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YELLOW LEVEL: Your Vehical, gassed up, packed with a survivor kit with food and water for 24-48 hrs, tent(s), sleeping bag(s), and other necessities. GUNS on hand with trigger locks.

DAY 188 of WWIII


I hate starting out like this. But unfortunately LIFE itself is a RISK of early premature DEATH. This is a unfortunate incident at a HOCKEY GAME, A young girl DIES.... This is just more proof that GOV'T or PARENTS, or the rest of us, can make LIFE SAFE. BEING ALIVE is the surest way of DEATH. And we DO NOT KNOW when it may come. But this is a sad tale. SEE THE STORY

So Are we to ELIMINATE every possible access to an Early DEATH? TO PROTECT THE CHILDREN??? I think not. CAN WE, SHOULD WE, make what we can SAFER!? YES! BUT should WE ban activities that have risks? NO!!!! Because if WE DO, the common Denominator is LIFE is the ROOT CAUSE OF DEATH. Therefore to prevent accidental DEATHS, is to prevent NEW LIFE. I DO NOT BELIEVE ANYONE ONE OF US WOULD SUPPORT THIS VIEW.

WELL,,,, I recieved ZERO HELP from MSN. While they admitted to OWNING IT, they brushed my complaint aside to complain to another website. So I spent over an HOUR today trying to get my Preferences Set. I am still not done! But I realized I would get ZERO HELP from the HELP BUTTON or MICROSOFT for DAYS or WEEKS. THEY ARE DAMN BASTARDS Are'nt THEY?! I may have my STOCK Quotes in a READABLE FORM Tommorrow. I did manage to get to a point that I wasn't BROKE, Nor Rich. But What I have I still do not know.


DAY 187 of WWIII



Let me get this out 1st. MSN, where I track my stocks and Mutual Funds, just did I think another "REVAMP". ALL my preferences are wiped out. I can't tell if I struck it RICH or lost EVERYTHING, or somewhere in between. I just sent an EMAIL to MSN, and I will give them until tomorrow to reset my settings that I spent many hours developing to my preferences.

DAY 182 of WWIII


Do you know what today is? The 5th Anniversary of "THE PHOENIX LIGHTS", The big UFO FLAP that happened here in Arizona on March 13th, 1997. Here is a link to some PHOTO'S, Scroll down to "PHOENIX UFO IMAGES". HERE!!!

AND this is a Good LINK. HERE!!!

SO! since I am off work the rest of this week, explaination in next paragraph, I will early tonight go outside and check if they make a return on the 5 year Anniversary.

OK, now to why I am off the rest of this week. MARCH MADNESS!!! The NCAA BASKETBALL TOURNAMENT OF 64 TEAMS. These next 2 1/2+ weeks amounts to 75% of my total SPORTS BAR BILL for the year. I have always taken this time off from work, and THANKFULLY it was approved once again, for nearly 20 years. Nothing like the opening round with multiple Games being played at once, and watching it in a SPORTS BAR with Sattalite FEEDS to see EVERY GAME! I have the same deal next week. And APRIL 1st off for the CHAMPIONSHIP GAME. Which could be a doubleheader for me. I may see the WORLD SERIES CHAMPIONS ARIZONA DIAMONDBACKS in their opening GAME on APRIL 1st ALSO! If you remember, I was at GAME 1 Of THE WORLD SERIES last year.

Life is good.

UNLESS you read this STORY. Now I live in Maricopa County. Let's just say according to this I could afford to be a single Parent based on my Wages. I must tell you, I have Over 20% of my Wages going to my Retirement IRA'S and stocks. I still go to some MLB Baseball Games, an occasional NASCAR, IRL, CART RACE, AND have SEASON TICKETS to the AZ CARDINALS NFL TEAM. PLUS! I pay in "SIN" TAXES an OUTRAGEOUS AMOUNT of $$$ for my smokes and beers. BY this formula, I should be trying to figure out how to pay overdue BILLS!!! But I am doing just fine. Does a child to a single parent cost over $1,500 a month in Child Care, Clothes, and Food? If that is True, it is crazy to have a child today. See the STORY HERE!!!

It's a CROCK!!! For "CRYING OUT LOUD"!!! This is the ONLY STATE where you can be DIRT POOR and Living in a CHEAP APT. And have access to a SWIMMING POOL where you LIVE, and HEATED in the "CHILLY" 60 degree Temps of the SEVERE WINTER COLD here in ARIZONA!!!

DAMN!!!! Now I am having INTERNET CONNECTION TROUBLES!!! I have to use the Rest of my time to get this Posted!

DAY 182 of WWIII


Well Folks, We have a new ALERT SYSTEM today. We are currently at "CONDITION YELLOW". About as clear as MUD I agree. The Levels as defined are as FOLLOWS: RED means a ``severe risk'' of attack and may require the pre-positioning of especially trained teams, closing public and government facilities and monitoring transportation systems.

ORANGE signifies a high risk of attack, meaning the government should coordinate necessary security efforts with armed forces or law enforcement agencies and take additional precautions at public events.

YELLOW is an ``elevated condition,'' meaning there is a significant risk of attack. Increased surveillance of critical locations and implementing some emergency response plans are called for.

BLUE is a general risk, and agencies are asked to review and update emergency response procedures.

GREEN is a low risk of terrorist attack.

THESE are the DEFINITIONS. you can read them HERE!!!

Still clear as MUD in my opinion. Here is what I think. We will NEVER get a GREEN LEVEL, as there will ALWAYS be a threat. We will NEVER get a RED LEVEL, UNLESS a situation that existed back on 09/11/01 after the 2nd JET HIT THE WTC duplicates.

So what are the LAYMANS terms for these "CONDITIONS"? GREEN LEVEL: PARADISE, NIRVANA. A simple NO! or clenching your fist prevents harm to you. No need to own a GUN.

BLUE LEVEL: PEPPER SPRAY, A TASER, handy on your person. GUNS in trigger locks in a Gun SAFE.

YELLOW LEVEL: Your Vehical, gassed up, packed with a survivor kit with food and water for 24-48 hrs, tent(s), sleeping bag(s), and other necessities. GUNS on hand with trigger locks.

ORANGE LEVEL: Vehical's Gas Tank TOPPED OFF, FOOD and WATER for at least a week, and other necessities. Gun on your person holstered and Loaded, with the SAFETY ON, other GUNS still available but on Trigger Locks. Considering moving from a METRO AREA to a Rural area.

RED LEVEL!: GET the HELL OUT OF TOWN!!!! Safties on your GUNS are OFF, SPEED LIMITS no longer apply. YOU are on the HIGHWAY FROM HELL. You will not know what Metro AREA is Threatened with this RED ALERT from the FEDS. But it is safe to assume it is a major METRO AREA, and not a RURAL area. So it is an EMERGENCY CAMPING TRIP.

Were the ATTACKS of 09/11/01 on the WTC depicted in an "ARTISTIC MURAL" 8 YEARS AGO? SEE the STORY and depictions of the MURAL HERE!!!

DAY 181 of WWIII


Do You Remember? 6 months ago today? Yes you do. So how are WE doing? Well in my opinion: VERY WELL!!! Bin Laden had figured we would do nothing, and that our Economy would collapse. But he was planning on a CLINTONIAN Response of just a few retalatory cruise missle strikes. Bin Laden did not expect a full blown WAR against his organization, and the Gov't that provided his bases. He should have learned from the Japanesse of Dec. 7th 1941. Once again the "SLEEPING GIANT IS AWAKENED". EXAMPLES of this ARE:

STILL over a 80% APPROVAL RATING of President G.W.Bush, the WAR, and his policies.

#2 A new policy regarding NUCLEAR WEAPONS and their Use. No longer is it the COLD WAR against 1 Country. TODAY there is a threat against us but we don't know from where it comes. In a response to a devastating Attack, and WE know from where it came, or if Intelligence reveals a Threat of MASS DESTRUCTION against US, WE WILL STRIKE 1ST! This is a done deal, contingentcies have been planned out if it comes to this, and CONGRESS has already been Briefed about this. If another ATTACK on the Scale of 6 months ago. (9-11-01). Happens again, or if we find out prior to the Attack, WE WILL if NEEDED use NUKES! Small ones to take out the threat, but until these are developed, we might have to use a big one. We may have to take out 1/2 a City, instead of a few blocks, until we develop these weapons. SEE THE STORY HERE!!!

#3 Now this is an UndeReported STORY, it broke last night fromBILL GERTZ of THE WASHINGTON TIMES, HERE!!!

IRAQ has been holding prisoner a NAVAL AVIATOR as Prisoner since the 1st days of THE GULF WAR. Since WE, our Country, originally had him listed as KILLED IN ACTION, SADDAM had NO Compunction to release him under the CEASE FIRE TERMS, (THAT are continually VIOLATED).


Well no that the NEWS is out, you can bet on 1 of 2 things. BEST CASE: He has been moved elsewhere in Baghdad. OR: Has now after 11 years as prisoner, been executed, So a Body could NEVER be Found.

What do WE do? Well since we can't produce UNDENIABLE EVIDENCE, I don't really Care. We have a PREPONDERANCE of EVIDENCE against a Regime that HATES US! My friends, I do not know if IRAQ is next in this WAR, but we know IRAQ is in the lineup. Whether Iraq is the Lead off batter, or whatever position in the line up,,, HELLFIRE IS ON THE WAY! BYE-BYE SADDAM, and you may be going down with YASSAR! Let me EMPHASIZE DOWN!!!

OOHH, the "Countries" named as possible targets, are "UNHAPPY". LIKE I CARE!!! If they Attack US, or are in a position to Attack US, I want to be on the winning team, OUR TEAM, OUR COUNTRY!!! SEE THE STORY HERE!!!

Well to calm all these COUNTRIES fears is just 1 condition. ELIMINATE the Terrorists in your COUNTRY, who pose a Threat to THE USA, and never Threaten the USA with weapons of Mass Destruction. Do THAT or even try to do that, you will be safe. FAILURE to do this puts YOU in the crosshairs. We AMERICANS are Still pissed off. We have no problem turning a Terrorist Nation into a Parking Lot.

I need to let you know, I am not on a mission against Islamic or Muslims. Most of these people are Good People. But the Jesse Jacksons' and Farraghans, are the TRUE EVIL given media Attention that we must FIGHT AGAINST here in the USA.

DAY 178 of WWIII


Short Update today. No UFO'S. TODAY my Target. Actor ALEC BALDWIN. In case you don't remember, he is one of those WHO PROMISED to leave this COUNTRY if G.W. BUSH was elected PRESIDENT. Well this MORON is a LIAR and still hasn't left the COUNTRY for FRANCE. Should WE have a LAW that high profile people that constantly say we ARE BAD? I think not!!! Why let him make MILLIONS of $$$$ HERE!!!! when he is against US!!!!????


Alec Baldwin is Dumb


The Associated Press on Sunday, September 17, 2000 reported that Alec Baldwin would move out of the country if Republican presidential candidate George W. Bush wins the election. Sources close to Alec, including his wife Kim Basinger have confirmed that the actor by day/Democratic activist by night is serious about his "threat".

Immediately following this announcement, Bush's numbers at the polls went through the roof, rocketing from a campaign low of 33% of the voting population, to an unheard of 103%1.

Thanks to movies like Malice, The Getaway, and The Shadow, we now can decisively report that George W. Bush will be the next president of the United States.

1 The poll's margin of error is +/- 3 percent.

SO! what do I have TODAY? MORE ALEC BALDWIN!!!

Posted on Fri, Mar. 08, 2002 Actor compares 2000 election to Sept. 11 Alec Baldwin says disputed vote damaged democracy By Bill Cotterell DEMOCRAT SENIOR WRITER Florida's 2000 presidential election fiasco damaged democracy as badly as the Sept. 11 terrorist attacks hurt the nation, actor Alec Baldwin said Thursday.
Baldwin told a Florida A&M University audience that President Bush and his brother, Gov. Jeb Bush, are hoping that a wartime "moratorium on criticizing the government" will help Republicans in the fall elections.
Baldwin, a New Yorker, said memories of Sept. 11 have overshadowed public doubts about the 36-day recount of Florida presidential ballots. He said the war makes it hard for Bush critics to remind voters of "this other disaster that we faced in this country - a disaster that ... has done as much damage to our country as any terrorist attack could do, in some ways.
"I know that's a harsh thing to say, perhaps, but I believe that what happened in 2000 did as much damage to the pillars of democracy as terrorists did to the pillars of commerce in New York City," Baldwin said, drawing applause from the breakfast audience of about 200.
Bush spokeswoman Elizabeth Hirst said the governor signed legislation last year providing $24 million in election-reform funding over two years, including $6 million for voter education and $2 million for a statewide registration database. Much of the rest will go for replacing punch-card voting equipment and training poll workers to avoid what happened in the presidential election.
"Florida has moved on and America has moved on," she said. "We've got a president with incredibly high ratings now."
The governor also is running substantially ahead of Democratic challengers in Florida polls.
Baldwin is a board member of People for the American Way, a liberal lobbying group that sponsored the two-day observation of the second anniversary of a mass march on Tallahassee. The march protested the governor's 1999 executive orders that supplanted affirmative action in university admissions and state contracting.
As in a rally at St. Mary's Primitive Baptist Church on Wednesday night, speakers at the FAMU prayer breakfast focused more on the disputed 2000 presidential election than the One Florida protests they were commemorating. Baldwin and other speakers warned that voters will face new challenges this year because legislative and congressional redistricting is changing political boundaries.
He said the White House and Defense Secretary Donald Rumsfeld, along with the governor and other Republican leaders, are banking on the news media and voters staying distracted by the war on terrorism.
"When Donald Rumsfeld and the Pentagon spokespeople say to you, 'Well, this is going to be a long war, we're going to be in Afghanistan for the long haul,' what that euphemism means is that the moratorium on criticizing the government must be extended longer and longer and longer - ideally, beyond the 2002 election," Baldwin said.
Participants in the rally and prayer breakfast included Sen. Kendrick Meek, D-Miami, and former Rep. Tony Hill of Jacksonville. The two staged a sit-in at the lieutenant governor's office Jan. 18-19, 2000, demanding to see Bush about One Florida. The sit-in led to a March 7 march of about 12,000 protesters on the Capitol and a voter-registration drive that boosted black turnout by about 65 percent in the presidential election.
Meek said the governor could be in trouble if people "remember in November" what happened two years ago.
"It's like a hurricane, starting like a tropical storm and going to Category 1, Category 2," Meek said. "That's what I feel is coming in November. In this upcoming election, for the first time in state history, we're going to make sure everyone's vote is counted."

WELL!!! Want to know what I THINK!? Now I am going to be POLITICALLY INCORRECT. BALDWIN should have lost his CITIZENSHIP at the beginning by saying he would leave if a certain person was elected. That person WAS ELECTED, and HE STAYED HERE!!! He should have immediatly moved to FRANCE! But he stayed and is now giving nore BULL SH*T Rhetoric. While US the not Millionairs pay for his "FREEDOM" that he despises. MAYBE a NEW LAW should be made. If you make MILLIONS of $$$ and criticise OUR GOV'T after threating to LEAVE.... YOU ARE GONE!!! And have ZERO PROTECTIONS from this COUNTRY, MY COUNTRY. GO TO HELL AND DIE!!! With much suffering!

"Tis the weekend!!!" THANK GOD! See you MONDAY!

DAY 177 of WWIII


Hmmm...., Well let me just BLURT this Out. I made a REPORT.... To:UFO CENTER What I saw, will probably be listed there the next time they Update. When my report is available there I will let you know. But basically what I saw, and I have lived within 10 - 15 miles, and worked closer than that for 18 yrs to Phoenix Sky Harbor Int. Airport, one of the Busiest Airports in the Country. HERE is the basic info. A Cloud Bank just North of Work, highlighted by Dark and White Clouds by the Early morning SUN. A small WHITE DOT was moving across the Clouds. If it was a plane it should have shown much more than a WHITE DOT, a nonreflecting White, like WHITE-OUT before it dries. REALLY STRANGE!!!! And you know I would not say this on a whim. I actually filled out a SIGHTING REPORT. I am waiting to know if anyone else saw this, or reports this. But I am convinced enough to REPORT it, even if I am the 1st and possibly only. Have I FINALLY seen my 1st UFO???? Well I guess so, because I still can't Identify it, AND I KNOW I SAW IT!!! But damn! I had hoped for a more impressive sighting. Instead of a hmmm, what the Hell is that? And then it's gone. There is an AIR FORCE BASE near here training JET FIGHTERS F-15's or F-16's, and the Big ReFueling Aircraft is also here, and one that was closed a few yrs ago, plus where I grew up we had A-10's and B-52's flying over all the time. I've seen them all, daytime, nightime. Here is another description: If you have ever seen a BIG NASA RESEARCH BALLOON hundreds of thousands feet up before dawn, it looks like this OBJECT, EXCEPT the NASA BALLOON hardly moves, and also has a SHINE to it. These Research Ballons can be seen for Hundreds of miles. I've seen them. This wasn't it.

SO! either I saw what I saw, or very soon this Website OWNER is going to be INSANE and KILLING EVERYONE I CAN. But I feel Fine, I wonder WHAT THE HELL I SAW!!! But I still seem to be thinking straight. I double checked, Supper ready to go, ALARM CLOCK SET, I go back to work in 10 hrs. BETTER POST AN UPDATE!!!

OH!!! I AM SORRY!!!! But look what you did to my CAR!!! this 25 yr old Brainless or EVIL BITCH let a person SHE RUNNED OVER to SUFFER over 2 or 3 DAYS to BLEED TO DEATH, or SHOCK. HE HAD 2 BROKEN LEGS besides being IMPALED in the WINDSHIELD. AND HER FRIENDS HELPED DUMPED the body. ALL INVOLVED should DIE!!! NOT in 10 or 29 yrs.... BUT TOMORROW!!! This EVIL Female DEMON ACTUALLY talked to the Dieing VICTIM each day saying she was SORRY. WELL GUESS WHAT BITCH! SORRY AIN'T ENOUGH!!! FRY 'EM ALL, I say. See The STORY HERE!!!!

I have to go. But ask yourself this QUESTION. Which is MORE OUTRAGOUS? A UFO sighted by ME, or the STORY I LISTED?

DAY 176 of WWIII


Darn IT!!! There was a LAST LINK to a STORY I meant to place at the end of yesterday's Commentary. So I will post it NOW. HERE!!!

I do my best here, but still SREW UP sometimes, after all I am a STAFF of ONE.

OK, now what do we have TODAY?

Most of you know by now of the NUKE THREAT NEW YORK CITY had this past OCTOBER, that THANKFULLY was untrue.. WE CANNOT REST!!!! Check out this STORY, for SLEEPLESS NIGHTS or DAYS in my case. HERE!!!

AT LEAST NOW WE have a PRESIDENT whose 1st PRIORITY is to DEFEND THE COUNTRY, and not himself.... See the STORY HERE!!!


Here is a brief excerpt.

"The independent counsel's judgment that sufficient evidence existed to prosecute President Clinton was confirmed by President Clinton's admissions," the report stated.

"President Clinton admitted he 'knowingly gave evasive and misleading answers'" about his sexual relationship with Ms. Lewinsky.

It wasn't until Clinton's next-to-last day in office that he finally put the investigation of allegations of perjury and obstruction in the Lewinsky matter behind him.

The president's lawyers cut a deal with Ray that spared Clinton from criminal charges in the Lewinsky controversy. The president admitted that he had made false statements under oath about his relationship with the former White House intern and surrendered his law license for five years.

The report stated that "President Clinton engaged in conduct that impeded the due administration of justice by testifying falsely under oath ... that he could not recall ever being alone with Monica Lewinsky; and he had not had a sexual affair or engaged in sexual relations with Monica Lewinsky."


So what do I end with today? How about this BREAKING NEWS! IS hemorrhagic fever breaking out in THE WAR ZONE? IS IT EBOLA? See the STORY HERE!!!

DAY 175 of WWIII


Well guess what folks? HILLARY CLINTON is even more upset about the NONDISCLOSUREof a NUKE THREAT than I am. Even as I learn more of the details that make me less displeased. As the INFO I have seen, I can see justification for nondisclosure, as the facts were falling apart and being proved incorrect. BUT NOW HILLARY CLINTON is on a PMS RAMPAGE about this. Why is THAT? Is it because she could be in danger,,, like MILLIONS of other AMERICANS? TO HELL WITH THAT. HERE is the STORY. HERE!!!

Now what IS THE ROOT CAUSE OF THIS???!!! I say it is SENATOR HILLARY's HUSBAND who was PRESIDENT at the time this threat was formulated. SEE THE STORY HERE!!!


Hmmm.... I wonder if the SECRET SERVICE will come and Visit me over this commentary. Don't worry, if they do. I will take Pictures and Post them.

NOW upcoming soon is a CBS SPECIAL of 9/11/01. OUR REASON FOR WAR! Just in case you need to be reminded, I don't!

ANYONE who wants me, or my friends, or Countrymen Dead. I WANT THEM DEAD 1st! THESE WHACKO EXTREMISTS that follow and Believe in Bin LADEN need to be vanguished! Bring me one to my front DOOR. AND I WILL immediatly end that LIFE! Show me the FAMILY, and I would ELIMINATE them TOO, so their GENES are not passed on. Given the STATS, the MUSLIM COMMUNITY WORLD WIDE is TOTALLY AGAINST US, the USA. I have seen the STATS, I have no problem with killing ANY of them, since they have PUBLICALLY said they want me and others like me DEAD!!!I WILL NOT GO QUITELY!!! INTO THE NIGHT!!!

I own the night!!!

OK, I share it with ART BELL.

DAY 174 of WWIII


I assure you all, I DID have a big update. But my PC, lost my UPDATE, I tried again the next day. AND THE SAME THING HAPPENED!!! WHAT the HELL is THAT!!! Now with over 5 hours of working on an UPDATE gone to the Great Gallatic BIT Bucket in the Sky, to join with lost socks from DRYERS to overthrow the HUMANS on EARTH..... WELL, that's my guess. Where do these "LOST FILES" GO???? Now if I had been typing this update an a OLD FASHIONED TYPEWRITER, I could always retrieve the INFO from my balled up drafts in the Trash Can. BUT NOT on the PC.

Well I am trying ONCE again to post an UPDATE.

Here we go


Well we have been engaged in a serious ground battle in Afghanistan since Friday. The MEDIA is reporting OUR LOSES, as catastrophic. The #'s are still LOW. Granted when anyone of us dies in the line of duty is sad, can you IMAGIN how the MEDIA of TODAY would Treat the causualty #'s of WWI or WWII? PLUS we are not talking about DRAFTEES here, the people of the MILITARY volunteered and willingly signed up for Duty, knowing that they may lose their life in the performance of their duties, or in training for their duties. EVERY JOB, or CAREER, has it's own risks, as adults we decide whether to take the job or not. If you take a job as a Store Clerk, you could be robbed and or killed. If you take a NURSING POSITION you could get the same disease or ailments as your patients,,etc,,,etc,,,. I know you know about the NEWS in the WAR in Afghanistan, so I won't post any links here about it.

NOW!!! Here I have a DISAGREEMENT with President G.W. BUSH and his ADMINISTRATION. GW did LIE that they didn't "KNOW the nature of the THREAT". YES a LIE. BUT was debated and this was their decision. CAN'T fault him for that, He didn't LIE to cover his own ASS, like CLINTON DID, He lied in the interest of NATIONAL SECURITY.

Now here is why I DISAGREE with the decision of the "G.W. BUSH" ADMINISTRATION.

THEY HAD credible INFO that a NUKE was in NYC, but kept it SECRET. They had info that a nuke was in NYC, and info that that the Russians were missing one of their NUKES. Well the BUSH ADMIN. decided it was better to keep this SECRET to prevent Panic in NYC. I DISAGREE, give the people a fighting chance to get away!!! Treat it like a HURRICANE, "THIS AREA MAY HAVE TO BE EVACUATED" and give the population the option to decide to leave right then, before MANDATORY EVACUATION begins and the ROADS are jammed up. READ the story from TME MAGAZINE HERE!!!

Granted hindsight is 20-20, and the NUKE THREAT in NYC was untrue, but why treat the people as CATTLE? Give the warning, and info known. Let INDIVIDUALS DECIDE to stay or leave. WE DESERVE a fighting chance to survive a NUKE or any other Threat in a particular area. Some will panic, but most would keep their heads. Americans are not a "HERD OF COWS". Give INFO a percentage will be extremely cautious, and gradiating to those who would actually sit on the NUKE in an TERRORIST ATTACK PARTY, like those who stay to watch a HURRICANE come ashore. THEY want to be there, while many others will leave. I impore our Federal Gov't to give US the info they know to us. And let US decide for OURSELVES what to do about it.

OH GOODY!!! 3rd time is the Charm, finally a successful UPDATE POSTED!!!

DAY 169 of WWIII


I have a BIG UPDATE planned for tomorrow!!! Sorry I have had limited time this week to update. Which is good and bad, Good that I am working full time, But a bummer that I did not have the time time to update. Let me CLARIFY this. I PREFER to be busy enough at work to forego my DAILY updates, from time to time. IT IS BETTER than being UNEMPLOYED with UNREGISTRICTED opportunity to UPDATE. BUT an UPDATE, a big ONE TOMORROW!!!

DAY 167 of WWIII


Well I had a CLOSE brush with FIRE yesterday. An APT near my SECRET ARMED COMPOUND, 50 ft away caught FIRE! I heard the Emergency Sirens, and also realized that they stopped near me. So I turned on my SCANNER. Then I learned there was a FIRE at my address. Well I live in a rather large APT COMPLEX, so I didn't think it was near me. I grabbed my DIGITAL CAMERA in case I could get good photo's. Well imagin my surprise that it was an APT 50 ft away! That was a SHOCKER TO ME! Here are the photo's.

DAY 164 of WWIII


Sorry, I had a tough time updating this week. This will happen from from time to time, Work related issues, personal issues, or Internet or Financial Issues. That's how Life goes sometimes. Don't cry over Spilt Milk, or unposted Updates.

Well we now know that Daniel Pearl, the WALL STREET REPORTER was killed, Throat Cut on VIDEO TAPE. Well, these sympathizers of AL-Quida, or TALIBAN has now lost it's last Defender. The American Liberal Press. UNTIL now the AMERICAN LIBERAL PRESS has "complained about conditions in the camps in CUBA" EVEN THOUGH these "prisoners" had better housing than we here in ARIZONA give our JAIL INMATES. Remember SHERRIF JOE, GREEN BOLOGNA AND PINK UNDERWARE. Disney Channel, and No PRAYER TIMES. Those in JAIL in ARIZONA WISH they had the free BONUSES the Al Quida and Taliban have in GITMO, OUR base in CUBA.

BUT NOW, since a JOURNALIST has been KILLED by what 99.99% of us call the ENEMY, now the JOURNALISTS climb on board. That it is an AXIS OF EVIL. The AMERICAN LIBERAL MEDIA is MORE UPSET and DISTURBED about the 1 DEATH of one of their OWN than the 3,000 + DEATHS of 09/11. Remember CNN REPORTER BERNARD SHAW? When he came back to the USA during THE GULF WAR, HE RUFUSED TO BE DEBRIEFED, on what he knew or seen, because it would COMPROMISE his JOURNALISTIC DUTY to be unbiased, and that he was a CITIZEN of the WORLD in his job resposibilties.....WHICH apparently mattered more than helping OUR COUNTRY IN A TIME OF WAR. DOES that not IMPLY giving up his CITIZENSHIP? Should we feel SORRY for JOURNALISTS? Because 1 is dead? In comparrison these Journalists didn't give much thought to the 3 thousand who died on 09/11 and the others in our MILITARY who have died since then to PROTECT US!!! I think that the MAJOR MEDIA, JOURNALISTS, CNN, NETWORK NEWS, consider themselves "AS AMERICANS" With ALL THE RIGHTS bestowed in THE CONSTITUTION. That WE nonjournalists do not have just being AMERICAN, in the belief that these journalists belive that they are beyond reproach. That they can go into any area, and BE SAFE. DOESN'T MATTER if EVERY OTHER AMERICAN is at peril. The JOURNALIST will give the ENEMY AIR TIME, JUST TO GET THE STORY!!! BUT!!! WHEN you KILL a JOURNALIST, only 1, then IMMEDIATELY your POLITICAL, RELIGIOUS, or WHATEVER CAUSE, is NULL AND VOID. The mindset of the the LIBERAL MEDIA is: IF YOU KILL 200 MILLION AMERICANS, we will still talk and interview you. BUT, IF YOU KILL 1 JOURNALIST, WE WILL KILL ALL OF YOU. This is the SCREWD UP MENTALITY of the MAJOR PRESS.

I am a Procastinator in nature. So I am a bit slow on the uptake. But I also tend to be PROACTIVE in self-preservation. SHOOT FIRST AND LIVE LONG AN PROSPER, then ASK QUESTIONS. It is better to be WRONG on the first threat

DAY 162 of WWIII


Well I had a.... Difficult night at work. And I'll just leave it at that. But I am in a better mood now and have some celestial NEWS for you!

WE have a NEW COMET ON THE WAY!!!, may be visible to the naked eye, or better come APRIL. As bright as HALLEY'S Comet last time around, but probably less than HALE-BOPP. But I have a decent telescope, but not the BIGGUNS ART BELL ADVERTISES. But Either way I should be able to see this easily. For the DETAILS and the STORY CLICK HERE!!!


OH!!! and how about our SUN activity, well it still hasn't calmed down from it's peak Solar Cycle. ANOTHER HUGE CME IS RELEASED (Coronal Mass Ejection) HEADING FOR US!!!???? I HOPE NOT, this sucker is 50 EARTHS WIDE!!!

Unique CME Appears Earth Directed...02/19/02
by Mitch Battros (ECTV)
Just as expected, a beautiful CME (coronal mass ejection) was released by our Sun earlier today. The sunspot count is already up to 121. I would not be surprised to see this number doubled by tomorrow.
A solar filament collapsed near the Sun's south pole this morning and hurled a bright coronal mass ejection into space. SOHO's telescope captured the image below. The magnetic loop was so large it substantially exceeded the camera's field of view; perhaps 50 Earths would fit across it!
Sunspots => Solar Flares => Magnetic Shift => Shifting Ocean and Jet Stream Currents => Extreme Weather and Human Disruption (mitch battros)



I have more NEWS, but I have to go. Need to Eat and Sleep before going back to work. And I hope to get a 10 minute break before 5 1/2 hours pass to have a DIET COKE and 2 Smokes.........

DAY 161 of WWIII


I HAD an update yesterday. But it went into the GREAT UNSAVED GALACTIC BYTE BUCKET IN THE SKY. The only way I guess I can get it back is from the FEDERAL GOV'T. So I plead, PLEASE SEND ME MY FILE FROM YESTERDAY!!!! SEE the STORY HERE!!!

You would think that if the GOV'T was doing this on an even LIMITED BASIS, I would be included at least from the CLINTON ADMINISTRATION. But NOPE, Yesterday's file is GONE. Because of the WINDOWS BLUE SCREEN OF DEATH. VERY FRUSTRATING when an UPDATE you worked on for over an hour goes AWAY....

Well I won't CRY over a lost file.

So let's see what I can salvage from yesterday, and also new NEWS for today.

POP-CULTURE: BRITNEY SPEARS bares her titties in her MOVIE, but it ended up on the cutting room floor. I can only guess her TITS weren't so GREAT.....This is from the Matt Drudge Website. HERE!!! Just in case it gets removed I have the text saved, not the TITS.

Taryn also confirms that 20-year-old Britney took part in the raunchy scene.

Now the QUESTION IS, Why would YOU care one way or another if the POP CULTURE VIRGIN SLUT QUEEN bared her titties or not. If you are HERE on the INTERNET, you KNOW YOU get get better TITS on your Monitor than hers. I don't understand this PORN fascination on the WEB.

Well, don't cry over lost FILES, spilt milk, or drooping TITIES!

BECAUSE I will be here again tomorrow!!!

DAY 157 of WWIII


Well, THEY, have decided to give the GOLD MEDAL to the CANADIEN FIGURE SKATERS. But will let the RUSSIAN PAIR keep THEIRS TOO. And the woman FRENCH JUDGE has fled back to FRANCE. What a MESS!!!

But it goes DEEPER, the IOC full of Socialist Wimps, now think we are too, how should I put this... TOO AMERICAN to ever host the OLYMPICS AGAIN!!! IT figures, the FRENCH are involved in this too. These People and other IOC MEMBERS have it in for US! Doesen't matter the FRENCH don't like US, even though THIS COUNTRY LIBERATED them TWICE in WWI and WWII and DEFENDED THEIR NATION and CONTINENT during the COLD WAR. Since then they have been an impediment to US on every front. From the denial of overflying FRANCE to bomb Khadafy in LYBIA which added nearly 20 hrs to the FLY TIME for the bombing run during President Reagan's Tenure, to now, FRANCE is the biggest trader Legally and ILLEGALLY RIGHT NOW! By the wat, I heard this French Woman Judge fled back to FRANCE to avoid the Media, and she was "DISTRAUGHT". WELL!!! Being a WEAK WILLED PERSON and EXPOSED as such. It takes a person of JUDGING FAIRLY in their own MIND to withstand Critics. It is ALWAYS the WEAK MINDED, or the CORRUPT, To CHEAT the WINNERS, and give them 2nd Best, even BLANTANTLY. HELL!!! Even if one of the RUSSIAN PAIRED FIGURE SKATERS Fell flat face down, This FRENCH WOMAN was going to give the GOLD medal to them. Just so the Russians and THEIR BLOCK of JUDGES would Recipricate by giving "FRANCE A GOLD MEDAL" in another OLYMPIC EVENT. So you think the JUDGES are CROOKED? WELL... READ about how the OLYMPIC COMMITTEE thinks about US HERE!!!

SCREW these people!!! They are as bad or Worse than the UN. And you already know I want US out of the UN. All the UN wants to do is to take away OUR RIGHTS as AMERICANS, as GUARENTEED BY OUR CONSTITUTION. Well if the OLYMPIC COMMITEE is so OFFENDED by the way we stage the OLYMPICS here. then I say, just go ahead and stage the OLYMPICS in safe havens like IRAQ, IRAN, N. Korea, CHINA, ARGENTINA, CUBA. WE DON'T NEED the OLYMPICS to show how GOOD OUR AMATURE ATHLETES ARE!!! There are plenty of other VENUES AVAILABLE. An OLYMPIC COMPETITION without US is a hallow Competition. AND I BELIEVE, the OLYMPICS will not survive long if WE, the USA tells them to FU*K OFF!!!

Well here is a STORY HERE!!!

DAY 156 of WWIII


What can I say? Yesterday I had a big update. #2 thru 8. But somehow is now forever GONE! Up to the GREAT COMPUTER BYTE BUCKET IN THE SKY. I KNOW I SAVED IT PROPERLY, and POSTED IT! But now no longer exists. This is one of the UNEXPLAINED things in LIFE, like taking in your Laundry 1 dozen socks, and when folding the Laundry after coming out of the DRYER, there is only 11 socks. WHERE DID THAT SOCK GO???? NOBODY KNOWS.... When this MYSTERY IS SOLVED, not only will We find out where the socks went, but also all of our inexplicably LOST WORK/FILES.

I am sorry, but I truly believed I had posted a BIG UPDATE Yesterday, which due to breaking NEWS covering the same thing, and limited Time I have, is unproductive to reproduce.

TODAY, I have to start with this STORY. I am DAMN GLAD I DON'T Live in NY anymore. WHY? Well because it has the 2nd highest State TAXES, and NOW it will cost $7 by summer for a Pack of SMOKES!!! I can get SMOKES for between $25 and $26 a carton. In NY it will be $70 a carton! So besides the Residents of NYS paying one of the highest STATE TAX RATES in the COUNTRY, they will ALSO PAY THE HIGHEST CIGARRETTE TAXES in the COUNTRY.

HMMM... Will a SMOKER in NY be now considered RICH? Becuase he/she CAN AFFORD the SMOKES? Will this EXCESSIVE TAXATION have the opposite EFFECT? Watch NY!!! SEE THE STORY HERE!!!

What do you think about this? TAINTED $$$ from HILLARY CLINTON, Gee, you would think that anti-Americans, I mean sell-outs, I mean DEMOCRATS, would GLADLY ACCEPT HER $$$ derived from ILLEAGAL STOCK TRADING, and all the stuff SHE & BILL STOLE from the WHITE HOUSE. (IS THIS INFLAMATORY? IF IT IS, GOOD!!!) SEE THE STORY HERE HERE!!!

DAY 155 of WWIII


#1: File filled up yesterday. Previous Postings now in the ARCHIVES, Link is above.