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Smoker Dave in good mood today compared to yesterday. As an update to the "slacker" on 2nd shift, she put in her 2 week notice, I was told it is because she says she is moving.... 1st I've heard about this.... Maybe it is because she is afraid of the wrath of Smoker Dave???? Who can tell???

Now for the ANTHRAX deal in Las Vegas I am reprinting a "Thought" From Dec '97


Wonder how many of you heard this story today. It appears that a "cartoon" has sickened hundreds of Japanese children. I heard it on the news today and my ever resourceful brother has sent me a link to the story, here it is go see for yourself.

Now for the latest Iraq bullcrap. Seems Saddam has about 43 "Presidential Palaces" or whatever that they "Iraq" considers "soveriegn". Well, the "CEASES FIRE AGREEMENT" that ended the war before we and the Coalition got to Baghdad and Saddam and is explicit in the UN Resolutions REQUIRES the free reign of the UN Inspection teams searching out illegal and mass destruction weapons. Saddam and Iraq has already violated the CEASE FIRE AGREEMENT. Violation of a cease fire agreement means the war can resume. We (The U.S.A.) announced this week that the ENTIRE MILITARY FORCE will be vaccinated against ANTHRAX. THE #1 on the list of reasons for this was Iraq's threat of use of these weapons, though they then claim they don't have them.

Well I see a buildup of our forces around Iraq, seems to me that it would be best to say fine, and then launch at least 43 Cruise Missles to these "43 Palaces" that the UN is not allowed to inspect, probably more will be needed, and a cleanup detail of strikes by our F-117A's (Steath Fighters)

Since we are there, let's end this idiotic "Dance with a Devil".


Smoker in a poor mood, got up on wrong side of the bed, went to work and within the first hr was in a bad mood for the entire 10 hr shift. Crew at work left me alone for the most part, a smart move and thanks. And I apologize for my disposition at work to all who may have been put off by it.

Now to current thoughts from a bad attitude.

Poetic Justice to the Clinton Admin. yesterday from Anti-War activists(Clinton was a Anti-War Protester in the '60's and "loathed the Military"). "1-2-3-4 We Don't Want Your Racist War" being chanted in the Towne Hall Meeting at Ohio State Univ. Broadcast Live WorldWide on CNN yesterday? Now even the Flaming Liberal Administration i.e. Clinton and Democrats are being accused of being Racist. The Liberal Democrats have this accusation though, Kill 'em. While the worst the Conservatives ever were accused of was not paying $ to them. Now thinking people that visit this web pg. know this is all a bunch of bullshit. But it is kinda funny that the Liberals and Clinton now have this to deal with.

Clinton poised to use Executive Privilege in the Starr Investigation? That's what Nixon tried to do, will the repeat of history never end?

Some Group manufacturing Anthrax to use in the NY City Subway System!!!??? Just heard it on the news.Good Grief!!!

Paul Harvey the nationally syndicated journalist who lives in PHX, AZ (The Rest of the Story, etc. on ABC Radio)Gave this Question from yesterday's Towne Hall Meeting GREAT CREDENCE: Would the US let weapons inspectors on US soil? Well Mr. Harvey we have been letting inspectors in for years overseeing the destruction of nuclear weapons per treaty, the US has timed the destruction of B-52 Bombers at Davis-Monthan AFB near Tucson, AZ so the Russian Spy Satellites could view the destruction. The B-52's are destroyed by a crane with a giant slap af metal shaped like an ax and it is dropped to sever the wings, the nose, the tail, and cut in 1/2 the fuselage, ALL timed so the Russians can verify.

Now to revisit why yours truly is in a poor mood(improved some since leaving work and getting Daily Thought done). The work we do at my place of employment requires cooperation between shifts on getting basic things ready for the next shift. Now I am the only link between these shifts, I start 1 1/2 hr before the rest of the shift and am the only one who overlaps 2nd and 3rd shift. When I have to do the very basics to get things ready for MY shift and someone sits on her fat ASS for the entire HR I overlap w/ her when I can be doing other duties to give my shift a jump start, which is why I come in 1 1/2 hrs before them. It PISSES me OFF!!! I would have done/said something right then but she was busy discussing with 2 other employees (WHO WERE ACTUALLY WORKING) some lunch thing she gets to go to today and describing all the bullshit related to it and complaining that she has to be at work by 4pm (HER SHIFT STARTS AT 3PM). I said nothing at the time for fear of a brutally honest outburst on my part that could get me in trouble. Give ME a Damn Break!!!! Do your Damn JOB!!!!


Sticking with the press today. See the satellite photo and story on one of Saddam's Presidential Palaces HERE. Puts it in perspective on what Saddam is trying to hide/do.


Long difficult night at "Secret Gov't Regulated Lab" on what is supposed to be an easy night. Looks like tonight could be worse, and our fearless director "Flow" is on vacation this week, somehow he manages to be gone when shit goes down, but we will recover, just another bitch of a night coming up if we don't get some reagent from MLA to put some eguipment back in service. My advice is to never accept something that has a lot # of 68.

Short and to the point today. I heard Clinton's press conference from the Pentagon today on the radio, and have since seen parts of it on CNN. I tell you this was his most Presidential "like" speech ever, on radio sounded resolute and seeing clips on the news, appearing resolute. It was for all intents and purposes a Reaganisque type speech. I only wish that we had the same military preparedness as we did 7, 9 years ago,,,,God forbid if we get bogged down in Iraq and N. Korea decides to make a move on S. Korea with China's help. 7 years ago we had the power to deal with both,,,,we no longer have the equipment or forces to deal with the same situation today for anything protracted, which raises the ante on the use of tactical nuclear weapons, once that happens who knows what is next, right now Russian Diplomats are using themselves as Human Shields with the Iraquis(Since they sold Iraq materials and equipment in 1995 to manufacture biological weapons.) Wait and pray, US attack still about 10 days away, (New Moon)


President's Day Holiday. Let me guess, unless you are a student, work for Fed, State, or Local Gov't, or are in finance, You and I have to work today and will not get time and a half for working the holiday. Isn't that nice.

Secretary of State in AZ has put out a new form for people to report on people they believe are voting in elections and are not eligible to vote. Well here in AZ some lawmakers have already labeled this as "Racist". I guess the feeling is if you get here legally or illegally, are a citizen or not, are a convicted Felon or not, are 18 or older or not, you get to vote with no hindrance. Seems the voter registration laws are in themselves RACIST by requiring, Of Age(Oh the CHILDREN HAVE NO SAY), Not a Convicted Felon(HUMAN RIGHTS ISSUE), and Citizenship in the USA(RACIST TO ILLEGAL IMMIGRANTS, GET NO SAY OR INPUT TO IMPROVE THE LIVING STANDARDS TO PEOPLE HERE ILLEGALLY).

Heard that "Popular Science Magazine" in latest issue that the Russians and Australians have developed, independently of each other, a "radar" that can pick up our "Stealth Fighters and Bombers", using a technology that detects "disturbed air", that all aircraft produce flying thru the air. It is unknown if Russia has sold this to Iraq or not, I guess we will find out in under 2 weeks. The "New Moon" is in 12 - 13 days, that is when we would launch our night attack on Iraq, when the night sky is darkest.Interactive map on military forces near Iraq

I heard on the news that there are now 4 emails from Monica Lewinsky to Linda Tripp on her affair w/Clinton I commented on the 2 emails I discussed yesterday.

Unfortunatly Dale Earnhardt "The Antichrist in NASCAR" won the Daytona 500 yesterday, this world must truly be on the brink of "The Last Days". Charles Barkley admitting a drinking problem, after he has thrown people thru plate glass windows from the "BAR" etc....

Over 200 people killed in an aircrash in Taiwan today, missed the runway. Makes me feel good about air travel since I fly from PHX to Dallas in less than 3 weeks for my 2nd plane trip ever. Any physics or whatever please let me know that there are no foreseen air disasters in March '98


Daytona 500 today,can't wait. Well the ASU SunDevils nearly upset #3 ranked UofA Wildcats before losing 82-83 on a missed final shot, oh well. Sprin Training started Officially yesterday, Arizona Diamondbacks are training in Tucson. Harry Caray is in the hospital after collapsing at dinner.

Monica Lewinsky talking about affair thru email? Story from CNN's web pg.

Newsweek reports on Lewinsky's e-mails Newsweek magazine is also reporting in its latest edition that e-mail messages from Lewinsky to Tripp contain references to her alleged relationship with Clinton. The e-mails are apparently from the period that both women were employed in the public affairs operation at the Pentagon. On Feb. 13, 1997, according to Newsweek, Lewinsky messaged Tripp, saying "I will also be checking my messages in the hopes that that the creep will call and say 'Thank you for my love note. I love you. Will you run away with me?'" Lewinsky adds to Tripp, "What do ya think the likelihood of that happening is?" The following day, Valentine's Day, Lewinsky messaged Tripp to say that Clinton hadn't called her. "Nice that the big creep didn't even try to call me on V-day...he could have called me last night and didn't." Newsweek says it obtained hard copies of the e-mail from sources with access to Lewinsky's e-mail.

Interactive map on military forces near Iraq


Friday the 13th.... At my work, who would have thought that a day before this, someone protected by affirmative action,(I leave it there) could cause so much disruption in the availability of a major portion of the blood supply in this country is beyond me, and probably again with no disciplinary action because of the fear the employer has in regards to discipline on a minority worker who has raised their ethnicity a number of times in defending their self when the Creed, Color, Race, or Gender in these problems was a nonissue, until the response was, "it is because I am _______" fill in any protected people or class. Because of this the protections to the supply of anything crucial, i.e. drugs, blood, cars, aircraft, etc. are lowered because of Federal Gov't constraints. At this rate, soon your kid will have a tonsillectomy performed by a total moron. Who gets to play in a PGA Golf Tournament from his golf cart because he/she is too stupid to read the coarse outlay map provided to them. And need to be driven from tee to tee.

To all those at my work who visit this page, YOU ARE DENIED PERMISSION TO DISCLOSE TODAY'S THOUGHT FROM A SMOKE FILLED ROOM To Other CoWorkers(You would be in violation of my Copyright). I do this page on my own time and I follow all guidelines from work and what is regulated by state and federal gov't in relation to my current position at work. At work I have to accept and act/supervise by the rules and laws and guidelines given to me. What I do here is irrevalent to my workplace in regards to my job/position/responsibilities. I don't always agree with them, but I follow them.

If I was a Black Woman, Jewish with Muslim tendencies, With a mental Disability, Spoke only Spanish or Arabic, Had a traumatic Exp as a child, Divorced Parents,Sexually exploited as a child, and was gay or bisexual, and a UFO abductee, And always have believed I was "a victim". I'd be the CEO, if the Feds had their way.

This is as insane as the guy who has been homeless for 20 yrs because he is holding out for a management position.....Give me a Damn Break!!!!


What a bunch of bull, this will be overturned in a higher court.

*** Disabled U.S. golfer wins right to cart on pro tour

A disabled golfer who "just wanted a chance to play" won his legal
battle Wednesday for the right to use a cart in professional golf 
tournaments. U.S. Magistrate Thomas Coffin ruled under the Americans
with Disabilities Act the Professional Golfers Association Tour was
obligated to make an exception from its rules for Casey Martin, a
promising 25-year-old player who suffers from a circulation disorder
that makes it extremely painful for him to walk. In enacting the 1990
law, "Congress intended to protect disabled individuals not only from
intentional discrimination but also from indifference," Coffin said.
Click here for more. .

Here is why. Imagine this guy was a hell of a hitter in baseball, but his condition prevented him from running. i.e. 1st base, does he get to use a "cart" or have someone to run for him to first base? PGA Golf Rules prohibit carts, walking the entire coarse is mandatory, 18 holes of golf can be up to 6 miles of walking. By the time you get to the 16th, 17th, 18th hole a fatigue factor comes into play, where as the 1 who got to use a cart doesn't have that fatigue. Let's say a peson who looks like a Sumo Wrestler was a golfer, and claimed his obesity was a disability covered by the ADC Act and should also be able to use a cart. Or a Sumo Wrestler want to be needs special consideration because he suffers from an eating disorder like Bulimia? Or in football someone who can pass better than Joe Montana or Joe Namath ever could, but has brittle bones and cannot be tackled because of severe real risk of permanent injury.

Or how about a President with severe mental disorders? OOPS, guess we shouldn't go there,,,,,,,since we are there....Slick Willy wants us all to SWALLOW his version of the story, since he is convinced we all are as easily fooled as Monica,,,,,the polls seem to show him right on this for now. I however remain confident that the American people will wake up and see the President as he really is,,,the accomplished liar and ultimate traitor that this country has ever elected into Office.

There will soon be a day that anyone with the last name of "Clinton" will petition the court to change their last name for it will be as popular to have that name as Pontious Pilate, or Judas. How many people do you know named after these 2 people? Not too many Bennedict (Arnold)s either. My guess is that "Hillary" will also be an unpopular name.

Or maybe I am all wrong and the American people want a "Class of People" above the laws that the rest of "us" are supposed to adhere too. I hope not, I want everyone answerable to the same laws and constraints as I am. Any disagreement to this is Anti-American. That's how our founding countrymen would see it. Remember the Oath of Office contains the language, "To preserve and protect The Constitution of the United States of America from ALL enemies, foreign and domestic...".

I, Smoker Dave, rest my case.....for today.


Just one quick comment today. And it fits in perfectly with the cartoon from Suzi-Q (used with permission). Hillary Clinton is quoted as saying regarding the scandal w/ Monica Lewinsky, "This will all BLOW over." Can you read between the lines???!!! I think Hillary was inadvertently speaking her unconscious mind. What do you think?


OK Short and sweet today. Slick Willy's approval rating is at 79% today..... I would like to see the Questions given in getting these stats. Besides that, I imagine that if Ole' Slick Willy has GirlScouts visit the White House and some indiscretion is reported, Slick's approval rating would go up to 98% +/- 4%..... Imagine a possible 102% approval rating!!!!!!

But take a peek behind the scenes, George Stephanopulus is now portrayed by the Clinton Camp as a "Judas", for suggesting he resign 2 weeks ago. The latest leaks from the investigation that Clinton's lawyer's are blaming on Starr, and taking to court....., the reporting news agency has disclosed that the story, "leak" came from Clinton's own defense team. You see the plan is to DENY DENY DENY!!! And anyone getting in the way of the Clinton agenda is to be discredited by any means. Including slandering former Staff Members on Quick 30 sec Sound Bites that most Americans make their judgment on from Network TV News. You don't see the feminist groups defending a naive 21 yr old now 24 yr old from the political machine of destruction. NO the feminists consider Slick Willy "their" guy, and no matter what he does to 1 or 2 or 3 or 4 or 5 individual women matters because he is a President working their agenda..... but leave Slick alone on these indiscretions, and the feminists have bought it hook, line, and sinker.

Remember all this sexual harassment laws were drawn up over the unproven allegations of a "pubic hair" on a Coke Can during the Clarence Thomas Supreme Court Hearings. Now Dear Flaming Feminists,,,, you can't have it both ways, defend equally your gender, or let it be known that you are a Left Wing group, not the defender of sexual abuse/harrasment against women. These women ARE FULL OF B.S. and should individually smell up any room with the fragrance of their deceptions, and double standard. And all these so called women CAN GO TO HELL. I wish we had a country where these 1 issue people were seen as ignorant of the big picture on what we as one need to do to move this country forward.


Smoker Dave made a triumphant return to talk radio today on the Barry Young Show on KFYI 910am in PHX AZ. What got me to call in was the FTC report to start attacking cigar smokers like the cigarette smokers. And the inference that fast food i.e. McDonalds etc. would be next. Fatty Foods, Fried Foods , Animal suffering..... BLAH,BLAH,BLAH....

The children brought up on a farm that raises cows, pigs, chickens, etc. and also have fields of corn, tomatoes, potatoes, lettuce, etc. somehow seem to be able to distinguish between abuse and USE of these resources. The children brought up in a "city" or "urban" environment sit in horror on viewing the hunting and harvesting the land. And have no understanding that this is where their beloved hamburgers and condiments comes from. Let's tell the children what Hot Dogs are made of. Lets point out to these children and adults on a live cow, where hamburger is from, steaks are from,etc. Lets point out on a pig where "ham" is from, Ribs, etc. Let's show a turkey to show them what we eat on Thanksgiving!!!Let's tell the children that their beloved dog(s) and cat(s) are a delicacy in many countries.

We are MEAT EATERS no doubt about it. Look at the human dental record, we are carnivores!!! Always have been, always will be,(CORRECTION We Are Omnivores) to deny this basic fact is analogous to telling a green plant that it is stealing from the SUN for it's food and energy, survival. So all you Vegetarians, Vegans, etc. do what you want, but leave me alone!!! I will always enjoy my steak. ham, hamburger, hot dogs, etc... And no matter what you preach, it will not change my mind. As far as I'm concerned, all you radical animal lovers etc. in this instance, CAN GO TO HELL FOR ALL I CARE!!!!


HAPPY 87th Birthday to President Ronald Reagan, wish you were 18 years younger and the Commander in Chief right now in this current crisis with Iraq.

We (British and USA) are about to go to "war" with Iraq over the weapons inspections. The Russians, French and China are against it, and there is suggestion it could start WWIII(Yeltsin). Now I'll tell you what is NOT the objective of the military action. It is not to kill Saddam or remove him from power. It is NOT to destroy his elite troops in the "Republican Guard". It is NOT to destroy his stockpiles of chemical/ biological weapons, because we don't know where they are. So if this current so called president cannot even give an objective to military action why are we about to attack, the only ones who will suffer are the very people we count on for the eventual overthrow of Saddam's madness, hell of a way to make friends if you ask me. Is military action warranted? You bet it is, but there needs to be an explicit objective or goals to the military action. EX. when Iraq invaded Kuwait President Bush said, "This Will Not Stand!!!" and the objective of the Gulf war and the coalition he brought together was to liberate Kuwait from Iraq.

I know I took the Indians or so called "Native Americans" to task yesterday on sovereignty, but here is something from the local Reservation that was plastered on the front page of the Arizona Republic Today:

Molester at school

              Cop picks con to play crime dog; victim in crowd

              By Judi Villa
              The Arizona Republic
              Feb. 6, 1998 

              A Gila River tribal police officer checked a convicted child
              molester out of jail last week, then took the man to an elementary
              school to play McGruff, the crime dog, for a group of children. 

              At least one of his victims was in attendance. 

              So was a boy the man had been ordered to stay away from. 

              The identity of McGruff was revealed after he "started getting
              touchy-feely" with children, sparking an outcry among parents and
              school officials. 

              "McGruff was inappropriately touching children as he was hugging
              them," an angry woman said. "The police officers were right there
              with him. They were well aware of what he was in there for." 

              Alfred Thurman, 27, is halfway through a two-year sentence for
              indecent exposure, attempted sexual conduct with a minor and
              sexual molestation of a child, Pease said. 

              One child, a parent said, recognized the criminal when he took the
              head off the McGruff costume in the hallway. 

              "I was mad. Very upset," the parent said. "Why would they bring
              this person in there when they knew what he was in jail for? 

              "It should have never happened." 

              A spokesman for the Bureau of Indian Affairs said tribal Officer
              Mario Molina may not have realized Thurman's criminal past when
              he picked him from about 40 inmates to fill in for McGruff at a
              health fair at Gila Crossing Community School, on the west end of
              the reservation near Laveen. 

              Usually, another police officer dons the costume, investigator
              Robert Pease said. 

              "It is not our policy to be using the inmates for something like this,"
              said Davis Pecusa, acting superintendent for the BIA, which
              supervises the Gila River Indian Reservation Tribal Police. "It was
              really poor judgment by the officers involved in this. 

              "We do owe an apology to the community and the school." 

              Inmates who have attained higher "trusty" status can be used for
              community service, but "they're not to be out where there are kids,"
              Pecusa said. 

              Tribal police officials are investigating the incident, and Pecusa said
              that if the officers involved didn't know Thurman's past, they should

              "I'm not making any excuses for what was done," he said. "It's not

              Parents and teachers complained that McGruff was patting
              children's buttocks as he hugged them. 

              Bill Walters, the principal of Gila Crossing Community School, said
              a female officer, who stayed with McGruff the whole time, later
              told him that Thurman was a jail trusty. He said she did not know
              he was a child molester and did not notice any inappropriate

              "It was a legitimate mistake," Walters said. "I don't think they
              would willfully bring a child molester into a school." 

              Molina checked Thurman out of jail Jan. 29 to appear as McGruff
              at the health fair, attended by preschoolers through sixth-graders.
              He was met at the school by Officer Tanya Hendricks, 22, who
              escorted McGruff. 

              "There was apparently a mistake made," Pease said. "He (Molina)
              is an excellent officer. But he's young, and in his haste to do a good
              job here, he didn't want to miss the event. 

              "Unfortunately, he grabbed somebody he shouldn't have." 

              He also is being investigated in the homicide of a child, Pease said.
              That case involves the 1995 choking death of Thurman's
              6-month-old stepson, sources said. 

              Molina, 25, and Hendricks weren't immediately disciplined, but
              they still could face corrective actions ranging from reprimands to
              suspensions, Pecusa said. 

              "It's something that shouldn't have happened, but it did and we're
              not going to cover it up," Pease said. "The officer had good
              intentions. He made a mistake. 

              "It's an unfortunate thing, and it'll never happen again."