I wonder, if the American Public at large, know, how many $$$BILLIONS of DOLLARS he promised in the State OF Bill and Hillary's Union Address last night. I wonder how many Average Americans know that giving an option for Social Security benifits to be partially tied to the Stock Market. This is an old idea, born before I was born in 1963 by Barry Goldwater, when he was the Republican Nominee in 1962. And here is Clinton Grandstanding that it is HIS IDEA!!! Is there plagerism in Gov't? I guess NOT. And when Clinton spoke during the State of his and Hillary's Union last night, he said something to the effect that: The surplus last year went into helping save Social Security. Another LIE, but he was not under OATH. Truth is NOT 1 PENNY of the SURPLUS went to Social Security. As of OCT 1st 1998 the unspent $$$ went towards the reduction of the Federal Deficit, there was NO NEW $$$ to Social Security from the Surplus.

The State of The Union. Listening to the so called speech, you would think that we have NO problems abroad. Nothing mentioned on IRAQ, Korsovo, Asian $$ Crisis, North Korea, etc. Are we to SUPPOSE ALL IS WELL????

I am afraid that the American Public in General has become: A frog in a pot of water, slowly being heated to a boil. By the time the frog realizes the problem and "hop" out, it is too late, FROG LEGS ARE SERVED!!! How did you want them served? Extra hot, Medium, or BBQ???? TASTES LIKE CHICKEN WINGS. YES I'm afraid it's TRUE. The Majority of the American People have become FROGS/CHICKENS. How else do you explain that during the IMPEACHMENT TRIAL, and the day after the STATE of the UNION ADDRESS, Clinton has his highest ALL TIME APPROVAL RATING? 72% APPROVAL!!! Americans have fallen from Individual responsibility to being LEMMINGS!!! I for 1 will not follow and jump off the cliff. What about you?


THIS IS CLINTON'S DEFENCE???? If I was Slick Willy I would charge INCOMPETENT DEFENCE as I see it of Charles Ruff's opening argument today. EVERYONE IS LYING, and even if it's TRUE, it doesn't RISE to the level of IMPEACHMENT. Cannot overturn the the popular vote. The HOUSE OF REPS. were acting in a UNCONSTITUTIONAL MANNER.

Hmmmm. Let's see ALL the members of the HOUSE OF REPS are elected by popular vote, every 2 yrs. THE HOUSE OF REPS voted on and sent 2 articles of IMPEACHMENT to the Senate. So was the American Populace wrong on their judgement of over 1/2 of the 535 HOUSE members? Or wrong on REELECTING 1 person??? Is Ken Starr the Anti-Christ? Or are the LIBERAL DEMOCRATS in bed and approving of the actions of James Carville, and the LIBERAL Movement to make Larry Flynt a SAINT and the SAVIOUR of OUR Federal Republic? This is making me SICK!!! I need to fight off this sickness, I HAVE to be at work tonight, sick or not. I won't be watching the State of Bill and Hillary's Union tonight LIVE, I will tape it and subject myself to more sickness along with the ticky-tacky Defense of Slick Willy.

Check this out. Last week, at least here in the PHX, AZ area. NBC did NOT cover any of the prosecution opening statements, because they said, nobody wanted to see it and people wanted theit soaps and Jerry Springer. Today, The local NBC affiliate covered LIVE at least the 1st hr of the Defence opening arguments. A double standard by the LIBERAL MEDIA? A deliberate coaching by the media to the uninformed masses? I think so.


Ok folks, finally got here for an update, have had some servor trouble getting here today. Maybe it's the MLK Holiday, I don't know. I know I have to work today.

In regards to my last posting, the book Dragonfly: NASA and the Crisis Aboard MIR. I have ordered the book, here is a link to the review of the book, and how to order it.HERE!!!

OK, being MLK Day, I have this tid-bit. Dr. King, (Hear That?? Dr. King spinning in his GRAVE), in his speech in Washinton D.C. back on 8/28/62 said, paraphrased, "To be Judged NOT on the basis of the COLOR of their skin, but on the CONTENT of their CHARACTER...". Hmmmmm. Let's see... Liberals and apparently the MAJORITY of Americans are saying "CHARACTER" doesn't matter. As long as the economy etc continues to perk along, "WE" don't care who you take advantage of, who's individual "CIVIL" Rights you abuse. Seems like HITLER started the same way, got the economy going, (Though the rebound in pre WWII started before HITLER took power in Germany). So the Illegal acts against the Jewish Community was ignored, because the Populace had a view that HITLER was "DOING A GOOD JOB". So when WWII started, HITLER had a wide base of support from the majority, even as he was GASSING THE JEWS!!!

Times have changed since then, look what he (CLINTON) is trying to do to the smokers in this country. After the MULTI BILLION $$$ settlement is approved, increasing cigarette prices 45 cents a pack, HE has the nerve to suggest a tax increase of 55 cents a pack on cigarettes!!! What will he go after next??? You know Clinton is going to promise new programs in his State of the Union Address tommorrow night. The question is: Who's $$$ is he going to go after this time.

Remember if the Gov't starts taxing, regulating, restricting, RIGHTS WE ALL HAVE!!! Weather or not you exercise these RIGHTS being attacked, is a moot point. Eventually ALL of us will be be RESTRICTED IN OUR CONSTITUTIONAL RIGHTS AND FREEDOM. The Defense of Legal and CONSTITUTIONAL RIGHTS of even the most UNPOPULAR of CAUSES IS OUR ONLY HOPE OF PRESERVING THE RIGHTS OF EACH INDIVIDUAL. Weather you agree or disagree with an individual, or group.


A different path today, no politics.

Heard on the news last night that Watertown, NY has gotten 6 1/2 ft. of snow over the past 18 days, Watertown is 25 miles from my hometown. And I am here in 73 degree weather. That's the breaks I guess. Mike Tyson fighting tonight in Las Vegas, Tyson has adopted The Valley Of The Sun, my new home, as his new home. Claims to represent AZ in the Ring. Well I have to say, this place is too good for an immature hothead rapist, felon. I wish he would leave here.

Yes I have seen most of the Impeachment Trial, you already know my stand on this. I hope the Senate upholds equal justice for all. My interest will be anew when Clinton's Lawyers unleash their Defense on Tues.

Now to what I really want to tell you about. I was channel surfing this late afternoon, and came across CSPAN2 Book TV. I have NEVER found this of any interest until today. This was taped back in NOV 98 in the WGN-AM radio studio. A 2 hr radio show, with Author Bryan Burrough who wrote I would suggest a documentery, non-fiction book titled "DRAGONFLY: NASA and the Crisis Aboard MIR. Totally FACSINATING, covering the cosmonauts and astronaughts, the FIRE on MIR, the Collision between MIR and the Cargo ship, and the in depth reasons on why/how it happened. The book appears to be lengthly, but the show with the Author and the discussion has convinced me to search out this book, I will get it. It is published by Harper Collins. This was a person that was SO good, That I am for the 1st time going to EMAIL ART BELL for a Guest Request on his Show, sending all the contact info I got from CSPAN2. That's how good and facinating it was. I figure if WGN can get a good 2 hrs from him, on Art Bell's Show and the nature of his show and callers, he can get at least 4 hrs. It was truly amazing what was going on MIR during the Fire and Collision, I wish I could tell you all about it, but there is no way I can give a snyopsis in a few paragraphs on this. I Gotta Get This Book!!!


The TRIAL BEGINS!!! And I hope it is a QUICK TRIAL and this S.O.B. is removed from office. On top of all the PERJURY, OBSTRUCTION OF JUSTICE, I wish to add another charge. TAXING TO DEATH A PERFECTLY LEGAL PRODUCT. Cigarettes are already the most heavily taxed item you can buy. NOW the Chief PERJURER wants to raise the Federal TAX on cigarettes an additional 55 cents per pack!!!! To fund even more Socialistic Programs. See the story HERE!!!

AND, if you notice, cigars are NOT included in this TAX increase. Why? Because Clinton considers cigars a "sex aid". And the The King of PORN Larry Flynt helping the Chief PERJURER's cause, Clinton won't allow added taxes on "sex aids" etc. Because we all know, a cigarette is for AFTER sex, not DURING sex, and Clinton uses a cigar during sex. What else would he use a cigar for since Hillary doesn't let him smoke???



Michael Jordan Retires from the NBA (YAWN....) Who Cares????

Now let me see if I got this right. The Democrats have complained that Ken Starr was obsessed with sex and is a sexual pervert, investigating things that were sworn under OATH and PERJURY was found. So now the Democrats are embracing Larry Flynt of "HUSTLER MAGAZINE" as a legitiment journalist,,,,THE KING OF PORN.... To "OUT REPUPLICANS" who have strayed from the "Straight and Narrow", but never LIED ABOUT IT UNDER OATH!!!! This is "THE WAR" that James Carville said he would fight. James Carville is a friend of Larry Flynt, He was in the movie of Flynt's life, in the same scene in the Court Room!!!. I bet Carville had access to the ILLEGALLY OBTAINED FBI FILES (FileGate) and fed Flynt the info.


THIS IS ETHICAL?????? Give me a DAMN BREAK!!! HE just sent Paula Jones $850,000 check. And a big portion of that $$$ is Hillary's, isn't that a "Kicker"???!!!

Now if Ken Starr is a sexual obsessed deviant that the Democrats have said, And these SAME DEMOCRATS are supporting the King of Porn Larry Flynt, can you IMAGINE what kind of FILTH that Starr could publish??? And make "HUSTLER MAGAZINE" look like a children's COMIC BOOK???? I don't see it.

I see it as an all out Defense for 1 man, Clinton. And they all say, (The Liberals) SCREW THE CONSTITUTION!!!!!

I say to them...... NEVER!!!


My Cardinals lost yesterday... Hard to give up 17 pts in the 1st Quarter and try to come back. But we hung in there until less than 5 minutes remained. I am wearing my Cardinals stuff to work tonight, and When I go to Dallas on 2/1. Since my Cards are eliminated, I am routing for my boyhood team the NY JETS. Joe Namath was my childhood Hero, and I was a Rabid JETS Fan until we got the Cardinals here in AZ.

The DNA RESULTS are IN!!! Bill Clinton is NOT repeat NOT, the Father of Danny Williams. Disappointment at The White House, if Clinton was proven the Father, they expected another positive surge in the polls. Now the Question is: Will Danny Williams have his private school tuition paid for next school yr?

Seriously, remember there were no denials from the White House on this, in fact they deliberately refused comment on it, from orders from the White House. Seems to me, Clinton COULD NOT DENY IT. Because it was possible, and so possible I bet when tracked down the $$$ for the private school is from Clinton or a supporter. Just turns out the "MOM" must have slept with at least 2 "White" guys that "month".

Now here is a story in Sunday's paper. PETA at it again, take a read:

Looks like the hogs have met the same fate as the Roosters in AZ, since PETA has made it illegal for them to live. Kill'em ALL!!! Otherwise they MIGHT meet a face worse than DEATH!!!

Also yesterday, AZ recorded it's 1st DEATH of the NEW YEAR from a RATTLESNAKE BITE. A 21 yr old man was dead at the scene after being repeatably bitten by a rattlesnake in his APT. Even though rattlesnakes are not that active here in the winter months, and since we have in the past 2 yrs had below normal temps. It is still surprising to have taken the 1st 10 days of the New Year for AZ to record it's 1st snake death. This bodes well for residents in AZ. We may not have DAILY reports of deaths this year from Rattlesnakes, Tarantulas, and Black Widow Spiders. While these are not reported in the national news, maybe we will have fewer DEATHS this year of people who relocate to AZ not aware of these dangers. And with the UNPRECEDENTED COOLING in the desert the past 2 yrs, the coolest summer in 15 yrs last yr, maybe we will have fewer DEATHS from HEAT STROKE and heat related illness. It is POSSIBLE that AZ will have fewer DEATHS from Reptiles, Spiders, HEAT, than from Driving deaths, shootings, and drownings.


It's my BIRTHDAY!!! And I drink because I want to!!! And with an added reason. Very busy at work in "The Secret Lab" last night. Yes I had to work, couldn't be avoided, someone has to run the show so to speak. For my BIRTHDAY PRESENT I want a win by the AZ Cardinals over Minn Vikings on Sunday. AZ Cards a 14 1/2 pt underdog, but I believe!!!

For some trivia on my birthday here is an email I got:

Dear Smoker Dave,
Happy Birthday from PlanetAll.

The following people share your birthday:

1823 Alfred Russel Wallace codiscoverer (evolution)
1830 Hans von Bulow Dresden, pianist/virtuoso conductor/musical writer 
1923 Joseph Wiezenbaum artificial intelligence pioneer 
1935 Elvis Presley Tupelo, MS, singer (Blue Suede Shoes, Hounddog)
1947 David Bowie singer/actor (Major Tom, Ziggy Stardust)

The following events occurred on this day:

1705 "Almira," Handels 1st opera premiers, Hamburg 
1838 1st telegraph message sent using dots & dashes, NJ 
1925 1st all-female US state supreme court appointed, Texas
1973 USSR launches Luna 2 for Moon landing
1992 US President George Bush gets ill & vomits on
Japanese prime ministers lap during Japanese tour

Have a great day!

Your friends at PlanetAll.

That is all for today, back to my BEER,,,,BURP!!!!! Excuse me...


Short again today.

Got home late from work, that's OK, since I went in Early! Isn't that how it always works??? Oh well, 1 more night to go this week.

Having the last BEERS and Pizza now before I turn 36, yes Elvis and I share the same birthday, ( that's why I know he's dead, haven't got a birthday card since 1977). While watching and listening to the replay on CSPAN2 of the beginning of "THE IMPEACHMENT TRIAL", I notice that it is very brazen on how the "Swearing In of The Senate as Jurors and signing to the Oath", Seems like a "Holy Oath". As opposed to the demeanor that Clinton portrayed in his Oath to the Grand Jury. And his out and out LIES after the Oath. Is a message being sent from The Senate? That Oaths are to be taken seriously? Clinton reportably eating lunch with Al Gore during this and didn't watch. I personally don't believe that, but if true then he is truly the worst "thing" EVER ELECTED to High Office, blantantly disregarding the Constitution for his own end and ideas, and defense. Willing to LIE, CoverUp, Abstruct, and IMMORALLY DENEGRADE anyone in his way, to get his own way.

The Closest analogy to Bill Clinton is: Nazi Germany, Hitler supporters, claiming "The Holocost NEVER HAPPENED" the films that exist are fakes, the testimonies from "survivors" are false, the "HARD" evidence is now so degraded it could have been tampered with. Key witness testimony, the witnesses are now dead, or so old that accurate recollection can be disputed. Therefore as of today you cannot "PROVE" the "HOLOCOST" happened in NAZI GERMANY in WWII. Remember Hitler took Germany out of a depression, had a VERY HIGH APPROVAL RATING in Germany during WWII. Hitler was a good DICTATOR doing his job for "THE GERMAN PEOPLE!!!" Yes he had his distractors in high Gov't Positions, Hitler had them killed, Clinton sends Larry Flynt after them.

THINK ABOUT IT!!!! Well maybe it wasn't so short, sometimes I get on a roll and can't stop. Smoker Dave


Sorry I need to keep this short today. I have some Homework from work I need to do before I go back in tonight at "The Secret Lab". Sometimes it sucks being me.

#1 The Air to Air Missiles we launched at the Iraqi jets yesterday... We are supposed to have VERY GOOD MISSILES. I wonder why they ALL MISSED!!!

The NBA ending the strike, I DON'T CARE!!!! They lost me as a fan on this disagreement between MILLIONAIRES, Screw 'em, my $ is on My Cardinals that I have supported the past 10 yrs in tickets, the last 8 yrs as a Season Ticket Holder.

Scary trip for Tenn fans leaving PHX AZ yesterday from the Fiesta Bowl, too bad I can't show you the video of this. The picture below is CREDIT to "THE ARIZONA REPUBLIC", click on the picture for the STORY, also CREDIT to "THE ARIZONA REPUBLIC".


Drudge Report/Bastard Son of Slick Willy

I know that is what you all want to hear about now. I will let Matt Drudge and others do it. Until I decide on my own to comment further on the news I will direct you to links that give the latest "seedy" updates. While these updates need to be available, there is no need for me at this time to comment further.

You will see just before the Daily Thoughts, a permanent link to Matt Drudge's Web Pg, and a permanent link to the Sightings Web pg. In the future, as of now, I will direct you to one or both of these sites, as events warrant. Even I can only take so much of this Immorality and sleazyness from Our President. I will read it, think about it, but unless I can put forth a commentary that is worthwhile or meaningful, I would prefer to let the news speak for its self. I don't need to reiterate what you already know etc. I WILL direct you to where to get the news on this. But I will not display for "R" or "X" Rated redundantcy news that I don't need to comment on. Call me a "Prude" but there are things I would just not like to comment on, on my Web Site, unless there is something I want to Directly Say about it. A bit of decorum, MY Site, MY Perogative

Yes we did fire on 4 Iraqi MIGS today, all Air To Air Missles Missed, but 1 crashed because it ran out of fuel. This happened in the "No Fly Zone" in Iraq.


I have recovered from my partying of the Cardinals win over the Crack-Boys

Now to the issues, Sandra Day O'Connor The First Woman Supreme Court Justice, will be swearing in the top 5 Office holders in the GREAT STATE OF ARIZONA. What makes it even more newsworthy is the fact that the top 5 office holders in AZ are all women!!! Let us wait and see what happens, I predict continued success in business, etc for AZ. GOD BLESS AZ. And the AZ CARDINALS!!!!

As far as the story on Clinton and his illegitament son, born of a black prostitute, concieved during an orgy that Clinton set up in 1985, and paid nearly $1,000 for it, I am done reporting on it at this time. You can follow the links I have already listed in previous postings, or go to Matt Drudge's pg. They are easy enough to find on the 'net. I will NOT stoop down to SEEDY Reporting when you will get it elsewhere. I prefer to operate a clean site, will break news, but when reported from other outlets, and seedy, I will back off and go on to something else.

The AZ Cardinals!!!! What a Dream come true for me!!! Bring on the Vikings!!! Has the AZ Cardinals become AMERICA'S TEAM??? Many papers saying so. INCLUDING DALLAS!!! What Michael Jordan and Charles Barkley were to the nonexistant NBA, Jake Plummer (Jake The Snake) and the Cardinals are to the NFL. And I couldn't be Happier!!! Look for the Cardinals next season to have Monday Night Football games next season!!! And I will be there!!! Don't dismiss the Cards playing the Vikings!!! We've been in a must win situation the past 4 games, and won every one!!! We have been out of the playoffs so long that we don't know we are supposed to lose.



Remember my prediction of what Matt Drudge's BIGGEST STORY was? (Scroll down to 12/31/98 posting if you don't.) Well it is begining to look like that what I saw in the sacred smoke of my burning Winston 100 is true. See the story on Sightings.

Now to remind all of you, that a "State of WAR" now exists between Arizona and Dallas, TX/South America. The Battle is this afternoon on the Gridiron, in that UGLY Texas Stadium with the "hole" in the roof. Crack-Boy fans mistakenly believe that the "hole" is there so GOD can watch HIS team play. When in fact it is a god-size "john".

Now here is a picture of "The HOLY LAND", surrounded by persecuted believers. The very same "HOLY LAND" where GOD sent us a savior called "Jake The Snake", the same "HOLY LAND" where for 4 yrs in college his skills were polished playing for ASU. The VERY same "HOLY LAND" where last Sunday 12/27/98 in the final 17 seconds "DIVINE" intervention was apparent once again. Many "visions" of fans at the game saw the "Hand of GOD" carry the football the 53 yards over the cross-bar as time expired. Sending the ARIZONA CARDINALS to the battle against EVIL.


Happy New Year!!!

Well my PC survived the first test, the Y1K99 problem, Ha Ha!!!

I have read and heard of a recent altercation between Slick Willy and Hillary, where the Secret Service Agents had to separate them. And that Slick Willy had to wear heavy makeup in public after this because Hillary got in a good shot. Art Bell recording predictions for 1999 on the show from callers, this was a good one. "Hillary clobbers Slick Willy on videotape that the whole country sees, the next day the administration explains that Slick Willy was being attacked by bees. 75% of the American People believe it."

Well I survived New Years Eve at work, Co-Workers and I went out the back door of "The Secret Lab" to see the fireworks from the Fiesta Bowl Block Party attended by over 150,000 people, and listen to the continuous gunfire from irresponsible people in South Phoenix, and Tempe, AZ. The sounds of gunfire would make Saddam H. of Iraq Proud. All of this gunfire into the air, I am surprised no aircraft were hit (being so close to PHX AZ Sky Harbor International Airport) And the fact that this time so far no injuries, usually there is at least 1 death and 3 or 4 injuries from falling bullets. As fast as the bullets leave the barrel, is how fast they are going when they land on the ground.

For the first time, the Fiesta Bowl, which is the College Champianship this year, is not #1 amoung the locals. Sure it is still a big deal, but it doesn't happen until Monday night. Yes the visitors from Tennessee and Florida are all Fired up, Al Gore is coming to the game(blech!!!). But the #1 Sports story is NOT the Fiesta Bowl. It is the AZ Cardinals VS the Dallas Crack-Boys South America's Team, playing in the NFL's Wild Card Game Saturday. My birthday is a week from now (1/8), the BEST present I could have is the Cardinals beating Dallas tommorrow!!! A win over Dallas tommorrow will vindicate all the abuse and jokes I have gotten from co-workers and others becuase I have been a season ticket holder for 8 seasons. Have endured the home games here against Dallas where in past years Crack-Boy fans outnumbered the Cardinals fans. The 30,000 CORE Fan Supporters of the Cardinals thru all this time deserve, and along with Players like Williams and Centers, a win over the most EVIL Organization in the NFL, the 2nd most EVIL entity to only the Clinton Administration.

Remember the term: "Dallas Cowboys, America's Team" is a direct misnomer. The accurate term is: "Dallas Crack-Boys SOUTH America's Team". Do you know the REAL reason why Dion Sanders has not played??? A judge has ruled that as part of his probation he cannot associate with known FELONS!!! Therefore he can't be in the "huddle" during the game, at practice, etc....


Happy New Year!!!

Just to let you all know who don't regularly visit "Right Magazine" where I WAS Head Commentator, I have been promoted to Associate Editor.

Now to those of you have heard that Matt Drudge is going to break his BIGGEST Story in less than 2 weeks. Remember Matt Drudge was the one who unleashed the Monica Lewinski scandal. Here is a link to Sightings web pg with the report.

JD Hayworth Rep AZ-R in the House was a guest Host on the Barry Young Show on 910 KFYI today and had as a guest, Matt Drudge. Based on the limited info he gave, I make this 1999 prediction. I could be wrong, we'll find out in 2 weeks. My prediction is: Matt Drudge has uncovered/found an illegitament "Love" child by Slick Willy that can be proven as his, like the stain on "the blue dress".

The Special Commitee investigating technology transfer to RED CHINA has determined that OUR NATIONAL SECURITY was undermined. Remember the "coffes" that Clinton had with Reps from China in the ORAL, I mean Oval Oriface, I mean Office? (So hard to keep these things straight). Getting campaighn $$$ from RED CHINA, and reported on KFYI TODAY, North Korea may now be able to target cities in Alaska and Hawai because of the transfer of Missle Technology to China, and from China to North Korea.

And do you remember when we, I mean Clinton sent OUR troops to Bosnia? And they would be home by Christmas??? When did he say this? 1993, maybe 1994? Guess what!!! They ARE NOT HOME YET!!!!

Remember hearing James Carville lamenting the $40 million spent investigating the president over Whitewater (about 15 convictions made by Starr), and the Monica-Gate? Well it cost each of us 270 million citizens about 15cents. How much did Clinton Spend in 4 days of INEFFECTUAL BOMBING of Iraq? Estimated to be $1 BILLION, in a scenario that raises the "Wag The Dog" critisism. And now Iraq is firing on our troops patrolling the no-fly zone. And now in the news is that we are downsizing our forces in the Region as Iraq decides to get fiesty. What kind of Foreign Policy is this!!!??? Except to manipulate the American Public, the "sway" votes to support Clinton.

What happened to the claim that if Clinton was Impeached the DOW would drop 2000 points? Clinton is IMPEACHED!!! and even the past 2 days of minor losses in the DOW, it is UP since the IMPEACHMENT!!! Why is everyone so afraid of "The Constitution"? If Clinton goes, Then the VP is President, he was elected with Clinton, this IS NOT A REVERSAL OF THE ELECTION!!!

You see the "Constitution" is what the Liberals are afraid of. they continually try to circumvent the RIGHTS we have. Free Speech is now "MeanSpirited". GUNS are EVIL, Clinton wants to prevent anyone convicted of a misdemeaner from owning a gun. This from a virtually acknowledged perjurer, which is a FELONY. AND HE COMMANDS OUR ARMED FORCES????? Clinton is the HIGHEST LAW ENFORCEMENT OFFICER in this country. ARE WE TO ALLOW HIM TO LIE UNDER OATH? Are We to Allow the accused to dictate their own punishment??? ie. I would accept censure???

For a brief time, after posting yesterday's "Thoughts" I thought maybe I went to far. Now on second thought, I stand by it.


Good grief! Here I was logging on to do my update and my pager goes off. Work of coarse. A diiferent issue than yesterday though. My manager wanted to know if I would go to Dallas in the first week of Feb to help with validations of Equipment, including the "Secret Equipment" at our new Secret Lab in Bedford, Texas. I saw this set up, said I couldn't go until after 7am Mon Feb 1st. The holiest day of the year is Jan 31st. Super Bowl Sunday, you think I'm going to leave for the airport in the 4th Quarter???? Think again!!!! At least I got that straight!!!

John McCain R-AZ running for president, a good guy. But to let you know, he has become more "centrist" in his voting in the past 2 yrs. We need a full field of candidates running so we all can fight it out in the Primaries. But still, McCain is not a bad choice, especially against Al "Extreme Environmentalist" Gore.

Clinton's latest call to protect "The Children", you would think looking at the surface, that there are NO protections for children in abusive homes/environment. That is not the case, just "Liberal" enforcement of the clear laws, which is UNenforcement. A "FEEL GOOD" ploy by Slick Willy to gain support against Conviction by the Senate. Don't be surprised by the upcoming accusations of the Republicans/Conservatives starving children, leaving the elderly to die, polluting the air, water, etc. All of which are false. This man is so despicable, and malicious to bring his own warped idea of fairness that it makes me sick. Who INVENTED the POLITICS of PERSONAL DESTRUCTION? THE LIBERALS!!! They went after Clarence Thomas(Pubic Hair on Coke Can and sex jokes) Bork, smoked pot and INHALED. Packwood, Sexual Harrassment of Staff. And there are more.

Once the tables are turned, and the same standard is applied to Liberals, it's called "MEANNESS". I am not calling Clinton a demon or the Anti-Christ. I am calling him the most destructive president to this country to have ever been elected to Office. Fortunatly we are a strong enough country to survive this hideous president. But it will cost us. Standing in World Opinion, the new ability of China to Target our cities, Rights we (he) has signed over to the UN.

Yes Clinton has done TREASONOUS ACTS!!! But technically you cannot Commit TREASON if we are not in a DECLARED WAR. That's the technicallity Clinton will or would use.

Falls into the same pattern of definitions, what is the meaning of "is", what is the definition of "sexual relations", what is the definition of "TREASON".

What is the definition of "working for the American People"? ANSWER: The rape of the Constitution, and The Bill of Rights!!!! In my unabashed opinion, I hope Satan has prepared a "Special Place In HELL" next to Lyndon Johnson. And if Clinton ends up being the "girlfriend" to a demon in Hell, so be it...............


Sorry!!! Have had UNEXPECTED work ISSUES come up at work in "The Secret Lab". So no update on commentary today.

However I did mange to post 2 new photo's in PHOTO GALLERY. PHOTO GALLERY


Spent some time today scanning in NEW PHOTO'S PHOTO GALLERY UPDATED 12/28/98 7 New Pictures!!! And also have a NEW Visitor Email posted VISITOR'S EMAIL


I have just gotten home from the AZ Cards / Chargers game.

The final NAIL in the coffin of the false Global Warming Scare.

DAYTIME SNOW in Phoenix, AZ on Dec 6th, $1 BILLION lost in California Freeze in the Orange Crop, 1st WHITE CHRISTMAS in NEW YORK CITY in 22 years, North Carolina and Virginia without power on Christmas from ice storms.

And here in AZ, the papers always said, "HELL would FREEZE OVER before the CARDINALS make the playoffs." HELL HAS FROZEN OVER

Jake Plummer drove the Cardinals in the final 16 seconds for a Field Goal to win the game and propel the Cardinals to a Wild Card Playoff Spot against the EVIL SOUTH AMERICA'S TEAM. The Dallas CRACK-BOYS

And the final PROOF that Global warming is a farce.... I have it from reliable sources that Slick Willy and Monica's relationship has "cooled". Clinton didn't even buy her a gift or call her for any reason this Holiday season, no groping in the ORAL ORIFACE, No HOT talk on the phone.

Hope you can tell, I am back from the Holiday Crunch.