Yesterday Rush read a speech by Charlton Heston at The Harvard Law School Forum on 2/16/99. The speech is titled,"Winning The Cultural War". Rush recieved over 9,000 emails requesting copies of this speech. Well folks the speech is on the Internet that Al Gore invented. So for some of you who don't have the time to look for it yourself, like the 9,000 individuals who emailed Rush, I will provide you the speech, from NEWSMAX. HERE.


The Ides of March.... Did strike me in computer trouble generated by my own mistakes and the software I was attempting to use.

AL GORE is the FATHER OF THE INTERNET???? That is BOGUS.(I claim to be the inventor of the new beer and soda can opener, that replaced the "pull off tabs" in the past. No longer are parks and beaches etc. littered with "pull off tabs" from beer and soda's. About as believable as that Monica L. is the MOTHER of Oral Sex that isn't sex. Like Evander Holifield's performance in the latest Boxing title reunification, didn't rise to the level for him to be replaced as CHAMPION.

ARIZONA GOVERNOR JANE HULL is to be RELEASED TODAY from the HOSPITAL. She was Admitted LAST TUESDAY with a KIDNEY INFECTION. Where was she? That previous weekend she was in MEXICO. Didn't any of her aids etv. warn her to: NOT DRINK THE WATER???? Wouldn't you think that MEXICO would make sure a visiting Governor from 1 of the border states gets clean water and food? If MEXICO cannot provide this assurance to our highest elected officials, what can be said of vacationers, etc.???? I say,"Don't GO TO MEXICO".

I anticipate continued battles with my computer, but I believe my ability to access the 'Net and update my web pg is not threatened. However my displeasure with certain software etc. Will take up some of my time. As of now I've been at battle for 5 hrs. My brother the Computer expert, can't get here 'till Sat. I will continue to try to fight on my own 'till then. Probably screw some more things up. But remember Smoker Dave's Law:If it jams, FORCE IT! If it breaks, IT needed replacing anyways.....


IT is the 2 year Aniversary of the PHOENIX LIGHTS, will an encore performance happen tonight? THESE WERE UFO'S, NEVER IDENTIFIED. TOO many people saw this event 2 years ago. THE QUESTION IS: Are they "OURS" or not? ANYI-GRAVITY TECHNOLOGY in OUR hands would be a as big a story as if the Federal Gov't admitted that Aliens are REAL. The events of MARCH 13th 1997 is STILL a HOT TOPIC HERE in ARIZONA. As much as the Federal Gov't would like to discredit the witnesses, it is proving difficult to dismiss airline pilots, Real Estate Agents, Elected Officials, Police, and the leaks from LUKE AFB. Plus there are the Average Joe's who saw it, THOUSANDS, and they for the most part are NOT DELUSIONAL, and have witnessed thousands of jet aircraft flying to Sky Harbor InterNational Airport, Luke AFB, and the many smaller airports here in the Valley of the SUN.

Here are a couple of stories on THE PHOENIX LIGHTS.



New addition on the opening pg. A "Status" of the current Solar X-Ray activity. See the CNN Story HERE.

Today Matt Drudge reports that the Clinton's have "separated" over the Juanita Broaddrick story. Also that the shortened ski trip was because of a strained back, but because of a "strained marriage". See the story DRUDGE REPORT

March Madness, The Tournament of 64, starts today! I have a lot of college basketball to watch, this beats the NBA anytime, but especially this year.

Richard Hoagland continues his recovery from the serious heart-attack he suffered this past Saturday. For updates on his condition click HERE.


Long night at work in "The Secret Lab" once again. At the start of my shift I heard some bad news on the Art Bell Show. Richard C. Hoagland has had a serious Heart Attack.

I have met Richard several times and have talked with him at length twice. Get Well Soon Richard! Photo of Smoker Dave and Richard C. Hoagland HERE.

So today is sorta shot for any other updates on China etc. by this news of one of my favorite "weird" stuff news and facts people, and my long hrs at work today. I do hope that my trip to Alb. NM. last June 27th isn't the last conference I attend by Hoagland, or last week's TV Special on "Opening The Lost Tombs of Egypt" on FOX, be the last time I see him on TV.



I wonder how many of you realize that WE, the USA, is at WAR RIGHT NOW!!! Our most sensitive Military Computer networks are being attacked 100 to 200 times a day by hackers from some country, or countries. NBC ran the story a few times on Fri then recieved a reguest from the Pentagon to quash the story, which they did. I am going to list the stories related to this, don't know how long the links will work. 1st evidence was a British satellite being held "hostage". #1, 2nd Story #2, And now the report that we Are At WAR #3.


All of this is a bit unnerving, especially when it is not being widely reported to the General Public. Only those of us on the net, seeking these stories out, are aware what is going on. Remember these hackers from wherever are attacking the most secure systems computer-wise we have. What do you think would happen if they attacked the nation's power grid, telecomunications, etc. with the same effort? Can you say BLACKOUTS, NO PHONES, Wall Street Crippled? I didn't report this story until I was reasonably sure that it was accurate. Today's news has confirmed it.


The results of the SMOKER DAVE personal choice of EXECUTION method survey. Results are based on 110 responses out of 135 employees from THE SECRET LAB (81.5%). Total votes for each method are in (xx).

QUESTION- You have been convicted of MURDER and you are scheduled to be EXECUTED. You have the Following choices of the method of Your EXECUTION, You can only choose ONE.

  • FIRING SQUAD 14% (15)
  • BE-HEADING 12% (13)
  • HANGING 2% (2)
  • GAS CHAMBER 2% (2)
  • DRAWN & QUARTERED 2% (2)
  • REFUSED TO VOTE 1% (1)
  • 3/4/99

    Short update today, a 13 1/2 hr shift will do that. For the latest on the EXECUTION and the German Boycott of AZ. Click HERE!!!

    Tomorrow!!! I will publish the poll I started at "The Secret Lab" last night. The poll, or survey is: QUESTION- You have been convicted of MURDER and you are scheduled to be EXECUTED. You have the Following choices of the method of Your EXECUTION, You can only choose ONE.


    Tune in tomorrow for the poll/survey results of this Question from employees of "The Secret Lab".


    tap, tap, tap. Here that? Tap, TAP, TAP, ? It is the growing drumbeat of the DEATH MARCH a German Citizen, who spent 90% of his life preying on people of all races and economic levels. He is less tha 20 paces away from the GAS CHAMBER RIGHT NOW! The German Gov't is still working the phones, so to speak. See the latest story HERE! It is now 1 pm in AZ, 2 hrs before GASSING. Find out if any appeals were sucessful or if a "stay" is issued, HERE!!! This web pg by THE ARIZONA REPUBLIC the largest newspaper in AZ is updated 24 hrs a day. You could know the result before I do, I work 3rd shift, and today I plan on being in a Dream State by 3pm, I won't know what happened until 9 or 10 pm tonight.

    This week at work is already turning into a long one, 24 hrs on the clock in 2 days. Oh well, a week from now I will be off until the 30th of March. I have to watch my college basketball MARCH MADDNESS Tournament, plus do a little townhouse hunting. After all a 400 sq ft studio apt is confining. Granted everything is within arms reach, but I need a little more room, plus I need to build equity by ownership. Also I have some movies I would like to see, a couple of books I want to read, plus just some plain old R&R away from work. And yes, do a little housework on this web pg. Catch a few Spring Training BaseBall Games also. Trust me I won't be bored and wishing I was at work.


    Lomg night at work today ending with a 2 1/2 hr meeting. So a short update today.

    Round 2 of the German Citizen Brothers sentanced to Death in AZ. As I mentioned yesterday, the remaining CONDEMEND had untill 3 pm yesterday to make his final decision between the GAS CHAMBER and LETHAL INJECTION. He stayed with his first choice of the GAS CHAMBER. Another ploy to delay EXECUTION? Probably. He is scheduled to be EXECUTED Wed afternoon, 3pm. Of coarse the German Govt. is applying all sorts of pressure on AZ and the US Federal Govt. to stop this EXECUTION. Even offering to take him back to GERMANY that he hasn't been to since before pre-school, and imprisoning him for life on GERMAN soil. I see this as the more they protest, the more GUILT they show for the MASS KILLING of INNOCENT victims in WWII. I think they protest too much, swinging from one extreme to another in less than 60 yrs. Here in AZ this sort of protest, even by an allied Friendly Gov't, is falling on at best indifferent ears, at worst, causing indignation of the interference by a foreign Gov't in our dispensation of Justice. A European, let alone a German, trying to lable us as barbaric, for EXECUTING those who have committed the most terrible of crimes, when THEY KNEW what the punishment may be. PALES in comparrison of THAT country's past history. They executed thousands of times more innocent people in 6 yrs than the # of guilty people this ENTIRE country will execute in a thousand yrs. But we are the bad guys now... Give Me A Break!!! You Germans, go back and cry in your Volvo for the DEATH of these "FINE UPSTANDING" citizens you claim as your own that left Germany as toddlers and spent 90% of their lives in the US. We here in AZ at least would rather spend our time trying to hold onto the RIGHTS granted in The CONSTITUTION and THE BILL OF RIGHTS. I say, the only good cold blooded murderer is a DEAD cold blodded murderer. So to the German Gov't I say I'll pay you the worth of this life, 1 cent, and you can keep the change. Get the hell out of AZ, the US, and don't let the door slam you in the ASS. How quickly the Germans forget who SAVED their ASS from the Russians. The German Gov't is acting like a RIGHTOUS entity that can do NO wrong, and wants every country to succumb to their view. OK I will accept this. REIMBURSMENT for ALL THE $$$$ sent to West Germany, the cost of defending West Germany during the COLD-WAR, AID sent to West Germany from 1945 to present. Then we here in AZ will let you take home this prized GERMAN Citizen for YOU to INCARCERATE for LIFE. ANY TAKERS???

    Now to my meeting at the end of my shift at the "SECRET LAB". 2 1/2 hrs long, well that's how long I stayed, I figured 12 hrs at work was long enough. Discussing or arguing of points in a new SOP (Standard Operating Procedure) that could drastically change with the new software release next week. Well, I guess this related procedure(s) was probably 100 pgs long. In 2 1/2 hrs we got thru 10 pgs. I must admit at least this meeting was scheduled the best possible time for me to take part in. And I guess you all know how I love to argue, defend my point. This translates into procedures that will WORK in my lab. The things we discuss/argue about is mindbongling at times. Simple definitions etc, being discussed/argued about. I wouldn't mind being a permanent representative from my lab's 3rd shift to this FAQ group. While I wouldn't be the perfect representative for this group. At least I get my viewpoint heard, in regards to 3rd shift, the PRODUCTION SHIFT of the lab, the shift I RUN!!! While I will get help soon in running the shift, being Senior in the lab, and being in a supervisory capacity of the shift for the past 3 yrs, it is MY shift. I am ultimately responsible for what happens on my shift. So it is appropriate for me to be involved in SOP changes/implementation of things that will affect my shift. Plus I LOVE to argue with those that make more $ than me, and don't know or forgot how things are done during their sleep time. Remember I can argue a hell of a lot better than I can write or type. I did win a couple of victories in the meeting today, one was a major come from behind victory, maybe not to those in the meeting, but to those of us working the 3rd shift. And to me that is what counts the most.

    Smoker Dave, the defender of individual rights, soverignty, and of Graveyard Shift workers. ============~~~~~~~


    Expanding on yesterday's comments. Maybe the fact that the Liberals want the Right to Vote restored to convicted FELONS, is besides letting more Liberal people vote, who have commited FELONIES. They don't want the risk that Their President, could lose his Right to Vote. Imagine a political party supporting a President who is all BUT a Convicted FELON, losing his Right to VOTE. How would they defend a VETO by him, who cannot vote like any other LAW ABIDING Citizen.

    Why were the femminists so quick to defend Anita Hill's charges of dirty jokes, a pubic hair on a Coke can. The line that if a woman charges rape, it must be true. This is the Clarence Thomas hearings. But when it comes to Clinton it is either consensual, or 21 yrs ago and it doesen't count. If he did RAPE JANE DOE #5, the statute of limitations has run out in ARKANSAS. Last week the LIAR IN CHIEF was here in AZ, in Tucson. Apparently recruiting new INTERNS. If you are going to be a RAPIST be PRO-CHOICE, be pro women. AND screw them anyway you can.

    And the latest news. Janet Reno is exploring the legality of taking DNA Samples from anyone ARRESTED for any infraction. This would be before a trial and conviction. This means if you are pulled over for an infration such as speeding in your car, or any other infraction a cop stops you. This is an ARREST. ARREST means stopped. So the US Attourney General wants your DNA SAMPLE, if you are EVER stopped by a cop, weather you are guilty or not.

    Remember Big Govt mantra, if you have nothing to hide, you have nothing to fear..... So why do you have blinds on your windows???? OBVIOUSLY YOU MUST BE HIDING SOMETHING!!!! Why else would you close the Blinds? If you are doing nothing wrong?

    Now the FDIC is about to implement the "KNOW YOUR CUSTOMER" policy. The banks by FDIC DIRECTIVE will monitor your bank accounts, your spending and deposit habits, etc. IF you use your $$$ outside of your normal spending habits, you would be asked WHY, your info sent to the FEDERAL GOVT to see if you are "LAUNDRYING $$$", hoarding Cash for Y2K, Or using your $$$$ illegally. They (BANK) may even prevent you from withdrawing cash from YOUR ACCOUNT. Because it does not fit your previous banking habits. I have been following this for months now. I have decided TODAY to end the DIRECT DEPOSIT of my PAYCHECK to my bank. I will only keep enough in my checking account to cover checks I write. Any bills I can pay over the INTERNET I will. Any other bills I can pay in CASH I will. Any extra $$$ that I would normally have in the bank will no longer be THERE. I will have it in a secure place. At least the problem of getting cash $$$ for Y2K in December will be eliminated, because I won't have enough $$$ in the bank to bother with, And I will have cold hard cash on hand.

    Today, the "other" German brother that is scheduled to die in AZ has until 3pm MST to change his mind from the GAS-CHAMBER to LETHAL INJECTION as his choice of DEATH. Now for a couple of things to think about. For LETHAL INJECTION, the CONDEMNED is taken to a spotless STERILE ROOM. A STERILE NEEDLE is used, his arm is disinfected with alcohol and other agents of disinfection of the entry site for the NEEDLE. WHY? So there is NO POSSIBILTY of infection / disease, from the NEEDLE/Entry site. God forbid if the CONDENMED is exposed to HIV or Hepatitus that takes years to kill, minutes before he is EXECUTED. Seems to me a used needle from a drug addict, and used IV lines, should be sufficient for the CONDEMNED. I don't think a POST EXECUTION INFECTION lawsuit will happen. So why waste the $$ on a DEAD MAN when there are INNOCENT people that need sterile needles and IV tubing, these items are NOT CHEAP!!! There are CARE PROVIDERS that reuse needles and IV tubing to keep costs down, Dialysis patients etc. Why sould a CONVICTED MURDERER get STERILE accessories in his EXECUTION???


    Sorry for no updates the past couple of days, recouping from a long week at work. Needed some "play" time etc.

    A couple of things I want to bring up before I do a more comprehensive update tommorrow. The Rev. Jesse Jackson and others are now campaighning or soliciting the idea to let FELONS have the right to vote. Because as The Rev Jesse Jackson and the "Rainbow Coalition" are now saying, the fact thet 13% of black males in this country CANNOT Vote because of a FELONY CONVICTION is RACIST. I see it as another attempt by LIBERALS trying to gain more voters. What would FELONS VOTE FOR? More Gun Control, so to disarm the average law abiding citizen, since they break this law in the execution of their crimes. They are FEARFULL of armed citizens, makes their vocation more dangerous. The Rev Jesse Jackson is saying if we give the right to vote to convicted FELONS, they will more likely OBEY the LAW.... Yeah Right!!! Like the LOSS of their voting rights entered their minds when committing these crimes. The Rev Jesse Jackson said we need a new class of crimes that prohibit you from voting. We already have this. If you are convicted of a FELONY you can't vote. The Rev Jesse Jackson says the fact that 13% of black males ARE convicted of FELONIES and can't vote, is RACIST!!! The Jurisprudence of this law goes back a thousand yrs. If you are convicted of a FELONY, you lose the RIGHT TO VOTE. Is Jesse Jackson admitting that the majority of his RACE is more likely to commit crimes???


    I haven't seen the NBC Dateline interview of Jane Doe #5 yet, have heard soundbites, have read the Wash Post and Wall Street Journal Stories though. I will watch it when I am done here, I have it on tape.

    I bet some of you are wanting news of what happened to the condemned German sentanced to DEATH and chose the GAS CHAMBER to try to circumvent his sentence by appealing that it is CRUEL and UNUSUAL Punishment for a GUILTY person. Here is a link to the latest news from the AZ REPUBLIC NOTE: this story is not saved on this web site, link may become "dead" anytime, read it while you can.

    Other news: Driving after work I noticed a bad smell in the air, and I seemed to be hearing the word, "RAPIST" in my head. This has happened before, when Mike Tyson moved here. But when Tyson moved here I also had visions of a Boxing Ring at the same time. But today I had a vision of a Baseball Diamond. At first I thought Tyson somehow got released from SOLITARY Confinement in JAIL (for trashing the TV) back east and now was here. Then I heard on the radio that Clinton just landed in Tucson. 90 miles away!!! Then I also learned that Clinton is going to a Spring Training Baseball Game later today, and might even throw the 1st pitch. That explains my Baseball Diamond vision. But Clinton coming here raises another question. It is AZ law now, that ALL sex offenders register to the STATE of AZ and where they are staying. Why? Because AZ is trying to protect WOMEN and CHILDREN from perverts and rapists. You think it was hard for JANE DOE #5 to come forward after 21 yrs when she was RAPED by then ARK Attourney General Clinton? What's to protect the Citizens, women and children of AZ, from the Sex Predator, who happens to be the President of the U.S.? Unless you can keep evidence of a future sexual assault by Clinton, there is NO WAY you can prove it. And I bet Clinton has learned the art of leaving/and/or destroying EVIDENCE of his CRIMMINAL ACTIVITIES, that I am sure are ONGOING.

    Now back to yesterday's posting. Higher ups in the SECRET LAB, apparently DO keep an active look-in on MY web pg. My bosses have decided to buy sub sandwitches for yesterday's crew. They don't want me to do it myself. Why? I bet it is because they realize what happened yesterday and are EMBARRESED that I came up with this "token" of thanks myself, and posted my intentions HERE on this, my web pg immediately after I got home yesterday. OK, so work pays for it, instead of me from my overtime $. What I pledged to do would have cost me less than $50. Less than what I get for the overtime $ from yesterday. But, hey, At least I can have input and action at work just by doing this web pg, my after work hobby.

    Now the question is, does my work, (SECRET LAB), check my web pg that I do all on my own, after work, because they: 1) respect me and my opinions and must see what I have to say on issues. OR 2)Want to make sure I don't disclose propriatary Info, or Sensitive data. OR 3) A combination of both #1 and #2

    I think it is #2. I believe that my work is nervous and not really happy about my web pg and the continued sustained visitor count that I have. Plus the fact that I am an Associate Editor on a GROWING WEB Based Magazine RIGHT!!! Well if work is tired of checking my Web pg daily, for work related issues on my web pg., We can discuss the issue of "Hush $". A signed contract, for X amt of $ to never refer to work in the Secret Lab, it's issues, it's employees, etc. Consider it as "Free Agentcy". Don't take this as a threat or anything, by your monitoring of my Web pg for over a year, you know what I disclose here. Nothing identifiable to any individual or Dept., Or to the SECRET LAB. Except those who work there and already know, or those that used to work here and can figure it out. And I believe only Supervisors on up can follow any tibits of info disclosed. Most everyone else wonders what Smoker Dave's Secret Lab does. After all, Where Smoker Dave works and what I do is a SECRET....


    I have to be short and to the point today, I will give a brief reason why at the end of this posting.

    The Liberal 9th District Court of Appeals, based in, of coarse California. Has granted a STAY of Execution for the German Citizen who chose the gas chamber to circumvent his penalty of DEATH. The 9th Circuit Court of Appeals has NEVER failed to grant a STAY of Execution. This STAY is on the basis that the GAS CHAMBER is CRUEL and UNUSUAL PUNISHMENT. The US SUPREME COURT has already ruled in the past that it is NOT cruel and unusual punishment. I also see it in historical terms, the GERMANS saw no problem with it for millions of INNOCENT VICTIMS, I think it shoulb be fine for the guilty. I have a link to THE ARIZONA REBULIC'S ARTICLE today on this story. I won't be saving this to this web pg and I don't know how long the link will work, but HERE IT IS! Take a read of it.

    NBC now in the Indefensible position of not playing the JANE DOE #5, this from INFOBEAT.

    NEW YORK (AP) - NBC said it will broadcast its interview with Juanita
    Broaddrick, an Arkansas woman who claims she was sexually assaulted
    by Bill Clinton 20 years ago, on "Dateline NBC" Wednesday night.
    NBC's Lisa Myers interviewed Broaddrick in January. While the network
    continued to check her allegations, The Wall Street Journal editorial
    page ran a piece Friday based on Broaddrick's charges and other media
    organizations followed suit. NBC News President Andrew Lack said the
    network wanted to complete its reporting on the story before airing
    it and wasn't angry that others had beaten NBC. President Clinton's
    lawyers said Broaddrick's allegations were "absolutely false."

    Now what NBC will show, I don't know. It was a 5 1/2 hr interview that has been edited down to 23 minutes.

    OK, now onto a brief layman's terms of what happened in the SECRET LABlast night/this morning. I view this as a computer problem not related to Y2K, but mimicks it very well. We couldn't recieve approx 2400 samples (27 racks of 89 samples X 3 for the different labs) Due to a computer problem where the samples are Recieved and logged in for testing. This problem started just before my shift at Midnight. These samples were delayed for over 7 hrs, we did what we could, which was 940 samples before 7:30 am. Then we got pounded by samples. MY experienced staff hunkered down, did all they could, those that could stay late,(past their 10 hr scheduled shift, did) Stayed late. Making it a 12 hr shift or more to get the volume down to where the 1st and 2nd smaller shifts could handle the extra workload. Some of us, including myself did a 13 1/2 hr shift, and kicking ass the last 6 hrs.

    To those who work for me and helped pull this off, (Tim P., Kent, Susan, Tim D., Dan, DeWayne, Michelle, Shelby, and Janet, And to the early 1st shift crew of Jennifer, Brad A., John, Brad R., DeShong, AND Dave McD. AND in advance, I'd like to also thank 2nd shift of Joe, Christen, Rich, and Eric. This on the scale of,"WIN ONE FOR THE 'GIPPER!!!". I just want to make it known that I am proud of the staff in my Dept. to come together and sacrifice by working extra hrs under pressure, to do the JOB, without complaint, to the best of your ability. If this country were populated with people of good character and work ethics, to do what needs to be done, this great country of OURS, would be so much better. We can argue politics at another time, but today has PROVEN that Liberals, Conservatives, the Politically Correct, the Politically INCORRECT, etc. Can come together as a TEAM. Shift rivalries disappeard etc. The AZ CARDINALS making the playoffs and winning against Dallas in the WILD CARD GAME, was BIG. People were saying HELL HAS FROZEN OVER!! That is sports. What we do, affect LIVES.... I am proud and gratefull to ALL of you on my staff and those of you on other shifts. This is the highest honor I can give at the moment, listed your commitment, character. By publicizing it on my web pg. I will do what I can for an aknowledgement of your efforts. Maybe a Sub Day soon? Remember I can only do so much, But I will do my best. You can count on a Sub Day on me.