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President Slick Willy is quoted as saying after the annual Prayer Breakfast as saying that he is "researching the BIBLE on how to respond in the Iraq Crisis." Presumably this is the same BIBLE that he researched and concluded that "oral sex" isn't really sex..... God help our Armed Forces!!! Check this story out from Infobeat.

*** Yeltsin warns of world war over Iraq Russian President Boris Yeltsin sounded a startling warning Wednesday that President Clinton's actions in the Iraq crisis over U.N. weapons inspections could lead to a world war. Yeltsin then told French President Jacques Chirac in a phone call he believed Iraq was making progress toward a peaceful resolution of its conflict with the United Nations, Chirac's spokeswoman said. The Russian leader's searing rejection of U.S. policy came as CNN-TV, quoting unspecified sources in Baghdad, said Iraq had proposed opening up eight presidential sites to inspections for one month. See Yeltsin WW III Yeltsin quotes on Iraq crisis, see Crisis Envoy says Yeltsin's remarks on Iraq 'distorted,' see Distorted


My question is: What the hell can the Russians do to stop us from punishing Iraq for not fullfilling the UN Cease Fire Agreements that stopped the Gulf War? Their military is in shambles, are they going to launch "Nukes"(which is their only remaining threat against the US) at us if we attack Iraq???!!!

I personally believe that ole' Boris is having an affair with some bottles of VODKA this week, Russia did have a good potato crop this year....

OK now to what I wanted to address yesterday but couldn't access my web pg editor.

The Indians who claim the Reservations are Sovereign Nations

  • Indians own no land, the Reservations are held in Trust for the Indians by the Federal Gov't, ie "us".
  • Why is Congress the lawmaking body for the Reservations if they are "sovereign"?
  • Why do the Reservations get "domestic" Federal Aid instead of "foriegn" aid?
  • Why can residents of Reservations vote in elections in the US?
  • Why is the highest court the Reservations can go to is "The US Supreme Court" like the rest of us?
  • Why are the Indians not represented in the UN?

    So the threat of the Indian Reservations closing "Federal Highways" Interstate freeways is invalid and undefendable. If they "Indians" insist then we could cut off aid and services, and place them under an embargo, no more "White Man Gambling in expensive Indian HIGH PROFIT MARGIN Casino...Tonto, what are we to do?) and see how long this fallacy of "sovereign nation" lasts.


    Well here it is, former governor of AZ was sentenced yesterday to 30 months in prison, 5 years probation, and a $60,000 fine. This for his doings in his "private life" and before he became Governor and had no effect on his actions as Governor. Since becoming Governor state taxes has gone down and may possibly be elliminated in 5 yrs, (AZ currently has a 1/2 BILLION $ in the bank and is trying to figure out how to give it back to the taxpayers), and the crime rate has gone down. 58% of Arizonans favored prison time because they say what he did in his private life and before becoming Governor no matter his performance in office does matter.

    Now I say to these people who probably have also said that what Slick Willy does in his private life DOES NOT MATTER, and the investigations have gone on too long.......WHAT THE HELL ARE YOU THINKING!!!! Clinton has been under investigation for about 6 years, AZ Governor under investigation for nearly 7 yrs before the Feds filed indictments. See what 30 second newsbriefs do to people who get their only news from this? They fall into the agenda or the bias of the reporter or news agency. Making their judgements on incomplete information.See AZ Republic Story on the Sentencing of AZ Governor

    Now here we are trying to placate the easily offended Indians, Squaw is now supposedly an offensive term to Indians and they have been demanding the name removed from such prominent features here like "Squaw Peak", "Squaw Peak Parkway", "Apache Blvd". They also didn't like the proposed name for a new road called "John Wayne Parkway" because John Wayne killed Indians in the movies....Well excuse me!!! He also killed Germans and Japs in his movies, and some WHITE PEOPLE TOO!!! My guess is next is to rename the "White Tank Mtns" near here because it offends the Indians having someting named "White", then also in this state is "Mormon Lake" where's the seperation of church and names!!!!See story in AZ Republic


    Well it appears Slick willy will most likely survive this latest scandal. About the only damning piece of evidence is the 3 pg memo of "points to make in an affidavit". The only plus to come out of this so far is that now the press is no longer taking the president on his word, but also looking at the "legalise meaning" of what he actually said.

    Locally, tommorrow is an important day in AZ, as former Governor J. Fife Symington is sentenced for his fraud convictions that forced his resignation this past Sept. He will get anywhere from probation to 10 yrs in prison. Sentencing is scheduled for 1:30pm 2/2/98 to be carried live on local TV and radio.

    Today is our last taste of NFL football (PRO BOWL) for the next 6 months, BUMMER!!!

    Why is it that the religious leaders and the femininists movement have not spoken out on this abuse of women and the violation of the sanctity of marriage????? Are the religious leaders afraid and the feminists saying, "hey he's our creep."???? HE veto's the partial birth ban that is riskier to the health of the "mother" than actual birth, and is able to sell this idea to the public. Instead of the fact that it is a full birth except the head stays inside. Can you say purposely breach birth??? Then Shove Scissors into the skull and then use vacumn hose to Suck out the brain. All for the "health of the MOTHER". To me it looks like murder or infantcide. At least the people the NAZI's experimented with did get to experience some joy in life before this kind of atrocity happened to them.....And now Bill Clinton has his highest approval rating ever!!!! Has this great country of ours become Godless and immoral?????


    CUIBC (Citizens United for the Impeachment of Bill Clinton) has now had a unexpected change of power from President and CEO SgtBBQ to VP Smoker Dave following the CONSTITUTIONAL process of transfer of power untill the current crisis (internet disconnect) is over. Expected to be 90 days or less according to the Specialists.


    Gotta do this quick today, Geocites was down for over an hour when I wanted to do my update.

    Don't worry about Monica Lewinsky, no matter what happens in this scandat she has a $2 million 1 afternoon job offer from PentHouse Magazine. Probably some referral $ if she can get Paula Jones and Gennifer Flowers to join in a 3-some photo, ie "All The President's Women", Leaving out Hillary to save the camera lens. Dick "Toe Sucking" Morris has apparently shattered the friendship of Slick and Hillary by going on air on KABC in LA and suggesting that Slick isn't "getting enough" from Hillary because of bouts of anti heterosexual sex. And if that is the case according to Dick Morris, then it is not adultery if he(Slick) seeks out phone sex, companionship of young woman or oral sex. Then there is the report that Monica told long time High School Teacher/Lover, after she got the internship at the White House, "That she was going to put on her "Presidential KneePads". Draw your conclusions on this....Remember in the Nixon era this or these were all brought about by "DeepThroat"....Then it wasn't Monica Lewinsky, today it may be, have to ask Slick Willy on how deep it was. Need to send those of you who have RealAudio to the Reverse Speech Site (if you don't have RealAudio you can download the plug-in for free at this site also).REVERSE SPEECH REVERSALS On SEX scandal. REVERSE SPEECH REVERSALS On "The State Of The Union Address".


    OK, Let's see, for today I tell you there was a story about a Secret Sevice Agent catching Monica Lewinsky and Slick Willy in a compromising position, this story has since been retracted.

    Next story, still standing is that Monica Lewinsky went to the White House and saw "someone" after being subpoenaed. Then apparently went back to the White House, (1/3/98 I think) and was denied entrance, Monica apparently threw a temper trantrum, screaming for 20 minutes, "Don't you know who I am!!!???, Don't you know what you have done!!!???" before being escorted from the White House lawn.

    Story #3 It is being reported that Monica Lewinsky had a letter published in the Washington Post on Valentines Day last year, "To :Handsome "Blah Blah Blah mushy stuff" From: "M"."

    White House Strategy??? This is not my own, but from what I heard on The Barry Young Show on KFYI 910 AM in Phoenix, AZ. As follows: Take all the hits, ie accusations etc. say the truth will come out, drag feet and stall untill all possible accusations are made and all possible witnesses come forward. Stay in the fox hole or bomb shelter untill then. Unless undeniable evidence, or a credible witness is found, then this scandal is survivable. Once the accusations etc die down, then come up with the "Truth" that covers all of the accusations. This is why the White House will not come out with the story except for some very specific legalise denials. Because if they do it too soon, and a piece of evidence comes out, or a witness surfaces that is contrary to their "Truth" then the situation is worse than now.

    The Clinton Administration is at war with Kenneth Starr, and has decided to absorb the incoming missles and attacks, if the undeniable evidence or witness is found then the war is lost, if it isn't then the scandal is survivable, and then their version of the "truth" explaining away all the accusations etc. will come out.

    This is from KABC in LA: Dick "Toe Sucking" Morris who resigned in '96 for an affair with a prostitute that he let overhear his phone conversations with Slick Willy, has been contacted again by Slick for help,(birds of a feather flock together?). On the talk show at KABC he (Dick "Toe Sucking" Morris) suggested that Hillary's sexual preference isn't for men,,,,,And that Bill Clinton isn't guilty of adultery if he was not able to get sexual release in the confines of marriage, OR come out and say to the American People that he has a problem controlling his libido.

    State of the Union Address tonight should be interesting.


    I am assuming you all have heard the latest denial from Slick Willy this morning. Clinton said,"There were no sexual relations whith this woman. Miss Lewinsky." In the dictionary, remember Clinton is a lawyer, sexual relations has a definition of intercourse. If Slick wanted to come forward, he should have denied ANY SEXUAL CONTACT WITH MONICA LEWINSKY.The quote,"I have never asked anyone to lie, never ever". Should be answered as "I have never asked anyone to deny, or asked someone else to tell someone to deny." Clinton did ask Gennifer Flowers to deny sexual relations. When asked on 60 Minutes 6 years ago about Gennifer Flowers 12 yr Affair. He said it was not true. In legalistic terms he is correct if the Affair was 11 yrs or 13 yrs etc. That is why the claim last week by Clinton that he believes both statements were truthful.

    EX: Someone robs the bank of $1,012, on the news it is reported the robber stole a thousand dollars, the robber claims the story is not true. And is legally correct. By this fact of lawyer speech, oral sex is not "sexual relations".

    And again to the Clinton supporters, this is not a case on sex!!!(Smoker Dave pounding computer desk, ashtray jumping up and down), It is a case of possible perjury, and obstruction of JUSTICE!!!!

    Where are the feminist groups? NOW (National Org for Women)? They should be outraged at this!!!! Nixon - All The President's Men. Clinton - All The President's Women. Character DOES MATTER!!!

    First, sorry for lack of update yesterday. Second, CONGRATULATIONS TO the DENVER BRONCOS On their win in Super Bowl XXXII over Green Bay. John Elway finally gets his Ring, and the best SB Game in recent memory.

    Can you believe the Clinton camp under seige, was trying to "float" the idea that "oral sex" isn't really sex???!!! What is it then? A digestive thing???? I can't believe that line actually works!!! If only I could be in High School again.... Then again if I become as low as Slick Willy. ...What AM I SAYING???!!!! Smoker Dave has high morals and is of upstanding character, main reason for not running for public office.

    Latest news on this scandal is there may be a witness to an "intimate moment" of Slick and Monica L. in the White House. Now we all need to remember that this is all for nothing if Monica testifies that she was not told to lie under oath by Slick or V. Jordan, but lied on her own choice. Immoral activity is not an impeachable offense, obstruction of justice is. A quote I heard on the local talk radio today,"We all knew we were voting for a slimeball, what's the big deal?". God help us....

    I have accepted the Vice Presidential Post from SgtBBQ for "Citizen's United For the Impeachment of Bill Clinton" web site The Graphic will take you to this site that we are working together on, with interlinks to both our web sites, it might not work perfectly at first, we have just now thru email come to agreement on this on 1/23/98 PM, may have some technical difficulties at first, BUT WILL BE FIXED ASAP !!!

    New Update on Sat 1/24/98, 15 hr shift will slow anybody down especially when ended by a meeting at work. But had to get this out, be prepared for more pertinent commentary from yours truly on the CHARACTERLESS and possible HIGH CRIMES and maybe OBSTRUCTION OF JUSTICE of OUR PRESIDENT.....Replaced with AL GORE!!!??? Talk About a no WIN Situation.


    Oh man.... Looks like this latest scandal with Clinton that erupted yesterday may be the beginnings of the death rattle of the current Administration. It is, if true, a detestable, shamefull end. Remember Clinton said,"This will be the most "ethical" administration ever".

    I am just old enough to remember WaterGate, and watching live on TV, President Nixon flying off the White House lawn in a helicopter, to Andrews AFB, to Air Force One, as President, by the time Air Force One landed, he was no longer President of the United States. It was a national trauma played on TV. It did leave deap wounds in our national psyche and is still felt today. The fact is, if this is all true, that Bill Clinton has shown great disrespect to the American People and to the "Office of The President of The United States". And to the "U.S. Constitution", which as Chief Executive he SWORE to uphold. May Clinton avoid the special place in HELL that Lyndon Johnson is surely in. What is going on in the news today and to come is very serious and could have dramatic effects elsewhere, ie Saddam might take advantage of the political crisis here, or North Korea, or China, or Libya, etc., etc... THE ECONOMY!!!???

    Unabomber Ted K. just pled guilty (in a plea bargain agreement) and will get life imprisonment w/out possibility of parole in return for avoiding the Death Penalty.(that will cost us taxpayers $25,000 to $40,000 a year to house, and he will have available more healthcare and guarentee of food and housing then he has had in 20 yrs) just doesn't get access to bomb making materials. Watch for his web site to come online soon..... As Society in General and the Federal Gov't sinks deeper and deeper into decadence, despair, and cynicism.


    See the latest "news" on the Slick Willy affair? Seems Slick Willy may have been dipping his "Little Chief of STAFF" into a 21 yr old "Ink Well", and may have been for 18 months. "Ink Well" is now 24 yrs old, (6 yrs older then his own daughter!!!) I guess it's one way to get to be a "White House Aid" in the Slick Willy Administration. What 50yr old immoral man would not refuse an affair with a good looking 21 yr old???? Oh boy this could be very DAMNING to the Slick Willy Administration.

    And on top of all this, it appears she was told to LIE about this by 'Ole Slick himself if ever questioned about this, unfortunately it appears a detailed report to a "girlfriend" who was wire tapped exists on tape. Can't keep his zipper "zipped" or his pants "up". HOT HOT HOT for "Ole Slick Willy, if there wasn't before,,,,, there is now SWEAT in the White House,,,,, Wonder what Hillary thinks about this.....

    It is late for Smoker, but had to get this out. Take care all, and watch the NEWS!!!!


    Boy do I feel sorry for this poor kid. I hate broccoli, and cauliflower!!!

    4:52 AM ET 01/19/98 British boy faces life diet of broccoli, bananas LONDON, Jan 19 (Reuters) - A four-year old British boy may have to spend all his life on a diet of broccoli, cauliflower, chips, bread and bananas because doctors cannot find a cure for his severe food allergies. Blake Clay is allergic to 95 percent of foods but despite carrying out hundreds of tests, doctors said on Monday they were mystified by his condition. He also suffers from epilepsy, asthma and eczema and his limited diet has caused problems with his growth and bones. "It is very difficult at times," his mother Gail told reporters."On Christmas Eve, Blake said to me: "If I eat a piece of cheese, I'll go to see Jesus, won't I? Will you eat a piece of cheese as well, Mum, because I am scared of going on my own." It just made me cry," she said. Doctor Alan Smyth, who is treating Blake in the central England city of Nottingham, said he was likely to be stuck with the allergy indefinitely.^REUTERS@

    Did you hear this story? In the state of Georgia a father murdered his 28 yr old daughter by hacking her to death with a chainsaw, and then burying her in the backyard. Want to know why? She ran up a bill of $20,000 calling psychic hotlines!!!! You'd think they should have been able to warn her about this..... Now there's a broad about as bright as a box full of rocks. But then again we have someone at work, not in my Dept. though who has spent $400 on psychic hotlines trying to find out what the verdict would be for running over her boyfriend and breaking his leg with her car. She called the Judge, "Your Highness". Stuffing socks in her bra and then using them as Kleenex at a Phx Suns basketball game this past Fri is another story..... Then there was the Christmas lights story..... Should I?........... OK, WELL.... trying to set up a romantic mood for her boyfriend who was in the shower,(don't know if it is the same boyfriend, or another in the previous story). She decided to, being naked, wrap herself in Christmas lights, she was trying to put herself in an alluring position on the bed with the lights on, blinking etc. (new twist to the Phx Lights), when she slipped off the bed and was wedged between the bed and the dresser and couldn't get up....I can't make this stuff up, she told me herself!!! To all visitors to this web pg from work, please use common decency and keep the name of the guilty secret. Smoker Dave's Law.

    Now back to the MLK Holiday. I thought of a possible money making venture last night at work. To start "a Local Chapter of the N.A.A.C.P. You know how gullible senior citizens are to telemarketers etc. Well this would be the "National Association for the Advancement of Caucasian People". Now I'm not going to do this, but can you imagin the fools that would send $??!!! Well that's enough for today I think....


    Hello all!!, it's MLK Day across the country!!! Most Federal workers, State workers, Local gov't workers, students and teachers have the day off.

    My guess is the rest of us are working today. Do you remember the famous quote, "..Judge not by the color of their skin but by the content of their character." ???? This by Martin Luther King Jr. himself!!!! Well the flaming liberals would say,"Sounds like another attack on Affirmatve Action!!!."

    Don't you agree we live in a Capitolist Society? If you own a business don't you want to hire the best person for the job, the one who would put the most $ in your pocket as a business owner? If you are to be employed by someone else would'nt you present yourself in the job interview as the best candidate for the position? Or would you rather go into a job interview knowing this place of employment is short on (fill in your race) and you have an advantage over even better qualified applicants who already work there? Don't you think that there would be resentment towards you? And who is to guarentee that another minority would get preference over you for a higher position, how would you feel about that? I would say to you, we are short on Cubans here in AZ and to meet quota, we need to hire a Cuban Sup. Sorry black Calvin, sorry hispanic Juan, sorry chinese Chi, I know you are better qualified, but we need a Cuban in a position of authority.

    Isn't this NUTS !!!!

    Now to Saddam, what do you think the world opinion would be if the US called for all it's citizens to participate in weapons training next month? Why then is it different for Saddam/Iraq? Saddam's ultimatum, get inspections done in 6 months and lift the sanctions, by the way no American or British inspectors either, oh and no inspections on the Sovriegn 60+ sites. Also if we don't want you to go to some place, you can't go there. Then give us a clean bill of health that we satisfied all the conditions of the cease fire agreement. No we never used chemical or biological weapons on enemies or prisoners, no matter what the facts say. If we say we didn't do it, then we didn't do it, no need for inspections by any UN or other gov't body. We didn't invade Kuwait, we merely occupied it for a time....There was no Gulf War, only a diplomatic dispute. This is how Saddam "The Butcher of Babylon" will try to twist history. Or you can go the Great Satan view, it is the demonic USA causing all the pain and suffering throughout the world.

    I wonder what kind of Web Pg review I would get from Louis Farrakhan???!!! Probably not good. AND I DON'T CARE!!!

    Today's and yesterday's updates are covered in New "Phoenix Lights?".

    Had lots of emails etc. to reply to today, yesterdays thoughts and content are very valid today still, take a look, links provided.


    Couple of local / AZ State things to start off with, too good to pass up. Francis Emma Barwood the longtime Phoenix City Councilwoman is announcing her candidacy for AZ Secretary of State. This was expected, however she is taking a unique platform on her candidacy, partly based on the "Phoenix Lights" or UFO's of March 13th 1997, and the lack of investigation by local, state and federal gov't. I applaud her for her guts in this approach, she is an excellent candidate without embracing this issue. For her to to this is admirable in my opinion. You have to read the story. And Smoker Dave provides it to you. For the actual news story in "The Arizona Republic", and credit to same, click HERE. Remember she is the one who called for an investigation into this months ago and was ridiculed by some authorities, praised by some UFO'ologists, and has been on many talk shows and international press. She will be on the ART BELL SHOW Tonight.

    The Native Americans of the tribe called Navajo are pissed off by white mans desecration of their sacred MOON. You got to read this story to believe it, and so I will provide it to you, once again from the "Arizona Republic", and credit to same, click HERE.

    Now Iraq and the leading idiot of. Does Saddam think that by preventing the UN Inspectors from doing their job is going to make the sanctions end sooner? Or is it more likely that he knows that this inspection team is liable to find sensitive banned weapons? I personally would like to give the Butcher of Babylon a gift, here it is.