The Political Quote of the Day for 03/01/01:


It's a damned good thing to remember in politics to stick to your party and never attempt to buy the favor of your enemies at the expense of your friends.

Joseph Cannon

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What a mess in SEATTLE, but it could've been worse, everyone should be thankful that it it wasn't. I am assuming you are following the NEWS on this in other Media Outlets.

Well today was the start of the "BURTON HEARINGS". ie: Investigation into Slick Willy's PARDONS. The Swearing In should have been..."I SWEAR TO TELL HALF TRUTHS, CLAIM I DON'T RECALL, PERJUR MYSELF. OR SEEK REFUGE IN THE 5'th AMMENDMENT, SO HELP ME CLINTON. At least this way the BIBLE is not DESECRATED.

The supporters of the CLINTON's and others who are "CLINTONITES", are in uproar over this. Whatever happened to their PLEA during IMPEACHMENT to leave the CINTONS ALONE until Slick Willy Leaves OFFICE? AND THE PROSECUTE HIM. Well we are splitting days here, But the Clinton Suppoerters, and CLINTONITES are saying.... He is out of OFFICE, just drop all this. These PEOPLE (IDIOT MORONS) want THEIR WAY EVERY TIME. LET's postpone this, and then investigate....Now they say, "He is out of OFFICE, DROP THE WHOLE THING". WHAT A BUNCH OF BULL!!!

I WILL NEVER FORGET what this godless evil man has done to this COUNTRY the past 8 YEARS!!!



I tried my best to be reserverd in my judgment of CLINTON, rereading this UPDATE has CONFIRMED that I was being as nice and Polite as I could be.

OK, I know you are probably thirsting for some NEWS UPDATES, so here we go.

Well you all know that FLORIDA is the #1 place to retire. Well EVEN after the VOTE Troubles in FLORIDA, THESE OLD FOLKS STILL CAN'T get their VOTES RIGHT!!! LATEST ELECTION, here are the RESULTS. SEE THE STORY HERE!!!

I am 38 yrs old, so I like this NEWS. See the STORY HERE!!!

Now to end today's UPDATE, what pops up? Jesse Jackson...... TURNS OUT he is a VERY POOR TIPPER, rationalizes it to his belief that people who he would tip are under paid. SO HE doesn't tip them. Is this BASSAKWARDS LOGIC or WHAT??? I have MILLIONS OF ILLEGAL $$$, but because you are on the BOTTOM rung of the ECONOMIC LADDER, YOU GET NO TIP FROM ME, because I BELIEVE YOU ARE UNDERPAID, and I REFUSE TO ENGAGE in your SUPPRESSION of ECONOMIC RIGHTS.

Well I bet the WAITRESS or BARMAID could USE the TIP $. So What has the 2-FACED, so called "RELIGIOUS LEADER" done for YOU???? EXCEPT not LEAVING YOU A TIP??? FILE FULLWillFinishUpdateFRI


The Political Quote of the Day for 02/28/01:


He serves his party best who serves his country best.

Rutherford B. Hayes

BIG EARTHQUAKE near Seattle!!! Reports are loss of life is zero. A good thing. There is DAMAGE, the QUAKE rating is still being disputed. But it appears to be between 6.2 and 7.0. The problem I see is that this has happened near the MOUNTAIN (that's still a VULCANO THREAT, and I can't remember the NAME OF IT!!) is very near SEATTLE. Will this Earthquake make the Vulcano more active? The GEOLOGISTS were already WORRIED about this before this QUAKE. You know when your "tummy" is VERY FULL, like on THANKSGIVING DAY, and EXPERTS are concerned about your GASTRIC DISTURBANCES even before the DINNER? Well I think the GEOLOGISTS are NERVOUS in the NorthWest. After all, while we as "Individual Biological Units" can only GROAN so much and FLATULATE so much after an ill advised FEASTING on Forbidden Fruit. The EARTH can have produce a Gastro Problem or FART like rarely seen before. Except instead of GAS, it is MOLTEN ROCK being spewed out in every direction. I can tell you this much, the QUAKE was not felt in the Phoenix, AZ. area. I know you all can get better updates about this, so I won't post links to the Latest News here on the website. In an HOUR you can get better up-to-date NEWS on over the AIR RADIO & TV.

So I leave you today. Want to see pictures of the QUAKE on TV. I will be back here tomorrow!!!


The Political Quote of the Day for 02/27/01:



You mean there aren't enough people mad at me already?.

Ronald Reagan, upon being presented with a refree's uniform during a visit from the NBA comminsioner

......I am trying to recover from a DEEP BELLY LAUGHING FIT!!! You people who by pass the Main Page of this website and only link here to the Commentary miss out a LOT what happens on this web site. For Example the BBS on the main page from time to time generates some interesting comments, some true, but others totally false, for example the posting of 02/25/01, my respone is the 02/27/01 posting. Of ALL the people I know, I CAN'T THINK of one who is currently Pregnant. Sometimes having a web site, and a BBS makes life interesting, even if I don't have a CLUE to what they are refering to!!! But it is entertaining reading, even though I need to reply that I haven't a Clue to what they are talking about, or how I am involved. What's next? Beats Me....A Smoker Dave LOVE CHILD? I hope I at least remember the encounter with the Mother of the Child....

Good Grief!!! At Least it is entertaining!!!

Now to the NEWS of The DAY!

Well at work in "THE SECRET LAB" we completed the Annual Performance Appraisals. Question is: Are they TOTALLY Fair across the board? The Answer is NO, but a good attempt as Humanly as possible was done from what I was involved in, and observed. Those of you in "The SECRET LAB", Please Trust and Believe me when I say I was as fair and judgemental on the Standards as I could possibly be, and the tie goes to the Employee between Rankings. Granted I AM NOT PERFECT, but those of you I Supervise, I know the effort put forth by you, your job classification, and I CAN make a VALUE JUDGEMENT on the STANDARDS you are Judged by. I REMIND EVERYONE....Just because you clock into work for 40 hrs a week, doesn't mean you automatically "MEETS STANDARDS" and doing you're Job doesn't mean you Automatically mean you "EXCEEDS STANDARDS" for your Position.

OK, Let me post some NEWS for you to check out.

Yep, just as I thought for years, MARS HAS or HAD LIFE! See the STORY HERE!!!

Let's See.... In the past we have had "ROAD RAGE", "AIRPLANE RAGE", "PARKINGLOT RAGE", and WHATEVER RAGE!!! Now there is FISH RAGE, or FAST FOOD RAGE!!! See the STORY HERE!!! OK folks.... REMEMBER these FAST FOOD EMPLOYEES on the WHOLE are NOT the sharpest tools in the shed, give them a break!!! Bring the Food back, and get your correct order. No Reason for HOMICIDAL ACTS because your FAST FOOD MEAL wasn't right!!! MAN!!! Some People are TOOO uptight!!! Maybe they've been wearing a "WEDGIE" for 20 yrs???

HMMM....Charge at the POLICE with a BIBLE and get SHOT for carrying a WEAPON???? The HOLY BIBLE, a WEAPON to KILL. I guess by this STANDARD the UNABRIDGED ENGLISH DICTIONARY could wipe out WHOLE POLICE DEPTS.!!! I would bet that Smoker Dave's Manual to Moral Living wouldn't do much compared to the DICTIONARY. But then again, there is a much shorter Version. Should be a familiar document. It is Still Reffered to as "THE 10 COMMANDMENTS".

OH WOW, OH MAN!!! Smoker Dave referencing RELIGION!!! Well if you haven't figured out this by now, that I have a Moral Base,. Then your insight is very near-sighted. If you haven't figured me out by now with all the postings I've done over the years, you will never figure me out. And By now I should be as easy to define as black and white to a blind person.


The Political Quote's of the Day for 02/24-26/01:



A government which robs Peter to pay Paul can always depend on the support of Paul.

George Bernard Shaw



There are a number of things wrong with Washington. One of them is that everyone has been too long away from home.

Dwight Eisenhower

Well the rain-delayed NASCAR RACE at Rockingham just ended. Steve Park won, a member of Dale Earnhardt's Racing Team. Seems appropriate to me, helps the healing process of those who have Dale Earnhardt, especially youngsters, feel better. Some sense of Divine type Justice.

My question to you: As an adult, do you have HERO'S? Mine when I was a kid was Joe Namath, and Johnny Bench. But as an ADULT, I don't have any "HERO'S". Sure there are individuals I respect very much, maybe even come across at work. But none in the public view, or only I come across in everyday relations are deserving of "HERO WORSHIP". Then again, those who in today's society, and taken into account their individual preferences and lifestyles. Who still manage to actively practice Fairness, Compassion, and just being a decent person. Is a HERO. If you take the time to give someone a jumpstart when their battery is dead so they can get to work, if someone asks you to honestly tell them what you think of them, and you give an honest answer, not be "POLITICALLY CORRECT" if you have an opinion that will be harshy felt by the person asking. Then you are a HERO. Are HERO'S dead? No, youngsters will always have them. But as adults I believe there are many HERO'S, and not a one is deserving of "HERO WORSHIP", they are the people in your life that make the small sacrifices on their own to help you and others. I don't intend to offend those who have HERO'S, but they, whoever they are, are just people like you and me. EXAMPLE: If you agree with every opinion I put on this website, then you need help!!!! Get a Life, THINK for yourself!!! If you are a healthy thinking individual, we will disagree on a number of things. IT IS NOT A BAD THING!!!! This is where compromise and understanding come in, and intelligent people can work out a mutual agreement.

OK, sermon from SMOKER MOUNTAIN is done.

Well, a PREDICTION I made on the opening page for 2001 is NOW 1/2 true. See the Story HERE!!! This would be PREDICTION #7.

Now for those of you who STILL believe AL GORE was Robbed of Victory in Florida. Not that it matters since "Dimpled Chads etc" are not VOTES, but even if COUNTED, BUSH STILL WON. See the STORY HERE!!!

Going to have BRAIN SURGERY? You would at least hope the DOCTORS would operate on the correct side!!!! So much for the high ESTEEM given to BRAIN SURGEONS. HMMMM.... Your Left, or my Left???? See the STORY HERE!!!

Now to you FOOLS who watch the "REALITY BASED" Survivor 2 TV SHOW. Like I said before, this is a FARCE, a SHOW made purely for ratings and thus $$$. If you REALLY BELIEVE these people are in LIFE & DEATH Situations, with an ENTIRE TV PRODUCTION CREW Eating PIZZA, while the characters are so starved that they need to kill a drugged pig, see this STORY HERE!!!These people ARE NOT HERO'S.

So WHERE DOES the Rev. Jesse L. Jackson get his $$$ for multiple homes, a mistress or 2, and paying Child Support, for at least 1 child, maybe 3? I suspect the IRS wants to know also. See the STORY HERE!!! The Rev. Jesse Jackson a HERO? NOPE!!! He is a RACIST BIGOT looking for $$$. He has done MORE to hinder the blacks and minorities than anyone in achiveing racial equality. As long as minorities and blacks PERCIEVE discrimination, JESSE makes $$$$. Until we realize and accept that everyone is to be judged by their own worth, and that places of employment ACTUALLY want the best person for the job, this BS about discrimination will continue, lining the pockets of ther so-called "HERO'S". I don't give a DAMN on who, or what you are, if you do good work as an employee, I treasure and defend you. As you contribute to the Sucess of the business, and the $$$ available to RAISES for everyone including myself. And if you know me personally, you know I practice what I Preach.



Well some days aren't even worth commenting on, as far as NEW news. Today is one of them, unless you count light rain in Phoenix as News. The PARDON issues with Bill and Hillary continue to mount, nobody is surprised at this anymore. I don't even have any "worthy" Weird News to post.

So what am I to do? Well, how about letting me ramble a bit?

Here we go. Dale Earnhardt's seat belt broke in the crash, an almost new seatbelt harness. I Predict financial trouble for the manufacter of Earnhardt's seatbelt. If you know the Company and have stock in it, now is the time to SELL!!!

MARDI GRA Weekend. New Orleans is partying full tilt now thru Tuesday night. Police told to ignore the flashing BREASTS for BEADS by young COEDS. I'd like to be there for this, but I'm not....bummer! This also means for me, Starvation Wed (ASH WED.) And today is the last Friday I can eat MEAT until after EASTER. And as many of you know I am a BIG FAN of MARCH MADDNESS, the College Basketball Tournament of 64 Teams for the CHAMPIONSHIP. (GO SYRACUSE!!!). Well in the 1st and 2nd Rounds, (which I have scheduled off from work so I can watch multiple games at one at the local SPORTS BAR) I will on Thursdays be EATING a HUGE BURGER, FRIES, and CHICKEN WINGS. The FRIDAYS....at the BAR, a CHEESE CRISP. Sure I could eat FISH/SEAFOOD...BUT I HATE FISH and SEAFOOD!!! The non-basketball Fridays will be a cheese Pizza, or spaghetti w/o meatballs. To me a/the major meal of the Day SHOULD HAVE MEAT!!!

I mentioned this before in earlie postings, that I had to give out Performance Appraisals on the Technicians I Supervise at the "SECRET LAB". I am 1/2 done, the other 1/2 will be given before March 1st. The best gauge on the accuracy of these is that the employee is not surprised and agrees with it. ALSO re-enforcing what they already know to get a better one, or to keep the overall rating. I am happy to say that so far things are going good in this area. You know some types that think by punching in to work, and then punching-out from work they get a Favorable Review, and if they ACTUALLY do any work makes them EXTRODINARY. Well at least I don't have that problem. Sure I have some that do more, and some that just do the job. This is where evaluation comes in. Some are more concerned about their life outside of work. EX: SCHOOL, Upcoming Marriage, A Child on the way, or just happy to do the required assignments/tasks. Every Individual has their own Priorities in Life. I can't fault them for that, and I won't.

So What will SMOKER DAVE be doing this weekend? Well I'll tell you. Tonight (FRIDAY) ART BELL will be doing a "GHOST TO GHOST" SHOW. These are ALWAYS GREAT! It is 10PM to 3AM Pacific, or 1AM to 5AM EASTERN. You can listen on the internet at "WWW.ARTBELL.COM" or a Radio Station Near You! With over 400 Radio Stations carrying the ART BELL SHOW, you should be able to get one tuned in. Art always did this SHOW on Halloween night , or a weeknight closest to it, and RARE OCCAISIONS at other times.....This is one of those times. ART has people call-in to tell a TRUE GHOST STORY that happened to them. Granted, there is no way to prove that the callers are telling a TRUE GHOST STORY, but the STORIES TOLD, true or not, is a GREAT SHOW!!!

SAT & SUN. I try to catch up on the SLEEP I missed during the week. Between Work for 10 to 12hrs a night, updating this website afterwards, and normal chores and activities, I only average about 6 hrs of sleep a DAY, and sleeping during the DAY presents it's own difficulties. For example: The neighbor above me thinks it is perfectly OK to Vacumn everynight during the week at 7PM, and tromping around like elephants between 5PM and 9PM. Well I TRY to SLEEP during the week from 3PM to 9PM. I learned LONG-AGO that YOU can't complain about activities done during the Hours I try to Sleep. But the other's can if you decide to Vacumn, etc. at 3AM. Still NO RESPECT FOR THE GRAVEYARD SHIFT WORKER! And for some of you in the "KNOW", The LEAFBLOWER INCIDENT...

Sunday, I start with my usual trek to DENNY'S for Breakfast, and read the SUNDAY NEWSPAPER, followed by watching some TV, visiting my MOM, and then playing Darts with old Friends. All the other time is spent doing exactly what I want to do. Overall, a pretty GOOD LIFE. Can't Complain.

I hope you enjoyed my disconnected Ramblings. I'll see you again on Monday!


The Political Quote of the Day for 02/22/01:



I can't think of a better way to spend a morning with somebody than riding around a golf course, letting 'em win.

Steve Eure, lobbyist, on playing golf with politicians

AM I HERE??? AM I ON???!!!

DAMN!!! Internaet troubles the past 2 days. Started out without being able to to edit this website, and yesterday, not being able to get ONLINE for more than 3 or 4 minutes at a time before losing the connection. Hard to update that way!!! Well I have a new access Phone #, and I, apparently AM HERE!!!

I have posted below, what I was able to do as updates, old news now. SO LET'S get to NEW NEWS!!!

I haven't found this STORY ONLINE YET, but another assualt on SMOKERS. From what I read, The STATE of MAINE is going to REQUIRE a "5 cent deposit" Per cigarette.... That's $1 per PACK!!! ON TOP OF THE OBSCENE TAXES SMOKERS ALREADY PAY!!! This is defended by the WARPED LOGIC of: DEPOSITS on soda cans, beer cans, and bottles of any type. The REASONING BEHIND this is: SINCE SMOKERS are FORCED to SMOKE outside, there is a litter problem, the areas SMOKERS SMOKE, has a high rate of discarded CIGARETTE BUTTS left as litter, especially when ashtrays or other recepticles are NOT provided. SO.....The STATE of Maine's SOLUTION is to require a DEPOSITE of 5 cents per CIGARETTE. Turn your used BUTTS in and you get a nickle back for Each. Seems to me that this is another REVENUE GENERATOR for the STATE. This is even worse than a SPEED TRAP in the BOONDOCKS.

Now I do disaprove those who discard their cigarette butts out the window as they are driving. BUT they were already BREAKING THE LAW: LITTERING. As I SMOKE here UPDATING THIS WEBSITE, I discard my used, dead, Butts, into an empty can. What the HELL are smokers going to do? Well I hope this fails so badly because nobody will take the job of COUNTING Cigarette Butts, when smokers turn them in by the MILLIONS to recieve the DEPOSIT BACK!!!!! If this BILL actually becomes LAW in MAINE, I hope ALL of you fellow SMOKERS save your BUTTS and send them to a friend in MAINE, and if you don't know anyone in MAINE, try to find one, so the absurd LAW turns out more expensive than the STATE Of MAINE can handle. After All, not a SINGLE Cigarrette is stamped with a "5 cent DEPOSIT" on the BUTT!!!

MORE OBSCENE NEWS!!! If you believe BILL and HILLARY didn't know that Hugh Rodham, Hillary's Brother, wasn't making $$$ on the PARDONS, then you are a FOOL!!! Bill & Hillary are only dismayed, shocked, disturbed..... because Hugh got caught!!!!

AND....If you STILL SUPPORT the CLINTON's, then you have to also believe the EARTH IS FLAT, The Apollo Missions, Sattelites, Space Shuttle, Space Station, and JET AIRCRAFT, ARE ALL FAKED in a MOVIE STUDIO!!! And that is extremely GOOD LUCK that there is NOT 1 Documented Case of someone FALLING OFF the edge of the "FLAT EARTH"!!!

Well at least SOME PEOPLE are figuring this out. Aprroval Ratings, Singularly or Combined, for X - PRESIDENT, and SENATOR CLINTON are now below 40%.

HOW LOW WILL THEY GO???? Well suspect within the week will be the LOW POINT on their RATINGS. The % still in their Camp are ORGANIZED CRIME, and the idiot's who are still allowed to voice an opinion, these are those not in jail, prison, or mental hospitals.

I hope that G. FORD, J. CARTER, R. REAGAN, outlive the DEMON SEED of the CLINTON's. For this Country to reach higher towards God's Image, WE need to KILL this POISENED TREE NAMED BILL & HILLARY CLINTON. AND keep an EYE on CHELSEA.

What ever Happened to BILL and Hillary's Wish for ADOPTING a CHILD????? I Guess they FLUNKED the INTERVIEW on providing a HEALTHY ENVIRONMENT for a CHILD to grow up in.

I leave you with this... DEFINITION of TRAITORS: BILL CLINTON for selling NUCLEAR TECH to CHINA for $$$, and ROCKET, MISSILE TECH to CHINA. HILLARY for Supporting this for embelishing their own BANK ACCOUNTS here and elsewhere for her own OLITICAL AMBITIONS!!! I now call them B&B,,,,BASTARD & BITCH!!!! and also TRAITORS!!!!IF BILL & HILLARY were not FORMER 1st Lady and President, they could very well face the DEATH PENALTY for TREASON. This Pair did EVERYTHING they could to sell out this GREAT COUNTRY of OURS

My own opinion is that BOTH BILL& HILLARY will be frying in the depths of HELL along with Lyndon Johnson.

Sorry I was not totally expressive of my opinions today. Had a long and busy night at work, and over 150 emails to sort thru. Goodnight!!! See you Tomorrow!!!


The Political Quote of the Day for 02/21/01:



I'afraid the country is not ready for a president who might have a tiger tattooed on his rear end.

George Shultz, former secretary of state, on his possibly running for president


The Political Quote of the Day for 02/20/01:



I can trust my husband not to fall asleep on a public platform, and he usually claps in the right places.

Margaret Thatcher, on the role of her husband

Good Grief, it is late and I need to do this as efficiently as possible.

Last night I discussed the IRAQ Situation with an employee of mine, who is between 10 to 15 yrs younger than I, who grew up in the far east in a wealthy family, he had servants, who did everything including buying his bed sheets. The 1st issue was IRAQ. The opinion from this employee is that since IRAQ is breaking successfully some of the SANCTIONS, we should just quit trying to enforce every and ANY aspect of the CEASE FIRE AGREEMENT, that ended the GULF WAR 10 yrs ago. I could NOT convince this person, that any infraction of the agreement SIGNED by IRAQ means WAR can RESUME. This Employee also refused to acknowledge the Agreements ACTUALLY SIGNED BY IRAQ to end the WAR, or have a CEASE FIRE AGREEMENT. The Answer was 10 yrs is long enough. Didn't matter that IRAQ's own "NEW MAP" includes KUWAIT as part of IRAQ. ISN'T that a BLATANT THREAT!!!???? The answer from this person about the MANDATED INSPECTIONS by the UN was, It's their COUNTRY, they can do what they want. My answer that they were DEFEATED in WAR and they AGREED to these Stipulations for a CEASE FIRE, and if they VIOLATE IT means the WAR RESUMES, aparently has a 10 yr EXP. Date to this person.

I can't figure some of these people out, my own co-workers. This same person, defends the SURVIVOR SHOW on it's killing of a PIG for ENTERTAINMENT PURPOSES, but admitted back at HOME in the Far East admitted that his family's SERVANTS killed the pigs for their meals, and also said on how he/she was TRAUMATIZED when 6 yrs old and witnessed a pig being killed for he/she 's Family. And this co-worker was arguing with me!!! I have shot and killed animals personally, cut off Chickens Heads, Bagged DEER, and a few rabbits. AND WE ATE THEM!!! YUM YUM!!! I also caught a lot of TROUT, but I don't like FISH or SEAFOOD, but the rest of my Family gladly Ate it up. I never butchered a cow, but DEER isn't all that different!!

It's been a long day for me, arguing at work trying to get co-workers to think right on politics, while the same time supervising their work. A delicate balancing act. A difficult job to do, but if 1 person can do it, I am the One.

OH look at that!!! My ego coming thru!!! Well I TRULY BELIEVE, given enough time, I can turn these youngsters who have IDEALISTIC DREAMS into facing reality. I have already got 1 turned from saying they are a LIBERAL DEMOCRAT, to, just being a DEMOCRAT. I take the small victories and work on them, thru Truth and Fact. Something the LIBERALS can't do without EXPOSING themselves as LIARS and ANTI-AMERICAN, ie ANTI-FREEDOM and LIBERTY.

Launching this website back on 11/03/97 was MY OWN "SHOT HEARD 'ROUND THE WORLD". I will never give up, nor shut up. Those of you who know me personally know this as a FACT.

I am hungry, need to eat, MEAT INCLUDED. 'Till Tomorrow!!!!!


The Political Quote of the Day for 02/19/01:



When you get to be president, there are all those things: the honors and 21-gun salutes, all those things. You have to remember it isn't for you. It's for the presidency.

Harry Truman

TRAGIC end to the DAYTONA 500.... I am not, nor ever been a Dale Earnhardt Sr. fan. In fact I rooted for him to crash in every race. But I always wanted him, and others to be able to walk away from the wreck, so I can hate them all over again at the next race. I know this sounds like blood lust on my part, and I freely admit, that besides the hard racing, the bumping, etc. I always wanted to see the crashes too,,,, and hope my guy wasn't in it. Yes, my friends and I will pause our Dart Game to watch replays of crashes, for example the 21 car wreck with 26 laps to go. A spectacular wreck. All involved walked away with no more serious an injury than bumps and bruises, and worst case a concussion. Yes we do watch the races for more than the Team's Race Strategy, we, me, like the near misses and occasional carnage on the race track. But myself and most others, want to see them again at the next race, dusted off, and in a new car. As it turns out the most spectacular crashes visually are the "Safest" as no crash is "SAFE". But also the least visually spectacular are the deadliest, as in the crash that ended Dale Earnhardt's life. I wish he was still here, so I could root against him again. All I can say in the end is that he died happy, doing the thing he loves, and knowing that the 2 other cars he owned, one, his son's were running 1 and 2 and he was protecting them from losing positions. Dale Earnhardt DIED KNOWING his son would finish no less then 2nd, in the Grandest Race of NASCAR. I am not a fan of Dale Earnhardt, but I also mourn his death, and I will miss him on the NASCAR Circuit. It's not like he was a DALLAS COWBOY, who if all were killed would reduce the crime rate in this Country by as much as 5% NATIONWIDE!

IRAQ: Well the FRENCH are on our case, no surprise. Remember they wouldn't let us fly over their Country to bomb Libya and M. Kahdafi. I don't think we send $$$ to France, so that bit of retaliation isn't viable for condemning our actions. But we could decide not to buy their whine, I mean WINE, and Perfumes. After all France is a Country that bathes or Showers as often as the comic strip character "Hagar The Horrible"!!! You see while we, us Americans average over 4 showers or bathes a week, FRANCE on the whole averages less than 3 a month!!! That is why perfume is a big business there. It is primarily for overpowering body odor, but they export it as a product needed by "SOPHISICATED PEOPLE" and this is as FALSE as the latest SURVIVOR II Show, where some BOZO kills a wild Boor, that must have been drugged, for entertainment purposes.

I am sorry to tell you CITY FOLK, but even a farm raised pig, for slaughter for your bacon, and ham, is a lot more difficult to catch when free. A Wild Pig like was presented, must have been retarded. And the Rack of ribs, etc. presented from this "pig" does not match what you would get from a wild pig. This whole REALITY TV BullShit has many people convinced it is REAL!!! OH SURE.... Like the support crews filming this "GAME" are eating the same stuff. IT IS ALL A FARCE TO GET RATINGS POINTS!!! Do you actually BELIEVE that if one of the CONTESTANTS got appendacitis that he/she would'nt be flown to a HOSPITAL? Do You Not Think that the crews filming this OUTNUMBER the CONTESTANTS by a 10 to 1 margin??? And that there are more empty pizza delivery boxes behind the scenes then # of pig toe's on this wild pig that was "Killed" because they needed FOOD to SURVIVE???? HOGWASH!!! Amazing on how the guys in this "SHOW" stay clean shaven, and the women manage to shave their legs and armpits during this "SURVIVAL" Adventure. But people are buying this FARCE. I can't believe how GULLIBLE PEOPLE ARE. Well maybe I should, after all, look how many VOTES Al Gore Got!!!!


Clinton said it was "utterly false" to suggest that he pardoned Rich because the billionaire commodity trader's former wife, Denise, made $1.5 million in contributions to the Democratic Party and to help establish Clinton's presidential library.

Uh Huh..... Should we question Slick Willy on WHY Denise Rich visited the WHITE HOUSE twice a WEEK when HILLARY was gone for over a YEAR? Was it her 42" BUST??? OR $$$$ or BOTH!!! After all Denise Rich gave Clinton a SEXAPHONE..... I mean a Saxaphone, as a "GIFT".

Hmmm. I wonder if this story is about Denise Rich. Kinky Sex with cell phones. See the STORY HERE!!!

OK, sure, I am bound to be visited by THE SECRET SERVICE at some point, but what the hell. I wish Bill Clinton was in the #3 car at the Daytona 500 on the last lap. At least this would make Bill Clinton SHUT UP!!! And I bet ROGER CLINTON wishes his 1/2 brother was in OFFICE an extra month so the PARDON would cover his latest DUI!!!!

I don't know how many of you keep tabs on HILLARY CLINTON the SENATOR from NY, but I do since I grew up in NY. This supposed former 1st Lady is ONE UGLY BITCH without the trappings of the WHITE HOUSE makeup and Cosmetoligist Crew. I think Hillary maybe FRENCH, 3 showers a month, and a LOT OF PERFUME. But that doesn't help the BAD HAIR DAYS. Hillary looks like a poster child for WOODSTOCK, after the rain. And you know how sad and ugly your dog looks drenched, well your dog looks better than HILLARY. No wonder Bill Cheated, and continues to. Maybe Chelsea should seek a paternity test, to find out if Bill Clinton or Janet Reno or Webster Hubble or Vince Foster is her REAL DADDY.... OR COULD IT BE JESSE JACKSON?????

Secret Service, if you want to question me, get me at work. A better opportunity for photos that I could post on my website. Plus I spend more hours at work than at home. Just trying to be helpful.


The Political Quote of the Day for 02/18/01:



My mother said I should never give a talk after seven o'clock at night.

Bill Clinton, after saying a misstatement of his taxes was made because of fatigue


Well the DAYTONA 500 is today, I LOVE NASCAR.

Well Clinton is still trying to justify his PARDON of fugative Marc Rich, by calling the GERALDO R. Show. here is a quote from SLICK WILLY: Clinton also told Rivera there was "not a single, solitary shred of evidence that I did anything wrong, or that his (Rich's) money changed hands. And there's certainly no evidence that I took any of it."Hmmmm....shred/evidence? I took any? Could this mean, you know on the "depends on what the definition of "is", is". That the Evidence Was SHREDDED, and the $ was GIVEN to him?

Now to Iraq. Saddam is going to wage "A HOLY WAR"? Seems to me that by putting up these command/control centers and new radar and anti-aircraft batteries violate the cease-fire agreement Iraq signed to stop the fighting. And remember the UN Inspectors were also part of the cease-fire agreement. WELL the meeting later this month was to discuss lifting the santions in return of the UN being allowed to send in Inspectors again.

Now all these countries are condeming our actions, some of the same countries we protected from Saddam's threats. Others that freely accept BILLIONS of $$$$ from us in aid. Well that's a slap in the face. I say if these countries want to condemn us, then let's stop sending them $$$!!!

The UN, should be called the USN, United Socialist Nations. We should quit this failed experiment, or at least kick them out of NY. They should set up in Europe where their Socialist ideas are more welcomed. The UN has certainly not done us any favors, but gladly takes our $$$. We gave this Organization over 55 years to get it's act together. It's time to cut our losses and get out of it.


The Political Quote of the Day for 02/16/01:



I have often been accused of putting my foot in my mouth, but I will never put my hands in your pocket.


Well WE ALL KNEW this was coming, that Saddam Hussein of Iraq would test President G.W. Bush, after all, Saddam has a "Grudge" against his father, so to speak. So what does Saddam do? Place anti-aircraft weapons just inside the no-fly zone, that threatens the jets patrolling the no-fly zone, and they have been firing at the patrolling jets. So Bush, along with the British, took these facilities out. Gee,,,Ain't this just to bad for the beleagured Iraqi Dictator...??? Saddam is saying to himself,"Try to STEAL one Country, and your labeled for life..." See the STORY HERE!!!

I will post an UPDATE this weekend.


The Political Quote's of the Day for 02/14 - 15 /01:



He that falls in love with himself will have no rivals.




Elizabeth's back at the Red Cross, and I'm walking the dog.

BOB DOLE, on his retirement activities after losing the '96 presidential election.

Sorry about a lack of an update yesterday, had other issues to deal with.

Well. today let me start off on the whacko Californian Environmentalists....And how I said they deserved this by their own policies, and I and most of AZ residents refuse to sell them POWER that we need HERE!!!! Sure we will sell the excess, but AZ WILL NOT have "ROLLING BLACKOUTS" to "SAVE" California. I found an article that expresses my view very well. SEE the STORY HERE!!!

Now to CLINTON....This BASTARD WHITE TRASH just will not go AWAY!!! I suggest a plea bargain for everything discovered as of now. JUST Plea to Accept no further Investigations, you keep the Secret Service Protection for being a X-PRESIDENT. But CLINTON forfeits the PENSION, and $$$ for OFFICES granted to former Presidents, and forfeits the $$ for his Presidential Library. ALSO his wife forfeits the advanced $$$ for her book deal. After all Newt Gingrich was sunk by an $800,000 advance, and Hillary gets away with one 10X LARGER!!!!. If this is all done, then you can stay out of PRISON GARB no matter what else is proven after today. Knowing on what and who this BASTARD is, this is a GREAT DEAL!!! Question is: Will Hillary go along with it???? After all we all know on how "STRONG" their Marriage is....heh, heh, heh, About as strong as a mud hut in El Salvador in an Earthquake!!!

Did you see the Congressional Hearing on the ELECTION COVERAGE on TV yesterday???? A lot of, "It's NOT OUR FAULT" from the NETWORK EXECUTIVES. This is another pile of DONKEY DUNG being played to the "GREAT UNWASHED AMERICAN PUBLIC" who don't follow the NEWS except for the LIBERAL BASED Soundbites the Major Networks show "AS" NEWS.

Gotta Go!, See you TOMORROW!!!


The Political Quote of the Day for 02/13/01:



Eisenhower told me never trust a COMMUNIST.


Well the decision has been made on where the NEW STADIUM for the AZ. Cardinals will be. about 1 mile away from SUN DEVIL STADIUM. That's OK with me, I am just glad it wasn't Downtown Phoenix. I would drive the extra miles to the other site Voted on, to not have it in Phoenix. I don't like Downtown Phoenix. Having the New Stadium on the East Side of the "VALLEY OF THE SUN" is a plus to me since I will beable to basically drive the same way to the Games, but I would have willingly drove the extra miles to avoid going to the Games In Central Phoenix. Heated Argument here about this. See the STORY HERE!!!

I want everyone who wants to work to get themselse out of a ghetto..... But it is fine by me if Bill Clinton sinks into one as far as I am Concerned. See the STORY HERE!!!

Uh OH!!! A RAIN EVENT is going to happen here!!! Doesn't happen often!!! Pisses off the Snowbirds and Tourists, but us year round residents like the change. Should be raining pretty good by the time I get up for work tonight!!! Can't hurt my car!!! it needs a wash!!!

I have news on X-Presidents Comments today,,,, but I will wait until tomorrow and post the online Stories about it.... YEP!!!! Bill CLINTON LIED ONCE AGAIN!!!! Details tomorrow!!!!


The Political Quote's of the Day for 02/09 - 12/01:

02/09/01: WHITE HOUSE

If you need a plumber, you can get a plumber.

NANCY REAGAN, on why it is nice to live in the White House.

02/10 - 10/01: CONSERVATIVES

Many Americans don't like the simple things. That's what they have against conservatives.



He knew the American people better than they knew themselves, and his truth was based upon this knowledge.

Frederick Douglass, on Lincoln.

Sorry for the delay! There are times when things come up, and I also need a break from the Computer. I get my break from the PC, but then have a ton of email to go thru to catch-up.

Speaking of "ketchup" and other condiments such as "mustard" etc. Friday morning I stayed late at work arguing amoung my employees on what condiment goes on what food. I feel that Ketchup and Mustard should NEVER MIX, SACRILEDGE!!! Mustard goes on Hot Dogs, Ketchup goes on Hamburgers. Mustard goes on Pretzles (Especially Hot Pretzles), and Ketchup goes on French Fries, while Salt can go on both. Mustard can go on COLD CUTS, Ketchup can go on Hash Browns and Eggs. You can't reverse this. Well anyways this turned out to be a discussion that had me leaving late from work on Friday. Feel Free to email me or post on the BBS your comments on this if you wish.

CLINTON..... JEEZZ.... Still making Front Page News. I think he is of the opinion that even bad NEWS is Great Puplicity. His proposed Office digs does not cost $650,000 a year,,,, BUT $811,000 a year. No problem, his Presidential Library Fund will cover some of the cost. Last report his Library Fund had $6 Million. Now some report it is nearly $200 MILLION!!! Hmmmm. WHERE DID THIS $$$ come from? Marc Rich thru his former wife? Well since Marc Rich Renounced his US Citizenship years ago it is ILLEGAL for him to contribute in ANY WAY!!! Or how about some of the other Pardons I am sure you have heard about, that were never brought to the Justice Depts knowledge, or the Prosecuters of these cases, as the normal procedure for Pardons requires.

Then there is the continuing saga of the LOOTING OF THE WHITE HOUSE. And now the Democrats are upset about this. Well they are two faced chicken-shit politicians. They were Very happy with Clinton, because he was one of them, AND HAD THE POWER. Now that Clinton has NO POWER, they are offended and say, "This is the last straw!!!" We had NO IDEA all these accusations were true.

Well I guess by now some Democratic House and Senate Members might actually believe Bill and Monica had a "THING" between them, and possibly ABUSED the POWER of the PRESIDENTCY. AT LEAST to the POINT that Congress will SWALLOW the BILL for disinfecting the WHITE HOUSE.

Gee, do you think Clinton might actually be IMPEACHED after leaving the PRESIDENTCY? It is POSSIBLE. What would happen if convicted? BYE-BYE PENSION, OFFICE, possible Secret Service Protection. See the STORY HERE!!!

Sen. Specter hints at Clinton impeachment

WASHINGTON (AP) - Former President Clinton could face a fresh impeachment inquiry as a result of his last-minute pardon of fugitive financier Marc Rich, a senior Republican said Sunday. Sen. Arlen Specter, a senior member of the Judiciary Committee and a former Philadelphia prosecutor, did not specify what specific charges Clinton might face. But he said that based on his legal research, he believed a former president "technically could still be impeached." Replied a Clinton spokeswoman: "Give me a break." Legal experts were divided on whether the Constitution allows Congress to pursue an impeachment case - either over a president's use of his pardon power or against a president who has left office. A Senate Republican leader, Oklahoma's Don Nickles, rejected the idea of a new impeachment case against Clinton, but raised the possibility of using other methods to reduce the former president's pension, office rent allowance and other administrative expenses. Specter said Clinton "avoided a conviction on impeachment the last time around because he had not lost the confidence of the American people, and we didn't want to shake up the government, but he's not in office anymore." In impeachment proceedings, the House brings charges and the Senate tries the case. Specter said "someone" in the House could soon talk about possible articles of impeachment, but the senator added, "No, I don't have anybody in mind."

OK, now for some NEWS of the DAY!

I think this one will get the ANIMAL RIGHTS Activists all hot under the collar, so to speak..... Imagine a Local Gov't Agency selling things that were supposed to go to a LANDFILL. ie: GARBAGE DUMP for a profit to help offset the costs of running the program. I don't know about you, but selling DEAD FROZEN CATS to a research Lab instead of the DUMP, doesn't bother me at all!!! Especially if it could lower my TAXES!!!! SEE the STORY HERE!!!

THIS JUST IN!!!! The NEAR Spacecraft has SUCCESSFULLY Landed on the ASTEROID EROS!!! Looks like NASA is on a run of good luck!!! I did watch the Shuttle Crew attach DESTINY Module to the International Space Station on "The NASA CHANNEL" on Saturday. Here is the earlier Story about this attempt to land the NEAR Spacecraft on EROS even though it was not designed to do so. SEE the STORY HERE!!!

Surf n sniff, on the INTERNET? Well I don't know about this, If I had that technology here, you would smell second hand cigarette smoke for the most part. Maybe as banner adds, it may work, enticing people to PIZZA, Popcorn, RIBS,,,, you know what I mean. But why do I think that the PORNO sights will be the 1st to offer this. I don't know,,, it is a profitable industry that I will not go into, but who wants to SMELL a SLUT? I suspect there are many, and that concerns me very much. See the STORY HERE!!!

MAN TURNS HIMSELF INTO A CHEETO!!!! An accident at Frito-Lay, (Remember the OLD COMMERCIAL? IIII III YE III I am the FRITO BANDITO!!!) Goes way back. Anyways this guy fell into a vat of oil!!!! Despite what you might think, he wasn't FRIED and Sold as Frito's or Cheeto's as the vat was off, but he did drown in the OIL. See the STORY HERE!!!

I do0n't know about this..... A Gay and Lesbian softball League with a limit of 2 "Straight" Players per Team? This is just wierd and screwed up. This is not the way to acceptance into General Society... I don't know where to go with this Story, except to say the whole idea is wrong. See the STORY HERE!!!

What Do You Think of the NEW $1 Coins? I have only seen a few, I like the $1 Bill much better. The $1 Coin looks like a worthless coin from some 3rd World Country to me. While the $1 Bill still looks to me like REAL $$$. See the STORY HERE!!!

Now I am also not sure how to judge this Story. But if someone, even a child has ROTTEN TEETH, their Breath can be unbearable!!!! But is it a reason to kick a kid out of School? See the STORY HERE!!!

Well that's it for Today!!! See you Tomorrow!!!


The Political Quote of the Day for 02/08/01:


What's the difference between a taxidermist and a TAX COLLECTOR? The taxidermist takes only your skin.


As always been the belief here among AZ residents, WATCH OUT when the State Legislature is in Session!!! Going back a few years, and this is true, a Bill was discussed that it would be ILLEAGAL for anyone to have more than 10 Vibrators.....Well,,,,here we go again. A Legislator has introduced a Bill about "Titty Bars"....Can't tip the "Dancers" anymore. PLUS HE SAID, YES A GUY SAID THIS, a guy who was ELECTED to the LEGISLATURE. HE also said THIS!!! "You cannot legislate intelligence, but you can legislate morality." LEGISLATE MORALITY????? It is Legislation that has degraded Morality the past 8 years and longer!!! Sure I go to these type bars two, maybe 3 times a year. But the premise is, since it is "degrading to the women Performing", then, "they should also suffer financially for doing these performances....."


The Pardon of Marc Rich.... His Ex-Wife a contibutor of over $1,000,000 to the Clinton's and the Democratic Party, and a visitor to the WHITE HOUSE twice a month over the past year, said today that she would exocise her 5TH AMMENDMENT RIGHTS AGAINST SELF INCRIMINATION in the HEARINGS now being held in Congress. Sound suspicious???? Well Bill Clinton WHO SIGNED the PARDON is in FLORIDA, playing GOLF, while his LAWYER and and a Friend are on the HOT SEAT for his actions. For those of you who can't quite follow all of this, here is an ANOLOGY.

Early 1945, ADOLF HITLER sends his wife EVA BRAUN to President Franklin Delenor Roosevelt, seeking a PARDON for WAR CRIMES Committed during WWII, and for a few HUNDRED THOUSAND $$$ (Inflation you know) BUYS the PARDON. Marc Rich owes the IRS $400 MILLION!!! PLUS he may also would have been convicted as a SPY and a Traitor, but Ole' Bill Clinton let him off the hook for a few Bucks. SEE THE STORY HERE!!!

And as if you didn't know..... Bin Laden was trying and probably now has his hands on Uranium for a NUCLEAR BOMB. See the STORY HERE!!!

I have more Stuff, but have to cut it short today. You see I have to work on Employee Performance Appraisals tonight. I hate doing these, sure some are easy to do, and easily defendable to my own co-supervisors, and my Technical Director. 1/2 of my Techs that I review, are totally my own decision, the other 1/2 is a mutual type agreement. This is because we work staggard shifts. At least all of the riff raft is gone, and everyone is doing or striving to doing a good job. I don't like being the one judging a person's work on an individual basis. I have to be OBJECTIVE and SUBJECTIVE of responsibilies of each shift, the Level the Employee is at and what is Expected. I do know that some people who could do better "float" along because of the Hours we work (NIGHTS) and place more Importance on things outside of work, rather than trying to be the HIGH PERFORMING EMPLOYEE. For EX working a Shift so they can go to Church on Sunday with their Family.....So many variables drives me batty!!! What I do have to rely on, or work performance factors that are tracked, but STILL SUBJECTIVE, and my own OBSERVATIONS, which are ALSO Subjective, AND Objective. Well enough of my work related troubles. But I will add this one thing. There are at LEAST 2 who I will NOT let even my Director Convince me to change, and another 2 who I will not change unless shown that it is justified, the others will be a meeting with the Supervisors to get an agreement, since these Employees overlap other Shifts. But my guess is that My opinion will bear out on these also.

Actually I should be Thankful, I can't think of ANY person in my Dept. right now, that I could say wasn't doing their job. But some people, think that by clocking into work is a MEETS STANDARDS APPRAISAL, and the work they do makes them EXCEEDS STANDARDS. When their job means they do work besides punching into Work at the Time Clock.

Tonight is going to suck doing this paperwork.....But at LEAST I WILL BE ABLE TO LISTEN TO ART BELL!!!


The Political Quote of the Day for 02/07/01:


"Dealing with the State Department is like watching an elephant become pregnant.


REAL WINDY here today, maybe that's why my dial-up connection is so bad.

Well a WHACKO decides the place for a Police or SWAT or SECRET SEVICE "ASSISTED SUICIDE" is on or near the WHITE HOUSE Grounds. A good plan,,, but you normally don't die from being Shot in the knee. All this is going to do is get the ANTI 2nd Ammendment "IDIOTS", I mean People, all worked up again. Be prepared for the onslaught of GUN CONTROL ADVOCATES. If you see any.... SHOOT THEM. (I had to say that to make sure my website continues to be monitored, with the freedoms we all have now expected to last a few more years, I hate to lose an audience, even if it it GOV'T watchdogs...HA HA!!!).

See the Story of the shooting near THE WHITE HOUSE HERE!!!

EBOLA VIRUS HERE IN AMERICA????? Well I just saw on FOX NEWS that it turns out it isn't EBOLA VIRUS, what it is I don't know, and whatever it is I don't want it|!!!! For the Initial Story go HERE!!!

Bill CLINTON / Al GORE MEETING. MAN!!!! DO I WISH I HAD A RECORDING OF THIS MEETING!!!!" But I don't, the imagination runs wild on what might have been said between these 2 Socialistic Morons. See the STORY HERE!!!

I don't know about you, but if you put POISON in your boss's Drink, claiming you only wanted to make him sick you you would have time to figure out on how to repay the stolen $$$ is not a valid defense. If it was EXLAX I might be able to understand, after all how many have died from EXLAX OVERDOSES? But RAT POISON???? AND CAUGHT ON VIDEO-TAPE? Better PLEA - Bargain NOW!!! As this will be the best Deal you can get!!! See the STORY HERE!!!

Do you remember the Movie "FOOTLOOSE"? It has been on TNT, TBS, etc. lately. The movie about a teenager moving into a rual town that has a dancing ban? Well I know where they should make the sequal, or "FOOTLOOSE II". FLORIDA, ORANGE COUNTY!!!! Hmmmm,,,, where have WE heard that place recently????.... See the STORY HERE!!!

On an ending NOTE: I have put in for some time off from work during the NCAA BASKETBALL TOURNAMET ie MARCH MADNESS. And also for the end of May to use up Vacation time that I would lose if not used by 06/02/01. I hope it gets approved.

Last night was my 1st night back at work after being off on Monday Night for Art Bell's return Show. It turns out I missed his voice in the background even more than I realized. OK, so I am like LINUS in PEANUTS with a security blanket, except my blanket is the "ART BELL SHOW", There is nobody else at The Secret Lab who has worked The Graveyard Shift longer than I. As a matter of FACT there are VERY FEW People in the ENTIRE BUILDING who has been at THE SECRET LAB as long as I, 15 YEARS come 06/02/01. So Screw 'em!!!! The ART BELL SHOW will play on in my LAB. I am not embarrased by the fact that I LOVE this SHOW, I take pride in being one of the ORIGINAL LISTENERS, 10 yrs +!!!

Getting late for me, after 2PM, need to Eat and go to sleep by 3PM. 9PM comes quickly......



The Political Quote's of the Day for 02/03-06/01:

02/03/01 - WORDS AND DEADS

"NO COMMENT" is a splendid expression. I'm using it again and again.


02/05/01 - CHEATIN' HEART

Sooner or later all politicians die of swallowing their own lies.

Clare Booth Luce.

02/06/01 - FANANTICS

A fanatic is one who can't change his mind and won't change the subject.


Smoker Dave HAPPY once again!!!! ART BELL is BACK ON THE AIR!!!! The #1 reason I am still able to work the GRAVEYARD SHIFT!!! I will no longer for the forseeable future keep my eye on position openings at "The SECRET LAB" for a 1st or 2nd Shift position equal to the one I have, even though leaving the graveyard shift would have meant a 5 to 13% pay cut in shift differential.

Though Mike Siegel did a good job keeping the Show going after ART RETIRED, it wasn't quite the same, and I missed ART.

EVERYONE has their own Reasons for staying with a particular job for so long, especially a job that goes from 11PM - 9:30AM. Sure things on the job change, especially at "THE SECRET LAB". But I insist on my radio Show remain constant, I didn't enjoy my job as I did before Art left,,, Now that Art is BACK, I expect I will enjoy work much more, and with more vigor, and attitude. ART ON THE AIR the 1st 5 hrs. of my 10 1/2 Shift...LIFE IS GOOD ONCE AGAIN!!! I use the last 5 hrs as research for TOPICS on my updates here on this website.

1 Hr left of ART's Return Show, and I'm chowing PIZZA & BEER!!!! So I will go for now, and do a Regular Update later today in PART II.


A VERY HEARTFELT HAPPY BIRTHDAY to Former PRESIDENT RONALD REAGAN today!!!! He is now 90 yrs. old, and IS RESPONSIBLE for ending the COLD WAR, the Bringing Down of the BERLIN WALL, and the Economic expansion that has only slowed in the past year. The Reason it has SLOWED is because we had a President the past 8 years who did nothing but try to dismantle this great economic engine, while trying to take credit for the success of the economy. It is amazing that it took CLINTON 8 yrs to slow the Economy REAGAN created, Thank God we now have G.W.Bush to try to bring it back!!! Once again, MR. PRESIDENT, HAPPY BIRTHDAY!!! And THANK YOU!

Now back to the WHITE TRASH,,,,I mean Clinton's. GEE!!!??? You mean we weren't suppose to take everything we wanted out of The White House??? Well gee... if it can be demonstrated all these gifts were not meant for us, we will rectify the situation. OH!!!??? You mean it is a waste of taxpayer $$$ to rent an entire floor for my ORIFACES, I mean OFFICES in NYC'S Carnigie Hall's PENTHOUSE for $700,000 a yr? I know it is more than all the other living Former President's Offices costs combined. But I am an X-PRESIDENT!!! I didn't want to leave!!! That's why we took those things from the White House.

Don't you think I deserve it? I mean I have always been provided these things like furniture and silverware, etc. I now have to learn how to DRIVE!!! I can no longer travel in AIR FORCE ONE!!! And though my new office is plush and has EVERYTHING, at 8,300 sq.ft. it is 4X the size of the average Home. BUT it doesn't come with ANY INTERNS!!!! And have you seen my wife's hair lately? You expect a great PRESIDENT like me to sleep with someone who looks like that?????

To tell you the TRUTH, Chelsea was concieved because the ARKANSAS STATE TROOPER failed in getting me a nubile young thing for the night, and I was partying with my brother. You see he had the Cocaine connections. So because of the FAILURE of this TROOPER, who was quickly fired, and soon afterward met his death in an unfortunate freak accident.....That night the only option for some "play" was with my wife. Do enough coke and in the end you can screw anybody. I learned that fact by being President for 8 years.



Now for some WHACKO PETA STORIES!!!! Set "Wally the Gator FREE!!!". Take on the mantra.....FREE WALLY....FREE WALLY!!!! See the STORY HERE!!!

This one also should get PETA all upset, a turtle dies, so they made "Turtle Stew". OH THE HUMANITY!!! Give it a REST you PETA FREAKS!!!! See the STORY HERE!!!

Well it looks like other States have been under assault from a couple of brain dead teenage Indians claiming that "SQUAW" has and always will be an offensive term to INDIANS. Which is NOT the case as I have discussed this when this discussion happened here in ARIZONA about 2 yrs ago. WE DID NOT CHANGE THE NAMES. Some States knukle under the "POLITICAL CORRECTNESS" idea. Some others are smarter. See the STORY HERE!!!

Now to end today's update..... You all know the phrase, "Don't throw the baby out with the bath water..." Well, it becomes a problem when a hospital does it. And the hospital refused to settle out of court. There's a bunch of IDIOT LAWYERS!!! Well it, I believe will cost them a LOT MORE $$$$ now. There is NO WAY they can defend this in COURT. See the STORY HERE!!!

See you tomorrow!!!