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DAY 121 of WWIII


Good Grief! What a night from Hell at "THE SECRET LAB" we had last night. 1 assay or test was reduced to less than 50% capacity, I knew this going into work last night, manageable. But a heavy workload of neary 3,500 samples made it a BUSY night without any problems. But problems and troubles did come... 2 Robotic testing Instuments went bellyup to 1 degree or another, 1,000 tests lost here, 900 lost there, and minor "burps" of 200 lost here, and there, and 350 lost here. What a MAJOR PAIN! Plus I am getting very tired of the answer from the Vendor, "A KNOWN SOFTWARE "GLITCH", Or "We don't know"" Makes me crazy.

But Mercifully I did get to leave work this morning.

GAS prices are heading up here, now up to 99 CENTS a Gallon, from 96 CENTS. DAMN!!! Well as long as it stay below $1 a Gallon I will be satisfied. You know, $10, 10 Gallons of GAS is what I want, or more.

Now to the NEWS!!!

China, North Korea, and Iran NUCLEAR THREAT in the coming years against Us the USA. See the STORY HERE!!! Not a comforting thought.

Check this Story Out. In case you don't realize I am not pleased with Computers, Software Engineers, or those operating Computers today. See this STORY! ELDERLY MEN PREGNANT? NOPE, just a STUPID GIRL! SEE the STORY HERE!!!

The Question about this next Story, is: Do They "GOV" Know Something, or is it just a precautionary measure? Who can be sure? Well I guess the most prudent thing to do is make sure I have some myself and not rely on the GOV'T. See the STORY HERE!!!

Want to BUY a piece of a UFO? It is PRICEY, a bit out of my discrentionary income limits. Since I don't have $9,000,000 in "MAD MONEY". See the STORY HERE!!!

DAY 120 of WWIII



Now how about the KID who crashed a STOLEN PLANE into a Building? Well NEWS is Coming out that he was on ACCUTANE, This is Prescribed to those teenagers with VERY BAD ACNE. Well the NEWS is saying the DRUG is the cause of SUICIDES amoung this Group of Teenagers so UGLY that if you pressed their EARS together their HEAD would EXPLODE LIKE A ZIT. So is it the DRUG, or the Fact that these Teenagers realize they are SO UGLY they probably never would experience SEX, or at least with those in the same species. So what is the ROOT CAUSE? Is it the RAGING HORMONES of a TEENAGE BOY, afflicted with a TEMPERARY overcomable Physical Impairment? Or is it the DRUG ACCUTANE. I believe it is more of the person's act, than the actions of the Prescribed Drug. However I bet many parents take their kids to DERMATOLOGISTS for the single reason that their TEENAGER has a ZIT!!! YEP Imagine this, PRESCRIPTION MEDICINE caused a TEENAGER to commit SUICIDE by crashing a Plane into a Building, because he had a ZIT!!! NOT that far fetched, GUYS and GALS, Remember back to when you were 15. A BIG ZIT or MAYBE even a BOIL, And a big Date that night... Well the Gals could minimize it with some Make-Up, the Guys either went thru with it, suffered thru it, but NEVER flew their AIRPLANE into a BUILDING!!!

There are some things I can NEVER UNDERSTAND.

Maybe I can't understand, since I am a Great Looking Guy, and could never be considered as UGLY. ACTUALLY my Personality overcomes my Appearance. I am good looking, but the person I am is a stronger force than my looks. And to those who FEEL discriminated.... A BUNCH OF HOGWASH with me, other than dating, I could Care Less WHAT YOU LOOK LIKE! (AS far as dating, you Gals at least need to look Good to ME). This is BIOLOGY and CHEMISTRY, not WORK PERFORMANCE. There it is

DAY 119 of WWIII


Today is a VERY IMPORTANT DAY!!! It is David Bowie's Birthday, Stephen Hawkings Birthday, ELVIS'S Birthday, (he would be 67). AND SMOKER DAVE'S BIRTHDAY!!! But I am only 39, and Still Damned GOOD LOOKING. The horoscope said today, if today is your Birthday. I am a magnate, Hopefully that means a "BABE" MAGNATE. So maybe the Taliban's and Al-Queida dreams of rewards in the "AFTERLIFE" after Martyr-dom, become real LIVE reality to the still Single Smoker Dave....Ha Ha!!! Can't you just see the Extremist Fundamentalist Muslims twisting in Everlasting torture in HELL over this change of Events?

HMMMM.... Are there any NEWS STORIES to help defend my position that I get the "BABES"? Well not directly, but very good circumstantial Evidence. Now pretend you are a "BABE", supposedly committed to a Taliban or Al-Quieda Terrorist as part of his REWARD after his Martrydom. You become part of the Most hated and inept "military force" taking on the BIGGEST MILITARY POWER. Heh, heh! Check Out this STORY!!! HERE!!!

SADLY, DAVE THOMAS, the founder of WENDY'S died today... On the way into Work Tonight I will stop and get a WENDY'S Burger in Tribute, to his contribution to the "FAST FOOD INDUSTRY". A True American and Capitalist. See the STORY HERE!!!

ONCE AGAIN we FIND OUT AFTER THE FACT. Well we had a REALLY close ENCOUNTER of the "ASTEROID KIND" yesterday. They The Gov't Told us AFTER THE FACT. So WHAT makes you think the GOV't would tell US the GENERAL POPULATION, about something THAT WILL HIT??? See the STORY HERE!!!

CHICKEN PEOPLE!!! See the STORY HERE!!!< a href="http://www.tv.cbc.ca/witness/chicken/chisyn.htm">HERE!!! Here is an EVEN BETTER LINK!!! HERE!!! THIS Portrays the eating of CHICKENS as a BIGGER ATTACK AGAINST CHICKENS, than what happened on 09-11-01, and THE CHICKENS ENDURE THIS ASSAULT EVERYDAY!!! And if we disagree WE ARE ENGAGINGING in SPECIESISM, That we are WRONG to consider ourselves above the CHICKEN, and therefore as a Higher Predetor, the RIGHT TO EAT IT. ACCORDING TO THIS WHACKO GROUP, WE ARE NO MORE INTELLIGENT than a CHICKEN!!!!

Well this is a lot to handle in 1 day. I will do my BEST. I REMEMBERANCE to DAVE THOMAS, the founder of WENDY'S I WILL GET A BURGER on the way to work. And as a SIDE ORDER, stop at KENTUCKY FRIED CHICKEN for an order of "POP-CORN" Chicken. But before all that, finish the HAM I got got last week. Let me see... Covered, Chicken, COW, and PIG. That should be ENOUGH to put me on the ASSINATION LIST!!!

COME AND GET ME!!! But remember, I HAVE GUNS!!!

DAY 118 of WWIII


I am assumming all of you know about the Small plane a Cessna that crashed into the skyscraper in Tamp, FL on Saturday. On top of that I am sure you have seen the LIBERAL MEDIA FREAKING out about the LACK of SECURITY at these Small Airports, and saying whenever you hear a small plane flying overhead, you HAVE TO THINK ABOUT if the PILOT IS SUICIDAL and would CRASH INTO YOUR HOUSE OR BUSINESS.

THIS IS YELLOW JOURNALISM, if you want to ELEVATE it to journalism. This NEWS is being SENSATIONALIZED for selling newspapers, and viewers, and this is ANTI-JOURNALISM. RATINGS RATINGS RATINGS!!!! AND 1/2 truths are the norm once again. Make EVERYONE FEARFUL of small planes in the sky, Demand more SECURITY, sacrifice more of OUR RIGHTS to "FEEL" secure, when all that will happen is LESS RIGHTS, and LESS SECURITY, but a better PR JOB to make the great unwashed populace "FEEL" BETTER.

THINK ABOUT THIS!!! It is a LOT EASIER for a 15 yr old to STEAL a TRACTOTRAILER, or a CAR, or anything in between and CAUSE a LOT MORE DAMAGE than a small plane. CRASH into a crowd at a Nightclub, or a Childcare Facility, or any # of places would cause more Damage, Death, and Destruction. FOR EXAMPLE, there is an area near where I live that have a lot of "ILLEGAL IMMIGRANTS" standing on the side of the ROAD hoping to be picked up for "DAY LABOR". WELL, I am very sure that I could accelerate my Car over 100 MPH before being stopped, and wipe out 50 to 100 of these ILLEGAL PEOPLE. Trust me there are a lot more 15 yr olds that know how to STEAL a vehical than a Plane. And they have a better chance at STEALING an 18 wheeler than a plane. So when you watch the LIBERAL NEWS about this, the GREATER RISK is VEHICLES. So do you want ARMED GUARDS at EVERY PARKING LOT, at EVERY STORE or BUSINESS, or have to be "CLEARED for DRIVE OFF" before you leave YOUR OWN DRIVEWAY?

And this disturbed 15 yr old, was described as a "loner", Few Friends, polite, and quite. Yep, meets my profile, never trust a quite person, they are like a landmine ready to go off. The people you need not worry about are loudmouths like me.

Well lets end with this, QUOTAS for TRAFFIC TICKETS from LAW ENFORCEMENT, They tell US there is no such thing, Well this Story disputes that, and we only now know this because it was put on paper. See the STORY HERE

DEATH ROW INMATES: Gee, I "FEEL" SORRY FOR THEM.... NOT!!! They are being given a trainingwheel coarse of what to expect when THEIR SENTANCE is Carried OUT. You have to try VERY HARD to END UP ON DEATH ROW, and to expect US to be sympathetic is insane. To the DEATH ROW INMATES, your best time is NOW, when you do DIE, and GO TO HELL, you will Greatly MISS your "COUNTRY CLUB" DEATH ROW. And you remain as appealing as a used piece of toilet paper flushing down the toilet after a 'bout with diahrea. HMMM... A pretty good rendition on how I feel. See the STORY HERE!!!

DAY 115 of WWIII


GEEZ! The College Football BOWL GAMES for the most part were BLOWOUTS, including last night's ROSE BOWL for the NATIONAL CHAMPIONSHIP. I am GLAD I decided NOT to get up early to watch the WHOLE GAME before Work. I got up at 9PM, my normal time and tuned in. It was 34 to 14 in the 3rd Quarter. Found out later it was 34 to 0 at 1/2 TIME. Glad I didn't waste any "ZZZ'S" on this Game. Hopefully this weekend's NFL GAMES, the make-up of WEEK #2 will be more entertaining. AND GO CARDINALS!!!! BEAT The WASHINTON REDSKINS and get to 8-8.

OK, Most of you know I AM A BIG ART BELL FAN. VERY RARELY do I take One of his GUESTS to task the very next DAY. Well ART BELL did mention the reported problems with "DOLLY" the CLONED SHEEP. The GUEST claimed to be an EXPERT on CLONING and basically dismissed this QUESTION. ART didn't have it quite Right, but had the general idea. The Story was months ago, that "DOLLY" the CLONED SHEEP seemed to be AGING FASTER than expected....Sort of like living Single, when you by cold cuts, sandwich meat, milk, eggs, ETC. If you are Single you look behind the front items for later EXPIRATION DATES. I think the same goes for CLONING, Clone Adult Cells, and the Clone AGES FASTER than normal. SORT of like buying 2 loafs of bread, 1 you keep on your kitchen counter, the other in the REFRIDGERATOR. Well the 1 on the Counter will go "GREEN" 1st, the CLONE in the FRIDGE will go "GREEN" afterwards, but EARLIER than if you bought a FRESH LOAF just before the ORIGINAL LOAF went "GREEN". DO YOU FOLLOW ME? Let me put this in another way. You buy 1 LB of HAMBERGER, 1/2 you leave it at ROOM TEMP, the other 1/2 REFRIDGERATED. WHICH 1/2 would you EAT 4 days later? Well in AZ the 1st 1/2 might be COOKED already in the SUMMER HA HA!! But hopefully you see my point in this. Now Back to ART BELL and his GUEST EXPERT ON CLONING last Night who dismissed this idea. Less than an HOUR after the ART BELL'S Show I heard this NEWS on the RADIO. I HATE TO BE IN AGREEMENT WITH ANY so called "ANIMAL RIGHTS" GROUPS, but in this CASE I AM! HERE!!!

And to end this piece, I have told my Co-Workers, Family, and Friends, that I DO NOT WANT EVER to be CLONED. The 2nd STORY on this is HERE!!!

Now remember the TENSIONS between INDIA and PAKISTAN, they both have THE BOMB. Most believe that it would be Pakistan that would use it 1st. And Probably True. But also look what is going on in INDIA! See the STORY HERE!!!


Wold's OLDEST MAN DIES at age 112, just short of his 113 Birthday. Well I am within 1 week of my 39th Birthday. Well I have only 74 years to go to BREAK the Record, I think I can DO IT!!!

SORRY! Somehow my update yesterday didn't make on the web site, here it is now.

DAY 114 of WWIII


In regards to the HEADLINE, it is NOT SARCASTIC. I love DOGS. I you can't have a Dog Love you, then nothing could Love you. Cats on the Otherhand, are devious, destroy things, and have NO REMORSE about it. At best your Cat Likes you, but a Dog does truly Love you. AND in this scene, I DO feel sorry for Bill "Slick Willy" Clinton. I am sure he has a very Heavy Heart Today.

When my Black Labrador died when when I was a Senior in High School, that was MY DOG since he was a pup when I was in Kindergarten, His name was BRUTUS. It was one of the worst days of my life. So believe me when I say I feel sorry for the Former President in this, because I do.

RUSH LIMBAUGH Returned to the RADIO AIR Today, after his Cochlear Implant Surgery 2 weeks ago, at least 2 weeks ahead of schedule, WAY TO GO RUSH!!!

And of coarse my Favorite Radio Personality ART BELL, his back troubles appear to be solved, and so my nights at "THE SECRET LAB" are a lot more tolerable.

INJUSTICE!!! TELL ME!!! How does the "CAROLINA PNTHERS" who are 1-14 in this NFL SEASON get 3 Players into the PRO-BOWL, while The "AZ CARDINALS" 7-8 have only one "DAVID BOSTON". WHAT ABOUT KWAMIE LASSITER with 9 INTERCEPTIONS as a FREE SAFETY????. This is a DAMN SHAME. All I can say is that politics and or AGENDAS of Higher Management play a BIG part in Life that you can never see on the Face of it if you don't LOOK! YES DAVID BOSTON deserves to be in the PRO-BOWL, but so does LASSITER, WAY AHEAD of the 3 BOZOS from a 1-14 TEAM the AZ. CARDINALS DESTROYED last week. It's a lot of BS!!!


Let me set this UP. Remember when YOU were 11 years OLD? Did you know HOW to EAT a "HOT DOG"? Well THESE PARENTS are SUING because their SON was trying to SHOW-OFF and did an act so STUPID and RISKY that even the School personel and the PARAMEDICS couldn't save him. SEE THE STORY HERE!!!

Now here is something I don't really understand. At Work in the "SECRET LAB" we have INTRANET EMAIL. Out of the 60+ people I know at my workplace, only 4 I know of have INTERNET access. What I WONDER ABOUT, is, HOW DO ALL THE EMAIL VIRUSES get all over the place at work? And me getting over 80 EMAILS a Day at HOME almost never get one? I went into work last night and everwhere I looked were NOTICES to DELETE these 1/2 DOZEN emails. I had over 40 of these EMAILS, obviously duplicates. I DO BELIEVE it is a PROBLEM when 3/4ths of my EMAIL at work is VIRUS RELATED, and I, running a WEBSITE, rarely gets one. Well I always called the past 15 years, THE HELP DESK for computer troubles, as the HELPLESS DESK. And they are TRUE to form. What the people at Work are looking at, that ALLOWS these Viruses to get from the INTERNET to the INTRANET at WORK is beyond me. Let me just label them NAMELESS BoneHead IDIOTS. Put it this way, if it looks like an IDIOT, acts like an idiot,,,More than Likely it is An IDIOT!!! I actually would say MORON, but I am trying to be giving the Benefit of The Doubt. I AM SO SICK AND TIRED OF STUPID PEOPLE I COULD SCREAM!!! It is PATHETIC what is going on. If GOD removed the STUPID PEOPLE, the Population would drop over 60%. AND I AM BEING KIND IN THIS PERCENTAGE!!!

But I may have to elaborate, some ACT STUPID so as not to work so hard, you can get a LOT OF "SLACKER" MILAGE by "PRETENDING" to be DUMB, and then ACT SMART when the big Boss comes around. I've Seen all these ploys, and they RARELY WORK.

DAY 113 of WWIII




You know the Geeky type guy in Love with Laura.

Evidence that "The POLITICALLY CORRECT" Former PRESIDENT CLINTON should be charged with DERELICTION of DUTY, AND SPEND THE REST OF HIS LIFE IN CONFINEMENT. As far as I'm concerned, his whole gene pool should be eliminated. SEE THE STORY HERE!!!

THE 20TH HIJACKER. His DEFENSE LAWYERS say that an OCTOBER 14th 2002 date is TOO SOON for them to defend their "CLIENT". 10 and 1/2 Months is not ENOUGH TIME!!! Even though the ATTACKS of 09/11/01 Probably took less time. AND HIS MOMMY couldn't bring herself to the Court Proceedings today. Though she Publically says her son is an ANGEL who would never hurt anyone.

Now there is some discussion about this. The RADICAL ISLAMIC FUNDAMENTALISTS, considers EVERYONE not in THEIR BELIEF SYSTEM to be INFIDEL, and a NON-PERSON that needs to be KILLED to protect their distorted view of Religious Belief.

This as 13 more BODIES are recovered. See the STORY HERE!!!

I am getting SICK AND TIRED of these NONCITIZENS using OUR CONSTITUTION to PROTECT THEMSELVES, from the COURTS or in LIFE. I am to the Point of KILL 'EM ALL, and let GOD sort it out. AND to HELL with MOMMIES saying their Offspring were GOOD KIDS. KILL these MOMMIES ALSO, plus Find the DADDIES and KILL THEM TOO!!!! AND any YOUNG son or daughter, of these people. Put to a Military Tribunal, to determine if they Live or DIE.

OH! Am I a bad person for advocating this? I think NOT!!! If WE SANCTION EXTREMISTS ACTIONS and BELIEFS, that THREATEN THE FOUNDATIONS OF THIS COUNTRY, then WE PERISH, and the Greatest Experiment,,, A Democratic Republic, that OUR FOREFATHERS FOUNDED over 200 years ago, will DIE. I will fight to the DEATH to DEFEND OUR way of LIFE and Government. And it may very well happen before I take my last breath, in 50 yrs or so. Defending Personal Liberty and the IDEALS of OUR COUNTRY is the way I would like to GO.

DAY 112 of WWIII


Well I had an interesting NEW YEARS EVE.

You may be wondering why I have put a photo of my Monitor up. Because it is a NEW MONITOR! My old one BLEW UP LAST NIGHT at 11:08PM! While I was logging onto the Internaet, the MODEM SQUELING and BEEPING, all of a sudden a "POOF!!!" Black Screen, SMOKE coming from the top of my monitor, and inside the monitor, the sounds of Electrical Crackling. At least that was the only damage. The Photo is my New 19 inch Monitor. Well because I couldn't surf the 'Net, hard to do without a Monitor. I was able to get on THE ART BELL SHOW and give my prediction for 2002, #91 on this show. I only had 1 minute so I quickly told Art that my computer Monitor Blew Up, and my prediction just before midnight Arizona Time. (SEE MY PREDICTIONS FOR 2002 and my past PREDICTIONS thru the LINK on my OPENING PAGE www.smokerdave.com) 13 hrs later I am back in business.

Yes it was a little early for fireworks in my Apt. for the New Year.

I forgot to mention this in my last post, but guess what I recieved in the MAIL this past Saturday? MY ARIZONA STATE INCOME TAX FORMS! I consider this rude and unfeeling having the TAX FORMS DELIVERED before the NEW YEAR. I do expect TAX FORMS to be delivered in the first couple of weeks in Januarary, BUT NOT IN DECEMBER!!!! Why bum people out before the New Years Holiday is over, by thinking about TAXES????

Well since the subject of TAXES is brought up, here is a piece I found relating to the TAX CUT.

Every night, 10 men met at a restaurant for dinner. At the end of the meal, the bill would arrive. They owed $100 for the food that they shared. Every night they lined up in the same order at the cash register. The first four men paid nothing at all. The fifth, though he grumbled about the unfairness of the situation, paid $1. The sixth man, feeling generous, paid $3. The next three men paid $7, $12 and $18, respectively. The last man was required to pay the remaining balance of $59. The 10 men were quite settled into their routine when the restaurant threw them into chaos. It announced that it was cutting down its prices: Now it would charge only $80 for dinner for the 10 men. This reduction wouldn't affect the first four men -- they would continue to eat for free. The fifth person decided to forgo his $1 contribution to the pool, and the sixth contributed $2. The seventh man deducted $2 from his usual payment and now paid $5. The eighth man paid $9, the ninth, $12, leaving the last man with a bill of $52.

Outside of the restaurant, the men compared their savings, and angry outbursts began to erupt. The sixth man yelled, "I only got $1 out of the total reduction of $20, and he" -- pointing to the last man -- "got $7." The fifth man joined in the protest. "Yeah! I only got $1 too. It is unfair that he got seven times more than me." The seventh man cried, "Why should he get a $7 reduction when I only got $2?" The first four men followed the lead of the others: "We didn't get any of the $20 reduction. Where is our share?"

The nine men formed an outraged mob, surrounding the 10th man. The nine angry men carried the 10th man up to the top of a hill and lynched him. The next night, the nine remaining men met at the restaurant for dinner. But when the bill came, there was no one to pay it.

These Statistics are based on the TAX CUT PRESIDENT GW BUSH got thru in 2001.

How does this pan out, here is 1 Example. Bill Gates of Microsoft gave $2 Billion to his Foundation this year to help the needy. Leading by Far the amount anyone has donated. You all know that until recently under the Clinton Administration the Federal Gov't tried to break up Microsoft. That is until the Bush Administration had the case thrown out of Court, But damages occur. Last year Bill Gates Gave $5 Billion to Charity. Reread the parable above, and think of Bill Gates as the 10th Man as far as TAX reduction is concerned.

I make less than $50G, still use the SHORT FEDERAL FORM. But if divided EQUALLY, I pay slightly more in TAXES. I will not gripe about the "RICH" getting $7 as opposed to my $1 in TAX RELIEF! And to those people who gripe about not getting a TAX REDUCTION when they Pay Little or no TAXES. SHUT THE HELL UP!!!!

Well it is time for me to relax, and watch the FIESTA BOWL GAME, being played about 10 miles from me in 75 degree weather. The Band BOSTON has just played a "BOSTONESQUE" Electric Rendition of "The NATIONAL ANTHEM", as only BOSTON could do.

I will see you tomorrow! Take Care and enjoy the Holiday, and the Football Games!!!

DAY 111 of WWIII


Well I spent today updating my predictions for 2002, and doing a review of last Years Predictions. You can only get there from my opening page SMOKER DAVE.COM HERE!!!

So will 2002 be better than 2001? I HOPE SO!!!

DAY 108 of WWIII


HOLY COW!!! What are the odds on THIS????

If you remember my posting from 12/18/01, (AVAILABLE in the ARCHIVES) Which I call the GROCERY STORE INCIDENT. Well at that time I was in a hurry, working OT and just wanted to get a handful of Grocery Items and get home. To see the STORY go to my HERE!!! (THE 12/18/01 POST)

I hereby State that I retract most ( NOT ALL ) of my commentary about this because of what happened today, 10 days later.

Well since I just worked the whole week, and have a 5 day weekend because I worked Christmas, and have New Years Day Off, I was in no particular hurry to get home when I stopped at Walgreens for some Diet Coke, the 50% off Gift Wrapping Paper, (Since most of my family worked Christmas, we are having it this weekend), and I save a few cents. And a 12 pack of Beer, it is the weekend.

Well the Line at the Checkout Counter was backed up a bit, maybe a 10 or 15 minute wait. Didn't bother me, I have 5 days off. Well the lady in front of me, had to be in her late 70's, but quick as a wit and vibrant. ASKED me 3 times for me to go ahead of her because she had maybe 20 items, mostly trinket type things.

She was so insistant, saying things like, "You look like a busy young man". Well after her 3rd offer I did accept. I then told her what happened to me 10 days ago, and that she had restored my failing respect of elders. She countered back that a lot of the elderly take advantage of younger people at every opportunity. She also added, "but I am a snowbird from Minnesota, I have all the time in the World. Being a Visitor and Retired, I have no problem with granting the yearlong residents a pass, as they are working and trying to live their hectic lives. Now that I am on the retired side of life, Let the busy people go to the front of the line."

This one simple act of consideration, even though unneeded, has eliminated my disdain caused by what happened 10 Days ago, and the other inconvientcies caused by Arizona's Winter Visitors, or SNOWBIRDS. This kind of proves the point that 1 simple act of kindness, can UNDO many "acts" of things that people hold against other people, either by Generation, Gender, or Race.

I think I learned a Life Lesson here. IMPROBABLE as it seemed 10 days ago, my opinion was validated (12/18/01 POST) and refuted at the same time. 1 act of kindness can eliminate MANY acts of offense.

I wonder what my Mom will think about this since I will email her this part of my update, she did not approve of my commentary of 12/18/01. I guess I now am offering a MEA CULPA. So to my Mom, You know I rant and rave, but not at the person, I try another outlet. Here is where I do it. See you this weekend!

DAY 105 of WWIII


If you missed the past updates since 12/22/01 I encourage you to view these in my ARCHIVES. GOOD STUFF THERE!!!

What is NEW? Well ARAFAT was not allowed to go to BETHLEHEM for CHRISTMAS SERVICES for the 1st time since 1995. BUT why would he go being a MUSLIM, except for Political REASONS? I, myself, while Respecting other Religions, Jewish, Muslim, ETC. I would not force or demand that I be there to participate in a SERVICE of a different Religion. We have MANY PROBLEMS in this WORLD that are RELIGIOUS in it's ROOT CAUSE. Can't We just all agree that those of Us who are RELIGIOUS agree basically that there is 1 GOD, and everyone has the right to Religious Freedom to Worship in their own way? And those who are Agnostic or Athieists , just live and let live? If they are SOOO OFFENDED by Religious Expression, they can choose NOT to look at a Christmas Display in a STORE, or on "PUBLIC PROPERTY". This RELIGIOUS HATRED is what INSPIRED USAMA BIN LADEN and his network of SUICIDAL TERRORISTS to ATTACK US in the 1st Place. But herin lies the problem. Usama's belief, and those associated with him believe all of US who worship in different ways than their ways, need to be killed. And the Act of KILLING Us is a free ticket to PARADISE with 70 Virgins waiting on "The Other SIDE".... FUNDAMENTALIST ISLAMIC RELIGION as USAMA BIN LADEN Defines IT is a BOZO RELIGION. But Bin Laden has managed Resources to harm us all, thru INHERITANCE of $300 Million to fund and Sanction these CRIMES against HUMANITY.

Well it is Christmas, and I work ALL WEEK. I have a can of CHUNKY SOUP, for today before I go to BED. My Family and I since we all work this week, on different shifts, will have OUR CHRISTMAS this coming SUNDAY.