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Oscars were last night so I am told, had 87 million viewers, TITANIC the big winner. Am I the only one who hasn't seen this movie, and am I the only one who didn't care one way or the other on the Oscars? I keep thinking they win a puppet from Seseame St.

Regarding yesterday's Daily Thoughts, my view on the "1 Free Grope Rule", didn't go over very well at work, though I had co-workers in some agreement that this is what Slick Willy is doing. I say if Slick Willy can do this, so can we. We are all SUPPOSED to be equal in the enforcement of the LAW. If we can't steal, murder, grope, etc. than neither can Slick Willy steal, murder, grope, etc.


Not that I would grope everybody, I doubt Slick Willy groped Janet Reno, and there is only substantiative evidence of Slick Willy once groping Hillary, which the end result was a NOT so beautiful daughter. And so far there is NO EVIDENCE of Hillary and Janet Reno groping each other, forcing Slick Willy into other Avenues of gropeness outside of marriage. Lack of groping or groping with someone other than your spouse is grounds for divorce in most states.

Am I upsetting some of you liberal Friends Of Bill (FOB's)???? How much of this CRAP are you willing to accept and still support him????

You say he has "GOOD INTENTIONS' for the COUNTRY???? Remember the ROAD TO HELL is paved with GOOD INTENTIONS!!!


Sorry I been away, awash in college basketball and NSACAR and IRL Races the past few days.


Yesterday on "MEET THE PRESS", Gloria Steinem (the ultimate feminist) said in The New York Times that the truth is even if the allegations are true about the president, hes not guilty of sexual harassment because when Kathleen Willey said no, that he accepted no for an answer.

DO YOU KNOW WHAT THIS MEANS GUYS????!!!!! Free 1 time groping, including a breast feel, including placing her hand on your "little Chief of Staff", and including open an open mouth kiss, for any woman who you supervise or have power over and it isn't sexual harrassment if you only do it once per woman. WOO HOO!!!! Smoker Dave Web Pg about to be renamed to Groper Dave Web Pg.

Or maybe you have to be a Registered Democrat for these frills. But if above is the case, imagine what us guys can get away with in a bar with women we don't work with!!!! YEEE HAAA!!!! open season. A hunting I will go, A hunting I will go....

OK , Let's get back on topic now. Anita Hill has also said this is not a case of sexuall harrassment, now Anita Hill if you remember is the woman who started all these sexual harrassment laws when Clarence Thomas was nominated to the Supreme Court. And he allegedly placed a "pubic hair" on her Diet Coke can, and also told "off color" jokes, so to speak.

Now the President's defense team is trying to make Kathleen Willey a whacko because she may have a $300,000 book offer. Well Anita Hill had a $1,000,000 book offer that she cashed in on during the Hearings of then nominee Clarence Thomas, and now commands $25,000 per speech. Why is she featured as a syndicated columnist in newspapers across the country? Seems she is less credible than Kathleen Willey. How is a "pubic hair" and some "off color jokes" sexuall harrassment, and a "titty feel", a "open mouth kiss", and a "Feel, "AIR FORCE ONE AT ATTENTION"", not sexual harrassment????

WE guys now on imitating the President of the U.S. now have the defense of the "1 FREE GROPE" precedent.

I have reseached the law, the law applies to both Rebublicans and Democrats, and all other parties. FREE GOPING FOR ALL GUYS NO MATTER YOUR POLLITICAL AFFILIATION!!!


Kathleen Willey Subject of the day.

#1 FOB (Friend Of Bill), relunctant witness, would not testify untill ordered to by supena. #2 Long time White House volunteer. #3 Sees Slick Willy about a paying position because of dire financial trouble her husband lawyer is in. #4Gets "assaulted sexually" by Slick Willy. #5 Husband commits suicide the same time she is being "groped". #6 All alone and with minimal education and skills to support her lifestyle and has an ear to 'ole Slick sees only one way out of financial doom. Work for the Administration, keep contact with Slick like Anita Hill did with Clarence Thomas.#7 Facing these financial problems and suddenly widowed, don't you think she was probably smart enough not to burn the bridges, and probably knew she would survive financially by keeping her mouth quite knowing she resisted Slick's advances and he knows it and would treat her favorably for silence, and she would have the prestige of working in the White House, not a bad selling point for a 40 or 50 something single woman. #8 Now backed into a corner by Starr's investigation, she has decided it is him or her. Get a book deal lined up and save reputation.

And the most damning evidence of it all is....The White House was able to find these letters from Kathleen Willey to Slick Willy in less than 24 hrs after the 60 Min. interview, these letters are 5 yrs old. Compare this to the 18 months it took to find the WhiteWater Billing records. Still unknown is how the White House got all those FBI Files. Still no one knows who hired that White House Chief of Security Official, name escapes me right now. Where is Hillary now? Haven't heard a thing. Is she in some backwater country trying to save children????

And how long is it going to take for the American populace to dismiss Slick's claims of, "I need to get back to the work of the American People".?

Now let me tell you all one thing, It is totally inappropriate for a leader, a supervisor, a CEO, a President of any Corp etc, to console or kiss any worker or volunteer at work, and for these women this is where they work, whether they are willing to move up by SLIP or by TRICK, or by the content of their character. Guess which 2 wins over Slick Willy.



Back from mini-vacation, Here's SMOKER DAVE!!!

RAH!!! RAH!!!RAH!!!


Where is your morals Billy Boy, Billy Boy, where is your morals Billy Clinton.....

Grab a tit here, grope a crotch there, then get the Monica "Special". And DENY, DENY, DENY!!!!. Threaten a witness here, make one die there, destroy one there, pay off one here. Then address a High School in Maryland. This should have opened with a Nike Commercial ie Charles Barkley. I AM NOT A ROLE MODEL!!! I screw around and deny it, but my job is working for the American People!!!!

I wonder how many parents were concerned that the appearence of President Clinton at their High School today would glamorize or make acceptable the lies or lifestyle of our current President, I believe the parents have a higher expectation of their children.

Used to be in the past, and also more recent, when a young couple has a child, they dreamed one day he/she could be President.... I bet this is true no more. Or a big sport figure, this dream has been tarnished also. Your child wants to play the SAX!!!??? This is how Slick Willey got into all this trouble, he substituted the A for an E.!!! Proof of our failing educational system. The worst the Republicans did was misspell potato.

NOW (National Org for Women) came out today and said if this is true ie Kathleen Willey, it is sexual assault. What you may not of heard from NOW is the next sentence. But everyone knows she's lying.... Kathleen Willey was a reluctant witness and a Clinton supporter, last thing she wanted was to be called before the Grand Jury. Then Slick Willy sends his lawyer to her and pressures her to change her story prior to her testimony to the Grand Jury and get a crimminal defense lawyer. Looks like, smells like, taste like, another attempt of obstruction of Justice. Let alone the evidence of perjury, suborning perjury, witness tampering, possible 1st degree murder also. Most of Clinton's inner circle are either dead, indicted, or in disgrace.

It appears to me that all the lies Slick Willy has woven for over 20 yrs is unravelling, and as more unravells his former associates will come forward as their fear of retribution from Slick Willy deminishes.

Slick Willy is no longer a lame duck President, but soon to be a SLAIN DUCK PRESIDENT.


The Ides of March...

I can't tell you how much I've enjoyed these past couple days off from work watching the March Madness at bars and friends homes. A nice break from following news and politics. But Ole Slick shouldn't take solace in my minivacation.

If the photo of Smoker Dave and the Limo turns out it should be posted in "PHOTO GALLERY" by Wed. Film has been sent to be developed.

If you want to know my dream match-up for the NCAA Championship it would be Syracuse VS Univ. AZ, I'd have to go for my Orangemen on that game no matter the point spread. Even after all these yrs in AZ, snow is still thicker than sunshine.(But that doesn't mean I want to shovel it!!!)


What a shocker today, I clear out my email before work and there are over 40 emails when I come home. Going to take some time to get through them all, I guess it's fortunate I have the rest of the week off. Not answering phone or beeper to avoid last weeks debacle on my time off. Want to watch my basketball (NIT & NCAA Tournaments).

The effort in Mesa to repeal the anti-smoking ordinance failed terribly by a vote of 69% to 31%. I have had it with this ingnorant Mormon city that wants to micromanage everyday life of it's citizens. Fortunately I have been on a month to month lease since last month here, time to buy a place in Gilbert, or Chandler, or Apache Junction, AZ. The only way I will buy in Mesa is if I get a "smokin' deal", so to speak. And if that happens will I seriously think about running for city council as discussed in yesterdays' thoughts.

Just to remind you how insane all this is, this is from last year. Gary Davis on "DEATH ROW" in Colorado on the eve of his execution requested as his final request a CIGARRETTE. Unfortunately for Gary his request went unfullfilled, as Colorado had made Death Row non-smoking for fear of the health damages it would put others on DEATH ROW in. If this thinking continues, I am willing to bet the same fate for beer, fast food, SUV's, "muscle cars", "ANIMAL MEAT", Perfume, Daily showers (WASTING WATER). etc. etc.

Slick Willy, "Sure I'll testify before the Grand Jury.....if Monica testifies first so I know what to lie about."

This past weekend a flatbed truck overturned here in AZ near PHX. over 50 illegal immigrants on the truck. 1 dead, scores injured. We need a law against transportation of ILLEGAL IMMIGRANTS on a flatbed truck or pick-up truck for the safety of the ILLEGAL IMMIGRANTS. Guess WHAT!!! A law will soon take effect on this issue. OUTLAWING anyone under 16 yrs of age from riding in the back of any truck w/o restraints. I figure this law will hurt LEGAL residents who are poor and have children, and a truck is their only form of transportation, more than the illegal immigrants, because the illegal immigrants have already broken the law by entering the country and since having broken 1 law, it's easier to break another law. What illegal immigrant is going to say, "No I can't travel in the back of the truck because it is ILLEGAL!!!!!????".


Well I cast my ballot today for Prop. 200 to allow businesses to declare their business Smoking, non-smoking, or accomandating both. I will let you know the results tomorrow when returns are final. If the Prop. 200 fails, I just may be disruptive enough to run for city council next time, since on the ballot today were 5 names for a 4 yr term and you vote for 3, makes me think,,, hmmm..... This will be addressed tomorrow, and after that in the not to distant future, we'll see.... Smoker Dave, the defender of personal liberties, and the Constitution, anti-gov on obtrusive regulation on personal choice of our own definition of "the pursuit of Happiness". Hmmmm, think a slogan is forming. Run as an Independant Candidate of coarse, or possibly Libertarian if AZ delegation shapes up.

OK enough of possible futuristic babblings. Got to tell you the Weather is beautiful here in AZ, hard to believe what I've seen on TV from Chicago and elsewhere today. Also need to remind you all that this Fri the 13th is the 1 year anniversary of "The Phoenix Lights". Will there be a repeat? Local radio stations planning an all day review of the UFO's from last March 13th. Am sure Art Bell will address the anniversary of this most publicized UFO sighting(s) in a large metro area in the U.S. this Thurs or Fri night.



Election day in Mesa, AZ 3/10/98

Smoker Dave back on-line after a disappointing vacation.

Prop 200 is a Bill put before the voters of Mesa to basically let private businesses to have the right to declare their business smoking, or non-smoking, or accomandating both. Present law has prevented business owners of bars, restuarants, bowling alleys etc. from allowing smoking on their premises. This law which took effect on 7/1/96 has caused many businesses to fail or move out to neighboring cities here in "The Valley of the Sun". Thus a substantial loss of tax revenue and now the threat of city council to implement a property tax to supplement lost tax revenue.

Smoker Dave still in an apt. but on month to month basis. This vote tommorrow will decide for me if I will consider purchasing a home in Mesa or not. I don't like the fact that I break the law daily in Mesa going about my daily activites.

James McDougal dies in prison, send condolences to Ken Starr. Slick Willy couldn't be happier, an insider cooperating with Starr has died....Convienent isn't it???? Being held in imprisonment at a Federal Prison Hospital Ward. When you go to a hospital and die, no one questions it, especially if you have health problems. Seems a bad place to be if you are causing problems for Slick Willy and he has ultimate control and thinks he can cause a natural "death" that would seem sellable to the vast majority of Americans who are uninformed of Slick Willy's trail of death to "old" friends. Will the press pick up on this? I bet no.

Slick Willy also wants to raise cigarettes $1.50 a pack to keep teenagers underage from smoking....I thought it was already against the law to sell to under 18. Slick Willy also wants a national DUI limit of .08% or the Feds will withhold 5% of highway funds. This money is collected from everyone in every state, the act of the Fed Gov to withhold these funds from states who do not meet the Fed Gov requirement of a .08 limit is interfering with state's rights under the Constitution, AZ is about to enact a new DUI law for added penalties for those over .15% and keep the .10% DUI limit. Unsatisfactory to Slick Willy. AZ has sued the Fed Gov for it's inaction on preventing illegal immagration from Mexico. The Constitution explicitly gives control of borders to the Fed Gov. AZ sued the Fed Gov for compensation for the health care and schooling of illegal immigrants and lost. An election in CA proven to be flawed by non-citizens voting, thus swinging the result to the democrats has been allowed to stand.

What can we do?, you ask?

Vote at every opportunity

and get your friends and co-workers to vote also. If you sit back and do nothing, things will only get worse.


Was supposed to be off work until Mon. But have been called into work tonight (Fri) a normal night off to begin with that I don't need to use a vacation day for, normally if I work a Fri it is on overtime. Tonight will not be, not even sure if I will get paid for it, since higher ups at work will probably want to speak with me on my impressions from the analyzer I went to Dallas to check out, and have taken time off for the rest of this month to watch the NCAA Basketball Tournament. Guess I assumed and was not considered that I also factored in Champianship week (this week) to watch B-Ball on the days I am normally off. Going to miss my Beloved Syracuse in the semi-final game tonight against St John's because of having to work tonight. Don't like it, but need to keep harmony at work.

Don't know exactly what to do, the one I am filling in for has worked extra this week while I was in Dallas and expected Fri off. And needs Fri off. At last minute all changed and I was the only one left to fill in. Problem is I have a lot of vacation time I have to use by June or I lose it, don't get paid for it, can't carry it over, if I don't use it I lose it, and am running out of opportunities to use this time by June.

*** Woman infected with HIV through donor sperm

German doctors warned Friday about the danger of using fresh donor sperm for artificial insemination after a woman was infected with the virus that causes AIDS. Dr. Bertfried Matz and colleagues at the University of Bonn said doctors should be discouraged from using fresh donor sperm as this would not allow enough time for tests to be made to establish that the sperm is safe to use. Initially the 35-year-old woman denied any risk factors in her private life, but she later admitted to doctors that three weeks before her illness she received fresh donor sperm. Although the sperm donor had tested negative for HIV at the time of insemination, three months later it was positive.


I am back from Dallas, TX and thankfully without the "flesh eating Strep A", that is big news in Texas.Interesting trip, carted around in a big limo, 120in stretch, 2 TV's, a VCR, and a bottle of Grey Poupon for crying out loud. Room for 8 behind driver. Have a photo, if it turns out, I will post it.

This from NY on Wed."An Assembly panel will review a bill that would make it illegal to smoke in a vehicle that contains a passenger under age 16."USA Today 3/4/98.

The hotel which I stayed at had on the limited access (top) floor an area with an attendant serving drinks and munchies etc and a TV. I saw no ashtrays and asked if there was a place to smoke. Was directed to another area nearby, the smoke free room had a 30+in TV, while the smoking room had a 19 or 20in TV. I didn't like that very much, certainly the hotel could easily afford the same size TV's for both rooms, it's the blatant hidden message I didn't like.

Water on the MOON. I think this is a very recent thing. I believe the steam coming off Slick Willy from the recent investigations and disclosure of his deposition in the Paula Jones case has condensed on the MOON.


No update until 3/5/98. Going to Dallas, TX for a couple of days, work related, and wearing a damn tie, a practice dreamed up by some satanic cult in my opinion.

Just after 6am on 3/2/98 as I was walking across the street to the local 7-11 to get my morning newspaper I took a look to the east expecting only to see the "morning Star" Venus. Well we here in the Southwest had a bonus today. A missle launch from Gallop, NM to Whitesands, NM. When this happens just before sunrise, the exhaust and contrail produced by the missle makes a hell of a show in the sky that I've now seen 4 times in the past 3 years. It's like a convoluted rainbow in the sky, only bigger. It is visible fron NM to CA. Two local TV helicopter crews on their daily coverage of rush hour traffic actually got video of the missle launch, which was spectacular. Kind of like a point of light "farting" out a rainbow. I know it's graphic, but best description I can give. Then the jetstream and high altitude winds make the "rainbow" twist, spread, and turn in on itself. A beautiful sight in the sky, however when we first saw this at work 3 years ago we didn't know what the hell it was.

Lots of "Lights" in the Phoenix sky. From the partial solar eclipse in 1991, to the missle contrails, to comet Hale-Bopp (Co-discoverer Thomas Bopp lives in Phx and discovered the comet in nearby desert), to the UFO's of 3/13/97, and the high altitude NASA research balloon (size of Houston Astrodome) this past spring hovering in the predawn as a brilliant large point of light over Phx. Yes the AZ sky is something else, crank up Pink Floyd's Dark Side of the Moon.

I'm off to Dallas, hoping for no missle launches from NM!!!


Going to Dallas next week, home of the HATED COWBOYS.....might be lynched for being a Cardinals Season Ticket Holder.... Coat and Tie required!!!! GOD I HATE TIES. I want to make sure you understand, I HATE TIES!!!!!

Last thing I want is something around my neck, plus it makes no sense here in the desert where temps are known to be elevated and the last thing you want is the top button, buttoned, and a miniture scarf around your neck. While the women are encoureged to wear short skirts and revealing tops,,,,,which I have absolutely no problem with, and heartily approve.

I want to make sure you all understand, I HATE TIES!!!!! I'd like to meet the bozo who invented TIES and beat the hell out of him, or was this some very early feminist conspiracy to choke the domineering males out of existance?????


OK Folks, what do you make of this latest news I heard last night on the radio and this report from InfoBeat?

*** Iraq seeks to build weapons-transport craft***

U.S. intelligence agents are investigating an apparent attempt by Iraqi President Saddam Hussein to develop an unmanned aircraft capable of delivering chemical or biological agents, CBS News said Wednesday. The network said Iraq was attempting to convert a jet trainer known as the L-29 into an unmanned aircraft, essentially a slow-moving missile, to carry tanks filled with nerve gas or anthrax. "U.S. intelligence has no proof the Iraqis have yet succeeded in making the system work and in fact one of the L-29s crashed recently during a test flight," CBS said. Iraq is required by UN resolutions to destroy its long-range missiles but there is no ban against an unmanned aircraft, it said. See Full Story.


AZ drying out today, still rather cool here for AZ. But not bad after all the rain, hail, and 5 funnel clouds around the area.

Corrected the name of yesterday's Company that got the wrath of Smoker Dave, working on providing a URL for that poor service Company.

So it appears Slick Willy is going to try to use "Executive Privilege" defense from Grand Jury Testimony of The White House Administration Officials present and past. This is another example of history repeating itself, i.e. NIXON. I predict one or more of the following to happen in the next 2 to 4 weeks.

  • Slick Willy given a supena to testify
  • Kenneth Starr FIRED by Slick Willy
  • Articles of Impeachment being brought up in The House of Representatives.


    Short and wet today. El Nino raising the rain totals once again here in "The Valley of the Sun", water, water everywhere,,,,,,and not a drop from my taps in "Secret Federally Regulated Lab".

    You won't believe this. Our laboratory water system yesterday underwent its yearly disinfection with peroxide (H2O2). Was supposed to take a total of 6 hrs from start to finish which would have been 6PM yesterday. "They left claiming all taps were between 1 & 3 PPM (parts per million) of H2O2 and would be at 0 PPM in less than 1 1/2 hrs. We discovered shortly after "They" left it was over 100 PPM, that's as high the test strips would go. As of 10AM the readings were still at 30 PPM, 16 hrs after it should have been at 0 PPM!!!. Causing Myself, Noroos, and Spy to make a water run to our old lab 5 MI away at 1:30AM doing QC checks on the water, and filling every available canister with acceptable distilled Type II Laboratory Grade Water, to at least get the majority of testing done. For a while we were very well paid "waterboys". Our Director of Operations came in at 2AM, For an example, the only time I would call him at home(at night),is if there was a fire at the lab,and it'd have to be a big one.

    We hope to have the water acceptable for use again around 1PM, 4hrs later there would be enough to water produced to bring the taps on-line again. (All of this occurring while we are being inspected by the FDA). When it rains it pours, so to speak.....

    Well now it is possible we will bring a lawsuit against "They". Being employed at this lab for nearly 12 yrs, this is the first time a lawsuit was actually brought up against a "vendor". Whatever happens "They" will never darken our lab again.

    If you want to know who "They" are it is I believe "High Peaks Inc.". If in your work you deal with purified water of any sort, DO NOT HIRE THIS COMPANY!!!! Smoker Dave's new LAW.


    Good Grief, it appears that the UN Secretary General has brokered an "agreement" with Saddamn, my guess is, the best case is Saddamn re-agreeing to the the Cease Fire Resolutions 7 yrs ago that he signed.(Peace in Our Time???!!!) Since Saddamn didn't live up to this are we supposed to believe this??? Which means continued stonewalling and obstruction etc. i.e. the same old thing. If this is the case, we should get the hell out of there and let Saudi Arabia, Kuwait etc. solve these regional problems on their own, until and unless it interrupts the flow of oil. And if Saddamn uses any form of chemical or biological weapons on any other country the USA turns Iraq into a parking lot.

    Or contact me thru ICQ, my UIN # is 3523728

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