NOTE: LINKS to STORIES could EXPIRE at any time.


LOTS of NEWS today, and LINKS to relevant Stories.

1st the absurd: The WWF (World Wrestling Federation) has announced plans for a new professional Football League to start a year from now. It is to be called the "XFL". The WWF says the NFL is over regulated, and they plan on having "Smash Mouth Football". Hmmmm, is the WWF saying the NFL is full of SISSIES? Will the new XFL have the Winners and score predetermined???? Do you think Las Vegas will be taking bets on the games???? See Story HERE!!!

And now another update from yesterday's posting. The Commitee hearing arguments for a BILL for a provision to secede from the UNION when Martial Law is declared by the Federal Gov't, passed to go to the Full Legislature by a vote of 3-2

Now a bleeding heart Liberal Story that only happened because of bleeding heart Liberal Policies over the past 35 yrs. Single Mom's who were on WELFARE and now FORCED to work, their "children" are suffering from the separation. Like a WELFARE MOM is a good ROLE MODEL!!! Well MOM should have known that if you can't afford a kid, or 3, or 5, MAYBE YOU SHOULDN'T have ANY!!!! If the children are suffering or being neglected, TAKE THEM AWAY!!!! There are MANY couples willing to adopt, and a foster home appears to do better than these "MOM's". How far do we need to push for diliquent Parental RIGHTS???? See STORY HERE!!!

Now going back to yesterday's posting about Charles Barkley's NIKE Commercial in 1993 where he said "I AM Not A Role Model..." and I commeted that he was right about sports figures. See the LATEST ARREST of an NFL Player HERE!!!

DEAF PEOPLE SUING MOVIE THEATERS,,,,,What did you say? YOU heard me!!! Deaf People suing MOVIE THEATERS for CLOSED CAPTIONING, saying they are being SOCIALLY left OUT. Somehow I should have seen this coming... See Story ?HERE!!!

Clinton today wants to RAISE CIGARRETTE TAXES ANOTHER 25 cents per pack, and fine Tobacco Companies $3000.00 for each underage smoker!!!!

This photo of Clinton is the same one in the story, subconciously Clinton is holding the "Balls" of SMOKERS and the Tobacco Industry in his hands. See the STORY HERE!!!I wonder if Monica had the same hand position while servicing OUR GREAT ESTEEMED PRESIDENT..????

And now another update to yesterday's posting. The UFO CASE in PHOENIX, AZ. Relating back to the FAMOUS PHOENIX LIGHTS of MARCH 13th 1997. e STORY from THE ARIZONA REPUBLIC HERE!!!

For those of you who have REALAUDIO here is the LINK to the ART BELL SOUNDCLIPS about this story Peter Gersten HERE!!!

I will update as I can this weekend, however I am surprised that this website broke thru the 17,000 Visitor mark today, I didn't think it would happen until next week.

This current page will be ARCHIVED this weekend as it is FULL.


Today we have a few items to take a look at. Here in AZ we have always said, "You are in DANGER when the State Legislature is in Session...". Well this following news item is from THE ARIZONA REPUBLIC. Here is the item.

Bill would pave way for state to secede

If the federal government ever abolishes the Constitution, declares martial law or starts confiscating guns, Rep. Karen Johnson wants Arizona to be ready to secede from the union. The Mesa Republican's proposal to dissolve the federal government and set up a new country of sovereign states is scheduled to be heard in the House Committee on Federal Mandates and States Rights today.

The resolution would have to go to voters in November. If the federal government gets out of line, Johnson proposes that 35 states could band together to form their own government, with the Constitution as its basis.

Her plan call for the division of the national debt and for military personnel to return to their home states.

I'm not sure what to think about this. Granted I have no love for a Big Intrusive Federal Gov't, I also don't much care for State Gov't. In fact I have my own problems with my city Gov't, where I believe the bulk of Gov't should reside, LOCALLY. Does NOT mean that the local Gov't can't be "LOCAL"!!!

John McCain's 19% victory over G.W. Bush in N.H. Is John McCain percieved as a 3rd party candidate but emerging from the 2 party system? Seems to be from his support from Independants. The biggest problem I have with McCain is his Campaign Finance Reform. Wants to eliminate contributions from "SPECIAL INTERESTS" groups. Well, we ALL belong to several SPECIAL INTERESTS groups of some kind, and the ability to support a view, or a Candidate en masse, would end. The result of all this would be SOCIALISM. which by definition is NOT Freedom!!!

Do you remember a few years back, I think to 1993, when Charles Barkley was the NBA MVP playing for the PHOENIX SUNS? And the NIKE Commercial he did where he says, "I AM NOT A ROLE MODEL...."? Barkley never abused his wife, never killed anyone, never involved with drugs, never choked his coach. He has verbally abused fans, owners, and officials. Pitcher John Rocker of the Atlanta Braves has verbally attacked the lifestyles of some, and the dregs of society. Now we have a dramatic upswing in criminal behavior from Pro-Athletes, especially in the NFL. But MLB, NBA, also has it's problems. Do you think Barkley was right 7 yrs ago? Take a look at this story HERE!!!AND HERE!!!

Some Backwoods News. Clerks in Kentucky now REQUIRED to ask those puchasing a Marrige License if they are RELATED. See story HERE!!! I think some other States should do the same.... after all who actually reads the small print.....

Now yesterday was a BANNER day in COURT for UFO Investigators right here in my backyard, in Phoenix. You have to see this STORY HERE!!! I do belive there are a LOT of things the GOV'T doesn't tell us, but WE have the RIGHT to know it.


Yes I am still IRRITATED about my Photo Radar BUST.

But let's move on. Remember JESSE JACKSON charging that the FIRING of GREEN BAY PACKERS coach Ray RHODES was RACIST? Because he only lasted 1 SEASON? He took over a VERY GOOD FOOTBALL TEAM that FAILED to LIVE UP TO EXPECTATIONS. PLUS HE was FIRED by People who were WHITE, in a predominately White Area of the country. WELL,,,, I am still waiting to hear JESSE JACKSON's OUTRAGE over the FIRING of the NBA's Washington Wizards Coach after only a few months of taking over a, pardon the language, "Piss Poor Team". The Coach was Black and was known as "Gar", that's all I remember off-hand. WHY hasn't JESSE JACKSON said anything? Because it was Michael JORDAN who fired him. Must be it is AOK for a Black Owner to Fire a Black Coach in a predominately Black City. But the ARGUMENT can be MADE that this COACH had LESS an Opportunity to SUCCEED than the "Black Coach" of the Green Bay Packers. Also have you seen in the NEWS how much trouble JESSE JACKSON's DECATUR ILL. "kids" are doing? Getting arrested faster than I can keep up.

N.H. PRIMARY going on. Who will it be? McCain or Bush. I guess we'll know tonight. I have problems with both of these candidates right now. However I am horrorfied by both Bradley and Gore, especially Gore, since he lies MORE, and more convincingly than even Bill Clinton!!!

Another Airline CRASH into the OCEAN, I don't fly much. But I would be very leary about flying over WATER. I CAN SWIM, but only if I am in 1 piece, and these CRASHES seem to preclude that you are in 1 Piece after the CRASH.

John Rocker pitcher for the Atlanta Braves now has a 70 day suspension, will miss all of training camp and the 1st month of the season, and a $20,000 fine for daring to use his right of free speech outside of work (PROTECTED in THE CONSTITUTION). Ordered to undergo counseling and sensitivity training also. Because he has offended EVERY ELEMENT OF SOCIETY. While I do not agree with what he said, or what he belives, I support HIS RIGHT to voice his opinions. As far as I'm concerned, I probably have "OFFENDED EVERY ELEMENT OF SOCIETY" here on my web site. I run this web site outside of my employment. Should I ALSO be FINED and SUSPENDED? Undergo COUNSELING and SENSITIVITY training? I think,,,,NOT!!! See the John Rocker Story HERE!!!

And for the latest Tabloid News from AZ. The LOVE TRIANGLE, TORSO MURDERESS. Here is the link to the latest NEWS HERE!!!

I have another hit for my WHERE'S GEORGE? $$$ tracking. A $1 bill I entered I entered on 1/15/00 was recieved as a tip at a workplace in Scottsdale, AZ. (Probably a RESORT) on 1/30/00 for a distance of 8.3 miles and a 0.02 MPH. I am currently #508 out of 142,782 users. I currently have 16 hits. Hey! it's free FUN, and kinda cool to see where the $$$ in your hands that you spend ends up.

I have a Supervisors Meeting after work tommorrow, and other things I have to do after that, I don't know if I will have the time for an Update tommorrow. 12 hrs of work, and other things I need to do, puts a damper on my ability to do an Update. At the VERY LEAST, I promise an UPDATE on THURSDAY!!!!



DAMMIT!!!! Photo Radar got me today between 9:30 and 9:45 AM today on Alma School Rd between Broadway and University. This stinks! I am writting this as much for you as for me, so I have a reference to look back at when I have to go to court. #1 Cable went out shortly before 9AM, CableAmerica. I decided to go on a cruise in my car, and listen to some of the Rush Limbaugh Show, and then come home after getting some groceries and do my update. Well the traffic light was inoperable at the intersection of Broadway and Alma School. 2 bonehead Mesa PD Officers were directing traffic. Of coarse my luck was I was the 1st one heading North on Alma School to be stopped at the intersection. After 10 minutes, which inclided some humor as both of these Officers were nearly clipped by Tractor-Trailers hauling Beer and Soda, making left hand turns that the Officers waved them to do, made me realize that they were rookies who never directed traffic before, RUSH HOUR ended an Hour before, and I didn't hear on the Radio or on my scanner before I left that there was a problem there.

Once my lanes of traffic were able to go after 10 minutes, I know because it takes me about 7 minutes to smoke a cigarrette in my car, there was a White compact in the right lane, I was in the center lane of 3. This car turned right from Broadway, even though the Officers had both East and West traffic STOPPED. Well this BOZO was over the White Dashed Lines separating the Lanes of Traffic. I wanted to get into the right lane to make a right on University. So I sped up, still going with the flow of traffic or a little faster, see, If this BOZO moved any further into my lane I would be forced to move into the left lane, which was occupied by a large pick-up truck. As I sped by this BOZO, and this is where I made the mistake, a STARTLING WHITE FLASH happened,,,,, when I looked in my REAR VIEW MIRROR, another WHITE FLASH, and I saw it was a MESA PD VAN. PHOTO RADAR!!!! And the BOZO that caused me to SPEED had BIKES strapped to the Trunk of the car, I bet the PHOTO can't get his plate #. I wonder if the Pick-up truck is getting the same citation as me, or if I am being singled out in this.

I consider this UNFAIR and UNJUST!!! Because if a "LIVE" COP had seen the situation he may have overlooked it. Or if I was pulled over, I could state my case, and possibly get off with a warning. But now the only evidence left is a photo of me and my car breaking the speed limit. I was doing around 50 in a 40. Looks like TRAFFIC SCHOOL for Smoker Dave.

Where's the sense of FAIR PLAY, a chance to explain an action? All that is recorded by a ROBOT is I was breaking the speed limit, circumstances are not recorded in a photo. The REAL KICKER is I rarely go above 5 MPH over the Limit, and Religiously follow the Speed Limits in SCHOOL ZONES. My 1st Ticket in 15 yrs.

When I get the SUMMONS to appear in Court I'll let you know, and also the outcome.

SUPER BOWL: What a treat!!! Looks like they need to redo the movie, "THE LONGEST YARD". The TITANS made a tactical ERROR by going for 2 pts and then a short kickoff in the 2nd 1/2. Another mistake was the final play, should have left an extra lineman instead of putting out an extra reciever, and thrown into the Endzone instead of the 5 yd line. But it was a great Game. I won $5 on the Game but Lost $2 on the Coin Toss. I should know better by now, I ALWAYS LOSE THE COIN TOSS in the Super Bowl. I think I could go without PIZZA for the next couple of weeks. I did do well in DARTS yesterday before the Game.

Now here is some NEWS and Commentary.

AL GORE: Stretching the TRUTH, or LYING? Decide for yourself, see STORY HERE!!!

AL GORE ALWAYS WAS FOR ABORTION? NOT according to his VOTING record, AND HIS own written words. Al Gore didn't change to PRO-ABORTION RIGHTS until he decided to get "NATIONAL" so he could run for President and needed the CORE VOTE of the DEMOCRATIC PARTY and the $$$ he would get. Al Gore has learned from Slick Willy, stick your finger in the air, (POLLS) and run with it. My QUESTION IS: Why won't Bill Bradley CALL AL GORE A LIER? PARTY LOYALTY?

Now onto some LOCAL NEWS that I am sure will be in the TABLOIDS even more so than the SLEEPWALKING MURDERER.

The Petite High Living Hairdresser is now under Suspicion of another MURDER, besides the recent one where the ARM-less, LEG-less, HEAD-less, TORSO was found in a dumpster behind a Grocery Store. See the LATEST UPDATE HERE!!!

Remember the Hale-Bopp Suicides in CA. the MEDIA tried to BLAME Art Bell? Well this story has an EVEN LESS connection to Art Bell and us fans who work at NIGHT and ENJOY the "SHOW". Fortunately, or maybe not, they could try it again, was preempted before any DEATHS. See STORY HERE!!!


Super Bowl Sunday!!!! Holiest Day of the Year!

But before I start my ritualistic pre-game festivities, here are some stories for you I have dug up.

Here is a story on littering, HERE!!!

The other day a headless torso was found in a trash bin behind a Bashas Grocery Store here in Mesa, AZ. I wonder what's in the hamburger there. Here is STORY!!! There is an Update to this story, fortunately Moulder and Skully didn't have to become involved. Updated Story HERE!!!

A LAW allowing State Workers to SLEEP on the JOB? See this story HERE!!!



State of the Union Address......Should we rename OUR COUNTRY from United States of America, TO, United Socialists of America???? WHERE in THE CONSTITUTION does it say ANYTHING about MINIMUM WAGES, SAFETY NETS, GUARENTEED HEALTH CARE, COMPUTERS FOR THE POOR...... NOWHERE!!!! Why should poeple who ACHIVE PAY for those who do NOT!!!??? If your a LOSER, a COUCH POTATO, UNAMBITIOUS to IMPROVE your LOT in LIFE,,,,Why should those with a WORK ETHIC, RESPONSIBLE for their FAMILIES, PAY for the DREGS of SOCIETY???!!! Why is EVERYONE a VICTIM? Why is the BLOATED FEDERAL GOV'T more than Happy for MORE VICTIMS? Because it is an Opportunity to GRAB more Power over the populace. EX. SMOKING, EX. POKEMAN BALLS from BURGER KING killing infants because of suffucation....(what happened to common sence by PARENTS???!!!). And now from Slick Willy's Address last night....A LICENSE for GUNS. Like the Criminals will line up to get the License....What part of, "The RIGHT to BEAR ARMS shall NOT BE INFRINGED...." don't you understand!!!???? OH!!! you LIBERALS bring up the part of, "...a well regulated MILITIA...." At the time THE CONSTITUTION was WRITTEN the MILITIA was defined as, "A MALE OVER 18 yrs OLD". As for the "WELL REGUALTED" statement, THERE ARE OVER 20,000 FEDERAL GUN LAWS. ENFORCE THEM!!! I have owned guns for over 25 yrs,,,still haven't KILLED anybody, not even an IDIOT LIBERAL!!! And I contend they ARE NOT POEPLE, but Brainwashed DIMWITS who want $$$$ from those who have an IQ over 50 and work!!!

I also have some STORIES from the NEWS I want to post, but it will have to wait untill Late Tonight or Early Tommorrow. So come Back SOON!!!


Another BANNER night at "THE SECRET LAB", well I guess if there were no problems I'd be out of a job.... so I have GREAT JOB SECURITY!!!!

Tonight is Bill and Hillary Clinton's STATE OF OUR UNION ADDRESS.....Hmmmm. I thought last week Hillary pledged to remain with Bill, "Until DEATH DO US PART...". OH WAIT!!! It's The STATE OF THE "UNION" meaning OUR COUNTRY, Address.

Let's look a little DEEPER into the PRE-GAME of this "ADDRESS". BIGGEST CLUE: For the first TIME in MEMORY, possibly FIRST TIME EVER. NOT A SINGLE SUPREME COURT JUDGE will be in attendance. What can we infer from this? How about, NO JUDGE wants to be PRESENT when SLICK WILLY BLATANTLY LIES on LIVE TV to the AMERICAN PUBLIC. Remember the PRESS CONFERENCE? "I DID NOT HAVE SEX WITH THAT WOMAN...."? AND for the FIRST TIME, instead of AMERICAN HERO'S in the GALLERY, SLICK WILLY is going to showcase VICTIMS!!!! Seems sort of appropriate that HILLARY will be seated with them.....

If you watch the "State Of The Union Address", I suggest you tape a message on your TV saying one of the following:

By seeing the Debate last night between AL GORE and BILL BRADLEY it looks like AL GORE has learned to LIE very WEll from his TEACHER BILL CLINTON, and has turned it up a notch. I couldn't believe it was another LIBERAl he was attacking and lieing about. I didn't think AL GORE would even LIE so Blatantly about a Conservative!!! Let alone a LIBERAL who he is trying to outspend with OUR $$$ to be elected as PRESIDENT!!!

OK, now for a couple of interesting news articles: From THE BBC-Doctor's remove HEALTHY KIDNEY insread of removing the DISEASED KIDNEY....Can you say....OPPS! See Story HERE!!!

Drug Resistant HIV (AIDS) STRAIN, not good news. Story HERE!!!


Where did the TIME go today? I guess a frustating 11 hrs at work will do that, Oh well, have to keep this short and sweet.

Weather not so good here today, only 68 degrees and very windy, dust in the air, no telling how low the WIND-CHILL FACTOR is right now. (Had to put this in.... Ha Ha!)

The Federal Gov't SHUTDOWN for the 2nd day in a row!!!! How CAN WE SURVIVE WITHOUT IT!!!! Well I think I'm doing OK.... I think it is always a good thing if the FED'S are closed, NO MATTER what Administration is in charge! This is a sure BET, when the Federal Gov't is CLOSED, there is NO WAY taxes can go up, more of OUR RIGHTS being subjugated.

For those of you who are night OWLS, tonight's ART BELL SHOW should be very entertaining at least. Richard Hoagland and others in "DISCLOSER II". If you are up, 2 AM Eastern Time, 11 PM Pacific, tune in and enjoy. The recent POSSIBLE SIGNAL from the MARS POLAR LANDER in the NEWS today will most certainly be brought up.

Of coarse I have some interesting NEWS STORIES for you to check out. I will be LOCAL first, (Chuckle now,,,,get it?) The 1st from the ARIZONA LEGISLATURE, a proposed bill to ban visits etc. into the dorm rooms of other the other SEX during certian hrs. Monthly SEARCHES of the ROOMS. I may be post college by 16 yrs. But there were many times I studied with those of the opposite sex during these proposed BANNED HRS. And some of them were for actually for tests in classes!!! I think this is very overtly prudish, but here is the story for you to read for yourself HERE!!!

Now this story is disturbing. Go to McDonalds and have RED FRIES before you put KETCHUP on it, because the FRY Cook has BLED over them. HEALTH DEPT. and McDonalds basically say, "No big Deal". Read the STORY HERE!!! What bothers me is I love McDonalds Fries.

One last tid-bit. Orrin Hatch dropped out of the Presidential Race on the Republican side after the Iowa Vote because he only got 1% of the Vote. FACT is Orrin Hatch recieved only less than 400 fewer VOTES than AL GORE in the Democrat Party Vote, and AL GORE has a DECISIVE VICTORY!!!! Makes you wonder if the Democrats are a DEAD PARTY. Also makes you Question Why the Network Liberal News Reported the Republican Vote in actual VOTES, and the Democrat Vote in PERCENTAGES!!!! Could it be that the LIBERAL NEWS MEDIA is trying to bolster their position anyway possible? Nah, Can't Be. After All the NEWS MEDIA is HOUNDING GORE on the allegations by a former BEST FRIEND about his drug use even more so than the NEWS MEDIA HOUNDED Bush on similiar RUMORS but no EYEWITNESS Accusations. Some of you might get this. "Hey Al, 'EAR!!!" This is a utterance as a joint is passed from one person to another.....


Shop EARLY!!! Only 11 more months 'till CHRISTMAS!!!! I wonder when the Christmas Displays are going back up in the stores.... Ok, just kidding, a little... I wish the people who live around me would TAKE DOWN, or at LEAST TURN OFF their Christmas lights!!! It was a MONTH AGO for crying out loud!!!

Latest Clinton plan to SPEND OUR $$$$ a Multi-Million$$$$ program to help the POOR buy computers. Hmmmm. Let me see.... I guess getting them a used 486, like I used until last month, or a simple Pentium MMX like I have now,,,,wouldn't be good enough. Don't wanna hurt their self-esteem ya know.... After all playing Solataire without a "HELP SCREEN" is unfair and unjust. Oh, I bet they need it Internet READY Also. And if they don't have a phone, we have to pay for that TOO!!!!

Think this thought thru. If Al Gore, Bill Clinton, and the rest of the LIBERALS were here in 1774-1782 which side do you think they would have FOUGHT FOR? The REVOLUTIONARIES, or the BRITISH? Remember the WAR for INDEPENDANCE was fought over TAXES!!!! BOSTON TEA-PARTY ETC.!!! And put this in the Liberal Pipe and SMOKE IT, the Colonialists were TAXED a HELL OF A LOT LESS than we are NOW!!!! What do the LIBERALS say? A TAX CUT is an ill-advised scheme, won't say they WON'T raise TAXES any further. Do not want a STRONG MILITARY, only Gays' in the Military. Do not want the Best Health Care System, only a Gov't Controlled Health Care System. Do Not want Smaller Gov't, but BIGGER Gov't. EX. COMPUTERS FOR THE POOR!!!! The list goes on and ON!!!!

Let's go back 3 or 4 months. Remember the incessent demands made by the Liberal Press for G.W.Bush to answer drug use allegations that were rumors, nobody stood up and accused him personally. Well how come the allegations against Al Gore by of former BEST FRIEND are being dismissed? And even Al Gore's response years ago, suggests that he considers HIMSELF should have been sent to PRISON for when he did DO DRUGS, based on HIS VOTING RECORD for the SAME offences he DOES admit to. SEE STORY HERE!!! Remember G.W.Bush did not have an accuser, the media was all over it. Now Al Gore has an ACTUAL ACCUSER, Liberal Media is IGNORING IT!!!

OK, now for some lighter news. I bet this couple needed to change their underware after this Elevator Ride!!! Going thru something like this ride, I'm sure their lives flashed before their eyes!!! See Story HERE!!!

A new update on My Where's George $$$ Bill listing. I have 2 more "hits" bringing my total up to 15. These last 2 "hits" didn't go far, only to a Fast Food place down the street (Fazoli's) and took a bit less than 2 days. But a hit is a hit! I am #491 out of 137,462 users, in the top 0.36%. Not Bad!!!

See you TOMMORROW!!!!!


Well I'm sure most of you have seen the Story this weekend that College Freshmen have ALL TIME High LEVELS of STRESS in their lives. Reasons range from college costs, study time, household cleaning, also holding a part or full time job,,,,, and an inability to maintain the same level of living as they had at home with their parents. Let's take the last issue. Why do 18 yr. old kids expect to have the same comforts of HOME at college? Where they were living off the fruits of their parent's labors that took yrs to reach. These kids want to START where they were at home, even if they failed they EXPECT the worst would be the same lifestyle they had when they LEFT HOME FOR COLLEGE!

Let's fastforward to COLLEGE GRADUATES: 1st JOB- Expect starting pay of $20-30 per hr. Some actually do get this, but these are the GEEKS you tormented for 15-20 years in school. They REMEMBER!!! And it is their reward to be your BOSS and pay you 10X's less than you thought you should make.

I have interviewed many of these people. The problem IS they don't know HOW to work, or even know what WORK IS! Work isn't like school, school all you have to do is show up, whether or not you learn anything is up to you. IT IS HARD TO GET FIRED FROM SCHOOL! WORK on the other hand is a bit different,,,,, YOUR BOSS EXPECTS you accomplish YOUR JOB!!! And if you do this, and do extra, is when rewards start to come, a RAISE, a PROMOTION, whatever. These are the stepping stones to success. It does NOT happen OVERNIGHT. It took me 12 yrs. at the SECRET LAB to move up and be a "BOSS". It wasn't handed to me, I had to EARN IT!!! Some got it sooner than I, but that is LIFE. Nothing is FAIR in LIFE. You just do what you can, hope a lucky break comes along, but keep on plugging away and wait for the opportunity. Or get another job where you think you have better odds. LIFE is a GAMBLE, work to play your best hand. But remember, very few are Dealt a ROYAL FLUSH. These are the people you see in the news.

I say the young people are assuming UNREALISTIC EXPECTATIONS. NOT EVERY COLLEGE GRADUATE makes $100,000 a yr. Even after 20 yrs.!!!

STRESS on college students.... The news pointed out that overall the same things they are SO STRESSED about existed 20 yrs. ago. The news article than went onto say that it doesn't MATTER, the fact is the students are more stressed. I say to this, "Well it must be the college students today are a BUNCH of WIMPS and WHINERS!!!" I wonder how these people will survive if the Economy takes a downturn, jobs scarce, etc.

In my final analysis, it appears that these people are LIBERALS, no matter what happens I DESERVE TO KEEP MY LIFESTYLE. And if I can't support it on my own, the GOVERNMENT needs to subsidize my LIFESTYLE. My parents always had dinner on the table, my clothes were always washed, my home was always clean, etc. And I didn't have to do ANYTHING! Why should "I" have to do any of it NOW???? Clean up after "Myself", Pay "BILLS", BE RESPONSIBLE FOR "MY" OWN ACTIONS, when "I" had ALL this taken care of before without "ME" doing anything? UNFAIR!!! UNFAIR!!! BOOO WHOOO!!!! GOVERNMENT HELP ME!!!

If I had a PENNY for every IDEALIST COLLEGE Grad, I WOULD BE $$$RICH!!!! If you want a peak of a similar story Click HERE!!!

Now let's end Today with a bit of humor. Most of you know about the DARWIN AWARDS, an award given to those deceased because of their STUPIDITY, and taking themselves out of the GENE POOL. Check out this story from Vancouver about a DAREDEVIL SKIER HERE!!! Another definition to "BANG YOUR HEAD!!!"

Another Story. I guess "Dumb Polack Jokes" are forbidden, and I guess so are "Dumb Blonde" Jokes soon. And in the NEAR FUTURE all jokes BANNED from the WORKPLACE. See the Story HERE!!!

So to end this today: Did you hear about the new INTERNET user who got an email saying he could EARN $50,000 a month doing nothing but leave his computer on? Well he believed it. QUIT his job, and waited for the $$$ to come rolling in. When it didn't happen, he sued (of coarse). Won a $2 Million Lawsuit against the "COMPANY". "COMPANY" went BANKRUPT 2 yrs ago. Internet user waiting for the Check, while living on the streets, promising all his homeless friends a big PAYDAY. INTERNET User found dead, another homeless friend killed him for his 6-pack of BEER.

I'll be more honest. If you send ME $1,000, I promise I will be $1,000 RICHER.


The weekend once more!

Did you see the Total Lunar Eclipse last night? I did before work, there were some thin clouds here, so it looked a rusty-red to me.

Thanks to those of you who sent me "scripts" for a Countdown Clock that I could modify for "CLINTON's LAST DAY IN OFFICE". The best and easiest one I now have on the Opening Page, (So those of you who cheat and come directly to this page, will now know to go take a look).

Well here in Metro-Phoenix, we've had 8 threats against schools in the past 3 weeks. Letters sent home to parents, high absentee rate for the days of the threats. Well they caught one today. A 14 yr. old student who emailed (from HOME) a threat to the school and a local TV Station. They were able to trace back to the source of the email. DUMB KID, in more ways than one!


I am now readjusted to my Graveyard Work Schedule, looking forward to getting a peak of the Total Lunar Eclipse tonight before work, Pink Floyd's ALBUM, "DARK SIDE OF THE MOON" would be appropriate background music.

I have some more True but Strange NEWS STORIES today. A lot of them have Arizona connections. Here is the 1st one: AZ Homeowners for YEARS have been ENCOURAGED to have DESERT, "Native" Landscaping, (ie. low water usage maintenance). Well Guess WHAT!!!??? The Desert Landscaping is using MORE WATER than those who decide to have GREEN GRASS!!! Check out this Story in THE ARIZONA REPUBLIC HERE!!!

This one from also AZ. A White Supemecist Student about to be sentanced as an ADULT for severly beating a black student so SEVERLY that his nose was on the side of his face,,,has SOMEHOW convinced his Teachers to send letters to the JUDGE on how great he was in class and as a Student...See STORY HERE From THE ARIZONA REPUBLIC!!!

OK, now this story is from SEATTLE, WA. First I have a Question for all of you... When you hear the term, "kinky", what do you think it relates too? I bet it's SEX. WELL, here's a twist... so to speak. A Hair Dresser in training is charging "RACIAL STEROTYPING". See the STORY HERE!!! I bet next is the GAYS' saying the same thing about "STRAIGHT HAIR". If we are to classify HAIR to EXTREMES, Your Driver's Licence will more than double in size.

Back to ARIZONA: Free Speech, Freedom of Religion, and WORK. Check this Story Out, Read it ALL the Way thru, and think about it. Story from The Arizona Republic HERE!!!

To end on a lighter note, I have recieved my 13th hit for WHERE'S GEORGE. A $Bill I entered 7 days ago was reentered from a Movie Theatre in Mesa, AZ. 2.7 miles, but a hit is a hit. Currently I'm #503 out of 132,773 participants with a GEORGE SCORE of 505. I'm in the top 0.37%!!!! If only my $$$ pay at work was in the same bracket....

See you TOMMORROW!!!!


After my second night back at work on the Graveyard Shift at The Secret Lab, I am almost adjusted back to the schedule, not nearly overdosing on Caffiene like the 1st night.

I assume you all heard the main topics today, The 3 killed and 54 Injured at Seton Hall University Dorm Fire. I think it is possible they had TOO MANY Fire Drills in the "wee hours of the morning". And these College students, also being aware of all the drills in Elementary and High School, didn't take the ALARM SERIOUSLY. The is a point to be said for OVER DRILLING. Kind of like "The Boy Who Cried Wolf".

Mrs. Slick Willy, Hillary, said yesterday that she will spend the rest of her life with Mr. Slick Willy. I wonder if this is the result of focus groups on her run for the Senate Seat in NY.

Now I have some stories that didn't make it to the front page, or 30 second clips on TV, these are too good to pass over.

A car DEALERSHIP was ATTACKED IN A "HATE CRIME"!!!!! An ACID ATTACK!!!! Why is this a "HATE CRIME?". Because only FORDS were ATTACKED!!! Actually....I understand, I don't like FORDS either. See the STORY HERE!!!

Is sending a DEAD FISH in the MAIL, "FREEDOM OF SPEECH", a "POLITICAL STATEMENT", or a CRIMINAL OFFENSE? We don't know yet, but if it is a protected "RIGHT" I will send Slick Willy a DEAD FISH myself. Check out this STORY HERE!!!

Are Company LOGO'S being changed because of PETA (People for the Ethical Treatment of Animals), and Vegetarians? Taking advantage of Life-Long City-Folk who feel guilty about EATING MEAT, killing BABE, BAMBI, BOSSY the COW, PORKY PIG, so we can EAT THEM? The following story illustrates these findings, and also mentions that those who refrain from obvious meat menues like T-Bone Steaks, YUM!!! Eat Pepperoni like there is no tomorrow, because they don't associate Pepperoni with KILLING OF A LIVING ANIMAL. Any of you who have STEAKS Frozen in your Freezer, and can no longer EAT them....Send them to me!!! See STORY HERE!!!

I have some more news, but running out of time. If it is still relevant tomorrow, I will post it. In the mean time let's ALL SING....

STAND BY YOUR MAN (for Hillary). BORN FREE!!!! (For the ANIMALS WE EAT). BURNING DOWN THE HOUSE(Talking Heads Hit in the '80's) For too many Fire Drills. And from the VERY early '80's, when MTV 1st Started, let's replay that infamous Music Video....FISH-HEADS!!!!

Let me see, as I leave you today, I am about to EAT a large helping of DEAD COW, a little bit of DEAD CHICKEN, along with Murdered Vegatables, inluding the ABORTIONS of SEEDS, along with some ground up plant material turned into Pasta.

I must tell my Hometown buddies in Northern NY....Sorry it's BELOW ZERO there, it's in the 70's here.....A bit of "COLD" Humor....


Let me tell you, after 17 days of vacation, and a return to DAY living during this time, the 1st night back on The GRAVEYARD SHIFT is a toughie.

1ST Thing: A new Barry Young Update (Talk Show Host until recently on KFYI in Phoenix). Barry has been kind enough to me to send the latest published NEWS on this. Here is the Latest NEWS he sent me last night. HERE!!!

Been a long day and night for me, so here are articles for you to take a look at, that I would normally comment further on. John Rocker, Atlanta Baseball Relief Pitcher. Well the group "TWISTED SISTER" is banning their song "WE WANNA ROCK" for John Rocker's Introductions. Makes sense to me, except I thought it would be John Rocker requesting this. Do you remember how "TWISTED SISTER" looked in their videos???? The same FREAKS John Rocker didn't want to sit with in the subway in NYC. And to tell you the TRUTH, I wouldn't want to sit next to them either!!! Story HERE!!!

New Story Out Today on INCOMPETANT PEOPLE. Turns out these people have a very HIGH REGARD for their job performance, Study says... the same people who are incompetant also lack the ability to know what is competant. In fact they are more confident in their abilities, than those who ARE COMPETANT. I KNOW SOME OF THESE PEOPLE!!! See Story HERE!!!

Now to the pay gap between RICH and POOR. In the next linked article, I'm in AZ, I make 30% of what is considered RICH. You won't see me in the STREETS Protesting against the RICH. Why? Because success is a mixture of Self Preparedness, accepting of RISK of FAILURE, LUCK, (But remember most LUCK is self made, Good or Bad). Am I sorry I Grossed $40K, NO. Do I wish I made MORE? YES, but who doesn't wish they had more $$$ whether you made $15K or $150K. The people most happy, and well adjusted are those who know where they are on the Corporate Ladder, where they want to be, and balance this against the responsibilities required for that job. You also need to balance with what YOU like to do. Ex. If you are a cashier and LOVE your job, and don't want any more responsibility on the job, you can't expect to earn as much $$$ as the District Manager, responsible for the overall success of many stores. See my point? Story HERE!!!

I hope this update today has educated some of you. Bottom Line, you won't get RICH by doing what "everyone" else is doing.

Oh! now you want to know about me, OK. Well I am in a Management Position, as a Supervisor. I do not wish at this time to move up to the next level, Manager. WHY???? It is MORE responsibilty, takes more TIME. Time that I do not want to give up at this point. I currently have a good balance between work responsibilities, and what I want to be able to do off work time. Again, it's a balance you need to work out for yourself. If you are willing for high stress 80 hrs. a week you will end up making some VERY GOOD$$$. Myself, I will work the GRAVEYARD SHIFT, with my longest co-worker Art Bell, and put in 40 -45 hrs a week over 4 nights. This is MY BALANCE. This will be different from everyone else, everyone has a balance between personal life and work, and everyone is different. And Differences between people is what makes life enjoyable and interesting, I wouldn't change it at all.


MLK Day. Let's see how much trouble I can get into, probably a lot, oh well.

I DO NOT support a PAID HOLIDAY OFF for Federal, State, and Municiple workers for this holiday. I don't support any holiday off for Public workers that the Private Sector doesn't also enjoy. Example, where I work we have 6 Holidays, does NOT mean we get the day off, only that we get paid Time and a 1/2 working it. These 6 Holidays are: NEW YEARS DAY, MEMORIAL DAY, INDEPENDANCE DAY, LABOR DAY, THANKSGIVING DAY, and CHRISTMAS DAY. Thats it. Why should PUBLIC EMPLOYEES have ALL these extra days off PAID? As far as I'm concerned they don't do the job they are PAID to do. As a matter of fact, if they only worked 6 months a year we probably wouldn't noticed the decreased productivity. In fact we probably would be better off. Review the end of yesterday's posting for Confirmation of this fact.

OK, now let me get neck deep in this crap of the FLAG issue in S. Carolina, you know, The Confederate Battle Flag flying over the Capitol Dome.

From Jesse Jackson and the NAACP, this flag is , "A PAINFUL REMINDER OF SLAVERY..."

Well did you think this issue would stay in S. Carolina? Hell No! They are now attacking Georgia's Flag, calling for a BOYCOTT of THE SUPER BOWL!!!! Here is Georgia's Flag.

Now you are thinking that this is as far as this Flag issue could possibly go.... WRONG!!!! Guess who is next on the list? Need help? Well that's why I'm here. Next, in No particular order are: Hawaii

Here is Mississippi's

Here is Forida's

Here is Alabama's

FINALLY!!! I bet you are saying to yourself, Smoker Dave ran out of Flags. Well, not YET!!!! The next "VICTIM" is England!

So do you think I'm done now? If you know me at all, you know the answer is NO! The Confederate Flag flew over Slavery for 4 YEARS. That's why they want to get rid of it, a SYMBOL of SLAVERY, hurting BLACKS' FEELINGS. Boo Hoo!!! Well once these SENSITIVE PEOPLE succeed in removing the above Flags shown, they will go after the Flag that flew over SLAVERY 25 TIMES LONGER than The Confederate Flag. WHAT HATE INSPIRED FLAG IS THIS!!!???

Well hopefully you have gotten my point by now. Honoring any individual, group of individuals, historic occaisions, religious occaisions, etc. Should be honored by the INDIVIDUAL, FAMILY, or GROUP. Not Honored by PAID TIME OFF FROM WORK by PUBLIC EMPLOYEES who are the LEAST DESERVING of EXTRA TIME OFF that those of us in the PRIVATE SECTOR do not get. Do you want to hear what I think should replace MLK DAY, Presidents Day, Columbus Day, ETC.? How about July 20th? MOON DAY. The Day We Landed on the MOON. A better use of a DAY OFF to Contemplate why we haven't gone any further in Manned EXPLORATION. A Day to contemplate why 31 YEARS later, we have NO MEANS of putting MAN back on the MOON. WHY???!!! What happened to the "NEW GREAT UNENDING FRONTIER" called SPACE???? Why can't we even land a solar powered CALCULATOR on MARS today???

I am sure I be be LABELED once again a "RACIST", "Anti-Children", "Anti-Poor". ETC. To those who think that, you DON'T KNOW ME!!! But I know you, You are ignorant handout LOVING SLACKERS who never learned the definition of Self-Sufficientcy. And to end today's posting is a twist of Bart Simpsons' line from last night. "LIBERALS, EAT MY SHORTS!!!"


Mergers we can expect to see.

Hale Business Systems, Mary Kay Cosmetics, Fuller Brush, and W.R.Grace Company merge to become Hale Mary Fuller Grace.
Polygram Records, Warner Brothers, and Keebler Crackers merge to become Polly-Warner-Cracker.
3M and Goodyear merge to become MMMGood.
John Deere and Abitibi-Price merge to become Deere Abi.
Zippo Manufacturing, Audi Motors, Dofasco, and Dakota Mining merge to become Zip Audi Do Da.
Honeywell, Imasco, and Home Oil merge to become Honey I'm Home
Denison Mines, and Alliance and Metal Mining merge to become Mine All Mine.
Federal Express and UPS merge to become FED UP.
Xerox and Wurlitzer will merge and begin manufacturing reproductive organs.
Fairchild Electronics and Honeywell Computers will merge and become Fairwell Honeychild.
3M, J.C. Penney and the Canadian Opera Company will merge and become 3M Penney Opera.
Grey Poupon & Dockers Pants will merge and become Poupon Pants
Knott's Berry Farm & National Organization of Women will merge and become Knott NOW!

Just for fun, try to identify this outfit of over 500 employees with the following statistics:

*29 have been accused of spousal abuse
*7 have been arrested for fraud
*19 have been accused of writing bad checks
*117 have bankrupted at least two businesses
*3 have been arrested for assault
*71 cannot get a credit card due to bad credit
*14 have been arrested on drug-related charges
*8 have been arrested for shoplifting
*21 are current defendants in lawsuits
*In 1998 alone, 84 were stopped for drunk driving

Give up?

Yup - it's the 535 members of your United States Congress. The same group that perpetually cranks out hundreds upon hundreds of new laws designed to keep the rest of us in line.


I am watching the Miami vs JAX Football Farce. 41-0 in the 1st 1/2!!!????

I have more news on the Barry Young flap here in Phoenix. Here is the LATEST STORY.

Now for some VERY STRANGE news. Some of you know that Art Bell was in NYC this week. Guess what he found in Rush Limbaugh's studio at WABC? You would expect this in Art's studio, but not in Rush's. See Photo HERE!!! I wonder what they story behind this is.

Well, got to go, I certainly hope the Wash vs Tampa Game is much better.


No New News on the Barry Young flap at KFYI, I'm still linked by KFYI. And I bet that "The Kim Komando Computer Show" will Air at it's Regular time this weekend, (Barry own's and produces it). My vacation from work is now over, now just the weekend left, fortunately filled with good NFL Playoff Matchups. Got a lot done, did a lot of things, but not as much as I hoped for, at least I'm well rested. Oh, I forgot to tell you all, the Secret Lab Football Pool Final Results. I finished in a 3 way tie for 7th place at 129-117 for a 52.439% winning percentage. Which in the NFC would have been good enough for a WildCard Spot. Now for the $$$ winners. A tie for 1st Place between Dan H. and DeShong S. at 144-102 58.537% $136 each. 3rd place Tim P. 142-104 57.724% $68. Last place #17 was Clarissa E. 117-129 47.561%. As a note 13 of the 17 paticipants finished at 50% or better for the season. Not bad really when you consider that all the picks were chosen before the 1st game.

In a few hrs. I get my last B-Day Present, a Steak Dinner at my mom's, YUM!!!! Good weather today also, supposed to hit 79.

Now for the NEWS: The following link is to a Transcript of the Father of the Cuban boy. Read it carefully, he wants "To break necks", he also would like to have "a rifle and get rid of how many people?"... They have been Closing Schools for less serious threats in this country, and the Gov't wants to send the child BACK to a life of NO CHANCE FOR SUCCESS? Remember the child has relatives HERE and won't cost the Taxpayers' a CENT!!! Here is THE STORY AND TRANSCRIPT

Hope you haven't eaten at this McDonald's in Mobile AL. In addition to the "Want 'Fries with that", is an unsolicited order of Hepatitus. Story HERE.

ASU (ARIZONA STATE UNIVERSITY) will have the 1st Satelite of the year launched today. Story HERE.

Last story: DON'T SHOOT THE DEER!!!! Give them BIRTH-CONTROL!!! I bet it is difficult to make Does take a pill everyday, and probably impossible to get BUCKS to wear a Condom. Read the FULL STORY HERE.


Well as of noontime in AZ. KFYI still has my web site listed. At least it appears at this time they still post embarassing or anti KFYI sentiment, this is an encouraging thing. I had a couple of emails saying they couldn't access the article that Barry Young sent me a link to that more closely represents what happened at KFYI. My guess is the site was down temporarily for one reason or another. So there it is again. Last night I recieved an email from Barry thanking me for my efforts, he has recieved the emails I sent to the Smoker Dave List, and more.

If you want to help, or express your opinion to KFYI about Barry Young leaving the show, after it was #2 and at times #1 in the Southwest Market before the lineup change, etc. Send Email to:Webmaster or Webmistress You may mention me Smoker Dave if you wish.

Today I have a LIST of stories for you to check out, LINKS provided. All from newspapers.

Story #1: Charlotte NBA Basketball Player Bobby Phills killed after Drag Racing fellow player after practice, going over 75MPH in a 45MPH speed zone. HERE!

Story #2: 3rd Annual "Whacky Warning Label Awards" Story HERE!

Story #3: KFC Chicken Hoax, Story HERE!

Story #4: Error on Birth Certificate listing the wrong Gender causes 17 yr MALE to apply for a Drivers License as if "he" has had a SEX-Change. Story HERE!

Story #5: I don't have an article for this, but Hillary Clinton's Press Aide admitted today that they recieved a preview of the questions Dave Letterman was going to ask in the "Surprise Pop Quiz" about NY. How else do you explain that Hillary actually knew that the BlueBird was the State Bird, the Surgar Maple the State Tree, and that the Great Lakes that NY shares shores with are Ontario and Erie? I lived my 1st 21 yrs in NY State, NORTHERN NY. I was less than 50mi. from Ontario. I could answer that question. I would have answered MAPLE for the tree as that is what we called them. My hometown makes big business in MAPLE SYRUP, but we never reffered to them as Surgar MAPLES. The State Bird? I thought it was the Blue Jay. I wonder if it is the same as the BLUE BIRD? It seems to me that Hillary's answers were out of an Encyclopedia, and not from knowledge on the state. After all who in NYC actually sees any trees? or any birds except pigeons? It is the split personality of the state, the NYC Metro area is a stonghold of Democrats, the rest of the state is basically Republican, or conservative. You should see how my hometown paper beats up on Hillary. That is why talk of splitting NY into 2 states frequently is discussed in NY. I remember in the '70's the anger of the majority of NY on having to bail out NYC from Bankruptcy, NY then had one of the highest State Taxes in the country.


Previous updates now in ARCHIVES 12/22/99 thru 1/10/00

Now to continue on the Barry Young flap at KFYI. I realize that my opinions on this etc. may lead to the removal of the link KFYI has to my web site. Those of you on my email list have recieved some of the emails I sent and recieved from KFYI. I was provided an email address to contact Barry Young by both KFYI's webmistress Erin O'Donnell, and Upper Management Connie Powell. Last night I sent an email to Barry Young. Here is a cut and paste of the email I sent.


I have missed you since you went to afternoons, I was hoping to give you a call this week on the show since I'm on vacation. Looks like an opportunity missed. Somehow I hope you get back on the Air. After all I don't want the voice that coined "Smoker Dave in Mesa" silenced.

Smoker Dave

Today I recieved a reply from Barry Young, here is the cut and paste of the email, the Link in the reply is now HOT, Click on it for the story from Barry Young's perspective.

Thanks for your message. Here you'll find some insight as to what is

The Nearly Famous

Barry Young


I am probably under scrutiny at this time from KFYI. I will continue to be a fan and advocate for Barry as much as I can. If the new owners and management can't handle critizism from one of the web sites they link to, then you will see my web site disappear from the "Political Junkie" Section of their web site. I will wage my own little war with KFYI if this happens.

Now I must say that I enjoy most of their programming, RUSH, Art Bell, their morning show, Kim Komando(which Barry Young's Co. Produces), etc. But if Barry Young gets a new show on another station, especially 9 AM - Noon, I will forsake RUSH and listen to Barry, and of COARSE call in!!!

Now onto other subjects. I have been on vacation and now have had the chance to see what is on PRIME TIME TV....What a bunch of TRASH! The Network News, biased and on a 6th Grade intelligence level. The "HOT" Shows, Ally McBeal-immorality on parade. The Drew Carey Show=stupididty on parade. Friends, Moesha, Malcolm In The Middle, Frasier, Sienfeld, Party Of 5, and the idiotic Game Shows, ARE blasts from the past that in those days entertained children and young people. WHERE ARE Shows that inform, analyze, educate the ADULTS??? I think I will stick with A&E, History Channel, Discovery Channel, The Learning Channel, etc. If it wasn't for the fact the major networks carry the major sports, I would never watch them at all. Thank God I still have the radio for info on what is actually going on.

I do have another Where's George?update. A bill I entered on 11/28/99 has been entered at The Bank of America in Chandler, AZ after over 44 days. A distance of 12 miles for an Average Speed of 0.01 MPH.

If you have checked out the Where's George Web Site, you know they have a ranking system called "THE GEORGE SCORE".

You have entered 305 Bills worth $XXXX.

You have 12 bills with hits.

You have 12 total hits.

Your hit rate is 3.93%.

Your George Score is 496.

Your rank is #483.

(Rank is based on George Score)

Hey!, It's FREE FUN!!! And I'm # 483 out of 126,000+ users. The best always rises to the top in whatever endeavour the participate in, I'm in the top 1/10 of 1%

Ray Rhodes firing as coach of the Green Bay Packers. Jesse Jackson upset,,,(Where did he get the "REVEREND" Title?). What's next? Affirmative Action in Sports? I guess that would mean more Black Hockey Players, but, if we go by %, more White Football Players, more White Basketball Players, and more White Baseball Players.

For additional evidence of this, there is a report out saying today, that by 2025 the % of WHITE Kiddie DRS. will increase from 47% to 54%, while the minority children % increases in the population.... Does this suggest that only minority Drs. can treat minorities???? You get in a car accident, you are bleeding to death, you are refused treatment at a hospital because a Dr. of your race isn't available. AFFIRMATIVE ACTION!!!! Isn't it GREAT???!!! Praise God we are equal (but separated) in every way. Think about it, Jesse Jackson IS STILL DEFENDING the GANG MEMBERS who caused the violence in DeCatur, Ill. football game.

And now, see yesterday's links, there are those in AZ. saying it's not FAIR that the mom of the QUAD'S spend 173 yrs in prison. She didn't KILL them, only abused them to the point they can never be normal. 70+ fractures, brain damage, and a lack of remorse for abusing her own infants, is not evidence that she is a "BAD" Mother..... Would you want HER to be your "MOM"????


Previous updates now in ARCHIVES 12/22/99 thru 1/10/00

Sad day at the Smoker Dave Compound. Barry Young Talk Show Host at KFYI 910 AM Phoenix, AZ. has left the Air in a dispute with KFYI. I always enjoyed his show when he was on 9 AM - Noon. In June '99 he was moved to a 3 PM time slot so I haven't heard much of his show since then. For those of you who don't know, I was a frequent caller to his show before I became Smoker Dave. It was Barry Young who coined the name when I called on 7/1/96 when the new anti-smoking laws went into effect in Mesa, AZ. Those of you on my email list have already recieved the email I sent, and reply I recieved from KFYI. For those who haven't seen the News-Story in The Arizona Republic today, here is the LINK.

Since I am on vacation from work this week, I was hoping to finally call into the Show again since he went to the 3 PM time slot. I guess the opportunity is not forthcoming.

Today the parents of the "Avondale Quads" were sentanced. The "mom" will spend 173 yrs in prison, the "dad" will spend 5 yrs in prison. For the News Story from The Arizona Republic, if you are not aware of this SICK story, Click Here.

Clinton at the Grand Canyon today "building a legacy" by STEALING over 1 million acres from the people of ARIZONA. Nobody will be able to use these lands, unless you back-pack in and out. If it has a WHEEL, you can't use it there, is the sum of what is now LAW. For the Story in trhe Arizona Republic Click Here.

Is there any GOOD News I have for you today? Nope. I am having trouble installing my scanner on the PC, guess I have to wait for my brother to do it. And the last chance for good news disappeared when Clinton ended his speech on STEALING LAND belonging to the citizens of ARIZONA at the edge of The Grand Canyon. There was no sudden gust of wind blowing him into the Grand Canyon. I guess he always ends up winning when it comes to blowing......

I do have a new Where's George? update. A bill I entered on 11/15/99 has made it to Las Vegas in 56+ days, 269 miles, Average Speed 0.20 MPH. Do you think it may have spent some time in a CASINO?

How about the AOL and Times-Warner merger? Seems like the people complaining about this, getting too big etc. Are the same ones saying Microsoft is too big. The same ones who said Ma Bell was too big, and we all know what happened to phone service since that breakup. Well these same people are the BIGGEST supporters of bigger and BIGGER GOV'T. Why is a large company a BAD thing, and a HUGE SUFFOCATING FEDERAL GOV'T a good thing???? Try to sell this idea to ARIZONA today after losing over 1 million acres to the FEDS without a say about it. A bad news day locally and statewide.

Question: If Baseball Player John Rocker needs Mental Help, how come Jesse Jackson, Louis Farakhan, etc. do not, when they have said the same thing, but on different groups of people. I guess it's open season on White People, Straight People, and Christians.