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DAY 154 of WWIII


Well, I have heard much talk about this ALERT. Back in OCTOBER the GOV't was Criticized for not being SPECIFIC ENOUGH about the ALERT. NOW it is being critcized for BEING TOO SPECIFIC. Complaints that the WARNING ITSELF will cause further Economic Recession, etc. etc. Well in my view, Yes the OCTOBER WARNING was very GENERAL in nature, but this ALERT is in Reality not much more informative. The ALERT narrows it down to the ATTACK possibly happening in YEMEN, or HERE in the USA, or maybe somewhere else. The same people who originally complained the ealier ALERTS were too general, are now saying this ALERT is TOO SPECIFIC. I don't see much difference between these ALERTS. So what did I do in regards to this ALERT? Well instead of gassing up my car tomorrow or Thursday, I filled it up today. For 2 reasons. #1 The largest Nuclear Power Facility is 50 miles from me, PALO VERDE NUCLEAR POWER PLANT, just West of Phoenix. AND LUKE AFB just west of Phoenix, the nation's largest JET FIGHTER TRAINING BASE. Enough for me to take very simple precautions, like filling my Gas Tank in my car. I have everything else covered, so why not the ability to leave THE VALLEY OF THE SUN and head to Tucson or Wherever if the need arises without stopping for GAS? Just being PRUDENT.


SO..... MY OPINION RIGHT NOW OF THIS NEWS, IS A FEW DEAD, MILLIONS TO GO. I find it very hard to feel sad about an JETLINER of IRAN CRASHING killing hundreds. FOR all I know each and every one of them chanted "DEATH TO ALL OF US". Or maybe each and EVERYONE of them were LEAVING IRAN because of this rhetoric, or somewhere in-between. WELL,,, I am not going to lose any sleep over this, but here is the STORY of the PLANE CRASH HERE!!!

DEMOCRAT MAJORITY LEADER in the SENATE is now flapping in the WIND, MAYBE HE WAS IN TEHRAN YESTERDAY CHANTING "DEATH TO AMERICA". In just 2 short weeks he has reversed himself on our NATION'S POLICY. AND THAT POLICY IS TO PROTECT THIS NATION. HIS "LOGIC" would make SPOCK believe that Dr. McCoy "LOGICAL HUMAN" in EXISTANCE!!! But you ALL KNOW this IS NOT the CASE. See the STORY HERE!!!


Well I do have more NEWS, but I need to eat and sleep. I have to work for a living ya know!

DAY 153 of WWIII


It has now been 5 Months since the ATTACK OF 09/11/01. Have YOU forgotten? I have NOT!!! Did you watch the Opening Ceremonies of the OLYMPICS? I did. While I have many Issues against the MORMONS, I DO NOT call them UNAMERICAN, in fact they are Very Good AMERICANS. And they have a "HECK" of a CHOIR, and did themselves and all of us PROUD.

Maybe I am an anachronistic person at 39 yrs of age. But I think not. If you watched the very beginning of the Opening Ceremony, and saw the WTC FLAG carried into the stadium. And the MOTAB CHOIR singing the "NATIONAL ANTHEM", DID You not have a dry eye?

A DESECRATED FLAG, ABUSED, TORN AND TATTERED. BURIED for 3 DAYS in the WORST UNPROVOKED ATTACK on OUR COUNTRY. NO LONGER will the image of the FLAG be remembered as flying over FORT McHENRY as the CIVIL WAR STARTED, but will be remembered for the next generations as the FLAG that WAS FLYING over the WTC on 09/11/01, when the NATIONAL ANTHEM IS PLAYED.

What to do... Well it is my opinion in light that WE need to defend ALL the tall buildings in this COUNTRY from ATTACK, that it shouldn't be too much trouble to protect the WTC SITE, also.

In the late 60's, early 70's, 110 stories tall was the Engineering limit. I say to you and to the THOSE AGAINST US. To nake SURE we are not DEFEATED or SCARED. TO BUILD THE BIGGEST, GIGUNDOUS, BUILDING TECHNICALLY POSSIBLE on the WTC SITE. 200 STORIES PLUS. It would be the GREATEST MEMORIORIAL to OUR COUNTYMEN & WOMEN who lost their LIVES on 09/11/01.

DAY 149 of WWIII


PREVIOUS UPDATE available below! I had internet connection difficulties yesterday.

JOHNNY TALIBAN WALKER LINDH. Well his LAWYERS hired by his PARENTS tried to get "Johnny HOME AGAIN". Good Grief!!! This can all be taken care of for 5 cents. That is what a Cheap 22 CALIBER BULLET costs. This GUY, HATES US!!! And unless you are a VERY STUPID LIBERAL, with FEELINGS that WE JUST Don't UNDERSTAND him, even after THESE EMAILS.... HERE!!!

There are WHACKO'S EVERYWHERE!!! See what happened on THIS FLIGHT!!! HERE!!!



DAY 148 of WWIII


Well I am still losing $$$ hand over fist. But I expected it since the AFC won the SUPER BOWL. BUT DAMN!!! if I go any lower, then my $$$ in the MARKET will be worth less than the the ACTUAL $$$ I put in. That SUCKS!!!

Well there was a story I caught on the NEWS on the RADIO at Work today, MADE ME LAUGH the rest of the SHIFT. I don't know who thought this was a GOOD IDEA, but I immediately COMMENTED at WORK that they probably had WATERMELONS on SALE in the PRODUCE DEPT. ALSO!!! What am I talking about? A FRIED CHICKEN SALE. YOU say so what???... Well the problem is... it was advertised, AS "TO HONOR BLACK HISTORY MONTH"!!!! SEE THE STORY HERE!!!

I guess those involved in this didn't have TRAINING on SENSITIVITY AND PLOITICAL CORRECTNESS from their COMPANY!

On a lighter note: MR. POTATO HEAD turns 50 years old. As a Child, I DID have MR. POTATO HEAD as a toy. I remember playing with it clearly, and that is over 30 years ago. HAPPY 50th B-DAY MR. POTATO HEAD!!!


Because of You and BUSH SR. We were able to survive as a COUNTRY, 8 YEARS of CLINTON. MAY GOD GUIDE BUSH JR. IN THIS TIME OF GREAT PERIL TO THIS GREATEST COUNTRY That has ever Existed on this EARTH.



DAY 146 of WWIII


Well!!! IT WAS A SUPER Super Bowl! And was I WRONG on what I expected. GREAT GAME! My only complaint is that whenever the AFC WINS the Stock Market goes DOWN that year. As opposed to the fact that when the NFC WINS, the Stock Market goes up. All I can say is, I am still young, decades away from retirement, so this year I will continue to buy Stock on reduced values, hopefully this strategy will work in my favor 30 yrs from now.

The Super Bowl Party. Well we had much "munchies & dips" followed by those little 1 inch hotdogs/sausages, Little Smokers Or something like that. AND followed by a "RACK OF PORK BABY BACK RIBS" EACH! YUM!!!! BEST SUPER BOWL GAME IN YEARS!!! Plus I walked out $10 richer, besides the FREE FOOD. I went 4-0 in DARTS during PRE-GAME, won the bet on the COIN-TOSS. And won the Bet on who would get the 1st FIELD GOAL.

Well let's get to the NEWS of the DAY

This TEACHER in NYC told her students Shortly after 09/11/01 that the attacks were done by ARABS. THIS IS TRUE!!!! She also said that the troubles in the middle East is between Jews and Arabs. ALSO TRUE!!! Well this Teacher of 17 years is about to have her licsence revoked because of this BRAND NEW UNKNOWN UNTIL NOW CRIME!!! VERBAL CORPORAL PUNISHMENT!!!! SEE the STORY HERE!!!

IN NEW JERSEY, PUBLIC SCHOOLS can't teach about US HISTORY, text books without GEORGE WASHINTON, THOMAS JEFFERSON, BEN FRANKLIN, the atrocities of the Japanesse on OUR TROOPS in WWII, ETC., ETC., WAR is now "A CONFLICT". The Holocost is mentioned, but NOT THE CONCENTRATION CAMPS. This is LIBERAL Historical REVIONISM and POLITICAL CORRECTNESS GONE WILD!!! Can't TEACH about the PILGRIMS, because they were RELIGIOUS! REMEMBER SEPERATION OF CHURCH AND STATE!!! So the Children in NJ will grow up not having a CLUE to why they have Thursday off at the end of NOVEMBER, except that it is "TURKEY DAY with FOOTBALL" for some unknown reason! PLUS wondering who the hell these people are printed on their $MONEY!!! SEE THE STORY HERE!!!

And REMEMBER WE ARE AT WAR, and it began before we Knew IT!!! See the STORY HERE!!!

But I AM A GREATER THREAT, BECAUSE I LIKE BEER and SMOKE. PLUS I am CATHOLIC, now considered an EXTREMIST RELIGION because we oppose DIVORCE and ABORTION. Am I/ We To be ATTACKED leaving CHURCH after "ASH WEDNESDAY SERVICES"? BECAUSE MY FAITH IS NOT "POLITICALLY CORRECT"???? WELL... My FAITH allows me to defend myself. It is UNWISE to bring just a fist to a GUN FIGHT, if you know what I mean.

DAY 143 of WWIII


Well, I did have an update for yesterday, I had hope I could retrieve it today, but not possible. It went to THE GREAT BIT /BYTE BUCKET in the wherever where lost DATA and socks from the dryer go. Partially my fault, I was messing with some settings on the computer. But didn't expect to crash the computer and lose the file. Now all I had posted as BREAKING or NEARLY BREAKING NEWS is old news, You can find it everywhere now.


So let's begin anew. HAVE A MERRY and JOYFUL SUPER BOWL!!! PARTY with Friends and Family! I do think that the RAMS will BLOW-OUT the PATRIOTS by 4 TOUCHDOWNS. I hope I am wrong and it is a GREAT GAME Ultimately won by the RAMS. So Why am I rooting for the RAMS? Well there is nearly a perfect RECORD. When the NFC WINS the SUPER BOWL the STOCK MARKET goes UP. AND When the AFC WINS the SUPER BOWL the STOCK MARKET goes DOWN. LAST YEAR the Baltimore RAVENS WON. I WANT THE STOCK MARGET TO GO UP!!! But I also want to see a CLOSE GAME. I don't want the most exciting thing to be a COMMERCIAL.

Good GRIEF my SMOKE BREAKS at work have been chilly the past 2 nights, mid 30's BRRRR.

Well there is NEWS today. Arab Network Cuts Ties With CNN. See the STORY HERE!!!

And there is this story. HERE!!!

Now for this STORY. CHILD PORNOGRAPHY. A bad thing. But what do WE DO when the CHILD PORNAGRAPHER on the INTERNET is STILL A 15 yr old CHILD? ADULT PORN is LEGAL to adults. What's to say that this CHILD is any worse than an ADULT. Think about it. Technically my first Sexual experiences happened before I was 18 yrs old. Was I engaged in CHILD MOLESTATION with my girlfriend, and MYSELF? The Permuntations of this are mind boggling. EX. Suppose the Parents of one of my high school girlfriends had placed those itty bitty WEB CAMS throughout their house. Can they the PARENTS be sued for distributing KIDDIE PORN? CONVERSELY, if my Parents had the same camera set up, could they sue for statuatory Rape when 1 of my girlfriends was older than me, but still under 18? AND ALL THIS on a WEB CAM set up by the parents to broadcast across the GLOBE? I DO NOT KNOW how this would be handled in the COURTS. But I can tell you this much. I am DAMN GLAD this scene wasn't possible when I was a TEENAGER!!!!

Well, the next time I will see you here, we will know WHO won the SUPERBOWL, and how good a GAME it was. I think it will be all over before 1/2 time, RAMS WINNING, the most interesting part are the COMMERCIALS. So by the 2nd 1/2 my friends and I will be more interested in EATING and playing DARTS! WE WILL SEE!!!!


DAY 141 of WWIII


Let me 1st update yesterday's posting. I did not see SNOW falling. Other Co-Workers coming into work, at 07:30AM did see SNOW falling. But it is getting COLDER HERE! I got home at 10AM and the Temp was 46 degrees. 1PM now and 44 degrees. So I guess if it does SNOW here in my AREA, I will be sleeping at that time. But it is the 1st time I have the HEAT on BEFORE going to bed, instead of when I get up. 65 is just a bit chilly for me.

A GOOD DAY for HOT SOUP for dinner. We do have a FREEZE WARNING for Tonight. See the STORY HERE!!!

Well, CHICKEN LITTLE, now is the time you can run about the "SKY IS FALLING!!!" A 3 1/2 TON sattelite is coming crashing to EARTH, or at least parts of it. NASA is not exactly SURE where it will come down, and PARTS of it will hit the surface of the EARTH. Most likely OCEAN, or a REMOTE LAND AREA, but you NEVER KNOW! SEE THE STORY HERE!!!

I have MANY STORIES ON THIS!!! THE FOOD TERRORISTS. CORPORATION - WISE as far as product distribution, and PRIVATELY as far as the WHACKO'S are concerned. HERE ARE THE STORIES!!!





For the RECORD, I grew up with WISE Potato Chips, and get them whenever I can. But when it comes right down to it, I eat REGULAR Potato Chips!

Well I KNOW at least SOME of you are ART BELL FANS. Well last night's guest was MEL WATERS. Who is MEL WATERS? REMEMBER MEL'S HOLE? AN AMAZING UPDATE to the this STORY!!! The most important being EVIDENCE to the credibility of his STORY. SATTELITE pictures EDITED of his Property where the HOLE IS. HERE is the LINK HERE!!! MEL'S Property is in the WHITE BLOCKED AREA. You can research the multiple appearences of Mel on Art Bell's Show HERE!!! Start with "Mel's Hole" and refine from there.

PRESIDENT G.W. BUSH STATE OF THE UNION ADDRESS. I have not seen the whole thing, I have it on tape. But I have learned that HILLARY "ROLLED HER EYES ONCE AGAIN" in DEFIENCE. Either before, during, or after the SPEECH. This much I can tell YOU. I am very GLAD that MY NAME is NOT: IRAN, IRAQ, or N. KOREA. And in ADDITION, William Jefferson Clinton. Let's label EVIL where we find it. ELIMINATE them, to the best of OUR ability. I have ZERO problems with my RELIGIOUS, POLITICAL, or SOCIAL VIEWS, with my current BELIEFS.

From the very chilly desert at 42 degrees at 2PM, and dropping. I will be back Tomorrow!!!!

DAY 140 of WWIII


GLOBAL WARMING???? Well folks, I have lived here in the "VALLEY OF THE SUN", the PHOENIX, AZ. area for over 17 years. While we have had SNOW on the Mountains around us in the past. (That is WHY we are "THE VALLEY"). This is the 1ST TIME I know of hearing a forcast of the possibility of SNOW SHOWERS HERE!!!! See the STORY HERE!!!

GOOD GRIEF! Most of the people here don't know how to DRIVE in the RAIN, let alone SNOW!!! I know we here have had below freezing TEMPS before, but it was clear winter nights with low humidity, ZERO CHANCE OF SNOW, just FROST. But not this time, SNOW COULD ACTUALLY FALL HERE TONIGHT and TOMORROW!!!

This reminds me that we have had a cool summer this past year. For the 1st time in decades we didn't hit 115 degrees, when we usually hit that mark a 1/2 dozen times during the summer. In fact I think we only hit 110 twice. While other parts of the EARTH are WARMER, it is NOT HERE!!!. Could this fact be responsible for the SWARM of Small Earthquakes last night on the WEST COAST? Could it possibly be from the COOLING of this AREA? Contracting the CRUST of the Earth due to Surface Temperatures? In an otherwise already active Earthquake Area? See the STORY HERE!!! Or do you blindly accept that these were "AFTERSHOCKS" from an Earthquake that occured 7 years ago? Well, I don't have the answer to this, I do believe it is better to have it as a FACT it was AFTERSHOCKS, than precursors to a bigger QUAKE. But since when has Earthquake activity been an ACCURATE "SCIENCE"? I've never experienced an Earthquake, or felt one. I depend on the GROUND being GROUND. Send me a BLIZZARD, I know how to deal with that.

Now here is a STORY about the ICE GETTING THICKER in parts of ANTARTICA! HERE!!!


Let me preface this STORY to my own perspective and Expierence. In college sharing my college Apt. with others whom I shared with, and nonwillingly with those in nearby Apts. I did at one point shave EX-LAX into my PUBLICALLY KNOWN INSTANT COFFEE stash, that was continually being stolen from. Yes, the person stealing from me did get "SICK AS A DOG". AND I HAVE ZERO GUILT ABOUT IT. Turns out it was "BUBBA" on a ATHLETIC SCHOLARSHIP where his TUITION WAS FREE along with his HOUSING. WELL, HE WAS STEALING FROM ME!!! AND I was paying FULL TUITION and for my HOUSING! ON MY OWN!!!! So read this STORY with these facts in mind. SEE THE STORY HERE!!!May I add that I AM SICK AND TIRED OF CO-WORKERS STEALING MY DIET COKES AT WORK? FROM MY "LUNCH BAG"??? ANYONE know how to put EX-LAX into sealed cans of DIET COKE?

Got to go now, not because of EX-LAX, I am drug free. But time for me to Eat and Sleep. Remember the "STATE OF THE UNION" ADDRESS is tonight!

DAY 139 of WWIII


Super Bowl. Well I hope it is a good game.

I'd HATE to waste all the PIZZA I am providing for the Party for a BORING BLOWOUT.

Well guess what? the 95 MILLION $ POWERBALL Ticket was sold in MESA, AZ.!!! But it wasn't mine. DAMMIT!!!


Do You want to know the Actions of the HIGHEST LEVELS of GOV'T on 09/11/01? If you do here is the most complete report. HERE!!!

I can't believe this, but it is a FACT. A MAJOR PUBLISHER is going to produce and SELL a GENDER NEUTRAL BIBLE! In looking at this, you MUST ASSUME GOD was POLITICALLY INCORRECT, and MAN oopps, HUMANITY needs to "CORRECT" HIS WORDS. OOPPs, ITS' WORD. FORGET GOD THE "FATHER", POLITICALLY INCORRECT. GOD is now IT. Can't be genderized. THE APOSTLES, all male, not Racially or GENDER CORRECT. Even though the 12 APOSTLES were ALL MALES , We need to portray women in the scene, SO PAUL becomes PAULA, etc, etc. MEANWHILE THE FEMINIST NEONAZIS are OK with "MOTHER EARTH" But still have a MAJOR PROBLEM WITH GOD as a Masculine figure. AND have much objection about JESUS being HIS ONLY SON. THEY want it changed to GOD'S ONLY CHILD. PLUS CHANGE "BORN TO A VIRGIN" to Born of a young Girl. WELL!!! We all KNOW that NOT ALL YOUNG GIRLS ARE VIRGINS!!! What is happening is an ATTACK on FAITH, and if we allow it to continue, do you really think that GOD WILL BLESS AMERICA?

DAY 136 of WWIII


Just 11 months to CHRISTMAS!!! Had to throw that in before starting.

Where to begin. Wekk how about this, the AFC and NFC Football Championship Games on this Sunday START TOO DAMN EARLY! The AFC Game starts at 10:30AM. Plus I also want to watch Stephen King's the rose or something like that Sunday night. Why the NFL schedules these Games to start EVEN EARLIER then REGULAR SEASON GAMES is beyond me.

Well what do we have TODAY? Of coarse I will tell you.

Now this STORY is close to HOME. ONCE AGAIN ZERO TOLERENCE gone wild. NO HUGS!!! See the STORY HERE!!!

Well it looks like I will be here for MANY YEARS TO COME, because I have 2 BEERS after work everyday. Of coarse a few extra on the weekends, when I am off work. But I won't get dementia, or OLD TIMERS DISEASE, (Alzheimer's disease). SEE THE STORY HERE!!!

PROOF that SMOKING CIGARETTES IS a means of coping with EXTRORDINARY Circumstances. SEE THE STORY HERE!!!

DAY 135 of WWIII


Well!!! I guess I have to say, "I WAS WRONG!!!" OJ IS INNOCENT!!! In regards to my post yesterday. OJ didn't KILL his Ex-Girlfriend, she was found, being "OUT AND ABOUT". Now she has to explain how she could be so "OUT AND ABOUT", that her cat STARVED TO DEATH. My opalogies to OJ. He is INNOCENT to my accusations of yesterday's post. But in my opinion STILL GUILTY of all the Previous accusations that were conducted in a Court of LAW.

Well folks I am glad that I was wrong, it proves I am Human! This should dismiss the rumors that I am NEVER WRONG. But REMEMBER,,,,When I AM WRONG, I am the 1st to ADMIT I WAS WRONG. I keep this Website as honest as Humanly possible with the highest regards to accuracy to NEWS and TOTAL HONESTY in MY OPINION. AND since this site is driven by my own opinion, and the NEWS I Post, in MY TOTAL CONTROL, you can be assured that HERE, IT IS FROM SMOKER DAVE! Right or WRONG, and VERY RARELY WRONG!!!

OK, what do we have for TODAY? Well, "JOHNNY COMES SHANKLEDHOME AGAIN, hurrah!, HURRAH!!" (JOHNNY "TALIBAN" WALKER) HIS MOMMY says he is so good, hurrah, hurrah! He is My Son and WE must LOVE him, hurrah, hurrah. He was MISLED by the very dread, hurrah, hurrah! We as the parents were so transparent we funded it, hurrah, hurrah. And now talking to JOHNNY, he wants us all DEAD.

MOMMY & DADDY wonder where they went wrong. I say REPRODICING and having a CHILD was the 1st MISTAKE. HMMMM. Seems like my post reads like a song, I guess I got the start of it, unintentional. For the record, I reiterate my Copywrite Rights in this posting. Can't be too careful in this Area.

IRAQ NEXT TARGET, no doubt, BYE-BYE SADDAM, 11 years LATE, but now coming SOON! See the STORY HERE!!!.

Time for me to eat, relax, and SLEEP! See you TOMORROW!!!

DAY 134 of WWIII


How safe do YOU FEEL feel from idioic TERRORISTS? I wonder about the latest CENSUS DATA released today, SEE THE STORY HERE!!!, that there are over 58,000 MIDDLE EASTERN, NON-ISRAELI, men in this COUNTRY ILLEGALLY. And I need to judge this against the FACT that Mike Tyson is coming back HERE to Phoenix to continue training. Which means he will fly into SKY HARBOR INTERNATIONAL AIRPORT in PHOENIX, a mere 2 miles from where I work. Would he try to bite off my ear, or foot? Well don't bring fists or a left jab to a fight with a gun-owner. As far As I am concerned Tyson should be sent to CAMP X-RAY in CUBA and let him be available to the Prisoners there who want to kill an AMERICAN. Seems to me that given Tyson's past and yesterday's behavior he is not civilized enough for BOXING, as deteriated as it is the past decade. But the way Tyson currently likes to fight, biting, etc. It would be a "FAIR" fight amoung feral members of the HUMAN RACE. See the STORY HERE!!!And looks like that Tyson is also undomesticated feral Human RAPIST,,, AGAIN! SORRY I don't have the NEWS yet online, just heard it on the RADIO.

ENRON, what a debacle, now an AUDITOR is REFUSING TO TESTIFY about the ILLEGAL SHREDDING OF EVIDENCE! Well let's just say he will "TAKE THE 5TH" Right against incriminating himself. WHAT a ROYAL MESS THIS IS! See the STORY HERE!!!

Now here is another STORY on someone who should be serving along with Tyson in CAMP X-RAY in CUBA with the TALIBAN and AL-Quida Prisoners. OJ SIMPSON! EX-Girlfriend MISSING, her CAT IS DEAD, her APT. is in "Shambles". She's been missing from the APT. for a month according to a neighbor, OJ claimed he didn't know she had a CAT, and also said he "SPOKE" to her this past SUNDAY, and she was "JUST OUT AND ABOUT....". This SMELLS BAD TO ME!!! Is OJ's EX-GIRLFRIEND going to end up the Same as Chandra Levy? Gary Condit's little Slut, NEVER TO BE FOUND? And no PROOF to convict the SCUMBAG?

Well it's to for me to go, need to eat and Sleep before going to work tonight. See you tomorrow!!!

DAY 133 of WWIII


Well the first thing I want to say, is that I am damn GLAD I decided to buy $1,200 worth of Stock in Wall-Mart, instead of K-Mart 2 years ago. K-Mart has now filed for CHAPTER 11 BANKRUPTCY PROTECTION, and seems "happy" about it. At Least my Wall-Mart Stock is up over 28% since I bought it. HMMM.... Maybe it is time to pick up a few shares in K-Mart right now when the stock is $1 and change. But I need to weigh it against the the fact that MONTGOMERY WARDS and SERVICE MERCHANDISE went "belly-up" like the fish in that Lake in the CONGO, too much red ink, or LAVA from a volcano. But could K-Mart be the retailer that pulls off a CHEVROLET, Lee Iacoca(SP) type rebound? I don't know, and haven't decided whether to BUY or NOT. But it is an interesting Opportunity, or $$$ Down the DRAIN. I'll let you know if I decide to BUY or NOT.


'Girlfriend' Is An Anti-Feminist Term, Newspaper Says

(CNSNews.com) - The New York Times has added the word "girlfriend" -- used to describe an adult
-- to its list of politically incorrect terms. According to a blurb in Tuesday's New York Post, New York Times writer Julie Lasky informed her interview subject, architect James Sanders, that her newspaper would not allow her to identify Sanders' girlfriend as -- well, his girlfriend. Instead, Lasky described the lady as the woman "whom he dates." The Times confirms it's a matter of policy, the Post reported.

For all of you who strive to be "POLITICALLY CORRECT" it is getting even more Challenging. I am glad I don't have that problem. I choose to be as "POLITICALLY INCORRECT" as possible. So this just makes Life Easier for me.

OOOHHH, this is just too FREAKY! I have listened many times to this Talk Show here in the PHX Area, He WAS the paranormal TALK SHOW HOST here in PHX, even more on the FRINGE than my favorite ART BELL. Well guess what? He predicted His own DEATH to THE DAY!!! See the STORY HERE!!! AND YES, I have spoken with him on the RADIO AIRWAVES, but not for a while. I was last on his SHOW when he had URI GELLER on.

NOW to the TALIBAN AL-QUIDA PRISONERS, about their "Supposed MIS-TREATMENT". These BASTARDS are EATING better than I DO!!! Without having to WORK!!! THEY are getting FRUIT LOOPS, BAGELS, etc. WITHOUT LIFTING A FINGER or WORKING. I work all night and have to go BUY MY FOOD and prepare it myself, WHILE these TERRORISTS have ROOM SERVICE!!! AND the BRITISH PRESS says we are TORTURING THEM???? I guess that means I am living in HELL, instead of the BEST COUNTRY ON EARTH. They get FREE FOOD, HOUSING, SECURITY, CLOTHES,,, and someone to point them EAST so they PRAY in the right direction. AND I bet they don't have to do their OWN LAUNDRY, DISHES, Cleaning, etc. AND the BRITISH PRESS says we are TORTURING THEM. OK, SURE, their Housing is not the best, choices are limited, but what the HELL do you EXPECT for FREE as a DETAINEE???? I bet it is a BIG UPGRADE from a CAVE BEING BOMBED, and that is why they vow to kill AMERICANS while being DETAINED. SEE the STORY HERE!!!

I Think we need to mistreat them a bit more. Using a 5 cent BULLET into their BRAINS, and dumping their carcass into the Ocean for the Sharks to feed on, seems VERY REASONABLE TO ME!!!

I TOLD YOU THIS WOULD HAPPEN!!! Since the people who want to control your LIVES have already gone thru the Cigarrette Industry, what is NEXT? FAST FOOD and Convience FOODS. While it took a long time to basically BAN Cigarettes, about 40 yrs. This next assault will be much quicker. Buying MEAT, CHEESE, DAIRY PRODUCTS, or other HIGH FAT FOODS, will carry a TAX equal to the TAX on a pack of SMOKES within the decade. SEE THE STORY HERE!!!Well I have to end this update, I have MORE, but I do need to EAT and Sleep.

But I will be back here Tomorrow!!!

DAY 132 of WWIII


Well. I guess if I am less than trust-worthy it would be the fact that even when I say a weekend UPDATE, it RARELY HAPPENS. I'm SORRY. I had Good Intentions to do it, but it didn't happen.

SO! let's get this straight, you the VISITOR to this website, NEVER COUNT on a WEEKEND update, but from time to time there could be one. AND on my part, I will never again suggest a possiblity of a WEEKEND UPDATE. It is a form of UNINTENTIONAL ADVERTISING. If I were a LIBERAL. This would be perfectly OK. But I am NOT A LIBERAL. I need to be TRUTHFUL, and RESPONSIBLE for my WORDS. While LIBERALS LAY CLAIM to their "GOOD INTENTIONS" when it fails miserably, I Claim RESPONSIBILITY for inaction on the weekends time and time again of a promised UPDATE on the WEEKENDS. I AM SORRY for the times you have checked this WEBSITE over the WEEKEND looking for an UPDATE. OBVIOUSLY with even my best intentions. It doesn't happen. I am NOT going to blame anyone else, it is MY FAULT! YOU can count on UPDATES during the WEEK, but WEEKEND UPDATES ARE RARE.

Well TODAY, the BRITISH PRESS is ATTACKING US, the USA! CLAIMING WE are treating the PRISONERS BADLY. THEY ARE STILL ALIVE!!! That Fact should demonstrate they are being treated well. A Whole LOT BETTER than I would treat them, I have about 1,000 BULLETS here, I figure I could use these bullets effectively on these people who wish me DEAD simply because I was BORN an AMERICAN. OH the "TORTURE: CLAIM". I WISH IT WERE TRUE. But the fact is we are NOT TORTURING these DETAINEES. THE BRITISH TABLOIDS think the fact we make them wear ORANGE CLOTHES, and are SHACKLED and HANDCUFFED is TORTURE. What the hell are we SUPPOSED TO DO? DETAIN THEM in a HOLIDAY INN? WITH ROOM SERVICE? I WISH WE WERE ABUSING THESE DETAINEES, pulling out their fingernails, putting electrodes on their "PRIVATES" and shocking them. A SULFIRIC ACID DRID would also be in order in MY BOOK. FOR these people I want VISIONS OF HELL to be inviting.

Call me CRUEL. Call me UNFEELING. Though "VENGENCE IS MINE SAITH THE LORD", Does NOT mean we can't get a little HERE!!! Let us take PHYSICAL VENGENCE, LET GOD TAKE SPIRITUAL VENGENCE. AND if you defend these DETAINEES, you are DEFENDING the VERY PEOPLE who want, and if given the opportunity, to KILL YOU!!!

OF coarse, you can do the LIBERAL BULLSHIT. WELL he had a DIFFICULT CHILDHOOD. You can't rehab a DEMON SEED! AS far as I am concerned we should get ALL the INTELLIGENCE we can from these PRISONERS, through TORTURE if neccecsary. AND THEN KILL THEM, humanely, A BULLET IN THE BACK OF THE HEAD. It is a HELL of a lot better treatment than we would ever get over there. SEE THE MOVIE "BLACKHAWK DOWN". HMMM.... How about an ELECTRIFIED CATHETER? That would be a SHOCK to the CENTRAL NERVOUS SYSTEM.... AND a CATTLE PROD up the "DIRT SHOOT". THE PAIN that should be given is at least 100X the pain and loss of the innocent victims, plus a factor of 10X for attacking us in the 1st place. AND 1,000 X over that in punitative retrubution/damages. But to show that I am COMPASSIONATE, I would let the TALIBAN AND AL-QUIDA EAT ALL THE HAM AND BACON they want!!!


DAY 129 of WWIII



Let's start with BREAKING GOOD NEWS! It seems that the cochlear implant surgury RUSH LIMBAUGH had is a success. If you listen to RUSH you know he was not on the AIR THURS and FRI 01/17-18. It appears RUSH will announce this NEWS on MONDAY 01/21/02. But here is the latest from Matt Drudge. HERE!!!

OK, now let's get to what I wished to post yesterday. CALIFORNIA, the STATE that somehow "dictates" to the rest of the COUNTRY, it's bizzare policies. All of you might not know this. But if YOU go to a college in your STATE of RESIDENCE, you PAY A REDUCED RATE for TUITION. Example if you are a RESIDENT of NEW YORK STATE you pay a lesser amount to go to a SUNY College (State University of New York) than someone from any other STATE or COUNTRY. WELL the CALIFORNIA BOARD OF REAGENTS in their IVORY TOWERS, have decided that ILLEGAL IMMIGRANTS get the same deal as IN STATE LEGAL RESIDENTS. Which means the tuition is about 1/4 of that of LEGAL OUT OF STATE RESIDENTS. There is a caveat to what was known yesterday, they had to have spent 3 yrs of High School in CALIFORNIA. BUT HERE ARE MY POINTS! WHY are "WE" giving deferential trearment over OUR OWN CITIZENS to people here ILLEGALLY? Well I'll tell you WHY. Their liberal mindset says, WELL if WE raise the EDUCATION of ILLEGALS they have a better chance of being a productive member of society. OK, I can see how this would be true. BUT!!!! IT IS ILLEGAL to HIRE an ILLEGAL ALEIN! So no matter how much California helps ILLEGALS, They Cannot LEGALLY get a job. MEANWHILE this policy prevents AMERICAN CITIZENS FROM GETTING INTO COLLEGE who CAN LEGALLY WORK HERE!!! Sure this POLICY is designed for the MASSIVE INFLUX of ILLEGAL MEXICAN IMMIGRANTS, but the 14th Amendment Remains, so if a child of a suspected Terrorist of middle Eastern Descent wishes a discounted tuition, they get it too. While neighboring STATES who's students choose a California School pay 4X as much. This is wrong, VERY WRONG!!! SEE THE STORY HERE!!!

OK, not the BIGGEST UPDATE, I will try my best to post another UPDATE this Weekend.

DAY 128 of WWIII


It's been a long day for me, I promise a BIG UPDATE tomorrow!!!

DAY 127 of WWIII


So Much NEWS, So Little Time.

Well the Animal Rights People are at it again. They are UPSET about a CARL'S JR. AD. They claim it is DEMEANINING to CHICKENS. The AD portrays a SEARCH FOR "NUGGETS" on a CHICKEN. The "SEARCH" discovered there was NO NUGGETS on a CHICKEN. Give me Strength! The CHICKEN "PEOPLE" Were OFFENDED. MAYBE I should open a resturant, NOT BUFFALO WINGS, NOT HOT WINGS, , and NOT NUGGETS 'R' US! But maybe this could sell. CHICKEN BALLS ROASTED OVER AN OPEN FIRE. OR, CHICKEN NUTS!!!, small tasty items harvested from ROOSTERS, Basteted and Breaded, and DEEP FRIED to a scrumchous DELICACY, they MELT and CRUNCH in your MOUTH, without the oily remenants on your fingers or hands. See the Story HERE!!!

WELL,,, Since I started on "FOOD" Items, let's continue...

Well SOUTH KOREANS are being terrorized about their practice of EATING DOG-MEAT. It is a delicacy in their Culture. I must also add that CHEAP MEXICAN FOOD more than likely contains DOG and CAT MEAT here in the PHOENIX AREA. After ALL 90% of FILIBERTO's EMPLOYEES were deported back to MEXICO for #1 being ILLEGAL IMMIGRANTS, and using "suspicious MEAT". No wonder you don't find any STRAY DOGS or CATS near their business. This is a business that serves a BURRITO, a BREAKFAST EGG AND POTATO BURRITO with the previous day's old leftover FRENCH FRIES as the POTATO. This is one of the few of the 24 hr MEXICAN FAST FOOD RESTUARANTS in the PHOENIX AREA. AND WAS BUSTED and many locations SHUT DOWN when the ILLEGALS were BUSTED!!!

Fortunately I rarely Eat at work.

See the Story HERE!!!

Got to go, I have more NEWS, but it will have to Wait.

DAY 126 of WWIII


What do I have Today? Well how about the SNEAKY "end around" the FED'S have done with a "NATIONAL IDENTITY CARD"? The FED'S learned that a great # of Americans opposed to this "PAPERZ PLEAZE" with the Heavy German accent reminiscent of WWII GERMANY. So they changed tactics. EVERY STATE Issues DRIVERS LICENCES. LINK them all together, include a digital photo, and or fingerprints, and VIOLA a NATIONAL ID CARD! AND there is NOT A DAMN THING WE CAN DO ABOUT IT! STATES SOVERIEGN RIGHTS tossed into the TOILET, with their PERMISSION! THIS is a BAD THING! A "NATIONAL ID CARD" thrust upon us thru the back door, How many of US adults get around without a DRIVER'S LICENSE? See the STORY HERE!!!

Now here is an uplifting story that GUN CONTROL ADVOCATES WILL HATE! As far as my "SECRET ARMED COMPOUND" is concerned, these criminals would be even worse off. i.e. ALL DEAD! See the STORY HERE!!!

CAN YOU BELIEVE THIS!!!??? You all know the famous photo of the 3 NY FIREFIGHTERS RAISING THE FLAG at GROUND ZERO, The WTC back on 09/11/01. WELL THE ARTIST has decided to change history, make the FIREFIGHTERS MULTI-ETHNIC, when the fact is they were not. This is POLITICAL CORRECTNESS to change HISTORICAL FACT. ROOT CAUSE is that it WAS POLICALLY INCORRECT for 3 WHITE NY FIREFIGHTERS to RAISE THE FLAG at THE WTC on 09/11/01. I am SICK AND TIRED of POLITICAL CORRECTNESS, it is a Poisoning of HISTORY, and FACT. The "LORDS OF POLITICAL CORRECTNESS" are horrified by the fact it WAS 3 white NY FIREMEN who RAISED THE FLAG, and not 1 Hispanic, 1 Black, and 1 Asian. But FACTS ARE FACTS. HISTORY is HISTORY. The ARTIST'S lame excuse is: This whole COUNTRY was affected by 09/11/01 and the SCULPTURE needs to represent Everyone. DOES the IOWA JIMA SCULPTURE distort the ORIGINAL PICTURE? NO!!!

The POLITICAL CORRECTNESS CROWD want to change the RACES in this factual HISTORICAL PICTURE to be MULTI-ETHNIC. 1 White, 1 Black, 1 Asian, and add in a few others, 1 Hispanic, 1 Gay, 1 Woman, ETC., ETC., ETC. !!!

So what are THEY DAYING? OH MY GOD!!!! 3 White NY FIREFIGHTERS RAISING THE FLAG!!!! I AM OFFENDED that my RACE/ RELIGION/ SEXUAL PREFERANCE /POLITICAL AGENDA, was not represented in this PHOTO. IF they want to base a sculpture on this PHOTO, keep it as it is. TRYING to make it Universaly Multi Ethnic DEVALUES its Credibility, and High Honor. IT DOES NOT MATTER TO AMERICANS who or what is MEMORALIZED. What MATTERS is that is it the HONEST TRUTH. BECAUSE AMERICANS, are of EVERY COLOR, are of EVERY ETHNIC GROUP, and are of EVERY RELIGION. WHO, or WHAT is MEMORALIZED does NOT MATTER, as it Represents ALL OF US. WHAT MATTERS IS THAT IT IS A TRUTHFUL MEMORIAL, holding to HISTORICAL FACT.

Whew!!! Well I guess you know how I feel on this subject. So why don't you read the STORY HERE!!!

I have more stories, I will have to save them until tomorrow.

DAY 125 of WWIII


Good Grief! A Pretzle causes our President to PASS OUT? This is disturbing, even with the Doctor's saying "not a problem". The Underlining thing is he was watching the NFL PLAYOFFS alone! Except for his dogs. I can understand that it would be problematic for the President to go to a Sports Bar to enjoy the games with fellow fans, but isn't there a few guys in his inner cicle who also enjoy watching the Playoffs? If not, G.W. should fly me there to watch the Games with him. IT'S the NFL PLAYOFFS!!! Should not watch alone! A BBQ and Munchies with friends, or fans of the Game are in order.

A word not need to be said between us. See # 59!

100 Reasons Why Its Great To Be A Guy

1.there is no #1 reason, and that's okay
2.Movie nudity is virtually always female
3.Child birth
4.A five day vacation requires only one suitcase
5.Monday Night Football
6.Belching is cool
7.Your bathroom lines are always 80% shorter
8.You can open all your own jars
9.Old friends don't give a crap if you've lost or gained weight
10.Dry cleaners and haircutters don't rob you blind
11.Screw up the laundry once, never allowed to do it again
12.Your ass is never a factor in a job interview
13.All your orgasms are real
14.Those chairs by the waiting room at lingerie shops are for you
15.Guys in hockey masks don't attack you
16.You don't have to lug a bag of useful stuff around everywhere you go
17.You can still get away with MAKING a Valentine's day card
18.You can go to the bathroom without a support group
19.Your last name stays put
20.You can understand Homer Simpson
21.You never get a stupid Love Quiz in GQ
22.You can kill your own food
23.The garage is all yours
24.You get extra credit for the slightest act of thoughtfulness
25.Big Breasted Stripper days on Jerry Springer
26.We're treated like royalty when we're sick
27.You never have to clean the toilet
28.You can be showered and ready in 10 minutes
29.Sex means never worrying about your reputation
30.Wedding plans take care of themselves
31.If someone forgets to invite you to something he or she is still your friend
32.Your underwear is $10 for a three pack
33.The National College Cheerleading Championship.
34.None of your co-workers have the power to make you cry
35.You don't have to shave below the neck
36.Scratching your ass is just fine
37.If you're 34 and single nobody notices
38.You can write your name in snow
39.Beer is a food group
40.Everything on your face stays its original colour
41.Chocolate is just another snack
42.You can be president
43.Going to the gym to look at the aerobic girls is called 'working out'
44.Flowers fix everything
45.You never have to worry about other people's feelings
46.You get to think about sex 90% of the day
47.You can wear a white shirt to a water park
48.Three pairs of shoes are enough
49.You can eat a banana in a hardware store
50.A 'mood swing' is a place, with a swing, where you get sex.
51.Foreplay is optional
52.Falling asleep right after sex
53.Nobody stops telling a dirty joke when you walk into the room
54.You can whip your shirt off on a hot day
55.Middle aged, big gut? No problem, it's expected.
56.Underwear lasts longer than most marriages
57.Car mechanics tell the truth
58.The belly button is a fantastic place to store corn chip crumbs
59.You can watch a game in silence with your buddy for hours without thinking: He must be mad at me
60.The world is your urinal
61.Wake up, shower, eat, brush your teeth, leave... max 15 minutes.
62.You get to jump up and slap stuff
63.Hotwax never comes near your pubic area
64.One mood, all the time
65.Your virginity is never 'taken' away. You'd gladly give it to anyone that asks.
66.Father-in-laws are sweet older men. Mother-in-laws are nasty old bitches.
67.You know at least twenty ways to open a beer bottle
68.You can sit with your knees apart no matter what you are wearing
69.Same work...more pay
70.Gray hair and wrinkles add character
71.You dont have to leave the room to make an emergency crotch adjustment
72.It's OK to marry a girl much younger than you if you have money
73.It's OK to cop a free feel when you cuddle.
74.With 400 million sperms per shot you could double the earth's population in 15 tries, at least in theory
75.You never have to wear high heels.
76.Sometimes women will fight over you, and you get to watch
77.The remote is yours and yours alone
78.People never glance at your chest when you're talking to them
79.People never complain about men drivers
80.Drinking till you pass out is occasionally OK
81.Bachelor parties whomp ass over bridal showers
82.You have a normal and healthy relationship with your mom
83.Breast augmentation on your wife is a gift to both of you
84.You needn't pretend you're "freshening up" to go to the bathroom
85.If you don't call your buddy when you say you will,he won't tell your friends you've changed
86.Someday you'll be a dirty old man, and you're looking forward to it.
87.You can rationalize any behavior with the handy phrase "F*** it!"
88.If an other guy shows up at the party in the same outfit you might become lifelong buddies
89.Dad always let you stay out late while your sister had to be in before midnight
90.The occasional well-rendered belch is practically expected
91.You never have to miss a sexual opportunity because you're not in the mood
92.You're expected to stink if you work out
93.If something mechanical didn't work, you can bash it with a hammer and throw it across the room
94.New shoes don't cut, blister, or mangle your feet
95.If someone bothers you, you just don't talk to them and problem solved.
96.Telephone company commercials don't make you cry
97.Not liking a person does not eliminate having great sex with them
98.Girls play barbie. You had GI Joe
100.There is always a game on somewhere

I did not come up with this list. it is from HERE!!!

But BEWARE, this site installs itself as your HOMEPAGE, or at least the Homepage of the SEARCH ENGINE.

The Previous Updates will be available later this week in the ARCHIVES.

Now Remember my previous posting about MARS POLAR ICE CAPS MELTING? Without man caused pollution? Well how about this STORY! The polar Regions are getting....COLDER!!! Let's see how the agenda based "scientists" try to explain this, or this data and NEWS may very well be Ignored. See the STORY HERE!!!

Well I gotta go, I will be back tomorrow!!!