ARIZONA in the national and international SPOTLIGHT today. Why? Because we (AZ) are going to INHUMANELY EXECUTE 2 low life heinous killers who happen to have GERMAN CITIZENSHIP, though they moved here when they were small and remember nothing of GERMANY. The crimes they commited, remember it is hard to recieve the DEATH PENALTY for a "simple" murder, were exceptionally cruel. In 1982 these 2 brothers killed a man with 22 or more stab wounds. Then they DENIED his dieing wish, he was an organ donor, to spare his eyes. He wanted to donate his corneas to help someone see again after his death. When the convicted killers heard this deathbed plea, they also stabbed him in the eyes with a letter opener, while he was mortally wounded, but still alive. Now with all their appeals exhausted, a choice is given to the CONDEMNED who were sent to DEATH ROW when the GAS CHAMBER was the only means of EXECUTION. Since then LETHAL INJECTION is now the option for "newbies" on DEATH ROW, but those convicted before this have the option of either the GAS CHAMBER or LETHAL INJECTION. Both brothers chose the GAS CHAMBER. Why? It is an attempt to circumvent their DEATH SENTENCES. Now they are appealling that the GAS CHAMBER is CRUEL and UNUSUAL punishment. And since that was THEIR choice of execution method, they CANNOT be EXECUTED. Now in AZ today is a delegation from GERMANY including it's Ambassador, and a personal appeal from the GERMAN CHANCELLOR for the lives of these GERMAN CITIZENS. An obvious letter writing campaighn from GERMANY and the rest of Europe has SWAMPED the CLEMENCY BOARD in AZ pleading for these 2 dregs of humanity to be saved. After ALL GERMANY doesn't have a DEATH PENALTY....now.

This has Arizonans ticked off. Many retirees here, both that served in WWII and those that lost family in WWII. INCLUDING those whose family members were led into "SHOWERS" for delousing. The Jews, the Gypsies (which I am one), the Poles, the disabled, etc. Many callers on the local talk radio station on this. EX. Just tell them it's time for a shower. PLOP PLOP (the cyanide tablets), FIZZ FIZZ (into acid), a cloud of cyanide gas envelopes the CONDEMNED. OH what a relief it is!!!.

Whether you are for or against Capitol Punishment, you must remember, this choice was a concious choice to try to circumvent judgement one last time. They MURDERED an INNOCENT AZ CITIZEN in the CRUELEST OF WAYS. And a foriegn Gov't is trying to manipulate our JUSTICE SYSTEM??? SCREW GERMANY I say. Here is a bit of the story I was able to get from, CREDIT "www.azfamily.com"

    Feb 23, 1999 10:32 AM 
    The State Board of Executive Clemency today will consider the
    execution appeal of a German citizen scheduled to be gassed to death
    tomorrow in Florence. Gov. Jane Hull says she will not grant clemency
    to convicted killer Karl LaGrand no matter what. The German
    government has appealed to Hull and President Bill Clinton to spare the
    lives of LaGrand and his brother, Walter. They were condemned to die
    for killing a Marana bank manager in 1982. Walter's execution is set
    for March 3. Germany's ambassador to the U.S. and a chairwoman of
    Germany's human rights commission plan to address the board.
    Germany does not have the death penalty. The LaGrands were born in
    Germany and moved to the U.S. in 1967 when they were small


Clinton wamts more Federal Control over education. He wants the Federal Gov't to be able to withhold $ to schools that don't follow the Federal Mold. What this means is that the Federal Gov't will have control over schools and not the local school boards. Why? Because the gov't wants tp promote "teamwork" over independant accomplishment. Group Thinking over individual thought. A generation of Lemmings who can be led by private schooled liberals.

What the gov't doesn't want known is the fact that home-schooled, students in charter schools, or in private schools, perform better than students in public schools. The gov't whishes to eliminate home-schools, private religious schools, local charter schools. Keeping only a few expensive private schools for the liberal elite.

Like the gov't needs any help of graduating Lemmings to society. At no point in this country's history have so few read the Constitution, let alone understand their rights. That these are Individual Rights. Not "Societal Rights".


The "Jane Doe #5" story refuses to die. hmmm.

Now Janet Reno is contemplating on a Special Investigator on Starr. I think this is not in her power to do so. Why? Because Ken Starr was appointed as an INDEPENDANT PROSECUTOR. That Means INDEPENDANT from the administration, which Janet Reno being a part of Clinton's administration. I believe only Congress can do this.

It appears more likely that Clinton will send his "despised" military forces, who have the lowest moral in recent memory to Yougoslavia. TO PROTECT WHAT NATIONAL INTEREST!!!??? Can any parent now, say a year from now, "My son died protecting Kosovo." with any Patriotic pride, along with the SORROW of their LOSS??? I don't think so.

And here's a good one. I just heard on the news that the State of Alabama, has banned the sale of "vibrators" in their State. Let's think this over a bit... Can you see the upcoming lawsuits from women's rights groups? Forcing women to seek out men, and you KNOW this will happen, get a sexually transmitted disease, up to, and including HIV. The abortion costs, the costs to society if there isn't a termination. The fine is being reported as $10,000 for selling a "vibrator". However "blow-up dolls" are not covered. Good Grief!!! the things that state legislatures try to do, and what is now making news. I blame this all on Clinton. Why??? Because we now have a war between the EXTREME LEFT and the EXTREME RIGHT. If this continues we will have states that say "Anything Goes." and states that say "NOTHING GOES." It could possibly end up as 1 segment of the Country being live and let live, another segment want regulation in every aspect of everyday life. Where does 99% of America reside? Between the 2. Who loses in this? 99% of American Citizens. These ULTRA EXTREMISTS on both sides need to be stopped. Quoting Rodney King, "Can't We Just All Get Along?" This world is not perfect. And neither are WE. If you believe in a higher authority, you might understand my summation. That this is why WE are here. To Live and Learn. An unexpected bit of Philosophy as I write this. I didn't plan it, sometimes it just "happens".


A very disturbing and FRIGHTFULL challenge of our 4th AMENDAMENT RIGHT TO PRIVACY. This story available here from THE WASHINGTON POST and to their CREDIT. This appears to me a deal between private business and Gov't to thru technology create a national ID Card System, actually without having a card. Read this story, some state Gov'ts are selling their Driver's License Info and Pictures to this private company that recieved nearly $1.5 MILLION from "THE SECRET SERVICE" and with the endorsement of "THE IRS". The cover story right now is, "To prevent Identity Theft and Fraud from Checks and Credit Cards". This is the same old line.... "I'm from the Gov't and I'm here to help you...". Who can take solace in THAT??? Some States have already sold their Driver's License Databases to this private Co. that the Federal Gov't is funding. Some other States Legislatures are attempting to pass Laws preventing this from happening. While these State Laws are well and good, remember how the Federal Gov't got ALL the States to have a 55 MPH Speed Limit? They tied the Federal Highway Funds given to the STATES based on their compliance with a Federal Gov't Rule. No matter what State Laws are passed to prevent the transfer of this info including Pictures to a NATIONAL DATABASE. If Congress passes a law requiring this info or that state that doesn't comply will have their highway funds withheld. Of coarse the states will comply to get this $$$. Which brings us back to States' Rights'. Why do we have to comply with unfunded Federal Mandates, that is NOT CONSTITUTIONALLY MANDATED. TO get back $$$ from the Federal Gov't that the STATE thru taxes sent in??? In my opinion, and I am a strict Constitutionalist, the Federal Gov't has only the power to defend our borders, (Which based on the illegal immigrant inflow, they have failed). Settle disputes between States, make Treaties with other Gov'ts. Etc. But not to continually usurp the governing rights of the state thru intimidation, and UnConstitutionally erode the INDIVIDUAL RIGHT TO PRIVACY as stated in the 4th Ammendment. The citizens in the States that have sold the Identities, Addresses, Photo's have recieved NO compensation for their likeness or personal info sold. THAT constitutes to me a loss of Identity, Privacy, etc. that was not of my personal doing or action. Remember it is still LEGAL to walk down ant street in this Country without carrying ID. Why should the Federal Gov't and private industry team up to circumvent this (Fascism)??? The time will soon come with technology for you to be Identified thru this Database whether you have ID on your person or not.

Think about it, with the improving technology etc. just using this Database will be able to track wherever you go and when you go, to here or there.A database that could say, you went to this Church, this bar, this house, drove here then there. All with date and time stamps. There are those who say, "If you have nothing to hide, you have nothing to fear." That is NOT the spirit of the Constitution!!! For me a cop or whatever knocks on my door and asks,"there is whatever trouble, we don't think it is you, but would you mind if we search you residence?" MY RESPONSE is, "NOT WITHOUT A SEARCH WARRANT!!! AND GET THE HELL OFF MY PROPERTY!!!". And at least here in AZ I can answer the door with a gun strapped on my belt.


There is a good show on NBC tonight, 8PM most Locations, titled "CONFIRMATION", based on Whitley Strieber's book of the same title. I encourage you to watch it or tape it. If for the only reason to see the STS-80 video footage, which I have seen twice at Conferences by Richard C. Hoagland in Phoenix and Alb. NM.

Now some of you may not know, I have pesonally met Richard Hoagland 3 times in the past 2 1/2 yrs. And there are many photo's of this in my Photo Gallery You will have to scroll down and look for Hoagland's name, but many photo's. Also I met Whitley Strieber once at a book signing a year ago, where he signed his book "CONFIRMATION" to SMOKER DAVE. There are 2 photo's of this. For your benefit here are the direct links to the pictures in my Photo Gallery. PHOTO 1 Photo 2.

Slick Willy going to be held in "Contempt Of Court" by Judge Susan Webber Wright of the Paula Jones Case? An action that will mean nothing. Except to "tarnish Clinton". Question IS.... Is there any part of Clinton that is NOT "tarnished"?

Things that irritate me. Employees who volunteer for a night of overtime and don't show up because they "forgot". And have changed their PH# so I can't get ahold of him/her. A bad move when Annual Work Performance Appraisals are being done at this time. A word to the wise, don't piss off the supervisor just before review time, never volunteer to work extra and NOT show up. It will never be forgotten, and even if you desire overtime for some extra $$$. You can bet you will be the last asked to volunteer, if I even decide to ask. Sometimes it is best to go short handed than pay extra for someone who has shown he is NOT dependable. My shift, I can run it as I see fit. And to the higher ups at work, my BOSSES, I didn't identify anyone, those from work who come to this web pg. will know who. The fact is they already know who. Everyone on the shift and the following shift had to work exrtra because of this no-show, and some of my responsibilities remain undone, and also I had to take some work home to do when I finish here. Plus some of us, including myself left work late today, not a big deal if you work an 8 hr dayshift, but a bigger deal if you work the Graveyard Shift that is 10hrs. Do you know how hard it is to call in someonelse on thier day off to come into work at 3am? You got it, IMPOSSIBLE!!!

OK, done with that. Today I saw an old friend at work, been 3 or 4 yrs., granted it was only a 30 second greeting, given being short staffed as I have listed, but I wish to say a "HELLO!!!" to Dan B. who will visit this web pg soon. I have his email address. And Dan there are photo's of Matt in my Photo Gallery (Other Cool Functions on opening pg.) Look for "Uncle Smoker".

Well that's it for today, got home late... and have "Homework" from work to do yet. Sometimes it sucks to be me.


Well the past weekend since the "NOT GUILTY" vote in the Senate. The following has happened, on 2/14 ARIZONA Celebrated it's 87th Birthday as a State. Proud of the "GUILTY" vote by both of our Senators. Also not any under threat of Hillary Clinton running for the US SENATE from ARIZONA. My former state of NY from 15 yrs. back can have her. Can't get much farther away from me than that.

'Ole Slick spent Sun and part of Mon in Mexico discussing drugs,(how Clinton can get some more), and the $4BILLION of our MONEY going to prop up their economy, and TRADE. I read CAREFULLY the news about this trip in the newspaper and my internet resources. NOT ONE MENTION of the fact that Mexico is flooding OUR Southern Borders with Illegal Aliens. AND NOW THEY ARE SUING US for making it more difficult to ILLEGALLY enter this Country by enforcing the law and reinforcing our Border Patrol. This is forcing ILLEGAL ALIENS to cross the border illegally in dangerous territory, the desert. Some are dying trying to cross into this country illegally. Apparently we have signed onto some treaty that requires us to provide "SAFE" avenues of ILLEGAL BORDER CROSSINGS without penalty of being deported for ILLEGALLY Crossing into this Country. And if they, in their crossing ILLEGALLY into this Country, Trespass on YOUR property, fall down and get hurt, or whatever. The Mexican Gov't will help these criminals SUE the owner of the property in civil court!!! What we need is a LAW that makes civil lawsuits brought by people here ILLEGALLY to have NO LEGAL STANDING TO SUE. This doesn't mean you can assault, kill, batter an ILLEGAL ALIEN. there are still Criminal penalties for these, whether perpetrated upon a citizen, a resident alien, or an ILLEGAL ALIEN. The perpetrator will still be held criminally responsible. But for the victims of those crimes that are here ILLEGALLY to begin with, should have NO RIGHT to sue individual people who ARE here in this Country LEGALLY. This is in the same league as a robber enters your home to steal. But because you are untidy that day/night, and his flashlight went out, falls down in your home, breaks his leg. Is unable to finish his job, and now faces Loss Of Income, because it is hard to rob a home with the disadvantage of a broken leg. HOMEOWNERS INSURANCE COMPANIES have been ordered to pay the ROBBER in these situations!!!! Think I'm FULL OF B.S.? Think again. If you are here reading this, than you have the same resource to find this information as I have. These are the stories the LIBERAL BASED MEDIA try to bury and not report. BUT THE INFO IS OUT THERE.

Now ending thought. I want NO CENSURE OF CLINTON. I want no AVENUE available to the Democrats to say "Yes I did not vote for IMPEACHMENT and REMOVAL FROM OFFICE, but I did vote for CENSURE condeming his Felonious Acts." I want the Liberals to LIVE with their "NOT GUILTY" vote. I believe and hope, that the American Public at large are slow to digest politics etc. and will realize before the next election what has transpired, and how they were misled.





Until PRESIDENT PEJURER/OBSTRUCTER leaves or is removed from OFFICE the US FLAG will fly in an appropriate manner on THIS web site. IN A SIGN OF DISTRESS. A sad day for the PRINCIPLES our founding fathers tried to embelish in the CONSTITUTION. The "new" EVERYONE IS A VICTIM, and other LIBERALISMS have tarnished the VALUES AND PRINCIPLES that this COUNTRY was FOUNDED on. One can only HOPE we can survive as a COUNTRY of GOOD and FAIRNESS for the next 2 years until CLINTON the PERJURER/OBSTRUCTER leaves the OFFICE OF PRESIDENT that HE has DESECRATED. Just in case you're not sure... I do NOT plan on asking GOD to have MERCY on his soul. I believe Clinton is jealous of former President Johnson who has nearly 70,000 American Deaths from Viet Nam on his head, and the voter fraud that got him to Washington D.C. from TEXAS in the 1st place. Clinton has tried and so far failed in trying to screw up the COUNTRY like Johnson's "WAR ON POVERTY" that started WELFARE. Clinton tried it with HEALTH CARE and FAILED, so far...

At least my Senators from AZ voted GUILTY on both ARTICLES. Want to know what else is screwed up? The ACLU is charging the Border Patrol with 363 DEATHS of ILLEGAL ALIENS FOM MEXICO. WHY YOU ASK??? Because of the CRACK DOWN on ILLEGAL IMMIGRATION from MEXICO. This is forcing some ILLEGAL IMMIGRANTS to try to ILLEGALLY CROSS INTO THE USA over dangerous territory, and some DIE in the DESERT. The ACLU is charging that the increased enforcement is ILLEGAL because crossing into the USA ILLEGALLY should NOT put the "CRIMINAL" at risk of losing his/her LIFE in the DESERT. By the way, the ACLU likes to call these "CRIMINALS" (it is a FEDERAL CRIME TO ENTER THIS COUNTRY ILLEGALLY) as Undocumented Immigrants. That is the POLITICALLY CORRECT TERM. Heaven forbid if you own property near the border and an ILLEGAL ALIEN gets hurt or dies on your property. The MEXICAN GOV'T will start a LAWSUIT against you in the US FEDERAL COURT. IT has happened MANY times here in AZ and other border STATES. Guess who wins these lawsuits, The US CITIZEN or the ILLEGAL ALIEN who commited a FEDERAL CRIME by crossing the International Border bypassing the Border Checkpoints (Customs). Well it isn't the USA CITIZEN.


Headline News Today, "The President Vows REVENGE on the GOP". This Headline from The Arizona Republic. Article here on my site for your convienence.

Trail is PROLONGED??? Seems to me the HOUSE Prosecutors were hog tied by the Senate Rules. Need to get on the work of the AMERICAN PEOPLE??? It appears this means destroying the House Prosecutors and GOP for doing their "CONSTITUTIONAL DUTY". An END TO THE POLITICS OF PERSONAL DESTRUCTION??? Clinton is now EMBRACING the attitude, demeaner, of James Carville.... "We are going to WAR against anyone against us". And Carville reitterated that WAR-CRY again today. What happened to the "I am sorry" spin of 6 weeks ago? Clinton is now trying to wear this FELONIOUS charges as a "RED BADGE OF COURAGE"!!!

NOW 3 Republicans have come out and said that while they KNOW the charges in the Articles of Impeachment ARE TRUE, the House Prosecuters didn't prove them, or that these are low CRIMES. On the later justification I guess it means that since the originator of this Impeachment with Monica as the recepticle, is a crime that started just below the belt, zipper level. So no matter what the crime manifests to, based on anatomy it is a "low crime".

You think this logic is insane? What about the Defense, "Depends on what the definition of "IS", is????

The American People are being Robbed/ Decieved /MISLED/ LIED TO/ by the LIBERALS because most people only see the snippets of news on the LIBERAL Oriented Network News, which inludes CNN, MSNBC, NBC, ABC, and CBS.

You think the VOTER TURNOUT is LOW??? Well those informed on POLTICS and the workings of Gov't is AN EVEN LOWER PERCENTAGE!!! Thus we are being governed by people ELECTED by, uninformed/ Politically Challenged/ Etc. Etc.

Election Booth Decisions: "Oh yeah, I remember that name from somewhere. I will vote for him/her". If only I could get to run as an Independant... Well maybe this web pg I started is my first "babysteps". Who knows? I sure as hell don't. And to be truthfull I am not willing to at this time to resign my job that pays well($45G) for a run for an Office as an Independant. Reading this as I write it,,,, Somehow at some point it may happen, I am just 36.....

I certainly didn't think I would be doing my own web pg or be an Assosiate Editor on a web Magazine 10 yrs ago. So who can tell what may happen in the next 10 yrs, I rule NOTHING OUT.

Kind of fascinating what has happened to me on my end in the past 3 yrs... Talk Radio, Conferences, etc. 3 yrs ago only co-workers, friends and family knew who I was. Now there are Thousands who have heard me on the local talk radio since then, my web pg since then, the web magazine where I'm on Staff. A former PHX councilwoman who I am in regular contact with. The Future is OPEN, who can tell what may happen? I can't. But the way things are changing right now so fast, WHO can tell?


OK, a couple of news items for you all today. #1 Republican Senator James Jeffers of Vermont has publicly stated TODAY that he will vote to acquit Clinton on the Impeachment Article of PERJURY and OBSTRUCTION OF JUSTICE. He said,That while he believes Clinton DID COMMIT PERJURY AND OBSTRUCTION OF JUSTICE, It doesn't rise to the level of IMPEACHMENT AND REMOVAL FROM OFFICE.... He Continued...If we remove Clinton for this, then we LOWER the BAR for IMPEACHMENT, because EVERY PRESIDENT has COMMITTED PERJURY AND OBSTRUCTION OF JUSTICE. He also said many moderate Republicans will probably vote the same way, even suggesting that NOT A SINGLE ARTICLE OF IMPEACHMENT WILL EVEN GET A MAJORITY VOTE OF APPROVAL!!!

A Republican, now saying Publicly that PERJURY AND OBSTRUCTION OF JUSTICE is OK if the PRESIDENT DOES IT. What about EQUAL JUSTICE UNDER THE LAW???? OUR COUNTRY is in a very SORRY STATE. Can WE fix it??? I hope to GOD we can.

And now this little tid bit of info from Arizona news outlets. 1 in 178 students enrolled at ARIZONA STATE UNIVERSITY (ASU, Home of the FIESTA BOWL and the AZ CARDINALS) tests positive for the HIV VIRUS, the virus the causes AIDS in all who have the virus....1 in 178!!! The 6th largest college campus in the US, populated by 17 to 21 yr olds, and 1 in 178 has the AIDS VIRUS!!! This is NOT a population that share needles in drug activity, This is not a population that has received multiple blood transfusions before 1985 before blood donations were tested for HIV. Our upcoming generation is at a GREAT RISK!!! If this trend is nationwide and continues, we will lose an entire generation on the scale of AFRICA. Think about it, if you are 55 yrs old now, by the time you retire your Social Security $$$$ will be usurped by younger adults succumbing to AIDS. Like Social Security isn't in enough trouble.

I leave you with this, from a recent email friend that sends me lots of good stuff.

>> Bumper stickers reportedly seen on cars around the DC area:
>>  HONK! If you had sex with the President
>>  Clinton: We forgive you...Now Resign!
>>  Al Gore: One heartthrob from the Presidency
>>  Adultery is not a family value
>>  Does character matter YET?
>>  One More Whore And We Get Gore
>>  Bill Clinton: Commander in Heat
>>  My President Fooled Around with Your Honor Student
>>  Jail to the Chief
>>  Today kids no longer play doctor, they play President
>>  The Clinton Creed: Take Credit Not Responsibility
>>  If his private life doesn't matter, let him date your daughter.
>>  Save the President: Legalize Perjury
>>  Clinton: Our Nation's Fondling Father



Representative Henry Hyde put this more eloquently that I ever could.

``All a congressman ever gets to take with him when he leaves is the esteem of his colleagues and constituents and we have risked that for a principle, for our duty as we have seen it,''

``I wonder if, after this culture war is over that we are engaged in, an America will survive that will be worth fighting to defend,'' Hyde, a World War II veteran, told weary senators. Will there be ``enough vitality left in duty, honor and country to excite our children and grandchildren to defend America?''

``I have gone through it all at your side the media condemnations, the patronizing editorials, the hate mail, the insults hurled in public, the attempts at intimidation, the death threats and even the disapproval of our colleagues, which cuts the worst,''

``I doubt there are many people on Planet Earth who doubt the president has repeatedly lied under oath and has obstructed justice,'' he said. ``Do you really cleanse the office as provided in the Constitution, or do you use the Air Wick of a censure resolution?''

DUTY, HONOR, VALOR, SELF-SACRIFICE, GOD AND COUNTRY.......Are these words and the values they represent OUT-DATED!!!??? I PRAY they are NOT!!! Because if they are, we enter a perpetual downward spiral that spells ULTIMATE DOOM for this once GREAT REPUBLIC built upon the backs of brave men who dared to do what has never been done before. A gov't FOR the PEOPLE, By the PEOPLE. No man is ABOVE the LAW. I am moved to reprint my posting from 7/4/98 on what happened to the signers of the "DECLARATION OF INDEPENDANCE".

A tribute to those who signed the Declaration of Independence. And the consequences of their signature on the Document.

The signers of the Declaration represented the new States as follows:

New Hampshire: Josiah Bartlett, William Whipple, Matthew Thornton

Massachusetts: John Hancock, Samual Adams, John Adams, Robert Treat Paine, Elbridge Gerry

Rhode Island: Stephen Hopkins, William Ellery

Connecticut: Roger Sherman, Samuel Huntington, William Williams, Oliver Wolcott

New York: William Floyd, Philip Livingston, Francis Lewis, Lewis Morris

New Jersey: Richard Stockton, John Witherspoon, Francis Hopkinson, John Hart, Abraham Clark

Pennsylvania: Francis Lewis, Robert Morris, Benjamin Rush, Benjamin Franklin, John Morton, George Clymer, James Smith, George Taylor,James Wilson, George Ross

Delaware: Caesar Rodney, George Read, Thomas McKean

Maryland: Samuel Chase, William Paca, Thomas Stone, Charles Carroll of Carrollton

Virginia: George Wythe, Richard Henry Lee, Thomas Jefferson, Benjamin Harrison, Thomas Nelson, Jr., Francis Lightfoot Lee, Carter Braxton

North Carolina: William Hooper, Joseph Hewes, John Penn

South Carolina: Edward Rutledge, Thomas Heyward, Jr., Thomas Lynch, Jr., Arthur Middleton

Georgia: Button Gwinnett, Lyman Hall, George Walton

What happened to these men?

5 of the signers were captured out right, by the British, branded as TRAITORS, and TORTURED before they died.

12 saw their homes ransacked and burned, and their families dispersed.

2 lost their sons in the Revolutionary Army. Another had 2 sons captured.

9 of the 56 actually fought and died from wounds or the hardships of the WAR itself.

Carter Braxton of Virginia, a wealthy planter and trader, saw all his ships swept from the sea by the British Navy. He sold his home and his properties to pay his debts. Carter Braxton died in rags.

Thomas McKean of Delaware, was so hounded by the British, he was forced to moved his family almost constantly. He served in the Continental Congress during the WAR without pay. And his family was kept in hiding. All of his possessions were taken from him. Poverty was his reward.

Vandals or British soldiers, or perhaps both, looted the homes and properties of William Ellery of Rhode Island, George Clymer of Pennsylvania, Button Gwinnett, Lyman Hall, George Walton of Georgia, and Thomas Heyward, Jr., Edward Rutledge, Arthur Middleton of South Carolina.

At the Battle of Yorktown, Thomas Nelson, Jr. of Viginia found that the British General Cornwallis had taken over Mr. Nelson's personal home to use as his Headquarters. Mr. Nelson sent a quite message to General Washington, The General had been reluctant to begin a battle around the home of his old friend. But Nelson's message urged General Washington to fight, to open fire, and WIN the BATTLE. And the General did. Mr. Nelson's home was destroyed, Nelson never recovered his fortune, and died in bankruptcy.

Francis Lewis of New York, saw his home and all properties destroyed. The British jailed his wife in a damp dark prison cell, and she died within a few months.

John Hart of New Jersey, was driven from his wife's bedside, as she lay dying, their 13 children were forced to flee for their very lives. His fields and mills were laid waste by the British Army. For more than a year he lived in forests and caves. Returning home after the WAR he found his wife dead, and his children, forever vanished. A few weeks later, he too, died.

Robert Morris of Pennsylvania, and Philip Livingston of New York, suffered similar fates.

Such were the stories and sacrifices of the men who signed the Document. The Declaration of Independence.

A final thought from Smoker Dave.

It takes only the good and righteous people to be silent when the MORAL FABRIC of OUR SOCIETY is being destroyed. It takes only the good and Righteous People to support evil from the top of authority on down because they believe they are outdated and powerless to stop the evil from the so called POWER of the Federal Govt.. I for one will never give up. When I go before my GOD and I am asked, "What did you do?" I will proudly say, "I have voiced my opposition, I have PUBLISHED MY OPPOSITION, I have supported the causes that support my opposition with time, $$$, and at times personal critizism. I have done all I can to the best of my ability to enlighten those who follow BLINDLY, at the risk of losing careers, respect, and my means of living. While I do believe in the "Live and let Live" way of life, I DO NOT CONDONE the LIVE AND SCREW EVERYONE ELSE to better myself.

Now some of you think this is empty from me. IT IS NOT. Because of my MOUTH on this and other subjects, my career at work HAS been hindered. It has taken me 12 yrs to get to the position at work, that if I kept my MOUTH SHUT would have only taken 5 yrs. Do I regret it??? ABSOLUTELY NOT!!! The first thing to do in LIFE is be TRUE TO YOURSELF!!!


A bit lengthly update today to make up for last week.

Perjury not PROVEN!!!??? News agencies reporting that the charge of PERJURY against Slick Willy won't even get 50 votes!!!! Is this to mean that the Senators believe Clinton NEVER HAD SEX WITH MONICA, and HE never LIED ABOUT IT TO A GRAND JURY???? This is AMAZING!!!

This AFTER Democrat Sen Robert Byrd who brought a motion on the floor of the Senate to dismiss the Impeachment Case entirely 2 weeks ago, NOW says, "The question is, does this rise to the level of high crimes and misdemeanors? I say "YES"". Democrat Senator Robert Byrd who is referred to as "The Conscience of the Senate".

Are the Republicans going to be satisfied by going after Sidney Blumenthal for PERJURY in regards to referring Monica as a "Stalker"? Will Senator Byrd be taken to the whipping post for his comments by the DNC and White House? Will the Republicans match the Democratic Liberals TREASON, with no SPINE and disorganization? A majority in both Houses of Congress and the Republicans are running SCARED of polls of people who haven't voted in decades. The Rebuplicans are showing their true colors this week, let's see what happens. However I am glad that I am an INDEPENDANT. The last stronghold of the CONSERVATIVE MOVEMENT started by BARRY GOLDWATER.

King Hussien of Jordan. I hope his son can keep Jordan stable and be a buffer zone between Isreal and Iraq. President Reagan's 88th birthday this past weekend, HAPPY BIRTHDAY!!! May OUR COUNTRY find another LEADER like yourself and save us from the likes of Clinton and other extremist LIBERALS who are HELL BENT on DESTROYING OUR LIBERTIES AND FREEDOMS.

Now for a brief update on my week in the Dallas area at the new Secret Lab. 1st. I get my Rental car. A NON-SMOKING CAR!!! 2nd. I check into my hotel and requeast a SMOKING ROOM. No problem so they say. Get my key, go to my room, start unloading my stuff into the closet etc. Lite a Smoke. As I am arranging things I use the sink as an ashtray since I didn't see an ashtray. A bit later I am on my 3rd Smoke, settling down and starting to watch my beloved Syracuse Orangemen vs #1 UCONN in a college Basketball Game. I called the OFFICE and asked where the ashtrays were. I was told 1 in living room, 1 in the bathroom. I said not here. Clerk checked on their computer, then said,"We are out of Smoking Rooms, put out your cigarette now, we will move you to a smoking room tommorrow." So I figured OK, I will just go down to the hotel bar for dinner and watch the game there. NO SMOKING AREA!!! Well I said,"The hell with this!!!" And went back to my room. I put the ceiling fan on high, opened all the windows and sat down to watch the Syracuse game. Lit a cigarette, smoke was going out the window, and I decided that was as much I was going to comply with the hotels' policies. The next day I did get a smoking room, but I had to move everything to the opposite end of the hotel. Good thing my work was paying for all this.

5 new pictures in PHOTO GALLERY


Yes folks I am back from my clandestine trip to the new "SECRET LAB" near Dallas, TX. I have some new pictures that I just scanned in, should be available to view in "PHOTO GALLERY" tommorrow.

As a reminder you can get to the "PHOTO GALLERY" and other options by "Clicking" on "OTHER COOL FEATURES" on the Opening page. I should have a comprehensive commentary up tommorrow (SUNDAY) and have some new pictures up and available. I must tell you though, the weather in Dallas was better than PHX this past week, actually got up to 75 on Wed. And it was raining in PHX, Flying back to PHX from Dallas on Fri, I flew over the storm clouds and landed in PHX as the last remenants of the rain was leaving and heading towards Dallas. I can live with that.

More tommorrow.....


Congrats to the Denver Broncos in their victory in SUPER BOWL XXXIII. This is it until Sat 2/5/99 folks, I'm in Dallas this week. I'm going to go thru web withdrawal again along with my Art Bell withdrawal. I should be online again late Fri 2/5/99 night, early Sat Morning. Hopefully a new update then or Sat.


On this Super Sunday, some news. Falcon's Safety Eugene Robinson was arrested last night for SEX-solicitation, apparently he offered $40 to an undercover Officer for oral sex.

I am confused, I thought you could only be arrested for soliciting sex acts from a prostitute, and according to Clinton, and in evidence of the polls, I thought oral sex didn't count. Isn't this kinda of like the "Kissing Booths" at old time fundraisers etc?


FRIDAY AT LAST!!!! And the Pre-Game SUPER BOWL PARTY has begun!!!! glug, glug YUM!!! BEER!!!

I can indulge, no Impeachment Trial today, and I'm a big boy now. As for the Super Bowl, I am not a fan of either team in the GAME. I hope it's a good game, with last second dramatics. But since my Cardinals aren't there playing, these last second heroics are not likely. But SUNDAY will be a day of DARTS, PIZZA, BEER, and FOOTBALL. I personally will be watching for a new Budwieser Lizard Commercial.

THE "Secret Lab" is flying my butt back to Dallas Monday morning for a week. ('till Fri PM 2/5/99) I will do my best to get another update here before I leave. Damnit!!! out of town away from my web pg during the witness testimony. PLUS, I will be going thru ART BELL withdrawal, since I will be working during the day like so-called "normal" people. Also, as the last time I went to Dallas in Sept '98, I will get home to over 100 waiting emails. I was not able to get The Secret Lab to give me a lap-top PC and Internet access while in Dallas. But I was able to get a rental car in the deal, so at least I won't be stranded at the hotel, small steps, but positive steps nonetheless. Of coarse when I get back I will have new Pictures in the "PHOTO GALLERY" of the newest Secret Lab that will be on-line later this year. But meanwhile I am going to enjoy SUPER WEEKEND!!! And I will take great pleasure flying into Dallas-Fort Worth Airport in my AZ. Cardinals jacket and associated gear!!! Remember the Cardinals beat Dallas South America's Team in the Wild Card Game. It's MY WAY of making friends in another city.

Of coarse you all know I subscribe to leadership thru intimidation, and social acceptance thru political incorrectness. Eat MEAT, drink BEER, smoke CIGARETTES, be HONEST!!! You weed out a lot of LIBERALS this way.


Is TOM BROKAW of NBC NIGHTLY NEWS THE BIGGEST F.O.B. (Friend Of Bill)? Check out this story from Matt Drudge, The Drudge Report.

I have this "Drudge Report" HERE!!!

I am watching Joe Lockhart the White House Press Secretary on CSPAN. He is basically saying that, (even before witnesses are called). That there are not enough votes for conviction based on yesterday's votes on dismissal and the votes on the calling of witnesses. Let's see here, majority of the Senate voted NOT to dismiss the charges, the majority of Senators voted for witnesses. Shouldn't EVERY TRIAL HAVE WITNESSES??? And he is trying the case of a "censure". Well.... wouldn't the Senate be justified in seeing the witnesses and any new evidence. SEE THE DRUDGE REPORT I HAVE LISTED ABOVE. Seems to me the Senate should make judgement after all the evidence including witness testimony, and any new evidence is brought forward. THEN the Senate can decide to convict and remove Clinton from Office, convict, but let Clinton finish his term, a "Censure", or nothing at all. Clinton's people in an UPROAR over the conviction and not removal scene. They claim that it puts Clinton in LEGAL JEAPARPDY.

Let's see..... seems to me that ORIGINALLY Clinton's supporters wanted the Paula Jones Case, this Case (Perjury and Obstruction of Justice) to wait untill Clinton finishes his term and then let the Courts decide it. Looks to me a Defence is being built on the , "I AM THE PRESIDENT!!!", and when his term is up, "I WAS THE PRESIDENT!!!" You can't expect me to follow all these DETAILED LEGALISTIC LAWS!!! I didn't know it was ILLEGAL!!!! I'm a small time LAWYER from Arkansaw, Sexual Harrassment is an unknown term there, so is INCEST. That's why they couldn't prove that the kid was mine. We here from Arkansaw all share the same DNA.

Clinton Thoughts-- I think the POPE was MEANSPIRITED in casting as EVIL, MONETARY and SEXUAL IDOLATRY, the POPE is mistaken that ABORTION IS WRONG, including the PARTIAL BIRTH ABORTION. The POPE is WRONG in his assumption that as the FAMILY UNIT GOES, so does the COUNTRY.

So do I CARE what Clinton does or does not? I wouldn't, but because he is the PRESIDENT, I must. If he had ANY sense of honor, or what is best for the COUNTRY, he would have resigned a year ago. I wish no ILL WILL towards anyone, live and let live I say, But when it comes to the Leadership of this COUNTRY I hold higher STANDARDS to be met. NOT LOWER!!!! I am TIRED of DO as I say, NOT as I DO proclaimations. Even JIMMY SWAGGERT did a better job of apologizing when caught with a "Hooker". Can I forgive Clinton? I don't know, but I do know if he doesn't resign and soon, I WILL NEVER FORGIVE HIM, and it will be very hard for me to FORGIVE ANYBODY that stood in his defence over the past year. IGNORANCE of the facts won't help now.


Continuing on from yesterday's posting.

Well there are no visible "bumps", "bruises", etc. visible today on Clinton. But remember the makeup in the past has managed to cover the ash-tray strike, and punch from Hillary in the past. Or maybe the POPE hit him below "the belt" during an attempted Exorcism last night. Check out this story on the "SIGHTINGS" we