. The more kids you can spew out the bigger the Gov't PAYCHECK you get, and to these people they did call it their PAYCHECK, even though they never worked a day in their life. Well at least this problem is being fixed.

Now to the ABUSE of the AMERICAN'S With DISABILITIES ACT, (ADA). Let me remind you, this just didn't start. CASEY MARTIN sued the PGA. Professional Golpers Association, because he couldn't walk the 18 holes in a Tournament because of a disability and needed a Golf Cart, which was against the RULES. Stamina is part of the GAME. PGA lost in court. A woman takes a 300 lb. SWINE, ie. PIG in 1st CLASS on a jetliner, it is a theraputic pet to help her overcome her fear of flying. Like a SEEING EYE DOG helps a blind person get around. PIG is allowed on board in 1st CLASS. Being a 300lb. PIG it had to "RELIEVE" itself a number of times during the flight, in 1st CLASS. Other 1st CLASS Passengers sued for repayment of their tickets. THEY LOST. You can't sue over the presence of a "THERAPUTIC ANIMAL BEING PRESENT because of a disabled person needing them there". The PIG allowed this person to help with their fear of flying.

A 300lb. woman sued an airline for charging her for 2 seats, that's the SPACE she took up. She CLAIMED an EATING DISORDER caused this. AND SHE WON her LAWSUIT under the provisions granted by the ADA.

Well folks, what's next? workers going home because the coffee maker is on the fritz? It appears that having "BAD HAIR DAYS" counts as a DISABILITY, protected UNDER FEDERAL LAW! And we wonder why our kids are so screwed up.


How's this? Next time you go to you DOCTOR and fill out a MEDICAL HISTORY QUESTIONAIRE, and right after the QUESTION: ANY FAMILY HISTORY OF HEART DISEASE? is followed by, DO YOU OWN ANY GUNS? AND IF SO, WHERE DO YOU STORE THEM? See the STORY HERE!!!

And this is a good one!!! PUBLIC SCHOOL TEACHERS are UPSET about a proposed rule forcing them to enroll their kids in PUBLIC SCHOOL. While I agree with the TEACHERS that it is UNCONSTITUTIONAL, it makes you wonder WHY the TEACHERS would NOT have their kids go to PUBLIC SCHOOL, even if they WORK THERE!!! See the STORY HERE!!!

I BET the ANIMAL RIGHTS PEOPLE will be "FLAPPING" over this story. Randy Johnson of the AZ DIAMONDBACKS KILLS a DOVE with a FASTBALL!!! MURDERED the POOR DOVE, Unintentionally. I would guess this comes under, "2nd Degree BIRDSLAUGHTER". I am sure PETA will respond also. See the STORY HERE!!!

Hey, I would like your EMAILS on this SUBJECT. I have a person that used to be a friend, when he was actually gainfully employed, not including "TELEMARKETING". His name is "SWAMP THING" which he earned 5 yrs ago when he lost his last good job. For the past 5 yrs he has not been able to show up at work for a full week of 40 hrs. Always sick 1 or 2 days a week. He gets by with $ sent from his parents for rent, etc. He hasn't owned a car in 3 yrs. And last week lost his job at the telemarketing place. Blamed it on the owner. Well here in the PHX, AZ area UNEMPLOYMENT is still below 3%. This guy is in his late 40's, not a penny saved, and owes big time to the IRS and back CHILD SUPPORT. All he has is a bicycle to his name. Lives off his parents to cover rent, and anyone he can shmooze to loaning him $. And I am guilty of this myself. I loaned him some $ 5 yrs ago, no interest, still owes me over $250. Doesn't look that much, but I expected to be repaid in 2 or 3 months. NOT in 10 yrs, and the rate of repayment will take another 5 yrs. But I think I will write it off as a LOSS, in the next month or so the lease is up and his roommate, a friend of mine, will cut ties with him. And as Far as I know SWAMP THING will become HOMELESS, unless his loser buddy Bruce takes him in, and that arrangement won't last long.

Now for camparison, PHX, AZ. Unemployment under 3%. My HOME TOWN/COUNTY in NY has 12.2% Unemployment Rate. See the ARTICLE HERE!!! So how do you think SWAMP THING would do THERE???

Well I can see that this FILE is getting full. So I am moving it to the ARCHIVES as of now, so tomorrow I can start on a FRESH SLATE. But this file will not leave "THOUGHTS FROM A SMOKE FILLED ROOM" until my next update tomorrow. As Always, you can view my past postings in the ARCHIVES, all the way back to 11/97.

The Political Quote of the Day for 03/23/01:


The chief idea of the American people is idealism.

Calvin Coolidge

Well now there are only MERE Memories of MIR, a 2.2 BILLION MILE Journey ended in a Watery Death, or did some of the Titanium EATING MUTANT FUNGUS Survive? And now growing in the nutrient rich Ocean? And it missed the TACO BELL Target, DAMN!!! Forget the Free TACOS. Well here is a Photo of MIR burning up over FIJI.

Keeping in topic, what do you think this is a photo of?

Give Up? Well WHAT do you THINK YOU SEE? Bushes or Brush?

Are you agreeing with this assessment? Well for more Details about this Photo click HERE!!!

This PHOTO, is,, from,,, MARS!!! Isn't this INTERESTING!!!

Well the Governor of AZ has lost her mind. Wants new TAXES like an additional 13cents per Gallon of Gas, a new TAX on new Homes, and an increase in Sales Taxes. Plus they are working on a scheme so the voters can't say squat about it by creating another layer of State Government. All this for a transit plan that has a 0% chance of working here. See the STORY HERE!!!

The Political Quote of the Day for 03/22/01:


The biggest danger for a politician is to shake hands with a man who's physically stronger, has been drinking, and is voting for the other guy.

William Proxmire

The Political Quote of the Day for 03/21/01:


When you are young and not as experienced, you are more liberal.

Ed Koch

I am just waiting for the SWEET 16 Basketball Games to start, on THE ROAD TO THE FINAL 4, you know?

So what has happened the past couple of Days? Well California has had 2 series of rolling Blackouts, because it got warm. Well FOLKS, it ain't warm yet, sure we hit 90 here in AZ the past 2 days. 100 is warm, 110 is HOT, and 115 is DAMN HOT. I don't think it's shorts weather until it hits 100. Well CALIFORNIA, you can kiss the out of State Power surpluses being sold to you now from AZ to be history by June. And a note the the Sierra Club who is lobbying Congress to demolish the Glen Canyon Dam that forms Lake Powell. This year, ALL the POWER GENERATED by the Glen Canyon Dam has been sent to California. 4,000 Megawatts a DAY. Come June AZ will need the POWER, and IT IS OURS!!! To supply the electrical needs of our AC UNITS when the Temperature goes over 100. Just today the POWER suppliers in AZ have stated that instead of the normal 15% cushion of electrical power for the summer, this summer is projected to have less than 8%. That is basically 1/2 of normal electrical reserves. I refuse to send power to CA. when WE need it in AZ. CA's power problems is CA's fault from their own policies over the past 2 decades. If there is POWER Confiscation by California from neighboring STATES, you can bet your last Dollar these States will REFUSE and take themselves off the Western Power Grid.

Now to the STOCK MARKET, Officially in a BEAR MARKET. I will tell you this, I have lost over $6,000 in the past year, and now my portfolio is worth less than the $ I put into it. It's a BUMMER, a result of CLINTONIAN Economics. What also fueled this downturn is the fact that many people got into the STOCK MARKET when it was at or near it's peak, and bought on MARGIN, ie:CREDIT. Well MARGIN CALLS come in, they don't have the $, so they have to sell their SHARES at low prices to cover the MARGIN CALL. AND THEY LOSE THEIR SHIRT!!! The way you should invest is to: #1 PAY OFF CREDIT CARDS. #2 Join your employer's 401k or 403b Plan and take advantage of the TAX DEFERRED INVESTMENT. #3 Open your OWN IRA, preferrably a ROTH IRA, that is the $ you invest you already paid TAXES on, and you can take $ out TAX FREE when you RETIRE. #4 Any other Investments that you plan to have for retirement, including individual STOCKS and Mutual Funds, pay in CASH, not in credit. WHY? Because if there is a downturn, like now, you won't have to shell out more $ or sell. Just keep tight, and wait. These should be long range investments. #5 Buy regularly, its Dollar Cost Averaging. If you Invest monthly like I do, when the Marget is LOW, your $ buys more STOCK. Historically the Market has returned between 8 and 12% over the long term, and with Dividens etc. a small contibution can grow exponetially. $5,000 invested in the Stock Market in 1950 would be worth $1.2 MILLION Today. For Example, I am 38 yrs old, so I have 20 - 30 yrs before I retire. Should I be FREAKING OUT that the STOCK MARGET is down and sell everything for a net LOSS and an additional TAX BURDEN? HELL NO!!! BUY and HOLD STOCKS in good MUTUAL FUNDS, and Companies that will be around in 20 - 30 yrs.

This is more info than I usually give about myself, but this is what I have been and am doing financialy. $2,000 a year into my ROTH IRA, $450 a month into my 403b plan, $225 a month into Blue Chip Stocks, and $100 into a On-Line Stock Broker Money Marget Fund that I can use to buy other Stock when I want to. This amounts to over 20% of my Gross Income. This is the $ I will have when I stop working and retire. As I said before, I don't think SOCIAL SECURITY will be around when I retire, according to the GOV'T I won't qualify for FULL BENEFITS until I am 67, nearly 30 yrs from now. Well my last paycheck has $110 deducted for SOCIAL SECURITY TAXES. THAT IS $ being STOLEN from ME with POOR prospects of me ever recoverying it. That is why I support some of this $ for Private Investment by Individuals, at least THAT PORTION I would still have for myself. End of "THE SMOKER DAVE FINANCIAL PLANNER SEMINAR".


Another School Shooting!!!

2 Teachers reportably shot and 1 student. In California, San Diego. See the STORY HERE!!!


Timothy McViegh's LAST MEAL before being EXECUTED has pissed off PETA, because MEAT is available to him. They believe that he should be banned from MEAT because he has killed so many people, and they don't want him to ALSO include animals on his "DEATH LIST". See the STORY HERE!!!

Hugh Rodham, Hillary Clinton's bother, still OWES $100,000 from the PARDON SCANDAL. This FAT LOSER also was living at the WHITE HOUSE in Bill Clinton's final 2 weeks. AND he had the gall to try to stay a few more days after Bush was inagurated because he had nowhere else to go, especially where he could order from the kitchen whole chickens to fatten himself for FREE. See the STORY HERE!!!

And Remember, there is less than 9 hours before the Russian SPACE STATION MIR is supposed to crash and burn and splash in the South Pacific, if things go right.... Never mind that MUTANT FUNGUS that may survive and get nutrients from the ocean and propogate. It only EATS Plastic and Windows, and gives off PEROXIDE as a waste product.

Hoof and Mouth disease spreading across Europe and in Argentina, MAD COW possibly in VERMONT. More School Shootings, Stock Market in the tank,,,, ARE WE HAVING FUN YET???

The Political Quote of the Day for 03/20/01:


Say what you want about the president, but we know his friends have convictions.

Dick Armey

The 1st Day of SPRING. And of coarse the 1st day the high is projected to be 90. Also the 1st time this year I hear the ICE CREAM MAN and those damn bells. At LEAST I also hear the packing of SNOWBIRDS, (Winter Visitors) getting ready to FLEE, but most will hold out until after EASTER SUNDAY before they fly back North. But at least the traffic congestion here will start to minimize.

Plus it is a good thing, with interest rates going down, some of these old RICH FOLKS will either decide to sell their Townhouse's, or Condo's, or one partner will be sick or dying, opening up more choices for me to relocate my ARMED COMPOUND out of "Little Mexico".


Now for another BLEEDING HEART LIBERAL STORY. The POOR CALIFORNIANS are whinning about the lack of ELECTRICITY to keep them out of rolling BLACKOUTS. They say, "It's NOT FAIR that the Northwest doesn't have rolling BLACKOUTS TOO!!! Even though the Northwest AND the Southwest is selling excess POWER to California right now. Well I will tell you, come MAY, the excess Power available to sell California from the Southwest will decrease immensely. Since WE GET HOT HERE!!!! AND it IS OUR POWER. And Our Governor will not sacriface the State of Arizona to BLACKOUTS in SUMMER to save the pansy assed Liberals in California who for over 10 years has not built power plants because of "ENVIRONMENTAL" Issues. And I can already see this, the Northwest States, even though controlled by LIBERALS, will not save CALIFORNIA at the expense of their own STATE. AND! Thank God! G.W.Bush will not FORCE us to. It is a STATE ISSUE. IF California CANNOT provide for it's own POWER NEEDS, they need to buy it at MARKET PRICE if Available, as this situation is a RESULT of their own POLICIES against providing sufficient POWER Supplies for their own STATE. YOU CAN'T BAN POWER PLANTS in your STATE, and demand other STATE'S POWER RESOURCES.

REAP what you SOW. The OTHER Western STATES PLANNED and BUILT POWER PLANTS to handle GROWTH, and citizens of these STATES PAID FOR IT!!! SCREW YOU CALIFORNIA. The best thing you can hope for is the "BIG ONE", ie EARTHQUAKE, to draw sympathy from the rest of the COUNTRY, to help you out. But you do not get $1 from me. I know your game.

May I add ONE MORE THING? I am sick and tired of CALIFORNIANS moving into ARIZONA, trying to change the lifestyle and political agenda of ARIZONA, to California's. If God is JUST, HE will drop California into the PACIFIC OCEAN before too many of these damn bastards and bitches move here.

Sorry I was inhibited on my COMMENTARY, but I checked. It is NOT LEGAL to SHOOT CALIFORNIANS as they cross the Border into ARIZONA. Go figure.... I thought they would be classified under "varmits" and you collect a BOUNTY for each one you bag.

Well here is the STORY of the BLACKOUTS in LIBERAL LAND. HERE!!!

Are we going to get a FREE TACO from TACO BELL? Probably not, but possible. Check out this entertaining commercial opportuntity being used by TACO BELL. HERE!!!

OK, here is another STORY! Here is a brief overview. The City of TEMPE has a "GAY PRIDE" Day, with parades and floats, and city services provided in the park for a "PARTY". I am NOT GAY BASHING. The City of TUCSON 100 miles South is being accused of discrimination in the "SAINT PATRICKS DAY PARADE" this past Saturday. FOR CRYING OUT LOUD!!! I do have a few Gay Friends, maybe I should NOTE: of the other GENDER. Unless I am personally involved with an individual, I DON'T GIVE A DAMN what happens in the Bedroom. A St. Patricks Day Parade SHOULD NOT be involved/accused of SEXUAL ORIENTATION ISSUES by anyone. IT IS A SAINT PATRICK'S DAY PARADE for CRYING OUT LOUD!!!! Why this ISSUE even enters the picture is beyond me. It certainly is evident in the friends I have of this lifestyle. And I neither condone or condemn them. I judge people as people. What happens behind closed doors at home is nobodies business but your own. Would I sacrifice a friendship because of differing choices in this matter? ABSOLUTELY NOT!!! You only meet a few good and moral and objective, sane people in your life outside and inside your workplace. I am NOT the judge, and I WILL NOT BE the JUDGE. But my question still remains, why do SOME ACTIVISTS try to continue their agenda in a PARADE that should be DEVOID of these Sexual Oreintation Issues? I know the people I DO KNOW wouldn't participate in this, for they are of a much higher caliber, and I have NO PROBLEM Calling them FRIENDS.

HEY!!! At least I know one thing!!! We will watch the Game and Drink some Brew, and everything understood. That is BETTER than a BLIND DATE during MARCH MADDNESS, or FOOTBALL SEASON!!! Nothing worse than a BLIND DATE during Sporting Events that you know will never work, but are committed to a movier, dinner and drinks. 5 hrs down the drain and hating EVERY Minute of it.

Let's see what other trouble I can Stir up Today:

Now this STORY is distubing. As you ALL KNOW the "CLINTON ADMINISTRATION" provided RED CHINA with NULCEAR SECRETS and ROCKET/MISSILE TECHNOLOGY to fund Clinton's Re-Election Campaign and the DEMOCRATIC NATIONAL COMMITEE (DNC) These FACTS are NOT Disputed. (THESE MISSILES can hit OUR SHORES!!!). What DOES this MEAN? Well lets rewind our memory to the early and mid '50's. WHO ATTACKED US during the KOREAN WAR? Answer: CHINA. WHO will ATTACK US in the FUTURE? CHINA, Who is Billy and Hillary Chummy with???? CHINA!!!


I need to be a bit careful here, to avoid SECRET SERVICE INTRUDING MY LIFE.

If WE go with the model of OUR FOREFATHERS then what BILLY and HILLARY has done recently and in the past 8 yrs is TREASON! THE PENALTY IS DEATH!!!

I ONLY ADVOCATE this PENALTY for those CONVICTED of this DIRE OFFENSE against our Country. While HE/SHE in the CURRENT POLITICAL CLIMATE would not be convicted, I AM DAMN SURE THAT THE FUTURE HISTORY will be wondering why we didn't, And I'll BE DAMNED IF I DIDN'T speak out about it! If the CLINTON's end up merely a footnote in the annauls of HISTORY, an insignificant vibration in the GLORIOUS HISTORY of this COUNTRY,,,,It would be a GREAT THING.

Let me drag one more thing up.... You know the old saying? BETTER RED THAN DEAD? That is the definition of LIBERALS. WELL I want AMERICANS to realize that it is better DEAD than RED, we need to FIGHT these F*****G ASSHOLES wherever we can. And you can bet your last AMERICAN DOLLAR, I WILL!!!

The Political Quote of the Day for 03/19/01:


You know how it is in an election year. They pick a president and then for four years they pick on him.

Adali Stevenson

DAMNIT!!! My SYRACUSE ORANGEMEN lost to the "WIZARD OF OZ" KANSAS yesterday in the NCAA COLLEGE BASKETBALL TOURNAMENT, ie: MARCH MADNESS in the second round. I am disappointed....

Now on top of this, the temps here in AZ. PHX area is expected to hit 84 degrees or better. Well my ARMED COMPOUND faces WEST, which means it will be baked for the 1st time this year. Right now it is 12:30PM and both the inside and outside Temps are equal at 80 degrees. Just 2 weeks ago we were in the 60's. I hate using my AC before April. You see, I work nights and sleep during the hottest part of the day, and I like my COMPOUND between 70 and 77 degrees. OH WELL....

Let's delve into the NEWS now. As you know there is one BITCH in OFFICE, and one BASTARD out of OFFICE. Well they BOTH LIKE high PRICED OFFICES. HMMM who could I be referring to?

THE CLINTON'S of COARSE!!! The COUPLE that has destroyed more than any other Administration, and probably killed more. You all know about BILL CLINTON'S attempt for a PRICEY OFFICE, and had to back off. WELL!!!! Take a look at what HILLARY is trying to pull!!! HERE!!!

Now a SAFETY REMINDER!!!! For those of you who have trouble thinking I reissue this WARNING. MICROWAVE OVENS can be DANGEROUS. If you want water to BOIL, or a dinner to be heated, and it takes a much longer time than expected,,,, don't point the contents at your face!!! This is my RE-EDUCATIONAL REMINDER ARTICLE: HERE!!! I thought everyone knew about this by now, but I guess not.

Now here is another example of STUPIDITY. THIS IDIOT couldn't tell the difference between a seafood chowder soup and potato soup, because he had a COLD and his taste buds were desensitzed. Give me a break! IF you are THAT ALLEGIC to foods, then MAYBE, just MAYBE, you should protect yourself and just eat at HOME!!!. Come on now!!! Should a restuarant be sued into bankruptcy because the customer, or even the waitress / cook made an error????. Should ALL of be able to SUE because your burger was MEDIUM WELL instead of RARE, or Well Done? Or that your FRENCH FRIES were lightly Browned instead of Extra Crispy? AND that each and EVERY INSTINCE followed the LOCAL HEALTH GUIDELINES??? I say to you PEOPLE, EAT AT HOME. Here is the HERE!!!

WHY didn't this happen when I was in HIGH SCHOOL??? And you can bet your last DOLLAR I wouldn't have said a thing... See the STORY HERE!!!

Well that's it for today,,, Another Update Tomorrow!!!

The Political Quote of the Day for 03/17-18/01:



Meeting Franklin Roosevelt was like opening the finest bottle of champagne; knowing him was like drinking it.

Winston Churchill


This week REALLY SUCKED for those of invested in the STOCK MARKET. The DOW JONES ended the week with a 817 point loss. Take into mind tha 1 point represents $400 MILLION. That adds up to a loss of $32.68 BILLION to Investors for the week, including myself. So whose fault is it? The Former inept President Clinton's policies over 8 yrs? Or G.W. Bush, the New President in Office for less than 2 months?

Well I believe we are all smart enough to know that a new person in charge cannot destroy an economic boom in 2 months, but can be destroyed by someone inheriting one and having 8 yrs to do it. But you all know, CLINTON FEELS OUR PAIN.... Well that's a DAMNED LIE, just like, "I NEVER HAD SEX WITH THAT WOMAN....". The NEWS is that HUGH RODHAM, Hillary's Brother STILL hasn't returned the entire $400,000 he made for trying to get PARDONS, because he SPENT IT!!! HILLARY says she thought he returned all of the $$$ before the story broke into the NEWS LAST MONTH. And ROGER CLINTON has similar problems. BILL and HILLARY are in DISBELIEF over this, their OWN FAMILY MEMBERS LIEING to them...... What goes around comes around. DID BILL & HILLARY ACTUALLY THINK they were the only LIERS in their family? I believe it is a GENETIC TRAIT, and ANYONE RELATED to CLINTON or RODHAM should be STERILIZED to end propagation of children with the ability to LIE STRAIGHT FACED in front of a TV crew. The 1st order of business is to make sure CHELSEA never has children. Can you imagin the gene pool of the mother from parents who cannot tell the truth to save their own souls from eternal DAMNATION? Bill & Hillary will share a space next to Lyndon Johnson and Charles Manson in their own corner of HELL.

So what have I been doing the past 2 days? Watching MARCH MADNESS!!! 25 hrs, 32 GAMES, with a LOT of UPSETS! At Least my SYRACUSE ORANGEMEN won tonight. IT was a Blast watching all these games at the Sports Bar nearby, but it did cost me $$$ eating and drinking during the games, but worth it.

Now for BIG NEWS

WHAT IS "IT"? Seems we may now know. This NEWS was announced on "THE ART BELL SHOW" Friday night at the beginning of the program. By an investigative reporter who worked for "HARD COPY" named Robert STEENSEN. To see a picture of "IT" or "GINGER" with the INVENTOR and Former Traitor President Clinton last December CLICK HERE!!!

Want to see some Great Jet pix? Click HERE!!!

And now, the MEDICAL COMMUNITY IN JAPAN, of coarse, has developed the 1st FART DETECTOR. Supposedly for "MEDICAL PURPOSES". And in this instance the evidence of FARTS would be GOOD. But in the FUTURE would excessive FARTING be considered BAD??? ie: Like POLLUTION? See the STORY HERE!!!

See You MONDAY!!!

The Political Quote of the Day for 03/16/01:


The best way to lose weight is to close your mouth---something very difficult for a politician.

Ed Koch

The Political Quote of the Day for 03/15/01:


Jimmy's still mad because I wouldn't take the secretary of state. I want to be director of alcohol and firearms.

Billy Carter

Well the SECRET SERVICE has NOT shown up at my door, so I think it is safe to say you can voice a desire to PUNCH a former president in the NOSE!!!

The "IDES OF MARCH", I won't be ordering a CEASORS SALAD during the basketball games today. I need to load up on meat products as Friday is a NO MEAT DAY for me, and since I Hate Seafood, my options are limited.

Speaking of MEAT. I am sure you all have noticed that MAD COW DISEASE is now prevalent across EUROPE, and may very well be here in the STATES also. Suddenly there is "HOOF,(or FOOT) & MOUTH DISEASE": decimating Britain's, Livestock Industry. Now FMD is in FRANCE, Europe's mainland, and now in ARGENTINA here in the Americas'. Question IS: Is this BIOLGICAL WARFARE? Could very well be. See this NEWS STORY HERE!!!

The other night, while I was at work, My radio show Art Bell was cut off, this happened once before during a call from someone who used to work at AREA 51, this individual was actually FREAKING OUT on the air, while divulging info. Well it happened again the other night during a heated discussion about NASA. Since I was working I don't have all the details of what happened just prior, or after the outage. I only knew they were playing a taped show. But you should see what MAY be going on. Click HERE!!!


Raises questions does it not? Makes me go HMMMMM..... What IS IT that we are NOT allowed to know....

Well I need a bit of sleep before I go to the Sports Bar to watch the 1st Round of the NCAA Tournament, ie: MARCH MADNESS. So if the Secret Service is looking for me because of my desire to punch Clinton in the Nose, I will be at, "THE WOODSHED II", on Dobson and University in Mesa, AZ.

Why should I waste TAXPAYER $ if they want to see me for wanting to break Clinton's Nose? But they have to buy their own BEER! They better tip too, I don't want anyone at my Sports Bar thinking People (if you consider GOVT People...PEOPLE) that I converse with as being CHEAPSKATES!

I hope you all realize that this is a very EARLY update, not even 4AM yet. So I had very little material from talk shows, local and National. I have taken this time off from work for years for MARCH MADNESS, and I will update as I can. But NO promises except there will be a New update on Monday 03/19/01, or earlier. I don't know, so I will not promise any update update before the 19th.

The Political Quote of the Day for 03/14/01:


I think I've lost re-election in 1996 already, but we've been waiting so long for this game, it's worth it.

BILL CLINTON, on showing his partisanship by rooting for the Arkansas Razorbacks in the NCAA championship game.


That is all I can say about the STOCK MARKET. HMMM, let me see....The NASDAQ started going down with the Clinton Administration's attack against MICROSOFT a year ago. The CLINTON Administration claims that the economic BOOM of the 1990's were HIS design. AND WHAT was this DESIGN? In 1993 the BIGGEST TAX INCREASE in U.S. HISTORY!!! This is CLINTON's Economic Plan. If it is SOOO GREAT..... Why are there not Democrats advocating HUGE TAX INCREASES to revive the ECONOMY? The Liberals and Conservatives are only arguing about how big of a TAX CUT.

I'll tell you why....THEY ALL KNOW that the Reagan Plan, WORKS!!! So it is G. W. Bush starting it once again. And whatever Candidate wins in the next Election Will inherit a strong Military and a Improving or BOOMING ECONOMY. And IF someone who is a traitor, without MORALS, like BILL CLINTON, is Elected.... He will sail thru with an ECONOMY and Military built by his predecessor.

IF we are indeed in a RECCESSION, it is CLINTON'S Reccession. After All do YOU REALLY THINK that once CLINTON left Office 53 DAYS ago, the NEW PRESIDENT TURNS a BOOMING ECONOMY into a RECCESSION???? BUSH inherited an economic and military base that was brought up from 1980 thru 1992 configured by REAGAN and Bush SR. DESTROYED BY CLINTON'S 8 YEARS in OFFICE. Now it needs to be REBUILT, and I FEAR that a damn liberal Democrat will inherit the payday like CLINTON did.

BASTARDS and BITCHES these Liberals are, wanting power and control from us. I say, "SCREW 'EM!!!". LET'S do the "HILLARY". Buy when stocks are artificially LOW, and Sell HIGH. Although most of us don't get the ILLEGAL INSIDE TRADING NEWS that "HILLARY" got to turn $1,000 into $1,000,000.

I heard on the NEWS today that BILL CLINTON for the 1st time in over 20 years had to fly on a "COMMERCIAL FLIGHT". This is his trip to Europe for Speaker Engagements at $200,000 + Plus per Speech. Apparently the Socialist Thinking Europeans thinks he's worth it. But here is my point. If I was ON THAT COMMERCIAL FLIGHT, and BILL CLINTON sat next to me..... What do you think I would DO???!!!

Well since he is the last U.S. President to have SECRET SERVICE Protection for LIFE, I toss out my 1st option, of punching him the nose so that at the VERY least I break it. The option I WOULD DO, is to harass him on his immorality, ineptness on the economy, abuse and decimation of OUR Military's preparedness, etc, etc. Everything I spoke about HERE on this website. THEN I would "accidently" break his nose with an elbow or whatever. And give the apology that, "I was Drinking". As it is a known fact that I enjoy my BEERS after work, plus working the GRAVEYARD SHIFT for nearly 15 yrs can make anyone to turn to DRINK.

Well there is a possibilty, this summer I will travel from AZ to NY for my High School ReUnion. It is POSSIBLE I would run into Former Derelict Traitorous President Clinton.

This would be a DREAM COME TRUE. F*****G BASTARD.

OK, I lost a lot of $$$ in the past Year in the Stock Market. I plan on picking up some bargains on FRIDAY before I leave for my MARCH MADNESS Bar scene. Why not THURS? Well I want to AVOID the, "IDES OF MARCH" fiasco. If Julious Ceasor couldn't survive it, why should I push it? Any new Stock buys will not happen unti Friday AM, before I go to the SPORTS BAR for MARCH MADNESS BASKETBALL TOURNAMENT.

The Political Quote of the Day for 03/13/01:


WHY do Republicans fear DEBATE? For the same reason baloney fears the the slicer.

Lloyd Bentsen, vice presidential candidate in '88, elaborating on his claim that the Republicans were refusing to debate.

Well the "Political Quote of the Day" today is a bunch of "HORSE PISS".

Well the Kennedy's are in an UPROAR!!! Especially TED KENNEDY, Senator from Mass. Who is responsible for the DEATH of a campaighn worker, but NEVER CHARGED with the CRIME OF MANSLAUGHTER.

Well today the KENNEDY CLAN thinks THEY OWN John F. Kennedy's "PUBLIC WORDS". And ARE DEMANDING THE REPUBLICANS to CEASE and DESIST on their current radio ad Campaighn. USING JFK's OWN WORDS and SOUND CLIPS for a TAX CUT back in 1963. When JFK was PRESIDENT. This just dramatisizes the ineptness and cowardness of TEDDY KENNEDY compared to his SLAIN OLDER BROTHER(s). I bet Teddy has a LOT TO ANSWER FOR to John (Jack), and Bobby when he goes to the next level after passing away.... I am forseeing some disbelief about this, I understand... Because only those who are 55 yrs old or older are aware of this, and many need to be reminded what actually happened nearly 40 yrs. ago on JFK's TAX CUTS when he became PRESIDENT. I can and will provide you the story and JFK's own words HERE!!! I know this is from RUSH, but he is better than I, and has a larger staff to research all this than I do. But TRUTH IS TRUTH.

Now I am assuming that most of you know about the movement to PAY Black Americans "SLAVERY REPARATIONS". Because their ancestors suffered in slavery. WELL Where Do I sign up for the GERMANS gassing and burning my ethnic heritage? Being a Catholic Gypsie. I am sure most of you can claim an ethnic group as part of your "HERITAGE". So who do YOU want to SUE for wrong doings done to YOUR GROUP tens or hundreds of years ago? Immigrants CAME TO THIS COUNTRY to ESCAPE injustice. I grant that Black Slaves were brought here against their will. But they were SOLD to Traders by the RULING TRIBE(s) as a consequence of WARFARE between Native Tribes in AFRICA. Now that this is said, hasn't EVERY GROUP been VICTIMIZED at one point or another in That Group's, Ethnic, HISTORY? So if Reparations are made to each GROUP of ETHNICITY for past WRONGS, that happened EVEN BEFORE this COUNTRY became a COUNTRY, Shouldn't we just call it even now? And SAVE the LAWYERS FEES??? Because I Think most of you know, any payment from the COURTS from one Group to another will just be a insignificant amount. But the FEDS and LAWYERS will get big $$$. I also bet that VERY FEW AMERICAN BLACKS wish they were back in AFRICA right now. Legal Mexicans don't want to be in MEXICO, And myself a Hungarian doesn't want to be in Central Europe. People NEED TO REALIZE that you can't PROFIT from ANCESTORAL SUFFERING, especially when you inhabit a Country with the MOST FREEDOM and LIBERTY in the WORLD. YOU WHINERS, SHUT THE HELL UP!!!

I am sure I will get emails DEMANDING that I Defend my position. BELIEVE ME!!! I have the facts and NEWSTORIES to DEFEND My Position!

The LEMMINGS, ie: LIBERALS, just follow your Leader, and jump off the CLIFF. IT is the BEST thing you can do. Those of us left, who CAN THINK FOR THEMSELVES, will MOUNT and DEDICATE a MEMORIAL to the DECIEVED. After All, It is not the FAULT of the people who understand WHAT is GOING ON, BUT IT IS THE FAULT of others who wish to CONTROL YOU to their OWN PURPOSES.




The Political Quotes of the Day for 03/07 - 03/12/01:

#1: 03/07/01: PHILOSOPHY

Extremism in the defense of liberty is no vice.

Moderation in the pursuit of justice is no virtue.

Barry Goldwater

#2: 03/08/01: UNEMPLOYMENT

The unemployment numbers are down to the lowest in 25 years.... The principal credit goes to Janet Reno, who continues to appoint special prosecutors.

Dick Armey, House majority leader on Attorney General Reno's appointment of several special prosecutors in recent years


Whenever you order a banana split, they never give you the whole banana. If I'm elected, there'll be a whole banana in every split.

George Foreman, on running on a split ticket for president

#4: 03/10/01 - 03/11/01: GOLF

As if we don't have enough violence on television.

Barbara Bush, on watching her husband and presidents Ford and Clinton golf at the Bob Hope Classic

#5: 03/12/01: PRINCIPLES

Damn your principles! Stick to your party.

Benjamin Disraeli

Great to be back, Internet connection working as it is supposed to be, desert drying out from last week's rains. I was also able to enjoy a Spring Training GAME BETWEEN THE az. dIAMONbACKS AND Angels on SAT.

I have to say that it was VERY FRUSTRATING last week with all the news going on, and my inability to comment on the NEWS because of of the weather related problems here in AZ last week, didn't hit just me, but also "THE SECRET LAB", where I work. When you hire idiots that cut cables as they dig, people lose internet access and cable TV. About all you get from them is an, "OOPPS, Sorry". But you still have to pay the monthly BILL!!! What a RACKET!!! DAMN BASTARDS and BITCHES!!!

I am having a hard time understanding their point. Why SHOULD I HAVE to pay for access that is inaccessible???? Someone Kill these people please!

I know the previous comment gets me listed on the Gov't Controlled SNIFF Software, but I don't give a DAMN anymore. All I am doing is voicing my displeasure of the current SYSTEM.

I need some sleep now, but later this week, I have time off from work for MARCH MADNESS, also gives me a bit more Commentary Time, these next 2 weeks.




I hope I can get this out before being disconnected again. I think it was the HEAVY Rain we had here that has prevented me from updating. It also affected my workplace. BELIEVE me when I tell you I had very important topics to comment on.

However I could not stay ONLINE for more than 2 or 3 minutes at a time. The connection is better today, lasts about 10 minutes a shot. But I had enough trouble just answering Email I had to reply to these past 3 days. But I live Life during the weekend, so there may not be another UPDATE until Monday, unless I find the time. It did, and does really makes me MAD that I couldn't LOG ON for more tha a couple of minutes before I had to RE-LOG ON.

Unless I have Cancelations in my Social Calender this Weekend, the next update will be MONDAY 03/12/01

I will list the POLITICAL QUOTES of THE DAY for the days I missed in the next UPDATE.



The Political Quote of the Day for 03/06/01:


It's fun to be in the same decade with you.

Franklin Roosevelte, to Churchill

Let's continue with the "SCHOOL SHOOTING" Topic. General Observations... Seems to me that all these Shootings, and non-shootings where a kid brings a Gun to School but doesen't Shoot, all happen in Suberbia Public Schools, by white "picked-on Kids".

So why doesn't this happen in minority and "inner city" Schools? A REASONABLE expectation that another student has a gun also.

Why hasn't this happened in a "Private School", including Religious, (PAROCHIAL, etc.) and the elite "people". Well I went to a Catholic Parochail Elementary School Kindergaden thru 6th Grade. I still have "RULER" Scars on my knuckles from talking in class from the NUNS. And if you were incorridgeable, you were simply thrown out of the school. My guess is many of the other "PRIVATE SCHOOLS" work the same way. There is also this fact. If you are brought up knowing to NOT SHAME the FAMILY NAME, and actually FEAR what your Parents would do to you if a GRAVE OFFENSE was committed, OR were brought up in a small town like I was where other parents would BEAT YOUR ASS if you messed up, with the full blessings of your own parents, then you are taught the basics of living in a civilized, and an orderly Society. Well this is disappearing....

TODAY, if you discipline a child in public, whether it is your own child or not, if it is your child, he/she could be taken away by a GOV'T Agency because you are accused of CHILD ABUSE. If you are not the parent, you can be ARRESTED, put in Jail, and be SUED by this misbehaving kid's Parents.

I know this, because I grew up in a small town and county in Northern NY. I lived in the biggest town in the County, still had less than 4,000 people. Everyone knew everyone else. And it was FEAR that made me to try to stay on the straight and narrow path. And the worst case scene wasn't another parent, or even the Police getting me. But what my own parents would do to me. AND TRUST ME, that is a powerful incentive to "MUTE" what one might do if unrestrained by these parameters. Growing up as a child, still being "MOLDED" into a successfull participant in SOCIETY as an ADULT. The FEAR of ADULTS finding you doing something wrong, and KNOWING it will get back to MOM AND DAD made me and a lot of us think very seriously about the "KID" Like things we did. And YES, I got busted for those, But not ALL! AH! the trivial triumphs of growing up and being young. Just don't tell, well actually I think the "STATUTE of Limitations" is now Expired. I was involved in the "TRAIN TRESSEL Incident", the "POLISH CANNONS", and a few other items. I think I am safe from these since they are all over 20 yrs ago. But I was not involved in the FLAG POLE INCIDENT in the PARK.

Now to explain this to you all, I was also a "JOCK", Football, Baseball, Basketball,,, all thru From 2nd Grade thru High School. I was/am also Smart. But I was also the one in my family most likely to get into trouble, and lived up to that. Growing up as a kid, I was always getting "GROUNDED" on a regular basis. 'Tis the Price you PAY for growing up in a small Town with watchful eyes everywhere. But growing up in this situation, and my hometown has made me what I am today. SURE, I am not perfect by any definition, in fact I still get into trouble from time to time, mostly for things I say at work from time to time, or things I post here on the website.

Would I shoot someone? would I beat the "Living Hell" out of someone? Not without justification that would stand up to LEGAL SCRUTINY. I know the Parameters. Maybe you knew someone like me in you High School Class, Smart, Jock, Stoner, good looking, Church goer, and a Volunteer to the SEARCH & RESCUE.

AND!!! I am looking forward to revist my High School Classmates this summer for Our 20th ReUnion. (I Graduated in June 1981). This will be fun, I haven't been there in 17yrs. I still have a full head of hair with only a few grey hairs, but too many to pluck out. I am not going the dye route. Plus I have a position with high responsibilty in the "Secret Lab". There will be Very Few to outshine my success in my class reunion of 178 Graduates.

Now to get back to the SUBJECT, the SCHOOL SHOOTINGS.

Well, yesterday the trial started, but now delayed, of the 14 yr. old scum who took a CLASS HOSTAGE here in AZ last October. WHINE, WHINE, WHINE by the LIBERALS, and even the VICTIMS. "HE DIDN'T MEAN TO SCARE ANYONE", "HE WASN'T GOING TO SHOOT..." BLAH, BLAH, BLAH..... WELL... The PARENTS of the Brain Damged KID are JUST as Brain Damaged, including the LAWYER!!! Even after they knew what happened in SANTEE, CA, Yesterday, and the situation was basically the same, except this kid didn't pull the trigger, THESE people turned down the plea bargin. Be Convicted of 3 FELONIES, 7 yrs Probation, Get Mental Help, and at most a YEAR in JAIL, 5 months already served, another 7 months MAX!!! Well now he goes on TRIAL, and FACES LIFE IN PRISON. WHY!!!??? Because his PARENTS do not want the FELONIES to "HAUNT" their Child's Opportunitites. They want the records cleared when he turns 18. WHAT THE HELL ARE THIS KID'S PARENT'S THINKING!!!???? Is this a BASKETBALL GAME! NO HARM, NO FOUL????

As a GUN OWNER, and realizing the RESPONSIBILITY Involved, this DEFENSE IS OBSCENE. This Kid should get LIFE IN PRISON, NO PAROLE. AND THE PARENTS for GROSS FAILURE of PARENTING sentenced to DEATH. JUST Because you Physicaly can PROCREATE CHILDREN, when you are too young or Unable to be a PARENT, does not ABSOLVE YOU of the RESPONSIBILITY of your to speak.

Now to the LOCAL STORY.


Children Raising themselves leads to a "ASYLUM running the Show".

The Political Quote of the Day for 03/05/01:


Washinton is a pool of money surrounded by people who want some.

David Brinkley

1st off, I apologize for the delay in updates since last Thursday. Work Issues and internet connections played a large part in this. Damn internet was connection was shacky at best, online long enough to get my email, but that's about it. Wasn't much better earlier today, but at least I could do some updated links offline for ARCHIVES, etc.

Well,,,, it has happened once again. A BRAIN DAMAGED STUDENT has fired on, and killed fellow classmates today in California. Why is it that GUN LAWS that have gotten stricter and stricter since this COUNTRY's inception, the insane gun Violence increases? I'll tell you the root cause. It is because today's Parents Refuse or are Afraid to raise their own children. As the kids grow up today, PARENTS are discouraged to discipline their kids, NO SPANKING!!! (CHILD ABUSE), NO "GROUNDING" (CHILD ABUSE) Discipline of any kind is viewed by most as "CHILD ABUSE". SLAP a child's Hand, take away "priviledges" is by LIBERAL DEFINITION - "ABUSE"!!!

WELL I was raised by PARENTS that disciplined. OUR HIGH SCHOOL PARKING LOT had enough GUNS and AMMO to kill everyone in the COUNTY during DEER/BIG GAME HUNTING SEASON. There was NOT a SINGLE MURDER in my COUNTY the 20+ years I lived there.

So what has happened to change things to what is happening today? Even in ANTI-GUN California? Well I think this problem has very deep roots. Started with the acceptance of EASY DIVORCE, ABORTION on DEMAND. and the Willingness of PARENTS to let GOV'T CONTROLLED SCHOOLS to "RAISE THEIR CHILDREN". WITHOUT MORALITY, WITHOUT PRAYER, without a sense that REAL LIFE ACTIONS cannot be fixed by hitting the RESET BUTTON on a COMPUTER GAME.

2 DEAD, 13 WOUNDED.... A Child or Teenage Killer? Nope!!! It is PARENT IRRESPONSIBITY, fostered by Bill & Hillary's, "IT TAKES A VILLAGE" to raise a child. This is a FARCE!!!! It TAKES A FAMILY to raise a child. HOW LONG has Children KILLING Children been going on? About 6 yrs. Who was PRESIDENT then? That MORAL LEADER SLICK WILLY. Who to BLAME, While I would like to blame Clinton for all this, I cannot. I blame the PARENTS, but what has happened is the result of having an IMMORAL PRESIDENT the past 8 years. G. W. Bush hasn't been in OFFICE long enough to rectify the damage done the past 8 years.

Here is to place the BLAME

For at LEAST 30 years, the GOV'T has been advocating the taking over from local authority of the education, and discipline of Our Children, PARENTS have relinguished their own responsibility of their children to the "PUBLIC SCHOOL SYSTEM". The Alienation the CHILDREN Feel has now and in the recent past raised it's plea. Children NEED to be LOVED and Disciplined and RAISED by THEIR PARENTS. BOTH OF THEM, "MOM & DAD". GOV'T CAN NEVER DO IT. Society Can't do it. The VILLAGE can't do it. AND SURE AS HELL, HILLARY ROB-THEM CLINTON, CAN'T DO IT.

Are We NOT aware of the truthfulness of the CLINTON'S ???? I bet the # of DEATHS on the CLINTON CONSCIOUS numbers in the triple digits, who can tell how many CHILDREN were also sacrifced to the "LEGACY" of the Supreme TRAITOR?

It's a Monday. That is why my posting is low - key today.

The Political Quote of the Day for 03/03-04/01:


You do not lead by hitting people over the head. That's assault, not leadership.

Dwight Eisenhower


The Political Quote of the Day for 03/02/01:


Whenever a man has cast a longing eye on offices, a rottenness begins in his conduct.


Hello All!

Give me until tomorrow for the ARCHIVE FUNCTIONS to work for the most Previous Postings 02/02/01-03/01/01.