The Political Quote of the Day for 02/02/01:


The favorite indoor sport around Washington---- making fun of vice presidents.

Dean Rusk.

DAMNIT!!! It is obvious that I failed to upload yesterday's commentary and News. Well it is pointless to recreate it now, as two long nights in a row will do that. I will just move on from this point.

The Feds , ie Greenspan should have cut the Interest Rate by 3/4 of 1% instead of 1/2 of 1%, as the STOCK MARKET is still going down. Let me REMIND you, this IS NOT the BUSH ECONOMY, it is the Economy he inherited from Clinton's FREE RIDE and DESTRUCTION of REAGAN's Economy, G.H.W. Bush's continued watch over it. Clinton has depleted the Economic Engine and has used up our Armed Forces. Economy, we peaked last March, and have been spiralling down since. This is DURING the CLINTON/GORE watch. So labeling this present Economic time is the CLINTON/GORE LEGACY. Inherited by a Republican President, and when the full effects are felt Bush will be blamed for it by the LIBERALS. What else is New? Bastards and Immoral People they are, the Politicians of the Liberal Left Wing Extremists. I WANT An across the BOARD TAX CUT, I WANT some of my Social Security $$$ for ME to invest. I want OUR COUNTRY STRONG AGAIN. And I want to see ethical acts of responsibility from the Highest Office.

How about this? Reffering to someone as Monica, or Monica Lewinski can bring you SEXUAL HARASSMENT CHARGES a FEDERAL JUDGE HAS RULED. The REAL Monica Lewinski is disturbed by this, because she thinks that since a couple of years has past,,,, most people associate her with designer pocketbooks and such. Not the sucking sound in the little room adjacent to the ORAL OFFICE, I mean Oval Office, since it has now been cleaned up, "STAINS" and all... See the STORY HERE!!!

Here's another PETA STORY, these whacko's never quit!!! They are now trying to indoctrate school children without the parents permission into their whacky anti-meat and anti-dairy product beliefs. These people need to be hunted into extinction. At least a hunting season on PETA Members like where I grew up. $5 for every muskrat trapped in the Spring. Seems and sounds Fair to me....After all these PETA people are Eating more of thir share of vegetables that we NORMAL people with a balanced diet need for our nutritional needs. These PETA People who don't Eat Meat, and want to FORCE all of us to do the Same, and Also eliminate MILK, eggs, etc from the HUMAN DIET, also happen to suffer from a MENTAL disorder, because they don't eat Meat and/or Dairy Products. This Mental Disorder is called, "IAN" Means, "I Am Nuts!!!". See the STORY HERE!!!

A, "HIGH 5" to South Carolina. OPEN SEASON on HOME INVADERS!!! If a Homeowner Defends him/herself, even with DEADLY FORCE, from someone breaking into their HOME, THEY WILL NOT BE ARRESTED OR CHARGED WITH ANY CRIME! I applaud this Stance, YOUR HOME is the 1 Place we should ALL feel, be, SAFE AND SECURE. An intruder busting in, or found in, YOUR HOME should have EVERY EXPECTATION of a BULLET in his/her HEAD! Besides getting rid of the Criminal charges, LAW should also prevent the Families or the Criminal from seeking Insurance $$$ or $$$ from the RESIDENT, the person(s) or family that is home. If someone breaks in here at the Smoker Dave Secret ARMED Compound, they WILL be SHOT.....DEAD!!! See the STORY HERE!!!

Cigarettes SAVES LIVES!!! See the STORY HERE!!!

I'll post another update early Monday 02/05/01, maybe Sooner. I don't work Monday Night 02/05/01 as it is a VERY SPECIAL DAY/NIGHT. My longest co-worker at night RETURNS to the AIR, ART BELL!!!!!!ART BELL!!!!!ART BELL!!!!! Thank Heaven and give me a BEER!!! To let you all know, I have listened to the Show for over, or nearly 10 years at work, a comforting voice on the Radio even if I didn't really hear what was said. I DID use a Vacation Day for his last Show, check back in my ARCHIVES, and I WILL NOT WORK on his TRIUMPHANT RETURN to the SHOW/AIRWAVES. Though many of you can't understand my loyalty to this SHOW's genre, or it's founder ART BELL, it means that you don't have an open MIND to the Paranormal, UFO's, Strange but REAL NEWS that is NOT REPORTED in the Mainstream Press here in the USA, etc. It also means that YOU don't understand me and other Graveyard Shift Workers. It takes time, myself, it took nearly 5 years of listening to Music on the radio, and my own cassette tapes, on the Graveyard Shift before I finally got sick of it and one night decided to search the late night talk Radio Shows, not reruns, but LIVE stuff. And I found ART BELL doing an interview with Al Belich on "The Philadelphia Experiment", (REMEMBER THE MOVIE???) that took place in the mid 1940's. I was HOOKED, ONE SHOW and I was HOOKED, Better than Smoking CRACK once and being HOOKED!!! When ART BELL retired last yr and earlier also left the AIR, are among the top 10 saddest Days/Nights I ever had. Now ART BELL returning on 02/05/01 11:06PM PHX, AZ TIME is a most joyous time for me. I know that ART coming back, his SON is now OK, the Lawsuits are settled(ART SUED AND WON in COURT) And Now ART BELL is able to RESUME the LATE NIGHT SHOW HE CREATED, that was masterly foster parented by Mike Seigel. And I thank Mike Siegel for carrying the torch. I Kind of Hope that the Show when Art Returns starts off with the Music of AC/DC's HELLS BELLS.

But whatever your taste in music or talk RADIO, if you are up late this Monday night, 10 PM California time, or 1 AM eastern Time, tune in!!!! RADIO HISTORY!!!! there will be over 400 stations carrying the SHOW!!! And I will be here with BEERS, SMOKES, CHIPS, and PIZZA. And I will also be trying to call into the SHOW, as SMOKER DAVE IN MESA!!!. There is NO WAY my GOOD MOOD can be ruined THIS WEEKEND!!!

I FEEL GOOD... and EXCITEMENT GROWS by the Minute.

It is not often GOD answers your own personal prayers, but this one was answered. Have to give credit to GOD, HE granted me the most relevant request I have ever made, Art Bell on the Radio to me is like LINUS of Peanuts and his blanket.

Well I have at least tried to educate you all about myself in this posting, some of you already know these facts about me, now even more of you do. Now contrast what you have learned about me here with my political stances. I answer that with,"I am a very Religious person, CATHOLIC. And I believe that the subject matter and other issues regarding us are being hidden by both Government and Church. These issues are discussed by Art Bell in the past and I am sure in the future.

Can you EVEN follow the LOGIC of LONG TERM 3rd/Graveyard/Shift People like ME????


The Political Quote of the Day for 02/01/01:


In WAR, you can only be Killed Once, but in POLITICS, many times.

Winston Churchill.


The Political Quote of the Day for 01/30/01:

George H.W. Bush

He'd rather face Congress than a three-foot putt.

Ken Raynor, golf pro at the Kennebunk course where Bush plays.

Last Night PRESIDENT BUSH had a Meeting with the CONGRESSIONAL BLACK CAUCUS. They Were VERY UPSET over the Florida Vote, the Racial Barriers, and the Hardships of getting to a VOTING BOOTH. Plus the lack of LITERACY, and LANGUAGE hindered them. Not to mention that the WHITE SLAVE OWNERS had them working in the surgarcane fields during the ENTIRE Time the Election Booths were open. What a farce... I wonder what kind of PRESS PRESIDRNT BUSH would get if he met with, that doesn't Exist, Congressional White Caucus....Or how about the National Orgainzation of MEN, instead of The National Organization of WOMEN!!!??? Or how about NAACP(National Association for the Advancement of Colored People) and PRESIDENT BUSH also meets with the OTHE NAACP, (National Association for the Advancement of CAUCAUSION PEOPLE!!!!!!). Besides All this, there are "BLACK COLLEGES" but NO White COLLEGES. You can send $$$$ to an all BLACK COLLEGE, and deduct it from your TAXES, but you CANNOT donate to an All WHITE COLLEGE and deduct it from your TAXES. Until last Month we had 8 LONG Years of an AG refusing to Uphold the Law, and making new one's on her own to punish Conservatives.... Well the LONG NIGHTMARE IS OVER!!! Ashcroft has now been CONFIRMED as the New AG!!! The LIBERALS are now and have been in a "FIGHT OR FLIGHT" hissy fit since PRESIDENT BUSH was sworn in.

I say to these LIBERALS, Suffer!!! Like I have the previous 8 years, and if you ever made a remark that if Bush was Elected, or his choice of Cabinet Nominees were Confirmed,,,,THAT you would LEAVETHE USA....PLEASE KEEP YOUR PROMISES!!!! Good Luck and get the HELL OUT!!!

I got some good NEWS Stories, but it is getting late for me. I will post these if they are still relevant tomorrow, when my work week is finished. I recorded a movie I want to see before going to bed, LATER!!! GOOD GRIEF!!! Said CHARLIE BROWN!!! The NEWS today is most amazing and disturbing, as it appears we are populated by a rather Large Pecentage of TOTAL IDIOTS. Obviously these So called "PEOPLE" lived this long due to Liberal Federal Gov't handouts.

OK, let's start the carnage of TODAY'S NEWS...

A 13 YEAR OLD KID sees an MTV SHOW called "JACKASS", and decides that the stunt he saw was worthy of himself doing a REPEAT PERFORMANCE of it. Has the common sence of our kids been so degraded in the 25 years since I was 13 yrs old,,,That pouring GASOLINE on yourself and lighting a MATCH IS NOT A GOOD IDEA????? And if this STUPID STUNT was Done by YOUR KID, wouldn't you be too Embarrased to ADMIT your own Kid is this STUPID???? I guess not, if you think you can make $$$$ on STUPIDITY. I'll tell you what I THINK. This IDIOT should be DEAD, so there is NO OPPORTUNITY for him to pass on to future generations' His STUPID GENES!!! What the HELL is NEXT??? Kids imatating Old Bugs Bunny and Road Runner Cartoon "TRICKS"???? AND LIEBERMAN nearly became OUR VICE PRESIDENT!!! Anyway, here is the STORY!!!

Environmentalist WHACKO'S RIDE AGAIN!!! In my own backyard!!! Forget about property Rights, Family Heritage, and Responsible land-user for over a CENTURY. Envrironmentalist WHACKO's want to TAKE AWAY the land. And TRUST ME, the payment to the OWNER is a fraction of it's WORTH. AND the Stewardship of their INTENTIONS nearly always falls short of what a PRIVATE LAND OWNER does. This is an ARIZONA STORY, Well I cite this FACT: In the EARLY 1990's the 4-PEAKS REGION was banned from ANY lumber activity, new roads(dirt, logging roads, etc). CLINTON'S Secretary of Interior, former Gov. Bruce Babbitt of AZ, who we all hoped would protect Our STATE'S RIGHT'S, DID NOT DO SO. LUMBER COMPANIES were even BANNED from gathering the UNDERBRUSH and FALLEN LIMBS from TREES. These are used for pencils and toothpicks, etc. ALL BECAUSE WE NEED TO PROTECT THE ENVIRONMENT OF THE endangered, "SPOTTED OWL". Well about 2 or 3 yrs ago a FOREST FIRE FLAMED BY THE UNDERBRUSH, much like New Mexico's "Contolled burn" near Los Alamos, HAS now made the "SPOTTED OWL EXTINCT". The Main REASON? THE FOREST FIRE was FUELED by the UNDERBRUSH and dead Trees,,,,,(That would have been harvested by loggers, thus limiting the fire danger). And that is why those of us in AZ are so upset over CLINTON'S Confiscation of MILLIONS of ACRES of the STATE OF AZ the Past YR. for "NATIONAL MONUMENTS". See the Story HERE!!!

Now this STORY isn't quite accurate, as they have only MAtched MESA, AZ's ANTI-SMOKING LAW. I ought to KNOW!!! I actually got a ticket for driving and SMOKING with the CAR WINDOW DOWN!!!! $50!!! And this was 4 yrs ago!!!! Well see this STORY HERE!!!

Guess WHAT!!!??? The Federal Gov't has "DISCOVERED" another $ TRILLION DOLLARS in SURPLUS!!! Over the next 10 yrs. Feel Like you're being TAXED TOO MUCH YET? Makes President Bush's TAX CUT a done deal. I would like a BIGGER TAX CUT, and cut a deal. 1/2 of the TRILLION for further DEBT REDUCTION, and the other 1/2 refunded to US who have OVERPAID by so much. Instead of an across the board 3% tax decrease, let's go for 5%. How can the Damn Liberals complain about this? Since it was REPORTED by a NON-PARTISAN GOUP? I am SURE these LIBERALS will find a way. There SHOULD be a way to OUTLAW Defending People because they are LAZY or UNMOTIVATED TO WORK, and carry their own weight and responsibility for themselves. As this is the LIBERAL BASE OF POLITICAL POWER. The Democratic Party is prone to, and the LIBERALS beholden to, to getting the VOTES from People who have benefitted from the "LEGAL" THEFT of $$$ from those who HAVE EARNED IT!!! SEE the STORY HERE!!!

The Feds just cut the INTEREST RATE by 1/2 of 1%!!!! WOO HOOO!!!! Well the followers of LIBERALS Won't Care about this, since they get "FREE $$$" from us who ACTUALLY WORK!!!

CAN'T WAIT for the LIBERALS to EMAIL ME, if they DARE! I think THEY ARE ALL WHIMPS, and can't handle this web-site. I'll let you know about the response.

Time for a little TV, Eat and Sleep. See you tomorrow!!!!


The Political Quote of the Day for 01/30/01:


As you know, we have a lot in common. She adores her husband; I adore mine. She fights drugs; I fight illiteracy. She wears a size three... so's my leg"

Barbara Bush, contrasting her style with that of Nancy Reagan.

Where to Start!!! I still hate What the NY GIANTS did to me Financially, but I will move past that.

MOST of you know about some of the pardonees and commutees that CLINTON gave on his last Day in Office, like Marc Rich, the fugative, the vote buying in NY for HILLARY. But do you know this one? Think back a few years...REMEMBER Mel Reynolds, the Chicago Congressman who lost his Office for Statuatory Rape and Solicitation of Child Pornography? Had SEX with a 16 yr old Girl, and solicited a 3-some with her and a 15 yr old. This Conversation IS ON TAPE!!! Well I CAN provide a LINK to the Conversation, and I will. But I want it UNDERSTOOD that even though the TRANSCRIPT is edited, it is PORNO pure and simple. While I do Admit to using FOUL LANGUAGE from time to time on this, my own website. It was never used in this Fashion, even though the Edited Article doesn't include the Language, but it is obvious. Well CLINTON COMMUTED his PRISON SENTENCE. He got a "GET OUT OF JAIL FREE CARD" in Clinton's last 2 hrs of being President. Like I said, I WILL NOT ALLOW this sort of material on my website. But because CLINTON let this PERVERT go free from PRISON, if your children are sleeping, and you want to know what this PERVERT said in taped PHONE CALLS ..... Here is the LINK HERE!!!

Let's move on.... Did you SEE HOW UGLY and HAGGARD HILLARY looks WITHOUT MAKEUP? AHHHHH!!!!! RUN-AWAY RUN-AWAY!!! Probably has areas of her body all shriveled up also.

It is upsetting that the Clinton's continue to make NEWS, a PERVERT and a HAG, still getting NEWS Coverage. I must Commend PRESIDENT G.W. Bush for not falling into this trap and derailing his own Agenda. I WANT MY TAX CUT!!! I am a decent person, try to be fair to everyone, I assume I will go up rather than Down when I die, I have no expectation of meeting anyone named CLINTON when I go up to "The PEARLY GATES".

While the Clinton's are NOT SATAN INCARNATE, I think they are big supporters, How else to get away with all the MURDERS and SCANDALS they have faced. I take solace in the fact that THEY WILL ROT IN HELL for ETERNITY. That Evens the score for me. Yes Mr. Bill!!! I hope the past 8 yrs of POWER was FUN!!! Since you Face an ETERNITY of HELL for what you did to this Country. You Reap what you Sow, And I will NOT pray on your behalf. Do me a Favor, just ROT IN HELL.

Sorry I did not express my tue feelings today, I will try to do better.


Sorry I was away these past few days, but these things will happen from time to time. So let's 1st catch up on the POLITICAL QUOTES OF THE DAY.

For 01/26/01


Too bad that all the people who know how to run the country are busy driving taxicabs and cutting hair.....GEORGE BURNS

For 01/27-28/01


There never was a good war or a bad peace......Benjamin Franklin

And for TODAY

The Political Quote of the Day for 01/29/01:


They say if we give them a 50 percent pay increase they'll stop outside speaking engagements. Maybe if we give them 100 percent, they'll stop talking altogether."

Jay Leno, on congressional pay raises.

SUPER BOWL XXXV.... A disappointment. Even the commercials and Halftime Show was LAME. What happened to the team that DESTROYED the VIKINGS? OH WELL!!! DAMN GIANTS COST ME OVER $200. But I won't cry over pissed away $$$. I'm Not crying, but I am also NOT HAPPY about the POOR PERFORMANCE of the GIANTS.....34-7 Couldn't even make it a decent Game. At Least my friends and I ate well, RIBS, BURGERS, HOT DOGS, CHIPS & SALSA, Cold Cuts, etc. However I did not eat $200 of food, so I end up with the GIANTS COSTING ME $$$$. I won't forget. I add to the list the GIANTS to the HATED teams list. Yep, Giants now Join the COWBOYS as Teams I WILL NEVER ROOT FOR!

That means if there is ever a future Terrorist Attack in the USA, I hope it happens at a Giants VS Cowboys Game, because I want all their players and Fans Dead anyways.

I know it is harsh, but I am very unhappy with the effort and execution by the Giants, OVER $200 gone!!! DAMNIT!!! Couldn't even keep the margin under 25 points, which would have cut my loses in 1/2!!! Damn Overpaid Athletes.

OK, I'm done with the Chicken Shit Bowl.

It's been COLD and rainy since I updated here. There is this Golf Tournament they have here called "The Phoenix Open", messes up traffic is all I know about. How ANYONE can watch GOLF on TV is beyond me. But I understand they had some great Pictures of the Snow Capped Mountains around The Valley Of The Sun from this weekend's weather. I can't figure out why they have this Tournament when it gets the coldest and wettest here. I used to live in Northern NY State, we would get -40 deg Temps in the Winter. Well living here for 17 yrs. Temps in the 40's is like -40 degrees to us residents. Come here in June or July when its 115+ degrees and see how you do.

ONE MORE WEEK 'till the return of ART BELL!!!

I CAN"T WAIT!!!! I do Thank Mike Siegel for being the FOSTER PARENT of the SHOW while ART BELL was gone. A Job Well Done!

Hmmmm. ARE YOU Surprised at this??? ITEMS STOLEN FROM AIR FORCE ONE turn up on the Internet Auction Site eBay.... I don't think I need to say anything more. See the STORY HERE!!!

As a kid growing up in Northern NY State, every Sunday morning I went to the corner store and bought "The Syracuse Herald" Sunday Paper. Then we all went to Church. After Church we stopped on the way home and got a Bucket of Kentucky Fried Chicken, this would be around 11AM or Noon. Later in the Early Evening my Dad woud make scrambled eggs with whatever cold cuts and veggies were on hand.

What's my Point? Well I was always curious on what the 11 herbs and spices were in Kentucky Fried Chicken. Maybe we will find out. See the STORY HERE!!!

In Norhtern NY State we also have our own version of BBQ Chicken that the VFW's, Boy Scouts, Volunteer Fire Depts, etc. use as fund raisers. It uses AMF Wood from the local Bowling Pin Plant and a SPECIAL RECIPE that I have saved on one of my discs. AMF If you Bowl and have Pins with the AMF LOGO, they were made in my hometown, LOWVILLE, NY. By the way, those PINE TREE CAR FRESHENERS Etc. take a look at the package. It says Watertown, NY. 30 miles from my hometown, and a lot of the materials for those come from villages a lot closer than 30 miles.

Then there is "CROGHAN BOLOGNA"....This is the 1 thing that reminds me most of my hometown. Every Christmas I get a ring of it from my best friend's parents, I always enjoy it, and never share it...MINE!!!MINE!!!MINE!!! You know what I mean?

I bet a lot of you who live far from where you grew up as a child have local or area products that "Bring you back home again". I am interested to what they are, use the EMAIL BUTTON, or even my BBS, to let me know what YOU miss from your Hometown.


The Political Quote of the Day for 01/25/01:


As a politician who loves to kiss babies, I'm looking forward to it."

Terry Branstad, Iowa governor, on the impending birth of septuplets in Iowa.

11 months to Christmas, early shopper warning!!! Or a cruel reminder of to those still paying Christmas Bills. While I am on this, PLEASE TAKE DOWN YOUR Christmas Decorations!!! REMOVE the Red Bow from your SUV's Grill!!!! Or I will go nuts!!!

Now back to numerals, I mentioned "11" in the preceeding paragraph, it was on purpose. Here is why: 11-11, Armistice Day, or Veterans' Day. Plus a seguence of all 1's whatever the reference is something of a, Hmmmm...

Well today after work, I logged on to the 'Net. My home page has always been Coast To Coast AM Website. That is, UNTIL today! The websites are different from each other, and the ART BELL site had a new graphic up, along with a Count-Down Clock 'till Art returns to the Air. Well when the website loaded up and displayed, the count-down clock read 11 Days, 11 Hours, and 11 minutes........ I checked my own count-down clock, etc. and this was correct. Really Strange this numerical aboration, and I love It!!! It is a sign to me that my dear old friend Art Bell, my longest co-worker on the 3rd Shift in "the Secret Lab" will be better than ever. The problems of his namesakes kidnapping and molestation, and Art's TRIUMPH in Court over those who slandered him, a bit of time off, and now ROARING BACK TO RECLAIM THE NIGHT!!!

AND do you also want to know another strange thing about 11-11? I just learned this today. The 2 best friends I made at "The Secret Lab" had 11-11, one born at 11:11PM (The Time Art comes on the Air), the other born on 11-11.... No wonder these are the best friends I made at work, and they happen to be married to each other too. And I am the honorary UNCLE SMOKER to their kids.

Here is the Newest Graphic:

Now to some NEWS

Well!!! It appears that the missing "W's" are the LEAST of the damage done by the juvenile Clinton Staff. It is now escaliting to DESTRUCTION OF GOVERNMENT PROPERTY. And this by the outgoing MOST ETHICAL ADMINISTRATION EVER???? See the Story, also reported on the RUSH Limbough Show Today, HERE!!!

Was Clinton Bribed into giving a PARDON to RICH? A FUGITIVE? IRS INTEREST ALONE is $ nearly $400 MILLION? Not incliding penalties or a charge of TREASON. Plus the fact that Clinton said this weekend to ask Quinn, the lawyer, who under CLINTON's one RULES was ILLEGAL to LOBBY for ANYONE OR ANYTHING for 5 years until last week, when Clinton Rescinded the Order. I think there is a lot of clingons hanging in the crack hair of the Clinton Administration.... Time to rip them out....Roots and all.

'Tis Late, must eat and sleep before work. See you Tomorrow!!!


The Political Quote of the Day for 01/24/01:


No man's life, liberty, or property are safe while the legislature is in session."

Gideon Tucker, New York judge.

WOW!!! As most of you know, I still listen to the Old "Art Bell Show" currently being hosted by Mike Seigel. And I can't wait until Art returns on 02/05/01!!! But in the meantime,,, remember the Russian Submarine that sunk, THE "KURSK"? Well since that "accident" I have been following what is on my late night talk show I listen to at work. Listening to psychics and Remote Viewers about this is why I posted PREDICTION #7 on my opening page in PREDICTIONS FOR 2000. SEE IT HERE!!!

NOW LOOK at what is in the MAINSTREAM NEWS TODAY!!! Go HERE!!!

So as Art would say on my prediction,,,,,DING DING DING!!!! I thank Mike Seigel for being the Foster Parent to Art's "baby" while he has been away.

HEY!!! If you are homeless,,,,DON'T Sleep in a GARBARGE DUMPSTER if you are a late sleeper. The Garbage Trucks come EARLY, and they CRUSH things!!! This happened just a couple of miles from my "Secret Compound", though I was at work at the time. A ride in a Garbage Truck's Trash Compacter when DEAD asleep from booze, drugs, or whatever,,,, is NOT a E-Ticket Ride at Disney!!! See the STORY HERE!!!

THE SECOND COMING OF GOD???? I think NOT!!! but read the way this article is written, you would think the SAVIOUR has come instead of a Golf Player...SEE the STORY HERE!!!

VOTER FRAUD In FLORIDA!!! They wanted to Vote for GORE more than Once!!! See the STORY HERE!!!

Why I am helping CALIFORNIANS in this I'm Not Sure. Maybe I am only helping those who visit here. I warned you yesterday what to do about the BLACKOUTS. But there is another highly charged issue coming up. CALIFORNIA has ALREADY announced the possibilty of BLACKOUTS on SUPER BOWL SUNDAY!!! Already suggesting that people get in groups to watch the SUPER BOWL. At least the Super Bowl is on Regular TV!!! That means you, or anyone you know who has a portable TV that runs on Batteries will still beable to see the GAME. So besides Propane or Charcoal for your Grill, you need Batteries for the portable TV a friend or you might have. I got it covered.

See the STORY HERE!!!

Volcanoes seem to be MOTHER NATURE'S vice of choice right now, BLOW BABY BLOW!!! Sorry Mexico City, but it looks like you may be "TOASTED"...

See you Tomorrow!!!


The Political Quote of the Day for 01/23/01:


Politics is not a bad profession. If you succeed, there are many awards; if you disgrace yourself, you can always write a book."

Ronald Reagan.

Those outgoing White House Staffers were also pranksters!!! They tried like hell to keep "W" out of the White House, so they removed all the "W" keys from the computer terminals and hid them. That's pretty funny! But the "W" that matters most is In the White House.

Well it looks like President Bush IS a Uniter, Democrats are starting to jump onboard Bush's Agenda Train. TAX Cuts and Education Reform....heh heh heh!!!

I haven't watched watche The Clinton News Network, I mean CNN yet today. Did EX Pres. Bill go to the Deli for another eggsalad sandwich today? I HATE eggsalad....

Anyone heard from Al Gore lately? He must be out inventing, or discovering something we already have, or know....

I guess there won't be too many people visiting this website from California anytime soon. Lack of ELECTRICITY will do that. But if you are in California, I would invest in a manual can-opener, refilling the BBQ propane tanks, or buying Charcoal. But don't use either of these to heat your home!!! Well... if you're that stupid, go for it! It would be a nice, log, undisturbed sleep, 6 Feet down.

That's all I have today, see you tomorrow!!!


The Political Quote of the Day for 01/22/01:


They'll hang anyone who ever scratched his ass during the national anthem."

Humphrey Bogart, on the House Un-American Committee.

Well it was a VERY SHORT Jesse Jackson in SECLUSION ordeal for him and his Family, less than a week!!! Then he goes to Church yesterday, and he is given a roaring Standing Ovation....AT CHURCH!!! Am I missing something here??? Let's see, Jerry Falwell gets caught with a PROSTITUTE, no child concieved, and he cries for forgiveness.... Remember the, "I have SINNED Against You..." quote? Jim Backer spends time in Prison, for simple Financial troubles, and loses his Ministry. Tammy Faye still goes onward with her Hair-Spray. Again this is much less than Clinton and Gore has done, Morally, and Financially. Yet Jesse Jackson is more empowered now than a week ago???? Infidelity to your wife is a PLUS as a Reverend???? I don't know what Jesse Jackson is a Rev. of, but he apparently has faithfull followers like David Koresh and Jim Jones, he can do NO Wrong, and he can do nothing he can't be forgiven for... What EXACTLY has Jesse Jackson DONE to help his constituents? Except making him a MILLIONAIRE, a Public Voice, but still nothing he has really changed. I am VERY PUZZLED over this.

PRESIDENT BUSH is advancing his agenda, Education Reform and TAX CUTS, and also getting Bi-Partisan Support for these.

I don't understand, and can't justify why one of MY SENATORS,,,, John McCain wants to put the UNCONSTITUTIONAL Campaign Finance Reform Bill at the forefront. McCain should switch Parties and become a Democrat, Eliminating FREE SPEECH and free association and support for Candidates for Office by the PRIVATE SECTOR is a CONSTITUTIONAL RIGHT! Just because you don't follow politics closely should not eliminate your voice....YOUR VOICE is belonging to certain groups, RELIGIOUS, SECULAR, ADVENTURIST, CONSUMER, TEACHER, UNION, NRA, ETC!!!! By belonging to any Group, you are contributing to someone's Campaign who will support your Interests. EVERYONE belongs to a SPECIAL INTEREST GROUP!!!! And to ban These Groups from Politics plays right into the hands of SOCIALISTS and Communists seeking POWER.

The Socialist/Communist Agenda Sounds Good on Paper, but people are different, their agenda's treat everyone the same. Under THEIR SYSTEM, if you are Ambitious and a hard Worker, you get the same Compensation as the "Mother living off Welfare/ Food Stamps/ Unemployment Ins." Because you and your wife WAIT to have Children, so as to have a secure Home and Foundation, and abilities to raise the Children Correctly, these rights will be gone. Socialism and Communism reduces US, the HUMAN RACE to the LOWEST COMMON DEMONINATOR.

Well I am in the camp of having people try to excell to the highest possible level they can reach, not a goal of reaching the lowest rung on the ladder of Oportunity. Is it CRUEL to ask people to aspire to do better than they are doing???? I think NOT!

If we had this attitude, a child would never learn to walk after crawling, never learn to run, never learn to ride a bike, never learn how to drive. WE NEED CHALLENGES!!!

Otherwise, this website would never improve, my postings would never get better, and in the end, what would be the point of posting ANYTHING???? Just sit mindlessly watching Network TV? That's one way to go BRAIN DEAD!!!

I have taken some Photos of my BONSAI TREE, I will post in the Future, let's see if I can keep this thing alive. If that happens I will post new PICTURES every few months on it's Growth. At least now it Still Looks GREEN!

Well I won't leave without giving at least ONE STORY!!! Can you IMAGIN? Controversay Over the way a Peanut Butter and Jelly Sandwich is made, apparently one way is protected by a PATENT!!! Crust-Less Sandwich, as a kid I just tore the Crust OFF!!! Kids like me may be violating a PATENT!!! See the STORY HERE!!!


The Political Quote of the Day for 01/20-21/01:


He ate everything but the drapes...He's a man who does like to put it down."

Tom Brokaw, on Bill Clinton.


We now have a NEW PRESIDENT, OUR 43rd. The transfer of POWER occured without contention nor violence by the citizens. To Americans this is not surprising, as it has happened MANY times. This is not the case in most Countries, as transfer of Power is done by coup, or non-existant elections, etc. This is the BEAUTY of Our Founding Fathers' Wisdom, which using our founding fathers' verbage, came from Divine Providence. This is a Truly Blessed Country we all live in, Ample Resources, which in the BIBLE, GOD has given to MANKIND to RULE over. LIBERTY and FREEDOM of running our own personal lives. Where we live, what we do, and what we speak about. You can't do this more freely anywhere but here.

Sure the are other Countries where you can do these things, the seeds of which were sown from this Country. Sure we fight amongst ourselves, as we have an adversarial type of political system. I do not think we can inspire to do better than we are doing without some bickering amongst ourselves. You win some, you lose some. But when it all is on the line, we AMERICANS have proven in the past to come together as a United Country. This is OUR GLORY as a NATION, and it matters not if you are Liberal or Conservative, Religious, or not. Rich or Poor, when the Chips are on the table, this Country has always come together. And if we play it smart, this Country will continue to be the SHINNING BEACON for all Nations and people's yearning for Freedom and Justice. We have been the BEACON for nearly 225 yrs, a stumble here and there, but in the end we always make it right. As long as THE DECLARATION OF INDEPENDANCE, THE CONSTITUTION & BILL OF RIGHTS remains the LAW of The LAND This Country will represent the rumored CITY OF GOLD, the ideals and technology of rumored ATLANTIS. Doesn't matter if you believe in GOD or not, Fact is, what other COUNTRY has been so Fortunate as OURS???

I know it only took 80 minutes after Leaving Office for FORMER President Clinton to give a Speech at Andrews AFB. 1st time an outgoing President gave a Speech on Inauguration Day, but he is Clinton. However I can't criticize the Pardons. Every Outgoing President has done the same thing, but they usually don't wait until the last hour.

No surprise that Clinton PARDONED his Brother from DRUG Charges, Blood is Thicker than Water as you know.

The Surprise was the PARDON of former (REP) Gov. of AZ Fife Symington. He was the Gov. of AZ that challenged the Federal Gov't during the Budgetary Shutdown by sending National Guard Troops to the GRAND CANYON to keep it open. Freaked out the FEDS!!! And a deal was worked out to keep the Grand Canyon Open to Tourists. Well Symington was convicted of fraud over his private business deals in a Kangaroo Federal Court and was forced to resign. Well in college, Symington saved CLINTON's Life from drowning, Clinton repaid the favor by granting him a Pardon. I did not know who Clinton would Pardon, and I decided I would NOT complain about them, unless John Pollard the convicted Spy was granted one, which he wasn't. For the STORY of the Symington PARDON HERE!!!

So this morning I watched the Historic Transfer of Power from one to another. A civil and Sacred Ceremony, makes me Proud to be an American. Sure during the short interlude between the morning "COFFEE" between Bush and Clinton before the swearing in, and when Bush enters the WHITE HOUSE as PRESIDENT there is total chaos in the WHITE HOUSE. RUGS, DRAPES being ripped out, and new ones laid and put up, repainting, changing of the portraits on the walls, new computers being hooked up, etc. etc. It is an Amazing Day.

So what was I to do to mark this occaision? I didn't know. So I went on a cruise in my Red '96 Grand Am that just turned 100,000 miles old this week, after the Swearing in Ceremony. Well I came across a roadside stand selling BONSAI TREES. So as a momento of today I bought the smallest one, 3 yrs old, maybe 5 inches tall, for $15. I do not have a "GREEM THUMB" but a brown one. We will see if I can keep this thing alive.

Well I work tonight, my 1st Sat night at work in at least 4yrs, so someone could have the night off for a special occasion. I am happy to do it, though it does mess up the weekend. You know, 4 nights working, 1 night off, 1 night working, 1 night off, then 4 nights working. But at least I guarentee I have SUPER SUNDAY OFF next week!!! I am very sure that the shift I run tonight, though of people I haven't worked with in awhile, or never, will go very smoothly, because the "SECRET LAB" has the best people working in my Dept. I just hope I program my Alarm Clock Correctly, but even in the worst case, An EXCELLENT TECH working right now, who I just spoke to on the Phone, will ensure that things are ready to roll for tonght's 3rd Shift. Thanks Janet S.!!! You have always been most helpful to me, and I thank you very much!


The Political Quote of the Day for 01/19/01:


Silence is the best substitute for brains ever invented."

Henry Ashurst, former Senator.

Today is the LAST Full DAY of the good and Moral People of this Country being Persecuted by the Clinton Administration. AND what has happened Today? Clinton reached a PLEA BARGAIN AGREEMENT with the Independant Counsel, to avoid INDICTEMENT when he leaves OFFICE tomorrow. In a "nutshell" Clinton admits to lying under OATH to a GRAND JURY, and agrees to have his Law License Suspended for 5 Years. Since Clinton was so full of fight about this earlier, these terms that CLINTON AGREED to, are apparently acceptable to him now, since the other part of the deal is that he won't be prosecuted on these matters.

You all know this won't affect Clinton, the loss of the privalege of practicing LAW for 5 yrs. He already has speaking engagements lasting that long, this guy Will Never Shut Up!!! But at least he is out of Power in the Gov't, and as of Tomorrow the Conservatives have the majority in the HOUSE, the SENATE, and OWN the WHITE HOUSE!!! LAW and ORDER, and simple Basic Morals are brought back to the highest OFFICES in this Country, this is a VERY GOOD THING,,,REJOICE!!! NO MORE Aspirin Factories being Bombed in a "WAG THE DOG" scene, no more selling of bedrooms in The WHITE HOUSE, no more spilling of Cocaine in the White House by the President's Brother, and no more Blow Jobs by Interns, and no more Sexual assaults of prospective White House Employees. Also the Party in Power will not be tainted with ILLEGAL Foriegn $$$ from CHINA for NUCLEAR WEAPONS TECHNOLOGY.

Don't you find it interesting that the PLEA BARGAIN for CLINTON is reported as,:GIVING FALSE TESTIMONY? When the FACT is, that IS SUGAR COATED by the PRESS. CLINTON LIED UNDER OATH TO A FEDERAL GRAND JURY while HE was PRESIDENT and the CEO of this Country!!! AND you ALL know HE lied to US the AMERICAN PEOPLE in NEWS CONFERENCES, remember the infamous,:I DID NOT HAVE SEXUAL RELATIONS WITH THAT WOMAN.... A FLAT OUT LIE!!! And Clinton Shacking his finger at the American People. Is that Arrogance or WHAT?

I wonder what Monica Lewinski's thoughts are today, after all she BELIEVED Bill Clinton would leave Hillary and Marry HER!!! Well I guess she got off easy,,,,so to speak, at least she is STILL ALIVE as opposed to some of Bill Clinton's other Friends who met strange and UNEXPLAINED Deaths...Being a friend of the Clinton's shortens lifespans, ask his friends, opps., they can't speak to us because they are DEAD.

Well Obviously I will need to revamp my Opening Page on this Web Site this weekend. So all you people who CHEAT and just Link to this Page of my website, CHEATING me out of VISITOR HITS, Today is your last chance to see the Opening Page before it is Revised.

There Will Be Updates all weekend on this website. LESS THAN 1 DAY until the persecution of LAW ABIDING and MORAL Americans ENDS after 8 yrs of degredation by the IMMORAL and LAWLESS INCUMBANT.

I never thought I would say this in my lifetime, even with the coruptness of Johnson, the LAW breaking by NIXON, and even the Arms for Hostages, or as little :I WILL NOT RAISE TAXES". For ALL this CLINTON ADMINISTRATION has DONE in the past 8 yrs, they should be PROSECUTED for RAPE AND PILLAGE of this COUNTRY, both figuratively and Factually. B&H Clinton and their minions deserve an EXTENDED TIME IN HELL for the WRONGS they Commited and ADVOCATED.

I always speak my mind here, I do not wish disease or immenet DEATH on Clinton(s). But I wouldn't shed a tear if it happened. Bill Clinton has DONE EVERYTHING in HIS POWER the past 8 yrs to UNDERMINE THIS COUNTRY. At LEAST THE PERSECUTION of the AMERICAN POPULACE will end tomorrow!!!


The Political Quote of the Day for 01/18/01:


The nine most terrorfying words in the English language are "I'm from the government and I'm here to help."

Ronald Reagan.

Do any of you remember the Game Show "NAME THAT TUNE?"? Or do you know some songs from the '70's?

How about: "Having My Baby", What a wonderful way to say how much you Love Me... OR Rick Springfield's "Jesse's Girl". Or Paul Anka's, "The Things We Do For Love...", ETC. ETC.

There is a LOVE CHILD, the parents of this "LOVE CHILD" Photographed with Bill Clinton during the LEWINSKI Scandal. The Rev. Jesse Jackson, and his PREGNANT MISTRESS!!!

No wonder Jesse was Clinton's "SPIRITUAL ADVISOR" during this time!!! Hmmm.... seems like a LOT of $$$$ went to this Mistress of Jesse's.... Was it HIS $$$$ or the RAINBOW COALITIONS? Looks like an IRS AUDIT is in order on this. You can't use $$$ from a NONPROFIT ORGANIZATION to pay for a $40,000 moving expense, a $367,000 HOME, and a $10,000 a month SALARY, plus it also raises the Question on how Jesse earns his $$$. No wonder he is taking a break from the PRESS and his own warped activism. He wouldn't acknowledge the child until a DNA Test proved it, then BRIBED the Mother to not name him the Father on the Birth Certificate, and as a Condition of recieving $$$ to never ackowledge who the REAL Father is.

'Tis the LIBERAL WAY!!!

Tonight Clinton gives his "Swan Song" Speech. Remember all of you in Washinginton D.C., Clinton will still be staying there, but for the 1st time in OVER 20 yrs. He Has To Drive Himself. WARNING WARNING!!! LIBERAL WHACKO IDIOT ON THE ROAD!!! The Insurance Rates have just increased in D.C.!!!

Rolling BLACKOUTS in California. I say KEEP ON ROLLING!!! I'll be damned if AZ gives Power to CA. because this Idiot State REFUSED to Prepare for increased Power Demands, because of their WHACKO ENVIRONMENTALIST POLICIES that basically forbid the building of NEW power Plants to meet demand of increased usage by a larger population.

Nature can solve this "ENERGY CRISIS" in California, by just letting the San Andreas Fault have the BIG EARTHQUAKE NOW!!! LA and San Fran Destroyed would Greatly Reduce the power consumption and demands from California. PLUS Arizona is ready to develop the new beaches once California SINKS into the OCEAN!!! YUMA BEACH! HERE WE COME!!!

Have to Eat and Sleep, see you tomorrow!!!


The Political Quote of the Day for 01/17/01:


We do many things at the Federal Level that would be considered Dishonest and Illegal if done in the PRIVATE SECTOR."

Donald Regan.

Previous Posts Available in a Direct Link above, sorry for the short notice.

Ashcroft is being Attacked like mosquitos on a Blood Unit. Doesn't matter they are wrong, these Liberals know what sound bites the Liberal Sound Bite Media will broadcast. I hope you listened to the Hearing, Senator Kyle of my Great State of Arizona reduced Ted Kennedy of Mass. into a bumbling idiot. But you won't see this in the NEWS. I will do my best to get you the online News about this tomorrow.

CLINTON STEALS MORE LAND FROM THE STATES AND CITIZENS, in his last hours of OFFICE Clinton SOLE another MILLION ACRES from the Citizens in AZ. Here int he Desert Southwest, if you can't drive there, you can't get there, without putting your life at risk. These areas Clinton has deemed "MONUMENTS" is effectively a BAN on HUMANS, ie:PEOPLE into these areas, I guess Clinton would support this WHACKO, a SERIAL ARSONIST in the Phoenix Area, YOU should have heard the Bob Mohan Show on KFYI Today with these people. Here is the Letter: HERE!!! If anyone "accidently "kills" a member of "EARTH FIRST", I would hope that the FEAR of Property Destruction and possible loss of innocent life is taken into consideration. ARSON is A CRIME!!! A death by ARSON is MURDER!!! But these people believe we humans are the BLIGHT on the EARTH. Turns out these people are also Animal Rights Activists, and believe us Humans are just an animal. Well if the EAGLE can eat Meat, and make a home to the best of it's ability, why can't us Human Animals Do the SAME!!!???

The top of the Food Chain Argument doesn't wash with me. I refer to the BIBLE, GOD gave DOMINION over all the animals and everything CREATED to MAN. PERIOD!!!! Well I guess I am as crazy as the Attourney General Nominee ASHCROFT. So be it. Oh Gee,,, I am against Abortion Also, I guess that makes me an EXTREMIST!!! See the STORY HERE!!!

Oh, I also believe in the 2nd Ammendment, I guess I should be killed for these views, probably would if the Liberakls had their way. But as long as THE CONSTITUTION survives, I will Defend it, because if it dies, so does this website, and so do I. A threat? Maybe... I will Defend THE CONSTITUTION, by ALL MEANS. Including using my 2nd Ammendment Rights. (For those of you who don't know, I just Verbalized and in ink, and on the INTERNET, THREATENED those who want to take AWAY my CONSTITUTIONAL RIGHTS with a GUN!) We have Constitutional Rights, while some of you are willing to Sacrifice some or All of these Rights for Gov't Handouts, or to feel Safe which is a FARCE,. There are Still Some of US who DO NOT want to sign away our rights given by GOD and acknowledged by the Fathers of this GREAT COUNTRY. And I WILL NOT let godless neanderthals Legislate these Rights Away to gain their own power base of the masses of the the Touchy Feelly People.

Well the EMAIL Volume has dropped since the Election was decided, I bet I have a more than normal Email Volume tomorrow from the Liberal Traking Team. Ha, HA!!! Like that will make me change my mind!!!


AS always, I try to entertain as much as I inform,

Did you think think scented toilet paper was enough? WELL,,, Welcome to a NEW PRODUCT!!! Pre-Moistened Toilet Paper!!! See the STORY HERE!!!

Still Damn Cold here in AZ, but I need to go, spaghetti awaits me, See you Tomorrow!!!