OK, I admit my assumption yesterday was wrong about the Shootings near Pittsburg at McDonalds and Burger King. It wasn't a PETA member who flipped out. Turns out it was a black man who hates white people. And he was Very Upset that white repairmen were sent to his APT. to fix his door. Sounds like a reasonable excuse to shot one of those men, set fire to the APT, then go and target white people at Burger King and McDonalds. And after that, take people in wheelchairs hostage, after busting into a home owned by a black woman, and he tells her,"I don't want to harm you, I want to kill white people..." or something to that effect. You might conclude that this is an obvious "HATE CRIME". Well you are wrong. The way the LAW is Written, it is impossible for a black to commit a "HATE CRIME" against a white person in the LIBERAL VIEW. WHY???? Because the white people abused the blacks when they were slaves, any crimes commited against white people by blacks can't escalate to a "HATE CRIME", because of what might have been the treatment by white people of their Great-Great Grandparents. I am a single white male, not a member of any minority group, open season on me, extra points because I smoke and don't get sick.

Now onto a little bit of Secret Lab issues. It is a DAMN SHAME that the INCOMPETENCE of 1 Dept. SCREWS OVER 3 other DEPTS TRYING TO TEST SAMPLES RECIEVED by "said" Dept. Logging in Samples is taking LONGER than the tests that need to be done. I am still "PISSED" about this, seems to me that someone(s) are trying to set up the SECRET LAB for FAILURE. This Depts job is to log in tubes, like grocery store clerks scan the barcodes on your items. HOW FREAKING HARD IS THAT!!!??? I can tell you it's not HARD. But if you decide to carry on a conversation with a co-worker and take the equivalent amount of time to checkout 5 items for a grocery store clerk, 10 minutes.....You see my point. I swear these are convienence store dropouts. I wonder if we are trying to meet quotas by hiring minority, lazy, incompetance. Are these people who have to work because of Welfare cutoff rules? DAMNED if I know!!! All I know is that any of my employees could do their job the 1st night 5X as fast as these newly "trained" morons.

Hmmmm. bet I hear about this commentary on my web site at work. But I've been there nearly 14 yrs. I have a lot invested in my job and position. I will vent every way possible on things that threaten the success of where I am employed.

I also need to point out to those who visit this site that I work with, this trouble is for me and my bosses to handle, understand and stay out of the fire. It is MY job to help you do YOUR JOB.

AND REMEMBER.... The "SECRET LAB" is NOT IDENTIFIED on this web site.

Now onto the so-called Democratic Debate last night on CNN. (I can switch subjucts in an instant) Looks to me like it's a happy marriage now between AlGore, and Bill Bradley. So the Democratic Party, in my opinion is going to put up a Al-Bill ticket. To replace the past Bill-Al Ticket of the past 2 Presidential Elections. Here's a related Story HERE!!!

I have some "WHERE'S George" updates, I will post these tommorrow.

Live Long and Prosper, but please don't do it off of MY $$$$ or my ability to make $$$.


Well tonight I gave out Annual Performance Appraisals to the majority of my "Secret Lab Staff". From what I could see, nobody was surprised about their own personal appraisal. Some had reinforcement of where they stood. Overall I believe I did a good job on these appraisals. Nobody contended a rating overall, part of my job is to try to keep my employees aware on how they are doing overall, praising improvement, critisizing a slippage, pointing out areas where improvement is needed, desired, and how to do it. I left work today Un-assaulted, un-hated. Probably the best a "boss" could expect. I just want my staff who visit know that I tried DAMN HARD to be fair and judge based on overall performance, and job description. I also want to reiterate, I have very good people working for me.

Now on to some Breaking News. It appears that, I think in Pittsburg, a mad-man has shot, killed, and wounded scores of people at a McDonalds and Burger King. I have no idea what the motive really is. Is it a disgruntled worker? (Using that word, I hope my employees are Gruntled. IS there such a word? Gruntled?) Or is it a Animal Rights, or Vegetarian who "SNAPPED"? Could it be TERRORISM from PETA?(People for the Ethical Treatment of Animals). Remember to some PETA members, when we eat a hamburger, Bessy the Cow was killed. Bacon, Porky Pig is KILLED. Tuna? Charlie is KILLED. These people irritate me. But I think if they really do eat only Grains and Veggies, they probably taste real good after being BBQ'd, but probably not much MEAT on the bone. I say, If you want to be vegetarian, fine. Don't try to force me to be the same!.

Now for some News Stories: this one is from my own backyard, in AZ. A 92 yr old woman runs down and kills bystanders. This is an issue about driving priviledges for the elderly, and during the winter months we have a lot of them here in AZ. See STORY HERE!!!

2nd Story: Remember Janet Reno saying, "I don't understand computers, I still use paper and pen....." Well Reno oversees the Federal Gov't's Lawsuit over Microsoft. Who is Janet Reon's BOSS? Slick Willy, Bill Clinton. Well Clinton was FACSINATED seeing a SCREEN SAVER PROGRAM!!!!! White House Staff basically said that it's, "not surprising, since he can hardly handle email". See STORY HERE!!!

Until Tommorrow!!!


Happy Leap Year Day

Sorry, Looks like I didn't update my Opening Page yesterday, listing this page as updated.

To my co-workers, plumbing problem is now fixed, Apt. no longer in danger of flooding. Don't you just hate it when you turn off the showere and it doesn't turn off? And then trying to fix it, only makes it worse by going full force? Plus the fact I have slow drains, the tub fills up faster then the tub drains? What a drag....

Back to Leap Year Day, there were some problems in Japan and other Asian countries, with observatories, 1 Nuclear Plant Computer, and probably many other glitches we will never hear about.

Now for the NEWS: Things have drastically changed since I was in 1st Grade 31 yrs. ago. These days we have SO MANY GUN LAWS, ZERO TOLERANCE in schools for such things as a butter knife, etc. I remember going to school and seeing hunting rifles in a gun rack in pick-up trucks in the student parking lot. Nobody EVER got shot. Now with all these anti-gun laws and ZERO TOLERANCE, TODAY near Flint MI. a 7 yr. old boy fatally shot a 6 yr. old girl classmate, both 1st Graders..... When I was in 1st Grade with guns ALL AROUND, the absolute worst you could get in 1st Grade was a bloody nose. WHO TO BLAME???? You can't charge a 7 yr. old as an ADULT. You can't blame TV, Video Games, Movies.... As the CHILD is dependant on their PARENTS for guidence and simple upbringing, discipline, values, etc..... I DO NOT BELIEVE the parents can say the child was UNCONTROLLABLE. Is this Child the Anti-Christ!!!??? Children as they are growing up will make mistakes. But if they are raised properly, single or 2 parent home, they will be fine citizens. The MEDIA is saying it's a SIGN of The TIMES living in an ARMED Society. Well in all OUR COUNTRY'S HISTORY now is the time of the most restrictions of GUN OWNERSHIP. Who to Blame? Well I BLAME THE PARENTS for failing to provide even the most basic moral direction to the children they produce. I also blame the Medical Profession for the overuse of such drugs as Ritalin. What's next? Pre-Schoolers shooting each other?????

Here is an article about ZERO TOLERANCE HERE!!!

Now for other issues. I have upgraded from a pager to a Cell Phone, the # is 480-XXX-XXXX, like I would give this out here. But it is a good deal, 75 anytime minutes, and 500 weekend minutes, per month, free voicemail, activation, free cell phone, etc. $20 per month. No longer will I have to get off the internet, or find a slimy payphone.

Now going back to yesterday's update, My FIREWALL, free from ZONEALARM, has denied access to my PC connections and Ports another 9 times today. Read yesterday's posting and use the LINKS provided for your own protection of your PC and internet connection.

Being LEAP YEAR DAY, I am enjoyng a big fat Stogie, it's the still legal kind. Until Tommorrow!!!!


Hi all, I have completed all my most pressing duties for "The Secret Lab". Granted I had to spend 5 hrs doing it, and the stupid files I couldn't open at home, thus requiring me to go to work this morning to do it. The Annual Performance Appraisals are done! Sorry gang, you're all Fired!!,,,, Just kidding, a little humor. I am proud to say that in My Dept. we have a knowledgeable and very competant and ethical staff. The total opposite of what a similar Lab had in NYC, where my counterpart recieved JAIL time, and a plethora of people given walking papers. While overall my Lab is #2 in testing to a virtual Agency of the Feds. The single facility we test in is the biggest lab in the country. Testing nearly 1.4 million samples a year. As part of management, and part of the trench techs, I can honestly say, "We are DAMN GOOD!!!".

Now for something that troubles me. I find it VERY disturbing that the Republican Presidential Campaign has turned into a Religious War. All this will do is increase the chances of Gore or Bradley winning the Presidentcy by fractionating the Republican Party. I am Catholic, and I voted for McCain in the Arizona Primary last week. I find McCain's latest tactics distasteful and Clinton-Like. Let's leave Religion out of Politics, the Crusades were a millenia ago.

Tommorrow is Leap Year Day. I don't normally smoke CIGARS, except for Leap Year Day. Matt L. I'll miss smoking with you this time.

Being Leap Year Day Tommorrow is the latest and last hurdle of Y2K as the experts say. There may be some glitches. However this web site is Leap Year Compliant.

Staying on the computer subject, this past weekend I installed 2 FIREWALLS to protect my PC from internet hackers. One was FREE, the other is a 2 week trial. My PC is now INVISIBLE on the internet. I also hope this increases my security of my Web Site, remember the hacking I took last year? Well there is a Web Site you can go to to check YOUR PC's security on the internet. And being the benelovent person that I am, I am giving you a HOT LINK to that site to test YOUR PC. Here is the LINK!!!! Run both "TEST MY SHIELDS" and "PROBE MY PORTS" to test YOUR PC's Security. I was wide open, until this weekend, now invisible.

After you run these tests, I have a Link to a FREE FIREWALL for you to download to help protect you. Here is the LINK!!!

The "ZONE ALARM" has alerted me to 9 attempts so far, each attempt DENIED by the "ZONE ALARM" program. Granted I have a larger profile on the "WEB" than most, with the web site, etc. Upwards of 70 emails recieved daily. Just thought you may want to check your security, and how to improve it for FREE.

Now for the bizzare news of the day. This is a notch above a "CHASTITY BELT", not much more I can say, or want to get into. See STORY HERE!!! Now how about a Wedding Day from Hell? Married, Jailed, and Murdered on the same day. See STORY HERE!!! Now for the obligatory ANIMAL RIGHT'S STORY. Remember once there are no more circuses, they will go after individuals training THEIR pets to, SIT, BEG, ROLL-OVER, ETC. See STORY HERE!!!

Until Tommorrow, as I readjust to 3rd Shift,,,LATERZS!


Less than 10 months of shopping day's until Christmas!!!

Sorry I didn't update yesterday, Training in The Secret Lab wearing me out.

Floods in Africa, Australia, Tornado's in the USA, in the past week. I wonder if it is related to the never before recorded Solar (SUN) Ejections 7 days in a row. The latest I have seen is that the Northern Lights, maybe visible all the way down to the equarter. Instead of just Northern Canada and Alaska, and the Northern-most States. Also have a Vulcano coming alive in the Philipeans. Is this all related? I Don't know.

I think it may be risky to try to get a TAN right now. However, maybe your dead body won't go to DUST as quick, consider yourself IRRADIATED MEAT.

I have a lot of work to do at Home this weekend for Work. I don't know if I will be able to post an update this weekend, Monday could also be out too. If I can, I will update.

Now to end today, I have 3 more "HITS" on my WHERE's GEORGE $$$ tracking. All of these were less than 100 miles. But a HIT is a HIT!!! i AM CURRENTLY # 436 OUT OF 167,000 USERS.


I am working a different schedule THIS week, 7:30AM - Whenever, THIS week's Updates will be posted in the evening.

Well It is apparent that my change back to day-shift hours is complete, I actually had a working brain today. Problem is Monday night, when I switch back to night hours, oh well.

As far as the training on the New Technology, while the Tests themselves are State of the Art Technology Licensed by the FDA. The computer technology Licensed by the FDA for use in handling the data and processes, is years behind. To my employees in "The Secret Lab" you will see during your training, that this technology is more confining. Boy is this an understatement!!!! I can tell that my job as a supervisor will be more of Robotic Emergency Troubleshooter, and workflow manager. Even more than it is now. The BIGGEST Question is: Can the SERVER handle it......

Now to the News and Commentary. Since I was in Training I was only able to catch "snippets" of Rush's show today. From what I was able to hear, he was all a "flitter" about McCain winning, the Ind and Dem. voting for him. I addressed this in yesterday's posting, where I commented on the facts of the future Primaries, but Rush appeared to be fanatical about it today. In my opinion Rush is overeacting, and appears to be showing his preference for Bush, though he claims to be "nuetral".

Now let's go back to the recent debate between Gore and Bradley. A DEMONIC IMAGE on the backscreen? Between Gore and Bradley???? I didn't notice it on the quick NEWS segments. But I can see it on the still photo, I give no guarentees that this is true, but it is an interesting tid-bit. See STORY and PHOTO HERE!!!

Now here's a twist. Nicotine usefull as a drug for the Elderly and CHILDREN!!! HOW much more politically incorrect can you get???? You have to follow thru with me on this "THOUGHT FROM A SMOKE FILLED ROOM". The Article that is linked at the end of this "THOUGHT" states the STIGMA of NICOTINE, and parent's being "RELUCTANT" for their kids to be put on NICOTINE. I am also posting a link to an Article that says parent's consider their children being on drugs such as RITALIN, PROZAC, etc. a STATUS SYMBOL. See Story #1 HERE!!! And here is the STORY from the pro-Ritalin, Prozac Crowd, that are anti-NICOTINE. Because it is "SOCIALLY ACCEPTABLE" to be on these drugs, Child or Adult, Choice or no Choice. To be on NICOTINE, (I SMOKE) is SOCIALLY UNACCEPTABLE. Therefore it is BETTER to be on a more powerful BRAIN ALTERING DRUG, than to be on a less BRAIN ALTERING Drug like NICOTINE. Here is THAT Story HERE!!!

This is Basically saying, "I'd rather have my children DIE or be Handicapped, sooner using SOCIALLY ACCEPTABLE MEDICAL TREATMENTS, than admit that that a "DRUG" in cigarettes is ACTUALLY usefull!!!"


Now to close on a lighter note tonight, boy that's a strange phrase from me during a work week. At least thru computer technology, I have been listening to ART BELL, though about 21 hrs after the LIVE SHOW, but I got my fix in. Well I have another HIT on my Where's George $ Bill tracking. My longest travel was logged today, 2,291 MILES in just under 45 days. MESA, AZ. to, Middleboro, MA. I now have 27 total hits. I am currently #440 out of 165,000 users +. Damn, getting late. See you Tommorrow!!!!


I am working a different schedule THIS week, 8AM - Whenever, THIS week's Updates will be posted in the evening.

Well I am in a kind of a "fog" still working Dayshift and Training. I can put it this way, I have been working night Shift for the most part of 14 yrs. Imagine your work schedule after that time being Reversed for a week, I bet you won't be as Sharp as usual brain-wise. And Training on new technology, instead of doing my normal stuff, adds to the stress on my brain. Ha Ha!!! For a factual point, last night I was calling into "The Secret Lab", to see if my early techs were there on-time, I was calling shortly after 11PM.....THEY don't start until 12AM!!! These are the type of things someone switching hours to the opposite, goes thru. Funny really. Like waking up a 6:00 and having NO CLUE if it is AM or PM, or what DAY it IS!!!

Tonight I had to install a program from my fearless leader Fred, so I can do Performance Appraisals on my employees. Took a little while, but I think I got it installed.

Now to the issues of the day, night, whatever.... A Big Win for McCain in Michigan, and of coarse he wins AZ. Question is: Can McCain win the Republican ONLY Primaries coming up? We will have to wait and see. Currently McCain won Michigan by 6%, and AZ by 25%. Totals are not in yet for either State.

I saw the highlights of the Democratic Presidential Debate from yesterday, it looks like both races right now are very entertaining. High Drama in both Party's right now. I like it, FIGHT IT OUT, the 2 winners FIGHT for the Champianship, er, Presidentcy. It doesn't get much better than this in Politics.

EX: Vietnam not happy with McCain's portrayal of his CAPTORS during the "War". Who are you going to believe? An American held Prisoner of War, or his Captors? I am very sure "The HANOI HILTON" is not a place you would book reservations to, unless your name is Jane Fonda...... See STORY HERE!!!

Now for a STORY that may scramble your MIND, DO IT YOURSELF BRAIN SURGERY. It's TRUE!!! Get a drill, mix up the "GREY MATTER" and solve your problems. Don't TRY THIS AT HOME!!! See STORY HERE!!!


I am working a different schedule THIS week, 9AM - 7:30PM, THIS week's Updates will be posted in the evening.

I am having someting similar to "Culture Shock" today. I am on a dayshift schedule this week, in fact I got home just as my Alarm Clock was going off for me to get up to watch the 9PM news before I check email, shower, etc. And IT IS RAINING HERE!!!! We have had 0.01inch of rain since SEPTEMBER 22, 1999, we also had DUST STORMS yesterday and today, these only happen in the summer, until now. So EVERYTHING is strange and weird for me today.

But I will move on. Tommorrow, Tues. are the Primaries in Michigan, and ARIZONA. Most of you know I am in AZ. And are waiting to know who I will vote for. Well the choices I have are Keyes, Bush, and McCain. I have been mulling this OVER AND OVER for at least 2 months now. My most definate decision is I will vote for any of these 3 candidates, over Gore, Bradley, Buchannan, and Perot. But between the Republican Candidates, and this was a tough decision, I have decided to vote for McCain. Why McCain? you might ask. s it because he is also from AZ.? The answer is NO. I have disagreements with all 3 Republican Candidates. A LOT more Disagreements with the Democratic Candidates. I have decided to vote for McCain for the following reasons. Alan Keyes won't win the nomination this time, though I like many of his positions, he is still young and I hope he tries again. The ENEMY is Gore/Bradley. I believe McCain is better in working knowledge of Foreign Policy, and what needs to be done to get our Military Readiness back up to speed. Another plus for McCain is that he has a TEMPER. Some suggest he would be unstable as a President because of this. I think it would be a plus, WE have been bending over backwards for these Piss-Ant Countries that may threaten US in the future. What is the result of this? They Spit in OUR FACE!!!! AZ. which McCain Represents is a STATE that is VERY much FOR STATE'S RIGHT'S. This is MY LOGIC. That is why I will Vote in 8 hrs. for McCain in the AZ. Primary. But whoever Wins the Nomination, I will Vote for over Gore or Bradley. As both of the Democrat Candidates want to turn this Country into a SOCIALIST NATION.

I am still watching it rain outside, kind of fascinating since not seeing it for almost 5 Months.

Like I mentioned in the last posting, I am currently being trained in New Secret Lab Technology this week. All well and good, but I'm not sure how well it will work "LIVE". Rarely does MAJOR PROCESS CHANGES go smoothly in "THE SECRET LAB". I've been there in "THE SECRET LAB" almost 14 years, been there, done that. At least I am experienced enough now to not try to carry the "LAB" on my shoulders alone. It is Monday night night, I already have 13 1/2 hours logged at work. I am an expensive extra help, most techs make a little less than I do, and probably need the $ more than I do. I was there, let those who want to work Extra, and increase their chances for faster advancement do so. With my responsibilities I am VERY GRATEFUL for this extra HELP. A good Work Ethic to me negates shortcomings, whatever it may be.

OOOHHH Raining hard right now. COOL!!!

Due to my limited time today, I only have one story for you to take a look at, it's About Animal Right's Extremists. See STORY HERE!!!

Now to end this posting, I had a very good weekend on my WHERE'S GEORGE $$$ Bill tracking. 4 hits since my last update, 3 were local, less than 100 miles, but one 1$ Bill went 1,436 miles in 25 days. I am currently # 453 out of 169,000 users. Not Bad!!!

Well, I gotta go, do the Dayshift thing again, Watch the Rain for a bit, etc.


I am working a different schedule next week, 9AM - 7:30PM, next week Updates will be posted in the evening.

This is because I will be training on the New "SECRET LAB" testing technology. So SECRET if I told you, I'd have to kill you. It is LICENSED and REGULATED by the FEDERAL GOV'T. It is designed to check for abnormalities in individual's exposure to very unpleasant things that could, or will kill you, or your family, etc. You think HIV is bad? We test for that, and other things that will KILL you a LOT quicker!!!

It figures!!! The 1st time this week I have enough Highly Trained Technicians to perform the tests on samples from across the Country and Europe, weather and flight delays prevented the samples to be tested on my shift, and on time. Sometimes I just can't win.

Special Note: HAPPY B-DAY TD and DH!!! Hope everyone enjoyed the cake.

Republican Primary Tommorrow in S. Carolina. Let's see what happens there. I think it will be a close vote, with Bush winning, but the spin by McCain will be positive. I still haven't made up my mind on who I will vote for here in the Primary in AZ.

Here is something to consider: I was tracking Y2K stuff, one of the things I saved was a claim that Y2K would be "unnoticed" on 1/1/00, but an indication of trouble would be rising gas and oil prices, the landmark of this claim was a BARREL of OIL hitting $30 by 2/15/00. I got this info in early December and saved it. (one of the things I was able to retrieve from my now dead PC). Well the heating oil, gas and diesel prices have skyrocketed, and a BARREL of OIL was $30.05 on 2/15/00......Hmmmmm.

How about a major computer "glitch" thrown in? This one right from Phoenix, AZ. The Y2K experts said only 10% of the problems would surface in the 1st week of the year. What do you think of a major airline being shut down because of a computer problem? Y2K? See STORY HERE!!!

OK, changing gears here, to the staff of "The SECRET LAB". ARE YOU STRESSED? Want to quit? Either way take a look at this article before you make any drastic career moves. See STORY HERE!!!

Now this is bizzare. An employee donates his KIDNEY to his BOSS.....Is this "SUCKING UP" to the extreme???? Does the "DONOR" want a "EXCEEDS STANDARDS" for his next Performance Appraisal that is undeserved???? Well "SECRET LAB" Staff, I am HEALTHY and doing fine, this won't work with me. And to MY BOSSES, I will give you my best, but I won't give you my body parts!!! See STORY HERE!!!

FLIPPING THE BIRD, ILLEGAL??? check this story out HERE!!!

Let's DRUG TEST EVERYONE!!! Kind of SCARY, what will be discussed NEXT??? Nicotene, Caffiene, Alcohol.....See STORY HERE!!!

And now to end today's posting is an UFO UPDATE. See the latest news on the LAWSUIT HERE!!!!


A better night at the "SECRET LAB" tonight, an extra person, and an extra Supervisor in at 8AM. STILL someone called in, for the 3rd night in a ROW! 1st night was because someone was actually sick. The past 2 nights is from someone, who has already put in their 2 week notice, calling in saying basically, "I am stuck in Atlanta, ON STAND BY,,,," for a flight back to Phoenix, AZ. FOR 2 1/2 DAYS and COUNTING????? Since this person is leaving very soon, not much I can do as far as "Corrective Action". My Boss is considering telling this person, to just forget about coming back to work. An employee who shows this disregard for their workplace even though they are leaving soon, shows immaturity, and carelessness. We can't tolerate either in the testing we do at the "SECRET LAB".

A SPECIAL NOTE to RH and TD in the "SECRET LAB". I KNOW both of you are "under the weather". Your efforts in coming into work when we are short handed like we are right now, and putting forth your best effort, is GREATLY APPRECIATED!!! Efforts of this sort are ones I remember most. Get well soon!!!

Now lets go to some NEWS

Another VICTORY for us UFO BUFFS in FEDERAL COURT yesterday. The Dept. of Defense has lost the 2nd Round of this fight over "THE PHOENIX LIGHTS". I think this is Great News!!! Could it be a "CRACK" has developed into the UFO STORY like the way NIXON's WATERGATE SCANDAL did????? See Story HERE!!!

For those of you who have followed this web site for a period of time know I despise the Vegetarians and Vegans who want to enforce THEIR eating habits on those of us who like MEAT, and DAIRY PRODUCTS. Well I guess it's a RELIGION NOW. The vaccine he needs to be able to work at this particular job is derived from CHICKENS. And he doesn't want to contribute to the MISERY of CHICKENS, because it's against HIS RELIGION!!!! You Have GOT TO READ the STORY HERE!!!

And now the IDIOTIC habit of most of the Country is starting to unravel, fortunately I don't have this problem here in AZ. What am I talking about? Daylight Saving Time. Spring Forward, Fall Back crap. As the society in general these days works on a 24 hr clock, why is most of the Country forced to change ALL their clocks , from wristwatches, to VCR's, to TV's, to Microwave ovens, to regular ovens, to Time Clocks at work, to the Clocks at work, to the Computers at work, and in your home, to your Car Radio, to your PAGER or CELL Phone, to the FAX Machine, ETC. ETC. Another STATE (Florida) is considering flushing down the TOILET Daylight Saving Time. See the STORY HERE!!!

I have another HIT on my WHERE's GEORGE $$$ tracking. This bill went from Mesa, AZ. to Apache Junction, AZ. 21 miles from 01/24/00 to 02/16/00. I currently have 22 hits, rank #494 out of 157,204 participants.

Cake tonight at the "SECRET LAB" celebrating DH and TD Birthday's!!!! Live Long and Prosper....As SPOCK would say.

Until Tommorrow.....


OK, 1st off I should clarify my opening "VENTING" from yesterday's posting. I must say this wasn't brought on by one individual or individuals. Just the on-going problem at the "Secret Lab" with people off to begin with for either vacations, child born, training on new technology, etc. I know I should consider myself fortunate that I am rarely sick, my habits and lifestyle, plus the shift I've been working the majority of the past 14 yrs, GRAVEYARD SHIFT. According to what you read or hear in the news, I should be the "sickest" one in the lab, not #2 in attendance, (I lose to the Assist. Supervisor who has NEVER called in Sick). But I must say, it is problematic being short staffed at this time, and this time will continue thru MAY 2000, until we are up on the new technology, that supposedly will require fewer staff.

Just a few short months ago, staff were worried that they might be laid off when this happens, WELL, we are nearly at the staffing level RIGHT NOW, for when we do finally go up on the NEW TECHNOLOGY. We are currently 3 people over staffed based on what we will need with the New Technology. Even if everything stays the same right now, there would be NO LAYOFFS. If someone(s) leave, they won't be replaced. However using the current Technology, we are currently UNDERSTAFFED by about 6 people. So any unexpected shortcomings in staffing is magnified much more, especially since yearly Performance Appraisals are due, to be done by the Supervisors, but hard to do when we work the bench all shift.

To ALL the lab staff who stayed late today, THANKS!!! Hope you enjoyed the PIZZA that FRED bought, I paid for the sodas. Hope to see you all tonight. A 6AM Shift Tech should be back, and a 3AM Tech also. Hopefully we will have a better shift tonight, however 2nd shift is down 2 Techs today.

Quick News update. DAMMIT!!! I forgot to tape the Republican Debate on LARRY KING last night. From talk Radio commentary, it still is unclear to me who won or what the outcome was. I have heard view points on both. Since I didn't see it, I can't comment on it.

Hopefully tommorrow I will get out of work on time and post a regular update.


I need to vent to start. I am VERY tired of people calling in sick in my Dept., on my shift. Lately hardly a week goes by where My Shift is short staffed, not because of training, that I can plan coverage for, but because of "sickness". These employees are in their mid 20's or younger for the most part. I can say honestly that most of them have called in sick more times in the past year, than I have in 5 years. I am the "OLD MAN" at 37 years old. You would think that a SMOKER and BEER DRINKER, a lover of fatty foods and MEAT would have a worse attendance record than so called Healthy Living young adults. Either I am a FREAK of NATURE, or the next generation of workers considers a stuffy nose as a SERIOUS ILLNESS, at least a day off from school, I mean work........"SECRET LAB STAFF" this is an OVERT HINT!!!

OK, now to the NEWS. Might as well Piss-Off as many as I can today. PLANNED ABORTION, I mean Planned Parenthood is going to spend Big $$$ in Arizona to derail the latest Anti-Abortion Bills. I will tell you know, until a woman actually gives birth to something other than a human baby, I consider ABORTION MURDER! However I can consider abortion "LEGAL" in Rape, Incest, or threatens the life of the Mother. A stipulation on the last instance. Life of the Mother means the Mother will probably die, NOT face financial or emotional hardship. The Liberal Stance is: if it COULD cause mental or emotional hardship, (Like teenagers telling their parents), or Financial Hardship, (Got to feed the baby) etc. Or the most evil reason: INCONVIENENT. See STORY HERE!!!

Yesterday 2 toddlers drowned here in PHOENIX, 1 DEAD, 1 IN CRITICAL CONDITION. Pool Gate Propped OPEN, not said in story to follow, is the fact the gate was propped open to give easy access to the dryer. The 4 yr. old was even believed to be in the swimming pool, it was so dirty and plaguaed with algea, couldn't see 1 FT into the water. See STORY HERE!!!

This next story also in Phoenix. To all you BLEEDING HEART LIBERALS who want to open the borders to everyone, this could happen to you. STORY HERE!!!

Columbine Shooting Update, we will have the full story soon. See UPDATE HERE!!!

And now something I find very troubling in my Church. I was raised a Catholic, and I am still a Catholic. I have seen the stories in the paper of AIDS in the PRIESTHOOD. Now this story breaks....A Priest who wants a SEX Change operation, and he? is 65 years old. I SHAKE MY HEAD IN TOTAL DISGUST. See STORY HERE!!!

Now to end on a comment on weather, Why the hell is this Country having TORNADO's in FEBUARY???? Could it be DIVINE Retribution? At this point, I wouldn't rule it out....


Well as you can see I added a SEARCH ENGINE to this site. I have no idea how well it will work. I will leave this up as it undergoes testing by all of you and myself to see if it is worthwhile. Please send me EMAIL on any comments about it.

Did you see the fiasco at the REFORM PARTY MEETING this weekend? Talk about a "rift" in the PARTY!!! Even so much that Donald Trump dropped out of the race, like anyone believed he would let someone else run his casinos while being a candidate. I predict that soon Ross Perot, after all it is HIS PARTY will be running again and booting Pat Buchanan out. But you can forget about a 3rd party candidate having any meaningful impact on the General Election for a National Office. Remember the ONLY NATIONAL OFFICE we vote on is for PRESIDENT. It will be a VERY LONG TIME until a 3rd Party Candidate has an impact like Perot did in the 1992 General Election.

This leaves us come NOVEMBER 2 choices. I say anyone but GORE or BRADLEY. Now between Bush or McCain, I still haven't decided

Today in the NEWS, another shooting involving COLUMBINE HIGH SCHOOL STUDENTS. From what I understand he was a SUBWAY Sandwich Shop Employee and she was his girlfriend. This SUBWAY is within sight of the school. Both are dead, happened Sunday night. I wonder if it is another Columbine H.S. Student who did this. If the perpetrators did this as a robbery, they are not very bright. A sandwich shop has next to $0 on hand compared to convienence stores or Fast Food places like McDonalds, etc. We will find out more soon.

Valentines Day, well I still have my $, as I am still FREE!!! I am still unencumbered by demands or expectations from someone of the fairer sex. How long will this last? I don't know, maybe 1 more day, maybe a very long time, I'm not psychic.

Last night on Channel 10 KSAZ Local News (a FOX affiliate in Phoenix, AZ.), had a new report on "The Phoenix Lights" UFO flap from 3/13/97. It was about LUKE AFB's claim they did NOT scramble jets after the object, and also claimed they had NO aircraft in the air at that time. Well this investigation by Channel 10 made LUKE AFB's statements look like Clinton's "I did not have sex with that woman...".

Now all of a sudden it's "we had many jets in the air at that time, over the Phoenix area, and over the Goldwater Bombing Range....". Also audio tape about the report from 1 of the pilots intercepting the "object" over Phoenix was played. Art Bell fans like myself have heard this audio nearly 3 yrs ago, now it was finally broadcast on TV in a news report. While there is renewed interest now on what happened on 3/13/97, it has really been because of the Federal Court Victory here in Phoenix recently. For the 1st time the Judge didn't dismiss the Lawsuit brought by a UFO Group because the Defense Dept. said it could not find any info the UFO Group sought under FOIA (Freedom Of Information Act). Is the smokescreen starting to clear? See STORY HERE!!!

Now for some News Stories I've found today. You know the disclaimers in movies, etc. "No Animals were harmed in the production of....". Well this piece of "ART", would NOT be able to use that disclaimer. While I find it uncomfortable being on the side of "The Animal Rights Whacko's". I am glad the goldfish were SAVED. See the STORY HERE!!!

Sometimes I run across a story I can only shake my head at....WHO THINKS this stuff up???? Motorized Dog Pooper-Scoopers!!! See the STORY HERE!!!

You all have heard the horror stories of babies switched AFTER birth in a hospital. Well, I should have known this would happen eventually, Babies switched BEFORE birth. Glad I'm not the Judge in this case. See STORY HERE!!!

And for those interested in what the ARIZONA STATE LEGISLATURE is up to, check out the STORY HERE!!!

I have another HIT on my "WHERE'S GEORGE" $$$ tracking. 36 days to Glendale, AZ. for 23 miles. I am currently # 498 out of 153,621 users.


I don't know about you, but doesn't it seem to be more than a coincidence that Charles Schulz dies just as his VERY last strip is being printed?

Good-Bye Charlie Brown.


The WEEKEND FINALLY!!! I am bummed that Syracuse after being 19-0 and ranked #4 in the Country, has lost it's past 2 games.

Well I guess it's better to have the "Let-Down" now than in March during the MARCH MADNESS TOURNAMENT.

I don't know if I will be able to take time off work to watch the TOURNAMENT next month, which has been an annual rite for me me to watch it, especially the EARLY ROUNDS. I usually am at a SPORTS BAR with multiple TV's and a satalite dish(es), so I could watch MANY GAMES at the same time. Staffing, Training for a new Testing Process, and a projected loss of staff, and individuals who can "Officially" run my Dept. It's not that I don't have available Vacation or Personal Time, I currently have 7 1/2 weeks worth, over 290 HOURS to use. The Problem is trying to use them.

Now to the NEWS

Well the SPACE SHUTTLE Blasted off and is now in Orbit. I have always been concerned about this since the CHALLANGER exploded years ago. However if I got the chance to go on a Space Shuttle, I would take it in a second!!! Even if it meant I couldn't SMOKE!!!

Now let's re-visit claims from yesterday. I listed as a "Breaking Story" that Slick Willy, ie. Bill Clinton is now undergoing the process of disbarment from the BAR in ARKANSAS. I have recieved your emails saying you never saw the Story. It was a NEWS FLASH from this web site, I didn't have a link available to put up YESTERDAY. Today I DO!!!! For all of you SKEPTICS, the link to the STORY is HERE!!!! DO YOU REALLY THINK I NEED TO MAKE THINGS UP ABOUT THE CLINTON'S!!!!????

Now for a rebuttle on Complaints of the "END THE DRUG WAR" article I posted on 02/09/00. I have since learned that this story is now CONFIRMED. You think this sort of thing CAN'T happen HERE in the USA? Well take a look at THIS article, HERE!!! So, DO YOU FEEL SAFE? That YOUR CONSTITUTIONAL RIGHTS will be RESPECTED???

Now a bit on the lighter side. A sad note: ERNEST died today at 50. See STORY HERE!!!

I have recived 2 more HITS on my WHERE'S GEORGE list. Both are a bit short. 1st is from someone I play Darts with, 74 days 21 hrs. 6.1 miles travelled. 2nd is 62 days, 8 hrs. 16 miles.

I now have 20 $BILLS with hits, I am currently #495 out of 151,029 users. Not bad.

A possible update this weekend.


Well everyone, I will have HOT WATER again very soon, New Hot Water Heater finally installed.....hmmm....Hot Water Heater..... shouldn't it be just "Water Heater"? I certainly don't need a Hot Water Heater if the Water is already Hot. I can tell 1st hand that the unemployment rate is at it's lowest point in 30 yrs. I believe, "Dumb And Stupid" installed the "Water Heater". As long as it doesn't BLOW UP I'll be happy. And if it actually HEATS Water, a feather in the cap for the Stupid Lobby.

BREAKING NEWS!!!: President Slick Willy is w/in hours of a formal COMPLAINT being presented to the ARKANSAS BAR. The 1st step to DIS-BAR a Lawyer from practice. It is reported that this will take 2 to 6 months to complete. The short story of the COMPLAINT is "PERJURY". Another 1st for a President!!! Clinton is adding to his "LEGACY".

Reminds me of a news story I saw last night, Clinton presenting a medal to a Vietnam War Vet, a medal that wasn't awarded because the paperwork was lost. I wonder how the Vet and other Veterans felt about being "Honored" by the President who "loathed the military", until it became HIS!!!

In reference to yesterday's posting about "The Secret Lab's" new Secret Testing Process. I had a simple idea that I believe will be implemented, and will save my Dept. nearly $2000 a week or about $95,000 a year based on last yrs testing volume. That's More than double my yearly wages. Will I get a BONUS? That's a laugh! Unfortunately it's considered part of my job. This would help me get an overall EXCEEDS STANDARDS on my job performance appraisal,,,But I would get that rating without this idea. I'm not trying to over-blow this idea, it was really very simple. I guess I was just on the outside looking in on the basic work flow with the New Process. I haven't even been trained on the New Process yet. I just looked at the process and used a little "COMMON SENSE". This is NOT a negative to those Validating this New Testing Process. They are too closely involved in this task where they see the detailed problems. Sometimes it takes someone a bit removed to point out an easy solution to waste. Smoker Dave - ON THE JOB!!!

OK, done now blowing my own horn. Let's go to the NEWS STORIES of the DAY.

This is from a city very near me. You've been a fugative from justice for over 30 yrs. Would you try to run for Elected Office??? This guy did! See Story HERE!!! from THE ARIZONA REPUBLIC

This Story is from the city I do live in, READ it and ask yourself this question: Could it be that overdone publicity encourages kids to SHOOT UP SCHOOLS, call in SHOOTING or BOMB THREATS, do DRUGS, have SEX??? See STORY HERE!!! also from The ARIZONA REBUPLIC

Now this is a GREAT story for me to dump on!!! This IDIOT, anti 9 to 5'er as far as working is concerned. COMPLAINING he can't get a job. Well as some of you know, I am a 11PM to 9:30AM'er. Not fresh out of College, I am 37, but Still Fresh. I believe I talked about this in the most recently ARCHIVED "THOUGHTS FROM A SMOKE FILLED ROOM". Where I basically said, "You can't expect to live the same lifestyle your parents do, when they have been working for it for over 20 - 25 yrs...". See this LOSER's Complaints HERE!!!

NOW, after the ANTI-SMOKERS COALITION has banned SMOKING from PLANES, RESTUARANTS, PARKS, etc. it is now CONSIDERED AN ILLNESS!!! GIVE ME A DAMN BREAK!!!! I have a nearly 14 yr record of employment at "THE SECRET LAB" and have ALMOST never called in sick. The younger people I supervise have a MUCH HIGHER RATE of calling in SICK, or LATE. Since I had medical insurance as a single person, I have only used it ONCE in 19 yrs. I was off work 3 days. In my lab, if you compare long term employees both of whom smoke and don't smoke to NEW EMPLOYEES, you would see the Long Term Employees and Smokers on top. When you analyze the data on SHORT TERM EMPLOYEES(less than 5 yrs) you will find that the NON-Smokers and Smokers equal out. WHEN you just analize the LONG TERM EMPLOYEES, the SMOKERS are BEST in ATTENDENCE, and overall the cheapest in MEDICAL CLAIMS against the Employer's INSURANCE. Now that I VENTED MY OPINION, here is the STORY HERE!!!

Now for some sad NEWS...: The Lead Singer for the band Foghat has died. Foghat was one of my favorite bands when I was growing up. "SLOW RIDE", "Fool For The City", etc... This was BEFORE MTV!!! See the Story HERE!!!

Well I promised a Big Update Today, hope I delivered. Water getting warm!!! Congrats to "DUMB AND STUPID".

See You All Tommorrow!!! The Weekend coming up!!!


Sorry this will be a fairly short update today, for a couple of reasons.

Water Heater trouble at "The Smoker Dave Secret Compound". Made a cold WAKE UP CALL last night before work. Well today when I got home, it LEAKED also, fortunately it was limited to the kitchen where it's LINOLEUM. However I won't get a new water heater installed until 9AM tommorrow. This means another COLD SHOWER, or it's HAT NIGHT at work tonight. I'm going to have to leave work an hour early tommorrow because the Maintenance People are going to install it at 9AM or soon afterwords. I don't like other people going into my COMPOUND when I am not there. I funny that way.

This probably won't go over too well at The Secret Lab, as we are shorthanded because of Training on a NEW SECRET PROCESS for TESTING, plus sickness is taking it's toll, and Technicians scheduled Time Off also Impacts the Secret Lab.

If I can, Tommorrow I will have a Big Update.

But to at least keep you interested,,, here is something I recieved today from an email list I belong to. I have NO WAY of Verifying it, but should give you something to think about, because I am more inclined to believe it is true, than untrue.

End the drug war
"Hey, Daddy, there's a bunch of guys outside with machine guns."

How would you like to hear that from your 9-year-old son some fine morning?

That's what Clyde Highbarger heard in his Cave Junction, Oregon home 8a.m. Jan. 27 from his boy, Christopher.

Then came the knock on the door.

"Police. Search warrant. Open the door."

For the next five and a half hours, the Highbarger family experienced what all too many innocent Americans have begun to experience lately -- state-directed police terror.

Highbarger and his wife, Ruth, were handcuffed by dozens of federal, state and local police wearing combat-style uniforms, helmets and visors. The Highbargers' four children -- Christopher, 9, Laurel, 14, Robin, 7 and Madeline, 2, were forced to stand in the chill morning air, some still in their night clothes.

Mrs. Highbarger, holding Madeline, who is nursing, was ordered out of bed at gunpoint and told to keep her hands up. The toddler wore a thin nightgown. The mother wore a long shirt and underwear. As Mrs. Highbarger headed for the front door, baby in her arms, an officer aimed a semiautomatic handgun. "I'll thank you to not point your gun at my daughter's room," she said."I'm just doing my job," said the officer. Yeah, just doing my job. Where have we heard that before?

You know, sometimes, to understand what's happening in our country, you have to get away from the TV talk shows and the network newscasts and turn your attention to your local weekly newspaper where police stories still rule.

What happened to the Highbargers' last month is not unlike what has happened to hundreds of other innocent families throughout the country in recent years. The cops came looking for drugs. They didn't find any.

Who knows why they came? Maybe they got an anonymous tip. Maybe the drug informants they employ provided bogus information to protect their friends. Maybe, God forbid, the drug search was just an excuse by cops to intimidate and harass what they described as "anti-government" people.

The Highbargers are home-schooling Quakers. But the cops, while on theirfruitless search for contraband, let them know they did not appreciate some of the literature they discovered in the house. There were videotapes on shooting techniques and magazines about self-reliance. One of the cops asked Highbarger why, if he was anti-government, he just didn't "come out shooting." Maybe the FBI, Drug Enforcement Administration and other agencies dispatched to this dangerous detail would have liked that.

Mrs. Highbarger, on the other hand, simply explained: "First, we're not anti-government; and secnd, we're not stupid."

The harassment of the Highbargers was part of a larger series of drug raids that took place in southern Oregon last month. About 140 officers from the FBI, DEA, IRS, U.S. Attorney's Office, National Guard, ATF and lots of localcops took part in serving 20 search warrants for psilocybin manufacturing plants. It was part of a three-year investigation, requiring thousands of man-hours, at who-knows-how-much cost.

The results? The searches produced 10 mushroom growing sites, two spore labs, one marijuana patch, some peyote plants, 14 pounds of dried psilocybin mushrooms, several firearms and approximately $10,000 in cash.

Wow! Big deal. I have to ask myself if such a haul is worth pointing one gun at one baby's head? I don't think so. I think our government is out of control. And the so-called "drug war" has provided the excuse -- the rationalization for invoking terror on an untold number of innocent people, depriving them of their rights, invading their homes and spending a fortune of taxpayer dollars to do it.

This has got to end -- now.

Recently, WorldNetDaily told you the story of Donald Scott, the Southern California man who lost his life at the hands of cowboys like this. The Highbargers consider themselves fortunate to have escaped this raid with their lives. Many victims of this kind of government terror have not been so lucky.

Enough is enough. The government is merely empowering the drug lords with its phony "war." America is losing its civil liberties in the name of law and order. It's time to call off the dogs, get the federal troops out of our communities and send them packing -- disarmed -- back to Washington where they belong.

I declare the drug war over

End Email Posting

Until Tomorrow!!! SMOKER DAVE


It is Tuesday, I have a LOT of NEWS Stories LINKED that you probably didn't see.

Here is the First. A "POSSIBLE" Asteroid hit on EARTH in 2022. This would SUCK!!! I'm 37 yrs old now. Just in time to RUIN my Retirement. see Story HERE!!!

Here is the Second Story, NEWS BREAKING!!! Derrick Thomas, ALL PRO DEFENSIVE END for the KC CHIEFS who was injured in a car accident last month died this morning of an apparent Heart-Attack. From what I know being a Football Fan, he was one of the good guys. See Story HERE!!!

Here is the Third Story: Philly SHORT SIGHTED on new Airport Runway? See Story HERE!!!

4TH Story: Most of you have seen the stories of vandalism etc. at animal research labs in the past few yrs. You know PETA's MANTRA, ANIMALS ARE PEOPLE TOO!!! And they became Vegetarians, some became VEGANs (No Dairy or animal products eaten or used). Well it has taken only a few years to go to the end of the spectrum. PLANT RIGHTS!!!! What the HELL are these people going to EAT???? OK, it's genetically altered plants, but haven't we been doing that since the 1600's? Cross-Pollination, etc.? You get my drift. See STORY HERE!!!

Story #5: UFO CASE goes FORWARD!!! See update HERE!!!


A direct link to the most recent Archived Page HERE!!! 01/11/00 - 02/04/00

Carpet-Bagger "HILLARY" has launched her Senate campaign. We ALL agree she is a LIBERAL? Right? LIBERALS are characterized as loving taxes. Well Hillary is stunned by the TAX BURDEN living in NEW YORK. This is FUNNY!!! Welcome to living in the REAL WORLD, where your "home" isn't paid for by TAX PAYERS!!!! YOU GOTTA PAY!!!

Now to Hillary's housewarming party, never mind Billy Joel's song "Captain Jack" playing, mentioning masturbation, gettin HIGH, etc. etc.... Who chose this song?

Seems to me that Hillary's message is to move forward on everything that she and Co-President Bill couldn't get passed as President and 1st Lady. Now she thinks she can get it done by being a junior member of the SENATE where there are 99 other SENATORS. If she and Slick couldn't fix these things holding the HIGHEST OFFICE in the Land for the past 7 yrs., What makes her think she can do it by being 1 of 100? And she moves to NEW YORK NOT KNOWING WHAT THE TAX RATE SCHEDULE IS!!!??? This is GREAT!!! Hillary is a fake BLONDE, but has the brain of the sterotypical "BLONDE".......DUH!!!!

Hillary also has problems, MAJOR problems, with what was assumed to be her STRONGEST allies. The SOCCER MOM's. The White Middle Income Moms'. Latest polling data shows this segment to be Hillary's weakest. Remember in 1992 when Hillary said, "I don't stay at home baking cookies...."? Yesterday she said, " I make a MEAN TOSSED SALAD....". Hillary is also scoring LOW on the Feminist Group Support, the NAGS (National Association of GirlS). It appears that this group who is anti-men, doesn't like the fact that Hillary has lived Tammy Wynette's Song, "STAND BY YOUR MAN".

OK, now for the FINAL analysis: I DO NOT think "HILLARY" will be on the ballot as a Senate Candidate in NY in November. She will drop out for some reason beforehand. I think the Democratic Candidate will be Andrew Cuomo, son of Mario Cuomo, former Governor of NY, current head of Housing and Urban Development in the Federal Gov't. In NY the Cuomo's RUN the Democratic Party. And the FACT that not a single CUOMO was at "HILLARY'S" Announcement yesterday is A TELL TALE SIGN of what is happening behind the scene. I used to live in NY State, for 21 yrs. I know how this stuff happens there!

NEXT ITEM: Yesterday in THE ARIZONA REPUBLIC A STORY relating to the soap opera type murder story, involving a TORSO, that I have discussed before,,,, has now evolved into a mystery of LIES that the paper admits, but brings in Hollywood Stars, and High Political Figures. In fact the paper starts the STORY, by saying it is a true story, laced with lies. Is this a subverted effort by the paper to bring down John McCain and help GW BUSH? I don't know. THIS is a LONG STORY, and if you want to get it.... you HAVE TO READ THE WHOLE STORY!!! HERE!!!

Now for some STORIES I found that you probably didn't see

The CONSTITUTIONAL RIGHTS OF SEXUAL FAVORS by teenage boys, got them suspended. Story HERE!!!


Now I'm going to step into "THE WILD SIDE", since RIGHT NOW a COURT HEARING is now going on in FEDERAL COURT about the FAMOUS PHOENIX LIGHTS INCIDENT of March 13th 1997. When I have NEWS on the outcome, probably tommorrow, I will post it. But for a little more intrigue, I have this: Do you remember the Movie, "2001"? Arthur C. Clark? The "MONOLITH"???? Well from my MANY SOURCES far and wide, ranging from NEWS, POLITICS, and the PARANORMAL X-Files type Stuff, I ran across this website. MONOLITH ON PHOBOS? The MOON of MARS? Check out this website link HERE!!!

As a Last note, since I lasted updated this web site I have recieved 2 more "HITS" from my Where's George? $$$ tracking on-line hobby. The 1st took 6 days 17 hrs and went to a BlockBuster Video Store here in Mesa, AZ. Only 2 miles. The 2nd took 59 days, 6 hrs, and went to an ATM Machine in Tucson, AZ. I am currently #488 out of 147,692 users on this on-line hobby.