The Political Quote of the Day for 01/16/01: ECONOMY

I feel like a mosquito in a nudist colony. The real question is where to strike first."

Phil Gramm, on Bill Clinton's economic policy.

Brrrr!!!!....Hellow from the rainy and cold Desert. Nearly 1PM and still only 44 degrees. I left Northern NY nearly 17 yrs ago, I'm not used to this!!! Some parts of Phoenix, AZ may even get SNOW today or tonight. Hell, there may be snow on the nearby Mountains already, I couldn't tell, the clouds covered the Mountains around the valley known for warm Temperatures and Sunshine. I actually have the Heat on in the Secret Armed Compound for the 1st time since last yr. A year ago we had 80 + Temps here. I don't think we will even hit 50 today.

Well the BBQ of Ashcroft's Nomination for Att. Gen. have begun. So much for bipartisanship. Janet Reno was approved by the Senate by a Vote of 98-0. Because the then losing party granted the new incoming President with the Cabinet Choices of HIS CHOICE. The same cannot be said of the current Party out of Power. The complaints are, he is against abortion, he is against quotas, etc. The fact is he will enforce the LAW, and his record shows he DOES ENFORCE the LAW, even the LAWS he disagrees with. That is what SCARES the LIBERALS, the FACT that HE WILL ENFORCE THE LAW. Which is the ABSOLUTE OPPOSITE of Janet Reno, who did her whole tenure skirting(Lesbian Reference unintentional) the LAW to PROTECT the Clinton Administration by denying Independant Investigators for Election Fraud and $$$Money Raising done by both Clinton and Gore. This is how the Chinesse jumped ahead in Nuclear and Missle Technology by 20 yrs in less than 5 yrs.

California at ANOTHER STAGE 3 Power Alert today, because their Power Companies can't pay their Bills. Too Bad, So Sad!!!! You California Environmentalist and GREEN people are now NOT GETTING WHAT YOU DON't PAY FOR!!! And SCREW YOU!!! Don't EVEN THINK about taking the POWER from AZ, or other Western STATES who planned and invested for THEIR future POWER NEEDS, while you DID NOT! See the STORY HERE!!! See how the NORTHWEST FEELS HERE!!!

Now for other NEWS

I never really understood the Sport of SKYDIVING, but that's beside the point. These people, all members of a SKYDIVING CLUB, now remember these are people who JUMP OUT of PERFECTLY good planes. How do these people DIE in a Plane Crash? DID they REFUSE to JUMP OUT of a Plane in TROUBLE???? See the STORY HERE!!!

Sorry "Honey? I missed????" I don't care how much you trust people you work with, at some point everyone screws up, but in this avenue it's FATAL!!! See the STORY HERE!!!

Do any of you have this problem at work? "Science Experiments" growing in your workplace community 'Fridge? See the STORY HERE!!!


The Political Quote of the Day for 01/15/01: CRITICS

If I sought to answer all or the criticisms that cross my desk, my secretaries would be engaged in little else."

Martin Luther King Jr.

OK, it is "MLK Day". Parades, Gov't has the day off and so do the schools and financial institutions. But the rest of us has to work today. Now don't be sad or jealous, for nobody has ever gone far by taking every holiday off like Gov't workers or school employees.

Ah! the work ethic!!! When I was growing up in Northern NY, near Canada, from the time I was able to shovel snow, I DID! Shoveling snow for neighbors along the street for $$$, and in the summer, mowing their lawns, and in the fall raking their leaves. I remember when the 1st McDonalds opened in my County. It was 1979, I was in the 10th Grade a Sophomore. But did TEENAGERS get the JOBS there? NO! Unemployment was so high in my county, and still is (ABOVE 10% NOW!!!) That the line for APPLICATIONS was hundreds long. It was parents of my classmates that got those jobs. There were a few Teens at night that worked and closed up, mostly High School Seniors and Community College Students. As far as I know that is still the case. It is an older population that works there for the breakfast, lunch, and dinner time shifts. I was fortunate as my dad had a business that I worked in during the summer. Now supposedly these jobs are SHUNNED by today's teenagers. Gone are the days that ANY job was GOLDEN to a teenager it seems.

I don't think this is a good thing. Kids today think everything is easy, and even kids think some jobs are beneath them, including jobs that in some areas are sought after by parents.... Where I grew up Adults COMPETED for a job at McDonalds, and this job is shunned as uncool by todays' teenagers. I fear that we are raising a generation of Americans with soft-underbellies. What will these kids, future adults do if hit with hard times? See the STORY HERE!!!

Not that this matters, but the fact this NEWS is BURIED is a point to consider.

Remember the fight about Miami, Dade County in the recount, the same County SUED by Gore to do a recount? Well it turns out that Election Officials and members of the Liberal "PALM BEACH POST NEWSPAPER" have completed the RECOUNT of the 10,600 "undervotes". That the Gore Campaign claimed would give Gore an Additional 600 votes. Well Even the Liberal Paper couldn't find these "votes". And it ends up with BUSH GAINING VOTES!!! Now the LIBERAL MEDIA was counting on gaining enough votes in this "POST ELECTION RECOUNT" to discredit Bush's win. But couldn't do it, even with the "DIMPLED CHADS". This fact that Bush even won this recount is why you won't hear about it. The PAPER that did the recount buried it as much as they could, If the result were the other way, it would be front page NEWS on EVERY PAPER in the Country, and the 1st News item on TV. Here in AZ the short brief was on pg 14.

Now to some ARIZONA NEWS! We are NOT SAFE when the Legislature is in Session!!!

I was on the RADIO once again today on 550 KFYI on The Bob Mohan Show. There are issues here in AZ. These are the attempts of a group to ban SMOKING in all public places in Chandler, Gilbert, and Tempe. Joining Mesa in basically outlawing Smoking anywhere. If they succeed it would mean NO SMOKING ANYWHERE in over 1/2 of the VALLEY OF THE SUN. What's the next step? Dictator HomeOwners Associations banning Smoking. Like some HomeOwners Associations ban kids under 55 years of age. And you all thought that the BAN of ownership of pick-up trucks was bad enough at some of these Associations. HERE'S anotherone.... A bill in the AZ Legislature to FORBID discrimination of BIKERS, ie HELL'S ANGEL types. Harley Davidson Riders. They demand the right to go into ANY resturant regardless of dress codes. Think about it, you go to a FANCY Resturant, Tie REQUIRED, etc. But under AZ LAW the HELLS ANGELS can walk on in, with their leather jackets, etc. DOESN'T MATTER what the Business owner says.

What's next???? Making Churches accept HOMOSEXUALS against their BELIEFS? I suppose that is already starting to happen. If the Boy Scouts can get beat to Death over this, Religion isn't far behind. End result....Catholic Church Forced by Gov't Decree to accept Jews into the Congregation, and Temples forced to accept Catholics, and Muslims going anywhere they want. Mantra is:ACCEPT EVERYONE or you will have no-one. Now the Gov't has to rename some of these religious holidays, like Christmas, Easter, etc. I bet they already have a Commision on that issue.


The Political Quote of the Day for 01/13-14/01: WOMEN

"Toughness doesn't have to come in a pin-stiped suit."

Diane Feinstein.

Damn cold here in Arizona this early Saturday, up to 2 feet of snow in the Mountains of Northern AZ, Skiers rejoicing, and about an inch of rain here in the desert. My thermometer says it is 44 degrees outside. Think I'll stay in here for now at a nice 76 degrees.

Which brings me to this point. CALIFORNIA, home of the LIBERAL WHACKO's, Environmentalists, etc. etc. Who by there OWN CHOICE prevented the building of new power generating plants thru obscene over-regilations, now wants the FEDERAL GOV'T to sanction STEALING POWER from other western States that had the forsight to anticipate their future power needs. Maybe DIVINE INTERVENTION will occur and CALIFORNIA disappears into the ocean, we would be a better Country without them. "Archie Bunker" could be right.... God is just waiting for all the Freaks and Whacko's to get to California before HE drops it into the ocean... I'll be DAMNED if I have to pay higher Electricity Rates, and subject to Rolling Black-Outs because California basically banned the building of new Power Plants for an increasing population and increasing Power Requirements. Because they are SO CONCERNED about the ENVIRONMENT..... until THEIR POWER GOES OUT!!! Now they want, DEMAND other STATES to provide them the POWER!!! I say, "So Sorry, So Sad, TOO DAMN BAD!!!!". At least the Gov. of AZ isn't standing idly by on this. See the STORY HERE!!! AND I DON'T WANT TO HEAR THESE LIBERALS WHINNING!!!

Kim Basinger seeks DIVORCE from Alec Baldwin. WELL...Alec Baldwin did VOW to leave this Country if Bush was Elected President. Maybe Kim doesn't want to leave... I hope that these "superstar" Liberals like Striesand and Elton John, etc. keep their promises and LEAVE!!!!HERE!!!


The Political Quote of the Day for 01/12/01: SCANDALS

"It is very disappointing and hurtful. How come nobody ever thought that I had an affair with anyone?."

Barbara Bush, referring to the sex scandals involving Bill Clinton.

The NFL AFC/NFC Championship Weekend!!!

Well it is VERY RAINY and chilly here today, it is after 1PM and still under 50 degrees, brrr...

This is a little known fact, today is Rush Limbaugh's Birthday. A Capricorn just like I am.

Well yesterday Clinton already started spouting off on Bush for his TAX CUT Plan....So much for the YEAR of no comment on the Successor of a previous President actions and policies by the previous President. Clinton hasn't even left Office yet, and is already complaining. Guess we better get used to it. This is going to be the LIBERAL Model for the forseeable future. Clinton will never shut up. He probably wants to do a rebuttal to Bush's InAugural Address next Saturday. A Classless Act the Clinton's and their supporters are, were , and will always be...

Now for some NEWS!!!

Butt Slapping by youngsters a NO-NO, good thing Clinton wasn't around... See the STORY HERE!!!

Here is a Continuation of last months Story. CANNIBALISM PART 2. See the STORY HERE!!!

Now here is an excellent Story of, "The Feminization of Our Culture". Take a read of this article. At least I am not Feminized!!! See the STORY HERE!!!

Now here is a Lorena Bobbit type Story, she cut off the right one. Maybe some solace to the guy.... As the saying is for a highly wanted item is: "I'd give my left nut for...." See the STORY HERE!!!

2PM still haven't hit 50 degrees here. Cold Wet and Raining in the "Valley of the Sun".

Unless IMPORTANT BREAKING NEWS happens, and I have the time to respond to it.... I will update on Monday. Have a great weekend, enjoy Life!!!

No matter what the Outside World or influences do to you, if you stay Happy and on track to your plans for the Future, then you have found the winning recipe of LIVING like I have. It ain't $$$, it ain't others that can do it for you. If you can keep Happy with yourself day to day and weekend to weekend, with or without others, ie: friends and family, etc. Then you have a winning recipe of Life. With this plan, you draw others towards yourself, and other times, is YOUR TIME!!! We all need time to ourselves, introspective, and Outerspective. A time to let the mind wander a bit, think about new and different things. THIS is a good thing, and I think we all need to do more of it. 'Till Monday!!!


The Political Quote of the Day for 01/11/01: NEGTIATION

"An appeaser is one who feeds a crocodile, hoping it will eat him last."

Winston Churchill.

The NEWS tells me that here in Arizona, starting tonight, we will get more rain in the next 2 days than we have had in the last 2 months. That's OK, I like it when it rains here. Besides we have plenty of POWER, unlike where this storm is coming from, California. Rolling BLACKOUTS may occur. Someone should have educated these Liberals that you can't build Power Plants overnight. See the STORY HERE!!!

The "old folks" are upset with this proposal, proposed by one of their own!!! You all know that when a gas pedal in a car gets "stuck", it seems to only happen to "old folks". Strange thing really..... Well here is the STORY that has the "old folks" irked HERE!!!

Now this next bit covers a couple of other stories. You all know how Fashion Designers just LOVE the "Skin & Bone Look", portraying it as beauty, healthy, body figure. You also know of some of these models suffering from eating disorders, etc. Well check this STORY out! And I wonder how many other similiar ones are out there. HERE!!!

Animal Rights and VEGAN Whackos. I don't care what people eat or don't eat, I do care about these people getting in other people's faces and their kids' faces trying to tell the REST of US what we should or should not eat, use, etc. See the Story HERE!!!

I believe we all know that a well balanced diet, including MEAT and Dairy Products, provides all the nutrients we need. Yes it is possible to do the same as a Vegeterian or even a Vegan, but it is much harder to do. Plus how many vegeterians or vegans do you know who actually looked "healthy"? Sure you see people who are overweight, but you can tell if they are sick or not. These anti-meat people never look "well". If you are an anti-meat person, as a PUBLIC SERVICE, here are the latest recomendations to help you be healthier, as it has been discovered that Recomended Daily Allowances for vitamins and iron, etc. are harder to get w/o meat and dairy products. See the STORY HERE!!!

And just because you buy things that claim there is "No Meat" in them, you can never be too sure... Plus this guy looks like he is a vegetarian... See the STORY HERE!!!

Well it's been a long night for me, 12+hr shift ending with a meeting, that always just tires me out more than actual work. I'd rather start the shift with a meeting than ending a long night with one. Time to eat dinner, will include meat and dairy products, a smoke and a beer. Just to make everyone happy.

Oh by the way, I have, at least temporarily broken into the top 200 of Where's George? Out of 547,604 users!!! Here are the STATS.

You have entered 3,052.
You have 377 bills with hits.
You have 424 total hits.
Your hit rate is 12.35%.
Your George Score is 888.
Your rank is #188.
(Rank is based on George Score)


The Political Quote of the Day for 01/10/01: FAMILY

"If you have 30 cousins, it's pretty easy."

Joe Kennedy II, on the fund-raising for his first congressional campaign.

Well Bill Clinton is going to be an Ex-President doing a lot of 1sts. 1st ex-president to continue to live in Washington D.C. since Woodrow Wilson, who couldn't leave because he suffered a STROKE. And the 1st ex-president to comment on the successor within the 1st yr of office. Clinton has already commented on G.W.Bush before he even has assumed office!!! With ALL Clinton has down in the nearly 8 yrs, it took G.H.W. Bush Sr. the former President over 7 1/2 yrs to comment on his successor. Now Clinton has said, yesterday, that Bush stole the election by "STOPPING THE VOTING IN FLORIDA" since they lost the popular vote. FRUEDIAN SLIP???? That the RECOUNTS were "MAKING NEW VOTES FOR GORE?" And he does this diatribe in Chicago, home of the Daleys and the DEMOCRATIC MACHINE. We all know just how spiffy clean the election was there, don't we? See the STORY HERE!!! As for his comments about the economy, in the last 11 months I have LOST all my gains that I had in the previous 2 years, which means I am back to even going back 3 yrs, and that doesn't factor in inflation.

Be careful of the stories you write, you could end up in JAIL! If this keeps up I will end up there too. See the STORY HERE!!!

MAD COW DISEASE now claiming politicians careers like HIV did in the late '80's early 90's. See the STORY HERE!!!

You know the ritual on planes taking off and landing, "Please turn off you Cell Phones, laptop computers, and any other Electronic devices, as they may interfere with the electronics of the plane...." etc. Well I did have my doubts about the need for these warnings, I did follow them whenever I was flying. Turns out there is truth to this request. I would have bet against it, but I guess I am wrong. See the STORY HERE!!!

Now this has to go into my, "GIVE ME A FREAKING BREAK" FILE. Another LAWSUIT against McDonalds. HOT COFFEE once again, happened in 1998. This Stupid Broad is Suing McDonalds, WALL-MART, and her own MOM!!! I guess the WARNING on the "COFFEE CUP" of "WARNING!!! HOT LIQUID!!!", and the instructions of use of the car coffee mug from WALL-MART, and the common sense MOM was supposed to teach this idiot, doesn't matter. She believes she should be paid MILLIONS of $$$ and not have to work again, because she is SO STUPID!!!

In a high pitched WHINY VOICE, "Now I have this itty bitty scar on my ankle!!!! What man would want a disfigured woman to marry???" I bet she weighs 300 pounds, and the reason she got a burn is because it took so long for the nerve endings to send the message "I am being burned!" to the Brain thru all that FAT!!! She is LUCKY that she wasn't a victim of "Spontaneous Human Combustion!!!" I bet all it would take is a wick in her ass and she would be a Human Oil Lamp burning for months!!!

Oh,,, Am I being mean and politically incorrect again? If so, GREAT!!! "I'm back in the saddle again!!!..."

See the STORY HERE!!!

Hoped I wasn't losing my touch.

Well tomorrow will be a short update, long day/night. Have meeting scheduled that makes it at least a 12 hr shift. Will do what I can.


The Political Quote of the Day for 01/09/01:BILL CLINTON

"Bill Clinton is just the opposite of Will Rogers. He never met a woman he didn't like."

Joey Adams

Well the beers went down pretty smooth last night, and the adult venue was enjoyable. Also a strange weather phenomenum last night, RAIN! All that together, beers, sights, and good sleeping weather, must have contributed to my 1st uninterrupted 8 hr sleep in ages. Even the Rush L. Show is 1/2 way over. Now my body clock is all screwed up, oh well.

The 'ole Brain is kinda sluggish also. Must have killed off a few brain cells last night. That's OK, the weak ones are the 1st to die anyway, kill off a few weak links, makes the chain stronger. But I do remember the entire night, that's more than I can say for some of my other Birthdays, Ha, Ha!!! And don't you worry, I did have a designated Driver. I was a responsible lush so to speak. OH MY!, I planned and took responsibilty for my intended actions. That won't make the Liberals happy. However, I am paying the price for those hotter than hell chicken wings, hot going in, hot going out... if you get my drift.

I hit these adult venues maybe twice a year, these gals make a lot of $$$ in one night, if only I could pull off the same sort of racket.

Well let's see what I've dug up in the NEWS today.

Let's revisit SUICIDE, the self elimination of society's weak links, I did post a story on this yesterday. Well we have another Story on this issue today. Those who yell "JUMP!" to those threatening suicide face ARREST. This article also accuse those who yell "JUMP" as sick, lacking empathy, and compassion. So I guess that my contention that those who want "to check out" go ahead and do it labels me an unfeeling sicko. I say if you can't make life worth living in the most prosperous, free, and greatest country on the planet. Then you better leave. Because if you can't make life worth living here, you can't make it anywhere. I do wish that these people would end it privately in their own home or wherever, instead of tying up traffic, etc. to get attention, and they really don't plan on jumping. COME ON!!! If they REALLY wanted to JUMP, why would they wait around for someone to try and stop them? Climb on the bridge and JUMP! Takes seconds, no crowds, no Police or Firefighters to try to stop you. Now I know some of you are horrified at my position. But how many of these "PUBLIC ATTEMPTS AT SUICIDE" are actually successful? I say far less than 10% Is it your contention that Police/Firefighters are able to make an insane person, temporarily sane? Even the suicidal know what the Police/Firefighters are going to say to them, they watch TV too!!! And they wait for them. Well anyway, here is the STORY HERE!!!

OK, let's turn this around a bit. How about a story about a man trapped in a BURNING HOUSE, who was SO MEAN, that even his own FAMILY, and the FIREFIGHTERS REFUSED to go in and RESCUE HIM? Think I'm making this up? See the STORY HERE!!!

Bad LUCK STORY. Even if it ends up being FATAL, if you gotta GO, you gotta GO!!! You never plan on a cargo plane crashing on you. See the STORY HERE!!!

Takes a lot of Balls, or something else to try this stunt, Question is why would you want to? It's not like something you could put on a resume, unless applying at a Circus. Suppose it rips off? More than a "bad hair day". See the STORY HERE!!!

Well Linda Chavez, G.W.Bush's nominee for LABOR SECRETARY has taken herself out for the post. Because of the question about her housing an illegal immigrant that she didn't know was illegal, and giving her some spending $$$. It also turns out this immigrant did some chores, like taking out the trash, picking the kids up from school, etc. The Liberals contend she was employed as a domestic worker. It looks to me that Chavez opened her house up to someone who needed help, and to stay there, do some chores, Chavez worked for a paycheck, this immigrant was trying to get back on her feet. Doesn't it make sense that she does somehouse keeping chores? Or would the Liberals only be happy if she was able to sit in front of the TV all day and not lift a finger in the household? PLUS I thought the LIBERALS were all for this, I guess this action is ONLY OK if you are a DEMOCRAT, and actually demands services be performed, while the LIBERAL scirts the taxes due for employing a domestic worker. After all this "Immigrant" said she wasn't employed by Chavez, she just helped out in the home because she was staying there. Now think about it, if you were homeless and someone takes you into their home, wouldn't you do things around the home to show your appreciation for the kindness bestowed on you? Seems like this would make the LIBERALS LOVE CHAVEZ, but it turns out the opposite is true.

You see, the LIBERALS do not want individuals, or Groups of individuals like CHURCH CONGREGATIONS to be a source of help, goodwill, to people in need. They want GOVERNMENT PROGRAMS that they control to their own power hungry egos to enhance CONTROL over people. This is why the Liberals oppose TAX CUTS for any reason. Because $$$ is power, the more they can take from us, the more dependant WE become on them for goods and services that we should be able to provide for ourselves, or thru the help of family, friends, local CHURCH, or local Gov't. BUT the LIBERALS want all that POWER of FOOD, HOUSING, PROGRAMS, etc. centered in Washington D.C. so they can play "god" and decide who gets what. Can I also mention that "Charity" handled and dispensed by the FEDERAL BUREACRACY is the LEAST efficient way to help those who need help? The greatest Bang for the Buck happens when it is done locally. The $$$ local charities collect, well over 90% goes to the people who need help. When this SAME $$$ is sent to Washington D.C. and redistributed, well under 50% of the original $$$ is used on the people who need it. GOTTA PAY the GOV'T BOZO'S who make up rules between collection of the $$$ and the distrubution of the $$$.

This is why we need to go back to the CONSTITUTION. The FEDERAL GOV'T is responsible for defending the borders... (That isn't happening) Coinage of $$$, International Trade. All Powers not given to the Federal Gov't belongs to the INDIVIDUAL STATES. That includes Social Programs, Use of land (How many MILLIONS of Acres have now been made by Clinton as National Monuments, and how many millions of acres off limits by the Whacko Environmentalists?)

The Federal Gov't uses it's power over the States by declaring Country wide "LAWS". EX. If such State doesn't lower it's Speed Limits, the $$$ collected for highway funds will be withheld and distributed to States that follow the "PROGRAM". LOSS of TAX $$$ From the STATE. And More recently, unless the STATE lowers DWI to 0.08% HIGHWAY funds taken from the STATE in TAXES will be witheld and given to States that knuckle under the threats from the FEDERAL GOV'T. Doesnt't matter that a STATE like ARIZONA are going hardball on those that are 0.15% Alcohol content, to get the most dangerous drivers off the road, ARIZONA still loses the $$$. The same goes for the forced rise in drinking age from 18 to 21, so it is now possible to die in combat for your Country without ever able to take a legal drink. NO BEER FOR YOU!!!

So you think all this is still a good thing? Well when this Country was young, citizens were referred to as a CITIZEN of the GREAT STATE of XXXXXXX. Not a citizen of the United States of America. Individuals were citizens of a STATE. The STATES are UNITED thru the FEDERAL GOV'T which is SUPPOSED to have LIMITED POWER over individual STATES. Today, that is no longer the case.

WE need to rectify this MUTATION!!!



The Political Quote of the Day for 01/08/01:DEMOCRATS

"The Democratic party at its worst is better for the country than the Republican party at its best."

Lyndon Johnson

I oppose what this DAMN Political Calender has as the political Quote of the Day. Johnson is surely rotting in HELL. His "so called WAR AGAINST POVERTY" only caused generations of families unable to free themselves from the grips of Gov't Handouts. Which also resulted in their failure to EVEN TRY to make a living on their own. Right now you hear about these so called voters in Florida being disenfranchised of their Votes. Johnson set up a system to disenfranchise their ability to have a successfull life, to be a productive member of society.

TODAY being my and Elvis Presley's Birthday,(and David Bowie's) I find it offensive that this Quote was on the calender for today.

But that's OK, I am proud to offend more than I am Offended!!! Also I am now 38 yrs old!!! Older than I thought I would ever be, smarter and wiser than I thought I would ever be? Well that's debatable. I am still very young in many ways, but consider me an elder on the CONSTITUTION. If Politics were not so DAMN DIRTY today, I would Run myself, in fact, I still might in the future. But disclosing one's total personal history for the PRESS is not something I want to do.... After all I was a kid once, a teenager, and young adult. I made some mistakes. But I NEVER STOLE, nor HURT ANYONE!!! I am a Catholic...Automatic accusation of being a right wing religious zealot. Brands himself a CONSERVATIVE. Well there goes the Black and Hispanic Vote.

But don't count me out!!! Remember G.W.Bush didn't quit drinking until after his 40th B-Day, and now he will be PRESIDENT!!! I have no ambition to be President, plus I still have 2 more yrs of beers before That timeline comes to pass.

Did you see the Certification of the Electoral Votes by the Joint Session of Congress on Saturday? These People, the members of "The Black Congessional Caucus", that protested Florida's Electoral Votes, amazed me. You know, Maxine Waters from CA. and Jesse Jackson Jr from IL. etc... How these people live life, I don't know. Because whatever happens, they are Very UnHappy. In fact Maxine Waters now has a PERMANENT FROWN. She couldn't SMILE to save her life!!! If she did, her FACE would explode!!! Can you imagin this life, you serve in Congress, but you are miserable the whole time, not a SINGLE thing makes you laugh or smile. I wouldn't do that job for any amount of $$$ or Fame. If I don't enjoy my job, nor have fun doing it, and Not get to laugh with other co-workers.... Then why should I take a job that makes me miserable? Hard to do a good job, if you hate the job. Why do these people do it? For TV TIME???!!!

You know, the Democrats have been catering to Blacks and Minorities for nearly 50 yrs. If Blacks and other Minorities still feel the same as 50 yrs ago, even after Racial Barriers being taken down, Civil Rights Legislation, Affirmative Action Legislation, and the FACT they had THEIR own biggest supporters in POWER the past 8 years, the CLINTON/GORE Team, and they are still unhappy. I say maybe it's time for the Minorities to try a different path. The path of playing a different role other than VICTIM, OPPRESSED, etc. I think it is time for minority children to know that their path to the American Dream is EDUCATION!!! Not The NFL, NBA, MLB, or Boxing, etc. The Athletes that make it it BIG is not the way to raise up an entire self deluded race that is convinced without facts that they can't be a success like everyone else.

Now how do we fix this? Well it won't be easy!!! That's for sure. because we need to get the parents involved. And it is harder to do this today than it has ever been. But it must start with the Children. We need to get them educated, wipe away the notion that having good grades in school is a "White thing".

Maybe you should read this story, the whole thing, to see what needs to be changed. See the STORY HERE!!!

How about ZERO TOLERENCE going too far???? Class requires a METAL RULER, Boy gets KICKED OUT OF SCHOOL for having one. It is "ruled" as a WEAPON!!!! See the STORY HERE!!!

REMEMBER last week's Story about a British Couple planning to give their daughter Breast Implants for her 16th Birthday? Well lets move up to CANADA where the TAXPAYERS are going to pay for Breast Implants for a 15 yr old girl to "Improve her self-esteem".... See the STORY HERE!!!

OK, Let's stick with TITS, Ha, Ha! Well I play DARTS every week, so far this hasn't happened, I wish it did on a regular basis. See the STORY HERE!!!

I advocate the right of people who want to commit suicide to get it Right the 1st time. If you don't want to be here,,,,LEAVE!!! Today we have ANOTHER CRY BABY STORY from NFL Player D. Underwood. HE gave up a $5MILLION Contract, tried suicide, didn't work. NOW on a 2 yr $250,000 Contract tried suicide again, flunked again!!! Somehow between these attempts he managed to PROCREATE. And Owed $$$ for child support. I can understand why he couldn't pay it, making only $250,000 a year...... LOOK at the $$$ this BOZO makes, and what he Could have Made!!!! YET He is too STUPID to figure out on how to kill himself. Because LIFE is so terrible for him he can't go on.... See the STORY HERE!!!

Well, all my errands are done, so are 5 loads of laundry. Time for me to take a nap before celebrating my Birthday!!!


The Political Quote of the Day for 01/06-07/01: FOOD, GLORIOUS FOOD

"Mrs.Clinton, all we are saying is give peas a chance."

Tom Brokaw, on Hillary Clinton's dislike of peas and her failure to mention them during a "SESAME STREET" episode on vegetables.

Al Gore is going to HATE today. Why? Because later today the Congress will certify the ELECTORAL VOTE COUNT, and Al Gore will have to certify his own own defeat. But there is a reason to listen to the NEWS today. With everything else that has happened in this Election, this isn't a done deal either. See the STORY HERE!!!

Attorney General nominee John Ashcroft is still going to face heavy flak in the Confirmation Hearings. Why? Because of his opposition and ultimate defeat of Missouri Supreme Court Judge Ronnie White's nomination to be a FEDERAL JUDGE. Why did Ashcroft oppose him? Because he was the lone Judge who wanted to overturn the Death Penalty of a Black man who KILLED 3 Police Officers and the Wife of a Sheriff. Does it not matter that Ashcroft voted for Confirmation of 26 of 29 Black Judges for the Federal Bench? This is ONLY ONE EXAMPLE that Ashcroft is NOT a racist. The Argument, apparently is that HE VOTED against a Black Judge from becoming a Federal Judge. So because the nominee is Black, and you vote against him/her, you are a RACIST. MY QUESTION is: Why are the DEMOCRATS who voted against Clarence Thomas's nomination to the SUPREME COURT not labeled RACISTS also???? BECAUSE the Democrats are HIPACRITS. They believe THEIR AGENDA is so important that it is perfectly OK to lie and decieve. Because the ends justify the means. This is the same mindset that Clinton has, scolding the Republicans for NOT APOLOGIZING for IMPEACHING him for lying UNDER OATH to the COURT about Monica Lewinski. This is the: I was wrong and got caught, YOU should Apologize for catching me breaking the LAW. What a bunch of bulls**t!!!. See this STORY HERE!!!

GLOBAL WARMING???? Doesn't look like it. No matter how the media tries to "spin" this, it is colder. In fact the coldest Nov-Dec on record. It would probably be an easier sell to the public if they were told that "Winters will be colder with more snow, and Summers Hotter with less rain!!!" But fact is fact. See the STORY HERE!!!

Now for some "BOBBIT" type Stories.

If it's sinful, CUT IT OFF!!! And if you Flush it down the toilet, it's gone forever. See the STORY HERE!!!

Woman Slices Lover's SCROTUM, one "nut" hanging free and claer, so to speak. Her Defense that she was trying to help him up after he fell down didn't wash. The reason this Defense was rejected was the victims contention. "Why would she pick me up by the testicles????" See the STORY HERE!!!

I'm counting the days until ART BELL returns to the AIR. But until then I have FOOTBALL to watch, this weekend, later today and Sunday, The Divisional Playoffs!!! And of coarse this Monday is my Birthday, older than I thought I would ever be, but can't discern any difference from what I thought about things overall as when I was 18. I just know know a bit more of other's attempts to try to take away my Constitutional Rights, by lieing, by increments, by fraud, etc. At least I learned that much in the past 20 yrs.... And That, I suppose is why I am here.


The Political Quote of the Day for 01/05/01: PRESIDENTIAL CAMPAIGNS

"If those guys were on "The Dating Game", nobody would get picked"

Roger Ailes, on the 1988 Democratic candidates, among whom were Michael Dukakis, Gary Hart, Joseph Biden, and Richard Gephardt

Yes it's TRUE!!! Art Bell returns to the AIR on 02/05/00. There is unabashed joy in the Secret Armed Compound. I knew the MONOLITH that appeared, disappeared, and now has reappeared in Seattle meant something. It didn't send a radio signal to Jupitor, it sent a signal to Pahrump, NV!!!

My Birthday isn't until Monday, but this is the best Birthday Present I ever got!

Now for a bit of "SECRET LAB NEWS". Friday night is CE's last night. Even though as of late she has switched from my shift to another shift, we are a better lab with her than without her. Now she is leaving permanently, myself and others will miss her Very Much.


The Political Quote of the Day for 01/04/01: HAIL TO THE CHIEF

"Sometimes it seems that I'm a juggler with at least 15 balls in the air and one hand is tied behind my back."

Ronald Reagan


UPDATE on a Previous news story this week. The "MONOLITH" like on 2001: A Space Odyssey has disappeared from the Seattle Park just as mysteriously as it appeared. See the STORY HERE!!!

Now let's assume you are a parent of a daughter who is turning "Sweet 16". What kind of Birthday Gift would you give your daughter? I bet it isn't Breast Implants!!! I don't care if the parents ARE Plastic Surgeons!!! See the STORY HERE!!!

WHAKO NEWS!!! This "ENGINEER" claims to have lived for over a year on BOILED WATER, and SUNSHINE. IF this is really the case, then we have Whaky Weeds doing an evolutionary jump from the plant kingdom to the TOP of the Animal Kingdom, ie US. See the STORY HERE!!!

Now keeping the previous story in mind, I would bet this guy who kills over a piece of toast is the same guy who claims to live on Boiled Water and SUNSHINE!!! See the STORY HERE!!!


The Political Quote of the Day for 01/03/01: ALL POLITICS IS LOCAL

"The kind of thing I'm good at is knowing every politician in the state and remembering where he itches. And I know where to scratch him."

Earl Long, on his days in Louisiana.

Well Well Well!!!! About an 1 1/2 hrs ago the FEDERAL RESERVE, ie: GREENSPAN unexpectedly lowered interest rates by 1/2%. Wallstreet, meaning the DOW JONES and NASDAQ are sharply up. In the past 90 minutes I have made, or made up $530.00 On my investments!!! Do you know what also has the same effect on the economy? TAX CUTS!!! More $$$ available, or $$$ that costs less to get (interest rates) always fuels, or jump starts the Economy.

Now a quick side note: I want to know who gave me this damn cold. I suspected yesterday, was sure I had it when I went to work last night, this thing will be over before I go to work tomorrow night. I vow! At least it's warm enough here that I don't have any fear of having frozen SNOTCICLES hanging from my nose....TOO Graphic? Sorry!

The worst part though is that my cigarretes and Diet Cokes don't taste right. Even the simplest Cold, the 1st thing that goes is your sense of taste.

Well this was an unintentional lead-in. The New Congress is being sworn in today. That means the Liberals Control the Senate until the 20th, and Ahem...cough, cough, sniffle (my Cold showing up here), HILLARY SWORN IN AS A SENATOR. Hmmm... maybe I'm not really sick, could be psycho-somantic, my bodies physical response to Hillary being a US SENATOR.

I take solace that the Liberals are fit to be tied over Bush's Cabinet Appointees. Kind of hard to raise the "RACE CARD" on these choices. The Liberals thought before the Election they would, if playing POKER (No Clinton reference to this analogy) draw a FULL HOUSE. After the Election, and all the challenges, and 3 more draws, (I mean Recounts) the ended up with what they though was a winning hand, 4 of a kind ACE High. (And the POT grew in size) They didn't expect G.W.Bush to end up holding a ROYAL FLUSH. Now if you had just won this POKER HAND, would YOU give part of the POT to the person you just beat, in the "Spirit" of "FAIRNESS"???? HELL NO!!!!

You can be Gracious thogh, by playing Kenny Rogers Tune, "The Gambler", "You got to know when to hold 'em, know when to fold 'em, know when to walk away, know when to run..."

Well The LIBERALS are running.... to Liberal MEDIA to whine and complain where they have a sympathetic ear. I wonder if we are starting to see a change where the Liberals no longer have an EASY pass on their own Media. This we will have to wait and see.

How about a couple of NEWS STORIES?

What do you mean I shouldn't put hot coals in a cardboard box... See the STORY HERE!!!

TAIWAN Passes BAN on DOG MEAT. Hmmm. You know this sort of thing makes me wonder at times. Such as the Cheap 24 hr Mexican Drive thru Restuarants. Like Fillaberto's who were busted over a year ago for having nearly it's entire workforce being ILLEGAL ALEINS, living in crowded small Apts. It took the Resturant chain nearly 2 months to get enough ILLEGAL ALEINS to open back up the stores in the Phoenix area. Now this Resturaunt uses old French Fries in thier breakfeast EGG and POTATO Burritto. Now for the other items on the menu, I do wonder what kind of MEAT they use. Well for the STORY from TAIWAN, HERE!!!

I actually suspected this over the past year. While the Snack Items stayed the same in price, I thought the bags looked smaller and I didn't get as much as I used to. The items I would get occaisionally were FRITOS,CHEETOS, DORITOS, and LAYS Potato Chips. Well looks like it was a marketing ploy. Keep the Price the same, just decrease the amount of PRODUCT. I would buy these out of the vending machine at work.

I guess I am one of those who didn't notice that the package went from 1 1/2 oz to 1 1/4 oz per package for the same price.


The Political Quote of the Day for 01/02/01: GOLF

"I'm awfully sorry, honey, but I'd have had 30 more yards if you had gotten out of the way."

Tip O'Neill, after hitting a woman on the backside while playing golf.

Ready to get back at regular everyday life yet. Or are you all going thru the losing attempts of trying to live up to New Year's Resolutions? Going to end up wasting $$$ on that Workout Membership? Putting your family, friends, and co-workers thru hell trying to quit smoking, or some other habit?

Well I limit my resolutions to like, having a better record playing darts, making my website better, etc. Things I can do incrementally daily or week to week. And if I fail that day or week, I still have the chance to succeed in the goal.

I had a feeling this was going to happen somewhere.... Y2K Bug hits a year late. See the animation of the "BUG" HERE!!! At least I got to use that animation 1 more time!!! Anyway, for the Y2K computer glitch that arrived a year late, see the STORY HERE!!!

Now for a bit of strange NEWS. Some of you may know that we now currently have 2 Spacecraft near JUPITOR. Galileo and Cassini. Now I assume most of you have seen Arthur C. Clarke's Classic "2001: A Space Odyssey". Now remember the main character in the Movie was "The Monolith". Just when we enter 2001, "The Monolith" appears, in Seattle!!! See the STORY HERE!!!

So have you recieved your TAX FORMS in the MAIL yet? So far I recieved my AZ. State TAX FORM, still waiting on the FEDERAL FORM. Most people are deluded enough to think that if they have their with-holdings high enough, they GET $$$ BACK!!! But this is a farce, it just means that over the past year you let the GOV'T make the INTEREST $$$ instead of yourself. But a lot of people consider a TAX REFUND like a BONUS. Especially people who only look at their paycheck in the "NET PAY" column. I wish these people would do the MATH and figure out what % of their GROSS PAY they actually get to take "HOME"! Now don't forget the $$$ you spend on SALES TAX, GAS TAX, PROPERTY TAX, etc. etc... Also REALIZE that the items YOU BUY from wherever are TAXED before you BUY them, and YOU are TAXED when you do BUY them. The PHONE TAX to pay for the WAR against SPAIN was only "retired" this past Year. This is like the toll-booths on Thruways etc. They were only originally authorized to collect tolls until the road project was PAID FOR!!! But the TOLLS go on after that. Once the GOV'T has a $$$ source, and it is in place for a period of time, the GOV'T will try it's damndest to ignore, or rescind the TAX or FEE. Remember EVERYTHING the GOV'T has, FEDERAL, STATE, and LOCAL, all their BUILDINGS, the Courthouses, the Local, State, and Federal Gov't buildings, the Military, the SOCIAL WORKERS. AND all employed by the GOV'T are paid by,,, now this may shock you, BY US!!!! The GOV'T does NOT have any $$$$ except what they take from US!!!

So look at your paycheck, or W-2. See what you GROSSED, and compare that to what you actually got. Now do you think the $$$ the GOV'T took was $$$ well spent? Or do you think you could do a better job using it locally? How much of your $$$ did you never SEE? 20%, 30%, 40% ??? Most people are dumbed down to look at their paycheck in the "NET PAY" column. I look at my check in the GROSS Column and compare it to the NET PAY Column. I consider the difference between the 2 as $$$ STOLEN by the GOV'T from me. After all I worked for it, the Gov't didn't!!! Plus the amount of $$$ STOLEN from me by the GOV'T, and the services, etc. I recieve done by the GOV'T, is a VERY POOR RETURN on "My" Investment.

But what do people get upset about? Things like ATM FEES from ATM's other than your own bank. We see an uproar from people over this, and you have the right/chance to not use that ATM. After all why should account holders of that bank pay for the ATM and the service costs that arise, and not charge non-customers a premium? You all know that going to a Convience Store like 7-11, etc. the products cost more than your normal grocery store. You PAY the extra $$$ for the time saved from getting it elsewhere. BUT these same people say not a word when the GOV'T slides in these small incremental tax increases, on Sales, Gas, etc. It's not like you have a choice of going elsewhere, as the TAX is everywhere the product or service is. And guess what, these cost you more $$$ than any ATM Surcharges you could ring up in a year.

Well I hope you checked in on "The Fiesta Bowl" last night, the weather here is much better than the Game itself was, a 41 - 9 blowout OSU over Notre Dame.



Now for an importantant NEWS ITEM you should be AWARE of:

Clinton OKs signing of war crimes treaty
Associated Press
Jan. 1, 2001
WASHINGTON - Acting at the last moment, President Clinton on Sunday authorized the United States to sign a treaty creating the world's first permanent international war crimes tribunal to bring to justice people accused of crimes against humanity. The president said his action, taken with some reservations, builds on U.S. support for justice and individual accountability dating to American involvement in the Nuremberg tribunals that brought Nazi war criminals to justice after World War II. "Our action today sustains that tradition of moral leadership," he said.

The treaty should not be submitted to the Senate for ratification until certain concerns are met, he said.

"I believe that a properly constituted and structured International Criminal Court would make a profound contribution in deterring egregious human rights abuses worldwide," the president said in a statement issued at the White House.

The treaty must be ratified by the Senate before U.S. participation in the tribunal becomes final. Fierce opposition to a perceived surrender of national sovereignty is expected from conservatives led by Sen. Jesse Helms, R-N.C. Helms angrily responded Sunday that "this decision will not stand."

The president said he acted "to reaffirm our strong support for international accountability and for bringing to justice perpetrators of genocide, war crimes and crimes against humanity."

"In signing, however, we are not abandoning our concerns about significant flaws in the treaty," the president said.

"In particular, we are concerned that when the court comes into existence, it will not only exercise authority over personnel of states that have ratified the treaty, but also claim jurisdiction over personnel of states that have not.

"Given these concerns, I will not and do not recommend that my successor submit the treaty to the Senate (for ratification) until our fundamental concerns are satisfied," he said.

David J. Scheffer, the U.S. Ambassador at Large for War Crimes, signed the treaty on behalf of the United States a few hours after Clinton authorized him to do so.

Clinton's action drew positive reaction from human rights activists.

For those of you who do not understand what this really means, as the President and the Media have been giving it Positive Reviews and airplay. IT is an ASSAULT on OUR CONSTITUTIONAL RIGHTS!!! Giving RIGHTS to a FORIEGN POWER to Judge Americans as WAR CRIMINALS. Their 1st Example of what they want to do is to charge AMERICAN PILOTS sent by CLINTON to BOMB KOSOVO as WAR CRIMINALS, and thus subject to this COURT without Due Process. And opens this can of worms up,,,, The amount of OIL and Resources used by the UNITED STATES is a CRIME against HUMANITY. Or how about CUBA overseeing the next US Presidential Election to verify a "FAIR" Election? ALL this is possible with this Treaty Clinton has authorized to be signed. FORTUNATELY this TREATY REQURIES Ratification by the SENATE. Make sure you let your Senators know you DO NOT want to give up OUR National Sovereignty!!!

Well in a few short hours, most of you will be able to see the paradise I live in. The Tostitos Fiesta Bowl between Notre Dame and Oregon State will be on your TV at 8PM Eastern Time. The Temperature will be in the upper 60's, a bit cool for us. But I bet most of you will be envious. Just remember we have Rattlesnakes, Tarantulas, Scorpions, and Coyotes everywhere!!!

I think I will put this next bit on as a link on my opening page so to see if I am right or wrong. For those of you who cheat that page is- www.smokerdave.com

Smoker Dave's PREDICTIONS for 2001

NOW MOVED to Opening Page.


1ST OFF, I hoped to put this update on the last file, but it was full, wanted to Start the New Millenium with a fresh page. Oh well I'll start it now. Give me a day or so to get the Links up to the previous postings.

Since this will most likely be my last posting until 01/02/01, as promised in the earlier posting that right now you can't get there until tomorrow... The Political Quote of the Day for 01/01/01: BUREACRACY

Government is a swamp into which whole armies get lost.

Ed Koch, Mayor of New York City.

Well I don't work again until the next Millenium, too bad it starts Monday. Oh well...

Well you have to hand to Clinton's own warped logic for this story that came out today!!! My understanding of this, is that it is PERFECTLY OK to BAN former Gov't Workers of the Administration from lobbying for 5 years if you are a DEMOCRAT replacing a Republican, but no reason to ban Democrats of the OUSTED Administration if it is a Republican replacing a Democrat.....And the Bull Shit reason for the change is..."They wouldn't listen anyways..... Here is the STORY.

WASHINGTON (AP) - President Clinton on Thursday lifted his ban on former government employees lobbying federal agencies for five years, saying that President-elect Bush's administration won't be giving Democratic employees special access anyway. The president said he put the five-year ban in place in 1993 to keep former employees from using their access to the Democratic administration to lobby for outside interests. With a Republican coming into the White House, Clinton employees won't have special access to tout to potential employers. An ethics group immediately lambasted Clinton for rescinding the order. "It's appalling and it makes my blood boil," said Charles Lewis, executive director of the Center for Public Integrity Lewis said Clinton employees assisting in the transition will get to know the new Bush appointees and will be able to use that as a selling point for lobbying. Clinton could have made a statement by just letting the order expire, he said.

OK, so now you think you know the worst News of the Day.... But you probably don't. In California where all the POWER SHORTAGES are, which are the fault of Environmental Whacko Regulations preventing the building of new power plants, have basically said, "Let the Companies go Bankrupt" this will enable the GOV'T to take control of the Electrical Power Industry in California.... Do YOU think this is a GOOD THING???? Here is the STORY.

SAN FRANCISCO (AP) - Gov. Gray Davis failed to broker a compromise Thursday between utility executives and consumer advocates over looming increases in electricity rates for 10 million Californians. In a sometimes heated, closed-door meeting, the Democratic governor, on a speakerphone, urged consumer groups to agree to at least some of the rate increases utilities say they must have within days to avoid bankruptcy. Some consumer advocates said bankruptcy isn't such a bad idea. Separately, the state Public Utilities Commission held emergency hearings for a second day on the rate request and on the power crunch that has brought California perilously close to blackouts over the past few weeks. The financial crisis and the power crunch are blamed, in part, on the effects of California's deregulation of the power industry. Deregulation was supposed to lower prices for customers by increasing competition.

I wanted to post more, but I am tired. If I get a chance this weekend, I will post ONE more before the New Millenium, but no promises.